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Does /tg/ still play minecraft? Where is the RP server?

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i remember playing on a great server with /tg/ years ago. the whole map was underground like the underdark. was fucking awesome having underground cities.

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that would be so much fun

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If it's the underground one I recall there was rampant griefing. I wound up building an entire fake home and actually living under my stairs.

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>and actually living under my stairs

I do that in real life, man, don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

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The best server I played on didn't start as an RP server, but somehow ended up as one in the end.

Started out with a plugin for land permissions, then people started building towns, so they added a factions plugin. Then those towns started trading, so they added a trade plugin, then from there it became some sort of guild based community with the admin town being the ruling one.

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I recall there being a Dwarf Fortress inspired RP server that went from pretty cool to absolute shit fairly quickly

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all it takes is one random person who griefs.

another person who got griefed thinks "hey, anon 1 must have done this! I better get him back!"

then it's all downhill in less than a day.

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I remember that one. It looked good starting out.

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all i remember was making a tavern in the main hub near the ramparts leading out into the wilds.

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Golden Tunnels
Primordial Desert

The two maps I remember playing most with fa/tg/uys

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Tantrum Spiral.
Very authentic Dwarf Fortress.

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It seems like a server using Thaumcraft would be right up /tg/'s alley.

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I played Primordial Desert for about 1 minute. As soon as I spawned I was dead. That happened two more times. Someone was griefing spawn with lava. I just closed the client and went back to doing other stuff.

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Better Than wolves, Voltz, Terrafirmacraft... So many excellent mods to use. All neglected.

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someone should make a new underdark server.

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If there's one thing I learned about Minecraft from that old dorf fort /tg/ server 2 years ago and about three iterations of 4craft is that no matter how many plugins you stick on it, the game is just too fucking poorly designed for any kind of multiplayer server with a goal other than just making autism buildings to survive for more than a week.

The only way I could imagine to salvage it would be a modded server, but then you immediately lose half of your playerbase right off the bat because most people are too fucking stupid to install mods even if you compile it into one big convenient package to download or upload it to use with a tekkit launcher, and then you lose the other half because Minecraft is such poorly stitched together piece of shit that the sheer amount of mods added will likely make it unplayable on most computers due to memory bloat.

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How about a server with a map split into 4-5 massive biomes and nothing else preferably with mods

The players will segregate themselves based on what terrain they wish to build in, making factions on their own due to this.

mods would cause a bigger reason to interact with others (thaumcraft/ars magica resources are only available in certain biomes)

and if biomes a plenty was on the ultimate goal could be to reach the promised land.

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I was in that desert. I made waystations for travelers.

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I vote for something like TFC or preferably Better Than Wolves. Something challenging and multiplayer-focused.

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this would be neat if you had some good mods to do it

>join one "faction" on startup
>cannot mess with any factions buildings besides the one you are in
>can still PK in others territories
>trade hub in the middle without player combat
>thin strip between factions where block grief is allowed

I think it would be neat.

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I'd make it myself if I had the know-how.

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>One faction builds massive wall at the edge of their territory to keep neighboring faction out
>Other faction responds by building towers, ladders and bridges that get them close enough to jump over the wall
>Maybe using water to drop troops in
>Entire war is fought like this
Because I want this.

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>>thin strip between factions where block grief is allowed
>Entire faction begins saving up Obsidian. Like, obscene amounts of obsidian.
>Choose a date where most/all faction members will be online
>Head to most disliked faction's borders
>Build the highest, thickest Obsidian Wall from Bedrock to Sky Roof
>Regret that you cannot build a ceiling over them and cast them into darkness

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>some mods add high jumping, the ability to temporarily make holes in walls, shooting lightning, hit with a weapon for <200 damage, bows that shoot one arrow then follow up with 5 shots in the same spot
>other mods allow armor that makes you invunerable to magic OR bows OR melee

I want this. chances are people would join factions just to tear down walls

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>Other faction builds redstone rail system in towers capable of launching minecarts over the wall
>Launches carts filled with TNT into enemy territory/at enemy players
>Even sets up pusher system to shift track on cart's passing for carpet bombing

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>factions just to tear down walls
Don't make me say it. Don't you DARE make me say it.
>Faction that allows you to be gigantic, unarmed, and strong as fuck

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Totally not what I meant, I mean people would join a faction they want to invade, make a hole in their defenses, and shout to another faction that the gates are open.

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oh i am disapointed the thumbnail made it look like it was in the sky thats still pretty cool though

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I know, but all this talk of walls and fighting wars over walls, and tearing down walls made it so I just had to make the joke.

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Wonder if anyone remembers me.

I was Mossorator, Lord of the Enders, leader of the church of Enders.

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the problem with mods isn't the mods: It's the awkwardness of getting back to NON-modcraft if you just want to play something basic.

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i would play on an underdark server. sounds awesome

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Ars Magicka 2 would be a VERY good one, legitimate spell crafting.

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Check out the FTB 'Magic World 2' pack, add a server side Factions thing, a bit of tinkering and you're set.

if i went an Ausfag with slow net i would try my hand at hosting something.

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The crater map!!!
Funny thing, I am still friends with Giam, just got him to download ag skies last night. Shall I inform him of renewed Desire?

Lithorien/Kinneweh here. I still have my pirate skin from the last map /tg/minecrafters used that I played on, the floating sky world.

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God damnit i'm feeling nostalgic. I hope some one starts up a server.

We'll need a good theme.

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I agree with the above, Underdark. Make it so it is almost impossible to actually access the above world and have basically biomes under th ground.

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>We'll need a good theme.
I vote "Don't be a fucktard asshole."

Every minecraft server I join always gets swarmed by assholes. Either a bunch of griefers join and just get away with it or the staff is incompetent. Or the mods are complete shit.

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The tg minecrafters steam group still exists
Hell yah mossy!

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What did they do for wood anyway? Then again I remember wood being a problem on the desert server too.

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Small garden area at spawn. The idiots kept stopping me from being a wood baron after I hunted every sapling down. It was fun.I earned diamonds with liths underlumber.

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Underground tree farms work well if you keep the area bright.

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Yea I was just wondering where the saplings ever came from.

Regardless, resource limitations are fun and encourage teamwork/competition/conflict.

I didn't really enjoy the desert too much. I'd be much more inclined to do an Underground server or something else that hasn't been tried before.

Frigid northern wasteland anybody?

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underdark map was fun. i made a tavern in that main encampment with the huge walls blocking off the monsters of the underdark.

logged in one day and someone had lured creepers into the defenses and they had blown up much of the town though.

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>Frozen, mountainous landscape

We can be Norscans. All praises to the chaos gods!

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i would be up for arctic/northerners or underdark. both sound pretty cool

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All right. I'm gonna message giam and Ielf, its back on, boyos. Expect a thread Monday or Tuesday.

Message [email protected] for updates.

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But what if we don't have steam? Surely doing it on /tg/ is better and more accessible?

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Woops wrong reaction. Was looking for dance.

