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PREMISE and RECAP: You are Kyousuke Kamijou. Upon first hearing, this name would make you sound like an ordinary person. Such an assumption however is patently false; you have the ability to modify your inner tempo and are an Executor Initiate of a division of the Roman Catholic Church, part of the Eight Sacrament. How did it get to there? Simple; around a week or so ago, Kaname Madoka, a classmate you never were close to, wished for a boyfriend with a creature (that sounds suspiciously like the Devil) called Kyubey. Said wish was granted in the most twisted way possible; it brainwashed your mind such that at nighttime, you would become a Tuxedo Mask-esque persona called the String Screamer. You were usually unconscious when you become this persona, however, some of it managed to leak into your dreams. In your search for answers, you tried stalking Akemi Homura and using one of your newfound powers, landed yourself into hospital. There, you had a divine epiphany, where you wanted to become a priest. Conveniently enough, there was a certain chaplain at the hospital; Kotomine Kirei. You asked him about becoming a priest and he told you how hard it was; however he offered for you to become an Executor instead, someone who deals with supernatural heresies and abominations such as lichs. Thus, you were prescribed to kill Saotome Kazuko, whom you did kill, but not before screwing her and having a date with her. Akemi Homura has promised to become your mentor with firearms, somewhat impressed by your ability to fight the supernatural.

That's less than half of the problems; you now decided to go to school with the fact that the closer Madoka is in proximity to you, the more powerful her brainwashing wish is.

All-in-all, it's a gigantic clusterfuck. Welcome to Mitakihara Middle School Days.

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rolz.org Room Name: MMSDQuest

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You think about what to do today... And the thoughts that strike you are not pleasant at all...

Firstly, there is the issue of Kaname-san's wish. Her wish manifests such; the closer you are to her, the more powerful her mind-controlling wish for you to act as her girlfriend is. Furthermore, the closer you are to her, the more effort it takes to try and resist that mind control and suggestion...

Secondly, both you and Miki-san's reputations have been thoroughly ruined. The rumours (or rather, recounts, because they are true) of you and Sayaka being at a love hotel have probably spread like cancer with your absence. They've called your precious Sayaka a floozy and you a player and talked of a 'street rat'; presumably they're talking about Sakura-san. Your reputation and Miki-san's reputation are ruined and if the both of you go to school, Miki-san will probably press questions onto you.

Thirdly, the issue of Nakazawa and Saotome-sensei. They two were clearly in a relationship of sorts and you don't want to have to deal with...

Your guilt intensifies. How has Nakazawa been coping? It's bothering you so much.

["I need to go to school to keep appearances. After all, I'm a classy violinist prodigy."]

["School's too risky, I might have to skip it."]

BEM: 0 (Thinking is lawful)
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 8%
Black - 120, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 133, Yellow - 20 , Red - 148

15th Friday 8AM

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>["I need to go to school to keep appearances. After all, I'm a classy violinist prodigy."]

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>"I need to go to school to keep appearances. After all, I'm a classy violinist prodigy."

We should also look into transfering to a different school, but for now we must keep appearances. Besides, the yakuza ain't dumb enough to try and kill us with a fuckton of witnesses present. Perhaps we can invoke inner tempo control to fake a fever if we must get some distance from Kaname.

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You posit to yourself that you need to keep up appearances. After all, you are a fairly prominent person as the violinist prodigy in Mitakihara City. If the school notices that you have been away in light of the fact that recently, extremely gruesome events, such as mass murder, stabbings and arson have been happening, they're going to place you under the spotlight. You reckon that being placed under the spotlight is not exactly a good idea. After all, being placed under the spotlight means that the school will try to scrutinise you; if that happens, the police will investigate you; Aside from the fact that you were responsible for the killing of a couple of pimps, you have a terrible suspicion that the Yakuza have connections with the police; After all, that's how organised crime functions right?

Thus, you need to go to school. The fact that strange deaths have been occurring around Mitakihara probably mean that missing people are going to...

...Wait, Tomoe-san!

You feel a wind of fear cast over you. If the mundanes get involved in your business, they might chew off more they can handle...

