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Am I the only one who thinks that dragons are boring? I am completely fed up with dragons in almost any media. Earlier they were hideous and villanous creatures to be slain (in East they are quite different), but in more modern times, they have been quite "Marie Sued". They are now most bueatiful, most powerful, most noble, most sexy, most perfect and most sparkly. Especially now we live in Age of Internets, the furry-community and dragonophiles have also spoiled the dragons.

What do other fa/tg/uys think?

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I agree with you

I much prefer Gryphons and serpents

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I concur. It's not only the Mary sue parts that bug me. It's that it's always the same uninspired bs.

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>"Marie Sued"
Your post no longer has a point, and you should probably kill yourself.

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Probably a side effect of Dragon Age, Skyrim, and My Little Pony, but I more often see dragons getting more depicted as giant, super powerful pests and assholes. They get Marie sued to hell and back in something I'm writing, but that's because I'm a dragomfag myself.

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I like that ASOIAF made them flying rideable doggies as opposed to demigods like every other modern fantasy seems to make them.

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I like dragons when done in a certain way, and I'm not quite sick and tired of them yet, but I understand why you are.

Who knows, maybe after a few years you'll be in the mood to use them again. Until such a time, enjoy all the other millions of monster possibilities for your stories and settings.

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>marie sued

You're a faggot, OP. That's what. You talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

You've neither the smallest inkling as to what a mary sue is nor the capacity to understand it.

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Dragons are a good middle ground between more pedestrian threats and gods.

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I'm pretty sure it's a logical fallacy to discount a whole argument just because it contains a logical fallacy. The greater arguement holds a degree of weight still and I'm the pleb tier dragonfag.

>always the same uninspired bs.

Well, can I hear a proposal from your end how you would want to see dragons done to break the mold a bit from the uninspired stuff?

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This thread is going places.

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Sexy places?

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I read that comic too

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Year of the Dragon master race.

u mad that I'm the Jade Emperor's favorite?

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Am I the only one who thinks knights are boring? I am completely fed up with knights in any media. Earlier they were chivalrous and honorable warriors to duel (in the East they are quite different), but in more modern times, they have been quite "realistically interpreted". They are now the most petty, most cruel, most noble, most brutal, most sadistic and most dishonorable. Especially now we live in the Age of Internets, the Game of Thrones community and pallybros have also spoiled the knights.

What do other fa/tg/uys think?

More seriously, all this dragon stuff is open to interpretation. If you're not willing to try and do a different take on dragons and just call them all boring, that's your choice, but I'm sure you can find some way to make them awesome again in a way you enjoy.

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I love Dragons, where I live we have legends about one than lived in a mountain a walking distance from my home.
He was a fucking bastard than loved nothing more than eat sheep and burn houses, but well he was abandoned be some wizard in the mountain to wreck havock, so yeah.
To kill him we needed to use our Countin an armor of iron spikes, when he tried to swallow him he died in a very agonic way, and crashed in a hill. The Count survived and later planted a huge fat iron cross up the body, while roses growed from the dragon blood.
Also my first contact from dragons apart of this one and infantil books was Smaugh and other tolkien dragons, than are fucking awesome. Oh, and the film of Dragon slayer.

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there is a comic!?
mind linking it?

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Yeah, kinda. I'm not sure what to do about it. Having them just as antagonists is kind of boring too.

It doesn't help that in some settings they're so powerful that there's not really much you can do with them.

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Boring in the way that they are always said to be the most badass thing around but still ending up getting killed like a bitch? Thats pretty much always how it goes from what iv seen.

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I like dragons with feathers

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Sure. I'm linking you to when the comic writer begins the story that guy is a part of, though he doesn't come in for a bit. Before it's more of a slice of life comic.


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You mean birds?

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You've obviously been exposed to the wrong Dragons

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No, he means his cousin, Quetzalcoatl.

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>but in more modern times, they have been quite "Marie Sued". They are now most bueatiful, most powerful, most noble, most sexy, most perfect and most sparkly

...And they are almost always still villainous because of a huge superiority complex, greed and general indifference or downright hatred of humans. Dragons would only be 'Mary Sued' if one would show up and the humans would worship it out of reverence and for no reason as opposed to out of fear, which is typically the case.

Making dragons a civilization or intelligent race does not a Mary Sue make.

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How To Train Your Dragon done a nice job of it. Same with Monster Hunter. In these, dragons mimic animals more than anything and manage to be a believable and central part of the setting. Note on how they don't take the center stage as extremely important apex, hyperintelligent beings as a force of good.

Petty dragons, pettiness and greed. Negative qualities and quick and meaningful depth in characters where there is usually a void of either.

Fuck even in Eragon that shithole series, they were important as weapons. A part of the setting, but not the setting.

Dragons like Nydhogg and the dragon from Grendel are also closer to mystical forces of nature than anything. Which makes them interesting because they don't get much screentime but they're still important, this being again, a part of the well constructed whole.

But fuck this dragons are central to everything and are the smartest strongest etc...

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>Best Grigori

Muh nigga

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I think they're doing okay.

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Over-exposition, that's yours and all the people in this board problem. try to stay a year away from fantasy and whatnot, and you'll see the changes when you come back

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Medieval European dragons were creatures of Christian allegory. All animals were understood to be a representation of some vice or virtue of man, but dragons themselves were more generally representations of Satan. The hero slaying the dragon is a picture of good triumphing over evil.

Alternately, there's the narrower role of the dragon as an embodiment of the specific sin of greed, which is likely even older than the Christian allegory (see: Beowulf). Tolkein's Smaug also falls firmly in this latter category, as both an embodiment of greed and a punisher of greed.

With actual demons/devils typically standing in for "pure evil" in fantasy worlds, the dragon's role of satanic allegory has been lost. The "embodiment of greed" role is still around, but it's gotten rarer - many dragons in fantasy no longer have hoards, and when they do it's often totally unexplained and merely a mechanism for PCs getting loot. Many people prefer a "naturalistic" dragon these days, in which dragons are merely creatures like any other, and have the same fundamental motivations as human beings (if they're smart) or predatory animals (if they're not).

I like my dragons greedy - they're champions of avarice. They need not be cruel or particularly malevolent, but they want what others have, and they're never satisfied. Greed drives them, but it also attracts them, and they're driven to seek out kings and adventurers alike who become spoiled by greed and wealth like the avenging Furies. They don't rule the world because it's simply not in their nature; they're intelligent, but nevertheless slaves to their one great passion.

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Dragons are the best fucking thing ever and I thought so ever since my first exposure to them, which if I recall correctly was the song "puff the magic dragon" on a tape of nursery rhymes. I hope people stop using them so much so when my works come out they crush all before them.

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Pirate ships would lower their flags when Puff roared out his name!

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>The rantings of an upjumped zealot make for tedious listening. His ilk serves no role in what is to come. Only my death will staunch the flood of destruction... a task still far beyond your means.
>If you would face me, seek me out and I shall allow it. But heed the zealot's lesson well- when the weak court death, they find it.

