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A shout out to all tournament organisers out there. Go you good guys. Working, often for free for a sea of smelly, over entitled neckbeards.

You are the unsung heros.

Currently dealing whiney remarks about rules sets. Having promo threads shat on by belly achers. Why can't cunts just go if they want to and shut up if they don't?

Share your horror with /tg/...

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Jay? Is that you?

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No, but what is Jay's story.

Let us harken.

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Once I went to a TRPG association. People were all behaving like douchebags, smelled bad and were really childish about the hobby.

Now that my Online Group is dissolving due to the best players being too tired of the shenanigans of the bad ones (I have two good players now, one who wants to stop playing for a while and one who wants to play less), so I have to find a new one, and that's terrible.

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Oh there's no real story, Jay's just taking the reigns of the cancon 40k competitive tournament for 2015, thought he might be lurking 4chan and having a whinge about the twits signing up.

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