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Any friendly Chinamen able to provide decent casts of these? Preferably in metal.

Not happy with GW charging £50 for 10 Sisters.

Link a bro up?

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Have you tried not playing Warhammer 40,000?

When you reach the point where you would rather buy cheap Chinese knockoffs than support the company making a game, maybe it's time to find another game to play.

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chinaman is kill

gw got him

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No link to knock offs but have you looked at online auctions/retailers for cheap second hand squads?

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>buying recast SoB
>not buying them from GW to show that people still want them and that SoB are profitable.

You're the reason we still haven't got multi-part plastic kits anon.

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Maybe you could be less of a faggot? He wants to play/paint SoB in 40k, not some Warmawhores or Infinity weeaboos or Tacticool bolt acters. Don't try to shove your shit in down some one elses throat

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Never seen a recaster who does metal, it's all resin with those guys.

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>paying $100 for one squad
>telling GW this is okay

You're the reason we still haven't got multi-part plastic kits anon.

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Thanks to the Anons who actually posted something helpful, rather than their moral spiel.

I've seen a few resin special Sisters, but none of the Bolter ones. Any links, resin or metal are welcomed. Nice one.

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I'm pretty sure they don't even make those kits any more, whatever's on sale is just what's left in their warehouses.

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You can buy normal SOB off Ebay. Buy enough and you'll get some metal recasts.

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Doesn't yoymart (or whatever the fuck it's called) sell SOB.

I have those ones you linked and they aren't great - I could do better myself. Too thin.

They're still worth it because they're so damn cheap - but don't expect them to be perfect is all I'm saying.

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So that website's actually legit? I'm seeing zero reviews on the site

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It's still relatively new. And most people don't bother to review.
It has a good rep though. If you're worried just get something cheap as a test.

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I'll do that, those prices are freaking fantastic. I've never actually gotten burned by recasters, but it helps to do your homework. Thanks, anon.

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That site is just Zhanchui's catalog after his taobao got shut down. You don't actually buy from the site you email him the same as always.

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So what's the story with chinaman and being kill?

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Just get them from ebay you humongous faggot. Or play another game. Srsly, why pay chinamen before getting some models that are actually well made and better than sororitas in the first place.

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i-is this real?

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Just people spouting BS. GW apparently badgered Taobao to close down his storefront there, but you'd have to be pretty daft to think that would stop a industrious recaster.

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Still trying to find his details. Need to order a whole bunch to do up my Emperor's Nightmare and Ork army

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Someone just posted the link to his new site man.

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The belief of massive stockpiles of Sisters sitting in a warehouse is just a myth.
Back when they stopped selling Sisters as squad options is the exact point the stockpile ran out. since then they have been doing small casting runs of individual minis more or less as they need it. Hence why they continually drop in and out of stock.

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Same procedure. Just the link has changed.

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holy fuck 5 flesh hounds of khorne for $24.
>mfw when gw sells them at a perfectly reasonable price of $83 for 5

how the fuck can people afford to play demons

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conversions or other models.

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Demons aren't problematic at all. The core units are all reasonably cheap in plastic and the expensive metal/finecrap ones aren't exactly hard to kitbash or proxy with something else.

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Just a daily reminder that several archives exist


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>Nids Hive bases
I didn't know Chinaman was so

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Its like you haven't even considered how these guys work

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CCON actually does a couple of things in metal and people here on 4chan have posted their own metal recasts they've made themselves before.

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The main reason not to buy recast SoB is because everybody knows the army is mostly metal and if you show up with a bunch of plastic sisters some eyebrows are gonna be raised.

Of course if you just play in a club where nobody gives a shit it's no big deal, but at my store it's pretty much known that if you show up with fake shit and the staff find out, you're done son. As in kicked from that store for life. And the white knights who frequent the place won't hesitate to report you either.

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If you play in an autism stronghold like that I don't think being kicked out is really a big loss.

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Most people don't give a shit but every FLGS has its sperglords, and the store itself is a soulless corporate chain that has had some success with multiple stores in my region. It's not even that bad, but if you show up with a bunch of counterfeit stuff of products they sell in their store and play on their tables, that's a big nope, perhaps justifiably so. What right do you have to be there if you're taking up tables from paying customers?

