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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p
The atmosphere is tense. It feels like things could blow out of control at any minute. Which is in stark contrast to the otherwise peaceful courtyard where nothing of interest ever happens.

This monster is staring me down, and he wants nothing more than a fight with me. My friends have come out of their hiding place to watch, though I'm not sure what they can do to help me at this point.

While I don't think the monster can sneer, it certainly seems to be trying. It slices the air several times with its rapier before leveling it straight toward me.

"Engarde" the last word spoken between us, and he's the one who gets to say it.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and today I've been challenged to a duel! Until a few minutes ago, I wasn't really sure what one was. Now that I've been challenged to one by a monster, I'm slowly starting to learn.
I'm not really sure why this particular monster is so eager to fight me. He's a bodyguard for some big-shot at Fortune. And he's one of the few monsters I've met who has a name. Plus, he's also super strong as well. That's all I know about him.

"Come on, Priestess. I don't have all day!" He slices the air a couple more times. He must be waiting for me to go on the offensive.

I look around us, glancing at my friends who have come to spectate our match. All of them seem worried, eager, or at least anxious.

>Go on the offensive!
>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
>In any case, pick one or two cards to transform into from the pastebin at http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p
>And pick a strategy for fighting him

>> No.36895551

>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
Julie, what with the engarde and all. Stay defensive and counter with devastating ripostes!

>> No.36895570

>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
Don't give this jerk what he wants.
Can we combo Julie and the speed card for maximum dodge? Minimize the hits we take from him while giving him the death by a thousand cuts treatment.

>> No.36895611

That sounds like it might have some potential, assuming we don't become an uncoordinated klutz at that speed.

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>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
Use Julie or Bellevedere, block and counter

>> No.36895660

>>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
Speed and Julie to start.

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>Wait for his first move, he's trying to make you impatient!
Julie, and maybe speed, or Bellevedere. Keep dodging and moving so he can't hit us.

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>Julie and speed!

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Rolled 3 (1d20)

Please ignore this

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I'd worry but

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Yeah, he's trying to bait a reaction. Counter-fighter, then.

Nice try, but we're not falling for it. Let him make the first move, we counter THAT, and once he's teetering, lay into him a bit before backing off. Keep switching up your attack/defense rhythm so that he never really settles into a flow.

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What this guy needs is speed, speed and patience. He wants me to attack? Then that's exactly what I'm not going to give him.
Briefly concentrating, I visualize the vestments of Julie in my mind, as well as the additional speed from the newly made speed card. With some difficulty, I can feel the effects of both of them wash over me.

In my hand is Julie's sword, I wear Julie's outfit on my body. While my body itself feels lighter than a feather. I'm seemingly granted both strength and agility from an unseen force.

"No no" I say to the monster, shuffling my toe. "You go first, I insist." I can feel myself smiling, all feelings of nervousness seems to have melted away.

The monster responds by,chuckling?
"Suit yourself, in a way I'm glad that is your decision."

With that, he charges straight at me!

He's fast, far faster than I would normally be able to see at normal speed. Even with the speed card on, he's still just a blur to my naked eye.
Fortunately, he's having more than a little problem trying to break through Julie
s defense. For all of his boasting about being an expert, he merely dances around my sword as I easily block and parry his attempted advances.

Which I find interesting, considering that I don't really know how to use a sword at all!
Finally, I knock his left-hand rapier to the side.
Only for the right hand one to try and take advantage of the opening I've created.
At least, he would be doing that if Julie's blue aura hadn't wrapped itself around his right hand and thrown him further off-balance.

Julie, I know you're just a card, but you're also a terrifying fighter. I wish you could give me sword lessons.
Taking advantage of the opening she just made, I use Julie's sword to slash straight across his mid-section.

He hops back, trying to regain his balance.

>Go in for the counterattack!
>Wait for him to come at you again
>Switch cards (to what?)
>Try a crazy plan now that you have the advantage!

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>Go in for the counterattack!
Slightly risky but worth a shot.

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>Go in for the counterattack!

And now he's teetering. Move in and attempt to topple. If it doesn't work, attempt to break off and get ready to counter his pursuit. See if we can't get him and his ego to overcommit.

>> No.36896324

>Go in for the counterattack!

>> No.36896326

>>Go in for the counterattack!
Try to press the advantage and keep him from regrouping.

>> No.36896346

>Go in for the counterattack!

