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How do you like your elves /tg/?

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As turbosluts.

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Fried and served with mashed potatoes.

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Since when is the opposite of elves paladins?

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For some reason the image of e. honda with pointy ears and giving handjobs via his rapid fire hundred hand slaps move popped into my head.
All sped up like Street Fighter II Turbo, of course.

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Yeah the opposite would be one of those cockblocking _orcs_

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Dead, crispy.

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A little bit alien. A little bit definitely nonhuman in the way they think and perceive the world. A little bit jaded because of all they've seen and done over the centuries.

Slender and a little bit androgynous, with the perpetual playful smile of someone who's explored perversions and fetishes that don't even exist any more. Or alternately really angry because they haven't been laid in fifty years.

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Elf is olav

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If elf is love, and love is ogre, than are all elves really just ogres with an illusion spell that makes them look human-sized and really hot?

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I guess this is now an elf related art dump

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Eviscerated. Preferably slowly, but if it was fast I can handle it as long as their kids were watching.

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Nah, they are just disguised mind flayers.

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This thread needs Elf Paladins

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Traitor and whore.

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its like you want to get burned at the stake for heresy or something.

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With their heads on spikes outside my Clan's hold.

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Anyone have elves in fur coats or something?

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Did someone say "heresy?" Because I think I heard someone say "heresy."

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I believe someone did say Heresy.

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will this do?

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found a slightly better one

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Time for a turboslut elf dump, then.

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Underage and asking for it.

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Vain, showy bastards who love to help allies on the basis that it's an official document that says, "we are obligated to show up at a fight and show how much better at everything we are than you."
So basically, Caledor with less dragons and more murder hobos showing up everywhere.

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Doing God's work.

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>All these Ivy alternate costumes
This is /tg/, not /v/

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Remember: Around Elves, Watch Yourselves!

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>easy access dress
>distracted by something

10/10 would violate

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Icy elves best elves.

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After seeing Retarded Dragon Girls i can't help but see Leviathan as pic related.

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pretty sure this is a elf

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>How do you like your elves

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>elf thread

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Maybe he likes his elves demon-touched.

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Actually I think that's Windranger from DOTA. She's not an elf. Pretty close though.

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Fuck you valve.

Windrunner sounds better.

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Elfy enough.

it was out of valves hands, a lot of stuff actually was, Like Sk. ;-;

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They changed it because they were getting sued by Blizzard. Apparently one of the prominent NPCs in WoW is named Janna Windrunner (or somesuch) and they were throwing a fit over copyright issues. Valve changed it to Ranger and it was k.

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theres a few windrunners in Wow, one of them is the leader of the Sorta-free undead faction. Blizzard largely just did it to Spite them despite the fact that they had worked out Copyright for Dota and its characters a few years back. might be cuz Bilzzards Windrunner is playable in their new Dota-clone, dunno

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>How do you like your elves /tg/?


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You people are terrible. Just because they have pointy ears does not make them fucking elves.

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This girl is clearly oni-blooded, not an elf.

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Between the worlds of flesh and spirit, belonging to neither. Long lived as spirits are undying, difficulty conceiving as spirits are not living. Rumor speaks of the sprites that float in the forests and lands of elves are the souls the unborn never finding a vessel.

They are overcome with Grief due to their fate, and many deal with this Grief in different ways. Some are spiteful and angry at those whose fates are their own and seek to undo them, others cherish the time they have left and think fondly of those who can truly live. Some bargain all they have in some way to save themselves, Some retreat from the world, slowly fading away.

Be kind, and understand the Elf, for you have a greater treasure than they can ever hope to have. Cherish it well, and keep it safe.

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let's face it. that's literally all that's required in terms of appearance

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Pirotess is best elf, with possible exception of Idranel or Taldeer.

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Oh look, brown elves on /tg/. How refreshing.

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Oh look, misquoting on /tg/, how refreshing.


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I know why they did it, doesn't mean i have to like it though.

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Needs more white haired brown elves.

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are we doing this?

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Pale, slender, agile, beautiful, and absolutely fucking nuts.

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Pregnant. I like my Elves pregnant.

