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>That GM who always inserts his fetishes into every game he runs

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>BBEG is served by Dominatrixes that dress solely in full body leather suits and fight with magic dildos.

Gurm and Goodkind need to team up to make the worst fantasy universe possible.

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>That /a/ or /d/ poster who always makes threads about his fetishes on /tg/

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>That DM that makes up the rules along the way/invents them when he disagrees with something

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>That DM who tries to make his game "deep" and "complex" by making every single decision be "choose between fucking over these people, or fucking over these other people that you dont know"

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>That GM who always takes weed before GMing and ends up making a fucked up adventures.

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>female DM player character

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Have you kids been taking that weed again? Playing the devil's game.

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My first GM was like that. We'd show up a bit early to do our usual social interaction before the game, he'd realize he had nothing written up.

He'd go outside, smoke up, eat a Mr. Big, and come back with an entire 8 hour session that was entertaining and still pertinent to his story theme.

I miss the bugger.

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>That namefag who always has to drag the conversation towards their shit of a waifu
You know who you are

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>that clueless /tg/ poster who doesn't know that the rest of us browse /d/ frequently

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Oh god, why?
Why do I want to see what it would look like?

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>DMPC in campaign
>DMPC is there for political reasons.
>Original plan: Power Level small group with DMPC to help move the plot along.
>Group grows.
>DMPC has to fuck off for 'important reasons'
>Wind up missing DMPC and taking it out on the party through interesting rollplay.
>TFW DM Approves and party winds up as increasingly worried underlings.

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>That GM who kills off your characters with an ambush while they're resting

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>tfw I'm that GM

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>That /tg/ poster who wont shut up about "We are /d/"

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>That childish GM who takes out his petty frustrations on the party by putting them up against impossible challenges and tormenting their characters.

Had af ucker literally take away everyone my character ever had, kill nearly every friend or relative he ever had, had the remaining survivors be traitors for the BBEG all along with flimsy justification, and then had him captured, tortured, brainwashed, tortured some more, and kept as the mindless murder puppet for the BBEG's asshole son.

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>That GM who cannot keep his own views on history from the game.

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>/tg/ history revisionists

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But wasn't it super satisfying when you finally beat the BBEG?

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>That GM who cannot keep his own views on politics from the game.

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>That one asshole who plants the seed of corruption in the party's decision to evade my half-concealed plot-hooks, and succeeds every single time by sheer force of carrot and stick

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It's like we're having three threads in one!

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We never beat the BBEG. The GM made him unkillable and the game ended suddenly with a /LENGTHY/ one-sided narrative where the GM told us that we failed, that we were going to get fucked by the BBEG, and how hard he fucked us.

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at that point you need to punch the GM, and announce that you will be GMing from now on.

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> That DM who insists that the Holocaust happened
What a goy

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Funny thing is that's what I did, minus the punching. The game was going well and had a ton of potential, right up until the guy who was the GM for the last game decided to throw a hissy fit every night and literally split the party to try and run another game on the side with half my players.

That lasted about 2 weeks before those players apologized and we stopped playing with the cockwaffle altogether.

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I don't, and even if I did, I'd have the sense to actually post /d/ content in /d/ instead of making blatant threads that have nothing to do with /tg/ content.

Then again, I'm not a retarded weeaboo so my brain actually fucking works.

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Nobody says we're /d/.

We're /d/-lite.

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what was his deal anyway?

did you ever find out?

just asking out of curiosity, wouldn't hold it against you if you didn't care enough at the time to find out.

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>that gm who has a character killed because it was too similar to their previous character

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>That GM that lets you build your PCs as overpowered as you want, but no matter how much you munchkin, he always manages to make you regret trying it.
>Meanwhile the vanilla mortal manages to kick three times as much ass as you because she's not dancing on the strings of power for half the fucking game.

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>takes weed

My sides!

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He was just an immature brat who never grew up.

Grown ass man living away from his parents who blamed all his problems on the government and "the system" and refused to own up to all the shit he caused for himself.

Haven't seen him in a couple years, and I'm cool with that.

