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For the unaware pelebians among us today is the 2000th anniversary of augustus imperator. whats say we get a Rome/iron age related thread going?

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dee mortuis nil nisi bene

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Would Augustus make a better GM or player?

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He´d self insert himself as the imperator, so I guess player - expect him to conquer any setting he gets into, including warhammer

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Quidnam dixisti modo mihi, cinaedule? Ego te certiorem faciam me exiisse e Cohorte Praetoria optimum meae ordinis et in frequentibus incurisonibus occultis contra Persos expertum esse, et plus quam trecentas caedes probatas habere. In bello auxiliarum educatus sum et ego sum optimus eques in totis Imperii Romani viribus armatis. Tu es nil mihi praeterquam aliud destinatum. Ego te, scelus, conteram adamussim ut numquam usquam visum est in orbe terrarum, annota mea, malum, verba. Arbitrarisne te posse illas contumelias dicere impune per litteras? Iterum arbitrare, nequam. Etiam cum colloquimur advoco meum secretum rete curiosorum per totum Imperium et tuam locationem excipitur, iamiamque ita potius est te parari procellae, vermis. Procella quae omnino perdat illud miserandulum quod tu tuam vitam nominas. Per deos immortales tu es mortuus, puercule. Ubivis, quandoque esse ego possum et novi te trucidare pluribus quam septingentis modis - et illi meis manibus solis. Non solum sum educatus plurifariam in proeliis inarmatis sed usu ego fruor toti armentarii Imperii Romani Scholarum Palatinarum et eo utar effuse ut detergam tuum miserum os de facie telluris, caenulum. Si novisses quam defamatam ultionem "callidum" tuum dictum inlaturum esse fortasse retinuisses tuam linguam. Sed non poteras, non fecisti, et nunc poenas solvis, fatue miselle. Ego furiam cacabo super te totum et tu in illa merges. Per deos immortales tu es mortuus, puercule.

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More or less
>What did you say to me, CATAMITE? I will inform you of my order and I have gone from the best band in the crowded incurisonibus secret against the Persians, experienced, and more than three hundred murders have been approved. In the war between auxiliaries of the Roman Empire was brought up with all my strength I am, and I am the best in the armed men. You are nothing to me, in addition to another destination. I will make you, the wickedness, that I will break it is exactly as I had never seen anywhere in the world, my note, evil, words. Arbitrarisne you can safely say these insults by mail? Again, believe that criminals. Even when talking to advise my curiosity, net privacy and your property is received by the government, so it is best that you already preparing for the storm worm. The storm which will be finally destroy it miserandulum the fact that you in your life without the name. By the immortal gods, thou art dead, boys. Everywhere, sometimes I can, and I knew you, I will be more than seven hundred ways to murder me - and to him, my own hands of the sun. Not only did I enjoy the whole experience, but I was brought up in various places in the battles inarmatis the armory of the Roman Empire Schools Palatine and use it to wipe your miserable mouth profusely from the face of the planet, CAROUSAL. If the last revenge of the INFAMOUS "clever" Your statement is perhaps wrongfully retained your tongue. But I could not, you did not make, and now to pay the penalty, Thou Fool, pathetic. I am the fury of a saucepan on you all, and you in that merge. By the immortal gods, thou art dead, boys.

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>tfw no tabletop games with Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Octavian and Pompey Magnus

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Hadrian was the best emperor.

Iudaea delanda est!

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But what have the romans ever done for us?

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>not Marcus Aurelius

Look at this plebeian

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Do you mean besides the plumbing, aquaducts, legislative system and civil system?

Why, nothing!

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Yeah, yeah, but besides the plumbing, aquaducts, legislative system and civil system, what have the romans ever done for us?

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>Not Trajan

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Broad pennies?

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Dammit man, you're not supposed to focus on that.

I swear, sometimes I think you folks don't take this resistance thing seriously.

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Aurelius was GOAT philosopher and thinker in general.


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Oh hey /pol/. Go complain about black people today?

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no, just the jews

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Are you implying Marcus Aurelius didn't expand into Dacia and Germania Inferior?
Unlike Hadrian, who just built walls everywhere and maintained shit.

And we're still suffering from Hadrian's decision to create the Jewish diaspora.

