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>The Captain's Drive:

>Supplementary Legislation:
(Also, you get 150 Points in the Warehouse)

>Omniscient Council of Vagueness:

>Last time on JumpChain!

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>If I take Simo, then I have TWO Simos.

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>gee anon, how come your jump lest you have TWO Simos?

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So, there's a lot of technology in jumpchain. Now the question is, what do you think is the best technology? Is it because of synergy or is it just really good?

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The stuff that works despite magical or technological interference. Either that or a modded Canister Rifle/Caster hybrid that transforms into a sword RWBY style.

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I think Punch technology is the best by far

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>Saitama es mein niggah

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SRW technology, because that lets me have all the bullshit mecha I could ever want. It's also an insurance policy against losing the Jumpchain, because dimension-traveling technology exists in SRW. Gilliam is basically a jumper who sticks entirely to mecha-themed universes.

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Code Geass tech is awesome- FLEIJA warheads can obliterate a whole bunch of stuff. Miniaturizing the tech they have could turn you into a Sakuradite powered mega-iron man. It has several flavors of beam weapons and shield systems to choose from, as well as High-Frequency bladed weapons.

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Lost cities of gold. It lets me power all other technology via Hamon.

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I actually prefer science that's at least semi-realistic. It's usually easier to understand, it gives you a basis to start from, and it exists in almost every universe you visit. (I.E, the laws of motion, the laws of thermodynamics, genetics, etc.)

Worlds like Mass Effect, FMA and Halo are all great because they at least use some factual science.

Now, having said all that. How many jumps do you have to go through until you're capable of punching planets apart?

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One. Elder scrolls. Make a singularity unarmed potion, punch a planet in half.

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With my build, probably never. I could probably bombard a few cities from orbit, but most powerful single item I've got is Blue Lantern Ring and that's more of a healing and construction item than a weapon. If it were necessary, maybe I could figure out how to detonate a philosopher's stone, or use it to start a chain reaction with all the cellulose on the planet. That is the only thing I can think of that would possibly kill a world.

If I were to take a flood spore from Halo, that's endgame for the universe.

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Gotta say, I have a soft spot for Star Wars technology. It has the best FTL in Jumpchain, an amazing mix of offensive and defensive technologies covering the gamut from anti-unit to anti-World. Plus, it has Droids, which can do all the things, and don't even count as Companions if you wipe them regularly.

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The ruler background in Kirby's dreamland jump states that you are ruler of "the land". Does this mean that you just have a section of dreamland that you rule? Or do you have the same position as Dedede, and have to fight him for it? Or do you control the entire realm of dreamland?

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I could do it in five with my current build, but i wouldn't be able to survive doing it.
Probably 6-7 if i wanted to survive it.

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I imagine it's "the same position as Dedede", wherein you don't actually own anything except an inflated sense of self-importance, but some of the more impressionable types buy into it, so you have minions and a castle. The castle is your home, and you rule it, which is filled with little Waddle Dees that defer to your authority.
Your authority beyond that point extends entirely to how much you can convince others.

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Hmm This is an interesting challenge...
Mahou Sensei Negima helps with Gift of the Legendary hero for punching power and Gift of the thousand master so you can buff the hell out of yourself. Large Chasi Transformer or Kaiju from Pacific Rim would help as would Growth abilities like Titian magic from Fairy Tale. I would suggest using Reinforcement from Type moon and Bull's Strength and Enlarge from any DnD system. Also you should be wearing a belt of some form of strength enhancement crafted with Craftsman of the gods from the viking jump. Lastly going to DC or some other place that lets you get a perk that can make it so you can survive with out oxygen would be a good Idea. I am not sure if taking all that would let you planet break but it's likely a good start to getting there. Basic Idea being to up your size and strength enough that you can punch through planets. If all that is enough I just broke a planet in 7 jumps (8 if I went to pokemon first)

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Shit nigga don't just say that. Post details.

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I'm in the middle of my second chain right now, and doing heavy editing.
I'll post it when i've finished the chain.

don't wait up

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I have no idea. Probably less than what I've gone through, but that's because I'd rather cut them apart with 8 blades at once. MEGA MANLY MAN probably helps, as does Gift of the Legendary Hero and the Chi/Ki buffs I've gotten from Negima and Wuxia.

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How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do? When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it? What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?

What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?

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In song

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>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
Turn them into a parrot.

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I don't. I usually don't run off right away unless I have a goal, and if they freak at their kid being a super genius magical girl or whatever that's their problem.

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I let anyone know who asks. If they aren't interested enough in the 6'9'' man wearing only pants with 5 swords strapped to his back they deserve to be surprised.

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>how often
Depends on the world.

When I know I can trust them.

Explain as candidly and informatively as possible.

>when they ask about noninterference
Explain that were I to interfere too often, I myself might go mad with power, which would be worse.

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It seems like a number of jumps where you turn into a kid will let you get around this. KND? Most parents don't seem to care. Magical girl? If you are some magical transforming kid, you can pretty much tell people whatever you want.

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Completely break cover, using powers casually as of I've had'em forever if they ask I explain trying to be kind, giving them a reward for putting up with me, however I do explain there are things and places I'm going to be, things I'm going to do and if they don't like that sorry, not your decision (at least for late jumps, beginning jumps...maybe)

*they being in universe friends/family

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>how often
Whenever they see me casually doing something incredible.

>When do you reveal yourself
I never hide myself.

>what do you do when they ask why you didn't use your powers from the start
Tell them "Because that'd be boring, wouldn't it? And besides, this all would have happened without me here anyways, so you should just be glad when i give the assistance that i do."

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Question about Slice of Life Jump.

Does the Little Sibling only have the lesser versions of what you came in with, or do they gain a lesser version of those and any powers or skills you obtain in the future?

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>why you didn't use your amazing powers
I'd probably say something like "I'm only going to be here for ten years. If you came to rely on me, it would spell the end of this world."

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Why the answer is every technology is the best because with Savage Salvage from Kantai Collection every piece of technology become a tasty treat and another upgrade to a Jumper's capabilities.

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I would usually just lurk (consistent?), but since there's so many saying they don't hide their powers I'll chime in that I always try to hide the majority of my powers, especially if the Jump is dangerous. Always want to be underestimated and have an unexpected avenue of attack.
At the end of the Jump I'd explain to my friends, in case I die, but any other reveals are specific to the situation.
I started Jumping paranoid as hell and I don't see that changing.

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> How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?

> When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Only when shit has royally hit the fan and I need to bust out all the stops to fix it. Usually in a babbling run on sentence while I'm in the process of cobbling together some kind of miniature Vegnagun out of 2x4 technology.

> What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
"Because then people would expect me to do stuff! I don't want to do stuff!"

> What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
Not spend a lot of time at home.

> How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
That literally never happens.

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And so the BlindAnon's adventures continue, as his development of Aura allows him to feel the world in waves of energy, and his sense of smell and sight are strained to their fullest as an Infernape. And the next world will truly be challenging, for he's dumped into school again. A wizarding school, where the wizards and witches not only have no imagination on what their magic is capable of, but also have no logic beyond practical application. It's time for our jumper to attend Hogwarts, alongside the protagonist...

Age: 11-years-old (Default)
Origin: Drop-In
House: Hufflepuff
Drawbacks: Sonnets of a Sorcerer (+100), Prophecy (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,200 CP
Family Wealth (applied to Orphanage I guess?): Middle-Class
Skills & Abilities:
-Memory Spell Specialist
-Nonverbal Specialty
-Animagus (Fox)
-Companion Immigration x1
-Refilling Zonko's Bag
-Marauder's Map

Mute approach to Sonnets of a Sorcerer: Rhythmic grunting. As BlindAnon's approach to communication is via writing, it'll be in poetic form this jump.

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I fake my death with disturbing regularity.

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Some last thread asked for a moment that defined their Jumper or whatever, so here:

I'd say the moment that defined Jumper!me the most is when I realized I ruined Marche in FFTA. See, I had this plan to be a drop-in and be a like some sort of prophet-type, detailing a "prophecy" in which five years' time, a "child not of that world come forth and bring about the end of days" (or something, haven't actually written out the prophecy). Basically demonize the hell out of him. I'd actually predict the future with other perks I've picked up, or have my Gardevoir do so and pass it to me, along with showing off a whole bunch of other powers to grant credibility. When Marche shows up, he's gonna be hunted/ostracized from the start. For something he hasn't even done yet, everyone wants him gone. If he died right then and there, they'd celebrate, because it wasn't them. So of course after that he's gonna want to end Ivalice, he has nothing going for him there. When Jumper!me meets up with him, she isn't gonna see Marche, the asshat who killed Ivalice because of his arrogant beliefs in the superiority of the "real world" (which is how she tried to justify the smear campaign (even to herself)). All she's gonna see is a child, hated on by all sides, with nowhere to turn for respite, who wants to end it all if only to get peace.

And she caused that.

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Don't be such a wimp anon.

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What happens if I save Kerrigan from getting Zerg-ified? Is what happens to her vital to the survival of everyone or something, or is it just one big problem?

I took 2 squads of Ghosts and 8 Squads of Specters, how dangerous would that mass of infantry be, exactly?

How powerful a psychic does the Starcraft psychic perk make me after instruction from Specters and Ghosts?

>> No.36497286

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Never if I can help it. I don't need to snap people's minds like a twig, but if needed I will do so. There are exceptions though, when I want to be the mysterious stranger who brings wonder and enchantment into a person's life.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Only during mysterious stranger time or when shit has hit the fan. It's different each time for the former, but for the latter it's making magic explode out as I transform into a different form. Or sighing and simply pulling out my Bow to end everything in a fifty mile radius.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
"Because no one learns. I won't always be around, and I'd rather people learn to solve problems rather than rely on someone to do it for them."

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
Play it up for ALL IT IS WORTH. I mean come on, trick or treating again! I get to do the 'kids eat for free' deals at restaurants! Discounts for water parks! I mean come ON, guys.

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
I really rather this not happen. But if it did? Wait for them to get their scoffs out of their system. Then do something 'impossible'. After their freakout, calmly explain things. And remind them that I'm still their daughter no matter what.

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Let's just say, Kerrigan needs to be the one who leads the Zerg. They're one of the powerful factions that'll be essential for fighting the BBEG.

>2 squads of Ghosts and 8 Squads of Spectres

So, 8 groups of sheer psychic AOE and 2 scouting and sniping crews? Sounds good to me.

>Psychic power
Lessee. Psychic Waveform Scale in Starcraft is on a scale of 1 to 10 (which includes Decimals). 10 are pretty good, Kerrigan post-Queen of Blades was a Class 12 Waveform, and now after Heart of the Swarm she's unclassifiable. So it makes you pretty damn good.

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How would you get the wand movements?

>> No.36497325

Good question. Her control over the swarm wound up being critical to events as they unfolded, so it's clear that the plot will be completely derailed if you interfere like that.

The question then becomes, how well do you thing you can handle the swarm and the original ancient evil plot on your own? If that's your goal, you'll need some plan for finding and destroying all the hidden labs of the sinister conspiracy, such that the hybrid thing winds up not happening.

>> No.36497331

The Cerebrates were a much bigger threat than the Broodmothers. They were smarter and could easily mutate new Zerg Strains on their own
But they were much less mobile

So the Swarm would be disorganized, but each Brood would be incredibly dangerous on its' own
Worse, Cerebrates worked together more than Broodmothers do, as Broodmothers were made specifically to fight amongst each other to become stronger by Kerrigan, but the Overmind made the Cerebrates to work together for the greater whole of the Swarm

>> No.36497332

Careful guidance from companion Asha (Greninja) and being able to sense the shown movements through Aura.

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The opposites are now instinctive.

This. This is humorous.

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I cannot confirm or deny this.

Hrm. The moment which defined my Jumper?

I think it would be when Infamous came about, actually. My 3rd jump.

Beforehand it's a world of pokemon. Spending ten years in the original, another ten years in PMD, then Returning to Pokemon again to collect stuff, and by now I've got a GLORIOUSLY hot bod due to Body Mod supplement. Flaws removed, enhanced figure, lot of issues wiped away, and with Conduit powers enhancing me... by then it's hammered that it's real. That yes, I'm throwing around powers. That I can look amazing, that it's going to be a glorious adventure.

I'll likely end up trying to be careful, yes... but at the same time, with that increased strength and durability? It's by then that I'll explore more. Try more. Just lose a lot of my insecurities and DO things. By then it'd get the ball rolling, and I'd be willing to do everything I could to make the best of things. It's a glorious chance to hammer out the unlikeable traits and replace them with something else. By then, my benefactor would get to see what happens when someone who wanted to explore and try and perform so much got the tools to do so.

...and then probably facepalm when I made the Bow. Along with Minecraft. Archangel's Smite ring melded into the bow for maximum 'fun'.

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>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Usually never. Only very rarely will exceptions be made, because going 'hi, I'm an extradimensional being and I would like a chocolate milkshake' ends badly. I learned my lesson with that in the Dresdenverse.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Usually never, because usually, it's not my fight. I don't make it my fight unless it's something that will put a lot of people in serious jeopardy or trigger a potential extinction level event... in which case I'll do what I must. If I have to disclose my identity, I will, but I stay in the background. I'd rather help those who are local, not become some kind of hero out of nowhere.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
If you carry a child's shield, he will never develop the strength to carry it himself when he becomes a man. It is not my place.

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
Disappear into my warehouse when I would otherwise be sleeping, or otherwise do things that I wouldn't do. Sleep is for the weak.

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
"So... this is who I am, what I do. I swear to you that while it seems like a blessing sometimes, it is certainly a heavy burden that I must bear, and I'm sorry. I am still your child, and I still love you all, maybe even more than I would have before today, but I didn't take the place of a child you would have had... I was written in, like someone changing a novel. Your love for each other is real, all my siblings are real. I'm... not. I'll be here for another ten years. If you don't want to remember this, then we can pretend it never happened. But I just want to look back in ten years and say, hey, I left the world a better place than it was."

>> No.36497551

"And, seriously, the nose thing... it's a long story and let's not get into it. Just, trust me, you don't want to know."

>> No.36497627

> How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?

Whenever it is most convenient and amusing. Especially if I wiped the floor with a mofo and about to cap his ass. But mostly I would disperse through technology and culture if applicable.

