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You know you have one. The dude who makes a new race so he can play a fucking pony monk who grabs everyone and yiffs them to death. Or the dude who's background is always lofty and grandiose in a way that he feels like the hero of the group. What does that guy do?

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Murders every enemy we come across, even when the party needs someone alive to progress the plot.
It's gotten so bad we turn on him when one guy is left alive to ensure the enemy's survival over that guy's.

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Murderhobo to the max.
Ironically however, the Murderhobo is the most interested in the game and actually attempts to advance plot, while two other members go off on their own and summon demons.

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That's actually hilarious.

>group slaughters enemy squad down to the last man who is sweating bullets as you all stand victorious
>THAT GUY charges like a rabid dog at him read to cut his throat as entire team stands between him and the last enemy they want to question
>last enemy sits confused as everyone holds THAT GUY back/beats the shit out of him

The confusion must be hilarious.

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I can imagine this guy yelling 'it's just a prank, bro!'

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Our local That Guy made fun of a player with a disability, got called out for it, made even more offensive comments, got kicked out of the group; and then showed up the next week and tried to play it all off as a joke. Dam eventually called the cops.

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What the fuck, that's hilarious but at the same time so fucking sad.

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Is that the guy who was basically like "If I couldn't feel pain, I'd be a God damn superhero" and such bullshit?

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That would actually be a good interrogation technique.
>Finish beating That Guy to a bloody pulp.
>Turn to remaining enemy
>"And *he* was on *our* side! Are you gonna surrender and tell us what we need to know, or are you next?"

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>playing the kingmaker adventure path waaay back
>thatguy creates a character who is obviously designed to become king, without talking to any of us, but whatever
>enter game late, my backstory being that I belong to the same noble family as thatguy and have come to try to get him to come back home
>any time anyone else tries to take charge of a situation he takes it as a personal fucking insult
>rolls two d20's at once every time he attacks, presuming that he will crit and need the second d20 to confirm, while we all call him out on how that is obviously fucking cheating
>his character gets killed in easily avoidable chump random encounter, all of a sudden the party starts thinking I should be king maybe?
>immediately starts whining about how he doesn't want to play pathfinder anymore, dm starts different game just for his benefit and eventually cancels pathfinder specifically because of thatguy's shitty behavior

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What sort of disability?

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This is an important question to determine whether he's a massive douchebag or you are shit-tier faggotass tumblrinias, >>36877281

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As a person with spinal muscle atrophy, I NEED to know what is it and wtf happened.

Story time.

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It was some kind of neural problem, no ability to feel over a big chunk of his body

Yeah, I've told this before>>36877806

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Link to story or such? I haven't seen it.

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Okay, so a real disability, that guy really was a that guy then.

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I had a That Guy weeb who pretty much had the DM make him an entire new Race, pretty much a Human with just fucking Cat ears. Not a Catfolk, I'd be okay with a Catfolk, but no, its a human with Cat ears and a tail. And you want to know his class? He's a fucking Samurai, who is as edgy as a razor blade factory. I can story time if anyone wants.

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>immediately starts whining about how he doesn't want to play pathfinder anymore, dm starts different game just for his benefit and eventually cancels pathfinder specifically because of thatguy's shitty behavior
The fact that you didn't just boot him from the group for being a whiny bitch makes me hate you too. God hates TG enablers.

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Sure, story time.

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My guy always wants to play a Navy Seal in every modern campaign, regardless of how badly that doesn't mesh with the tone of horror or comedy we're going for.

Or if not a Navy Seal, then a Green Beret. Or Delta Force. Or SAS, Spetsnaz, Israeli Commando, Army Ranger, Marine Recon, or if all else should fail, SWAT team member.

It's like, I get it. Dog Soldiers was a good movie, and playing it as a one-shot was fun. That game where we played members of the third SS Division Totenkampf trapped in a remote outpost and being hunted by a Yautja ("Aryan vs Predator") was also fun. But *this* game was supposed to be modeled after Last House on the Left, and the agreement was to play typical people, not min-maxed super soldiers. Why do I have to keep explaining this to the guy?

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Which one is it? There's tons of stories.

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Not as bad as the dude who wants to play a ninja in absolutely every single game ever no matter what.

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What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in guerilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.
I'm sorry, I had to

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Sorry, going off my phone and screwed up the link, search for the phrase "return of that guy"

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No, he's not as bad as the guy who wants to play a ninja in a game about Vatican politics during the age of exploration. Truth be told my group is pretty good, and my That Guy isn't really so That Guy. But that is my current problem, so that's what I'm bitching about.

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>Aryan Vs Predator

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It's okay anon. Somebody had to do it. At least it's out of your system now.

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>not even good cop/bad cop
>bad cop/insane cop
I like it.

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>Aryan vs Predator
Stealing this.

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Got me, too.

Alternatively, you could set it in South America again as an SS officer in hiding vs. a Predator.

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>Aryan vs Predator

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Okay, story time it is. Keep in mind we've only played one session so far, and that was a while ago.
>Party consists of myself (Dwarf fighter), an Eladrin Psion, an Eladrin Spellsword, and the Not-Catfolk Samurai (That Guy)
>Start off in a town in the middle of some summer festival, looking into some disappearances
>Can't find any real leads, so we join in the celebrations, all but the Samurai, who just sits off to the side and stares at everything going on around him
>Suddenly we hear a scream coming from an alleyway
>We all run off in the direction of the scream, except for That Guy
>"Why should I care? Its not MY problem."
>Drag the cunt with us, find a dead elf boy, looks like from a spider bite, no reaction at all from That Guy
>Talk to local Ranger
>Yup, definitely spider bite
>We head to the Inn, find another Samurai whose staying there as well
>Next day Ranger busts in the front door of the Inn, tells us to follow him, QUICKLY
>That Guy begins to bitch that he shouldn't have to follow an NPC around
>Ignore him and follow the ranger, find a big ass spider
>Like really big
>Talk to the town leader women, she wants us to stay out of the spider problem, she'll deal with it
>Try to convince her that it's a big problem, the entire sewer system in filled with them
>That guy begins to side with the women and begins to insult my Dorf
>That Guy: "Well I'm sorry the Dwarf wants to go jump in shit, I don't"
>Convince him to stop being a little bitch and go
>As we're getting ready to leave, he ditches us to go and look at the local Library, for no reason at all
>Literally have to go and try and get the other Samurai at the Inn to come the us instead
>That Guy is furious that we're "trying to replace him"
>DM has to talk him into following the quest line, and actually start working as a team

That's pretty much it, we ended shortly after that.

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>Aryan vs Predator
i want to watch that

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Jesus. Does he even want to play or just find cat girls to fuck?

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I honesty don't know, this is a guy who spends more time watching anime and masturbating (generally around the same time) than most people spend sleeping. He pulled his shit in a 3.5 game we played once before as well, he was a Wizard that would spend all of his time "reading" and almost completely refused to use his spells unless it was HIS life in danger.

Also pic related is another example of an Edgy That Guy I ran into, I'll admit the DM may have been a little force with the emotion rolls, but That Guy was asking for it.

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So all "That Guys" are Muscleman?

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Yeah, without some form of previous background as to why the DM allowed a complete restart of a game makes me think >>36878031 is kinda right.

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Had a very mild That Guy, a good friend of mine, in my group. Huge inferiority complex, threw a huge temper tantrum whenever anyone didn't respond to him.

Talked to him about it the second time he ragequit. Told him it was definitely a problem and it my fault as a GM that he was getting frustrated and if it happened more I was clearly inadequate as a GM.

On the fourth breakdown I told him I was not good enough to let him have fun and that I'd have to stop him playing further.

He took it badly but still my friend. Game went fantastically from then on.

Get some spine and kick those screwing up the group.

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To be fair, Muscleman is a pretty big That Guy.

Not the worst by far, he is far more relatable, sociable, and experienced, but a That Guy nonetheless.

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Yeah, I had a similar problem with my "original" group
>Do you guys really want to play?
Yeah we do GManon
>Then pull your fucking heads in and actually commit to the game dates.

A good solid two years of gaming. Now me and two of the group have moved to another group, but this time GManon is now Playeranon. Sucks, but at least I get to play now.

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Have been playing with the group for a while. We have an edgy thatguy who always wants to be the hero, the greatest, the best no matter what.

His last character was a paladin dragonborn that was a paladin in name only. Arrogant and edgy as fuck. Kept talking down to the party in character as if he was the greatest ever. Our cleric had enough and told him to fuck off no more heals while he claims to be a follower of so and so diety.

His edge dulls slightly.

New GM new game. His new character is edgier than Ronco cutlery. Let me share with you his blind bards bio;

> Two star crossed lovers gave birth to a child who would be born in the twilight.My mother and angle and my father a devil.It was music that spun the strings of faith music that would bring them together.One faithful day everything changed my mother my father disappeared with them my eye sight, much of that day i cannot remember only the broken images haunt me.The only thing that soothed me was the harp that was made by both my parents.Id travel the land living off my muse and my devil blood wouldn't remain a sleep i allays did get into some trouble on the way.


>1. find what truly happened on that day

>2. Master my art

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Oh for fucks sake...
That's just...

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Did you copy-paste that from something? Because holy shit that writing

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Copied from his bio on our group page.

>> No.36881587


Now, if he had cleaned up the writing, and wrote it in third-person by his character in poem form, it might not be so bad. His mom and dad aren't literally an angel (angle) and a devil, but perhaps were a pious, holy woman and a roguish, criminal man, who loved each other and fathered a child, and were subsequently killed after their love was found out, perhaps in the same event that blinded the bard. The harp being the last heirloom he has left of them.

But seeing as how the implication is literal, yeah, it's terrible.

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>That backstory
>That spelling and grammar

You can't get rid of him?

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I bet she was acute gal.

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This post made me laugh more than I can admit.

