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The elf slaves have rebelled and taken over the kingdom, publicaly behading the King and all that entails.

What is your fate?

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The answer is clear.

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>publicaly behading the King

I tell them that constructive criticism and discourse is more healthy and effective than crude insults.

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Our time has come, to rule over our self-appointed masters. Let humanity tremble before us.

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Where is that meme from anyway?

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But that's impossible.

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>common sense is now a meme

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Remove rapists
Remove distractions
... remove armors, THEN remove knights.

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>Calling Pelinal Whitestrake a mere knight
>Implying you can remove his skin
Elf, you don't understand how your entrails will be made into an elaborate necklace before being blasted by divine light by this motherfucking robot man, okay?

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That one doujin about a race of invincible ugly motherfuckers raping and eating Elves happens.

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The fucker single handedly eradicated multiple elven kingdoms and a demi-god, before having his head ripped off, refused to die, killed everyone in the room and fucking waited for his bro for life to come in, have a conversation before giving himself permission to die.

You bitch ass slut snarky elves are a bunch of marshmellows compared to the shit he faught.

Nah, nah. You ain't removing anything, nigga.

He removing you.

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"Elves have strange powers!"

"Being easily conquered does not constitute a power."

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Then the elves seal him into a seperate dimension then.

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Jokes on him then, he got what he deserved, the faggot.

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>implying you'd get close enough to do that before dying.

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So whose the OP's elf waifu he's roleplaying as?
Is this her?

Doesn't matter, just throw cold iron at them and gain the aid of nearby allied kingdoms to steamroll them.
>inb4 "Nuh uh! They just twist their wrist and people fall in love with the beautiful Queen QWiqowetgbnlwugreb Windflower.

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>Then for the next couple of eras the Elves continue to be rammed in the asshole by the superiority of man.

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>95313▶>>36095351 >>36095377 >>36095457 >>36095550
>The elf slaves have rebelled and taken over the kingdom, publicaly behading the King and all that entails.
Well, let's see how do they fight guerilla war. Aganist demons, which I'll summon from their children's bodies.

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Well, let's see how do they fight guerilla war. Aganist demons, which I'll summon from their children's bodies.

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>implying elves are nothing but a bunch of erotically-charged mary sues
I bet you think of dwarves only as beer-loving viking miners and orcs as always chaotic evil token race.
Also >>36095481 was not posted by the OP.

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You wanna know why this happened? Fucking slave economies man. Fuck that. Never works out. Also it's just inhumane.

This time we exterminate them.

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Arrows in the midrim and tits.
Fucking slut armor.

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Yeah, good job, guy. That'll show everyone how righteous you are. First slavery and now demon summoning. I think I've heard enough.

Paladin allies reporting to aid the Elven rebellion. By the grace of the gods, we will win back your land together, from the forces of evil, or die trying!

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What the fuck is Thranduil doing, I don't even.
>Also it's just inhumane.
You were going to say "inelvish"?

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Are elf threads bait for tumblrcunts, now?

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So I'm guessing this means we don't have to lay waste to Xen'drik in order to stop the Giants from severing the connection to Dal'Quor?

Nah, might as well burn the elf slaves in dragonfire anyway, just to be sure.

>nflamme the
Yes, captcha.

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Whoever told you that the masters were at any point human?

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You clearly do not grasp the basics of armors for female fighters: let me remind you that the protection it offers is inversely proportional to the portion of skin that is not exposed. >>36095481 is at least the equivalent of a full plate.

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Uh, Sir Knight. These lands are that of the people, the elves are actually imports from a neighboring kingdom, that did take over elven lands, to bolster our work force since the great plague that followed our war with the forces of darkness.
A lot of disease was carelessly brought back, but the seed of death was subtle and so we did not know.
So many dead lined the streets and battlefields there were not many left to work hard labor and other tasks. Even the young that remain to become the new generation have not yet developed their father's strength and mother's wisdom to work as they did.
The outside of our city is now mostly graveyards than farmland. A hundred monuments to a hundred heroes that died saving these lands, surrounded by the graves a hundred more.
To be honest, the king was to release the elves after our boys became men and the kingdom began to show signs of recovery.
Now we're just refugees barely enough to even be called a township because of the elves misplaced hatred and merciless slaughter.

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>Elves just beheaded the head illithid
>A great feast of exotic brains happened later that day.

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>merciless slaughter.
It is self-determination of the elven race for you, filthy human paesant.

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Whoever told you that THOOOOOON ALL HAIL THOOON

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>Turns out the Elve's leader is a lawful evil ranger
>Meaning the paladins of >>36095721 have more of an obligation to kill him than kill the innocent peasants holding out against a rising BBEG.

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And yet, the kingdom harbors such demon-summoning scum as >>36095702 ? Your protestations of innocence and slander against our Elven allies shall not be heeded! The forces of righteousness shall see to it that the Elves you took to toil in your fields and mines; to fell the forests they hold sacred; and even, by your nobility, to practice depraved and lascivious acts upon, shall all be freed and restored to their homes! Yours is the first, but not the last kingdom upon which the Halidom shall make war; for this is a divine crusade!

That the plague blighted your lands and could not be cleansed by holy magic, is but proof of the corruption that ate away at the heart of your rulership and even the hallowed halls of the gods of light! The Halidom shall see to your reconstruction and sanctification, for this crusade strikes not only for Elven freedom, but for the salvation of all the land!

