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What the fuck is this shit?
$80 USD for 10 fucking models? These are the fucking troops. Why are 10 SoB's 80 dollars while 10 Space Wolves are fucking half the price?

Is GW this retarded?

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Metal vs. Plastic.

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>Line plagued with subpar sales for nearly a decade
>Continually raise prices to make up for lost time

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Some anon made a good point some time ago, GW ups the prices for SoB because there arent any alternatives and running out of SoB models is not a good alternative so they up the price to discourage people buying it so they dont have to buy pewter to make more and those who buy it pay a good enough price for GW for it not to be a loss.

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I have a quick question /tg/
Were 10 Grey knights always $60?
I think it's kind of strange how GK termies are $10 cheaper than an army's troops choice.

I want to guess a price hike, but I'm not sure. Can a GK help me out?

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They used to cost more.
Also the termie box is only 5 guys instead of 10.

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Plastic ones used to only come in 5 man boxes for $33 each. Then they repackaged the strike squad into a 10 man box and are selling it for $60. it's still a ludicrous price for 10 plastic infantry models, but it does save you $6 over buying two boxes of 5 dudes.

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what if they stop producing it, let it run out and then start with plastic models

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If there were plastic models but there arent and the day GW updates the SoB line theyre going to make as much noise as they did with the DE line because doing it quietly is not a good idea.

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If they didn't sell the full squad for $80 they would have to sell the x3 BSS and individual figures that make up the 10 woman squad for less as well, and they don't want to do that.

Because these are still pewter, and I guess that's a mixture of tin, platinum, and fairy dust.

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>running out of SoB models is not a good alternative

This is stupid. They run SoB off in small batches when they need more. It's not like they have a huge bin full of them that they only made twenty years ago and when they're out they're gone for good.

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>they would have to sell the x3 BSS and individual figures that make up the 10 woman squad for less as well, and they don't want to do that.

But they do.

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>They run SoB off in small batches when they need more

Exactly, small batches because buying more pewter is not good for them, so they up the price so they dont have to buy more pewter and make bigger batches of SoBs.

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but weren't the selling off SoB before for scrap because the metal was worth more? why not just make them in plastic?

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>The Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister Squad contains one Sister Superior with Power Sword and Bolter; one Battle Sister with Simulacrum Imperialis; two sets of Battle Sisters; one Battle Sister with Storm Bolter 2; and one Battle Sister with Meltagun 2.

Two sets of x3 BSS are 17.25 each
1 Simulacrum is 13.25
Sister w/ Stormbolter is 9.90
Sister w/ meltagun is 9.90
Superior w, bolter and chainsword is 12.25

All added up that's 79.80. Whether you buy as a bundle or individual packs it retails the same.

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And here is why I always say SoB don't deserve plastics.

You can see how popular and well selling DE are right now.

They spent all that money to update nearly the entire range and the well ran dry years ago. All the DE fans already have complete armies and nobody buys new DE units except the people who want to buy Baron for their Eldar primary.

GW should just stop wasting money making new plastic WHFB shit all the time and make plastic SoB. If they're scared of taking losses then that's what you cut. The new VC plastics are amazing though.

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>Is GW this retarded?

Seeing how badly they've managed to lose their market share, customers and revenue in a time when the industry is booming, I'm going to say yes.

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and I wanted to start collecting SoB :(

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Luckily, your friendly neighbourhood Chinaman has your back.

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Hey look. It's this thread again. I haven't seen one of these in hours.

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1.Buy any sister of battle model from GW, or even any metal one
2.Look at the date printed on the base

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Stop playing 40K. Or if you keep playing it stop buying from Games Workshop.

Continuing to prop them up actively harms wargaming as a hobby.

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The date on the base tabs is when they were sculpted.

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Looked a bit on net, but I couldn't find one site.

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Apparently GW has been working on plastics, but for whatever reason, they're having trouble getting them to not look like shit. Sprue design ain't the same as doing it in metal and some things that looked good in metal (well, as good as SoB ever looked...) just don't work in plastic.

Personally I think that may just reflect on their desire to get it done, given all the plastic kits we've been seeing. They could have done SOMETHING good-looking even if it didn't look just like the old army.