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I dunno, I like the ferret on the couch
Hence why I put an email, so those without steam can get info. And you don't have to join the group we used to have a forum too.

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where's the group?

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>pretty cool to absolute shit fairly quickly

I remember a DF one that went the same way. The weird thing was that it was on something like the sixth or seventh version when I joined, and each time had apparently restarted because some folks on the older iterations of the sever were cunts.

I quickly stopped playing on it when a whole bunch of folks showed up, trying to change what had already been made, with their reasoning being "this is how it was on the old server, so it should be like that".

Shame, because there were some nice people there.

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The DF MC servers didn't die because of griefers, it died because the admin(s) fucked up properly. JFoxe made the first ones and after first world just gave up on admining while still hosting. Occasionally he would pop in and make some absurd ruling that would reduce population. He also "forgot" to give server permissions to admins that were actually active so backups were months old + other problems resulting from that.
Mort made DF servers after that and he's just a massive cunt with a shit server boasting plugins that prevent normal minecraft functions based on race.
As far as I know, there's no other DF-related servers.

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Yeah, mort is generally a shit. He has views about how the server SHOULD be played, which conflicts with how people play the server. It's frustrating, but there are people who make it fun occasionally.

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Mort is love. Mort is life.

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I once spent weeks carving a giant Dorf face into a mountain side, creating a river entrance, digging a grand spiral staircase, and constructing a forge from a volcano for a MC game of a few friends to set up a Dwarven RP game we could roll into and get playing.

They wandered off and dug some holes before getting bored and quitting.

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wasnt there a /tg/ terraria server for a while?

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steam group name?

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I played with /tg/ years and years ago too, back when water would basically spawn infinitely below and around it and you needed sponges to hold it back. I built monumental giants you could walk in and around, the best had a sky bridge connecting two mountain ranges in one outstretched arm. The day I decided to take screenshots some moron flooded the entire world from the sky down and it was impossible to clean up. They rebooted the server, but I lost the address not long after that. I still wonder what happened to some of those guys sometimes.

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Why are we still on 6 bans?

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The problem for me was the fact that you had to build in your own race's city, no questions asked, no exceptions.

I was playing a ranger and got hired to find a reliable path to the elves, and along the way I decided to settle down--build a sort of waystation where I'd live and travelers could rest. Left out chests of supplies and things like that.

It got vandalized by kobolds. That was fun. I never did find their current burrow, but I found one of their old ones. After that I left some cake out for them and the vandalism stopped.

One day as I'm working on a forge, one of the elves comes up to me and warns me about how dangerous it is outside of the cities, in-character. I tell her that I know it's dangerous, but I like my peace and goddamn quiet, and the human city is full of politics and shitheads.

It's at this point that the admin stops being in-character and flat out tells me that I'm not allowed to build outside of my own city and that the entire little home I'd built would have to be destroyed.

This is days after that same elf and I had been role playing and talked about how I was thinking of building a home nearby, and how she thought it was a neat idea but she'd need to talk to the elders.

Which I guess is code for the other admins, I dunno.

Tl;dr I'm goddamn angry, and I'm goddamn angry about admins.

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Keep coming back to this thread because I love this picture.

For what it's worth, the best RP server I've found is WilsonSMP. It's honestly pretty light on the roleplay, but there are fun story advancing events and some of the best towns I've seen on minecraft servers.


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Literally every DF server I've seen has had that same retarded policy.

>> No.34885970

It really grinds my gears. I don't -like- living in a town with other people.

I like trading with people and interacting with people, but I want to live way the fuck off in the woods where I can have some goddamn peace and quiet.

Literally my first interaction with that town was coming in on the aftermath of a public execution and I decided, "Okay, I'm gonna stay here a few days, then I'm splitting."

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I'm thinking of making one. Having it all be underground sounds fun, but I'm not sure how I'd do it.

>> No.34886001


It says something that the actual DF group has moved out of them and into CivCraft along with /v/.

>> No.34886002

it's because they're total conversion mods. also, btw creator is a twat

>> No.34886016


Huh, what's the opinion on that server?

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ah. i played there for a while.

then i was on a friends server, changed my skin to an ork.

A few months later i saw the DF server adress in my serverbrowser, logged in...

and was a greenskin orc in the middle of the dwarven throne room.

It was fucking hilarious running away from a horde of angry dorfs, until the admin decided that there is no fun allowed.

>> No.34886079

HAH! I like that.

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Just dropping in to say that Notch sold mojang to microsoft for TWO POINT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS. Two. And a half. Billions.
I don't blame him, he just doesnt want to deal with the stress of managing a big-ass game like what minecraft became. And some would say it's for the best.
What I'm wtf-ing about is how the hell does microsoft intend to get their money back?
They'd have to either triple the playerbase -at least-, or sell everyone the game again, twice.

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Also, I may have factions be a thing for RP purposes. However, I hate the Factions plugin because it doesn't let factions do anything on other factions' land. Instead, factions will work like this:
>Faction leaders will contact me or another server admin, probably via Steam, if they wish to found a Faction
>Afterwards, their faction name will be added to a list on pastebin, as will the names of any who join up
>A faction "dress code" (specific skins for each faction) will be suggested, but not forced
>Faction leaders must give daily updates on people who are entering or leaving their factions, so that we all know who's in what group

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way to much bureaucracy.

I want to mine with my brethren, beat up people who sleep in my bed and then accidentally mine into the goblin underworld.

>> No.34886261

Okay, that works too. Just do whatever, I guess.

>> No.34886273

So. Any recommendations for servers with RP?

>> No.34886328

Again, not precisely an RP server but I guaruntee you'll find something to love

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Dammit, forgot to link to >>34885651

>> No.34886534

Huh. Where can I get ahold of this fancy client?

Do I need to get whitelisted first?

>> No.34886567

>$2.5 billion

>> No.34886644

Yeah, need to sign up at www.wilsonsmp.com and get whitelisted. No client side mods last time I logged on, but there is a recommended resource pack you can get from the site that's gorgeous.

>> No.34886684

Well, now to wait.

>> No.34886699

>They'd have to either triple the playerbase -at least-, or sell everyone the game again, twice.
And with modern DLC based gaming, they can!

>> No.34886742

If you posted in the whitelist forum it won't take long, Wilson is usually by and updates the list every 1-2 hours

>> No.34886773

Just twiddling my thumbs and waiting for an admin-approval on my account.

Lots of weird-ass mods, though. I'm not sure whether to be excited or dread it.

>> No.34886903

I'll admit it's been awhile since I was on (February?), I'm unfamiliar with all the new crafting mods. Stuff like wool negating fall damage and scuba pumpkins were huge quality of life improvements and the mods/admins were always bro-tier. I'll try to get re-whitelisted and join in later today.

>> No.34887007

Oh hi ongril

>> No.34887053

I don't think I was Ongril, but I honestly can't remember what named I used.

Who were you?

>> No.34887164

Right, I'm going to need the name of that texture pack. I haven't played in a year and Enchanted pack is dead in the water.

>> No.34887205

>I'm going to need the name of that texture pack
SMP Revival:

>> No.34887213

Much obliged.

