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You know the type, fedora wearing, neckbearded, "superior" opinion spouting idiots that you are forced to interact with every so often.

Post stories, descriptions, etc.

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He was on my vampire the masquerade campaign. He almost died trying to convert an hunter into atheism to null his true faith untill the tremere shot both of them.

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Some dude I used to DM for used to bring his my little pony toys to the game. I eventually tried to get him to stop, he threw the biggest fit i've ever seen a grown man do.

This is exactly what I said to him.

>"Hey could you not bring the toys with you next time? They're kind of distracting and obtrusive, we don't have alot of room on the table"

He literally tried. TRIED. To flip the table.

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How do I know if I'm That Guy, /tg/?

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>Go to con
>Have fun playing new games and new events

>"That Guy" literally just goes to the hotel room, does nothing, and stays in the room all day. Comes out, starts bitching about walking and doing things, says he just wants to play one single game with us, we want to play others, he leaves again.

>Refuses to do ANYTHING at all outside of the one single game he wants to play.

>Won't even eat around us, takes his food up into the hotel room.

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A real that guy wouldn't be worried about being a that guy because a that guy doesn't care about others opinions.

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But... That guy doesn't give a shit what people think about him.

Why else would he have fucking pony toys and a neckbeard? >>34231070

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>old friends join game i've been running online for years
>barbarian of group, a veteran player who sucks at pretending but loves it anyway, asks new players to join him on an EXTREMELY shady job offering where a lot of details were left vague
>party agrees and it's off to a dangerous unknown dungeon being led by a shifty guide who keeps insisting that they hurry up and don't look at anything for too long, harassing the wizard who keeps wanting to read old texts on the walls, etc
>after the game, old friend says I'm a bad GM because i "forced meta" on him in his choices, insisting that the barbarian gave him a yes/no question for the job
>saying Yes is railroading, saying No ruins the game, but he doesn't want to do the job where the client gives everyone a shitload of money and then vanishes
>i ask why he didn't argue with him then
>no that's meta I'd be wasting all of our time and i didn't care at that point
>he stopped caring at the start
>he says the dungeon is gonna be a theme park
>if we all die, then the dungeon is bullshit because we didn't have a choice to enter
>if we all survive, we get our predetermined loot and leave and it's completely predictable
>says if the latter happens, he's gonna get bored and "find a better way to waste his time"
>threatening to quit because he got meta on his own decision and blames me for it

of course he's also one of those guys who says he can make a tabletop system more engaging than the best parts of every D&D edition combined, which will also be perfectly modular and able to adapt to literally any setting or theme, despite having never run a campaign for more than 3 sessions before everything breaks down from his poor sense of immersion and player engagement

good times

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The fact that you are considering that you might be is a point in your favour. That Guys are perfect in every way and would never consider the possibility that they were That Guy.

Usually. You sometimes find a self-aware That Guy. They are rare but no less insufferable.

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We got a bunch of those in my rpg club, but two of them constantly argue about shitty retarded stuff. Although one of them is taunting all the time for the sake of getting into arguments with people :

>"I really enjoy my mac... it's so much better than PCs..."
>"What ? No dude, PCs are MUCH BETTER"

>" Anon's system is really bad, I mean, no one likes warhammer anymore"
>"Shut up man your system is worse because my system has blahblahblah"

To me the best argument yet :

>"Mozzarella doesn't go well with XXX ingredients in a pizza because it is a strong cheese. I know what I'm saying, I've worked in a pizza shop for three years."
>"DUDE NO. You are SO wrong right here it goes VERY WELL with these ingredients because it is a strong cheese only when it's XXXX type of mozzarella. I'm 25% Italian, so I know better than someone who worked in some kind of pizza hut."

They've stopped now, but man oh man, these dudes...
Not only are they annoying and often taunting us, but one of them is properly insulting everything he doesn't like/care about. He has often insulted my style of DMing, my systems, my campaigns and my universes because to him it's shit.
Even though people don't like him as a DM, it doesn't matter.

It's funny but in game, they are actually moderately decent players. They don't do anything special, they play mary sues most of the time, but yeah, they're a bunch of shitheads outside tabletop RPGs

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Mozzarella is a strong cheese?

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Kick them both on the nuts and kill the stu characters. This is an order, marine.

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>base legends on ancient Norse myths
>no problem
>base legends on ancient Egyptian myths
>no problem
>base legends on ancient pre-Islam Arabic myths
>no problem
>base legends on ancient Japanese myths
>"can I play a kitsune sorcerer?" but otherwise no problem
>base legends on Kabbalah Judaism, Second Temple Period texts and/or Revelation Christianity
>"le fairy sky god, atheism is the true way, bring knowledge to the enlightened"
Every fucking time

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Alright, lets start this off.

>Go to FNM at my local card shop.
>Everyone is trading, no battles going on.
>Pull out my trade binder
>See this one guy, he doesn't have the best reputation, but I give him the benefit of the doubt.
>Trade cards with him, he has pretty shitty cards, but there are a few I need. Trading for market value.
>Comparing card prices, I'm talking with another FNM participant while he looks up the prices. I hear an unusual price, and question it, he flashes his phone at me with the supposed price onscreen, I'm too engaged in my conversation and I won't miss the cards he pulled out too much, so I don't look into it.
>Finish trade, shake on it, etc.
>Let the guy I was talking to look through it, we continue our conversation.
>The first guy says he has to go to work, makes haste out the door.
>Wave him goodbye, continue my conversation.
>Bring up the fact that I pulled a Nissa, Worldwaker, I turn to the page Nissa was on to show him.
>Nissa isn't there.
>My $35 dollar card isn't there.
>Nissa was in there when I walked in.

>Bitch nigga stole my card!

>Turn on [Networker Mode]
>Call up my extensive list of contacts and get the guy's phone number.
>Notice the guy left his case full of cards when he left.
>This is now collateral.
>I explain the situation to the store manager.
>I call up the guy, telling him he left his cards.
>He says leave it with the manager, he'll pick them up.
>I insist that I drop them off to him personally, I ask him where he works, since its local.
>He insists I leave them with the store manager for him to pick up later. (Its obvious he doesn't want me to confront him physically)
>I confront him about the stolen card.
>He instantly blames the other guy I was trading with, trying to place the blame on him.
>I tell him I was speaking with the other guy the whole time, he could not have taken the card.
>He says he doesn't have time to talk, he is working with his dad.

[Continued in next post]

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Trust me, my ancestors split off from people who were 25% Proto-Italic 10,000 years ago.

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dis gon b gud

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So... did you kick him in the nuts?

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>I tell him he will make time, and press the interrogation.
>He hangs up the phone.
>Its on...

>I explain everything to the store manager, and explain that I am going to try to return the cards he left to him, in exchange for my stolen card.
>I text him, explaining to him that he can save face, and return my card to me in exchange for his cards.
>He denies stealing it. Tells me the cops will never give two shits about a stolen trading card if I go to them about it.
>I never mentioned anything about cops, his charade is quickly falling apart. He is extremely defensive for something he didnt do.
>I ask him to tell me the address of where he works so I can return his cards.
>Tells me I can keep the cards, but to stop "harassing" him, or he will report me to the cops.

>Its so obvious he stole it, its painful.
>I call him exactly five times, to prompt him to call the cops, so that an investigation can be opened, and he can be revealed as the thief he is.
>He doesn't call back.

>I go to the police station to explain the situation, to premeptively take advantage of the situation before he calls the police.
>Officer takes down the info.
>Later that night, I recieve a call from a different police station.
>Stop and desist harassment, etc.
>Explain the situation to other police station, gracefully thank the cop and tell them I will no longer be contacting him,

[continued in next post]

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Maybe he's agoraphobic.

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>stereotyping this hard
>"He spouted OPINIONS at me. How arrogant of him!"
No, I can honestly say that I don't know the type.

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Still waiting for some nut busting.

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I never got why trading card people take shit so seriously.

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"Superior" opinions, as op said.
That guy is the guy that always wants to be right and thinks the contrary is impossible, anon.

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>strong cheese

It's literally the mildest cheese ever made.

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Don't hold your breath, fa/tg/uys aren't known to be fighters unless you count shoving matches.

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> American "cheese".
He's going through all this shit for a Nissa? Was his binder full of basic lands or something?

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>Engage [Super Networking Mode]
>Call my associates and contacts to bring me all the information they can about this guy.
>Find out his Facebook, Tumblr, Fetlife (fetish site), and YouTube accounts.
>Employ an associate that is distantly connected to me, this associate has a knack for causing chaos.
>Give him the information on this guy.
>Associate proceeds to sow chaos for this guy.
>Meanwhile, I file a report for theft.
>Do research myself, turns out people on /tg/ have dealt with him and hate him too.