> When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?

Only if necessary and amusing. It will be funny to see people wonder why their dearest friend suddenly developed a taste for cigars, booze, drugs, and started calling people "squares".

> What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?

Nigga, you crazy. Time flies like an arrow unless you smash that shit all over the place. And then it turns into a black hole of death.

> What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?

Holding pattern, unless it is humorous to do otherwise. Although I would try to avoid choosing background that would lead to such situations.

> How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?

By sleeping with attractive relatives, of course. No blood relation! Avoid it, lie if possible, claim I'm Buddha, explain nicely, and GTFO if necessary. In that order.

>> No.36497655

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Usually? I try to avoid doing so, unless it's a setting where I can fuck off to the middle of nowhere and there's only a few incidental people, or there's people more OP than I am, or it's a moment where there's a fuckin' extinction event.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Usually never, help in the background and be a general side character. Unless I get Plotbound.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
"Look. I have very sporadic control of this shit. We're lucky there wasn't a nuclear explosion right there. You want that to happen next time? My just incidentally healing you could result in DEATH. -NUMEROUS INCIDENCES OF DEATH-."

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?

I don't. Always go for either the origins where immediate family is death, or Drop-In. If I absolutely must, I keep it on the down-low and avoid mentioning it at all.

>> No.36497690

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?

Not if I can help it. I try and limit my interjump powers in that I like to keep them secret.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?

Only when I really need to. I let my companions explain, and fight for me. If they believe it's important to let someone know, then I tell. In a fight I like to keep it secret, until I really need it.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?

Kill them. "Son, I am the villain of this story. I decide what I want to do."

>>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?

Have fun? Being 12 you can get away with a lot of stuff. They literally treat you with kiddie gloves. I'd live it up, do all sort of reckless stuff.

>>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?

Tell them right away. "Real Name X, Real Name Y, I'm not your child. The child you knew was just a shell for my true self. He's still in here, and for that reason I don't kill you. You're not my real parents and I won't hesitate to kill you if you try contact me again. Good Bye, Mother & Father. Pray we never meet again."

>> No.36497702

> How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Depends. In general terms, I'll be making some kind of "I have superpowers" announcement whenever my plans involve a need for public influence and support, and that'll often be a part of my plans. After all, I'll be taking over a number of worlds as I go through my chain (in order to improve them, of course), and I can't exactly do that without attracting some notice. That said, there's no need to go into too much in the way of specifics; I don't need to put all my cards on the table, and should definitely keep a few secrets in reserve.

> When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
If the plan calls for it, more or less as soon as I've gotten my feet under me. I'll be more cagey about it if I feel there's too much of a power-level disparity for publicity to work out well for me, but otherwise, I'm definitely going to want to be on the radar as a Person of Importance.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
When possible, I already did that. If not possible, then give them the actual reason, provided I'm in a position to do so. This will always be a question of strategy and/or tactics. "Because I'm not actually powerful enough to pull that off" is valid, "Because I didn't want to muck with the plot" is not.

>> No.36497710

>How do you reveal yourself?
I'd reveal my true powers whenever it is necessary to scare or protect someone. Then if they ask about the plan, I'll just bluff my way out of it.
>New Background
I'd explain that I always am and will be their child, but will have a few centuries worth of memories.
What defined my moment as a jumper would be Hellsing. I'd just go all ham on the Nazis to prevent the destruction of London, and lead an army to stop the Vatican Crusade. And I wouldn't have one innocent person die along that time. My build's been stacking willpower, so I doubt that my character will suddenly become evil.

>> No.36497723

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
That's a limitation, to some degree, as being young implies that I won't be taken seriously. I won't be 'acting my age' though; if there's no compelling reason to do high school bullshit, I just won't. Middle school is almost certainly out of the question.

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
I'm going to be as straightforward about it as is possible/reasonable. Something like >>36497536 probably; I'm not going to be spending the time and effort it'd take to live the lie of my background. I've always assumed that the personality from backgrounds is non-trivial, so the relationships and emotions are genuine... so I'm not going to lie to my adoptive families and pretend that nothing's going on, unless there's an overwhelmingly strong reason to do so.

>> No.36497725

Oh, it just occurred to me to ask. Do you have a free perk to know a martial arts style in your jump? For the foundation of your style.

>> No.36497735

I intend there to be one yeah, right now it's just a case of 'How do I word this properly.'

>> No.36497737

>"You're not my real parents and I won't hesitate to kill you if you try contact me again. Good Bye, Mother & Father. Pray we never meet again."

Jesus. Even at my worst I'm not that cold.

>> No.36497743

>being this edgy

>> No.36497755

Wow. You're so edgy. I didn't realize how edgy you are. How many edges do you have? Do your edges have edges?


>> No.36497765

Frankly I'm starting to think that this word no longer has value.

>> No.36497770

While I will say that is edgy I am wondering are you going for a full edge build or something I am curious?

>> No.36497785

Just watch. He's gonna reach a point where he starts doing this just to try and goad JoJo back.


>> No.36497787

Umm. "You're trained in a single style of martial arts that exists in the real world, preferably one that emphasizes the strengths of and syncs well with your zoanthrope form and forming the basis of your personal fighting style."

>> No.36497815

Imma cat person, so that wouldn't move me. But yes, he is hurdling toward the point of no return.

>> No.36497817

> Real Name X, Real Name Y, I'm not your child. The child you knew was just a shell for my true self. He's still in here, and for that reason I don't kill you. You're not my real parents and I won't hesitate to kill you if you try contact me again. Good Bye, Mother & Father. Pray we never meet again

Manyfist confirmed for pure Voldemort status.

>> No.36497824

>implying you wouldn't kill a puppy if it brought jojo back

>> No.36497832

> How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
I try not to unless I have to.

> When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
It usually only happens when shit gets out of hand, and when that happens it's in an explosion of burning fury and whirling limbs/magical staff/whatever happens to be lying around that can be weaponized.

> What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
I would probably come up with some excuses containing the words "timey-wimey", "paradoxes", "end of the universe", And other related stuff

> What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
That is the difficult thing. I would try to explain things as clearly and concisely as possible, while maintaining that they are, in fact, my parents and I care about them no matter what. Probably say something along the lines of what >>36497536 said if I have to.

>> No.36497835

Honestly I'd probably kill some people from my background if I had a reason to, like if I usually run solo and they refused to leave me alone or had picked up some kind of romantic interest in me.

>> No.36497838

>stereotypical teen-edge
>compared to JKR's penultimate villain
Was her writing that bad? I never read the books, so I don't know.

>> No.36497863

So what lightsaber combat style are you gonna focus on?


Which one speaks to you most as a jedi/sith/grey jedi and your personality?

>> No.36497896

Yes, but it's heavily implied that breaking his soul into little bits made him a lot crazier. And outright said he was born defective (unable to love because his mom used a love potion on his dad). Because people are never born sociopaths, especially when the mother is from a family where the family tree doesn't branch. At all. For ten or more generations.

>> No.36497897

He's already past the point of no return, man. By now he's jumping up and down with his JojoxRed boner and writing fanfics whenever he's not trying to be edgy.

>> No.36497911

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
I prefer to keep things incognito for the most part. Being overlooked and underestimated is a great advantage one should always take control of.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Only when it absolutely calls for it. I would like to keep the illusion that I'm just a pure 100% human for as long as I can. It will be sudden and unexpected, without a lot of dramatic flair unless the universe allows me to show off.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
I've taken zero companions throughout my entire jumpchain, include my decision to forfeit pokemon. Only person who's going to stay with me is my waifu later on.

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
I can shapeshift into anything I want by my 4th or 5th jump. Being 12 years old, a cute girl, or both can be strong psychological advantages, so I'll make sure to stay in the form of a cute girl as my standard form, though it probably won't be 12 years old.

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
I actually never thought about that. Most jumps I go to have me as a drop-in. I'm sure I'll make it right before I leave the world and jump to the next one, though.

>> No.36497916

Something like that yeah. That, or.

"Choose a martial art based on Earth. You know all of the basics regarding it now, and a few advanced moves. As well, you have trained to incorporate your Zoanthrope capabilities with it to maximum efficiency."

Something to emphasis fighting style and flashiness though, definitely.

>JoJo x Red Boner



(wait what gender was JoJo anyway. Jolyne or Jotaro?)

>> No.36497929

It's a fear build. My goal is to kill with just a glance if need be.

I'm Lawful Evil, I will do evil things but only if I feel it's necessary. However threat of violence is often more than enough to get someone to comply. Especially with enough intimidation and fear effects. Only exception is my companions, they're nicer than me. Which is why they talk and fight in my stead.

>> No.36497932

I don't like how Rowling heaped some of the blame on his dad. Was he implied to be a bit of a snobby dick? Yes, but it's not his responsibility to stay with a woman who used magical date rape drugs to conceive a child.

>> No.36497934

>Jolyne or Jotaro

>> No.36497937

Jojo was a girl, but the point remains on WHY.

>> No.36497951

Sort of. Voldemort was just kind of a dick and he'd say something similar because he's a dick.

But that's the characterization JKR was going with. Basically, Voldemort was the world's douchiest Teenage Hitler, though with a more aristocratic take.

And his teenage years were a fucking hoot to read because of what a dick he was. And noone saw it coming (except Dumbledore).

>> No.36497962


>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Never...oh who am i kidding, play the mysterious crazy (masked) stranger, but I limit myself to one (perceivable) power per jump to show off.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Hopefully never, if I have to, well is gonna be weird or awkward depending of the origin, I may try to comedy my way out of explaining in depth or just say, im just another guy with powers.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
Maybe try to pull the im from the future and everything was supposed to happen, or say: nigga you want ME to bust his ass and what about all the others when they come for the free place when im gone and you alone?
>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
Ahh to be young again... meh play it may be fun be kid genius and exploit the easy life for other 3-4 years
>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
Asuming i don't have mind control yet... play it safe, say I got powers out of nowhere, if all else fails, play the reincarnation of the messiah card, maybe cut my loses and if absolutely everything else (and I mean EVERYTHING) fails, I will attempt to try honesty

>> No.36497964

It might be a good idea to put together a personalized "Goodbye" message for your parents and think of something nice/comforting to give them, like maybe a memento of you.

>> No.36497994

Seconded. Also he was literally mind controlled into being a dad. As soon as he got to his senses he noped the fuck out. Literally none of the blame can be laid at his feet because she was a fucking crazy inbred redneck wizard.

To be honest, I figure if Dumbledore had not been an asshole to him from the start, there might have been a chance to turn it around. But alas, we shall never know. Rowling prefers to go "he was evil so killing him is okay".

>> No.36497996

I like animals more than people. Why would Imdo that?

>> No.36498000

They're your parents though, they should be afforded a bit of a nice goodbye unless you somehow ended up with rotten ones.

>> No.36498028

Form 2 Makashi all the way. Classy duelist style, especially during the KOTOR timeframe when there's enough infighting for lightsaber on lightsaber combat to occur, and enough lightsaber resistant swords otherwise that I'm sure the style would work well against.

>> No.36498045

Depends. His characterization was fairly consistent with sociopath/psychopath tendencies from the start, especially in his youth. So I figure he was a bad seed from the start.

Unfortunately, there are some people like that in the world. And Rowling did a good job with making more nuanced villains, but sometimes you need a baseline dickass.

>> No.36498075

They're not my real parents. They're parents that raised my current body. But what is one body amongst many? That message was for their best, if they're not in my life they don't get injured.

I try minimize my weaknesses. They're just normal people, and would be prime targets for any enemy of mine. It would be a drag to go and rescue them. It's better for them to be fearful and stay out my way.

>> No.36498091

And thus it flies right over his head.

How can someone so edgy be so dull at the same time?

>> No.36498116

>I try minimize my weaknesses

>> No.36498132

Alright y'all cool it. What jump are you looking forward to? That has a setting you like or all the goodies you want?

>> No.36498172

Touhou. Magics, Oni strengths, flight, little girls, trumpets. What else could I need?

>> No.36498191

Personally I was eager to see what kind of special abilities I could pick up. Oni strength is very temping though.

>> No.36498212

Form VI. The lightsaber is not my only weapon, and I should not implicitly treat it as such, nor expend considerable effort into mastering fighting styles which assume that I will be fighting other lightsaber users... after all, unless I do something critically stupid with technology release in a future jump, I probably won't ever encounter any, outside the Star Wars universe. I might, at best, encounter users of analogous weapons, and even then, there's no guarantee that things will be similar enough that adherence to a specific martial form would be a wise policy.

A generalist form, designed to rely on creativity and intuition in place of rote response, will serve me far better across an infinite multiverse than any form dedicated to mastery of specific tactics.

>> No.36498215

I was tossing those shenanigans under the 'magics' header, but yeah. Touhou is guaranteed fun times.

>> No.36498231

Actually really looking forward to the Kirby jump. Lots of bright colors and exciting battles, and with the lack of a real strong story in the original material, I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want.

Part of me is looking forward to the mob jump if only so that I can take over and become the menacingly magical crime lord of whatever city I end up being in.

>> No.36498233

Then tell me what you mean?

Any non self imposed weaknesses. If I don't control it, then it's out my hand. I don't like that.

>> No.36498247

Aint those done? Or do you just mean that you'd really enjoy going to those worlds?

>> No.36498259


>> No.36498269

Pretty good show of reasoning, actually. I figure I'm not going to use the lightsaber much afterwards, which is why I picked Makashi, but if you do intend to use the lightsaber frequently, then some training in form VI is a good idea.

>> No.36498283

The second. Wow, I totally misunderstood the original question.

That being said, I am really looking forward to Shaolin Showdown, Shaman king, Gurren Laggan, and Legend of Zelda Jumps being completed. IS someone actually working on a Gurren Laggan jump, or is it just a hypothetical?

>> No.36498295

Hypothetical. Also, Shaolin Showdown is done, and LoZ is the eternal pastebin. It is complete though.

>> No.36498297

I thought Zelda was done. But... yeah, Gurran Laggan is post-end-tier due to raw power.

>> No.36498311

For stuff I'd like to see in the future, some sort of Kamen Rider/Super Sentai/Power Rangers jump would be cool if mostly for flashy tech factor and possible amounts of fun and wackyness

>> No.36498323

Where do I find these pastebin links? I can't seem to find them in the google drive, and I wish I didn't have to ask every time I wanted to know if one existed.