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Makes me think of the time I played as a half orc assassassin, "dominating" my enemies into submission. Goblins feared the dangalang man

>> No.36881824

How old was he?
I'm asking because I've seen better English from my 9 year old niece

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It really was quite fun. I'd ask if you wanted a storytime, but I already know that answer. Gimme a bit, I'll pre-type it so I can post it with minimal lag.

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bump for story

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Group today was telling me about a guy they kicked from their EotE group because he wanted his obligation to be a desire to murder random people occasionally and eat them. This was apparently his second character, after his droid who liked to steal speeders and drive around throwing grenades out the sides in urban areas was understandably shot to death.

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>was understandably shot to death.

But did HE understand?

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Old enough to drink for sure.

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also bumping for story times

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>Aryan vs Predator

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We all play Warhammer and the chaos player always makes a chaos insert into every setting ever.

We all joke about how were gonna play black crusade and he won't play chaos. He's alright. I just wish he'd dial it back.

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>Aryan vs Predator

>> No.36887381

>He pulled his shit in a 3.5 game we played once before as well, he was a Wizard that would spend all of his time "reading" and almost completely refused to use his spells unless it was HIS life in danger.

Does he actually want to play?

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>DM's allowing those guys to create their own races when they aren't in the setting

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It works even better if you pit Romans against Nazis.

Aryan vs Praetor

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Public school, friends. I was very distraught to learn in the 11th grade that some of my peers were illiterate. Like, how does the system even let you get that far?

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>Gather group of friends who want to play Pathfinder
>Have 2 newbies in the party, first time playing P&P games
>Spend days crafting A level 1-3 adventure for them so they can learn the ins and outs of the game gradually
>2 other players are senior gamers and don't mind
>2 senior gamers help teach the newbies, all is well and the group is having fun
>2 more people hear of our game and wish to join, both have been playing for at least 20 years each
>Figure sure why not, can up the difficulty a bit, show the newbies that the game can be more challenging despite the fact I'd spent days crafting this for 4 people
>1 of the new members makes a straight up evil Necromancer
>After 1 session tells me he can't make it to the games anymore
>No biggie, I will use him as a plot device later
>Other new member gets really into it, rolls up a half orc neutral fighter
>Joins in the adventure eagerly, helps to further the plot and get the team moving in the right directions
>Evil Necromancer goes to take his leave of the group, Half Orc Fighter convinces the team he's not to be trusted. They attack
>Successfully murder the Necromancer, so much for that
>Continue adventure
>After much struggle the team makes it to the end of their quest and retrieves the Mayors daughter, a 6 month old baby, from the evil Fey that had taken her
>The Half Orc Fighter wishes to see the baby to make sure she is safe and unharmed
>Hand her over
>After a cursory inspection he bites the babies head off in front of the rest of the team and declares he has made a sacrifice to his dark god whom he had concealed all along
>Group just sits there stunned in silence

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>Aryan vs Predator

>> No.36887758

>that guy who plays a wacky lol-so-random character who is dumb as a brick in every goddamn game

To be fair, the guy is pretty good at it, but it gets old fast

>> No.36887802

>After a cursory inspection he bites the babies head off in front of the rest of the team and declares he has made a sacrifice to his dark god whom he had concealed all along
Wow. That's golden.
But hey, new plot hook. Stop the rise of the dark god.

>> No.36887818

>Aryan vs Predator

>> No.36887827

>tfw you're that guy's that guy

>> No.36887953

Last session two of my party members spent about a half hour arguing god damn alignment with our resident That Guy, who could not quite grasp how stealing food from starving children would be an Evil Act. All was not lost, however, as the rogue taught some local Kobold gang members how to juggle and do card tricks.

>> No.36887960

>mfw I'm that guy

>> No.36888557

Bump for Aryan vs Preditor story.

>> No.36888739


But nigga that ain't That Guy. That's brilliant. There're so many directions you can take that as a GM if you're creative.

>> No.36888870

what was the GM's reaction?

>> No.36888873

If it's a one time insert, that's just a gag he's doing. If every character is a fucking cultist or something, he lacks imagination.

>> No.36889068

>I still have the crossbow bolt that killed the NPC girl and I show it to him every time he gets even Edgier
that's absolutely brilliant and hilarious

>> No.36889105

I want this

>> No.36889433

Aryan vs Redditor.
whoever wins we lose?

>> No.36889502

Marines can handle both of those problems.

>> No.36889977

So he wants to be a special snowflake and center of the story and have you all be his supporting characters and is miffed when you dont play into his shitty head cannon.

Thats what I get from this.

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>> No.36891942

>pony monk

Pic related

>> No.36891950

I'm honestly with him. You can call the concept edgy, but if the DM okay'd an emotionally distant sniper, going "YOU SHOULD CRYING WILL CHECK DC: CRY" is about as autistic as fucking laugh tracks.
He may have been the that guy for your group, but your group has some retarded rules.

>> No.36891952

>3rd SS Division Totenkopf

What, the shitty one?

>> No.36892021

There's a difference between being emotionally distant and reacting like a piece of rock to accidentally killing a kid and watching her getting devoured by her own mother.

There's a limit to the amount of edgy you can add-in before it just becomes a lazy "I don't want to invest myself in this game" cop out.

>> No.36892154

If a DM wants to fuck with a guy that shows as much emotion as a doorknob, less than the zombies he's killing, then good on him that edg faggot deserves more.

>> No.36892262

That guy was being a shitter. The GM was being even worse. I'm surprised none of /tg/ comments on some of this attrocious shit.

>> No.36892504

>Wow this guy's concept that was approved is ruining fun!
>The GM should ruin his entire concept and assure he has no fun as well, as opposed to talking to him about it!
You are bad at fun.

It's compartmentalization. Not everyone can do it, but the character idea was certainly "I'm in an advanced state of shock" or "I have antisocial personality disorder and it's why I'm still alive".
It's a good concept for a horror game.

If he *wasn't* investing himself, he wouldn't have reacted negatively to the GM; he wouldn't care. He's clearly invested in the character.

>> No.36892519

Dragon Shamans don't cast spells. It's all lies.

>> No.36892546

There is a lot of information missing from that story.
Did the DM go through a strict review of character backstories?
Did the player put in their story that they were a brick?
Did the players really not talk about this clearly disruptive character concept?
Why did they even let him stay that long if he was so disruptive?
Were the players complaining about the roll for emotion other than the brick?

>> No.36892557

Did the DM tell everyone that waterworks was an uncontrollable event?
Does the system have waterworks rules?
Was the Sniper actively disinterested, or what his character?
Did the players bring this up ooc?
Is OP a faggot?

>> No.36892566

Those first 4 are all fine questions to ask.
If the poster is still around he may be able to answer before this thread dies.

>> No.36892581

Only on /tg/ and MAYBE /k/ do I ever expect someone to have knowledge intimate enough not only to recognize SS divisions but then judge them on a scale of least to most shitty

>> No.36892645

/tg/ is love

>> No.36892917

The group only had to roll once, but from what I remember from other threads everyone was fine with the waterworks and the brick was just being a dick by saying he was so edgy he never anything. (Just having the character go kill boars or whatever for time I think would have prevented it, does he's mad but he's expressing it via BULLETS. Edgy enough for him and shows he's not entirely a brick.)

>> No.36893090

>I was very distraught to learn in the 11th grade that some of my peers were illiterate

I know exactly how you feel.

>In 10th grade
>People are STILL mispronouncing easy words
>Have to keep pausing and waiting for someone to tell them what a word is
>Me and like 2 other people each class seem to be able to read a paragraph in less than 2 minutes.

How the fuck do you get to high school and not know how to fucking read?

>> No.36893125

Not him, but seen this too, bunch of classmates have no freaking clue how to read.

>> No.36893170

Well, you could have expected /pol/ to both know the various SS divisions intimately and have strong opinions on their relative quality. But, /pol/ is dead now, so yeah...

>> No.36893210

As a DM, I make every new player give me a roleplaying resume and sign a contract. This does a lot in terms of weeding out that guy. That way I know what kinds of games they've played, how they like to play, how long they've been rp'ing, and then I get a guarantee that they aren't going to be disruptive at the table. I also make them go over their character sheet with me before they sit down to play.

I used to not do this, and pretty often I'd have to deal with
>Chaotic Neutral [something other than rogue, barbarian, sorceror, or warlock], or any CN that acts more chaotic than neutral
>Pregnant anything, they're all shit
>tumblr wish-fuffilment mary sue fighters who start fights with other players over fucking 'microagressions'
>magic users that rely on their only character motivation being to take over the world
>Overtly stereotypical gay characters

I will never stop using these contracts.

>> No.36893439

we anons demand this.

>> No.36893664

Why do you guys even play with these subnormals? If I found out someone in my group was a brony or rape fetishist, or if they wanted to work in anime child fucking garbage, I'd just leave.

>> No.36893710

>"Aryan vs Predator"

>> No.36893814

To be fair there were far worse SS Divisions than Totenkopf, almost every late war Division was bretty shitty, and then of course we had the guys like Dirlewanger.

>> No.36894415

SS Handschar Masterrace

>> No.36894478

That was my reaction too.

>> No.36894487

Well I was group of bronies/former bronies but only one guy was really bad, and he even behaved himself when we gamed.
Really that guys are only different that they don't a shit about the party.

>> No.36894732

That isn't compartmentalization and from all the context of everything else he wasn't using any kind of fucking background, he was just being a lazy asshole that didn't want to react to shit that any normal fucking human being would react in some form!
A woman you aren't interested in but has been with you as a companion professes her love as she dies and you shrug? You're a lazy edgy faggot.
You accidentally kill a child you were trying to save and her zombie mom starts eating her but you just don't even care? You're a lazy edgy faggot.
A young boy who everyone in the group has grown attached to, to the point the IRL group is sad about it because it was clearly one of those "Never give the party a pet" situations- IRL you not caring is one thing because a game but in character you just don't even show any form of empathy? Lazy. Edgy. Faggot.

