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Previously on Song of Swords:
John Galt paid us a visit
Sulla purged scum like a champ
Spooky wheel skeletons
Terrifying religious men
Moonstuff and new rules for Ascended Humans
Song of Swords is a game about skeletons, swordplay, and realistic medieval arms and armor. It's currently in Beta, and new stuff is being added every day.

Here's version 1.9.3!
(Some parts from 1.9.2 will have to be used to fill in the gaps, this is a transitional version.)

Previous update (v1.9.2) and its bookmarked version
http://paste2.org/NdWXyeBE Homebrew Armor Sets

Here's the wiki for the game's fantasy setting, which is pretty cool and filling out a bit more every time someone gets bored.

And there's a Roll20 room where we teach new players the game, and fight each other for fun.

Previous Thread: >>35879800

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>new stuff is being added every day.
Which we don't get to see because Jimbo Jambo doesn't love us anymore. Whatever happened to common manners and politeness when speaking to someone?

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>Jimbo Jambo doesn't love us anymore
Can you please stop whining? Thank you.

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>waaaah the game developers don't pander to us constantly, change my diapers waaaah

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>someone told me to act with common human decency to someone on the internet
>better call him a baby!
Jimmy used to come here in his leisure time, and doesn't anymore becuase of you caustic fucks. There's nothing wrong with telling Opaque about the problems in their system, or their management, or whatever, but you people always phrase it in the most cunty way possible. Why do you even do that? Can you not just post a measured, neutral and informative reply to the dev team?

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Let it the fuck go guys.

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Let's not dwell on the past. I think it's important that we work to making the threads as good as possible from now on. I'll be doing my part too to increase communication. Just keep it civil and be helpful to newcomers, ok?

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>Jimmy used to come here in his leisure time, and doesn't anymore becuase of you caustic fucks.
Actually he does, and you need to stop posting.

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Well, slap my face and call me a goblin, I assumed you were one of the folks that was being whiny assholes towards/about Jimmy. Apologies.

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he is

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Well, is it possible to purchase a dozen loyal slaves, indoctrinate them and grind Divinity for eternity?

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There's probably a cap to how much Divinity you can have to keep you from doing that.

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I could make a kick-ass not-Buddhism around the fact that every human being carries limited amount of Divinity during his lifetime. Souls catch Divinity from the afterlife and bring it back to material world. Circle of rebirth feeds the goddess and Ascended humans. Ascending and achieving divine status is the ultimate goal.

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What happens if someone founds a new religious order? Can they get ascendants?

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>Not mentioning the Gearloch lore snippet.
It's all that we've heard about that place..

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I suppose as long as they fulfill the requirement of "be a literal god". So far it seems like any powers of the ascended derive very directly from their deity.

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The Old Gods don't have ascended, as far as we know. Nor do the pagan deities of some of the Kedouin tribes. Izagone might have some, but who knows.

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Just serves as proof that those filthy heathens keep following false idols!

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I wonder why? I mean Genosus has people who set sinners on fire with a touch and all.

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Genosism doesn't do missionary work. They're passive-aggressive as fuck, if you start shit with them, rather than try to convince you that their way is superior, they hire the Zells to exterminate your race.

Genosus probably hoverhands Dessia in all the photos they do.

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>Genosism internet defence force pls go

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Puck fagans

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That's how eclipses happen. Every month he goes down to Karthack to visit Dessia, but once he's there all that happens is
>"So yeah, that's all the Zells are up to around our shores."
>"Right, I'll keep an eye on them."
>"Oh by the way, *mumblmumble* youhavereallynicehair *mumble*"
>"Sorry, what was that?"
>"Oh...no-...nothing. I suppose I'll better leave now"

And then he spends the whole day bawling his eyes out with his BFF the pontifatrix, who now has to assure him that clearly one day Dessia will see what a good catch he totally is.

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I'll rek u m8, I swear on me mum's scalp!

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Jimmy Rome if it wasn't mentioned already, you should give examples of severity for Moonstrike, on how much Divinity you can give. Maybe a small chart.

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It seems to just scale linearly, with apparently no upper limit to the amount of Divinity you pump into a dude. So if you really, *really* don't like a guy, you can basically turn them into a soulless husk for a year who also lost most extremeties to frostbite.

I do like how Paladins have to deal with the whole "you can only set a guy on fire if he's actually evil and/or a threat to your religion", whereas Dessia is basically just "Nah, have fun, go hog wild".

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OOPS. I meant The Moon Also Rises. It says you can gain between 1-5 Divinity depending on the severity of the threat. But the fact that there's no quantified reference can lead to much bitching in some games.

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Is there a limit to the amount of adherants you can have? What's to stop me draining all 4/5 arcs off a person lying it's permenant and basically forcing people into adherantship?

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Ah yeah, that would be nice, as well as with a general estimation about how much Divinity your average Ascendant would be lugging around most of the time.

Personally I figure that those rewards would likely trend towards the low end most of the time in case of just everyday apostates. That'd create a nice dichotomy between Paladins, whocan and should just wade right into the action to regain Divinity and go purging shit left and right, and Silver Guards who have a steady "income", but need to be more cautious about how to spend it.

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Well for one if you do it that way, you'd only start seeing a "profit" at the fourth month, and there's the nonzero risk of the target just freezing to death. I suppose other Silver Guards and Dessia herself would also frown on you preying on the populace you're supposed to protect. And if you try it in another country, you'll probably have peasant mobs or Paladins coming after you in force.

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Is Limb-Break or Bite valid for this ability?

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I don't see why not, they're maneuvers and only usable in melee after all. Silver Guards give the best hickeys.

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On a whim, I purchased that Deadliest Warfare expansion for chivalry. I enjoy Chivalry as a stupid fun time, so I thought, "Why not?"

It's the first game I've seen yet where Vikings hold their shield by a boss rather than it being strapped to the arm. Despite this, no boss is shown on the back of the shield, and all the straps are modeled. They're just gripping the straps.

Why is this the only game that has shields held by the boss, of all games?

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On that note, by now I find myself enjoying DW way more than vanilla chiv. The movement's still a bit janky and everything, but goddamn if the playerbase isn't way more chill. Vanilla chiv is overrun with 360-windmilling, duck-overhanding wannabe-MLGers who exploit every last weirdness of the engine but cry their heads off as soon as somebody feints. Meanwhile DW just seems way more relaxed with more people who just enjoy being captain america and thor at the same time.

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I think people in DW don't take it as seriously. You can't shell out 5-15 bucks for Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. vikings and expect a serious MLGpro experience. Chivalry has this weird reputation for having a super skill based melee system that has nothing on Mount and Blade's and that mindset sort of poisons the main game.

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And mount and blade has nothing on jedi knight and jedi academy melee combat.

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That had the mobility and the Force abilities, but it didn't have the blacking, parrying, and chambering. Different games entirely.

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Well since blocking was automated there was a certain dynamic to catching your enemy exactly when he was vulnerable during an attack.

