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Hello everyone! I'm going to run another drawthread if nobody minds. Again, I remind everyone that I'm still rusty with this drawing thing so please bear in mind that I may take some time getting to everyone's requests.

Same guideline as the last thread: I usually draw cute things, but serious stuff isn't too out of left field for me. Just don't ask me to draw something super-detailed!

Also, as the subject suggests, requests related to quests on /tg/ takes priority. All quests, not just the one I run. Please also remember to provide references with your request!

With that said, I'm going to do every request in chronological order. Apologies in advance if I skip over yours, but I'll do my best to do everyone's!

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I'd like a picture of Melanie and Carina from Princess Guard, with Melanie (glasses maid) adjusting the scarf in Carina (purple haired loli)'s hair.

>> No.36998549

Risa dressed as the tenth doctor.

Picture for reference

>> No.36998551

Hi hi Protoculture

Draw Rea and Kumatora doing Kamen Rider things.

>> No.36998554

A Strike Witches 89 request please.

Wendy imagining Frank stuffing money down her shirt while being very flustered at the idea.

I love these threads.

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P-San running away from his idols who are carrying mistletoe.

or them puckering up their lips to a trap P-San

>> No.36998574

more LumiXSinestro smut por favor

>> No.36998575

Cute aftermath to this.

Linking the Twitter image because I keep getting a connection error when I try to post the image.


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Sorry this is from Cyberidols.

>> No.36998604

Frank in a fetal position with Bridgette with a smug look on her face after having sex.

>> No.36998607

Please draw Colonel Genevieve from the OW I'm in. Replace her left arm and right leg with cybernetic ones due to the injuries she sustained in the campaign. Here's a pic as a reference to what our armour and fatigues look like.


>> No.36998610

Is he crying in shame while she's smoking in the afterglow?

>> No.36998618

How about the 3 forms of Carol from Magical Girl Hunter Quest? Her main form in the centre with her 2 alternate forms flanking her.

Here's a small album of reference images

>> No.36998623

Devil Homu grabbing at starting to freak out Pinky.

>> No.36998629

Yup that's the idea.

Oh with the Caption 'Congratulations You Just Had Sex'

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I would like to humbly request three chacaters to be depicted as chibi's: Tatsuko (on the right) being carried in a piggyback by a guy who's face remains ofscreen, while Akitsu (upper left) walks alongside him holding his hand and Karasuba (lower left) biting the guys shins.

This is for the Harem Protag quest run by guide. Thank you.

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Ice and Frank from Strike Witches 89

Ice being flustered to the infer-red degree as Frank has a smug look on his face while holding a ammo pouch.

Frank kind of looks like Jack Harkness from Doctor Who.

>> No.36998677

Asher from Over(human)limit.

Pretty much looks like male mage, but with longish curly hair like the dude on the top left.

Missing his left eye. His legs are cut off in the middle of the shin and his left arm is cut off through the forearm. Right arm burned off up to the shoulder. Missing limbs are replaced with magical ashwood limbs. The wood of the right arm extends to cover a lot of right side of his body.

Right side of his face was burned and it's been replaced with leaf-like flesh.

Pretty short dude, little bit less than 5' tall. Probably wouldn't be wearing much more than shorts and maybe a tshirt. Has a glass fae sword. Hilt would look like some kind of fancy elfy looking outta LotR and the blade is pretty much just a shard of enchanted glass in a long acute triangle shape.

Elemental mage / summoner, though his main thing is fire. Does some alchemy stuff involving plants.

Quest just had its last thread a little bit ago and, surprisingly, we didn't get killed.
Good end. Took over Chicago and became fairy king of the new settlement. Maybe put a little fruity crown on him while he sits on a throne grown out of a tree or something.

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My lord I'm on time.

Same request I always have.

Could you draw Chiaki at the piano and Midori singing, similar to attached picture.

If you happen to have time, could I have a second panel of the piano collapsing under her weight?

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Chiaki and Kirika sharing a delicious meal of THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS while being adorable.

>> No.36998703

I have a Princess Guard request.
A picture of Rana(attached pic), posing sexily in a bikini.

>> No.36998706

I have an Ace Combat Quest request oh mighty Protoculture.

I want Karla Weiss posing or dressed in something lewd while trying to have a stoic face (though heavily blushing)


>> No.36998716

Miles from Flatline brofisting the lich Elohim.