One other thing to remember is that plastic molds have significantly higher up-front expenses than metal ones. With the metal ones, you save some money up front but pay more for each mini that comes out. With plastic molds, you pay more up front but then making more models is quite cheap. If you've got a line which you're not convinced would sell well, you might be hesitant to invest in a bunch of plastic molds.

(of course, you could just go to Kickstarter - if the money is there, then bam, pre-orders cover the mold cost, and if it's not, well, you can just shrug and say "we'll keep the rules for the old army updated because obviously we can't ever squat an army again..." But that would require GW to learn from something which has been used by their competitors, which would imply that they aren't TEH BEST, which is apparently a firing offense...)

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Assuming that they actually manage to sell any Sisters at that price, no, obviously they're not retarded. Is there any reason why those things should be the same price?

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>You can see how popular and well selling DE are right now.
Can you? I never understand where people get these detailed sales figures from. How well something sells in your local store doesn't tell you how it's doing globally.

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Oooh, of all the retards posting in the thread, you came closest to actually getting the right answer, though you're so close you'd have to be a total retard not to have seen it.

They've become more expensive over time not simply because of commodities prices rising well above wage inflation (the things you buy are made of things that cost more relative to your salary than they did ten or twenty years ago), but because - they didn't sell. So they have associated costs of storage, transport and advertisement per unit that a blister of space marines or guard doesn't have. A blister of sisters may have been in several stores over its lifetime, while even the weakest selling guard have probably only been in one or two. Becoming web only simply compounds this - essentially everything is shipped back to HQ, doubling the original transport costs (actually more than doubling them, again because of rising prices beyond GW's control).

The upshot is that something which has sat on a shelf for fifteen years has a greater cost to profit ratio than something which has sat on a shelf for fifteen weeks. It has to sell for more to make back the money that it cost to produce and keep.

That's a problem that individual stores can deal with - for damaged packages, for example - by giving away the offending items at a discount, or in a store promotion day during a competition. That way, they're still a loss but one that generates consumer goodwill and hopefully repeat custom.

However, with a full range, no company would simply give away every product, even at "cost", though in this case the sisters probably are being sold at very close to whole-life unit cost.

I've chosen to explain this to you not because I think you'll benefit from it, or understand it, but because the idea of all the people in this thread raging at GW for raising prices while, for example, dairy farmers go out of business as the price of milk is forced down by consumer demand, amuses me.

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>US$80 for 10 models

US$80 for 80 models:



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>Dem prices
>Dat lack of chink runes

Is this real life?

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Has anyone used them before?

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Yes, it's just Zhanchui.

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Could it be? A person in /tg/ that does not speak out of his ass when talking about economy?

I salute you.

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This makes the entire price still the outcome of GW miscalculation.
While you have a reason to sell them for more, this also means you have them sitting around longer.
Neither of us can actually say how long, how much all that shit cost and what it would cost Geedubs to instead melt them down ten years ago, if it is indeed still badges that old being sold.
Your assumption is apparently an enormous overproduction some time past where they made an unsellable amount of SoB and are now coping with that fuckup because they never sold them.
See, this would mean that not only did they produce so many they did not sell all of it, but nearly none of it and made so many they could not ignore possible losses or even allow themselves to take them.
I say this because if it was a slight overproduction, they would just go for package sales or whatever, getting them out a little cheaper.
That should deal with the situation. But what has happened has been a no-step-back policy towards the customer.
If it was due to an overproduction they sat on forever, this would mean they must have a literal ton of them sitting around for the last ten years or so. And there have been sales since.

I just can't imagine such a gross miscalculation and stubborn refusal to admit a mistake.
I think what we see here is more likely to be callous market gentrification as a line is catered solely to people who don't care for price or have sunk too much already to change now.

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So guys, I was thinking of making a Space Wolf/ SoB army and I was wondering whether the combination was viable right now?

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They wear power armor and have all the funny yiff-toys of icy death. Why not?
So go ahead and have the spacewolves ram their lupine frost spears into the SoB's gate of redemption.

>> No.34362778

They work well together, how are you planning on running them?

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>a line is catered solely to people who don't care for price or have sunk too much already to change now
Seems to me this explains all of GW's prices, and Sisters are just an extreme example. If enough customers are willing to pay a certain price, you'd be stupid not to charge it.

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OK, here's the list.