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Jesus Christ, I was hoping to humorously subvert the "elf slave wat do" meme, but I guess there's just not thread /tg/ will not turn into yet another HFY circlejerk. Are you guys that insecure that the only thing you have to be proud of is the species you were born as? You're worse than /pol/ I swear to God.

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>Kingdom harbors demon summing scum!
No, that's just a cultist that's hidden in the kingdom and seeking to now rule it now that the king and guard have been devestated.

What? Now all kingdoms with hidden evils they are unaware of are now they themselves evil?

>Going to war with a weakened kingdom whose populace is displaced by elven rebels and holding out onto their lives

Nigga, you just fell hard.

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Join our crusade against the human race then.

>"elf slave wat do"
Remove slavers?

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You keep using this word. Let's see if that helps you.

>and seeking to now rule it
What? No, you can have it, if you like it. Me, I just want to slaughter the elves. They aren't human, so this isn't murder!

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I don't give a shit and keep trying to attain immortality.

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Oh great, first elves butchering and burning down our city and killing off our monarch, causing the peasants to further go down the shitter and now "holy crusaders" are coming to burn even more of our kingdom down.

Soon enough we'll be living in caves and holes than our huts with everything being on fire by a bunch of self-righteous assholes.

Listen here, I'm the guild master for the physician's guild and I can tell you the plague was an onset of biological curses mixxed with the bubonic. There was literally no cure, you can't just zap away bubonic with holy light even if that does get rid of the darkness, and you can't very much get rid of the darkness if you do some how cure the bubonic.

Listen, if you ever read a book in your life besides your holy text, you'd understand the complexity of illnesses and diseases and the high mortality rate, even WITH a designated healing clergy, among your common peasantry and slum dwellers that came back from their conscription.

So if you would not mind, how about you help the doomed kingdom, tell the elves to leave, and help the peasants not die from the local goblins, thank you.

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>humans having to actually seek immortality
>not being elven immortal master race
I pity you. But also laugh.
>Soon enough we'll be living in caves and holes
That's an idea!

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And you, you're fucking attracting these nut jobs in the first place. Shoo, shoo, before we get people in purple tunics coming in and butcher our children because they think that calling someone the word "Stupid" is a sign of dormant
evilhood or some rubbish.

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>Elves continue to prove they are Lawful Evil

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>attracting these nut jobs in the first place
>before we get people in purple tunics coming in and butcher our children
You aren't trying to make my job any harder for me, are you?

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How dare you, ethnocentric bitch, we are just a proud yet oppressed culture looking for its chance to free itself. Obviously.

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>While burning down a kingdom and slaughtering it's people while crying to them "Why do you oppress us!?"

You people don't understand how fragile kingdoms actually are, do you? Of course not, you don't even understand how nature is not this big lovey dovey noble bright concept.
>Muh rocks! Muh trees!
Yes, because the best way of a species evolution is to remain in the past and hump trees. You know, some of us are not gifted with a low population density due to long life spans and natural autism to be able to "Life in tune with nature" as you put it and enjoy living in areas not in high concentration of predators, goblins, and magical woodland creatures you fairy tale rejects.

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>Elves conquer a human kingdom


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No such evil exists within the Halidom, that is not torn out by the roots and purged in the light! The very fact that the canker was allowed to fester at the heart of your land is proof of your need for reformation!

We come not to destroy, but to build! Your lands may be diminished, that is true, but what remains in your hands shall be restored to cities of shining white and fields bringing forth the bounty of the golden goddess of grain, as far as the eye can see! Steeples and towers raised high in glory of the gods and the least among you living in homes fit for lesser lords!

We offer you the hand of salvation, or the sword of righteous vengeance for the crimes of your nation. Declare yourself for one or the other, for there can be no middle ground in the war against the darkness and the gods of evil! I would see poverty and sickness eliminated from your streets; Elves, men and all other races of light living together in peace and equality before the gods!

Peace and prosperity and happiness shall be the reward of the righteous, as surely as oblivion awaits the unjust.

And if the Elves, free and fighting for justice, do not recognise when to lay down their swords and bows, then they too shall feel the blade of light's judgement.

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Holy shit, I bet you assholes hated the fuck out of the setting of ZNT.

>Elves are so powerful individually that the average one is a threat to all but the best human archmages
>Empire so huge most of them consider humanity a backwards tribe
>On top of that, more advanced technology and industry

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Do not fret, oh poor wretched kingdom of our fellow man. Zarus has given our prophets vision of this great ignorance and slaughter the elves have placed upon you and we come!
Clerics, Paladins, and Warriors of Zarus all alike! We shall reclaim these lands in the name of it's proper care takers, humanity, and cast out the arrogant and ignorant and blood thirsty elves.

His wrath shall know, no bounds against the enemy of man!

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The kingdom never did any of that.

You elves will demonize anything to justify your slaughter.

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It's pointless. This is just another HFY thread now.

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>Shitty modern anime with mary sues
There's other reasons to hate it and disregard it's stupidity.

>> No.36096207

>choo choo here come the goalposts

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We'll happily take your hand so long as the elves give reprimand for the CRIMES that THEY COMMITTED against the innocent people of the kingdom.

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Go be an elf somewhere else, then.

