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Welcome to the Jumpchain CYOA Thread!

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc&usp=drive_web

IRC: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=rizon.mibbit.org&channel=%23JumpchainCYOA

Additional Rules: http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn

Previously on JumpChain: >>36981556

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>Do Godzilla Jump
>Take It's just a Publicity Stunt

>Anon, a monster is destroying the city! You have to do something!
>Pssh, it's not real. Don't believe everything you see on TV
>Anon, you can hear it roaring from here
>Those are just sirens
>Anon, you've seen giant monsters before
>That just makes it easier to fool people
>Anon, you've transformed into a giant monster and done battle with these creatures before
>Next I suppose you'll be telling me unicorns exist too?
>Anon, you'll see it if you look out the window
>If I do this will you finally shut u-
>Oh, there is a giant monster
>Okay, I'll take care of this. Could you let me know a little sooner next time?

>> No.36993510

...damn you, now I can't help but think that the first time I go monster in that jump.

But really, I say that because of my PR build a while back.

-Background: Experimental Human/Kaiju Hybrid (400CP) -WHEEEEEELP. I don't normally take altforms, but COME ON. I GET TO BE HUGE.
-Djawadi's Favor (Free) -Not needed, but a good psych tool for myself. Plus BADASS MUSIC FOR BADASS TIMES.
-Kaiju Behavioral Studies (Free) -Know thy enemy, for I shall deliver A QUEEN-SIZED SUPLEX! OF THE SUN. UPON YOUR BROKEN BODY.
-Might (Free) -Gonna hit them harder! Watch out, Kaiju Girl's got some muscle!
-Speed (Free) -Speeeeeed. For such a big Kaiju, I am a FAST Kaiju. Gonna go monkey style. Monkey Kaiju style. Something.
-Crushing Pincer (Tail) (Kaiju Free) -Just like the tail pincer of Otachi. Grip something, crush it. Steal Jaegers or Kaiju.
-Sonic Wave (Kaiju Free) -Mix this with Borderland's Siren Scream. Ooooh yes, Black Canary will eat her heart out.
-Toughness (Free) -I'm gonna be harder to kill as a Kaiju! Definitely harder.
-Carapace (Kaiju Free) -Most... definitely hard to kill. This will be quite useful.
-Iron Skin (-200CP) -So not only to I hit like a truck, but I can take as much as one. WELL THEN. Enemies beware.
-Kaiju Medkit (Free) -Well! This will come in all manners of handy when I'm injured. A boon indeed!
-Garbled Notes (-500CP) (Discount) -The secret to how I was created! Eventually decipher this, apply RE genetics, and fun times~
-Puny (-300CP)
-Top of the Wall (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Hong Kong, 21 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Combine those two forms into one like I just did? I don't need the size boost to fuck someone's day. Granted, Spyro's Unnatural Size makes me somewhat bigger than 100ft, but the point is I don't need size alone to doom someone.

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>>Oh, there is a giant monster
In the most deadpan voice possible.

>> No.36993554

Doesn't the Hybrid background cost 600cp?

>> No.36993570

>Blazing Saddles remake with Red as the sherrif and Konata as the drunken gunfighter.
This is what /jc/ needs.

>> No.36993600

Yep! It's discounted from the points. I subtract it. 1000-600 = 400.

>not wanting to be a glorious amazonian giant who towers over anyone else, making everyone jealous of you just by existing
It is this difference which I think is the greatest between us.

...oh sweet word what.

>> No.36993607

She's stating how much she has left.

>> No.36993612

Well i kinda feel stupid now.

>> No.36993623

It's okay, whenever I see someone dole out their points like that I do a double-take too.

>> No.36993648

It's fine, really. It's just how I do things, I can lose track of what I'm doing so I figure it's better to keep it to a simple subtraction gig so I can balance out the points and have a good idea of how much I have left.

>> No.36993859

I can make people jealous. It's the time honored method of, "I have cooler stuff than you." Massive robot armies and high powered explosive laser weaponry. Also, I can build a functional doom fortress in, like, a week. Doctor Wily WISHES he could build like me.

Here's a thought for you:
If Red and I ever improbably existed in the same universe, and then even more improbably weren't at each other's throats for whatever half-baked idea I had going on that week, I would probably try to stand on her shoulder a lot.

And possibly yell orders at her while laughing insanely until she tells me to stop.

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>If Red and I ever improbably existed in the same universe, and then even more improbably weren't at each other's throats for whatever half-baked idea I had going on that week, I would probably try to stand on her shoulder a lot.

... ...I would be totally okay with this.

>> No.36993889

I think i've found my "Shit's gotten serious" music


>> No.36993906

So, you'd be the chibi doll to her Washu?

>> No.36993954

>Not playing the Benny Hill theme whenever shit pops off.
>Not doing everything you can to undermine the edge and wanna-be gravitas of every BBEG
>Not trolling evil while facerolling it
Yeah, we've got different playstyles.

>> No.36993999


Monster - 300
We Can Rebuild Him - 400
Tongue - Free
Larva Form - 300
Consumption - 400
Infectious - 400
Spawning - Free
Baby Godzilla Egg - 500
Lets Start Over + 0
It's Kinda Offensive + 100
Go, Go, Go + 100
Allergies + 100
French Spies + 200
Never A Moments Rest + 200
Do I Smell Like Fish? + 300
Mission Failure + 300

It's a long-term build with me attracting & then eating all monsters i come across. Godzilla egg will help with protecting me while I'm still kinda weak though with a little strategy i should be able to handle myself anyway.

>> No.36994181

So if you take "This is, in fact, my final form" from SAO and use both kitsune and dragon for this new uber altform, and use shapeshifting to stay in it while looking normal, do those forms still get stronger by using them?

>> No.36994257

I'd say no. The new Kitgon, or Drasune would grow more powerful, but the individual forms wouldn't. Not the jump creator, though. Just how I'm running my build.

>> No.36994351

For the Uncharted Waters jump, if you take Old Friend twice can you import two different ships?

>> No.36994441

SAO creator here, intent wasn't to increase /depth/ of power, but rather /breadth/ of power. Also to look cool and to unlock powers that are form locked for general use.

>> No.36994523

Nice. So using the example above, the form combination would allow you to use dragon powers in your kitsune form or versa-visa?

>> No.36994682

Kitgon guy here, I was planning on using my infernape, dragon, kitsune, and sao boss forms (and possibly kaiju form too) all fused together to make massive hulk-like sun wukong look alike that swings around a majorly buffed ruyi jingu bang...does that sound just a bit too much?

>> No.36994708

He's talking about the way Spyro dragons and kitsune in general get stronger as they age. He wants to know if his time spent in his combined form counts for his age in regards to those form's power growth.

>> No.36994822


Final Form doesn't make you bigger, it lets you fuse features so you can use all abilities in a single form. Beyond synergy, it doesn't make anything more powerful. If the language needs to be clarified, let me know.

That said, I think it sounds fine.

I don't see why not, but I'm the kind of terrible person who doesn't see why age of the soul (that is, time in any form applies to all forms) shouldn't apply to all power=age type abilities.

But especially in this case, where you've combined your forms? Yeah, counts as aging if I'm making a ruling.

>> No.36994829

iirc, SpyroAnon worked it that age was related to time lived in any altform, you could be human for twenty jumps and your dragon alt would age 200 years resepctively.

I just assumed it worked the same way with Inukami Kitsune.


>> No.36994878

Sweet, that's all I wanted out of that skill. No hybrid wierdness for me, thanks.

>If the language needs to be clarified, let me know.
Yeah, I'd parse it out a bit more based off of the current string of comments and questions about it.

>> No.36994885

Oh...well in that case I dont need shapeshifting then, thanks for the heads up l

>> No.36994994

>mfw my kaiju form has been growing all this time
Oh shit, I think I'm going to be farking huge.

...damn it. I want this to happen now. Though knowing Konatanon, she would go nuts and build me a kaiju-sized power armor and then laugh like a crazy maniac as I stomped over all her enemies.

>> No.36995023

Oh, there's no declaration to the contrary, there was just no solid ruling on it.

>> No.36995081

Kaiju... sized... power... armor...

>> No.36995082

Okay, here's the v0.4 tenchi jump!

>> No.36995178

This back and forth between Konatanon and Red is now part of the reason I come to these friends. It's like watching a sitcom about two super powered neighbors.

>> No.36995195

> buddy cop show where every episode is blue doing somethin insane
>it getting out of hand
>red coming in to stop it
>they team up
>blue sits on shoulders
>and red was never the wiser and thinks blue is a traveling hero like her
It needs to happen, search your heart, you know it to be true.

>> No.36995251

>Hey, can I borrow half a cup of Vibranium? Thanks!

>> No.36995285

Jumpchain must forever be single player. But I would watch the fuck out of Jumpchain: The Ensemble Sitcom.

>> No.36995309

Actually, it probably already exists, I just have not reached the jump I can watch it on yetrick&mortywhen?

>> No.36995355

I like the format. The capstone perk for drop-in makes sense and isn't game breaking.

For the 100pt science perks, why not do something like taking in information faster? Not necessarily faster learning, but being able to go through more data faster. For the SO version, include something about being able to put off biological needs (food, sleep, etc) while in research mode.

>> No.36995364

How would a Chimera Zoanthrope stack up against a Terra Formars Organic Mosaic human?

How would a Chimera Zoanthrope fare against a Johj?

>> No.36995368

>Jumpchain: The Ensemble Sitcom
I don't wanna be Ross.

>> No.36995370

Let's give some proper credit here.

It's just as likely that I may do some genetic experiments or try to empower someone I met, only for them to go crazy with power and try to kill everything and I have to get Konotanon to send in a robot army because I'd need the distraction to shut the problem down.