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I'm going to go full Carl Jung on y'all and lay down some complete speculation.

You're a monkey in a tree in a forested area of Africa, millions of years ago. What are the most dangerous predators? The ones which you most need to have the characteristic movements and shapes of firmly embedded in your brain?

I'll say it's snakes, eagles, and large felids. So take the eyes, teeth and tail of a snake. The wings and talons of an eagle. The grace and body of a feline, as well as its intelligence. What do you get?

Well, there's a bit of a problem I can think of with that, anyway. Dragons, as I define them, are only present in indo-european influenced cultures (I don't consider lung, giant serpents like Tiamat, or anything from the New World to be a dragon). So maybe it is just a legacy of their culture.

Firebreathing? Just an alchemical allegory, I wager.

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>dragon as an embodiment of the specific sin of greed, which is likely even older than the Christian allegory (see: Beowulf).

Actually, I think Fafnir of Nordic tradition falls into this category too, though was originally a dwarf. Makes me wonder what the fuck Nidhogg is though.

All in all though, an interesting analysis on the loss of purpose in dragons from their original European mythos but a return to some of their more ancient roots.

I understand that contemporary Western tradition has also added Eastern aspects as well. (Mostly just greater intellect and possibly magic)

>Forces of nature as interesting characters

No. not really.

Guild Wars 2 tried to make their Elder Dragons "Forces of Nature" and had no interest in ever giving them characterization or motivation, and what you end up with is something painfully boring that just seems to sit around like an obnoxious elephant in the room spraying shit everywhere.

But that's probably just because Guild Wars 2 STRESSED these dragons from the get go as a constant threat that was not so constant after all.

the Dragon in Beowulf though, yeah, well done as its a sort of outside of context foe that swoops in and fucks shit up.

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>"Aye, raise your weapon... your teeth of steel, your blood-red voice... show me your power Arisen! Prove yourself worthy of what lies beyond my corpse! Show that you possess the strength to still my heart. The will to do it. The soul!"

>"What is your purpose here, Arisen? If you sought to live you had naught but run and hide yourself away. But then, tell me, child of man... what does it mean to live in truth? To wage war against the passing days? To pray to the unseen for a few breaths more? To raise grand cities from stone, and spawn new life in turn? Mankind has done this, yes, and more. But is the tapestry you weave truly of your own design?"

>"Ugh... stubborn child... whate'er meaning life holds... it makes men deaf to all reason. Heed me well, Arisen. In my death, you've won a future for this world... but what that future spells for you... for all men... is a truth you'll find staring back from this world's utmost depths..."

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Nidhogg is hunger, I think. Corpse-devourer, always gnawing at Yggdrasil's root.

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>Wealth and power are sweet anodyne for heartache.
>You'll not gainsay my terms are more than generous
>if it matters aught, the man who rules this land now won that honor through just such a bargain

Best goddamn dragon in all of fiction.

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Then the difference would seem to be in quality of writing, I guess.

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On the "forces of nature point" I like my Dragons to be the spirits of mountains. The personality of the dragon reflects the personality of the mountain.

It sets up a nice dynamic, you can have a range of kinds of dragons, but keep them cohesive, and they can be important to the setting but not really be the driving force.

The dragon could be something to be conquered, something to be admired. They can be protectors, or sages. The dragon could be treacherous or it could beautiful beyond compare.

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Fafnir's a great example; I know less about Nidhogg. The thing to remember is that there's a considerable mythological overlap between the dragon and the serpent, and the latter frequently has a somewhat different sort of "allegorical portfolio" including things like deceit and dishonor. It might be that Nidhogg (who IIRC chews on the dishonored dead or something) is thematically more serpent than dragon.

I have a certain soft spot for the original "Chromatic Dragons" of D&D because, while the color coding was too gimmicky for me, some of them did seem like they represented distinct sins. Whites were petty and gluttonous, Reds were prideful and arrogant, Blacks were sneaky and cruel, and so on. For the most part, though, they were treated naturalistically and their hoards were unexplained.

Dragons in my own campaign are greedy, and to make things interesting they have distinct "obsessions" that develop over their lives. Some dragons might crave gold, but others desire more unusual things (there is a dragon in the desert who is obsessed with spices and aromas, and has single-handedly devastated the trade routes there). Basically, if humans can get crazy about something, there has been (or will be) a dragon who takes that craze to its furthest extreme.

To fill the "naturalistic" slot and fill the gaming need for a more common enemy, I have unfertilized dragon eggs yield drakes, who are smaller, weaker flying predators. They occasionally get a craving to hoard, but it seldom lasts long and they soon move on to their usual pursuits of snatching cattle (and people).

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With well done mysticism you can keep it really fresh.

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I agree for the most part. Long ago I promised myself that if I ever make a fantasy setting, there will be no dragons.

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Nidhogg is more like Satan in the 9th level of hell in Dante's Divine Comedy. He eats the corpses of oathbreakers, murderers and adultery, those without honor basically. Simultaneously he is also trapped by the roots of Yggdrasil, like Satan is trapped by the ice or whatever.

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Quit being a faggot and don't hang with furries. D

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It's also easy to spice up the designs beyond reptile without going in to the hundreds of dragon subspecies trap.

It makes sense for the fauna and flora of the mountain to be represented in the dragon occasionally, so you can have a plant dragon or a dragon with antlers with out people scratching their heads as to how or why.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Dante was somehow influenced by this considering christianity's massive tsundere hate-boner for all things pagan.

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I think you're wrong.

Or at least that your conclusion does not apply to me or anyone I know.

>> No.37046062

I wouldn't doubt it, given we just celebrated a pagan holiday.

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One time I was creating a setting with someone, a reasonably dark, loads-of-races world. There were some dragons which were mainly influenced by earthsea and a bit of pern. The 'face' of the dragon species was a character I got very attached to.

Well, the other guy killed him off in a story.

I ragequit and left.

It was seven years ago okay

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Guild Wars 2 also suffered from making the NPCs more heroic and important than the PCs. You know what I don't want in my video-game? To be the second fiddle.


That dragon is a fucking nerd and I'd beat him up for lunch money.

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Dragons can hoard other things then gold or jewelry.

>> No.37046258

The NPC's in GW2 are petty babies that fight over dumb shit though. It's just bad writing in general.

That's the danger of collaboration like that. You need to be willing to make a lot of compromise for it to work, and often you get dickbags who aren't as willing.

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>This battle you have begun, sits at the very heart of all creation. We are the axis about which the world turns, Arisen! Time itself flows with your footsteps!
Goddamn this was a good game

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And now I have to play through that game again. Fuck.

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I've never played Dragon's Dogma but it sounds pretty fun.

Would you say it's as good as Dragon Age Inquisition?

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>There will never be a Dragons Dogma 2

Life is Pain

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Elder Scrolls Dragons are not most beautiful and most anything though really
They are genderless aspects of Time that have aspect of Domination at their Adic core
They are very flawed and broken creatures, furthermore they are probably product of Time/Aka breaking and going mad, breaking into countless lesser aspects

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Maybe I should just give up the hope for a pc port?