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Oh, come on. Doesn't matter what board you're from, we can all agree slaying the beast was a good thing (even if it did come back to life later).

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On the grand scheme of things the power of the state of Judea was more or less meh. As in not a threat. As in even if they drove off rome at her height (ha) the Parthians would have rocked up and fucked them dead.

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mater tuus

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Poor Nine, Historians kill it in nearly all the roman conflicts.

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They're the comic relief legion.

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pedicabo ego vos homosexuales

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I just started watching Rome for the first time today, so it's even more fitting now. I forgot that Octavian becomes Augustus.

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There was great thread on suptg where Rome actually used it's mini-steam engines as a stepping stone to actual steam engines, the industrial revolution happened millenia earlier, Rome conquered the world and then started expanding into space

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And there was the great tagline "The day is (today's date, but on the Roman calendar, year 1 was the start of the empire). And all wormholes lead to Rome."

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>standard roman/greek saying
hey, where the young boys at?

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>Rome conquered the world
The whole world? No! There is still one village in Amorica resisting the invanders...

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Kill urself m8. The druids have won.

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Shame Falernian no longer exists or I would have some.

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>prepare for the storm worm

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He'd make the setting, but Agrippa would do all the GMing.

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This nigga here. Funny how the best roman emperors were from Hispania.

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My nigga.

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>All wormholes lead to Rome
By Venus, this gets me hot

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That's one fat centurion.
Probably not up to standards, that.

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How did they deal with the fact that metallurgy wasn't advanced enough yet for the level of pressure containment needed for useful automation? All that would have done is be an extremely contrived way of killing educated Romans in steam explosions.

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What this thread needs is more SPACE ROME.

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The roads. They are really nice.

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Did you know Satan was the power behind Rome?

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There is no Galt but Galt and Jimmy Rome is his prophet.

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>Nazi Germany
>a greater Empire than Britain

And I am not sure you can really count what the Greeks had as a proper Empire since they were not generally unified.

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Why is Satan Dracula?
Why are Satan's empires so damn cool?

Wait I answered my own questions it's because they all dressed like pimps.

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Jack please take your med once in your life

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Oh wait, never mind. He is talking about the future world empire run by Satan. Thought that guy was meant to be a Nazi.

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You can count them as empires at certain points. Athens had colonies all over the Mediterranean that paid them tribute and they maintained control through their powerful navy (like the British). And of course Alexander who's empire fell apart after his death and was divided up by his generals.

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Eat shit Satan, I did better than you

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> British Empire 22.43% of world
> Mongol Empire 22.29% of world
You were close kid but you can't beat the prince of darkness.

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Jesus Christ, he even looks like a DM.

Neckbeard and everything.

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He wanted to be a actor but was made the emperor.

He wanted to be a player but was made the GM.

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Clearly Nero is the patron emperor of /tg/.

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And, as always, it was a circlejerk of people who think technological development works like it does in civ games.

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didn't refresh before posting

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Are you telling me a video game lied to me to simplify the game enough to make it playable? OH THE HUMANITY! !!

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This makes me want to grow out my facial hair, shave it into a neckbeard and be Nero for Halloween.

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>British empire
>using gun to fight nake savaged with stick
>Mongol empire
>using horse and bow to fight technologically superior opponents
Of course, they were in easy mode.

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No, I'm telling you people who think Rome could have had an industrial revolution are talking out of their asses in the least figurative way imaginable. Industrial revolution was a unique event many centuries in the making.

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Under his leadership, the greatest poets of all times wrote their works. Virgil, Horace and Ovid. Based Augustus. Ave Caesar Auguste, pater patriae nateque deorum!

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>using gun to fight nake savaged with stick

Those nake savaged did include France, Spain and the Dutch for much of the colonial era.

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>Mongol Empire
>using cavalry hordes that allowed for tactics that none of the their opponents could effectively answer
>lacked any significant adversary
Yes, they were super casual. They also failed to even scratch any country that was well-fortified or lacked easy ways to feed their horses.

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>>Nazi Germany
>>a greater Empire than Britain

Nazi Germany isn't even on that picture. That one to the far right is supposed to be a Soviet. See the red star of the revolution?

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Satan confirmed junglist

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>I am the fury of a saucepan

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So basically Satan is a really cool dude?