>> No.36995409

I'd say have the 300 CP perks give you companions instead of the silliness with attempting to force certain patterns to repeat across every jump beyond this one. Because seriously the suitors at least would get old fast.

>> No.36995411


>> No.36995460

"Come in."
>Red enters, looks frazzled
>Konata is nonplussed
>"So, you've still got that robot army. Right?"
"... what."
>"I mean, I met this kid, he's swell, I promise, but he's got some confidence issues."
>Audience Awww's
>"So, I helped him! ... Only, maybe I didn't."
>Red wrings her hands adorably
>"I may haveaccidentallyturnhimintoaKaijuinsteadofmakinghimalittletaller."
"... I don't have enough robots to keep doing this."
>Audience laughs

>> No.36995471

Considering you can import companions who can pass as ships, I don't see why not. Actually a while ago the guy was specifically discussing Kantai shipgirls as a thing to potentially import.

Out of interest, would logia fruit type powers like Dark-Dark count as being integrated into the final form or would you rule those as being a seperate power you need to activate?

Also-does your Imaginary Friend form count as an alt mode too, or is it a one jump only kind of deal?

Protip: Build the endoskeleton/most of the components with transformium. Transformers can do some pretty crazy sizeshifting, which should help make the armor compatible in humanoid or kaiju mode; even Bayformers and Prime has it to a degree.

The real question is how to power the thing when all the components have much more mass, possibly decreasing energy efficiency. I'm not sure whether transformers had that problem, but at any rate mass producing the lambda driver for that purpose seems like a good idea.

...I have to say, I was pretty tempted to go Rakshasa in Lord of Light to be able to pilot my mech /without/ weighing it down with my heavy kaiju biomass but dammit, godhood was too good to pass up.

>> No.36995521

You can afford both if you max out drawbacks (which happened to me anyway due to taking Star of India). Then you can add being an immaterial energy being to your divine nature, which definitely helps sell the act.

>> No.36995527

The awkwardness of that pileup is part of the jump, though.

>> No.36995528

Yeah, I can see that being a thing.

> "You did what?! Red, YOU NEVER GIVE PEOPLE MORE POWER THAN YOU CAN HANDLE. That's rule one!"
> "You unleashed Satan in Wheel of Time!"
> "That's different! He was already powerful! But if I GIVE people powers, I make damn sure I know how to kill them! Besides, I didn't know the Mako Reactor was drawing off the seal! I thought it was drawing off of him!"
> "Look, mistakes were made, and I need you to fix this! Can't you just whip up a MechaGodzilla?!"
> "MechaGodzillas take like two weeks to build!"
> "We don't have that kind of time!"

>> No.36995537

Red pays for it in shoulder rides.

>> No.36995615

>taking considerable amounts of time to build anything pas first 50 jumps
That's what the telekinesis, time dilation (learnable in Negima at least), wind powered Philosipher Stones, grey goo, and rituals cast with a mere gesture are for.

>> No.36995621

Blue also pays for it, by letting Red have blue on her shoulder.

>> No.36995624

And of course Tumblr ships them. Yes, even though Red's asexual. That's never stopped them before. I think it encourages them, actually.

>> No.36995629

...okay I may not go that crazy, but there may be one or two incidents. You never know how someone will react with power until they have it, so undoubtedly there will be issues. And the big difference between Konatanon and I is that robots can have killswitches. Organics... ...that's a bit more tricky.

Wheeeeelp. Yeah, the more powerful the person, the bigger the fuck-up.

I cannot confirm or deny this.

>> No.36995632

I'll...have to think about that. See-I /also/ wanted that sweet, sweet city on offer and some of those drawbacks are pretty damn hardcore considering that I'm stuck as a mere mortal for a couple of years, surrounded by sadistic energy monsters and cthulhu nymphs.

>unleashing Satan
>not destroying him for the greater good

>> No.36995669

Two weeks is pretty damn quick for a robot bigger than the Sears Tower packed to the gills with weaponry.

>> No.36995686

>surrounded by sadistic energy monsters and cthulhu nymphs.
Also known as Jumper Spring Break.

>> No.36995697

>You can create subdimensional spaces, spacefolding technology, and vast workings similar to your Warehouse.

I'd advise you against this. Supplanting the warehouse is not something people have done without consequences. It's also the reason why people don't like fanmade supplements.

>> No.36995715

> not destroying him for the greater good
That's what the mako reactor was for! It's not my fault I had shitty aim!

>> No.36995721

I figured it was worth the risk of taking Star of India in return for the chance to change that world's history for the better. I personally interpret it as just disabling perks that give powers, not skills (though there is a fine line when it starts getting to superhuman levels, I admit) and as such I'm still super competent and extremely persuasive in that time before my powers switch back on. Gives me a bit of a safety net.

>> No.36995732

>stuck as a mere mortal

Star of India a nightmare

>> No.36995767

But anon my name is not tumblr, though like most /u/ ships we turn into /u/-boats and stop bothering people.

>> No.36995771

Meh. Its survivable. I think of it as an adventure vacation.

But in all seriousness, those jumps that have big payouts but big drawbacks are fun. It makes sense to swing for the fences on the big money jumps: Lord of Light, Ar Tonelico, Ragnarok, etc.

Even if you fail, you keep the perks you bought in that jump when you go home. I don't argue for always pressing your luck, but there's a time and place for saying fuck it, and just pushing as hard as you can.

>> No.36995783

With the Pacific Rim jump and Godzilla jump, I have been presented the components needed to relive my childhood. Only question is, what the hell do I make that sword out of?

>> No.36995785

And if you take it with Native Demon so as to get Rakasha powers, you're guaranteed to get possessed by Taraka at some point. That's going to be a rough time. On the plus side, if you're sufficiently compassionate it will wear off on him, turning the Rakasha away from hedonism and leading to the possibility for peaceful coexistence. So that's cool.

>> No.36995811

I kinda dislike the whole "make your own warehouses" perk, tbh.

Idunno, it just rubs me the wrong way.

>> No.36995821

Drawbacks: Chasing the Rabbit (1200), Atop the Wall (1500)
Location: Sydney
Background: 21, Hybrid (900)
Skills: Free Djawadi’s Favor, Free Kaiju Behavior, Discount K-watch (700)
Adaptations: Free Might, Free Speed, Free Toughness, Free Extra Limbs (2), Free Wings (1), Free Multiple Tails (0), Cryo Breath (600), Atomic Breath (400), Iron Skin (200), 2x Bladed Appendage (100), Crushing Pincers (0)

Izuna drops are smalltime.
Gojira build incoming

>> No.36995875

What if it was one of the 1000 point perks that forces the end jump?

>> No.36995907

You know, I think it'd be fine that way. You'd already have your spark, and warehouse creation would be awesome after that.

Are end jump perks limited to one only? If so, that'd be a hard choice between the wings and that. It'd be great.

>> No.36995941

Idunno. It also leaves a lot of room of open interpretation. Assuming I take the power to the logical extreme, and this is Tenchi so I can, I could start collecting planets in said pocket universes by making them large enough.

Also, since there's no explicit rule against it, I could stuff people in my pocket dimensions and bring em across jumps by anchoring them to myself.

I just dunno. I'm also biased as fuck because I made the warehouse.

Can other folks weigh in?

>> No.36995979

Honestly I don't like it either, I mean, it completely invalidates the thing that's invaluable throughout the entirety of the Jumpchain.

Storage space.

>> No.36995989

I don't think it's unreasonable as a 800 point perk, but if people were really assy about it I think that moving it to the end-game works too.

It doesn't have the combat power of the LHW, but the science build isn't about that, so that's okay.

>> No.36996018

I would say it's fine, if you can't take the pocket dimensions between jumps. Otherwise you are able to take an army(possibly of robots) between worlds to conquer each in days and strip mine them for resources.

End jump or non jump transferable pockets both take out that side of things.

>> No.36996095

Scientist doesn't have a cost listed.

>> No.36996161

I can understand why you don't like it and all, but consider that DnD, a setting we have multiple jumps for, lets high level wizards cast a spell that creates their own small pocket realm, or enchant objects to hold more than they should.

>> No.36996180


>> No.36996184

Muyo-guy here: Lots of interesting replies!

My end goal with the spacetech perk is "You can eventually do Washu's Lab." Which I am aware competes quite a lot with the Warehouse. I'd rather the perk play nice with the warehouse than overwrite it.

Now as it is currently written, Quicksilver got it correct: You can attach the spaces to you so it follows you, or leave spaces behind in other 'verses so they can use it for whatever reason. I am going to count it as a success that I got my intent across, even if the actual implementation has problems.

Hmm, I like the idea of it being non-transferable before an end-jump. (because iirc at an end jump the point is you'll get to go on infinite jumps anyway)....

Okay I have something of a compromise: You can build transferable pockets that are designed to do one thing- like you have server stacks for a giant computer. So it's less "I carry giant empty spaces with me" and more "I can fit big objects into smaller spaces." Or "I can construct devices that require dimensional chicanery to function."

Thanks! It should be 100cp like Minor Jurian Noble.

Anyway, thank you all for the comments so far!

>> No.36996207

Solid point

>> No.36996230

The point of the Warehouse is that it's a space where you can put items to be transferred between jumps.

Any pocket realms or whatever that don't let items transfer between jumps are just blank space for you to stuff items in mid-jump to make your warehouse less cluttered.

So no, it doesn't compete with the warehouse.

>> No.36996266

See >>36996230

>> No.36996279

Oh I can kind of agree with him, I don't have a problem with the perk or anything, I just wanted to point out that we do have settings that let us temporarily create storage space already, like DnD.

>> No.36996295

What was the one where heat death is imminent?

That one had a really fucking cool setting.

>> No.36996298

Bleh I misquoted.

