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Where is my dbz tablentop

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Mutants & Masterminds.

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Isn't that one of those profoundly shitty RPGs designed by someone who had no idea how DBZ OR RPGs worked?

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All other answers are wrong

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Presumably wherever you left it.
But no, when Margret Weis Studious releases their Heroic Roleplaying game that will probably be your best bet.
(fyi: Heroic will be the generic version of their Marvel Heroic game, using the same or similar system now that they've lost the Marvel license)

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This. A thousand times this.

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Damn monkey whores. You will not sway me from Arale.

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She will break you
If you're lucky she'll wait until you're well enough to go again, then she'll break you again
Most likely she'll keep doing it until you're nothing but a red smear on the floor

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time for another fap as I fail to find more.

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>captcha detached Uplacet
Still worth it.

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So, how would anyone here go about running a campaign of DBZ? Alternate timeline? One of the other galaxies?

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You can have both.
Bang the monkey whores.
Raise Arale

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im intrigued by this "monkey whores" business

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Easy-ish to buy. Just take them to an all-you-can-eat buffet, preferably after they've whooped the bejeezus out of something nasty.

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I-uh-I need more guys.....

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I had an idea for one of these:
>3d6 system
>Six stats, separated into mind and body
>Stats are on an exponential scale
>Roll checks by taking 3d6 * 10^[Stat]
>Living, resisting opponents roll competing checks; higher numbers win
>Inanimate objects have HP and set DCs to do things

I haven't gotten a damage system worked out yet, and I have more details in a poorly formatted text file.

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Why do they have such dark skin when all the other saiyans were white as fuck?

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Godamn these pictures are what inspired one of my only bouts of writefaggotry

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Mind sharing?

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Same reason that Heimdall was black in Thor. Well, maybe not the exact same reason...

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I don't have a copy of it around so I'd need to write it back up again. Still interested?

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I never even thought of femsaiyans before this thread. I have been doing nothing with my life before now.

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/co/'s actually even more-racist in a round about way with "muh delicious brown"

fucking retards.

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Marvel can eat my dick. Aren't they making a woman thor now and black spiderman and shit.
like seriously, wtf

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Plague of Gripes doesn't seem to give a fuck though. He kinda just does what the anons tell him to draw, kinda?

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Oh noes, Thor is now a sexy valkyrie instead of a gold-skinned alien.

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What I don't get is why Marvel keeps using Nordic mythology when they're just changing things around willy nilly.

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Why does it matter what race they are?

Also, Ultimate Spiderman is black AND latino. That's like a nightmare to my racist-ass dad.

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>Not going into norse lore
The norse gods, especially loki swapped genders from time to time
Loki eve gave birth at some point

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Like when they made the Aesir into super-advanced aliens instead of actual gods?

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wait like Valkyrie
wasn't Valkyrie already a character in Marvel?

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More or Less because it's a marketing stunt to show how "progressive" they are by taking big cape names with history and then slapping a colored person/woman in them.

They don't want to risk making a new character and giving them a reasonable time/chance to get popular because it costs money and readers won't latch to it instantly.

There's also the fact that they have no idea how to write those characters, as shown by DC starting out the New 52 with all the Milestone characters then fucking Static up so hard we'll never see them again.

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Rolled 1 (1d1)

/fit/ Saiyan women in girly dresses
Ohhh my...

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yeah. Plague is pretty cool...but as per following /co/'s instruction for the last one he did, she turned out looking like a lesbian who blasts Cursive in her 04 Prius on her way to her job at the local food court.

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Yeah, Loki gave birth to an eight legged horse after being fucked as a horse.

Which makes Hel related to a horse.

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They are japs, not white.

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Well the first thing you should do is call them monkey whores, I would encourage you to do so, often and loudly.
I'm trying to say I'd like to watch them kill you

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if it's fapfuel, absolutely

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> Implying they'll be allowed in any buffet joint on the planet.

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They'd be allowed in every single one.


They'd be banned after that first time though.

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Aint he also gay now?

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I'm fairly sure I wrote this up on /tg/ but it may have been a weekend smut thread? I don't know, Enjoy.

Finding that humans are compatible with saiyans begins a breeding program to increase their dwindling numbers. You, like many others, are forcibly partnered with a saiyan female. While she's a whole degree stronger than you, among the saiyans she's pathetic. Due to the humiliation she faces from her colleagues she's even more abusive towards you than a normal saiyan would be. Making herself feel better that she can at least lord her power over you. Late at night after you've woken up battered and bruised on your bed after your "duties" you've crept to her room and seen her curled on her mattress. She tries to fight back tears. "Its not fair...its NOT fair" she whispers and for once you feel just a little sorry for her. "Its bad enough I can't match them but I'm stuck with this pathetic excuse for a human as well." After hearing that you decide enough is enough. You run, you lift, you even train up your Ki with this weird old guy with a turtle. By the end of it you're still not saiyan strong but it might do. The next time she drags you down to perform your "duties" she gets kicked through a wall. In the ensuing fight through luck and he sheer surprise of you fighting back you manage to just beat her down. Lifting her back to the bedroom you throw her down in the bed, pinning her arms. Tears stream down her slightly dusty face which is allready red with shame. Straddling her with your hands pinning her wrists, triumph clear upon your face, you lean in close and stare into her eyes. Whispering into her ear "A true saiyan only grows stronger from defeat and I will do whatever I can to help you become strong"

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Tossing my vote for Wild Talents or the new edition of OVA.

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What a

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Thor and Loki are now disney princesses

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>>Idris Elba as a Saiyan
I keep pushing money at my screen, but nothing's happening!

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Oh, that's an easy fix; just delete System32.

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>People on /tg/ actually promote the uber-progressive enlightened post-racial post-gender retarded swill that Marvel is trying to force down their fans' throats.
wow you guys are so progressive. You're right. gender and race are both totally social constructs that mean nothing, except to bigots.

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This, there are nips this dark and darker when they want to be weird.

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>letting your butthurt get in the way of SEXY NORSE VALKYRIE GIRLS

u wot m8

i think you might be in the wrong place

/d/elicious rule 63 and mythological girls are kind of our "thing"

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>There will never be a good DBZ game.

