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Welcome to the Jumpchain CYOA Thread!

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B20r6rsFLOg_Zk5RdVdya3hJNnc&usp=drive_web

IRC: http://client00.chat.mibbit.com/?server=rizon.mibbit.org&channel=%23JumpchainCYOA

Additional Rules: http://pastebin.com/Gqj3iKyn

Old and busted: >>36923438

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You guys are lazy.

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Yeah, well, you're beautiful. So there.

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Hey guys, I just got back from Vegas. What's going o-

>Terra Formars complete
>Okami/SOA/Megaman Classic/Star Trek in the works
>Brutus is reviving the Predator Jump
>Uncharted Waters jump is being made

Sweet fuck I need to update my builds.

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So-we've had a lot of discussion about weapons, spellcraft, appearance and engineering-but what about healing?

How does your Jumper keep themselves hale and hearty in the middle of a firefight? Do you whip up some health potions/nanopaste, specialise in healing magic or rely on passive regeneration?

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>SOA, Okami and star trek in the works
>not finished

Might as well repost dem PDFs, seems to be a quiet time of day/night/I cannot into timezones

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Whaaaaaaat. You did Vegas? Where'd you stay?

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And-SOA apparently suffers from duplicate file syndrome, but it should be in the last thread

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Mirage. It was a really big step up from places I usually stay. Went and saw Pen & Teller INTO THE TRASH IT GOES and Cirque du Soleil's Mystere. I more like the things people can do and accomplish rather than gamble or accept cards from the escort advertisers that are LITERALLY EVERY TWENTY FEET HOLY SHIT.

Oh, they're finished? Shows what I know. I've been busy trying to go over stuff I missed, so I kind of skimmed the past few threads.

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Waterbending for light wounds and bruises, healng magic for serious wounds and most illnesses, and everything beyond that will probably take some hardcore science.

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I also made this on an eggnog bender a few days ago, along with some other 'planeswalkers' of the thread such as ASA and konatanon. Working on some others, but having writers block with some of em. Working on justice anon, babylon and manyfist at the moment

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So, what characters will you jumpers pod from the Disney jump? I'm partial to villains myself.

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Also, made your bow for shits and giggles

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If I had to pod someone, it'd be Aladdin. I love the villains, but they're all way too evil to serve as a companion, too much ambition there.

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The Mirror.

Wait, would that even need a pod?

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You can buy it with CP, so I guess it counts as a companion?

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You can?
Huh. Must have missed that.

I dunno then. Rapunzel maybe?

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No one personally-but I dimly remember someone mentioned that Elsa person /co/ keeps bringing up

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Does FMA alkahestry also use Truth to work?

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That would have been me.
I'm thinking that I should try and rethink my plan

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Dying of laughter. I want to see ASA and Konatanon's cards.

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It's alchemy but with leylines instead of tectonic plates as a source of energy. So, maybe.

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ask and ye shall recieve.

konatanon said she thought this one was appropriate to laugh maniacally at

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heard ASA liked his card too, so thats always nice

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Leylines are just the ignorant Chinese's way of saying fault lines.

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and as an added bonus, we have QS' card. unfortunately, i couldn't find a male kitsune picture that wasn't utter shit or edgier than a rusty razor blade factory, so this had to do

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Presumably Truth's Gate is used in all alchemy. The difference in Alchemy and Alkahestry is mostly in the power source used to jumpstart the process. Alchemy uses the energy of the shifting of tectonic plates and the earth's magma to start the reaction, whereas Alkahestry uses the flow of life energy from the earth. This also causes marked differences in their output; Alchemy is more suited towards destructive or elemental qualities, whereas Alkahestry is more suited for medical and healing alchemy.

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So I was wondering. Because Truth in full metal alchemist is kind of a dick... what would happen if you trolled him by making a DnD style Homunculus and a Type moon Style Homunculus in the world of FMA. Then if he shows up "Hey Truth look I have created Homunculi using alchemy. What are you going to do about it?"

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Nothing. He's not retarded.

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He probably wouldn't give a shit to be honest. Father does a lot of quite frankly horrible shit and he only gets called on it when he tries to eat god.

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Well, considering you're not breaching the law of Equivalent Exchange by breaking in-universe alchemy laws-he probably doesn't give a shit and never notices

S'okay, that could pass for a trap kitsune in very dim light

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magic and healing factor are good, but when things get serious I spike my estus with Holy Ashes

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He only cares about human transmutation made with his style of alchemy. Show him anything else and all you'll get is a smile and "neat".

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What's the most broken ability you acquired that isn't bought with CP?

For me it's using Blacklight to consume every significant esper in Raildex and take their power, since they are all a product of science and training. That's right, by the time I do Raildex, I'll have Accelerator's vectorhax, and more.

Esper powers are awakened through psychological training, and what specific ability they receive and how powerful it will be is based off their physiology. This is purely biologically, and therefore in Blacklight's domain because something as menial as altering one's brainwave to match another's is enough to allow one to "borrow" esper abilities via proxy in the Level Upper arc, so we can assume that one's Personal Reality isn't bound to only one esper power , but one that is merely what esper training provides as a base for any esper ability to be used freely.

So, with Blacklight, you can instantly learn what they have learned in esper training, allowing you to properly utilize these abilities efficiently, manifest your own Personal Reality, and the knowledge of specific formulas and calculations needed, and your ability to alter your own physiology will allow you to use any esper power you acquired through Blacklight at will by emulating the biology of the esper you consumed.

And it's not like it's that hard to hunt down all these espers, since killing and consuming Accelerator is easy if you know his weakness. Then it's smooth sailing from there on out.

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Passive regeneration 90% of the time, since I stack that and durability perks to such a ludicrous degree that I can possibly tank a nuke to the face and live (if i'm ever sloppy enough to be in the position where I HAVE to tank one). However, considering I have several layers of precog stacked on top of ridiculous evasion, teleportation, and timestop shenanigans, me ever being hit in the first place will be a rare occurrence. Bad goes to worse, I have rolling counter from Mother and fight for your life from Borderlands, so if shit REALLY hits the fan, i open a portal to my warehouse's medbay underneath me and climb in the regen tube and hope it can work fast enough to let me survive while whatever was attacking me wails ineffectually against the indestructible barrier in between me and it. bird-flipping optional if I have the strength at that point to afford it

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Oh, and broken items too. Ridiculously broken items are always fun since you can give it to your companions if they need it.

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I've picked up healing magic from HP, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and various other systems.

Potions also help, as does regeneration perks.

A blend of nanomachines rounds out my healing options.

Even in the worst case scenario I can fall back on my Homunculus healing.

Oh, and I took dark binding and make it a point to absorb the souls of murderers every jump. (I feed them to the Deviljo I've eaten for punishment)

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Pretty sure trying to use Blacklight to do that would make your head explode.

At least Reploid seemed to heavily imply that trying to have multiple Esper powers in the same biology system would make you explode.

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I used Savage Salvage to eat tech in DC, Marvel, and a whole bunch of other jumps. I got broken thanks to that, I ate tiberium, vibranium, adimantium, nth metal, and a whole slew of other minerals as well, so my whole body is a crazy mix of stuff.

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For equipment i'd probably say Guile Hideout's armour & sword from Pokemon.
His Armour slows down the passage of time & his sword has the ability to reflect attacks back to their senders.

For super powers I've acquired, I'd say the Eight Black Beasts or the Azure Grimoire I've stolen/created from Blazblue.

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Considering I'm a master of alchemy both Fullmetal AND conventional (seriously, if there's an alchemy perk, I usually snatch it up), I probably am pretty adept at making healing potions, yeah. But I also have a lot of passive regen perks, and if there's any real emergency I've always got my Red Stone / Sanguine Star.

But the BEST healing is never needing to heal at all. In a fight, I've basically got two (technically three) modes.
There's "I'm having fun!" mode where I use low powered (for me) attacks and am not trying to seriously kill my opponent, and then there's the "You might actually be a threat to me" mode where I'm trying to end the fight as quickly as possible in my favor. Lots of extremely fast and brutal attacks with possible dismemberment.
The third mode involves orbital bombardment and tidal waves.

You know, when I'm not just running away because I don't actually enjoy fighting.

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Your prototype consumption idea of every esper in raildex has me intrigued. Were I any more evil, i'd even consider that, but alas...

Taking every psionic option and combining it with the mathematics I already know of it (or at least, whatever will be applicable) to become a reality warper. Depending on how much the math would pan out, I would be anywhere from capable of ripping holes in space-time (low-end/math inapplicable) to re-arranging reality at the quantum level (if EVERYTHING pans out perfectly). No amount of CP is a substitute for mathematic psionic meta-knowledge.

I believe red's bow gets the honors of 'most ridiculously broken item one can ever hope to obtain'. Attempting to out-do her is an exercise in futility

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You know how you can get any move from your pokemon form's learnset during the PMD jump? Well I got teleportation, which in the anime has no set limits, so I've been able to teleport since my 4th jump.

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Man, now I feel as if I should put together an OP as fuck sword of my own, made from literally every single sword that's in the least bit special that I come across.

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Blacklight by itself allows you to contain the memories and skills of anyone you ever consumed, and you can access and relive these memories with perfect clarity whenever you wish in the games, so in a sense, Blacklight lets you gain mastery over not only body, but your mind as well.

That combined with a multitude of mental perks that elevates my brain where supercomputers would pale in comparison, including Index from the Index jumpchain itself, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to say that

That, and it's canon that it's been done before. It's also canon that it'll tear a feeble human mind and body to shreds even when backed with a network of unwilling minds when overused, but by the time I take Raildex, I'd have ascended way past that for it to damage me.

It's like how for a human body, you'll probably be able to manage only 4 beams with Meltdowner before limbs start to get blown off, but if you can survive nukes with no problem, 40 beams would be an walk in the park by that point.

>> No.36941579

Yes. Though I strongly focus on not getting hit in the first place through luck perks and situational awareness. Healing like that leads to uncomfortable questions, even with perks designed to avoid those questions.

>> No.36941586

What would be the benefits of tiberium exactly?

>> No.36941594

I feel bad for those who had the bad luck of having their brain structure read 'clairvoyant'.

>> No.36941623

Grows and spreads on its own?

>> No.36941627

Tiberium is basically self-replicating plutonium. Eating it would let him produce enormous amounts of energy and absorb other matter with a touch. Nasty stuff.

>> No.36941630

Poisons the living piss out of anything near it radiation-style? Utterly ruins nearby ecosystems/landscapes? Potential energy source?

>> No.36941741

Wait wait wait.

Oh god.

What if I captured Deoxys way back in pokemon with a Master Ball, then ask for it to make some clones of itself which is shown to be possible in the movie, and let me use Blacklight to consume it? Hell, why don't I use return and consume pokemon I'm sure by endgame I could give Arceus a run for its money.

The minmax is real.

>> No.36941836

> I'll eat it with Prototype!
> I'll eat it with Prototype!
> I'll eat it with Prototype!
> I'll eat it with Prototype!

Has anyone ever told you that you're really boring?

>> No.36941903

Fun is subjective anon.

It certainly doesn't feel boring to me.

>> No.36941919

I stole/absorbed Doomsday's DNA.

Pretty small compared to yours. But the massive buff to durability and strength from doing that, combined with everything else I have, it is a little game braking.

Another possibly game breaking one is practically the same as >>36941183. Only I made sure to be technorganic (transformers) so that I am certain it is biologically possible to produce anything I have eaten.

>> No.36941933

>moeanon just wants to eat all the time

Have you considered staying in Toriko Jump? Think about it-a whole universe of things to eat!

>> No.36941945

Does anyone have childhood redux? I've been looking for it.

>> No.36941977


You mean-that one jump based off another CYOA from the general threads?

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>> No.36942150

I don't like eating as much as I like getting as broken as possible though.

I would do lots and lots in the Marvel/DC jumps, but I don't nearly know enough to formulate any concrete plans.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about trying to consume Supes after I weaken him with Kryptonite, though.

>> No.36942314

Really? Targeting the boy scout? Can't you at least choose one of the evil Kyrptoions?

>> No.36942353

What, exactly, do you plan to do with your time when you are sufficiently broken? I'm genuinely curious

>> No.36942462

Is there a reason we only get to go to Earth? Not that I'm complaining because I like it here very much.

>> No.36942463

Ambitious plans for endgame. How else will I be able to slay the likes of Lovecraftian Outer Gods (and gain their power), or to rid the 40k universe of all Chaos Gods, as well ridding the Imperium itself from corruption from the most part?

>> No.36942485

I accidentally became a Void Mage in the ZnT jump.

Mixing Blacklight and Alucard's abilities can cause shenanigans.

>> No.36942488

>slay the lovecraft outer gods

...including Azathoth? You do realise he sustains existence itself via his dreaming right? I don't think even Blacklight can help you survive a universe collapsing in on itself.

>chaos gods
So you're going to kill everyone? Because y'know, kind of the only way to take out the Warp.

>> No.36942505

You can get physical abilities by eating things with blacklight, and absorb tech by eating it with Savage Salvage, but does anyone know how you would go about eating magic?

>> No.36942524

Man every thing you post is about how you're eating something with Prototype. That's all you ever post. We don't get ideas or stories, it's always the same "I eat a guy with Prototype and win the game"
I could tell you how you'd do a jump and I'd be right every time. Does it involve "find the strongest shit and eat it?" Then I fucking win.
I don't know why you even post if it's the same shit every time.

>> No.36942528

>I'm gonna eat everything!
>Fuck you this is how it works. No downsides at all
>Blacklight lets me win everything ever and become a god
>Why bother with other "fun", just eat everything with nooooo downsides

Why don't you just say you win Jumpchain forever and be done with it? Seriously, you're a broken record. It seems like every other post is an ode to how Prototype lets you break all rules and fuck Jump-chan every night.

>> No.36942543


Or just take advantage of the amount of magic that is just mental and remember how to be a mage with Blacklight.

>> No.36942546

Let him have his fun anon, just don't read it if his method bothers you.

>> No.36942592

Considering a lot of the stuff about Outer Gods and Azathoth was written by other authors, it is debatable about whether Azathoth really does sustain the universe. I think it came up a few threads ago.

Because he finds it fun and he is free to do it. There are certainly much worse things to post about. If you don't like it, just ignore his posts.

>> No.36942726

At a certain point, you're probably going to gain a title like "Devourer of Kingdoms" and some plucky young upstarts are going to form a party and slay you. Just FYI.

>> No.36942820

Even so-Azzy and Yog-Sothoth are explicitly described as beings that exist out of space-time. Just seems silly to expect to be able to take on something like that with Blacklight-acquired powers alone

>> No.36942838

>Black Coat Society
>offered to join Section 31

And you're paying me to do this?

>> No.36942882

Some drawbacks are only drawbacks for some anons. Me? I'm looking forward to Ragnarok in VS, but I know that other anons are doing whatever they can to avoid it or stop it.

>> No.36942902

Hah. I had the same reaction to the "drawback" where you have to stay 300 years in Tropico. As it happens, I rather /like/ RTS games, and it was a very lategame jump.

>> No.36942933

I'm certainly looking forward to that.

>tfw broing it up with Odin
>tfw playing mindgames with Loki
>tfw fighting Fenris and Jormundgar in kaiju form in an attempt to strive against Fate

Shit's metal as fuck, yo

>> No.36942957

I'd spend my entire time on Tropico as Baron Wulfenbach, it's probably for the best I don't go there.

>> No.36943003

It's alright, it could've been worse.

I turned everyone into cybermen.