[refer to:] https://warosu.org/tg/image/biiW-7GF38PEv3J6NruaXw

>Continue to wreak chaos on his life
>All for a stupid card bro
>Was it worth it?
>Mail pictures of his FetLife to his parents
>No return address
>All for a card bro
>This is what happens
>You don't mess with the most well connected guy at FNM.
>You don't.
>I share pics and info with people on /tg/
>Here you go
>Do what you want with it

[continued in next post]

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Nah, that's just the social justice people.

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jesus bro you're starting to come off as the asshole here

>> No.34231769

Oh boy, here we go. This is how those dumbass arguments started.


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I'd say maybe one in twenty fa/tg/uys are actually prepared to throw down. You got your SWOL-E lifters and the occasional karate guy or high school wrestler, people that think they have a chance not to get pounded into the pavement.

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Well, if thats the case, I'll stop.
Unless someone wants me to continue

>> No.34231827

Revenge isn't worth it if the payback isn't at least 5 times what he gave you.

>> No.34231830

Taking it too far here, man. Sure he's a thieving asshole, but this is a bit much.

>> No.34231836

>had a custom playmat with his own face on it
Jesus Christ...

>> No.34231848

The guy stole his card, and reported him for harassment.
He's probably using the police and the harassment charge to keep him from digging any further

>> No.34231850

Nope, you've gone too far and have to finish the story now.

>> No.34231855

Don't stop, that poster is just a fucking bitch made sucker.

>> No.34231856

Keep going, this is good.

>> No.34231859

Oh, by all means continue. Closure is needed.
Mailing fetish pictures to one's parents is about 12x more.

>> No.34231863

Pls... Continue.

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>Teach at schoolastic chess club, also run a tournament circle in-club.
>One kid, pretty good, one of the strongest in his age group, which admittedly isn't all that tough because he's 9.
>Probably a 12-1300 FIDE if he ever bothered to get a real rating.
>But then there's his dad.
>Convinced his son is the next Josh Waitzkin or something.
>Always comes over a bit early to pick his kid up, and does that "I'm trying to be inconspicuous but I wind up being really noticeable" thing as he saunters over to the tournament scores.
>If his kid draws or loses, he will inevitably try to find the kid that his little boy played, and then start accusing them of cheating.
>Has had many interesting and varied theories over the years as to how people are smuggling in advice and/or computers to come up with moves that beat his son.
>Once tried to calm him down, and pointed out that even a back-line handheld program, if providing moves, would play at a way higher level than the transcripts of the kids who occasionally win out over his kid do, and like, seriously, I know what I'm talking about here. He's good for a little kid, but at the level they're playing at, games are still pretty damn random.
>This, of course, prompts accusations that I'm helping out if his kid loses.
>Bear in mind, this happens maybe 1-2 times every 9 week cycle, but oh damn, it's like clockwork.
>Have tried to get him barred from the tournament area, but my boss is all "oh, it's so nice when the parents are involved with their kids chess learning". Useless bint.

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I don't want to believe that this guy is real. You photoshopped this, right?

>> No.34231903

Even better.

>> No.34231911


Well then here we go!

>> No.34231916

You might as well finish it but if your story is true you basically fucked up a guy's life over $35.

I've spotted people I know about five times that to help pay for food and when they leave the region without repaying me I chalk it up to the cost of never having to deal with them again.

I could've fucked him up for real (one of my roommates recently got back from DefCon) but what's the point of all the anger?

>> No.34231947

Nope, I had one of my computer savvy associates track down information on him.

>> No.34231980

I'm fond of making infinite combos, and I needed Nissa for that Chain Veil combo.
Thats not even the point though, this guy is a scumbag, and he has done it to so many other people, and has gotten away with it every time.

Oh yeah, I also got him blacklisted from every comic shop in the county

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>> No.34231996

"Opinions", as OP meant. People who are offended by disagreement tend to see any attempt at arguing or correcting them as an intolerable act of arrogance, apparently because they don't meet the minimum whatever standards to be allowed the privilege of speech.

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Thieves are faggots and deserve what they get. It's called karmic balance.

>> No.34232019

Not that guy. But I have a rule where if someone confronts you. You man up and take the punishment. This slithering snake has obviously fucked people over in the past, and is a scumbag.

So to me, this guy is completely justified in this. It's not about the card, dude. It's the principal.

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I'd say that the WoJ's stereotypes are becoming completely incoherent, but they never really were to begin with.

>> No.34232034

He has literally gotten away with it so many times, that he is well known for this shit. He's done this to many of my close friends as well.
I've batted a blind eye on him until now, he finally crossed the line by stealing from me.

>> No.34232054

Whatever faggot.

>> No.34232075

Do you guys think he popped a boner while his mom was playing with him and tickling his feet?

I think so. Pic related.

>> No.34232095

>You might as well finish it but if your story is true you basically fucked up a guy's life over $35.
Internet vigilantes are willing to destroy someone's life over an accidental insult. They know that they're making the world a worse place to live, they just try to portray it as a good thing.

>> No.34232098

I'm pretty sure he didn't steal that card because he was hungry or destitute, but because he's a scumbag. Scumbags' lives should be ruined on principle.

>> No.34232105

I'm a well known and respected member in my Magic community, so to have the gal to steal from me was his mistake.
Of course, all the stuff you're seeing here isnt something shocking to people on 4chan.
But making it public is what Im aiming for.

Captcha: twist justice

>> No.34232124

Your tremere is so much worse than that guy.
At least he had a legitimate strategy here, even if dumb.

>> No.34232129

>He probably masturbated to this
Oh god...

>> No.34232133

Don't get me wrong, I know its a little overkill.
I think if you've met the guy, you'd understand.
Read up the other anon's post about him from a month ago


>> No.34232143

Anyone who thinks like this is utterly worse than anyone who has ever had the misfortune of breaking one of their random rules.

>> No.34232151

It's mild as I taste it.

There are certainly much stronger cheeses.

Mozzarella goes great on pizza.

>> No.34232171

Naw, Havarti is milder.

But that's a regional cheese you can't really find unless you look for it.
Well you can get imitators but they're not quite as mild.

Seriously it's like fucking water I don't even know what the fuck.

>> No.34232175

Gotta justify being an overzealous jerk somehow. Stealing a card (and, as he claims, more cards) is bad, but this guy takes too much pleasure in ruining another's life. As >>34232143 has said, it's a shit way of thinking.

>> No.34232195

The point being is that he has done this time and again, and he continues to do it because he faces no repurcussion. He knows the local authority doesn't give two shits about trading card games, thats all juvenile bullshit to them, so he plays on that fact to continue stealing peoples cards.
The fact he would USE the police to protect himself from being found out is pretty disgusting within itself

>> No.34232202

I say we let the law do its job. Torturing people endlessly just because "they bad" does absolutely no good.

>> No.34232204

Good and evil are relative, anon. Being a dick is not.

>> No.34232225

That's not what i'm trying to say, bro.
That guy is that douche that can't take counter argumenta and will always rage based on the precept that he is always right because he can't see points of view.
Op isn't always a fag here.

>> No.34232236

This was my thinking. Mozzarella works BECAUSE it's mild.

Maybe it's like cheddar? The most common form of cheddar I've found is mild cheddar, but I've seen strong cheddar here and there (and it is pretty strong).

>> No.34232239

This couldn't be mistaken for a logical argument, except out of sheer contrarianism.

>> No.34232247

Please, this guy's life is far from ruined.
So his parent's and friends find out his dirty little secrets. He'll be embarassed, sure, he won't even know what hit him, yes.
But ruined?
You tell that to a guy who has lost his wife and kids to gang brutality, and he will laugh his head off at you

>> No.34232254

Personal satisfaction. But I can tell you're the son of a punk and a bitch, which begs the question of why you'd even visit a thread like this.

>> No.34232261

> He knows the local authority doesn't give two shits about trading card games, thats all juvenile bullshit to them, so he plays on that fact to continue stealing peoples cards.

Yeah, no. If, as you've said, he's done this a lot, that's hundreds of dollars worth of stolen property. It doesn't matter if it's a Worldwaker or a picture of Satan on a potato chip, if they stole something worth a substantial amount of money, they get arrested. That is literally the police's job.

>> No.34232267


Given that he's using real pictures of himself on that site, I imagine "tracking him down" consists of shoving a picture of him into a google search and seeing what comes up. why would you put pictures of yourself on a site like that, are you asking for trouble

>> No.34232287

Well it's obvious he's a dick, but you could resolve this a lot more simply.