>> No.36896510

>Go in for the counterattack!

>> No.36896908

Rolled 15 (1d20)

Ignore this as well

>> No.36896930

Oh darn it.

>> No.36897412

He's staggered, flatfooted, and not expecting me to attack.
Now is my chance!

I can feel the power of the speed card affecting me as I dash forward. Julie's sword once again slices across his center of mass as his rapiers struggle to parry.

This speed card is such an amazing card, I should give it a name!

He grits his teeth, or what I can only assume to be his teeth, and grapples with Julie's sword some.
"Touché Priestess"
He traps my sword between his two rapiers and knocks me away from him with a shoulder check.

I regain my balance and quickly compose myself. Looking back at him, he's changed his stance.
"I made a mistake, and you took advantage of it. I am so happy that I was right about you."

He spins his left-hand rapier around in a circle before jabbing it straight into the ground. Instead opting to take more of a fencing pose.
"Lets try this again."

This time, instead of wild and arcing swings, his attacks have changed to an even faster series of swift jabs. Despite him standing way outside of my reach, his jabs and pokes easily reach into my range. I'm only narrowly able to block and evade them. He's becoming more and more aggressive.

>Change tactics! (how?)
>Play defensively! he can't keep this up forever!
>Offensively! Try to get inside his range of his jabs!
>Change cards, make his new tactics worthless.
>Stay back! Even further out of his range!

>> No.36897503

>Change cards, make his new tactics worthless.
Strength and invisibility.

Question.. if he defeats us.. will we turn into a card.. or a monster?Or die?

>> No.36897514

>Change cards, make his new tactics worthless.
Hmm, lots of potentially good ones. Belvedere obviously has a good effect, we could use our double card since fencing isn't really a 1vs2 thing, or we could just fly. Probably not the best idea but theoretically he can't hit us then!
Let's keep it simple and fortress it up.

>> No.36897557

>>Change cards, make his new tactics worthless.
Belvedere with the speed card, should offset the slowdown slightly and let us start hitting back.

>> No.36897563

He does still have his second sword, however...

>>Change tactics! (how?)

I'm thinking start circling and more lateral movement. Fencing is very straight line, and even then, if he returns to the old style, he still has to keep us in sight while we try to pepper him.

>> No.36897570

>>Change cards, make his new tactics worthless.
Speed with Bel.
Also suggesting Mercury for the new speed card if we are in the mood to name things.

>> No.36897668

I'm seeing both Speed with Bel and Stealth with Bel. Right now 2 Speed and 1 for Stealth.

So, if it's okay, we'll do Speed + Bel for now.

Hey, could I get a 1d20, best of three? Also


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Rolled 11 (1d20)

Oh god, dice rolls, my greatest weakness.

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Rolled 11 (1d20)


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Rolled 11 (1d20)


>> No.36897726


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Welp I've outed myself as a newfag, sorry.

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This has lower odds than a 20...

>> No.36897740

Ones.. Everywhere...

>Welp I've outed myself as a newfag, sorry.
No prob. Dice go in the Email/options field.

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Ah, thank you. Much appreciated. I'll do better next time!

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I just...


I have to think of something special for this!

>still writing!

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We're aggressively mediocre?

>> No.36897988

You could say that

>still writing

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Every time I see triples, I think of the Jackpot that was rolled in Magical Girl Hunter Quest. Can't remember what thread specifically that was...

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This is a problem.
I really don't know anything about fencing! I'm not even sure how I know what kind of stance he's taken up. Maybe I saw it in a movie a long time ago? I don't understand.

Again, another jab narrowly misses me. Julie's sword isn't quite cutting it against this.
Fortunately, I happen to have a backup just in case of something like this.

Thinking of Bel's vestments, I concentrate and swap out Julie for Bel. Something that I didn't really think I could do while still under the power of the speed card.

He sees an opening as Julie's outfit melts away and is replaced with Bel's heavy armor. Quickly, he moves in with another flurry of jabs.

Just in time for Bel's shield to materialize and for each one to bounce uselessly off her heavy protection.
With a speed-enhanced swipe, I go in for the counter. The much heavier sword pulverizes his spindly sword as-

It hits nothing.
How did he do that? Can he turn invisible? It's like a large blob moved straight out of my line of sight.
So, does that mean he- EEK

Quickly sweeping behind me, my sword knocks the rapier away from my outer thigh as I spin around to face him a second time. Somehow, he had rotated all the way around me without me noticing!