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>Best goddamn dragon in all of fiction.
Nah, countless far superior Dragons exist.

>> No.37046490

DA:I is pretty shit.

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>What do other fa/tg/uys think?

I like how Monster Hunter does them.
There's clear distinction between a Wyvern and a Dragon.
They're still all just dumb-animals, but they're dumb animals with varying degree of terrifying power and majesty.
They're all really well designed, thought out, iconic, colourful and they all fit within some biome or have some ecology imparted onto them- they don't just exist as an anomaly.

If I had to state a problem with Dragons now-a-days they make too many of them and each dragon is "super powerful" so you get dragonball Z syndrome where each dragon needs to be progressively MORE outrageous or else we won't be interested.

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Has Bolas ever actually won at anything?

>> No.37046537

>There's clear distinction between a Wyvern and a Dragon.
Here it comes.

>> No.37046541

I swore off Bioware, so I wouldn't know. I will tell you DD is very good, but not perfect. It does many interesting things gameplay-wise and the presentation of the setting/gameworld is excellent, but you can tell they ran out of time with certain things.

Above all else though, the game is fun as fuck.

>> No.37046545

DD was overrated and unfinished
People like it in the same way as they like DMC4
>It had amazing combat and potential to be better but sadly it was lacking in some parts and unfinished in others
Well at least for DMC4 combat was basically the only and main part, while for DD who tried to be an open world RPG a lot of RPG elements were lacking and the world/quests were very dull especially compared to classics like Gothic or something.
Dragon Age Inquisition is a shit game with horrible combat and absolutely broken on PC to the point where Bioware manages to fuck up and mix up graphics options for textures and meshes in last patch.

>> No.37046568

In a particular setting, can't you read?

>> No.37046588

I love dragons. One of the reasons I love them is all the different variants there can be. The ability to be different yet recognizable is appealing to me

>> No.37046592

>and the presentation of the setting/gameworld
I absolutely disagree
Presentation was good, setting/gameworld not so much
Very shallow compared to something like Gothic or Morrowind or Arcanum
Game is really fun, that is true, but the way /v/ overhyped it for me I was very disappointed
DD just doesn't provide a rich RPG experience at least to me

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Dragons Dogma is much more Action/RPG
It's good man Dark Arisen is pretty cheap considering how much replay ability it has

Also you can be Griffith and Guts

Also the Dragons talk shit throughout their fights it's great

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Yeah, wyverns follow the two leg rule in the setting while dragons follow the four leg one. Key words are "in the setting"

The ecologic details are really what sells me on it as well. They're an intrinsic part of the natural world instead of some bad guy that exists solely for fighting. In some of the quest fluff you even do some things for purely environmental reasons like thinning numbers in a a breeding bloom. It manages the mundane and fantastic at once in a lovely way.

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>Come, Arisen... forge in my fire the next link in the endless chain...

>> No.37046657

That happens to any monster who gets popular.

Vampires were bloodsucking fiends, now they're tragic and misunderstood

Werewolves were rampaging beasts, now they're an "allegory" for human nature.

I blame post modernism

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A lucid and thoughtful response. You are a credit to tg.

>> No.37046699

I think dragons are a bit cliche, but they don't need a whole lot of spin to be something interesting.

My next campaign is going to have dragons replaced by other colossal sized creatures. The lizard men of the new world worship "The Great White Dragon" which is an ancient albino crocodile living in the near by swamp.

The Northmen sacrifice food and gold to the "King of the North" (A grossly scared humungous walrus) to stop it from sinking their ships.

The Leviathan of the south (Hippo) occasionally wakes up and wrecks shit in the near by river delta etc.

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Now I want to replay this game. It was so great, in terms of atmosphere especially. Loved every second of it and it's one of the few reasons for not having sold my xbox yet.

>> No.37046766



It won Game of the Year like barely three weeks after it was released, the game's clearly good. I'll have to give DD a shot though, it sounds like it's pretty fun.

Does the protagonist talk, though? I mean it sounds like an RPG, so I imagine there's a convo-wheel and potentially romance options.

>> No.37046777

I thought they did a great job immersing you in the setting, though though perhaps I just have a boner for all the aughts and ye old english. I also very much liked how they handled the atmosphere of impending doom that the dragon's arrival brought, slowly building it from worrisome rumors to full blown doomsday. And of course the presentation of the dragon itself was amazing. I would agree with most opinions that it was small and sparse for an open world, but I feel they handled what little they had well.

Flipping through the artbook and seeing all the concepts they had really makes me wish they got second shot at it with less limited resources.

Why capcom, why can't we have nice things?

>> No.37046780

I wish Alduin was portrayed properly.
>The third song of King Wulfharth tells of his death. Orkey, an enemy god, had always tried to ruin the Nords, even in Atmora where he stole their years away. Seeing the strength of King Wulfharth, Orkey summoned the ghost of Alduin Time-Eater again. Nearly every Nord was eaten down to six years old. Boy Wulfharth pleaded to Shor, the dead Chieftain of the Gods, to help his people. Shor's own ghost then fought the Time-Eater on the spirit plane, as he did at the beginning of time, and he won, and Orkey's folk, the Orcs, were ruined. As Boy Wulfharth watched the battle in the sky he learned a new thu'um, What Happens When You Shake the Dragon Just So. He used this new magic to change his people back to normal. In his haste to save so many, though, he shook too many years out on himself. He grew older than the Greybeards, and died. The flames of his pyre were said to have reached the hearth of Kyne itself.

>> No.37046814

It won GOTY because the people voting couldn't stomach the idea of a certain japanese game winning.

>> No.37046833

>It won Game of the Year like barely three weeks after it was released, the game's clearly good
In a year that had no games on an award show that has no credibility.
>Does the protagonist talk, though? I mean it sounds like an RPG, so I imagine there's a convo-wheel and potentially romance options.
Obvious subtle bait, I know where this is leading.

>> No.37046857

if it was a proper year certain japanese game and certain shitty WRPG wouldn't be on GOTY list at all
also certain other japanese game with male protagonist and far superior combat will get a special edition soon

>> No.37046862

Has he ever actually lost? Seems like the worst that ever happens to him is temporary setbacks, and he's already won everything long ago - he has his own plane for fuck's sake.

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>> No.37046895

>Does the protagonist talk, though? I mean it sounds like an RPG, so I imagine there's a convo-wheel and potentially romance options.

No I'll also bite this is best girl

>> No.37046908


Nope this is best girl.

>> No.37046929

my nig

>> No.37046946

Bioshock Infinite won game of the year. Call of Duty has gotten perfect scores. I don't think these awards are good metrics for judging quality anymore. Perhaps they never were

>Does the protagonist talk, though? I mean it sounds like an RPG, so I imagine there's a convo-wheel and potentially romance options.
No. It's a silent protagonist, but with a fair bit of emoting. You custom create the character with probably one of the best character creation tools in an RPG, and there are romance options, though the entire mechanic for handling it is possibly one of the worst in all of gaming.

