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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/1XJESY5p

"..Do you want to talk to Mom about this? She knows a lot about how the cards work. Just show her the bracelet!"
"Um, bracelets. "
Kaori suddenly looks really guilty.
"They're not after me because I took one thing, they're.. sort of after me because I took three things."

I can feel a girly, surprised voice escape from my throat.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and my silly sister has caught the attention of the same monsters she told us not to fight! Is she really that shortsighted? She isn't even telling me why the things she stole are so important to her.

"Why not just.. Return them?" I ask again, incredulously.
"I can't.. I'm sorry Masami."

Yet, she still doesn't tell me why.
"Can you at least tell me what it does?"

She fumbles around with the device on the table a bit before sliding it onto her arm. She stands up and walks over to a cabinet in the room and takes out a single card from the mess of papers shoved inside.
Spinning to face me, she quickly swipes the card across the device on her wrist.

Which doesn't seem to do anything.
"Um. It's kind of hard to show off indoors."

>"What did that do?"
>"Let me try that card."
>"No! No no no, it's not worth it, just give it back to them and they'll leave you alone!"

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>"What did that do?"

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>"What did that do?"

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>"What did that do?"

Maybe we can.. figure out how we do it and teach her? I mean if she says she needs it.. she probably does.. she would know. She's her.

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>>"What did that do?"

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>"What did that do?"

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>What did that do?


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Still here, still writing!

For some reason I'm being pelted with connection errors!

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Yeah posting is not very stable.

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Things have been broken all day.

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Damn it CEO of Troll, INC.

Still writing.

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"What did that do?"

Kaori looks around the room, shuffling her feet as she does so.
"It.. kind of makes me super-fast. That's the power of this card, and it gives it to me for a little while."

It is really hard for me to see that indoors.

"I'll just.. take your word for it. I think I saw you use it back when you were wearing that silly costume." I feel myself sighing.
"Oh? I didn't know you saw me using it. "

Kaori looks toward her feet, "Thinking back on it, I feel really silly that I tried to do it that way. I didn't tell you about it sooner because it was really embarrassing."

Kaori, you don't make any sense to me.
"Why? Why did you even bother wearing a suit and stealing cards in the first place?"

"Well, I needed the cards to use them with the bracelet! How else was I supposed to? I can't fight and take cards like you can!"
I cross my arms, "And the suit?"

"I-I didn't want Dad to find out about it either!" She's suddenly become really defensive about this. "I thought I could just steal a few cards from you and then I would be able to take him head-on!"

>"Want to try one of my cards with the bracelet?" (Which card?)
>"Why did you want to fight him? I thought you liked your father!"
>"Why steal them from me?!"
>"I, I don't want to talk about this anymore, let's just go home."
>"So what did you want to do with three bracelets?"

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>"Why did you want to fight him? I thought you liked your father!"
>"I mean, not that I disagree with that goal..."

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>"Why did you want to fight him? I thought you liked your father!"

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>>"Why steal them from me?!"
All you had to do was ask if you wanted a card.
>>"Want to try one of my cards with the bracelet?" (Which card?)

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>"Why did you want to fight him? I thought you liked your father!"
>"So what did you want to do with three bracelets?"

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>"If you wanted a card, you could've just asked."
>"So what did you want to do with three bracelets?"

I mean, we can just make more, so...

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>"So what did you want to do with three bracelets?"
>"Want to try one of my cards with the bracelet?" (Which card?)
That invisibility one.

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>Why did you want to fight him? I thought you liked your father! (I mean.. not that I disagree.)
>So.. Why three bracelets?
>Want to try a card?


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"I don't get it, Kaori. I thought you liked your father."
At least, I thought she did.

Kaori sighs, pushing the card back into the cabinet.
"Masami, I didn't mean I wanted to fight Dad. I just didn't want to be pushed around anymore. I was sure if he saw how strong I could become, then he'd-"

She stops herself, laying her head onto the table.
"But I guess that doesn't matter anymore. He probably really hates me now."

Hey, I should change the subject!
"So! Why did you need three?"
She doesn't even lift her head off the table, "I didn't, I just didn't want him to have all three of them."

That didn't work too well.
"So! Want to try one of my cards?"

She lifts her head from the table.
"..can I? Really?"
"Yes! Really! All you ever had to do was ask!"

Her mood improved quite a bit with that remark. Slowly, she stands up from the table and places the bracelet back onto her hand.


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posting issues?

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Mostly RL interruptions

>almost done!

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First we try Julie, I hand her the card as she swipes it across her wrist.

The change isn't noticeable at first. She says that she feels slightly different, but doesn't outwardly appear to be any different.
She tries testing herself some by doing a few in-place jumps, and a couple laps around the room. After she's satisfied, she hands the card back to me.
"..It's strange Masami, I didn't-"
"Wait! Hold still!"

Kaori stops in mid-motion, and she notices it too.
Dripping from her arm, almost as if it was water, is a glowing turquoise aura. The blue light flows from her forearms up to her hands, and evaporates as it drips onto the table.
"That's... Amazing." She says, clearly awestruck.
"Uh-huh, it's beautiful" Is all I can say in return.

Neither of us are sure what it could be used for, but it's still very pretty to watch!

"Um, Masami."
"Can I try that invisible card?"
"I don't see why not!"

I hand her the card, and she fumbles with it hesitantly.
"Um, Masami, turning invisible doesn't hurt, does it?"
"What? Why would it?"
"N-never mind."

She reluctantly slashes the card across the bracelet.
Immediately afterwards, Kaori remains perfectly visible.
But the bracelet itself disappears from sight.