"That is a point for me, Priestess." He says, bending the blade of his rapier. "That heavy armor trick would have got me if I was an ordinary fencer."

How did he get over here? Unless he.
He jumped over me. I'm not sure how I didn't notice. But he leapt directly behind me for that stab.
He's gone again, but this time, I'm ready.
With a 180 degree spin, I twirl around and make direct contact with his just-landing leg. My sword knocks him prone with a whallop.

He springs to his feet, dancing lightly on his toes.

For someone so huge and powerful, he is really fast.

>Change tactics?
>New Card combo?
>New plan of attack?
>Maybe go on the offensive?
>Or maybe see if he's silly enough to try that again?

>> No.36898308

Everyone, I am now busy with something IRL. So posts will be "When I can get to them."

Hopefully they won't be any more than an hour between updates, but if they are, I'm sorry!

I'm still here, just going really slowly!

>> No.36898316

>Or maybe see if he's silly enough to try that again?
>If he jumps again, switch speed for stealth

>> No.36898359

Change tactics?

'm not sure how, honestly, but you can't let a guy like this set the pace, and he's trying to now. See if you can bait him into doing something he shouldn't then keep at him. I doubt he'll try that jump again since he knows you're cottoning on to it.

>> No.36898367

How annoying!
I'll back this.

>> No.36898441

supporting this

I just wait warmly then.

>> No.36898449

>Or maybe see if he's silly enough to try that again?

>> No.36898604

>Maybe see if he's silly enough to try again
>If he keeps up pressure like this, swap speed for stealth

Sounds good!
>Writing! If not very slowly.

>> No.36899720

Bump warmly.

>> No.36899934

Rolled 16 (1d20)

>> No.36899955






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This isn't good, I'm not sure he would fall for that spinning attack a second time.
But.. maybe he will! I'm not sure what other tactics he has. But he's already tried stabbing with two swords, and now he's down to one sword!
By my count, that means I'm winning, right?
Again he goes on the offensive, striking and thrusting into the shield in my right hand.
He finishes a strike and leaps into the air. Clashing against my sword as he somersaults above me.
I can't believe he fell for it a second time. With speed, I spin around and strike behind me.


Which is when I'm struck, hard, from my right side. His rapier colliding with my shield in my off-hand. The force alone causes me to slide several meters until I can regain my footing.
"Oh right, Priestess, I forgot that you're left-handed."

H-how did he do that? Instead of jumping behind me, he somehow changed directions in mid-air and jumped to my side!
"Trembling, Priestess? I didn't expect that little trick to scare you so much."

W-How did he know?!

I need..
"I think I need a time-out!" I yell, fumbling around in my pocket until I can feel my invisibility card in my hand.

Carefully, as to not disturb Bel, I allow the speed card's effects to leave me as the mysterious stealth card washes over me.
I hear several gasps and some discussion from the watching audience. Now that I think about it, I don't think I told some of them that I can do that.

"Time in!" I yell to nobody. Which is just a well, because no one can hear me while I'm wearing it to begin with.

The swordsman I'm facing looks around, confused. He walks over and retrieves his sword, embedded in the ground.
"What an interesting trick, Priestess."

>> No.36900499

I hop a few steps over from where I'm standing. He's walking to the last place he saw me, swishing blindly at the air with his dominant sword as he does so.

He steadies his off-hand sword in his hand, before stabbing it deep into the ground once again. From the way his body has frozen, much like a statue, I can guess that he's holding his breath.

His hand tightens around the grounded sword. His eyes track downward toward his feet. Everything and everyone falls silent as they watch him.

I'm not sure what he's doing, so I move in for a quick strike!
With a few paces in place, I advance on him. Step by step, I move closer and closer before winding up my sword for a strike!

His rapier, with no warning, popped up in my direction and sliced straight across my midriff. Fortunately it has some light armor covering it, but it still really stung!

I step back, several steps, trying to circle around him. But his rapier continues to follow me as I walk. The whole time, his breath is held steady and his voice is completely silent.

I don't know how, but he somehow knows where I am.

>Change tactics?
>How does he know where I'm at? How can I counter it?
>Maybe another card is in order
>Maybe it was a fluke! Attack!
>Stay on the defensive, see what he does
>With your decision, roll a 1d20, best of three

>> No.36900577

>How does he know where I'm at? How can I counter it?
>Stay on the defensive, see what he does
He obviously uses the ground to sense us, but we can't combine Stealth with flying or jumping, since then we don't have a proper weapon.