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except that's wrong, the lore itself has been weird and gender swapping, there has been a black and female thor, freaking storm from the X-Men and the black spic spooderman happened because peter died and the black kid has spoodermans powers.

Fooking Noob

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...I honestly don't see where the trillby comes in. Are you speaking in character as somebody who wears one and calls it a fedora? Or are you implying that people who don't get angry over Marvel are that kind of person?

Troll harder. No, really, please do.

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>people responded to this thread so the OP had an excuse to post more of that shit


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>>What she's reading at center-top
Damn. Guess I need to get ripped now.

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I would a Saiyan so hard... needs more pics and fics.

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>People on /tg/ actually promote the uber-progressive enlightened post-racial post-gender retarded swill that Marvel is trying to force down their fans' throats.
Or maybe its nice sometimes to see variety in our characters.
Can't eat the same thing forever, then it just gets bland

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I'm not op and I posted two of the pics.

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>sexualizing Arale

I'm not even mad or upset, I'm just confused.

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Hows being an autist feel

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Well, why not? Looks like a perfectly serviceable robot to me.

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They're going to be members of the all new Pander Avengers, with Black Captain America and Silk, the female, Korean Spider-Man who is better than the regular Spider-Man for absolutely no reason at all. She's totally going to lead the team, too. They'll get together and fight ratings and sales.

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Glad you agree.

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Yeah, everyone knows that bowlers are better.

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>wearing outdated fashion because you're "so classy"


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But she's "all smooth down there".

Remember, the good Doctor hadn't seen a naked girl before designing Arale. If you still sexualize her, that's your choice, and I accept that; but there'd probably be more cuddling and scat-on-a-stick play than anything.

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didn't catch.
that's a good one

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Maybe, though the social combat powers wouldn't really fit, and that a LOT of the game.
>Mutants & Masterminds.
d20 OGL+DBZ=Kek
Either tri-stat: if this was still 1992 maybe
Never heard of it, please do tell

My best suggestion would be Marvel Heroic Role-Playing. Change the scale a bit through re-fluff, Everyone gets a free power-set called "Ki Martial Arts" to start with, which by default has
>d6 Flight
>d6 Reflexes
>d6 Durability
>d6 Attack (Ki Blasts)
>d6 Strength
>Limit: Conscious Activation

You can upgrade Ki Martial Arts, or make a new power set. Examples of SFX

This isn't even my final form
>Roll an extra D6 and step up the effect die when creating an advantage related to a new form. (The same could be used for "Chargin mah lazorz and advantages related to charging up)
Saiyan Resurgence
>Spend a PP to add your physical stress to your damage pool for this attack, step it down, and return it to your damage area (possibly going to the doom pool if you're an evil raging saiyan.)

Include occasional events called "paradigm shifts," where everyone steps down all of their power-set dice to a minimum of d4, as the scale grows, and the characters (while not getting less powerful) become relatively less powerful.

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>implying robots can't be modified

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muh dick!!!!!!!

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BESM, 3rd Edition is the way to go.

>> No.35418285

Its still awfully set out but I'm glad someone likes it.

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Don't forget jörmundgand, the snake that encircles the world, and fenrir, a giant wolf.
Both of them play key parts in ragnarök and kill of Odin and Tor.
There are also two normal sons, one of which gets turned in to a wolf and kills the other son and then gets killed by the gods and has his intestines used to bind Loki to sharp rocks under a snake that continually drips venom at him as a punishment for tricking Höder in to killing Balder.

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Not seeing any naked girls before designing things hasn't ever stopped the japanese.

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I'm reminded of an idea I had for a Dragon Ball reboot and among the many changes one of them would be the Dr Slump crossover having long-term importance, with Arale eventually becoming an important member of Goku's group of friends and defender of the earth

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We are super progressive and accept all races.

Except for Elves. Filthy knife ears...

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It would break the setting. Arale is too powerful to have any kind of prominent role in DBZ.

>> No.35420121

Honestly, she could probably one-shot most everyone up to Vegeta. Hell, even Freeza might be at a disadvantage, depending on the power of comedy physics over shounen battlan' abilities.

Only time she could reasonably show up again on any even playing ground would probably be when 19 and 20 pop up.

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Hey /tg/, anyone ever play this? The Dragon Ball Heroes cardgame?

>> No.35420198

There is no DBZ Tabletop because the race Saiyan is overpowered as fuck.

>> No.35420219

That's the first I've seen of a female super saiyan that doesn't look like fan art horrible shit.

>> No.35420236

It just got plot power ups in the show. At the end of Dragonball Goku, Piccolo, and Tien were all fairly close in power level. If you keep shit like Super Saiyan and that near death power up in check they aren't that bad.

>> No.35420250

Compared to most humans? Sure.

But Saiyans aren't the only heavy-hitters, especially after Buu became a family man. To say nothing of the Nameks (recall that Piccolo + Nail + Kami ended up stronger than a Super Saiyan) or Androids (see 18 tearing Vegeta two new assholes, Cell in general).

>> No.35420276

Well good news, she's among the three "official" pure-blooded female Super Saiyans.

All of them have gotten up to Super Saiyan 3 in the card game.

>> No.35420552

>Toriyama never drew Saiyan grills because he couldn't figure out how to draw cute muscly women
>"Official" female Saiyans aren't ripped, either

>> No.35420659

Even at level 3 they aren't all that much more buff.

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Though cardgame and associated manga are inconsistent as to whether they get the Neanderthal brows or not.

>> No.35420752

>those brows
>that manface
>that utter lack of any feminine qualities

>> No.35420767

Also this happened. Because of-fucking-course it did.


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Fucking ridunkulous

>> No.35420837

And yet there are sillier what-ifs in this cardgame.

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This is adorable

>> No.35421056

That's fine, I think elves are okay. Especially ones that can fly and blow up planets with energy beams.

>> No.35421143

...the demon slug ones, the deity ones, or the not-Hylians?

It better be the demon slug ones.