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Horned and inhuman

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Play Vitamin Quest. It is a main game mechanic.

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Medium rare with plenty of A-1

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Now THAT is a genocide I can get behind!

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>Practical, non skimpy elf armor.

Were the legends true?

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I couldn't believe it. She's not even wearing high heels.

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When I google for VQ it appears to be some kind of untranslated JRPG full of animoo style elves and moonspeak. Is there a translated version?

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Is that elf wearing a chastity belt?

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Read the top and ctrl+f for vitamin quest

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Can't have shelves without elves.

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this is good
this is not

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>the only right answer hasn't been posted yet

Not faggot blonde hippy elves. I want balkanized slavic elves who have been fighting the same four-way race war between just only barely differentiably sub-categories of themselves for 10,000 years.

I want humans to leave Africa and find elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want humans to figure out how to smelt bronze, and still have to deal with elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want Rome to rise and fall, and for the elves to still be killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want humans to discover gunpowder and develop cannons, and still the elves are killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want humans to engineer democracy and enlightenment philosophy, and still be helpless to reason with the elves to stop them from killing reach other in the mountains and the forests.

I want the sun to set on the British Empire, but never on elves killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want World Wars I and II to start because, but actively avoid the territory in which, the elves are killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want the United Nations, when all other problems are resolved and all rogue states are quelled, to struggle in vain to stop elves from killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

I want the singularity to happen, and for mankind to accidentally download itself into an unceasing digital nightmare from which there is no escape, and the only people who might be able to help won’t, because they’re too busy killing each other in the mountains and the forests.

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These women do not have arms suited to wielding swords one-handed.

Actually none of them do, but these are just the women who look like they're trying regardless of the fact they've never even lifted.

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C... can't we all just get along?

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>Retarded Dragon Girls

They made a second season of Dragon Crisis?

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It's the Christos Achilleos Effect in action, I think.

Any female character will over time change inexorably into a representation of the artist's fetishes. Thus we have elves, slender and graceful in every legend, walking out in armor and high heels, with BQQBIES bigger than their heads.

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In school uniforms.

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Did any translation team do all 13 episodes? All I'm seeing is a smattering of various translators and episodes.

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I like my elves the way I like my Elder Scrolls.

overly complex, slightly pretentious, and ridiculous is a weird "Drunken Descartes" way that completely screws around with metaphysics.

How i wish i could harvest Kirkbride's brain, just to see what made it tick.

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shit makes me laugh every tiem

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Spacey, and in spats

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like them young~

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No. You must be mistaken.

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Hello automaton, how are you doing today?

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imma dump some elves if that's fine with ya'll

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>Pelinal called out Haromir of Copper and Tea into a duel at the Tor, and ate his neck-veins while screaming praise to Reman, a name that no one knew yet.
>tfw you will never be this hardcore

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at least i know im doing something right

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Also whoever was posting brown elves please continue. have anything less cheesecake? I need something for a type of celestial in my campaign setting.

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That elf looks like she wants to steal my heart.
and eat it

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Aztec elves are always great. Still wish she had darker skin.

>> No.35290383

Any other details for "not lewd brown", or is that the only requirement?

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I like my elves to be desert dwelling nomads eternally seeking that one Canadian guy in the setting. Hoping he will tell them how to get to the land of snow and moose.

Failing that I like my elves in maid outfits, every single one of them.

Anyone got a picture of a chiseled male elf in lingerie with the tip of his dick poking out?

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Anybody have a screencap of the "no /tg/, you are the elves" post?

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>Drawing a pic with a monocolor background
>not making it transparent

Every. Fucking.Time.

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I like my elves varied.
Sometimes, I want to play in a world with generic Tolkien elves that live forever and are pretty much a better version of humanity. Sometimes, I just want elves to be pointy-eared rangers who are really good with bows and guard nature. Sometimes I want "realistic" elves, creatures that evolved as ambush predators in forests and live fast, short, brutal lives, barely holding on in a jungle of death.
Most of the time, I don't really want anything in particular out of elves. I rarely play them, I rarely use them.