>> No.36996303

I know that there are ways of storing things in smaller spaces, namely Harry Potter's expanding rooms and bottomless boxes, but how do I go about gardens?

I don't mean growing things in tubes, that's what the medbay is for, but are there any jumps that will let me find a way to grow things in the Warehouse, or do I have to use a supplement.

>> No.36996318

Hydroponics is possible in our world without too much expense, so I imagine any modern or futurist setting would, a well as anything with a magic that can produce uv light.

>> No.36996336


Sims 3 has a purchasable garden

>> No.36996395

I was planning on making/getting a fuck ton of bottomless boxes and filling my Warehouse with them for extra, although quite a bit harder to really navigate, space. I wont be able to fit a car in one, but I will be able to store the small stuff such as mountains of cash.

>> No.36996488

No reason why you shouldn't be able to make a box large enough that contains a garage(and more importantly can be driven into), I mean there are houses and shit with the space expanding charm on them. Also memory perks to remember where you put everything.

>> No.36996528

Naw it was like, the last vestiges of civilization are concentrated in dyson spheres and self sufficient fleets and there are a bunch of different factions and shit.

>> No.36996547

It doesn't matter how big the inside is if I can't fit the damn thing in through the opening. But you do have a point, I should be able to come up with a way to do it. Just imagine a warehouse filled with rows and rows of shelves stretching across the entire length and going all the way to the ceiling filled with hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of identical chests. That's sort of close to what I'm planning on. This of course assumes I can't safely put bottomless boxes inside other bottomless boxes.

>> No.36996633

Re-typing Godzilla Jump since I lost the whole post I made.
Drawback: Monster Wars (1600)
Already beat PacRim, time for hard mode
Background: Scientist (1550)
Skills: All the Scientist skills (950), The Man We Aspire to be (550), You Have Clearance (350), Excuses (250), Rain Check (150)
Items: NIGEL (50), Dosh (0)
>Bioengineering intensifies
>I'm leading the anti-kaiju army this time, and it'll be an army made of cyber-zombified Kaiju and myself with absorbed Kaiju bits.
>There is absolutely no way this could go wrong.

>> No.36996666

Huh. I want to post my build, but 4chan seems to think it's spam? Trying a version without the lengthy explanation of choices...

Essentially, I take a Baby Godzilla Egg, and take Cybernetic to make a BOLO instead of a conventional monster.

Cybernetic (100)
Gills (100)
Heat Resistant Skin/Scales (100)
Shell (200)
Atomic Breath (300)

>> No.36996689

Ok, that worked.

Essentially, it's a heavily armoured autonomous monster of a tank, with a 25-cm Hellbore serving as the 'Atomic Breath' (I figure a beam of nuclear plasma is approximately the same thing).

The advantage of doing this is that I get a mechanical companion that I can upgrade regularly with tech from various worlds, instead of a biological one, which is harder to customize.

>> No.36996711

Only one Hellbore? Come on, man, everyone knows you need at least three on there for full coverage. The Dinochrome Brigade would be disappointed in you. You'd best upgrade it with more plasma cannons as soon as possible.

>> No.36996741

I'm not well versed in One Piece lore, but I'd consider it a power, not a form.

>Imaginary Friend
Reading the jump, it doesn't seem to give a form. You're simply incorporeal and invisible to all except the child. You can use the Perks without limitation beyond their set up conditions (entering someone's dreams requires that they're dreaming, etc)

>> No.36996771

Only one Hellbore on the Mark I, which is made from purely Godzilla-tech. The Mark II will have more, of course, but will require a rebuild that I may not have time for initially (given, y'know, all the giant monsters). I'll expect to have it ready before the end of the jump, though.

>> No.36996851

Bottomless boxes inside other bottomless boxes. Hope you have a very damn good memory because you'd think you would forget certain details on where you left your stolen plans for a death star, or mass production of robots plans.

>> No.36996861

Gotta love the BOLOs

>> No.36996880


>> No.36996898

Muyo-Anon question How suicidal is it to get Masaki Tenchi and the entire civilization of Jurai on my ass? As one who has never seen the series I would like some clarification because I am feeling like a masochist right now/

>> No.36996911


>> No.36996953

And that's why I wouldn't do it. Perfect reason. Not until I either get perfect memory or the ability to teleport things to and from my Warehouse.

>> No.36996990

Well, Masaki is God with a capital G, so.

>> No.36996994

You'd need to be a Savant!

>> No.36997012

Have it organized
Boxes inside have names on them of what is contained
Boxes inside those have names of the sub-categories

IE:Box1-Clothes, Box2-Shirts, Box3-Dress Shirts

>> No.36997015

Yknow how in Vampire: The Masquerade, there's the original vampire Caine?

Yknow how since he has the original bloodline he is far and away the strongest of any vampire in the setting by a massive margin?

Yknow how in the rules, the combat section for his entry consists entirely of the words "You Lose"?

Its kinda like that.

>> No.36997023

> the ability to teleport things to and from my Warehouse

If a thing is inside some kind of dimensional box which is inside several other layers of dimensional boxes, you probably can't teleport anything to yourself but the outer box. Perfect memory can let you keep track of locations (providing your companions don't mess with your filing system), but you might not be able to easily get around nested stacking with your summons.

>> No.36997041

I'm pretty sure that isn't a part of jumpchain. It was pdf in CYOA general, so you'd have better luck if you checked there.

>> No.36997083

Alright, now I've only really followed the original 90s era Tenchi Muyo- the most recent series, I have no idea.

But, to my understanding, Tenchi himself is the culimination of a 3-deity plot to shake the universe as hard as possible, just to see if they could prove there were greater deities than themselves.

If they failed at finding them, they would be happy having made one- Tenchi again.

Jurai (the empire) is essentially one of the goddess's projects that lead to this whole thing- a an entire civilization that are space jedi-samurai. They're all this giant evolutionary roulette leading up to manifesting the strongest theomagitech Tsunami (the jurian tree goddess) can direct, the Lighthawk Wings.

The maximum number an individual anything can wield is 10. Most Jurians can't wield 1, their tree ships can make 1-3, depending on the generation of their core tree.

But what to LHWs do? Well, they're instant-duration perfect defenses. If you hit one hard enough to break it, yuou break it but don't hurt whatever it's defending. They need time to reset a new wing.

They're also mass-energy conversion apparatus- we see Tenchi make armor and a sword out of his.

What else can they do? Well, we've also seen Tenchi/Tsunami (the ship, whicih is also the Goddess, it's at hing) use the wings to crunch and suppress a Black Hole/singularity.

This is all stuff from the 13 episode OVA, mind you- not any of the newer stuff.

So all of that? When people say Tenchi is G-God, they mean because he's been arranged by 3 goddsses to reach that point. In-series, as far as I know, he never quite reaches the maximum potential, but that potential is inevitable. He WILL get it, just, not during the time we see it?

To my knowledge at least. That's about it for the summary.

>> No.36997100

Tenchi, though, has the benefit of being a protagonist so you could reason with him, unlike Cain, shonen superheroes or the for the evilulz 40k faction leads.

I like Tenchi for an end jump, because it provides the opportunity to think through how I'd end the conflict without blowing up planets.

>> No.36997179

If only there was a whistle gif I could find to suit my reaction. Damn so you'd be up against the 3 goddess pet project. Seems like a great test of all the skills a Jumper has accumulated from Jumping for so long.

>> No.36997209

>pet project
A pet project they've been working on for a few million years a piece.

>> No.36997287

More or less, Tenchi is an interesting setting because it really competently juggled all of it's diverse genres into one sprawling epic- it really is a proper epic instead of overused EPIC.

>> No.36997445

Sorry for the absence. Been working on shit and getting generally angry at shit. But to answer your questions...

>Chimera Zoanthrope vs TF Operative

The Chimera will have an advantage, but it will be slight due to the Operative's strength being increased with heavy amounts of training to work on Mars / Fight the Johj.

>Chimera Zoanthrope vs Johj
Base Johj? No fucking contest, you'll rip straight through them.

Annex-I augmented Johj? Gonna be the same as Chimera Zoanthrope vs TF Operative.

>> No.36997449

On one hand, this could be a problem.
On the other hand, it's probably not so much worse than, say, Buu or Perfect Cell.

>> No.36997498

I'm kinda surprised I'm the only one that ended up liking the deep mother things way more than the rakshasa.

>> No.36997522

I'm not going to lie, for the most part I will shy away from personal combat with the Johj. They just have too much going for them baseline, super strength, speed, concealment, to deal with in any sort of large numbers without energy expenditure.

That's why I will focus on large number destruction, like magical bait nukes, some form of RE bioweapon, grey goo, because while dueling is fun, dueling a planet's worth gets old fast.

Any word on whether I can sabotage their gene-thefts by leaving them relatively useless animals, like boneless chickens?

>> No.36997524

I'm counting those numbers you jerk, my body is ready.

>> No.36997572

Their gene-thefts mostly require the Organs that were prevalent in the Bugs-2 team's bodies. So you can troll them with boneless chickens, aye. But to truly sabotage their thefts, you'll have to either:

A) Steal the corpses of the Bugs-2 team as they die and steal the organs first.

B) Keep every member of Bugs-2 alive.

Besides, the time period I'm dropping you into, they're entirely just baseline Johj. Annex-I is where things get Dante's level of crazy (and luckily for the early-game Jumper, that's in the drawbacks).

>> No.36997614

Also. Little known bit of info because I was a complete dumbfuck and forgot to add a Clarifications page to the final version, as I just realized.

The Mosaic Organ transformations can be done in any form you may take, because the organ will shift with you.

>> No.36997663

...What would a double-dragon or a double-kitsune look like?

Imagine a kitsune in their kitsune Zoanthrope form shifting into a kitsune with their Mosaic organ.