Eco-friendly, capitalist, me-worshipping cybermen.

And my dictatorship follows me from jump to jump so. Yeah.

>> No.36943025

Build finished.

>Background (100)
Command and Operations
Age: 61 (Rolled 1)
Vulcan (Rolled 2)
>Skills (350)
Engineering (Free)
Communications (Free)
>Perks and Abilities (650)
Speedy Promotions (Free)
I am not God
Overpowering Authority
>Items and Companions (500)
Universal Translator (Free)
Medical Kit
Compression Phaser Rifle
Companion Import
Black Coat Society (+100)
Recurring Character (+200, and it’s worth it to meet Benjamin “Pimphand” Sisko)
Alien Threat (+300)

Jump Goals: I am the hero the Federation needs. I’m going to use my position as an actual member of Starfleet to promote a better military (since most captains can’t fight their way out of a paper bag). My career in Section 31 will help me stay alive longer, and can be used to help bring pressure on needed areas.

The Borg and the Dominion are the only truly serious threats here. Yes the Romulans are somewhat of a threat, but the Obsidian Order is a lot easier to counter due to them being much less subtle.

>> No.36943063

But the most important question is how short are those cybermen?

>> No.36943080

>Shit's metal as fuck, yo
Dubs declair Ragnarok as fucking metal.

But in all seriousness, I'm torn when it comes to R-mas. On one hand, I'd love to use all of my stacked magic and singing perks to straight Metalocalypse it. Invoke the power of metal buff my Aesir bro's and sisters and bitch slap entropy.

On the other hand, letting my inner troll free would be fun, too. And by inner troll, I mean using song magic to save the day, but using manic happy JPop and Anime OSTs instead of metal.

/jc/: it's nothing but hard decisions

>> No.36943132

I'm not going to push further than Nyarlathotep, to be honest. I won't be Demonbane and never will be.

...But if we want to go with Demonbane logic, if I buy the Shining Trapezohedron and use alchemy to merge it with the alchemized abomination between the Yamato from DMC and the Trident of Destruction from Lord of light, I can get something along the lines of this:


>> No.36943163

> Damn this all sounds really brokenly powerful.
> No wonder I didn't see it in the drive.
> Wait, this is starting to seem familiar.
> Where have I read this befo-...?

I made it all the way to Temporal Shenanigans before I figured it out.

>> No.36943261

/Nominally/ average adult size BUT as part of a state welfare program everyone gets a free upgrade in which the torso can detach and sprout smaller, more precise actuators. Because you never know when you need to suddenly become a midget

Why not both? Use metal to buff your allies, Jpop to debuff opponents and a mashup of Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber, Tila Tequila and Double Take's discography when you must sing the song that ends the worlds.

>> No.36943299

>dat spoiler
You know how I know you're evil?

>> No.36943315

ALRIGHT. Gonna be posting builds to make up for my time away.

-Background: Beta (900CP) -Ha HA! Time for virtual world experience! Along with CODE ANALYSIS.
-Flourishes (Free) -When I draw my insanely well-crafted weapons, it shall be done in STYLE.
-Item Drops (600CP) -LOOT. All the loot. Combined with luck perks, I'm gonna swim in it.
-My Quest Senses Are Tingling (Free) -What. I'm like some weird version of Gandalf now. Only I have loot senses too.
-Like Riding A Bike (450CP) (Discount) -Additional skill-preserving perks! Adaptability is AMAZING too.
-APM Intensifies (150CP) (Discount) -ALL THE REFLEXES. Stacking by this point, but holy shit yes.
-Roleplay (50CP) -Honestly, by this point this will be amazing. I'll need it to keep my stories straight.
-Load Out (Free) -Time to invest this for later.
-Healing Crystal (0CP) -This will be a good back-up item or a means to heal a friend.
Dice Rolls: 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So basically I arrive in another virtual world. With insane reflexes. And the ability to shatter the code and alter it with my DPP program... and on top of that it's giving me an item that makes cyberspace conversion EASIER.

With this? My Genetic Augmentation Machine and Digital Pun-Pun program have become ONE.

>> No.36943331

>not full time midget
The fuck are you doing

>> No.36943347

>tfw IRL big silly grin at dat nostalgia from seeing an old school CYOa getting JC'd
>tfw hype for that nemesis option
>tfw slow disillusionment that it's all just too broken to be used
>tfw depression

It's still a lovely, lovely CYOA and I did make a build a while back

>> No.36943432

Putting up a horrifying facsimilie of humanity to hide his atrocities from the international community?

>> No.36943458

Why isn't this on the drive?

>> No.36943476

Yeah, I'm taking this jump just before whatever end jump I take and sealing it's powers using the locket from Girl Genius.

>> No.36943538

With that, we move on to DS9/TNG.

-Background: Health & Science (900CP) -Doctor doctor, gimme the news...
-Race: Human (800CP) -I want to keep the alt-forms down. Just keep it all down.
-Skill: Weapons (700CP) -I want to know how to operate and repair this stuff. Need it.
-Skill: Medicine (Free) -I'm a Doctor, not a Doc-... wait.
-Skill: Robotics (Free) -DAMN IT JIM.
-Skill: Physics (650CP) (Discount) -Ha HA! More knowledge to mess with this world!
-Skill: Physical Science (600CP) (Discount) -Time to abuse all this knowledge! It's mining time!
-Skill: Engineering (500CP) -ALL THE TECH SKILLS. ALL OF THEM.
-Surgeon (Free) -HA HA! Time to put my Dune skills and other things to use!
-Cosmic Awareness (400CP) -I don't want to be caught off-guard. Nope.
-Augmented (100CP) (Discount) -Well. I'm suddenly a lot better. Better keep that under wraps.
-Universal Translator (Free) -Aside from Force powers and other language perks? This will be good.
-Medical Kit (0CP) -The ability to inject without breaking patient skin? HELL YES.
-Latinum (-50CP) -Nothing wrong with a little extra money.
-Tr-116 Rifle (-200CP) -So I'm copying this. Then adding the tech to my Bow. Arrows that teleport, anyone?
-Hybrid (Vulcan) (-100CP)
-Black Coat Society (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

On to know EVERYTHING EVER. The ship is going to have some very crazy shit on it due to me knowing everything ever, along with additional knowledge and stuff. And naturally, my bow gets even more bullshit.

>> No.36943880

>The ship is going to have some very crazy shit on it due to me knowing everything ever, along with additional knowledge and stuff.
... Does it have heated seats?

>> No.36944077

He's also paying you to be a hybrid - Wild Card charged for it.

>> No.36944180

I'm opting for climate controlled cup holders: keep cold things cold and hot things hot.

Should I get the backup camera?

>> No.36944225

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I actually have a couple different methods. I have jojo vampirism for durability/regen, as well as Soul eater witch magic with an axolotl theme which gives me healing/enhancement through healing, and the green herb lolipop from bayonetta.

>> No.36944237

I'm upgrading every seat to have a heater, a top-grade cup-holder with a replicator drink dispenser, energy shields, and a healing dispenser. Because seriously, there are too many injuries on that ship.

I was really uncertain about that. It almost kind of felt like KOTOR-Anon made it to get all the stuff he missed in the first Star Trek. Hell, the Replicator in this one blows the prior one out of the water.

>> No.36944299

Don't forget seat belts. That alone would save hundreds of lives.

>> No.36944308

Heated floors and towel holders in the bathrooms? Do you lease or is it purchase only?

>> No.36944424

Well, that's more reasonable. Replicators didn't exist in TOS, but you can just pick one up in TNG if you want one.

>> No.36944543

Hybrids in this version are supposed to suck, you get all the negative aspects instead of all the supposed positive aspects from Wild Card's jump.

As for replicators and other duplicate tech, my version does take place a hundred years after the Original series, so I had to offer things a bit more impressive than what you could find just find laying around, and I figured it'd also be ok to include some future tech here as well.

>> No.36944723

Second Jump - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Second Jump

What Pokemon Are You?
- Machop (700)
- ??/M/Post Town

- Belle (Eevee) (700)

- Enervated (800)
- Unlucky (900)
- Distrusted (1000)
- Followed (1200)
- Anti-Got (1500)

Perks, Skills & Moves
- Crush (Free)
- Evolution (Belle) (1300)
- Evolution (Me) (1100)
- Evolution (Me) (900)
- Sync Souls (600)

Items & Gear
- Badge
- Treasure Bag (550)
- Aura Ribbon x 2 (450)
- Healing Ribbon (350)
- Reviver Seeds (0)

Move On

So when we arrived to our next destination. I was asked about the pokepartner, I selected Rex but she blew me off saying he's my friend but he's ain't going to do shit with me. So I told him fine, and luckily a really pretty Sylveon over heard me and asked to be my partner. I couldn't speak to her as all the words that came out were English instead of Pokelanguage, it was comical at first but damn annoying when you couldn't speak the language. So I resorted to using pantomiming what I wished to say, which as you can figure out wasn't that helpful. Rex the asshole translated stuff at times however I think he comically mistranslated a lot of stuff because we ended up being mistrusted, and followed around. I'm not good at being a Pokemon as I get tired more easily after using my moves. Also I we run into some the most hilarious mishaps. Around five years into the Jump by accident Belle, the Sylveon, and I discovered we were soulmates. It was weird at first, after all I thought myself as Human. It was kinda creepy, but I felt that connection. I knew some Pokemon were sapient, just they look like animals. It took 10 years but I think I got over that hangup. Especially after she got her human form. Also Rex got one too! I asked him if he approved of the relationship he gave me a big thumbs up. What a pal.

>> No.36944736

That was more or less a guaranteed.

Heated floors is where I charge.

Anyway, Okami!

-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Bullshit I don't speak Japanese. If I don't, I soon will!
-Calligraphy (950CP) -Time to add more skill. I NEED this.
-Space Invader (Free) -More resilience, AND no dying of old age? Yeeeeees.
-Priestly Wisdom (850CP) -Knowing the mythology of this place will be a godsend. The rest is a bonus.
-Flowing Swordsplay (650CP) -I am awesome. This is stacking but I don't care.
-Picture Perfect (450CP) -It's small, but it's a bit of a bonus.
-Moon Tech (250CP) (Discount) -Time to become a Mooninite! Maybe. I just know I'm going relic hunting!
-Magic Ink Pot (150CP) -You never know when I'm going to need more ink!
-Glaive (50CP) -A magically enchanted sword that can increase in power as I charge? ADD IT TO THE BLADE.
-Yen (0CP) -A bit of starting cash will do me some good.
Dice Rolls: Dragon Palace, 17 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

This is raw proof that I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

>> No.36945119

You mixed together all the backgrounds in that'n.

>> No.36945311

> Taking Magical Ink Pot for infinite ink.
> Not taking the infinitely refilling sake bottle.

I just don't understand you. It's like you don't WANT to get completely plastered and then use your infinite sciences knowledge to make poor decisions!

>> No.36945362

Third Jump - Monster Hunter - Third Jump

Hunter Bran
20/m/Pokke Village

- Wyvernian (950)

- Drop In (950)

- Cocky (1050)
- Dulled (1150)
- Double Hunger (1250)
- Unfortunate Pheromones (1550)

- BBQ Master (1500)
- Survivalist (1500)
- Weapon Master (1400)
- Weapon Focus (Cetus) (1300)

Armor Skills
- Critical Eye (50%) (1050)
- Acrobat (800)
- Mind's Eye (650)
- Evasion +3 (450)

- Ore Cache (350)
- Armor Charm (250)
- Kinetic Cetus (0)

Time to Mon Hun! It didn't help that Rex initially refused to help, instead he was busy hitting it off with the ladies. He's a bit of a Casanova, or he thinks he's one. Belle wasn't happy about hunting mons, even when I told her they're not like Pokemon, she was really pissy the entire 10 years we were here. I tried to spend as much time as I could between hunting mons, and there was moments that she was her normal self but that didn't last too long. She stayed in the village learning about what it is to be human.

I saved up enough money that wasn't drained by the amount of food I needed to eat, repairs and healing bills thanks to the fact that all monsters I encounter are berserking all the time. I thought it was normal, but apparently not. The money saved was used to make Rex some armor for his pokeform. Rex decided to come hunt with me after that, not that he needed any the armor but it helped. Belle also gave him her Healing Ribbon, which sped up his recovery time between hunts by a lot. I got cocky and got my ass handed to me a few times and never really learned my lesson, and it seems I that there's some kinks in the Kinetic Cetus because constantly was needing to be "sharpened". Luckily I got a small shipment of items that I can feed to the Cetus for enhanced effects to my punching. After 10 years of Mon Hun, we wasted no time in leaving.

>> No.36945773

Fair enough - that's kind of how it felt in Star Trek too. Spock really seemed to benefit from a "best of both worlds" situation - almost always a Vulcan, unless he needed the more positive human aspects. The later Star Treks make it much more of a conflict between two cultures thing.

>> No.36945858

Hey jumpers, I have two very important questions for you.

1. Does this image accurately capture the feel of Star Trek?

2. Which jump should I work on next? It probably won't be a done for a very long time but I'd like to know now so I can at least start once I finish with Star Trek.

>Gurren lagann [End Jump]
>SCP Foundation
>James cameron's AVATAR

>> No.36945879

>>James cameron's AVATAR
Bring on Space Pocahontas.

>> No.36945950

I seem to have done so. No idea how that will go.

Because I'm not a big drinker! If I need to partake in something, I can find a way to get booze.

Speaking of science though... MEGAMAN CLASSIC. http://pastebin.com/iDf3evt3

-Background: Doctor (900CP) -Just call me Doctor Red.
-Basic Robotics (Free) -ARISE, MY ROBOTS! Show my genius to the world!
-IC Chip Enhancement (800CP) (Discount) -We all need to start somewhere!
-Solar Powered (600CP) -With Hamon and other perks, I am a true friend and ally of the sun.
-Fieldwork Optimization (200CP) -Combined with Invader Zim and Lego perks? I'm going to be damned durable.
-Weaponization (0CP) (Discount) -If there's one thing I like, it's being able to adapt.
-Robot Master Construction (-300CP) (Discount) -My robots are top-notch. Their will, immeasurable.
-E-Tank (-350CP) -Nothing wrong with yet another healing item. My bag of tricks is endless!
-Energy Balancer (-400CP) -This will help to some extent! I like keeping track of things.
-Time Capsule (Free) -The hell am I going to do with this?!
-Coated Shield (-600CP) -I'll use this somehow. I don't know how, but I will.
-The Sons of Fate (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Protomen (Drawback), 32 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Honestly, with how many jumps I'm in? I'm going to end up being this weird version of Gandalf. A female, sexy amazonian redheaded version. Clearly more powerful than I let on, yet still trying to encourage others to find the strength within. I occasionally send advanced robots to encourage people. Pic related.


>> No.36945984

>>Gurren Lagann
I want it
I need it

>> No.36946006

>>James cameron's AVATAR
Fern Gully iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn spaaaaaaaaaaaace

>> No.36946029

>James cameron's AVATAR
gas the xenos race war now

>> No.36946038

> Because I'm not a big drinker!
Neither was I, until I maxed out my stamina in body mod and took Hard Drinker AND Drunken Fist Style from Weird Wild Wuxia! Now I'm three feet tall and I can out drink a bull elephant!
You just gotta believe in yourself!

>> No.36946042

Do the impossible! GURREN LAGANN

>> No.36946071

I'd rather see Avatar.

>> No.36946082

The infinite whiskey from WWW made me happier than I care to admit.

