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The man with the tacky hair continues, "Up until some years back your mother was able to draft multiple cards and spells in a single day. But as the years went on, she began showing her age and frailty. So a year ago we enacted a plan to allow her to retire while still providing a good Draftsman for Fortune."
He leans over his desk toward me,
"I'm sure you see where you fall into this plan, right Masami?"

I see where I fit into it, but I don't like it one bit.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I finally got to meet the man behind the curtain who runs Fortune. After meeting him, there is a part of me wishes I never went through with talking to him. He's every bit the jerk that I pictured him to be.

He feigns sadness, "And the tragic part is, if we don't find a replacement for her, she's going to keep trying on her own."
"The agreement is off! I won't allow you to harm her anymore!"

"It may be off for you, but does your dear Mother agree?"
I look over to her, immediately noticing that she's bawling into the sleeves of her suit.
"So, I will see you at work tomorrow, right Empress?"
I can hear a teary, mournful reply through the crying and the sniffling.


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Huh, that's strange, no one else in the room said anything except me. There must be an echo of some kind.

"Mom! No! You can't!"
I'm not sure she heard me, she has sunk down to her knees and has started to cry.
"Mas...I'm so so-" is the most she's able to squeak out before erupting in tears again. I wrap my arms around her, but I'm not sure the gesture is making her feel any better.

The jerk behind the table speaks again, "So as you can see Masami. My hands are tied here."

>"What's so important about this 'drafting' business anyway!?"
>"No! You and your company can forget it! She's not working for you anymore!"
>"What is this 'agreement' you two have? It can't be more important than her life!"
>"..Can you at least show me what it's like. Maybe I can fill in for her occasionally.""
>"You still didn't answer where attacking school children comes into this!"

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>"What's so important about this 'drafting' business anyway!?"
Ask mom, not dad.

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>"What's so important about this 'drafting' business anyway!?"
>"What is this 'agreement' you two have? It can't be more important than her life!"
>"You still didn't answer where attacking school children comes into this!"

>> No.34237560

>"You still didn't answer where attacking school children comes into this!"

guess we can ask mom about the drafting business and why he can crush her like that even if i have an idea on the subject

>> No.34237592

>"You still didn't answer where attacking school children comes into this!"
All the other stuff we can ask mom, its not like his input matters much.

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Waiting a few more minute for late arrivals

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>"What's so important about this drafting business?!"
>"You still didn't answer where attacking school children comes into this!"

If that's good, I can write.

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Rolled 10 (1d20)

Test Roll

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Mom is crying into my shoulder, even though I'm trying to hug her as tightly as I can, she doesn't seem to be letting up on her tears.

"Mom, please. Please don't do this. It's not as important as your health, nothing is."
This seems to get a reaction from her as she finally tugs me into a hug.
"Why- Why is this so important to you?"
She doesn't answer, she only continues to cry.

I turn to Asai, the man behind the table, "So why is this drafting business so important to YOU?"
He leans back in his chair, "Because without drafting the cards are worthless. Anyone can draw some lines on paper and call it a magic spell, but to truly understand how to shape and bend a physical object using willpower alone is something that takes not just knowledge, but talent. The very fact that you're using one of our cards with no prior training is proof that you have no shortage of talent, Masami."

If finding someone with talent is that difficult, maybe I should form a union..

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"..None of this answers why you were attacking schools."
He smiles, "Actually, Masami, I believe I already have."

No no, you don't get to be evasive about this question.
"You're a jerk, and I cannot possibly imagine what justification you have attacking children."

Laughing, he spins around in his chair again to face away from me,
"At one time, there was a method for drafting cards that didn't involve using a draftsman. It was a kind of old-fashioned method."
"There's a way to do it without hurting Mom? Why don't you do that!?"

"Oh but Masami, I have been."

He reaches into his desk and takes out a blank card. It has some scribbling and writing on it. But it feels like little more than a piece of paper.
"The accepted method before drafting came along was to slowly build up a connection inside of the card with something extremely powerful. Something that has its own innate power. At one time, people who were predisposed to magic would fight and train with the cards to build up that connection. Eventually, after enough fighting, the cards would grow their own magic connection and be ready for use."