Mah nigga. She-goat is best girl

>> No.37046948

She lusted after Julien

She could not be worst. Still exponentially better than the Duchess

>> No.37046996

Ah, the Lambton Wyrm myth?

>> No.37047043

Dragons are pretty cool.

>> No.37047075

>Werewolves were rampaging beasts, now they're an "allegory" for human nature.
They always were an allegory.

>> No.37047084

>You custom create the character with probably one of the best character creation tools in an RPG

Well damn! I love me some character creators and DD sounds pretty good.

Say, does it play best with controllers or a mouse+keyboard? If I'm getting it for the PC I need to know if I should rummage through my stuff for the controller I used playing DS2.

>> No.37047113

I think that you are are furry in the closet. You participate in those threads about dragon cloaca and now act as if is a general thing. Are you aware that you are the only one responsible for how you spend your own time?

>> No.37047119

>it won "most friends in the gaming press" barely three weeks after it was released

>> No.37047123 [DELETED] 

>they have been quite "Marie Sued". They are now most bueatiful, most powerful, most noble, most sexy, most perfect and most sparkly. Especially now we live in Age of Internets, the furry-community and dragonophiles have also spoiled the dragons.
Dragons have always been these things, people were just too pleb to notice.
Dragons were invented as a way to talk up a knight "wow, he slew a dragon!". All the things that make them awesome were made up during those times, its just that when viewed by an outsider through modern sensibilities people have to stop and say "so, why are we cheering for the knight and not the dragon?"

>> No.37047133

>getting it for the PC
I have some bad news anon...

>> No.37047139

The fire is poison.

>> No.37047144


>> No.37047145

Nah. A werewolf was originally just another kind of witch. A crazy person who makes pacts with the devil for the ability to transform into a wolf.

Gotta burn all the witches.

If you had said that vampires were always an allegory for how gay the counts of eastern Europe were, you might have something.

>> No.37047194

>Failgame is made for only gaystation and fagbox
>Game genre is specifically one that only works well on PCs
>No PC port ever because "hurr we faggits"
So much fail in that game, I bet if it ever was ported to PC and I bothered playing it I would only be disappointed

>> No.37047219

I like dragons. A lot are samey, sure, but they're fine. I like them.

I would like to see more medieval style dragons, though, cow and horse-sized creatures being all evil and shit, more beaks and talons and fin-like wings. More serpentine, change around the limb count.
>muh wyverns

>> No.37047229

Her favorite drink is literally nut milk

I'm not sure if that's a point for or against her.

>> No.37047237

I thought werewolves were originally wolf pelt wearing marauders and warriors designed to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies?

>> No.37047247

There's a million different werewolf origins. Sometimes they were witches, sometimes they were corpses dug up by wolves, sometimes they were people who ate other people. Only linking detail is that people fucking hate wolves everywhere.

>> No.37047253

Thats some shitty Christian rewrite.

Nidhoggr, in norse myth, is just a serpent.
Just like the 4 Stagg in the middle of the tree, and the birds at the top(hawk on the top of a eagle).
Each of them eats a part of the tree, preventing it from getting significantly bigger.

The only thing thats mentioned about him in Ragnarok is that once the tree starts dying, he will eat his way to Midgard.
Which is one of the signs that Ragnarok is coming. Alongside much worse.

Post modernism is fine. People thinking symbolism is post modernism is not fine.

>> No.37047274

its a console exclusive, there is no mouse and keyboard support

>> No.37047279

I thought it was an allegory for PMS?

>> No.37047286

>muh wyverns
I will never understand why people care about this. Do people really think they're enlightened and superior because they sperg out when a dragon with only four limbs is just called a dragon and not a wyvern?

>> No.37047291

>Say, does it play best with controllers or a mouse+keyboard? If I'm getting it for the PC I need to know if I should rummage through my stuff for the controller I used playing DS2.

>> No.37047303

You're right mister fox, these grapes are very sour indeed. A shame you'll never get a taste.

>> No.37047316

I'm just tired of dragons being hyper-intelligent Smaug clones.
I want them to be bestial again. The typical depiction of dragons as scheming manipulators and magical powerhouses only differs from typical evil wizards in appearance and physical might.
I much prefer when dragons are forces of nature, maybe intelligent for an animal but still a tremendous bundle of power that can't be reasoned with.

>> No.37047339

What sorcery is this?

A wolf that does not hunt in a pack?

>> No.37047358

I actually couldn't give a shit about the distinctions, to me it's just different words from different places for the same thing. Dragon and wyrm and serpent and wyvern, etc, all the same type of general monster. I like it to be interchangeable.

>> No.37047384

>Her favorite drink is literally nut milk
what, really? I get the feeling you are one of those monsters who use literally to mean figuratively.
or wait, do you mean the type that comes out of a penis or the type in the attached image?

>> No.37047389

It's more on the action side of things so I magine a controller would be the best option
Too bad you don't get a choice

>> No.37047457

>Hurr durr sour grapes
>Making a false pretense to form a rationalization, i.e., not to care for something one wants, but does not or cannot have (expression originated in "The Fox and the Grapes," one of Aesop's Fables)
and I happen to be white enough to afford all consoles. I just choose not to because they are shit, and their games are shit, and whenever I playtest them its shit.

There are some rare exceptions like god of war 1, crash bandicot, super smash brothers, and okami.

But making an RPG a console exclusive is an act of purest retardation. And dirty console peasants repeatedly overhype and oversell their shitty games which suck donkey balls.

>> No.37047467

Are you aware that dragon and wyvern both mean snake?
The only diference between them is you D&d mind lens?

>> No.37047469

>"A type of local spirit. Combine it with other materials to produce aught of use."
>"Affects a single target. A combinable material. Restores some Health. Restores some Stamina. Favored by Mercedes."
>Product of: Large Nut + Harspud Milk

>> No.37047475

As antagonists, I'm fine with pretty much any portrayal of dragons, as long as they're executed well.

In any other role, I'd be wary and curious about how dragons are portrayed.

>> No.37047503

I also said this >>37047358

>> No.37047507

So it IS pic related and not a euphemism for semen

Unless she finds it tasty then she is a filthy hippy.

>> No.37047509

I like medieval dragons; literal demons that were ugly as shit and more serpent like.

>> No.37047531


It sounds like it's Almond milk mixed in with whole milk and then fermented so that the lactose in the milk is converted into alcohol.

It's probably really sweet, rich, nutty, and yummy.

>> No.37047542

Then you get to live this time. This time.

>> No.37047570

>most bueatiful, most powerful, most noble, most sexy, most perfect and most sparkly
But this is objectively true.

>> No.37047584

What is this chinese shit

>> No.37047634

It still looks lewd as hell though.

