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why didn't she just use the laser on the door directly

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It wasn't powerful enough.

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>Ork physics

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a laser works by bouncing light back and forth between two mirrors, so of course bouncing it between two bigger mirrors makes it a bigger laser

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>How to derail a thread

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What level of spell would this be? Would it be Divine or Arcane?

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...mfw that's how i've always eaten pizza...

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But that's the best way to eat them.

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>wanting to be a qt lesbian is not a fetish of all straight and gay people
This is why the world will go to shit anytime now.

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My next Dark Heresy character is going to be a tech-priest that creates troll-physics. He is going to do shit like that.

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Wouldn't that need warp stuff?

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Nope. It should need warp stuff but it doesn't.

He builds shit like the clockwork warp drive.

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>not 'Cock blocked.webm

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Does that guy in the back have turtles on his cape?

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>gelatinous cube grapples the warforged.gif

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I believe he does. Might be sword-and-shield insignia, though.

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Note to self: Next character will be a clown with a modified bag of holding for pants.

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How to derail a thread

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Warning: heavy spoilers for Game of Thrones season 4.

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best reason to leave the party ever

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This is why you always should kill first and talk shit later.

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Fuck you. Fuck you and your whore couch.

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He needed that confession for personal as well as political reasons. He did score a major political victory.

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Keep em toasty anon.

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I do this all the time because I hate shopping for items. If the dm wanted me to have a +3 sword then he should put it in the loot.

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>wanting the GM to babby you through the campaign
>not buying what you want and will find useful with your gold
>wanting everything you loot to be boring shit necessary for you to continue surviving instead of actually cool shit

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That picture never fails to make me laugh.

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where you dropped on your head as a child or have you just not had a cup of coffee yet? None of that is what I said. Or right.

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Wait is Aids-San a trap, seduces you then fucks your ass?

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It's low level.

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Divine, level 3. It creates a powerful jet of mayonnaise by tapping directly into the elemental plane of mayonnaise, which serves as a gooey alternative to Create Food and Water.

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Given that she spreads mostly among gay people by homosex, yes.

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mayo alone isn't suitable substitute for food in the long run, /d/ did the math once

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Noted. Level 2 then.

On a side note, elemental plane of mayonnaise is a bit of a misnomer. It's actually a doomed prime material plane that was flooded with mayonnaise after a poorly worded wish.

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What is this from?

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Boku on Twintails

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Who did? And what is that?

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Slaanesh. Not even once.

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Bloody typical Hungarians. Can't ever stand and fight. For shame, Magyar.

Go lose us Venice again sometime.

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So, what is that comic called anyway? I see it pop up all the time.

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Seconding. Also curious about >>36325582

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C.K. Dezerterzy? On my /tg/?

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Got it in one.

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Look at the bloody image again.

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Gone with the Blastwave

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"Gone with the Blastwave" you can google it and read from the beginning, just don't take the Blues' way out of the city.

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Arcane. Conjuring. Ray of Mayo or Ball of Mayo.

No, I'm not bitter that they added all those stupid "Ball of [element]" to make conjuring even more powerful and making invoking even more pointless.

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Reading the thread or following the links too hard for you?

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>PCs distracted by sidequests

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So what is the context for these?

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When I posted the page wasn't updated, mate.
How about you suck a cock?

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Ask /a/, they're currently sperging about it. It was made by good 'ol Anno.

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>Implying its not the other way around

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No way, it's Shaft, no other studio can come up with something so sexually surreal

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>roll SAN

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I've always eaten them like that, what's wrong with it?

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Oh, Realms of the Unreal, will the world ever see your true form?

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>not Average Gestalt Character.jpg

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Books and artwork are spread over dozens art galleries and private collections. This shit will never get published.

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>Realms of the Unreal
just googled this shit.
sounds pretty crazy.

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It also has a kind of sequel (but more of a prequel but maybe not). Guy also wrote his autobiography: 200 pages of his childhood and 4000 of adventures of twister called Sweetie Pie. He also didn't know that girls don't have dicks. He was basicly CWC done right.

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d'awwwwww / 10

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Fuck is this show? Holy shit.

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It's some Dragon Quest parody.

