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Cont'd from >>35746137

Touch her ears to drive her wild.

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fluffy tails are better

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Touch fluffy tail vs touch pointy ear.
Why not just touch fluffy ear?

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>Touch her ears to drive her wild.
For some reason this made me think of that Evony thing.

>Touch her ears, my lord!

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Now I'm imagining longear-on-shortear violence. Racist elves are hilarious.

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That's an old one. Looks like their marketing scheme didn't change much.

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That was just the filename on Google.

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My elves were superior beings from another dimension engaged in a perpetual state of cold war or active conflict with their villainous rival elves from another dimension.

They had magical Space Tech stuff. It was pretty hype.

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Congratulations, you invented Vulcans.

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I thought Vulcans used Science Space Tech stuff.

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Reminds me of the dark elves from that latest Thor film, with all their stone ships and laser guns, and terrifying black hole grenades

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I liked comics Malekith & pals better. Magic and Wild Hunts > Space Lasers, imo

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Yeah, it was a bit like that, plus delicious Fourth World for the whole Dichotomy of Powerful Dudes trying to dick each other through the ages thing.

Muh Tiger-Force at the core of all things!

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But that's simply not accurate. Simply making suicide /more inconvenient/ is sufficient to reduce a large percentage of suicides. For example, take Britain. Most ovens in Britain were powered by coal gas, so you could commit suicide simply by sticking your head in the oven and turning the gas on. This method accounted for half of all British suicides.
You know what happened when Britain phased out goal gas in the 70s? Those people didn't start committing suicide by pills or hanging or jumping in front of buses. They just... didn't commit suicide. The total number of suicides in Britain dropped by a third after coal gas was phased out, and it's stayed at that level ever since.
Similar effects have been found elsewhere; erecting a fence across a bridge is sufficient to reduce total suicides. They don't go to another bridge and jump from there. They just don't jump. The fence doesn't even have to be particularly tall!
So, no. If you take away someone's gun, they're just as likely to not commit suicide at all as to reach for the pills.
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/06/magazine/06suicide-t.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
Sorry, just couldn't let it pass.

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It's time to go outside for a while, anon.

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>implying that you shouldn't just let those people out of the genepool
Sorry, anon, but humanity is stronger without them.

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Taking away guns differs in a very profound way: it's infringing upon a right. Reduction of suicides or not, safety does not justify a reduction of liberty.

Not that I think they should just be handed out. A basic screening for an FOID should be done, and include a psychological eval (though this is even debatable, depending on how much one trusts a government to be fair).

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I recognize that. I was just responding to his specific assertion that the method of suicide makes no difference to the rate at which suicide is attempted.

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Hardly. Touch Pointy Ear is far better, simply because it works on everyone, even Non-Pointy Ear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_3vmKm3d2Q

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Better to trust a government body than a private body. They are regularly bought out.

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Not John Dee though

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Which one of these pointy ears would win in a fight?

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What the shit

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It's a batman vs. superman kind of fight. Jak has all these superpowers but Link would find his one weakness in a treasure chest and exploit it. So Link.

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>Better to trust a government body than a private body. They are regularly bought out.
Which country do you live in, if I may ask?

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>Link is Elf-Batman

I like it

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The analogy isn't entirely accurate. Link finds the enemies weakness hidden in his very lair, probably in some supposedly cunning plan to keep it "safe".

Batman pulls the enemies weakness right out of his ass.

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Considering the government ruled that the government doesn't have to do its job, I'd call your claim into serious question.

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The pointiest, obviously.

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So essentially, what you're saying is that Link is a little bit BETTER than Batman?

Once again, anything you can do, Elves can do better. Not that it's really hard to be better-written than Batman.

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magic is illogical

see this anon:

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are you actually suggesting that we ban guns, simply because we need to protect suicidal people from themselves?

do you not realize that the incredibly important role of an armed populace far outweighs the relative societal loss of a few more people that want to kill themselves anyways? Who even has the right to tell someone that they can't even end their own life? I am not government property.