>> No.37047664

I like Dragons.
In fact, I like all kinds of Dragon, from the mythological beast of vice, plague and Evil of Europe and Judeo-Christianity, to the Eastern creatures of Wisdom and Nature.

From the mindless beast that is naught but another animal to the intelligent creature with a vast intellect.

Good, Evil, Weak, Powerful, Magical and Mundane. I love Dragons because all cultures of the world have at least one legend about a Dragon-like being. Because the Idea of a Dragon is engraved in our Collective Unconscious in such a way that their traits are recognizeable by any human on the planet.

OP, what you must realize is that there are Many, Many different types of Dragons, and that they all have different characteristics that are emphasized differently in different settings.
What you need to do is find what kind of Dragon you like the most and search for stories that feature them.

tl;dr just keep searching for whatever kind of dragon you like and ignore the rest.

>> No.37047673

i am pretty sure this isn't a screenshot from the game but a fan made lewd image.
which can be found for everything, no matter how chaste

>> No.37047675

>I've learned something new

>> No.37047767

>That pic

"Arisen, I'm drenched!"

>> No.37047850

I really want to get back into DD. I only got so far as the merchant girl with the huge tracts of land and got distracted.

>> No.37047860

"It bears the head of a cock!"

>> No.37047897

Ignore her, she wants to fuck the angry emo knight.

Also make sure to do Selene's quests the moment they appear.

If you do it correctly, you'll have two cute girls living in your house at the end of the game.

>> No.37047916

There isn't enough porn of this game

>> No.37048050

All I need is not-Casca. That smooth hazel skin is all I need in my life.

>> No.37048136

Sounds like something /tg/ should get done no?

>> No.37048173

Funny actually, the latest CoD is the best CoD since Modern Warfare. Like actually fun.

>> No.37048655


Me thinks is that "good" dragons were SUPPOSED to be unique and exceptional because they want to help the little manlings instead of eat/steal from them, but then it got too overblown where genuine evil, or at least chaotic/true neutral dragons are as hard to find as a non-redeemed succubus.

>> No.37048721


The reason that knights in shining armour that actually uphold their code of honour are held in such high regard is because they really WERE exceptional. It's similar to how most modern policemen are depicted as corrupt hicks, which is why genuinely nice and/or just policemen who simply try to do their jobs are so revered in media. Good knights are out-shined by the "evil" knights in order to make them look better.

>> No.37049977

Because the knight is so incredibly likely to be burned to ashes/stepped on/torn apart that if he wins, it's a fucking miracle.

>> No.37050057

The is aught to be found.

>> No.37050278

>Because the knight is so incredibly likely to be burned to ashes/stepped on/torn apart that if he wins, it's a fucking miracle.
The knight is breaking into the home of someone stronger, smarter, and all around better than him for the explicit purpose of murdering them, stealing their money (from their home), and bragging to their friends about that dastardly deed.
The knight is a gangbanger nigger. it is obviously that we would cheer for the clearly superior dragon race

its never
>And then the knight heroically slew the dragon in self defense while the dragon was attacking the town.
its always
>And then the knight snuck into the dragon cave, cleverly murdered it in its sleep, and took its hoard

>> No.37050308

There's a bit, but it mostly involves some blonde chick and some other one-eyed chick being gangbanged by goblins and lizardmen.

Veeeery little Mercedes, for some reason. Possibly the same reason that Berserk has almost no porn--the sort of people who vocally demand and produce pornography don't appreciate this sort of media enough to apply their talents to it.

>> No.37050329


>> No.37050365

so, speaking of
anyone knows of a quality lets play of dragon dogma? most lets plays are a shit.

>> No.37050408

The dragon is usually explicitly evil and has done terrible mass murderous things over centuries to acquire that horde.

>> No.37050427

Good. Everyone in it is so ugly they only look passable in chinese fan art.

>> No.37050450

Making Berserk porn, if you know a single thing about the story, would typically be in extremely poor taste.

>> No.37050510

It doesn't matter if he's never actually won because then he ends up being a bag of hot air in the fans' eyes.

>> No.37050562

>The dragon is usually explicitly evil and has done terrible mass murderous things over centuries to acquire that horde.
Actually, no.
The dragon is usually NOT shown to be that. The author assumes it and forgets that he has to show the audience that part. So all we get is a designated hero murdering dragons because they are dragons

>> No.37050620

No shit. Even so, I'm amazed there isn't more about the trolls. There is literally no way that's not a named fetish in Japan.

>> No.37050625

>The author assumes it and forgets that he has to show the audience that part.
No, they don't. In every story I've encountered, they give a good reason for killing the dragon.

>> No.37050662

Hahaha, exactly. Because then we'd run into the problem of
>dragon has wings
>knights tend to use melee

I distinctly recall the infamous painting of St George and the dragon, and the dragon is the size of a dog. This is the guy who required NUMEROUS miracles from God to win.

>> No.37050678

Orc on elf rape handles that pretty damn well, so there's generally no need.
Maybe they don't like their rape-monsters when they're too hairy or something.

>> No.37050703

Just have it be about the witch girl consoling an apostle who's sad because his family died (due to killing them) and teaching him how to be making fuck again. There, tasteful and porny.

>> No.37050704

St. George was a Pathfinder Cleric who reads the min/max forums..

Nigga can solo a dragon if he feels like it.

>> No.37050744

I'd sooner read loli porn of Shierke and Guts, and I don't even read loli porn.

>> No.37050921

Hopefully a Pathfinder minmaxing faggot can fight a dragon bigger than his hoers.

>> No.37050943

If you are actually interested in it, satan is stuck in the ground and creates the ice by shaking (wrong collocation, i know) his wings

>> No.37050960

It's for the same reason vampires are boring.

They're overdone, and when they're done, they're done horribly, often being essentially big dogs for the author's waifu or the author's waifu itself.

>> No.37050963

From what Berserk porn I've seen, the majority of the fans agree with you

>Series goes on for years
>Fans: There's enough rape and stuff here that we don't need to add more
>Loli character appears

>> No.37050977 [SPOILER] 

I can't keep going anon. Comic is too cute and too depressing.
>tfw no qt awkward gf

>> No.37050994

>creates the ice by shaking (wrong collocation, i know) his wings

It's probably flapping his wings.

>> No.37051059

Yeah, when horrible mindbreaking monster rape is actually there in the manga, making more is kind of superfluous.

>> No.37051061

Just cause a lot of authors fuck up dragons doesn't mean all dragons are bad. Same with vampires.

Though I think we need at least a decade break from vampires and zombies atm.

>> No.37051161

>Earlier they were hideous and villanous creatures to be slain

They still can be. That's the fun of being a GM, public perception/media portrayal doesn't mean jack shit if you don't want it to as long as it fits the setting and everyone can still have fun.

Dragons are fictional creatures with several different portrayals over different times and cultures. Pick one or make your own or if you're tired of them altogether don't include them.

>> No.37051209

replace dragons with vampires and it sounds more accurate.

>> No.37051402

I loved the idea of the game and hold to this day that fighting larger enemies should be done in the same style as done in DD.