>> No.36946087

AVATAR! I want to absorb some Pandoran life! There is some crazy stuff to plunder from that planet.

>> No.36946100

Show of hands, how many people are just going to take Avatar so they can burn the entire ecosystem down?

>> No.36946110


>> No.36946135

I look forward to making Na'vi Xenomorphs to add to my minion collection. They. Will. Be. Neat.

Actually, I think I'll make a Xenomorph out of each of Pandora's large animals. For science.

>> No.36946147


>> No.36946163


>All these people wanting an Avatar jump.

>> No.36946183 [DELETED] 


Actually, I am going to give Eywa a stern talking to concerning how essentially shackling a species to your control is terrible behavior for a planet, and that she should know better.Seconded.

I am going to give Eywa a stern talking to concerning how essentially shackling a species to your control is terrible behavior for a planet, and that she should know better.

>> No.36946203

As soon as I made that perk, someone calculated the amount of alcohol that would be.
I think it was around 16 gallons of pure ethanol.

>> No.36946204

1. I think that looks good and pretty much captures the "federation" feel.

Also I say James Cameron's AVATAR. Mostly because in the deep dark clutches of the IRC an AvP Jump is being formed.

Small hint: There is a +0CP Predator Quest Drawback.

>> No.36946216

Weird formatting there.

So then you're going to burn it down after the planet's intelligence refuses to cooperate.

>> No.36946263

Gotta go Guren.

>> No.36946273

Do Avatar.

I kind of want to goof around in it. This is what your deck has wrought.

Alas, this is where we're different. Though it may be a bias due to my IRL inability to handle most drinks.


-Background: Drop-In (Free) -I remain a human! It is me. I am the human.
-Chi-Up! (Free) -Boost up a bit with Chi consumption? Deal.
-A Bit of Sense (Free) -I like to stay grounded. It keeps me sane.
-What In The World Is That? (Free) -See the amazing human amazon! Step right up!
-Reverse Engineering (900CP) -So I can figure things out by eating it? Combine this with Savage Salvage!
-Use It Wisely (700CP) -Conserving my tools and talents is important.
-Over There! (500CP) (Discount) -Distraction! It appears to be my middle name.
-Chi (400CP) -Let's start building a stockpile and a pool, shall we?
-Golden Chix2 (200CP) (Discount) -A means to change the environment around me? YES.
-Chi Weapon (0CP) -A chi-empowered staff? WHY THAT'S A GOOD IDEA. Thanks to it being combined with my bow...
Dice Rolls: 13 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm the only roaming human with an abundance of Golden Chi, an ample supply of regular Chi, and I can eat things to figure them out. This is going to be... interesting.

>> No.36946285

Yeah, copypasta's weird sometimes.

Beyond that, I won't have to burn it all down - this is what charisma builds are MADE for. So help me, if I can reform Bella Swan into a respectable, Stand-worthy individual, I CAN GET THROUGH TO THIS PLANET.

>> No.36946341

This assumes that diplomacy is a concept to it.

>> No.36946362

if you didn't want to do it...
while I'm personally not sure how a ttgl jump would work, I gotta say, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvHKxnMv04k

>> No.36946376

wrong video, but man was that the best possible wrong video

>> No.36946404

Well, it is a sophont... right?

>> No.36946578

Fourth Jump - Metal Gear Solid Jump - Fourth Jump

24/m/Costa Rica (1974)

- Combat Unit (FOX -> MSF) (900)

- War Has Changed (1000)
- Superstitious (1100)
- Phantom Pain (left eye) (1250)
- Weirdness Magnet (1450)

Skills & Perks
- How does it Taste? (1400)
- Marksmen (1400)
- Soldiers Without Borders (1200)
- Most Men Would be Dead (1050)
- CQC (750)

Items & Camo
- Exoskeleton (150)
- Active Sonar (50)
- Dosh x 2 (0)

- Rex (FOX) (Ithaca 37)
- Belle (FOX) (Heckler & Koch MP5)

So we served in FOX unit until it was disbanded, we knew OF Big Boss/Naked Snake/Snake but we didn't know him personally. That changed when BB started up MSF, we joined up. I learned a lot from watching Snake and being alongside him. I got an exoskeleton that boosts my strength and speed, and it protects against small arms fire. Which is helpful as I'll be right there with BB when he needs me. The powerarmor is a dark black/green color to match the surroundings. I knew of Paz when she first arrived, she's a lovely girl but then again I have a lovely girl of my own, so I wasn't fooled by her mask. Belle was actually OK with the memories she had and became a little more accepting of the situation. I asked Belle to help me work Paz over and try to break through to her.

We waited near for the day where she was discovered by Chico trying to sabotage METAL GEAR?! Zeke. We rerouted him away, then confronted Paz about it when she left. We took her to BB, who let her go after winning her to his side.

Like BB I only have one eye, instead my right that was damaged it was my left. Also all the weirdness tends to happen around me, which got really irritating. It doesn't help that I was superstitious and always had a few luck charms with me. After 10 years before BB was to face off against XOF we slipped into the night and jumped on. However something happened... instead of going to another universe I JUMPED THROUGH TIME. RULES OF NATURE!

>> No.36946752

Yes, yes it was.

The only reason I'm complaining is because I could literally finish an Avatar jump in 2-3 days tops, and the reason it's so simple because it's such a small universe.

1.Drop-In: Arrive in a mobile unit out in the middle of nowhere with your Avatar.
2.Soldier: Fight the aliens in your Avatar
3.Scientist: Study the aliens in your Avatar



1.One of those flying raptor things
2.A mech.
3.A gun
4.A helecopter
5.Na'vi bow and Arrows
6.Survival Equipment

1.Going native: You've fallen in love with the planet and it's inhabitants and will do whatever you can to protect it.
2.HFY: You don't get your Avatar until after the jump.
3.Home Tree Hero: Instead of being a human Avatar pilot you become an actual Na'vi. You have to prevent the home tree from being destroyed.
4.Bad Connection: The planet hates you. You'll be constantly attacked by monsters and the Na'vi will attempt to kill you.

>> No.36946799

Currently? I have Synthesis and Giga Drain from my Pokemon Form.

From there I also rely on Toriko Gourmet Cells to speed up healing.

Aside from that is just various magics I've acquired.

>> No.36947130

What about an alien origin

>> No.36947157

Alright, time for... TROPICO.

-Background: Tourist (Free) -Screw being a dictator! I'd rather be a tourist or take over myself the old-fashioned way.
-Gambler (Free) -Well I guess I have a reason to go to casinos now.
-Urban Development (900CP) -Cut down the costs!
-Pollution Standards (800CP) -I shouldn't have pollution ANYWAY, but just in case.
-Rationing (600CP) -Okay I like this. I LIKE THIS. DAMN.
-Swiss Bank Account (400CP) -Holy fucking shit, yes. Where was this a bunch of jumps ago?
-Real Organic Food (200CP) -Well, I guess I can make some damned good food!
-Luxury Goods (Free) -Jeez. Giving me a bunch of alcohol and stuff?
-Cold Hard Cash (100CP) (Discount) -May as well have some money to start investing!
-Tavern (0CP) (Discount) -WHY AM I EVEN DOING THIS. Oh, right. Because variety is nice.
Dice Rolls: North Hawaii, Modern Times, 23 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I didn't go Dictator, because memories of being a total selfish prick does not sit well with me. I'll take my time, enjoy the sights, before I unleash a horrible Robot Master army to usurp the place and bring about a golden age of technology and advancement. Or just make sure the place isn't a shithole. Either or.

>I believe red's bow gets the honors of 'most ridiculously broken item one can ever hope to obtain'. Attempting to out-do her is an exercise in futility
I can't believe I didn't see this before, but come on. I'm sure plenty of people have more broken shit than my bow. Though my Digital Pun-Pun thing may be a bit close.

Oh jeez, I have a ton. Natural Regeneration, Green Moon Stone, Force Healing, tons of magic spells, healing crystals, healing items, the works.

I want an endless bag of tricks.

>> No.36947210


You know, I'm really torn on this build. 60+ Jumps in, I can probably definitely lead humanity to victory in Sons of Fate and be their savior, inspiring them to stand up and do something. I also wouldn't mind taking Protoman down a peg with his decision to abandon humanity because they won't take on heavily armed steel and mortar robots with torches and rakes. I really hate the whole moral of that story.

But on the other hand, I really just want to MEET Dr Light, the real Dr Light, because he seems like such a cool guy, and the Protomen version is not him.

But on the first hand, the real Dr Light would probably be an incredibly stabilizing influence on me. I feel like his kindly Santa ways would make me a better more responsible scientist.
... and of course we can't have that.

So... maybe it's better if I only know him through time capsules found in the X Era, and wonder what could have been.

>> No.36947312

I'm also voting AVATAR.

Seconding that, an actual navi origin would be good to have.

>> No.36947322

Ah, magic. You would have been so overpowered in this world, were it not for the fact that the populace capable of using you are made up of illogical dunces with little imagination and daring. And apparently having to hide the realm of magic from equally incompetent and yet dangerously-competent muggles. And dealing with dangerous, dark-souled sorcerers in their midst who were EQUALLY as incompetent! And none of them knew the first thing about melee combat, which made gutting so many Death Eaters feel so good. But it's time to put up the weapon and start bringing the hammer down, for our one-armed warrior becomes the ONE-ARMED WRESTLING HOUND IN...

Age: 25-years-old
Location: China
Drawbacks: Joke Character (+0 CP), Cheater (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Background: WRESTLER
-Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting (Free)
-Taunt (Free)
-Block (Free)
-Energy Bar (Free)
-Too Stronk, Please Nerf (Free)
-Fan Favorite
-Spinning Pile Driver
-Fanservice (Abdominals)
-Multiplayer Mode
-Iconic Outfit (Free)
-Passport (Free)

>Wrestling proficiency
>plus Tibetan Mastiff bonuses



>> No.36947336

>I really hate the whole moral of that story.
You are the dead.

>> No.36947384

Someone in an extra CYOA thread that shouldn't have existed suggested that the Bartimaeus Trilogy would make a neat setting for a CYOA earlier.

Could work as a jump. Just putting it out there.

>> No.36947432

He's not wrong though.

>> No.36947493

Right or wrong, his response tells me all I need to here. He is the dead.

>> No.36947530

> Right or wrong, his response tells me all I need to here.
> all I need to here
> here

>> No.36947781

there, their, they're anon, it'll be fine

>> No.36947826


-Background: Poor (950CP) -I was apparently a real scumsucker. NOT ANYMORE.
-Bribed the Doctor (650CP) -Time to hand off a Life Fiber and see what happens.
-Hereditary Base Organism (450CP) -Going with Bagworm Moth. Silk for DAAAAYS.
-Hidden Potential (350CP) -Let us see if there is something I can do with this.
-Martial (250CP) (Discount) -Maybe a Chinese martial art. Something that trains me in rope darts.
-Roma Warrior (100CP) (Discount) -This magnificent body was a result of care, by the Armstrong Family FOR GENERATIONS!
-M.O. Surgeon (-300CP) -It's time to increase my skills in this shit. Let's make some noise.
-Operatives Uniform (Free) -I'm gonna wear something damned fancy.
-Weapons Cache (-400CP) -Oh look, my Ruyi Jingu Bang is modified for my silk stuff! FUCK THEM ALL UP.
-Mosaic Organs (-600CP) -The basis of my dark work will begin with this.
-There From The Beginning (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 24 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>protect everyone
>aggressive defense needed
>murder.exe fully online

Alright. So I have a bow that lets me teleport arrows immediately after firing them ALONG with trajectory changing, arrows of godly might, intense powers of lightning and darkness and the SUN, enough futuristic technology to erase an army, and over a hundred and eighty jumps under my belt.

This will be a tough jump. I need to not only stay on top of things the second a ship lands, but I also need to be ever vigilant with all my precog stuff and my myriad of tricks. Fortunately, I have enough language perks to eventually translate the Roach Language, and from there I can engage in psychological warfare too.

There can be no peace. There can be no bargaining. There can be only a wave of death.

>> No.36947854

I'd be tempted to do it, but I don't know where my copies are, and I already have a couple other jumps that I intend to do first.

>> No.36948037

No, Hope won't ride alone.
Drawback: The Sons of Fate (1600)
Background: 16, Drop-In [Human]
Skills: Free For Humanity’s Sake [Disaster Management], Ordinary (1500), Discount Fieldwork Optimization (1300), Discount Modular Construction (1000), Discount Self-Healing (900), For Everlasting Peace (500), Solar Powered (300)
Gear: Plasma Buster (200), Tuned Buster (0)

>> No.36948352

Hey, just had a thought. Not sure if anyone else's come up with this yet, but...

Go to Dresdenverse. Somehow acquire knowledge of how the Darkhallow works. (either directly or via learning enough theory to work out the specifics yourself)

Go to Terra Formars and get some nice personal alone time on Mars... well, except for the human hating locals.

Just do Darkhallow all over the place anywhere vaguely near any population of them, try to extent it as large as possible.

Keep going until they're all dead and you've ascended many times over.

Just remember while performing the darkhallow to make shlurping noises, because it'd be a shame to not do so while performing that bit of magic. :)

>> No.36948618

Speaking of Megaman Classic, let's get me a d6 roll!

1. Gardevoir
2. Aggron
3. Ludicolo
4. Swampert
5. Camerupt
6. Swellow

To see which one appears as a new Robot Master, of course!

>> No.36948729

Rolled 2 (1d6)

>mfw forgot to roll

>> No.36948765


>> No.36948804


Mega Man Classic
> Identity: Doctor [-100CP]
> Age: 35 [Rolled5]
> OST [Freebie!]
> Basic Robotics [Freebie!]
> Self-Repair Systems [-200CP]
> IC Chip Enhancement [-100CP]
> Solar Powered [-200CP]
> For Everlasting Peace [-400CP]
> Robot Master Construction [-300CP]
> Time Capsules [Freebie!]
> Hover Capsule [-200CP]
> Laboratory Assistant [-100CP]
> The Sons of Fate [+600CP]

First of all, I'm going to reintegrate the Hover Capsule AND the Time Capsule into my Voot Cruiser, giving it increased armor, cloaking, and attacks, in addition to its use as a spaceship.

Then I'm gonna disappear for awhile and start building shit. It's really great having a mobile warehouse with a forcefield, y'know?
I think I'll periodically hijack Wily's propaganda speakers and yell (drunken) insults.

I'll mostly build lots of personalized shields and weaponry, alongside a robot army of human-sized AI powered Jaegers. Then I'll build one really AWESOME Robot Master to lead them, who punches with EXPLOSIONS.
I think I'll call him "Ballade".

Then I'll run through Wily's forces with MY forces, dropping off weapons and armaments on all the people I come across and telling them to come shoot things from behind my RIDICULOUS ROBOT ARMY.

They'll already know who I am, because of the drunken insults. They will believe in me. And I believe in them!


Then just before we storm the fortress, I'll find Rock and call him a pussy.

>> No.36948843

You. That amused me, and I like you.

As a token gift, have this.

>> No.36949302

Red I dont think you understand, most things other people could use can also be put into your bow, then multiplied by 60 or more. Thats what makes the bow of infinite fuck yous broken. There is a reason I gave it that name, its hilariously overpowered in a way that exploits magic that is hard to use in any other way but still benefits from most other magic(specifically the projectile multiplication).

You multiply the damage of shots that can probably already flatten a small country. The bow of infinite fuck yous just scales better than most anything. Digital pun pun even feeds it rather than being a counter to it. Its hilariously fucking broken.

