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girls with dragons

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Have you tried /r/?

Elsewhere, it is best to post several examples of what you're after to get a thread started.

Dragongirl unrelated.

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kawaii girls with dragons

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Isn't this what /c/ is for?

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Let's dig into my Summoner folder...

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this right? I've got about 3 pics

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Anyone got the "thats my fetish" ic with the girl getting licked by a dragon?

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Hey, I was about to post that.

....and lookie here, a folder from a batch file I downloaded labeled "Girls with Dragons"

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Anyone got the pic of the dragon handing a loveletter to the princess?

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and that seems to be it. At least, from the stuff that's organized.

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Can't believe she's not been posted yet

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the tumblr crowd can suck the enthusiams for just about anything out of you...

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Well that's not a nice thing to do to your dragon buddy.

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a bit /a/ but it's a girl with a dragon, what else do you need?

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What? The nose?

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so should we start posting Lucien now?

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>>34907314 leads to >>34907405 obviously.

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This is better than most art threads around here. I would actually allow almost half of these to be used as character art in my games.

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Armors too shiny and clean to have fought it. So did she kill it in its sleep?

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Sounds like a smart idea to me.

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or they cleaned up afterwards.

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This thread is adorable and I want to hold its hand.

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>man is all strong and heroic looking
>woman is helpless prize/decoration
I hate this.

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I find it funny she's wearing earmuffs and gloves,
I guess a dragon is just that warm she doesn't need anything else

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I was born for this thread.

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>woman is wearing well tailored clothing that flatters her
>man is wearing a helmet that makes him look like an absolute ponce

I hate this.

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>Humans are free and don't have shit in their mouths
>dragon is wearing a fucking bridle and has filthy inferior humans on his back

I hate this

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>Posting a Dinosaur looking thing
>In a dragon thread
I hate this.

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Dragons are just dinosaurs with wings anyway.

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Oh boy.

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That thing has no wings, so it isn't a dragon.

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Folklore and mythology dont have one version only of one thing. But dont believe me and read about it.

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This one's for you, ∞ general. Fuck you.

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This one's for you, ∞ general. Fuck you.

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This one's for you, ∞ general. Fuck me.

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She's obviously a saved princess you wiener

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You're even worse that the dude who posted that chick being creampied by a dragon. You sick fuck.

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I want to see that now!

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What dude? Where?

For, uh, research purposes, of course. Yeah, that's it.

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see >>34909332

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Right here

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Why do Princesses always need saved? Why can't they save themselves or be the ones doing the saving?

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>that pic
Now I'm trying to picture a setting where dragons are like little firebreathing pigeons. It would probably suck to live there.

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It's called Pern.

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inb4 wyvern

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I forgot, are firelizards capable of using firestone? Or are they only called that for being mini-dragons.

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I don't get the rage over this. What's wrong with that pic? Sure the girl's not as cute as the rest of the thread, but is there something I'm missing?

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Pretty sure they can breathe fire canonically!

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thanks a bunch

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People have gotten tired of Game of Thrones, which is where that picture came from, because of how bad tumblr fandom surrounding the series can get.

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how can a dragon play strip poker.

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By cheating and not losing, of course.

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Dragon scales are often rather valuable.

>> No.34910232

Taking a scale a time.

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The deal could be a game for money and she's down to betting off pieces of her clothing.

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He actually started the game in human form.
He's really bad at poker.

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Ok, his blaming tumblr make sense now.

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Meant the character (pic got it`s own set of problems though). Daeny had her badass moments in the books, followed by a LONG list of stupid decisions and fuckups. After the show got started, all the tumblr instantly declared her the greatest, strongest female character eva and has since summised that anyone who doesn`t agree must simply be a mysoganist, who`s afraid of women.
Pic relates.

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How do we know it's a male dragon?

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Damn phone

mah Summer Islander

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I don't think we do.

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I don't think it matters.

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The possibility for lesbian dragonfucking pleases me, although the mechanics escape me.

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This has given me a story for my barbarian to pass off to the civilized members of the group.
>historic tribe hero gets into a dice game with a dragon, trying to win the dragon's assistance
>dragon cheats by removing one scale at a time
>ancient hero cheats by actually cheating
...and that's why my tribe has relics made of dragonscales.

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Dragon has a big tongue and/or a tailtip, human has hands and arms. It'll do

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Works for me.

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And maybe horns.

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>Oh ho ho ho ho, my dear, your music is just as charming as the day I captured you.
>I especially love that one song about ME, and that other one, also about ME.
>Reggie! After you're finished electrocuting the denizens of that castle, come down here and listen to the wench's song about ME.

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thats a campaign hook right there.

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Cool, I guess.

The problem with Pern though is that everything isn't the sci-fi stuff, Ruth, Brown Dragons, or the fire lizards. I'd have had a lot more fun with it if they played up the futury-ness of it instead of just being a rather drab fantasy.