He clears his throat, putting the blank card on his desk,
"It's hard to do because magic alignment is genetic and people who can naturally use some sort of power are few, however."
His face is displaying that wild grin again.
"I contacted some friends, used a few connections I had, and found some people who still had that kind of talent."

Behind me, I can hear some gradual talking coming from the door behind me.

Picking up the card, he fumbles it in his hand. "The choice is yours Masami, Why don't you try drafting your first card right here? It'll be fast, and easy."
I can feel Mom's grip tighten around me, she stands up to take the card. Which causes him to pull it away.
"I didn't ask for your assistance Empress, this is aimed solely at Masami."

>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.
>S-Sure, I'll give it a try.

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>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.

>> No.34239219

>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.

Fuck this guy right in his stupid smug face. We're gonna tear this company down around his ears, shove that card up his ass, and imprison him in a card so that he has all of eternity to reflect on what an asshole he is.

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Mom, go outside, this may explode as I have no idea what I am doing.

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>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.
I find the timing of that offer a bit too suspicious.

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>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.
he's probably trying to enslave us or something

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>No way in hell

If good, then


Hey, everybody, why not make a 3d20 roll, best of three. Quoting this post.

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Rolled 1, 10, 13 = 24 (3d20)

Can do.

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Rolled 9, 10, 9 = 28 (3d20)


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Rolled 5 (1d20)


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Rolled 5, 11, 1 = 17 (3d20)


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That beginns promising ...

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Once again, Maeda, you seem to be the only competent one around.

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I kinda feel better, having not been the only one to critfail.

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I think it's less "no way in hell" complete refusal, and more "let's not have our friends see us allying with the BBEG". Honestly I would love to see what drafting entails, if for no other reason than to understand what Izumi's got herself into.

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well nothing prevents us to try it (or at least talk about it) at home with our mom

>> No.34239650

The lack of a blank card might be a problem.

>> No.34239676

might be
but i don't think it would be that hard to either make one or... "borrow" a few

>> No.34239690

If you want, I can re-vote with the situation changed slightly if you just want to try it for yourself.

>> No.34239735

I'm still with categorically telling him to fuck himself.

>> No.34239749

Okay, fair enough

Continuing to write.

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No, like >>34239258 said, the timing of this is super fishy. He also said
>Anyone can draw some lines on paper and call it a magic spell
And we apparently have the talent to make that work

This seems like something we can use/abuse outside of Fortune's bullshit.

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What I want to know is what practical applications this magic has, because so far I only see military applications, and even then the products aren't really that good. Where the hell is he getting his money from? Why is he so insistent on making more cards? aren't the ones he has already enough?

and on the other hand, doesn't Izumi realize that their entire operation basically hinges on her and Masami? Why doesn't she take advantage of that GREAT bargaining position to get better job requirements. And hell, if he is just fine with getting one card a week, then why not just have Masami make cards from home and them send them to fortune? You know, when she comes home from school and finishes her school work.

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"No thanks, in fact, you can just eat that card now. I never agreed to helping you and I don't think I'll start now"
"mm. That's too bad" He says, licking his lips.

He picks up the card, puts it in some kind of tube, and puts the tube inside of a hole in his desk. The sound of vacuum suction absorbs the tube and he sits back in his chair, silently.
"...What did you just do?"
"Oh. I sent that card along to R&D with a notice that it needs some. Um."
He leans forward, gazing into my eyes.
"'Manual Drafting'"

"Manual.. Drafting."
"Yes, drafting without the use of a draftsman. This card won't be ready for quite some time, but there's another I prepared earlier that I can demonstrate for you."

Wait, is he going to-
He taps a few buttons on his desk.
Suddenly, the tumbler lock on the door behind me snaps shut!
The lights dim, and an image is projected on the wall behind him.
"Fortunately, there happen to be some volunteers in the building."


>> No.34240110


>> No.34240129


>> No.34240185


The image on the wall is very grainy footage of the hallway outside of this office. I can see the image of Aiko, Maeda, and Ryouta pressing their ears against the door. There doesn't appear to be any sound accompanying this video.
I hear a shout outside the door, the image on the wall turns to the three of them jumping to their feet as some kind of monster corners them in the hallway. Aiko springs forward, but is instantly knocked back, Ryouta tries to helplessly grapple with the monster.