What would happen? Would the fluffy tails warp out exponentially? Would you attain a 10 tailed form?

>> No.36997681

It would likely just be a massive cloud of fluffy tail.

>> No.36997690 [DELETED] 




In the kitsune case, I'd say twice the fluffy tails. Exponent of 2. As for dragon, well... I got no fuckin' idea.

>> No.36997709

You'd get a fluffy fractal; a soft singularity. Wisdom, adorable, and sexy would condense to a superinfinitely small point and then explode outward, creating the Nekoverse.

>> No.36997723 [SPOILER] 

A Double-Dragon obviously looks like so.

>> No.36997752


My tentative plan is to build drones with hologram tech and have them project huge transmutation circles for making philosophers stones. I go out to aggro some Johj, the drones set up, and I teleport to the outside of the array to activate it. Rinse and repeat, until they learn better.

From there I step up the array sizes using towers. Hopefully I can use them to erect hemispheric arrays and eventually cover the planet in them. From there I travel from array to array activating them one at a time.

>> No.36997755

Exponent of 2 Is something else entirely friend. That's 81 freaking tails.

>> No.36997777

But 9^2 tails is-

>suddenly when brain realizes math.


>> No.36997792

It gets better- a 9 tailed Inukami Kitsune going into a kitsune zoanthrope form, followed by a kitsune mosaic organ shift, would net a person 27 fluffy tails.

That image is hilarious.

>> No.36997793

Truly there is fluffy in the world.

>> No.36997805

9*9*9 tails, more like. I'm stacking Lucario, though, for the sake of Aura. All the delicious Aura.

I intend to kamehameha like no one's business by the time all is said and done.

>> No.36997814


>> No.36997831

Imagine joining Tenchi with the Harem perk from Negima.

>> No.36997832


Twice the fluffy, twice the tail. Beyond that I dunno, but the fluff levels intensify.

Still no idea.

>> No.36997864

... I may have to change my builds.

>> No.36997870

>kitsune mosaic organ shift

>> No.36997961

I actually had a plan involving some of this.

See, I wanted to make my own final form instead of just taking a perk. So my plan is as follows.

>Assume Kitsune form.
>Pop Zoan Kitsune form to make tails bigger and fluffier alongside a size boost
>Gross Incandescence from dark souls to start glowing with energy
>Some perk that causes my eyes to glow, still trying to find one that isn't from reborn.
>And to top it all off, Kanka from negima, fusing my thousand master mana pool with the ki/chi/soul/aura powers I've been specializing in over the run, on top of glowing brighter and levitating off the ground slightly.

Then I just start SMITING things with energy blasts.

Looking for more ideas for it too.

>> No.36997976

Invader Zim. Just float everywhere instead of walking.

>> No.36997989

>cute little fox
>army of robots
>yep these go together

I feel like people are going to make fun of Red for having a Blue!fox on their shoulder.

>> No.36997990

So I've been gone since around Christmas Eve, what have I missed?
It seems like there's a Godzilla jump, anything else?

>> No.36997992

Ouran HS and KLK, saruka blossoms follow you everywhere.

>> No.36998188

Geneforge can make your eyes glow, its a side effect of using a Geneforge, but there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to make them glow intentionally. In fact I'm pretty sure that using Geneforge magic if you just radiate your magical power(kind of a cheap trick, it makes you more intimidating/seem larger than you are), and focus some essence to your eyes they would glow, and without any downside. It would take like five minutes to figure out how to do that in setting.

>> No.36998292

> cute little fox with an army of robots
Hey, don't knock it. Tails is just Eggman with less drive or vision.

Besides, I've been combining nature and tech for awhile now. You know you're in my territory when there's a shitload of trees and giant factories and they're all playing nice together.

>> No.36998313

>its a side effect of using a Geneforge
Intentional side effect of it and the canisters
Along with the glowing skin
It was supposed to make the user more intimidating

>> No.36998391

That kind of becomes a stupid effect, when it's also how to identify people who have used the Geneforge. Also no reason to include that effect when it comes to the Sucia Island canisters, which besides being the first made, were also all meant for use by full shapers, who can pull out being insanely intimidating without it.

>> No.36998413

They weren't Barred from the beginning, so it wasn't a bad idea at first
The people who make stuff in the later games don't know how Canisters actually work, they just know how to make more so they come with the same side effects

>> No.36998476

Yea considering it took less than a generation to figure out and create the geneforge in the first place, it's kind of strange the rebels never actually figured out why it works. You would think they would be a bit more concerned about the mechanics of changing themselves on a fundamental level.

>> No.36998932

What's going on with Touhou? Its done up with images but in the WIP folder.

>> No.36998935

in the process of being re-written

>> No.36998941

Because it isn't actually finished, MoeAnon intends to finish it, and has stated such.

>> No.36998984


>> No.36999205

Can Yu-Gi-Oh cards be used on the fly, or do they only work with dealing decks during a duel? I'm trying to figure out the application of cards outside of that particular universe. Anyone familiar?

>> No.36999247


>> No.36999283

I am not the one who made the jump but I think they require ancient Egyptian artifacts to do stuff like summon actual monsters. Though certain cards do have spirits; God cards for instance, and if you have enough magic you could likely summon the monster. Otherwise they would just be cards.

>> No.36999294


>> No.36999338

I think Fairy Tale had some magic that synced with it nicely.

>> No.36999993

Excuse me for letting my new show, but how do you play this?

>> No.37000036

Go to the drive ( https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc&usp=drive_web ) and go to Quicksilver Jumps. Pokemon has the information you seek.

>> No.37000040

You make CYOA builds for fun, and maybe write some about what you're planning on doing. Since the goal here is to go from one setting to another keeping the powers and items and such you've gathered, you can do some weird/wacky stuff if you're inclined. That's the only 'play' aspect to this. Some people use rolling to determine what happens or if they succeed or not, but that's only their own personal rules.

>> No.37000058

It's a series of sequential CYOAs. You pick one to start with, choose how you spend your points, then imagine that you have to spend ten years in that world. Some people write out stories, others just broadly imagine fun things they'd like to do there. After those ten years are up, you get to go to a new world, carrying with you all the powers and items you bought in the last. Over time you grow to become just this ridiculous Mary Sue of a character, but it's still pretty fun. The trick is to focus on novel things you could do with abilities from multiple settings, rather than to just go "and then I overpower everyone because I am so super strong, you guys". That keeps it interesting instead of just some banal power fantasy.

Oh, and a final note: You'll see reference to "jump order", but that's largely irrelevant. It was originally planned that you would take the Pokemon jump first and the DBZ (later changed to Warhammer 40K) jump last, but that's no longer the case. People still do that, but it's more out of tradition than any real rule. Also, don't forget to check out the Warehouse and Body Mod supplements. They're not jumps in themselves, but they give you useful tools for your jumpchain.

>> No.37000072

Uh uh tex, you don't get to decide what is and isn't interesting or fun for other people, don't be injecting your opinions and agenda into an 'informative' block of text like that.

>> No.37000082

>(later changed to Warhammer 40K)
Also, we're getting both, so nope, wrong info there.

>> No.37000104

I see what you're getting at, but that was not my intent. I was merely giving my own advice for enjoying Jumpchain based on my experiences with it. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was trying to condemn anyone else's standards of fun.

>> No.37000132


>> No.37001481

In the Okami jump it says at the end that Brush Gods can now access their true form. Does that just mean that if we ourselves choose Brush God as our background we get a human for it or does it include other Brush Gods if we pod one or choose to stay?

>> No.37001648

So I wound up completely redoing my Jojo build.
Jovial Joestar (900)
Force era to Battle Tendency (800)
Fabulous free perks (free)
Prediction (700)
Nice Hat (650)
The Map(550)
Fabulous Craftwork (450)
Steady Breathing (free)
Awaken (300)
Infusion (100)
Ripple Mastery (-200)
Conducting Oil (-250)
Solar Meditation (-300)
Zoom Punch (-400)
Red Stone of Aja (-600)
The 77 rings (0)
I abuse 77 Rings to stick around at least through part 5. Yes I do plan on fighting Stands blind, I figure it will be reasonably challenging. On the other hand I now need a song name for my Life Dragonslayer powers. Also Ripple Mastery effectively negates one of the major drawbacks of my Dragonslayer element in that while I can create animals from nothing I can't really control them. I'm thinking I'm George's bastard from an affair that didn't come to light until much later.

Joseph and I may occasionally get into "Next you'll say" loops. Hopefully I'll be able to save Ceaser. Viking Saga writefagging is on hold while I make new Jojo and update One Piece some to factor in using the new import perks to actually assemble a team (Yes I know they're intended for imports and not creating new ones, I generally feel non-free companion imports should be usable to make new ones if I've got a decent excuse). As an unexpected bonus the fact that I was a crewman already means I can get the commanding officer option for the leader of my group. Although buying all of them Rokushiki will cut into budgets for other stuff some.

>> No.37001720

I /think/ it's just a reminder that at the end of the jump you can revert to a divine yet humanoid form instead spending the rest of your jumping days as a white wolf or something, that's all.

>song name

How do you feel about Dragonforce?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dkd7lwkJ-U

>next you'll say loops

Oh good, I thought I and that one other anon was the only one.

Never really thought Rokushiki would be worth much compared to the fruits personally, though I'm rapidly learning that the martial arts in One Piece are comparable to Exalted martial arts

>> No.37001933

Rokushiki is completely insane. It gets you a very nice flash step, infinite double jumps, the ability to poke people to death without injury to your finger, absurd durability if you can see a hit coming and can prepare for it, ny supernatural dodging for stuff you can't tank, and shockwave kicks. The defenses aren't perfect but they're damn good and that's before you get into the custom techniques you get.