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That one's the hit-and-quit type, at a guess.

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Oh Homestuck, we hardly knew ye.

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Can't tell if this is one or two from the tooltip.

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It's been like a year since the gigapause started.

Only the strong survive now.

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Holy shit, can't remember when I've saved this much stuff from a single thread.

Never knew I had a craving for this stuff. Thanks /teagay/s.

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I like this option, also despite their size, dragons have a dex score and can manipulate things equal to your average human, plus there's always the tongue. On the human side, well fistings a thing, though if the dragoness is big enough they might have to resort to spelunking

I'd imagine that would be at the very least awkward, if not painful

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Are there any with more evil looking dragons. I'm looking for a pic for a BBEG, the Drakiana (mortal bride/wife) of a Dragon that was slain.

>> No.34912212

That would be a fun campaign, being the tiny knights that is

>> No.34912336

>I'd imagine that would be at the very least awkward, if not painful

It doesn't have to be penetrative. If she can get a decent angle to work with, she could just grind herself off on it.

>> No.34912368

Plus you can always file the horns down to a more pleasing form without disturbing the dragon's sense of vanity.

>> No.34912411


>Posting pro-rathalos propoganda

I'm not falling for it.

>> No.34912466


>Dragon sees warrior come to slay him
>Says he's bored of killing squishy humans
>Offers a game of chance instead
>If the human wins even one hand, she'll get to kill the dragon
>Whenever the dragon wins a hand, she has to give up something of hers

Take note
>Girl is now to a point where she is giving up under-armor

NEVER get into a game of chance with a dragon.

>> No.34912471

Hadn't thought about that, though if she is going to do that she can probably just use most any part of the dragon

>> No.34912496

What happens when she runs out of things?

>> No.34912527


What do you think? Dragons confirmed for lewdest monsters.

>> No.34912554

Lagiacrusfag please go and stay go. You're needed elsewhere.

>> No.34912564

So a frightened schoolgirl gets sucked into a fantasy world and the knights have to teach her to fight so that she can defeat the dragon, which to her is only about the size of a cat?

>> No.34912580

Damn, that would be fun...

>> No.34912607

This one makes me want to go do adventure.

>> No.34912611

... dragoness lady knight lesbian fun times?

>> No.34912619

When you have no more worldly possessions left to give, all that's left is your life.

And, well, yeah, maybe your virginity.

Though, I could also see stories being valid offerings too. Seems fitting for a given type of dragon, anyway.

>> No.34912620

They hold hands

>> No.34912649

So >>34912611 guessed right?

>> No.34912663

No no, a schoolgirl opens up a storybook and is shocked to find its contents (heroic knights, vicious dragons, etc) literally leaping out of the pages into her world.

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>> No.34912815

I like to imagine it's straight.

>> No.34912928

>half my pictures are duplicate by now

>> No.34912960

There's more straight dragonfucking and male gay dragonfucking that you shake a stick at.

Let /u/s have this one, anon.

>> No.34912999

You work on your preferences, I'll work on mine.
Never enough.

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captcha's being a fucking bitch.

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>> No.34913250

Yeah, I know, nobody cares unless it's sexy.

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>> No.34913315

get fukd, captcha

>> No.34913322

That armor on the dragon looks like a disaster just waiting to happen.

>> No.34913357

Left to their own devices, most of them wouldn't want to be saved.

>> No.34913392

Especially with the armor on her...

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>> No.34913552

It might be female.

>> No.34913554

So... Dragoness x futa/really dedicated trap knight?

>> No.34913600

God no.

>> No.34913632 [SPOILER] 

Girls with dragons, huh?

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>> No.34913640

>first thing that comes to your mind is vore
I've been here too long.

>> No.34913666

Yeah? Well they might be giants too. What of it?

>> No.34913668

Number one item on the agenda.

>> No.34913711

Commentary while trying to post another image that turned out to be a duplicate; forgot to delete commentary.

You and me both, brother.

In unrelated news, captcha keeps emptying after I fill it in. Fuck captcha.

>> No.34913717

Not like that, anon!

>> No.34913742

>> No.34913748

>Having captcha
>Not having a 4chan pass

It's like you WANT moot to go poor.

>> No.34913777

It's the most compelling motivator I've ever imagined. Captcha, that is.

>> No.34913783

I don't even like vore.

>> No.34913798

Last one before I have to go.

Me neither.

>> No.34913800

Not that one, but a few others got that reaction from me

it a good thing or a bad thing?

>> No.34913816

If it is vore, it looks like the fairy wants it a lot more than the dragon.

>> No.34913818

Whelp answered my question..,

>> No.34913827

I want to buy one but the fucker isn't selling

>> No.34913850

>Dude, let me in
>I'm a fairy

>> No.34913851

>I want to buy one but the fucker isn't selling


>> No.34913856

Dragons make the best preds

>> No.34913859

>perfectly good picture
>all futa'd up

I hate this.