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I prefer them to have either an otherworldly or primal feel to them, though all brown-elves are fine.
Basically for my setting these celestial entities are among the last "pure" elves still in existance due to their loyal service to NotElfJesus. All the other elves where either killed off, mutated by Outer Gods, or forcibly transformed into Fey by the previously mentioned messiah

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I've got ya covered.

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That's not what holistic actually means.
Unless those potions make the imbiber mentally stable and socially popular.

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Thank you for the clarification. I shall rename it in my folder

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Confident, in multiple areas.

>> No.35290770

Here is a good example of a brown elf.

>> No.35290772

I am going to memorize that copypasta by heart.

>> No.35290791

I'd love for more players to make characters that are confident in their looks as an asset without being That Guys.

Seduction doesn't deserve the rep it has.

>> No.35290921

not sure if these are two fae, or an elf and a fae

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pearl necklace/10

>> No.35291581

Elves are entitled to dress skimpy if they want to anon.

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I'd post a laughing elf picture, but I think this thread has already exhausted my entire reserve of them.

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Can anyone provide the origin of these images?

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>not censoring the feet

Ya goofed, already got off

>> No.35292170


Chocolate rape-bait with huge hips.

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Dwarves are scum, I'd rather fuck a Goblin than drink with a Dwarf

>> No.35292197

>slightly tanned white elf

whatever you say pasty

>> No.35292206

Either as sour übermensch or capricious tricksters.

So basically LOTR elves or an entire race of the reaction image elf.

>> No.35292267

She has two fuck huge sabercats
Are YOU going to be the one who tells her she isn't a delicious chocolate elf.

>> No.35292321

Why is this guy's face funny every single fucking time?

>> No.35292347

I like them laughing.

>> No.35292353


Yeah? Because she doesn't strike me as the kind to murder someone for saying a dissenting opinion.

>> No.35292366

High charisma score.

Unlike that halfling...

>> No.35292396

From the looks of the beasts she has with her I don't think you could even get within ten feet of her if she didn't want it.

>> No.35292425

Why do dark elves dress like sluts?

>> No.35292519

Spot the half-hobbit.

>> No.35292536

Then she isn't even an elf if that's the case.

>> No.35292633

Dead, unburied and rotten

>> No.35292676

As twisted, sadistic and kinky as possible while being utterly obsessed with mind breaking males and using them to satisfy their every sadistic kinky whim.

>> No.35292707

You could have just said "Drow."

>> No.35292768

They aren't fucked up enough.

>> No.35292796

>that comic

only two pages long but still, god damn

>> No.35293142


>tfw taldeer became a space doctor in space-dandy verse.

>> No.35293161


I love playing such a lady-killing son of a bitch flirt in Roleplay.

Amazing how dr. jeckyl and mister hyde it is considering how terribly clueless I am otherwise.

>> No.35293168


Okay, my fantasy knowledge isn't deep enough.

Why do Elves and Paladins hate each other?

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>> No.35293305

Aren't elves suppose to be lithe and shit?

>> No.35293313

With attitude & attire as sharp as their ears

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>> No.35293384

sauce: http://www.tentaclearmada.com/2009/03/dark-magician-from-lineage-ii/

>> No.35293419

I am sort of tempted to post Cultist-chan, but she's not an elf.

>> No.35293458

Why did they change her skin for the figure?

>> No.35293463


Well fatty fatty boombalatty nurses apparently didn't get the memo.

Taunting elves and making them feel fat and insecure is hot.

>> No.35293520

Here's a really specific request, but I'll put it out there anyway. Does anyone have any thicker elves that aren't sexual looking? Maybe in armor or robes or something?

>> No.35293537

But if you have any lewd ones I'll take 'em anyway

>> No.35293550


Looked, afraid I couldn't find any. Sorry.

>> No.35293552

With nice, long, prominent ears.

About 4-6 inches or so from tip to where the upper edge of the ear meets the head is just about perfect. Anything less than 3 inches is shit unless it's a little kid elf whose ears haven't grown in all the way yet. And the long axis should point outward, or at least upward, not back along the side of the head.

And the ears should be movable. And sensitive to touch.

>> No.35293591


And I just saw that. Let's see what fatty fatty boombalatties I have.