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Can I request a Leopard 1A3 (pic related) with the crew poking their heads out of its hatches, the driver is a cute mechanic chick, the gunner a girl who loves firing big guns, the loader a burly ex freight worker and the commander happy he finally got together a crew to go be a mercenary with his tank.

It's for Tank Hunters Quest.

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Wendy fron SW89 acting like a chav (oi u wanna fite m8 i sware on me mum etc.), wearing only her stripey kneesocks, pasties and an open zipper-front hoodie.

Pic here

>> No.36998739

what quest?

>> No.36998748

A group of nignog elves swaggering down the street.

>> No.36998750

Oh shit

Strike Wicthes 89

>> No.36998770


Here you go arkelun

>> No.36998772

Here ya go!

But seriously, something like this is way too detailed for a drawfag request. Commission someone to do it instead.

Not OP btw.

>> No.36998783

B-but the quests I follow already got their free drawfaggotry!

>> No.36998786

Too late, you've responded to him. Now he won't ever leave.

>> No.36998789

I need someone to draw an adorably chubby catgirl getting bellyrubs from a mob boss. The reasons for this are totally quest-related. Even if it's a mostly dead quest.

>> No.36998793

I request eclipsed moon quest...just this.

Mikage and Koyomi as the princesses, Kieko Kairi and Midori as the assorted character classes trying to figure out what the fuck they are seeing

>> No.36998797

Alternatively, you can have Main form Carol glomping the hell out of Alice. Ref image of Alice attached.

>> No.36998799

That quest is super dead
I'll miss the characters

>> No.36998804

It loves?

>> No.36998805

Alice from Magical Girl Hunter dressed up (reluctantly) as Alice in Wonderland.

>> No.36998806


>> No.36998807

Producer and Niko from Cyberidols.

Producer sword catching/blocking Niko's Katana as she swings in mid air.

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Seriously? I wasn't asking for a huge detailed background. I wasn't even asking for more than one character.

I was just being detailed about what the dude looks like since I've never seen anyone ask for any OHL art in one of decu's drawthreads before and I don't think Decu followed the quest. Just didn't want to say "draw Asher!" and have him respond "I have no idea who that is".

>> No.36998833

Eriadne (Suigintou) biting Maria (Dorothy from the Big O). Quest: A Tale of Witches.

>> No.36998834


Draw yourself hotgluing your lewdest plastic girl models

>> No.36998836

Requesting Lyra from RE:Monster EX quest covered in various bear furs. With Jin, Sheszka, and Nin on her spiderbutt.

>> No.36998849

maybe skip out on the extra crew, that's more draw work.

And give a description of what they look like. Lyra's one of them six eyed spiderbutts. Drider configuration, white skinned. Don't remember the hair. Red? Not important.

>> No.36998850 [DELETED] 


Could you please draw the girls in pic related wearing tuxedos?

>> No.36998861


Here you go!

>> No.36998862

Could you please draw the girls in pic related wearing tuxedos?

>> No.36998868

How about a catgirl being raped by a dogboy in the forest

I can dig up a much more detailed description if I must

>> No.36998869

Writefags being lewd.

Which writefags and what they're doing is up to you, just have fun with it (or skip this and do a more detailed request)

>> No.36998874

Sentinel again, that one picture you did is still pretty lonely, so I'm reposting from last time.

Could I get a group shot of their heads like pic, in such a way that I can go into paint and split it up myself? If not, just one of the following.

Gunner girl. Shortish hair, freckles, cocksure grin, tank top and tanker's hat

Loader guy. Tired, lined face; cigarette; permanent frown; leather jacket; tanker's hat.

>> No.36998876

Oh I'm not late, Least I hope not.. I have a request for Cyberidols.

Lilith and Jenner getting close/seducing a nervous Producer.



>> No.36998879

pretty sure it's black, but her carapace is red. It also has a gigantic monster skull affixed to it. Her arms are covered in chitin up to her elbows, ending in fur in a way that mimics fire.

>> No.36998883

Okay, so. I have a request that you take this base image from the cover of Flash of Two worlds and replace Barry Allen and Jay Garrick with the linked post's HeroQuest character...

>> No.36998889

She is lovely you classy sunnabitch!

>> No.36998893

Dapper as hell.