>> No.36498338

Form V: Shien / Djem So

Great for defense against ranged attacks and melee.

>> No.36498354

There's no offical storage place for them. Give me a minute and i'll dig up LoZ's pastebin.

>> No.36498374

Legend of Zelda is in the Drive

>> No.36498375


>> No.36498388

Zelda's on the drive in pdf form now.

The most complete pastebin I could find was FF7, the rest are too incomplete to be usable.


>> No.36498392

Wait what the hell? I was sure it was PDFed and was in the drive? Where is it?!

>> No.36498400

Who's the one in blue?

>> No.36498404

Complete but needs image work. Look for all caps.

>> No.36498412


>> No.36498415

Found it. Had a The in the front of it not Legend of Zelda but The Legend of Zelda

>> No.36498418

Go watch Gurren Lagan.

>> No.36498419

That should be renamed Complete no images

>> No.36498425

It's fine as it is

>> No.36498432

If you stop Kerrigan from getting infested you apparently stop her from gaining the power needed to do something in the future that is only as of yet implied to happen, and not particularly clear. You would also however stop the thing she is supposed to stop, from ever being revived in the first place. I would say you are good, though the results would be complicated, such as the fact that the overmind wanted human psychic power for his assault on Aiur, which was one of the principle reasons for infesting Kerrigan in the first place.

As for you squads, that would be pretty powerful, but the scale of some conflicts could make it irrelevant. At least so long as you tried to affect things from the heat of battle instead of going around and doing things the proper stealthy way.

As for how powerful the instruction and the perk makes you, you are running near the top end of human psychic power, I've ruled before that it makes you between 9.5 and 10 on the psi scale. You can't beat Nova as far as raw power goes, but you also don't have her issue of getting headaches whenever using Telekinesis. Also you flat out don't match Kerrigan, she's a 10 after a lobotomy, mental conditioning, and the addition of a chip in her head that limits her power.

>> No.36498438

No it shouldn't. They have equivalent meanings.

Why not just go 'Complete, Text' in that case?


>> No.36498442

What about "Complete Text Only"

>> No.36498500

Random question: do Hellfire reserves from Dresden Files regenerate over time? Or is the pool finite? I don't know how this setting works.

>> No.36498501


>> No.36498511

Hellfire is your soul. They regenerate when your soul regens. Hang out with the family for christmas and you'll be right as rain.

>> No.36498531


>> No.36498537

I thought that was soulfire? Hellfire seemed to be something granted to you by demonic forces.

>> No.36498556

Whoops, mixed the two up. Yeah, Hellfire just regens over time.

>> No.36498558

The devil is your supplier. He keeps slipping you hellfire, it doesn't run out.

>> No.36498560


>> No.36498565

incorrect, soulfire is soul, from the wording of the perk and how it gets used in the series it regenerates.

>> No.36498585

I don't necessarily plan to use the lightsaber frequently. My general thoughts are that if things have come down to my personally involving myself in melee combat, something has probably gone wrong. I'd rather be a general than a soldier, and rather support from the sidelines than engage in direct combat.

Even so, the lightsaber is quite possibly the best possible melee weapon, and it's worth studying on those grounds, in the same sense that any martial art is worth studying: it's not always possible to avoid a fight, so practice and training in all forms of combat will let you survive those fights when they occur.

Continuing from that, then: Form VI is specifically an 'easy to learn' form favoured by 'diplomats' and those who prefer not to have to rely on it, which helps, since that is in fact the case. Additionally, and crucially, Form VI explicitly makes room for integrating other stuff, like force powers or a second blade, into your combat style. Since I'm totally going to have all kinds of other things to integrate into my combat style, including force powers, conduit powers, and a laundry list of magics, a flexible combat philosophy serves me best. The lightsaber, then, gives me devastating options in melee combat, without interfering too much with my primary combat style, involving the application of various sorts of ranged magic and/or superpowers.

>> No.36498605

The z-saber is probably a better personal weapon by default, though the lightsaber has more avenue for growth and customization. There was some talk about how to make the z-saber better, though.

>> No.36498624

Would you mate with Kerrigan as Queen of Blades, to produce a strong enough offspring to save Jumpchan?

>> No.36498626

I think the consensus with robots is that they're companions if you want them to be but they don't have to be. Otherwise stuff gets too confusing given that you can probably make robots way more advanced than some of the purchasable companion ones yourself after a couple of jumps.

>> No.36498647

Eh, I don't like getting stuck at a lower power than other mortals when it comes to stuff that you can never get better at, but at least you didn't completely gimp us with it like some other psychic perks.

>> No.36498663

Droids aren't people, they're smart tools. Throw them in your warehouse, they're equipment.

>> No.36498757

That's not an unreasonable position. I tend towards the crafting side, though, so I'll eventually have some kind of absurd wandsaber made from three different powerful and magical crystals, enchanted with a variety of extra effects on top of that.

>> No.36498777

Yeah, the whole crystal thing is what makes the lightsaber so receptive to customization. Plenty of magic gems around.

Wand, though? Do you mean for HP magic? Generally I've tried to stay away from powers that rely on equipment, which is why I took wandless magic in that jump. Not sure how the whole core/wood system will work with a burning beam of plasma.

>> No.36498797

>Samuel L Jackson has his own unique lightsaber style.

>> No.36498819

He wanted to be special, because he's an awesome actor. However his Mace Windu was really dull. Which I blame the script, and Lucas.

>> No.36498821

And a lightsaber that says 'bad mother fucker'. And a purple blade so it stands out in fight scenes so people can see where he is no matter what he is doing.

Anyone else think he's on double secret probation or a secret sith?

>> No.36498822

Jumpers! Are any of you planning on building an all-in-one vehicle for land, sea, and air? With all the mechs around, there's plenty of material.

>> No.36498836

Technically you can get better at it, Protoss have some skills that are just about magic. If you can learn to channel the void or other sources of power like the Protoss do, you would likely have more power than anyone but Tassadar(a double dipping cheater), Primal Zerg Kerrigan, or Amon.

But seriously Nova accidentally an entire floor of one of the biggest building on Tarsonis, before she even knew she was psychic. Your limit though is defined as, "not her full power", which she can't even control, and there aren't many psi 10s around anyway. Also while Psychics in Starcraft are usually limited to a few special tricks, like psychokinetics or technopaths, I'm not putting a limit on that, you can learn every specialty.

>> No.36498840

He's only on the jedi council because they're too scared to tell him to leave the order.

>> No.36498845

High school dxd.
I'd imagine that America is the Australia of the supernatural world, where all the really fucked up shit happens. Church has no authority, the only devils there are strays that are ultimate class because they worked through their insanity, angles just Noped the fuck out, monsters are more in line with their original human interpretation, and the humans that have sacred gears formed up to fight off all the supernatural baddies that prey on humanity.
And is completely isolated off from the rest of the world and what is going on in there.

>> No.36498848

No. But I am planning on building what I'm calling the Matryoshka System, which is exactly what it sounds like.

>> No.36498856

Jackson would've been a great sith, soldier, smuggler, or even a renegade grey jedi. Something where he could cut loose and be angry. Calm Jedi Master he is not.

>> No.36498859

They needed him for racial diversity. They got some aliens, but they really needed a scary black man to sell their point. I mean would you say no to Samuel Jackson, with a lightsaber?

>> No.36498864

DxD is so awful. It's objectively bad. A steaming pile of haremshit with no redeming factors.

So why do I like it so much?

>> No.36498869

He isn't on any secret probation or anything, he also apparently gets to use dark side powers for free, because he is Samuel L. Motherfucking Jackson.

>> No.36498899

Can you pull off psychic blasts at all? From what little I've seen that only seems to happen when someone loses control, never in a focused or controlled fashion.

>> No.36498919

The fact that it had so much potential, but suffered from bad writing and improper advertisement. It it was advertised as soft core hentai with a plot, then I think it wouldn't get the flack that it does. Issei turning into a devil and having to struggle with is identity as a human and the implied forced servitude or you go crazy devil side would have been really cool.
That, and a few of the characters are not half bad, as far as motivation goes.
Except for Asia. Fuck that bland bitch.

>> No.36498952

I'm having trouble coming up with horrifying (instead of hilarious) America-original monsters. Skinwalkers? Those are pretty bad.

>> No.36498961

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Wandless Magic is expensive, and I want other things in the HP jump, so I pick up Wandlore instead.

This works sort of like a gunblade; the wand bit is slightly off-center, such that spells are discharged along the edge of the blade, instead of through it. The trick is integrating the wand such that it:
-Doesn't look like a stick duct-taped onto the lightsaber, or otherwise dangerously unbalance the blade.
-Is closely integrated enough with the lightsaber so as to allow proper motions for both.
-Is protected from the power of the blade.

Doable, but tricky; HP's Wandlore and Technomage are a must.

>> No.36498967


>> No.36498969

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Very rarely. I only pull out the, "I'm really a reincarnated interdimensional traveler" card, either when the chips are down and the situation becomes dire, when there's a real chance of me or one of my companions being locked up forever, or if I just trust someone enough and feel like they deserve to know the truth. I'll only break these rules if I know I can prevent something truly terrible from happening, and I have enough power to back up my claim.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
See above. If it's an emergency situation then It'll either involve me transforming, revealing my warehouse, or using a previously un-displayed supernatural ability. If it's a peaceful situation when I've just decided to tell someone the truth, then I'll either show off some of my powers, or summon my Pokemon and open a portal to the Warehouse.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
This will probably never happen. If I didn't use any of powers earlier, then either the situation didn't demand it, or I wouldn't have been strong enough to make a difference any way.

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old?
Take long walks on the city streets. No seriously, when ever I become a kid again, I'm just going to relax any time I'm not out saving the world.

>How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
I don't. At least not until after I come back Post-spark. Usually any jump where you have direct contact with your parents for that world is pretty low threat, so it should be easy to keep your secret from them. Also, I like to imagine that your parents in each new world are your parents from the real world, but altered in order to match the world and your choices.

>> No.36498974

I don't understand

>> No.36498988

I talking about vampires that are actually scary and shit, unlike gasper. Like, when you think of a werewolf, you think of something that can rip out faster than you can blink. That sort of thing.

>> No.36498989

Yes you can, you can pull them out whenever you damned well please, and control them, though using them they may leave you mentally fatigued. That limit is usually used more for writing purposes than anything else.

>> No.36498997

So the monsters get imported with the people too?

>> No.36499005

Big Foot
Jersey Devil
Uncle Sam
Headless Horseman

>> No.36499027


>> No.36499051

While everyone sent the human criminals to Australia, the supernatural sent the ones that they didn't want to America. It also became the norm that monsters, stray devils, fallen angles that were too fucked up for even their tastes, and other nasties fled to America, as by the time of the American civil war, any interference from the three factions, churches, or monsters had a bonded them.

>> No.36499054

Jack Nicholson

>> No.36499090

Wendigo I'll give you. Horseman strikes me as the kind of figure that is constrained by his own legend. He only attacks in a specific place at a specific time, so as scary as he is, he's not much of a threat. Jersey Devil always looked funny to me, but your mileage may vary on that. Big Foot is usually seen as peaceful and reclusive, so while he has the potential to fuck things up, he shouldn't.

Seems funny to me, but it is threatening.

Oh, I get what you're going for now.

>> No.36499163

Type moon, for the setting. Some of the powers are interesting but I really like the characters there and would want to hang out and have fun with them. Sadly though half of them are going to be trying to kill me because of the whole master in the holy grail war thing.

>> No.36499175

Well, at the very least the superpage should have something you find threatening:

Also, I find the idea of flying heads terrifying, possibly because of Zelda.

>> No.36499208

Yeah, they all gravitated to different places and carved out their little kingdoms. Just like the moderns demographics today. Europeans on the east coast, Asian on the west, that sort of thing. Then the stray devils would be easily on the ultimate class range or higher, seeing as they were weak, went super powerful when they went crazy and fled, and became stronger still when they worked through the crazy. There would be 10 to 12 really powerful ones, and then there would be 2 or 3 that classify as demons by the local humans, because they don't know any better.

>> No.36499211


>> No.36499235

I have no idea anon, but I'm in that same boat.

Welp. We hummed our way through Hogwarts because of that damned curse, and did a little something that will pay off later - Incorporated our wand, made from the wood of a maple tree with a core of kirin's heartstring - into a greater design that we worked on throughout our last three years. A shepherd's crook, intricately carved with care, and capable of both casting spell and channeling our blind jumper's Aura. Our next destination can only benefit this, as the magic here is nothing if not potent. Watch, as we delve into..

Age: 20-years-old
Location: Chicago
Drawbacks: Luddite (+100), Wizard Probation (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP
Origin: Wizard
Powers & Abilities:
-Unshakeable Faith (Free)
-Private Eye
-Monastic Lifestyle
-When There's Nothing Left To Burn

>> No.36499242

I'd like to see a DnD jump in a more conventional setting than Dark Sun or Ravenloft. Forgotten Realms would be nice.

>> No.36499243

Five minutes and I already see sun-eating dragons and gigantic metal birds. Pretty high power.

>> No.36499292

Well, there would be minor balancing, but it still applies. One think that I didn't like about the show is that they went beyond interpretation and revamped it to fit the setting. Like Gasper. Has no right to be called any species of vampire whatsoever.

Think like the supernatural show. But with out the plot based damage resistance.

>> No.36499296

FR is boring.

>> No.36499308

Not when you consider that a shit ton of 2e settings take place in the exact same planet, and without having to worry about edition issues and such, you can just take a boat to them or fly. Al Khadim, anyone?

>> No.36499322

What's wrong with this Gasper fellow?

>> No.36499342

If someone does forgotten realms I hope they do it based on the pre-4th edition version. No matter what you think of 4th edition. It was not kind to Faerun.

>> No.36499362

He's a shota half vampire. DXD is pretty disappointing.

>> No.36499385

He is a damphir, half human vampire hybrid. While in and of its self, it is not bad, but his portrayal is so, so bad.

>> No.36499393

Not boring to go to though and a generic DnD setting would be a nice change. At least it's not hot all the time or sad all the time.