I knew someone who did stuff like this at my FLGS. A bunch of people tried to reason with him, he got all angry and defensive, it was obvious nothing could be done. So we talked to the store manager and he got barred from the shop. Simple as that.

>> No.34232291

>That guy is that douche that can't take counter argumenta and will always rage based on the precept that he is always right because he can't see points of view.
That kind of person is the kind of person who self-righteously declares people arrogant for disagreeing with him. The "points of view" excuse isn't something he believes, because he acts as if his own were facts despite not addressing this belief; he considers disagreement "arrogant" because, to him, it's like claiming to have authority equal to God.

>> No.34232292

Have you had mozzarella di buffallo? It's not THAT strong, but certainly has more flavour than the generic cow mozzarella you can get cheaply anywhere

>> No.34232309

>"T-the cops will get the bad man for stealing my possessions"

How naive can you be?

>> No.34232310

> You tell that to a guy who has lost his wife and kids to gang brutality, and he will laugh his head off at you.
Dude what the fuck did you just compare stealing trading cards to a gang killing someone's family?

>> No.34232311

No, John, you are the That Guy.

>> No.34232316

See this is a lot more than it being about the combo, the card or the money. Nor is it about him screwing over other people because, as you admitted, he has done it to many other people. Nor is it about his cowardice in hiding behind the cops because you would have reported him when he stole from your friends.

This isn't about the principle of the matter. This is about you. Not your friends, not the thievery, or his conveniently-poorly-hidden fetish habits. This is because some wankstain had the audacity to steal FROM YOU. That's fine with me if you at least recognize this.

Please don't try to spin it any other way, because it's pretty insulting.

>> No.34232338

>torturing people because it feels good
That's the equivalent of using "poetic justice" as an excuse.

>> No.34232341

Good luck getting a search warrant for a couple fucking cards. You dumbass.

>> No.34232347

I haven't. Does it still work on pizza?

I'd be interested in making a pizza with different/stronger cheeses, but most of them are just too off. Provolone is the only one I've tried that really works on pizza, but it's still pretty mild.

>> No.34232361

Thats all folks.
This isn't a cry out for "muh persnl amrah," you can choose to do whatever you want with these pics. Don't even look at them if you are so inclined.

Regardless, yes, it was rather overkill, but sometimes overkill is necessary to prove a point. Those with power will use that power.

Am I a bad person? Am I right in my actions? Personally, I feel that that is all relative. Good and evil do not exist, only perspective.
So think what you will anons, I am glad I took this course of action.

I believe this is sufficient to teach him a lesson

>> No.34232377

the point .
Watch as it sails, right over
Your head.

That anon is stating that this is far, far from ruining this persons life. Its mild inconvenience at best, and as a well known thief, i doubt he is particularly anguished about peoples perceptions of him.

>> No.34232385

This. Would the police investigate something like this? Even if they can confirm the value of the card.

"Go through his pile of trading cards and see if he has the following cards that are no longer in my pile of trading cards. He stole them, I swear."

How could the police arrive at any sort of conclusion? They could just be his cards.

>> No.34232386

Technically, no, he's using the "appeal to worse problems" fallacy to excuse his actions. While also admitting that he is accomplishing nothing but making someone miserable, though he doesn't seem to have noticed that point.

>> No.34232394

>guy steals your stuff
>refuses to return the card after you ask him about it
>you keep asking and he keeps saying now
>you decide that if you're not going to get your card you should inflict punishment no matter how small it is
Is it so fucking hard to understand?

>> No.34232402

You're a pussy. How does that make you feel?

>> No.34232415



don't you need to be over 18 to use this website? I'ma call your parents, anon, and have a chit-chat with the neighborhood

>> No.34232441

I've made cheese before, the main issue is that you need something with high water content to be good on pizza otherwise doesn't give that glorious melty cheese string sensation.

Only a few cheeses have the combination of softness and stretchability that mozzarella gains upon being stretched.

Bufala di mozzarella does in fact possess these qualities. IMO havarti does not (someone mentioned earlier). Off the top of my head I can only come up with fontina as well.

>> No.34232442

You're sounding like a badly-written supervillain. You're using both the "I'm capable of it so it's justified" cliché and the "being pointlessly evil is the only way they'll ever learn" cliché. Even though you already acknowledged that the latter wasn't happening.

>> No.34232452

This guy trying to get pay back just fucking pay some hobos with drugs to fucking stab him outside then laugh your head off watching it

>> No.34232454

He's not a sociopath, you're just a pussy. Don't be scurred.

>> No.34232468

Congratulations, you've answered OP's question wonderfully, as you're an excellent example of That Guy.

>> No.34232475

As an Italian, Pizza with Mozzarella di Bufala here is considered the "true" traditional Napoletan pizza

>> No.34232479

It's not hard to understand at all. But he keeps trying to spin it like he's morally justified in being an asshole because the other guy is an asshole too. That's not true. At least fess up to your asshole behavior instead of hiding behind 'moral relativism'.

>> No.34232489

I agree with you, it's just tha op don't comes off as THAT GUY to me.
Might just be bad wording. English isn't my first language and that causes confusion on /tg/ some times.
Give the guy the benefit of doubt.

>> No.34232493

>the guy that mailed his fetish URL to his parents for stealing his card

I don't think that word means what you think it means. Would you call a child that tattles on his classmates because he doesn't get his way a sociopath too?

>> No.34232497

Nah, you are totally right. Stealing Magic cards is kind of my addiction and I wish somebody "punished" me for it so I would drop the habit. The thing is, there are zero repercussions. Everyone considers calling police petty(hey, that was only like ten bucks), and I am yet to be publically acussed. No one wants to be, well, that guy. The weird thing that there are rumours of me being a stealer, but like 90% of LGS still trades with me. So far I've earned about 150$ in cash.

>> No.34232503


lol fagget.

>> No.34232515

Alright, yes, you're right.
If you're a powerful CEO of a company, and you find out someone is stealing from you, you punish them. They lose their job. You expose them.

Social darwinism and all that

>> No.34232579

I was defending the OP, but you're a fucking moron. The CEO is an employee of the company, he doesn't necessarily own stock.

Please don't mention social darwinism again.

>> No.34232618

Ah yes, the more pizza I try the more I am drawn to the classic Margherita.

I'm deciding between vacation in Singapore/Hong Kong and Spain/Italy next year. I tend to hoof it around on my own mostly. What Italian cities are best for food?

>> No.34232632


" Those with power will use that power.

Am I a bad person? Am I right in my actions? Personally, I feel that that is all relative. Good and evil do not exist, only perspective."

hey lemme just

what would i have done, anons? taken the guy's shit, gotten him banned from the store, and if I found him, cornered him and socked him in the jaw. A little scuffle. And it isn't the anon's actions that I care at all about: he did some prank shit that's inconsequential. It's the anon's attitude to the whole thing. Consider it in abstract:

Some nerd steals from some nerd. The victim nerd gets mad and finds the internet-footprint of another nerd and sends it to that nerd's folks.

And then he uses the line "Those with power will use that power."? It's making a mountain out of a molehill and it comes after attempts to justify a dick move by going "W-well, he deserved it!" and then going "W-well, i-it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks anyway! All that matters is what I think!"

though I bet you think sociopathy means he had ter shoot someone or beat 'em up for it to count, right?

>> No.34232664

So where does this anon line up on the alignment chart?

>Punished evildoer for his deeds
>Avoided speaking or interacting with thief directly to keep within the requirements of the police request
>I shall punish this puny mortal

I'd say Lawful Evil

>> No.34232665

Just hope that one day you don't cross someone with more "power" than you, yet shares your mindset.

>> No.34232669

Social Darwinism is one of the shittiest views to take on life. But narcissism and a vigilante complex certainly fit it.

>> No.34232698

I fear the day, anon, I fear the day
Of course, I'm a rather amiable guy, so I dont see anything like happening anytime soon

>> No.34232708

>mails fetlife profile to someone's parents over a $35 card

Maybe you have the mask of an amicable person but your actions speak otherwise.

>> No.34232710

He respected the police's request, but his need for vigilante justice suggests at least neutral evil.

>> No.34232716

No, that's really not what I think. I too, would have socked him (but in the gut, not in the jaw because that's how you get sore knuckles.)

I can't find any fault with making a mountain out of a molehill in this case, he was stolen from and then the guy tried to make a fool out of OP. Besides the actual property crime, it was insulting.

>> No.34232724

I'd say LE or CN since he went rogue and only used the police when he thought the police would be used against him.

>> No.34232727

Wait, you think that exposing some guy on the internet is bad, but assaulting him would be okay? The hell?