Now hmmm for my bluffed ability name I'm thinking Dragonforce is a bit too on the nose. Especially since that also refers to the super mode you get from eating mystic rocks. Maybe try to steal one of the Tarot since I'm going to be there from the beg when all stands were named after them. Verdant Moon perhaps? The symbolism behind the card really fits with the fact it's not actually a Stand and I can probably knock out Deep Blue Moon before he gets around to announcing himself.

>> No.37002061

According to this other CYOA I'm reading, the Moon is a pretty good bet if your ability's shtick involves deception, imagination or confusion so if that floats your boat, go for it. Personally I think the Wheel of Fortune fits an ability that absorbs and releases life force better.

>all one piece martial arts are Exalted Martial arts

Gotta hit the hay, but I'll bear that in mind from now on

>> No.37002109

Tenshi Muyo, Uncharted Waters, Investigations (generic CSI-like), Some 40K thing which seems to be in progress, and Buffyverse (although that was on Christmas Eve, so you might have seen it)

>> No.37002912

Whatever happened to the Korra jump? I remember seeing a paste of it at one point.

>> No.37003244

That one looked pretty fun, imma play it like Castle

>> No.37003321

Korranon is still working on it. There's a PDF floating around somewhere, though.

>> No.37003340

Clover you here I have a question about Generic Virtual world when 50 cp are discounted are they 25 cp or free? I am just confused.

>> No.37003349

Do you think we could get faster developing LHWs so we could get 5 before the end of the jump like Z, but forfeit the ability that Tenchi had that can convert energy to mass and vice versa?

>> No.37003384

I think you'll find that no one is interested in buffing LHW

>> No.37003402

but that's more of a sidegrade than a buff

>> No.37003413

Alright everyone, start posting song/band names that sound like they are referencing a real thing or act you would like to see accessible in jumpchain.
>five finger death punch
>war pigs
>florence and the machine
>magic man

Preferably post a link with it.
No im not planning on doin anything why do you ask?

>> No.37003444

Tenchi has been a rolling shitstorm for whatever reason. Mentioning doing anything to the LHW other than straight up removing them will be percieved as a move to buff. Let it go.

>> No.37003465

Kind of cheating here, because the SRW jump exists, but I'm definitely doing this at least once. Probably going to make it my intro song, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92-iROXtd6A

>> No.37003473

What is it in the Digimon jump that Red uses to digitize magic? I don't know shit about the setting, and I can't understand that jump doc to save my life.

>> No.37003490

This one, too. Seriously, I could be satisfied for life just doing mecha jumps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny24zPeQLks

>> No.37003528

Try to post them at once, I don't want to get people mad at me for taking up the thread.

>> No.37003537

I know, I just forgot about Shining Finger until after I had made my first post.

>> No.37003555

I'll probably mix the two in the final jump

>> No.37003579

For the Kancolle Jump, if I were to import my Galleon, Thunderchild, with the option given, will it be massively underpowered?

>> No.37003598

Insanely so.

>> No.37003602

Yes, but only because you're not fighting Martians. As soon as you fight them, she'll become the ultimate war machine.

>> No.37003603

why am I not allowed to suggest something you don't like?

>> No.37003635

You're allowed to suggest it. I'm asking you to drop it because there's a concerted effort by a number of anons to sink the jump. I want to see the jump made and adopted, but as said there's been nothing but pushback from a loud group of jumpers about that jump. LHW are a big part of their pushback.

Argue or ask for the change if you want, but I'm asking that you drop it so we don't ramp up the drama over it and them again.

>> No.37003640

Would 2 or 3 Refits be enough to keep her... survivable?

>> No.37003670

You're taking an 18th century warship and putting it up against 20th century warships. During that time, huge jumps in tech were made. Black powder vs smokeless powder, massive jumps in range, steel armor vs wood armor, mechanical propulsion vs sail. Do it if you want, but I think it'd be a pretty big fanwank to say an Age of Sail ship could hang.

Not the jump creator, though. Moeanon would know more about it than me.

>> No.37003726

I don't want to leave my baby behind though, she's got too many notches on the mast ;_;

I guess I'll just keep her out of the action until I can get approval for upgrades, or something.

>> No.37004083

Thought I'd drop in and offer some cross board /k/nowledge.

Absent the advent of airpower, which is a huge concession, there isn't a lot of difference between those two eras 18th and 20th centuries, in terms of naval tactics. Broadsides, crossing T's, bombardment and the like carry the day. We’re going to narrow this down to two things: engagement range, armor, and size.

One of the longest-range weapons during the age of sail were the French made Paixhans guns. Paixhans were accurate out to about two miles, which was a big enough improvement that when it was made it changed how other nations looked at naval tactics and engagement ranges. It was an expensive piece of artillery, but became a mainstay for ships of the line of that era.

The longest-range weapons for the 20th century ships of the line were accurate at over 20 miles.

Now galleons were in service from the late 15th century through the early 19th century, so lets take a good example of galleon armor. Once again, we’ll go to the French only this time lets look at the Océan-class ship of the line. When Océans were fielded with hybrid armor, that is to say ironclad and wood armor, they were packing around 150mm of armor. Again, that was enough to push an arms race—particularly from those nations that hadn’t upgraded past wooden armor.

Twentieth century ships of the line had over 400mm of armor on the sides and over 600mm of armor on the turret faces.

Finally, we’ll talk size. Looking again at the Océan class. You’ve got beam of about 17 meters. For 20th century ships, you’re at least twice that size. Also, 20th century undergirding, your skeleton, is steel as opposed to the wooden girding of your age of sail ships.

There’s your info dump, do what you will with it. Happy New Years, fa/t g/uys.

>> No.37004121

Fuck that's full of errors. Typed on phone, sorry about the format and style errors. I humped a few quantifiables, too. Eh, the gist is still there though.

>> No.37004136

Well, she's a museum piece alright, but here's hoping an excess of magic, runes, engineering, and 30 years of jump-enhanced naval experience and tactics can keep her afloat, at least if hiding behind he entirety of the rest of the fleet.

Thank you kindly, /k/omerade.

>> No.37004378


Slayers WIP here, things still needed:

- Items for the lower tiers
- More General Skills/Perks
- Advice on making the current way the magic is presented work properly (mainly, explaining the spells without having the doc turn out like the WHFB: Dogs of War jump doc)
- Advice on pricing

>> No.37004441

Good start. I'd like to see an option to buy in-universe companions. Will pay extra for Naga.

Related - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDXYzUlv0S8

>> No.37004452

Does anyone know where the Stand Supplement for the JoJo jump is? It references it but I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.37004463

It's nowhere. Too many people complaining led to JoJoAnon dropping their work. Nothing was ever posted.

>> No.37004478

>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDXYzUlv0S8 [Embed]
I think of that whenever I buy companions.

>> No.37004487

Well shit, that sucks.

>> No.37004580

Just enchant that bitch a little, destroyers won't have shit on her.

>> No.37004594

Too many people complaining when jojo anon had already explained why it was delayed you mean? The stand supplement was done, it was finished and ready for consumption, but something went wrong with the file. So people kept harassing jojo for it and now apparently that's why shes gone? I knew people needed to chill the fuck out since she did tell us and keep us informed but that really annoys me.

>> No.37004616

I almost want to say, since taking an older ship model into the jump is obviously not power gaming, that you should fanwank something to let her get Savage Salvage and stay competitive.

>> No.37004618

I believe that was what happened, yes.

>> No.37004644

Nothing was stopping a text version from being posted, so I think it was just a stalling tactic.

>> No.37004656

Let old drama lie.

>> No.37004666

Jojo was having trouble with that too because of how large it was and was planning on giving a pastebin of it but left.
Also it's attitudes like that made Jojo leave.

>> No.37004869

Here's how to fix divine descent, have it only work for methods of magic which you have or gain rather than all methods of magic whether or not you pay for them. Also what has science done is fine as is. PS still no decoy dolls?

>> No.37005083

Badass symbols, anyone got 'em?

>> No.37005105

Everyone who took Battle Network has one. Mine's a lightning bolt superimposed on a helmet.

>> No.37005165

Post your final form, /jc/.

>> No.37005168

A solid Red background, with a golden sword superimposed on the centre. Beneath that, 'Ever Onwards' in latin script.

>> No.37005233

In the end, the difference between meat, machine and plant will be a moot one.

Everything will grow, die and be reborn under me.

>> No.37005260

I knew there was a reason I liked you so much, Toriko-Anon.

>> No.37005298

A wide branching tree silhouetted against a rising sun. I'm all about the solar themes and I like plant powers.

>> No.37005302

I'm hoping I won't ever need it.

Currently working on mine, I plan for it to involve a shield and a heart.

>> No.37005332

Mine's pretty simple. An hourglass and swords super-imposed over a shield.

>> No.37005347

Your admiration is welcome. Now please, sit at my table and enjoy the hospitality.

Then tell me how I can help reshape your life. For the better.

>> No.37005365

I'm probably going to do the same with my ship from Uncharted Waters. Of course, I'm going to significantly upgrade her using the Shipwright perk from One Piece, and a massive level of magic and technology.

>> No.37005406

I'm going to use a fleet of WWII warships and cargo ships to impose my will on the open seas (read as: Make a shitload of money and blast anyone who looks at me wrong.)

>> No.37005423

Not completely accurate, but mostly because I'm not Black and I do not have sexy black man voice/semi-mystic Jamacan accent. But the armor and abilities are very much the same.

>> No.37005426

I've always liked this symbol. I'd probably use it or something similar.