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>this is even debatable
yes anon, we do have to be careful of attempting to use pseudo mental diagnoses as a justification to deprive people of their liberties. if you read your history, the soviets did just this to send any problematic political enemies to siberia. You can oppress a lot of people if you put it in the right wrapper.

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>better-written than Batman
Have you ever read The Killing Joke, Under the Hood, Death of the Family, Batman Year One, The Court of Owls, The Dark Knight Returns?

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Overhyped, complete bullocks, only okay, COMPLETE SHIT, lame, and derivative?

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>the incredibly important role of an armed populace
And what is this role you speak of? Endangering themselves? Because it's certainly not guaranteeing freedom from tyranny, since all the guns in the world aren't going to save you from a drone strike.

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>Posting naked head genitals
Dude, this is a blue board.

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You think the dark knight returns is derivative? Of what, pray tell?

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nightmare before christmas

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Why not touch fluffy pointy ear.

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You really don't understand how anything works, do you?

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>people need to be protected from themselves
confirmed nanny-stater idiot man-child that can't take care of himself.

Any government that even pretends to have its people's interests at heart would not launch airstrikes against them. Doing so would instantly radicalize even the most neutral of citizens against them, and the entire international community. Look at how many friends Assad has.

So long as the populace is armed, the government must always make at least the appearance of representative rule in the people's interests or they will have armed action against them. A well-armed populace is also a nearly guaranteed trump card against any invasion or occupation. Nationalist insurgency defenses are extremely effective against all but the most ruthless campaigns.

But by all means, throw out the very foundation of liberal western society of the self-determined man, just to save a few easily demotivated suicidal betas. Maybe you should consider buying a gun yourself.

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Are you poorly trolling, or just really confused?

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>the very foundation of liberal western society of the self-determined man
You realise that places other than AMURRICCA! exist right? You upstart colonials aren't the foundation of shit.
Also, everything else you said is also laughably wrong.

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Back to /pol/ where you belong. If you really get hard over a society where the armed local population has any chance of threatening the government, you're not fantasizing about America, you're fantasizing about Afghanistan.

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Sounds like someone is angry they aren't an American.

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only you know what is best for you is the very foundation of liberal thought.
it is the justification for self-government
the idea that the government needs to step in and protect the average person from themselves is inherently contradictory with this doctrine.
It falls directly under the communist school of thought that people need to be re-educated to be more in tune with the correct way of being human.

you are a fucking moron and you don't even know it.

Read some goddamn Locke (aka the liberalism guy) and come back.

you too are an idiot. the entire point is that the government has to always think doubly twice before acting in any way that might be seen as threatening the liberty of the individual, because that group of individuals is armed and willing to defend themselves.

No one is saying that a few hundred guys with shotguns can take on the US military. What we're saying is that, because they have shotguns, they don't have to

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Given that anything severe enough to cause an armed uprising in the US is also going to be seeing national guard and other military units defecting once pushed, I don't really see what your argument against that is. Especially since guerilla warfare has been the single most prevalent and successful form worldwide over the past 60 years.

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>anon believes in liberal self-determination
>back to /pol/

you are a moron.

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because she will beat my ass and rape it with her boots.

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Well, my apologies then. (I'm the poster you originally replied to.)

Thanks for the link.

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>since all the guns in the world aren't going to save you from a drone strike.

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>Tiger Force

For a second I thought somebody else on /tg/ had played Gunstar Heroes.

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Can't believe nobody has posted this yet.

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I thought this would be an elf porn thread, not a gun control thread.

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we can still have an elf thread

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What is this? A picture for ants?

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>the strongest erogenous zone of an elf is the ears

hah, think again

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>unkempt pits
Elves don't have body hair.

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who else would want to control your guns, but the liberal asshole elves.

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they do.

Because you know you want a bearded what-ever the fuck elf.

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a popular misconception perpetuated as truth by elven vanity

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god this is weird.
what degenerate fetishist drew this?

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Your rump-flusteration matches her facial expression perfectly. How cute.