He was only mad because the DM was making him react to something that unless you are a sociopath on a level that compliments a DC comics villain, because having an anti-social personality disorder or some form of post-service shock doesn't make you a fucking robot. Hell if anything it would make you feel MORE depressed when shit happens.

>> No.36894761

There was a Star Wars short story where Darth Vader tracks down a rebel gunner on an Imperial SD because he keeps killing everyone during orbital bombardments or prior to attempted boarding actions on rebel ships because Vader needs them alive.

>> No.36894803

Honestly, I'm not too impressed with /pol/'s knowledge on the stuff.

>> No.36894834

Because the American public school system works thusly:
Elementary School: Vocabulary, predominantly shit you will never use of consequence in a daily manner. If your TEACHER is an overachiever they might show you how to tell the difference between a fucking verb and an adjective.
Middle School: "English" just means "Literature" you learn how to read shit that's longer than 20 pages...maybe. If you have grammatical writing problems it's mostly covered via School House Rock videos because the teacher has a fucking hang over.
High School: Actually learn how to diagram a fucking sentence and try to cram in as much competence as they can in the course of four years because you skipped the fuck over it when you should learn it- oh and then you have to write papers in the last months of school.

And then, if you make it to college, the difficulty curve suddenly jumps the fence and you decide to either flunk and stop trying, flunk and seem semi-competant, or pass and be good at a skill that everybody jokes about as useless.

And then the process fucking repeats itself.

>> No.36894854

Since you seem to know this stuff, what's the rep of Wiking? A dude in my family probably ended up there.

>> No.36894876

I think it's That Guy because he was supposed to be "Neutral"

>> No.36894906

>he bites the babies head off in front of the rest of the team and declares he has made a sacrifice to his dark god whom he had concealed all along
That's pretty fucking great actually. I'd have a field day if I were the DM.

>> No.36895020

So much that guy in my group.

The guy who cheats, blatantly, and has been caught, and continues to do so.
I would kick, but he's a brother to another player and the resulting tantrum might mean they'd both leave, then it'd be a group of 3 (GM included). So now we're switching to physical dice to stop that shit, or at least, part of it.

Most of the group except Other GM, who is a bro, complain, howl and gnash their teeth when I find out rules that 'hurt their characters' and claim 'we did it this way before you discovered this rule, we have to keep it this way forever. However, finding a rule that helps them must be enforced immediately.
For example, in the clusterfuck that is Pathfinders rules, I found out Magic bypassed DR (because reasons). This was accepted with glee.
Later, when I found out you can't you two weapon fighting without a full attack and this hurt the players, their was much distress and anger.

The fact that I'm still GMing at all. We switched to Pathfinder on the request of a player, on one, simple condition.
He must GM the first session, as I was dealing with creative fatigue and couldn't GM any more.
Half a session later, I was sitting in front of a prewritten campaign, GMing again.
My break was half a fucking session.

A player constantly argues for custom homebrew that gives him a straight up advantage. Like, not sacrificing one ability for another, just getting both, who sulks when I tell him to fuck all the way off.

Honestly, with the way things have been going, I feel less like a GM and more like a phone sex operator. I'm just there to say nice things about the players and stroke their ego whilst they circlejerk snow stories.

>> No.36895033

Whilst they circlejerk their snowflake stories*.

>> No.36895041

In my group's current campaign:

>First campaign for a lot of the players
>Using AD&D because me and the DM like it and it's a good starter system
>Everyone's characters are kinda silly, but they can be serious when they need to be
>That Guy takes it completely seriously
>In a setting he knows nothing about, decides his character is gonna be the son of the local Elf ruler
>DM figures he can work it into the game, agrees
>Bases all his elf knowledge off Eragon
>That Guy decides he wants to be a dex fighter, even though he has 10 dex
>Bases his character entirely on the Drizzt miniature he uses
>Two swords, both elemental
>Plays Lawful Neutral, so he basically doesn't have any moral obligations whatsoever
>Is generally the most boring player ever

To be fair, it's his first time playing, and he's enjoying it, but he tends to drag the game down with his attempts to be the party leader.

>> No.36895047

>Half a session later, I was sitting in front of a prewritten campaign, GMing again. My break was half a fucking session.
Storytime of the half-a-session where you WEREN'T the DM? How could things go so wrong so fast? How did your replacement handle it so poorly?

>> No.36895109

Currently in a group with one. He's the only rollplayer in party. Snow flakey as fuck. Picked a race that doesn't make sense in the setting, simply because they're really good. Keeps talking about how broken he'll be 15 levels in. Always talks about all the stuff his character can do. Keeps pulling items out of his ass that he shouldn't be able to have. Keep butting into fucking everything. Thinks he can do everything better than anyone else (which he mostly can because of his race/class)

I hate this guy with a burning passion. I'm not letting that ruin our games though. Our GM is just too nice.

>> No.36895142

We, the scoundrel players decided to deviate from the prewritten in such a horrendous way.
We did things that weren't 100% written down and explained by the book.
Shocking, I know.
I think one character pick pocketed so he had to find a sense motive/inventory for them.
I started a drinking competition with a non prewritten NPC.
I used detect magic when it wasn't written up what would happen if I did.
We won a battle we shouldn't have, because he lacked the character sheet and played him as a level one ranger rather than a 1 ranger/3 monk like he was meant to.
So, y'know, not a lot that could be pinned on us.

>> No.36895188

>Tfw you want to post a that-guy story, but you're afraid that guy might see it
I'm sure you all know my suffering, /tg/

>> No.36895245

Hide behind anonymity,blame the other guys, become a unique That Guilt

>> No.36895272

Bretty good until late in the war when it had been bled of most of the old guys, but by that time every German unit was in bad shape.

>> No.36895275

Post it and send them the link.
Let them know exactly what you think of their shit.

>> No.36895296

Fuck it, let's do this

>Get invited to SR 4e game
>Annoying that guy friend begs me to let him join (Let's call him Arty)
>Ask GM
>He okays it
>Arty and I create a buddy cop character duo
>Ace (Me) and Kayde (Arty)
>Game starts with us in our Police car, cruising about the mean streets of Sacramento
>Robbery in progress, we head there, pick up one of the other PCs on the way
>Decide to head to Burger King for shits and giggles afterwords, buying the guy who joined us a burger
>Head in, there's a fireman helping a fat ork kid get out of the playplace he got stuck in. The fireman was a named NPC and everything, one of my contacts I believe
>Order Burgers and shit, Arty sneaks back to the car
>Pick up another PC in the BK and get our food
>When about to leave, Arty heads in with an AT4 anti tank rocket
>GM:"What the hell are you gonna do with that thing..?"
>He rolls perfect
>We all survive, except for the fireman and the kid of course
>We all huddle up in the car and haul ass outta there
>Go to the police station and attempt to hack into the security archives
>Decker forgot to buy OS for cyberdeck
>Kayde hops out of the car
>Arty:"I shoot webs from my hand and swing to my safehouse"
>He bought web shooters for his hands
>He swings alongside us for a bit before a police heli shows up, chasing us
>Arty shoots the car, causing us to crash as he gets away safe

Now, bear in mind, the GM to this wasn't the best ever, and he didn't know jack and shit about SR, but yet I continued to play with him... More in the next post!

>> No.36895299

Don't leave us hanging anon.

>> No.36895308

>Many years ago played with group of friends
>One was a That Guy like I've never seen before or since
>Insisted on having his way and got uncooperative if things didn't go as he wanted
>Always made Chaotic Stupid characters
>Exhibit 1:
>We just finished creating characters, he made some kind of Elf sorcerer and I played a paladin
>walk into town, go to the local inn (as always)
>His character gets into a stupid argument with an unfriendly bar patron
>He draws his bow, in the middle of a bar in full daylight, and aims and arrow at the NPC
>I think 'Jesus Christ!' and has my paladin intervene, standing between That Guy's cahracter and the dude he was about to shoot
>That Guy: 'I shoot anon's paladin'
>Stunned silence all round the table, someone asks 'for god's sake WHY?'
>That Guy: 'He is blocking my line of fire'

The Gm simply stoped the game after that. The worst thing was That Guy's smug grin all through the episode, he thought he'd made the funniest stunt ever. He later single handedly ruined a campaign I ran, my first ever, making me lose faith in my own GMing ability for years to come, only changing after I got into a groups with some good friends and they gave me positive GM feedback.

>> No.36895310

In my group of regulars, we got two guys that make the personality of every character they make the same as their own. It's annoying to be essentially playing the same characters every game

>> No.36895313

>Same GM wants to run Stars Without Number
>Arty is the only other guy we can get to join to complete our group of 4
>He continuously asks if he can be a "Space Marine"
>As in the ones from 40k
>GM gets pretty annoyed at this but keeps him in
>We roll up a mechanic (Let's call him/her Shal) a spess pirate (Let's call him Eckart) a psyker security guard (Me) and a military "spess marheen" (Arty)
>We are all in a bar except for Arty
>'Avin giggles and drinking
>Some big space biker starts a fight
>"Well shit, I'm a security officer so I better do something..."
>I attempt to break up the fight
>And then Arty comes in
>Perfect roll
>I attempt to use psi shit on him, causing slight injury
>Arty:"I RUN 40 METERS"
>GM:"Wait... What?"
>Arty:"Check the rulebook, it says you can"
>GM:"Oh damn... It does.."
>It begins a game of chasing him around the ship
>I finally pop off a killing shot on him
>"Oh, right guys, I forgot to mention that I am the Emperor"
>Skype call ends

It's not even that great, just REALLY long

>> No.36895329

>same GM again, wants to run an SCP game using the Delta Green ruleset
>Guess who's joining in
>He is "randomly selected" to be a D-Class
>I roll up a KGB agent who doesn't start in the party
>The rest of the guys got some pretty Neat-o characters
>I don't enter the skype call until the GM tells me to, keeping all outside knowledge away from me
>As soon as I enter the call, I hear Arty say "I SPRAY THE ROOM WITH MY FLAMETHROWER"
>Me PM to the GM "Who gave the tard a flamethrower?"
>I manage to not get hit and escape the room, only to come face to face with the barrel of an M16
>I talk my way into them letting me find my dead squaddies
>As soon as that RP is done, Arty says "I hide in a closet!"
>And so he does
>They all go looking, find an SCP which I can only describe as a mini-star
>Arty still in closet as they and I are laying bullets into this thing
>He suddenly gets out of the closet and sprays it with the flamethrower
>Spraying a superheated being
>With a flamer
>As soon as he notices that it does nothing, he hides in the shitter, and exits the skype call

Now, here's where the better part begins, after this, I promise!