>> No.36499398

It had a lot of potential. See>>36498919

>> No.36499406

Well he's cute, but yeah, he's a pretty bad vampire. All wimpy like.

>> No.36499447

He was disavowed by the entire species. Or would have been, had he sticked around.

>> No.36499455

I know. And I acknowledge that. But it failed to live up to being anything worthwhile. So I can look to it with nothing but disappointment. Can't even muster up hate for it. It's got a few good fanfics at least.

>> No.36499485

So, with so many BGM perks, along with the Musician CYOA, you guys found your no longer holding back, final battle against final boss theme yet?

>> No.36499523



-Added hat import.
-Added a minor inhaling ability to Balloon Flight.

>> No.36499524


>> No.36499544

>My hat is a Spartan helmet
>Just a spartan helmet running around everywhere with tiny hands and feet

>> No.36499553

There are indeed several good ones. But I still watch it, even if for the ever decreasing amount of plot that there is on the show. Not waiting on the edge of my seat for season 3 but still keeping an eye out for it.

>inb4 what plot

>> No.36499592

That being said
I'd probably go for

Maybe some exciting climatic finish music towards the end, but haven't decided on it yet
speaking of end jump stuff, I'll probably have to use the SRW Z2 and OE precedents to make Gurren Lagann not make the SRW Jump an endjump by default, among other patches

>> No.36499604

What is this precedent?

>> No.36499698


>> No.36499742

Never using the Anti Spiral, or never using the Anti Spiral at it's full capacity

The first Z2 game and OE only use the first half of Gurren Lagann

The second Z2 game uses the 2nd half of Gurren Lagann, and some of the Anti Spiral stuff, but never goes to the point where the plot Tengen Toppa. Instead, the Anti Spiral fight has the Anti Spiral use an Anti Spiral Gurren Lagann during the whole moon drop deal as the finale for Z2's Gurren Lagann plot

Only in the first Z3 game do they actually use Chouginga and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
the clause will probably some form of "The jump ends before the anti spiral plot goes in full motion"

>> No.36499760

Ahh. Makes sense. At least people can have a little bit of Gurren Lagann that way if a TTGL end jump never happens.

>> No.36499861

Needs more hats. Reference here for a list: http://kirby.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Copy_Abilities

I'd particularly like to see Ninja, with the iconic Forehead Protector; you can never be too many kinds of ninja, and it's hard to turn down extra mobility and ranged attacks.

That said, the Beam power is fairly iconic, with the Jester's Hat and various magical blasts, so it should probably be there too.

>> No.36499887

Ninjas already in there.

>> No.36499890

We barely had any part in the war - it seems a blind man is not seen as useful. A few of the Red Court sensed our warrior's presence, and an Aura Sphere later would be sent running with their tails betwixt their legs. Not much action here, so our blind jumper practiced. First, with thaumaturgy - mastering the use of ritual magic on top of the magic he learned from Hogwarts. And then, with Soulfire. At first he had to deal with the basics - sacrificing the soul of an arm, a leg. Soon he could sacrifice individual digits and specific, interior organs at a time to use small bursts of Soulfire to great effect. Now how will this magic work in a world of highly-advanced science and psion- *COUGH* excuse me, biotic power? And where everything our hero will meet is powered by a reaction called...

Race: Human
Age: 29-years-old
Location: Eden Prime
Origin: Drop-In
Class: Vanguard
Drawbacks: No Takers (+300), Shepard's Flock (+100) (as a side character)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
-Close the Distance
-Not a Stupid Grunt
-Loadout (Free)
-Elite Ordnance
-Assistant VI (in Omni-Tool)
-Medi-Gel Kit

>> No.36499955

Blind man doing Vanguard? You crazy OAA.

>> No.36499956

...Derp, I seriously misread the jump.

I'll take that to mean "It's way too freaking late", and "Stop posting in the JumpChain thread for the night". Laters.

>> No.36499974

Aura + 3 decades of living with blindness now.

BLIND MAN COMING THROUGH, BITCHES. And with Dresden Files' tech-hex... Oh, how that'll be fun in Mass Effect. Assuming I can turn it on and off.

Let me double-check that actually.

>> No.36500018

How should Shen gong wu be dealt with? I mean, you will certainly pick up one of them in your time during the jump, but nobody know which one. Do you just ignore all of them, or something else?

>> No.36500023

Ar Tonelico defined Jumper!me the most. It was my third jump, and the memories threatened to erase who I was before. Some forty odd years of life compared to 700+ years worth of memories had me doubting that my actions were really "me" and not Vielia. That I was in charge of the welfare of several million people and the only hope to save a dying world also compounded things. With some psychic assistance from my poke-bro's, I forcibly drew my prior memories to the forefront and suppressed as many of my "Vielia" memories as possible. Still, her "voice" lives on as an echo in my mind, like a "angel on your shoulder" kind of deal. The uncertainty and identity crisis were well worth it in the end- the world was healed and I was given the seeds for and interdimensional confederation.

>> No.36500064

>not tunneling to the center of the earth day one and getting all of them

>> No.36500074

You take them all and just toss them back into your warehouse, except the serpent's tail and the reversing mirror, which you use to restore Wuya, so you can sit back and enjoy as she rules the world and you just get everything you might desire. Though you might also want to use the Golden Tiger Claws to stop Mala Mala Jong(so that Rai doesn't get disenfranchised join Wuya at the point in time you should be joining her), and maybe as rapid means of transit.

>> No.36500131


...damn that quest was great. Have a Skinwalker story for the chuckles you gave me.

>> No.36500249

You misspelled Balloon Flight.

>> No.36500250

Huh. It seems our patron has a bit of an odd side. Forty years of conflict, a mere four decades, and already we are being given a chance to relax. A charmed life in some suburban, shoreside city, with only our friends to create any day-to-day havoc and a true feeling of peace, for once in several years. The scars from fighting Reapers and vampires alike are still fresh, so perhaps this will be a world of healing? Who knows. For now, it's time to see how our blind, mute warrior can heal and improve as a person in a simple, idyllic...

Drawbacks: N/A
Final Point Count: 1,000 CP
Family: Low-Class
-Monsters (upgrade to Monster Girls/Boys)
-Secret Life (Author)
-Rock (Free)
-Genre Shift

>> No.36500280

> if a TTGL end jump never happens
Working on it! In my head.

>> No.36500286

Welp. You teased them.

Prepare to have to follow up.

>> No.36500293

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

>> No.36500343

I mean, I don't have a lot to add.
TTGL is something I've been thinking about making a jump for for a long time. I've mentioned it once or twice, without the little Konata next to my posts.
But I'm also super busy most of the time, and don't have a lot of time to devote to it. It's also complicated by the fact that no endgame jumps currently exist, so I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.
AND I'd really want to do it right if I did it at all, because I feel like Gurren really deserves an exceptional jump. It's a series that I really love.
So. I mean.

It's probably not gonna happen in the next couple weeks, is what I'm saying.
But hey, if you guys want to lob suggestions at me, I'd be all for that.

>> No.36500449

Let's go with the Ar Tonelico tower networks because they're the keystone to my 40K keikaku

>Let people know what you are

I'm aware that telling people their entire lives are nothing more than some bored deity's entertainment is going to earn me some funny looks, and in all likelihood barring a candidate for companionhood/podding/position in my future multiversal hegemony I have no motivation to explain the metaphysics of Jumpchain to anyone

>What you can do

If revealing myself will expediate my goals without causing me undue complications, why not? Of course, restraint is generally a good idea in the long run.

>Why didn't you use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?

At this point, my perspective of the multiverse has been broadened to the point where I either deal with the machinations of others as quickly and efficiently as possible or find them petty, trivial and beneath my notice. BEFORE I became who and what I am, there wouldn't have been a need to ask the question. I tended to take drawbacks that pit me against the bad guys anyway.


"Andy, it's time for school!"


"C'mon sport, I'll give you a hand with the homework if you've forgotten it"


"Andy, we know you're top of your class and head of the football team but we can't keep giving you slack for your silly imaginary games"


"Are you kids going out tonight? Just remember to give us a call if you're staying later than 9:00PM"


"Haha kiddo, have fun alright? I'm proud of you"


>> No.36500496

I think the green lantern power ring from DC sounds super useful, but I'm wondering what skill I might need before I enter the jump. Any ideas? The notes say that the death rate for trainees is dangerously high, so I'm a little hesitant to just enter the jump without proper preparation.

>> No.36500579

How do you survive Tonelico and Origin as your third jump?

>> No.36500597

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
Fairly often, if casually. I rarely use most of my powers and try to avoid the extra-universal ones. They'll think I'm a madman.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
When it can save the lives of people I care about, and as efficiently as possible with the smallest variety of powers.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
"World's should save themselves, and you can. I'm only here for the shortest of times, and I have faith in you." and then disregard that near immediately when the villains do something villainous. Probably end up building some heroes.

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
I'd probably just start acting more independently and when they ask I'll tell/show them what's up. When they freak out, I calm them down with smiley-face pancakes and explain that I still love them very much.

They're probably already surprised.

Yes. I call it "I'm a nigh-unkillable giant dragon". I have a back up in the WTFrudoin Gundam.


You know, it's when people start considering things beneath their notice that they generally die a horrifying death by spider-bites.

>> No.36500609

Aside from the obvious will power feats I would suggest picking up luck perks to get caught with your metaphorical pants down less often and Intelligence and science perks so that you can make cool things and aren't just stuck hitting people with a giant energy boxing glove. Another idea is getting an ability that lets you survive the vacuum of spake because it seems getting KOed in space would likely be an instant death since you stop powering the life support functions of your ring, unless they have some emergency fail safe I am unaware of.

>> No.36500637

Weapon of choice. You have awesome taste

>> No.36500643

Vacuum immunity from either Kirby or Sonic, willpower boosts out the wazoo, anything that lets you overcome fear and anger (not erase them), a pod for your blue lantern buddy, and some way to keep you below notice but recognizable.

>> No.36500669

Also, for funsies.
As it exists now in my head, Gurren follows a few simple rules as laid down by Quicksilver for endgame jumps.
You're there for fifty years.
You start with zero CP.
You can buy CP by taking absolutely not-worth-it drawbacks. These drawbacks should hypothetically be tailored in such a way that they are not really worth the point allowance, but hopefully not so terrible that no one will ever take them.
You have no access to Spiral Power upon landing. Corollary: You may be able to manifest Viral Level Spiral Power; Ie, you could act as a copilot for the Gurren, but Simon still has to do the heavy lifting.
You are reasonably plotbound from the start, and if you attempt to fuck off to nowhere, someone, somewhere will find you.
It's meant to be hard as fuck.
You unlock full Spiral Power at the end of the jump.

Not 100% sure on what you can actually buy. Maybe science skills, piloting, and yelling really loud.

Annnd some hypothetical drawbacks in the works:
> Kamiwho? [+200CP]
> Kamina doesn't exist. He left with his dad and never returned. It's up to you to inspire humanity. Careful that they don't end up relying on your powers.

> All The Lights In The Heavens [+600CP]
> You've somehow ended up in some kind of weird alternate universe where everyone's even MORE hotblooded. Explosive interplanetary war is almost inevitable.
> Oh, and if the universe is destroyed...? That's a loss.

>> No.36500702

Good situational awareness, a lot of creativity and a whole bunch of whatever emotion you need such as Will or Hope. Some good luck would probably help a bunch too.

>> No.36500703


When that song comes on, you'll see just how a shepherd's crook can be made lethal.

>> No.36500708

Nah, I disagree on one point. Start us with no spiral power, sure. That's fine. But don't put arbitrary limits on us. That stuff is always bullshit, and in this case it's a FINAL jump, there's no reason or justification for it.

>> No.36500743


You can do it.

But if you take disadvantages and such then it's much harder.

It's not a guaranteed success, but all the skills needed to survive come with the position.

And of course, if you've played the games then you'll be fine.

>> No.36500747

Shepherd's crooks were always meant for fighting off predators, no one doubts the lethality of sticks. I'm digging the music, though, Blind Shepherd.

>> No.36500766

Actually it was to guide the sheep. The sling was there to kill predators.

>> No.36500784

Which limit would that be, buddy?

>> No.36500809



>> No.36500822

Don't Rest You Head/Don't Lose Your Mind.

I know it's practically a suicide jump where someone could potentially cut off your regeneration (quite literally, and possibly with a butcher's knife) and then that regeneration becomes a giant mass of hungry flesh with your DNA devouring people for their biomass, but it also offers the opportunity for you to be the one holding that knife. Very few jumps enable that level of crazy, and I want to hang around the Mad City.

>> No.36500843

...I'm kinda conflicted about this, actually. But hell, have some spitballed ideas


-Origins: Driller (Drop-In option), Beastman, Resistance, engineer (think Leeron or Leite) and Spiral King (this does not automatically make you Lordgenome, but it gives you a prodigious amount of spiral energy to potentially unlock.
-Import mech options for the Gunmen, the future robots invented in Rossiu's regime and so on. Lagann option to be fairly low-price and initially weak compared to the other mechs-but with the most potential for growth
-Speaking of which-regarding purchasable mechs, a note about the lower CP they cost, the more potential they have for growth from spiral energy exposure.
-Instead of explicit spiral-boosting perks, what about perks revolving around psychological wellbeing, fighting spirit and willpower, which indirectly boost your potential to induce sudden transformations on your mech or otherwise wield the spiral?
-Something about making a flag and/or motif on your mech representative of all your journeys in Jumpchain. Possibly a full-on perk to redesign your arms to make them better channel your hotbloodedness?
-Not sure whether 800/1000 CP costs should be represented through giant robots or perks-or if they should exist at all, but it would fit the setting
-Being able to take canon characters as companions
-Perks based around hotblooded reality warping-not the full on combat, but more like "Whenever you yell something awesome a volcano erupts in the background" and other things that let you distort the world slightly by sheer force of will rather than finishing moves
-1000 CP "drawback" similar to something from Ar Tonelico: You become the Anti-Spiral. You need to figure out a way to stop Spiral Nemesis permanently. You either start during a period when LOTS of Spiral races are rallying around individuals like Simon

>implying spiders could survive exposure to Kaiju Blue

>> No.36500845

The 'only Viral level' spiral power son. It's a final jump, there's no point in that.