>> No.34887280

Im not ongril or ninjaturkey.
Were you building olnfort?

>> No.34887310

Nah. I was just some woodsman out in the brush.

It was one of the server incarnations where the elves were some kind of blood god worshipping pricks who lived in a huge fucking jungle in an aztec-inspired city.

>> No.34887373

did they get the merchandising rights as well? 'cause if so, they can make their money back selling little kids $30 cardboard boxes

>> No.34887453

Oh, and just a tip, ask for directions to Khazad-Goon for one of the coolest dwarven fortresses available, far to the south of where you'll spawn. There's Ft. Beardmore to the north but it's practically abandoned last time I was on and it likely hasn't changed since.

Oh, and watch out for the slimes in Kgoon, that's their chief export.

>> No.34887469

Sounds swell.

Dwarven slime farmers.

>> No.34887802

Anyone ever played on Lord of the Craft? I really like their plugins, but not crazy about their server population and stuff. I know another called Wayward Realms, but it's slowly dying.

>> No.34887815

I played on one a month or so ago that had kobolds which were allowed to steal from the other races, is that one alive still?

>> No.34887885

>Sign up to a really neat looking RP server
>Extremely cool builds
>Great lore
>Massive, expansive world
>Classes to pick from

>Get online
>Outside of the beautiful spawn cities the wilderness is a mess of fucked-with terrain, ugly roads and random crafting benches
>Griefing and random killing are allowed outside of the cities
>You can make your own town which is grief proof but you have to pay the server owners in order to do so, at something like $5 a chunk
>Most playertowns that do exist are shitty undecorated stone brick constructions
>The server is barely RP
>Half the people I talk don't even have any idea what the fuck 'RP' is anyway
>People running around with random skins on
>Not even a naming plugin so everyone is called xTheKillerx or some shit

>> No.34887914

Does that frog have a USP, or is it one of the Walthers?

>> No.34887921

>Meet some guy after I get on
>He offers to help and show me around
>Eventually find a nice little valley I'd like to build a illage in
>Make my house
>Guy who's been showing me around suddenly says 'sorry going to kill you now lol' and then does so
>Wow fuck him but whatever
>The whole time I build I'm pestered by staff members telling me that if I want a real town I ought to donate and that I shouldn't expect mine to have any protection, and members of other towns trying to recruit me
>Don't want to join any town because they all look like shit and there was some stupid policy like once you join a town you have to pay to leave it
>Put down a bed in my house
>Try to sleep in it
>Automated message saying that I'll have to leave the city I'm currently alligned to (the nation's spawn city) in order to sleep in beds
>Huh okay then
>Leave spawn city faction so I can have a bed in my own fucking house and respawn there when I die
>Admins start telling me to reallign with the city or join another right away
>Apparently being unalligned is forbidden because people will put their bedso utside cities so they can camp and kill people
>Tell them "what the fuck this is an RP server if people are doing that you should just ban them, not punish everyone else"
>Told not to disrespect admins and threatened with a ban

So yeah I stopped going on pretty soon after that. Niggers kept griefing the houses I was trying to build for other people, too. Not even anything major, just random destruction of a few blocks or stupid shit like breaking open the roofs to see if I'd hidden any treasure in there.

I wish the Minecraft RP community wasn't such a shitter. It's either pretty small communities highly controlled by the staff who run them through storylines (not that these are 100% bad, I was part of a pretty fun one for a while, but they're hard to get into if you missed the beginning) or open world PVP fests with abandoned shit everywhere masquerading as RP servers.

>> No.34888068

I went on Lord of the Craft fucking ages ago. It was the first rp server I went on, actually. I used to be a dwarf bard.

When I was a member I remember the spawn was some temple with monk NPCs in it.

Near it was the elf city which was made up of pretty log and leaf huts on the ground and fuckhuge trees with walkways on them. Its name was very similar to Lothlorien iirc.

The orc city was some big fortress in the desert with tents outside and a giant maze underneath.

The human city was a real neat medieval city called somethig like Balthazar, and it was on a mountain and it had a big castle.

The dwarf city was like a giant underground chamber with a castle in the middle of a lava lake and little houses built into the walls. To get in you had to find your way to some valley and go behind a waterfall at the end of it, then down a fuckhuge staircase. We had an underground tree farm, too. The other dwarfs were real nice and gave me tools and stuff, but I was put off because a lot of the land in and around the city was claimed so I could barely mine or anything.

I remember there was also a human town at a cross roads on the coast, and loads of the buildings had sand as a building material which I thought was really cool because I'd never seen that before on Minecraft. The town had a toll gate on the road, too, which I thought was annoying at the time but would be pretty cool to see on any RP server nowadays.

Near the beach town there was another one on the way to the dwarf city, but I never saw it inhabited. It was made up of like walkways and stuff above water.

There was also a little trading post on the way to the human city which had a Notch NPC running it.

I think I left the server because it had a lot of background lore which I couldn't be bothered to read at the time, and most people weren't really commited to being in character.

>> No.34888153

Indeed, the aritrary splits in racial ability, plus the moderator wank over Dwarfs and humans didn't help...

Fuck yeah man!

But is there a mod that would give one faction 3D Maneuver Gear?


Yes, what is the group name already?

At least you weren't PLAYING Kobold...
God damn, no farming, no TRAPS, everything had to be a cobbled together mess...

>> No.34888402

Know what the common theme I see here is?
Minecraft free PvP ruins everything.

>> No.34888503

Indeed, never allow Open PVP, that just makes it a race to the first set of super enchanted Diamond Armor.
Instead, how about a gladiatorial arena where factions either duke it out or bet on the outcome of other fights?

>> No.34888510

I felt bad for them, and hated how pissed people got at some of the kobolds who didn't want to be utter cunts.

Cutebolds or whatever. Never saw one myself, would have liked to. They never did any real damage or took anything big; I had a chest full of iron and gold they left untouched, just taking fish and bread and sticks and shit, and knocking a couple of holes in my house.

10/10 incompetent thieves would be raided by again.

>> No.34888580

>I felt bad for them, and hated how pissed people got at some of the kobolds who didn't want to be utter cunts
I tried to be one of those Kobolds, using our sanic speed to act as a gather, trader, and courier for the other races...
Then Mort made it so that Kobolds couldn't use Anvils, so I couldn't fix the shit we got from drops!

I would have taken some Iron though, not a LOT, but at least a few bars ever now and again.

>> No.34888654

Honestly I've always found the worst aspects of PvP can be prevented with chest protection and a log of who interacts with what blocks. With griefing removed as a viable activity there's less inclination to actually fight other players

>> No.34888781

I played minecraft with /tg/ 4 times

1st time was unremarkable, I spent most of my time in a massive underwater cave digging around and surviving on a small subterranean farm with trees, chickens and wheat.

2nd time was more interesting, started off with a dwarf-fortress like fort, me being the bookmaker, then becoming the god emperor, helped make a new fort, oversaw the construction of an animal fuckpit, killed the old god emperor's undead form, oversaw the construction of a library and laboratory, then retired to the crazy mountains.