>> No.34913879


>> No.34913923

I don't see...
It's an oddly shaped wrinkle in her loincloth AND NOTHING ELSE

>> No.34913997

Though seriously, I think it's just a unfortunately shaped wrinkle

>> No.34914006

Oh hey neat, a few months ago no matter what you did the button remained greyed out.

>> No.34914056

Weird, cause I've had my pass for 2 years straight now. Maybe your browser was fucking up?

>> No.34914148

10/10 made me laugh, anon!

>> No.34914226

Wait what, I-

Goddammit anon, I hadn't noticed before you pointed it out.
It's not a wrinkle by any stretch of imagination.

>> No.34914243

>> No.34914729

>not liking dicks on your chicks
What are you? Gay?

>> No.34914772

I have just now noticed the hint of a shaft peeking out from above the loincloth, I can no longer deny it.
But I can pretend the dragoness is just screwing around with a shapeshift effect an doesn't normally have a dick

>> No.34915102

I know I was like "hey this is a pretty coo -- what the fuck is that"

Maybe, maybe not. But it diminishes the quality of the art because you'd never actually use it.

>> No.34915234

For me it's a mix of it being overplayed and that I honestly am not that fond of dicks in my porn

>> No.34915265

>> No.34915275

>never actually use it.
I don't understand what you are saying here
Futa is overdone, I will admit as much, but I've never seen futa on dragon. Only futa on horse...

>> No.34915619

>Futa is overdone, I will admit as much, but I've never seen futa on dragon.
That's true, it's not something I've seen either and while I prefer there to be no dicks in my smut, I'm not too terribly opposed to them nor am I opposed to futa with an interesting twist.
This pick is actually quite nice even with the dick
I just really hope my fun with shapeshifing theory is true and she doesn't have a dick while full on dragoness

>Only futa on horse...
You mean like centaurs?

>> No.34915813

Not like centaurs.

>> No.34915919

Then do you mean anthro horses or horse cocks?

Wait, MLP?

>> No.34915969

The futas had horsecocks. As did the horse. It's not the spoiler either. I meant what I said, stop beating around the bush. I don't feel like linking it right now because I don't want to dig around until I find the image and I just fapped.

>> No.34915994

Oh, I was just curious cause the way your post read made it sound like you've only seen horse futa, trying to figure out what you meant, that's all

>> No.34916019

I've seen unicorn futa actually.

>> No.34916076

Really? Scrolling through I was thinking that most of these were so, I'm sorry, gay. I would allow almost all of them, but I'd think you were tasteless and probably boring if you showed me almost any one of these.

>> No.34916233


That's pretty hot actually.

>> No.34918097

>> No.34918125

well, its a dragon and a girl after all heh

>> No.34918141

same here

>> No.34918180

>> No.34918208

>> No.34918245

Like any dragon slayer trying to live

>> No.34918273

got some others but they depict dragon/girl intercourse

>> No.34918308

>> No.34918343 [DELETED] 

gonna risk myself with this one to fill the thread

>> No.34918438

Is this from a story or something? Or is it just random Yoshitoshi Abe art?

>> No.34918652

could a nigga get some sauce on that, anon?

>> No.34919072

>this is the last kid we're having honey.

>> No.34919194

Is it just me, or is she using that dragon as a blow-dryer?

>> No.34919202

>common you passed that like a champ, I'm sure you could live through another

>> No.34919268

I have that artbook, he drew a lot of random fantasy themed doujinshi for a couple of years, before he started playing KanColle last winter. Lately he's only been drawing cute girls doing warship things.

>> No.34919316

Firelizards were the originals. The pern dragons are the ones copying them when they eat firestone.
Also yes it does suck there when space amoebas descend from the sky and eat all in their path like a monsoon of acid.

>> No.34919367

Seconded. This stuff is pretty boss

>> No.34919405

I thought as much, I just didn't recall one literally ever doing it. But since the books really only feature queens and bronzes, who cares about anything interesting.

>> No.34919487

I think i've seen it mentioned in a line or two every once in a while but it's not really focused on.
The thread life cycle was kinda weird. I kinda wish i knew more about wtf they were and apparently Pern is part of a shared universe so tons of crossover potential got missed. Thousands of years and not one smuggler or fugitive thought to hide off in a forbidden zone with no space traffic?

>> No.34919557

I can't wait for Kancolle to die out and be forgotten.

>> No.34919705

the word is c'mon, anon.

>> No.34919808

I got the impression that most interstellar travel was supposed to be of the "very slow via sleeper ships" variety, and Pern was surveyed as a 'resource-negligible' planet, which meant hardly anyone was ever going to be interested in it.