>> No.36500852

Saints Row, for the over the top combination of action, fun, and out and out shenanigans.

>> No.36500899

Sure I have! Also, seconding >>36500822. I'm want to get all up in that Mad City...because I have long transcended the need to sleep.


>> No.36500903

>implying spiders could survive exposure to Kaiju Blue
You know damn well what I mean. You don't want to suddenly have Doctor Doom steal your powers only to return them when he gets bored, or some shit like that. It'd be embarrassing.

>> No.36500910

... so, you're okay with starting with literally zero spiral power, but you dislike starting off with Viral level spiral power for free?
Because that's what I was saying.
I'm sorry if I caused you to misunderstand.

What I meant to imply is that, if you land in TTGL Jump, and then do literally nothing, you can still pilot a gunman on par with a Beastman. Assuming you know how to pilot a mech. You can act as Simon's copilot.

There aren't really a lot of ways to gain spiral power in-universe, but if you figured out a way, like you got really chummy with Lordgenome or just have a shitload of stacked geneticist perks, I'm not exactly going to stop you with arbitrary limitations of "because I said so", friend.

>> No.36500930

>Antispiral theme
real creative, Antispiral Anon

>> No.36500931

Isn't spiral power just willpower/fighting spirit? How is that something that you can not start with or have restricted?

>> No.36500954

Spiral energy isn't willpower. It's your ability to evolve, it's your will not only to fight, but to live and thrive, it's DNA, drills, and your dick all in one.

>> No.36500962

For Dresden files and the IOU drawback, what would that really entail? Would I just owe the sidhe equal value for for the 200cp? I'm really just wondering how I could pay them back.

>> No.36500964

Doesn't really counter what he said, though. Can't spiral power grow?

>> No.36500971


It's actually caused by Spiral DNA. It's a special kind of genetics only the spiral races of that universe have (there are presumably other races on other planets that have it besides humanity, although they're implied to all to be roughly bipedal and human-like in form). The Anti-Spiral explains it near the end of the series.

Something about Spiral DNA allows them to manifest matter and energy from literally nowhere, provided they're just damn determined enough.
Unfortunately, this violates the law of conservation of mass, and after a certain point this starts to actually wreck causality, and if you twist reality a new asshole hard enough it eventually just collapses and would kill everything in the universe.

Which is what the bad guys of the series are trying to stop.

>> No.36500987

Oh. Well my only other question is if we start with some level of it, can't we improve, instead of being the eternal buttmonkey like Viral?

>> No.36500989


Black Bullet jump

I was hoping, hoping that I could do some saving of humanity in this universe, what I didn't realize was that they didn't deserve saving.

It actually tore my heart out a little, because by saving the cursed children I was condemning all other children for basically the same reason the cursed children suffered abuse. My only solace was the fact that I was aware of the consequences of my actions where as thoughts that abused the cursed children deliberately and directly abused the cursed children.

I took them to Mass Effect, found a nice planet to settle them on while I rallied the galaxy to purge the Reaper menace, but the murder of countless men, women and children, most of whom were innocent of the crime they died for weighs heavily on my conscience.

That day I became Justice, and the innocent that died just happened to be on the wrong side of the scales.


>> No.36500998

>Slaughtering millions, most of neutral or positive morality to save a minority just because they're all little girls.

>> No.36501006

I got an Orgel of Origins, so that should dramatically boost the range of my tower, hopefully enough to get in touch with one of the others.

If that doesn't work, I'd send out long-range airships to scout out the other towers. Each one would be equipped with a signal booster as well.

I know that parts of the "world regeneration project" are broken, so hopefully convincing the other Origins to look into it shouldn't be too hard.

In the meantime, I'd be working on building myself a new body, as the drawback I took means the one I start off in is slowly glitching and failing.

As long as you stick to completing your objective, being an Origin in Ar Tonelico isn't too dangerous. It mostly comes down to what drawbacks you took, if any.

>> No.36501019

I was under the impression we would count as spiral lifeforms since we have the double helix DNA or is that not what they meant by it? (they're all special?)

>> No.36501027

>End Jump
>Still having anything even remotely resembling DNA

>> No.36501042

>End Jump
>Not Having all the DNA

I bet you don't even have twelve hearts.

>> No.36501052

Viral is a weird and special case. He's a Beastman, and Beastmen have no spiral energy, period. But at the end of the first arc he gets some kind of upgrade from Lordgenome that allows him to basically live forever. Other than that though he gets no powers and can't manifest anything.

But Gurren Lagann requires two pilots to work properly. And at the end of the series, they're down a copilot, so Viral steps up to the roll, even though he can't manifest spiral energy. He still can't, even during the final battle, and is never shown to do so, but he's still able to provide the actions as a copilot and allow Gurren Lagann to fight at full capacity.

So he was either manifesting SOMETHING, or he's just a damn good regular pilot.
It's never explained and nobody fucking knows.

Anyway, it's not meant to imply that you have spiral energy, so much as "you can pilot a gunman". Because it would really suck if you couldn't pilot a gunman. I wouldn't do that to you guys.
But... no.
You can't just "train", you literally do not have the genetic trait required to manifest spiral energy. Not unless you figure out some way to cheat.
But you CAN cheat.
Just like you can cheat in DBZ.

If you can't figure out how to cheat you are not trying hard enough.

>> No.36501056

They all benefited from the system that marginalized those girls.

I plugged them into the algorithm that I used to calculate which offer to take. It almost upset the scales, but never quite got there.

And.. they were fucking adorable.

>> No.36501062

A traitor and a villain is all you are.

>> No.36501094

So you're making a Gurren Laggan jump, and you're not letting us get spiral energy, the stuff that defines that series, the stuff that lets the heroes do all that shit that everyone cheers. Half the reason people want to go to the jump is to be awesome with spiral energy (the other half seeing the main characters be awesome with it.). What's the point, I ask?

Gaining power in DB isn't cheating. You start out without training. You can train ki. QS never said that we're not allowed to train our ki control. Ki is the foundation of all the powers in DBZ that aren't magic, and you're completely allowed to build it up. By doing this, you're not following any precedent QS set up, you're copying Manyfist in his aborted attempt everyone hated.

>> No.36501124

Seems to me that the beastmen are the odd ones out in not being able to produce spiral energy because they can't reproduce, since we can and we have the dna we should be able to use spiral energy right away and not be limited with it. (that's what the wiki confirms anyway)

>> No.36501158


Oh, I am many things my good sir. A thief, a murderer, a pirate, a monster, an abomination, an embezzler, a tax evader, and indeed, yes a Villain.

But I shall have you know that no treasonous act has been wrought by me. In fact I might dare to question the validity of the definition of that word you hold in your mind.

No, given the choice between protecting my family or protecting those that would harm my family I am not going to betray my loved ones for a bunch of strangers who cause them to suffer.

>> No.36501165

You forgot enormous faggot in your list of things you are.

>> No.36501176

Do your ten years as a cursed child have more value than the twenty as a person?

>> No.36501218

Does Black Bullet even have a "Best End"?

Lets just say early/mid/late jumps, how would you do it.

>> No.36501220

If you can cure the plague with genetic perks maybe. Otherwise it's a lost cause.

>> No.36501232

QS said it maxes out at Krillin level, dude.
I'm saying you max out at Viral level.
They're basically comparable. At least as much as you could compare the two series.
It's an endgame jump, I don't really think it's about the powers you get so much as the world. It's the world that I want to visit. That's why I want to go to Gurren Lagann.

I'm also amazed that you can't seem to read between the lines here at all and see what I'm actually trying to tell you.
I'm not just gonna hand you spiral power, man. That stuff's insane. That's just the way I see it.

But, I mean, if you really, REALLY, really want it done that way... ...
You can always write the jump yourself.

I mean, I'm not trying to be smart or anything, I really feel like if someone else believes they have a better vision, then they should be the one to do it. I'm not laying claim to Gurren or anything, and I'm probably not even the best person to be doing it.
It would honestly save me a LOT of work.

It's just there's almost no way for me to type those words on the internet and not sound like an asshole.
But I would wish you luck if that were the case, and even look forward to it.

>> No.36501253

I've been here the whole time. Nowhere was it said you max out at anything.

Viral has no spiral power, as you said. That's not even remotely the same, either way, as Krillin was actually known to have stupid levels of ki control, beyond the raw power the saiyans used.

People don't go to Gurren Lagann to stare at the wall, you know. Some people like to watch, but most are actually going to want to be awesome, not a nothing.

Of course Spiral Power is insane. That's why this is an end jump in the first place. Without spiral power there's barely any reasons for it to be a final jump at all.

>> No.36501329

I do remember it being said that Krillin was the max you could go but like you said it's completely different, Viral had no spiral energy so we max out at 0? That doesn't sound fun.

I don't see the point in limiting peoples spiral power, especially as a last jump.
Doesn't make sense to say we couldn't start with it either since unless we fucked up big time and can't reproduce or have helix dna then we should be able to use spiral energy.

>> No.36501354

>Implying I'm stopping at any level
>imlying I won't keep evolving
>implying I can be controlled by petty jump or universal restraints
>implying my potential can be capped
>implying I won't use my will to forge my own spiral through all realities

>> No.36501373

> Viral has no spiral power, as you said.
I did! I still say that.

> That's not even remotely the same.
They're really not. I'm just bad at talking.
Just assume you win this argument about exactly which words I said about the thing.

I already told you how I feel about it. I still stand by it, and I'm not gonna change what I feel. I don't really want to have to argue over what words I used to describe it.
You can win, though.

Because I'd hate to write this thing and then have people hate it, I really would.
So, I'll avoid the issue by not writing it.

I kindof hope someone else does, though.

The idea is that final jumps are supposed to be hard. They're a culmination of all your jumper skills. I mean, that's why it's "Final", it's the one time an author is really allowed to just assume that you've done a lot of jumps beforehand.
But, again, I'd hate to disappoint everyone, so... I'll leave it up to you guys!

I like you.

>> No.36501420

You think this isn't hard because of spiral power? The people we see manifest spiral power, Kamina, Kittan, and Simon, they all die. You're not as cool as them, and they absolutely die during the series. Even assuming your spiral power is equal to them, you'd still die in the fight against the anti-spirals.

Oh, and the argument that "Well you've taken a bunch of jumps"? Invalid. People don't come here to wave a power dick around, they want to follow the actual series to some level, and that includes following its themes and powers. And just splice it? You know not everyone is doing that fucking geneticist build, right?

I think "Fine I'll just not do it." is the absolute most childish response one can take to criticism or argument, but it's entirely your response to voice, that's just my view on it.

>> No.36501478

I like you too, Konatanon. And I appreciate you not calling dibs, as finale jumps are notoriously hard to do, and balancing challenge versus "why would I even take this jump" is a hard one.

>> No.36501493

You are taking this way too far man. Why are you getting so worked up over a Jump that isn't even made yet?

There are countless ways to get Spiral DNA that do not need the geneticist jump. The Prototype jump for instance lets you devour others. Any number of knowledge perks should also help with gaining the knowledge to splice dna.

If you aren't satisfied, find a way to work around it instead of bitching about it not being perfect. You have countless abilities from dozens of different worlds by the time you reach a final jump. Fucking use them.

>> No.36501497

I thought it was going to be a final jump because of the sheer power levels it has, not just because it's hard.

>> No.36501506

Out of interest-you got any ideas how to do a Gurren Lagann jump without either gimping everyone or overpowering every jumper ever? Because I don't. Frankly I don't blame KonataAnon for backing out; Spiral Energy and GL in general are hard to represent with CP costs. I reckon even 40K and DBZ would be easier to make

>> No.36501535

Only thing that's making me angry during this exchange is my friend spamming messages to me on Steam while I try to think of a response.

So your solution is that we either be a monster or a geneticist? Because using any perk to do genetic science makes you a geneticist.

It isn't about it not being 'perfect'. If that's what I was doing I'd be complaining about how I couldn't be as cool as Kamina. It's about actually getting the force that defines the series. The thing that actually lets them all do the awesome stuff people go to the jump to do.

Oh and jackshit from another jump is going to stand up against the anti-spirals, but this isn't my main argument.

>Overpowering every jumper ever?
This is a meaningless statement. This would be a final jump. There is nothing afterwards. This isn't multiplayer, you're not fighting against anyone. This isn't a regular jump, there's no more settings to go to. This is it, it's done, it's the end, you win the grand prize and it doesn't matter anymore.

>> No.36501541

Just went checking on the Drive, does anyone have the complete Black Bullet Jump?

The one uploaded there seems to be missing the Disadvantages/Drawbacks Sections, given the references in the notes.

It is also really bad to play Drop-Ins there.

>> No.36501547

There are no drawbacks in Black Bullet.

>> No.36501551

Besides having to be in Black Bullet.

>> No.36501559

It's not about power. You have any number of unique and strange abilities. Be creative with them. If you don't use the abilities you have gained until now, that is entirely your fault. If you do not want to use the easiest ways of gaining spiral power that is not the authors fault. It is you being an entitled prick.

What is your problem with geneticists? It is just a branch of science that you is present in many sci fi jumps in some form or another but you seem to have some weird aversion to it?

>> No.36501561

Alright, well-how would you make the jump then? It kinda sounds like you don't want there to be any meaningful opposition to you at all, in which case you might as well fanwank it as "I get all the spiral energy forever and win", no need for a GL jump at all.

I get where you're coming from, but the whole point of jumps is they aren't supposed to be an instant win. That's just my opinion, though.

>> No.36501570

Yeah, I experimented with the 'offers' thing instead for BB.

Being in BB is a pretty frigging huge disadvantage, though. Drop in mitigates a large amount of it, though.

>> No.36501574

But spiral energy isn't an auto win in GL. Since it's the last jump and it's not overpowered for the setting, why not roll with it?

>> No.36501586

It's about theme. You go to Gurren Lagann to spiral power and giant robot. Why are you not letting people use one of those? Your argument that 'but you have fire breath' is a complete non-statement and tangent.

Don't just randomly insult people, you're being an asshole.

I don't have a problem with them. I just see it as over favoring specific builds.

>No meaningful opposition.
The anti-spirals. Even if you manage to get to Simon's level, and I'm not even saying you would, you're going to dies. Everyone who manifests spiral power pretty much dies. That's not an "I win" button to have spiral power.