3rd time I was a traveller who spread rare resources. scavenged books from a dungeon, and installed at least one farm with all the crops that existed. One in a large mountain fortress.

4th time I ragequit as I lost a lot of good loot in a dungeon because for some reason, when one zombie noticed where you were, all zombies knew where you were. I had pretty decent gear but I couldn't stop the green tide.

Nowadays I'm more into starmade. I like building city ships, even though there's nothing to do on them, and I mostly stick to singleplayer.

>> No.34888807

See, before I was told to stop being a ranger and go be a filthy townsfolk peasant by the admins, I was in the process of constructing a huge underground housing system that I was hoping I could convince the kobolds to inhabit--give them a safe, permanent place to keep their shit. They get things for me, I farm and smith and deflect heat off of them.

But I never could find the fuckers, and the mods probably would have flipped shit at interspecies cooperation.

>> No.34889064

>But I never could find the fuckers, and the mods probably would have flipped shit at interspecies cooperation.
Oh they DID.
Hell, we had one guy actually try to build a road between the Humans and the Dwarves (Which would therefore cross the Kobold Biome), and that's what got the Mods on his ass...
Then, he tried to play a Dragon in human guise, and so that finally got him banned...

>> No.34889112

Mort is an infamous faggot. If you are having fun the wrong way he will be sure to ruin everything. He used his cult of personality to ruin the original DFRP server run by Jfoxe. Because he was good friends with the OPs he could do things like change the rules to make kobolds weaker when he was RPing a elf paladin on kobold jihad, change the rules again to make kobolds stronger when he was RPing the leader of the kobolds, or change the rules a third time when his whole toughbold group thing didn't go over so well.

He set up DFRPC with the help of McCain's technical skills and turned around and backstabbed him. Mort's cult followers shit all over Cain right here on /tg/ even though they would have never had a server without his help.

Mort is a control freak and a jealous faggot to the maximum. If you are having fun not on his terms he will get his man panties in a wad and find a way to ruin it. If you speak out against him you will be lynched by his mob of frightened cult followers.

>> No.34889125

So it sounds like this might be fun if we found a different host then, right? ._.
>tfw no glorious cultural hegemony via trade.

>> No.34889168

I think I repeatedly stated it is /tg/minecrafters.
but thats ok, here it is again. just messaged the admin.

>> No.34889181

I'm just letting you guys know that if you build a city, leave the underground intact
because I'm going to build a combined sewer/cave system and fill it with cool stuff

>> No.34889186

I was so excited, too. I just wanted to be king of the kobolds. Ah well.

I felt bad for the admin who had to break the news to me that I had to demolish my shit. I could tell that he/she/it didn't really want to, but I slammed him/her/it pretty hard when they told me. Think I hurt its feelings. Always felt bad about that.

>> No.34889194

oh, did I say cool stuff?
I meant monsters and traps

>> No.34889275

Did someone make a server now or no?
Because biome factions sound awesome.

>> No.34889334

I think it's in the works. We're supposed to get word on it tomorrow or Wednesday was what someone said further up.

>> No.34889398

Awesome. Can't wait to become a humbe cutebold trader.

>> No.34889407

thats the coolest stuff

>> No.34889500

Indeed, you were either ON the Mort Train or got rolled over...

If we did this, I'd suggest no more than three factions to start off with...
The DFRP had enough trouble splitting traits between four races, and even then never had substantial players for all of them.

>> No.34889545

Mad-as-fuck ranger anon here.

I'd really like it if there weren't restrictions on where we could build. That'd be swell.

>> No.34889609

Which mods, and which version of minecraft, would this be using?

>> No.34889612

Seriously, built-in build restrictions are the worst. Just leave a note saying what factions should do what and all the people worth keeping will follow your suggestions

>> No.34889653

Is faction membership going to be mandatory? I don't play nice with others generally.

>> No.34889676

No idea, preferably server side plug-ins so people wouldn't have to sift through a billion different mods...
But I do know that some of the best Plug-ins aren't up to date with 1.8...

>> No.34889686

you'd make a good dwarf

>> No.34889729

I could do a dwarven ranger.

I just don't like building with others--there's generally a group consensus on what ought to be done, and then there's me over in this other corner absolutely unconcerned with what they want.

>> No.34889759

Dunno, but again the mod shouldn't enforce factions either. A big part of making the map worth playing is letting people swap factions as projects and conflicts begin and end. Why should I be stuck as an elf during a human-dwarf war, and why should I be banned from carving out a portion of the mountain homes in the server's shared vision?

>> No.34889777

That sounds good, though 1.8 is nice, what with banners and armour stands and shit.

Not having to install a load is also a plus.

I'll probably join the steam group when there's more info

>> No.34889780

I played on a sevrer last year, it wasn't /tg/, but it was RP-ish with a persistent world that was quite a few years old. And admin events. And a lot of autist drama because the admin was 'roleplaying' as the world's deity and a lot of twats made a sport out of pissing him off, to which he replied with the literal wrath of god and this regularly broke the server down with autistic shitflinging.

Still, the ruins of the server's previous cycles run over by mobs were cool as shit and I built a gigantic cathedral to the admin-deity which turned into a stronghold against invading monsters when the admin literally wiped twat-town off the map in a weird mix of server drama and roleplay storyline and the whole server fighting off armageddon against all odds in a looming cathedral was a hella cool fucking time.

>> No.34889783

I think we'd have one "Wild" faction that goes /k/ommando, living innawoods and such...
Then the vanilla humans in their hamlet.
Then the Dwarfs and Drow in the Mountains and underground.

>> No.34889824

>The /k/ommando faction

I'm sold. Give me that pen, I'll sign in blood.

>> No.34889826

What sort of traps we talking?

>> No.34889863

How about an undead faction? /tg/ loves its spooky scary skeletons, after all.

>> No.34889899

Get the fuck out of here, Fred. Nobody likes you.

>> No.34889912

I went once, made a human tinkerer. Spent one day there, realized quickly that finding a job in a town was almost as horribly hard as finding a job IRL, got depressed, and never went back.
Now I have a job, but I don't think I'll ever go back...

>> No.34889913

The kind that understand your sexuality better than any woman will.

>> No.34889925

I would play the shit out of an undead faction.

What would their bonuses and maluses be?

>> No.34889927

Fuck I completely forgot about 1.8 Banners...
I was focus on bouncy Slime Block fun.

Yeah, I think that'd be the best way to do it; No real faction specific organizations or races, just spawns based on what you liked doing.
So we'd have the roaming /k/ommandos in the wilds, the builders and farmers in the town, and the miners in the Mountains and caves.
Then, if you wanted to switch from one to another, you could just have your spawn reset to that particular area!

>> No.34890003

>Undead - Get swamps and shit
>Rangers - Get evergreen forests
> Dwarves - Mountains
> Elves - Jungle
Anyone wanna help?

