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What are your current character's goals?

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Not get made a slave by a Elf matron from a major noble family. I had a tread about this...

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Wants to go back to living a peaceful unadventurous life. Dangerous situations and his tsundere attitude towards the party is preventing him from achieving this.

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Elf master, wat do?

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To free thorns from the terrible rule of mask of winters and return the area to life

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Achieving incredible Magical Power and creating a flying island which she can colonise as its ruler. She also has the long-term goal of killing all the Russian, and Egyptians.

Her short-term goals? Kill a local bandit leader, and convince the rest of the group of the benefits of committing genocide against the local Gnoll population.

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To claim dominion over the human race without relying on the other races, eradicate orcs and elves, and bring humankind into a new era of prosperity and power over everything, including the gods themselves with me as the supreme and undisputed leader of mankind.

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To conquer the world

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It got out of hand, I talked to a elf girl at a feast she became obsessed with me and tried kidnapping me, buying me from the party, to trying to force an exploding collar on me.

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Long lived beings tend to be a bit crazy like that. Even the most vanilla pure looking elf waifu is actually a depraved deviant.

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All I did is act polite, and I know that NOW! Elf girls are crazy...

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To recreate her childhood of growing up in a Fey controlled village via charm spells and make everyone her best friend.

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Just fucking kill her, faggot. Or marry into her gay elf family, kill her, rob their gay fucking family blind in Tree Court https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxNCPjpaa60, and come out all the richer

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Finish this fucking game so I never have to play d20 again. My current character is a self insert in a game with no story

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Hrothgar quests to be Khornes favorite hero
Hrothgar fucks shit up along the way in the name of glory
Hrothgar wants to fuck bitches but is too busy fucking other shit

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Find my next fix.

Then I shall prove myself the finest knife-fighter in all of Marrakech.

But first, I need that fix.

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And then what?

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Save his daughter from the evil prince who is one of the BBEG's henchmen.

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I like him. I will pay him to serve as my general in my new empire. What are his accomplishments?

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First character, Moon Circle Druid:

> "A lot of people ask me, 'Bruin Artega, why do you do what you do?' And I answer, 'Because I'm a bear, dumbass.' Honey and gold, baby. Honey and gold."

Second character, Oath of Vengeance Paladin:

> "A girl did something unspeakable. Something unforgivable. I need to find her. She is my failure. My fault. I am damned already, but if I can stop her before more harm is done, then perhaps the gods will know that my soul was not bought cheaply."

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Silly anon, some people roleplay characters with morality.

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To create the counterspell engine and disrupt all magic in the entirety of the world. And seal it off from other dimensions, so as to prevent other worldly influence. Its a hidden goal but a prominent one.

No one will be the wiser. But everyone will pay. Especially those artificers who made my family of lowly craftsmen look bad. That and to have the races of the world discover ways to thrive without magic.

This'll show 'em

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Oh you're one of those people.

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>beat an orc in an arm wrestling match
>got disarmed while fighting a lich and slapped the shit out of it
>converted an imperial to chaos by showing how Khorne gives me the strength to beat orcs in arm wrestling matches and decapitating hordes of undead
> convinced a townguard to look the other way and let him in by shouting "IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN I WILL KILL EVERY GUARD THAT GETS IN MY WAY OF PURCHASING ALE!"

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Become the mayor of Miami, because every town post awakening needs an adventuring party boy elf face who owns a used car lot, a mall and a strip club to run their city into the future/into the ground.

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bitch she tried to put a bomb collar on you, she's probably got tons of people just like you in her basement

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To murder/depose the entire dwarven pantheon of Golarion and convert all dwarves to Asmodeus-worshippers. Also to become a lesser deity of stone and slaughter.

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(not me, but the actual guy with the problem)

She doesn't. We thought she did so we pulled a liberation op. Only we found drawings of me everywhere in her basement. Not a single slave.

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To find wings, because now it must fly to chase after the goddamn mages.

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A noble goal.

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Why settle for a lesser deity? Why not greater?

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Small steps, my friend. Slaying an entire pantheon is probably a bit of a stretch goal already.

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Lets see.

In nechronica, my character's goals are, in this order, help her friends do whatever they decide to do, help renew the dead earth to life, become master of illusions, and get the NPCs to work together and stop being so shitty.

In star wars, my Defel Jedi, (Basically batman) is primarily concerned with growing his hair back (Lost in an explosion), fixing or getting a better ship, and hunting down the asshole who has been trolling the party for several weeks now.

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is she cute, and how competent is she at trying to capture you

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>is she cute
She is crazy and I don't do crazy.