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that feel when no one wants to talk about your empire or the time you fought naked people who had stick or the time you fought horse archers

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'Roman Wall Blues' by W.H. Auden

Over the heather the wet wind blows,
I've lice in my tunic, a cold in my nose.

The rain comes pattering out of the sky,
I'm a Wall soldier, I don't know why.

The mist creeeps over the hard grey stone,
My girl's in Tungria; I sleep alone.

Aulus goes hanging around her place,
I don't like his manners, I don't like his face.

Piso's a Christian, he worships a fish;
There'd be be no kissing if he had his wish.

She gave me a ring but I diced it away;
I want my girl and I want my pay.

When I'm a veteran with only one eye
I shall do nothing but look at the sky.

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Yeah, but you guys won.

Makes for a less exciting tale.

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He's as buggered as he rest of us, so probably.

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Mark Antony and Octavian would be at each other's throats the whole time, why would you wan that?

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I knew Marcus Aurelius

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Why is the gladius such a perfect sword, /tg/?

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Nigga founded my city, Zaragoza (Caesaraugusta). Ave Caesar!

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Good news!


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Gladius also means erect penis in Latin.

>> No.34274789

Eh, it's okay for what it does. other than being shit material.

>> No.34275021

And the word for scabbard is vagina!

History is awesome.

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How is steel shit brah?

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Not op, but gladiuses were made from iron (soldiers), except those that were made from bronze (because of rarity of ores required for bronze limited to centurions). This still isnt inferior material in any way and op is probably katana-fag.

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We're judging them on their emperority

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There was a pretty big range of quality in roman swords, some being pattern welded steel, other plain wrought iron and plenty in between. Even pre-Roman italic swords often had differential carburization to given hard edges and soft cores. That said, proper heat treatment was not well known, though water quenching was used to improve hardness (sometimes).
Also, I have often heard the claim that the Romans continued to use bronze swords for for issue to centurions. I'm quite sure this is spurious as I have never seen an extant bronze gladius. I have also never seen bronze italic swords of any date later than that at which iron weapons were generally adopted. Italic peoples switched from bronze to iron swords between the end of the Villanova culture (9th cent. BCE) and the spread of Hellenic culture (7th cent BCE). The Romans adopted iron greek style swords with with Helleniistic influences from the Etruscans, and probably adapted the gladius from (steel) Iberian swords sometime around the 3rd cent. bce. So bronze was really out of date by then.

TL:DR: Roman swords had a huge range of quality, from wrough iron to quench hardened steel. But the gladius was not made of bronze.

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Nice Empire you have here, it would be a shame if something happen to Rome, like a sack or something like that

>> No.34277800

>never seen a bronze gladius
Never used google?

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if only this were true

>> No.34278781


I'd like to respectfully question the authenticity of that piece. Admittedly, my statement that there was never a bronze gladius is probably too broad, but that piece very well may be a fake. I reverse image searched it and i see that it is from James Madison University, donated from a private collection. I don't really think it is all that reliable without more, given that so many museums have acquired so many fakes over the years. Roman antiquities are especially notorious for fakes, especially arms and armor. Take for instance the infamous "Legolas armor" (pic related) of the Ontario Royal Armory, recently taken off display when modern testing revealed it to be a fake.
Besides that, this blade has to features that don't really fit with any extant gladius, Pompeii type or otherwise. The tip is slightly spatulate, as oppesed to triangular. It has a small chunky "ricasso" at the base of the blade. The tang is very thick, untapered and short. Finally, the whole thing looks very "heavy" compared to extant examples.
Given that this particular blade is already a bit suspicious for it's uncommon material, and that fact that it's blade shape and tang are a bit "off," I respectfully submit that this sword is either a forgery, or a attributed bronze of non-roman origin.

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Also, I would note that that much more strongly resembles a bronze Chinese sword.

>> No.34278920


Because the Celt-Iberians knew their shit.

>> No.34278922

Well, you do your research, so cool!

>> No.34278965

The Roman West had pretty much broke over the prior 20 years. Its power lay in the richer east. And we outlasted you visigoth faggots by 800 years.

>> No.34278999

That and Scipio knew how to loot a good idea when he saw one.