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L Shindo, for a LN

Danes C. Asrielダネス・C・アズリエル
Hair Short, White
Eyes Amber
Body E+ Cup, Inverted Nipples, Unnatural Tone, Young-adult
Clothes Armband, Gloves, Military Uniform, Necktie, Shorts, Tank Top
Personality Arrogant, Stubborn
Role Commander, Elf, Prostitute
Subject of Confinement, Mind Control, Rape, Slavery
Sexual Ahegao, Anal Sex, Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Dual Fellatio, Fellatio, Footjob, Group Sex, Mammary Intercourse, Masturbation, Standing, Virgin Sex
Visual novels Main character - Ryoshuu Shijou ~Wana ni Hamerareta Elf no Joshoukou~
Darkelf and eldest child of the exiled from the Empire ex-knightly family Asriel. Front line commander of the Allied army.

me thinks Anon was just asking for sauce in an obtuse way

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Man the only thing that annoyed the shit out of me in that game was that you didn't have the last elf sucking you off in the final scene. Like, amazing overturn of the girl, but no dominant sexual humiliation of her to finish it off.

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Corollary, it's not rape if it's an elf.

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That's only if they're french elves.

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Bestiality is best-iality.

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...Yes, and?

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...i just realized..

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I have a question aboult elves and it would be a waste to open a new thread only to ask this.

Does elven society have beggars, poor people and such?

I know it will depend on the setting but in the classic ones (D&D, LOTR) and in most generic settings elves have nobility and commoners, but I always wondered if between the peasants there are beggars, lepers...useless people for their society in general or people who can't find a job and has money problems, or are elves territory an utopy with the most low caste is the worker one?

>> No.35789599

>elf lepers

We call them humans.

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Sagat is the avatar.

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Shameless bumpt to my question.

>> No.35790409

>Does elven society have beggars, poor people and such?

They wouldnt tolerate it.

Now elven beggars and poor in OTHER societies are more likely.

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Elves that can't cut it in human society wind up hanging around with humans, natch.

>> No.35790438

Why are their ears so small?

>> No.35790456

Bitch, you are like eight feet tall. Everyone's ears are small to you.

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What crazy world has giant elves?

>> No.35791349


In LOTR no there are no poor elves. There's only lesser elf nobility, greater elf nobility, the maiar (Sauron), and the valar (Morgoth). The last two aren't strictly elves, they just looked like them.

Just endless chain of cadet houses.

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WarCraft. Night elf bitches are fucking amazonian, man.

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to everyone in this thread debating gun control:
greetings from Switzerland; fuck the gungrabbers.
That is all.
Go on discussing about touching pointy ears.

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God bless you, you magnificent Swiss bastard.

>> No.35791624

I thought it was going to be the black guy one

>> No.35791675

Can't I feed her instead

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And that's why it's not murder when it's mon'keigh, it's just hunt for fun. And not rape when it's mon'keigh, just, you know, zooerastia.

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>> No.35792464

I think too many people here have been trash-talked to on LIVE and PSN.

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No, because Elves believe in helping each other and such.

They simply wouldn't allow beggars or homeless to exist; they would be assimilated into a home and become part of a family if they had no family of their own.

>> No.35793860

So what you're saying is that Gnoll women are best girls?

>> No.35793897

Did she get stabbed in the ovaries or what's up with those scars?

>> No.35793926

Lamasthu clerics so possibly. Or something stabbed out of her ovaries.

>> No.35794090

Actually I'm thinking it was the results of a C-section surgery, considering how difficult pregnancies are for normal hyenas.

>> No.35794434

>C-section surgery
Those scars look different.

>> No.35794494

>cosplaying hentai

>> No.35796196

Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

>> No.35797145

In the case of wood elves/ wild elves, Its a tribal thing. And the poorest man in a village is simply the worst hunter. Complete Dead weight to the clan tends to die in hunting accidents, Sent off to a corner out of sight and out of mind, or exiled.

In High elf society, still no. Depending on your setting it might be just because elves are to noble and carring and just and - blah blah blah evles are better than every one else- to let their be other poor elves.
But I always like to depict it as a sort of elven natural selection, Forcibly removing/ Exileing unwanted and 'unworthy' editions to elven society.
So basically, My point is High elves are nazis. And that's why their are no Autistic elves, Sickly elves, Jewish elves, or outspoken elves that openly question or speak against the regime.