Though the funnest thing was taking mind-trick (invisibility), chilling next to an abyss where people tend to fight, and then just force-pushing or choking them to their death as soon as they start jumping. People got so. angry.

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Fucking bunny fighters. Full force and push then to their death since all they can do is jump-by-attacks.

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>jedi knight
I really wish there was a kotor or jedi knight game where the protagonist doesn't become a jedi and you get to run around being a smuggler/rebel agent all game.

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SW is worse with jedi than 40k with space marines

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I assumed that was the point. You suck all of the joy out of someone's life, and then intimidate them into accepting brainwashing to make the pain go away.

Dessianism just took a really dark turn, where it genuinely sounds like the Silver Guard were designed to mind rape people into worshipping her.

>> No.35917105

That reminds me, we've heard relatively little about Dessianism's religious tenets. We do know a bit about Karthack's customs and there's likely some overlap, but it's unknown just what exactly would constitute a virtue or a sin, religiously speaking. Though with the deity being so very active and present, to an even greater degree than Genosus, I wouldn't be surprised if there was rather little in the way of established dogma. I could imagine it's just a matter of "you hear the Song which is the direct product of Dessia herself, so just follow it in all things, end of story".

But yeah, on the whole Dessianism does have a rather authoritative and domineering note now. Though I'd assume what with how rare Silver Guards are said to be, violent mindwashing is likely not a particularly widespread phenomenon.

>> No.35917217

It's probably an extension of the fact that the entire Dessian world that we've heard of so far also happens to be one country. Karthack is a literal theocracy, the buck stops at god's desk. It makes sense that her minions would be integrated into that structure.

The Paladins of Genosus tend to lone wolf it whatever their rank. Sulla is the head of an entire fucking knightly order and he showed up ALONE to deal with a monster infestation. Victor Slate sounds like he doesn't play well with others either. The Paladins are extra-governmental agents, they act in the interest of the church however those conflict with the local authorities.

The Silver Guard ARE local authority. Dessia is the head of state, and these are her children, in a society with a caste system.

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TOR Imperial agent storyline with better gameplay as an entire single player campaign would have been dope

>> No.35917338

One riot, one ranger.
One public crisis, one Paladin.

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Wee hah.

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Ok, round two.

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I'm happy to see the return of really oldschool zombies. A bit slow and dimwitted, but hit like a fucking train and will just not give up. Those are some proper scary undead.

>> No.35917611

Look at:


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I love this game.

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>Be a swordsman
>Fighting an undead
>Preform a strike to the groin
>Deal a level 5 wound, and as a result 10 stun
>This would have been Total stun if I did one less damage

Fugg :DD

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>-The Walking Dead halve all Shock
So you realize that means the Shock weapon quality, and NOT Stun from wounds, yes?
If you wanted it to halve all Stun from anywhere, you'd have to say it halves Stun, not Shock.

>> No.35917718

Stun is still halved, so "Total" would mean half their maximum CP, which would be less than ten for most undead.

>> No.35917740

And while we're at it, do feel free to expound a bit on Dessian religious practices in general if you feel like it.

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Nothing says Total Stun is Stun equal to your maximum CP.

>> No.35917791

My interpretation of Total is that it means no matter how much CP you have, all of it is gone.

So, half of infinity should be enough to get an auto knockdown on anything that stands on its legs.

>> No.35917801

>-Cutting Damage reduces the Walking Dead's Durability by 1 per level of the Wound over 3. Up until 3, the attack has no effect.
That should say up until 4.

>> No.35917828


Let me just crack my flaming whip, and have all of this fixed.

>> No.35917854

Fleshy zombies have -3 to HLT and END

What does "8 in all attributes but TOU cannot be lower than 9" mean? Does that mean that Advanced Undead can only be Skeletons?

>> No.35917862

'Taters boy will turn out to be the true Azor Ahai.


>> No.35917863

Jimmy! Can we please get some Gearloch lore? Like, are they the Irish but with real, actual luck?

>> No.35917873

> (Weapon's that inflict Scatter damage can inflict 1 Durability per scattered projectile, same with Multi-Hit)


And there should be a period after Hit too.

>> No.35917934

I love how fucking proud of himself the kid is. He just avenged his dead dad, killed the subhuman degenerate savage who killed his family, and saved the future commander of the Night's Watch. And he's like nine.

From his perspective, he's basically won the murder-lottery.

We should clarify that. It means that no matter what the Attributes say the TOU of the 'Undead should be, it will ALWAYS be at least 9. If the Attributes make it higher, then it will be higher, but if they would make it lower, it won't go below 9.

Speakin' of Potatoes...

Thank you sir, execute them commas we will.

>> No.35917943

I think the idea is that toughness is always at least at 8 even if the average of the comprising base attributes are lower, i.e. it just ignores the compound-attribute formula for that purpose.

>> No.35917949

Er, 8. Not 9. Sorry, I'm a bit hung over.

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>You better not...
>...be a manhunter

Every time.

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Coleslaw and Macaroni.

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Hey. Cutting wounds do 1 Durability of damage at level 4, and 2 Durability at level 5. Cutting a limb off inflicts an additional 2 damage.

Do cutting wounds beyond level 5 inflict more Durability damage?

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We're giving the rules a test-run in the roll20 room! Feel welcome to join in if you're interested in playing or watching!

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They do not. Bludgeoning wounds do continue inflicting damage after they hit Level 5, though. That's the advantage of using bludgeoning weapons against undead.

>> No.35918416

>That's the advantage of using bludgeoning weapons against undead.
Oh. Well shoot. I was hoping Draw weapons would be undead-annihilating engines of oblivion.

>> No.35918500

Well, they at least do still make it more likely to get level 5 wounds with cutting, which in turn often tend to lop off limbs entirely. Which does add a fair bit to the durability damage, and also seems to be the only way to weaken and hinder an undead enemy in the longer term.

>> No.35918532

They still have an effect, cutting off limbs can incapacitate an undead a lot faster than simply destroying them can, especially if you let it declare its attack first, and then just chop off whatever limb it was attacking with.

>> No.35918570

Assuming you can steal initiative in time, sure.

>> No.35918602

Against zombies, it's basically a sure thing. Less so against skellingtons.

>> No.35918659

>Against zombies, it's basically a sure thing.

They attack at Short, that attack can be a thrust (a Kick), and they have 3 ADR and 4 PER. That means they can roll 4 dice for initiative! It's hardly a sure thing, and it takes up 4 of your precious dice.

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File: 99 KB, 400x267, zazzy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





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>Dace is just medieval America
>They're all ridiculously nationalistic in that naive way where they cannot even conceive a scenario in which Dace isn't the hero of the world
>100% of the country's population is manual laborers who have ready access to PCP

I have a plan, let's invade this country. I can't foresee any way in which this could go horribly wrong.

>> No.35919339


>> No.35919347

What animoo is that from?