>> No.34232738

why is the tickler321 defense force here?

>> No.34232746

>rather amiable
If someone say's their friendly do you expect them to be friendly to you when you steal their stuff?

>> No.34232748

How about "pragmatic". He recognizes that involving the police is unlikely to help, but he does it anyway to prevent it from backfiring on him and then he proceeds to wreck this guys shit without risking legal exposure.

>> No.34232749 [SPOILER] 

Guys! Guys!
Just... just answer this.

Was he wrong?

>> No.34232772

Because they're all that guy. And are offended by this thread even being created.

>> No.34232775

So you're fine with people stealing from you as long as the value of a single item is $35 or less?

>> No.34232776

It's about being a man, which your father or at least your coach should have taught you.

>> No.34232780

He muders people just for disagreeing with him, so yes.

>> No.34232800

well, fuck... it's actually difficult to give an answer beyond "all of them". If there is something you can find actually everywhere in Italy is good food.

The fact is that there isn't a really "italian" food. Almost any region has its list of tipical plates, very often different from each others. So try to read about what you could like the most. Wikipedia is a good place to start.


>> No.34232806

I always thought that guy was a psycho. This is coming from someone that has seen about ten minutes of an episode.

>> No.34232808

No, he's saying he may even have done worse, but that he didn't agree with his shitty justifications.
No one's defending that asshole. What he did was bad, but we're more concerned with the victim's self-righteousness and poor justification.

>> No.34232809

I don't think assaulting people is what being a man is about.

>> No.34232815


if you want to hit someone in the face, generally use the bottom of your palm. curl the fingers if you really want, but it doesn't matter if it's open or closed. Soft on hard, hard on soft. A palm hurts as much as a fist most of the time.

I'm saying he's speaking with grand and whimsical words about a crime drenched in shades of grey and a response that's all about using power

when in reality I see some nerd swiping shit from another nerd, the one getting pissy and then doing some simple shit to embarrass some neckbeard. it's that there's this diction of BEHOLD MY POWER that it speaks to me of nutter

>> No.34232839

Ok I'll narrow it down.

Is Venice a tourist trap?
Genoa or Naples for seafood?
Milan vs Turin?

>> No.34232848

I don't see how it would make any difference were that anon to state "I am not a nice person" before posting his story.

>> No.34232867 [SPOILER] 

Was he wrong?

>> No.34232884

It wouldn't, because he openly admitted he went overboard, just that he felt it was justified because Social Darwnism.

>> No.34232887

It is power though. He has the power to embarrass this person to his family and wider social unit.

And thank you, but I'll stick to body shots, kicks and elbows. That old chestnut about people who have never taken a punch to the face also applies to a punch to the liver or solar plexus.

>> No.34232898

Honestly I expecting Adolf, anon. I guess that means that /tg/ ain't so bad?

>> No.34232903

Hell no. The Owner seemed friendly so I would hold on to the other guy's cards until the Nissa was returned. If not, I would keep $35 value of them, buy a new Nissa, and put in some work to get him banned from the store (possibly other stores as well).

>> No.34232911

>stealing justifies stealing
>but god forbid if you embarrass and shame the thief

>> No.34232940


$35 to sock some weirdo in the chin and get him to actually be afraid? Yeah, I'll take that. If you aren't an idiot, you won't leave any marks or bruises or witnesses. It keeps the conflict personal, and sends a definite message: Don't fuck with me.

Now, see, it's not quite a ~good~ thing to do, but it's probably what my response would be. And it isn't like it expresses some ~power~ on my part, because if the guy has the potential to fight back, it ceases to be as reasonable an option. Given that if he fights back, both parties may leave evidence of a scuff, meaning charges can be filed, and so on.

>> No.34232959

Just to clarify

>I gave the cards he left to the store manager
>I did get him banned from the store, as well as every other shop in the county
>I filled in a report for a theft of personal property

I did everything right too, anons.
I'm not an evil asshole. I just used my resources to the highest of their extents.

>> No.34232970

No. I've eaten it raw, it's got very little taste.

>> No.34232989


I find that people generally have some instinctive drive to turn away from blows at the liver or kidneys, but straights to the plexus catch them off guard

that's been my experience, though, I guess. getting hit there sucks

>> No.34232991

Just keep telling yourself that, dude.

>> No.34232992

There are two conversations going on right now. And the pizza one is making me hungry.

>> No.34232997

How do you "sock some weirdo" without leaving marks or bruises?

>> No.34233003

i find it interesting how a thread about that guys (attracting an actual that guy for once) has a lively discussion about cheese buried within it.

>> No.34233012

Three conversations now

>> No.34233017

>I'm not an evil asshole. I just used my resources to the highest of their extents.
The two aren't mutually exclusive. Not being an evil asshole generally implies not making people as miserable as you can manage.

>> No.34233023

>I just used my resources to the highest of their extents.

For petty revenge, yes. If he was already banned from every store in the county what was the point of "teaching him a lesson?"

>> No.34233032

You guys are talking about a card from a trading card game, not a fucking car.

>> No.34233034

I occasionally randomly spout opinions that have nothing to do with the conversation, but I've been trying to curb that, since I realize that this makes me a shitty human being. One guy I know takes it a bit farther: people will be discussing something, and he will immediately interrupt with how shitty said subject is, shutting down any opposition to his opinions. And he's said to me (I can't afford razors, and have become quite scruffy) "Now all you need is a fedora, bro." Multiple times, and with a shit eating grin and fedora tipping gesture. Luckily, when I told him to stop that, he stopped that. Currently, we're working on "allowing others to speak without yelling over them."

Just goes to show: even some That Guys aren't beyond redemption.

>> No.34233042

Yes he was.

It took him like one episode to fall completely off the deep end.
They didn't even try for moral ambiguity here.

>> No.34233047

>had a nerd friend that thought he was a badass punching people in the solar plexus
>elbow him in the nose and break it after the second time in one day
Never regretted a second...


>> No.34233052

Keep in mind that the vigilante admitted that he wasn't actually teaching him any lesson.

>> No.34233063

Easy, Anon: use the open palm, and don't hit that hard. Go for a fleshy area, since bony areas bruise more easily.

>> No.34233065

I'll just drop in and say my piece on both. For his part, That Guy always thinks someone else, or everyone else, is the That Guy, making him feel superior.
If you want little taste, try American. You'll have a better appreciation for Mozz then.

>> No.34233071

That doesn't sound nearly so bad. He's just bad at interaction and people, and seems aware enough of that to retreat.

Guy you can't agree on a game with is nothing compared to a guy ruining the experience of a game you're playing.

>> No.34233072

With great difficulty, I imagine. But if you hit him in the body or with a kick (though my high kicks generally lack the necessary snap when wearing jeans) you generally won't leave any useful forensic evidence.

>> No.34233079

I'd say Naples but watch the fuck out. For everything.
Milan is hell, Turin is calmer. Both have plenty of tourist attractions.

>> No.34233089


most people don't think to defend their head or their chest. they in general don't think to guard their alignment's center.

you train it into them by punching them into the face. I got hit four times in a row in the eye during sparring before I said "I should probably stop before I actually fuck something up." and now I know to guard my head.

>> No.34233091

>Is Venice a tourist trap?
It's surely full of them like any big Touristic City, but it's also one of most beautiful place in Italy, so I'll suggest visiting anyway. There are websites and guides that can teach you how to evade tourist traps.

>Genoa or Naples for seafood?
Genoa cuisine has little specialities based on seafood, so I'll say Naples. But be careful, Naples is a beautiful city but it's not well kept, and criminality is a big problem. It's not the city I'll suggest for the first time in Italy.

>Milan vs Turin?
Milan, but It's where I live so I'm a little biased.

>> No.34233106

He was wrong, and then he realized that acting like he was above everyone else while jizzing all over their belongings makes him a bad person, and decided to change his ways.

>> No.34233120


I dont understand, you watch a movie, hell a PG13 movie even. The plot is real simple.

Theres a scumbag at the school the new kid goes to. The scumbag victimizes the new kid, and the new kid is too beta to do anything about it.

Some character development later, the new kid makes friends who help turn up some dirt on the scumbag. The scumbag is run out of town and everyone is happy.

I feel this runs along the same kind of vein, no?

>> No.34233134

I think there's a reason that he doesn't want to interact with you more. Not necessarily because of something you did, but probably because of something he thinks that you'll do. Like be offended by some unpredictable action of his and go on a revenge fantasy. You should probably try talking to him about it.

Congrats on using "that guy" properly, though. Lots of people assume that it makes someone objectively evil, but really it's just someone who doesn't fit in with the rest of the group.