>> No.36895338

>This is an earlier time with a different group
>Playing D&D 3e
>Party consists of bro-tier cleric (Tyler) rogue (Me) Barbarian (I think it might have been a guy named Kevin) and another Barbarian (Arty)
>First session is just party intros and stuff, not too much
>Second session we get hired to go to a temple and smash 'n grab that mother up
>Get captured by a Halfling(?) when we are lootin
>We are all tied up, and my diplomacy ain't workin
>Halfling(?) says he needs one of us to grab a relic for him, but they must wear a special pair of gloves to pick it up
>Arty:"I bravely volunteer"
>He takes the gloves, then rolls a nat20 in wrecking the halfling, and escaping his doppleganger bodyguards, grabbing everyone else's loot on the way out
>We're still in here
>GM goes to private chat with him while we argue amount eachother ICly
>Arty comes back into the room
>Sneaks past the dopplegangers and unties us
>When we leave the room, I ask "Great, now, where's my shit?"
>"Oh, I threw it into the river, it was too heavy"
>RIP in peas my magical items
>We all escape and head to the town...

>> No.36895339

>Arty:"I shoot webs from my hand and swing to my safehouse"
>He bought web shooters for his hands

Holy shit my sides

>> No.36895360

>In the town, we hear rumours of "AN ANCIENT EVIL HAS AWOKEN"
>Now would be a good time to mention this GM isn't very good
>We all decide to hit the pub
>Tylerand I being brotier, Kevin has dropped the game, and Arty' character is off doing who the hell knows what
>A few ingame hours later, Anthony's and my characters are WASTED
>Arty' character comes in wearing NOTHING except for a paper bag mask
>I mean absolutely NOTHING
>He rolls something akin to a seduction check
>People toss coins at his naked body
>He then run away from the bar after doing something lewd to a barmaid
>We follow his stupid ass out and beat him
>He says that he knew what he was doing, and should totally head to the sewers
>We decide to go down there for shit's 'n giggles anyway
>We have to swim through some "stuff" to enter the open area
>Everyone drowns except for Arty, who continues to solo the game from there on out

>> No.36895373

>CoC time with Arty, wooo...
>The GM is Mich, who we all know to be a... Err... Strange fellow. He also ran the previous D&D game
>We roll: A musician in debt to the mob (Me) A generic soldier armed to the teeth (Arty) and a Private Eye (Tyler)
>I start out in the middle of a forest, digging my own grave
>Mafia guys behind me talking about mafia stuff
>They suddenly run away like pansies
>I looks around, there's nothing
>Shrug and decide to head innawoods, because railroad
>Find a military platoon, slaughtered outside an asylum, Tylerand Arty' characters standing next to the bodies bickering
>We all bicker for a moment and decide the best course of action is the hole up in the asylum for a night, until we can either get help or light rises
>We all head in, I decide to camp it out near the entrance (The GM didn't like this) while the others wanted to scout ahead
>I sit in a corner, lighter on and swinging my decoration revolver in hand
>Mich:"You suddenly feels something moist on your head, and a long black goo reaches forth and grabs your lighter"
>The others PCs come back at the most convenient time
>They cap the thing, and it retreats back into the wall
>I say fuck it and figure the GM wants me to head on
>I head further in, finding a broom closet with a strange insignia on the wall
>I enter and place my hand on it to wipe away some dust
>The door closes behind me and I pass out
>Arty then yells "I KILL HIM AS SOON AS HE GETS OUT" and goes on a metarant against me saying I'm possessed by hastur or someshit
>I wake up and casually walk through the closed door
>Mich PMs me "You can now walk through matter for one magic point"
>As soon as I do this, Arty is pretty much jamming his BAR down my throat
>Commence HALF HOUR long metarant on why he should kill me
>It takes us the entire time of both IC and OOC

>> No.36895394

>We end up sleeping on the floor after Arty is done being meta
>The next day we hop in a random car that for some reason is in the woods and head to town
>"Alright, you guys go to the library"
>No one ever said where we were going, the GM just said that
>Whatever, library it is.
>We arrive there and are greeted by typical librarian chica and start doing research
>Arty reads ONE book, and Mich instantly says "You now know how to use telekenisis"
>That is not how books work
>Suddenly, zombies bust through the library door and eat the librarian
>"Wha-... Whatever, I shoot the zombies..."
>They somehow rush me faster than I can shoot, and knock my ass down
>Tyler, being a bro, drags my ass out of there, while Arty is yelling to "Leave his worthless ass behind"

Excuse the sporadic increments this is being posted in, it's how I have it saved from the one time I posted this like, a year ago.

>> No.36895401

>>"Oh, right guys, I forgot to mention that I am the Emperor"
I groaned out loud

>> No.36895406

>We all pile into a car behind the library
>I wake up
>Mich:"Alright, you guys all head to the nearest military base"
>"WHAT"s all around, but we still head there because fuck it, this ain't getting any better
>We get there and are ordered by armed soldiers to exit the car
>Tylerand I have other plans
>Arty gets out first, and as soon as he shuts the door, Tylerand I duck down in the car and gun it backwords
>Military guys all roll shit and we make it out of there
>Decide to grab some grub at a local bar before attempting to find out what the hell is going on in this town
>Enter the bar and the bartender is balling his eyes out
>Figure out the librarian was his wife and he leaves the bar with us alone in it
>Time for shenanigans
>We get SLAMMED on whiskey and hear the cops outside. With Arty screaming for us to come out
>And by god, did we make molotovs
>Burned down half the police force, and ran out the back and stole the bartenders car, hauling ass out of there, leaving Arty in the dust

>> No.36895426

>Driving highspeeds in the car, just trying to get out of dodge
>Finally stop at a random street corner
>We hear rustling in the back of the car
>Open the trunk and SURPRISE, it's fucking Arty with a tommy gun
>He tells us to take him to the military base right away and that he has a strange device on his arm
>Whatever, we head there
>Find the place deserted, and drive in to where the command tower is
>The two head in while I wait in the car
>Shit goes tits up and they run out with Arty missing a hand and batshit insane, and Tylerseverely wounded
>I turn around and look at whats going on
>Mich says, and I quote "You turn around and see Cyaegha"
>Ok, that's a thing
>Drive to the hospital, unphased by the eldritch sky Vagina

>> No.36895432


I think you guys might just be retarded for constantly letting in your games

>> No.36895443

Kevin decided to join the game at this point, rolled up a psychologist
>Get to hospital
>2 week timeskip. Whatever
Now is a good time to mention Mich was a pedophile. No joking here, he has even shown me his ehhhh folder before
>In the 2 week time, he added in a little girl NPC who has a female boner for my character
>Why me
>She constantly refers to me as "Music man" in the strangest ways
>Anyways, I meet up with Kevin in the cafeteria, we have some neat philosophy talk IC while Tyleris too busy keeping Arty from killing anyone
>Timeskip to night. Whatever...
>All sleeping, except for Arty who managed to somehow commandeer a gun and go innavents
>I get woken up by him, chase his ass down in the vents and beat him with a fire extinguisher
>Take the gun, head out to see Kevin shooting some furry-zombie creatures
>The girl comes up to my character and does some "Oh am 2 spooked halp me" shit and grabs my leg
>I kick her off and start popping shots off at the zombies
>Kevin and I fend them off while Tylerfailed his SAN roll, and Arty of course is being Arty
>Look outside the room door, there are roughly thousands more out
>welp, looks like we're taking the window
>I toss the girl out the window first, as a test to see if we could make it
>Of course she lands safely
>Then goes Arty
>He's fine
>Then Tylerand Kevin
>Tylerbreaks a leg, but Kevin is fine
>I stay in the room for a minute more, prepping a molotov out of all the chemicals I can find in there, and tossing it, lighting the hospital on fire as I jump out the window and haul ass to the car

And that concludes my overly long that guy story, that is terribly written, and probably not that interesting. I hope someone finds it entertaining!

It was more of a "This is the only party I have" sort of deal. I have infact found MUCH better players now, which is nice. Also, that game had somewhat of a "so bad it's good" factor, not going to lie.

>> No.36895467

Oh, shit, I should mention, after that, the session ended, and I pretty much cut contact with Mich and Arty. Haven't talked to Kevin or Tyler in a while, though I'm still on good terms with them, as they were great guys.

>> No.36895666

>I hope someone finds it entertaining!
Jesus Christ, arty was like a kid playing Homebrew DBZ in the playground.

>> No.36895788

Strangest thing, Arty was an adult like the rest of us. He really, really did act like a child though. Oh, and he was obsessed with Nietzsche, fun fact

>> No.36895817

>captcha: andso
Nice trips.