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/co/fag here, Marvel and DC's current business plan is
>take beloved superhero
>make said character black, female, gay, etc.
>inevitable shitfit between people who want the character to change and people who don't
>Marvel/DC get free publicity for their product while appearing hip and progressive without actually doing anything new
>cancel the comic a few month later when everyone stops caring
>repeat process, rub hands together jewishly

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found one

>> No.35421516

Just look at those fine tails in a heart shape... Daw...

>> No.35421525

> Saiyan general actually a huge geek girl
> Still massively /fit/ brown girl with a tail

Yesssssssssssss, this pleases me on levels one could not even begin to fathom.

>> No.35421569

fuckin' NERD

>> No.35421624 [DELETED] 

I just want to lick the sweat off them after a hard workout.

>> No.35421658 [DELETED] 

You'd have to fight me for it, sorry.

>> No.35421697

>tails in a heart shape
It means you're going to die, ground into nothing between the thighs of two naked saiyan amazons

>> No.35421713

Here. It's a mostly fixed version of >>35411652 by one of the writers of the official game.

>Isn't that one of those profoundly shitty RPGs designed by someone who had no idea how DBZ OR RPGs worked?
Supposedly the whole design process of the game was completely doomed from the beginning by really strict and draconian licenses and restrictions, as well as completely bizarre demands from license holders.

>> No.35421750 [DELETED] 

That's fine, they'll probably appreciate it.

>> No.35421809

>black spiderman
Right, but wrong at the same time
Peter Parker is still White
But in the Ultimate universe he died and a black kid with similar powers took up the name Spiderman
Which is cool, it's not like they turned Peter Parker black or gay

>> No.35421814

You'll be remembered

nine months later

>> No.35421926

>Mommy, Auntie, who was my daddy?
Your daddy?
He was... who did we?
Huh, One of those human slave-things I think
Doesn't matter, not like they have names or anything
Who want's Ice cream?
>Ice Cream!

>> No.35421997

well part of the idea was to flatten the power-levels overall, so Arale might just be the only Dragon Ball era character to receive that treatment(part of the reasoning behind this is to allow the human characters to remain relevant for most of the series)

quite a few elements of both that and the MMO are going to show up in the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse game

I love how ridiculous Heroes gets

this reminds me that one of the ideas I had for my reboot concept was that a lot more Saiyans survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta(also Frieza being able to blow up planets is a lot more important this time around as he's one of the only beings in this reboot concept who can even attempt to do such a thing), not too many, but at least a couple hundred in total

>> No.35422050


Just throwing this out there, but the source for these images is funsexydragonball.tumblr.com

The artist is a girl :^)

>> No.35422097

>also Frieza being able to blow up planets is a lot more important this time around as he's one of the only beings in this reboot concept who can even attempt to do such a thing
That's the way it's supposed to be in the original series as well, and how they made things again in Kai. The thing with Vegeta blowing up a planet just for shits and giggles on the way to Earth was bullshit non-canon filler, and his galic gun attack may or may not have been a boast, while the reaction to Frieza being able to blow up whole planets had much more "holy shit" to it.

>> No.35422190

that's a reblog blog.

actual artist this guy:

>> No.35422287

well the thing is I'd be including a lot of the Filler and other Side Material elements into this reboot so that was a point that would need to be made more clear(so Vegeta and Nappa still visit the bug planet on the way to Earth, Vegeta just doesn't blow it up though), also I'd be toning down Vegeta and the other Saiyan's genocidal aspects as well(for one thing it makes Vegeta becoming an ally later on more believable in nature, also since a lot more Saiyans are still around and most of them will eventually end up on Earth, they'll need to be a fair bit more sympathetic)

>> No.35423640

This is beautiful anon. Is there moar?

>> No.35423644

Actually, since Master Roshi can destroy the moon using his best attack in his super mode, after an entire day of fighting, and that Piccolo could do the same at the start of DBZ with a regular energy blast (the kind of stuff that he can throw by the dozens without getting tired) while in training clothes, at a point were Raditz didn't get a scratch from a more powerful same attack done in the same condition, it's safe to assume that Vegeta could have destroyed the Earth . Now, Namek is a shitload bigger than Earth

>> No.35423720


They should have made a black Spiderwoman named black widow.

>> No.35423734



Is a brilliant way of commercializing trolling, and brings lovely tears of happiness in the eyes of this /b/tard.

>> No.35423742

>anyone in /tg/
>Playing anima
I think you mean D&D.

>> No.35424216

its called Anima: Beyond Fantasy

>> No.35424294

Thor lost his right t wield Mjolnir and now wields his bitchin (arguably more powerful) axe the was previously lost to space and time or somthing. I dont remeber.

The cool thing is that the axe was blessed through blood sacrifice to pierce the armour of celestials befor being stolen and lost. The "Lady Thor" every keeps complaining about isnt thor at all, but someone else who was worthy or wielding Mjolnir, and happens to be a woman.

Black spiderman is the replacement of Peter Parker, who died in the ultimate timeline. Similar back story for black cap, who is actually Falcon taking up the red white and blue mantle

Now if you guys are really gonna complain about something, complain about Spoc. That shit is honestly, terrible written garbage, where as Falcon filling the role of Captain America is bretty cool

>> No.35424333

How the hell does THOR lose the right to weild Mjolnir?

>> No.35424380

>knife ears
This needs to die. It sounds fucking stupid.

>> No.35424383

Never actually read "avengers NOW" so i wouldnt know. Nothing s quick wiki search wouldnt answer though

Although i would like to point out that thor doesnt need to be unworth the lose Mjolnir, someone else equaly/more worthy just has to pick it up. Hence Beta Ray Bill, who is awesome

>> No.35424406

But anon, I play Anima

>> No.35424425


He does sound awesome, except - what is so obscene about worshiping "whatever is up there", regardless of what it might be? It really does sound like more of a dig at theists than an attempt to construct a reasonable alien atheist philosophy.

>> No.35424431

>someone else who was worthy or wielding Mjolnir, and happens to be a woman.

That would be fine and dandy, if the enchantment of Mjolnir wasn't changed to fit only women. And then somehow even Odin himself, the guy who made the original enchantment couldn't lift it. Or, say, Sif, who's both worthy and a woman. That issue was a pile of bullshit.