And seriously Jimmy

For the Moon Also Rises, please add some quantified references for what threats could earn you 1-5 Divinity. It could cause drama in some campaigns without it.

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File: 1.57 MB, 992x763, zombie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's happening

>> No.35919361

>What animoo is that from?
Upotte, it's about what if guns were a girls.

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Uppotte! or something like that.
Either way, she's not as good as Ophelia from Claymore. Best girl all years.

Gearloch is a very large part of the Slivers that has hitherto been mostly untouched by continental politics. It is too remote and generally irrelevant to have come to anyone's attention.

Because of this lack of disturbance, it is actually much stronger militarily and economically than Krajina or Clachland, though it hides this fact well.

>> No.35919474

pls Jimmy. Please give quantified references. It doesnt even have to be a table, Just examples for threats of varying severity

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File: 417 KB, 581x393, Spooky Scary fetishes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flaming Intelligent Super-Corrupting Advanced Ligaments

CP: 15 (9 ADR + 6 Proficiency)
Durability 36 (10 + 11 TOU + 15 Advanced) +2 damage from all bludgeoning sources, even ones that fail to inflict wounds
Initiative 10 [+1 Thrust]

Tier one maneuvers unlocked

Attributes - 3 PCP (32):
STR 12 AGI 10 HLT 11 END 11

Any attack that targets a Hit Location inflicted by this creature inflicts Burn 3/TN5 for 2 Rounds to the location Hit.

Any living thing within 50 yards of this Undead sustains 5 Bleed so long as it stays within that area. This effect does not stack
with other Super-Corrupting Undead.

This Undead has +2 Intelligence, and will now use more sophisticated Maneuvers and tactics. It is still impossible to interact
with on a meaningful level as a being.

>> No.35920264

Do undead halve all shock, or all stun?

>> No.35920304

Found of video of two sweaty indian men attacking each other with rondelas and Urumis, without turning into swiss cheese.


Looks scary as fuck.

>> No.35920334

Cute drill.

>> No.35920361

Will we get other assembly shapes than wheel, like the giant dogs, multi/extended-arm or jazz varieties?

>> No.35920601

Looking at that map, the Kaiserreich is literally split in half by mountains, how have they not been torn into two different feudal states?

>> No.35920670

Because they've already been torn into a thousand feudal states. It's only a loose confederation held together by duct tape, vassalage, and a shared desire to not be Gallians.

>> No.35920717

Gearloch was, until the Ruvian invasion of the Slivers, just another island in a sea of islands with a trivial population, no cities, and a lot of bogs.

It was only after the Ruvians colonized Albion and built The Great Chain, a series of sea-forts with massive chains strung between them that blocked all access to southern waters from the north, that Gearloch began to transform itself into a kingdom in response to the potential threat.

There has never been a successful invasion of the country. There are thousands of islands surrounding the mainland of Gearloch, and hundreds of castles, each with their own small navies, dot those islands. Landing on the shores of Gearloch is inviting an attack from the year by these garrison fleets, and on the land, the Lochmen are excellent warriors who know the rocky hills and the swift rivers of their homeland well. Fighting a sustained war in Gearloch may actually be impossible, thusfar even Albish-Clachish cooperation has only succeeded in containing Gearloch for a few years. The Northmen who invaded centuries before achieved initial success, but were eventually butchered to the last man by the vengeful natives.

Gearloch is known chiefly for its traders. The Lochmen were some of the first Genosians to brave the sea, and trade relations with other peoples have always been positive. The men of Gearloch are the only humans who have successfully befriended the Branded Zells (much to the consternation of everyone else) because of their shared history of fighting against the Northmen. The two groups trade often, and are always well received in each others' ports.

Tigurnia is found in the Southwest Reich... And it basically is an independant province, even if it pays lip-service to the Emperor. That said, other mountainous provinces rely on the military power of the Kaiser to keep them safe from Goblins who frequently emerge from the mountains.

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File: 2.69 MB, 2650x2160, HRR_1789_EN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two is small time.

>> No.35920781

Also this. The Kaselreich is only strong so long as it is dealing with an external threat, which is part of the reason why wars with Galli are so common--they cause the Kamen Lords to forget how much they hate each other.

Also, in the southernmost regions, where the people aren't even ethnically Kamen, independence from the Reich would mean being weak and relatively unsupported... Right next to the Ohanedin homeland. The Din are good neighbors so long as you are strong. An instant of weakness is enough to set them off on a cannibalistic rampage.

>> No.35920789

It's not specified how habitable/severe that mountain range is. And I suppose the relatively loose feudal system helps, giving the individual states less reason to feel the need to go for indepence. After all, the historical HRE had a similar deal going with everything south of the Alps, yet managed to hold on to that area for a while.

>> No.35921156

In keeping with the relatively spooky theme we've had going over the past half-week, I developed a little homebrew you guys might like. Check it out, tell me what you think.

>> No.35921210

What happened to the gundam homebrew?

Jimmy, tell us about the BDSM scene in Tattered Realms.

>> No.35921253

Yo Jimmy what the fuck is Kurtiye? How would you even pronounce that shit?

>> No.35921265

OP image looks like Studio Ghibli. Is that really supposed to be Nausicaa in in Dark Souls?

>> No.35921278

I like it. Nice job. Time to monhun every living thing in Vosca.

>> No.35921288

Wait. A fucking Dunkey reference?


>> No.35921327

That doesn't look like Nausicaa, but it does look Ghibli.

>> No.35921475
File: 81 KB, 356x500, Hayao_Miyazaki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35921556

>Galt and Jimmy

>> No.35921627

100% accurate.

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What about this?

>> No.35921843


Think it's Risa from Ponyo.

>> No.35921999
File: 209 KB, 1024x768, monster_hunter_by_itsukichi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was, essentially, the idea yes. I'vew always loved the monster hunter franchise, and the idea of being capable of doing something similar in a Tabletop game is great.

>> No.35922082

What are the favoured weapons of the lochmen? I guess notIreland would have notGallowglass?

>> No.35923694

So, what problems do people currently have with the game, and how do you think it should be fixed?

>> No.35923853

There's a whole ton of problems we have with the game.

We can't do anything about it until 1.9.4 releases.

>> No.35924756

A simple cohesive language that easily dictates what is intended by the writer for the players to do.

>> No.35924838

There have been all sorts of sweeping changes since 1.9.3, don't try to start fixing shit when there are brand new problems on the horizon

>> No.35925583

But typically a standard language between all rules would steamroll a lot of the minor problems.

>> No.35925689

it's just one of those evils caused by the fact Opaque is a bunch of small cells of developers. So sometimes the right hand knows not what the left does

>> No.35926300

Jimmy Rome you already talked about homosexuals in the tattered realms. What about other sexual deviants like people into BDSM such as femdom? Are there any unique fetishes to the Tattered Realms? Do any humans fetishize elves or vice versa?

>> No.35926736


>> No.35926909

We already have an answer to humans fetishizing elves - The Zells, most prominently. Especially those with long ears.