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And that wasn't even the kingdom, it was /tg/ knee-jerk reaction again. Any fiction in which humans lose is an insult against their own humanity, and since they apparently lead such empty lives their only source of personal pride is telling themselves they're members of a really awesome species it hurts their butts to the point they'll dedicate thread after thread after thread to reassuring each other that the humans totally nuked the na'vi from orbit six years later.

I actually started rooting for the fucking cat-people a couple years after watching the film purely out of how disgusted I became with assdevestated neckbeards fellating Quaritch. This shit gets old after a while.

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>Elves overthrow a human kingdom

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Woah now, that's a lot of butthurt.

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>I actually started rooting for the fucking cat-people a couple years after watching the film purely out of how disgusted I became with assdevestated neckbeards fellating Quaritch. This shit gets old after a while.

Oh, hey, me too!

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Has a point, HFY is cancer.

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HFY IS a cancer, but this isn't even HFY. At least, I don't think it is? I mean, this is a thread about elves rising up against their oppressors, isn't it?

Oh wait, apparently the humans totally did nothing wrong and the elves are all just monsters who kill innocents just because.

Seriously, what is with /tg/s hatred of elves? I've never understood it. I mean, if this were literally any other race rising up against its oppressors (who were not even named in the OP), then /tg/ would be ambivalent and if it were humans or dorfs doing the rebelling, /tg/ would ride that shit all the way into being its own goddamn setting. So why the elf-hate?

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No, I think of dwarves as greataxe weilding lolis.

>> No.36096285

>hating on best race
If you hate humans so much, why won't you kill yourself?
Oh i get it, you're "otherkin".
Keep telling yourselves you're actually renamons in human bodies, asstards.

>> No.36096287

>Rooting for the bad guys because you want to be a hipster

Also, you only look at humanity from what /tg/ posts? You poor, poor neckbeard.


I agree, humanity shouldn't be the race to be pitied, or the race that goes HFY because of military and violence, but should be the young race that is capable of great love, works, and most of all, goodness.

Elves in most mythologies tend to only care for their woods or silly antics, but man, man can go beyond the trees and unite with like minded species and forge a better world beyond the enchanted groves the elves only concern themselves with.

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This became a HFY thread because the Humanity Fuck No crowd is just as annoying.

>> No.36096327

I don't hate humans. I hate HFYbeards. You don't see these guys talking about humanity's great achievements, you don't see them discussing great works of past art or architecture, you don't seem them glorifying the human mind or body in poetry. They don't want any of that, because that'd imply that glory takes work, and then what they'd do? They always talk about some kind of inherent biological or even spiritual superiority, because then they get to feel superior without having to actually accomplish anything in their lives. It's not "Humanity, Fuck Yeah", it's "Humanity, Fuck YOU". The difference is subtle, but after reading a hundred fucking threads it gets obvious and annoying.

>> No.36096331

>Implying anything that isn't HFY is HFN
I personally prefer "Humanity, Well, Okay" or "Humanity, Pretty Cool"

>> No.36096336

It's the cycle of hipsterdom. /tg/ always starts out rooting for the bad guys to feel cool, then after a while a splinter group within /tg/ starts rooting for the good guys to feel even cooler, and it all goes a level down. It happened with Avatar, it happened with District 9, it happened with LoTR, it happened with Star Wars...

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>the only way anyone could ever disagree with me is if he's a filthy deviant! Yes! T-that's totally the case! I don't have to listen to filthy deviants and neither should you, right? Right?! H-hahaha!

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Nowadays? Every thread is.

>> No.36096395

And lo and behold, a mildly enjoyable thread about elven slaves VS human kingdom which could have spawned an interesting setting devolves into a HFYvsHFN/EdgelordVSHipstersVSHumanfags bitchfight.

>> No.36096424

It's basically Dragon Age.

>> No.36096427

Oh no... Did no-one tell you? /tg/ hates any new settings an ideas, these days. If anyone tries to make something, they get shouted down by people who don't like their thing, until the creatives leave in disgust.

Essentially, /tg/ has cancer.

>> No.36096440

usually these threads (unless they devolve sufficiently quickly into ideathreads) go like this:
>i shot you!
>no i shot you!
>i have invulnerable armor!
>and i have invulnerable armor-piercing bullets!

I say, nothing of value was lost.

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Never played, was it any good?
Oh I know, but it makes me feel better to complain about it, if nothing else.

>> No.36096459

>new settings
>new ideas
good thing this thread has none.

>> No.36096470

>but it makes me feel better to complain about it

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I myself like "humanity,it's okay."

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Good...Continue to struggle against the sufferings of the world...Continue to butcher and kill and weep over each other...Every move you make falls into our gentle, guiding hands. There is no need to feel despair though. No need to fear. You are simply doing what you were first seeded to do like the grain you are.

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Meh, never liked that king anyway.

Alright, so whose hiring for the inevitable counter-rebellion?

>> No.36096539

Are we absolutely certain the elven butchers haven't installed provocateurs and corrupting influences into the ranks of our resistance? Because this fucking guy.

>> No.36096561

What if instead elves are hiring for aid against the counter rebellion?

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Brethren, I think one of the amoeba speaks! He must have finally looked up...Oh dear, its mind will crack and falter now. How tragic...

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Resistance? It is the Elves themselves who are in rebellion, you deceiver!

Silence, demon! Begone back to the void that spawned you! The gods of light and we their servants avaunt and abjure you!