Mom grabs the doorknob and attempts to yank it open, but nothing happens. Within an instant, I can feel the weight of Julie's sword in my hand as I ready a mighty swing at it. Some of the monsters in the room gasp in surprise at the sword suddenly materializing in my hand. The man behind the desk only manages a "Hmm?" in response.

"Hold it, Wait!" He finally yelps.
He presses a button on his desk, the lock inside of the door clicks.
"Please don't wreck my door." but I'm tempted to do it anyway.

Flinging open the door, I'm suddenly face to face with the monster just as it throws Ryouta to the side. Maeda backs off as I leap into action.

>Plan of action on this guy?

>Let me try something new for battle, Look at this guy and think of a good way to attack him.Tell me how we should attack him and I'll ask for a roll afterwards.

>> No.34240254

behead him! Cause collateral property damage!

>> No.34240265

Stay defensive at first and then counter attack when we knock him off balance.

>> No.34240271

>>Plan of action on this guy?
Parry his attacks and when his momentum carries him to our off-hand, slash with the sword against his stomach or side. It seems like the least armored part.

>> No.34240289

he's red so he must be fast...
his midsection looks the least armored...
so i'd say, charge and a large swipe near navel-height

>> No.34240291

>>Plan of action on this guy?
Release some pent up anger using Julie. No mercy, let everyone see just what happens to anyone that attempts to harm our friends.

>> No.34240317

I'm not much for plans, but I really want the door to be collateral damage no matter what happens.

I'll leave the actual planning for other people.

>> No.34240390

Rolled 19 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

I like these actions so far!

>Stay on defensive at first, when he charges, counter across the mid-section
>Then go crazy with the sword and whatever ends up getting broke isn't our problem.

I like it! I like it so much that you'll get a +5 for this encounter.

So, 1d20+5, best of three.

>My roll is not a DC

>> No.34240426

Wow that was a good roll,

For clarification, that was Maeda's roll

>> No.34240429

Rolled 18 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

>My roll is not a DC

>> No.34240436

Rolled 13 + 5 (1d20 + 5)


>> No.34240446

You know, we should at least negotiate with this guy, so that we kind of have a part time job where we can work from home. We come back from school, do homework, and maybe make a few cards before bed time.

Seriously, if this guy didn't act like such an asshole, we might have done this to begin with. But no, he had to act like the big boss man who is in charge of everything, even though his entire operation really hinges on Izumi and Masami. We literally have the bargaining power here. We work from home part time so Mom doesn't have to strain herself anymore.

>> No.34240475

Rolled 2 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Nice anon.

I would totally have been down with making magic cards, but yeah, his attitude...

>> No.34240484

Rolled 16 + 5 (1d20 + 5)

Once we kicked the ass of his little goon, we can re-negotiate to our terms, and once mon has calmed down enough to actually tell us what is actually involved in this drafting.

>> No.34240571

Well you sure showed him


>> No.34241536

This guy, spindly arms, heavy armor on his shoulders.
But most importantly, he tried to hurt my friends.

He takes a clumsy swing with his right hand, his fist becoming embedded in the wall to the right of me.
I couldn't ask for a better opening.

My sword slices his mid-section in one smooth motion as I dart past him, leaving him to writhe in agony. He frees his arm from the wall and turns to me. Just in time for Maeda to come up behind him and deliver a magically-enhanced strike to his back. Sending his entire body flying at me.
I waste no time with this opportunity, Maeda backs off as my sword slices through the air. Each cut taking off piece after piece of him as he tumbles like a ragdoll.
My foot kicks his body to the door, pinning him to it nicely as each slice goes straight through the monster and the door.
I'm not entirely sure how long I stood there cutting, but eventually both the beast and the door was gone. I hold my new card in hand.

The now-exposed room is full of shocked monsters talking amongst themselves.
Except for one man, he stands behind the desk laughing and clapping.

"That. Was. AMAZING!" He rubs his hands together. "You're amazing! Everything that I thought you would be and more!"