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Just punch yourself really hard in the balls, ok?

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There are loads of metal recasters

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You can't buy sisters from FLGS anyway. They're direct order only.

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Yeah its tough to kill a cockroach.

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Good. Somebody has to clean out the trash.

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My FLGS sells SoB. Not sure how/why, but there are shelves full of those blank white boxes with the GW label on them of exorcists etc. and I've seen new boxes pop up so it wasn't just a one time thing.

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GWIDF pls go

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Independent stores can order $500 (I think that's the amount, it's something stupidly low which is part of the reason independent stores are so pissed off at GW) of direct order products per shipment but they pay the same full retail price for them you would for them so they're not making any money on them unless they make them UP.

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>mfw my flgs owner has a full recast Eldar army
Is also the army that won a tournament and shit, but he has never played and paid on store credit to get it painted by the comunitty, it looks pretty badass on display and is on a big large diorama and you can leave your army on display too if you want, one week everyone wanted so you had like 2 helldrakes 3 razorbacks a imperial knight and a lot of those BA dreads fighting against eldars

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GW shill detected.

I was hanging out at my unfriendly local GW store the other day and the guy there was receiving a shipment. I snuck a peek at the invoice while his back was turned.

Rhino cost: $9 CAD. I watched as he slapped a $45 price tag on there.

While a lot of start of miniature manufactures have no clue how much a mold or the machine to use the mold actually is (on the order of millions from what i understand) 3D printing is changing that.

GW can eat giant wang.

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GWs overall profit margin is only about 10-15%. They can't lower their prices significantly while still operating at a profit.

They're not even all that expensive in this market, most of the other big names charge even more than GW for similar products.

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You don't have to be a shill to know right from wrong.

We are a far from being to the point that 3d printers can replicate the miniatures.

FLGS buy the product at 50% if they're lucky.

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>report you
Gosh the scary neckbeards will get me!

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well, they will get you kicked out of the store which is something, especially if it's the only store in your area and has this rule

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>only store in your area
What sort of hick town do you live in?

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Well we already have 3D printers that can match the quality of stuff like GW, a lot companies use 3D printing to produce the master minis for molds.

It's just really expensive and not at all economical for full scale production compared too casting (and always will be simply because of the greater complexity)
3D printing is great for custom minis but it'll never be some magic instant dirt cheap mini source.

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Man, i love having friends and getting together to play nerd shit

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You know, if I couldn't afford retail prices then I'd either go Ebay hunting or not buy it at all. I don't think I'll ever understand why people get so totally asspained over the fact that a niche, luxury hobby product is expensive.

Would I like it if it was cheaper? Hell yeah I would. 20 Guardsmen for £18 were the best days hands down. If I had a time machine I'd go back and buy like ten fucking boxes or something.

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Bullshit. Invoice says you are wrong. I'll try to get a photo of the invoice next time I'm in a position to. Also, for the price of one Landraider I can play Malifaux. For the price of two raiders I can play Warmahordes.

I said "changing" not "has changed. Even if the FLGS buy from GW at 50% of the GW price tag, thats still more that a 100% mark up on the item I mentioned alone.

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>Even if the FLGS buy from GW at 50% of the GW price tag, thats still more that a 100% mark up on the item I mentioned alone.
Overheads, dipshit.

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>$63 dollar revanant titans
>sixty fucking four dollars for a relatively thin and smooth model
>forgeworld charges nearly $400 for the same but with even lower quality casting

>$262 dollar phantom titan
>same idea except it's the size of a toddler

Well reavers are still expensive but you could kill a small animal by dropping it on one

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I have a few 40k bros but playing against the same armies gets old, I can only tolerate trucker-themed IG and blindingly gold DE for so long before I need a pickup game.

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Have a look at the financial reports some time.

The mark up is so high because GW has a lot more than just manufacturing costs to cover.

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The Recasts will never be better quality than the FW minis. They use the FW one as a master and so can at best equal it.

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So can we all admit that buying recast product is theft?

I'm not saying stop, far from it, I buy recasts particularly from ebay and have Russia to thank for Mk4 bodies and Phobos bolters.