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>Kingdom is taken over by elves
>Humans BTFO and pissed
>Go to introduce a magical substance called Ch into the kingdom to bring forth peace
>This faggot shows up >>36096514
>Throw the designated McGuffin into the McGuffin hole
>Save the world
>Everyone is one now under the Dark Lord's Ch
>b0ss gives me all the pussy

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I died in an attempt to protect my King.

So I suppose that I'm either coming back as a revenant for failing my duty, I might be getting raised for shit and giggles by the elves or some petty-ass noble for revenge, or I might just be chilling in the thereafter while my body rots somewhere, who knows these day.

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This babyish babble is so hard to understand...But, it seems that the ant is now threatening the shadow of the boot. Amusing.

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>Believing you can outmatch the Dark Lord Chin-Chin
Fucking Lv.1 Eldritch Horrors, thinking they know shit.

>> No.36096630

What's that image from?

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File: 25 KB, 736x451, 19693eb8ea0a225231d3c58dfb151309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This lemon? Is going up one of your 4th dimensional asses.

>> No.36096645

The elven rebellion is over. They have won this phase of the war, seized the capital and most fortresses, and killed the King. In some ways I can sympathize with them...

...but neither me nor my guild had anything to do with their enslavement. I will not sit by and let my friends and family be slaughtered by their marauding bands for "justice". And I am but one among thousands who feel the same way. If you truly claim to serve light, seek us out in the hills.

>> No.36096655

Congrats, Elves. You fucked up. Now every pretender, bastard and conqueror is going to come in and tear this land apart.

>> No.36096661

>I'm going to create an horror creature
>just mash 2 or 3 real animals togheter
>scale it up a bit

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File: 54 KB, 444x518, Dont+you+mean+cheese+_f2f05d77d26c45941e401131dcec21dc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Still squalling it seems...

It doesn't matter. The grain grows.

>> No.36096691

I already claim this land in the name of Genghis Khan. Mongolian horde is already here.

>> No.36096732
File: 1.17 MB, 1008x792, Paladin 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I shall come indeed. The gods of light call us to serve justice and there is no justice in slaying the innocent for the sins of their masters. The Elves seek revenge for their enslavement and they have it; the king is slain and his castles burned. The slavers and lords have been put to the sword and their lands shall be given to the Elves, that they may make for themselves a home, if they do not wish to return to their forests (where I hear battle yet rages with those that originally enslaved their people).

Bear the mark of the Halidom, if you seek peace. The price of our alliance with the Elves was that they sack no settlement, nor harm any being, who bears the mark of the Halidom. Your lands are forfeit to us, to whom the gods have granted victory and together, we shall re-build them a thousand times more glorious than they ever were made by the cruelty of slavery!

No sooner has the specter of war passed, than another raises its foul head. To arms, soldiers of the gods! To arms Elves! Push back the invaders! The Gods Will It!

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>Lovecraftian fanboys try to seem hip and cool by trying to pretend to be eldritch horrors
>Forget eldritch horrors wouldn't give a shit in the first place to notice anything while seeing fucking everything or sleeping.
It's like watching washed out elder gods trying to push through some kind of mid life crisis by acting like condescending high school kids.
Yog-Sothoth would be disappointed if it had the capacity to give two cents.

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>At this moment a mercenary organization shows up

>> No.36096760

>Muh preconceptions

>> No.36096768

>implying Lovecraft is the be all end all

It's like you don't even Machen or Ligotti. Also, Nyar.

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I don't like you heard me.
This lemon.
Your 4th dimensional assholes.
It's going up it, and ain't a damn thing you can do about it.
This realm is now in the domain of Chin-Chin, even though no one wants it. It's filled with virgins that smell of stale doritos.

>> No.36096813

Ligotti is just as shit as HPL

>> No.36096820

The Spiderwick Guide

>> No.36096831

It's almost like they shared similar themes. Also, who would you consider a good writer from the genre? Or, to be more general, the horror genre?

>> No.36096857

>elves beheaded the elder brain
>wow it's fucking nothing.jpg

>> No.36096890

These anti-HFY guys are getting worse than the HFY guys.

>> No.36096930

Not anywhere near. Please come back when the HFY mouthbreathers aren't assuming any other sapient race in the universe isn't inherently some weakass retard who deserves to be enslaved should they somehow not have the decency to kneel before humanity.

>> No.36096936

Sweet mammah jammah, what the fuck is going on in here?

I was gonna reply about how my orc priestess would start busting heads and putting herself in charge, but everyone's talking about HFY or HFN or some shit. Why?

>> No.36096945

You should read that aloud to yourself, man.

>> No.36096950

Glorious faggotry, now gitl

>> No.36096964

You know, they had an experiment once in which both groups of male and female students were told a story. The men were told something like this: "Bob did great at highschool. He studied very hard, and got accepted into a prestigious university on a full scholarship. After studying medicine, he graduated with great honors and went on to work at a big and important hospital."

The women were told a very similar story, except it was Alice instead of Bob doing all that. Now, both groups were told to make up a continuation of the story. Most of the men groups made up happy conclusions: Bob loved his job, he saved many lives, he developed a new revolutionary surgery technique, he became manager of the hospital, etc.