>"Shut up, please"
>"I want to talk to you about taking over for mom. But only on my terms, not yours."
>"I have more questions for you."
>"My friends here have questions for you, I'm sure."
>"No, you can forget it, I'm going home. Let's go Mom."

>> No.34241607

>"Shut up, please"
>"I want to talk to you about taking over for mom. But only on my terms, not yours."

>> No.34241636

"I'm going home with Mom, to discuss this with her. We will discuss this later, on MY terms."

Smash his desk or something.

>> No.34241648

"Shut up"
"My friends have some questions, I'm sure"

We don't want them to know we're planning on working with the group responsible for attacking them. Ideally, we won't work with them, but if it comes to that, let's keep it under wraps.

>> No.34241653

this sounds perfect : >>34241636

>> No.34241664

oh, and leave. Forgot to mention that.

>> No.34241710

>>"My friends here have questions for you, I'm sure."
We can share the questioning of mr psycho.

>> No.34241754

I like this one.

>> No.34241756


I like these answers

This seems like a good compromise, though. So how about

>My friends have some questions for you
followed by
>"I'm going home with Mom, to discuss this with her. We will discuss this later, on MY terms."

Sound good?

>> No.34241774


>> No.34241780

Yeah that works.

>> No.34241820

As long as there's some property damage before we leave.

>> No.34241830

Sounds good as long as there's property damage. He's kind of a dick and doesn't deserve nice stuff.

>> No.34241854

I like your attitude!


>> No.34241953

Here's to hoping we don' wait another hour. I love the quest but the huge waits between >writing and posting are a killer to follow live.

>> No.34242132

yeah I'm really sorry about that. I'll try to cut it down to more manageable chunks

>> No.34242201

"Chairman! Chairman!" He calls back to the completely silent figure who has been dominating his corner for quite some time. "Do you see what I mean now? Wasn't that the greatest thing you've ever seen? She's WAY stronger than Empress was at-"

"Shut. Up. PLEASE." I'm not having any of this.
"Ohh, come now Masami, can't you take a little praise? Any other person in this room would be glowing with pride if he was able to do what you just did." He spins again in his chair. It's like he's enjoying this.

I look over to make sure everyone is okay. Ryouta and Maeda are looking at Aiko, it looks like she hurt her foot again. With a heave, Ryouta lifts her onto his back.

"Are you two okay?" I ask, I'm ready to just leave with my friends and never come back.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

I turn back to the pompous jerk.
"Listen here! You've been terrorizing my friends since they were children. So I think they have a few questions for you as well."
He leans back in his chair, tapping his fingers together before finally responding.
"Okay, I'll hear them out. Children, what troubles you enough to come all the way to Fortune?"
He smiles at them, but I can practically feel Ryouta and Maeda's death glare being sent back at him.

>> No.34242645

Maeda apparently calms down enough to at least formulate a question
"So your name is..."
The guy smiles, leans forward with a grunt
"Call me 'Asai'."

Maeda is clearly not going to play his little mind games.
"Ha ha, yes. Asai-san." She says, I can hear the sarcasm pouring from her voice. "Can you explain to me, again, why you decided to terrorize us all these years. Please?" She's smiling, but it's the kind of smile I would expect a serial killer to put on.

"Because I knew you could handle it."
"Oh, why?"

He leans back in his chair.
"I thought that would be a surprise."
Immediately, Maeda takes off toward his desk, but she's stopped mid-dash by Mom. Who grabs her and hugs her tightly.
He continues, "The reason I never told you is because your parents would never agree to it. Even if you did, you would likely tell your parents. And-"
A thought hits him, and he stops mid-sentence.
"..Have your parents ever told you about what happened to them when they were young?"

I notice Mom visibly flinch, still clutching Maeda.


>> No.34242903

"No.. Please." Mom is, pleading? "Please don't tell them."

He thinks about it for a moment, "You know what, you're right. It's not a very important detail anyway. What's most important is that as long as Masami or Empress here continue to do their jobs, then there's no need for attacks."
I can see Maeda return the hug, but Mom still looks devastated.

I'm not going to let him push me around,
"I'm going to go home, and discuss this with Mom."
Come on, be strong here.
"Next time we talk about this, it will be on MY terms, not yours. You got that?"
He chuckles, "Tough words, but I'll agree with you on that. You probably want to ask the master what it's like. You know what, come over here."