It went down like this.

>> No.35424447

>dissing Mutants and Masterminds
tasteless faggot who can't look past the dice used detected

>> No.35424470

Dont you smack talk Beta Ray Bill. The whole point is that he has already met gods, serveral in fact, (even went toe to toe with galactus once) and he's seen first hand that they are no more infalible or worthy of praise than anyone else, just really powerful and usually massive dicks because of it.

>> No.35424543

He would if Odin made it so, his control of mjolnir supersedes Thor's which makes what >>35424431 says dumber by an order of magnitude.

>> No.35424599


Gotta make sure they're all here.

>> No.35424716

Nigga please. M&M has held Superhero systems back from being able to develop a half-decent modern generation system by being barely good enough, but still OGL schlock since the early 2000's. It's why fantasy has had 4e, DungeonCraft, 5e, 13th age.. and any number of genuinely next-gen games, but the best superheroes has is MHR. I mean some people still use fucking HERO and FASERIP... like not in an ironic retro way, but because they can't find anything better

>> No.35424765

Wild Talents?

>> No.35424995


Real talk time: Why do you hate M&M so much? I usually hate d20 systems but M&M is one of the only examples of a d20 system that I rather liked. It might not be anything special, but it's certainly not bad enough to warrant such vitriol

I still find Wild Talents better though

>> No.35426282

Irrelevant minority 99% of /tg/ haven't read the book and just spew "MUH TABLEZ MUH MATH!!!" looking like feeble minded ones.

Again, it's better than 3.5 in every way I can think, an even some nice anon is making a d20 version which I think carlos would hate since his main problem when getting it to release was everyone crying it wasn't d20.

>> No.35426432

I'm the anon working on a d20 version of Anima, actually. I've been working on other projects recently so there hasn't been much progress, but it's still in the works.

Anima's actually a good system at its core, heck there's even a fan supplement called Anima: Beyond Science that converts it to a Science Fiction setting with cybernetics and gene splicing. The d20 conversion actually removes a LOT of the complexity of the system, and I'm working on a few rules adjustments that will make levelling up and calculating your spent points MUCH easier.

I really do like Anima, and I'm trying to make a conversion that is both easier to play and that Carlos would probably approve of.

>> No.35426510

Carlos seems to be butthurt at d20, but again, he also seems the god of chill and works an obscene amount of time per week so he won't care.

Also there is a spanish mecha supplement named guymelef or similar. I'd still prefer d100 since I have a number boner, but that's just me.

Other than that, isn't the whole system rework /5 it? (except stats ofc).

>> No.35426621

dude, i would make her >>35413177 reach saiyan 4 faster than goku

>> No.35426685

Power dickings?

>> No.35426689

Sayian General who feels insecure about her abilities and tries very hard to put on the air of confidence to boot!
>How's that Mr. Boner?
>I'm a fan.
If by girl you mean a creepy bearded Kentucky farmer.

>> No.35426707

that's not the original artist, is it? the style seems similar, but i can't find it on his site.

>> No.35426744

He can't fly or use thunder/lightning anymore with just his axe. However he's still probably a lot stronger than Female!Thor. So I suspect Female!Thor to get bitch slapped a lot.

>> No.35426761

Pretty much, yes most things are divided by 5 but there's a lot more to it than that. For example:
>4 Attributes (Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Willpower) instead of the original 8
>Removal of Innate Bonuses gained per level. Instead, you get bonuses based on your Presence (Level +5) and you can supplement them with points
>Increased point cost to raise some skills / qualities above certain Thresholds (for example, once Attack is +10 it could cost 2x the points to increase it, then 5x once it hits +20)
>Secondary Fields are now Skills (i.e. Vigor is a Skill), with the option to Specialize in a particular sub-skill for a reduced cost like World of Darkness (i.e. you could Specialize in Resist Pain under Vigor)
>A bunch more stuff that I'm probably forgetting.

>> No.35426784

>more Saiyans survive the destruction of Planet Vegeta
If you accept all the movies as canon, Plant wasn't even the Saiyan's homeworld, and there were multiple Saiyan factions in ancient times: some of which were distinctly less assholish than the ones working for the Planet Trade Organization. Some may have even been worse.

I was contemplating a game set in a different part of the universe entirely that would involve one or more of those groups.

>> No.35426827

I only have to say I'm not sure on the x2 thing and the presence bonus seems to work too well for wizards if it goes for *everything*.
The rest seems okay.

>> No.35426985

oh, it is, it's one that he did, designed by /co/

>> No.35428537

The cost increase is to discourage characters from focusing on a single Skill or Combat quality and to slow down progression at higher levels without actually cutting down on the points gained.

As for Health gain, in the core game every character gets +5 to +20 Health per level and can buy more with Life Multiples. Since I removed Innate bonuses from level like that, instead characters get +5 Health per point of Presence they have, so it's basically the same thing. If you want more Health you can always buy Life Multiples (which give you +STR each) and Warriors pay the least for them, so you'll definitely still see Wizards lagging behind considerably on Health.

>> No.35428672

Not really, you just gave the weakest class (weaponmaster) a big cock and said "go and fuck yourself on it." as they lose their best thing (cockloads of life/level and shit everything else). Even with shitloads of str he'd still go and eat a dick.

Wizards in anima are balanced around "Look at him, he blows up" (unless he's a creationist then you slap the DM).

>> No.35428806

I'd just like to remind you guys that Frieza only made the Saiyan WARRIOR CASTE extinct.

There are still Saiyans out there in the universe.

It's just that the Saiyans being a proud warrior race banished all their weakling non-warrior caste Saiyans to other hidden planets.

Hell, King Vegeta banished his own son Tarble to some unknown planet because he wasn't a true Saiyan warrior blablabla.

>> No.35428853

Adding to that, in that DBZ MMO set in the future you have humanity basically slowly into one genetic human-saiyan hybrid race, which basically means that humanity will end up becoming saiyanumanity or some shit.

I guess dem Saiyans got really popular with the girls.

>> No.35428929

Who gives a shit?

Superhero comics are shit anyway.