... Their are poor and sick drow though. Drow are some seriously down-trodden motherfuckers.

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>> No.35798163


Is the low elf fertility rate not so much because of the actual fertility but because the elves drown/abort all of the potentially retarded babies?
Or drop them off in human cities as half-elf orphans.

>> No.35798537

thats her other leg through the short right?

>> No.35798571


We're talking about earplay?

>> No.35798700

Naw, it's her penis.

>> No.35799366

Yes. I think she's nopan. You can see one of her nipples.

>> No.35799734

it actually looks more like a testicle

>> No.35801710

Welcome to /tg/ we hope you enjoy your stay.

>> No.35801875

Problem, nerd?

>> No.35802311

>muh right to bare arms

>> No.35802356

And you'd love it, wouldn't you, you filthy slut.

>> No.35802499

She's wearing the traditional male /v/tard attire, an a-shirt and boxers.

>> No.35804570

Is that what a /v/irgin looks like? I've always wondered.

>> No.35804866

/v/irgins look like hot elf girls? Huh. Who'd've thunk it?

>> No.35805003

That appears to be Prishe from FFXI. She appears to be teenage, but is very old. Makes even more sense.

>> No.35805135

Gunstar Heroes was the best. Super difficult as a kid though.

>> No.35808252

It's both anon.

Here's a question, if Elven societies are largely egalitarian, would they also tend to be libertarian, and where would they stand on the issue of gun control?

From what's being said here I'm inferring Elf on Elf violence (can we please get a moment of silence) is so rare in these communities that it's basically a non-issue. Which makes sense considering the innate magical talent of Elvish kind giving so many of them the capacity to blow up a building on a whim, but I could also see them being total commies about it and completely ban them (looking at you High Elf Nazis).

>> No.35808425

Elves are kind of individualistic communists... Each elf is encouraged to take the time to find whatever they are best at and perfect it, but then use those skills to better the community. They value their privacy and freedom but also will support their neighbor (elf neighbors at least) if they need it.

This is mostly because due to their slow birth rate and long lifespans you've got a stereotypical small town community on steroids. The elf archmage? If you're a young elf he knew your great, great, great grandparents. You should know, they all play cards together each Saturday.

As for gun control, every elf is expected to learn how to use a weapon and maintain one to defend the community. However unless an elf was hunting, on guard duty, or there was an expectation of danger he wouldn't be carrying one.

>> No.35808631

So...the Elves are all Swiss?

It was my understanding they were Finnish.

>> No.35808649

Looks like inner thigh to me, yes.

>> No.35808658

Nah. That's just the crazy third cousin who was visiting then decided to never leave.

They would ask her to leave, but she raped the last 2 people who tried.

>> No.35808671

All elves must be armed to contest the will of the Dark Lord and his demonic servants

>> No.35809599

You have a constitutional right to join a regulated militia that has access to weapons.
This has been interpreted for years as "a right to bear arms" but there is no such thing in the constitution.
This is just as silly as people saying that bribing politicians is free speech and thus constitutional.

>> No.35809864

The text reads, "the right of the people," not, "the right of the militia," nor, "the right of the National Guard." Read critically and break down the language into its respective operators.

What is the right? To keep and bear arms.

Whose right is it? The people's.

Why is it necessary? For the security of a free state.

Insofar as a militia is concerned, sour grapes; District of Columbia v. Heller (2008) ruled that the right is unconnected with service in a militia.

>> No.35809897

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that her people have no concept of overstaying your welcome or freeloading.

Or rape. But I suppose that goes without saying.

>> No.35811011

Indeed, anon. Indeed.

>> No.35811071

>life is hard for chocolate elves
Yes, it must be such a burden to be cursed with the devotion and adoration of lonely neckbeards everywhere.

>> No.35811106


>> No.35811180



>> No.35811280

Then how do you think you could even touch or silky smooth ears, silly human!

Return once you have gains to prove your worth.

>> No.35812120

Someone else finally understands...

>> No.35815051

It's okay, Anon. Some people don't keep up with the law.

They just hate freedom that much.