>> No.35293630

I think its by Shindol or who ever, a lot of the scans are hard to find because some of the content, that comic included, was so brutal.

>> No.35293645

Causing emotional insecurity is hot?

>> No.35293680


If you're a heartless asshole who likes degrading and rough stuff, then yes.

only when the partner enjoys it too

>> No.35293717

Thanks for checking regardless, that's what I get for making not-as-svelte-elves a thing.

And you just seem like a good time, friend.

>> No.35293725

Not my fault I'm a sadist.

>> No.35293726

you some sort of casual?

>> No.35293734


Wi-fi meaning I can't play jack shit without terrible ping, and who knows when I'll be able to wire the house.


Oh I am too.

>> No.35293759


Meant to say that's why I am spamming pics.

>> No.35293767

Goddamnit tg I just got DONE fapping!

>> No.35293794

The only choice

>> No.35293801

My elves are telepathic and reincarnate when they're killed. Their ears are exactly like human ears except pointed at the tips. The elves are all 6'0 masterrace at minimum and love the stars/oceans more than any other feature of nature. Elves don't really get "magic", the things they make are just excellent at what they were made for. A elf who makes a masterpiece sword puts a great deal of his own essence into it. My elves have tremendous control over their physical bodies, but have no such control over their emotions. Their feelings are intense and exaggerated. Elves don't get crushes, they feel passion of the ages. Elves don't feel upset, they feel like killing the fuck out of whatever pissed them off.

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>> No.35294050

>Enjoys suffering of others
Literally the worst kind of paedo.

>> No.35294378

>Implying you can make Judith feel that
She knows she's hot and enjoys the reactions it and her outfits cause.

>> No.35294426

Mine are slender and androgynous-looking, and a bit physically fragile. They're very powerful mages, but also no slouches with a sword or bow. They're a dying race and don't seem to have successfully conceived a full-blooded elf child and carried it to term in decades, perhaps centuries. They're eerily beautiful, jaded immortals, and some of them are horribly insane, others are subtly or not so subtly alien.

>> No.35294644

Mine were created by the gods to be slaves. Eventually, a demigod decided they were cool and freed them.
Now they're isolated mountain-dwelling tribes of solipsists with a crazy victim complex who can influence people's dreams. Also, their art and architecture are very highly regarded.

There's also a race of Elves who are three-feet-tall, live in the frozen north and specialize in deer-herding and woodwork. But I was thinking of making them Gnomes.

>> No.35295520

So your tall elves are modern-day Israelists

>> No.35295539

>There's also a race of Elves who are three-feet-tall, live in the frozen north and specialize in deer-herding and woodwork. But I was thinking of making them Gnomes.

Do they work for a fat neckbeard in a red fur suit, who flies around once a year and gives gifts to children?

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>> No.35295823


Unlike that gnome.

It's a gnome, hence the big head.

>> No.35296134

Look at this guy thinking Castanics from Tera are delicious elf flesh.

>> No.35296561

Israelites, shmendrik.

>> No.35296667

>> No.35296682

It has pointed ears and dresses like a slut, everything else is details.

>> No.35296917


I like elves in general, but I guess I have extra soft spot for the ones in western style (i.e. not bunny-ears) and in modern fantasy or space elves.

>> No.35296967

As for space elves, a half-high-space-elf half-dark-space-elf seems pretty neat too.

>> No.35296973

>skeleton staring at tits
fucking lost it

>> No.35297043

I like my elves borderline magical, consensual realm.

Well, that's quite different from all the rapis/tg/ape I have to endure from all these tha/tg/uys.

>> No.35297063

Who draws these? Anyone have any more of his art? I've only seen that other one where the orc refuses to rape the elf

>> No.35297113


I feel exactly the same way. That elf rape meme is fucking retarded.

>> No.35297114

not tefusing, she doubted and pre-warned him in a tsundere way that raping is not okay.
the ork just said Aight, I don't like rape anyway and prefer consensual sex.

tl dr
>> elf tries to seduce, flirt with him
>> orc is oblivious and tells her he doesn't like it anyway
>> elf devastated.

to be honest though, that she thought that he is exiasting to rape, went on my nerves.
kudos to the orc guy.
may he find true love.