But I'd just like to see whether we can admit that we are still stealing from the company.

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>The Recasts will never be better quality than the FW minis.
A perfect recast will not be better than a perfect FW original, but you aren't taking into account FW's pretty shocking QC there.

>> No.34228562

You're right that the best of one can only equal the best of the other, but depending on the degree of quality control you can be more likely to get a good cast from one or the other.

>> No.34228585

The QC effects the recaster too. Though in my experience with my and guys I game with FW purchases they're no worse than any other companies.

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So can we all agree that moralfagging is the worst and you're a faggot?

>oh no I don't mind people doing it but please feel bad

GW spy detected

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We'll start supporting the company once the company starts supporting the consumers.

>> No.34228640

Eh. The bigger problem is its sorta stealing from your FLGS. You can't expect it too stay open if noone actually buys from there. I've already seen 2 stores close because all the people who game there buy from the very cheapest websites. Though this isn't recasts specifc.

>> No.34228643

What exactly are we stealing? It's not like recasting is the same as running into a FLGWS, grabbing a few boxes and running out.

>> No.34228661

Not a GW spy.

Just call a spade a spade dude and don't bullshit about 'sticking it geedub'

I agree with this. But my point wasn't to say 'there's a problem' so much as it was to say /tg/ stop bullshitting.

Are you retarded?

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Do not respond to piracy = theft trolls. Thank you.

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GW are one of the better companies for that. Most do nothing GW at least offers free advertising for clubs,stores and events and gives stores free stuff for hosting events.

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>Bullshit. Invoice says you are wrong.
GW's margin, not the store's.

>> No.34228734

>Implying piracy isn't theft

Explain to me how it's not.

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No. If i didn't buy at those (pirate) prices, I wouldn't buy at all. GW doesn't have access to my money anymore, if I can't pirate a digital release/buy a mini forged or secondhand, it just won't be bought.

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It's copyright infringement, not theft. You aren't unlawfully taking a physical item away from it's rightful owner.

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>GWIDF pls go

>> No.34228811

It's a complicated issue and and endless argument that there's no point getting into.

>> No.34228813

Did you miss the part where I said I wasn't against buying recasts?

You're taking potential profit.

>> No.34228822

Aliexpress should have something.

GW supporting faggots can piss off.

>> No.34228841


Are you serious!

Free advertising only for those clubs that join their special friends network the GCN which is a massive waste of money and time. Even then you can't advertise that you do ANYTHING other than play GW games if you want to advertise in a GW store. Your club plays some CCG's, by fuck don't put that on any of your posters or GW stores will tear it off the walls.

>> No.34228845


Indeed, that's why it's called copyright infringment instead of theft.

It's mostly semantics, but it's the kind of semantics who'll make all the difference in court.

>> No.34228864

I got you.

Either way anon(s) godspeed making kick ass armies with cheap recasts

>> No.34228867

You don't have too join anything. You literally just email them a little paragraph of information like 5 months before the WD issue you want it in.

>> No.34228921


Have to be a GCN club or GW won't print anything about you.

>> No.34228940

Nope, you have to have a huge stock of GW shit that may never get sold, and is overall a huge pain in the ass

>> No.34228944

I've done it before without being part of any club.

>> No.34229069

It's still more than pretty much every other mini company does.

>> No.34229071


I pirate a lot of things but I never understood why so many people say it is morally better to pirate an item you want than steal it from a shop, a lot of the big boy businesses pay next to nothing for their product so don't really care if their sweatshop made product gets stolen.

I am not saying you personally believe that I have just heard this argument too many times.

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I wouldnt say better, I would say the other one is worst, if only because "Im not letting you win this money" is not as bad as "Im not letting you win this money and also taking this from you and your clients and distributors".

>> No.34229224

They don't want reason and facts anon. Only fatbeard rage.

>> No.34229288

Then stfu and play your weird Malifaux and inferior metal and crap plastic Warmahomos.

Don't like it? Don't buy it.

>> No.34229297

You dont know that increrasing your income or lowering your costs both make a better profit, right? It isnt customer fault that GW is retarded and have absurd costs of lots of shit nobody wanted, and nobody cared about.