>> No.34919892


>> No.34919918

Clearly, they should be thrown up on imgur or mediafire.

>> No.34919989

Pern had gems out the ass which people didn't expect and a small group of survivors were eventually rescued so basic stuff about surviving thread, massive gemstone hoards and so on would be on the records. I didn't read the other series set in the same universe but I remember a vague description about psychic powers being capable of breaking ftl similar to how people in Dune can combined with technology constantly advancing.
The dragons themselves have psychic powers that are only really limited by the fact that they're too stupid to figure out they have TK and the capability for interstellar travel.

>> No.34920001

About 5 bucks if you can spare it.

>> No.34923698

>what's the risk here it's not like there's anything REALLY lewd abouOh.

>> No.34923761

I find it one of the more amusing loood ones.

>> No.34923993 [DELETED] 

Where can I find male human x Dragoness

>> No.34924258

Anon, you're going cra...
>and then he saw it
God damnit internet.

>> No.34924492

A doujin called "Gothic Lolita with Dragon"

>> No.34925526

Should I post the story written about this by some anon?

>> No.34925540

Are you saying you think it's hot anon?

>> No.34925597

indeed it is quite sad fucking fandoms ruin shit all the time doctor who is lucky enough that its to old to be ruined though witch is nice

>> No.34925627


>> No.34926305


While I get the gist of what you're saying, do you REALLY think he looks strong and heroic-looking?

He looks like a fucking ponce.

>> No.34926428

Holy shit /tg/ why do you let these people post unopposed? This is straight up SJW, not even normal feminists.

>> No.34926565

Because engaging them in debate just ends up shitting up the thread?

>> No.34926569

Returnofkings please go

>> No.34926583

This isn't SJW you paranoid manchild.

>> No.34926593

That's why she wrote it.

>> No.34926644

Is the SJW talk infesting /tg/ now? Damn I leave for a moment and come back to this. Everyone knows SJWs don't fuck with /tg/. Most people here like trying weird things for characters, that's why we have strong female characters so often, we think it's a good laugh or an interesting role to play.

That dude looks constipated.

>> No.34926694

It's not. There are just some pissy little manchildren who take any "kind of tired of woman as decoration" or "princesses can also do the saving" as an attack on their He-Man Woman Hater's Club.

>> No.34926728

True dat. I mean, much of the more interesting discussion on /tg/ is about challenging or inverting tropes (like princess needing to be rescued) anyway. Calling it SJW attack is reactionary and downright paranoid.

>> No.34926786

Sorry I can't post any pics; this is a worksafe board!

>> No.34926804

People who get anally anguished about SJWs are obnoxious, but people like you who immediately start going on about muh-soggy-knee are just as obnoxious.

>> No.34926819

I would also be complaining if someone responded to a post about "a women doing the saving" complaining that it's unrealistic.

>> No.34926824

No, not really. It's the loonies who see SJW everywhere that are much more obnoxious.

>> No.34926873

A fish doesn't see water.
If you spend enough time in a SJW environment you won't see it as an SJW environment. You will see it as the norm.
So someone who isn't seeing the obvious SJW influence is clearly from an environment were SJW is ubiquitous.

>> No.34926931

On the other hand, rabid anti-SJW fuckers like to scream and flail "SJW! SJW!" whenever they're challenged in any way, shape, or form.

>> No.34926979

And then we have people like you who think the issue doesn't exist because they aren't bothered by them.

>> No.34927018

I think the issue doesn't exist, because it doesn't actually exist at all, except in the fever dreams of racist/sexist/both assholes who are suddenly uncomfortable with the idea of the enemy Others both existing and having opinions.

>> No.34927040

Or perhaps what you call SJW environment is just the normal society with fully functional adults, have you thought about that?

>> No.34927067 [DELETED] 

>I think the issue doesn't exist,
The entire fucking Gamergate scandal. LITERALLY just happened. Assholes using social justice as a means of deflecting accusations of their corruption.
SJW so obviously exists the only way to not believe they exist is if you think their extremist views are normal

>> No.34927070


>> No.34927075

I just realized something.

Any of you remember that Fly movie? The one where a guy invents a teleporter but accidentally merges with a fly when testing it and then slowly starts turning into a horrible fly-monster thing.

Now look at all the pictures that have a girl and a dragon.
Add faulty teleporter.

>> No.34927094

I'm not saying that SJW doesn't exist, I'm saying that the society at large isn't SJW.

>> No.34927298

And I am immediately proven correct about how obnoxious both sides are.

>> No.34927300

the feels...

>> No.34927355

The SJW paranoia side is more obnoxious though.

>> No.34927365

She's got a whole crazy catalog on amazon, hydras, various dinosaurs, I think a centaur somewhere...

>> No.34928208


I might have to look those up, for research purposes of course.

>> No.34928597

Lol sauce?

>> No.34928989

external link needed

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