>> No.36998904

oops, wrong picture here's Lilith

>> No.36998905

...Caffornicator, but make the one replacing Jay a bit older, more a cougar and MORE harried looking with a coffee cup ornament on her head instead of Jay's helmet.

They are both checking one another out, possibly telling the figure in the foreground about to be girdered to hold on a minute.

>> No.36998920

So refined, much like the image of her and pinky.

>> No.36998949

Sayaka charging Marth shieldbreaker

Either animation from melee or brawl/sm4sh works

>> No.36998960



>> No.36998983

Requesting Risa using wonderland to mess with Gremmy and make him attack his allies. How h attacks is completely up to the artist.

>> No.36998989

Could I get Laura and JJ from Homeless Mutant Quest holding hands?

>> No.36998991

~do bee-do-bee-do wa~

>> No.36998997

I request popular quest MCs being salty about losing at videogames.
Preferably the monstergirl ones, but whatever.

>> No.36999003

Probably going to have to be more specific. I don't think any of the drawfags read HQR

>> No.36999005

That's Warmaster C to you.

Guess we'd get Pinky as Doofensmirtz?

>> No.36999009

Requesting Pinky cuddling Chiakipus.

>> No.36999011


Here you go!

>> No.36999013

Decu has filled multiple Hollow Quest Redux requests & done several HQR commissions.

>> No.36999025

Doesn't mean he reads it or know what you are talking about.

>> No.36999037

"Curse you Chiaki the Warmaster!"

Alternatively, pinky being foiled by a potted plant, which then becomes warmaster.

>> No.36999043

True, and that anon is requesting a character from bleach canon without providing reference.

>> No.36999046

>Decu added Risa as an npc in his quest.
>The second request fulfilled in this thread was "Risa as the 10th Doctor"
You're right. He totally doesn't know what that anon's talking about.

>> No.36999055

Pinky IS the type of entity to be foiled by her own undead alternate reality self.

>> No.36999063

Mina from False Dendrite Quest can summon armor, either around herself or anywhere in her immediate vicinity. I want to see her using it as a Stand. Jojo pose is optional, but encouraged.

archelon's sketch of her armor's head is here.


>> No.36999072

Risa is a very well-known character, even amongst people who know nothing else about HQR. Expecting him to know everyone else is a different story.

Yes I know he drew the HQR OP, but I'm sure AE provided references.

>> No.36999083


>> No.36999094

I believe this is the image you're looking for anon, I would also like to see this.

>> No.36999098

Are you sure this isn't One-Punch Man hitting her so hard in the tits that she goes flat? Because that's what it looks like.

Not that I'm complaining.

>> No.36999103 [SPOILER] 

He's just hyper describing the character, now this request is more likely the scale of a commission.

>> No.36999107

Oh, My sides. Oh They hurt......

Thank you decu.

>> No.36999111

Here's Gremmy.
His power is "IMAGINATION".
Was sadly not all that imaginative.

>> No.36999118

Chiaki holding a big purple dildo with a golden watch strapped around it, next to an unwrapped christmas present box. She's in her Warmaster office.

Corner panel of Kharn giving a cheeky thumbs up is entirely optional.

>> No.36999119

Hahaha, Thank you anon. That was worth it.

>> No.36999128


>> No.36999140

kek tastic anon, nicely done.

>> No.36999153

hi its me madge
pls b a respect on a majsty
ok by hav a snaek day u cn do it

>> No.36999158

Ha ha ha, it's adorable!

>> No.36999164


>> No.36999208

(I don't have any requests I just wanted to post these, have a nice thread everyone)

>> No.36999214

(and I forgot my picture because I have cotton for brains)

>> No.36999232


Hi, here you go!

>> No.36999242

decu draw that one thing you've really wanted to draw but haven't yet

>> No.36999258

This is probably way too late, but I'm sitting here crying my dumb nerd eyes out over the finale of Sega Hard Girls and I want a Mega Drive.

can you give me a mega drive decu

>> No.36999322

Can you draw Risa curled up around a space heater because she is cold?

>> No.36999353

How about Caffo from HQR and Lan from MAQ throwing a party?

There were no survivors.

>> No.36999363

Hey Decu, when are you gonna do more lewd QMs?

>> No.36999373


>> No.36999376

Yo Protoculture, I just have one request in general before I curl up in bed once more due to post holiday foodcoma/headaches.