>> No.37051484

Could I have a source on that, tim?

>> No.37051607

Do you have a lust dragon? If you don't, I think you should. For continuity if nothing else.

>> No.37051770

The artist who did that image did the Hoard of Cocks

>> No.37051862

The best places

>> No.37051882

Boring? Not always. Some of my company's viral marketing for our race has been.... poorly thought out, but the individuals responsible were reassigned to our... catering devision.

>> No.37052019

Gran Soren is in ruins because it's literally the apocalypse. World's ending real soon, bruh, shit is falling apart. That's what the Dragon appearing means, that's what an Arisen means. The Arisen HAS to prove themselves worthy with all these trials and shit to slay the Dragon and become the new god of the universe for the next cycle.

>> No.37052153

Best dragon
Best hoard

>> No.37052197

Yeah because I TOTALLY imagine that hundreds of people lived off in the horrible mountain keep that gets invaded by goblins day one or in the bullshit wrecked mage's tower off the coast or long term in the keep leading up to the dragon.

For being so 'big', the lack of other places to go and repetion of the battles make the world seem emptier than it is.

End game content however is baller.

>> No.37052254

What does that imply about the dragonforged?
He was an arisen that chickened out like a thousand years ago, but the world didn't apocalypse and Grigori presumably eventually got bored and went home

>> No.37052264

>all those sex toys just to hide his dick

>> No.37052323

>Implying he's trying to hide it

>> No.37052362

Seriously, can I get a source on that.


Cause I do not know how to reverse google search.

>> No.37052406

better late than never, https://e621.net/post/show/538902/2014-anus-blush-butt-claws-dragon-etheross-female-

Artist draws quite good horses too.

>> No.37052410

>052362 â–¶
>File: 10000.jpg (15 KB, 544x288)
I just reverse image searched.

Nothing came up.

I am desperate now.

>> No.37052444


>> No.37052470

But the world is empty. It's over, very very soon. But they gotta carry on the way they do because it's all they have left with monsters crawling around the place.

Granted it's been a while since I played through the game, but from an explanation I read online (the whole cycle confuses me big time) the Arisen must prove themselves worthy to fight the Dragon. If you fail (like taking the Dragon's offer), you become a soulless immortal and can help the next Arisen along their way and the apocalypse is averted til a new Arisen is appointed. If you defeat the Dragon, you go on the fight the Seneschal, and of you fail there, you become the new Dragon to appoint someone as the new Arisen, if you win, you become the new god of the new world in the next cycle and send your main Pawn back to the world as your doppelganger, soul and all, to live a normal human life, complete with ability to think and make choices for yourself, which Pawns lack.

I think there's still a few things I'm missing, like the Duke (I think he took the Dragon's offer to avert the end for a while and gain power).

>> No.37052480

kek, google now has on record that you searched for >>37052406
and will have it on record forever more.

>> No.37052507

See the little purple arrow beside the post number? Click it and all shall be revealed, my friend.

>> No.37052511

There are worse things.

Besides, when I reversed it, nothing but dogs came up.

>> No.37052527

...This whole time, I never knew.

>> No.37052535

>The dragoness made each sex toy herself
>Using polymorph on hapless adventurers
>They are all still aware
>She remembers each and every one of their names
>Uses each one every single night
>If she's interrupted by a friendly adventurer she uses her collection to tests their stamina
>Those that pass out under her care (or try to attack her) get added to the hoard
>Those that can last throughout all of her toys get sent on their way with an offer to come back any time for some more fun
>And an small suggestion cast on them to come back soon and maybe try to go for two rounds next time

Would you visit her /tg/?

>> No.37052549

Ah I didn't know for a long time myself, don't sweat it.

>> No.37052562

Not me, I have scriptblocker and google analytics is on my shitlist.

>> No.37052570


>> No.37052580

I remember the thread where that setting came up.

IIRC we all decided giant owls were also suitable replacements for dragons.

>> No.37052589


...yes, that is exactly what he said.

>> No.37052637

Yes and thematically blah blah that's great but it doesn't make for compelling gameplay, especially when other story bits like the fucking SLOG that's the middle NOT HELPING ME ACTALLY DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM OF A FUCKING DRAGON bits.

>> No.37052666

>I think he took the Dragon's offer
He did. That's why he starts strangling Aelinore, because he mistakes her for his Beloved, and has flashbacks to when he killed her in order to avoid fighting the dragon.

It's also why he forbids pawns in the castle, because he's terrified that one would recognize him as the dude that took the deal and publicly out him.

I'm not sure why he took it, since if you kill all the guards and force a fight with him, he charges you then blasts you for ~5k damage, before just straight up killing you instantly. The duke could have smacked down Grigori with his eyes closed.

>> No.37052692

Norse myth doesn't really make a big distinction between serpents and dragons.

>> No.37052729

I could care less what you call it, but I do think that dragons with 4 limbs are the better design.

Hexapods should stay in the insect kingdom.

>> No.37052730

Videogames, bruh. Yeah, it could be better, a lot of things could, like the bizarre romance system. Honestly, I'm just glad we got the fucking game at all. I haven't even been into Bitterblack Isle properly. It's not a triple A game, you know.

>> No.37052768

>I could care less
It's "couldn't care less".

>> No.37052776


>>>/v/ is over there.

We don't need this autism debate here.

>> No.37052780

The pawn doppleganger isn't a normal part of the cycle. You pulled some weird shit and gave it a piece of your soul, like what happened with Selina and her master

>> No.37052799

If you want good dragons, look to Shadowrun.

The great dragons are how it should be done.

>> No.37052809

the duke was a pussy that didn't realize he dragon was a bigger pussy

>> No.37052816

Fucking Dragons.

Well, wasn't the deal for power, too? He probably got offered demigoodhood in exchange for taking the deal, maybe that's why he's so strong? It's been a while since I played. Thing is, the Duke also forfeited his title of Arisen upon taking the deal, so he can't even go back and deal with Grigori.

>> No.37052832


>> No.37052871

Berserk porn isn't really in demand since you can't go 3 pages without someone trying to rape casca, or stumbling on a giant rapefest or whatever.

Literally it's like after ~11 volumes Berserk just turns into swordfights and rapes.

>> No.37052898

Eh, it depends. Not all depictions of dragons nowadays are like that. I liked the way the new hobbit movie depicted Smaug, for example. Arrogant, proud, taunting the people he's about to kill, that's how a dragon should be in my opinion. Course, I'm a moviefag, so maybe I just have pleb taste. At least I'm starting to get into the books.

>> No.37052943

>I'm mythologically illiterate

Gee, great argument, I can't see how anyone could possibly beat that.

>> No.37052966

I suppose I can add this to the list of webcomics I read.

>> No.37052998

some assholes with three dragons took over an entire continent how are they not demigods?

>> No.37053003

Bitterblack has fun combat (fucking annoying worms notwithstanding), but the design has a lot of reused areas and textures, and the story behind it is really meh.