Hestitantly, I walk up to his desk. He takes out another card with some scribbling and writing on it.
"Here is a blank card, we call it a 'blueprint'. It has a rough sketch about what kind of magic symbols and writing should go on it, as well as a small magic link embedded inside. Tomorrow is Sunday, which means you and Empress have the day off, why not give it a try?"
I take the card from him, and slowly back away from the desk.
"Oh one more thing Masami, the card you just got."
I take out the card I just got from the monster.
"That one is also rough and unfinished, why not give it a few touch-ups. Then hold onto it, I might think of something to do with these amazing powers of yours."
I'm not letting him boss me around, "When you think of what to do with it, keep it to yourself. I'm not interested."
He laughs and bids us farewell.
I walk away from his desk, gathering everyone, we start to make our way to the elevators.


>> No.34243050

We walk out of the Fortune building, the secretary and Maeda give each other the evil eye as we leave. The bug-janitor has returned to sweeping the floors and the corners.
Outside in the parking lot, Mom offers to give everyone a ride home. We climb into her car as she slowly starts to leave the parking lot.

I swap over to Haruko and hold Aiko again in my lap, she falls asleep almost immediately.
"Wow, that's pretty impressive, Masami." Ryouta says, finally getting to see how Haruko's healing aura works.
"Thanks, I just found out about it, myself." I grab Aiko and pull her a bit closer, she's probably had the hardest day out of anyone else.

Mom is completely silent, Maeda is looking out the window. Ryouta actually gathers himself to ask an important question.

"What are you going to do, Masami? You're not really going to work for them, are you?"

>"I'm not sure just yet."
>"I don't have much of a choice, I want to protect you guys, and I want to protect Mom."
>"For now, yes. I want to see what happens when I make these magic cards."
>"..I really don't know.."

>> No.34243118

>"I don't have much of a choice, I want to protect you guys, and I want to protect Mom."
>but if there's any other solution...

>> No.34243188

Wow, my slow update rate killed the thread! My mistake, guys.

>> No.34243197

>>"..I really don't know.."
There is much to be learned by working for them at least on the surface.

>> No.34243205

>>"I don't have much of a choice, I want to protect you guys, and I want to protect Mom but...I really don't know.."

>> No.34243240

should've smashed his desk

>> No.34243260

I'm trying to think of a response. Oh well, basically I want to avoid outright saying we will work for them. I want to look for different options, try to get out of it. We can play along a bit now, but our goal is to smash Fortune.

>> No.34243262


>> No.34243276

well there you go, gratuitous property damage always works

>> No.34243297

You forgot the property damage, how could you?!

>> No.34243302

"In the car Masami pauses, 'Damn, I was going to smash his desk...'"

>> No.34243306

"I'm not sure yet..."
"I want to see what happens when I make these cards."
Working with them is a bad idea. using them for supplies is a bit of a different thing.

>> No.34243316

"...I really don't know, I want to protect you guys, and I want to protect Mom. For now, I want to see what happens when I make these magic cards, but I'm not playing nice with that jerk after what he did"

>> No.34243371

Okay so

>"I really don't know, I want to protect you guys, and I want to protect Mom. I'm also curious how these cards are made... I guess we'll see."

Sound good?

>> No.34243385

sounds good to me

>> No.34243399

>Masami opens the window
>"Hold on a second guys"
>equips Julie, throws sword into the distance
>meanwhile, at Fortune
>"Asai" is sitting at his desk when suddenly
>dust clears, no desk only a sword with a note
>"You can't tell me what I can and can't smash XP"

>> No.34243411


>> No.34243430

I want this.

>> No.34243460


>> No.34244006

I sit, thinking about that question for what seems like a really long time. My hand runs through Aiko's hair and over her scalp absentmindedly. She stirs slightly and leans her head onto the seat.

"...I really don't know, Ryouta."
"Hmm? Oh." He seemed to have forgotten that he even asked that question.

"I want to protect Mom, and I want to protect you guys too. And also.."
I look down at Aiko, this is a little selfish for me to say.
"I also want to know how the cards are made. Doing that might help me understand who I am, and how I was made."

