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"And so it was..."

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Goodnight sweet prince. As least you blessed us with Sentinels of Terra before you left

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Reminder Ward is dead
all hail the Crud, may he forever continue to make groups butthurt as fuck.

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The age of butthurt opponents has ended.
The time of the butthurt fanbase, has begun.

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"Your resistance only makes my Codex harder"

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You foolz! You did it! !ou blew it up! You blew it. all. up!

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Starting to think he fucks nids players because the chicks who play nids turned him down. Makes it easier to deal with when I think he has the mind of a 13 year old.

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"That lizzie bitch didn't get my cat joke. That's it, I'll remove her precious 2+ saves!"

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If someone sees him at a con or a live chat, they should call him out for it. No matter what he says, his pride shall be wounded. Ruin his ass when he drops a bigger sack of hate on the nids.

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And the world rejoiced as a great evil was at least defeated.

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Only to be replaced by a greater evil...

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You're up early Robin

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never forget

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wait, did that actually happen?

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If only you whiners had known what was to come.
Hell, Ward's rules were fine, great even. I took no offense with his fluff (though I will admit he went overboard with the Ultramarines codex), I think his fluff for Necrons was fun, especially Trazyn and his little scuffle with that Inquisitor.

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>40k is now being written by Jervis (captain of the 'You don't need rules! Use your IMAGINATION!' club), Cruddace (no concept of internal balance), and some new guy (literally who?)
>Ward has left
>Kelly only does fluff
>Vetcock's been moved to Fantasy

It hurts, /tg/. I'm genuinely afraid for the Dark Eldar codex.

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>Hell, Ward's rules were fine, great even.
He ruined Fantasy 7th and 40k 5th. Sure he got better at the end, but don't forget where the hate train started

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Vetock started in fantasy. What, he did Tau and management was like "nah, you're done"

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He did Dark Angels as well. Still, I'd take him over Cruddace and Jervis, the cancers lurking at the heart of GW's dev team, in a flash.

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Crud is the heart, Jervis is the soul of the design team
oh lawd

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Crud doesnt write shit fluff.
Bad rules can be changed easily. Bad fluff on the other hand is harder to undo. You can't just retcon Draigo.

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>You can't just retcon Draigo.

You can kill him off.

They did that in the 6e Daemon codex

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>Bad rules can be changed easily
go tell that to the pyrovore

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>Dark eldar vehicles are all sleek and not chunky
>ie. NOT vehicles in the eyes of cruddace

enjoy your 200pt open topped 9/9/9 vehicles. As a tyranid player, you have my sincerest condolences. Cruddace is a massive treadhead and has a massive hard-on for vehicles, and red-hot intense hatred for everything else.

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Noooo! not the ward!

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What if it was torrenting and could still be drop-podded?

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>What if it was torrenting
it's been waiting that rule for over 4 years in fact

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I actually think Jervis writing stuff for 40k is an improvement. Isn't him who created 40k in first place (or at least contributed to it)? I think the guy knows his stuff.

Also 40k is much better when the rules themselves incouraged players to make their own rules

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Thank fuck. Newcrons a shit, Draigo and his gay knights a shit, and may his sins in Fantasy never be forgotten.

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What did he actually do around in WH:FB?

Aside from giant rampaging squirrels, that is?

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Yeah, thank god we won't ever have to deal with the likes of Codex: Space Marines 5th ED ever again.

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There goes the last soul of GW.

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We all know he has a blog now right?

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Just kinda wrecked racial diversity. Common magic items, giving every race bunches of giant monsters and monstrous cavalry.

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7th ed daemons also broke the game..

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>Bad rules easier to fix than bad fluff.
My sides are currently in orbit.
Fluff is extraneous and does not impact play at all - that's why it's fluff, and at the end of the day it is what you make of it. Rules however are far more Concrete, if you don't believe me go to your next local tourney and try to convince them to let you play with your home brewed dex. I know you are about to say "but I don't play tourneys," fine, try it at your flgs for a pickup game and you will still be laughed out 9 times out of 10.
Now try to enter a tournament using a home brew space marine chapter that preaches tolerance of xenos and wants to accept the csm back into the fold. Makes no sense fluff wise, but no one will bat an eye.

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>(though I will admit he went overboard with the Ultramarines codex), I think his fluff for Necrons was fun, especially Trazyn and his little scuffle with that Inquisitor.
You realize nearly every word of his Ultramarines codex was copy pasted right? You could have said overboard, with pretty much any codex of his besides the Ultramarines and -maybe- the Grey Knights, and have been right (to the extent of my knowledge.)
And you chose that one codex

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>You realize nearly every word of his Ultramarines codex was copy pasted right


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I'll admit it was hyperbole. Codex: Ultramarines mostly talked about how perfect the ultramarines were, how nice macragge was, and how cool they were.
Ward gave them battles outside of Hive Fleet Behemoth and Sicarius... Though I've had people contest me on even Sicarius

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Jervis is a massive yiff fan and doesn't believe much in balance. And 40K isn't a kitchen table game anymore, it should have tight rules. Or at least, tighter rules. Or just rules, instead of organised nonsense.

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>Crud doesnt write shit fluff.
Insert CREEEEEEED joke here.

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>And Draigo was raped forever by Slaanesh and lived happily ever after, the end.

There, done. Canon too.

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"...by the hand of Odin did the Immortal Warrior pass through the Gates of Valhalla, and into Legend!"

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