Glad /jc/ is not and will never be multiplayer.

>> No.36949318

A Na'vi origin would be cool to have, I want to go off and study Pandora's wildlife on my own.

What I really want to do is explore their oceans. I want to see a Pandoran whale.

>> No.36949475

Actually... it's 60-300 now. I got the idea to modify the bow with E-Tech from Borderlands since it lets me make up to Pearlescent weapons... and since the Conference Call is a step BELOW that... ...yeah. It literally can fire up to 300 arrows per shot. On top of now being chi-enhanced from Legend of Chima and being able to teleport to any target via Star Trek technology being adapted into it.

I'm still pretty sure other people have done better. I mean come on, people like AntiSpiral or Konatanon or Eyebrows probably have made some raw Grade-A horse shit by now. Hell, plenty of others.

>> No.36949721

> people like Konatanon probably have made some raw Grade-A horse shit by now
Not... really? Sortof? I'm mostly content with being able to mass produce anything that is buildable. Mind, I can do that. That's a thing I can do. I practically devour schematics and information, both mechanical and biological, and if there's a way to make knockoff versions of anything I am there.

Did you know that Excalibur is the basis for all Demon Weapons in Soul Eater? That they're all knockoff versions of him? And Excalibur is one of my companions?
I probably figure out how to just MAKE those at some point, and then gradually crank up the power.

Replicators, nuclear fusion reactors made out of sunlight, rare and nigh indestructible alloys... I probably know how to make ALL that shit. And if I can't recall how off the top of my Eidetic Memory'd head, then it's downloaded in my massive Archive Magic Database and further backed up via Motherbox.

My modus operendi is NOT "I have one thing that is incredibly awesome", but rather, "I can MAKE things that are incredibly awesome... basically at will."

The closest singular thing that I would define as really "broken" would be my Sanguine Star, and I just... don't talk about that, because it's honestly kind of boring. I just assume I'm constantly adding in more magic and resources to it. Every week, at least. Anytime I get a magic upgrade, it gets substantially stronger. Y'know, in addition to all my blood I'm feeding it.

>> No.36949729

Countless. COUNTLESS TOURNAMMENTS. ALL OF THEM TAKEN, AND USED TO FORGE OUR ONE-ARMED WRESTLER INTO THE PINNACLE OF FABDOMINAL POWER. One-armed suplexes. One-armed pile drivers. The combatant known as The Hound quickly rose in fame - and while many insisted upon the slight of cheating that he supposedly did, over time that reputation was overcome by his legend. And now - stronger than he was before - he moves on. To be put to a test of command. A fleet-commander, an admiral. An admiral of quite the odd, eclectic...

Age: 22-years-old
Origin: Admiral
Drawbacks: Rival (+0 CP), Shellshock (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
-Captain's Orders (Free)
-Yamato Damashii
-Winds of Fortune
-Beacon of Hope
-Role Model
-Admiral's Uniform (Free)
-Marriage Ring & Documents (Free)
-Remodeling Equipment
-Looking Glass
-Repair Ship Akashi
-Light Cruiser Tenryuu
-Aircraft Carrier Princess

>> No.36949771

Avatar. I want to fight in Space 'Nam.

>> No.36949783

Eh, a simple broken weapon involves liberal use of Tower Seeds, the Golden Shovel, and the various sun tech available.

What it essentially amounts to is a gun that uses short-lived supernovas directed by massively powerful magnetic fields to vaporize just about anything.

Duplicated Aja stones are used to power the magnets in conjunction with Halo solar panels and tech from the Cities of Gold.

The projection array uses several Aja stone relays to concentrate energy into a single point, which then births and implodes a small star. The resulting blast is then funneled in one direction magnetically to waste whatever is in front of you.

I call it the Sun Gun

>> No.36949784


>> No.36949865

That would not birth and implode a small star, and creating a star would be a waste of energy. However if you do actually concentrate the energy into a single point you would create a black hole. Using tech from Mass effect, Dune, and at least a few other places it would be possible to launch that black hole.

>> No.36950082

If I take Gag Reel in the Blazblue Jump, how radically will it change the main storyline? I've watched a few of the "gag endings", but I want to know how this drawback changes the main conflict- are the evil dudes still out to kill the world? How much will the jump differ from the standard Blazblue universe?

>> No.36950137

It basically becomes a vacation jump instead of a 'Oh god I'm going to die' jump.

Unless you wind up like Ragna there.

>> No.36950192

>gurren lagann

HA no, my vote's for SCP Foundation

Hmm. Let's see.

There's the midgets, which-are in a nutshell, my attempt to get the best out of Dalek rage and Cyberman ingenuity.

Along with the Gundam mech/shadow battlecrab variable fighteresque abomination I created through Macross reverse engineering, both of these are basically contingent on stacking all the technomagical paradigms I've picked up, from Lambda drivers to the Bayomecha's chassis to TWCB subsystems to lyrium perma-enchantments to pre-Lord of Light prototype tech. They're almost less deliberate designs and more memorials of all the things I've picked up and learned over the ages.

Then there's the Z-Saber. It's integrated components include Virtual World's binary blade coding, an enchantment based off Galaxia and various energy form modifiers stemming from research into No More Heroes beam katanas. But all in all-at the end of the day, it's just a melee weapon, that just happens to be custom made for crowd control on the scale of armies.

There's always the Sonic Module Weirding Screwdriver-a device of SCIENCE! that is also the container for my copy of Fyora's Wand. Which, amongst other things, amplifies sonic bursts from any Ar Tonelico-style towers I build. It hacks, it unscrews things-and it has Universal Fire, integrated Power Ring and Essence of Uncreation settings for when I don't need a subtle solution.

But if I had to pick something truly broken-it'd be my uber-Reality Marble. It's exactly the sort of thing you can pull out a moment's notice. I mean, your bow is totally a WMD too, but this thing is...really unwieldly to use. It's going to take at least a few seconds to start reasserting a new reality-certainly longer than it'd take to start firing a bow. Once it actually gets /going/ conflicts tend to become...one sided. And that would bore our benefactor, which I /definately/ don't want.

>> No.36950311

> Storytime.
Sorry, I... don't really know what to tell you. A lot of it's just on the basis of, "I figure out how to do this." And then I mostly sit on the knowledge until I specifically need it for something. There aren't a lot of "stories" to tell. It's just "shit I know how to do".

... I mean, honestly? I'm probably capable of jumpstarting the singularity in any jump I go to. I'm like one of those ancient lost tech civilizations by myself. Late chain I can basically just shower tech onto people, which they can then maintain or repurpose with ease, although they might not actually understand it. It's like being able to recreating the CATastrophe jump at will, except without the animal ears.

Quicksilver would say I'm doing this wrong, I'm sure.

But I don't do that very often because I'm more interested in what I can learn myself. I'm kindof selfish in that manner. It would also screw up the settings a lot, and I usually want to maintain their general atmosphere. ... unless they suck.

The other downside is that, as great as this stuff is, I've got NOTHING on a true "artifact" like Red's bow. That thing blows anything I've got out of the water. I can't match it.

But I can still make satellites that shoot giant fuckoff lasers and send them into orbit en mass when I'm pissed, so I'll just give her that one.

Unless you want to hear about the Sanguine Star? It's not that interesting, really.

Or I could tell you about Embee.

>> No.36950323


>> No.36950374

The storytime was for the sanguine star, I have not heard of it yet so a one sentence storytime is infinitely more than I have now.

>> No.36950459

Is it really that bad normally?

I was under the impression that a mid-tier jumper could comfortably survive against most Blazblue opponents. Most don't seem to be all that strong, but I'm not familiar with the series, so I don't know for sure.

What's the relative powerlevel in that universe like? How strong are the main evil and good dudes?

What would it take to become Kokonoe's new student? She is a master of cybernetics and magitek and I would love to learn from her.

>> No.36950476

> both
I just hate going on for multiple posts, right? And post limits are so annoying.

Okay, let's start with the Sanguine Star. It's a variant of the Philosopher's Stone that doesn't use souls, but rather, blood.
A common Red Stone, by comparison, is just a weak fake Philosopher's Stone that uses distilled alchemic reagents in place of souls (they show up in FMA '03). So both are effectively "humane" versions of the philosopher's stone.

Basically, when you get down to is, all these stones are, of any variant, is a "battery" where pre-sacrificed resources are used to fuel later transmutations. You pay ahead of time, you use it later, and eventually the stone runs out and breaks. Some resources give back more than others (souls, notably, are basically unmatched). Over the millennia, I'll be performing experiments to see what I can add to the stone to increase yield, while feeding it a weekly allowance of blood and reagents.

Later, when I learn to enchant things, I start layering spells into it, to be used as magical fuel. Everything that gets thrown into this thing is a resource to be burned. You just start throwing in more and more magical energy and blood and reagents until, after a century, you've got a beast. Every new form of magic and every replicatable reagent is a source of fuel for that stone.

Just pour resources into it. Every week. Every jump. For hundreds and hundreds of years.

And then, in Bleach, I made that stone the source of my Fullbring.

>> No.36950559

I've been waiting for this ... opportunity.

>[1600] The Sons of Fate
There will never be another hero. There will never be another chance. You will fall... because judgement has come for you.
>[1600] Drop-In
I like the thought of appearing out of nowhere in the middle of the city. And upon realizing where I am, it's time to fuck everyone's shit and then disappear without a trace to make Wily ultra-paranoid. Yes, this whole jump will be me trolling Wily.
>[1600] OST (Free)
There's never anything wrong with getting some more music to add to the collection. I'm steadily building that up right now, in fact. This jump is exactly the kind of music I want.
>[1600] For Humanity's Sake (Free: Drop-In)
Five years experience? That pales in comparison to the lifetimes that brought me where I am today. But another five years couldn't hurt. I'll decide on the details later.
>[1500] Just An Ordinary Jumper
This is less a matter of 'hide the hardware' and more a matter of 'instantly equip my combat gear when it hits the fan', in my opinion. Since I can already shift items to and from the warehouse on demand, shifting an entire loadout complete with armor is highly advantageous.
>[1400] Basic Robotics
I already know how to do this... but there may be lessons here in how to optimize what I create.
>[1200] IC Chip Enhancement
Thou Shalt Create Machines In The Likeness Of A Human Mind. Because Skynet generally only happens when you treat them like shit.
>[600] Robot Master Construction
Ah, now we're talking. Granted... this is still a matter of detail, but it will still be most useful.
>[500] They're With Me
Because while I may be here to judge, my primary companion will come along; they will not be without Hope.
>[0] Spiked Wall Man (Anon's Stage)
Because fuck you if you think I'm going to play fair when someone gets on MY home turf. Which, unfortunately, does not necessarily exist in the physical realm. I am, after all, the Eater of Dreams.

>> No.36950583

Forgot to mention-nanomachines son. Specifically, a grey goo swarm acquired from Gargoyles, improved over the ages with Iji nanomachinery tinkering, the subatomic inscription of viking runes on their surface and various buffs by a feeding a portion of sous I'd otherwise consume via Dark Binding to the swarm in the form of enchantments. Not as modular as my other gadgets, but still a nice ace in the hole!

Alternatively-Mass Effect actually /has/ several black hole generating weapons. Conceivably you could use sun tech to simply make the existing systems more efficient, enabling you to fire larger singularities at a faster rate instead of going through the cumbersome process of creating and imploding a star.

And on that note-Mega Man!

Drawbacks: Copy Robot, SUPER FIGHITNG ROBOT, Comm Chatter (1600). This is gonna be one helluva learning experience for everyone involved...

Rolled Upon A Star

Doctor (1500), Age 38. Cue Doctor Who references, 24/7
OST (Free). Pic related
Basic Robotics (Free). New jump, new tech
Robot Master Construction (1200). Backup robot bodies-you never know when you might need one!
Unique Architecture (600). Hah...too appropriate /not/ to take
Weaponization (400). Wherever I go-everything is potentially a weapon, when you have this and Smithy's Army
IC Chip (300). Doubt I'd have much use for a sentient machine, but...
Hover Capsule (100)...I DO want to make these things into autonomous drones
Time Capsule (Free). Well, at least I'll have fun with this post-Spark
Pun Power (0). Ice to see my Danny Phantom powers are a cool way of getting my foes to chill out

It's been /ages/ since I've assumed this form-but it feels very appropriate to do so in this jump.

>> No.36950591

Wait, so It's a killer power-source, but what does it do? What does it fuel?

>> No.36950649

The Star? It fuels FMA-style transmutations of a grand scale. It's basically a Philosopher's Stone in all but name, and possibly becoming even more powerful than one as the centuries go by. Massive terraformations, reconstruction, healing, energy blasts, and even revival of the recently deceased are possible. All by just touching the stone and willing something to happen.

> cont'd

I imagine, if I ever figure out how to replicate SOULS, I'd be able to increase the yield substantially. Beyblade of all jumps has some promising ideas about that, given that all Beys apparently have souls, even artificial ones, and artificial Beys are, by definition, artificial and thereby replicatable, it would be a massive boon to my research. If I could manage to create a non-sentient "pseudo-soul", the power output yield for that would be amazing.

> Fullbring
Anyway, for the Fullbring powers I went ahead and took "Cloak" and "Memories"; meaning that while it's active I can transmute anything I touch, period, and can even transmute the thoughts inside your head.

The Sanguine Star also, of course, acts as a great emergency healing device, and can call up massive terraformation and even energy blasts as needed.

Of course, it's all finite, so I tend not to use it unless neccesary. It's very much a "Now I will show you my TRUE POWER" kind of deal.

Pretty crazy, huh?

>> No.36950660

>instead of going through the cumbersome process of creating and imploding a star.
Actually I was saying that process doesn't even happen with what he was describing. The energy itself has mass, or more accurately the matter(such as the photons) have an increased mass related to their energy, if you concentrate enough of it in a small enough area it will produce a black hole.

>> No.36950665

The long and short of this jump is that I'm going to appear out of, essentially, nowhere. Randomly wreck everything, then disappear. And repeat the process periodically, while going around in civvies outside of these... incidents, learning the lay of the land and surreptitiously scanning any technology of interest that I can find.

And then I start screwing with Wily's dreams, because reasons. I'm pretty sure I can use this to learn how he ticks... and I doubt he's a lucid dreamer; even if he is, the fact that he'll wake up with whatever injuries he gets from when I go walking into his head at night should sufficiently spook him; hopefully it won't come to the injuries being more than what he might have done by scratching himself with his fingernails in his sleep.

Slowly keep turning things up. Attacks begin to happen a little closer together, do a little bit more damage. First few attacks took out one robot? Well, now they take out two. Now they take out three. They started a couple weeks apart? Now it's 13 days. Now it's 12.

The secret to cooking a frog is to make sure it doesn't realize the water's getting hotter until it's far too late to jump back out. And by the time it occurs to the frog to jump out, it's already half-cooked. That's the secret here; about the time Wily realizes things are far more wrong than he could think, I'll be pulling the rug out from under him.

Justice has come. He will be judged... as will the people who thought it better to keep their heads down and just pretend everything is okay.

There are no heroes. Mankind is doomed.

>> No.36950802

Oh so its the answer to my question from last thread about how to store massive amounts of energy. Once I master my technorganimagic conversion with matter>energy>matter conversion then feeding it should be relatively easy so long as I have rocks lying around. Then it will replace my blood, and I will finally have my dream of a body nigh impossible to destroy that does not drain me the instant I use it.

>> No.36950829

Wait-is inducing absolute despair a winning option? I thought you HAD to go full noblebright and save errbody. Only reason I /didn't/ pick that because I figured inspiring hope and fighting spirit...really isn't my shtick.