This masquerade could may very well be unraveled if you don't manage to keep up appearances... You decide you need to keep up appearances.


It's time to go.

[Go to school together with Akemi-sensei]

[Go on a detour]

[Write-in - 3.75% BEM]

BEM: 0 (Thinking is lawful)
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 8%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 133, Yellow - 20 , Red - 148

15th Friday 8:30 AM

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>[Go to school together with Akemi-sensei]
Time to get to know senpai

>> No.36334341

>[Go on a detour]

>> No.36334383

>keep up appearances
We don't know her in school.

>> No.36334410

>[Go on a detour]
Quick adventure

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You opt to go on a detour. Firstly, if Sayaka or anyone sees you with Akemi-sensei, they might misinterpret things. Secondly, you need some time by yourself; the interactions you've had with other people so far haven't been very positive at all, typically including either killing people or promising to kill other people. You are growing gradually tired with this whole business... really, the recent days have been bloodshed, killing and intrigue. Sayaka. Kaname-san...Akemi-sensei. That dream with Tomoe-san... Saotome-sensei's death... Father Kotomine...

It's all getting quite exhausting really.

You exit Akemi-sensei's house, telling her you're going to take a detour.

You opt to take the eastern river-side route.

On your way to the train station, you saw Nakazawa.

You saw a vague smile on his face mixed with a certain wistfulness.


You're making you way to school right now.

You just saw a flash of red to your left high up in the skyscrapers. It's probably Sakura-san. Then again you need to go to school.

[Yell out "Sakura-san!"]

[Continue going to school. Keep up appearances.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 8%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 133, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

15th Friday 8:45 AM

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>[Continue going to school. Keep up appearances.]

>> No.36335575

>[Continue going to school. Keep up appearances.]

we'll talk to them at school

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>[Yell out "Sakura-san!"]
Just say hi, and continue on our way.

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>Continue going to school. Keep up appearances.

You alive OP?

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You opt to keep going to school. After all, Sakura-san's business is her business. There really is no need to interfere and if anything, getting sighted with Sakura-san might be a bit more trouble then it is worth; given your already tarnished reputation, bystanders might figure you out to be some kind of deranged cosplayer if you're seen with Sakura in the daylight. And even if you're not seen with Sakura as a magical girl, they might think you as some kind of pimp or other unsavoury character, what, given Sakura's miniskirt and casual attire.

Oh, she's titillating. Oh Sakura-san is titillating.

You promptly slap yourself as you realise that you are thinking sexually about Sakura-san. You quickly mumble a prayer to yourself to dismiss the lust within you, changing it to angry tension and frustration instead. Such is the life of an Executor...

...But you feel that if Sakura-san had been raised in better circumstances, given the fact that she was originally the harmless daughter of a minister, that she would've made a good wife...

You cringe at the thought of having children with her. Honestly, these past days have been nothing more than lust.

But within you, you feel you are already getting tired of all this murder and adventuring. You're not quite made for it, you feel.


You make your way to school. You pass by Sayaka. You feel a vicious glare land on you.

[Ignore Sayaka.]

[Look back.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 8%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 133, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

15th Friday 8:45 AM

I'm still alive. I live in Australia and the temperature is like 40 C (104F) so it's extremely hard to concentrate. Sorry for the slowness.

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[Look back.]
Write in
Lets talk during lunch on the roof, somethings need to be cleared up

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>[Ignore Sayaka.]

>> No.36338305

>Look back

>> No.36338335

This, it's time we follow some of Sakura's advice instead of running away from situations

>> No.36338373

>[Look back.]

>> No.36338396

>[Ignore Sayaka.]
Hurry along, now. Nothing good can come from this.

>> No.36338504


This. The situation's not going to get better if we keep ignoring Sayaka. Let's man up.

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You decide to look back at Sayaka. Your eyes meet hers and her eyes meet yours. You notice that upon your eyes contacting each other, Sayaka jerks in pain and grabs her left hand.

[Assist her; "Are you all right"?]

["She's the one that cut my left hand, why should I care about hers?"]

>> No.36338544

>[Assist her; "Are you all right"?]