Be a real man. Read French comics.

>> No.35432744

Thats all I've got at the moment. I'm not too sure where to go with it from there, though I might write up a bit more detailed one later.

>> No.35433180

Girls and boys. Bra and Pan had kids too. Monkey dik and vag (also Gohan's "Groundbreaking Science") have made humans a stronger species as a whole.

Well, that and Buu starting up a family and the Nameks all immigrating. Also something about Freeza's race not all being total dick-punching assholes, according to Xenoverse.

>> No.35433908

Plauge of Gripes is great.

>> No.35434427


And now to try and find fapfics

>> No.35435027

who are these two?

>> No.35435099


Source is in the thread.

>> No.35435435

Mind linking to a download for the "Beyond Science" thing?

>> No.35435649

Oh, boo females!

>> No.35435844

Not female boo but made me laugh.

>> No.35435979

Do you care if it's female majiins, or straight up rule 63 Buu?

>> No.35436248

I run a South Galaxy campaign in Hero 6e. It takes place some time after the comic/show so that players can avoid being in the canon characters' shadows as much as possible.

>> No.35436275

Check out Hero. A bit of what you describe resembles it. Could inform you at least.

>> No.35436331

Saiyans are not Japs. They're not human. They're Saiyans.

>> No.35436878

From what I read in Wikipedia, HERO seems like Exalted with GURPS's skill/power system.
Mine, at the moment, tends towards an exponential GURPS, with an Exalted power system (albeit with more room to make up powers)

>> No.35437197

That's Lamp though, an OC from Deviantart.

These are from the MMO/Xenoverse. They even have different flavors!

>> No.35437279

In this case, I'd say Fate over any other generic option. Any other option would likely be too clunky, and wouldn't have any capacity to emulate the narrative tropes of DBZ.

>> No.35437339

What the fuck are those shit.

>> No.35437417

>ctrl+f wulin

>> No.35438453

Fair point, but still they're pretty much humans in core appearance.

>> No.35438594

I like the look of lefty more, the smile on righty makes my dick hard.

>> No.35439459

I'm cool with either.

>> No.35439985


I like to think that between the words 'how' and 'depraved' righty does a Bueno lick.

Think, we must be like forbidden fruit to her. Having being thought that other races are in some way lesser, to be eradicated and detroyed, and not to despoil her pure saiyan heritage. Bedding a human going so far as to be dommed by one, would be the greatest taboo, a transgression unlike any other.

Of course, she would hate herself afterwards, and project that hate onto you, her lover, but she'd never be able to deny the rush, the mixed emotions brought on by degrading herself in this manner while simultaneously breaking her societies greatest taboo. She'd huddle up to you at night, crying into your shoulder, stating that she hates what you've done to her but she can't get enough of you.

Are you ready to make some half-saiyans, anon?

>> No.35440038

>a sexual partner that can literally snap you like a twig
You know, if I was a woman I might go for it, but as a man I'm going to have to run away as fast as I can.

>> No.35440061


>> No.35440238

>human domming a Saiyan woman
Making a lot of assumptions there. 'sides, you can get the same thing fucking an elf.

>> No.35440299

Seeing how most saiyans had a power level less than 5000, it's possible. It will take some serious training and she'll get stronger every time but it's possible.

>> No.35440307


A man can dream, can't he?

>> No.35440397

Unless you take the Krillin route and develop ludicrously overpowered techniques.
Like a Kienzan, but made for bondage.

>> No.35440434

Didn't /tg/ design a DBZ system where conflicts were resolved through screaming contests?

>> No.35441526

Ooh, energy bondage. Nice.

>> No.35441629

For the longest time, the best human warriors only ever reached around 100. The only ones to surpass that died once or twice, and even then it rarely did them any good.

>> No.35441695

So? I never said it would be easy, just possible. And saiyan pussy is a powerful motivator.

>> No.35441868

Krillin can cut stronger people in half by focusing his relatively weak power, but then they start regenerating. The universe is pretty bullshit for humans.

>> No.35442147


That scenario is kinky in all the right ways.

>Are you ready to make some half-saiyans, anon?
You can bet your ass I am!

>> No.35442865

Imagine you are having the most intense training in your life and all you have in your mind is" am gon get dat pussy tonite"

>> No.35442883

Besides food and revenge I can't think of a better thing to think of while training.

>> No.35443115


Has it ever occurred to you that Saiyans, like humanity, might have multiple ethnicities spread across their world, which happened to be larger than Earth?

>> No.35443230

With 100+ powerlevels, things like melanin don't matter a whole hell of a lot.

>> No.35443287

They may have artificial social-class-based subethnicities, like the Japanese still have holdovers of.

>> No.35446256

I do wonder if some blend of Dresden Files and Atomic Robo might work.

>> No.35447214

i think a Destructo Disk can be cut by someone else's Disk if they're more powerful

>> No.35447605


Actually, their power levels could be used as an indicator as to what social class they likely were in, as well as where they came from.

>> No.35447845

Dear weekend smut general,

please deliver onto us delicious space ape girl promotions.

>> No.35448023

The same reason that humans aren't all white?

>> No.35448255

because delicious brown I mean really

>> No.35448317

>Bedding a human going so far as to be dommed by one, would be the greatest taboo, a transgression unlike any other.

Dommed, maybe, but I don't think Vegeta having a lot of angst about "bedding" Bulma, despite the fact that he was the ~prince of all saiyans~ and she had literally no fighting ability at all. If even "muh master race" Vegeta will hit that shit, well, I don't see the rest as being very discriminating.

>> No.35448333

And loli robots that could kick their asses!

>> No.35448873


>> No.35448889

Did you see Bulma's hair and outfit at the time? Show me a guy that wouldn't plow that like a corn field and I will show you a homosexual.

>> No.35448901

I don't remember what she looked like at the time, no. Do you have a reference?

>> No.35448928


>> No.35449547


>> No.35450048

I couldn't resist posting this

>> No.35450144

>Vegeta and Goku don't give one single fuck between them about females
Obviously Saiyan females are the primary initiators of sexual relationships. That's why Goku and Vegeta didn't seem that interested in romantic/sexual relationships and why they ended up with such domineering women. Planet Vegeta was filled with Bulma like and Chi-Chi like women... with tails and super powers.