>> No.35297274

Thanks for the clarification.
Failed elf flirting, got it.

Does you has more arts tho?

>> No.35297818

Not me anyway.

>> No.35297887


>> No.35297926

I think I'll stick with Newmans.

>> No.35297977

>that gif

>> No.35298418

mah niggaz

>> No.35298460

elfvs ur gay thou!!!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

playe human istead!!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

>> No.35298478

Like this, mate. Now give back those fucking Silmarils.

>> No.35298784

>> No.35298795

>> No.35298803

>> No.35298815

>> No.35298827

>> No.35298843

>> No.35298850

>> No.35298857

>> No.35299324

>not posting the best specimen

>> No.35299373

That's a practical uniform for sure.

>> No.35299378

In a setting I am working on they come in several flavors, all are off-breeds from the original high Elves who died one thousand years ago.

The 'Summer' (Sunn-Mer) Elves are more adjusted to temperate or warmer climates and dwell within towering cities or ones build within the trees, they are adept traders, craftsmen and fighters as well as all the typical elvish crap, Don't always get along with the Humans of the Empire due to being out duped diplomatically and economically.

The Tundra Elves (Tun-Mer) inhabit the southern Ice fields and mountains, cities carved of crystal and ice into the landscape are what make of the lands civility, the rest of it is inhospitable to anyone not born in the lands. Tun-Mer are identifiable by their light ice blue skin tones, sometimes going light purple. They get along well with Humans and the Empire in general, the Northern parts of the Empire love them.

And last but not least are the Snow/Ice Elves (Sno-Mer), savage canibals who have been this way for many centuries, they are split into various tribes and raid the Empires northern realms, not much is known about them except they seem Matriarchal and don't speak any known languages.

>> No.35299402

Are chocolate elves the best flavor?

>> No.35299479

>Game where you can straight up suck off a guy in the middle of a fight


>> No.35299495

Isnt chocolate something you pour over anything to improve it...?

>> No.35299501

That's like asking if water is wet.

>> No.35299520

Are you trying to say we should improve our genes by breeding with brown elven women? I agree.

>> No.35299543

>tfw breaking twigs while having sex with Amalia to get her to moan harder

>> No.35299575

Devilish tactics.

>> No.35299594

But the real question here is light or dark chocolate.

>> No.35299614


>> No.35299625

Elves are ready to go at any time.

>> No.35299634

Dark chocolate or you're a casul faggot

>> No.35299640

All chocolate

>> No.35299650

>Halfway through the fucking

Ulterior motives detected

>> No.35299661


>> No.35299662

Death by Chocolate

>> No.35299698

There's a right type of chocolate for every situation.

>> No.35299717

Lets be honest, anyone who talks about chocolate elves in any way aside from calling them shit, is a casual faggot.

>> No.35299906

Obligatory reminder that it's not rape if it's an elf, so it's not really a "rape" meme.

>> No.35299926

It's also not gay if it's an elf.

>> No.35299935

I don't get that story.
Why the fuck isn't the elf grandma allowed to fuck whomever she wants to?

>> No.35299969

She can fuck whoever she wants. It's just embarassing to her grandson.

>> No.35299999

I think it was mostly that she ditched a diplomatic party to fuck a guard. Not exactly model behavior for a diplomat's family, but the guard was relieved since he may have thought it was the guy's wife/daughter.

>> No.35300208

Yes, this is what I was going for. I'm glad you picked-up on it

>> No.35300234


>> No.35300321

You wanna know how I like my Elves? I don't like no gay tree hugging hippies, I like Northern Elves, Elves that don't give two shits about trees because they're trying to survive. These Elves are practically Vikings. They conquer for resources and women, not for peace and love and save the animals. If anything they're training your friendly neighbourhood woodland critters for war. Also, since they use to be hippies they still keep certain customs i.e nothing is wasted and the enemies blood must be sipped out of his skull. THESE ARE REAL ELVES!

>> No.35300323

This is quite possibly one of the most attractive drawn characters I have ever seen. Fair fucks to the guy who drew it.

>> No.35300399

Dump? Pls?