>> No.34229308

Who are Mantic, PP, CB or Hawk Wargames.


>> No.34229332

I think you'll find that's what most players are doing, hence GW's profits tanking, CEO jumping ship and ebay being flooded with old GW stuff.

>> No.34229337

Well yeah.

Go into an Apple store and ask them if you can advertise your PC stuff.

>> No.34229356

>and ebay being flooded with old GW stuff.
Ebay's always been flooded with old GW stuff.

>> No.34229390

In the UK at least knowingly importing Counterfeit goods is the crime. Customs has the right to destroy them (this won't happen). If you're selling them you could face a prison sentence.

Its not theft or piracy, in this case those are breach of Copyright and/or violation of Trademarks - but you didn't do that, the Chinaman did.

>> No.34229407

Look at the financial analyst, here.

Companies have losses. GW made some gambles and took a kick in the teeth. But they are also taking steps to fix this.

Unfortunately, whenever they try to reach out to the community, fags like you bite them. It's trendy to hate gw, so it won't get old.

>> No.34229437


Most big companies actually consider theft when buying and putting out their products, the workers getting half a pound a day to make their product are not going to get a bonus if they sell well or not. though ethically wrong big business are so successful because they are able to operate even with mass shoplifters, does it harm the organisation ? Well of course but they normally keep it to a controllable amount.

>> No.34229442

>> I no grammar

Just don't buy it. Play a miniatures game that is cheap.

Oh wait

>> No.34229512

So is there a current roundup of recasters? Wardream still doing his thing?

>> No.34229521

>But they are also taking steps to fix this.

Such as? Because I don't see them doing anything to fix their major problems which include but are probably not limited to: pretending competition doesn't exist, the (ever increasing) ridiculous barrier to entry resulting in very little new blood, wasting money on their own chain stores while shitting on independents and pretending that game rules don't matter.

>> No.34229602

Why bother giving you facts? It's useless. Just go play your shit games.

>> No.34229604 [DELETED] 

They don't do anything, what's you're point?

>> No.34229616

So I just email this lowpricewarhammer guy what I want and...? Give him my debit card information? How would I pay?

>> No.34229651


Proving you had intent to buy counterfeit goods online is next to impossible legally unless you bought dozens of the same product or left a note signed by you saying "lol I know these are counterfeit fuck the police "

>> No.34229659

>most players
In your meta maybe. In mine, at the biggest game store there are 4 stable cliques of 40k players and 1 turbulent warmahordes clique. There are no Infinity players

>> No.34229661

So, nothing. That's what I thought.

>> No.34229668

PP is the only one of them that offers more community support than GW

Besides I said never said all companies are worse. That's no checkmate.

>> No.34229694

I-i-is this a legit site?

>> No.34229740

Yes, recasts, but not a scam.

>> No.34229763

read the thread nigger. It's zhanchui's new catalog. The site isn't real, it just lets you know all the stuff this guy


Has for sale. GW shut down his old catalog because it functioned as an actual store, as well as a catalog for an email business.

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>> No.34229803

Intent can be inferred from the circumstances. Once you buy from Chinaman a second time, you'd have to be completely ignorant of Warhammer in general or pretty stupid not to know these aren't actual GW products.

>> No.34229889

>Referring to there being absolutely NO Infinity Players

I knew the 40K fags were scared of this game but not quite this scared....

>> No.34229898

>Proving you had intent to buy counterfeit goods is next to impossible

Yeah, you're ridiculously unlikely to ever face any consequences if you have no intent on selling them.

Sorta like home casting for personal use really. Unless you post a video of yourself actually doing it on Youtube or send signed photographs to GW then you're probably ok.

>> No.34229911

Just buy 3-6 then cast them yourself

>> No.34229921

> you'd have to be completely ignorant of Warhammer

Which is against the law because ? Being ignorant does not show intent, in fact it does the opposite as you become the victim of a scam artists

>> No.34229972

Being ignorant isn't against the law. The prosecution would have to prove that you are neither ignorant nor competely stupid.

The former can be demonstrated conclusively if they show that you in fact have a large collection of Warhammer and have been playing for a while. And if you are in fact not completely stupid, it would be simple to prove as well.