>> No.37005436

Well, I've been working on a nanotech plague that force evolves any biosphere you dump it in. The trick is that I'm not sure how to get distinct speciation at such a rapid time scale, instead of everything mutating into unique organisms. At the rate mutation is happening any two creatures of the same species are likely to differentiate after just a few generations, and then they won't be able to form a stable breeding population. I was considering having the nanobots form a distributed computational network, run normal rate evolution in a virtual world at a massively accelerated time frame, and then apply that to the biosphere. But if I do that, am I really evolving the existing biosphere, or just decanting an entirely new one using the old one as raw materials? Any thoughts?

>> No.37005473

This will be my final form. Simple, yet probably effective in hiding how strong I could be. Plus a flaming skull makes it even better!

>> No.37005483

It's either going to be a jackass performing a kick with "In Omnia Paratus" as the crest's writing, or just a simple "Grab SKS, Go Innawoods" from /k/.

>> No.37005489

Crap, forgot to put my name up.

>> No.37005553

You see a set back in split evolutions. I see a species trying to survive under duress.

Stressers reveal flaws. Flaws reveal potential. You can always improve.

Take chances. Make mistakes. Get messy.

>> No.37005585

Pic related

Its kinda hard to have a final form when anything I face likely won't live long enough to warrant using it. Aside from that, I got marvel and DC shapeshifting - my final form is whatever I want it to be

>> No.37005593

Ms. Frizzle please go
please stay

>> No.37005610

I'm co-opting EXALT's for my own use.

>> No.37005632

No, you're not understanding. I think I explained it poorly. What I mean is that there's no chance for new species to develop at all, that's how fast they mutate. Every individual has its own unique biology. And while that's fascinating, it's not particularly useful for this application. I want to be able to drop this down and rapidly make a setting weirder by introducing fantastic flora and fauna. I think I may have to resort to the virtual world simulation method, in order to get coherent results on a rapid time frame. So instead of creatures developing unusual trails over the course of a few generations, a wave of all-consuming biomass will roll over the planet, form cocoons in which the new generation is formed, and then wither away after spawning them. I guess I'll just have to live with that. A bit more overt than I wanted, but it'll still have the intended effect.

>> No.37005661

You could try and analyze Space Jockey tech from Aliens to cause massive evolution.

>> No.37005709

But if I do that, don't I have to kill myself? Pretty sure that Space Jockey tech only works properly if you're willing to commit suicide to activate it. At least, I think that's what Prometheus was about. Definitely some sort of Jesus allegory.

>> No.37005721

QS, do you use Firefox? It seems oddly appropriate with the name.

>> No.37005726

Is your intent to kill off all life on a planet?

Sounds like your biggest problem is that you want to do everything over night.

I'd say take your time with it. Start with targeting one biome or region at a time, selectively clone species as needed and move on from there.

One you've got the process down to consistent, repeatable end results then you look to speed things up.

The first time may take you years. You will make mistakes and learn. Go from there.

>> No.37005780

Yeah, I know. I need to be patient. I've just...got a bit of a fixation on outdoing a certain villain character when it comes to tech. He released a biosphere-weirdening nanovirus, so I've got to make one even better. And then not actually use it, because it would be monstrous to do so. But I still want to have one. Just so that when he pops that reveal I can smugly say "Oh, forced evolution nanotech? So last year."

>> No.37005811

We all want to be Kahn, but the Genesis project made a planet that exploded. Is that really the best idea?

>> No.37005989

Abilities you bought but don't often use, /jc/?

I have a bunch of stacked hypnosis perks that I really only use on myself to get in the right frame of mind before a big battle.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.37005990


There's evolution and there's EDGEvolution.

The first one is known from Darwin, and it works by simple natural selection, the unfit be by intelligence, slowness, weakness (physical or to disease) die. this is most of the time decided by tiny, almost imperceptible factors, the survivors pass their genes to the next generation, in which variability will repeat the process with new almost imperceptible mutations. This is how life on our earth works.

The second occurs when an existing animal develops a ludicrous amount of fangs; poison or acid spit, breath or blood; spines in all his body for seemingly no reason; develop bony or metallic armor naturally impervious to most calibers; grow exponentially despite living on a wasteland, breed on litters of dozens, being ready to fight trained marines from hours since;(All of this also including both plant or fungi in occasions).

Anyhow, grow to have the most spooky looks possible. This is the principle that reigns numerous digimon.

>> No.37006020


And Mary Sue's.

>> No.37006049

start of the jump so that more people will post songs. Will expand on details later but this is what the idea is, the world that music takes place in.

>> No.37006051

I'll use this one.

>> No.37006259

Had to go to work so this is all for right now, ill hold on to any responses people post.

>> No.37006316

How's 600 sound?

>> No.37006480

What you need is to give all your companions a cool tattoo of it! Yeah...

>> No.37007168


"No it's not a fucking pokemon! It's the sign of a secret society of reality spanning adventurers!

Alright, yes it is a pokemon as well!"

>> No.37007858

I'm totally stealing the Desperado LLC logo.

>> No.37007884

I'm going to turn into ADAM. Glorious incandescence and Hamon is a hell of a thing.

>> No.37008052

You know, as an extension of this... what are your flags, /jc/?

>> No.37008088

This, but swap the black out with crimson and darken the gold a bit. More tails too. Natch.

>> No.37008126

Stars and Stripes.

I'm going to claim the multiverse in the name of 'MURRICA.

But seriously though, I dunno. A winged boot is for sure going to be part of the design.

>> No.37008187

Most genetics perks, I just like the option.

>> No.37008421

something along these lines

>> No.37008625

Something like this?

>> No.37008687

Just like that, good anon. Well, more tails, but that looks great. Thanks!

>> No.37008795

Eh, I don't really feel the need to toot my own horn. Even my cybernetic cult identifies other units with IFFs rather than something like a clearly visible symbol.

You cannot grasp it.

No seriously, that one perk from SOA makes my final form pretty bananas.

I somehow have plant tentacles, shoggoth physiology, Blacklight biology, billions of damned souls nestled within my own, goat biology, energy, Xel'Naga aspects, a nightmare's shape, the blood manipulation of a Wretched Egg, and fractal Typhaon features coexisting-all on the scale of a kaiju. This is before factoring in any logia fruit powers I activate, or before I whip out the Reality Marble.

Pic related is the closest I could find, and it's /still/ missing quite a few details

>> No.37009112

Ok not to rehash old drama but is anyone good at thinking up stands because.... I suck royally at it. It's like super powers +spirit summoning in such a way I can't wrap my head around it. If so any good tips for fan wankery because I don't get it. Also please don't say just use the ones in the thing. It just doesn't cover what I am looking for.

>> No.37009180

I've been told i'm pretty good at it. Have a look at my resume http://pastebin.com/gUnCSgN7

Give me an idea what you want, and i'll see what I can do

>> No.37009187

>what I am looking for.
So what are you looking for?

>> No.37009230

>pirate musician midget

Best stand

>> No.37009278

Oh wow that's amazing. Thank you, Well how about a stand based on The touch by Stan Bush or Bad Moon rising?

>> No.37009309

>not realizing theres a titty monster barmaid in the deal, as well as all the rum you can drink

but yeah, im particularly proud of that one.

if you wanna use it as your own, knock yourself out. just beware the hangovers that ensue. rumpelkombo's rum will fuck your shit up

It should be noted that i just came up with the stands, i didn't do the drawing though I am eternally grateful to the anon who made it for me in a super stand sunday thread a while back. as for those songs, give me a minute to look into em and see what churns around in my head

>> No.37009377

No what happened was drama in the threads, she got sick of it and QS also got sick of it. They both left. No one was harassing her about it, other than the simple, when can we expect to see it. Now she's gone for good, she's not coming back.

The plans are, IDK when but to "remaster" the Jump, in a way that adds the Zeppelli Bloodline, gives Spin it's own fair treatment like Hamon/Vampirism with discount with Zeppelli. Also remove "Stand Supplement" and put in "Make your own" also add in Zeppelli stand.

>> No.37009411

Don't the Zeppelli's always die?

>> No.37009421

>Tails is just Eggman with less drive or vision.

Oh man, that's actually true.

>> No.37009437

Alright, wow thank you. I appreciate the help. I'll try and come up any other stands I need on my own it's just. Stands seem kind of odd and capable of doing anything. Having a stand based on a song I know well will help a great deal to coming up with others.

>> No.37009450

>titty monster barmaid
She's explicitly described as homely, though. So not really worth mentioning. All you can drink rum is pretty great though.

>> No.37009477

So do Joestars & Brandos.

>> No.37009574

Lots of people die, at least the Zeppelli's only die once.

>> No.37009600

do you know of any pirate-era barmaid who WASN'T a titty monster? homely or not, boobs are boobs.

also, here's a preliminary idea for your stand, dude

The Touch
Power: Inertial Redirection/Nullification
Strength: E-A
Speed: C
Range: E
Staying: A
Precision: D
Learning: A

The Touch manifests as a pair of gauntlets on the user's arms stretching all the way up to the shoulder and interlocking along the stand user's back, the right one made of gold, the left of silver, inlaid with intricate decals and patterns of an Inca origin.

Upon physical contact with any object, any kinetic energy that the object is currently releasing or has the potential to release can be absorbed into one of the gauntlets and redirected out the other at will. For short durations, this kinetic energy can be stored and built up from multiple sources to unleash a tremendous amount of force. As an added benefit to this ability, the stand user is immune to being knocked over or damaged by any kinetic energy that they are aware of and are actively attempting to absorb or redirect.

Working on an idea for bad moon rising, if you're still interested

>> No.37009776

Ok, that's awesome. Thank you. I think I will use that. As for bad moon rising sure I am still interested. The more examples I have hopefully the better I can come up with my own and not have to bother other people. Again thank you, I appreciate the help.