>> No.36896002

Not so much a That Guy thing, but a That GM. This, I swear to god, is the plot map another player and I made of an OWoD game we were in, but has stopped now. I'm aware most won't understand what the fuck it says, and excuse the random Cyrillic written, but it should give a good example of how... I'm not sure of the world. Indecisive, perhaps? This game was.

>> No.36896148

>A woman you aren't interested in but has been with you as a companion professes her love as she dies and you shrug? You're a lazy edgy faggot.

The it's the bitch's own fault she let herself get close to someone who never cared much.

>You accidentally kill a child you were trying to save and her zombie mom starts eating her but you just don't even care? You're a lazy edgy faggot.

Well, that's a shitshow. Not like kids have a good chance of surviving this kinda situation.

>A young boy who everyone in the group has grown attached to, to the point the IRL group is sad about it because it was clearly one of those "Never give the party a pet" situations- IRL you not caring is one thing because a game but in character you just don't even show any form of empathy? Lazy. Edgy. Faggot.

Who the fuck said the sniper ever interacted with the young boy, he might have been the one guy to avoid giving a shit about that kid because it's obvious he's got a very poor chance of surviving.

Former servicemember here, your post forced more of an emotional response than all of these situations would have in a game for me.

>> No.36896508

Are you the sniper?

>> No.36896588


I just find it funny that they were all crying RL for such a common trope

>> No.36896626

No, I just think that poster, the original poster and the GM all were massive faggots who don't know how to run their games.

ROLL NOT TO CRY is retarded enough, but making it an universal thing as opposed to something discussed with every player and tailored to their character's specific triggers and mental constitution is retarded enough.

To be frank, I don't give a shit about some half assed tear jerker moment where a kid was torn appart by wolves. It's this terrible forced drama moment that had no sense of interactivity and thus it falls flat. The woman was a tragic incident that could lead to some good roleplaying over how the player just didn't give a shit about it, but instead everyone retorts to 'YOU'RE NOT BEING SAD ENOUGH.'

Somebody wants to play a psychopath on crack and you approve it? Don't bitch when they roleplay it appropriately.

>> No.36896672

It sounds made up, to be honest. Nobody over 20 would start crying at something like that. I'm more inclined to believe they'd go. 'Hey, GM man, you could have at least given us a chance to rescue him and left his life or death hinging on our competence.'

>> No.36896673

I think it's real cute when you gals get together and start discussing about women you don't like at work. Hypocrites and idiots everywhere, it's just like in Gossip Girl.

>> No.36896704


>> No.36896785

[Fedora intensifies]
Generally That guy is the one not acting as Romans do because raisins.
He was the off one, he was an Ass about it, he was That Guy.

>> No.36896854


>only just finding out many That Guy stories are made up

I'm sorry it took so long


nice meme

>> No.36896909


Nah, I've known for a while. Simply because that guy is either a fat autistic neckbeard or a long haired skinny pervert. And it always ends in them getting their ass beat by a group member or something like that.

>> No.36896934


>getting their ass beat

Good one, most of /tg/ are too weak/beta to physically do anything to someone disrupting the group significantly

>> No.36897040

Sounds about right, this is less an issue of /tg/ and more just an issue of the traditional gaming demographic in general, though. It's why most online games implode, because nobody has enough guts to just talk openly about shit they've got a problem with. Which leads to every issue festering.

>> No.36897073

Has there ever been a That Guy story where he wins or got a good ending?

>> No.36897089

I've had so many online games fall apart due to passive aggressiveness

>> No.36897116

I hate you know, pulling each other's dicks like this. But it's a genuine issue that's never brought up. Literally every game I've run that's died can trace said death back to pussyfooting and general passive aggressiveness.

>> No.36897225

I have to agree
Sniper doesn't quite qualify to be That Guy since it didn't really break any rules or do anything game breaking

But he is a shitty roleplayer who probably wouldn't know character development if it bit him in the ass

>> No.36897772

I liked how you threw the girl first to see if the fall was survivable.

>> No.36899151

I assume the ones that end with the storyteller leaving the group instead of That Guy leaving are the ones where he wins.

>> No.36899798

>That sickening feeling when our 10th grade English teacher had to make up 2 weeks of new lesson plans once she realized that half of the class didn't know the difference between "its" and "it's."

She sort of gave up after 2 weeks because she hadn't made any progress on the morons, and couldn't spend a whole semester going over Baby's First Grammar Lessons.

I fucking hated my classmates so much.

>> No.36899947

>Guy turns in his character sheet
>Has "loli witch" as both his character and race

>> No.36900019

Was he like an 12 year old?

Thats not even like "hogging the spotlight being edgy" retarded, its just straight retarded.

>> No.36900154

I was That Guy on my 2nd or so game

>Be in High School, Junior or Sophomore year
>Playing DnD 4e, or maybe 3.5, doesn't really matter
>We're all pretty new so the DM basically says just list whatever race and class you can think of wanting to play and he'll help us either make it or explain how to play it
>Make a Walrus Cleric
>Like listed my weight at about 800 pounds and my height at 3 and a half feet
>DM says I can't play a walrus, makes me a half-elf
>A little dissapointed, my character sheet still reads as I originally made it
>We all end up falling into this water trap, asks for our weights to see how well we swim or something
>Im still listed at 800 pounds
> I have to lose my chainmail to make it

I guess I didn't really mind, the only spell I successfully cast was like a flashlight. We didn't play DnD after that one, just started a Hunter: The Reckoning game.

>> No.36900210

That's not That Guy, you weren't a That Guy.

>> No.36900227

>school offered an 'idiots' version of English class
>even the people in that weren't this bad
What the hell is wrong with your schools?

>> No.36900261

Still played as a Walrus despite my DMs wishes, I dunno.

>> No.36900330

>pony monk
>implying you have to homebrew that

>> No.36900402

>ponies and pathfinder together
I wish I could be surprised. I suppose it's only natural that they'd gravitate to such a shitty game.

>> No.36900579

Our That Guy wasn't a sue or a snowflake, exactly, but he was fucking obsessed with money. I remember us having progressed all the way into level 7 and he was still collecting every piece of armor and weaponry enemies wore and putting it into his bag of holding.

One time he literally brought an entire scrapper team into a dungeon so that they could disassemble a door from its hinges, simply because the DM made the mistake of saying it was made of adamantium.

Pretty mild case of ThatGuyism compared to some I've heard about, but it was still infuriating.

>> No.36900795

>making angle puns
Jokes like this just aren't right, man...

>> No.36900952

That was really obtuse.

>> No.36902715

I'm like twenty minutes in to this movie: http://www.hulu.com/watch/235709

The first guy is, from what I can tell so far, That GM. He can't stop talking about how he's going to kill his players. After he gloated about how he caused a Rocks Fall Everyone Dies TPK on one of his groups that had played their characters for seven years all because he didn't like how they were playing.

Help me, /tg/. I'm on a ride I can't get off of.

>> No.36903556

>wants to be a walrus
>DM suggests half elf
why not dwarf? at least it's closer than half elf

>> No.36903625

Selling the armor and weapons seems kind of silly at level 7, but to be fair, an adamantium door can be worth a lot of money.

>> No.36903732

>morbidly obese dwarf fighter
>dual wield scimitars styled like tusks
"I am The Walrus."

>> No.36904647

I might be that guy, and I think my sister might also be that guy. We each have played only one campaign and it is the game one, and it was never finished. Our DM had to make 2 custom spells for me and a custom race for my sister and myself; my custom race was a result of my first character dying in the second session and the spells that were made. Pretty sure the only reason he put up with my dumb character because I was the one got the group together.
My sister's character was a kitsune who charmed anyone who looked at her so she had to always have on a cloak. Her character was obsessed with dragons and wanted one as a pet, however her expression of this came across as somewhat perverse or disturbed.

Before I mention my character, I'm going to mention the spells Abortion and Implant Fetus.
>Touch spell
>Deals 1d6/level damage [target gets +2 to resist if not afflicted with pregnancy] (max 5d6)
>removes pregnancy

Implant Fetus
>1 missile +1/2 levels (max 5)
>projectile applies pregnant
>Men get a +5 to resist
>men get -2 to will saves if pregnant

My first character was a lady drawf mad scientist type who made the spells and then used them on a bunch of people and things. Chaotic Evil, and atheist.

My second character was a half mushroom, half dwarf who was the child of my first character. They were True Neutral and their goal was to kill their mother, however upon finding that their mother was already dead, and that the party may have had something to do with it I decided to follow them around. Barbarian.

>> No.36904678

>One time he literally brought an entire scrapper team into a dungeon so that they could disassemble a door from its hinges, simply because the DM made the mistake of saying it was made of adamantium.

>>Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects, ignoring hardness less than 20.
>>Armor made from adamantine grants its wearer damage reduction of 1/— if it's light armor, 2/— if it's medium armor, and 3/— if it's heavy armor. Adamantine is so costly that weapons and armor made from it are always of masterwork quality; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given. Thus, adamantine weapons and ammunition have a +1 enhancement bonus on attack rolls, and the armor check penalty of adamantine armor is lessened by 1 compared to ordinary armor of its type.
if you ask me, 100% worth it if you know a skilled blacksmith

>> No.36904912


>> No.36904941

this is not ok

>> No.36904989

Well I can't find the screencap right now, but there was a story told on here once of something along the lines of "the transsexual rapist." It was about a sci-fi game where a new player raped another player's girlfriend in-character, at the table. Said player beat him in-character almost to death but let him live, and the guy decided to get a new, female synth body and immediately come-on to his attacker. It didn't work, but another female player, with a male character, banged the new gender-swapped slut. They went home together after that session, and the ending is that they're getting married (might be hitched by now). This hobby is weird.

>> No.36905010

What the fuck.

>> No.36905071

Please tell me the narrator had a crush on the girl. That'll just hit all the right spots.

>> No.36905086

I probably should have mentioned that I first heard the concept of magic pregnancy in a D&D setting in a screencap of a story from here. That story was really fucked up and involved women growing dicks though.