If you're interested in artificial souls-Geneforge Necromancy can apparently do similar things; with a little research I'm sure you could apply the principles to create something approaching a genuine soul, albeir probably at a fairly low efficiency rating.

For a longer shot-King Vendrick and his brother Aldia of Dark Souls apparently conducted research into souls; might want to nab some of his research notes while you're there. Oh-and Danny Phantom can teach you to work with ectoplasm, for what that's worth.

>> No.36950850

> Or I could tell you about Embee.

Embee is my nickname for Motherbox, from DC, whom I consider to be a Companion. This does mean it takes a slot away from other companions, but...

I'm not really much of a "companion" jumper. I straight up ignore all companion related perks, every time, and assume that they always appear as drop-ins without additional perks. Any powers they get are ones I gave them myself with my science powers.

But every once in awhile, you get FREE companion perks. And when that happens, I give them to Embee. That's why, for instance, Embee is my Pactio from Negima, and gets a sympathetic boost in power just because we exist together.

Speaking of Negima, I took the Oculus Corvinus, which are near indestructible flying spy drones, and I gave them to Embee to control. Then, over time, I reverse engineered, miniaturized (007 Jump), and improved their design, knocking together thousands of pint sized invisible spy drones commanded by Embee, who commands them from the supercomputer I have built inside my base, which uses DC's Lair's notBat Computer as a base and is continuously upgraded as the jumps go on.

They can also shoot lasers!

So, after awhile, Embee is basically able to monitor entire countrysides and alert me to anything going on with its cheery little "Ping!"

That's in addition to being able to send orders to my robot armies from that same terminal.

Embee's pretty scary, in a Big Brother kind of way.

I love that little guy.

>> No.36950927

Also, yeah, that would probably work. I mean, in the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, Father and Hohenheim replace their bodies with Philosopher's Stones (which are the "uses souls" version), and basically have ridiculous magical powers because of it.

So doing that with a Sanguine Star is basically just a less horrifically evil version of that.

They CAN run dry, mind. But it's a pretty big battery, and if you're not running around blowing holes in mountains e'ryday, you can just keep adding enough resources to keep ahead of it.

My version (turn it into a suit of armor) is just basically a safer version of it, with a minor loss in power.

And keep in mind that these all required, like, entire nations' worth of souls/blood to pull off. But if you're devoting a couple centuries to this, it's not as big a deal.

Good things come to those who half-ass things over an extremely long period of time!

>> No.36951002

dc and marvel science perks, I think everyone underestimates the fact that those guys can churn out stuff with power output enough to be measured in how many times the surface of the sun hot it is.

Tech from worlds where they just don't overlap is going to be my main focus. KND was one of the best worlds for this because of how freaking powerful the tech there is for what you need to make it and that I can fanwank it overlaping with other tech.

>> No.36951017

>Is inducing absolute despair a winning option?
This is Protomen. Despair already reigns absolute. But you misunderstand; passing judgement is different from sentencing them to suffer.

I weep for mankind. They have been judged and found wanting; they followed the man who turned the wheels, anywhere he would lead. When the wheels fell off the machine, they never knew what to do. Justice shall be swift, but not unkind; their society is flawed, and it shall be necessary to change it outright.

They need to learn to walk on their own once more.

Is it bad that I want to stay more than ten years simply to try and help them become better people?

>> No.36951018

Oh I was talking about ways of generating energy here.

>> No.36951200

OH right. Well in that case-pic related. Go on, create an inevitable body count in the interim period between killing anyone you deem sufficiently unmotivated to fighting back against Wily i.e. anyone who prefers an automated dystopia to actually having to work and acclimitising to a new society that has to figure out how to maintain infrastructure/acquire resources themselves. I'm sure they won't just devolve into an anarchic mob right after they finish rising up against their robotic overlords.

>philo stones

Oddly enough, for some reason I never really used those. Not actually sure why, they just seemed a bit fiddly to set up and I'd rather use a different paradigm than spend ages figuring out loopholes around Equivalent exchange.

I just acquire many, many familiars through Dark Binding and the Power of Dominance, snacking down on (mostly) wicked souls wherever I go. With Minecraft's Soul Shard, the process can be greatly expediated, letting me devour many copies of relatively weak souls for sustenance to constantly add to my astral aggregate. Heck, even a single cloned footsoldier of Paradiso is a fine snack, let alone millions once one has been copied through an automated shard conveyer belt setup.

>> No.36951228

The beauty of Wily's regime is that the only human in it is Wily. I just need to figure out how the hell to teach an entire civilization that they've been doing it wrong within eight years' time. It's... going to be an interesting challenge.

To be honest, Protomen is one of those settings where it's hard not to leave the people to the mess they actively wanted.

>> No.36951330


Yeah, see, that's one of those points where we differ substantially, Mister AntiSpiral. As a true Spiral, I consider actual souls to be rather important, and not acceptable as a means of fuel or power. That's why I work hard to develop means around them, even if it's not easy.
As my rival from Yugioh would tell you, anything that's truly worth anything requires effort! Not that I'd ever, ever tell her that.

I don't really have the same compunctions about artificially created souls in a lab setting, though. They are, by definition, artificial, lab created, blank, and belonging to no one. So, because I created them, I can do with them whatever I want.
Red would probably disagree, I think, and this is one of those things wherein I'm just a little crueler than her.
I would feel more torn up about erasing a self-aware machine, to be honest.

Incidently, can't afford the Necromancy; all points went to understanding genetics and crystals for EXTREME MAGITEK / GENEFORGING. Already picked up the Ectoplasm, too. And Jojo's Twisting Palms gives me a hypothetical knowledge for how to manipulate other forms of spiritual matter, for that matter. Not that it matters.

Didn't know about Vendrick, though. I'll be sure to look into that, thanks.

>> No.36951391

You don't really need Geneforge Necromancy for the souls, Geneforge creations have souls as powerful as the creation, with Serviles almost certainly having human like souls, due to basically being artificial humans that have been created in such a way that they are more subservient. It also isn't that hard to make Serviles.

>> No.36951428

Y'know what? We need more builds up in here, and I've decided to go through my jumpchain and tweak things. So might as well post them in here.




Start location: Unova
Age: 18

Identity: Hermit [950]
Starting Pokemon: Sewaddle [900]

Survival Training (Free)
Combat Training [800]
Physical Fitness [700]
Ranger [550]
Pokeglot [250]

Bag (Free)
HM Kit [200]
Bicycle [150]
Headsets [50]
Laptop [-50]
Rappelling Rig [-100]
Medkit [-150]
Rebreather [-200]
Pokenav, Pokedex, 5x Pokeballs, 3x Potions, Hat (Free)

Marked (Team Plasma) [0]

So it begins. Shut-in little me is dropped into the world of pokemon, and all I want to do is play more videogames. Too fuckin' bad, Ghetsis hates you.

Maybe Ghetsis found out I can talk to pokemon, and that's supposed to be N's deal. And he made me out to be some kind of Poke-antichrist to N's Poke-jesus, so now I have Team Plasma on my ass the whole time.

Having a Sewaddle as my starter really saves my ass, though. Sewaddle is a boss, and before long, I have a Leavanny when most of the Plasma Grunts are still slinging patrats and purrloins my way. Burgh had the right idea.

Having a Leavanny alone won't cut it, though. Plasma does employ woobats, and Leavanny is terrified of woobats because flying-types. First order of business is getting the hell away from Plasma.

My travels will take me throughout Unova, letting me befriend a diverse array of pokemon- A Joltik, a Mienfoo, and a Golett. Hiding out in Twist Mountain for a while snags me a nifty little Cover Fossil, letting me add a Carracosta to my team and round it out.


>> No.36951450


So, I have a diverse team of pokemon. Magnolia the Leavanny, Allesandro the Galvantula, Lien the Mienshao, Adam the Golurk, and Raphael the Carracosta. All well and good for fighting Plasma, Except I have to Fight N.

N has Reshiram. Which is bad. None of my pokemon can deal with that kind of power. The closest is Carracosta, but even then I'm in trouble.

Living in the Unova region is a good thing for me, because it means I can make friends with Skyla, who could arrange for a plane ride to Anywhere Fucking Else. Preferably Hoenn. Hoenn's nice.

But that's not how Brows does.

Leaving an entire region of people to the fate of releasing all their pokemon isn't my fucking deal. No way I could turn my back on that shit. My entire journey spent running from Plasma has forged my bonds with pokemon in fire.

If Team Plasma wants to make an enemy of me, then I'll be their enemy. The Black to their White. I won't let them seperate people from pokemon. I've talked to them all my life. I know them, and I know that Pokemon and Humans belong together. To seperate them would be a disservice to anyone.

Maybe I'm just an idealist. There are horrible people out there who abuse their pokemon and think of them as nothing bt tools. The truth is ugly. But it's better an idealist than a cynic.

With Team Plasma foiled, maybe it'd be best for me to go take a vacation. I'm competitive, so naturally I'd want to challenge the pokemon league, but staying in Unova isn't what I'd want to do. Maybe call up Skyla and go to Hoenn or Kalos. Collect some stones. I have 10 years to chill out - Though, I'll have to revisit Unova after a couple years to smack Ghetsis around some more. And hopefully not get Zekrom absorbed by Kyurem in the process.

>> No.36951545

>> No.36951571

Oh shit, surprise jump

>> No.36951614

You cheeky motherfucker
I love it!

>> No.36951628

No need to make a fuss.

>> No.36951636

>White Hat has two age categories

>> No.36951693

At once, a beacon of hope and prosperity, and in ten years a simple military harbor became a thriving port city for all who followed the One-Armed Admiral's philosophies. The Aircraft Carrier Princess was saved, one of many that found themselves redeemed and working with our warrior-jumper. The oceans around the harbor-city became the safest, as Ship-Girl and Abyss worked in tandem. His test of command, tactics, and leadership became an even greater test - one of compassion. But compassion will not aid him here, in a world where fighting spirit manifests as powerful guardians and abilities. It is time for our jumper to join the...

Age: 19-years-old
Era: Rising Stars
Drawbacks: 77 Rings (+0 CP), Enemy Stand-User (+500)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Origin: Explorer
Perks & Abilities:
-Calisthenics (Free)
-Dynamic Entry (Free)
-Joestar Secret Technique (Free)
-Dramatic Persona (free)
-Multi-Lingual (Free)
-Steady Breathing (Free)
-Appraising Eyes
-Sense of Adventure
-Born In The Saddle
-Spin Doctor
Artifacts & Beneficial Gear:
-The Arrowhead
-Contact Book
-Stand-Sight Glasses

>The Stand:
Name: Part of the Pack
-Destructive Power: C
-Speed: A
-Range: B
-Durability: D
-Precision: C
-Developmental Potential: A

Appearance: Still working on it.

Abilities: WAAAAAY still working on it.

>> No.36951701

There's a typo in Spare key. "recognize you on sight as something unworlfy"

>> No.36951726

Seriously what the fuck is this?

And don't say "CYOA" because I gathered that.

>> No.36951745

Go to the google folder, go to the Quicksilver one. There should be a pdf there that explains the rules and premise.

>> No.36951764

It's a series of cyoa's that you due one after the other. Pick up the ability to toss around fireballs in the first jump and you still can in the second.

>> No.36951799

Essentially, this is a series of CYOAs (which we have archived on the Google Drive; seriously we have more than a hundred at this point) which are designed to create and continue a running narrative. The only solid rule is doing the Pokemon jump first, and abiding by the point-buy system; after the Pokemon jump you can apply any supplements (such as the warehouse and body mod) and start bouncing around the multiverse as you see fit.

It grows on you.

>> No.36951841

What is the point in keeping track of your character if you never run into other people, there's no order, etc.?

It seems kinda akin to opening up the rules for GURPS, D&D, Shadowrun, and Dark Heresy, then assigning skill points for each game to the same character.

>> No.36951854

>What is the point in keeping track of your character if you never run into other people, there's no order, etc.?
It's fun.
>It seems kinda akin to opening up the rules for GURPS, D&D, Shadowrun, and Dark Heresy, then assigning skill points for each game to the same character.
I guess you could look at it that way.

>> No.36951904

What's the point of playing any CYOA?
For the fun of it
Some of us Writefag out adventures

>> No.36951919

I have to be female to be a Slayer you say?..

>Age: 17
>[1000] Spare Key
Well, being spontaneously spawned into existence is as good a solution as any.
>[1000] High Stakes Fighter (Free)
Because punching HARD isn't as important as punching WELL. (Though if you can do both...)
>[900] Spike in Crime
Lockpicking. Hotwiring. Pickpocketing. You know, things any kid should know how to do.
>[800] Pop Culture 101
"I understood that reference! And I'm not dumb enough to sound like a fucking idiot about it!"
>[500] Technopathy
Thus do we invoke the Machine God. Thus do we make whole that which was sundered.
>[200] Slayer
This is, really, going to end up being necessary. I don't know if this means I'm going to be a Slayer who should not be, or replace one of the ones that exist in canon, but... well, knowing the raw potential that Slayers have, it's worthwhile to get this.
>[0] Slayer Handbook
And this thing, right here? This is the key to the kingdom. Full stop. I'm going to have to consider putting this jump before ANY others that have full blown magic (not counting things like Lord of Light and Ar Tonelico).

It's a good thing that certain perks allow my gender to be highly variable when I choose for it to be; I'm okay with spending ten years as a girl in this jump. As long as I'm not bumping uglies with anyone below room temperature.
I seriously considered taking the Tabula Rasa drawback to simply see what would happen in this world if someone actually used their damn brains when fighting the supernatural, but I'm pretty sure that would make me an even bigger target than I already will be, so... yeah. Plus, considering how dangerous this world can be? Yeah.
I think this is another world that's getting the Twilight treatment: ten years of aggressive hunting of vampires and demons. There are too many vampires and this world goes full stupid when season eight hits, I'm told.

Also, fuck, leave Buffy dead. When someone's street pizza, YOU LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE.

>> No.36951948

>Taking Honorary Xeno into Warhams 40 kilograms
Now this will give a nice boost if you're trying to be less... in-setting about things.

>> No.36951969

Do the gentlemen literally take your heart? Like, the organ that pumps blood? It's not some metaphor for your soul or emotions or something?

>> No.36952039

>dem drawbacks

OUCH. Okay, let's go with The Perfect Heart and The Body (1500), between Emotional Distance, TOWER CONNECT, SoL's Optimism and PS238's Happy and Content-well, let's just say you don't travel 190+ jumps without developing a will of iron. And I /welcome/ the challenge of facing down the Gentlemen, gotta practice my demon binding techniques adapted from Naruto seals

Wolfram & Hart Lawyer, Age 26 (1400). THe only thing viler than a demon in this universe

Legal Upgrade (1100). For writing much more..amenable contracts between myself and any demons I might meet in the future
Sorcery Savant (800). In fact-let's get this summoning party started, right now!
Necro-Tempered Glasses (Free). Off little use to me-but might work as a bribe to the vampire community
Geneticist (300). Clone a Mohra demon, and hook that fucker up to an IV. Boom-permanent source of happy feeling blood
Box of Gavrok (100). I just need a small sample from one of these lil' guys-to begin making my own box of demon spiders
More Than It Hurts Me (0). And you best believe it...

Ascension is tempting. But honestly-I have quite a few final forms at the moment that could probably dwarf its puissance. I'ma decide to help out the Mayor in his own ascension in exchange for some pointers on doing the ritual himself, he's a pretty cool guy and he's definately getting a place in my future multiversal empire.