>> No.35300438


>> No.35300471

I want to kiss my monitor every time I see it posted. I could literally stare at it for hours.

>> No.35300502

I want to say there's another picture of her by the same artist, but I can't say for certain.

>> No.35300541

That's all I got. Sorry.
I'm hoping someone else will post the rest

>> No.35300590

In an otherwise rather dark certain 1950s fantasy novel I read, the author had a viewpoint character--a human raised by Elves--allude to the fact that Elf men are pretty much Al Bundy when it comes to libido, and Elf women had rather stronger libidos, as a general rule, than either male Elves or human females, which made his upbringing... interesting... in ways that were not laid out (hurr!) in detail, because 1954.

>> No.35300713

I think this is it

>> No.35300893

>How do you like your elves /tg/?

As paladins

>> No.35300917

>dat Almasexia

>> No.35300946

/tg/ board culture has some stupid fascinations.

>> No.35301461

Holy fuck, Christina Hendricks is like a live action /co/ character. Always hard/10

>> No.35301518

What if the only way an elf can get pregnant is through rape? Something about the violent energies sparks something in a cool elf's heart which releases an egg to be fertilized?

Consensual sex never leads to something being born.

>> No.35301537

Which begs some questions: why do elves fuck humans, when they can fuck other elves, and what sort of fetishes and myths do elves have about human sexuality?

>> No.35301562

Elves are disgusted by humans, dwarves, gnomes, orcs. Every act of sex between elves and their cousins is full of disgust. This gets 'em really hot and bothered because it's so damned dirty.

>> No.35301585

All of that is true inside your very own magical realm.

>> No.35301592

A webcomic called "Errant Story" has gone into this a bit.

Elves are unaging, but not immortal, and have great difficulty conceiving. A lot of elf females find human males really appealing, in a hyper-masculine, caveman kind of way, though some are very bothered by the fact that their hunky caveman human lover is going to wither away and die in a handful of decades... and others have a fetish for humans just for this reason. And for some reason it's easier for Elf women to conceive and carry half-elves to term.

Half-Elves have traits of both their parents... and unfortunately a lot of them, especially the most powerful Half-Elf mages, go violently insane, and centuries before the story in the webcomic opened, a bunch of Half-Elf wizards went batshit and destroyed some floating cities, leading to a genocidal war between Elves and Half-Elves, then civil war between various factions of Elves. Centuries later, the golden age of the floating sky-cities is a myth to the humans, who have in the meantime gotten around to inventing stuff like gunpowder and percussion caps, as well as figuring out more magic than anyone thought humans would be able to master in their short lives...

>> No.35301597

And it pisses off their elven daddies.

>> No.35301600

>>35301592 A lot of elf females find human males really appealing,

So... like fat blonde chicks being attracted to black guys.

Got it.

>> No.35301612

I remember one series where elves had sex with humans mostly because they found their own species boring.

>> No.35301614

Humans have short lifespans and giant cocks, compared to girly man-elfs, so they're the perfect FWB. You don't have to dump them, just wait for them to die and enjoy your ride

>> No.35301631

I'm not sure that was the author's intent, but sure, let's go with that.

Less common, but still widely practiced, if a bit frowned upon in Elf society, is male Elves seducing human women and leaving behind lots and lots of Half-Elf babbies who will be barely pubescent at thirty or forty years of age.

>> No.35301636


Wipe off that lipstick and make room for daddy.

>> No.35301722

So long as its milk chocolate, heavy on the milk, it doesn't matter.

>> No.35301750

How does your party react to this, /tg/?

>> No.35301792

Gently wake her up, and offer my services as an adventurer.

"Good lady, some black'ard hath absconded with thine tits. Allow me the honour of questing for thine womanly charms, and upon returning them to thee, give me the pleasure of annointing them with pearls of mine own making."

Or something liek that, I dunno. I drink when I'm in the forrest.

>> No.35301799


>> No.35301824

You've got it backwards. Humans sleep with other races because it pisses off their human daddies.

Humans are the white women of fantasy.

>> No.35301847


"Get out of the water you fucking hippie, we need to refill our waterskins."