>> No.36501593

You still haven't explained how you'd make the jump to represent it.

>> No.36501620

Hint: That's not me.

Start people with the technical ability to use spiral power like all humans do. Don't tell them how to use it. Don't tell them how strong they can get with it. They have to fight and earn it if they want to use it at all.

Then the actual skills and abilities are basically representations, direct or simply inspired, of the talents and skills shown by characters in the series. Plus basics like knowing how to pilot a robot.

>> No.36501626

this is true... far too true. I think no spiral power may be a bit too big a hurdle to overcome. However if you give jumpers any at all by the nature of the power itself they are going to assume they gain absurd amounts of it. It's not a skill you learn it's powered by hot blood. It's not really even something that you train. Honestly this might just be best as a 1 page jump. Give a description of Gurren Lagann, tell people you get 0 CP and have to survive 50 years then skip to the section where it tells what happens if they survive. Just skip the perks, backgrounds and drawbacks entirely. Your all drop ins. Say nothing about peoples ability to use spiral power let them determine it individually and call it a day.

>> No.36501632

Also: Insisting on a side point is misdirection.

>> No.36501634

I'm not the author.

They are letting you use spiral power, you just don't get it right off the bat.

It isn't really favouring builds though, just a single jump in Geneforge should be enough. You aren't sacrificing anything to get it. You don't have a limit on how many jumps you can take so the only limit on your builds is points, which doesn't matter because Geneforge is just geneticist stuff.

Everyone dies? Only Kamina and Kittan die, all the others are fine. Where are you getting this idea from? Even Simon is still alive at the end.

>> No.36501652

The question wasn't attributed to anyone, I wasn't assuming you are.

They are not. He's saying outright you don't get it.

That's another problem. Assuming I've taken previous jumps is not assuming I've taken ALL previous jumps, and I think putting so much weight on any particular jump as key or essential to doing this is... favoritism, I guess, and would be a case of poor design.

You're basing this one the movie? In the series only Simon and his mole live.

>> No.36501666


The same could be said of not addressing one. In all honestly, I've never seen GL as a very good setting for a jump simply because of how difficult to quantify Spiral Energy. >>36501626's idea reminds me of how I'd envision a GL jump, and frankly more than anything it comes of as sort of an epilogue to the jumpchain than anything rather than a proper jump with choices 'n stuff.

But hey: You got a better idea? Why don't you try to write a gurren lagann jump if you disagree with how everyone else is approaching it?

>> No.36501686

>> No.36501688

The problem with that anon is his assumption that because some people bullshit, all of us will on the same level. This is a poisonous way to think.

"Why don't you do it?" is made as a cop-out. It's like telling someone "If you don't like this game, make your own!". It's widely considered a false argument, since it's assuming people that aren't chefs don't know what food they like.

>> No.36501690

I totally agree, going into Gurren Lagann and not having a giant robot or spiral power would go against the theme and the point of having that jump exist.
It doesn't even matter how powerful spiral power is because it's an end jump so it doesn't effect any others and this isn't multiplayer.

I'm not seeing why you would need some geneticists perks at all, would we not be able to use spiral power by being humans?

>> No.36501695

This is probably the best answer to most finale jumps.

>"You're in Gurren Lagann. You can't leave the plot for too long. There are no mints on the hotel pillow."

And then leave us to it.

>> No.36501707

But he didn't say there was no way to get it after the jump either.

Any jump that offers a science or even intelligence perk could potentially let you learn about genetics. Even jumps completely unrelated to science still give you ten years to study whatever you want.

Even in the tv show they all survive.

>> No.36501712

>In the series only Simon and his mole live.
The fuck is wrong with your memory? Go rewatch the last episode, or at least a clip of Simon's and Nia's marriage.

>> No.36501729

With the only ways being to have taken a specific build. This isn't like DBZ where there's multiple ways to get power, from flattering Gero to training to finding MacGuffins.

Do you think everyone is taking science perks? That's favoring a specific king of build.
Simon and Nia's marriage? She fades away afterwards, that I remember.

>> No.36501734

Eh, i'd honestly say that spiral power is unique to humans in the gurren lagann universe.

>> No.36501751

Yea, but a lot of the totally and completely alive characters show up, including most of the cast.

>> No.36501756

Except it explicitly isn't. Spiral races exist throughout the universe, kept under control by the Anti-Spirals.

>> No.36501769

Gurren Lagann jump will never happen, ever. Because the spiral races are doomed to eternal conflict over how it should be made

Well, like I said-this is just my opinion but while I was sorta optimistic at KonataAnon's proposal (must be all the caffiene I've been having this morning) I've always seen the main problem with GL being the diffuculty in representing it through CP purchases without nerfing everything. I'll concede the Anti-Spirals /are/ an excellent source of opposition-but again: It's very, very difficult to quantify the extremes of power Simon and the gang went through to match them.

>> No.36501778

That bit with simon and his mole? That's in the future you dumbshit, that's why simon looks older. All the people are still alive at the wedding, which is after the Anti Spiral is defeated. Meaning that the all survive.

You don't need to constantly be taking science perks though. Just take one or two. Or even just study it on your own time. You have literally centuries to learn and research. You don't need to focus on a science build to learn something.

>> No.36501791

I can admit that I might've been wrong about the rest of the cast dying.
The crux of it, to me, is to not make it a purchasable option. It's like the force in KOTOR, everyone gets the potential.
My assumption has always been that you're too busy during a jump learning that jump's stuff for general research.

Anyway, since I really wanted to be doing other stuff.

The crux of this, I'm assuming, is less that people disagree with me, because I didn't get any of that until Konata said they wouldn't do the jump, and more that you want me to go away so he does make it.

I never told him not to do it, remember, so arguing against me isn't going to get him to reconsider. If you want him to make it you need to talk to him, not me, because I'm not going to throw a fit at him doing it. Me taking issue with something doesn't mean I'm going to be childish about it.

>> No.36501806

You and i don't possess spiral power right? I think that humans outside of the gurren lagann universe do not possess it. Only humans born inside the gurren lagann universe.

>> No.36501811

That they survived was my point, he was saying that they did not.

>> No.36501820

But the problem there is that spiral power can be used by anything with the double helix dna and can reproduce so we should be able to use it too just from that. Even the mole could use it.

>> No.36501822

Oh, sorry. I misunderstood you. I thought you meant that only the humans had it, not that only the humans in that universe had it.

>> No.36501860

You do know that each jump lasts for ten years right? And that the main story events of many jumps might only last part of that time? You are going to have plenty of time to do extra things.

I don't really know what you talking about with that last paragraph. You took issue with the possible Gurren Lagann jump not having automatic spiral power or having lots of spiral power at the start. I disagreed with you and pointed out the other ways you could gain spiral power. You then 'childishly' ignored all of these suggestions because you didn't like them?

>> No.36501865

I don't see anything remotely childish about giving up on making something very contentious and diffucult to represent.

Though-if you take away Spiral Power as a CP cost (maybe something like "Spiral Power (0CP): You have the potential to go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb, but you need time to fully realise your fighting spirit blah blah blah) the jump does seem slightly less impossible to stat up. I put together some ideas in >>36500843, no idea if that's any help but it does seem to me like if you make the POTENTIAL for generating spiral energy
universal but not EXCEPTIONAL for jumpers then the rest of the stuff seems more manageble. Gunmen are crappier than Rossiu era 'bots but have damage bonuses against Anti-Spiral tech, and so are priced cheaper but have more potential for growth when you realise your abilities, etc.

>> No.36501866

Quick question to you all as I begin to finalize three different jumps for tomorrow, especially >>36501769 Antispiral over there.

As seen in the Assassins Creed Jump (last version here), I have been tinkering with a different method of point buy, one that needs prebought levels to continue down a branch.

Should I stick to the classic 100/300/600 cap point format, or would you be fine with the occasional erratic point system jump as long as it was balanced?

>> No.36501877

Is it different than the last version? Changelog? I thought the purchase options for blood and the other thing were fine myself.

>> No.36501892

Oh sorry, no changelog, this is the non-updated incomplete version.

>> No.36501902

Really? I guess we shouldn't get any powers in jumps because we don't have them now.
It doesn't matter what people can do in other universes or ours, spiral power is something innate to Gurren Lagann so just by being there we should be able to tap into it even if it's just a bit.

>> No.36501916

I took issue with not being able to awaken it, so to speak. My first post about it to Konata was saying "I'm fine with starting with none." but that was with the assumption that you can train it. I mean, Kittan only started really using his right before he died.

I didn't ignore your suggestions. I disagreed with them because I see it as favoring specific builds.
Are you referring to my last post to him? Because the potentially childish person I was referring to that in the post you quote is myself, if I raged at him for actually making it.

>> No.36501942

What i'm saying is that humans in Gurren Lagann are born with Spiral Power but we are not. At the very start of the jumpchain, we are just normal humans. Thus we can only do what a normal human can do unless we start adding on perks and powers from Jumps. SO we cannot generate spiral power unless we take an origin that puts as in Gurren Lagann as a Spiral Race.

This is just my view on it, and the idea of all Double Helix Dna beings having the potential is perfectly cool.

>> No.36501955

What is the difference between ability to lead and willpower? I know it sounds weird, but a lot of jumps have perks that enhance leaderships skills, but few talk about willpower.

>> No.36501962

Willpower is the force of will, leadership is your talent in telling people what to do and your personal magnetism.

>> No.36501965

In the context of Precursor/Assassin bloodlines, I feel it's thematically fitting and I'm okay with it. Especially since the powers needing prerequisites are relatively cheap. As for the "other" jumps-I feel that whether the prebought level thing is appropriate depends greatly on the nature of the powers; if they're basically skills/individual powers that do different things then I don't see why you can't learn them seperately but if the powers are somehow related to a lineage or go through a progression of form or something then point buy seems fitting. As a general rule-I feel something with prerequisites would have to be VERY special to merit pricing above 200 CP.

Personally I like Wild Card's 100/200/400/600 cap point format the best because it makes counting CP slightly easier, but I'm fine with eratic point systems as long as they don't force my build to adhere to a certain set of origin discount only skills. Just keep the cost additions simple i.e. nothing costing 75 CP or the like.

>> No.36501976

Wait train it? I thought Spiral power increased based on your willpower/hot blooded spirit/manliness not through training it?

It really isn't a specific build. There are well over a hundred jumps right now, and there are theoretically infinite possible jumps as well. Taking a single jump to get smarter will not make you any less of a physical or magical powerhouse.

>> No.36501986

To me if you have amazing willpower you could go through the toughest things on your own and come out mentally fine but leadership lets you lead others through tough things even if you don't end up doing too well in the end.

Like Kamina from Gurren Lagann had amazing leadership skills but would sometimes doubt himself or lose some will. (like that flashback of simon digging)

>> No.36501987

I always dislike time periods as something you've got to purchase. With location it's usually okay as you can just go to wherever you wanted to start in if you're willing to travel. With time period it's pretty often 'Pay 100 CP so that you can do a jump for a game you've actually played' which just sucks.

>> No.36501997

No, according to Konata Spiral power is an innate ability based on your DNA. If you don't have it you can't have it. Training was probably sort of the wrong word for me to use though.

Most people approach jumps with specific set ups. Weapon perks, strength, you get the idea. Taking science perks is a different build.

>> No.36502006

Really? I actually like time period rolls because it means there's more variety and true differences between them.

>> No.36502029

Leadership implies a degree of being able to communicate well with people, a proficiency at management and the ability to make sound decisions.

Willpower implies endurance under stressful circumstances, resolve towards a goal, the ability to commit to personal action when others give up around you and in the case of Haki-how strong your refluffed telekinesis is.

>"Fine I'll just not do it." is the absolute most childish response one can take to criticism or argument
>directed at KonataAnon

I'm referring to whichever cunt typed that. They're wrong, and they're opinion is wrong given how controversial and complicated setting up Gurren Lagann jump is.

>> No.36502033

Except according to the rules of the universe at large, spiral power is based on the shape of DNA, and not anything encoded into that DNA. Anything with a double helix genetic code that's capable of reproduction gets access to spiral power. It's not in your genes, but it is affected by them.

>> No.36502053

Yeah, you're talking about me in a reply to a post made hours later. I don't like seeing people give up on things at all, and I especially don't like it happening over disagreements. It feels less like them saying they don't want to do it and more as taking their toys and going home.
According to Konata you still wouldn't have spiral power, is the thing.

>> No.36502060

All she was saying was that you didn't start out with it. Not that you couldn't get it. She literally said that you could cheat and get it anyway. I also pointed out to you how to get it.

Again, you have hundreds of jumps to choose from, all your abilities carry over. There are several jumps which have a focus on science and you would not lose anything from picking science perks in those ones. And perks and bonuses all have diminishing returns. They don't multiply off one another. Constantly taking similar perks is outright stupid, because eventually you will only get tiny returns from the waste. Even then, some knwoledge perks that only cost 100cp can still help you greatly in the long run.

>> No.36502077

Totally shifts the focus of the jump though and gives too much emphasis to a roll. You could want to do classic Assassin's Creed stuff (not unreasonable in an Assassin's Creed jump) and the dice decides you're going on a mostly unrelated pirate adventure. It's all very well if you don't give a shit about the setting but it's a pain if you do.

Location is an inconvenience to get around, with time period either you don't particularly care about the setting or you're taxed right off the bat.

>> No.36502091

By cheat he (they, she, I dunno, I'm just typing what's shortest) meant genetic perks. That and getting in good with Lord Genome (which I don't see how that'll work) were provided as methods by him.

I don't think there's any jump where you have to be a scientist, actually, though I might be wrong.

You say that about taking similar perks, but everyone still pretty much always takes the same kind whether they acknowledge diminishing returns or not.

>> No.36502092

Yeah, Konata anon's description didn't really fit into how Gurren Lagann actually worked. Which is pretty weird for someone who wanted to do a jump.

>> No.36502099

Hey, this might blow your mind a little but some people have lives and responsibilities outside of /jc/. Sometimes people just get frustrated and can't bring themselves to work on a project if it's not fun anymore, or if they can't make it worthwhile for everyone in thread. It's not all about thread shitflinging, sometimes it's just not worth it if people are just going to fight over things

I mean, I should know. I have the skeleton of a Dark Souls jump on my drive. I'm kinda glad Nu and Ruki made a better one since I agonised over how crap it was

>> No.36502104

Learn to love and embrace the dice. Can't always roll what you want in traditional games.