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Well we're gonna have to pick a girl sooner or later, a harem end is essentially impossible. He put "School Days" in the title for a reason. Go for a harem, you get the "nice boat" ending.

On the other hand we could just totally ignore all romance and focus entirely on executor work, enlisting the other girls as heavy duty support/meat shields. Might have to face vampires eventually, a team of magical girls "might" be able to take a Dead Apostle Ancestor.

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>[Assist her; "Are you all right"?]

>> No.36338588

>Are you all right?

Executors still care.

>> No.36338608

>focus entirely on executor work
This I'm ok with

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Ignoring the fact that the relationship between you and Sayaka has been quite strained by recent events, you decide to go forth and help Sayaka. She's almost about to trip, when you approach her and help her up. She's holding onto her left hand, as if it's burning. You help her up with your right shoulder, having her lean on you. That creates a decent amount of gossip on the students going to school behind you. You look at her left hand, now uncovered. There isn't anything on it, not currently, but then you feel a certain presence.

[Use stored Mana in the ring to enhance your senses]

[Go somewhere secluded with Sayaka before doing that.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 9%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 135, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

15th Friday 8:50 AM

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>[Use stored Mana in the ring to enhance your senses]

>> No.36338884

>[Use stored Mana in the ring to enhance your senses]
I hope it's not what I think it is

>> No.36338888

I thought it was a cross. Either way using mage sight shouldn't be anything too obvious.

>> No.36339001

>[Use stored Mana in the ring to enhance your senses]

>> No.36339130


{Yeah it's a cross, summer heat is distracting me}

You opt to use the stored Mana in Kotomine's cross to enhance your senses. You breath in then breath out, concentrating on your body. You imagine your very few Magic Circuits being filled with the Mana of the cross. You notice that as you focus the cross onto your circuit, the amount of magical energy in your cross starts to diminish rapidly; you ascertain it to be the result of your inexperience in using Kotomine's cross. Regardless, you let the magical strength flow into your eyes.

And on Sayaka's left hand, you notice that there is the figure of a violin, with its bow across it.

And as you finish looking at Sayaka's left hand, she collapses in your arms.

You're about to panic, but then your Executor mental training kicks in.

[Call for help.]

[Bring her to the infirmary by yourself.]

>> No.36339184

>[Call for help.]

>> No.36339249

sorry I'm late OP
> [Bring her to the infirmary by yourself.]
we'll get more time to figure out what it is if she isn't taken away by a teacher

>> No.36339263

>[Bring her to the infirmary by yourself.]
Write in
Contact Homura she might know what to do

>> No.36339279

>[Bring her to the infirmary by yourself.]
Do not call attention upon self.

>> No.36339357

Do we have her number? If we do that's a good idea.

>> No.36339374

Yeah we do, had to contact her when we were learning magic

>> No.36339423


This is a good idea. We don't know what we're dealing with, and if anyone does, it'll be Homura.

>> No.36339917


You opt to bring Sayaka to the infirmary by yourself rather than call anyone. That would bring attention to both you and Sayaka. Attention being on the both of you would not exactly be ideal given that the both of you weren't present at school on certain given dates without explanations. Indeedm that might draw the normalfags into this whole lichs and witches mess that the each of you are dealing with and you just quite don't have the time to help them get out of a mess they might make in investigating it.

You carry her into your arms bridal-style. The bottom of her legs feel femininely soft against your arms. You make your way to the infirmary as quickly and discreetly with Sayaka as possible ignoring all the stares that the people around you give.

You're thinking of calling Homura.


The infirmary's empty. You consider this to be a good thing, since it means that the both of you are alone, in the good kind of way since the nurse won't ask you questions.

Fuck. It comes to your mind that your class' schoo nurse assistant is no other than Kaname Madoka.

Kaname-san ruins everything!

The bell rings.

Do you:

[Go to class]

[Stay by Sayaka's side.]

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>[Stay by Sayaka's side.]
Still gotta clear some things up when she wakes up

>> No.36339984

> [Stay by Sayaka's side.]

She used to do the same for us.