Now, you could interpret that in many ways (and given that the whole thing was told to me as an anecdote by my maths professor odds are it's not even true), but the funniest way is probably that the women just couldn't bear the thought of someone other than themselves doing well. Even if it was a made-up story about someone they don't know, the thought of that imaginary Alice succeeding hurt them so much that the only way they could cope was by telling themselves that all of her achievements were actually meaningless (I guess you could say it's a version of the "Sour Grapes Defense", in which a person deals with failure by convincing themselves that they never really wanted whatever it is they couldn't get in the first place).

You are now being these women. The elves in this story won. It was a shitty story, but they got what they wanted from it. Let them rest on their fucking laurels for two seconds before you start thinking up reasons for why they actually lost. Would you've done the same if the men/elf roles in this had been reversed?

>> No.36096984

Thats a nice, lengthy anecdote, right there. We are being, as you say, 'sour grapes'.

But fuck that, /tg/ is violently tsun-tsun on elves. The only time we will ever show our dere-dere side is offline.

>Captcha - Aouta

>> No.36096991
File: 9 KB, 135x196, colonel_4852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

None of you were in control in the first place.

>> No.36097004

Maybe. I wouldn't no, since HFN guys don't have an immortal thread running on /tg/ straight since Avatar came out and barge into every discussion of nonhumans like it's a Judaism thread on /b/.

>> No.36097008

Could it be-? An Orc, who yet serves the light? A priestess, no less? Praise the gods of light! Welcome sister! You and any of your tribe are most welcome here!

That's actually the most welcome thing I've seen in this thread so far and given the content, that's saying something...

>> No.36097017

Fucking negations.

>> No.36097045
File: 925 KB, 800x600, allies_ussr1_bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then the peasants rose and retook the means of production from their elven overlords and established a communist society that bore the world's greatest potatoes.

>> No.36097060

>Not reading the hypothetical
>Peasants who were somehow not descended from slaves being revolution material
>He doesn't know about serfdom

>> No.36097063

>Seriously, what is with /tg/s hatred of elves? I've never understood it. I mean, if this were literally any other race rising up against its oppressors (who were not even named in the OP), then /tg/ would be ambivalent and if it were humans or dorfs doing the rebelling, /tg/ would ride that shit all the way into being its own goddamn setting. So why the elf-hate?

/tg/ is at least 75% people who don't have home groups or don't actually play games with people outside of the circle-jerk that is /tg/. And like the neckbeard who tries to show his confidence by spouting homophobic shit in front of girls, /tg/ spouts the same stupid memes to try to look cool or as part of the 'winning side'.

In other words, get out while you still can.

>> No.36097069

Ah, well, they are right.
All Hail the Revolutionary Convention!

>> No.36097123
File: 78 KB, 240x240, 1414631801006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me tell you something comrades. When the dust settles and the roleplaying stops, we all look back and see the steaming pile of shit we have plopped yet again onto this board which we all are thankful for being anonymous.

From HFY to condescending assholes and even those captain obviouses that point out how much we have given cancer from our shitposting , we all contribute to this giant turd. Yet in the end we all kind of have fun and enjoy the stupidity that is our gurgling of sweaty balls of autism.

Yet never have I ever in my life seen the faggotry that is this post. >>36095627

Like, seriously, what the fuck is Thranduil doing?

>> No.36097178

Probably because you started with an obviously "Bad" side and an obviously "Good" side.
Regardless of our personal stances on this, I suspect a lot of us are just being contrary for the fun of it.
It also gets some good conversation going.

>> No.36097192

>Making Choo Choo noises
Stop trying to drag the Gnomes into this.

>> No.36097195

I suppose it stops there because you can't be contrarian against the dominant culture that was being contrarian against a culture of contrarianism against the man. Nobody lacks enough self-awareness to delve into that much layers of edgy.
A pity actually, because it means that the end-game of everything is that stupid 'LG is the best ever, let's all be Kantians' bullshit. Wich I hate.

>> No.36097230

Post it.

>> No.36097261

>Getting mad at the humans accusing the elves of crimes against humanity.
This is totally in-character. I don't know if the slavery was racially toned but you definitely have a lower people overthrowing their masters (not saying oppressors) in what can only be a violent clash.
>their rightful place is in the gutter
>they just killed your king
There is no way this relationship is getting fixed anytime soon.
From the humans'perspective the elves stole everything the humans rightfully own.
From the elves perspective the humans did... stuff. I guess they were too proud to be enslaved or maybe the humans were really cruel.
No matter how good and kind you are as a human you can't just let that happen and not be outraged. They stole a kingdom.

>> No.36097283

>they just killed your king
I'm not a britbong, so I don't give a shit about "my king".

>> No.36097300

>I guess they were too proud to be enslaved or maybe the humans were really cruel.

I know right? I mean, those wacky elves and their alien mentality. Wrap your head around that. Why would anyone not like to be enslaved?

>> No.36097310

>definitely have a lower people overthrowing their masters (not saying oppressors)

>> No.36097316

>They shot the president
>They killed your bank manager
>They murdered Comrade Putin and that other guy who you actully really liked who would have taken over from Putin
>They killed your mum
>They killed your dad
>They stole your sweetroll
These are marauding former slaves in a raging bloodlust who murdered they leader of the country that you are currently a former citizen of and are presently continuing their rampage while you may or may not be presently in their path.
Revolution is not a fun time to be John Smith the Clerk.