>> No.34233135

Oh I'm street savvy enough to never have run into problems in Vietnam or Prague. So I know how to watch my wallet, handle myself and spot bad situations.

>> No.34233136

Can't possibly be milder than ricotta. I don't know how it qualifies as cheese overseas, here it has a category of its own.

>> No.34233140

>They don't do anything special,
>they play mary sues most of the time
These seem mutually exclusive.

>> No.34233147 [SPOILER] 

was he wrong /tg/

>> No.34233148


Hey, we (are required by law to) call it 'pasteurized cheese imitation product' in these parts.

>> No.34233149

Never change, /tg/.

>> No.34233161

He extensively researched all possible angles before executing anyone purely on objective justice.

Very good Lawful Neutral.

>> No.34233183


when most people think of a strong punch (that is, people who've never learned), they think it involves having BEEG MUSCLES and putting ALL THAT POWER INTO A BLOW, which indeed will leave a mark and bruising

if you learn to throw light punches but use the force of your body and momentum, you can shock someone and leave a considerable impact without causing tremendous pain or injury. If you get shoved, are there bruises where you were pushed? It's the same concept, except that your aim is to make them feel some pain if they don't move with the blow.

people like the thief also probably don't get much physical activity (much less spar), so it isn't like you'd need to hit anywhere near hard to jolt or surprise them

>> No.34233200

>Thinking real life is like in movies

I don't know how to tell you this, anon...

>> No.34233205

Your regular mozzarella's taste varies from one manufacturer to the other, varying in saltiness and texture.
The strongest mozzarelle you can find are of the smoked variety, but that's a different can of worms.

>> No.34233212

>using movies as a guideline for real life morality
This could easily go wrong.

>"and everyone is happy, except for the victims but they're not really people"
This is how it could easily go wrong.

>> No.34233224

Ricotta is without doubt a cheese. Still I don't suggest putting it on pizza.

>> No.34233230

I think it's a bit different when you're a grown assed man picking on some fat retard that makes game grump references in real life situations and resorts to stealing cards while trading at a place he regularly visits.

I would have just tried to get my card back (like anon) if he said no. Get him banned from the card shop and take his cards he left. Boom.

You guys don't have to make this into a GOOD VS EVIL thing. We're all Chaotic Neutral man... We're all just looking out for number one.

>> No.34233234

Is that Edison?

>> No.34233253

I guess that's where I got confused, because I thought the whole point of beating someone up to feel good was "causing tremendous pain" to them. What you're describing seems more like what to pragmatically do to take out someone in the process of jacking your stuff without getting into trouble.

>> No.34233258


>> No.34233266

It's always a good versus evil thing. If anyone says otherwise, they're just trying to shield their own morals from criticism.

>> No.34233295

What the fuck are you talking about? You can have "good" and "bad" morals.

>> No.34233322

ITT: proof that role-playing games, video games and movies do in fact cause violence and mental instability.

>> No.34233334

>steals every single thing he "invented" from Italians
>ruined a man because said man didn't sell his invention for peanuts
>ended up holding back scientific progress for 50 years over a copyright issue

He Did Nothing Wrong

>> No.34233350

Only if you emulate their morals uncritically. Like seeing someone take bloody revenge in a movie and going "yeah that's awesome and badass" and then antagonizing the next person who makes you feel angry.

>> No.34233357


beating someone up sends the exact same message as spooking them with a promise of worse, except that beating them up invites police activity and gives them evidence. and also may fuck with that person's ability to perform their job.

a sore forearm or collarbone isn't going to last long enough to interrupt anything

>> No.34233360

>he can make a tabletop system more engaging than the best parts of every D&D edition combined
That's not exactly hard to do. It'd be more impressive to make a system worse than D&D. How many people have managed that? FATAL just barely manages to be worse and I think that's it.

>> No.34233368

It's not even made from whole milk, it's whey based

>> No.34233381

I think I've actually done that. It went pretty well with the rest of the pizza.

>> No.34233419

Thats the thing though, anon. ("Evil" anon here)
He has been banned from card shops before, many times, and he still continues this behavior. Usually its this shop or that shop every month or so, but he hasnt dealt with being blacklisted all at once.

I didnt take his cards, I gave them to the shop owner. Yes, he did technically give me the cards, but that was to get me off his trail so I wouldnt uncover his theft.
The fact that he stole from me doesnt justify me to steal from him, which I would consider that to be, since he was only offering me the cards to throw me off his trail.

Not to mention, all of hi cards were worhtless

>> No.34233425


>> No.34233426

I don't know.

I remember there was a webcomic about how awful he was (not even in a "but he did some good things" way, it was really mean), and then a magazine author wrote a strong counterargument. Then the webcomic author responded with a countercounterargument that was basically "NO U" and more name-calling.

I feel like overall he did more good than bad. Even if he stole absolutely everything, his actions have benefited the world.

>> No.34233431

what? I've made ricotta plenty of times, it's really easy.

the ingredients for ricotta are whole milk, acid (usually lemon juice) and heat. no rennet, no additional calcium, no culture.

>> No.34233436

>Thinks everyone who says this isn't being ironic.
>Emulates them
Gold Star

>> No.34233461

Italian-brasilian here.
My old man makes an 8 cheese wonder pizza that i can't copy no matter what. He's only giving me the holy family cookbook on his deathbed.

>> No.34233464

>The fact that he stole from me doesnt justify me to steal from him

You think what you did instead was more justified?

>> No.34233470

>g-g-guys you're just joking about my convoluted poorly-made unfun bloated system being shit, right?

>> No.34233477

That sounds like the textbook method for extracting protein from whey

>> No.34233493

>tfw it's stolen by the ghostly spirit of an evil Medici duke
>tfw when you have to go on an adventure to prevent him founding a pizza empire to create enough wealth to reincarnate himself

>> No.34233497

>Ricotta (Italian pronunciation: [riˈkotta]) is an Italian whey cheese made from sheep (or cow, goat, or Italian water buffalo) milk whey left over from the production of cheese.

You are actually right, my bad. Here everyone consider it a cheese for culinary purpose, so I just assumed it was.

>> No.34233518

Maybe it was, maybe not.
I prefer to keep my morals ambiguous, makes it easier for me to make decisions.

>> No.34233546

you stupid cunt, morals exist explicitly for the purpose of not being ambigious.

Just say that you don't give a shit about right and wrong and be done with it.

>> No.34233548

I'm arguing the 'not made from whole milk' bit. Because it is.

>> No.34233555

>8 cheese

God damn.

I never like to pile toppings on pizzas. The best pizzas I've had are plain 4 cheese ones, often with herbs or something. To me adding all these toppings feels like pizza "plus" pepperoni/onion/peppers/sweetcorn/whatever. But a "pure" pizza with a solid base and great sauce and a decent blend of cheeses, that stands by itself.

This thread makes me angry for pizza.

>> No.34233574


>> No.34233577

All you have to do is admit that it was unjustified morally. Whether or not you are a moral person is irrelevant.

>> No.34233583

huh. upon reading >>34233497

i guess the ricotta recipes i've been using aren't authentic.

learn something new every day.

>> No.34233591

>Just say that you don't give a shit about right and wrong and be done with it.
But he already denied it, even though it's true.

>> No.34233593

This sounds like the start of an anime for some reason.
What the hell does it taste like, air and dreams? Because the only way it can taste less than Mozz is for it to barely be substantial.

>> No.34233602

>I'm angry. Angry about pizza.

>> No.34233611

Hey, no worries, I've also never played any other RPGs but can spout things about how D&D(6 seperate and very different systems) is FATAL tier.

Lol, so pro, reddit, tumblr, may maize

>> No.34233613

I bet it's an American thing. Like 99% of the cheese they eat over there is processed cheese, so even a mild cheese would feel like an explosion of flavor to them.

>> No.34233623

>I prefer to keep my morals ambiguous, makes it easier for me to make decisions.

To yourself or to others?

I mean, you obviously have morals, even if they're not-so-nice ones, how on earth do you keep them ambiguous in such a way it makes it easier for you to make decisions? You'd need to have dissociative identity disorder or something, and even then, that's not quite how it works.

>> No.34233631

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

>> No.34233654

Morals exist for the sole purpose to help us make decisions, not to prevent us from being ambiguous.

If a person chooses to do what they see as good, their morals will point them towards what they define as a good decision.

If a person chooses to what they see as bad, their morals will point them towards to a bad decision.

Typically a person will choose to do "good," because that is what they views as good, whether or not it is bad for someone else.

>> No.34233691

>This sounds like the start of an anime for some reason.

I can see that. Some teenager having flashbacks to his father talking about the perfect pizza, before he died.