She is a very wealth noble matron, but she only came close to catching me once. (mage used a teleport scroll while yelling "Cockblock" at the last minute.) She doesn't care about collateral damage at all. I can't reason with her or kill her (she can take my entire party in a fight). And no she is not the BBEG... (pic GM used)

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How can you faggots not just cast grease and just boot party her? She looks like a weak elf to me

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>Cant kill her
Does she not bleed?

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Her magic is OP as hell...

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We never even hit her...

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to cuddle with Cultist Chan

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For a week straight every month

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You arent thinking about this the right way. So, that time she tried to collar you, did she float it over to you, or did she actually physically come near you with the collar? because a hidden blade of quickness will make a nice surprise, and the surprise bonus can get you a nice called shot to the throat....

Of course, if you havent tried to get her to stop via politics, perhaps by publicizing her bestiality fetish, then you are incredibly shitty.

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To cut down every tree on earth in order to spite one single elf

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We went to the ruler of the local elf kingdom and he told me that if I didn't want to be herslave then I should leave the kingdom. I did she followed. The baron I work for thinks it is funny and won't help (For diplomatic reasons, my ass...). She is apparently well known for her human fetish...

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But thats my spot!

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Is your GM trying to push a waifu on you?

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Hrothgar was born without a fuck to give

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What you need to do is beat her at her own game.
Capture her and stick her in your basement.

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No it just became a running joke. We don't her from her in a while then... BAM! She wrecks one of our careful plans trying to kidnap me. We even plan for it now...

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Not to die
To fake his own death and get out of his violent life far away from anyone that would recognize him

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quit with the ellipses, robin

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hear* sorry mistyped.

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hrothgar sounds hard as fuck

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To remember his name, and get kidnapped by fairies.

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Try to survive and make a profit in setting where a wizard is basically taking all planes in existence, shoving them together, and shuffling them together every few hours.

There are also giant insects that eat you when walking around at night. These are present in all planes.

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Based on the drawings she is a dom, and I would need to catch her for that to work.

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She wants to find out what happened behind the incredibly botched heist she just performed that just resulted in her father's death, and who the terrorist group is that knew about the job, but weren't the ones that caused the botching.

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>gay elf family
>marry "her"

I'm confused.

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Elves are automatically gay, but not the homosexual kind. The kind that means bad and prissy.

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Elf Bard
>Rescue her son
>Rescue her brother
>Finish this whole "saving the world" business so she can concentrate on her music career
>Retire to a quaint three-story four bedroom cottage in the mountains with a handful of well-oiled half-orc gardeners
>Never let anyone see just how lonely, empty, and depressed she really is

Half-Orc Oracle
>Defeat Nerull in the name of Pharasma
>Make sure his mother, siblings, and grandfather are cared for before setting out to spend the rest of his days destroying undead, providing healing and medical services to those in need, aiding new mothers in childbirth, and performing last rites for the recently deceased
>Serve Pharasma in death as he did in life by becoming one of her psychopomps, ushering the souls of the departed to the Boneyard to receive judgment from The Lady of Graves
>Avoid temptation by reciting his prayers any time the bard gives him the eyes

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Build a megazord.

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To fuck every enemy that stands in his way

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To make enough dosh to become attractive to the wealthy merchant girl who effectively friend-zoned him.

Originally this quest would start with him escorting some old fuck to some old keep, so he can work some old runes, to unlock some old magic gate.

Currently this means purging a town that was supposed to be the party's base of operations of evil Orcus worshiping ghost/possessed villagers/cultists before said old man arrives.

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She has codependency and body-image issues to work through. Since her previous employer died, she's looking for a new job (punching for free is ok, but punching for pay is better) and perhaps a community that's a bit less racist than the one she was living in where anything not elf or human is dirt.

After that, surpassing her mother at martial arts.

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You know the kind of guy who does nothing but bad things and then wonders why his life sucks? Well, that was me. Every time something good happened to me, something bad was always waiting around the corner: Karma. That's when I realized I had to change, so I made a list of everything bad I've ever done, and one by one, I'm going to make up for all my mistakes. I'm just trying to be a better person.

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To achieve great riches under a false identity and advertise the riches across the land while consecutively building a manor specifically designed to trap thieves, in the hopes that he will catch his estranged father.

And maybe some females.

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To get out of the town virginity intact. It is a comedy game in which my PC was given the promise of a huge inheritence if I can stay caste for 5 years after the death of my super rich uncle. He also put a HUGE bounty on my virginity (must be a female to claim) to mess with me. I get 100,000,000 gold for winning, they get 5,000,000 as the bounty. Each party member has some silly goal they must do.