I thought it was a funny concept and asked if my character would be allowed to do it expecting him to shoot it down right away, but he was alright with it and made the spells, and helped me make the character.

>> No.36905123

Dongluf shut the fuck up!

>> No.36905148

Also, the word "Pregnomancy" just rolls off the tongue

>> No.36905193

He was friends with the player who had the girlfriend, but I don't know of him having any strong opinion of anyone else. Also there was another player, the roommate of That Guy, which is how That Guy got into the game.

>> No.36905220

Gonna need a cap of this story from SOMEBODY, please
in-game romances that turn into OOC ones melt my heart every time

>> No.36905280

Also the only real problem the spell caused for its short time in existence; after my character died they burned the spells and research notes, was small arguments about whether it should be considered rape or magical assault.

>> No.36906321


Here ya go.

>> No.36906359

>Aryan vs Predator
Minds me of the old "Nazis v. Wizard and Humanoid Horde" scenario from one of the "Best of The Dragon Magazine" compilations.

>> No.36906863

>gank the niggas selling pigment and tracksuits lead to the spooky door
Fascinating. Don't explain any of this. I like it better.

>> No.36908644

Keeps nudging the group to put IronClaw on our RPG rotation. Still not happening.

>> No.36908742

and the issue is?

>> No.36908832

Ironclaw 2e is a good system, yo.

>> No.36908840

1) Won't stop when we unanimously said NO
2) Nobody but him wants the furshit
Imagine every game one player starts into "Have you heard the good word about furshit?"
Dude won't take NO for an answer and doesn't want to play with other furries instead. Go figure.

>> No.36908914

besides wanting to play Ironclaw, what furry related stuff does he do that makes him a that guy?

>> No.36908997

He literally wasn't until the furshit came up. We called him out on it, he realizes he's been outed... and now he can't let it go. Now he somehow thinks he can let it slide with us just because we know about his dirty secret.

No thank you. He needs to go back into the closet.

>> No.36909068

>My mother and angle and my father a devil.
How the fuck do you play games with this guy with jimmies unrustled

>> No.36909074

All I'm hearing here is that you care to much about someone else's fetishes. Are all of his characters furries? Is he constantly, not sometimes, but at least frequently bringing up furry porn? Not talking about Ironclaw, but actual furry porn. Or is he just a guy with a fetish that you wish you didn't know about?

>> No.36909094

See but like that would require an actual interesting concepts and an actual deep psychological effect on his character and not his Devil May Cry OC and we can't have that can we?

>> No.36909114

Do you have reason beyond him wanting to play Ironclaw to believe that he's a furry?

>> No.36909282

That's why we called him out. Que awkward scene where he freezes up stammering and we all laugh. Now he thinks it's cool to talk about furshit around us like he didn't realize we were laughing at him.

Furshit doesn't need porn to be weird. We're not going to roleplay around as a bunch of furries like neckbeard otherkin, nor are we going to pander to his mental illness.

Why the fuck do I need to explain why furries are fucking weirdos, or why it's just really really inappropriate to bring up in what should be a casual setting? Kills the mood and makes everyone uncomfortable.

>> No.36909346

I think you're the one with the problems

>> No.36909399

just wondering, what's your stance on lolis and/or people who want to play as the little girl?

>> No.36909425

I'm not trying to argue that being a furry isn't weird, it clearly is weird. Having said that though, does it really bother you that much that some guy has different tastes than you do? And I still feel a little in the dark here, how frequently does he bring this stuff up and in what manner? You also mentioned that him wanting to play Ironclaw outed him as a furry, but that implies you had no reason to think he was a furry earlier, in which case it sounds like you overreacted in a hostile manner to someone simply wanting to play a certain game.

>being a furry is automatically a mental illness

>> No.36909454

>implying there are people who don't want to play as the little girl

>> No.36909480

Acquire better friends.
You are there to enjoy yourself not pander to fuckwits.
Once you start pandering you have lost control as a DM and have to really ask yourself if it's worth it to keep running a game you do not enjoy.
The answer to that question is no it is not.

>> No.36909499

To be honest you are sounding more like a That Guy than your furry friend.

>> No.36909517

Nigga its story time bring it fuck the police

>> No.36909546

I already posted the story, you nerd

>> No.36909589


>> No.36909685

>You know you have one.
Might be me, I'm constantly pulling out source books for things, and more often than not it ends up helping the GM more than us.

What can I say, it's an 'Honor' thing.

>> No.36909733


This guy. I can fucking handle Evil PCs. The fear of the authorities is generally enough to rein in their dickishness, and generally an LE person is an excellent addition to the party, because He Gets Shit Done.

But a chaotic person, holy sheeeet. We have one guy in my campaign. Now, I'm gonna preface this and say that he's a great guy, and he ROLEPLAYS a barbarian from a backwards village thrust into political intrigue and world-shattering invaders very well.

But because he has no impulse control and doesn't think stuff through, he'll do shit like headbutt people who he thinks are shapeshifters. He'll insult random NPCs. He won't trust authority figures.

Which is all fine. I really dig the fact that he's into the game and into the character. It just gets annoying when the NPC that was just headbutted has to be appeased by the other PCs to cooperate.

>> No.36909744

That's absolutely not a that guy thing to do. So long as you're aren't pointlessly slowing down the game to double check rules and calls that don't matter, that's actually a good thing that you're doing. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all the rules as the GM, and it's good that you give enough of a damn about the game to help.

>> No.36909835

Blame trans-fat otherkin dog fucking fursuiting babyfurs. That Guy didn't even notice our host has started keeping his dog locked up for our game sessions, or if he did there's been no comment yet.

Shouldn't have to explain this. Too much baggage. How do you furfags not get that? It's like insisting on a toothbrush-stache.

He brings it up every session, it's practically on his bucket list. Now he knows that we know that he's been a closet furfag, and he doesn't want to play with other furries. He wants to play with us, but we'd rather not because the rest of us have been on the internet too long and know too much.

There's a plenty of mental illness associated too. I'm not even the most verbally opposed. One of our player's brother had a complete mental breakdown, actual clinical lycanthropy for a period, and still occasionally insists on wearing a fursuit while being addressed in appropriate roleplay manner.

What you like is weird. I'm sorry. Can't be helped.

Read above. You don't play certain forever-young eclipse phase morphs without people giving you weird looks and doing the same routine. In a casual public setting people go out of their way to distance themselves from anything remotely associated with negative context. That morph merely came up in context and two other people actually went out of their way to comment on how weird and inappropriate it was as would be anyone who insisted on using it.

>> No.36910014

mother of god! where to begin?

>> No.36910019

>How do you furfags not get that?
>They aren't siding with me, therefore they must also be furfags!

I'm not that anon, but the reason why they aren't taking your side is because you're being really vague. Which is making it seem less like the furry is the one who's overreacting
Maybe you should post a story or 2 about how he tried to take you into his Magical Realm

>> No.36910033

>mfw i'm that guy

>> No.36910044

How is that dog not dead jesus christ

>> No.36910096


Honestly dude? You sound like the problem here. So the guy has a weird fetish. So what? Oh no, there's baggage associated with furry-ism. Let me break it to you, there's baggage associated with RPGs as well. And if you were to go to, say, a frat party and mention that you like RPGs, people would look at you weird and avoid you. Just as they should. Because functionally, there is no difference between pretending you're a wolf vs. pretending you're a wizard.

Now, conversely, if he constantly mentions that he wants to yiff an NPC, or polymorphs himself into a dog constantly and humps the PCs, or does magical realm stuff, that's different - but according to you, he hasn't.

Basically, the point that I'm making is that you don't have the moral high ground here.

>> No.36910160

>"Oh, right guys, I forgot to mention that I am the Emperor"
>Skype call ends
I can't decide if he's a genius or a moron.

>> No.36910175

What the literal fuck.

>> No.36910216

i wish i had the why not both GIF...

>> No.36910232

>trans-fat otherkin dog fucking fursuiting babyfurs
now say it five times fast

>> No.36910260

>our host has started keeping his dog locked up for our game sessions

What kind of dog

>> No.36910264 [SPOILER] 

He is me and has a robot wAIfu.

>> No.36910288

>All sleeping, except for Arty who managed to somehow commandeer a gun and go innavents
Oh jeezus, in the right hands this shit could be fantastic.

>> No.36910306

clearly a smoking hot bitch

>> No.36910311

I mean it's sure as shit not my slice of fetish pie but everyone has weird shit they're into. If he's being a creep about it and talks about all this weird creepy sexual stuff then yea no that's gross and he should feel gross, but if he just likes the idea of playing an anthropomorphic character then there's not really anything wrong with that. You just kind of sound like a judgmental cunt right now, which is hilarious because we are all talking about playing make believe and killing dragons. Same shit.

>> No.36910328

I am working my way down man no need to be rude.

If it helps you did not disappoint.

>> No.36910346

I know that the usual response to furries is flamers, but this is an actual, honest-to-god dog. Please think of the collateral, anons.

>> No.36910374

>Implying it needs magical realm to be inappropriate
Alright, you guys can have him then. He won't take no for an answer, slips a little more perspective into the depths of his weirdness every time he brings it up, doesn't comprehend when he's making an awkward scene, makes one of our other players visibly uncomfortable just being around with what he won't shut up about, is one of those persons that's always stranger than they let on, and is now going to insist on playing furry races all the time because we "know" so what should he care.

Have fun. He's gradually becoming too comfortable around the gaming group. Never ever ends well.

>> No.36910399

Please think of the puns, fool!

>> No.36910418

Thank you for finally posting passable examples of why he is That Guy
Now your behavior seems more justified

I still want a fucking story

>> No.36910426

have you tried talking to him about the fact he is making you guys uncomfortable? because we were just discussing earlier how being passive aggressive kills groups

>> No.36910431

Oh, no, sorry, I use "you nerd' as a term of endearment. I guess I'm too used to calling everyone I care about that, sorry, again.