>> No.35927055

>Wanting to be a slave of anyone but Genosus.

>> No.35927246

>all the doms have to wear a sun mask

>> No.35927664

Do you mean the audience, or is this an actual in-setting thing?

>> No.35927708

Well, we already know that humans and Zells fuck a lot, so...

>> No.35927740


Zells mate with everybody when they come to shore, because they're basically sailors.

/tg/ just sexualizes the fuck out of them.

>> No.35927756

In-setting. the female Zells even like to get their giggles by making humans think the long eared men (and therefore the oldest, as Zeel ears never stop growing) are the best in bed.

>> No.35927781

Jimmy mentioned that there's a stereotype that the longer a Zell's ears are, the better a toss in the hay they are. So it's actually canonical that people associate the Zells with sex.

The irony is, the men lose interest in sex as they age, whereas the women remain fertile forever, so the women started the rumor to troll the men.

>> No.35928183

promiscuous elves who communicate in guinea pig squeaks.

There's nothing not to like.

>> No.35929111

Jimmy, when are we going to get full blown monster rules. I can't sleep knowing I can't sic monsters on 13th century europeans.
Gashudokuro best skellington boss monster

>> No.35929229

I need stance info

Right now

>> No.35929243

Too bad.

>> No.35929267

give it to meeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.35929431

Here you go


>> No.35929825

Why can weak incorporeal undead be damaged in melee? And what happens to incorporeal undead of strength greater than Weak?
>Advanced Incoporeal Wheel Skeleton

>> No.35930717

It is.

>> No.35932141


>> No.35932185


Yeah, is definitely Risa.

Odd, if there was ever a Ghibli girl to put in armor I would've put my money on San.

>> No.35932194

If you cut off all of an undead's limbs and its head, it should be destroyed no matter what its remaining durability is.

>> No.35932782
File: 147 KB, 1826x462, Song of Swords - Dacian Zell Briefing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sex & Zells, the copypasta

>if there was ever a Ghibli girl to put in armor I would've put my money on San
Lady Eboshi lost an arm for our sins, you mongrel...

>> No.35932912

shouldve worn armor then

>> No.35932969

Any reason to repost that shitty pasta, friend?

>> No.35933015

I-I liked it....

>> No.35933048

I suppose the idea is that they're not wholly incorporeal, just partially so. Like a very heavy fog or a light liquid, if you will. A fast-moving projectile will just pass through before it even has the chance to cause much disturbance, but if you keep waving a larger weapon through their body for a prolonged period of time eventually it'll disturb it to the point where parts of it start to dissolve.

>> No.35933334
File: 3.51 MB, 3383x4500, MIYAZAKI_Princesa Kushana_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please, stop being blind, and open your hearts to your true armor-claded mistress and saviour, Princess Kushana of Tormekia.

>> No.35935246

Question: Deep draw cut says that you need a weapon with the draw quality, but then states that if it DOESN'T have the draw quality it gains draw 3?

Also, sabatons cost 5 SP and lamellar boots cost 10 SP. They weigh the same and obvs sabatons are better.

>> No.35936102

The part about normal weapons aquiring Draw 3 on a DDC is relatively new, so the requirement probably just hasn't been updated to match. Just assume the requirement instead says something along the lines of "a weapon that delivers cutting damage with a strike"

As for the other part, I suppose that's just kinda how it is. Some types of armor just weren't particularly good nor cheap compared to others, and were mostly used only because they were the best thing that was available at the time. Though I would agree that Lamellar as a whole could probably do with a slight boost in some way.

>> No.35937639

Weak undead should have a maneuver "Shuffle" or "Lurch" or something. Roll X at TN 5 and move a number of range increments equal to successes. Something like that at least, something to make the 3 CP things not stay at VL range because you have an urumi out and this magically prevents 3 zombies from inexorably moving towards you.

>> No.35938407

Range penalty means that attacker has to both avoid opponent's weapon and get closer to him and the enemy tries to stay at his optimal range. In RoS you could use Charge stance to get bonus dice for offensive maneuvers and pay for that range penalty.

>> No.35938752

>this magically prevents 3 zombies from inexorably moving towards you.
Walking backwards should be able to prevent that. It becomes a problem when there's a wall behind you.
So, maybe something akin to a terrain roll to avoid getting backed up against one?

>> No.35939580

I actually like that idea. If you're just a guy with a spear fighting one zombie, you can keep your distance easily enough just by hitting it over and over. But if there are two or more, they'll all Lurch, and you can only hit one, so the other two will close in bit by bit as you frantically try to beat them all away.

It's got a very Zombie-ish feel to it.

>> No.35940303

Yeah but any stun is going to ruin that attempt. Most level 1 or 2 wounds do 4 or more stun, that'll drain a zombie's 3 CP no problem. Especially if your attack is coming after their shamble.

>> No.35940461

>you can only hit one
Nope. That's why cleaving blow exists. But even without it you can do pretty well 1v2.
If you are fighting a weak zombie with a spear, you defeat one every time you attack. Average strength 4 plus 3 piercing damage is equal to the zombie's 7 toughness. Each BS you get will be a wound. You'd only need a level 2 to anywhere on the lower leg and he's probably going down, either from the wound or from over shock. 2 BS on a spear strike, even with TN 8, is pretty easy to get. Once the zombie's prone he's not a threat for at least a turn.
If the zombies had some kind of charge maneuver or offensive closing void then 1v3 could get pretty bad. More than that would be definitely scary.

>> No.35940481

Zombie Gambit
>When in Range: Make Attack
>Closing Void

All of these zombies able to grab or bite you do so.
All of the zombies at LL++ try to get closer.

If anything how NPC undead behave, how bandits of KaselReich behave to Dace bandits and etc etc should all be in a DM book somewhere.

>> No.35942356

I would watch this cartoon.

>> No.35942642

Its also quite silly that the typical Zombie will try and kick you before he tries to grab/eat you.

>> No.35943010

We'll need a general maneuver then, one that lets you close range without making an attack or closing void/stepping parry. One where an armored man or an undead can just walk right up to you. It's difficult for a plate armored knight to close range with a spearman because he has to both pay range costs and avoid getting hit.

>> No.35944053

[Lurch] Passive: If a Zombie possesses any dice in her combat pool during her action but is unable to declare an offensive maneuver she may instead close a number of reach steps equal to her current combat pool.

>> No.35944521

change this to "and".

I had considered a clause like "A Zombie is unable to lurch if they are the target in a bout but I think it makes sense to leave it up to the player hitting the zombie to keep it away.
Maybe include a "Zombie may close a number of reach steps towards her target equal to her current combat pool".
To further reduce confusion

>> No.35944598

>using ogl terms
>not using 'it', 'they', and 'their'

>> No.35945195

Why do they default to the feminine anyways?

>> No.35945338

I never realized that. I kind of like it actually. Makes me like the subjects more. I'd like to see more tits less dicks in general.