Leonardo from Garden Quest summoning Diablos Just like the Pic I'm Uploading



>> No.36999378

Poor One Punch Man

>> No.36999390

Hah, thank you!

>> No.36999406

Poor Frank....

Thanks! But christ your blurring my image of Frank with One-punch-Man.

>> No.36999431

I'm pretty sure that would be saito's actual reaction to intercourse.

>> No.36999445

I forgot to add that he has a smug/crazy grin on his face.

>> No.36999470 [SPOILER] 


Here you go!

>> No.36999477

Holy Shit that's lewd/

>> No.36999491

thank you once again

I hope you don't get in trouble for that.....

>> No.36999493

>Let's see how many I can draw while drinking, hahaha!

Y-you ok, Decu?

>> No.36999522


>> No.36999536

Sure, I didn't follow the quest, but I remember sketching an Asher concept in a drawthread when the quest began. May as well bring that picture up to date.

>> No.36999547


>> No.36999553

Thanks, but I was hoping for to complete my 1/3 set from Decu, haha

>> No.36999574

Wow, super ungrateful. You get your request fulfilled for free, and you give them shit about it. Nice dude.

>> No.36999581

You need a third style of drawing now, and then you have a even better set.

>> No.36999592


Here you go!

>> No.36999596

Daaaaaayuuuuummm that's awesome man.

There's some little errors with it, but it's damn cool and honestly I think that the 'errors' look better than how it'd be if it was 100% accurate.

>> No.36999605

All he wanted was to be noticed by sempai. How could you take that from him?

>> No.36999612

That's certainly an idea.

I wasn't giving him shit. It's really good. But now I'm going to have to ask him to do the other two in his style now, to match.

>> No.36999616

I am not the drawfag. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

>> No.36999683

Time to use this for a flashback!

Thanks Decu!

>> No.36999695


Here you go!

>> No.36999710

Oh wow, I actually feel bad for frank in this one.

Thanks Decu. I'm happy to have my request made by two very good artists.

>> No.36999717

tiny tiny butt

>> No.36999739

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Everyone knows Katya and Slider are the queens of hips

>> No.36999746

Please forgive me i am drunk off my ass.

mob bosses always have mustaches.

>> No.36999756


>> No.36999761


>> No.36999767

Been playing Rebirth, have we Decu?

>> No.36999768


Here you go!

>> No.36999786

Well, at least it isn't the chestburster edit.

>> No.36999790

> Forget to check Twitter, miss the OP by 2 hours

GG no re.

Actual request: Sytili the Zoanthrope from KQ needs an OP image. You can magical girl her or stick to the standard 'thrope stuff.

>> No.36999814

>chestburster edit
Chestburster was the original, m8. The good one you posted is the edit.

>> No.36999822

No, there was the shitty one, the chestburster edit of it, and the good edit of it, along with a bunch of inbetweens.

>> No.36999833

>That torso
Is... is she sitting on a bollard?

>> No.36999838


>> No.36999847

Neko Lan Fan, preferably dynamic pose. Very open to your creativity. I hope you had fun holidays, drawfag!

>> No.36999861

Welp, one more and it's the complete set.

>> No.36999894


Could I have another Solar Bonding Activities art for Exalted Quest? But with them as kids, both wearing cute dresses and with Maka brushing Karas' hair.

>> No.36999910

I couldn't resist this one.

>> No.36999941

It could be any of the innumerable objects that have been imaged being erotically stuffed into her various orifices.

>> No.36999959


Here you go!

>> No.37000045

>Chris Hansen mode

>> No.37000065

>that blushing monstrousity pushing down its skirt

>> No.37000068

Spider-Man wearing this costume, possibly doing a pose, with the Venom Symbiote behind him acting as if it was his Stand.

>> No.37000169

Is there more? A gallery or something?

>> No.37000191


Here you go!

>> No.37000209

>Swiggity swooty, I'm comin' for that booty

>> No.37000212


Hmmmm... hmmm... hmm. Oooh! Oooh!

Chiaki window-shopping for a new gun. In somebody else's armory.

>> No.37000335


>> No.37000349

Did I make it in time? No I did not.

Can I get Urist Twelfthbay unhappily competing in a Moe Pageant along with the four Neptunia goddesses, I can provide references for those too if you need them.