Ryouta sighs, "So I guess that means you're going to be working for Fortune?"
"Not in the slightest."

Maeda and Ryouta look over at me, Aiko adjusts her position in my lap.

"I'm not going to be working FOR Fortune, I'm just going to learn how to make their magic cards. Besides, if I really am as super powerful and special as they say I am."
I smile at them
"Then I would be putting that all to waste being their lackey, wouldn't I?"

Ryouta chuckles a bit, Maeda actually smiles for the first time today.
Maeda reaches her hand over to me.
"Whatever you decide, Masami. We're all here for you."
"..I think I already know what I want to do, Maeda."

The car pulls up to the school. Mom looks back at me as I say that.
"..I'm going to take down Fortune. I don't care how long it takes for me to do it, it's going to happen."


>> No.34244335

I wake up Aiko, "We're here."
She seems a little hesitant to leave my lap, but her ankle seems to be fully healed by this point.
We all slide out of the car, but I notice school has ended for the day. It really doesn't feel like this has taken as long as it has.

I help Aiko out of the car. "I think I'm just going to go home. It's been a long day for Mom and I want to see that she doesn't try to strain herself any more today."
"We have club things to do, but if you're certain that you two will be okay." Maeda says, she's been hesitant to leave me alone.
"We'll be fine for tonight. I'm just going to go home and make sure Mom hasn't overworked herself again."
Aiko approaches me as I'm about to get back in the car,
"Um. I know I've said this before, but keep your phone on you. I only live a few blocks away if something comes up. Oh! and another thing."

Before I can say anything, she's already pulled me into a hug.
"Please try to stay safe."
"I will Aiko. Thanks..."

She pulls away from me, "You and your mother need to come eat at my house someday."
"..I'll have to take you up on that offer, Aiko."
"It's not an offer, Masami, it's an order."
She ruffles my hair a bit before skipping away. She has way too much energy for her own good.


>> No.34244455

Much of the day passes by uneventfully. Mom and I seem to not talk at all about the things that transpired. I suppose both of us are saving that for a day that we aren't completely exhausted.

We do our usual shower routine, I find myself sitting in the bathtub while she's busy standing in front of a mirror trying to groom her hair.
Neither of us are saying anything, and it's kind of awkward.

"Mom, Tomorrow can you-"

>"Show me what cards are?"
>"Show me what they would want me to do?"
>"teach me how to properly use my powers?"
>"Talk about Fortune, and your past?"
>"Just relax, we can worry about this some other day."

>> No.34244500

>"Talk about Fortune, and your past?"
>"Show me what they would want me to do?"

>> No.34244501

>"Show me what cards are?"

>> No.34244519

>>"Show me what they would want me to do?"
>>"teach me how to properly use my powers?"

>> No.34244643

Okay, writing up the last post of the night with.

>Lots of questions about cards and what they mean

>> No.34244667

>"Show me what they would want me to do?"

>> No.34245072

"Mom, Tomorrow can you show me what cards are, how my powers work, and what Fortune would want me to do?"
"I think tomorrow we should spend the day talking about this, really. I think it's time for me to stop running away from it. And furthermore."
I look at her, she has the most beautiful blue eyes that are staring right at me.
"I think I should probably know about your past, too. I want to know what's with that man to make you so scared of him."

She looks stunned for a minute, but smiles warmly at me.
"Okay, we'll spend tomorrow deciding if you really want to work at Fortune with me."

It's not that I really want to, but if I want to take it down, I should at least take the time to understand how they operate.


I get out of the shower and get dressed for bed. Looking down the hallway, I notice Mom has paused just outside of her door.

"Mom? Is something wrong?"
"Hmm? Oh. no. no. I was just thinking."
".. Mom please tell me the truth, I can see right through you."

She sighs and holds her arms close to her.
"I was just.. scared thinking of today. And thinking about your future."
I walk over and hug her.
"You're not allowed to be scared, Come on, let's go to bed."
I walk in her bedroom with her, shutting the door behind me.
"I don't think you should be alone right now. Not after what happened today." I say, climbing into bed.

She turns off the lights and gets in bed on the other side. She inches forward and hugs me very tightly.
"Good night Mom, I love you."
"..Thank you, Masami."