The other BBEGs can fuck right off, though. Given my background I won't exactly be an /ally/ to Buffy and co., but I can certainly make life very difficult for their enemies. Let's see how Glorificus fares against DC magic and also godhood.

>> No.36952133

>Glorificus vs the Anti-Spiral Anon

Dis gun be goooood.

>> No.36952239

No love for SCP? SCP.

>> No.36952254

For the guys doing their MMC builds, you might have to revise them. Not because there have been a lot of changes, but because there might be a few clauses for taking Megaman jumps in order.

Also, a gentle reminder that taking perks like buster upgrades, Copy Systems, flight, and overall upgrades (Unique Architecture and Chassis Upgrades) twice does not make them redundant. A VWES and Copy System will result in a system with 16 different weapons, 8 at full power and 8 versatile ones. Unique Architecture gives you a Maverick Virus prototype that actually helps you, and will mean that your Reploid body will benefit from both Wily and Light tech.

Just putting it out there in case people think that their MMX builds make a lot of things in MMC redundant. Same thing for Zero.

>> No.36952266

I might have a go at a SCP jump, after everything else. And there's already a wiki for it.

Oooh, neat! Is there any pattern to your jump creations?

>> No.36952298

... oh my, yes.

>> No.36952310

Neat, I was already planning on going from start to finish. Or, well, the end of Z, until or if ZX and Legends happen.

>> No.36952370

Oh, they will. Odama and I are looking to do ZX after Zero, and Wild Card has plans for Legends.

When Starforce is finished, possibly by me, or SpyroAnon if he comes back, similar rules might apply.

You probably won't end up affecting major plot events that much, they'll still happen, but in different ways. But that Time Capsule you left? Or the invention of a beam saber a hundred years early? They'll leave a mark.

We do still need major plot events to happen, like a robot rebellion or a coup, for the jumps to work, but most of everything else is fair game.

>> No.36952409

Bit of a tangent, but the events that happen within the jumps aren't what I'd like to meddle with myself. It's what happens in the gaps. What happens after ZX and the Elf Wars themselves, specifically. Can't get at those, though. But I am going to make sure to take genetic samples of humanity way back in X and then clone them for the sake of taking the world back from the accursed Carbons in Legends.

>> No.36952531


> Identity: Demon (Swell) [-300CP]
> Age: 20 [Rolled3]
> Demonology [Get a Freebie!]
> Brilliant [-300CP]
> Robotics Genius [-300CP]
> Technopathy [-300CP]
> Leporiphobia [+100CP]
> Zeppo [+100CP]

I... don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

Note to self: Take this jump BEFORE I take Razzle Dazzle and gain the killer rabbit as a companion.

So! Yeah. I'm... I guess I'm pretty much the token joke character in this setting. I'm an incredible genius the likes of which is totally unmatched in this setting, with psychic control over machines.
I'm also a tiny stuffed animal shaped like a vampy cat. Who is deathly afraid of rabbits.
I just...

I don't even know.

Anyways, Embee gets a lot of mileage around here! I'll be aware of most of what happens in this town. I'll probably also construct a robot body for myself. And, I don't know what else.
Way I figure it? This jump goes one of two ways. Either I end up switching sides and helping the Slayer somewhat early on within these ten years, or I become the token joke enemy who comes back again and again and is laughed away... until my ninth year where I suddenly take over the entire town in a surge of technological horror.

Either way, should be fun!
Except for the bunnies...

>> No.36952590

So for the Scooby perk, it says its discounted for "Special" with a little star. What's that? Or am I just missing something?

>> No.36952619

I think it's just the heart their after, actually. Creepy fellas all the same, though hauntingly polite.

I usually just pick settings that provided me some entertainment.There has been one setting I created simply due to loathing it. No real pattern. I only make jumps for stuff I'm familiar with and think other people might enjoy visiting.

Open to suggestions for the next one, but I probably won't make something I haven't seen.

>> No.36952663

>Check the list.
>Kancolle comes right before Team Fortress in my chain

So uhh... So uhh... What's the benefits of eating Australium?

>> No.36952667

What setting did you hate if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.36952712

>Scooby perk
The perk lets you befriend a character and take them from the setting as a companion. Some characters may be discounted if they share a common background with the jumper.

Jumpers who are slayer get a discount on characters who are slayers.
Watchers get discounts on watchers.
Demons get discounts on other demons.
Spare Key could have a discount on Dawn (The Key) if they really wanted it.

I shouldn't have added the asterisk, I just meant there was a special discount applied based off of your chosen origin (or some perks).

>which setting did you hate?
I don't like Twilight.

>> No.36952772

Does primal lineage do anything for those that aren't a vampire?
Also what happens If I pick Slayer and Prophetic (upgraded too?)?

>> No.36952780

> Notes to Self
> Build a massive underground facility beneath Sunnydale.
> Possibly with a Mako Reactor jacked straight in the middle, which is primed (but not active) to draw energy straight from either hell or the barrier TO hell, as a sortof "ultimate trump card".
> Build lots and lots and LOTS of robots.
> Have an emblem on most machines that consists of a giant insanely grinning Swell's head.

Eggman would be so proud of me! If only he could see me now!

>> No.36952792

...Just how many pictures of Konata do you have squirelled away.

Nevermind, I realised where I was talking.

How's everybody else doing with their jumps in progress? Mine are in a constant state of not enough inspiration to finish!

>> No.36952813

>Primal Lineage
You get a tougher chest, I suppose. Upgraded version could still give you an animal form. If you're a vampire in past/future jumps the resistances could be useful.

>Slayer + Prophetic
Slayer prophecies are only when you're asleep, and pretty infrequent - plus they only pertain to stuff you would be dealing with anyway, sort of a head's up before trouble comes for you. Prophetic can lead you to other people in need to help who you probably never would have met otherwise.

>> No.36952818

Mine is in a bit of a rut right now, I'm constantly ill and tired so I don't get a chance to work on it which is a shame because I really want it finished at some point. Korra

>> No.36952936

Alright thanks, I think this will be one of the few jumps I take the drop in option for since I can't say no to being a slayer. I'll definitely be taking the musical option too.

>> No.36953871

Van Helsing - 67%
Spiral Knights - 60%
Guilty Gear - 5%
AvP-Universe - 90%

GG's going a bit slowly because while I have momentum on the others, trying to get this one started was a bit of a challenge. Once I get AvP or Van Helsing done that one should rocket completion-wise though.

After that, I'm thinking.... Deltora Quest? Belgariad?

>> No.36953967

Shouldn't that have been discounted for Vampires?

>> No.36953997

Looking through the Musician Jump I find myself wanting the perks from one genre but the actual music of another, it would have been cool if Drop-in got a Michael Winslow style sound copying skill.
Picking Legend and Battle of the Bands could be amazing, have a long dead legend on my side vs another long dead legend on theirs. Possibly the same person? Freddie vs Freddie?

>> No.36954005


Could Primal Lineage apply to vampires outside the jump by raising other vampire forms to a higher generation so to speak?

>> No.36954300

- 20
- Spare Key
>Special Abilities
- High Stakes Fighter (900)
- Military Experience (700)
- Adaptability (300)
- Flight (-200)

- The Sunnydale Effect (0)

First order of business is to find a place to crash. Maybe Angel or Spike would lend a hand, it's not like they'd be able to out fight me. I think I'll help out the Scooby Gang, if only just to show up and watch while swooping down and beating up the villain of the week. Probably will have a fling with Buffy, then again DAYUM she gets around. My companions Belle and Rex will also hang around, although considering they're probably just average highschool students (Seeing how again no companion import).

>> No.36954431

It's literally your heart. They put them into these cute, squat little mason jars.

>> No.36954518

If you've somehow found a way to survive without your heart, do you think they'd leave you alone if you just gave it to them?

>> No.36954611

Good question; I dunno. In the epiisode, which is my favorite by the way, its beautiful and creepy, they just float around at night looking for specific hearts. In the lore, they get six and then bounce.

>> No.36954742

Well /jc/ it's a Straya-fag here and it just ticked over to 12am so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

>> No.36954765

Time to share Santa jump builds?

>> No.36954802

I'll do have the twelve shots of Christmas then I will post mine.

>> No.36954997

I'm torn. On one hand, evil wizard lawyer sounds like my dream job... But on the other hand, I generally try to stay a good guy during my jumps.

How hard is it to betray them and survive, anyway? Covertly or overtly, either is fine.

>> No.36955122

Righteo, shots done Santa buidl time!

The War on Christmas- 1600 General Johnson is just hella mad he didn't get a bike in '75
The Nightmare before Christmas- 1600 Spoopy skellingtons are gonna get shanked
Bad Weather- 1600 Fuck you thunder

Rolled 6+18- 24

Promoted- 1500 Employee of the month right here

Holly Jolly Criminal- Free No one can stop the Juggenaut!
A single night- Free Why do I get the feeling that Santa is a Vampire?
Toy-Making- Free You want some toys mother fucker? Well you got them.
Naughty or Nice- 1400 Absolutely Vital
Summon Cocoa- 1200 Bet you the families will be surprised when there is some baller cocoa AND presents Christmas morning.
Spreading the Cheer- 600 You would shoot Santa now would you Shepard? Blackbird is already fueled up and waiting out back Alucard.
Magic Toys- Discount- 300 Mother fuckin MAGIC TOYS this time

Santa Suit- Free
Magic Sack- Free
The List- Free Fuckin mandatory
Workshop- Free Witwicky? Nice, Get him some cocoa
Elves- Free My brethren of small stature
Mall Santas- 100 Pick the right one punk ass army men, or the Santa Claus is mess you up

Santa's Harley- 0 Nosferatus? HAHAHAHA Swerve peasants Santa rules the skies tonight

Step 1. Spread Joy and fucking Merriment
Step 2. Shank a skelington
Step 3. Drink some fucking cocoa
Step 4. ???


>> No.36955136

Considering Buffy herself is the most Mary Sue Slayer, and she has a bigger Mary Sue Lesbian Witch friend. I would say pretty hard. You got to strike them early and fast.

>> No.36955149

Why would you shank Jack? He's a skeleton, he has no flesh to hurt. Plus he's a very nice fellow.

>> No.36955287

No, no, you misunderstand - I mean betray Wolfram and Hart. Switch sides, use my skills for the Powers What Is.

>> No.36955328

You've got no hope. Wolfram and Hart doesn't tolerate betrayal, and they devote a lot of their resources to punishing it. You might be able to run from them, but they'll catch you eventually. Though they might not kill you afterward, just put you in a hellish torture dimension until they have need of you.

>> No.36955373

You either do what they plan for you or go to a hell dimension where you'll have your heart cut out slowly day in and day out.

>> No.36955395

Would that one Twilight Imperium power fuck that over?

>> No.36955464

So, don't do it unless I Jump into Buffy late, or at least hit Castlevania and Jojo first.

>> No.36955502

Just don't make any deals with them, written or verbal, and you've got a chance. If you make a deal, though, you've lost.

Also, keep in mind that the more violence you do the more they win. So there's diminishing returns when it comes to fighting them.

>> No.36955520

If fact avoid making deals, wishes, or anything along those lines period while in the Whedonverse. Even off handed remarks can end poorly.

>> No.36955700


I'd argue the extended Primal Lineage is arguably too expensive. You end up spending 1100 just to be a vampire with none of the vampire drawbacks. This ultimately pretty much just amounts to agelessness, not needing air and being better at fighting. I mean it's not bad but it's not 1100 points worth. On the other hand it's pretty low power overall so it's not that much of an issue.

I'd also say that Scooby is way too expensive. It'd be easy to befriend one of them pretty easily given that you likely have some supernatural skill or other expertise and you know where they are. It also puts you at way more risk to be around them since they're constantly in the thick of it. The similar 'Shepard's Flock' in Mass Effect actually gives you 100 CP because of this. I'd say a +0 CP drawback would be more appropriate. Alternatively you could add in a 'you're a little luckier' clause to justify the expense as this also fits nicely with the theme (as the main characters other than Buffy don't die that often).

Great job though overall. Really captures the feeling of it nicely and there's a good mix of Angel and Buffy in there.

>> No.36955730

If he went Lawyer already then chances are he's already signed a document, or done something that they can hold over him.

>> No.36955746

Yeah, he's fucked.

>> No.36955762

>I'd also say that Scooby is way too expensive.
I'd agree if not for the fact that it gives you a canon character as a companion after the jump. That's why I think its so expensive, and why the cost isn't inappropriate.

>> No.36955781

Does it say when you're dropped in? Because that would be important to know, IMO.

>> No.36955788

Yeah fair enough. Saves on a stasis pod I guess.

400 CP may still be steep for that though but if it is it's only by like 100 CP or something.

>> No.36955943

That's what Fate Jump is for. Rule Breaker may not be something you can purchase; but you can probably tank Medea and grab it.

>> No.36955976

New jump. How mysterious.

>> No.36955988

For The Sunnydale Effect, I want to interpret "forget who has supernatural powers" to mean that late game jumpers will run from vampires in a blind panic because they often forget they can punch hard enough to level buildings.

>> No.36956187

So after looking at the builds, a bit of wording from Reploid anon... I realize I have made a grievous error. As such, my build is completely changed.

-Background: Light Number (900CP) -The good doctor realized he needed a back-up. I am that back-up.
-OST (Free) -It's time to boogey down while fucking them all up.
-Just An Ordinary Robotic 10-Year-Old (Free) -The ability to enter a 'civvie' mode to hide is pretty darn good!
-Solar Powered (800CP) (Discount) -Let the power of the sun wash over me. LET IT BE DONE.
-Fieldwork Optimization (400CP) -Not only that, but I am very, VERY durable.
-Weapon Copy System (100CP) (Discount) -Combined with MMX's Reploid tech and this? I have a LOT OF COPY SYSTEMS.
-Unique Architecture (-500CP) -Wily thinks he's accounted for all of his designs. He's wrong.
-x2 Plasma Buster (-600CP) (Discount) -Improve the base damage of my buster cannons. I can charge them later.
-The Sons of Fate (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Protomen (Drawback), 14 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

An obscenely powerful robot with 16+ copy slots, an enigmatic design, blended together with my old Reploid technology (which in turn had stuff like two fully upgraded Busters and Environmental Systems along with a fully upgraded chassis). Dr. Wily doesn't know what's coming.

But he will. Hope is on the way.

>> No.36956303

Investigation Jumpchain 0.9

Added Intro blurb
Filled out Locations
Touched up Freebie blurb to encourage themed investigators (ten years of pastry based crimes, coming up)
Added Items
Added Companion Option
Added Ending blurb

>> No.36956331

Why do I have a feeling that destroying the Deadlight is a terrible idea. Also is the Blood Magpie intended to be free or is his cost accidentally omitted?

>> No.36956334

all companions are free, but you only get one.

>> No.36956336

Wow, so many jumps! It's almost like it's Christmas- oh.

>> No.36956357

My word. It's like Christmas in July. In December.

>> No.36956372

Why is ACT 1? Is there a part 2?

>> No.36956389

There will be, yeah. Literally finished act one like ten minutes ago or so.

>> No.36956395

Forgot age/gender.

Added Age/Gender

>> No.36956444

Aaaand now with budget

>> No.36956454

Y'know what? lets chalk this post down to me enjoying a bit too much christmas cheer. Yes companions have a cost, and the magpie should have one as well, I forgot to put it in.

>> No.36956483


>> No.36956539

YES. I can't wait to mess with the crew of CSI, Bones, NCIS, and Psych.