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Like hell he did.
There is still zero evidence that Gregor had any orders to do what he did.
The only "victory" is taking out one guy, who, in the grand scheme of things, wasn't all that important.

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>Trial by combat
The guy with the spear wants the big dude to confess that he murdered his sister and her children, presumably under orders to do so by his Liegelord.
Big dude then graps and proceeds to murderize him, while going "Yeah, totally did that."
Before passing out due to his (poisened) wound.

Thing is, the spear dude was a prince, whereas Big Dude was just a random murderhobo, if a particularly effective one.

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... I though you were all talking about the .gif of the dude with the flamethrower burning kids, and that the confession thing was some political thing I never heard about.

Weird how I got that idea.

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This is why you always assassinate the guy behind it all and not play in big reveals and trials by battle. Also in GoT it always helps to be the biggest monster around, that bearded idiot needs them for his Dark Pooh.

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The hero Yoshihiko

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>Not Rune Soldier Louie

C'mon man, they're even in the same universe.

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I fucking wish it was like that.
Would love to play as a muscle mage.

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what am I even looking at in the foreground?

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>uncensored ladyparts
Dammit, Anon, this is blue board!

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A shapeshifter.

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Thanks, anon.

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No problem.

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not a quadrone?

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What's the bottom pic? Slayers?

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>not recognising great and beautiful sorceress

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So... yes?

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He better be named Baggin Saggin Barry

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...is that one of the outpost films?

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Nah, it's from Död Snö 2 (Dead Snow 2).

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Hellraiser is so weird. I should go finish it.

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Well, that went places.

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I love this story so much.

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Reminds me of the time I dated a girl who didn't know what or where her clitoris was.

Seriously, when your seventeen-year old boyfriend can find your clitoris before you do, you got problems.

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Ostriches. WHY are there ostriches? The bare chested man in a luchador mask, I get. But Ostriches? WHY?

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Well played sir.

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>having a GM who gives you magical items that aren't plot points
>having a GM who is in any way kind enough to just give out magical items

I have lost characters because nobody in my party knew what a bag of devouring was. I have lost companions because they tried to use a shield or artifact.

The smartest thing we ever did was sell a Deck of Many Things for a bunch of money and then spend that money on useful magic items.

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On one hand, that's really kinda messed up.
On the other, getting your hands on a blank slate to guide her throught everything and subtly shape her to your liking si opportunity some of us would kill for. I mean, without having to catch them on the elementary school playground.

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fuck you /tg/

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Is it bad I find that kinda hot?

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I don't know.

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I am an arachnophobic and I still have to agree that it is kinda hot.

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Good god

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Can you repeat the question?

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Honestly I think its mostly that girls crazy eyes.

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You messed up, anon. You were supposed to say "Could you repeat the question?"

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Why not.

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What's this from?

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That gif made me more impressed how well trained that spider is.

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I was eating when i saw this and now i have sandwich up my nose. thanks /tg/.

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Cross Ange.

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can you repeat the question?

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>tu quoque, also known as the "no u" fallacy

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Oh, cool. A chensaw.

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Well, failing rolls is no way to get ahead in life.

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You're not the boss of me now

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and you're not that big

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I was watching this, and then Don't Stop Me Now came on my spotify playlist.

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But the burden of proof one is wrong. Anyone can make a claim, and scientifically speaking, someone is supposed to perform experiments to support or deny those claims.

It's intentionally written that way because then they can get around the whole "prove god exists problem" so they can get cuddly cuddly with religion

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that should have cut the other girl's feet off.

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...that's the only thing you see wrong with that?

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Well I mean Sam's not telling me how much she loves me, so there's that.

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Sam isn't even in that gif.
Good taste though.

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I respect that you have your priorities in the correct order.

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That's the point.

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I don't remember that episode.

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Life is unfair...

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>Not ending to masquerade bloodlines

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Man, that is a subtle one.

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Seriously, who the fuck is who in this pick?!

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It's a monk doing something cool.

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Paizo employee, you know the guys who made Pathfinder? The D&D edition notorious for making the Caster/Martial divide worse?

well SKR nerfed the fuck out of monks, made them intentionally worse due to some kind of nerd grudge.

>> No.36332063

And what does a man throwing a needle have to do with that? How would that signal "D&D monk" to me?