Thread End

>> No.34245111

Okay, sorry for the slow update rate and the lack of happening.

How was this thread? I'll try to increase the update rate, but I was pre-occupied for most of it.

>> No.34245146

ending was 2cute
it was a good thread

>> No.34245161

Cute ending, and we got info. Good.

>> No.34245229

Other than the slowdown it was good. Thanks for running.

>> No.34245230

Good, I'm glad.

I am doing everything I can to keep from falling into the pattern I was in for the first ten threads where it was just a bunch of talking and nothing happening.

Also next thread is TBD, hopefully Wednesday but that's a big hope.

>> No.34245256

thanks for running and don't forget to archive

>> No.34245283

Just did, and thank you!

>> No.34245294

Even if we all forget to archive, archive.moe is up and mostly running.

>> No.34246473

Missed the thread. I would've voted for hunting down Joker before leaving. Fucking clown.

>> No.34247829

Okay I had to sleep as this thread got up but I was thinking about it already then. Is there any reason beyond squeamishness/being a good girl (which is enough but we can always think of less drastic alternatives) why killing this guy isn't the best solution? I mean, in the first place, there appears to be no actual need for the cards beyond the value this guy places on them. Sure we can use them to fight/protect stuff, but so far the only thing we're using them for is to fight this guy's minions in the first place, so...if he was gone and FORTUNE stopped from taking up his mantle, wouldn't both our problems and the 'need' for cards in the first place disappear? Why do we need to draft and stuff?

I'm sure he has something on mom and stuff but it could easily be something that doesn't preclude his death solving everything. And we're fucking magical so while unlikely to be easy, it's definitely possible to kill even a magical CEO. If the cards' personalities and the prospect of mom dying/friends terrorized still aren't enough to make Masami able to do real harm (which I find questionable given how she's treated the monsters) she could still try to plan out some other way of doing it, maybe wreck their labs or something.

Like, the whole mom dying thing feels like it's supposed to be a huge dilemma of the 'this needs to be done so either you do it or she does and dies' kind but...just ending the whole thing is blatantly the best choice here. And it's possible there's some asspull reason why that's 'totally not the case guys!' but we should at least interrogate mom about that BEFORE just accepting the whole thing and getting ready to start drafting cards and shit. Like people seem to be of the 'hey let's draft and stuff while planning ways to overthrow this guy' but why not just skip straight to the latter instead of doing the former, unless mom's gonna die within the next weeks or something.

>> No.34248242

Because we're 12 years old. And the guy is surrounded by magic monsters. Even the room we were in had monsters along every wall.

>> No.34248289

Killing him is ridiculously out of character right now. Sorry. He hasn't even done anything that bad yet, so even if we were a hardened killer I still wouldn't vote to kill him.

>> No.34248310

>we should at least interrogate mom about that BEFORE just accepting the whole thing and getting ready to start drafting cards and shi
Which is exactly what we are doing right now. We haven't accepted anything at all, and the only reason why we didn't kick hi ass then and there is because we're a.) a little girl and b.) don't know enough about the situation to know if killing him would solve anything. This whole thing is clearly related to whatever fight Mom and the other kids parents were involved in, and we kinda need to know about that before we solve this dilemma.
Also, Masami is a twelve year old magical girl protgaonist. Cold blooded killing isn't in the cards here, mostly because its the easy, and therefore boring solution and completly against genre conventions.

>> No.34248312

Again, we could do less drastic stuff. And we've been pretty damn ruthless with the minions while in card-form anyway.

>> No.34248326

We took the card. Should have just left entirely at around >>34239165 and asked mom to get us up to speed 100% before talking any more with him.

>> No.34248348

There's nothing wrong with taking the card. How are we supposed to practice drafting if we don't have one?

Admittedly, I'd prefer to not draft at all, since he sounds like a fucking drug pusher.

>> No.34248355

The card is useful to us to figur out the whole drafting business.

Beating them up is perfectly ok, if we come to the conclusion it solves our problem, or Masami gets a fit again in his vicinity.

>> No.34248362

Exactly, why would we practice drafting?
I'm not even 100% against, it, BUT it should only be done if we don't have any choice to save mom, in which case we might as well do it here, later, after clarifying everything with mom in private, instead of some half-assed thing at home.