>> No.35815159

Even if you decided to go with only the militia being allowed to own firearms, the Supreme Court ruled a while back that the militia was divided into the organized militia(the state militias) and the unorganized militia(basically every male between 18 and 43). They also ruled that parading was not a right the unorganized militia had, but that's just a footnote of the case.

>> No.35815377

>only a nerd would find something weird in cosplaying pornos

>> No.35818019

You're damn right, you fucking nerd

>> No.35820908

Not all of us live in muzzie shitholes where sucking turk dick is a mandatory part of the day.

>implying the government should deny people of their right to bear arms OR their right to end their life on their own terms cleanly, easily, and cheaply

Fuck off.

>> No.35820928

Trust neither.

>> No.35820965

The Supreme Court of the United States and the private correspondences of the founding fathers disagrees with your objectively incorrect understanding of the Second Amendment.

To early understanding, all the citizenry were the militia and they all had the right to bear arms.

>> No.35821159

what forest activity would require such mass?

>> No.35821241

Wrestling grizzly bears? (Or worse things, depending on how fantastical the forest is.)

>> No.35821294


>> No.35821795

but they are one with nature
woodland creatures suckle from their bosoms, proverbially

>> No.35822362

>one with nature
Nature is the circle of life. If they are truly one with nature it means they get eaten by something bigger.

>> No.35822803


>> No.35822855

Unless they're the top of the chain, in which case they stay on top until they die of age.

>> No.35822874


>> No.35823168

what's /d/ about a couple of elves hugging?

>> No.35823219

snu snu

>> No.35823319

Late, but I just had to tell you you're wrong.

>> No.35823390

What's it called when you get off to animals fucking?
I'm not sure but I know it belongs on /d/.

>> No.35823785

By what objective standard?

>> No.35823849

meant to reply to

My bad.

>> No.35823850

oh shit nigger dont put this shit up im trying to read no fap

>> No.35824178

You mean you meant to reply to >>35809599

>> No.35824223

I'm going to sleep now.

>> No.35827584

I get the impression that the framers of the Constitution deliberately made this and other laws as ambiguous as possible. Keep in mind when it they wrote it they were desperately doing everything in their power to NOT give any reason for any one of 13 semi-autonomous (and divisive) governments a reason to walk out on a unified state. The quintessential American ideal of government is that it is a necessary evil that should remain as local and townhouse as possible, and the nature of Washington D.C. in its earlier eras reflected this.

It is this view of government that makes me a patriot at heart really.

>> No.35827602

>using batman year one as a reference of something good
You disgust me.

>> No.35828124


Nah. Just accommodating.

>> No.35828295


>> No.35828834

>Death of the Family
>The Dark Knight Returns

Casual taste, friendo

>> No.35829291

The right to self-defense and the arms to ensure it were already enshrined in English common law before the colonies declared independence. If anything, the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the citizens to form a militia, not join one.

>> No.35831276

I'd say it does both while at the same time putting to pen things that they wanted to make absolutely sure the government wouldn't try to take away those rights. The British showed that this was a necessity for the new country, but they also gave the courts leeway to judge if something actually applied to the situation.

They were smart about it, even if other laws at the time were more specific about what they meant, i.e. there being a law against forcing someone to attend church through fines or imprisonment being toned down to separation of church and state.

>> No.35831759

Oh goddammit, those pointy eared bastards had the right idea about gun control all along!

>> No.35831782

Does this mean /k/ is run by elves?

>> No.35834472

Who knows?

>> No.35835211

We militia now.

>> No.35835550

Elves are pretty good at shooting nerds and surviving in the wilderness, plus their whole society is pretty effectively militarized.

It's not that far off.

>> No.35835602

Back on topic pls
Touch pointy ear

>> No.35835641

>> No.35835938


>> No.35835955

Why the Constitution penalty, /tg/?

>> No.35836001

They do tend to be a bit reedy compared to humans.

>> No.35836222

Because D&D decided everything needs to be balanced.
In other games Elves tend to be better than humans in almost every way.

>> No.35836318

What games?

So...they should have a strength penalty? Why the Con penalty?