Too many dicks in my life...speaking of dicks where's the comic gone? Is it dead?

>> No.35945355

Counter-reaction to English's masculine bias. Although seeing a zombie referred to in the feminine is just fucking weird.

>> No.35945709

They is better. "She" is just as annoying as "he".

>> No.35945810


I typed she because phonetically it was more pleasant sounding. Sorry to offend your gender-neutral stance on life

>> No.35945993

Apology accepted.
It bugs me the hell out. "They" is just easier, and doesn't annoy anyone especially, so why not use it?

>> No.35946013

Because it's technically grammatically incorrect. They and Their are plural, so you shouldn't use them to refer to the singular.
However, fuck that, we need gender neutral pronouns that don't have negative connotations.

>> No.35946033

Also every one uses 'they' and 'their' to refer to the singular any way so it doesn't matter.

>> No.35946062

Yeah, I know about the grammar. But languages change. Remember Thy and Thou?

>> No.35946086

Oh, right, you said that.

>> No.35946470

>[Lurch] Passive: If a Zombie possesses any dice in their combat pool during their action and is unable to declare an offensive maneuver they may instead close a number of reach steps equal to their current combat pool.


>> No.35946754

[Lurch] Passive: If a Cihetero White MAle possesses any dice in Cishet combat pool during their Cishet action and is unable to declare an offensive Rape maneuver they may instead close a number of reach steps equal to their current Rape pool.

Keep your dignity, leave it at She

>> No.35946860

Just go with It. As a mindless entity, a zombie doesn't even have a gender identity.

>> No.35946911

>[Lurch] Passive: If a Zombie possesses any dice in its combat pool during their action and is unable to declare an offensive maneuver it may instead close a number of reach steps equal to its current combat pool.

>> No.35947095

>and is unable to declare
That's trouble #1 with it.
>close a number of reach steps equal to their current combat pool.
That's trouble #2.

A zombie who starts at Long is able to declare a kick with 1 die being rolled, so he can't use this Lurch. A zombie who starts at VL or further, and has initiative, will immediately close to Short. A zombie who starts at VL or further and doesn't have initiative will also close to Short, because he changes range immediately upon declaring the Lurch, but then will probably be shoved back to the attacker's range because the attacker's attack will resolve.

>> No.35947772

Not so bad.

I don't think Zombies should be able to declare a kick, should be hand range bites/scratches/clinches, maybe some sort of zombie maneuver of grabbing and biting.
And I think that's fine with pushing them back with your attack

>> No.35948090

So what material was previewed over Halloween, and what's coming down the pipe next?

>> No.35948336

Had some questions about The Riddle of Steel, over here >>35946956
and was advised to ask here. Anyone have any experience with TROS?

>> No.35948489

A lot of us started out with TROS, what did you want to know?

>> No.35948531

>I'm really curious about the Spiritual Attributes system, but I have a hard time picturing how you would run this as a GM, with the players attributes all aimed in different directions.

>This game seems like it made a splash back in the day, but I couldn't find any actual play reports to use as an example. Anyone have any experiences they would be willing to share?

How do you actually run the game when all of the players are pointing in different directions?

>> No.35948551
File: 138 KB, 500x500, rulesforundead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh nothing really.
Undead rules, (skeletons, variants and zombies) and Ascendant Human stuff. Someone else'll have to post them,I didn't save.

>> No.35948712

So that is difficult. One of the issues I had with TROS is that some things were super free form, in contrast to other things which were hyper rules-specific.

But, essentially I think it's important to have a talk with players before they create their characters, and as a GM offer advice for choosing their Spiritual Attributes. That way you can run your game with their Attributes in mind from the get-go.

What I used to do is tell my players the premise of the campaign, and various things or situations they could expect to encounter (without giving too much away of course), and made sure everyone could benefit, and no one would be left behind too far before we even started.

>> No.35949413

Wow, that thread went bitchy really quickly. From everyone.

>> No.35949486

Yeah. That happened. There must be a cosmic law that states no /tg thread can exist without D&D hate shitposting. I'm waiting to see how long it takes to turn into an edition war.

>> No.35949565

>[Lurch] Passive: If a Zombie possesses any dice in their combat pool during their action and is unable to declare an offensive maneuver it may instead close a number of reach steps equal to their current combat pool.
How's this? Singular, gender neutral.

>> No.35949567

Seems to already have, but between BotIR idiots and SoS idiots and the occasional RoS Grog.

Interested in RoS? Have you actually managed to assemble a group for it? It's a great game. I've never actually been able to make a character in it, though. Something about the book layout makes my brain shut off and go do something else. I really want to actually play it, though. I was here for the Galt fechts and fell in love back then, and I'd like to experience it in the original form before all the successor games are finished.

>> No.35949642

I think that's how things are generally phrased in SoS, actually. Along with refering directly to the player as 'you', which solves the same issue.

>> No.35949674

That's just the grammar. The maneuver itself is still unwieldy.

I agree, it's weird that a zombie's best and virtually only option is to kick. On second thought I do kind of like the idea that you have to attack to keep the zombie at bay, but I feel that's using a buried sort of side rule as a main mechanic. In most cases, you don't have an attack resolve without initiative. On one hand it's exactly how the system works and there's no question about it, but on the other it may feel like your players are just learning some rules loophole and are expected to use it as SOP against zombies. Maybe I'm worried over nothing.

Also this Lurch should probably not be usable while Prone, or have a reduced effect while Prone.

>> No.35949677

I've got one player who is interested, trying to con a second. If I can convince him to sit down and learn it, I'll be in business.

>I'd like to experience it in the original form before all the successor games are finished.
Same. Though after reading the other thread, I'm really curious what the Band of Bastard guys are cooking up.

>> No.35949711

We haven't heard anything at all from them, apart from that they're going fully historical and they have a kinda funky round system. I don't know if they've made any real progress since they changed their name. I'm interested, though. It's actually kinda cool that so many of these games are coming out at once

If Song of Swords ever comes out.

Where's our fucking update, Jimmy?

>> No.35949741

>Band of Bastard
This is my first time hearing about this.

>> No.35949743

>Also this Lurch should probably not be usable while Prone, or have a reduced effect while Prone
I dunno, the old legless zombie crawling after you, undaunted, is classic.

I like that lurch offers no protection at all, and zombies are ripe for splitting apart as they come at you, until you run into a big enough group to sap your CP.

>> No.35949806

>In most cases, you don't have an attack resolve without initiative.

Actually, that happens all the time with simultaneous maneuvers.

Fist the Defender gets enough successes to prevent significant damage (though in this version almost any damage is significant so that part is a bit harder to do now), but the attack still goes through and range changes.

Then the defender's attack connects, without initiative, and the range resets. It is a bit of a quirk I'll agree, but it is hardly a buried side rule.

>> No.35949880
File: 318 KB, 1258x901, BOB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're right, I forgot that a weak zombie's CP while prone is 1. I was thinking it was just 3. That makes it okay.