>> No.35450173

According to the Dragon Ball Wiki, that's exactly how it worked for them. The vast majority of Saiyans had power levels between 400 and 600, and were considered low class; Toriyama apparently confirmed in an interview that mid-class Saiyans also existed in relatively small numbers, whilst the elite Saiyans were effectively restricted to the royal family, and maybe a dozen or so other Saiyans (inexplicably including Bardock's pacifistic wife, if Dragon Ball Minus is to be believed).

>> No.35450174

I didn't find that her look in those episodes particularly appealing. But when she had that short hair and little red dress... hhhnnng.

>> No.35450225

That seems like the only possible conclusion.

>> No.35450282

Maybe there's societal differences for this regarding male vs female saiyans?

For instance, the men laying alien women could be seen as a triumph and the honorable expansion of the Saiyan race, but the women laying alien men could be disgusting for letting themselves be tainted and for bearing a freak half child.

It wouldn't be that uncommon for different societal classes to have different beliefs either. The lower classes could like the prospect less because they themselves aren't as strong or pure or whatever as the higher classes, leaving a bad taste in their mouth on the subject when the higher class may not even think about it.

Oh, well there you go.

>> No.35450303

I don't think saiyans would look favourably upon half breeds of any kind, whether the womb that bore them was saiyan or not.

Until, of course, the vast, vast majority of their race was wiped out

>> No.35450321

Back in like 2003 my friends and I made a homebrew DBZ RPG. It was set up for playing online with some calculators and dice rollers we wrote for it and we had a small community of something like 60-70 players - there were many Game Master and they each had their own planet (setting) and would accept several players each, some would be both a Game Master of their own planet and have characters on another. The players would sometimes travel between planets, trading Game Masters.

Once in a while we even had inter-planet tournaments and stuff. We also had three IRL meetups where we played live sessions.

I can't find the rulebook now but the rules scaled really well and it was fun.

>> No.35450333

Also, each planet could have its set of dragonballs and there were rules for building those so they had different limits of operation.

>> No.35450367


Creepy beyond all reason, while at the same time being a really cool guy, you mean. It's a very odd mix.

/co/. No, no really. To wit, here.


Making of video:


>What happens when 4chan designs a girl? Well, a big mess. But you know it's going to amount to brown skin and a giant ass. Behold! The abomination approaches! But it can't fit through door frames. Thankfully this one is a fanfiction creation from the dragonball universe, so it'll just eat the doorframe or turn into a giant monkey. Either way, I hope /co/ is happy with itself. Pick up your game, Toriyama. You're gettin' outplayed by message boads. Fuck adventure. The booty, man! Look at this full moon and let your monkey grow! Oh wait, oh no, this has gone too far. Too far in a few places.

>> No.35450389


>> No.35450555


....what the fuck are you babbling about, you brainless retard?

>> No.35450635

See the Equality Leaderboard, you gormless tosser.

>> No.35450697


Go shove your head back up your ass.

>> No.35450811

Fuck off, liking delicious brown girls is a sign of taste and moral decency.

>> No.35451098

Oh sweet emprah that time-stopping loli

>> No.35451181


>he didnt like SpOck

top kek, how fucking pleb can you get?

>> No.35451303

>me trying to get to planet Vegeta.

and that makes a ton of sense, the men are too oblivious about it to seek it out, it's all fighting all the time and she has to be all
>how about we wrestle naked.
>Oops! it slipped in!
in order to actually get him to have sex. it's why there was only ever Pillaging but never raping on there conquests. we are talking about all of them having full on Shounen Protagonist levels of obliviousness for every male of the species.

>> No.35451596

Jesus Christ, it's a fucking wonder the species didn't go extinct before Freiza blew up their planet.

>> No.35451621

Now I'm stuck wondering how the saiyans on earth actually managed to breed. Especially Goku.

And how did the women survive?

>> No.35451651


Chi Chi wasn't that much weaker than Goku when they got their first child and Bulma had access to some nifty medical care.

>> No.35451669

Son read the posts. Clearly they had to pin down their husbands and ride them roughshod to get anywhere.

>> No.35452637

if memory serves they actually used artificial wombs.

>> No.35453238

OP, Look at


I hope you like it.

>> No.35453469

Who doesn't like Plauge?

>> No.35454076

As a man, you should hit the gym and start doing a dragonball training montage to NOT get snapped like a twig.

>> No.35454283


Maybe you could friends with some bros as well.

>> No.35454659

godamn it /tg/, now I'll be fapping to femsaiyans all day

>> No.35454663

Black european deities and woman Thor is stupid, but what's wrong with black spiderman? Sounds fly?

>> No.35454731

Rolled 7 (1d20)

>This thread
Rolling for fetish

>> No.35454869


The only problem I have with Miles Morales, is that there's no good reason why they didn't use Ben Reilly. Since he's already been introduced as part of Jessica Drew's origin, he could EASILY score himself some Spider powers, and he was already black.

There was literally no reason to come up with Miles Morales. None.
Killing Pete was also really stupid since Spiderman was literally carrying Ultimate at that point, Marvel giving that the go ahead was basically they're way of saying they were done with Ultimate and they were free to just kill it.

So, they set the death of the Ultimate universe up, and then, don't do it.

>> No.35454887


You know you love it.

>> No.35455267

My college experience in a nut shell.

We never had a frat or anything. But between video games club, table top club, and anime club... it may as well of been.

>> No.35455328

I just googled femsaiyan and I am hard.

>> No.35455404

>It's why fantasy has had 4e, DungeonCraft, 5e, 13th age.. and any number of genuinely next-gen games

4E is an attempt to disguise the fact that Wizards are selling you the exact same simulator of grid-based skirmish combat and christmas tree decoration all over again. 5E is an attempt to lure grognards back by creating a Frankenstein out of several DnD edition. Dungeoncraft and 13th Age are just your average fantasy heartbreakers with not a single good new idea between them. How the fuck any of those are "next-gen"?