>> No.35301854


"I thought you elves were masters of the long sword... Is that just marketing, or did it skip a generation?"

I want to sph elf men infront of elf women

>> No.35301864

Escort elf home, kill monsters and thugs in the way. Accept rewards if offered, but don't insist upon anything (that's avaricious.)

Hopefully everything is fine in the elf's kingdom/realm/home. If not, there may be further quest hooks, and we'll certainly attend to those as well.

>> No.35301947

I don't understand people with a fetish for elves. The only thing different is the ears. Are they all jacking off to elf ears?

>> No.35301956


Sotha Sil was the only one of them that might be rewarding to talk to and that crazy bitch had to murder him.

Dagoth was a faggot, but he wasn't entirely wrong either.

>> No.35301977

>How do you like your elves /tg/?

Vanilla, Caramel and Chocolate

I actually like them to be either wild amazon types, sci fi races, or cutesy maids. I cant swallow the "superior race" tolkien model

>> No.35301986

And lithe bodies with giant T and A. So, E, T, A. That's the secret to elf faps.

>> No.35302007

>I cant swallow the "superior race" tolkien model

Are you...gay?

>> No.35302011

Nah. Small-breasted elves are good too. Hips, man. It's the hips.

>> No.35302029

Not that anon, but dafuq are you implying? "Superior race" Elves are total shit.

>> No.35302073

No, Inferior Race elves are total shit, because they're just fetish bait for dorks to pretend to rape and abuse, m8.

>> No.35302078

Short skirts, long hair.

>> No.35302114

How about neither? Make the races be generally equal.

>> No.35302151

What do you think of Elf Quest style elves?

>> No.35302156

jesus on a bike, did Blizzard pretend to have invented gluing two words together, now?

>> No.35302159

Those ears are delicious, I could nibble on them all day.

>> No.35302271

They're exotic without getting out of the human comfort zone.

>> No.35302302

was this season 1 or 2? because i only watched like, 2 episodes of space dandy but if this elf is there i may just watch it

>> No.35302321

I have a thing for female Elves that is related to the thing I have for monstergirls: the idea of a beautiful nonhuman lover--getting to explore her body and learn how to please her, learn about the smell and taste of her...

we /d/ nao

>> No.35302339

I think I'm not sufficiently pedo to be able to sexualize them, so--

>> No.35302365

But the only nonhuman part is the ears. There's very little to explore.

>> No.35302445


Will begin elf racial war soon on my QT.

It will not end

>> No.35302477

Elf chicks should look like they were drawn by Leiji Matsumoto. Fetishy latex spacesuit optional.


>> No.35302516

Oh, I don't know. I could get lost in those ears.

But I'm also imagining how many hundred thousand years of parallel evolution, subtle differences in body chemistry, when I try to imagine the smell of an Elf woman's sweat, the texture of her skin and hair, the flavors and smells of her... and perhaps they are, unlike so much of the art in this thread, not huge-boobied Amazons with bunny ears, but petite, and, for all their magical power and martial skill, fragile, requiring patience and a gentle touch...

>> No.35302548

>I like my elves in maid outfits, every single one of them.
my nigg--- *reads spoiler* ---fuck

>> No.35302559

You could turn the creepy factor down some, yeah?

>> No.35302572

This is 4chan. If the creepy factor isn't turned up to 11, we're doing it wrong.

>> No.35302574

/tg/ hates elves. I think once it was retaliation for "Can't argue with Elves because their better than you", but at this point it is because everyone else is doing it, hating elves for the sake of hating elves and HFY, which to me is just as aggravating as Can't argue with Elves.

>> No.35302586

If your spelling is that bad, then it is likely that the elf is, in fact, better than you.

>> No.35302622

Ah yes, I loved it when he didin't want to use his orc's orc to abuse the elf's elf

>> No.35302648

I like the way you think.

>> No.35302803

am I alone on waiting for more of this?

>> No.35302885


>> No.35302935

>image limit reached
What are you waiting for here again?

>> No.35302941

another season

I still believe

>> No.35302962

brown elf mecha pilot is just too niche a fetish, there'll never be more.

>> No.35304363


I'm pretty sure there will.

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