>> No.36900585

Rolled 11 (1d20)

>He steadies his off-hand sword in his hand, before stabbing it deep into the ground once again.
He's using the vibrations in the ground from our footfalls to track us!

Take to the skies with Cirrus, switching out Bell, and attack.

>> No.36900603

Rolled 16 (1d20)

Seconding this. we can at least topple him.

>> No.36900629

Rolled 16 (1d20)

>How does he know where I'm at? How can I counter it?
>Maybe another card is in order
Sounds like he's sensing the vibrations, in which case switch to Cirrus + stealth, get above him, then switch to Julie + stealth and go for a plunging attack.

>> No.36900639

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Forgot my dice.

>> No.36900645

>>How does he know where I'm at? How can I counter it?
Keep invisibility on, switch to jump/fly to see if he is tracking us by vibrations or using the other world. Be ready to switch back to Bel in a hurry.

>> No.36900679

Yeah this sounds reasonable.

>> No.36900700

Rolled 8 (1d20)

>He's using footfalls to track me!
>Masami used SKY ATTACK!


>> No.36900797

>Change tactics?
Combine stealth and Jump, jump up High in the air, and then switch our Stealth with Bel to try and catch him by surprise.

>> No.36901557

He can hear me somehow. But.. how?

I look at where his eyes are pointed. Straight to the ground, but that doesn't help me, how can he hear me through the ground?

"My footsteps... He can hear my footsteps as I walk."

I hate to give awful monsters any credit, but that's really clever of him.
Fortunately, if it's the ground that's giving me away, then I have a way to avoid it!

Concentrating again, I allow Bel's armor to fall off me. Gently replacing it with the soft linens of Cirrus.
With this, I can strike with impunity.

I leap to the sky and hover several meters above him.
That's when his head pops upward, and he starts swinging wildly at the air.

He must have realized that I've jumped, and is expecting me to come down any minute now.
Which is where he's wrong, Cirrus can float here all day.

He swings and slashes at the air, concentrating on the sword he has impaled into the earth. Eventually, he returns to listening and waiting.
Which is my cue to quickly swap to Bel and fall down straight on top of him.

Bel's shield makes an excellent landing on his head. He topples over as I stand over him. His hand long since left the buried sword.
Much to the glee of the bystanders, all of them cheer and clap for me.

He sighs, and mumbles something that I can't quite hear. I lean in a bit closer to listen.
His hand grabs something, and with a swift movement, he throws dirt all in my face!

"UGH HEY!" I yell at him, jumping back.
He darts to his feet, slashing wildly in my direction. Now, he's not even listening, but he can see me just fine!
"MASAMI!" Aiko yells, from the sidelines, "There's sand in your hair, we can see you!"

>Change tactics?
>Swap to another card?
>Go on the offensive
>Finish this! Somehow!
>Look around, maybe there's something that can help?

>> No.36901597

>Go on the offensive
>Exchange Stealth for speed again

>> No.36901618

Yeah, let's.

>> No.36901701

>Swap to another card?
>Go on the offensive
Switch the stealth for Julie.

>> No.36901756

>>Finish this! Somehow!
Haruko with speed. Hug of death.

>> No.36901846

let's try this:

>> No.36901900

>Go on the offensive!
>Swap stealth for Julie
>Current combo: Bel/Julie

Can I get a 1d20, best of three?


>> No.36901917

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Incoming 1.

>> No.36901922

Rolled 10 (1d20)


>> No.36901947

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.36902482

I'm losing my concentration.
But compared to him, I'm doing pretty good. The swordsman is walking uneasy on his feet, his sword is still embedded in the earth, and he's now wildly slashing at me.

I think I can do this!

Concentrating for just a moment, I let the stealth card fade away and replace it with Julie once more. Julie and Bel seem to work well together.
Which is great, because if I'm going to take the fight to him, I'm going to need BOTH Bel's greatsword and Julie's regular longsword.

He's still uneasy on his feet, and I can tell that his off-hand is in no shape to be holding a sword anymore just by the way he's holding it.