>> No.36339989

>[Go to class]

>> No.36339994

>[Go to class]
Madoka and Homura are there.

>> No.36340010

> [Stay by Sayaka's side.]

I know that it's probably too late, but maybe we can stop it and save everyone? That would be nice, right guys?

>> No.36340037

>[Stay by Sayaka's side.]
Gotta at least make things less grim

>> No.36340089

And call Homura

>> No.36340246

Stay by Sayaka's side. She did it for us, time to return the favor.

>> No.36340296


You opt to stay by Sayaka's side. You want to see her recover. You can't help but want to know how is currently faring. She breaths and her well-shaped chest rises and falls. To watch this for a while until the school nurse comes in. She asks you questions and you respond. She replies, predicting that Sayaka just fainted.

The nurse lets you stay by Sayaka. You feel and express your gratitude.

Of course, she asks an unnerving question.

"You her boyfriend?"


["No, but I wish I was."]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 13%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 139, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

15th Friday 8:50 AM

>> No.36340334

No, a friend.

>> No.36340408

Nope, more like an ex-boyfriend.

>> No.36340436


Let's just go with 'Just a friend' for now.

>> No.36340460

> ["a good friend"]

>> No.36340534

Some variation of "good friend" would definitely work here. Regardless of feelings or intent we want her to be happy somehow. We feel a kind of "agape" love towards her. That can lead to more, but she's still a precious existence for us. We express it by being with her now.

>> No.36340755


"No." You answer this to the nurse's question. The relationship you desire with her is far more ideal than that. You just want to see Miki Sayaka happy. It's not necessarily about you and her living happily ever after, no matter how beautiful it might be... but you want to see a smile on her face. You want to see joy on Sayaka's face, joy that you so undeservingly took from her as she made a contract with the elusive Kyubey. You want to see her happy; it's not just about having pleasure with her. You wish for to be happy.

"She's a good friend of mine." The nurse looks on your solemness and takes you for your word.

Recess passes by.


It's approaching lunch. You see Sayaka shuffling in the infirmary bed.

[Ask how she is doing.]

[Leave. She's doing well. No need for my presence to ruin things any further.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 14%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 141, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

>> No.36340783

>[Leave. She's doing well. No need for my presence to ruin things any further.]

>> No.36340799


[Ask how she is doing.]
Time to ease some tension

>> No.36340805


> [Ask how she is doing.]

>> No.36340878

>[Leave. She's doing well. No need for my presence to ruin things any further.]

>> No.36340910

Ask how she's doing. We do care.

>> No.36340923

>[Ask how she is doing.]
Did Homura answer or call?

>> No.36341017


The world need not be in shades of black and white. Your resolution to not hurt her by your continued presence need not be a total rejection of even a small amount of time with her. You stand up from your chair and approach her bed, just as she opens her eyes.

"How are you doing..."



BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 15%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 142, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

>> No.36341048


>> No.36341054


>> No.36341075


> ["...Sayaka?"]

>> No.36341086

If we are the one saying the words, "Sayaka" is most appropriate.

>> No.36341097


Still have that right to call her like that since childhood friends

>> No.36341215

Don't give her the wrong idea.

>> No.36341297 [SPOILER] 


{Heaven's Feel Intensifies}

"How are you doing, Sayaka?" Sayaka pauses for a moment. She looks around on her pillow and realises that she is in the hospital. Then she looks at you. Then she starts sniffling.

"I was so stupid, so stupid."

["What are you talking about, Sayaka?"]

["I was too"]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 16%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 143, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

>> No.36341318

>["What are you talking about, Sayaka?"]

>> No.36341352

>["What are you talking about, Sayaka?"]

>> No.36341444

Have we figured out that she healed our hand yet?
If we have, now would be the time to make that reveal if we haven't done that yet.

> ["What are you talking about, Sayaka?"]

>> No.36341470

>"What are you talking about, Sayaka?"
We must "unveil" this mystery.

>> No.36341800


"What are you talking about, Sayaka?"

She responds to you.

"I just realised; You can't save everyone. Nobody can. Only delusional idiots want to save everyone. And when they try to, the only thing they do is hurt other people. You can't kill every single Witch in this world, no matter how hard you try. And when you resort to killing people, that only makes you a worse person."