There will be shenanigans. And plenty of soul stealing with so many evil people around.

>> No.36956576

Finally, a jump where I can replace my penis with a chainsword.

>> No.36956729

>Why do I have a feeling that destroying the Deadlight is a terrible idea
Yeah, I don't know the lore so a heads up on this would be nice. Although, likely as not imma do it anyway, 'cause power, but it'd help out my daydreaming to know what shit I caused.

>> No.36956827

Few spelling mistakes corrected, added a price for the spess marin.

>> No.36957160

This isn't an End Jump is it?

>> No.36957190

Not on its own, no.

>> No.36957416

Question for those that companion. Do you assume that the limit of 8 companions per jump means that you have to have the same 8 companions for the whole jump, or that you can only have 8 companions deployed at a time, but you can swap out over the course of the jump.

>> No.36957462

I assumed it was a total of eight companions full stop, mostly because I don't like the idea of sticking extra people in basically a magic fridge when I don't want them around / need them.

>> No.36957507

I assume you can swap them out as you want. Not that it matters to me, I've only got three of the slots filled so far.

>> No.36957554

Uh, what exactly happens if I destroy the Deadlight thing? I'm incredibly leery of ever setting foot on 40k ever for any reason as it is. Having to choose between going without any of my jump abilities AND without the standard 1000 cp (in 40k, no less. that should be like a +600 cp drawback at least.) or break the vaguely important artifact of (possible) doom is certainly not helping matters. At all.

>> No.36957594

Lets put it this way, are you able to kill someone with ease? Can you shoot a target 300m without missing? Can you take a bullet? Are you able to run? Are you physically fit? If no, then I would break the artifact and get your powers back. You wont be of any use to the Captain in your current state.

>> No.36957729

On the bright side even though you might not have any abilities you still have any knowledge you have gained up until that point.

>> No.36957732

Yeah, but does the deadlight do that makes it so valuable?

>> No.36957773

You can have more than 8 companions total, but you can only have a maximum of 8 active at any time during a jump. Unused companions are stored in your warehouse frozen in time until you decide to swap out.

This is why I only keep 7 sentient companions, (My 6 Pokemon + the Halo A.I.) and then leave the 8th slot open for any pets I may need.

>> No.36957888

Not gonna lie; I know fuck all about Warhammer 40k, and I still wanna take this jump. It's written really well.

Then I look at the 0 CP and run away screaming like a little girl.

Still, I like.

>> No.36957984

I've got some pretty reasonable durability and regen, but my primary defense is evasion. I've got all kinds of heightened senses, various kinds of accelerated time perception, massive physical dexterity and speed, and specific evasion-boosters, including the 'second chance' dodge from Elona. Finally, I can teleport, so I can evade even 'undodgeable' or 'area effect' attacks. If someone's trying to attack me, I am almost certainly aware of the attempt, and able to move out of the way in time.

>> No.36958052

You still get your powers and 1000cp, just it's a little different.

>> No.36958175

Basically this. It's a choice. You can either treat it as a straight-up Gauntlet. Or you can just break the Light, and obtain an added challenge on top of your typical 1,000 CP.

>> No.36958246

As well as complications there's an option to take up to 800 CP from hostile tribes of survivors on The Light.

>> No.36958298

Bab what will Part 2 and Part 3 look like? Will we have to spend our 1000cp on that stuff as well?

>> No.36958344

Drawbacks: Serial Killer, Trophy, Munchies (1600). Hey, it's not technically cannibalism if I'm not human

Rolled Washington

Forensics, Age 26 (1500).

No Badge No Problem (Free). Fortunately, being in forensics means I have an actual reaoson to muck around crime scenes
YEAAAAAAAAAAH (Free). "Sir, that's the 5th killer we've found cannibalised in his own kitchen. This one seems to have been barbecued" "Sounds like our mystery assailent...is cooking with gas"
Beautiful People (Free). Eh, no skin off my back and a freebie
Montage (1350). I'm a busy "man", after all
Enhance Button (750). [detective intensifies]
Call in a Favor (150). In tandem with Disney dealmaking magic, and this setting is going to turn into Hannibal, except if all the crazy ravenstag hallucinations were totally real
The Warrant (50). Where the psychic paper fails, this is ready as a backup
Sunglasses (0). Well, duh. I /need/ these

I think the best way to describe my Jumper's adventures as a detective is basically True Detective, except if all the roles were reversed.

So the hardened investigators are gradually alienated and terrified by their own agency, the killers are victims picked off helplessly one by one, and the Great Old One is the guy doing all the actual investigating/snappy one-liners.

>> No.36958504

Part 2 will have its own pool of CP. Haven't decided how part three will work yet, but I haven't started part 2 yet anyway, so it's aways off.

You will be able to carry over your CP balance to part 2 when it's finished, since they will be a single adventure.

>> No.36958524

Man this is the weirdest formatted thing.

>> No.36958543

So what does the deadlight do? Or is that a part of the later parts?

>> No.36958597

>and obtain an added challenge
Well, yes. But what IS that added challenge? It could be anything from "That was the captain's favorite artifact, now he's going to be all pissy and insufferable throughout the whole sordid affair" to "You fool! That artifact was the only thing protecting you from the chaos gods, who are all VERY interested in your jumper status. Prepare your anus."
How are we supposed to make a decision if we're not given any information? Not that going powerless into 40k is an actual decision worth considering, but still. It's the principle of the matter

>> No.36958657

I just want to buy a pair of the sunglasses for myself and all of my companions for synchronised, summonable badassery.
I think I'll be going forensics since it has that great montage perk.

>> No.36958802

Fifth Jump - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Jump - Fifth Jump

25/m/Colorado Badlands

- Drop-In

- I Fought the Law (1650)

Skills & Perks
- VR Training (1350)
- CQC (1050)

Gadgets & Gear
- Van-Der-Waal's Footwear (850)
- HF Manufacture (550)

Cybernetics & Implants
- Zandatsu Approved (50)
- Upgraded vision (0)

My, my has things changed only slightly, things still went as planned and canon has barely changed at all. My CQC is now past the Big Boss' level as I had 10 years+ of training with the VR training as well things come naturally without having to really think of it. I literally punch through opponents to get at their electrolytes, luckily I still have friends on my side. Rex said he was bored not in the action, but considering that he doesn't really have the body or reflexes to compete with Cyborg Soldiers he'll have to just sit it out. First thing we did was befriend Raiden, and his team is what allows us to undergo maintenance. Seeing he was in the exact same position we teamed up, after I proved I wasn't the enemy by pinning him in a CQC move. I told him that I was friend of Big Boss from ages back, and he didn't question it. His team tried to do a background check and nothing really came up.

I kept the ability to Jump a secret, and lied telling them that the person that came up was my father. That kept them from digging further because there was no information. However I had a huge bounty on my head along with Raiden, and I proven myself capable. When things get rough, that's when my Pokeform comes in handy. Able to throw 1000 punches in 2 seconds at high strength is enough to overcome a lot of enemy cyborgs. Those that were resilient usually were soften up enough that Raiden can easily dispatch them. The winds of destruction gave us trouble, but we fought on and eventually overcame every obstacle. I followed Raiden for the next 10 years. After which we say or goodbyes and leave.

>> No.36958846

-Background: Forensics (900CP) -With how much stuff I've done, this seems like a way to go.
-No Badge No Problem (Free) -Really? It's like I'm on a fucking TV show.
-YEAAAAAAH (Free) -All people around me take 1d6 Pun Damage.
-Expert (Free) -I'm getting a degree in Criminology!
-Shown Your Work (800CP) -Well well well! Having my claims be backed up is rather nice.
-Beautiful People (Free) -I'm definitely on TV now. Oh well!
-Montage (650CP) (Discount) -Okay, stacking this with other similar perks? This will get nuts.
-Enhance Button (350CP) (Discount) -Well well well. THIS will be useful as fuck.
-Sunglasses (300CP) -Come on, it's a CSI show. I gotta have sunglasses.
-Warrant (200CP) -Officer, I'll let you know I have every right to be here.
-Crime Scene Kit (100CP) -Never know when I'm going to need the tools for the job!
-Bluetooth (0CP) -Wait, so I can connect to smart phones, but SEE EVERYTHING IN A LOCAL AREA? HELL YES.
Dice Rolls: Los Angeles, 31 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Forensics Expert Red is on the case! Though really, this is a silly thing. It's got some good perks to use, but my true job in this world? Not only will I goof the fuck off, but I will also take this time to do some additional research with my increased speed.

Pic related, how I shall taunt every killer who tries to shoot me.

>> No.36958876

And now-for something different

>I'm human again

...depending on whether I retain my mental processing/peak human condition/martial arts/willpower and emotion based powers, this may or may not be completely hopeless. No matter, this isn't the first gauntlet and I'd be a sad excuse of a god if a mere thing like "being deprived of my actual godhood" is going to make me give up. Ah well, I suppose it can't be helped and I'll somehow have to find a way to-

>black sphere


Okay!. I'm going to ally with the Kin of Iron. Because restoring the Geller Field is a PRETTY DAMN BIG priority right now. Also-AI specific charisma perk. Also taking the Pale Sons (1200) as an enemy in order to unite the other factions via a common enemy.

Drawbacks: Atmospherics, Xenos Horrificus (1600). Woot woot, I an breathe in space and navigate by life energy/electromagnetism. As for dem xenos-I'm hoping they'll fight the Pale Sons over scarce resources, buying yet a little more time to think up a plan of attack/repair the ship.

Armor of Contempt (1300). OUT OF MY WAY FUCKING WARP SHITS
Masques Grace (1100). Presumably taking the form of rambling tales about my near-death experiences in Raildex/Type-MOON/Ragnarok
MK II Mars Pattern Plasma Gun (900). It's no BFG, but it'll do
Warp Tamer (750). Getting real tired of the Warp's shit
Marksmanship (600). Gotta familiarise myself with any remaining firearms on this vessel, after all

As for who picked me up-it was the Necron Tomb Spyder (0). I'm seriously considering getting purposefully injured to acquire a Necron altform for reverse engineering purposes.

Anyway, since neither of us need air we can go about fixing the ship with a minimum of fuss, and a maximum of collateral damage. All the while I'll be whistling the following song while working, to speed up repairs.


>> No.36958877

>added when the jump begins
>Primal Lineage cost reduction
>discounted items for Initiative Members
>attempt to further clarify Scooby discount
>fixed some spelling

>> No.36958909

You're making me want a Scooby jump with all this Scooby perk talk.

>> No.36958933

>Drop In
>Meddling Kid
>Inexplicably Sapient Animal
>Old Man Withers

>> No.36958978

>Drop-in gets powers relating to the Animated Movie bad guys
>The ones who actually are monsters, not just guys in suits

>> No.36958982

Rolled 6 (1d8)

Now you see I'm considering flaying myself partially to get some decent armor for when we're separated. Also I'm not smashing the orb of probable plot relevance. Out of curiosity though what happens if I mend the thing using magic after I get a few things out of my warehouse? Because I'm kinda curious.
Rolling for location.

>> No.36959030


>> No.36959050

So i just realized he told us in jump what happens if we take our powers back. How many people feel like spending their time on the ship in the warp? Its heavily implied breaking the blacklight shunts you back into the warp.

>> No.36959109

> "But why, Mister Nickles?"
> "Uranium! There's a fortune's worth underneath the mine, and it would have been all mine!"

>> No.36959144

I thought the power loss was supposed to be a framing device with an option for permanence through the jump if you were so inclined. I read it as you're getting hosed if you take your powers back.

But I don't know shit about 40k, so I could be way off base.

>> No.36959172

I'd be more likely to survive than if I had no powers.

>> No.36959201

Yeah, this guy gets it. Also he used 'Framing device' which makes it sound cool and suchlike.

Right now the orb is basically a mcguffin that is either working or destroyed, one or the other.

>> No.36959225

Its implied to be a species to fear dangerous from beyond death, which in 40k terms generally means warp related. A warp related race means it likely ate the storm instead of just stilling it. The other option is necrons which is likely to be worse. (I grew up on cosmic horror necrons).

>> No.36959228

What do you mean by hosed

>> No.36959234

>I read it as you're getting hosed if you take your powers back.
Shit, I meant I didn't read it as getting hosed.

Am I still spot on, senpai?

>> No.36959249

Gosh darn it, so its a thematic choice between a gauntlet and a normal jump.
time to waifu the eldar

>> No.36959250

Oldcrons > Newcrons

>> No.36959262

But they're the second most asshole of all asshole elves

>> No.36959293

>even more asshole
What do you think I want the elf for?
There is a reason I have not told the jump about my plans to be the Princess of Surplus.

>> No.36959307

>Going to 40k with the Blacklight Virus
It's like you WANT to empower your Grandfather

>> No.36959314

Hey babs-that thing in the darkness for the Lights drawback. Is that a vashta nerada? And is it supposed to be completely invincible, or could it be conceivably destroyed with applications of promethium/magic/eldritch reality warping?

It's pretty much 200 jumps in for me at this point. This is one of dem sink or swim challenges for me

>> No.36959315


>> No.36959319

>Physical Age
- 20
>Real Age
- 62
- Demon (700)
>Special Abilities
- High Stakes Fighter (700)
- Adaptability (300)
- Primal Lineage (-100)
- Demonology (-100)
- Hypnosis (-400)

- The Body (-200)
- Bugger, I Thought You'd Gone (0)

First order of business is to find a place to crash. Maybe Angel or Spike would lend a hand, it's not like they'd be able to out fight me. They might be older but I'm far stronger and more adapt at fighting them. I'll hang around the Scooby Gang, and could be that weird uncle that spouts the random stuff in monologues. I'll probably make a few friends but thanks to it being Buffy they'll die, or I'll have to put a fair share of them down. Luckily none of them are my companions, so while their deaths strike at my heart, they're not that devastating.

After the Twilight Crisis, I'll help the Scooby Gang rebuild The Seed. This of course is to my benefit, as I'll be able to stand out in daylight. As for being a vampire it's not all bad, I try not to drink humans dry, instead I drink from several in a single night.

I wont be a Buffy interest, instead maintain my relationship with Belle my long time companion. Rex tried to romance Buffy, but it lasted only one night, typical of Rex. I'll keep my "uniqueness" hidden, because should I reveal that I am special type of vampire, it'll be a living hell. However after magic is brought back, I'll no longer have to hide.

>> No.36959338

Your hard-on or MoeAnon and his eating habits is creepy as shit. And please understand that for a few threads running, I was the designated thread creeper.

Might want to reevaluate your lifestyle.

>> No.36959339

Pleas stop being butthurt a jumper uses a method and powers you don't. It's just sad, seriously.

>> No.36959352

I'm actually not the raging anon. I find the exchanges hilarious, with one side giving no shits and the other side giving too many shits.

>> No.36959379

To be fair, claiming you can out-disease Nurgle is sort of like claiming you can 1v1 the God of the Covenant (Yahweh, I AM, The One True God etc) from Dresden files or tell Truth to sod off with Equivalent Exchange.

Is that you 10 points of endowment anon?

>> No.36959389

I'll never leave, anon.

>> No.36959391

I just don't want people discouraging MoeAnon because I like him and his jumps.

>> No.36959398

This isn't a jump I can take. I've already got Slaanesh's Mark branded into me from Fantasy Warhammer, going back when she's arguably stronger is suicide.

I can never go back to Warhammer. Not even if I've got my spark.

>> No.36959415

Nah, when I post in /jc/ i wear the name. Samefagging is pretty gay.