>> No.36502106

Pirate adventure is probably the least of your problems. Imagine rolling Modern Day without wanting to.

>> No.36502123

Geneforge is entirely focused around genetics. It is basically tailor made for this problem.

>> No.36502143

That wraps around to a point I made earlier about not assuming I've done specific jumps just because you can assume I've done jumps.

>> No.36502159

There is literally no reason not to do the jump. You have no time limit, it is not a particularly difficult jump, especially with all your powers. And gene science is incredibly powerful in many settings, dragonball z for instance?
You are only limiting yourself by not taking every jump. There is no reason not to do every jump apart from giving yourself a challenge.

>> No.36502178

>Geneforge is entirely focused around genetics
Technically it's based around magic that mutates living things and their genetics in predictable ways. The Shapers have, at times, discovered genetics(it is implied that they discover it, then they go to far, and then the entire research gets barred), which they somehow excel at understanding, which greatly enhances what they can do with their magic.

>> No.36502187

I can see people not doing a jump because they hate the setting or don't like going places they don't know about. Remember, this is a general argument here, it doesn't necessarily apply to what I've done. I've taken Geneforge, every other geneticist perk, and Prototype, so if I was in Gurren Lagann I could just eat the first human I saw and have spiral power, but I'm trying to be considerate of others and what they might have done.

>> No.36502192

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do?
I probably wouldn't spread it around to EVERYONE, but I'd probably tell people a decent amount.

>When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Probably toward the when I first meet people, though sometimes I would wait a bit. I plan on being so open and over the top about it that no one believes me. "Guys, I swear, it was some kind of eldritch horror. It was the most maddening experience of my life. I'm pretty sure it only ACTED like a duck so the rest of the world wouldn't notice it. That smug little bastard."
>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
Because there's something to be said about doing too much for people, if you do too much, people come to rely on you too much. I'm not going to be there forever, and people will begin to expect as much as possible from you, it's not my responsibility to patch up bullet holes in your yacht when I just saved you from pirates you ungrateful rich bastard.

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
Either not be in that situation, or I just tell them straight up, "Hey, I'm a bit different now. I'm gonna go punch some bad guys, I'll do my best to make sure TOO many people don't get hurt, and don't worry about me. I'm almost completely indestructible! I'll try to keep in touch. Maybe I'll see you at Christmas."

>> No.36502203

I can see someone not taking a jump if they're not familiar with the setting, if they don't like the setting/jump itself or if what it offers doesn't appeal to them.
Assuming everyone has picked up some sort of scientist perk or has gone through every single jump isn't the way to go about things.

>> No.36502228

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do? When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
Whenever it suits my goals or whenever it can be reasonably written off as a quirk of in-world reasoning (ie - writing off my greed armor from FMA as a demonic variant of armament haki in one piece). As for who ever truly knows who I am, only my companions will know for sure
>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
This is what I tend to do anyway mostly for amusement, but in the case I don't, it's likely either a villain I was unaware of from not knowing the setting, or one who's degree of evil is so beneath my purview that I didn't bother. Anyone doesnt like it, they can deal with him themselves.
>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
Archive magic + my stand that allows me to read/write memories directly to and from the soul. Of course, i won't dump aeons of memories into them, but the cliffnotes combined with a slight enlightenment from my stand should hopefully let them understand me to a degree that i'd usually only reserve for companions, if only as a last respect to them for raising this world's version of me as well as they did

>> No.36502236

You don't even have to take perks really. Just go to some setting that already has some form of high tech gene machine and take that with you. Get one of your companions to make something. Do it with magic instead. THere are so many ways to solve this that do not revolve round genes.

>> No.36502271

Someone mentioned wanting to do another D&D setting Jump.

Why not something crazy and fun like the Astral Sea? Who doesn't want to fly around Not-Space in a a magical spaceship made of wood?

>> No.36502284

I do, I want a Spelljammer jump. I don't know enough about the setting to do it, though.

>> No.36502296

I assume that unlocking Precursor memory, and ability to build Precursor is like the items Shards of Eden? How long would it take to build one?

>> No.36502318

Eww Astral Sea is 4e stuff.

>> No.36502337

Spelljammer is AD&D.

>> No.36502340

Oh you poor, poor child. Have you never heard of Spelljammer?

>> No.36502377

Oh shit, you just reminded me-I completely forgot about doing a build for MGS!

Rolled 1984: Afghanistan, as Drop-In.

BEES!!! (600). A whole hive of them. Africanised honey bees, to be precise.
Psychic (300). Telepathy a best, when stacked with psionics
Most Men Would Be Dead By Now (0). Man...shaped men, anyway.

So...yeah, this is embarrassingly lategame for me. I don't know what else to say about here. I'm already 170+ jumps in, dangit.

>> No.36502407

That's not Astral Sea. In 2e you jammed in Wildspace & The Phlogiston. Phlogiston is more like Elemental Planes of Chaos. Astral Sea was Astral Plane, and Astral Plane was only used for quick pitstop to inner or outer planes from Prime Plane.

>> No.36502413

By the way-someone mentioned a Generic Virtual Reality jump or something along those lines based around stuff like the Matrix and Lain a while ago. If that anon is here, how's that coming along? I'm looking forward to it.

>> No.36502436

Its 4am and make no excuses except for it being 4am.

So are you going to join me in ramming ships into space dragons or what?

>> No.36502476

It's ALL AD&D settings yet at same time none them. Think this way, in our Solar system we live in a bubble. It's not very big in galactic terms. However in Spelljammers that bubble is a crystalsphere.

Through Spelljammers or Magic Boats, you can go and visit Greyhawk from Forgotten Realms. Even Athas (Dark Sun) is visitable. Although getting through "The Grey" and having your ship not crash into Athas makes it very unlikely.

Ofc you'd have to ignore all the signs saying "DO NOT ENTER" "WRONG WAY" "DEATH AHEAD". Not only because getting through The Grey is hard, you need to get back out. Assuming you don't wish to live in a hellhole.

If most of D&D is Renaissance/Medieval, Spelljammers is Pulp Fiction/Age of Sail.

>> No.36502487

Oh lord, I'm gonna stir up some shit.
But we're on page six now and the thread usually slows down a bit around then so hopefully it'll be okay.
I'm sorry in advance.

It's like I said, there's no way for me to say, "Why don't you do it?", without sounding like an asshole. I really don't mean to be.
See: >>36502099

But I stated my case about it, and how I feel. I feel pretty strongly about the lack of spiral as a starter. But that doesn't even mean I'm RIGHT. It just means, "If I make this jump, this is how I'll do it."

But like I said, I'm not calling dibs. If anyone else wants to create this jump, please! Be my guest! This was just a thing I was kindof thinking about doing because I love Gurren Lagann and I thought people would enjoy it, but if they won't enjoy it, then why am I even making it?
So, I won't make it, because... meh, I guess.

I dunno, I just think it's more special than that. Spiral DNA is a special thing. That's why everyone wants it, isn't it? It's special, and it lets you do cool things.
But I don't think I should just HAND something like that to people. You have to come up with some kind of narrative for it.

There's no ability to cap it or place limits on it, so I won't. But I also don't think you should just start with the best power. But you can't cap it!

So that was my justification. I'm sorry I derailed the thread.
I always thought Viral was cool.

You may be right, Anti-Spiral.

>> No.36502489

Still me. Fallen London, Virtual Reality and Survival Horror will be in beta by tomorrow.

Assassins Creed will be finalised.

Next up, Detectives.

As an aside, I've been thinking of doing a Sunless Sea jump/supplement for Fallen London. As Sunless Sea is a spin-off game taking place in the same world as Fallen London, but very different in style and story, does it merit its own 1000CP jump?

>> No.36502507

Viral is the absolute worst character in the main cast.

>> No.36502524

I'll fight you!

>> No.36502528

Apart from Rossiu?

>> No.36502534

At least he was forgettable enough I didn't remember him until you mentioned his name.

>> No.36502566

I could go above and point out more arguments against things in what you're saying here, but there's no point anymore and it's been over two hours at this point, most of it arguing about what we'd do if the sky was red.

>> No.36502638

Then why'd you bother posting?

>> No.36502648

Because that's a way to say "No, I'm not going to continue the argument either."

>> No.36502678

Well I haven't slept a wink since yesterday around 3pm. It's now
7am, very tired. Four cups of coffee and sugar, only goes so far. The caffeine is metabolized pretty quick, so like it's
Starting to ware off.

>> No.36502723

I just realized I forgot to add an I in there.

I make no excuses.

And I feel you. I was up at 9am and have nearly gone 20 hours now. On nothing but pizza and milk. I work tomorrow. I should probably sleep now.

If someone goes through with a Spelljammer Jump, yay!

>> No.36502732

I actually liked him even if he did get dickish by the end of things, sucks for him that he got left out of the final attack.

>> No.36502735

To be fair, I feel like he was basically supposed to be a Char parody and after the Beastmen arc was done the writers didn't really know what to do with him.

Good to hear! Tentatively suggesting it /does/ merit its own jump given we have things like Bayonetta and DMC or of sharing the same universe with wildly different implementations.

Eh, it is what it is. Never thought it'd get off the ground but I for one appreciate someone trying.

You're a fucking faggot for starting this shit.

>> No.36502737

Why is this girl so violent?

>> No.36502750

Yeah no, a person isn't a 'fucking faggot' for disagreeing with someone about design. A person is, however, a fucking faggot for flinging around insults and being a jackass when people are trying to stop arguing in the first place.

>> No.36502763

Any skills you obtain.

>> No.36502799

Folks, were all faggots here. So let's clam down, and talk about Spelljamming, Guran, or whatever.

>> No.36502801

You're a faggot for starting off by calling other people childish when they realise their jump design isn't working for anyone and just decide it's not fun to keep working on their jump. There is a way to give constructive criticism without assuming shit about the other person's motivations for not continuing.

>inb4 you're not that anon

>> No.36502804

Honestly, i can see where he was coming from. He just didn't realise he was in a series that run on hot-blood rather than logic and reason.

>> No.36502836

>for starting off
Wrong that was in the middle somewhere, the argument stretched for like half an hour before that and over one and a half afterwards. I also pointed out what and why I would consider something childish in ONE POST. I never said it as a direct insult, I never pressed that point, I never even referenced it again until you brought it up once more.

And look, if you're trying to defend Konata or something, don't you think you should sort of respect his wishes and not have a needless argument?

>> No.36502864

This. You could actually say that about all the BBEGs in GL.

Kinda bothers me actually that no one brought up you could be dangerously ruthless AND charged up on spiral power to a degree. Imagine someone like Ghengis Khan or, hell, HItler hopped up on Spiral Energy.

"a much weaker version of all of your abilities" according to the jump proper. And yeah, all the perks you can pick up on.

>> No.36502878

I can too and he was trying to save as many people as possible in the arc, he was put in a tough position.
I might be a bit biased though since I like his voice actor.

Now I want to see various historical figures fighting in spiral powered robots.

>> No.36502891

And shit like that argument is why we've lost people like JoJo. You people argue and bicker over the smallest thing, when the jump would just give you a taste of the sodding power before - if you succeeded - letting you have it in full.

>> No.36502902

Jojo left over an unrelated argument, unrelated to an actual jump. Also, you'd get none beforehand, and it was the final jump, nobody cares what you have afterwards.

Also, you're part of the problem. Backhanded remarks like this don't make you above the argument, they make you a part of it.

>> No.36502920

On the flip side, thanks to Platoon and Sabaton you can get TWO audie murphies/simo hayhas! Or both!

Not to mention folks like Solaire, Dante, Travis Touchdown and Saitama. Shit, Spiral Energy's amazing when you think about the people it could apply to.

A shame it's impossible for the Emprah to enjoy the gift of spiral power because only one endgame jump until you get your Spark and take him along for a trip

>> No.36502945

>How often do you let people know what you are and what you can do? When do you reveal yourself, and how do you do it?
As soon as i can, whilst having prepared them somewhat.

>What do you do when they ask you why you didn't use your amazing powers to stop the bad guy right away?
Why should i?
Provided he/she/it is not very malicious, and doesn't cross the line of what i call My personal code of moral transgressions, then i wont care.....much, no really i probably wont.(I am whimsical, so as Neutral thats sometimes lawful or chaotic i tell you the only consistency with me, is my inconsistency)

>What do you do when you have a background and are 12 years old? How do you explain to your "parents" that their child is actually an interdimensional traveler who recovered enough memories overnight so as to be essentially an entirely new person?
Uuuuh, thats awkward, but if its a family better than the one i currently was born into....well, i am a reicarnation of a man(technically true), i also am...am....(well fuck i propably will cry or something because 12 years old child, unless i am hella old i will cry my eyes out of fear of rejection or something).
A 12 years old child is rarely as mature as people believe, and it messes with your brain, so i prefer taking any Orphan or Drop In backgrounds instead..

>> No.36502948

There really is no reason you can't continue on with the jumps if you really wanted to. Jump-chans original reason for starting this all was for entertainment so Im sure he wouldn't mind if you wanted to continue.

>> No.36502978

The issue is that it stops becoming entertaining. When you wield as much power as you would receive at the end of a TTGL jump, it would mean that everything else would be inconsequential. Entertainment comes from someone overcoming a challenge. If you're so overpowered nothing's a challenge, then no one will think it's entertaining.

Of course, there are no hard rules to Jumpchain, so do as you wish.

>> No.36503002


>>36500449 here. Having a stable, well adjusted family is part of the escapism for me too

I meant in that you only get one endgame jump apparently IIRC, so you can't pod Emps to GL. But you /might/ be able to take him there as a Planeswalker.

I don't want this ride to end any time soon either, but everything has to end some time, I just want it to end memorably and well

>> No.36503022

40k Jump, would you break in the Imperial Palace and fix Big E? I wonder how he'd react to what Imperium has done in his absence.

Minus the Hilarious YouTube series, I'd imagine Big E would be bewildered by the state of The Imperium. Although I don't think he'd be surprised. After all Horus Heresy was big deal. It destroyed a lot of knowledge and split the Imperium in half.