What I meant was it was rare when it wasn't occurring as part of a simultaneous maneuver.


>> No.35949893

> taking an editing break
> checking in on /TG when suddenly people are talking about my game

I hate to butt into Jimmy's thread, but since we are being spoken of, I would be happy to answer questions while I'm around. Should I make another thread?

>> No.35949925

I'd kill to play an original RoS game again. Well, not sure about Weyrth, but still.
Yeah, the folks that were originally making a RoS style ASOIAF game. Now they're taking it some other direction, but fingers are crossed that it goes well.

>> No.35949953

What is Band of Bastards?

>> No.35949963

Who are you
What is your game
Why should I care?

>> No.35949967


It seems obvious that you are a tRoS successor (and good on you for that, even if you aren't our Jimmy) but what are you aiming for and what do you feel you've accomplished?

>> No.35950016

What's your favorite kind of berry? Mine's Blackberry.

What's up with the wound wheel?

>> No.35950088

strawberry dominance

>> No.35950149


Moving discussion to >>35950128 so as not to clutter SoS's thread.

>> No.35951375

So, why should I pick this game instead of BoB?

>> No.35951433

Why should you play Call of Duty 4 instead of Call of Duty 86?
Because BoB's rules aren't released, we have no idea how good or bad it is. This game's been out and being worked on for over a year. None of us know how BoB works.

>> No.35951438

Sepsis and other deadly inflictions.
The setting

>> No.35951443

Well that happened!

>> No.35951485

Urumi lightsabers.

>> No.35951534

What happened?

>> No.35951579

What advantage does SoS have over Blades of the Iron throne?

>> No.35951646

There's three Riddle of Steel threads on /tg/ right now. This is a great day.

SoS uses only d10s. BotIT uses d6s and d12s. SoS has its own hired artists while BotIT – in its preview version – had a lot of stolen/traced art in it (as placeholders?). And uh, other than that it's not a case of better or worse, it's just different.

>> No.35951668

Bit odd to ask, but how is it different? Like, could you do me a favor and compare and contrast?


And wait, three tRoS threads? I only saw 2.

>> No.35951694

SoS, RoS and BoB

>> No.35951719

All we need is a BotIT thread and we'll have the complete set.

>> No.35951724
File: 14 KB, 500x333, 1379317096987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Band of Bastards guy. Didn't expect to ever see one of them around here.

We've got more weapons!
Oh, but they've got magic.
Ah, but we've got more races!
Oh, but they have rules for eating candy when you kill mooks.
Do-hoh, but we have our own art!
Oh, but they've already released...
Ahhhhh BUT, they use D12s!

Ok, that's my case.

>> No.35951725

I can't, because I don't have their rules. I glanced through them once. I know the action in Blade is supposed to be based around spotlighting one character, having them do a cool thing, then going to the next character. I also know their attack locations are basically the same as Riddle of Steel's. That's all I can say one way or the other on it.

BoB needs to rename itself Tales of Steel.

RoS, SoS, ToS, and BotIT.

>> No.35951742

There are even more obscure RoS successors actually

>> No.35951757

What, seriously? How many of these things are there? Three games in a very niche market is already ridiculous.

>> No.35951777

LoS, NoS, and EoS.

>> No.35951788

There's a lot of people who really, really like mutilating characters in a very specific way, I guess.

Or there's only a handful of people and they're certain that they can do it better then the two other guys in the niche.

>> No.35951799

What do those stand for?

>> No.35951805

> Band of Bastards guy. Didn't expect to ever see one of them around here.
Two of the three of us spend quite a bit of time on /tg, actually. We're even running a campaign with relatively nice gentlemen we recruited out of gamefinder.

my ability to hang out on 4chan is largely dictated by how busy I am doing everything else.

Sorry to hijack your thread, even if only briefly.

>> No.35951828

EoS is Enigma of Steel

>> No.35951830
File: 163 KB, 1278x654, 20140827205013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35951835
File: 70 KB, 500x414, 1388782460538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's news to me. Fill us in m8.

Hey, when people are interested in talking about your game, it's only right that you fill them in.

>> No.35951851

Well, I say just keep doing your thing, while BoIT does its thing and Jimmy and Co. does their thing.

When you all do your thing, I'll take all the good ideas and make my own game, the Codex of Fighters!

>> No.35951864

Jimmy, it's perfect opportunity for a fecht between dev teams.

>> No.35951867


>> No.35951876
File: 975 KB, 720x1012, card_example2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For anyone interested, I'm about to give a tutorial game of Audatia in the roll20 room.

>> No.35951973

> Well, I say just keep doing your thing, while BoIT does its thing and Jimmy and Co. does their thing.
Yeah, honestly - despite outward similarities, I don't see our games really competing. Song of Swords isn't really competing with BoTIT because BoTIT is essentially a retroclone and SoS is doing it's own thing. 'Bastards doesn't really compete with SoS because our design goals are very different, and in a lot of ways we're going after different experiences.

> Jimmy, it's perfect opportunity for a fecht between dev teams.
That would be interesting. I do some HEMA stuff, and I know Higgins does that crazy russian full-contact armor nonsense. Would be a hilarious cross-promotional gimmick.

It's a shame the BoTIT guys are located out of Austria, or we could get them in on it too.

>> No.35951989



Why didn't you do that pander to us jummy and become stonk

>> No.35952002

>crazy russian full-contact armor
BotN or ACL? That shit's fun.

>> No.35952047
File: 76 KB, 476x399, 1393388940604.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It should be a $10,000 stretch goal. We'll all get on a plane and go beat the shit out of each other in Brisbane. Whoever dies of Heat Exhaustion last wins.

Maybe we'll have something similar when we get further into terrain rules and stuff like that. We had planned on having fights automatically start at shorter reach than normal in tight areas, which would incentivize the use of shorter weapons to avoid penalties.

Mostly we want to make Trench Knife Dwarves reasonable within the system.

>> No.35952093
File: 511 KB, 1620x1080, estonianfightclub.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Why didn't you do that pander to us jummy and become stonk
[[Pander Intensifies]]
> It should be a $10,000 stretch goal.
I actually wonder how much that would cost. It would be a first, anyway. I can't say I know of any other instance of game devs beating the hell out of each other as a promotional event.

> BotN or ACL? That shit's fun.
Honestly, I can't even remember. Pic related, Higgins is on the left side of the screen.

>> No.35952155

Part of the problem with long weapons is, well, imagine swinging a Zweihander or even a Pallash around in a corridor just barely big enough to fit two people at once. Imagine how often you'd bang it on the walls and ceiling. Imagine how mmuch that would screw you up.

I own a 5'1 sword. I have to take incredible care when carrying it around my house to avoid smacking everything. My ceiling is between 9 and 13 feet high. I have gouged several chunks just by carrying it. I think there are maybe 3 places I could swing it and not hit a wall.

>> No.35952223

Jimmy since your here, did you see the requests for giving examples of Silver Guard divinity distribution?