Rune Priest (CotS, Melta Bombs, Lv 2 Mastery, Rune Sword, Talisman, Necklace, Terminator Armour. Saga of the Beastslayer)

2x 10 Grey Hunters (Drop Pod, Wulfen, 2x meltaguns, plasma pistol, power axe,pistols, bolters, ccw)

Stormwolf (2x twin linked multi-meltas, Helfrost cannon, lascannon)
Long Fang's Pack (2x heavy bolter, 2x Lascannon)

Canoness (Melta Bombs, power axe, plasma pistol, rosarius, Cloak of Aspira)

9x Sister Repentia with mistress of repentance (melta bombs)

2x 10 battle sisters with flamers, heavy flamers, Simulacrums. Veteran sister with combi flamer, melta bombs, power axe) in Repressor with HK missile

Exorcist with storm bolter & laud hailer.

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Exactly. It's basically a function of price versus number of sales.
My theory here is that SoB, as thematically interesting as they may be, suffer from having boring rules and too few, too old models.
Now how much you could sell with cool all-new models and a fitting, completely reworked codex is subject to uncertainty.
Sales towards the hard core of SoB players less so.
Now, the thing is that making models cheap doesn't draw new customers here, because the army is old and ugly while others are new, pretty and much more interesting to play.
On the other hand, the people ready to pay exorbitant prices for just a few more models per year to enlarge their existing old army are unlikely to balk at anything now.
So it's less sold for more because that is easier and less risky (companies being inherently risk-averse and increasingly so with size and establishment) than rebooting the entire army like with DE, which came out awesome and showed that it can work quite well to do that (I don't have any numbers here but I really can't imagine DE not selling, awesome as they look now).

I don't really buy into the idea of an aging pile of Unlimited SoB Works. That would mean to declare GW morally blameless and at the same time fundamentally incompetent at selling toys, which makes the theory less believable as it requires more assumptions.
Gross incompetence and massive overproduction + prolonged storage vs. a simple (if exclusionary) change of marketing policy.

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>complain about how terrible GW is.
>Retarded fucking neckbeards buy their shit anyway.

Stop supporting GW ffs. They are pure cancer in this hobby.

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First gw sucks at making models with boobs and vaginas. Period. I have played and collected since 2nd Ed 40k and 4th fantasy and this has always without exception been the case.
Second, but for the minority of jack off who play the game or have had the army since initial or rerelease in 2003/04, no one, but no one gives a flying frogs fuckhole about nuns with guns. The models still exist, cast in jew skin and cost as much, if not more than kriegers, not to mention are fuglier than trayvon's girlfriend who took the stand as per asthetics.

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shit, I faffed up. repressor can only hold 8

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>Is GW this retarded?
ten metal infantry are going to be around that price regardless of company

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Alternatively AliExpress has fucking tons of sellers

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One thing I've found handy about the GK box is it's fucking full of bitz. Most of my other marine armies have power weapons and more ornate squad leaders courtesy of this box.

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Those are the SAME sisters models from when I played 40k back in 3rd to boot.

Lol gw

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The new dark elf witch elves are good, even though they are monopose and ridiculously overpriced.

>> No.34363401

The Sisters of Battle model range is older than 90% of the people who play 40k now. The bulk them came out in the mid 90s I think.

>> No.34363944

Dark Eldar have got fantastic models and are very easy to collect compared to some armies like Guard, new people get into the hobby all the time and many of these will pick up DE because of how cool they look, before they were updated their very existence pissed me off but afterwards they were the only army I ever bought all at once not even intending to play but just to collect. You've got no basis to say that they don't sell because your local meta-munchkins don't use them..

>> No.34364142

Actually it's when the Mould was made from the Master.

>> No.34364164

I always liked the concept of DE, because they are the "real" eldar; merciless pirates and that kill for fun. But yeah, they had atrocious models before.

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no demand, who the fuck wants to play sisters

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I don't get your picture. Does Chicago have bad gun laws or something?

>> No.34364455

>Unlimited SoB Works
Because there isn't.
When GW stopped selling SoB squads and when single units only circa 4 or so years ago is when the 'Stockpile' ran out.
They do small casting runs now and that's why they are going 'out of stock' every six months or so. They ran out and are getting the next lot cast up.

>> No.34364481

I thought they'd stopped casting any metal. Seems weird to go to the trouble of only doing it for very small amounts.

>> No.34364531

It should be obvious to you by now that GW doesn't operate on any kind of logic.