>> No.37000376

AND HE DOES IT. nice art mate

>> No.37000411


How about drawing The Trascendant One re-enacting this scene from Paradise Lost, with Pinky as Sin (on the right), and Murderface as Death (on the left)?

>> No.37000436

can you draw a lich dressed as the pope? I could use such an image for my 5e game.

>> No.37000451


Here you go!

>> No.37000466

Thanks Decu!

>> No.37000467

He didn't ask for a self-portrait!

>> No.37000508

Draw your favorite Kabbalah Quest character, please!

>> No.37000550

Welp. Guess I got character portraits now, and it looks like Decu won't be able to do mine anyway.

You read Tank Hunters, by any chance?

>> No.37000573

Considering the physique of the MC I think its fairly accurate depiction of the MC as an older gentleman.

>> No.37000588


>> No.37000591

Probably not, no. Because it, and you, you know.

>> No.37000610

No, but I've made stuff for you before this.

>> No.37000612


Here you go!

>> No.37000651

Thanks anon!

>> No.37000694

Sweet as, mate

Ah, you did the ODST helmets? Well thanks again. Sorry if I came off as rude, I try not to be, but I'm Australian.

>> No.37000779

I need Risa x Lumi doing lewd things.

>> No.37000784

Requesting lewd Demmy QM drooling at/fellating a P-61 with Keine Kamishirasawa's hat stuck on top.

>> No.37000817

He can't help being a shithead, it's genetic

>> No.37000827

OI wankah, wut you say m8, u me carpark now

>> No.37000878


>> No.37000923 [DELETED] 

Mami from Madoka eating salad like pic related.

>> No.37000939

Why is salad such a hilarious motherfucker?

>> No.37000962

It's also a fairly accurate depiction of Decu.

>> No.37000986

Mami from Madoka eating cake like this pic.

>> No.37000993

Decu has been getting huge.

>> No.37001004

Yo. If it's cool I'll like to request the following The person in said picture I'm uploading doing http://imgur.com/sFMyRqu but instead of Fire it's wind and this http://i.imgur.com/mFcJvA8.jpg is his sword.

>> No.37001053

Can I get a half dragon spirit lady? Wearing a silken dress and silver hair, very noble.

>> No.37001155

Could someone draw Heracor Nahive from Novice Heretek Quest?

He's a tall and somewhat muscular techpriest, he wears the typical attire with the red hood and wears a four lensed military mask

>> No.37001158

Humbly requesting one of the following:

>Erina Kinushima from Kamen Rider Sengoku Quest (ara ara Rider) talking with Makoto Kinushima (main protagonist of KRSQ) as the two of them are drinking coffee together. More references of Erina and Makoto available upon request.

>A faceshot of Makoto within her enclosed Rider Armor akin to pic related. Angry, ready to RIP AND TEAR expression.

>"K" (styled in appearance like Satsuki Kiryuin, wearing snappy suit and trenchcoat) facing off against Makoto, both angry and ready to come to blows.

Again, more references are available upon request.


>> No.37001185

Yo Sagara! How was your christmas man?

>> No.37001210

Frank is so Sexy! hahaha, Thanks Decu.

>> No.37001229

Ayo NORG! Dude I got a lot of stuff!
I got to hang out with family, eat lots of food, and got overloaded with presents (seriously, our hosts get WAY too much stuff for us). Oh, and cried because of important feels.

How was yours, brother?

>> No.37001231

I would like a ladybug wizard.

Whether a ladybug who IS a wizard, or a wizard (female preference) who has arcane command of ladybugs is up to the artist.

Just have fun with the idea.

>> No.37001249

Eh, mines was kinda tame. Got to spend time with my baby niece who is so adorable. God I'm turning into Maes hughes.

Also, some douchefuck pulled the fire alarm in the apartment complex at 3 in the fucking morning.

>> No.37001260

avoid shapeshifters and grand conspiracies involving functional magic Norg

>> No.37001262

haha, I love it how Karasuba bites his ass.

>> No.37001291


Here you go!

>> No.37001299

will do.

Wind Version Tyrant Rave? Nice...

>> No.37001302

She's a healthy girl.

>> No.37001320

Useless meat weighing her down.

>> No.37001322

Fucking yes.

>> No.37001325 [SPOILER] 

For you.