>> No.34890025

The seas, what about the seas? Someone better found a pirate town of coolness

>> No.34890026

I remember playing on one of the /tg/ RP servers. I remember some greifing fuckers destroying my Nature shrine for their "god", The Nether Creeper.

I also tried to get in on a server we were making that would let us pick up classes. I tried to write out the skills for the classes and made a skin for the deep ones race.

teeg let's play minecraft again!

>> No.34890046

Give dorfs a tundra w/trees

eventually if they don't plant anything above ground they will make their own arctic wasteland above, and a utopia below

>> No.34890062

In terms of Maluses, perhaps they're slower and can only restore Hunger through Bones and Milk (Gotta get that calcium)?

As for bonuses, maybe they can be immune to Poison/Damage potions and don't lose HP as a result of hunger?

>> No.34890064

Methinks we should just have the races, and let people gravitate toward whichever profession/locale they feel is best.

Multicultural/racial/species/whatever towns will work best, especially if everyone gets to do something others can't. Your town may have great farms and bodacious dwarven smiths, but if you need MAGICKE! you have to go visit that creepy undead dude out in the marshes and endure him annoying you with skeleton puns.

>> No.34890075

Eh, I'd avoid racial divisions for right now...
First you need players to fill up factions, and racial modifiers might be tricky to get working.

>> No.34890079


>> No.34890095

The crater map and the post apoc map were my shit. I tried to play as a druid who just rebuilt the roads/waystations and repopulate the forests everyone used.

Fuck the Sky Romans and their feud with the Nether Cult. Ya'll got my shrine burned down.

>> No.34890111

I just left that two weeks ago. :(

>> No.34890122

Rather than restrictions on what people can do, a la DF Minecraft, why not just give them innate bonuses/penalties? Kobolds move faster but take more damage, undead only restore hunger from bones and milk but don't starve or drown or take poison damage, Dwarves get a health buff and get knocked back less but are slower and can't jump as high, Orcs knock back further with attacks and hit harder but need a lot more food and are vulnerable to poison, etc. etc. etc.

>> No.34890134

I remember I started something like that on 4craft.
Happy Harbour it was called, a little cove with farms, an oven, a fridge and an inn (a dirt cave with four beds and a torch, but details) then a nice floating zombie-proof platform off of the dock that was growing into a floating island.

Then the map reset

>> No.34890150

Oh shit yeah, that bounce.

There's also the underwater temple things in 1.8... but again it's not very mod-friendly atm

>> No.34890156

Given that they're undead, wouldn't a better bonus be tomake Zombies and Skellies non hostile to them? Zombies and Skeletons use the same AI tagging, while the real menace, spiders, don't, so Undead still have mobs to worry about. As for a downside, I'd vouch that the Smite enchantment works on them like any other undead mob. Paladin types be hatin'.

>> No.34890169

I'd put seas under the Wilds faction for right now...
At least until we know for sure if we can use 1.8 and give them use of the Sea Temples.

>Multicultural/racial/species/whatever towns will work best, especially if everyone gets to do something others can't. Your town may have great farms and bodacious dwarven smiths, but if you need MAGICKE! you have to go visit that creepy undead dude out in the marshes and endure him annoying you with skeleton puns.
Nah, like I said before, racial shit kinda mucks things up...
You might end up putting in restrictions that someone doesn't agree with, and just plain spread a small player pop thin.

>> No.34890197

That's a good point, but it'd also encourage people to work together. Hm. Something to broach carefully with a larger population, perhaps?

>> No.34890208

no factions, just races.
I want to be a skellington

>> No.34890211

Undead could be done in a Dark Souls way? It's a curse, almost like a disease. It could explain the mobs at night and everything.

>> No.34890229

Heyyyyy! Giam the ass man is still doing stuff then? awesome. Idk if anyone remembers Joe_the_miner, but thats me

>> No.34890251

Can you limit stuff to certain areas?
Magic can only be done in the swamp, for example

>> No.34890267

That sounds even trickier than the racial stuff.

>> No.34890295

Like, from my experience, Minecraft MP works best when there is a sufficient external threat to distract from enchanted diamond armor PvP shit, either in the formof a full-blown apocalypse or similar. Why not the Undead Curse?

>> No.34890297

I just want races, let people do fuck all and segregate themselves.

if you want to make a spawn point in a few different biomes to plant the seeds for towns that's cool too

>> No.34890389

Alternatively everyone could be Undead. It would explain why they keep respawning

Whoa, wait a minute. Dark Souls Minecraft. Everyone is undead. Banished to the middle of nowhere. Perhaps a mod to add hollowing in the form of decreasing XP the more you die. Currency is souls. You get souls by slaying mobs. This could be a thing.

>> No.34890404

Well what I'm thinking is, we start with the three general factions; Wilds, City, and Underground, THEN we later add races on top of this.
So your "Kobold" could live in the city, the wild, or underground no question, and once we finally get racial traits in they'd get permanent Speed and Darkvision as well.

"Undead" would probably be the only race with a real handicap; being burned by sunlight like undead mobs, but would hopefully get the super useful trait of not taking suffocation damage, thus allowing them to live underwater indefinitely.

>> No.34890409

The way XP is used, you could just rename XP 'Souls' and make it tradeable and be golden.

>> No.34890433

That.... Actually sounds interesting. I'd go with that.

>> No.34890467

Do want? Do want. Make a resource pack that renames XP and we're good.
Oh, and what about Lapis? If you're using 1.8, that is.

>> No.34890491

Nah man, if we only did races, people would naturally split into races as defacto factions...

...Plus I'm wondering if Undead might require special permissions...

Yeah, plus you'd get people whining that they can't do X because they are Y...

>> No.34890495

What about Lapis in 1.8? I have played pretty much no 1.8 because they fucked performance in the ass on the particular rig I have.

>> No.34890502

has there ever been a good SS13 minecraft mod?

You know, with rounds and traitors. Not necessarily SS13 themed, but that game mode.

>> No.34890522

1.8 revamps enchantments so that they only cost 1-3 levels...but now you need 1 lapis for every level it costs.

>> No.34890523

I went on that SS13 vore server.

I can't play it anymore now. The fun is gone.

>> No.34890524

spear traps then.

>> No.34890538

Who cares if some people split into race-factions?
Let people do what they want.

>> No.34890544

And instead of factions, we have the Covenants? Naturally Sunbros party on and be excellent to each other, right?

>Every group is scrambling for land and resources.
>Except Undead Andrew Ryan in his Undead Rapture at the bottom of the Undead Ocean.
>Everyone wants Undead Rapture's cool stuff, resulting in a major war.

Fund it.

>> No.34890545

>vore server
Well there's your problem.

>> No.34890547



>> No.34890549

But anon, that's my fetish.

Yes, it is. I seriously can't even stand to play the game anymore.

>> No.34890570

Yeah, this would allow natural sub-factions to develop within the major faction.
So you'd have the Queen of the Underdark (Drow, Underground) wanting to go to war with the Townies, while the Dwarf King (Dwarf, Underground) is at peace with them.