>> No.34364597

Illinois --the state in which Chicago is located, if you are not American-- in the past has had a fairly notorious stance on gun control compared to many others. Chicago also has a notoriously high rate of violent crime. Thus to an outside observer, it would appear to display that more stringent gun control does not equate greater safety.

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Within the minigames niche, they're surely the most successful company in the world by a pretty large margin. I have a hard time believing they're stupid or illogical.

>> No.34364671

You obviously didn't read Tom Kirby's preamble to the financial report then.

>> No.34364749

It's a gradual process. Helps if you barely have competent competitors

>> No.34364756

If that was genuinely stupid, I'd expect their stock price to have crashed in response. Nobody wants idiots in control of their money. But that hasn't happened, so... nah. They're not stupid.

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>Is GW this retarded?

GW isn't the one paying thru the nose for plastic men.

>> No.34364862

You should try actually reading it for yourself.

>> No.34364866

>company has found a way to make money selling shitty old products for absolute ass-loads of money
>is company retarded?

>> No.34364903

I did read it. How does that change my argument?

>> No.34364969

Because if you'd read it you'd understand how moronic the person in charge of GW is.

>> No.34365016

Again, the people who actually have money riding on the company apparently don't agree.

I dunno, I just get annoyed at constantly seeing this
>the people who run this successful company are all idiots who have no idea how to run a successful company! But I do!
stuff on /tg/.

>> No.34365089

The person in charge of a company saying "we had a good year, unless you look at the numbers that show we had a shit year" is objectively moronic.

The person in charge of a company saying "we do no market research and don't need to do any market research" when said company is massively dropping sales and revenue when all their competitors are growing is objectively moronic.

Are you seriously trying to argue otherwise?

>> No.34365215

I'm one those people. Started 40k last year and chose Dark Eldar primarily because I love their models, and glass cannons.

>> No.34365827

That is a very good reason to start an army.
Getting one because it is mechanically strong is a certain way to get frustrated with the assembling and painting. Also the meta changes, making powergamers kinda-nomadic with their armies.

And yes, they look awesome. Easily the most aesthetically pleasing army and with great, colorful fluff for their units.
Because half-daemonic killers and warrior cults in ten flavors of crazy paired up with shambling monstrosities and weaponized torture devices is just so much more entertaining than five kinds of Spacemarine.

>> No.34365905


Except that time when their stocks fell 25%. But let's ignore that and keep sucking GW's dick.

>> No.34365953

God damn it /tg/
Does this have to be obligatory in any thread touching on GW stocks and financial future?

>> No.34366471

>Are you seriously trying to argue otherwise?
Yes. If saying that shit was bad for business, we would have seen that reflected in the stock price. But that didn't happen.

I genuinely don't think you know as much about running a business as him. What are your credentials for believing otherwise?

>> No.34366489

If you're looking at stocks you're looking at the wrong things.

You look at how when they pulled out all their heavy hitters and massively accelerated their releases they still lost revenue. You look at how they're cutting themselves to the bone to try and save every morsel of money they can.

>> No.34366551

If doing that shit was bad for business we would have seen in reflected in their financial statement. Oh wait, we did.

>> No.34366591

If GW were so financially healthy, they wouldn't have had to comment on Chinamen in White Dwarf.

>> No.34366609

Nope. The statement was in response to the financial results, not the other way round. And the statement was specifically for shareholders to read, which is why the share price could indicate what effect it had. I wouldn't expect it to have any direct impact on how many spess mehreens are sold.

>> No.34366634

>on Chinamen in White Dwarf.

When did that happen?

>> No.34366656

What are you even going on about now? The guy said stupid shit showing he is stupid and it is shown to be stupid by the financial results which was the entire point in the first place.

>> No.34366660


An editorial a couple of months back. No direct mentions of the Chinamen, but lots of "eeevil counterfeiters ruining the hobby" etc. etc. Looking for a cap of it now.

>> No.34366696

I assumed 'doing that shit' meant 'making a confident we-know-what-we're-doing statement to investors in response to falling sales'. What did it mean then?

>> No.34366719


>> No.34366750

Running your business in a retarded way, which is what the entire conversation was about.

>> No.34366753


Thank you very much, Shas'o.

>> No.34366776

Oh. What do you know about running a business, anon?