>> No.37001345


Fucking amazing

>> No.37001356

Bless your soul, Decu.

>> No.37001368

Misaka wearing an oversized boob window sweater, with her head poking out from the "window" instead of the collar?

>> No.37001398


>> No.37001491


Here you go!

>> No.37001528


>> No.37001539


>> No.37001581

I just think Peanuts with Schroedinger

>> No.37001677

Deshi Deshi

>> No.37001725


Here you go!

>> No.37001763

>dat butt
I ain't even turned on, I'm too envious.

>> No.37001777

OH NO, what have you done!?

>> No.37001790

Crashing this Joke... with no survivors!

>> No.37001825


>> No.37001927

Venus-chan would do that, she said a while back that missed Usagi-Mama's soft hugs. Making Pinkey Bunny chan soft would fit in line with her motives

>> No.37002084

I'll second this request

>> No.37002176

thank you mistore dekarchar

>> No.37002404

Will it Bweh if I take off the mask?

>> No.37002449


Here you go!

>> No.37002487

Glorious draw-gods, I have a request! For my friends homebrew tabletop campaign I've made a character that has attained a level of infamy which requires a portrait of some sort. Details are the following;

Short black hair, pale skin, pasty emo generalized. Black hooded bath robe, scythe in one hand, ancient staff of the dead in the other. Whip tied on one hip, bundle of rope on the other hip.

Be creative, make it funny. The character is aloof and walks into plot/artifacts on accident. Looks lost all the time, pic related.


>> No.37002489

That was a absolutely massive jump and skipping a hell of a lot of requests...

>> No.37002498


Alright, I'm spent, hahaha! Thank you for allowing me to draw for you, and my apologies to everyone I didn't get to do!

If this is still alive tomorrow, I'll try to fill it up with more fulfilled requests!

>> No.37002510

Thanks for drawing Decu!

>> No.37002517

What was with the massive jump at the end? You skipped at least 5 requests.

>> No.37002528

Thank you Decu. Till next time.

>> No.37002546

Probably wanted to do something simple before burning out. He'll probably go back to it if the thread is alive

>> No.37002552



>> No.37002563

Well if every previous thread is an indication, then he'll just completely ignore them and continue onwards from his last one

>> No.37002566

It will bweh extremely bwehinful

>> No.37002576

Thanks for drawing!

>> No.37002587

For Bweh

>> No.37002591

He hasn't in the past, which is really annoying when your request gets passed over three times.

>> No.37002702

I think the tank is just too complicated for Decu to not spend a while on

>> No.37002740

Square box on square box with cylinders and circles? really?

>> No.37002756

Then draw it yourself, faggot. What the fuck is this?

>> No.37002770



>> No.37002782

>your waifu so fat she needs a harness for her transformation sequence dance
>your waifu so fat she sat on NECO and turned her into a necco wafer
>your waifu so fat her soul gem can be used as a wrecking ball
>your waifu so fat her job at her family's ramen shop is why they're going out of business
>your waifu so fat she can be in all of Mitakihara's Officios at the same time
>your waifu so fat even the Spymaster doesn't know if the drapes match the carpet
>your waifu so fat Muramasa gets stuck halfway through cutting her
>your waifu so fat if she became an idol she'd be bigger than Ruri Kirishima
>your waifu so fat she literally overshadows the plot
>your waifu so fat there's an Akashic Gate in her belly button
>your waifu so fat she needs a prognosticator to warn people when she breaks wind
>your waifu so fat if she wore a Culexus hardsuit the Fourth Officio would claim she was a stolen stealth vehicle
>your waifu so fat she wiped out the Fifteenth Officio by falling over
>your waifu so fat she needs a grief seed just to change into costume
>your waifu so fat her main Callidus disguise is a building
>your waifu so fat when she's in frame the Prophet can't see what's going on
>your waifu so fat she needs a forklift to go cripple jousting
>your waifu so fat she needs a distillery to dunk her soul gem in
>your waifu so fat her panties can be used as shelter during Walpurgisnacht
>your waifu so fat she's bigger than the sofas at the soft sofa store
>your waifu so fat the reason she wanted to tag along was because she thought it was called Cookie World
>your waifu so fat you need the golden gauntlets to survive a round in bed with her
>your waifu so fat she's the pork to your Ol' Noodles
>your waifu so fat Kharn would need a crane to use Skulltaker on her
>your waifu so fat if Enishi is healthy then she's the Jolly Green Green Giant
>your waifu so fat she takes up most of the write-ups she appears in
>your waifu so fat she can't even fit within the post limi

>> No.37002796

At the quality and detail Decu draws at, yes

>> No.37002817

Compared to what he's drawn in this very thread its nothing detail or complexity wise

>> No.37002818

You spent over 2 hours to come up with these didn't you?