>> No.37009833

Bad Moon Rising
Power: Gravity Manipulation
Strength: E-A
Speed: A
Range: C
Staying: E
Precision: B
Learning: A

Bad Moon Rising manifests as a duo of wolves flanking the stand user (one white, one black) that appear to be biomechanical in nature, exhibiting areas of cybernetic modification around the eyes, along the back, and the hind legs. Alone, these two wolves are very potent, if fragile, fighters, capable of taking down an average human with ease.

Midnight Special: Upon the stand user designating a target, the twin wolves of bad moon rising move to flank the target, encircling and surrounding the target with shadow phantasms of themselves. During this effect, depending on the phase of the moon, the area in which they are surrounding can have their gravity increased or decreased by a varying amount, only doubling or tripling the base gravity at best during the new moon, to being capable of crushing whatever is in it with enough gravity to rival a singularity during the full moon.

>> No.37009948

Awesome, thank you those are both amazing and I am going to use them both.

>> No.37009963 [DELETED] 

Got a serious yet perverse question for you, /jc/...

What's the best way to go futa?

I think any of the Star Trek ones would work, as would any Jump that lets you Shapeshift, and SAO's form-combining power would definitely work.

>> No.37009983

Could I request a Stand that manifests as a suit the user wears? I'm planning on doing the "you can combine your Stand and Persona if you want" to give me a super mode.

>> No.37009998

Wow holy shit, now that's a shitpost if I ever saw one.

So how do you jumpers feel about flying/floating? Do any of you take flying perks and just soar everywhere laughing at the ground people?

Alternate question, has anyone else taken otherwise really boring and mundane skills in a jump just because you lack them in real life? Like if you can't swim for real, have you taken a swimming perk in a jump so your jumpself does no mess and no fuss?

>> No.37010022

honestly shape shifting, also with enough genetics and science you could easily accomplish it. Also according to the new DnD it's a viable choice so could likely just spend points in any DnD jump for that if you want to be uncreative about it.

>> No.37010038

The answer to your question is seriously obvious man, you even stated it in your freakin post, heck there is a perk in the warhammer fantasy that explicitly does it if you wish.

>> No.37010050

I took cooking because I always wanted to learn how, but am too lazy.

Please don't respond to shitposters.

>> No.37010065

no prob. enjoy em.

genetic engineering perks up the wazoo

I actually got a stand thats SORT OF like that planned out that empowers the stand depending how closely the stand user dresses to it, but I can think up a modification of it. gimme a few minutes.

>So how do you jumpers feel about flying/floating?

been using it ever since I learned to apply telekinesis to myself in pokemon. that shit is my bread and butter of movement skills

>> No.37010074

That's neat. Don't respond to shitposting.

>> No.37010095

Well, you have a number of options. Depending on how you interpret the wording, any jump where the gender select is just "pick your gender" instead of "swap your gender" could let you do that. It depends on if you want to take advantage of ambiguity. Similarly, there's nothing saying the "increase size of dick" version of Endowment for the Body Mod supplement couldn't be used on a female form. However, if we're talking about perks as written, no rules lawyering, it comes down to two options (aside from shapeshifting, as you mentioned). The first is Picture Perfect in Okami, which lets males have a female face and figure if they so choose. The second is Mark of Slaanesh in Warhammer, which explicitly gives you hermaphroditism. Slaanesh rejects your binary gender norms, man.

>> No.37010101

I have issues, we have gone over this.
I do thank you for not giving up on me though.

>> No.37010136

Why do you keep responding to shitposting?

>> No.37010181

Picture Perfect does not make you into that. If you take it that way, it makes you a girly looking man, like Waka. No tits even. Maybe a 'trap' or whatever, but not what that anon wants. If people start interpreting it like that or trying to use it as such I will just completely cut it instead of supporting that kind of thing.

>> No.37010184 [DELETED] 

Because it amuses me to see you get so flustered, anon. You're cute when you're mad.

>> No.37010193

So, I was around when the original Pokemon CYOA turned into jumpchain, but left after that. What have I missed? Has everything been created?

Do we still have to start with pokemon?

>> No.37010244

You don't have to start with Pokemon. Most people still do for the sake of tradition, though. As for what you've missed...it's a lot. A LOT. We have so many jumps now, I don't know what to do with them all.

>> No.37010263

>Has everything been created
Nope. We've got about 160 jumps and counting.

>> No.37010283

>Do we still start with Pokemon?
Yes, but only if you are planning on taking Pokemon at all. At least, that's the rule I remember, doubt everyone follows it anymore.

>What have I missed?
There's over 200 complete jumps. Probably a lot more, or maybe a bit less. But a lot.

>> No.37010363

ZZ Top
Power: Ability Transferal
Strength: C
Speed: E-A
Range: D
Staying: E-B
Precision: E-A
Learning: A

ZZ Top manifests as a wooden store mannequin with several scratches all over its body, most notably two 'Z'-shaped scratches etched across its face and eyes, wearing a full outfit of 1800's era victorian clothing including a suit jacket, overcoat, pants, dress shoes, and a top hat with a monocle.

Sharp Dressed Man: At a command, the stand can phase through its user, leaving an article of clothing from the stand on the user and conferring a boost in capability representative of the article of clothing on the stand user at the price of removing it from the stand.

Hat+Monocle: Stand user recieves A-rank precision stat, while the stand's stat reduces to E
Suit Jacket+Overcoat: Stand user recieves B-rank staying stat, while the stand's stat reduces to E
Pants+Shoes: Stand user recieves A-rank speed stat, while the stand's stat reduces to E.

While the stand is in a state without clothes, it becomes extremely weak and easy to damage, being only barely stronger than the wood dummy it appears to be. While in this state, any damage done to the stand is reflected in the stand user, so caution is necessary.

>> No.37010368

I'm legitimately wondering if there are any other options I hadn't thought of. Shapeshifting requires some extremely difficult Jumps or a lot of CP, and Slaanesh is too damaging.

>> No.37010400

Keep the fetish out of here. If it's something you want you must make the journey alone.

>> No.37010447

You're Going Down is being blared from the music perk from Pacific Rim when I fight Gilgamesh. I'm not usually the violent type, but Gilgamesh literally stands for everything I hate in humanity. The thought of fighting really gets my blood boiling and I love it.


>> No.37010514

The Eagles.

>> No.37010530

Updated Ghostbusters, suggestions welcome

>> No.37010591

>do you know of any pirate-era barmaid who WASN'T a titty monster?
Which is why I love the pirate jumps.

>> No.37010631

I like it. But you're missing an item that I would think would be obvious: The Ecto-1. Well, it would probably be the Ecto-4 or 5 if a jumper has it, but the point remains. We need a cool car.

>> No.37010673

Aw yeah. Not just a wearable Stand, but a damn classy wearable Stand. I like it. Thanks, Roger. One question, though: Does ZZ Top need to stay manifested in its mannequin form when I'm wearing the suit, making for an obvious weakness, or do I only have to worry about its vulnerability if I bring it forth to fight alongside me while I'm powered up?

>> No.37010688

Geneforge, it's basically canon that you could do that. One of the characters you meet early on in the fifth game is a woman who is a Guardian, Guardian's however are a class restricted to men. She makes note of having help from Councilor Rawal passing the physical exam.

>> No.37010732

the former is what I was thinking when I made it. you'd have to tactically position yourself between your opponent and your stand to avoid it being damaged while in a weakened state. such is the price of fashion, im afraid.

on the plus side, outside of the jojo-verse where nobody can see stands, you have a set of super-powered victorian era clothing that makes you fast, durable, and observant as all fuck with virtually no drawbacks due to your stand being unable to be affected by anyone else. how's that for a silver lining?

>> No.37010775

True, it's worth the price of admission. Also, since I'm fusing it with my Persona it'll be a bit more durable. Hanged Man arcana means plenty of defenses.

>> No.37010802

Stop responding to shitposting.

>> No.37010827

Also, i should note that, like all stands that come from jojo, its got rank A learning, and I haven't even considered what its awakened or requiem abilities would be. I'm sure you can figure out some...clever applications from those implications though.

infinite classy clothing works, anyone?

>> No.37010860

YES. That will be its Requiem. Everyone gets fancy outfits. It'll be a mass buff/ social attack (because who can resist the charm of a man who gives you a cool suit?).

>> No.37010871

>outside of the jojo-verse where nobody can see stands
There are plenty of people who should be able to see stands outside of JoJo. For one thing, every magic users in Magi should be able to see them. If you can see ghosts or spiritual entities, you can see stands.

>> No.37010967


Actually, it's none of that shit.

Back before we got close to Thread #100, Brutus (the guy in charge of the drive) made a comment about a Companion Supplement, in that he was going to ignore it until it was finished. A lurker in IRC latched onto that 'ignoring it' comment and dragged it into the thread.

Cue general shitstorm. JoJo was trying to defend Brutus in thread, and some of the anons reactions in IRC, and generally was shat on by both parties simultaneously (that is, namefags -and- anonfags). This, coupled with earlier thread drama by to-be-undisclosed parties that had forced Artie to take his extended break from /JC/, lead to JoJo finally snapping and having an all-out rage in the IRC before finally quitting.

>tfw jesus christ I remember all this still.
>tfw jesus christ we're on Thread #166.
>feels weird, man.

>> No.37011025

Sorry if this drags up more stupid drama, as well.

Having been an anon that was one of the ones who shat on JoJo (and now feel like a complete asshole), I just felt that needed clarifying.

>> No.37011047

The worst part is that when Brutus responded to the whole thing in the thread clearing the misunderstanding up, the whole argument fell apart completely. If she had waited five minutes or something she'd probably still be around.

Anyway all of this is something to not be talked about. Put it in a shame box and file it away.