Basically, a guy becomes the Arisen, and takes along the pawn of another arisen who died and became the dragon, but shunted part of her soul and memories into the pawn beforehand. The Arisen falls in love with the Pawn-arisen, and she's taken as the Beloved. The Arisen finds out that the Dragon and Pawn-arisen are the same person, announces that it's stupid that he has to either kill the woman he loves or kill the dragoness he loves, and he turns into Satan for realizing that.

>> No.37053010

You heard me grandpa.

>> No.37053029

>is that you Temeraire?

>> No.37053035

Dragons Dogma is just about only good for combat.

Everything else about the game is average to sub-par, literally the only aspect it has going for it is the multi-layered combat system which provides lots of opportunity to be creative. If they focused more on that, and spent less time with the mechanics that they clearly had no idea what they were doing with, like the game-world itself, then it would've been a great, if not somewhat linear, RPG.

But, as it is, it's an empty world with a very fulfilling combat system thrown in (though even that has some very SERIOUS flaws that I can't believe made it out of beta-testing)

>> No.37053061

There's more than enough Berserk porn, lads. It's responsible for the greatest doujin page ever.


>> No.37053075

>I happen to be white enough

>> No.37053081

>Not me, I have scriptblocker and google analytics is on my shitlist.
that doesn't help when you search on actual google website itself dumbass.

>> No.37053090

You're not doing anything to make yourself not look like an autist here.

>> No.37053096

>Find a post from hours ago
>Hurr durr stop this autism
you just revived it you fducking moron, its been hours since that post, they were done.

>> No.37053100

>Making dragons a civilization or intelligent race does not a Mary Sue make.
anon i dont think OP knows what a mary sue is

>> No.37053114

I actually find it really charming, to be honest, kind of because of all that. I can't really describe why. There's something I like about the empty world, it feels like the end of time.

It's not a deep story by any stretch of the imagination, but tying it into a grander cosmic event makes it a little more interesting. If Capcom weren't completely insane, it'd get a sequel and would iron out the kinks big time. Just like Kingdoms of Amalur, but that's another thread, another story, another time.

>> No.37053121

>Not getting that pop culture reference
look up something called "zero punctuation"

>> No.37053148

I think you mean second-greatest doujin page ever.

Pic related clearly holds that title.

>> No.37053158

>Going to escapistmagazine.com

>> No.37053161

>Berserk porn isn't really in demand since you can't go 3 pages without someone trying to rape casca
what do you mean TRYING
they constantly SUCCEED in raping caska. speaking of, that is why I dropped that manga and secretly want to murder the author

>> No.37053207

>popular culture
>zero punctuation

Pick one you glorified faggot.

>> No.37053213

No, Casca gets raped once by Femto, and then maybe again once more by Guts (It's not a particularly clear sequence).

All the other time's she just gets stripped and almost raped.

>> No.37053230

>implying I'm the autistic one

Kek, this is good shit, hold on, lemme get a beer.

>> No.37053233

Well that's just silly.

>> No.37053243

See now you're the one shit posting. This is why you can't win in these situations.

>> No.37053289

and by the demons, and by her demon corrupted son, and by some random fucking trolls

>> No.37053308

Trying too hard.

>> No.37053370

I don't think you actually read the manga.

If you mean the demons in the eclipse, it's not shown we don't know one way or the other.

And the other two times are you're imagination.

>> No.37053449

His strength before you kill the dragon is a gift from the dragon though, at least how I interpret it. It was what you get in exchange for sacrificing your waifu, and being the strongest means you get to be Duke because no one else can stop you.
It follows that as soon as you kill Grigori he loses all of his strength and youth, or that after you make the deal you get to be in charge, and I doubt he gave up the chair willingly

>> No.37053598

Here is the book version for you moviefag.


>> No.37053614

>If you mean the demons in the eclipse, it's not shown we don't know one way or the other.
but... she got pregnant!

>> No.37053678

its been years and i have tried to suppress the bad memories
the troll one was something i was told by others as i quit before that part

>> No.37053693

It was Gut's child from when they had sex at the waterfall.

Femto tainted the fetus with his seed and caused to look all retarded and stuff.

I assume if Casca had been raped by the demon's should would have looked more split in half by the giant cocks.

>> No.37053733

>It was Gut's child from when they had sex at the waterfall.
ah, right, that

>Femto tainted the fetus with his seed and caused to look all retarded and stuff.
and isn't that demon rape? you do know seed means semen right? jizz? cum? white stuff that comes out of a dick?

>> No.37053753

>Well, wasn't the deal for power, too?

the deal was:
>kill beloved
>become duke
>become immortal

the deal is also the reason why he tries to kill you after you come back
>he thinks you punked out too
>he's dying
>thinks youre trying to steal his shit

>> No.37053775

Dragons you say?

>> No.37053809


>> No.37053814

caring about Zero Puntuactions opinions

>> No.37053867


>> No.37053894

Nah the trolls just have a giant rape dungeon in the forest, but Casca herself is not raped.

And the demon child is nothing but help to Guts and Casca, though Guts don't know it.

The original post implied just the regular old demons of the eclipse. I assumed if he had meant Femto/Griffith he would have said so. It'd be like referring to Guts as just some guy.

It's a questionable scene because Casca is delivered to Femto naked and unconscious, but we don't know if she was raped by those demons one way or the other. As I said before, if she were I'd expect to see her in more pieces.

The only other time Casca might have been raped was afterward when Guts was going through one of his "fight my inner demons" bouts. We see imagery of Guts raping Casca, but we don't know if it actually happens. The sequence also depicts Guts murdering and cannibalizing her and that stuff clearly doesn't happen because as of now in the manga Casca is still alive and not-eaten.

>> No.37053914

who said I do? I stole a joke from it

>> No.37053950

it has been many years, I had forgotten griffith name
And honestly in that scene it seems like a demon gangbang led by griffith and other demons.
I am pretty sure the other demons rape her too.

also, the demons are fully capable of raping someone without tearing them in half if they so desired

>> No.37053962

>also, the demons are fully capable of raping someone without tearing them in half if they so desired
to clarify... because magic

>> No.37053980

What about the Malazan dragons? They're essentially mindless elemental forces of destruction.

>> No.37054037

Like I said, it might have happened off screen before Femto was involved, but it's not depicted.

Moving on though. Anyone else want to see a goddam dragon in Berserk already?

>> No.37054061

Uh, what about the disciple with the cannon shield?

>> No.37054107

Not good enough. Also that was a shit fight.

>> No.37054416

My current setting uses dragons as a standard for other impressive things.

>Oh, mountain trolls get in fights with dragons when their territories overlap, the dragons’ best choice is to pay tribute to the trolls.
The players now know exactly how bad an idea it is to get into a fistfight with a 12 foot tall mountain troll.
>This king is one of the few people with a personal wealth larger than a dragon's.
Damn this guy is loaded.
>Armor that holds up to dragonfire.
Well maybe that is why it costs so much.