>> No.36332064

Sean K Reynolds HATES Monks. He intentionally made them shit, like that one dude wrecked Sorcerers. Monte Cooke, I think?

>> No.36332076

thats old soviet cartoon
the ginger guy is named "pronin", he is this crime fighting agent or something

>> No.36332085

The dude is a Buddhist Monk. Proving hat Monks CAN do cool things, despite SKR's hate for them.

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Holy fuck that hurt to read!

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>> No.36332123

that man is a monk, Buddhist, and Buddhists and many other eastern monks can perform incredible feats of martial prowess like collapsing a man's throat with a palm strike or throwing a steel needle through several inches of glass.

>> No.36332128

beep beep beep switch

>> No.36332136

Dont you know, if you dont swallow right after waking up they all escape!

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>that man is a monk
Huh. Shaved head, orange suit, I thought he was some kind of prisoner.

>> No.36332186

most buddhist orders require you to shave your head, sometimes there's vows of silence. Orange robes are traditional.

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What the fuck Anno? What the shit was that?
I mean, I liked it, but I don't get it?

>> No.36332320

whats the source on this?

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I'll never understand the hate some people have for sorcerors. They don't make wizards bad by association and their build requires an emphasis in different areas. I think some people just get angry because it makes the old school mages a bit less special by offering an arcane alternative. Might as well get angry about achemists or summorner builds while you're at it.

>> No.36332389

People get angry? The only person I've ever actually heard of who hated Sorcs was the dude who made them SHIT on purpose. And admitted it.

>> No.36332435

some do, for instance a small crowd hate on the BG Enhanced edition for adding extra classes and prestige classes and builds to it to bring it up to date with modern D&D. Sorcs vs Wizard is a thing in some circles and I just don't get that.

Sorcs have a very limited field of use and that's in combat, wizards are the crafters and are way more vulnerable to munchkining. World has all kinds of people I guess.

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Yurika no Campus Life.
Main girl has seen aura of panty-wetting with women, uses this to mooch off of all the girls in her school to get by after her parents ditch her.
It's not porn (some lewdish scenes, would not read at work, but it definitely not porn)
She CLAIMS to be straight, but her powers have the opposite effect on men, so it is mostly just a gag, but that is a turn off for some people in a yuri thing.

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It's a subtle distinction if you're not overly aware of the two outfits. It's most identifiable from the thumbnail and the beginning of the gif, where you can see the outfit has a collar, or fringe. An orange jumpsuit only has a zipper.

It also helps if you know that scientists really like analyzing the shit Monks can do, making it more likely a monk would be filmed than a prisoner.

You're technically both right. The burden of proof is that if you make a claim, you are required to provide evidence, or at the very least, a lack of contradictory evidence, for that claim.

The burden of proof FALLACY is when an debater attempts to shift his burden of proof to his opponent.

As an easy example, if you tell me you own a dog, you should show me pictures of it, or bring me to personally see it. If I say "Weird, you didn't own one last week.", it is an improper response to say "Then prove I don't, smart guy."

the burden of proof fallacy could also be called refusing to defend your claims. It is OFTEN used in discussions about religion, where the argument goes:

"God exists"
"Really, what's your proof?"
"Screw you, science man, why don't you prove he doesn't!"

Whereas a more logically sound approach would be.

"I believe God exists."
"Really, where's your proof?"
"A sufficient number of events in my life and the lives of others I know have been resolved with a seeming higher agency behind them. This, combined with the lack of evidence contradicting his existence, leads me to believe he exists."

Technically, the last bit contains an appeal to ignorance, but it's arguably valid.

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>> No.36332530

Ah, Major Pronin!

>> No.36332674

I think it's more like agnostic theism than ignorance. That latter argument is basically saying "there's no proof whether god exists or not, so I choose to believe he does."

Or as most people call it, "having faith." That is, having faith in the truth of something you can't definitively prove or disprove.

You're right about the burden of proof fallacy.

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Christ, now I'm off to download Malcolm in the middle

>> No.36333035

I'm missing something here.

>> No.36333092

Its a Z0ne flash. That's Juri Han boning a guy.