Are there any pizza anime? With the rise of pizza in Japan, you'd think there'd be something like this. Young man inherits a pizza place, gets a ditzy teenage girl companion to help him, etc.

>> No.34233695

It seems to be the case for chocolate at least. I've got Yank friends who told me about the first time they tried a galaxy bar and just died of taste overload.

>> No.34233700

Moron. Being ambiguous makes it more difficult to make a decision, because humans aren't creatures of pure logic, unlike your sociopathic and/or autistic ass.

yes, good and evil are subjective. but some things, like rape, murder, and theft, are pretty much universally considered "evil" in civilized society.

>> No.34233709

Have you read any of Nietzsche before anon?

>> No.34233711

If I wanted to see a morality debate, I would start up a Berserk thread on /a/

We need more That Guy stories in this thread
and cheese

>> No.34233712

we're finally getting over it, thank god.

fifteen years ago a cheese course was a loss leader
ten years ago it was high risk low reward
five years ago it was hip and trendy
now it's actually quite common

>> No.34233724

There's an anime about making bread, but the name escapes me currently.

>> No.34233729

Americans in general have no idea how food works. They actually think the bulk of their diet should be composed of bread and pasta!

No wonder they're so fucking fat.

>> No.34233738

I'm not an expert by any means, but this feels a little off.

I've done things that I know are bad, so they're at fault with my morals. It's not that I chose to do something bad and my morals led me to that decision. Often I've had to fight them, "this is wrong, but...".

>> No.34233741

I tryed stealing my old man cookbook, but never maneged it. Maybe an fun anime first episode on my road to become an great cook.
I'm talking home-made sauce and cheese here. We once played on my old man's house and he made an sea food spaggethi just because fuck you. He is a fucking kitchen wizard.

>> No.34233773

I think what you did was appropriate and i would hace done the same.

>> No.34233788

blame the lack of food education in schools and some retardedly-outdated pyramids made by the food administrations

it's finally shifting, unfortunately because it's trendy people are getting into 'health food' and extreme exercise for the wrong reasons.

>> No.34233796

Fair enough, I can see the reasoning in that.
Anyways though, as much as I love discussing philosophy on /tg/, Ive got to head out.

At the end of the day, I did what I did, and I dont feel upset about it. Yes, I agree it may have been overkill, but that does not bother me.

Will he steal again? Probably, Will he steal from me again? I doubt it.

Thats about all I have to say on the matter

>> No.34233799

Agreed more cheese.

>> No.34233800

>Mozzarella doesn't go on pizza

My italian self trembles at the tought of what tis guy puts on his pizza.


>> No.34233804

There is Bambino that is about a cook in an Italian Restaurant.

>> No.34233809


Have you HAD Asian pizza? It's weird.

Like, how many toppings do you like on your pizza? Triple that. How many sauces do you like? Add a couple on there.

Would you ever have sweet potato on pizza? They love that shit.

>> No.34233816

Okay guys? Different anon here that's been monitoring the thread for a while... Why on Earth are you defending the fucking thief? "Vigilante" needs to stop going out of his way to justify himself really, but holy shit. One guy is a thieving asshole so he gets embarassed and (rightfully) banned from stores he's stealing in.

Like holy shit. He deserved it.

>> No.34233817

yakitate japan?

>> No.34233819

I'm just imagining you running some sort of Kung-Fu Panda style death course in your dad's kitchen to get to a book that's perpetually glowing. And your dad is DIO.

>> No.34233823

Urg i bet he uses organic goat cheese the smarmy fuck.

>> No.34233831

>I'm talking home-made sauce and cheese here.

Yep, my best experiences have been in restaurants. I'm guessing they just ordered in the cheese and sauce. I don't think I've ever had home-made cheese before, though I've made pizza sauce myself.

Your old man sounds amazing. Start a restaurant when he dies. Feel free to poison his spaghetti to speed up the process.

>> No.34233846

Nah we're over that now. No one ever defended the guy's theft, unless you can point me to someone who said "he didn't do something wrong".

>> No.34233849

Punishment fitting the crime, etc, etc.

He should have been more biblical and moral, cut off the appendages the thief used to steal with.

>> No.34233856

I think that's it. I never actually watched it myself.

>> No.34233857

Not to intentionally rustle your jimmies or anything but good strong Lancashire Cheddar goes great on pepperoni and olive pizza.

>> No.34233863

My resident That Guy is always trying to one-up me as a GM. Out of game when we discuss the goings-on of our campaigns and talk about the settings we make he tries his best to dissect and analyse my work and then smugly proclaims he's 'worked it out' and 'knows where you got your influence from'.

He'll ramble on about it, basically trying to diminish as much significance as he can from my stuff so he can then plug his own works in front of me and my friends. It happens with crunch as well as fluff (I like making homebrews and have done so for years).

Why he has to do any of this when it has never won him any support or respect I will never understand. Its as though he lives inside his own head most of the time. Shame decent roleplayers are in short supply in my local area.

>> No.34233864

Yep totally agree. Must be a theives guild upbin here talking about pizza cheese

>> No.34233894

Don't they believe Pizza is a fruit?

>> No.34233935

A vegetable. Pizza is a Vegetable in America.

>> No.34233937

I bet that bet that book ownership every single time.
So far he has beaten me on chess, brawl fighting, halo, poker, drinking contest and most-badass scar. I will only get that book on his deathbed.

>> No.34233949

pizza sauce apparently counts as a fruit/vegetable serving

i said it's improving. i didn't say it was good yet.

>> No.34233969

I'm not defending him by any means, the guy sounds like a jerk and he did something wrong and illegal.

But in this internet age, the kind of blackmail and embarrassment that the Vigilante is suffering the Thief is quite possibly life-ruining. I've known people who have been fired or refused jobs because of what a quick search has turned up.

$35 is actually a lot of money to me, it's the kind of money I'd always remember losing for the rest of my life. But at the same time it's not worth getting banned from my FLGS for, let alone other stores in the area. Maybe that's where the punishment should have stopped, plus some more personal attempts on Vigilante's part to get the card or money back. Making his personal life public was taking it too far, even if he did commit a wrongdoing.

>> No.34233970

too late

>> No.34233979

That could actually be fun to do. Roll up a Malkavian neckbeard and try to convert people to atheism and fat acceptance

>> No.34233981

/fit/ Has a fit when you bring up the food pyramid and american pasta/bread belief.

I need to go on an all exercise and pizza diet like a true gamer. Reach my 350 pound prime.

>> No.34234005

Makes sense. Tomato is a vegetable.

Tomato is a fucking vegetable.

Nobody say it isn't a vegetable. I will end you.

>> No.34234018

Oh, of course, Silly me.

>> No.34234032

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit.

Wisdom is not to put it into a fruit salad

>> No.34234043

That sounds like something other people would do to get revenge on him.

>> No.34234044

>Botanically, a tomato is a fruit: the ovary, together with its seeds, of a flowering plant. However, the tomato has a much lower sugar content than other edible fruits, and is therefore not as sweet

>> No.34234047

i dunno man if my japanese animoos are any indication they like to eat that shit whole and raw.

>> No.34234061

So sayeth the great wizeguy!

>> No.34234076

He gave the guy several chances to save face...

>> No.34234108


Because cards get expensive.

>> No.34234127

Alright, I gotta ask. How cool is his scar?

>> No.34234128

You don't eat tomatoes raw?

>> No.34234138

Bullies don't think of their own choices as choices. They just focus on how subhuman their victims are, and the fact that they're destroying someone's life just bounces off of them.

>> No.34234147

I remember reading how the original food pyramid was carefully revised to please some of the bigger companies.

But are bread and pasta that bad? I keep hearing how they're "staple" foods. I only eat wholemeal if that makes a difference.

>> No.34234174

I think the thief was the one destroying his life.

>> No.34234186

I do. But not whole like an apple.

>> No.34234212

Thunder shaped from cancer.
He got cancer 11 times already, and his nose was once his butt.
I lost to a nose-butt thunder scar. Hands down.

>> No.34234216

you never get those little cherry tomatoes raw with a bit of salt, eating using a ttothpick?

>> No.34234249

They're very energy dense. So good if you're in a time of poverty and income inequality and are poor. But bad if, say, the state has a food welfare program going on to ensure you have plenty to eat, which is the case in the USA. If you make that plenty be energy-dense bread and pasta then you will get fat.

Bread and pasta should be a minority, you should primarily be eating meat, then vegetables, then fruits, then bread/pasta, and last of all salt/fat.

Bread and pasta is for when times are hard and food is scarce. Food is not scarce in the USA, even if everyone is poor and unemployment is higher than it was in the Great Depression.