We charge at each other. His fencing skills are quick, and he's able to get a good few stabs in, but his stance is severely weakened from before. Several cuts and slashes from both Bel and Julie's sword puts him on the defensive.
"Let's finish this!" I yell, moving in once more with Julie on the offensive.

He jumps again, I already know this trick. I track him in the air as he lands straight behind me, grabbing his lost sword.
Which gives me the perfect opening to slash in an X shape across his back. That's what he gets for letting his guard down.

He's propelled forward, performs an impressive roll in the air, and lands on his feet.
I didn't realize that they could be out of breath. But he definitely seems to be that way.
Then again, I do too. This guy is way tougher than I expected him to be.

"Well... Well played Priestess.."

>> No.36903015


"I.. I get why Fortune fears you now." He sheathes his rapier.
I'm not sure I'm done with him yet, though.

Faintly, barely above the sound of my heavy breathing. I can hear the sound of-
"That was pretty good, you two!"

Wait, I didn't say that, and he didn't say that. All of the spectators are focused onto something else besides the battle that's unfolding.
But the clapping continues.
"An even fight, with several reversals! I'm thankful to have seen such a display of skill and wit."

There's a guy standing at the edge of the courtyard, walking toward us.
"Mr. Kurota!?" Maeda squeaks, immediately turning to Aiko. Who only displays the same shocked expression that Maeda has.

Behind him, walking a little more slowly, is a more familiar figure.
"Hey Sweetie!" Izumi says, waving to me. "Look! I found an adult!"

That's... nice Mom.

"Well, now that the fight is over." The mystery man claps his hands together. "I think we should break this up. You shouldn't fight on school property after all."

The monster grumbles, "It's just as well. I was just leaving."
He walks over and pulls out his other lodged sword. "Priestess, that was an impressive display."

>Say something to him before he tries to leave.
>Do something to him before he tries to leave.
>Ignore the monster, talk to the mystery man!
>Ask for a rematch someday.

>> No.36903088

>Tell him to leave our sister alone from now on! And the school too!

>> No.36903114

Get mom away from that "adult." He could be dangerous! She can't just wander off like that! She told you not to!

>> No.36903123

for him and his friends too

>> No.36903198

>Tell him to leave our sister alone from now on! And the school too!
>Otherwise, next time, we won't hold back! (Hope he buys it)

>> No.36903212

>Say something to him before he tries to leave.
Ask him to not come to the school anymore.

>> No.36903299

>"Hey Sweetie!" Izumi says, waving to me. "Look! I found an adult!"
Mom... So cute.

>Tell him to leave our sister alone from now on! And the school too!

>> No.36903462

>Tell him to leave our sister alone from now on! And the school too!


>> No.36904500

I'm still here, I promise!

>still writing!

>> No.36904814

Off to sleep, thanks for running!

>> No.36905260

Thanks for playing!

>> No.36905287

"Yeah! Stay away from the school and leave my sister alone too or I'll beat you up for real next time!"

I put on my confident face, which is indistinguishable from my pouty face.
"As you wish Priestess. I'm delighted to have fought-"

It's Kaori, she bolts out from her hiding place and runs straight over to the monster, standing right next to it!
"Kaori! Get back!" I yell at her, but she doesn't seem to be listening.

"Magician, what do you want? I thought you were done with us." the monster regards her with a sort of familiarity.
"No! Emillio! I want-"
She pauses for a minute, everyone who isn't talking with the new stranger stops to watch her as well.
And Mom, she looks as if she's about to faint.

"I want to talk to Dad again!"
"You what?" I say, visible confusion on my face.

Kaori's eyes are tear-filled, she sniffles some as she yells her request again.
"I just want to talk to Dad, alone!"

Mom can't help herself from squeaking, "Kaori!"
"Sis! You can't be serious!"

"PLEASE! Just... please."

The monster stares at her for a minute, before rubbing her head with his huge, disgusting hand. Yuck.
"I will tell him you want to talk. Good day, Magician."
With that; the monster bolts to the sky and out of sight.

I run over to Kaori and grab her arm.
"KAORI! What are you thinking!? You're done with him! What could you possibly have to say!?"
"I don't..."

Kaori uses her other arm to grab me into a very tight hug.
"I don't know... I just.. I don't.."

>This got awkward quickly!
>What do I say to this?!

>> No.36905374

>You are not going alone. I come with you. And we ask Mom if she wants to, we are a family now. Your family.