>> No.36910432

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. I suppose at the end of the day I hope the dog doesn't get fucked, but I can't really say that I care that much. I mean it's still just a dog.

>> No.36910435

>Aryan vs Predator

Fucking priceless.

You could have had him as someone that came back from active duty and have spooky stuff play up his PTSD. But I respect your entirely valid choices.

>> No.36910453

Maybe he's acting over the top to spite you guys because you overreacted way too much from him just saying that he wanted to play Iron Claw.

Calling a guy out and having the entire group laugh at him because he asked to play a system like Iron Claw might make him act like a dick just to make you guys mad.

>> No.36910485

Pretty sure I gave good reason before that. People here are just defending their fetish that it's somehow not That Guy material to try to shoehorn in a salespitch every gaming session despite everyone else wanting nothing to do with it.

>> No.36910499


This. Once again if he's being creepy and pushy congrats you have a legitimate reason to dislike him and call him a That Guy, because that is That Guy behavior. But your getting on your pedestal about furies acting as if they are all in the process of having sex with your childhood dog just kind of seems like you have a hate erection for people who are 'Different TM'. Try wording your problems like an adult next time.

>> No.36910524

Nah bruh you're good my best bro is named 'Cumslut' in my phone, I know it was good natured.

>> No.36910538

I have one friend who, every time he DMs for us, somehow ends up with an entire party of That Guy's.
We're all pretty experienced roleplayers, and we're all friends, but somehow we all turn into total assholes while he DMs and it's hilarious.
Here's an example from a Traveller game he ran that I sat in on for a couple sessions.
>Party consists of the Captain, and massive space-australian hunter. He wasn't present for the sessions I watched, but he texted the DM and told him he wanted to abandon his crew and go hunting
>The Engineer, whose name was Chang. Tended to insert his name into sentences "Time to bring the Chang" etc. wielded a gravity maul that was actually too big for him to wield
>Star Wolf
>Space Barbarian who got picked up by the crew. Used a shot-gun fist
>A Lion-Man ex-cop who wanted to be a doctor, failed his medical exam after eating someone's arm. Talked like Sean Connery, frequently ate people and "muh cultural norms" when called on it. Name was Doctor Omnomnom.
If anyone's interested I can tell the story of one of the sessions I was present for, which is kind of when it changed from Firefly to Breaking Bad.

>> No.36910552

Bruh we're not furies you're just butthurt.

>> No.36910560

You need to read through your posts again because as I said, you were being unnecessarily vague
You just kept saying "He was being creepy and he liked furshit" without really talking about what he was doing that was creepy or, aside from trying to get the group to play Ironclaw, how he was injecting his fetish into the game

And no, just because I am disagreeing with you, I am not a furry nor am I supporting the furry in your group

>> No.36910564

Oh, what a lewd name for someone
Is he one?

>> No.36910566

you already know the answer, pal

>> No.36910571

When has anyone ever not wanted a story?

>> No.36910595

I can only assume so.
But no he is large and white, he wouldn't make for an adequate one.

>> No.36910626

Honest question, here.
Does this picture make you uncomfortable?
If I told you I liked this movie, would you say I'm a
>trans-fat otherkin dog fucking fursuiting babyfurs

Cause honestly you sound like the type of person who sees furry boogeymen in every shadow. I have a friend like you - he's so vocally AGAINST furries, all the time, for no particular reason. The only explanation me and my friends can come up with is that he's secretly into that shit and the thought of it terrifies him.

>> No.36910671

do you have a copy. Starting my first ever campaign next week with 3 new people

>> No.36910706

Oh, that's too bad. You had my hopes up, nerd

>> No.36910733

What makes you think I would share if he was?

>> No.36910750

Yeah, Alex!

>> No.36910779

>Crew arrives on Jungle Planet, flagged by intergalactic government as "Don't Fucking Go Here"
>Last session they had run into some of the locals and failed to convince them that they were gods, and killed some of the local fauna.
>In this case, Razor Monkeys. They also through some of them, plus a young tribal boy, into stasis pods
>The Captain, Scrotch Toffington, decides that his crew can handle themselves and sets off into the jungle to hunt.
>The doctor and the barbarian decide to sneak into the large temple they saw earlier.
>Chang decides to accompany them, but not until after they leave. Sets off in the wrong direction
>Star Wolf sits in the cockpit, until he notices some shrubs moving about. Activates the ship's laser and vaporizes the bushes, all while shouting at the locals over the broadcasting system to convince them of his divinity.
>When nothing happens, he decides to carve his name into the planet with the laser. The DM tells him this will take about four hours, because he'll have to recharge the battery. He does it anyways.
>Doctor and Barbarian reach the temple, which is well defended. they sneak over the walls, and begin to discover signs that the people here might not be as primitive as they thought.
>Sneaking into the inner sanctum, they discover massive generators and strange technology.
>They also discover the High Priest, and decide they might as well kill him
>Meanwhile, Star Wolf is attacked by locals. While their spears can't pierce the ship, he decides to step outside and shoot them. He fails to remember that he is only wearing a space-suit, which is not armoured. He gets winged and goes back inside, but the hatch is jammed open by a spear.
>He decides to fly towards the temple.
>Meanwhile, Chang is in the middle of nowhere when he sees the ship fly over him.
cont, not much more.

>> No.36910788


>> No.36910839

OK you're all insane. Are you all unaware what I outlined is what people IRL think of when they think of "furries"? Literally nothing but cringe stories. Nothing. But. Cringe. CSI fursuiter episode? Check. That one friend of a friend everyone knows who's clinically insane? Check. All the zoophilia connotations? Check. That guy with all the deviant art plastered over computer and phone? Check. Public fursona dude? Check. Showed up to a drinking party in full costume and demanded people play along? Check.

My "pedestal" was trying to explain this, but you all seem too deep down the rabbit hole to realize what people think IRL. Only the worst of the worst of the cringe.

Everyone in my gaming group seems to have something awful associated with it, not just me, judging from how things have gone.

>Does this picture make you uncomfortable?
Robin Hood pic makes me think of one of the people in the above list. THAT makes me uncomfortable. I don't give a shit otherwise and I think that particular Disney movie was underrated. All people want is to keep the weirdness canned, and that means distancing associations. I dare you to try and discuss something like ethical eugenics and population control methods with people off the street. You generally can't for the same reason.

I'm sorry but other people ruined it. I've seen people have hard times discussing MLP IRL for similar reasons.

>> No.36910856

Not that guy - and I didn't even read his posts - but it depends on context. If you shoehorn in furries in campaigns where it's not appropriate, odds are pretty good you're a furry, which means you're making a fetish character, which is bad. If I knew your fetish was giantesses and you kept making giant characters, I wouldn't approve of that either. Fap on your own time.

>> No.36910861

>The ship approaches the temple only to discover that it is surrounded by an EMP field, causing it to crash. Star Wolf survives and continues to slaughter temple guards
>Meanwhile, the doctor and the barbarian manage to get the upper hand on the High Priest and kill him. the doctor shoots him in the face while reciting the "fuck the prom queen" one liner from The Rock
>They then notice that the central altar has a weird metal egg thing floating above it. Figuring why not, they take it. This shuts down all the power in the temple, knocking out the EMP field as well. They leave the temple and join up with Star Wolf, and fly away.
>On their way back, they pick up Chang, who has done nothing of note this entire session.
>They find their captain at their earlier landing site, lugging the corpse of a massive beast behind him. The DM had his player, who wasn't able to make it, roll to see if he was successful. According to his roll, he had slain a "Biceptipide". When told this, his player replied "I make a Biceptithrone"
>The crew flies off into orbit again, and discover a large satellite orbiting the planet. Upon entering it, they discover that it was likely the hideout of a criminal gang before they had to flee for reasons unknown.
>The doctor, having been a cop, realizes that they could get a pretty amazing drug production facility up and running their.
>And that's when it became Breaking Bad in space.

>> No.36910874

most people from "irl" are fucking morons that should be burned to death

>> No.36910884

I honestly have no idea, anon

>> No.36910893

>I dare you to try and discuss something like ethical eugenics and population control methods with people off the street
Holy shit, you're fucking /pol/ incarnate. I mean I had my suspicions, but that explains everything.

Anon, I can confidently say that YOU are that guy. You may not be the biggest that guy in your group, but you are one.

>> No.36910912

>Tended to insert his name into sentences "Time to bring the Chang" etc.
>wanders off into the forest, gets lost, and accomplishes nothing
for some reason I'm finding this really amusing

>> No.36910918


>> No.36910929


Yeah, you're That guy, bruh. Most people aren't autistic. The guy hasn't done furry shit, you're just associating something negative with him because you have a stick up your ass.

>> No.36910934

All these fur fags defending their fetish.

>> No.36910935

>Note to self, /tg/ is OK with furries
Could we ever get Albedo and IronClaw threads?

They're dead but very well regarded settings and systems. Very deserving of a revival, and some anon on /co/ uploaded the entirety of the Albedo EDF comic and Birthright comics so now we actually have setting and fluff context. I've always wanted somewhere to discuss and confer for things like rulings and such, but even on furry communities it's pretty dead.

Seriously, Albedo was one of the better Science Fiction settings I've read.

>> No.36910936

Why didn't you just talk about how he came to a drinking party in full fur getup in your original post or any of that other shit that would have helped your case?

>> No.36910938

nigga, you are on 4chan. every time i bring up 4chan i generally get weird looks and the occasional cringe because people think 4chan is nothing but /b/. just because public perception is negative doesnt mean we are insane for not immediately jumping on the anti-furry bandwagon

>> No.36910941

Careful not to cut yourself on that edge.