>> No.34234261

They are a "staple" as carbs are required for a healty diet. But at the same time they are seconds only to fat itself as fattening food. They are necessary in moderation, but eat too much of them and you are first in line for obesity.

>> No.34234274

well by comparing it to an apple I thought I was clearly referring to an apple-sized tomato being eaten whole.

Grape/cherry/sunburst tomatoes are not what I'm referring to.

>> No.34234280

Biggest That Guy I've ever seen is actually an avid "contributor" to /tg/

>> No.34234306

carbohydrates make you fat more easily than protein/fat, because they're directly affected by insulin. watch Fat Head on youtube if you want, but keep a critical eye while doing so: he's mostly right, but goes militant in a few occasions.

>> No.34234366

carbs are actually more readily converted to bodyfat than fats. fats are more high-calorie per gram.

>> No.34234391

Somehow this thread went from determining the justification and philosophical quandries of revenge and morality to italian food, cheese, and tomatoes...

Never change /tg/

>> No.34234437

we're discussing the classical american food pyramid now, try to keep up

>> No.34234490

/tg/ has gone to shit when you can't even have a successful "that guy" thread
at least there were entertaining conversations about cheese and fighting

>> No.34234494

People are forgetting that this dude is a scumbag. I've met scumbags and they all would've deserved this.

>> No.34234529

That makes sense. Thanks guys.

So to lose weight, what would be best? Vegetable-based diet? Simply reducing overall calorie intake? I know this would probably mean lowering muscle mass too, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.

>> No.34234564

Going to a proteine base diet should make you lose fat while at the same time keep muscle mass. But /fit/ should be a better place to ask this question.

>> No.34234584

>Simply reducing overall calorie intake?
>I know this would probably mean lowering muscle mass too, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.
Exercise helps with keeping muscle mass while on a cut, as does having protein be a significant part of your diet. Go read /fit/'s sticky for more info.

>> No.34234620

/fit/ doesn't know shit about general diet. I'd advise not going there.

The only guaranteed way to lose weight is to count calories. Carbohydrate timing is as important as quantity. Just filling up on veggies is an easy way to lower calories (and maximize fiber intake which is equally important) due to lower caloric density. But there are ways to healthily incorporate carbs and protein that don't involve entire heads of celery each day.

>> No.34234736

>timing is as important as quantity.
This isn't the right place to discuss how you think that all the athlete studies are wrong based on your gut feeling.

>> No.34234822

>american food pyramid
This thread is about cheese and pizza.

>> No.34234942

Who is this guy and what exactly has he "Contributed"?

>> No.34235020

The /fit/ general is really good about diet, I don't think you know what you are talking about.

I've made tons of gainz

>> No.34235085


Didnt know Faggotry was something that could just be gained like that, weird

>> No.34235117

No, it was an legit neckbeard on the best vampire story i made. He was supposed to be an knight of the apocalypse and be an general bad-ass, but kept on being that guy.

>> No.34235130

> opinion spouting idiots

> fedora wearing, neckbearded

> people's worth being defined by their facial hair and hat choices

> not a spouted opinion

> at all


>> No.34235146

He's compiled things from discussions on /tg/, then put them on his website as part of his "Published Works" and freely advertises with /tg/ and the stuff discussed here on his SJW-pandering blogs.

>> No.34235150


>a vampire who advocates fat acceptance

Jesus Christ that could be fun. And very annoying to the people who don't feel the same.

>> No.34235170

the /fit/ diet is pretty much just good for getting you... /fit/ - aka gym rat bodybuilder status.

It's not very useful for anyone whose goals deviate from that norm, such as endurance athletes or powerlifters. Secondly, it tends to obsess over fat/protein/carb and under-emphasizes micronutrients, vitamins and minerals to continue wanking over the big 3.

>> No.34235184

faggot spotted.

Ah, i thought it was some namefag or quest runner or something.

>> No.34235260

What? All you have to do is read the sticky to find that's bullshit.

It says to ignore the "fat/protein/carb" ratio bullshit, and specifically says to count calories with programs that list your nutrients.

It goes on to say supplementing the ones most important and often forgotten, specifically Vitamin D and fish oil.

And that's just the cliff notes..

>> No.34235271

>He used a nonstandard pronoun.
>This offends the dickens out of the WoJ, who think it comparable to murder.

>> No.34235369

>I can drink more blood than i really can hold! this is just my way of life and muh gennetics
>But malk, you killed 15 mortals every night... for nine straight weeks

>> No.34235432

>pathetically trying to push this "War on Justice" shit in every thread

Hi, I haven't seen you in a while. Is my suspicion that you're a /pol/tard trying to false flag people correct or are you actually a retard?

>> No.34235479

>Actually a retard
I agree with alot those fuckers say, but im pretty sure thats the same thing, anon.

>> No.34235552

>pointing out the severe overreacting of the WoJ which had already occurred with no prompting
>this offends the WoJ even more
When people are raging just at the vague idea that people use or discuss nonstandard pronouns, then they're probably doing it wrong.

>> No.34235608

You are literally the only person using "WoJ".

It sounds like PoC, except instead of being accidentally more racist than alternatives, it just makes me wonder why out of all places you think 4chan is fun. Don't you have some privileges to check or something?

I'm mixed race and a faggot so don't even bother telling me I'm some fantasy unicorn acronym

>> No.34235623

Stop triggering me, asshole

>> No.34235644

yes, but being a tranny is all the rage now these days. so check your privledge cis scum.

>> No.34235682

Ryan Gauvreau detected.

>> No.34235744

Can't we go back on the thread topic and stop this tumblr justice on /tg/?
And by thread topic i mean cheese.

>> No.34235776

>by bringing the SJW and newfag crowd to /tg/
the cancer isn't real they said the cancer isn't real

>> No.34235777

Is someone in my party a "That Guy" if the main goal of his character is to find enough smegma to spread over a sandwich?

He roleplays it very well, but it is a little strange.

>> No.34235779

Honestly, this is pretty dedicated. Imagine what you could do if you felt this sort of drive about other things. Things that last longer and do more than inflicting humiliation on some petty thief. As far as opinions go, well. He shouldn't have stolen the card. I feel like it would've been polite to warn him of the repercussions of refusing to return it before going to these lengths. But I doubt he would've given it back even then.

Way to not be a doormat guy.

>> No.34235863

I don't even like when some what.
Story tiem.

>> No.34235930

Hey can we post That Guy posts too?

>BTW, Let me let you on a secret.
>My brain sifts through huge data sets quite easily.
>Just a knack I have.
>I don't take a stated position unless I know I'm right, and my rate of failure is rather low.
>When I say something is RAW, I mean it's RAW.
>I'll be more then happy to point out gray areas or when I'm on shaking ground. RAW is.

>> No.34235987


>> No.34236018

I saw this posted and I though

maybe its That Guy

>> No.34236039

He probably is some kind of autist who can easily remember things like rule sets because he places importance on them.

Then only has the self-confidence to argue when he is 100% correct.

Other people think this is arrogance.

>> No.34236048

seems more like aspbergers to be honest

>> No.34236068

I got something similer to this in my group, one of my players constantly talks of "breaking my campaign" via using a third party class to basically be a shitty gestalt. The sad thing is his third party class could be powerful if he prestige class but instead the moron is looking to stack sneak attacks.

When the party reaches level 20 he'll be level 10 and 9 in two different classes for a total sneak attack damage of 10d6.

We're playing pathfinder, so by level 12 when he is 5 and 6 in his classes he'll be fucked because undead, oozes, outsiders, elementals, and pretty much every propitiate CR enemy either ignores stealth entirely, can't be caught flat footed, or can't be hit by sneak attacks.

I wouldn't mind it if he actually knew what he was doing. Hilariously I have a house rule that armor bonus gives you untyped DR (so full plate gives DR 9/-) for the sake of balance and he doesn't bother exploiting that despite it being really easy.

To make matters worse I'm going to be playing aside him in our next campaign as a player and he honestly thinks I plan on killing him or is obsessed with proving he knows the system better or some stupid shit. I plan on making a dwarf necromancer (undead lord cleric) and while it is indeed powerful I'm afraid he'll do something stupid like pick a good aligned cleric or paladin then start shit and force me to kill him.

I'm hoping to use ic roleplay to persuade him otherwise, divert the problem before it really starts, you know?

>> No.34236069

That guy is the guy that is always bitching about every rule except rule 0.
The story and fun always come first.

>> No.34236142

If he really wanted to break the game, he'd dip (or just multiclass into) Synthesist Summoner, for those loadsa tentacles.