>> No.37054642

So they're a race of Worfs?

>> No.37054685

Yes basically. They are probably only the best at having stuff players want to steal the most.

>> No.37054705

Ha, I can dig it.

>> No.37054799

>eventually dragons are the laughing stock of the kingdom
>dragons acting like tough shit
>"hey is that a mountain troll"
>dragon bolts off like a scared kitten

>> No.37054836

Your memory is incredibly flawed. The only one ever explicitly to rape Casca is Griffith/Femto.

>> No.37055060

I want to fuck a dragon.

>> No.37055225

The good news is that that Dragons would like to fuck you aswell.

>> No.37055297

Where do I sign up

>> No.37055334

Find the nearest dragoness and offer to enter her cave of orgasmic wonder
She'll let you out when she's done

>> No.37055412


You seem to be mistaken on how this works.

>> No.37055529

This thread has inspired me to make dragons less magical/prevalent in my novel setting and more "rare, giant, dumb lizard that likes gold and kills people"

LotR had it right, except theirs could talk.

>> No.37055561

That is explicitly the wrong way to go about dragons. You're letting OP's faggotry corrupt you.

>> No.37055904

Whoever did the baritone voice for pawns must be a sex god.


>> No.37056296

not the tail!

>> No.37056318

The only one that deseves it's tail cut off is the Gigginox, for causing so many fucking vore doujin.

>> No.37056392

fun fact, every year many vore fetishes kill and eat each other consensualy in the united states, thinking that recording a video of their consent to the procedure makes it not murder

>> No.37056462

Source? Never heard of that happening outside Germany.

>> No.37056608

That happened once and it was in Germany

>> No.37056749

>LotR had it right, except theirs could talk.
You mean their intelligent, fire-breathing, magical, clever, and mentally-dominating dragons?
And because they had it right, you're going to do the opposite?

>> No.37056853

It does if you search it circuitously, ie, through Duckduckgo !bang functionality.

>> No.37056887

>It does if you search it circuitously, ie, through Duckduckgo !bang functionality.
Anons (both of them) EXPLICITLY said they searched GOOGLE for it, not duckduckgo, not startpage, not ixquick, not any of the other anonymous search engines. He explicitly said he searched GOOGLE for it. and at the same time thinking that by disabling google analytics that it means google can't track him when he is searching google dot motherfucking com.

>> No.37056914

>and at the same time thinking that by disabling google analytics that it means google can't track him when he is searching google dot motherfucking com.
oh, and if he was using an indirect google search like duckduckgo bang functionality, then he probably would have mentioned it in the post where he goes "don't worry, i got script blocker and disabled google analytics".

>> No.37056957

>ITT /tg/ gets its jimmies russled

Yes I know that joke was already made. It's still funny

>> No.37057028

I'm not sure how long you've been on /tg/. This is the baseline level of jimmy rustling. Can barely even call them rustled. /tg/'s just sorta like this.

>> No.37057054

yea, tg is in a constant state of shit swill, there is always some shit being flug
retard, nigger, and faggots are used as regular daily greetings and people wish death on each other for being the dumbest human being they ever spoke to as a matter of normal discourse

>> No.37057162

The dragon in the St George and the Dragon paintings (there are a whole bunch of them; it was a very popular subject) is decipted as small and pathetic looking because of symbolism. Paintings back then used to be extremely heavy on symbolisms, with just about every element representing something. Dragons in medieaval lore represent evil/Satan, so the dragon being tiny compared to St George represents how evil is powerless before good.

That being said, making the dragon the size of a large dog does kind of undermine the herosm of the knight who slays it. Looking at the painting my first thought is "just how pathetic the townspeople were for sacrificing people to this thing? Your average peasant could probably beat it to detah with a pitchfork!". I quess it was assumead back then that everybody knew the story and was avare that the dragon was supposed to be big and scary, and it being small in the painting was just symbolism.

>> No.37057193

I had always assumed it was due to something like this

>> No.37057593

>It won Game of the Year like barely three weeks after it was released, the game's clearly good.

Hey, I really like Dragon Age: Inquisition too, but the support for your argument is shit.

>> No.37057977



>> No.37058185

I'll be honest that I never paid much attention to DD cus it never got ported. All I've heard of it was some shit about wolves, something about your pawns and lolis, and that you climb on monsters.

Am I missing anything?

>> No.37058342


>> No.37058425

Quit being a fag.

>> No.37058744

Gryphons are seriously fucking majestic and underused. They could easily replace dragons in a setting as ancient, wise and magical beings and stuff.

>> No.37058786

Does anyone have the thing about wyverns being a non-evil stand in for use in heraldry?

>> No.37058835

I don't know how modern dragons are "marie sued", since they degraded them to mere wyverns that could be killed by any ragtag of retards.

Anyway, dragons aren't real, so it's dependant on the setting.
If you find most dragons boring, look for settings were they're different.

>> No.37058838


If only more men responded in this fashion we could wipe the scourge of NTR off the face of the Earth.

>> No.37058875


Not really, they're too small. People tend to forget in order for something to be awe inspiring it has to be fuckhuge. Human nature and all that.

>> No.37058878

I'll be honest that I'm doubtful she's a mere "dragoness". Hell she's probably tested all that stuff on herself before trying it on any interlopers.

>> No.37058905

12 hours later, I'm still waiting on examples.

>> No.37058947


>> No.37058955

>Hell she's probably tested all that stuff on herself before trying it on any interlopers.
She uses every single one nightly, and test them all out on interlopers, those who fail get added to her collection

Or did you mean she's tested her polymorph into sextoy spell on herself?

>> No.37059013

She might do. Not many people would think to check that their new sextoy isn't actually a polymorphed dragon.

>> No.37059980

Smaug? The St- George one?

>> No.37060900

People really really like to say that the killing yourself was the final part of the cycle and not something unique or interesting. Which I suppose makes a sense but its not exactly appealing is it?

Yes because turning Wal-Mart into a dragon is the BEST way to do it.

>> No.37061217

The atmosphere of the game is superb, big half-empty world on the verge of an unavoidable apocalypse, cosmic grandeur, big romantic medieval story or heroism and sick combat.

It's a flawed game, sure, but it's charming, fun, lots to do and see and its Dragon is one of the best in fiction.

>> No.37061451

It can't be part of the cycle, because you fought the previous Seneschal who did no such thing. You break the cycle (you know, the thing they talk about in all the promotional material) by killing yourself, leaving the world godless. Why your pawn gets stunted into the world as your doppleganger isn't quite clear, but we know the bestowal of spirit process is a thing that can happen, so I guess that's what was up with that.

On a sidenote, it's strange how attached you get to your pawns. They're blithering little retards, but their your retards. You actually feel proud when they manage to pull off something cool. I was initially disappointed when I learned your party was all AIs and not proper multiplayer, but I think they handled the system well

>> No.37062444

>dragon polymorphed into a sextoy
Wonder if a dragon can impregnate someone that way

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