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>Encounter unknown and threatening alien and/or phenomenon
>As ship security chief, recommend taking pre-emptive action to neutralize the threat before it eats our faces
>Shot down by dithering fucking captain
>He gives the enemy plenty of prep time to kick my ass, roll over the ship, and eat redshirt faces
>I'm then bitched out for letting the monsters eat the redshirts because crew doesn't grow on trees
Every fucking time.

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As someone who doesn't get it, can you explain the joke to me?

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Especially in the afternoon

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>that gm who has a character killed because it was too similar to their previous character
okay now that's just dickish, I mean most people who play RPGs have a certain 'comfort zone' when it comes to character archetypes, or classes, and that's fine, so long as the character is not a complete carbon-copy of the last one you shouldn't be pushing people out of that comfort zone, at least not like that, though if the player wants to play something outside his comfort zone then go ahead and encourage it, but don't force them against their will, which is what this GM is essentially doing!

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There is no joke, you just don't "take" weed. It's like saying "My friend takes tobacco." or "I was taking alcohol."

It's just incorrect terminology that sounds like something a middle schooler would say.

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Or just a pure, untainted individual uncorrupted by filthy weed taking degenerates

Unless maybe he mispelled 'toke?"

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So what's it called when someone hands you a spliff?

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Screw you man everyone I know says they take tobacco. Bet you never smoked tobacco in your life fag

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Those darn weed taking degenerates! Always going around with their snack and Adventure Time.

I suppose it could have been a typo. A and O are pretty far from each other, but it could have been a brain fart. Either way, I laughed.

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Having a good bro


Where the fuck do you live?

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As the original poster I have only known people who have taken weed and I never took myself.

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You've never taken bong? You've never got weeded up on pot? You've never done a whole marijuana?!

You should go out and inject some nugs right now, don't you wanna be cool?

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Everyone knows you inject weed into your scrotum or freebase it. You don't simply "take" it like a pleb.

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>this thread

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i prefer injecting the toke directly into my nose, gotta be carefull not to take to many weeds though, can be dangerous

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>taken weed
>never took
You cheeky fucker.

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Once I dabbed up on too many pots and I nearly ate a whole pumpkin pie.

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I used to take the pot like a madman.

Got thousands of ruppees.

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I think there's a misunderstanding, I don't deny that most of us go on /d/, but it doesn't need to be brought up every chance someone gets.
This guy has it right, except for the last sentence, that was just insulting.

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surprise! most of us don't

it's just you loud people who won't shut up about going to both boards

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Nay, for that way lies ruin and the laughter of thirsting madgods.

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Mah nigga

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That poster has nothing right. He's just a troll.

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>My groups face when our DM had 20 archers shoot down our Cleric while some were being attacked by us and provoked attacks of oppritunity just so he could kill him because he didn't like the Player.

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One Mary Janes is too many! A guy I knew once died from weeds overdose. The coroners said when they opened him up he was more sticky icky than man and that the weed was growing in his lungs.

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Being blunt is the only way to get through to weeaboos. Not that they don't deserve the hate for being incapable of actually staying relevant to the topic/thread they're in even though they have perfectly functional boards to use.

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>That one /tg/ poster who always makes threads about edition wars on /a/ or /d/

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Guess marijuana really does grow like a weed

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A guy I knew in college never shut up about how much pot he was going to smoke after class. I came to hate him so much I never smoked pot.

He was sadly one of the more productive members of our final project.

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I could do that sober.

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>takes weed

go away, grampa

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>implying it's not /d/&/d/

>> No.34123545

Yes anon, you have successfully identified the etymological origin for that piece of slang terminology.

>> No.34123602

>not "Sex-Dungeons and Deviants"

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Don't I know that fucking feeling.
One of my favorite tabletop podcasts turned into that crap when the previous DM's game which was basically an hour of pure comedy as the worst possible group of chaotic PCs romp across and inevitably destroy what it is that the DM had constructed fizzled out, and then the new DM turned it into babby's first antihero 90s game where everyone is a literal pile of shit, everything has an undercurrent of ~real world politics~ and the more super speshul your character concept is, the higher priority you get.
Fuck that guy man.