>> No.35455535

This version is still broken. The official RPGs are broken because whoever goes first wins. They boost their initiative and give themselves like 50 extra turns, then they use piercing energy blasts and kill the other guy before he can raise a deflection. These "mostly fixed" rules still suffer from the same problem.

>> No.35455613


What the fuck is 'DungeonCraft'?

>> No.35455631

Are Yato basically the Saiyans of Gintama?

>> No.35455634


>> No.35455641

>can destroy the moon

The moon over DBZ's Earth is some magic object that is disctinctly many orders of magnitude less massive than our Moon. Else just making it disappear without a trace would have caused a civilization-destroying catastrophe, and actually blowing it up would have sterilized the Earth.

As long as you accept this, powerlevels are relatively consistent until the Cell saga. King Piccolo needed his maximum effort to fire one city-levelling blast, young Piccolo was able to do so repeatedly, albeit still with noticeable effort, Sayans were able to erase a city off the map basically by snapping their fingers, and Vegeta's final attack might have destroyed the Eatrth in the sense of reducing it to molten slag, finally Freeza was able to majorly rearrange Namek's geography just as collateral damage from his attacks but needed a serious effort to actually blow up a planet.

I'll admit, thought, that starting with androids powerlevels pretty much stop corresponding to observed feats and become almost purely a matter of who can beat whom.

>> No.35455834


Still, by the end of DBZ fucking Yamcha is at least on the level of an average Sayan trooper, while Krillin and Tenshinhan can probably oneshot Vegeta as he was was at the moment of his fist appearance on Earth (I don't remember what their official end powerlevels are). They just have bad luck to be next to two Sayan superprodigies and Sayan-Human hybrids who are the true winners of ki powers lottery (Gohan actually has and always had more potential than Goku, he just falls behind most of the time because he doesn't like fighting and training).

>> No.35457770

plus his mother has stifled his abilities because she didn't want him to grow up to be a jobless martial arts Otaku like his father.

>> No.35458006

>Chichi could just use her super strength to be rich
>Just whines at goku

>> No.35458705

To be fair, she just wanted to be a good wife. Kicking ass and making money probably didn't factor into that. Though it would have been awesome to see.

>> No.35458972

Speaking of, why the hell haven't they made a Dragonball Musou yet?

>> No.35459329

Actually, Yamcha was sparring in Other World with fighters that were pretty close to Goku in power level, if memory serves. And if you go by the handy power levels on the cards, he was about as strong as Frieza (which matches up well, considering his sparring partners). Tien is probably still stronger- he wound up helping out against Super Buu, after all. And Krillin- people argue over whether he's stronger than Tien or weaker, but he's up there too.

>> No.35460029

bumping for pics and fics

>> No.35460053

This image is hilarious, even if the "muh persecution muh vidya gaems" paranoia is really dumb.

>> No.35460200


why is this picture so fucking amazing

i mean, why do I like it so much

>> No.35460259

He's probably stronger than almost all of the other humanoid (by that, I mean with no innate superhuman abilities) fighters, with the only potential exceptions of the main characters.

>> No.35460260

Because brown, muscles, tits, and monkey tails

>> No.35460490

I would sell my right nut for a Dragonball musou game. The last DB game I enjoyed was Tenkaichi 3.

>> No.35460535

also them facial expressions
especially them facial expressions

>> No.35460730

Ok, which one of you is shitting up my board?

>> No.35460776

Probably not /tg/. These fags are obsessed with brown girls.

>> No.35460902

I lurked fit for a bit I think most are ausies. So it is probably a tan thing from hanging out at the beach too long.

>> No.35462249

Aaand I think I've finally read the right thing to seriously look into MHRP.

I know two different places that I could buy the physical book right away but should I just wait for Cortex+ Heroic instead? I

>> No.35462965


>> No.35464666


>> No.35464686

You gram a femsaiyan by the tail
what do?

>> No.35464806

I kilogram her

>> No.35465236


>> No.35465251

suplex into anal

>> No.35465487

>Grabbing the tail only works on saiyan underclass
Odds are if any sexy times results from you grabbing her tail it's cause she raped you

>> No.35465567

Raditz was a "first-class warrior." Worked on him well enough.

>> No.35465767

He was in the same bloodline as Goku though.

>> No.35465777

Ah, looks like I was wrong, they have to train for it to not affect them

Point still stands,
Grab her tail, get snu snu

>> No.35465935

please writfags deliver us onto glorious space ape smut

>> No.35465993



>> No.35466109

How every femsaiyan fapfic would end: >>35412841

>> No.35466233

I'd write a fix, but I'm not super familiar with DBZ lore or anything to make it worth it... since the last time I saw the show I was something like 10.

>> No.35466356

There were no female saiyans and DBZ wasn't very deep
Things you need to know
Saiyans are a warior race that values strentgh
Barring one braindamaged one they were all very aggressive and a bit of a bastard
Even the weakest ones had superhuman strength
They get stronger when defeated
They have tails

That's pretty much everything about the saiyan race in the series

>> No.35466490

Ya so pretty much what I remembered then.
Ok I'll see if I can hammer something out this weekend for the smut general after I do a werewolf fic I promissed a while back.

>> No.35466808


Might help, might not.

>> No.35466913

Hmm, for some reason I thought the lore was a lot deeper. Nostalgia goggles I guess. Thanks.
Like I said, I'll try and write something up tomorrow.

I can't promise it'll be the best thing, but I'll give it my all.

>> No.35466921

Yay, can't wait

>> No.35467336

Dragonball is a Low Int, High Wis setting.

Toriyama told stories with an eye towards character progression and development as well as a variety of moral, political, social, and philosophical themes. He can't keep a setting objectively consistent to save his life but he did keep Dragonball thematically and subjectively consistent.

Dragonball might be one of the most subtle and underestimated works in the anime/manga canon because people see muscles, energy, and screaming and thus don't realize what lies beneath a cartoon/comic meant to entertain young males.

>> No.35467360

Before I fap, what do you mean?

>> No.35467450

... ok you're going to have to elaborate when you cart out a thesis like that.