>> No.36333347

They're all Zone flashes. A sort of signature is the bouncing when screwing. 'An Earthquake in X' is a joke about how they all look like they're in an earthquake or something, bouncing and shaking up and down.

>> No.36333442

Not the other guy, but what is a Zone Flash?

>> No.36333487

ZONE-SAMA, a popular hentai flash maker.

>> No.36333590

Man, I never get to use this image nowadays.

>> No.36333636

These two are Zone

But >>36328975 is -8

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>> No.36333711

Is that one of the Total War games? Is that a fuck up or are they programmed to do that?

>> No.36333838

>> No.36333876

Yup. Total War : Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai expansion.

It isn't a fuck-up, they do it when you're zoomed in on the combat and a close-combat unit attempts to engage a matchlock unit in melee. The guy who threw his matchlock tends to lose the next engagement with an enemy.

>> No.36333882

Not quite a matchlock there.

>> No.36333902

Fair point, but I completely forget what it was called. Because alcohol.

>> No.36334085

looks like some kind of bolt action rifle. Breechloader maybe? Most of my /k/ experience lies with modern shit.

>> No.36334117

Probably a needle fire gun, which means it looks pretty much the same as your plain old fucking bolt action.

>> No.36334206

>bolt action
>meiji period
No. It's just a fucking flintlock, christ.

>> No.36334253

take a look at the picture retard, it clearly has something resembling a bolt action and as >>36334117 mentioned it's probably a needle fire gun which was a variant of musket at the time that looked like bolt action rifles.

>> No.36334293 [SPOILER] 

Fair enough, unclench ya buttocks, let go of your seat. The ride is over.

The units in Shogun 2 are called Matchlock Samurai or Matchlock Ashigaru. Hence my confusion.

And it appears that /tg/s desire to outsmart itself has derailed the thread. This is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.36334352

that's not a beaver...

>> No.36334392

Read the title carefully.
Moonwalking. As in Michael Jackson walking backwards.
As in a beak possibly looking like a tail...

>> No.36334399

Its not moonwalking ether. I think the joke might be beyond you.

>> No.36334663

>> No.36334721

>> No.36335038

This could be better...

>> No.36335080

something something saving throws

>> No.36335109

sometyhing something Bard

>> No.36335138

>> No.36335195

Typical Bard

>> No.36335238

>> No.36335363

They run because they've just heard that the war has ended

>> No.36335420

As I see it, the latter argument is: There's no proof whether one or more gods exist or not. The idea that one does lines with my life experiences, so I choose to believe that he does.

I don't know what fallacies that version of the statement does or does not commit.

>> No.36335423

Yeah, it ended because the Magyars didn't pull their weight.

>> No.36335438

"people who dislike pol continue to prove their maturity"

>> No.36335562

even worse in slow motion
but the girl's ear was fucked up before the fight, that's why it exploded

>> No.36335645

You think that's bad.

>> No.36335669

[screams externally]

>> No.36335671

If done correctly, that wouldn't contain a fallacy.

Our modern idea of 'proof' is basic on the scientific method. Wonderful idea, completely revolutionary, and one of the reasons our knowledge base has expanded so greatly over the past few centuries.

There is one gotcha with it. The scientific method only concerns itself with testable, repeatable, reproducible events. Claims about the supernatural, by and large, are outside the scope of the scientific method.

So when framed in that light, the argument isn't fallacious.

It's also not supportable or useful for debate.

>> No.36335710

>Claims about the supernatural, by and large, are outside the scope of the scientific method.
No they arent. If ghosts were a thing, they'd have something consistent about them. Therefore, we would be able to establish a pattern to them.

>> No.36335727

Huh. Reached the image limit. I honestly thought this would've autosaged to the abyss by now.

>> No.36335734

That's where faith comes in. The scientific method has no answer to faith but to ignore it. Which I'm okay with. I choose not to believe in any unquantifiable phenomenon that cannot be objectively observed nor explained. I don't have faith in god for the same reason I don't have faith in psychics, remote viewing, ESP, ghosts, or Bigfoot. Plenty of people have faith in all of those things.

I'd almost define faith in believing something without regard to objective measurement or proof in the way of the scientific method.

>> No.36335797

>rule loopholes

>> No.36335841

Plz no, I don't need these feels again

>> No.36335999

I actually got it from pol. They posted it to demonstrate how bad tumblr fucked up by trying to raid.