>> No.34279060

>Being this asswounded at being proved wrong by someone who knows what they are talking about.

>> No.34279109


The romans in general knew how to loot a good idea when they saw one. The entire secret to their success was basically figuring out that professional armies are the shit and that if it works for your enemy you steal that shit and make it work for you.

>> No.34279758


a more accurate translation

>What did you just say about me, catamite? I'll have you know that I left the Praetorian Cohort top of my section, and have experienced frequent secret raids against the Persians, and have more than 300 proven kills. I am trained in the warfare of the auxiliaries and I am the best horseman in all the armed forces of the Roman Empire. You are nothing to me but another mark. I will break you, scum, with precision that has never been seen before on this earth - mark my words. Do you not think that you can safely send these insults through the internet? Think again, worthless one. As we speak I am talking to my secret network of spies throughout the whole Empire and your location is being received, so you had better prepare for the storm that is already on the way, maggot. The storm that will completely destroy that pathetic little thing that you call your life. By the gods you are dead, little boy. I can be in any place, at any time, and I know more than seven hundred ways to ways to murder you - and that is with only my hands. Not only am I educated extensively in unarmed battle but I enjoy the use of the entire arsenal of the Roman Empire's Schola Palatina and I will use it extensively to wipe your miserable mouth off the face of the planet, little fucker. If you had known what infamous retribution your "clever" comment would bring down on you maybe you would have restrained your tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you pay the penalty you pathetic little fool. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. By the immortal gods you are dead, little boy.

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>> No.34279862

>hard edges and soft cores
That is the complete fucking opposite of what you want from a sword, you moron.

Do you also use the shaft of a spear to stab or something?

>> No.34279877

but it is true. The literal meaning of 'vagina' is sheath. Ask google translate (or an actual dictionary for that matter) if you don't believe me.

And if you think that Roman men didn't regularly refer to their penis as a 'gladius' then you don't know know how humans work.

>> No.34280279

Gr8 b8 m8. Learn 2 sword.

>> No.34280335

Yes... soft outside you can sharpen without shattering it, hard core for resistance. Higher carbon content and all that.

Your own fucking image says hard core, soft edge, you utter moron. Not that "nearly pure Iron" means shit, as most swords would be steel to start with.

>> No.34280345


You are damn right I do my research! Let's all celebrate today by posting (authentic) Roman weaons and armor! I'll start dumping.

>> No.34280440

A fine pugio

>> No.34280464

he said scabbard

>> No.34280516


>> No.34280697

>tfw Imperator Online got cancelled and we will never have another ROMANS IN SPACE vidya

When I die, Tosca, I can only hope that they make a good imago of me.

>> No.34280700

>he said scabbard

which in Latin is the same thing. It fact, there are other words for sheath whereas the only word for scabbard is 'vagina'.

It would have taken you less than thirty seconds with google translate to find that out for yourself.

>> No.34280781

i thought there was a distinct difference between a sheath and a scabbard?

>> No.34280850

Good lord, do I need to start posting sources? Here's some from motherfucking Cold Steel forum discussing it:

Myarmoury discussing carbon hardness of a blade:

Pay attention in particular to the image detailing the hardness scale. You'll notice more hardness in the core.

Now do I need to slap you, you fucking nitwit?
I mean, do you even HEMA?

>> No.34280868

Baller ass helmet

>> No.34280907

in English, yes. But we're talking Latin here. And the Latin word for scabbard is 'vagina', which can also be more generally used for sheath.

>> No.34281023

Parthians were a roman province at that time though.

>> No.34281133


If I may quote your own source back to you:
"The edge of a blade is where hardness is usually the most desired and the area of greatest comment."

0/10 trolling. But please don't spread misinformation. Personal attacks are one thing, but /tg is as close as 4chan has to history board, and spreading false information in an attempt to troll is basically a sin.
To anyone taken in; please read u on differential heat treatment:

Quote: "Differential hardening (also called differential quenching, selective quenching, selective hardening, or local hardening) is most commonly used in bladesmithing to increase the toughness of a blade while keeping very high hardness and strength at the edge. This helps to make the blade very resistant to breaking, by making the spine very soft and bendable, but allows greater hardness at the edge than would be possible if the blade was uniformly quenched and tempered. This helps to create a tough blade that will maintain a very sharp, wear-resistant edge, even during rough use such as found in combat."