>> No.36097328

At least you're not one of those Paladins that get scared because I'm a muscle-toned woman.

>> No.36097333

>the leader of your country
Screw it, I'm going to bed.

>> No.36097338

Did you get your idea of slavery from game of thrones?

>> No.36097341

>These are marauding former slaves in a raging bloodlust who murdered they leader of the country that you are currently a former citizen of and are presently continuing their rampage while you may or may not be presently in their path.
Nah, they only killed the king/president.
Anything else is just your fearmongering, but I get it, no one trusts those knife ears, doesn't mean I gotta assume they're all assholes.
I'm quite fine with sitting at home and just going with the new set of things.

>> No.36097350

1. Meh
2. What a great loss for humanity, we will never see such a hero again
3. Lol, comrade
4.5. But they don't seem to have

>Revolution is not a fun time to be John Smith the Clerk.

There's hardly a better time to be John Smith the clerk, just look at the background of most of Napoleon's marshalls.

>These are marauding former slaves in a raging bloodlust
Yeah, fuck you Josephine, the emperor should have repudiated you and sent the creole lobby packing then and there.

>> No.36097357

as a Palladian of equality? I'm probably fine.

>> No.36097359

>My edge was folded a million times

>> No.36097373


>> No.36097377

That's not how revolutions work man.
It's chaos. The assholes on the winning side can do whatever they like and get away with it.
Mass looting, rape, arsony. This would happen if it was humans rebelling too.
War is not pretty.

>> No.36097391

>I got all my info about revolutions from the Scarlet Pimpernel and Doctor Zhivago

>> No.36097398

speak for yourselves, yuropoor.

>> No.36097399

I'm not hearing a no about the elves on a rampage here.

>> No.36097420

Ho! brother, Have-est you forgoteen to sacrifice something to chin-chin today? Even know i can feel the lemons of his wrath fly from up high toward your geographical location, and i can sense all da poosi im being given


>> No.36097423
File: 144 KB, 446x646, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw halfling

>> No.36097426

I guess it was one of them pacifist hostile takeovers then?
Us regular folk just got a letter saying that we had to release our slaves please if it wasn't too much trouble since an elf killed the king and that's how succession works around here.
So we all did as he said because the rules are the rules right?

>> No.36097433

You know, one of these days someone gotta go do science to this and make a thread with the exact same scenario, but with humans/dwarfs rebelling against elves. I bet you my fucking right kneecap everyone would be cheering like faggots on iced tea.

>> No.36097444

/tg/ hates dwarves now

>> No.36097447

Oh, you're one of the "the slaves were all happy and content!" guys. Good to know I don't have to listen to you anymore.

>> No.36097457

You'd have to do it at the same time though, /tg/ is very...different...depending on which time you try to get a discussion going on different things.
Next time use the same scenario, but phrase it from the other direction and see what happens.

>> No.36097479

Sure that was what I said.
Universal oppression and perfect utopia are two binary states of any possible caste.
Slavery is a fucking broad concept dude.

>> No.36097494

>Look how good the mamelukes had it

Fuck off, Aristotle

>> No.36097495

I didn't get the impression the phrasing was one sided.

>The elf slaves have rebelled and taken over the kingdom, publicaly behading the King and all that entails.

It doesn't say the kingdom was evil, it doesn't say they were treated poorly, it doesn't say they elves were noble, it doesn't say their revolution was righteous, etc. All it says is they were slaves, they elves, they rebelled and they beheaded the king. If your instinct is to immediately assume that slaves were oppressed or that the kingdom that enslaved them was evil, well, that kind of proofs a point (although not mine, personally).

>> No.36097502

Obviously I would submit to my new elvish masters.........
Before using their arrogance against them to ascend the ranks of slavery, eventually becoming minstrel or primary servant of their king or other important member, then swiftly assassinating him whilst there is nobody around. Then I would go into hiding and slowly hunt each important elf, eventually crumbling their rather weak system or rule, which would have been erected too hastily to be of any use, but was not improved due to the elves' arrogance.

>> No.36097519

> If your instinct is to immediately assume that slaves were oppressed
>No slavemaster has ever done wrong to his slaves, I asked the owners myself

You're a dumb fuck. It's hard to emphasize how much.

>> No.36097526

And by the way, I'm a halfling urban ranger, bitch

>> No.36097528

>If your instinct is to immediately assume that slaves were oppressed
Slavery is inherently oppressive.

>> No.36097538

I think he meant wrongfully oppressed. Pretty sure he is trying to say they were enslaved after they lost a war they started or something.

>> No.36097539

It's not entirely one-sided, and that wasn't quite what I meant anyway.
Apologies man, it's quite late here.
What I meant was, next time phrase it from the humans' perspective.
But some of the words do carry heavy connotations,as said by>>36097519&>>36097528.
Anyhoo, hopefully this thread's still up in ten hours, 'cos I'm heading off.

>> No.36097632
File: 392 KB, 1000x740, v3_by_saeedramezani-d59fo43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What is your fate?

My clan and I shall be spared, as we have no conflict with the alfar. The king should have known that his venture into Alfheim would end in disaster, and it has. The children of the Vanir are no less capable in matters of war than men. Stealing their own away is like taking a cub from a mother bear.

>> No.36097795
File: 563 KB, 722x1027, Lord Zetta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shut up Micky, everybody knows you are the most coward of all the Overlords.