>> No.36905416

>i'll go with you, i don't wan you to get stuck there again

>> No.36905485

Ask her what we did wrong? Where we a bad sister? We'll do better! Promise!

>> No.36905505


>> No.36905511

>"Okay, but I'll stay close by."

>> No.36905672

>Di-did I do something wrong!?
>No! If you go talk to him, I'm going with you!

Writing last story post of the night

Then we need to have a talk, a serious talk.

No, I'm not dying of cancer, it's about quest schedules.

>> No.36905783

>Then we need to have a talk, a serious talk.
in about every context, the appropriate reaction is

>> No.36905847

>Ask did we do wrong? Are we bad players? We'll play better! Promise!

>> No.36906555

"Kaori.. Kaori please."
I grab her into an even tighter hug. So much so that I'm pretty sure neither of us can breathe.
"Kaori.. did I do something wrong? Am I bad sister? I-I can do better! Promise!"

She immediately pulls away from me. I can see the deep redness on her tear-stained face.
"No! No that's not it at all! I-"

She falls back into my arms, bawling her eyes out.
"I just want to know if Daddy still loves me."

I.. think I'm crying now. No! No! I have to be strong!
"That's why... That's why I want to talk.."
"You're not talking with him alone, Kaori. I'll be right there with you."
"T-thank you Masami."

"I can't help myself!" Her longer arms tighten around the both of us. "You both are just so cute! I'm so happy how close you two have grown!"

Even Kaori looks suddenly embarrassed.
"Mooom. Please. We're in front of the Principle." she squirms under her hug.
"I don't care." Mom's smile is practically beaming. "He doesn't mind, either."

I look over her shoulder, the older man is currently talking with Maeda, Aiko, and Ryouta.
So he's the principle, huh? Those two seem to be addressing him that way. They really must respect him.
He looks over to our big group hug. He says something below his breath, and smiles.

He better not be making fun of us, or I'm going to give him an earful.

>Thread End.

>> No.36906713

Dawwww, Kaori called her mom. She's learning.

>> No.36906720

Okay! Now for that serious talk!

Something big is happening within the next few months! I got a new job!
Problem? The job is far away from where I live! So I'll be moving soon. Moving somewhere that has no internet connection besides a little 3G card I have.
The bad (for me): This means I can pretty much not play any more video games. I can't take the PC I play games on or any consoles with me. So all I am going to be able to do is use the puny 3G connection.

The good (for you!): This means that the only pastime I will have when I get home from work is running quests. I will have nothing else to occupy myself with.

It also means my schedule is going to be kind of weird as I'll only be able to run after work from here on out. But maybe expect more threads? More threads that run shorter? We'll find out!

So! With that out of the way, one other thing! Thursday is Christmas, but I have Christmas Eve off! I was thinking of running a Christmas Eve CPM thread if I have time for it! Let me know if you want it Christmas themed or just another ordinary thread.

Thanks for the thread everyone, let me know what you thought of it. It's one of the few threads that are heavily combat oriented, so I hope I did the combat justice!

>> No.36906760

Oh! When I say "here on out", I got another month or so before I start. So my schedule will get wacky then, and not right now.

>> No.36906864

Congrats on the new job. Christmas themed would be nice.

>> No.36906877

First of all, Thanks for running.

>Let me know if you want it Christmas themed
Christmas with Masami, Kaori and Izumi?
Yes please.
Although any Quest run is wonderful.

Not sure when "Christmas Eve" is for you, I always get confused over different customs there.
So in case I can't catch it, I wish you Merry Christmas, otherwise see you then.

>> No.36906885


Thankyou for running, I had a lot of fun!

I could go for a chistmassy thread, I do love the cute stuff and I'd expect chistmas to be pretty damn cute in this particular household.

Thanks for keeping us updated on your schedule stuff, it's good to know even for a "we'll see how it actually works when the time comes" situation.

>> No.36906955

thanks for running, congrats and good luck for your new job
and sure, christmas special could be fun

>> No.36907038

I think it should be Principal rather than Principle.

>> No.36907045

A Christmas thread might be nice, though I'm not sure if I can participate. Thanks for running.

>> No.36907353

Okay! On Wednesday I'll try to have a Christmas thread!

If not on Wednesday, then sometime after Christmas, it'll be a late Christmas thread!

You're right, and you can thank the Autocorrect for that.

Trying to run from a tablet, including saving and naming images, has major downsides.

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