>> No.36910950

well not using his spells is understandable but most of the best wizards study all day

>> No.36910961

Shut up you babyfursuit otherking trans-fat tumblr-tier reddit freak!

>> No.36910966

What I can gather from his post,
>friend wants to play Iron Claw (which I guess is a well-respected but furry-themed p&p system
>groups says NO hard
>keeps wanting to try Iron Claw
>from this, anon concludes that friend wants to fuck dogs
I've never heard anything bad about Iron Claw on tg. In fact, every time I've heard of it someone points out that it's actually a really good system. So it definitely sounds like a system worth trying.

Honestly just sounds like Anon is reading too much into this, and going on some sort of 'degeneracy crusade'.

>> No.36910998

Dude once more we pretend to be wizards fighting dragons. If we had a problem with it that would just be stupid. If you bring up that time your Wolfman fucked a Catfolk hooker in every thread then yea okay please take a step back and wash your hands.

>> No.36911084

Fuck it, I might have to make a thread then. Maybe Sanguine RPGs general. Covers everything from Usagi Yojimbo to the Chessex 1980's Albedo.

>> No.36911109

this story reads like a fapfic Larry might have imagined and is pure bullshit

>> No.36911189

fair enough at least you admit it thats what i always think of that guy threads as anyway seeing people vent about problems they are having with there players

>> No.36911359

you gave an example of what your friends brother did not what this guy did

>> No.36911384

i love a good analogy and that is a dam good analogy thanks anon

>> No.36911423

honestly most of the people that hate furrys are the 40k players its just a holdover from warhammer and furrys having the same day of the week they would fight over all the time on /b/

>> No.36911434


>> No.36911788

I worry we're a whole group of that guys, and not even in a way that all compliment each other, all in completely different ways.

>That Guy who will always be the party face and backseat DMs
>That Guy who always plays chaotic neutral and fucks over the party
>That Guy who plays grimderp only and is a rules paralegal, gets the rules wrong enough that I assume he didn't pass the rules BAR
>That Guy who looks for the optimum character build for so long he doesn't want to play after.
>That Guy with thin skin who has had more DMPCs in one campaign than I've had PCsAlso his girlfriend got drunk once and was getting handsy with me.
>That Guy who ends half his actions with "No I don't really do that."

For good measure I did put myself in there.

>> No.36911815

Just love how the furries are trying to give this guy a bad conscience. He clearly stated that nobody else in the group is comfortable with furshit and the guy won't stop trying to force them into it.
You people are more like tumblr than you admit to be. Stop dragging down the mentally sane.

>> No.36911840

yeah but the way he was uncomfortable with it was shitty of him

>> No.36911876

hm i wonder which one was you

im guessing its the thin skin guy because a lot of groups fail to communicate in which case only the thin skin guy would know the thin skins past the group probably does know but its the only one with any indication of a chance past 1/6

oh wait the handsy bit hm maybe thats to throw us off

>> No.36911900

i didnt realize that i was a furry. please tell me what else i am.

>> No.36911938

an anime fan

also you play tradition games

>> No.36911941

From what I've read it seems that what happened was:

>Anon's group is playing
>Accused That Guy suggests playing Iron Claw, showing no signs of being a furry prior to this incident
>Group calls the alleged That Guy out on being a furfag just because he wanted to play a game system and laughs at/mocks him all the while he's just stuttering in embarrassment
>Next time group gets together the guy really DOES start acting like a That Guy by trying to shove his fetish down Anon's and everyone else at the group's throat.

Seems to me that after getting mocked and laughed at for SUGGESTING A FUCKING SYSTEM, he turned into a That Guy.

Anon and his group are a bunch of faggots that jumped and made fun of him for something simple.
Anon, you and your group are a bunch of That Guys, kindly fuck off.

>> No.36911986

>tfw i am this guy
If it means anything, my friends expect me to be drunk and make them laugh. I'm the only one who even tries to make it entertaining. Everyone else is no fun allowed.

Last character i played was an exiled guy who wore a burlap bag on his head out of shame. He used a sign post as a weapon. He was always overly worried and used retard logic for everything.
>Only nobles with a sign (in this case a proper coat of arms) from the king could enter the palace
>Arrives at door with "from King <3" written on signpost club.
>beaten by guards.

>> No.36911991

This one, I like.

>> No.36912018

Suggesting a system that is associated with furries though. If anyone would sincerely suggest playing Ponyfinder, that'd be the absolute same and grounds for termination of any relation to that person. Just because we share a hobby that is generally reserved for social outcasts does not mean I have to put up with any subgroup that pops up. I have no obligation to tolerate them in my vicinity.

>> No.36912045

but everybody loves the mechanics of ironclaw

>> No.36912059

Then dump him. Don't be a faggot and make fun of him for his fetish like fucking normalfags. He's a furry yes, but that's his fetish and you don't have an obligation to mock him for it, just like someone IRL doesn't have an obligation to mock you for playing pretend.

>> No.36912112

If i was ever forced to be in a furry game, I'd go as a mud crab. And be grumpy as fuck, and snip people in half like a bastard. act like a drunk sailor. dig holes in sand. walk sideways, and make a weird to hit modifier because of it.

also crabs don't have sex with each other, but like squirt at eggs and shit, so I can avoid any weird advances, and IC complain that this sex shit is wierd, ya faggots?

>> No.36912136

>It's a great system but I'm scared to play it because furries make me feel insecure
How can one person be such a faggot?

>> No.36912146

>plays a dragonkin
>first thing he does the moment we start a game is pick a fight with some guys in a bar
>gets the shit beaten out of him
>runs off to do stupid shit
>lights half the town on fire trying to fight some random peasant
>falls down a well and drowns over several turns because no one wanted to save him
Meanwhile there was an actual campaign to be doing.

>> No.36912176

It wasn't to throw you off, I mean, my whole group are quite handsy, I don't like it but when in Rome.

>> No.36912234

You're the party face / backseat DM, since that was the only description that wasn't overtly weird or negative.

>> No.36912235

jesus thats genius

>> No.36912435

Nope, I'm terrible at party face I've found, and I can barely frontseat DM

>> No.36912511

>"death mage"
>has access to only one spell or ability of any kind
>instantly kills the target
>never fails
>never misses

>> No.36912519

Dear god, that poor dog. Did someone force feed it a gallon of chocolate milk or something?

>> No.36912907


>grounds for termination of any relation to that person.

That's pretty extreme for making a suggestion. I mean, I wouldn't do that with people who I outright knew hated ponies or whatever, just as I wouldn't suggest DnD to people who hated fantasy. But that's a pretty low bar for being jerks to someone, assuming you're the same anon who had the person who suggested Ironclaw.

>> No.36913000

This was more of a forum thing, but

>Be a long established member of the forum
>Take a few year hiatus of roleplaying
>Decide to join a Fire Emblem forum RP
>Allowed two characters or three with 'special permission'
>Come up with a pair of siblings where the younger brother fancied himself a hero for his sister
>ask GM permission to do a bunch of minor cosmetic things for story purposes which they allow
>Plays as a soldier but class is listed as "Lord" with the quotation marks
>Older Sister is a pupil
>GM thinks the idea behind them is coo--
>Cue that guy
>Before I join, throws a bitch fit that my characters overlap with his
>Don't see how
>GM somehow sees the 'delusion of grandeur' as being it
>My "Lord" is doing this as a form of self-confidence
>His character who is actually given the OP Lord artifact does it because he wants to conquer the land
>That Guy has permission to use three characters
>All are literally the same character to the point that you can find "Survival of the fittest" in their character bios
>Despite rewriting the characters fifteen times over the course of two weeks That Guy continues to cry about the characters being too close to him
>GMs still agree with him
>Get fed up and tell them all off

Admittedly, my reputation on that forum was being a bit of a flake due to dropping out, but the guy was uncreative as fuck. He used the exact same three characters in all of the games he joined.

>> No.36913255

To be fair, its and it's is a fairly bullshit example, since it's the only word that doesn't use an apostrophe in its possessive form. One of those "one time only" rules that are so frustrating from an educational standpoint.

>> No.36913352

For some people it's just a reflex

>> No.36913825

I feel like a game where the group plays as sea creatures could be loads of fun.

>> No.36913846

>Showed up to a drinking party in full costume and demanded people play along?

>It wasn't my idea.
>I didn't want to do it.
>I'm a pushover.
>She just liked making costumes. (All kinds.)
>She thought she'd be clever by demanding I wear it, claiming it would be a costume party.
>Well sweetheart, no one else was wearing a costume.
>I was ruséd hard.
>No one would help me with the zipper.

I have no mouth,
and I must scream.

>> No.36913935

DM had a stealthy guy appear out of the shadows, behind That Guy's character.

Guy snatched the character sheet for the DM's stealthyguy to argue that he shouldn't be able to sneak up on his min-maxed character.

>> No.36914085

Reminds me of our DM. We play Dark Heresy and we always here snippets of information about Tau...

And without question, the Tau are beating the Imperium/Orks/Whatever forces we're dealing with without being stalled. Plot armour thicker than a space marine.

>> No.36914152

The real test of whether he's "that guy" or not is how he reacts when the GM tells him, "Your character isn't part of the party anymore so I'm claiming him as an NPC. Roll up a new guy for next session."

If he didn't put together that those would be the consequences of his actions, then he's that guy.

>> No.36914308

Oh shit I remember that! But god damn it I can't remember the name or anything!

>> No.36914578

I think the transexual rapist's name was larry, but I can't entirely be sure.

>> No.36915131

>They went home together after that session, and the ending is that they're getting married (might be hitched by now). This hobby is weird.

A friend of mine NTRed a guy after hitting it off at a D&D session at his Uni.

I only remember becauae while he was talking about it, I was having what is to this day my best game of Rising Storm.

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