>> No.36097844

I think he meant the opposite of what you think he meant.

>> No.36097863

Opression is authority or power in a cruel, burdensome or unjust manner. It's definition is wrongful authority, it can never be justified.
Slavery however is as oppressive as you want it when making the civilization. It just means people are legally property, no more, no less.
Slaves can have rights.

>> No.36097890

Slavery is the definition of wrongful authority, you aristotelian pile of shit.

>> No.36097932

Okay, alright, here we go. It's time to talk ethics, bitch.

If we were to view ethics as a matter of rights, what would be the absolute most basic right, the one upon which all others are based? I would say that it is the Right to Self. That is, the simple assertion that each person, by birthright, owns their own mind, body, and works. From this, we can extrapolate two other basic assertions: first, that each person has the right to do with themselves and that which they produce whatever they please, provided it does not violate the rights of others to do the same, and second, that we own our actions and are therefore responsible for their consequences. We can extrapolate further to get the basis for nearly any other moral assertion, if we like--but let's leave things there for now. Sound good so far? Good.

Now, what makes slavery wrong, regardless of how the slaves are treated, is that it violates that basic right, that simple assertion from which we can extrapolate all other rules of morality. A slave, no matter how well they are treated, no matter how much freedom they are allowed to have, does not have their most basic right, and without it, all other rights can be taken away. They may have all that freedom now, but since they are property and have no Right to Self, there is nothing to prevent it from being taken away.

>> No.36097944

I think he meant that the OP itself didn't paint the kingdom as evil or the elves as good, so/but if people assumed it does that must mean X. Presumably either that slavery is inherently bad or that slaves that rebel are inherently justified.

>> No.36097968
File: 7 KB, 270x187, reaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36097970

That is all assuming that everyone excepts that the right of self is the most fundamental human right. Most proponents of slavery hold that that would actually be the right of life, making slavery justified (or even moral) in cases in which the slaves were fed, for example.

>> No.36098021

So then the slaveowners would not object to they themselves becoming slaves? If the right to self is nonexistent, then anyone can take anyone as a slave. Their slaves could rise up, declare themselves to be the masters now, and there would be no way to argue against that.

>> No.36098038

Nobody ever said being a slave was fun. What is said is that is not a violation of the "most fundamental human right" or inherently unethical.

>> No.36098065

>work at a law firm
>constantly hear people bitching about "the most basic human right"
>naturally, this is always the right they feel they are being denied
>also naturally, this is not usually the case
>no, your basic human right for freedom of movement is not being denied to you because you have to go to prison for committing a crime, jackass
>no, I will not appeal for you to the fucking UN, holy shit you won't believe how many people ask for that
>you still have to give service to these fuckers

>> No.36098068

And furthermore! Remember that, without the right to self, you cannot claim that you own your actions--and therefore, no-one can be held responsible for what they do. All declarations of morally wrong acts become meaningless, as people cannot be held responsible for their actions if they do not belong to them.

>> No.36098088

Why exactly are we assuming again that there exists a single human right that is either fully respected in all cases or completely ignored?

>> No.36098114

You carefully constructed a system centered around condemning slavery. It is based on abstract concepts.
No matter how much freedom the slave has they are still treated unfairly because of the nominator slave, the concept of a person being property is just bad in the rights you postulated, regardless of the effects.
When making an ethical system you have look at the society you create.

Look. The freedom to decide your actions. Nobody has that. You have responsibilites towards your peers and, in some systems, you superiors. It comes in degrees obviously.
You can't just condemn everything that restricts any personal choice. Ethics is all about setting up rules for people to act in so a society can function.

>> No.36098120

Because without it we cannot claim morality to exist. If you do not have the right to self, you have no other rights. If you do not own your actions, you are not responsible for what you do.

>> No.36098123

>>no, I will not appeal for you to the fucking UN

People have some funny ideas about what the UN does.

>> No.36098128
File: 241 KB, 700x723, 1415114749993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You've left those worthless royal seneschals heaped in a bleeding, pissing, worthless heap of flesh and fabric not even worth considering. You turn away only to a helpless, shivering pair of of boys. What do you do?

>> No.36098188

You don't know the goddamn half of it. Do you know people have come to me before asking that I "complain" to the UN because they are "forced" to pay taxes even though "the government doesn't know how hard [they] have it"?

But it's all worth it once I become a partner.

>> No.36098208

The specific argument for this is geared towards slavery because that is the matter at hand. You are focused on that one part, but notice that I clearly provide for the basis of responsibilities. Think about it:
>I own myself, therefore I own my actions, therefore I can be held responsible for the consequences of them.
>I do not own myself, therefore I do not own my actions, therefore I cannot be held responsible for their consequences.

>> No.36098309

Africa, i'd guess at liberia or sierra leone specifically.

>> No.36098329
File: 668 KB, 900x1056, 1399479108965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fight to avenge my liege to best of my ability to my death. This is what I was born for, and there is no way to me to deny my destiny.

>> No.36098346

>Not carving out your own kingdom
>Caring about these oaths past your liege's expiration date
You might as well be a plebe.

>> No.36098350

Yes, but what's the context? Why was he asked something to which the answer was this? >>36098128
Rape and enslave, of course. It's only justice. Make sure the humans are looking closely while we do it, and then have the boys run back to them to talk excitedly about how incredible elf dick is and how they'll never be able to stand the touch of another human again.