>> No.36336027

>> If ghosts were a thing, they'd have something consistent about them.

That's an assumption that the scientific method makes about the universe. It's actually an unproven assumption, but it's worked well enough for us that we stick with it. It's the same with the assumption that the universe operates the same everywhere; that gravity is gravity regardless of where it is, for example, and that our region of space isn't some anomaly.

The assumptions that the scientific method makes is what limits its scope to the natural.

When people try to prove that ghosts are real using evidence and repeatable tests, i.e. the scientific method, they are introducing ghosts as a natural concept instead of supernatural.

>> No.36336045

I think I found my idea for a Sidereals campaign.

>> No.36336199

Nice trips. Anyway, that does not contradict what I said.

>> No.36336499

That's not Endo Shozo, is it?

>> No.36336517

>So when framed in that light, the argument isn't fallacious.
Yes, it is...
See Anecdotal.

>> No.36336729

Not what's happening here. In this case, they're telling you that their standard of proof is not the scientific method which you're demanding they use by providing evidence.

As someone who is trying to use the scientific method as their standard of proof, you are of course under no obligation to accept what they provide as proof. That doesn't mean their argument is fallacious, however. It just means you and the person you're talking to are operating under different principals of determining truth.

It's like a Constructivist talking with an Objectivist.

>> No.36337214

Argumentation doesn't give a shit about what basis of truth you use as long as it is objective truth or logical conjecture of objective truths.
That's sort of the point of logic.
The Scientific Method is just one - albeit very good - way of determining objective truth.

Anecdotal proof is always fallacious because it is not objective.
Subjective truths are different from objective truths - which is why you're not wrong, per se, if you believe something you can't prove - but you can't use them in arguments because they are always fallacious.

If they do use an objective method to come to the conclusion that god exists, then it is not a fallacy. But if their only basis is "because my life experiences" then it is anecdotal, and fallacious.
Note that being fallacious does not mean being wrong, see the Fallacy Fallacy, it just means it is not a valid argument.
As you stated.
>It's also not supportable or useful for debate.

>> No.36337279


Methodological naturalism is what the poster you're responding to is referring to. Science deals with natural phenomena, and always makes the assumption that there is a natural answer for observations. Since science automatically excludes anything super-natural, super-natural explanations for phenomena are discarded. It's a neat way to allow a scientist to, for example, believe in super-natural ideas like gods and yet still follow the scientific method for their studies.

Where believers in supernatural phenomena get it wrong is when they try and prove that their supernatural ideas are real. Someone believing in ghosts is one thing, someone trying to prove they exist is another. You can apply the scientific method to supernatural phenomena, and surprise surprise, as soon as you do, it doesn't find any proof of their existence. That's because if there was any proof, or any kind of conceivable hypothesis that could result in the super-natural being real, it wouldn't be super-natural. It would be natural.

>> No.36337358

Truth is an... interesting... idea.


>> No.36337752

was they winner a good guy or a bad guy?

>> No.36337808

Oh wow, is that from the official pokemon manga?

>> No.36337818

>Good guy winning

>> No.36337836

There are no good guys. The little dude is a prick who brings poison to an honor duel and the big guy is a murderous monster.

>> No.36337852


>> No.36337978


Man, Pokemon really needs to make another TV special like the one they did recently for their anniversary Did that thing ever get dubbed? I watched it subbed, but I wouldn't mind seeing it butchered a bit.

>> No.36338652

that wasn't mayo
love, /d/

>> No.36338750

then why does anyone care about this show if no one is remotely likable?

>> No.36338945

It's possible to be evil and likable.

>> No.36339083

but the conflict feels pointless without anyone to root for

>> No.36339131

>american detected

>> No.36339198

why does that question mark me as a resident of burgerstan?

>> No.36339214

You root for the Watch when they actually get around to fighting the White Walkers, and in the meantime, you root for the most entertaining son of a bitch. Usually Tyrion.

>> No.36339322

Because liking things and being positive is not something Euros do. We prefer to wallow in drunken despair.

>> No.36339342

Did his leg snap when he kicked the other dude?

>> No.36339499

No. He spontaneously grew a second knee.

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