"W-what!?" Both of us shout, at the same time.
But, quickly feeling her arm, we both still feel the bracelet firmly attached to it. We breathe a sigh of relief as we wait for the effects of that card to wear off.

"That's really weird. How it makes the bracelet itself disappear."
"I guess.. I guess it still has some bugs they needed to fix."


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"So what were you going to do with the last two bracelets?"
"I don't know.."

Silence follows immediately after her comment. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I had expected her to have at least had a plan up to this point.

"Kaori. What was your plan with the cards? Did you think you could just steal all of mine?"
"I- I um." She trips on her words. "That was my plan B. I was hoping to make the cards myself at first, but I didn't get very far." She sighs, looking back at the tabletop.

"How far did you get?"
"I-, I'm not sure how much you know about it, but I can make cards that are 'blank'. It's hard to explain, but there's something else you need to do to them to make them usable. I just don't know what it is."

>"Ooh! I know! I know!"
>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
>"This is perfect! Maybe you should give those last two bracelets to someone?"
>"Maybe you should hide the bracelets, so no one can find them."
>"You could just give two of those bracelets back."

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>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
>"That's great!"

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>"Ooh! I know! I know!"
But first things first
>"You could just give two of those bracelets back."

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>>"Ooh! I know! I know!"
>>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"

Disregard bracelets, marvel at massive increase in card creation ability.

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>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
well well well, that's interesting

>giving the bracelets back
do you realize it potentially gives two valuable card-using fighters to fortune and takes two away from us?

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>"Ooh! I know! I know!"
>"We need to figure out what to do with those bracelets before the monsters come back, maybe we should ask mom."

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>>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
That would have been so nice to know.

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>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
>"Ooh! I know! I know!"

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>"So you can make blank cards? Like, a lot of them?!"
>"Ooh! I know! I know!"

no consensus on the bracelets it seems, unless you guys want to ask Mom about it.


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Anyone else feel like a dick for plotting a surprise attack on these nice bodyguard monsters? But their cards would be so useful...

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No, mostly because I'm not plotting a surprise attack. That would just be rude, and extremely dangerous.

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So you think we can take them in honorable combat? Cocky.

>> No.36629546

Does anyone have that gif of a dude with a knife trying to kill a guy in power armor? I feel like that is a good comparison of us right now compared to the bodyguards.

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I think we should avoid combat with them if at all possible. We probably couldn't take them even with a surprise attack.

>> No.36629670

You don't think we can take them with three extra card users and everyone armed with an ungodly amount of new cards.

Might as well surrender right now if you're going to be that pessimistic.

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They're coming for the bracelets before we can prepare any of that.

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I'm of the opinion that we don't make enemies any sooner than we need to.

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Don't forget that the bodyguard we encountered was stronger than our strong card.

>> No.36629847

If we can make strong enough cards we won't need their's, and an ungodly amount of cards wont help when we can't use all of them simultaneously, and those bracelets can't even fully utilise the ones we can.

>> No.36629856

So? Ever since it was revealed that we can use two cards at once, I've been assuming we'd need to do that to accomplish anything worthwhile.

>> No.36629875

Sorry guys for the interruption, RL stuff keeps happening.

That said, Next post is almost done!

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Regardless of if we fight them or not, we can now, and definitly should start making more cards we can combine to get stronger.

>> No.36629927

Yes, we probably should.

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The issue is that we currently don't have ungodly amounts of new cards, it will take time to make them.
I think giving two of the devices back to Fortune can buy us time we need to figure out how exactly to get more out of the device.

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okay, I'm really sorry, real life things have been plaguing me all night.

This will be the last story post of the evening. I'm sorry for such a short thread.

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"So. Wait!"

I can feel myself jumping out of my chair. This is the best news I've heard all day!
"You can make as many of those as you want!?"

She suddenly looks very saddened.
"Yeah.. But they're worthless."

I grab Kaori's hands and wraps my arms around her.
"This is the BEST GIFT EVER!" I can barely keep myself composed.

She desperately squirms in my vice grip, only to weakly push me away.
"Masami! What has gotten into you?"

"How many blank cards can you make!?" I say, excitedly.
"Uh.. Lots?"

"How many can you make in an hour!?"

I can feel the excitement welling up from within me.
Three bracelets, unlimited blank cards.
I probably won't sleep tonight, but I think I can make this happen!

>Thread End.

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Okay, really sorry for how this thread went. I was hoping for more progression and more story posts.

I hope you enjoyed what little of it there was! I'll try to run again sometime this week to make up for it. Until next time, thank you for reading!

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Kaori is so confused. Please have her figure this out without Masami explaining, she is a smart girl.

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running, it was fun even if it was a bit slow.

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thanks for running

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Also, the way I've plotted the next 10 threads: There is no way I'm finishing up on thread 49-50.

Apologies for tonight, again. I didn't mean for such a huge slowdown.

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>Also, the way I've plotted the next 10 threads: There is no way I'm finishing up on thread 49-50.

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>Also, the way I've plotted the next 10 threads: There is no way I'm finishing up on thread 49-50.

and it's ok, it's not as if you could help it

>> No.36631557

Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running.
>There is no way I'm finishing up on thread 49-50.
Oh noes, how horrible...
spoiler] More seriously, I can understand if that bothers you, but for us this is great. [/spoiler]

>> No.36631626

Ah well, there go my plans of having it like a four-cour magical girl show.

That said, I do like writing it and I'm pretty happy how it is turning out. As slow as my updates can be.

I need to go back to having a timer and updating every 20-30 minutes no matter how far along my progression. I quit doing that when I realized that I kept missing my update times.

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timers always put on extra stress on you
now, you're the only one who can tell if that stress gives you a small (yet needed) adrenaline kick or if it just gets on your nerves

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