So if you bought from Chinaman more than once, the inference is that you discovered after the first shipment that Chinaman sold fakes, and when you ordered a second time, the inference is that you intended to order counterfeits.

>> No.34230002


he sends you an invoice.

>> No.34230223


You would have to prove that you have bought legit warhammer for yourself, that you have compared the difference and prove the fakes was not part of one big order .

What you are talking about here is a massive investigation which would need to have witnesses, evidence that you have legit warhammer which would take months of investigation and tens of thousands of pounds of tax payer money to do it , all of that for very flimsy evidence of you not being a victims which would result in a warning .

>> No.34230808

>See this thread
>Skim through it
>Good thing I don't play Warhammer $40,000 For An Army

>> No.34230877

>all of that for very flimsy evidence of you not being a victims which would result in a warning

This. Worst case scenario is customs seize your stuff. That's it. There is no investigation or prosecution.

Customs open packages at random and check the contents and description.

Most likely scenario if they open your package is "....it says its models, it looks like models, let it through we have bigger fish to fry".

If there were loads of packages addressed to the same person coming from China labelled as "study aids" which were in fact packed tightly with Rolexs then that would lead to an investigation.

The only other thing is that they could query the value of your package if they open it. Because the chinaman puts everything down as a gift or industrial sample with a really low value. So if you're very unlucky you could have to pay VAT and Import duties. But this seems unlikely.

>> No.34231043

As someone who operates a retail store, I can say with a good degree of confidence that most people don't understand the concept of overhead.

>> No.34231359

Indirect costs which have to be apportioned to a product or activity in order to produce accurate costings.

>> No.34231447

>What are Chaos Warhounds?
>What are Vampire Count Dire Wolves?

>> No.34231651

You should look up the fictionary, see what "theft" actually means.
Theft and breach of copyright/buying counterfeit products are two completely separate offences.

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File: 105 KB, 706x588, Sororita Twins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not liking Chinaritas
What are you, a faggot or a heretic?

>> No.34231786

I'm guessing those are recasts of some third party bases. I don't recognize them, altough there's a similar pic on MicroArt's page for their hive category.
Anyway, I wouldn't buy recasts or non-GW stuff. Especially if the stuff is high quality and inexpensive already and made by Pollacks, so there's patriotism there too.

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File: 107 KB, 352x338, TpRWT24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any experience buying from them? I have my eye on that lancer knight titan...

Alternatively is Aliexpress any good for the knight titan scene? Im seeing mixed reviews here and there and the one I'm looking at has 5 stars all round.

>> No.34233202

>You're taking potential profit.

No, the things I buy as recast I would never have bought from GW due to crazy prices. So it's recasts or not playing with models I like.

>> No.34233412


I will never, ever purchase an $900 titan. Ever. The highest quality perfect grade bandai kits are leagues more detailed and crafted then everything GW puts out and they are in the 150-200$ range. Resin is a fucking scam at that scale of models.

>> No.34233620


On GW website, lots of Sisters are listed as "unavailable" now. Are they about to get a revamp? Will they be plastic?

>> No.34233674

The day that happens /tg/ will be glorious.

>> No.34233903

>lots of Sisters are listed as "unavailable" now.
doesn't always mean they are OOP.
Sometimes just means they are out of stock.

>> No.34234014


Out of stock means it'll be web only. Eldar aspect warriors are mostly web only because they will only cast it when an order comes in. It took me a month each to get swooping hawks and a seer council because they had to actually make them.

>> No.34234090


I'm sure elegan/tg/entlemen will be ecstatic.


That's good to hear. I just started a job that pays enough to finance more than a handful of minis and want to make a Sister's army.


That sounds like a hassle...

>> No.34234473

Seconded. That Lancer is going right in my shopping cart if they're any good.

>> No.34234511

>Are they about to get a revamp?
>about to
probably not

>Will they be plastic?
When it happens? Definitely.

Don't expect much beyond a Tempestus Scion kinda deal though.

>> No.34234534

Anyone bought the Spartan Assault Tank?

Thinking of getting it for a viable cultist star to run alongside my chosen.