>> No.37002830

What? No! It was just one hour!

>> No.37002843

pls no bully

>> No.37002847

The point of this thread is to draw really simple things quickly so he can get through as many reqs as he can. Go find his commissions, twitter or pixiv.

>> No.37002865

which is why its a simple request, simpler than some he's already done

>> No.37003286

Hoping for a cute one with Merlin and Ice from Strike Witches 89. Pretty much Ice and Merlin are at the beach, Ice is in the water with a swim ring, while Merlin has a surplus inflated life vest on. (Posted Merlin as Ice is already in the thread somewhere)

They're both wearing school style swimsuits.

>> No.37003498

Well, he thinks that drawing vehicles are too complex for these threads. Just get over it and go ask in a regular drawthread, or pay him.

>> No.37003546

Are you him all of a sudden? I don't think so, so I'll let him speak for himself.

>> No.37003639

I forgot an "obviously". If he's passed over it 3 times now, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what that means.

>> No.37003752

Problem is the "regular" drawthread hasn't got any drawfags in it right now. Just salty-ass shitposters cross-posting from this drawthread.

I mean, shitposting HERE doesn't solve that problem, but then again nothing really WILL if you think about it. Too many requests, too few drawfags.

>> No.37003986

D'awwwwwwwww~! :D

>> No.37004035

Hey Protoculture! Can you draw a pic of Reinhold princess carrying Marianne with her at 100% Tsundere?

>> No.37004229

Thanks for drawing!

Can you draw yourself drawing yourself drawing?

>> No.37005067

Rather, he could draw himself lifting.

>> No.37005080


Okay, now I gotta ask.


>> No.37005139

Merry xmas :)

>> No.37005172

Original requester here, I went to sleep.

It's lovely Decu. Much appreciated.

>> No.37005279


Taking this one up. Pic is playing around a bit. Probably be done tomorrow.

>> No.37005563

>The armor is an extension of herself
>As in, she can literally use it to be in two places and do two things at once
>Wrapped around herself like that
I am OK with this.

>> No.37005606

Well it is protecting her. I think.

>> No.37005634

Well damn. Not the OR, but that's really awesome.

>> No.37005671

'ere ya go

>> No.37005849

Since this thread seems to actually be active, there's an older request that hasn't been touched over in the other drawthread that I'd kind of like to see:

>> No.37005952

I'd like to request this eagle standing next to a human (the eagle is eighteen feet tall compared to the human's six) wearing a wreath of thorns around the neck, an iron chestplate over the body, and scales of metal over the wings. The eagle has cracks and scarring across the beak.

>> No.37006092

could someone do the protagonist of novice heretek quest? a portrait would be cool

>> No.37006133

Working on this.

>> No.37006866

Yo toorops, haven't seen you in the regular drawthreads recently.

Hope you had a merry christmas.

>> No.37006907

AWWW! The cutest! Looking forward to this!

>> No.37007158

That is some cool stuff.

>> No.37009083

I want to believe that Decu will rise.

>> No.37009329

Can I get one of Kenkou Cross' Liches wearing a fur cloak? Preferably without the giant cross thing on her back, while maybe keeping the book floating off to the side. Also, I'd prefer it if the cloak covered pretty much everything but her head and neck.

>> No.37009614

Another Strikers '89 request. Slider, Katya, and Ice with Fronk and Merlin on a couch.

Slider behind Fronk and hugging him from behind (possibly doing something with her tail), Ice to his left and sleeping, possibly drooling on his shoulder, Katya on the floor below with his legs draped over her shoulders (and looking pleased with herself), and Merlin asleep with her head in Fronks lap. Maximum daww for the last bit.

>> No.37009866

To be fair, Decu's come back to requests he passed over multiple times before, like the Midori Piano one.

>> No.37010020

DFC fag will never feel them.
the hate is strong.

>> No.37010718

>your waifu so fat she needs a grief seed just to change into costume
I laughed.