>> No.35836327

I like to think that they're allergic to 99% of what other races consider food and extremely susceptible to foreign disease. Maybe that doesn't justify a con penalty though

>> No.35836356

You can be strong and still be reedy, but it is a bit harder to take hits.

>> No.35836385

>literally forged the greatest artifacts in history
>CON penalty

D&D confirmed for worst set of systems

>> No.35836403

>If anything, the Second Amendment guarantees the right of the citizens to form a militia, not join one.
>What are the Militia Acts?

>> No.35836412

See, that actually does go to CON, or at least Fortitude stuff, I think. Plus it's kinda funny. I'd allow it.

>> No.35836487


>> No.35836749


Yeah, definitely Prishe. Who is basically what happens when you get a elf at little girl stage and then freeze her development for decades.

She is also utterly adorable and swears like a sailor.

>> No.35839736

Wtf Gygax, really.

>> No.35841861

How are those related?

>> No.35843561

Yeah they're definitely not from a c-section. Problem is they don't really follow muscle/wrinkle lines either. My guess is some "non-dominant females don't need to breed, pull out the bits" logic and the artist just winged it

>> No.35843608

Did you not notice chocolate's massive dong bulge?

>> No.35843780

What's so /d/ about that?

>> No.35844030

What is the elf community's stance on cyborgs?

>> No.35844173

A poor state for a person to live in.
Not only does it restrict their access to magic, but given that elves only need to return to the realms of the Nordic gods for a generation to have their demigod powers return to them, sacrificing divine flesh for sub-par cybernetics is a tragedy.

>> No.35844271

As a DM in my homebrew Elf slavery is a common practice. I have an elfboo player who can't stand it.

>> No.35844366

Maybe you should stop injecting your fetishes into the game.

Alternatively, inject your fetishes into the game even more.

>> No.35844590

>being that biased for a fantasy race who has - fundamentally - no canon across worlds
It's like he wants to be a shitdick.

>> No.35844723

logging. they get angry because you're horning in on their monopoly.

>> No.35844768


I like that second idea better.

Magical realm, here we come.

>> No.35845770

Anima. Better Resists, +1 Dex/Agi/Pow/Int, -1 Str/Con(they are more lightly built), Immune to non-magical diseases/poisons, can hit Inhuman results right away, hungry less often, heal quicker, can sense light- and dark-based beings, better resists vs light-based attacks. But cannot take the Dark elemental compatability feat, more ore less are required to take The Gift(making them magical), All at a level Modifier of +2, with a -3 per session exp penalty.
Still not the most broken race in Anima.

>> No.35846009

I remember a story in one of those HFY threads, that was fantasy instead of science fiction. Elves were in a long-running war with humans, and it turned out that the elves were slowly losing because every single member of their race was gluten-intolerant, and therefore they had no agriculture.

>> No.35847699

That's stupid; there are many grains out there that don't contain gluten.

>> No.35850899

And apparently all of them lethal to elves. Maybe that explains why they all have guns; their primary forms of sustenance are attained through either hunting our raiding.

>> No.35850959

They're monarchists. The Constitution penalizes them by making them revoke their noble titles if they want citizenship.

>> No.35851279

So, in real life we're already capable of growing a third fucking ear on a guy's arm. How long do you think it's going to take until elfaboos start engineering pointy ears for themselves and their children? Do you think they'll go magical-realmy and make the pointy ears extra sensitive?

>> No.35851329

Some people already do that, there's a surgery you can get that gives you elf ears. LOTR elf ears, not anime elf ears.

>> No.35851355

Yeah, but that's surgical. I'm talking gene-level therapy.

>> No.35851420

An Elf's greatest fear.

>> No.35851439

that may be true but those other methods are good things to do taking away a mans gun is imoral

>> No.35851546

Daily reminder that "touch pointy-ear" and "touch fluffy-tail" are valid commands on Unix-like operating systems.

>> No.35852577


>> No.35852674

Nah, Millerbats is subpar casual trash.

Millerdevil a Best

>> No.35852959

What about magic-enhancing cybernetics?

>> No.35855100

So elves are vikings?

>> No.35855239


>> No.35855293

If you go by the norse tradition.

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