>> No.36959416

HE makes good jumps, I'll give him that. But... To be fair, the guy's a one-track record. And also very easily riled.

Case in point: When the RWBY Anon changed the Payback perk so that he couldn't slice himself to gain power.

>> No.36959442

That doesn't mean you're not a jerk for doing it on purpose.

>> No.36959452

So? Why do you care if he only likes one method? Just ignore it then, and stop bringing it back up.

>> No.36959467

Oh, don't get me wrong-I have nothing against him as a jump maker. Guy does fine work.

I just find it ridiculous when his solution to every given problem is "I throw blacklight at it"

>princess of surplus

At which point you can totally name from somefaggit to The One True Faggot

>> No.36959487

>becoming Slaanesh

>> No.36959488

"Oh Konata Anon it's so good you came back to me. I was growing so bored without you."

>> No.36959499

>The One True Faggit

>> No.36959538

Nah, it's not a Doctor Who thing. It's one of the two dozen or so mysterious shadowy things that pop up from time to time in the warhams fluff. Yeah, it could conceivably be destroyed by Promethium, magic or what have you. Trick is finding it first.

>> No.36959558

To be fair I'm likely to be less wide in my indulgence as slaanesh and more in depth with what I do indulge in.
And I don't plan to be slaanesh, Just under her.

>> No.36959568

Disgusting. Try not to be so gross all the time and enslave yourself to entirely malicious entities.

>> No.36959569

>marrying Slaanesh

>> No.36959588

Slaneesh isn't just about nightmare sex, everyone forgets that. That neckbeard who poopsocks and plays an mmo for 23 hours a day and dreams about playing for the one hour he sleeps? Slaneesh as all hell, just as much as the guy raping kittens, grinding them up, injecting that into orphans, feeding the orphans through a mincing machine and rubbing the jam that comes out all over himself.

>> No.36959597

Don't worry, I plan on balancing it out with purification magic and some other cosmic entities, like Khorne.

>> No.36959605

Also the artist starving himself to get that little sculpture JUST right.

That doesn't make it any better, though.

>> No.36959617

Threadly reminder that Paxilon Hydrochlorate hasn't been introduced to the 40k 'verse yet.

>> No.36959621

That is a terrible plan Faggit, you worthless heretic scum.

>> No.36959627

Oh my plans for slaanesh emphasize their role as a god of passion.

>> No.36959633

>trying to marry Slaanesh and gain Khorne's aid




>> No.36959638

... yet.

>> No.36959645

"I'm going to waifu this utterly insane man eating tiger. Surely that rabidly deranged bear who has a thing for the tiger will help me!"

>> No.36959647

Wouldn't the poopsocker be more under Nurgle's domain? I can imagine if vidya was a thing in 40K they'd fight over who gets which souls non-stop, with Khorne occasionally trying to ensnare some Call of Duty players through the ancient memetic curse known as fyte me IRL and not online

>the guy who hates slaanesh
>helping out someone who wants to be underneath it


I don't think that's how Khorne works man

>> No.36959665

Anon, Mister Flakes loves the Thirsty Bitch, also hates her, its a chaotic relationship.

>> No.36959682

> You shouldn't make fun of people just because they're doing a silly thing and are easily angered.

>> No.36959691

>40K: 90210

"Oh shit, are Khorne and Slaanesh dating again?"
>"That's not gonna end well."

>> No.36959709

If the poopsocker was sitting in his chair twenty three hours a day because life was so utterly stagnant and opressive he couldn't bring himself to move for crushing depression it would be. As is, the guy is devoting his every waking moment to a thing, thus obsession, thus She Who Thirsts.

>> No.36959710


>> No.36959719

What's that?

>> No.36959724

This plan primarily revolves around the fact that the chaos gods are not inherently evil, mastering the self and purification magic then using the better man from 9-5 to give these abilities to the abomination of minds that is my very risky ally. Also I think you are confused, they are going to be the same waifu at once. Though Im still working on the plan, but success means I have the ultimate waifu.

>> No.36959731

The only sensible answer to 40k. Better living through chemistry.

>> No.36959742

But what's it do?

>> No.36959758

Makes people better citizens. ... Though a small percentage of people have side effects. Nothing really of note, though.

>> No.36959769

>fusing the Chaos Gods
>into a waifu
>the Chaos Gods
>a waifu

>> No.36959848

I'd be more inclined to take that to heart if Moe didn't also have a history of going off on people.

We could all take a lesson from Mister Rogers.

>> No.36959864

...The Pax. You're releasing the fucking Pax.

The virus that makes people so content they just LIE DOWN AND DIE. You want to use that casually across an empire of trillions.


>> No.36959906

Wow holy shit that's what he's doing? That's awful.

>> No.36959935

There are two possible scenarios.
Either it makes them so content they lie down and die with no drive to do anything else,


It fills their mind with sheer rage, turning them into Reavers, the scariest evilest sonsofbitches in the setting.

Considering the SCALE of the Imperium, you would get a LOT of these Reavers.

In the end? Either Khorne or Nurgle wins.

>> No.36959952

The setting is Firefly, where Pax originates.

Reavering applies to a small percentage of the population, but the Imperium is huge.

>> No.36959973

What a terrible plan. You basically masacre the imperiun to give a powerboost to Khorn and help the Necrons/.

>> No.36959991

Completely off topic but I just got this from GoldRoger, so lookit.

>> No.36960002

neat I still want my card

>> No.36960037

Anon you are Anon. You don't get a card. You already have scores of art.

>> No.36960045

But I make jumps

>> No.36960054

Stop being an alarmist. Adverse reactions to Pax account for less than .1% of the population. This makes urban pacification and post-innoculation terraforming very viable. Plus, it's great for the biochem economy.

Your lack of vision is disappointing, QS.

>> No.36960076

There's no way a disease that makes 99% of the population lay down and die would cause problems. I mean, the only emotion the surviving 1% would have is sheer burning rage, and it's not like there was some sort of titanic psychic thing made of emotions that could feed off that, is there?

>> No.36960098

You should make the first ability end on beginning of next upkeep. Blocking only really happens on your opponents' turns and walkers can only be activated on your turn.

>> No.36960114

Point of order. Unplanned reactions are .1% of those treated, not 1%. Please issue a retraction or I may have to get legal involved. Nobody wants that, do they?

>> No.36960151

>that profit
>that based capitalism

I think I like you, anon.

>> No.36960164


It's not a virus, it's a chemical.

>> No.36960165

When Nurgle comes to stuff your belly with bacteria and viruses until you become distended and explode like a germ bomb, we'll see who had a lack of vision.

I can't believe I'm fucking doing this, but... I'm going Lawyer.

-Background: Wolfram & Hartman Lawyer (900CP) -Well well well. I have to help with clientele, but anyone unlisted is doomed.
-Swordplay (850CP) -I've got a ton of perks for this by now, but oh well!
-Demonology (750CP) (Discount) -It's time to brush up on my skills and learn who to mess with.
-Sorcery Savant (450CP) (Discount) -MAGIC. More magic to add to the wonderful DPP!
-Geneticist (-50CP) -And with this, I have the power.
-Necro-Tempered Glass (Free) -My office is made to let any withstand the sun, I assure you.
-Book of Kelsor (-100CP) (Discount) -And now I have the knowledge to hunt them all down.
-Slayer Handbook (-500CP) -A guide that's self-updating AND has the laws of magic on every world? I need this.
-The Body (-300CP)
-The Perfect Heart (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 24 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I more or less make friends who end up suffering deaths around me, I'm stalked by a bunch of nigh-unkillable demonic heart-seekers every so often, and I work for a cutthroat group who may end up encouraging my demon harvesting so long as it's none of their clients. Hell, maybe even encourage other demons to seek protection and business lest they get hunted by me.

I won't lie. This jump is going to suck hard for me, and possibly even bring me close to the breaking point.

>> No.36960215

You see a problem; I see a persistent customer base.

>> No.36960261

All walls gain reach would be better, since they can't attack.

>> No.36960270

>draconian ketra
I wonder if you could use this to go to a jump as one of your companions, so you can directly get them abilities through a jump

>> No.36960287

Wow. That's pretty a pretty cutthroat line of work, Red. I didn't know you had the heart.

>> No.36960289


I didn't make the thing and I got no idea about magic at all, I just got it and think it's awesome.

>> No.36960306

Well then tell gol next time you see him.

>> No.36960318

Then give yourself a name and describe your jumper.

For example, I am KOTOR Anon; Spy, scientist, team leader, master psionic, wielder of twin plasma swords, and self proclaimed guardian of humanity and it's allies.

Can you tell that I want a card too?

>> No.36960359

I'm SoAnon and I generally pick vampire and solar powers but otherwise have no theme beyond always taking science and tech perks... my only goal is to have fun and collect knowledge, I only interfere in settings where I feel I have to or think it's more fun to accomplish a goal.

>> No.36960371

Oh neat. You make walls and are White.

Let me introduce you to your new friend.

>> No.36960420


Age: 25-years-old
Time Period: DMC 2 (WELP)
Drawback: Limited Ammo (+0), Nemesis (+400)
Nemesis: Mortarius, the leader of the Mac' Army.
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Origin: Devil Hunter
Skills & Abilities:
-CUH-RAY-ZEE! (Free)
-Taunting (Free)
-Weapon Swapping (Free)
-Down With The Sickness (Free)
-Tacticool (Free)
-Dexterity & Reflexes (Free)
-Sickth Sense
-Devil Arm Crafter
-Royal Guard
-Unlimited Supply of Pizza
-Holy Weapon Cache

The result of the fight with Dante was a 7 (and it required a critical 8 to recruit). The battle ended in a draw, and we left each other with newfound respect.

>> No.36960465


But in all seriousness, the firm seems to dabble in all kinds of shit. Catering, gambling, legal issues... I figure they have a department that would deal in termination of contracts upon lack of pay. And by that I mean the termination of the demon in question. This gives me the opportunity to steal samples on the job, all while taking samples from other demons who are not clientele.

If any of their psychic probes ever find out my plans though, I'm well and truly fucked.

>> No.36960510

>If any of their psychic probes ever find out my plans though, I'm well and truly fucked.
On the plus side, though, their Itallian office is really nice and everyone in the firm helps everyone out. Kinda. Not really. I mean, they'll fuck you over and eat your soul in a heart beat, but they'll put out a nice spread beforehand.

Nobody wants to look cheap, Red. Make sure to keep your office stocked.

>> No.36960573

Whoop, forgot the one parapgraph.

"77 Knights. 77 challengers, all whose power rose throughout the years, even as our Jumper played his game of cat-and-mouse with the elusive Relius Crews, the stand-user of Barbie Girl. Doing this allowed the One-Armed Warrior to truly develop Part of the Pack's capabilities, and in the end Relius Crews was defeated. And so it was that he went in to the 77 Rings of Windknights' Lot, and fought hard against the knights. In the end, success. And in the end, with the exit before him, our jumper went onward to... Well this just got crazy. Demons, demon weapons, whacky hair, and even more crazy antics of every individual. It looks like it's time for our hook-wielder to become a hunter, for with his skills even a...


>> No.36960636

They'll be lucky if the CEO's office even holds a candle to me. Fully stocked booze compartment, blood from the office kitchen, tons of legal papers... and enough holy wards to use in tandem with Our Monsters Are the Same to burn alive any dumb shit who thinks he can pull a fast one on me.

Really, the main issues will be the Gentlemen and the psychic probes they do on their employees. The Body drawback will be the true test on my spirit however.

>> No.36961040

Merry Christmas, /jc/. I hope you all find a multi-verse of adventure in your stockings!

>> No.36961135

updated babylon's card to be more in-line with the terminology outlined in >>36960098 and >>36960261. as for other people's cards, im working as best as my writers block allows me, so its somewhat coming along slowly. added KOTOR and SoAnon to the list, but seriously, my creative spark seems to be sputtering, so I apologize if this shit takes ages

>> No.36961159

well after someone wanted to waifu a Xenomorph queen after giving it a human form.... I think as long as it has a human(Ish) form anything is fair game for Waifuing now. Not saying it's a good idea, just that we have already entered crazy town a long time ago... so just sit back and enjoy the crazy.

>> No.36961160

and as an added bonus, finished another card! justice anon, if you're lurking, enjoy

>> No.36961178

>tfw no card and nobody uses your jump
I-I loved you senpai... I j-just don't know how to show it!

>> No.36961230

to be fair, i don't got a clue what your jump theme is, or what your abilities would be. doesn't give me much to go on.

>> No.36961317

Fucking around, m80. I wrote the multiplayer suppliment.

Has anyone tried that yet, btw? I've read a few people talking about it, but no after action reviews.

>> No.36961344

Needs more scalloped potatoes, IMHO.
Also, cheese and sour cream is too OP pls nerf

>> No.36961370

It's a high power setting; I'm not nerfing shit!

Scalloped potatoes are wonderful, though. Except this one time where my sister fucked them up and I had intensely painful heartburn all night long.

>> No.36961383

I'm kinda guilty of wanting to pod the following:
-An Alien Queen.
-A Yautja female (bigger, fiercer, sit back and watch the fights)
-Best Caster
-Some third sun god
-You know what, just any very powerful character. Lolucard, Dante, not picky.

Because the only thing better than friends is friends with firepower.

>> No.36961403

You spend a lot of time on /d/, don't you?

>> No.36961424

Donte was slain, by the concerted efforts of Dante and the One-Armed Hunter. Mortarius was beaten back time and time again, even when having gained the strength of ages-old demons. And when the time came for our one-armed jumper to leave this realm of crazy, a final duel was required: Dante vs The One-Armed. The duel lasted days, special techniques and attacks flung back and forth like a swarm of war-torn fireflies. And in the end, the only result was a draw - a draw founded on new, reinforced respect from one party in the abilities of the other. And through it all, the one-armed warrior had one question - he had so easily thrown away his humanity to survive in the Endless Blue, and having seen the struggles between one's demonic nature and one's good nature, he began to ponder. Ponder on the nature - and truth - of humanity. And this question would only spawn more questions in this next realm - where war has turned into an economy, and ideals have been thrown out the window in exchange for profit. At the hands of a select few, the world has been shackled to the blood-stained dollar, and cowers in fear of the stomping footsteps of...

Age: 25-years-old
Era: 2009
Drawbacks: I.B.S. (+0) (you jackasses), War Has Changed (+100), Weirdness Magnet (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Background: R&D Unit
Skills & Perks:
-I've Got Science! (Free)
-Soldiers without Borders x2
-10-year Vet
-A New Age of Warfare
Items & Gadgets:
-Fulton Recovery System

We tried to take out some of the Patriots. We succeeded on slaying two of them, but the rest were taken out via plot, or otherwise. The Boss will not be joining us.

That would be me. Was originally just a thought, but now I seriously want to do it.

>> No.36961428

>-Best Caster

>> No.36961443

I do and none of >>36961383, save Kerrigan, sounds interesting to me.

>> No.36961446


>> No.36961461

There is nothing wrong with wanting to pod crazy choices. Just remember to stack leadership and charisma perks and anything that enhances your patience. Leading a bunch of strong willed individuals especially those who seem to exist to troll others.... Or can and will obliterate cities to show you their displeasure... well it's not easy. Also be careful that you don't accidentally end whatever world your in.

>> No.36961475

No fluffy tails... I am sorry you have failed.

>> No.36961483

Yep, Its gonna blow my mind.

>> No.36961504

Kinda light up top to bother with podding.

>> No.36961625


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