>> No.35952252

You say that Silver Guard may get 1 to 5 Divinity for doing things. We need examples of what's worth each level of Divinity.


>> No.35952264

Of course, Bones pointed out to me too, it's something we set out to fix immediately. Figured we'd just give it to you when we released a micro-update of the ascendants.

>> No.35952306

When's 1.9.4

>> No.35952324
File: 219 KB, 1024x768, sartur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>micro-update of the ascendants.
my mortal vessel is prepared.

>> No.35952559

Per higgins, BotN, just for the record.

>> No.35952655

Oh you know. Soon.

It's gonna be good.

>> No.35953600

>LoS, NoS, and EoS.
>EoS is Enigma of Steel
Alright, I'm genuinely curious. Is Engima of Steel something someone is actually working on currently? Because we used that as a working title for a long time back on the trosfans forum.

I'd love to know what LoS and NoS are as well.

>> No.35953917

Speaking of ascendants, would you mind telling a bit about the particulars of Dessianism when you have the time? Afaik we don't really know all that much about their religious practices or what they consider virtues/sins, religiously speaking.

>> No.35953937
File: 64 KB, 960x540, Totally not a long-form army ad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Call of Dutay
I know this is pretty offtopic, but I recently stumbled upon this and just had to share. Jesus fucking christ this series went downhill in a hurry.

>> No.35953977

I lost interest after I heard Ghosts was going to be future warfare shit, and Advanced Warfare is even more futury than that, so I don't even care.

>> No.35954016

Ghosts really isn't all that futurey, Black Ops 2 to is more futurey than Ghosts, but less so than AW.

>> No.35954041

That is something we can go in reasonably soon. I'm working on something very important right now, but I will absolutely see to it that we get some lore on that ASAP.

B-but this one has Gary Oldman in it
Wait, does it? I can't even remember if it's him or Kevin Spacey anymore.

Black Ops and even Black Ops 2 were the last ones I really enjoyed. I liked Viktor Reznov, and because they were so willing to do this Action Movie stuff like underwater Soviet submarine base and insane poetry-quoting Spanish Cult Leader stuff while also portraying Jonas Savimbi and Noriega, it just felt so campy and 80s that I loved it.

But even as I loved it, I just knew that it was going to start sucking. Modern Warfare started sucking a while ago, and it hasn't let up at all. It's really depressing.

>> No.35954053

Coincidentally, near future light sci-fi is completely my shit, but for me the problem is that it's dragged down by, well, everything else. Gotta have to wait for Battlefield: 2143, if that'll ever happen.

>> No.35954132
File: 93 KB, 929x693, 1391177690133.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So. I just found out about SoS. Can someone explain in detail what it is, what all is apart of it, and why it is a thing that requires all of the above?

>> No.35954147

Personally, I loved the shit out of Modern Warfare, but mostly because I was able to comfortably shift my expectations from "reasonably realistic wartime FPS in the modern world" to "hilariously over the top action movie FPS". Wasn't ideal, but I still managed to get a satisfying amount of entertainment out of all three. (It helped that MW3 actually toned back the BLOODY SCREEN SO REAL effect)

>> No.35954175

Jimmy, do you watch Easton's videos?

>> No.35954186

Of course. And Lindybeige's. And even Skallalalala's. I mean, how much fechty stuff is there on the youtube these days?

>> No.35954192

It's a tabletop RPG system inspired by the old Riddle of Steel system. The main focus lies in a detailed and reasonably realistic, yet also fast-paced and dynamic combat system. It's currently in beta, so there are all sorts of working documents or fanmade gap-filling measures floating around. The 1.9.2 version of the rules listed in the OP is the most complete/comprehensive one and probably a good way to get your bearings on the whole thing. 1.9.3 mostly includes a number of smaller rule changes to assorted statistics and combat maneuvers.
Another focus is being able to kit out your character in a huge variety of arms and armor in great detail, allowing you to recreate historical loadouts from back in antiquity all the way to the early modern period.

Damn, for this reason exactly every time I make one of the threads thread I try to add a somewhat more detailed introduction to the copypaste, but without fail a few threads later it's gone again

>> No.35954204


>> No.35954209
File: 79 KB, 1840x220, Song of Swords - Dwarf fightin'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Trench Knife Dwarves

For further info, reference to pic.

>> No.35954248

Eh, he's not all bad. Yes, he gets things wrong on occasion, but generally when he's just speculating he prefaces it as such. More importantly though, his videos tend to be actually entertaining and engaging, as well as short and to the point. They're good at getting even laypeople interested in the topics, and in motivating them to keep learning more about them. That alone is a pretty valuable service.

>> No.35954259

Lindybeige as a gateway drug?

>> No.35954267

I don't take the man's word as gospel, but I like him. He's funny, and he's passionate about cool stuff.

>> No.35954281

I make it a point not to take either his word or even Easton's word as total gospel, really. I enjoy his movie reviews though.

>> No.35954289

Man, he fuckin hated Ironside.

I'll tell you what though, I actually liked that one. I mean it was shlock, but the scene where he armored up and got the absolute crap beaten out of him, but still survived because of his armor, was really cool. It's the sort of thing that very few other films go out of their way to portray.

On the other hand the outfits, particularly the leather bondage gear stuff, was just flabbergastingly bad.

>> No.35954292

Hey, I'm an Englishman, and seeing my country as the universe's whipping boy is pretty annoying because MUH IMPERIALISM.

Is there any hope for them? Do they not suck in something (except for things which most people would call a form of sucking, like having loads of poorly trained soldiers). I know about that monster hunting order, but is there anything for them to be internationally proud of?

>> No.35954297

Sorry, I'm talking about the Krajini.

>> No.35954305

Duck Englanf

>> No.35954332

I disliked how they kept lowering the number of people inside the castle. I think historically it was about ~100 knights plus retainers holding out against the approaching army, which is pretty damn impressive in the first place. But for the movie they scaled that down even more until it was maybe 20 dudes, including the faceless redshirts who got mown down in the first attack. At that point it became a bit difficult to keep up the suspension of disbelief, when the entire thing could have been solved by the attacker just getting the bright idea to put up ladders against more than one single wall. Or to just walk past the castle, because those dozen people wouldn't be a particular risk even if left free to roam at their rear.

>> No.35954338

Of course. We haven't elaborated on it yet, but the Krajina's chief interest is precisely the conflict between the ruling class (Osterbs) and the subjugated class (Albishmen) who are chafing under their rule.

When this happened with the Normans and the Anglo-Saxons, the Normans gradually resolved it by assimilating into the native culture and thus easing the tensions.

The Osterbs who rule the Krajina are refusing to do that, and this is why their society is constantly on the verge of civil war. The Albish are the protagonists in these inevitable conflicts, to try and retake their country from foreign aggression.

Everyone likes the plucky underdogs fighting back against foreign tyrants. And look, they have longbows! Now everyone's happy.