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A washed up star of an 80s tv show about a detective with a penchant for driving suddenly finds himself investigating a cult within his home town.

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Can I cuddle with Hrothgar?

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Now if only I had a game and friends to play this character with :(

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Former bard who lost her arm and got cripped legs from monsters, replaced them with machine implants, muticlassed to barbarian and stated to make a career in monster hunting. Is torn between going full gearform and losing herself to rid the earth of those that tore her apart or to keep her humanity singing tales of glory

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Cause as much trouble for my Inquisitor and co. as possible without the rest of the party knowing it's me. So far no one has noticed.

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Get off the sea floor and drink an entire tavern, in that order.

He pulled a Gandalf and rode the corpse of a major villain into the sea at about twice terminal velocity, after jumping off of an airship. This had the dual effects of obliterating the corpse entirely and sending him several hundred feet into the water.

He is terrified of water, and when the battle high wore off, he panicked. His armour dragged him to the bottom.

It will take him a few months, but after he gets over the horror of being stuck on the bottom of the ocean, he's going to walk back to land.

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Hrothgar allows this

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to become a powerful wizard and find his master, who was separated when being run out of town because the master was evil.

so maybe also become evil.

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Trying not to get killed by dragons and enacting revenge.

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>Combat medic/face
Get more booze for drinking himself happy, get enough money to get the hell out of shadowrunning
>Dorf cleric
Put a stop to the Drow threat without resorting to genocide, prevent the same situation from arising further on down the line somehow, found a church to his goddess in Ravenloft

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Eric: find my brother.
Noone: Get captain senpai to notice me and my awesome engineering 3. Be Irish as fuck.
Clip-clip: have fun, die, go back to being a huge douchebag and fucking everything up in the best way possible for everyone else
Drew: Be the best damn kobold archeologist ever. Be as Androgynous as possible.
Blu: Use swords to kill people with guns. Use swords to break mechs. Find a good mothersday card. Get more subscribers on space youtube.
Wilhelm: Continue being the best damn chef in the city, Maybe blast the shit out of the BBEG, chaoscults, and organized crime one of these days, don't die for an eleventh time.
Rick: be as boring as possible.
Kenny: Don't die.

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Survive his community service

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I was told you tell good stories.

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A worthy goal indeed.

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Please tell me more. This sounds AMAZING!

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Prevent his wife from destroying reality before their children can grow up. Only slightly higher in priority than preventing the team from ending up at each other's throats, averting horrible disasters in general, secretly being the emperor of known space, and properly accessorizing.

Also villainous curs be trying to slow his roll sometimes.

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So my PC's uncle is a bard in an elf town, right. He was super rich. Gets old, but wants to screw with his family before he goes. Writes a crazy will.

Back story is my PC is small time merchant and my uncle would always try to get me laid. I never had time because I was work obsessed and religious. Hence his requirement. They party all has weird stuff they need to do or not do and if one fails we all fail. It has lead to some great stuff. The dwarf (adopted cousin) is required to hand out 200 gold aday to random strangers, the paladin must "get some" from a different partner each week (while sharing a room with a succubus he hates), and the ork (family friend) can not fight (at all).

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My character's current goals are to begin existing in a world run by a GM.

>tfw no time for regular game sessions.

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To establish his own city state, and turn it into an economic and military powerhouse that can rival Lookshy, the Guild, and Thorns.

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my current charecter is a wizard who works as a fisherman he hopes to one day slay a kraken and take it in as part of the days fishing haul

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the alarm spell is great for traps youve set you can go check the trap when the alarm is triggered

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Overthrow currently ruling Archpriestess, secure deal with empire his lands are bordering, turn his autonomy emirate into fully independent country or at least client state to that empire and siring a son - having three daughters is quite bad when you are equivalent of an emir.

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I am going to be the prettiest motherfucking lizardman in all of Eberron. Already have this fancy-ass tunic what changes from creams to reds and pinks.

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to assist Loki by killing Balder to start the Fimbulwinter, and fulfill his destiny of devouring Odin.

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>short term goal (complete)
>acquire the perfect full-body mold, cast to exact specifications

Good shit, too. Dwarven work. You have no idea how hard it was to find a master blacksmith AND barber to get the hair right.

>midterm goal
>acquire various ores and energy sources of such power and quality that they may be considered fit for the perfect mold

>long term goal
>attain super perfect loli form

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- To stop the other human/alien hybrids from whining about still being human at heart so we can all commit to using suicidal tactics to kill all aliens in the name of FREEDOM. OOC I know the aliens are far too many to ever feasibly be killed off by us. Also, they aren't aliens, they're nature spirits.