She continues.

"You know that news about that parlour of Yakuza that were all stabbed to death? I did it. I stabbed every single last one of them. And then I realized something I should've earlier; two wrongs don't make a right. Evil against evil doesn't fix the world. That's why I'm an idiot. I realized I can't save the world. But that doesn't make me despair. Because... I've given up on that unrealistic dream...To tell you the truth Kyousuke..."

You wait with abated breath.

"I just want to be with you. And I forgive you. So please... will you date me?"

["Yes, Sayaka."]

["I can only hurt you." Walk away.]

BEM: 0
ROM (Red): 49.5%
ROM (Black): 9%
ROM (Blue): 17%
Black - 121, Pink - 33, Green - 24, Blue - 144, Yellow - 20 , Red - 149

{This is the last post for this session. Today has been a productive session, thank you guys. You can see that the summer heat reduced my productivity quite a bit, but I'll try acclimatise myself to heat over next week. The next session will be at Saturday, 29th November, starting at 2300 UTC. Godspeed /tg/ and may Makoto Itou be with you.}

>> No.36341815

>["I can only hurt you." Walk away.]

>> No.36341901

Woo boy, it seems we have come to an impass

>> No.36341942

>" I'm happy to know that you still love me. But I still have to atone for the things I did to you, so at least give me some time so that I can become a man worthy of being by your side.
> It might be impossible but, Sayaka, even if that is the case one must continue moving forward. There is beauty in chasing an unreachable ideal."

>> No.36341953

>yes, sayaka

We gotta pick a route sooner or later, and I rather liked her. So lets go down this rabbit hole. More conductive to her mental health if anything else. Also nets us a good meat shield in our executor work. Sayaka can take a hit, let her do so. DAA's won't down themselves after all, need someone who won't go vampire on us and the like. Unless they bite the soul gem, can't grant her the curse. Leverage it man, fuck it all up!

>> No.36341964


Before we accept or reject her, we should let her know what she's dealing with, here. I mean, we've killed several people, including one of the teachers at the school, and we've joined an extremist religious organization. Even if we don't tell her the specifics, she needs to know we may not be the same Kamijou she originally fell in love with.

>> No.36341988

I'm more Black, Red or Pink but I do not what Blue.

>> No.36342135


We are an executor now. We cannot stray from that path. Once you are in, you are *in* comprende? You will get boons for completing missions, you will access resources, but you can't ever say "no" to them ever again if you want to live.

Thankfully, they are VERY lenient. Even if you bid a "lich" be spared, if it is because she's damn good at downing other liches and the like you get a pass.

If Merem Solomon and his ilk gets a pass, ain't much that won't. Kill what the church wants dead, get a pass. Executors are paragons of pragamatism, and we is going to show that fact.

>> No.36342199

It is only way now executor that path.

>> No.36342337


Oh, I'm not arguing we turn our back on the church. I'm just saying Sayaka should know how much we've changed. It might make her reconsider her feelings.

>> No.36342627

Deus vult! Work before fun. We have business to attend to.

>> No.36343753

>a harem end is essentially impossible. He put "School Days" in the title for a reason. Go for a harem, you get the "nice boat" ending.
Actually, in the VN there was a harem orgy ending as well as a threesome with Kotonoha and Sekai.

>> No.36343839

This >>36341942

>> No.36344855

"I'm caught up in some things now; I am no longer the person you once knew."

>> No.36346379

Wait, are you for real?

>> No.36347342

>Quest Thread 16
Yes, we are for real.

>> No.36347581

And how'd you get it? By making a bunch of convoluted choices as if you were an oracle or could redo shit like life was a vidya game. One fuck up and ya get the boat. I don't mind high risk high reward, but too much risk for not enough reward is scary!

>> No.36347601

First, ask QM if it's possible. If no, give up.

If yes, express interest in it and QM might just drop hints as to how to achieve it.

>> No.36349392

How far we've come

>> No.36352531


>> No.36352827 [DELETED] 

Reported, quests are offtopic.

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