>> No.35954364

>not immediately raped to death by longbow ambushes

How are they in charge again?

>> No.35954394

Ah. So it's the Albishmen who are the focus for this. Is that why Krajina is so weak; to allow PCs to start the civil war if they want to?

>> No.35954413


Fabulous uniforms and Zell bitches.

>> No.35954431

I feel as though this has been covered, but how would the Clachmen feel about Albish revolts? On the one hand, they hate them limey fuckers, but on the other do they have a sense of slivers pride world wide sorta thing?

>> No.35954443
File: 44 KB, 420x315, snidely_whiplash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me, Albishman, how will you fashion your bows and arrows...when you have no trees?! Hnya hnya hnya!

>> No.35954461
File: 136 KB, 493x750, JPEG Image (208007).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I giggled like a bitch.

>> No.35954465

Oh, wow, and their fencing schools are A. extremely influential and B. revolve around weapons that a peasant could afford. And nearly every Albishman can fight. Why did I not see this sooner.

>> No.35954542

Divide and Conquer, and Yew genocide. They did everything in their power to destroy the culture of archery in Albion before it had a chance to really form. Since then they've been pitting the local factions of the Albish against each other while they struggle to consolidate their power in the face of the perpetual threat of war with Clachland, Galli, or other powers.

Ultimately they've got to be the protagonists of the inevitable conflict. There are tons of potential for PC involvement.

-The PCs are unaligned outsiders who just want to make a profit smuggling yew or dealing with threads.
-The PCs are Unkindlies, hunting monsters while trying not to get involved in the politics. Their organization is inclusive, so they've got a lot of conflicting interests that they have to keep under control.
-PCs are Albish rebels, shootin' Slavs, stealing goooold, giving to the poor, etc.
-PCs are Albish collaborators, trying to keep a civil war from happening because of loyalty to the establishment, personal interest, fear of Clachmen, etc.
-PCs are Osterbs who sympathize with the natives and think that by helping them now they can come out ahead later.
-PCs are sneering imperialist Osterbs who are determined to keep their shiny jackboot firmly on the Sliver neck for as long as possible.

>> No.35954730

Are there any big Genosian heresies?

>> No.35954783

Stop posting our art early Bones!

>> No.35956016

Don't forget the historical games, Jimmy. I like the fantasy setting. I run the fantasy setting. But right now the entire book only talks about the fantasy setting. And I need validation on the historical side.

>> No.35956092

Speaking of historical, Eastons latest video talked about 15th century armor.

>> No.35956176

I saw. Interesting stuff, as always.

Right now, are we using brigandine to represent Coats of Plates, or should there be a separate stat line for them? I can't imagine there would actually be all that much of a difference in protection.

>> No.35956266

Yeah, depending on the particular makeup, either brigandine or lamellar would be a sufficiently close approximitation.

>> No.35956322

What exactly is the difference between brigandine and Coat of Plates? How it's constructed? The size of the plates?

>> No.35956397

From the way it looks like, the two terms have significant overlap, and the same individual piece of armor might well be described as either depending on time and location. The way I understand it, a coat of plate trends more towards larger, rectangular plates that are arrayed more side-by-side, whereas a brigandine has more overlap and shape of the plates tends to vary more depending on their location.

>> No.35956579

>the two terms have significant overlap
I hope you're sorry.

>> No.35956884

An actual history book could cover any period you're interested in with more depth and breadth than Opaque could. Page count is better used with original material than a regurgitated history lecture.

>> No.35956941

I know right now they're going with both, and I remember Jimmy saying that originally the Fantasy stuff was a side tbing. Fantasy is just a big focus right now because it sells well in Kickstarters along with setting guides as separate books for people that don't give a shit about the game, and it's surprisingly popular. I agree with the guy, though. It's both historical and low fantasy, and both need to have some representation.

>> No.35958283

>Rather than having several dozen free-floating entries, many maneuvers are linked together by a mechanic we’ve been referring to as Augmentations, allowing a player to group things together by more thematic associations. Through this method, more specialized attacks like Wraps or Draw Cuts are both listed as a kind of upgrade to the Swing maneuver, allowing the purpose of the attack to be augmented at the cost of a die from their combat pool. This arrangement keeps “maneuver management” to a bare minimum, while sacrificing nothing in terms of flexibility.

Why are we not doing this?

>> No.35958365

Who is doing that?

>> No.35959065

I can't really think of a way to implement something like this with the current maneuvery that would really save all that much space. At best you might cut out the parts detailing the requirements and TNs, but the everything detailing the effects, special rules, and superior versions would still need to be there. Besides, a fair few maneuvers aren't really suited to that kind of thing. Sure, Deep Draw Cut or Joint Thrust could be used well as extensions for Strike and Thrust, respectively. But with stuff like Butt Strike, Weapon Throw, Disarm, Trip, Steal Initiative, Feint, essentially everything related to wrasslin, etc. that all diverge so significantly from any standard maneuvers that you would have to retain their full text anyways.
Also, one advantage of the current system is that when looking at a maneuver entry, you generally have all necessary information listed right there in one single location, which is something that a linked system might weaken.

>> No.35959168

>Butt Strike
Isn't it just a Thrust that deals weak Bludgeoning damage? Maneuvers like that adds diversity and sense of plausability but they aren't that different from standard actions, which is a good thing.

>> No.35959247
File: 64 KB, 564x142, I refuse to make a butt-related pun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah, that's pommel strike. Butt strike is...weird. It's probably gonna have to be reworks, since as of right now it's just too expensive and situational relative to the possible pay-off, but it could turn into something pretty interesting.

>> No.35960258

Look at that, a Butt-Strike for ants.

>> No.35960287
File: 1.85 MB, 500x280, e0fKO9H.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anybody happen to have that profile of the steel facemask lying around? I'm currently uparmoring a samurai-type character, and that thing would obviously fit the bill perfectly.

>> No.35960762
File: 6 KB, 629x51, Mask 10-22-2014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.35960800
File: 993 KB, 250x141, kane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw yiss, exactly the .5 weight I still have room for. Much obliged!

>> No.35960813

Enjoy getting joint thrusted in the face.

>> No.35961057

The Joint Thrust maneuver still says you roll location so its possible your very careful stab to his face just slides off his helmet

>> No.35961149
File: 59 KB, 200x280, The original beakies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, it keeps my face safe and my eyes clear while I feather dudes with arrows from afar. Besides, it's a small price to pay for looking bitching.

>> No.35961837

And they laughed when I put a Custom Hilt on a Bowie Knife.

>> No.35962053

>The Joint Thrust maneuver still says you roll location
No it doesn't. You're not still using 1.9.3's joint thrust, are you? After all the times the new one has been posted?

>> No.35962096

Eh, it's understandable, there are so many one-off documents and pictures flying around. For reference, here's the more current Joint Thrust, as well as the most recent (I think?) iteration of the armor list, featuring weak points and increased weights for most leg armors.

>> No.35964353

Band of Bastards.

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