>> No.34366788

I know that saying you don't do market research and don't need to do market research is about the stupidest possible thing you could say.

>> No.34366814

>If GW were so financially healthy, they wouldn't have had to comment on Chinamen in White Dwarf.

Nah they're just fucking greedy. Models like this cost almost nothing to produce. They must be making like 95% profit on each model/set.

>> No.34366821

Again, though, if that was true the shareholders would have gone 'holy shit!' and jumped ship, no?

>> No.34366824

This kind of reasoning is known as the sunk-cost fallacy and is a good way to lose much more money than you have to on a bad business decision.

>> No.34366859


I've just never seen them comment on anything like that before. It seems like an indicator that they're taking counterfeiting seriously, and/or scared of it. Either of those would indicate a precarious business position.

>> No.34366867

Not necessarily. Because they could be not paying attention and not read that stuff like you or they could be stupid or they could be holding out hope because the retard who said that stupid shit is supposed to be leaving this year and maybe the next CEO won't be so stupid.

>> No.34366904


Wait, really? Man, how much of GW's top ranks are leaving lately?

>> No.34366934

>Loss of detail
>Holes and/or bubbling
>Problems with fine parts
I loled when I realised this applies just as much to the original models as well. Especially finecast and some of the older FW models. I've actually had chinamen casts that were of better quality than the ones I bought from GW

>> No.34366940

So shareholders don't read the report on how the business they've invested money in is doing?

>> No.34366968


My entire Mechanicum army is Zhanchui and Yoymart, and the only times I've seen a mistake was backwards Thallax legs (2 seconds to fix) and thin casting on Krios armor (Didn't need to fix because it was an interior piece nobody will see).

>> No.34367014

>I've just never seen them comment on anything like that before. It seems like an indicator that they're taking counterfeiting seriously, and/or scared of it.

Well obviously they're scared of it as If counterfeiting gets a foothold it has the potential to hurt their profits. However it doesn't mean GW aren't already making a fuck-load of money be selling overpriced plastic.

Though To be honest they need to be much more scared of 3D printers, when you can get a 3D printer for $400 and print all your models from internet CAD files GW are fucked. And every other model company for that matter.

>> No.34367045


Yeah, Ive purchased some shitty official GW products in my time. GW are just greedy jews.

>> No.34367046


I think the Flames of War guys are ahead of the game on that one. They've always had a policy of "We'd rather you use our models, but WW2 models in the same scale from another source are fine".

Of course, that's probably because WW2 models are comparatively plentiful, but it's nice.

>> No.34367114

Eh, I think it's more a matter of market saturation.

The sad truth about businesss is there's an awful lot of luck involved, and all the competence in the world can't save you if your biggest competitor has a pre-established stranglehold on the market.

That's the reasoning behind a lot of business regulations that apply to things more economically important than wargaming.

>> No.34367151


Well that's just to improve their public image. Anyone who tries to crack down on pirates gets a poor reputation. We've seen this in the video game industry, harsh anti piracy laws can hurts a company's image. Its very hard to stop piracy so you might as well appear to be a nice company and hope that people buy your product to support you.

>> No.34367188


>more important than wargaming

...you mean card games?

>> No.34367213

Pretty sure anon means D&D.

>> No.34367233

hell, the cities with the strongest gun control - Chicago, New York, LA, DC - all have the highest violent crime rates in the country

>> No.34367286


Actually, NYC's crime went down after "Bloomberg's Private Army" was reorganized from a police force to a PMC.

>> No.34367324

Seems entirely possible that they have stricter gun control laws BECAUSE they're more violent, rather than the other way around.

>> No.34367331

>Chicago, New York, LA, DC - all have the highest violent crime rates in the country
You might want to fact check that. The only one of those cities in the top 30 is DC.

>> No.34367338

>highest violent crime rates
What's in like being in the last century?

>> No.34367370

Not sure how reliable this site is, but:


Chicago et al don't put in an appearance for a surprisingly long time.

>> No.34367472


Shareholders nervous enough to bail out at the first sign of trouble did so back in January.

The remaining shareholders are big companies, and GW is a very small fry compared to them. It is very likely that the head honchos of those companies don't even know that they own GW stock, and they do so because they told some intern to buy some stock from somewhere because they had extra money. To them, selling right now and selling later when price the will possibly drop to the lowest possible point has no difference.