- To become an equal of the gods. In a setting where the existence of gods is a either extremely dubious or a matter of semantics.

- To accumulate and secure power and influence. She was built to do this for an actual reason, but failed at it once before, becoming free of her master and thus reasoning for it in the process. Now she keeps doing it just *because*.

- To bring his family pride through great deeds.

- To save Denmark, and the world, from the apocalypse.

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Her general goal is pretty much just to wander around and gather some good stories to tell.
Her more specific goal is to get the hell out of not!The-Middle-East.

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To improve her knowledge of all things magical. Experimenting and discovering things to learn more.

To gain enough power to challenge even the strongest beasts.

To gather wealth and material goods for herself.

To make her name known and feared throughout the land.

She's filled with grandeur and hungry for power, pretty much.

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also he does not like slavery and the campaign is going to have a lot of slave freeing so i may get specific targets

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To make a pile of dosh to pay off harry the bastard so I don't end up tied to a post facing east come morning.

and maybe to get my sire killed as well, but that would just be a side bonus

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why do you want to get him killed

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He's a cunt, and only embraced me as a joke because he lost a bet.

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You know the Germans tried to kill all of the Russians too. They lost.

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Did an elf rape your last character or something? Or do you have a problem with anything that looks mildly more attractive than you? Hint: That's just about everything ever.

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Eradicate the elven race
Create a nation made for humans by humans, where we'll be safe from all those abominations. And obviously ruled by him as overlord and defended by an horde of undead.

my other character is an orc who simply wants to become "da biggest an' da best orc"
His name is Gork

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Do you know what role playing is anon? I don't really have a problem with elves in real life, because I know that elves don't really exist

>> No.35018389

Knocking up the younger sister of the Prince Concort and make a claim at their family holdings on the ground of holding their ancestral weapon.

>> No.35018420

Convert as many people as possible to the cult worshipping the demon lord of drunken debauchery and michef. Not so easy when brute force is frowned upon and all your actions take place while heavily intoxicated.

>> No.35018723

I need to find dead things. Giant dead things. Things big enough that, when combined and reanimated, they will form the worlds first Necromecha: GodGrave.

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Before the game began my character made a living making really convincing forgeries of great works of art. His goal is to find them and buy them all back.

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I know what Role Playing is, Anon. You merely came off as super butt hurt about Elves.

>> No.35019680

play several badass shows, woo all the bitches with his sweet metal riffs, murder people with his axe guitar, get super rich, and finally die after a thirty hour sex and cocaine binge.

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Wealth, land, a defensible manor home/castle, and serfs to pay the rents. Have to warhammer his way back into prosperity he can stop mixing with these low-born proles.

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My Barbarian is looking for his sister he accidentally sold into slavery. He is a good guy but didn't catch on that he wasn't actually sending her to live in Neverwinter until it was too late. He worked with the party to track down his only lead but the wizard escaped and now he's got nowhere to go and that makes him angry, so he's with the party taking it out on ogres and orcs and any other unfortunate monster that comes their way. He tried praying to Temora, that might work, maybe. For now though, he's not super worried, if she's anything like him she can do pretty well for herself.

>> No.35020566

My character is in it because he's bored

>> No.35020907

My priest in Dark Heresy exists to burn heretics. Literally that. He's from some feral world where the Imperial beliefs have mixed with local superstition, and he believes that the only way to pass on into the afterlife (rather than be reincarnated) is to be burned.

My DnD Half-elf bard, on the other hand, has sworn an oath to a dying noble (also his childhood friend) to restore his family's lost honour.

>> No.35021404

Long term goal is to find out the truth about his lineage and to get out from under the government's thumb.

Short term is to kiss cute boys.

>> No.35024251

A Kobold Sorcerer so prideful in his abilities, he aspired to become a Dragon. And then, a God.
Not a Punpun.
He was a megalomaniac, and could be likened to a force of nature.
Alas, he lacked the necessary ruthlessness to achieve that goal.

>> No.35026493

My new character Rat, wants to steal the Death Star. I have no idea how he's going to go about it or even pilot the damn thing.

>> No.35028482

Do something about that dorf brain he's carrying around innadungeon.

>> No.35028752

One of my character wants to beat a oppenent who beat him in a ring and took his chapion's belt in spear combat but not to the death.
Death is too good for him.
He also wants to free his parents from the evil empire's slave camp(star way rpg)

My other character wants to kill any evildoer in the world in the name of justice and vengence.

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