>yfw when the scrubs have a better tranpsort than you.

>> No.34234590

I placed an order just last week, this is the first time I order after they moved to a new site.

I ordered twice before when they were still Zhanchui on Taobao and both times I recieved everything I ordered and some free bits (got a free DKoK tank commander, a whole fucking Brass Scorpion and various bits for free!).

The resin smells like a toxic factory when you open the bags it comes in so I recommend doing that outside and letting it air out, the material is also pretty hard so if you cut hard into it, you risk stuff cracking, but other than that it's good. There have never been a single sculpting fault on any of the items I've gotten from them, unlike GW's failcast of which I've had to get several models replaced due to big ass holes in the models.

It takes some time, shipping from China and all, but I've been satisfied both times.

>> No.34234644


It's not only a giant hassle, it's also lower god damn quality since it's fine cast. Even though chinamans resin is brittle, it's very detailed and holds paint fine.

I'm a fucking shill because I would pay 41 bucks for a squad of metal aspect warriors but when 11.10$ gets me a higher quality product faster? Seriously?

>> No.34236456

What's the p&p cost like?

>> No.34236473

So how does it work? I email him all the SKUs of the shit I want and then...I paypal him or what?

>> No.34236589

ewww please share the store location so I can avoid it

>> No.34237086


He'll send your paypal an invoice, you pay it, he'll give you a tracking number and shipping confirmation

>> No.34238683

That makes as much sense as tits on a duck

>> No.34238716


>> No.34238752

Ive ordered numerous times for myself and for friends. Always happy. Great quality, and one time my warp spider squad had one model with a bubble in his ankle that broke while shipping. They gave me credit for the value of that model. I fixed him with GS and saved some $$.

>> No.34239805

How do I order? Is there a minimum value of order? I heard at a certain point you get cheap postage?

>> No.34241897


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>CCON actually does a couple of things in metal and people here on 4chan have posted their own metal recasts they've made themselves before.

It's true, y'know. Sometimes, they do!

>> No.34245043


>> No.34245364


>how the fuck can people afford to play GW games.


>> No.34247266


>> No.34247527

>itt: morally uptight fanboys with gw dick stuck up their ass trying to protect their master's profit

>> No.34247587

I've made all of my Mordheim warbands under $100.

As for Warmaster, got the stuff for like $50 from a shady guy in his clearance sale... possibly recasts but given that the original were pewter as well, it's something I can live with.

>> No.34247686

Because it's only a few hundred for a large army that can be spread over years.

>> No.34247740

>Because it's only a few hundred for a large army
Even with second hand models or recasts you'd have to be lucky or savvy.

>> No.34247873

Not really even buying direct from GW you can get 2k points for under 500, possibly under 350 depending on faction and how conversion happy you are.

>> No.34249115

I've had some bad experience with recast bases. I ordered some from the original Chinaman. They looked mostly fine, but had the tremendous problem of not being round.

>> No.34249447
File: 98 KB, 250x250, Crocodile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not round

As in, "not perfectly circular?"
Or as in, "square?"

>> No.34249589
File: 104 KB, 1680x1050, common sense.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. As in square. I am too stupid to differentiate a circle from a square.

>> No.34250028

You must take up the challenge of making casts for us anons who do not posses the ability.
For greatness.

>> No.34250057

That image has been posted here at the very least a year ago.

>> No.34250114

I am aware, but I am hoping to appeal to the anon who casted them.
I have not the abilities to do it, but would love to get some of these old and most importantly OOP models without blowing my wallet on eBay. especially here in Aus.

>> No.34250821

I, for one, will gladly try it. There's only one shop here (Eastern Europe ftl) and the stuff is way to expensive to be worth it unless you occupy a boss position and have the spare time to actually play it. Besides, what's GW going to do? Waste precious time and money coming to a backwater country just to sue me? You people should really chill out, I bet if the people here would have enough funds and the company wouldn't be assholes, they'd gladly pay for legit stuff.

>inb4 no fun allowed for poorfags

>> No.34250839

>way too*

>> No.34251552


You can always diy. The dude who made these says what metal and silicone he uses (if you follow the conversation) here:


This is how you make a two part mould for metal casting:


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