>> No.37010908


>> No.37011053

I got a request in light of that list of meguca dozens.

I request fat meguca doing fat meguca things.

>> No.37011230

That's going to be like short meguca doing short meguca things

>> No.37011472

Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoy the useless meat. Just stating the fact that the useless meat caused the crash.

>> No.37011516


>> No.37012076

FAP ANGEL! When will next thread be?

>> No.37012143

This is way too late to get anything, but requesting a picture of Magical Scribe's Heather Crunch directly ruining/derailing a quest's main storyline somehow. I'll leave the how up to you.

>> No.37012420


I'll decide tomorrow morning at work and twitter post from my phone~

>> No.37012427

Not a drawfag, but I do have this.

>> No.37012435


>> No.37013052


>> No.37013323

Sweet Merciful Hyne, that is fucking awesome and it's not even the finished version.

To the unknown artist, I salute you and shall personally recommend you for a Galbadian Medal of Honor and Merit!

>> No.37014263

Merry Christmas!

>> No.37014284

And done.

Thanks. Spent my break with the flu and trying to draw with the shakes, but beats working I suppose.

>> No.37015064

If this isn't too much could i requesting a design for the main character in this story i'm writing.

>He's tall
>young 19-23
>He seems scared
>He wears a unique and uncanny necklace(something we wouldn't normally see)
>He seems dirty. His clothes seem worn, torn, and he's injured(It's science fantasy so i think really creative things can be done with the clothes)
>On his arm is a gauntlet; taking about half his forearm (and is used to capture and control speeders and even people)
>Also his speeder The Volantis

Sorry i don't really make request's. So i don't know if this is too much for any artist but if you can fulfill it thank you.

Also usually post references even if it's not totally relevant. Not really how i envisioned the face but he's the only young actor i can think of at the moment for a reference.

>> No.37015128

Hiya. I could use some arts for Improvaizen Quest. Namely because we have
> A vasto waifu without any arts that looks like a djinn
> two zanpaktos without any arts
> A luchador arrancar without any arts
> Anything describing how stupid lucky aizen is

Descriptions are here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=so+much+kubo

Any arts would be greatly appreciated.

>> No.37015164

Rolled 69 (1d100)

Post that smut faggit

>> No.37015217

>Rolled 69

>> No.37015267

Could I get this chap with a reptilian tail and large digigrade clawed legs and feet? Maybe dressed in a polo shirt and khakis.

He's my PC in a post aypoc game that's very mutation heavy and he's gotten to the point keeping track of how he looks with a mental image is a bit... challenging. Sketch, full color, quick, lots of time invested, I'll take anything that makes me not have to close my eyes and remember every anatomy detail, thank you in advance!

>> No.37015293

Midori hugging Chiaki, please.

>> No.37015353

4thed. There isn't enough good HMQ art.

>> No.37015560

I kinda want to see this request happen, just for the fact of it's a fucking tyrant rave drawing.

>> No.37015743

Thank You! I'd love to be floating right along with them!

>> No.37015925

Merlin, I think that's Frank up there doing a fly over.

Yep, that certainly is, Ice.

Think he's keeping an eye on us?

No. He's just showing off. Oh, and be ready for the spray.

Huh? *The two get splashed from the wake of Frank flying by*


See what I mean, Ice?

>> No.37017116

Any Magic related requests?

>> No.37017174

New Thread! 69 get! >>37017169

>> No.37017278

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.37017322

You took it to the next level, and I love every pixel of it! Thank you!

>> No.37017350

nice roll bro

>> No.37017595

Requesting a warforged warrior built like the Gundam seen here. Swords over the back for the beam saber hilts, with a magical looking flintlock or wheel lock gun.

Possibly in the 'last shooting' pose seen there, though not needed to be, should be in good condition not shot to hell like in that picture.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.37017630

No problem mate. I tweaked it a bit before passing out.

>> No.37017904


>> No.37018035


Thanks anon!

>> No.37018548

>Would you even a mode

>> No.37019438

keeping the thread alive.

>> No.37019970

heck to the yes I am doing this, expect an update later today.

>> No.37020441


>> No.37020861

What happened to Decu?

>> No.37020968

Moon man gotta sleep and work at some point I assume.

>> No.37020984


>> No.37021288

HNNG. I eagerly await the finished version

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