You need to use Lapis as well as XP to enchant things in 1.8...
Though the actual Level Cost is greatly reduced to 1-3.

>> No.34890586

We'll make Lapis motherfucking Titanite. It works like a charm!

>> No.34890611


Hngh undead ranger. Much yes.

>> No.34890696

I'd love if Giam hosted another server. Nothing was like playing or building with /tg/ on the anarchy server, forcing one to adapt and build defenses while making it into art.

Shame it died out due to people just losing interest and not showing up except for map resets.

I think all these race ideas are just overly complicated. A faction mod, an x-ray anti cheat and we'd be good to go.

As for 4craft, lets not go there. I hope it stays dead for everyone's sake who actually wants to have fun.

>> No.34890719

Wasn't there some sort of huge shitstorm over the /mlp/ faction in 4craft? I'd love some storytime on that.

>> No.34890721

>If we did this, I'd suggest no more than three factions to start off with...
Would it be possible to have multiple races per faction? I'm not sure if there would be technical issues that would prevent that.

>> No.34890728

For the undead thing. If you do give them permanent darkvision and the ability to breath underwater I have a little bit of experience making hidden cave dwellings. Nothing super fancy but here is a video I made for the last /tg/ server we tried to run.


>> No.34890735

Joined the Steam chat, at some of this shit sounds great. I've only played on one multiplayer server with people from my uni's Gamers' Association. People were bro when they were on, but it was dead for the most part. I want to try a server that's actually populated for once.

>> No.34890738

Because if you only have player-created factions, you end up with just a bunch of gangs going at each other, with the largest rolling over everyone else...
Now with major biome/spawn-factions, they can still sub-divide themselves into smaller groups, but if any one group starts taking control people can move onto other major faction or call for admin intervention.

>Every group is scrambling for land and resources.
>Except Undead Andrew Ryan in his Undead Rapture at the bottom of the Undead Ocean.
>Everyone wants Undead Rapture's cool stuff, resulting in a major war
Well they wouldn't be scrambling for land, per say, since the City faction has to BUILD the city and the Underground can just dig deeper, but resources would be a point of contention.

Eh, I'm not big on the Dark Souls idea, though it does sound like the decent basis for it's own server.

>> No.34890755

>though it does sound like the decent basis for it's own server.
Damn right. Shame it only seems like two/three posters expressed interest in it.

>> No.34890766

The endless desert map was tons of fun. Would anyone be interested in me putting up a 1.7.10 server with a few mods like the old tekkit server?

>> No.34890777

I remember being on the server I played on. It had Mystcraft active. I'd hide books all over the place, my abode was hidden in the jungle via piston walls, and the only way in was through a 3-step journey through my ages.

>> No.34890778

Where's the steam chat? I'd like to join in.

>> No.34890795

It's just /tg/minecrafters, as one of the other names said earlier

>> No.34890835

Yes, but remember by my idea, your undead ranger would only be free to move at night...
...Or get a hat I guess...

>Would it be possible to have multiple races per faction? I'm not sure if there would be technical issues that would prevent that.
Yeah, what I'm thinking is Faction and Race would be entirely independent.
Hell, I'm not even sure it would be "Race" so much as "Racial archetype" that gives you a particular set of traits you could then fluff as part of your race.

Yeah, you'd need at least 20 for such a thing to be viable I think...

>> No.34890843

Steam chat looks empty as shit unless I'm on the wrong one.

The one with the picture of the block-guy with the pickaxe and sword?

>> No.34890861

Yeah. Well, I meant the group. Not actually on the chat right now.

>> No.34890890

tl;dr, way back in yonder times /tg/ allied with /mlp/ so we didn't get btfo in one of the first iterations. To which it lead to inner strife and the faction splitting, so much so that any 4craft /tg/ will not ally or do jack on the political/world to this day. They just build an underground fort and wait till it's over.

4crafts are just boring now due to players having it down to a science. Build an unbreakable autism cube, grind for the best gear/enchants, build tnt cannons, insert spies into other factions. To which every faction combs through it's self for spies like the KGB, kicking and killing at a moment's notice. It's really not fun anymore. Especially since all faction leaders have ivory tower syndrome due to being the leaders for so many iterations. Especially /tg/.

ANYWAYS, any sort of server we could set up would be grand, even if it was just a dick around server.

>> No.34890977

so anyone gonna organize a server?

>> No.34890982

Being discussed over at the Steam chat.

>> No.34891030

I recall some guy who wanted me to make a roleplaying mod. Guy never returned to me with the details. Mortifus something I think was his nickname.

>> No.34891036

>But is there a mod that would give one faction 3D Maneuver Gear?

There is. It even comes with Titans.

>> No.34891041

Point taken. Maybe races should just be a sort of RPed out thing?
Wildfolk, Cityfolk, Underfolk, Mountainfolk, and Winterfolk being like the five main factions.

>> No.34891180

Steamchat has 5 people in it atm.

>> No.34891219

what is the name of the group?

>> No.34891254

Yep, the Mort we were discussing early, powertripping fag who bent his server to his will...

But can it be made into a plug-in?

I'd just cut it down to Wildfolk and Cityfolk, then combine Underfolk and Mountainfolk into one folk... at least to start off with.

>> No.34891311



>> No.34891330

>mfw all this talk of a /tg/ minecraft revival
>mfw 1.8 fucked my framerate and chunk render distance in the distance

Fuck's sake Mojang

>> No.34891336

>can it be made into a plug-in?
I'm pretty sure that mod and plug-in are basically interchangeable. You just drop it into your mods folder and it runs. Not sure if there's a server version. Might want to check the minecraft forum post and see. Should be a link in the video's description.

>> No.34891376

No, it was just bought by MicroShit for $3.2 billion. Good thing I stopped playing this poorly-optimized trash heap years ago

>> No.34891414

Most mods aren't updated to 1.8 yet anyway, so it really shouldn't matter.

Use the launcher to change your version, or get something like MultiMC to keep multiple instances of Minecraft that have different mods on them.

>> No.34891427

Right. I just liked the idea of batfuck crazy mountain barbarians unwittingly guarding an advanced underground civilization that supplies them with weapons.

But yeah, that was a bit overly complex.

Just Cityfolk, Mountainfolk, and Wildfolk could do.

>> No.34891463

I just want to build great works with great dudes.
Is that so much to ask?

>> No.34891508

you wouldn't think so

>> No.34891534

Besides, Microsoft own Mojang now, so we might finally get the modding API.

>> No.34891603

>Not sure if there's a server version.
Well server version is what I'm talking about...

>Just Cityfolk, Mountainfolk, and Wildfolk could do.
Well at least to start out with...
If a faction grows large enough, we could then split it accordingly.

>> No.34891755

>we might finally get the modding API
>What is ModLoader?
>What is MinecraftForge?

We already have two. No, they're not made by Mojang, but hey, we still have them.

>putting in effort
>doing anything to help the end consumer aside from putting out a new version with most of the more useful tools removed or changed

I like your naivete, anon, it's... refreshing.

>> No.34891962

Live, you rotten bastard. Live!