>> No.36503074

I just want to revive "emps" just enough to get a coherent second opinion so's I can make an informed opinion, given the conflicting interpretations of who the figure on the golden throne is and what he's done

>> No.36503081

I thought it was unambiguous it was the big E?

>> No.36503097

Someone a few threads ago brought up it /might/ be Horus after his defeat, and emps was kill after battling his son.

Emps himself has a bunch of contradictory and ambiguous fluff on the extent of his identity, origin and achievements

>> No.36503103

Wait, how do you write while blind?

>> No.36503178

With your hands.

>> No.36503195

Very carefully, and also while not trying to make logical jumps at an ungodly hour in the morning.

>> No.36503321

What jumps give me heart powers?

>> No.36503347

Captain Planet Jump.

>> No.36503353

>tfw no one's made a Captain Planet jump

Origins are having a ring (drop-in), being a greedy industrialist, being some kind of nature spirit who helps Gaia, or being Captain Planet.

>> No.36503368

Captain Planet (200 CP): There is no blue-skinned, green-haired superhero based on the elements of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Heart. Nope, instead of the eponymous Captain, you are the one summoned when the five rings are combined. Hope you know how to beat pollution and industry!

>> No.36503402

>I'll fucking kill you! +600 CP (Captain Planet only)
>You're not actually a being summoned by the five rings, you're just a crazy person in blue body paint. You often zip line (is that what those are called?) into boardrooms where people are planing on dumping nuclear waste into the Grand Canyon.

>> No.36503450

So it's like a less extreme version of this?

>> No.36503467

Now that my old default of Jackie Chan Adventures has been made what I'm currently hoping for is Psyren. Nice versatile psychic powers including the ability to decide to just go "Fuck it" and pick up another Stand. Also I want to see people attempt to waifu Nemesis Q.

>> No.36503495

What kind of Stand do you think Jackie would get in Jackie Chan Adventures? The ability to summon random furniture?

>> No.36503540

Is there a jump that would let you gain the ability to summon/create food instantaneously?

>> No.36503548

I Dont Want No Trable
>IDWNT gains the ability to summon miscellaneous object for the user to use for both offense and defense

>> No.36503581

Well now I want to pod him so he could use that in various jumps, more worlds need random ladders to be summoned.

>> No.36503587

What if I want a Ring of Pollution?

>> No.36503605

He'd be real strong in China.

>> No.36503649

I'd love a Captain Planet jump.
If only to pod the Russian chick.

Shit, I'm going to need bigger pods.

>> No.36503651

>Not Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

>summons dopplegangers that are as proficient in the martial art as the Stand user; the more styles the user is aware of the more dopplegangers can be summoned

>Awakened ability: Dopplegangers can instantly copy and intuit the fighting styles of opponents

>Requiem ability: Manipulates the environment to help the user and greatly hinder opponents, often through coincidence e.g. flying kick smacks mook into wall, which coincidentially drops a pile of bricks on them

>> No.36503656

>Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!
This stand's power increases the stats of both the stand and the user significantly based on how bad of a situation the user finds himself in. It also makes him extremely unlucky so the effect keeps triggering.
It's requiem ability lets him control exactly how much bad luck he gets, is able to inflict his misfortune on enemies within a certain range so they suffer as much as he does, and now feeds off of the misfortune of everyone within that range.

>> No.36503694

I've got to say, this would be one of the most entertaining perks to watch. Jump-chan will approve.

>> No.36503726

So would each doppleganger have a different fighting style? It would be interesting to watch 20 versions of the same person fight in different ways.

That requiem ability is just going to get stronger and stronger the longer he fights with more and more bad luck feeding into him from his opponents.

>> No.36503740

Pretty much, yeah. All the requiem abilities shown in canon JJBA are kinda bullshit powerful. Also, he has to suffer as much misfortune as his enemies.

>> No.36503745

With that he just needs to pair up with the main character from the Raildex jump and he's almost invincible.

>> No.36503795

What jumps give magic resistance?

>> No.36503804


>> No.36503807

Looking them up they do seem incredibly powerful, more so than the ones in the jump.
It doesn't look like there have been many requiem or awakened stands so far unless I'm missing some, they're interesting enough that I'd like to see more.
I really should read the manga but I think the Stands would just look better animated.

Negima gives magic immunity and TES has enchanting which can help with it too.

>> No.36503822

Generic Magical Girl gives an Anti-magic perk.

>> No.36503831

Infinicon and Raildex.

>> No.36503878

I know and I am greatly looking forward to Fallen London

Assassin's Creed Does look ready

A generic detective Story jump? That has possibilities

The supplement idea is good, It might not have enough original material to be its own thing.

>> No.36503914


Have you seen the [notspoiler]lewd[/notspoiler] /tg/ original detective noir story?

Because that's kind of how I'm going to detective

>> No.36504017

FFTA does for the Gria.

>> No.36504053

Viking Saga Sorcery can get you complete immunity to magic if you Wish. The problem as with most applications of that part of Sorcery is figuring out what the Sacrifice is. Also the Sacrifice in general has a tendency to mess you up severely.

>> No.36504072

I'm having trouble choosing a Semblance in RWBY, or even deciding if want one. They're all interesting, but none of them really fit my playstyle or personality.

>> No.36504110

What type would you want to go for? Maybe you could take the Represent option and copy a semblance from a character in the series. (magnetism, super speed, shadow clones)

>> No.36504190

Quite honestly I'd like to go for Ruby's super speed. It's just the same problem you always have in such a system. Too many choices, not enough time.

Of course I'm having the same problem in figuring out who the best character is. Is it Ruby, Blake, Pyhrra, or Dr. Oobleck? Probably Oobleck, but that's just because he's a massive amount of fun.

>> No.36504220

It's actually a direct reference to this.

>> No.36504233

Best character is Nora.

To even think otherwise is double heresy.

>> No.36504241

Let me guess, you fell in love after the nose boop?

>> No.36504250

>The set-up for the Industrialist background is that Jump-chan is having a god feud with Gaea, and she wants you to go wreck nature.

>> No.36504263

No. Riding the hammer.

Also, the hammer/grenade launcher in general.

>> No.36504270

Anything other than Pyrrha is the wrong choice, I'd love to pod her but I couldn't bring myself to do that to Jaune.
Nora is second best along with Penny, slightly disappointed there's no robot option as an alternative to having a semblance.

>> No.36504274


>> No.36504368

I was a big fan of her weapon choice. It was a very effective combination.
Captain Planet makes no sense in retrospect really. Like, less than not just shooting Voldemort with a shotgun kind of no sense.

>> No.36504433

I always thought Sonic was the cutest girl in one punch man.

>> No.36504528

I don't know how it happened, but for awhile I saw him with huge tits. It's probably because he's the spitting image of Chifusa.

>> No.36504573

>The jump is framed as Gaea speaking to you and offering you your choices.
>She offers you the Planeteer background and whatever else
>Suddenly another voice goes "psst... Over here"
>The voice is implied, but not stated, to be Jumpchan
>Offers you the Industrialist background and goes off on a tangent about how much Gaea sucks

I could see that happening.

>> No.36504611


>> No.36504621

Oh jeez, I thought I was the only one!

I /actually thought he was a girl/ until the part where someone called him a he, and even then I held on to hope it was a translator error until the bit where he had to go naked and his chest was deliciously flat even by animu standards.

>Jumpchain has a bazillion options that make you a better engineer/scientist
>No one ever talks about druidic magic or stuff in these threads, other than in the context of bioengineering or geneforging

It...it all makes sense.

Jumpchain and Gaea were highschool rivals

>> No.36504690

>"So yeah, just build big infrastructure everywhere and grab all the shinies you want. Go on, you know you wanna!"
>"Lookit these perks! You can do awesome things with science, you get an awesome evil laugh and you become stronger the more industrial properties you own! Aren't they the best perks ever? Huh? HUH?"
>"Also, I'm not saying you should work for or even with those saturday morning cartoon villains, but don't you think those teenagers are a little misguided?"
>"Maybe you should take them out of the action for their own good"
>"PS: BP did nothing wrong"

>> No.36504768

But BP didn't do anything wrong. They were actively blocked on several occasions for trying to clean up the accident.

What really gets me is that there are people I know that think BP WANTED to lose oil from the drilling they were doing. Seriously. Their entire purpose is to make money, and the way they make money is through mining, distilling, and distributing petroleum products. You'd think that since that was the whole purpose, they'd want to avoid the kinds of accidents that shut down plants for weeks, give them bad press, and get politicians after them for not cleaning up the thing they're forbidden to clean up by law.

>> No.36504779

> "I'm gonna destroy the earth."
> Looten Plunder: "Yes! We'll make lots of money from pollution!"
> "Nah, I'm just gonna kill everyone."
> Dr Blight: "Wait, what."
> "I'm pretty sure I have a spell for that. See? Right here. Destroys the earth. Kills everyone. I learned it back in Shovel Knight! Takes like a week to cast, but you guys'll cover me, right?"
> Greedly: "I'm... pretty sure... I'm gonna have to stop you... actually."
> "What? Why?!"
> Greedly: "Because I like living!"
> "Oh." ... "Well, then." ...
> "I think we're going to have a problem with each other..."

>> No.36504788

I have to admit, I'd enjoy corrupting the fuck outta the Planeteers.

And I'm not even a bad guy.

>> No.36504797

The Soviet is already corrupt, try saving her instead.

>> No.36504824

And Jump-Chan, being a progressive transcendent being, understands this. Which is why she encourages Jumpers to pursue sustainable avenues of industrial production. Which incidentally also ensures such projects can more successful, siphoning more natural resources in the long run and also forcing Gaea to send the Planateers on domestic terrorism in order to step up the rivalry. Just as planned

Personally I've always been partial to Yang, even though she's the least chinese looking girl with a chinese name I've ever seen. But hey, what do I know: I've only watched clips of the fights on youtube.

>> No.36504831

You're one of those "Punch Monks" aren't you?

>> No.36504845

>That's what we wanted you to think +100 CP
>I thought you were from the former Soviet Union?

>> No.36504870

>I've only watched clips of the fights on youtube
Can't say I haven't had that feeling with other shows
I mean Super Robot Wars pretty much has that same effect. Except that extends to "every show I haven't watched or heard of that is in this game"

>> No.36504886

> Yes, that is what we wanted you to think!

>> No.36504899

>"Okay, here me out: I'm good at metamagic. Why don't we destry PART of the earth..with pollution?"
>"I don't know anon, that seems kinda FUCKING EVIL"
>"Listen: It's for the greater good. Remember that time your power plant was sabotaged, putting thousands in unemployment? Or the time several teenagers assaulted your employees in front of their families on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day? You wanna know who's behind these attacks?"
>"Gaea. That's right, the anthropomorphic personification of the Earth exists and she HATES SCIENCE. We have to show the Earth we mean business, Greedly. And with your help, I can do it...profitably"
>"But-millions will die!"
>"BILLIONS! On the other hand-the planet is content to let them languish in squaller instead of letting humanity reach its full potential! Just think of all the money you'll make back from setting up a global monopoly once your competitors are all buried under radioactive sewage! Remember Hoggish: The planet. Is not. Our friend. And you're it sees you as an enemy!"
>"...fine, I'll do it...to protect Hoggish Junior. May god have mercy on my soul"

>> No.36504921

I don't know what that means but it reminds me of a lot of /jc/ Jumper build concepts, especially in relation to Naruto

>mfw I already have a companion from an alternate universe Soviet Union

>> No.36504933

> Not having an alternate universe Rommel the Magnificent Bastard.

You have forgotten the face of your father.

>> No.36504944


For some reason I really like the idea of you pulling a "More Evil Than You" on the villains in Captain Planet, and they have to argue about why it's a good idea to not destroy the earth.
And they just sound really confused and unsure of themselves the whole time they're doing it, because they've never had to do this before.

>> No.36505010

For the RWBY jump is it 25cp per weapon I want to import into a single weapon and then 50cp to start a second one?
How many weapons am I limited to joining together? It seems like I can just go for 4. (1 ranged, 1 melee and 2 others)
Could I make several variables and then make them variables for each other? That might be pushing it a bit too much...

>> No.36505041

Or maybe, just maybe, you teach them that humanity and the planet can live in harmony. It just takes a little effort from an industrial standpoint to invest in technological development to help.

lol, jk, would never happen ever.

>> No.36505084

Remember that as the first, you set the standard for everyone else.
Everyone will likely simply follow your example in the future.

>> No.36505106

You are way late to that party, buddy.

>> No.36505211

>"Let me get this straight. Out of all your polluting schemes, all your profiteering, all your destruction of the environment... and you never thought it would harm people?"
>"Anon, there's a difference between displacing animals and actually HURTING people."
>"And yet actions have consequences. Dumping radioactive material causes cancer. Burning forests chokes the air and infects people. Contaminating the seas causes death for some poor village dependent on the ocean for food."
>"I... o-oh god. Oh god I didn't... I was just trying to make a profit!"
>"And profit you will! There's just less people you need to worry about... my friend, I think we're ready to take this to the next step. Take care of this little 'world hunger' issue, especially with all that biohazard material..."
>"Y-you can't! I mean it's one thing to harm the land but you're talking about intentionally exterminating entire populations!"
>"I... can't? That's precious, Greedly. Maybe you should read this... it's the acquisition of most of your stock. Which means I run your company. So you know I CAN, in fact, do this. The only question is which numbers you care for most... profits, or statistics?"

>> No.36505262

I wasn't aware Satan was a jumper. Now I just wonder how I didn't see it before.

>> No.36505291

I have one of those too. And Simo Hayha. And two Soviets: Natasha Volkova and a sentient bear named "#1 Threat To America". Basically-the only way I can get these people to work together without resorting to charisma/leadership fiat is whenever we have to fight an evil version of America

Aw shit, it's like what happened between me and Jack Spicer all over again!

In all seriousness: >>36505041 might be on to something. With the technology and magic we Jumpers could access, one option might be to start an ambitious scheme to /terraform and colonise/ other planets, freeing humanity from the tyrannical rule of Gaia! This process will, of course, result in a regrettable depletion of natural resources-and possibly some unfortunate collateral damage to infrastructure-but it's all in the name of bringing a cheap, affordable Space Age to humanity. After all, is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

And then Captain Planet jump was Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri jump

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