>> No.34248371

I don't wanna figure out drafting because as far as I can see the only reason to draft (beyond 'save mom' which is indirect) is because this guy wants us to, because ???
The premise that drafting is a thing we should do, for him or for anything else, is one I reject entirely.

>> No.34248375

>Exactly, why would we practice drafting?
We don't know yet. Thats why we ask mom what its good for, just because we have a card for drafting, doesn't mean we absolutely must use it. If after moms explanation we say "this whole drafting thing is stupid" we just don't.

>> No.34248381

I'm not sure how the traditional method works, but could we do something by handing the card over to one of the other magic kids? It would build up a connection or whatever.

No drafting needed that way.

>> No.34248387

Dunno why you think we are compulsed to start drafting just because we got a card enabling us to do so, if we find out we don't actually have a goo reason for doing it, we just throw that thing away. Its just there to give us the option to do it in case there is a legit reason for it.

>> No.34248388

Uh, drafting is how we get to pick what powers we get. That's obviously a good thing.

I still don't want to do it because it sounds addictive, but saying there's no benefit to us is ludicrous.

>> No.34248391

But the drafting itself doesn't really seem problematic (for us that is, not so for mom), it's the result that is - both that we're making cards at all which seems questionably smart, and the fact that it's for this guy which is entirely dumb. Still maybe necessary sure, but the process itself isn't an issue.

>> No.34248398

No, the process itself is definitely an issue if it's addictive.

Which, considering how mom is acting, it could easily be. That's why we're asking her about it.

>> No.34248407

Let's all not forget the implication behind this whole drafting business and the literal people we found in our cards. At least Haruko was definitly a actual person before.
So the whole thing is super shady from start to finish and we ought to find out more about it.

>> No.34248420

Well sure, but that doesn't explain what the purpose of making us stronger is. Like, he created us to draft, not the other way around, so there must be another reason for drafting existing in the first place.
Besides, we're only using the cards to fight him anyway, so sacrificing power to not do his work is hardly a bad trade (disregarding the mom thing tipping things towards drafting).

>> No.34248423

Not sure where you get the adiction thing from. It seems more like its extremely draining. I don't think she keeps doing it because its addictive, she could probably do it on her own if she had to.

>> No.34248427

Oh, yeah.

But we only like nice card people like Haruko and the non-battle maniac Fortune one. All these other jerks are trash who deserve to be turned into cards.

>> No.34248446

I think what he was trying to say, that somehow actual people got trapped in these cards in at least one case (Haruko), and we should find out how the hell that happened. Its probably connected to the "manual drafting" thing.

>> No.34248487

Drafting was probably created to protect the world and stuff. The parents went through SOMETHING. But I don't think Fortune's purpose has anything to do with saving the world, judging from how he called whatever the parents went through an irrelevant detail.

It's a mostly unfounded theory. The cards manipulating our emotions certainly is psychologically addictive, though. There's no getting around that.

Hopefully it just means fighting people like the kids? That's relatively safe and benign compared to sucking out people's souls.

>> No.34248505

I'm fairly sure its implies sucking out souls is definitly a thing. Note, how he never actualy told us why he attacked the kids, and we never saw what manual drafting actually does, so I'm gonna assume sucking out souls until shown otherwise.

>> No.34248513

But the kids are all fine, and there appear to be perfectly functional cards who fought them in the past.

It might be a catalyst thing.

>> No.34248548

>But the kids are all fine
Sue, but none of them were defeated and abducted, so they are only fine because they haven't been used for drafting yet. And the other cards could be the result of moms drafting ( she didn't know about the black taint thing afterall) or earlier productions, like Haruko.

>> No.34248567

No, they've all been used for the traditional slow non-drafting method. That's why he was sending cards after them to fight them. Drafting is a different thing entirely that takes someone like Mom or Masami.

I think. It's all confusing.

>> No.34248625

>"The reason I never told you is because your parents would never agree to it. Even if you did, you would likely tell your parents. And-"
He seems awfully confident that their parents would never agree when they were perfectly okay with letting their kids deal with this shit for years.

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