>> No.34892146


If you're having trouble

1 download multimc

2 open up multimc and create a new instance, set the version to 1.7.10

3 right click the instances and select edit mods, press the install forge button, select the latest

4 https://www.dropbox.com/s/5f5a7e7c69vnl0i/Thunder%202.zip?dl=0, grab that zip unzip the contents

5 go to the loader mods tab in multi mc then press add and put in the mods (you can just drag them in there)

6 Connect, the IP is

>> No.34892481

stuck at logging in forever

>> No.34892505

If you're Roukuta just follow these steps>>34892146 I think you're trying it with vanilla

>> No.34892605

I have followed these see pic
not sure what the issue is

>> No.34892696

Got it, sorry I'm retarded.

>> No.34893049

I like your hand, OP.

>> No.34893178

>tfw Microsoft now own Mojang
>tfw the original creators are leaving

>> No.34893201

Dude, don't hit on another man's girlfriend.

>> No.34893463

much skull taking in both.

>> No.34893652

>At least you weren't PLAYING Kobold...
>God damn, no farming, no TRAPS, everything had to be a cobbled together mess...
I was on the DF server, building a huge causeway from the Human town to the Dorf Fortress. Fucking bolds stole every single powered rail on the causeway, bringing its construction to a halt.

So I go traveling and find the starting zone in the middle of a hole in the ocean. Contacted the admins to play it as my dude seeing the Garden of the Gods and becoming a priest. Set out to build a temple in the middle of the three fortresses where all races were welcome.

Bolds stole everything and destroyed iron doors by mining the blocks underneath them.

Bolds made it so there was literally no reason to build or do anything at all.

>> No.34893741

And you know what?

>> No.34893774

I'd love to have an Atlantian faction with the new Ocean Monuments. Kick the stupid bolds out and add Deep Ones or some shit.

>> No.34893935

Bolds aren't the problem, it's MORT demanding Bolds be thieving shits to even survive that was the problem.
As for the underwater faction, still wondering if the "Undead" race could even be done, because Water-breathing and Sun Combustion would also make for a good template for aquatic races.

>> No.34894041

I've played bold characters on the server that never stole. When I didn't catch enough fish I ate melons. When I caught random goods out of the ocean I'd hide them to trade. One or two enchanting books will get you a decent blade. Eventually I made friends and could always get swords and armor if I needed it along with other things. It's not hard m8 and Mort never bothered me

>> No.34894128

>tfw I can make chaos star flags in minecraft
>tfw players sometimes drop heads


>> No.34894466

It's sad that, every single Minecraft video I open up starts with someone going "heeey, whatisupthisis [insert name] HERE with anotherminecraft video!" Where they get louder, higher pitched and speak so fast that all their words run together.

95% of the videos will start with the same generic shitty wubstep.

And everyone rambles.

>> No.34894723

>tfw can collect skulls from skellies

It's because Direwolf20 opened up with "Hey, this is Direwolf20, and welcome to X", and everyone wants to be him.
It's also because Direwolf20 rambles, and his only competitor (the Yogscast) can't get organized enough to make their drama look half-decent.

>> No.34895057

So? What's the status on this? Also, will I be able to play with a pirated MC?

>> No.34895317

"Good Mythical Morning!"

>> No.34895335

We actually have an ad-hoc server up now. Look a bit higher in the thread.

>> No.34895356

So, wait...What is this, now? Don't have time to dick around with Minecraft atm...

>> No.34895376

A server that's up and building right now.

>> No.34895417

Thank you, I'll give it a try, will post if anything happens.

>> No.34895474

Gonna have to clear up my college schedule first

>> No.34895542


Good times.

In primordial desert, by scavenging dirt and carefully collecting saplings, I turned a dormant volcano into an oasis.

didn't really like some of the other maps though. The forest with only about ten layers of dirt over the bedrock always irked me for some reason.

Has anyone played around with the customize map settings in the latest version? It might be really easy now to make some fun maps.

how would you go about making a map of tall, thin spires of land, with ocean level being around 150?

>> No.34895843


is it strange that I immediately thought of pic?


aren't giant zombies still part of the game code?

Is there anything preventing us from installing a mod that involves giant, block-destroying reskinned zombies?


a new post-apoc map would be awesome. How were those things even made?

>> No.34896157

>TNT Minecart Torpedoes
>Not aimable cannons
get on my level, son!

>> No.34896478

Seriously, though. Put these in a city's wall towers, like the Trebuchets in Minas Tirith in Return of the King, and no one would want to come near with any kind of horde army.

>> No.34896638

Hmm. Is there any more where that pic came from?


>> No.34896715

Just go on any booru and look up creeper (minecraft), Creeper-tan has been a thing for a bit.

>> No.34896878

>tfw forced to be comfy alone

>> No.34897053

So I doing that multiminecrat stuff but get an error while trying to download the Forge thingy, anyone else has this problem?

>> No.34897204

Did you run minecraft after installing Forge, but before installing mods? That's a required step.

If it's not letting you install forge, delete the instance, close and re-open MultiMC, then make a new instance. Go into Edit Instance and install the latest version of Forge for your version. Then start Minecraft and let it get to the title screen. Exit out, then install mods, and you should be good to go.

>> No.34897211

Skyislands were the best, man!

>> No.34897252

So, did we ever reach an agreement on what kind of RP server that'd be run?

I'm still down for Dark Souls RP with Covenant Factions. Hell, if we have someone who can code/mod, Summon Signs and Invasions would be pretty boss.

>> No.34897279

I'm kind of worried that a Dark Souls setting would throw off people who don't know it very well. I kind of liked the generic fantasy idea with the biome-factions and the races.

>> No.34897305

That's the thing about DS lore, though: it's vague as fuck by design. Nobody knows it very well.

>> No.34897313

I'll second that. I know nothing of DS besides the fact thats its a vidya gaem. A unique or different setting could emerge from play too.

>> No.34897358

I like this idea. Just, let people play and watch the setting and society that develops.

>> No.34897372

Well, the second game was more clear on its lore. The first one however, 90% of all lore was item descriptions, and they were typically things like "The guy that used to wear this armor was pretty hardcore."

>> No.34897446

>Well, the second game was more clear on its lore
Ironic, considering how heavily they sprinkled hamfisted "...Or is it?"s throughout the item descriptions in 2 trying to recapture the vagueness for 1 without any of the staff responsible.

>> No.34897452

What did you do? I'm having trouble logging on as well. Stuck at "Logging In"

>> No.34897455

I'm for this.

Don't know a thing about dark souls.
Enjoyed the fort we're building though

>> No.34897478

Dancypants? it seems you're using vanilla

>> No.34897512

I followed instructions for loading mods without Forge, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Yeah, I'm Dancypants.

>> No.34897547

Those weren't instructions for not using forge. They were for using multimc. You add forge to that multimc instance.

>> No.34897625

Nah, I followed other instructions found on Youtube. Those didn't seem to work.