>> No.35467559

>android turns into cell
>namek turns into weirdass Frieza/Namek
>uber casual saiyans achieving SSJ3

Aw shit, that picture gets my autism raging

>> No.35467673

I think those are different classes, not transformations. And the Namek has armor similar to their buildings architecture.

>> No.35467997

Who the fucks shitting up your board with my writefaggotry? (Actually kind of happy about that.)

>> No.35468855

bumping for more saiyan

>> No.35470180

Pilebucks, assemble! Dick's in, honey, pack some pussy 'round it.

>> No.35470363

>What happens when 4chan designs a girl? Well, a big mess. But you know it's going to amount to brown skin and a giant ass.
That was only half right for Vivian

>> No.35470648

Fair enough. I'm going to do this piecemeal because there's actually a bit to cover.

How about we start with Goku? The better one understands Goku, the better one understands Dragonball, its characters, and Toriyama's greater themes and opinions.

Let's get this out of the way first: Goku isn't stupid. Goku is a Taoist, kung fu ubermensch and I say none of that lightly.

Goku is always the most powerful son of a gun in the room and yet he humbly lives the simple life in the woods.

He respects all life in the universe. This is why he grants chances to those who anyone else would not - Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, even Buu. Goku gives them all chances to change. Some take it, some don't, and they get their due for their decisions.

Goku can even draw power from the universe to create the Spirit Bomb attack. Power which requires the consent of life.

Goku respects the afterlife too. After he dies to save the Earth from Cell, he stays with King Kai rather than abuse his Instant Transmission technique.

In a number of ways, Goku is simply in tune with the universe as a whole and humbly plays his part in it.

Now that said, Goku is from an objectively physically superior race - the Saiyans. Saiyans are a tough lot. They're more powerful than humans. They have a natural affinity to use ki and they grow stronger with every battle. I believe I've played a game or two in which characters grew stronger with every battle by the way. You might have too.

Interestingly though, Saiyans had castes and they were contracted out by vastly stronger beings. How can this be?

Saiyans don't train. Saiyans are usually just naturally strong and instead of improving themselves they either risk certain death or else they give in to their natural instincts (giant monkey). Most of the time we see Saiyans taking on opponents weaker than themselves. They gain nothing from these encounters and so growing stronger is circumstantial for most Saiyans that we ever observe.

>> No.35470665

Goku is different. Goku is a Saiyan who conked his head and was taught about training by humans. Humans are physically inferior to Saiyans but they are mentally and philosophically superior.

Thus, Goku is an alien who grows stronger with every battle but he also trains for that phantom battle just over the horizon.

As most know nowadays, "kung fu" means "hard work." Goku gets ever more powerful but he never stops training. Goku is always looking to outdo himself, to become stronger than he was before. No other character trains like Goku, not even Vegeta.

Dragonball is basically telling you that you can always be better. You can break through your limits and that will expand to new goals to set for yourself. Most importantly though, you must work for it.

What's more, Goku is one of the only characters who trains even when it's unnecessary. Training is a fact of Goku's life.

Goku surpasses his allies for all of these reasons. It's not just main character bullshit and if this thread survives I will analyze each of his allies and enemies and demonstrate how they play off of Goku in the coming days.

>> No.35470971

i like what youre saying

will wait warmly for more

>> No.35470989

>Goku respects the afterlife too. After he dies to save the Earth from Cell, he stays with King Kai rather than abuse his Instant Transmission technique.
Except for that time or two in movies, anyway.

>> No.35471039

... /tg/ has a bump limit of 300.
it won't be here in a few days.
I will however thank you for the analysis. over analyzed or not.

>> No.35471091

Has there ever been a white black panther?

>> No.35471149

Damn. New thread time?

>> No.35471361

Do it

>> No.35471861

Hahahahahah. These stinking humans are so pitiful, even they’re strongest warriors couldn’t hope to stand up to me and me alone. My tail twitches as I lean over the last of them, ki gathering around my palm as I lean over him, boot planted firmly in his chest.

“So, you galactic slime, how does it feel to have your entire race brought low by one woman?” I grind my heel into his chest a little more, taking immense satisfaction as he screams in pain, the concrete below him cracks and splinters.

I chuckle as his arms cast around wildly in hope, looking in vain for something to stop me. Pitiful. Weak and pitiful, I can’t help but taunt him a while longer, amongst the ruins of his city. I lean down, over my conquered victim. “What’s the matter? Can’t seem to get up?” I ask, crushing him further downwards.

Suddenly searing pain runs up my spine, I scream and collapse, ki blast shooting wide into some mud hut of a dwelling. I fall to the ground in a puff of dust, my armour doing little to stop whatever pain this is. I twist and arch trying to pull away from the sensation. I throw my head to the side and spot the human, bloodied and bruised, but grinning. His fist is balled around my tail.

Oh no. Once more I curse the upper class, restricting the art of tail training to themselves, as I thrash in pain. The human coughs a gob of blood, as he rolls over, my tail still balled in his hand. He pushes himself upwards, to his hands and knees, before crawling over.

He coughs and hocks another gob of spit, shooting it upwards at my face, only for it to land on my chestplate, as I continue writhing in pain. “Looks like...” He heaves in another breath, “I found your weakspot.... you monkey bitch!”


>> No.35471869



He runs his fingers up and down my tail, smiling as I scream and writhe. Good lord, I believe I’m about to vomit from pain and disgust. This savage is touching me!

He punches me along my legs, arms and face for a time, but the blows bare nothing compared to the pain on my tail, only pulling the odd grunt from me.

No longer writhing, I just lie back in agony, breath heavy as he attacks me.

His own breath runs ragged; he runs his eyes over my still unbruised body. “I know... how I can get some..... true revenge.”

What’s he going to do? Asks a corner of my mind, as the rest darkens, trying to shut the pain out. I’m dimly aware of him shifting my battle spanks aside. The last thing I feel before my mind shuts down, is something hot, shifting inside of me, and some pleasant friction. This worm is going to pay. But I may have some fun with him too.

Then it’s decided, I’ll fuck him into a smear on the ground, or take him as a slave.... those months of travel do get rather boring.

>> No.35474359


>> No.35474793


Interesting, please make a new thread.

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