>> No.36098369 [SPOILER] 
File: 923 KB, 900x1020, 1415723056552.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.36098385

They are elves you blind stupid fuck.

>> No.36098404

You don't understand word "honor", worm.

>> No.36098457

It's just an interview with a militiaman, rape is a legitimate strategy along with human sacrifice, cross dressing, streaking, cardboard guns, magic, child soldier, cannibalism, mutilation, torture, genocide and starvation.

These guys play to win.

>> No.36098498

Those poor, blind elves--I heard it was their masters who did it. Apparently, they thought disabling the poor fools would keep them easier to control. It's no wonder they rose up to rebel under such cruelty. Though I do wonder how they managed to decapitate the kind without being able to see him. Maybe they didn't mean to? Maybe this whole thing was a big, blindness-induced misunderstanding.

>> No.36098525

>The most basic human right not to live next to a train track.
>The most basic human right to grow your own food.
>The most basic human right to pay taxes only when it's convenient.

>> No.36098539

Damn, these guys know their shit.

>> No.36098551
File: 181 KB, 1035x829, 4P.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I stay aways from this mess. Fuck politics.

>> No.36098562

I'm half elf so I'm good, right guys? They're not gonna kill me... Right?

>> No.36098567

>Be half drow - half hill dorf living in an elven kingdom.
>National hero, loved by everyone and memorized their names personally.
>No slavery here.
>Implying the king isn't a war hero from a previous age.
>Implying that I'm not playing board games with him because absolut bro after three campaigns of fighting side by side against the wraith hordes and diabolic legions of the east.
>Implying that a doppel could replicate his blessed soul and pass my ever watchful helmet of true seeing
>Grey elves everywhere.
>Three domesticated murderhobo parties guarding the palace.
>Baelnorn wizards.

Nigga you trippin. Put down that mushroom.

>> No.36098571

>The poster boy for "If you don't care about politics, politics will still care about you"
>Ever staying out of it

>> No.36098607

Only because he got mixed up with white-headed animu girl. Otherwise, he could live for another century killing monsters and being cool.

>> No.36098633

Nope, they were, are and will remain racist assholes. They quickly forgotten how humans were their slaves 500 years ago and think about themselves as a innocent victims. Fuck you, elves.

>> No.36098652

But Geralt, you got killed precisely for not staying away of this kind of shit

>> No.36098656

But the entire premise only exists to condemn slavery, the right to own oneself does not serve any purpose other than that, it does not have anything to do with concrete actions.
Owning yourself or not owning yourself are complete semantics, you gave me a 'basic human right' that only has to do with what people should be called, it serves no other purpose

It's always a degree in wich you can be held accountable for your actions, it is the least binary thing in existance.
Coupling it to the name of your caste is also ridiculous. The less options you have for alternative actions the less power you have, the less you are responsible. Wether you are property doesn't necessarily factor into it at all.

>> No.36098670

>all elves are racists

>> No.36098680

Only Sith deal in absolutes.

>> No.36098693

Of course they are. And they have pretty good reasons for it, too.

>> No.36098711

B-but I'm part elf!

>> No.36098721

Yeah. Author's will; what you can do aganist it?

>> No.36098742

And it's transparent human propaganda. Even as they kept invading and conquering elven lands they kept this whole charade of how they were oppressed by the existence of elven civilization.

>> No.36098744

Yeah, as about third of population in the kingdom. Can you seriously believe that elves were slaves in human society for centuries, and people weren't using elvish pussy? Man up, take arms and fight for your life.

>> No.36098765

Fighting for whose life, slave lord?

>> No.36098770

You bet we were opressed. We were low-tech monkeys, and they were a grand empire. You seriously believe they weren't using their advantages aganist us? We were slaves; now it is their turn.

>> No.36098771

Well fuck... Where's my sward!!

>> No.36098784

Yeah, no. Elves have been bathing regularly, washing their hands before eating, washing their asses after shitting, brushing their teeth and wearing underpants since before humans have invented the word "anachronism". I know how my bets are hedged.

>> No.36098811

For his, of course. He is part human. Do you think former slaves would differ between humans and half-elves?

>> No.36098862

Not among the slavers, they wouldn't, and they shouldn't, but for every legitimated half-elf kid, there's easily ten half-slave kids who ended up in the pens.

>> No.36098866
File: 832 KB, 1442x982, 1414824384439.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.36098972

Depends on laws, really. If he is son of male elf slave and free women, he may be free man.

>> No.36099137

I can see now that you are ignoring what I am saying entirely. There is obviously no point in continuing if you can't or won't see what is right in front of you. Thank dick for the nonoko feature.

>> No.36099177

making fwip sounds with your mouth wont solve your problems, dumb elven whore

>> No.36101202

Huh, this situation is precisely what's happening in a certain region in my current game.

What's my character doing? Why, he's supplying the elves with user-friendly, newly-invented odic artillery perfect for a force of combatants with a natural arcane inclination. When the kingdom is theirs he'll be the biggest and riches producer of weaponry in the land, and he also gets the late king's crown. Not that he'll be king, he just wants the crown, like, as a paperweight, or something to wear to parties.

Capitalism ho!

>> No.36101381

Slavic elves have taken over the kingdom? Then I shall blend in and be fine.

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