>> No.37011075

So in Megaman Classic, it includes ALL the games, right? Even the side ones that have Megaman fighting those planetary alien robots? Not like they were weirder than a robot that appeared in the mainline later, Duo.

>> No.37011083

You know it's gonna get brought back out every time an anon brings up 'where's the stand supplement.' At least let the truth be known.

>> No.37011160

I'm sick of people dwelling on it, is all. Drama is to be moved past, not to take up any more of your thoughts or time. It's healthier that way.

>> No.37011185

>sick of people dwelling on it

A fair point, we do need to just learn from it and move on. But you know it'll keep being brought up, and as we saw up there there'll just be more misinformation.

>> No.37011238

I also want to know if I'll be doing some cart racing like in that one game.

>> No.37011314


Indeed you can! That reminds me to ask about the timeline - how far away from MM1 are MM9 and MM10?

>> No.37011477

You see 1 month or 1 year occasionally, that's it. Looking at it, the 2nd is 1 year after the first, 4 is 1 year after 3, 5 is 2 months after 4, 6 is 1 year after 5, and 7 is 6 months after 6. So the series probably takes from 5-8 years, all things said. That's about as specific as can be gained.

>> No.37011508

Alright, sweet.

>> No.37011570

Man, Doctor Wily builds quick.

>> No.37011645

Aint no brakes on the mad science train.

>> No.37011853

Question about Generic Sugar Bowl cute tree

The Critter tree- can you use the Perks even if you aren't cute, but still get the mechanical benefits? (Discourage others from harming you, others overlook your flubs, blank people's minds, give non harmful commands)

>> No.37011989

Pretty much?

>> No.37012025


Thanks for clearing that up. Didn't know that's how it went down until now. It's...pretty damn depressing to think about

Imagine hooking that guy up with some Invader Zim time dilation generators. Armies of robutts all day everyday

>> No.37012035

Say for the DBZ end jump what are the odds Cell winds up with our genes? He is made from the genetic material of the strongest fighters of earth. Also if he does what would he gain from us? I have a bad feeling that perk from Assassin's creed that lets you give people skills with your blood is going to come back to bite me in the rear.

>> No.37012049

Awesome, that makes them a fair deal more versatile, and much more appealing to me.


>> No.37012073

Depends entirely on how much you hang out around Goku.

>> No.37012075

Gero has to steal your jeans, and if I remember he uses little ladybug drones to due so. So just blow those up.

>> No.37012155

>Not self-engineering your genes with a proximity based Sampson Option
>Not baiting people into stealing your DNA just to watch them fucking melt due to your badass biological information security
>Not being this prepared
Know how I know you don't Xanatos?

>> No.37012156

>Dr. Gero has to steal your jeans
>steal your jeans

Must... not...

>> No.37012161

To say nothing of Cell integrating Blacklight or Shoggoth physiology into his makeup. Yes, I'm aware Blacklight noms anything apart from stronger blacklight-but no one's pitted it against Cell, who knows what could happen if Gero/Cell gets a small sample and has a while to integrate it.

Also-depending on whether Savage Salvage is a genetic ability there may be a chance for Cell to be able to learn how to absorb technology as well as biomass.

So-yeah, gotta recommend a DF ritual circle to hex ladybug drones, and also staying the fuck in space/on the lookout to prevent any chance of your DNA being absorbed.

>> No.37012172

>assuming that they even give away their plan in such an audacious fashion.


>> No.37012212

>Implying that passive-aggressive monologuing isn't part of the any good IO campaign in a shonen setting
Stay pleb, anon.

>> No.37012217

A drawback needs to exist where Cell can inherit your non-genetic powers.

>> No.37012219

>Not being a Starfish in Terra Formars
>Not taking tons of regen options
>Not having a clone of you show up in Gero's lab as he's stealing your jeans

>> No.37012237

>Not breaking genre conventions as any drop in should
Get a load of this guy.

>> No.37012247

Okay, we should stop. This is how Magical Realm got started.

You do you, anon. You do you.

>> No.37012271

Do what?

>> No.37012407

> Not letting him steal your jeans
> Not letting him smell them as he thinks of you
> Not letting him lovingly run his hands up and down their length as he puts them on as he imagines what it must be like to be so perfect
> Not adding Dr Gero to your harem

>> No.37012493

But anon
The only girl from Dragonball I want is 18

Plus I'm going to 40k anyway. I can get more power in DBZ, but I can do more Good in 40k

>> No.37012556

Yeah good luck doing good against the entire galaxy and immaterium.

>> No.37012690

hey QS, when i am done jumping and i dont want to go for a spark and i want to return home, can i make my home dimension one of the jumps? say i wanted to make the mass effect jump my home dimension, but you remove all traces of ME from it. the history is the same and everything, but ME won't exist except in my memory. can we do that?

>> No.37012779

You know the spark doesn't stop you from returning home, right? And that you can stop jumping and go home whenever you want at the end of any jump? Or even stay in any jump at the end.

>> No.37012820

The spark is an express seating season pass to the multiverse. You can go wherever whenever you want with it. If you want to use it to chill on Mr. Toads Wild Ride until head death and beyond, rock it.

>> No.37012873

i get that. its just i want to have my cake and eat it. I want to go home, but i also want to not squander my amounted powers and tech. i want to use them and develop something as i see fit, without having to worry about the jump for a few centuries.think of it as a last hurah, changing the universe so completely that it doesn't even resemble itself any more. we always are dropped into the middle of a setting, but i want to create my own while fusing it into another one. then, i self implode when my job is done

>> No.37012900

You wanna what? None of the options have you losing what you gained. Not even dying does. And you can change a universe as much as you want as is within your power. Are you telling me you want a completely new and blank universe to fuck with?

>> No.37012909

Well, then you either use the Go Home option or the Stay option once you're in a jump verse you like.

>> No.37012999

It's implied that our universe is a completely blank canvas. i want that canvas, when im done painting with it, to do something other than just be there. I'm not talking about dying in a jump. I've kept my self relatively vulnerable in taking my jump options, and i can still die. Permanently, as im assuming that the only way for that to happen is in our home universe on our terms. really, i just want to see what happens when you mix all the things that you have gotten, add it to another universe, and bake at 375 for 200 years

>> No.37013026

Okay? Then take the spark and go to another universe. The spark isn't jumping, you're not limited to ten years. You can stay for as long or as short a period as you want. You don't want to fuck up your 'default' universe? Then go to an extremely similar parallel universe. With your spark you're not limited to jump universes or anything.

>> No.37013032

You...what. You want to-mix universes? I don't think there's an option for that, anywhere. The closest I can think of is that option in the Slice of Life jump that lets you import technology/magic from another jump you've been to, and then deciding to stay there.

Also I thought "our universe" was supposed to be starting from right here, typing in front of the computer. If you die, you just come back here.

>> No.37013125

Well, theoretically, once you've got the Spark you could abuse other abilities and/or technologies to outright transplant civilizations.

>> No.37013140

>It's implied that our universe is a completely blank canvas.
Citation needed.

>> No.37013147


Technically, Pre-Mending Planeswalkers are capable of creating their own planes (although they typically start off small and primarily featureless) as part of the ensemble of powers. That plus a great number of the 'personal dimension' abilities could allow for what anon there wants.

>> No.37013204


I noticed that anon doesn't seem to want a spark, for some reason. What puzzles me is why he seems to think our universe is a blank canvas

>> No.37013232

Some people go to a steakhouse and order salad. Some extra special people get irritated when that salad isn't vegan. Special people are special.

>> No.37013248

Oh. Well, that is frustrating, isn't it?

Personally, all I want to do to Earth is introduce certain technologies that will make resources stretch further. Also, chocobos. Chocobos make everything better.

>> No.37013279

Worst thing to analogize to this ever.

Mostly as this doesn't come anywhere close to the heresy of that magnitude.

>> No.37013327

>introduce certain technologies
I want to create and introduce biotech, ala Vorlon tech, that completely decentralizes energy production. I want to make it cheap. Maybe throw in some super light dummy proof terraforming stuff, make deserts more livable. After that, I bounce.

>> No.37013630

Which is why I thought of SoL as a vegetarian side order and also a compromise, and also this analogy is getting away from me

Personally, I'm inclined to leave Earth alone for the most part to be honest. Might set up an outpost on the Moon to monitor the place from time to time. There's much more interesting places to visit in the multiverse.

Unless the leaders of Earth can make me a convincing bargain in exchange for what I want.

>> No.37013694

>Unless the leaders of Earth can make me a convincing bargain in exchange for what I want.

Pray tell, dear eldritch abomination, what could humanity possibly possess that you could want?

>> No.37013704

What the devil does Earth have that you want and didn't get elsewhere in the multiverse?

>> No.37013729

>Pray tell, dear eldritch abomination, what could humanity possibly possess that you could want?
Oak barrel aged single malt.

>> No.37013855

Isn't it obvious?

A monopoly over all coffee production. Because dammit, after all my travels I still like to sit down to a cup of coffee every now and then. Basically, I'll make Earth my personal, planet sized coffee house

Doubt it'll happen, but in exchange I'd be willing to offer perpetual energy machines, cures for all diseases, a bountiful, nutritious crop that grows every where-and also nanomachine ascension into a technomagical singularity. Really not fussy about that last bit to be honest, Earth isn't a threat to its own universe after all and besides I have multiple contingency plans to secure the Earth should I need to

Close but no cigar, I can drink alcohol indefinately and it got old real quick

>> No.37013992

I'd have asked for Episode 3 or movie tickets for life or something.

>> No.37014102


I was expecting something more...significant.

I thought someone such as you would have grown beyond such a rudimentary psychological drug dependency within your first century.

>> No.37014190

Oh shit, I didn't realize we were this close to done.

>> No.37014249

New thread?

>> No.37014413

1, 2, 3: not it!

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