As for SoB, it is a classic Catch-22 situation: They don't sell because they are not properly managed by GW, but GW will not start properly managing them unless they are certain that they will sell.

And it became that way because the Sisters started out as an optional ally army that GW didn't put much effort into.

>> No.34367476

In fact, none of those cities are even in the top 10 in violent crime rates.

>> No.34367490

Oh hey, Detroit went down from #1 to #6. Guess half the fucking city being an abandoned urban wasteland really helps the crime rate.

>> No.34367524

They're the most violent cities in the US among "US cities anyone outside the US knows exist" category.

>> No.34367593

That plus Robocop.

>> No.34367615

Which is not particularly useful at all for a conversation about social policy based on REALITY, not the impression you have from the news and TV shows.

>> No.34367683

>Impression people have from news and TV shows not dictating social policy

I wish I lived in that reality.

>> No.34367700

Why do they crash every seven years? Whats been going on to cause those spikes?

I mean, LOTR was the first one, right?

>> No.34367833

My only problem is those insane shipping costs.

>> No.34367883

People should be more aware of the actual fucking facts, if only for tactical reasons.

You know what i hate? I hate it when people I agree with are right for the wrong reasons.

For example, I WANT to see a reduction in sexual assault and an overhaul of how our legal (and other) systems handle such issues. But if the people who campaign for such things throw out bullshit counterfactual statistics about the rape-plague that's rampant in america and 1 out of every 2 women having been raped, then the OTHER side can just disregard the whole issue as "liberal feminist secularist bellyachers and their biased liberal media making up bullshit to get their way."

The actual facts are enough justification for change, you don't need to exaggerate them or invent new ones; that's like building your house of cards with no cards on the bottom, when there's PERFECTLY GOOD but less-sensational cards still lying around.

>> No.34368028

I believe the first crash was just losing market and LotR broke that.
Meanwhile the second one was LotR weaning and general mismanagement with the spike being as they implemented cost-cutting procedures.

>> No.34368072

Yeah, I vaguely remember hearding second hand how they tried somehow to enforce the usage of their miniatures, but it was just wasted effort and backlashed.

>> No.34368442

>Because half-daemonic killers and warrior cults in ten flavors of crazy paired up with shambling monstrosities and weaponized torture devices is just so much more entertaining than five kinds of Spacemarine

What about FIFTEEN kinds of Spacemarine, eh?

>> No.34368491

True, and also the least violent in that category.

>> No.34368533

I'll post here instead of making a new thread, does anyone have the image on how to navigate Taobao.com ? Saw a £20 Morkanaut that I'm tempted to buy.

>> No.34368561

They're pushing their economic problems onto customers instead of loss leading to build up a devoted customer base. They don't have long left if they're doing this.

>> No.34368594

>the people who suffer most from this are innocent hobbyists

Bah hah hah. You funny guy, you!

>> No.34368770


That whole article is just a goldmine.

>> No.34368895


>From a distance these akes may look like the real thing, but up close...
...they STILL look like the real thing. I know people who have taken recasts into GW stores, had the manager pick up the model, and comment on how detailed forgeworld models are. I've also known people who took entire recast armies to GW tournaments. But I guess it wouldn't do for GW to admit that people out there are selling models exactly the same quality for a fraction the price.

>> No.34368920

>not Fifty shades of Marines: The Game

>> No.34370149

This was from White Dwarf 310 (October 2005).

>> No.34372257

Most of this article is obviously bullshit, but is there any truth to counterfeit models being made of harmful shit? I have heard non-GW sources say something about harmful particles getting into your lungs and then bad things happening.

I don't want to save 50 bucks if it means my already high odds of getting cancer go up.

>> No.34372322

>I have heard non-GW sources say something about harmful particles getting into your lungs and then bad things happening.

If you snort ground up resin like coke then yes that is bad for you, but that has nothing to do with recasts. GW/FW models are the same shit.

>> No.34372656

Link plz?

>> No.34372758

actually its higher demand bigger price

>> No.34373226

plenty of companies still have lead in their figures. Just don't chew your marines and you'll be fine.

>> No.34376763


Its not the lead you gotta worry about. Its huffing dust from resin thats really bad. Again, same issue you have from GW.

>> No.34376907


My gaming club actually has a rule that all metal figures must be undercoated.

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