>> No.34236295

Apart of the houserules to make martials a bit better summoners, clerics, druids, and wizards are banned.

The campaign itself is supposed to be difficult, with resources hard to get and gold coins extremely rare. Magic is also universally hated or distrusted and psionics actively hunt down magic users.

Theres alot to it and while I agree he could easily break my campaign even within the restrictions I made the problem is he is too stupid to do it properly. I wouldn't be bothered by it if not for his aura of smug superiority.

>> No.34236363

>hates a nebulous cluster of things deemed "social justice"
>attacks points that remind him of it by bringing up entirely unrelated issues and mocking the stereotypical "social justice" opinion
Inconvenient, but unsurprising when the War on Justice is active.

>Stop triggering me, asshole
I know you're being sarcastic, but the ironic thing is that this is honestly how the WoJ thinks. They're offended by certain subjects like race relations, and when they see someone bring them up, out come the stereotypes. It kinda gets in the way when you're not supposed to discuss what's right or wrong.

>> No.34236378

Yeah, he's retarded.
He could just make a False Priest Paragon Surge sorcerer with the Human favored class bonus, and be stronger than the rest of the party combined.

>> No.34236499

Not even that, just take oracle of bones and heavy armor proficiency. If he wore full plate (extremely rare however) or half-plate (alot less rare) and raised undead wearing said armor like him all his minions and him would have DR 9/-

The armor bonus house rule is so easy to exploit and yet nobody in my group of players uses it.

>> No.34236512


Well, there's not all that much to talk about to be honest. I'll greentext it best I can, though.

>currently in an ongoing CoC game
>the guy I previously mentioned has been hit pretty hard by the campaign sanity wise
>has been kinda teetering on barely 20 sanity from his original 55
>has now began playing his character like some kind of smegma starved looney tune
>constantly inspecting to see penises to check whether or not they're uncircumcised so that he can give them a "free smegma purging."

It isn't that disruptive cause he only brings it up now and again, but it is kinda immersion breaking. But then, when his sanity was at its original number, he was fine.

>> No.34236554

... shit is disgusting, yo.

>> No.34236564

You sound like some kind of misguided ideologue. It's funny because your views are pretty much the anti-fedora, but you're just as neckbearded as them.

Good luck championing your capitalized concept cause that exists, stands and falls entirely within your own thoughts.

>> No.34236580

Well if its only roleplaying crazy then he's doing a good job

>> No.34236603

>Full plate
>at level 12
What sorta beggar game are you playing?
At those levels, PCs could buy entire blacksmiths' guilds!

>> No.34236625

Tell me all about how whites/males cant be raped


>> No.34236825

>None of my stereotypes are sticking!
>I know! I'll shove more words in his mouth!
The War on Justice really doesn't understand what it's attacking.

>> No.34236899

>Tumblr ivory tower gender studies students go as extremist as Nazis except in the other direction
>people get fed up with it, including LGBT and racial minorities


Ryan, just leave.

>> No.34236912

Tell me about this aswell
Not your words, but the words you're defending.

I mean, holy shit, 4chan can be fucked up but atleast it acknowledges it. tumblr not only ignores its shittery, but also outpaces 4chans aswell.

>> No.34236952

A gold piece is effectively 1 years worth of wages to a peasent. Or a months worth of wages to an expirenced high quality mercenary.

Starting gold (at any level) is 15 gold with no one item costing more then 4 gold.

The essential aspect is for the game to be very hard but rewarding. The story is a toss up between dark souls, the dark tower, and the entropic decay of everything. The goal of the players is to stave off the last gasp of a dying world for a few decades longer.

>> No.34237290

>My stereotypes still aren't sticking!
>I know! I'll shove even more words in his mouth!
>And more stereotypes!
>And I'll use other people's race and sexual orientation to add extra validity to my opinion!
You're going all out, eh?

>Not your words, but the words you're defending.
Attacking an opinion by bringing up an entirely unrelated opinion out of nowhere? Sounds like the War on Justice, alright.

>I mean, holy shit, 4chan can be fucked up but atleast it acknowledges it. tumblr not only ignores its shittery, but also outpaces 4chans aswell.
Not even remotely true. The WoJ are thoroughly convinced of their righteousness and of their victims' evil, yet feel no shame in resorting to every tactic they accuse their targets of.

>> No.34237339

I actually have no problem with what anon is doing. Thievery is nigger-tier, and thieves should be treated as such.

>> No.34237424

>Attacking an opinion by bringing up an entirely unrelated opinion out of nowhere? Sounds like the War on Justice, alright

The subject is SJWs pal, and those are all SJWs.
Now. stop avoiding the subject and tell me what your thoughts are on those paticular posts. Me? i personally think they are reprehensible beyond fucking belief.

>> No.34237447

>look at my invented term! Surely if I use it in every single post of mine, sheeple will wake up to the conspiracy!

>> No.34237521

Will you morons ever stop taking the bait?

>> No.34237565

>attacking a jumble of unrelated opinions by sticking them all together in a big lump and bringing up the "worst" whenever anyone tries to discuss any of them
This is the definition of stereotyping. Simply attaching a hate-filled label to an opinion doesn't change what that opinion actually is.

>Now. stop avoiding the subject and tell me what your thoughts are on those paticular posts.
I'm not avoiding the subject, and I'm not agreeing with you cherry-picked Worst Subhuman Social Justice Nazis Ever. I'm using logic to defend a massively broad category of opinions from being indiscriminately loathed to death by people worse than the worst of them.

>Me? i personally think they are reprehensible beyond fucking belief.
Do you think that every time you see a gender pronoun you're not used to, or are you just bringing up unrelated opinions for no reason?

>> No.34237614

i dont care about the pronouns, i care about the abject hatred disguised as an equality movement.
i also dont care about you.

>> No.34237701

>i dont care about the pronouns, i care about the abject hatred disguised as an equality movement.
But the pronouns are what triggers the WoJ's loathing. They may describe the things they want to hate to death as far, far worse than they are, but the things they're actually responding to are the reasonable, harmless opinions that are written off as "disguises" for their "true" unspeakable evil strawman.

A good example of this is... what you just did. I was trying to talk about pronouns, and you came in with a bucket of prejudices and stereotypes and accused me of defending your strawmen. I denied this, and you ordered me to stop talking about my actual opinion and start talking about the ones you brought in just to bash. Essentially, you tried to replace an opinon with another one to more easily hate it.

>> No.34237801

ok you got me.
I hate all pronouns with a deep seated passion, to such a point that it triggers me. only one though i actually adore. its Faggot. and you sir/madam/xir/hir, are a Faggot, and i dont talk to Faggots.

>> No.34237832

I know you're trying to hide behind sarcasm, but that's actually how you act.

>> No.34237871

im not hiding anything, this is 4chan. go back to tumblr, Faggot

>> No.34237961

Oh and before i forget, reading MLP fanfiction makes you some sort of Mega Faggot.

>> No.34237967


Do you actually believe that "WoJ" thing is real?

Like, I'm actually intrigued. My home board is /x/ and with all the roleplay faggotry going on there it's a rare occasion we actually get to see a real delusion. Please tell me all about this "WoJ" that you know.

>> No.34238024

>Do you actually believe that "WoJ" thing is real?
This very topic has someone who is infuriated out of his mind at the mere thought of "social justice", to the point where he doesn't distinguish his preconceived "evil opinions that should be hated out of existence" from the ones actually being made to him, and is actively offended when someone says something he hasn't pre-dismissed.

>> No.34238279


Welp, I thought I could get some good screencaps for /x/ out of you but tbh you sound like a pompous, pseudo-intellectual gnostic whose worldview is conveniently shaped around "my views are the right ones".

"Social justice" is actually a self-referenced thing offline and online, unlike this weird neologism you're forcing (much like xe/xi/xum pronouns are forced, is this a common behaviour pattern?). It exists, people with sexist, racist and culturally isolationist views identify with the term "social justice", and to call them out on their nonsense and toxicity is nothing bad at all. You also assume so much about the posters who dared disagree with you that I wonder who is REALLY dismissing things according to ideology lines.

0/10 you got my hopes up.

>> No.34238417

>Going to cons

>> No.34238569

But it's so tasty, anon. Tasty, tasty bait.

>> No.34238724

Hey, you might run into one of the five other reasonable people who like what you like.
Better odds than going outside.

>> No.34238810

We had a guy like that who somehow contrived to get a job teaching media at the local college. He instantly took a +3 to Pomposity and Condescension.
It was only a one-year contract, though. When it expired and wasn't renewed, he went full recluse for two months, citing unresolved issues regarding his an hero'd gf.

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