>> No.34897683

Try these ones and you should get it to work >>34892146

We're halfway hrough building a Fortress monastery with an undead abbot

>> No.34897735


I think you'd like this server.
Its basically a giant experiment
No rules other than dont hack
but with legitimate ways to protect yourself like prison pearl, bastions, and citadel

>> No.34897745

Who's the abbot ?

I really should be sleeping, oh well

>> No.34897801

A spooky scary skellington.

>> No.34897924

MultiMC isn't letting me update, nor is it accepting my username and password

>> No.34897996

> old dorf fort /tg/ server 2 years ago
>and about three iterations of 4craft

Sup. Which one? I was with several, but the one I remember most was the wall to the sky limit of cobble made with lava+water falls. Then the founders rage-quit when someone still managed to get in and raid it.

>Everything else in that post
Fucking spot on.

Only thing that could save MC for /tg/ is when TerraFirmaCraft finally gets finished.

>> No.34898185

Can't help you there if its not accepting your password.

>> No.34898220

nm, I think I have it working. Had an older version of MultiMC

>> No.34898460

Whats the latest version?

>> No.34898538


Which one of you is man enough to erect a chapel to Gwyn, Lord of Cinders?

>> No.34898606

It's Cinder, singular. You don't pluralize domains. When's the last time you heard of a god of lights?
Also Gywn a shit.

>> No.34898695

I dunno. Found it on the MultiMC site.

However, now the damn thing is crashing on me. No idea why.

>> No.34898702

JFoxe here. Yeah I fucked up a lot, had shit going on and I made some mistakes. A lot of rulings I made were based on feedback from people I thought were informed - but the fault is still mine for not having been part of the community more. I left the community as self-exilement + lack of time.

I apologize for letting it go to shit and I apologize for my mistakes. I hope you can accept my apology for my short-comings, it is all I can offer. No excuses, no justifications, I simply fucked up. I could have done better, I could have chosen better admins and paid attention to what was going on. I didn't.

Sorry for fucking up.

>> No.34898842

Can I try this with a pirated Minecraft?

>> No.34899336

Not at the moment.

>> No.34899343

Mistakes get made.

>> No.34899714

i had hoped things would fix itself... that i wouldnt have to make enemies, wanted everyone to love me with no hard feelings... fucked that one up eh?

if you play wargame you may also know me as another fuck up

>> No.34899810

What avatar did you use on the DF server?

>> No.34900548

its been so long i forgot, i know it was mostly a dwarf, i was never a kobold or an elf or anything

>> No.34900693

rad was here

you're all shits

>> No.34900862

did go down? I just saw it a few minutes ago before i got all these bloody mods installed, now i don't see it.

>> No.34900975

It's still up. Just finished the chapel, too.

>> No.34901207

I have fond memories of the small town of Axedeep, as well as finding a place where I could climb over the wall in the desert.

>> No.34901222


...I thought it was because he decided to start building a single person dwarf city in the middle of kobold build territory? They were actively encouraging building roads last I checked.

>> No.34901293

I'm not exactly sure why this is a bad thing, or why the different races have set "build territories" at all. Isn't comingling of communities a good thing?

>> No.34901335

Dorf Fort server was the JFoxe one, I was a kobold for the first iteration and then switched to a human for the second (when he wiped the map due to corrupted chunks or something). I ragequitted after being fed up with my neighbors' blatant abuse of X-ray and some kobolds just flat out cheating and breaking blocks to get into my house.

I have no idea what my character name was but my player name is Izilay. I was a dark grey kobold fisherman with big teeth. My exploits include getting bullied by elves, making the best shitty buildings on the server and drawing this awful picture.

As for 4craft, I ran with the /k/ faction. Even spend a week compiling a modpack for them with guns, vehicles, block physics and overhauled survival mechanics (which no one ever played) when I started getting sick of 4craft. I suspect everyone is dead now.

>> No.34901637

Youtube videos are autistic enough without combining them with minecraft.

>> No.34902278

I'm really pleased how this servers turned out

>> No.34902292

If we decide to switch to a dedibox of some kind for it, I pray we get to keep this map. I love working on the monastery.

>> No.34902464

is there an underdark server up yet?

>> No.34902549

I can't even see that picture. It's like matrix code or something. It's just a wall of mostly-brown, I can make out a few minor elements, but it's blindingly ugly.

>> No.34902626

> a friend of mine convinces me to join a server
> start a bank because no one had done that yet
> 13 year olds don't under stand loans and I gouge the population for everything they have
> end up with three quarters of the worlds wealth
> I am the driving force behind any and all wold events

Everything was pretty fun and I got mad a server mod, but then some cunt of an admin started swanning gold and handing it out to everyone. The bitch crashed my economy and then she blames me.

>> No.34902712

so is there a server up yet?

>> No.34902734


Yup just follow the steps >>34892146

Theres only about 4 people on at the moment since US is now asleep

>> No.34902769


Gets really boring, really fast.

>> No.34902787

This seems to be "the Jews rule the world with money derailed by the angry god" scenario

One of /pols/ favourites.

In all seriousness, never expect admins not to act like dicks when they see their "fun" threatend. In this case they saw the server had become all about your bank, so they removed the scarcity of a commodity.

>> No.34902831

The thing was that she was the only person who had a problem with me. Everyone else was happy that I kept everything running. Really I wasn't surprised she tried to pull that stunt, I was surprised she got away with it.

I left because of her and a few weeks later the server went down because of her and a few other reasons.

>> No.34903153


What server was this? Sounds familiar.

>> No.34903238

The name changed once or twice. Originally it was just called Medieval Minecraft or something dumb like that, then it apparently changed to Lands of Elcadius.

>> No.34903527

Sotell me, if I follow this guide of yours, I can wit 1.8 MC join on the outdated server?

Please say yes?

>> No.34903551

Yes you can. Multimc lets you make an instance using whatever version of minecraft you like. In this case setting it to 1.7.10 without touching your other versions. The servers almost done for the night though so we'll eb back in about 8 hours. Hopefully someone an keep the thread alive till then

>> No.34903558

Ah alrigty. Capping the guide. Getting back tomorrow or something. Maybe.

>> No.34903727

You could easily do this setting up regions and group permissions with a server plugin that adds ranks and regions. Like worldedit did. Idk if worldedit is still a thing. Its been 2 years.

>> No.34904252

It is, but bukkit is on a downward spiral, so reliance on that is going to become a hindrance.

>> No.34904443

Is the server dead already?

>> No.34904566

It'll be up in about six hours.

>> No.34904616

Damn, 4am in the land of Aus by then.
hopefully when it comes back up Thaumcraft will be more stable and less 'kill your client if you look at it wrong'

>> No.34905287

I may have to check this out when I have time.

>> No.34905413

You were one of those /k/ shitters? Literally every one of my deaths on that server was thanks to those innawoods assholes. I just wanted to make a mob grinder in the old /vg/ fort, was all... :'''(

>> No.34905468

Yes, but I was the quartermaster. I barely got ever out of base really.
And I'm not aware of us ever harassing /vg/. Most of our conflicts were related to /a/ or /jp/.

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