>> No.34281239

No but seriously though.

See this image:
WHERE is the higher carbon content, muthafucker?

>> No.34281249

nigga what?

the Romans captured the Parthian capital and held onto mesopotamia for a few years, but the Parthian heartlands in Iran (and Parthia province itself) never fell into Roman hands.

>> No.34281356

so did they not differentiate the two back then?

>> No.34281824

A very well preserved montefortino helmet held at the Worcester art museum in Massachusetts. They have some pretty nice arms and armor for such a small museum. A reccomended destination for all New England fa/tg/uys.

>> No.34281891

Not really. they didn't really have a special word for scabbard, they just used sheath (vagina). It's not as if anything that can be called a 'scabbard' in English isn't also a 'sheath'.

>> No.34282619

A very curious roman multitool. Basically a Swiss army knife. Held at the Fitzwilliam. http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/opac/search/cataloguedetail.html?&priref=70534

>> No.34283268

Isn't that where the Higgins armory ended up after it tragically got closed?

>> No.34283368

Yeah. They have put most of it up on display. Upside is that one admission gets you some okay antiquities, a pretty cool Antioch mosiac and a good collection of swords and armor. They have some pretty ill non-European swords too, like a twin tipped zulfiqar. They also have a gauntlet that you can put your hand in!
Also, please enjoy this piece of old ass bread preserved in Pompeii.

>> No.34283584

I went to the Higgins last year, a couple of weeks before it closed down, with my father. Damn shame, since a lot of their artifacts had been auctioned off elsewhere. You could still see the brackets in the walls.

They had on one floor this whole kid's area, where kids can try on armor and build castles with blocks and things like that. If I were a little kid I'd still be there. They also apparently did birthday parties where kids could sleep in the castle-like parts of the museum. Really awesome stuff for getting kids into history. I think they did some HEMA too.

Is any of that stuff present in the new location, or is it the collection only and those programs have been discontinued?

>> No.34283743


When I visited a few months ago it was pretty much just 2 rooms of armor and another room of swords. They have a spare room next to it with some tables and kid's books (including those eyewitness ones I read when I was a kid), but I saw no evidence of plans to expand into something more. That said, they do apparently hold some kids programs on sunday's including letting them touch the armor. They even bring in (thread relevant) roman reenactors. If I had kids I would take them for sure (but I would be doing it for myself).
See: http://www.worcesterart.org/Exhibitions/knights/helmutt/

Also, a roman D20.

>> No.34283813

Daily reminder that Cicero did nothing wrong

>> No.34283902

daily reminder that carthago delenda est.

>> No.34283924

Tell that to Catalina. Cicero backed him into a corner and provoked a rebellion just so he could look like a hero by suppressing it. Not that he wasn't perfectly justified in opposing Mark Antony, but that hardly excuses him. He misused power when he had it, then found a conscience at the time when it did the least good.

>> No.34283966

No, Rome-chan! carthago befrienda est!

>> No.34284222

Stupid Hannibal! I'm only invading Africa to protect Rome, n-not because I like you. S-so don't get the wrong idea, got it?!

>> No.34284280

Get a load of this podex.

Cataline was literally the Tarquin dynasty.

>> No.34284317

Imperial Rome was great.

>> No.34284417

Cataline stood up for the rights of the common man and the common soldier against a corrupt aristocracy. Granted, he was no Gracchus, and he was mostly doing it because he needed money to repay his debts, but a least he wasn't a shill like Cicero. He came to the big city with virtually nothing, made a name for himself, then spent all his time in power being the lackey of inbred, greedy snobs who despised him as a novo homus.

>> No.34284628

Remember when we fought Pyrrhus together? Those were the days Rome. What happened to us?

>> No.34284876

A well preserved infantry helmet

>> No.34284917

Oh rome thread? I'll bite. Pic is my going away present from my platoon a few years back. Haven't taken the best care of it because traveling but yeah. ave imperator and all that.

>> No.34284976

Why do you have gladius as a combat knife?

>> No.34285030

Well, a pugio would have been better, but it's the thought that counts.

>> No.34285045

why are you so concerned owl?

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