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>/pol/ and /mlp/
How? Even /pol/ hates /mlp/. Most bronies are hardcore liberals, and /pol/ is largely conservative, of varying degrees.
Even further, fucking /mlp/ would be degenerate.

But aside from that, 10/10
>I fapped

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> That guy that always has to include a godamn japanese-culture reference in every character he makes.
> That fucking guy that feels he has to go on monologues every 5 mins
> That guy that always has to make his furry side come up at every opportunity
> That goddamn DM that thinks making everything about sex and rape means it's a "realistic serious game". This isn't HBO goddamit.
> That goddamn DM that goes out of his to put the female characters in awkward tentacle rape kinda of situations. A little bit of rape humour to fuck with the players is good but you don't fucking need to do this every 10 minutes.
> That goddamn DM that gets mad when the party solves the sex and rape problems in the least sex and rape way possible.
> That goddamn DM that gets mad when the party doesn't play into his fetish situations.
> That goddam DM who pursues and makes living a living hell for the guy who was playing a female character but had it turned into a male just so he wouldn't deal with the DM's creepiness.
> That guy who has to go full blown weaboo all the time. For fucks sake, you have a black dude with a claymore and you don't need to go on a monologue about the superiority of asian warriors.
> That guy who tries way too hard to sound smarter than everyone else and ends up tripping all over his ego.
> That DM who just makes shit up so he can always win.
> That guy that throws hissy fits when you want to DM and don't let him backseat DM.

>> No.34123934

>How? Even /pol/ hates /mlp/. Most bronies are hardcore liberals, and /pol/ is largely conservative, of varying degrees.

There is a long-standing joke about how /pol/ and /mlp/ secretly have a thing going on where /pol/ hatefucks /mlp/. I won't look for good examples,, but you can find stuff about their 'relationship' elsewhere.

>> No.34123941

>That guy that throws hissy fits when you want to DM and don't let him backseat DM.
>backseat DM.
I think I'm having a hard time understanding this 'concept', a "backseat DM"?

You have a DM, who is the narrator and keeper of the rules, and the players, who are the main characters of the narrator's story. In what insane reasoning would 2 narrators sound like a thing that even exists, let alone a good idea at that.

>> No.34123943

>all potted up on weed
Man, white people.

>> No.34124005

>not "Dragons and Dildos"

>> No.34124048

I can only assume "backseat DM" in this context means he either wants to constantly tell the rules before the DM does, or he throws out suggestions for where the narrative could go/what the explanation/reasoning/etc could be for something, like most people do as a joke.

>> No.34124066


Basically someone who WANTS you to include something in the story that HE wants it there for whatever HIS reasons.

As you can imagine it's someone who stops the roleplay all the goddamn time to makes "suggestions" and (demands) and gets mad when you disregard it or tell him to just play the fucking game,

>> No.34124079


What was the podcast?

>> No.34124094

sooooo, douchebag making up some bullshit to not completely let go of the reigns?

>> No.34124115

>that DM that runs a Holocaust campaign with a Jew in the group
>he insists he shouldn't be offended because it's "just fantasy"

>> No.34124125

As someone who has a backseat GM in my game as well, basically they tell you how you should be running your game. If you've homebrewed something, they'll tell you that's against the rules and correct you every time you bring it up. If you've changed something to make life easier for all players involved, they will make your life a living hell for doing so.

Basically, the 'idea guys' of the GM world.

>> No.34124134



Funny thing is, the guy who did it had never actually DM. Everyone in the group knew he was a fucking retard and nobody wanted to play his games, so he resorted to pulling this shit.

>> No.34124154

Fucking this, specially the last phrase.

>> No.34124203

That would be a pretty miserable game to play

>> No.34124239

>Everyone in the group knew he was a fucking retard and nobody wanted to play his games
well how retarded are we talking here?
I'm the curious type and want to hear what asinine thins this little idiot cooked up...

>> No.34124310

Fetishes? I WISH that was all some GMs brought to the game. Here's just ONE of my past GMs.
>Won't let me play a character with decent attributes
>Or any starting equipment besides a handful of gp
>Press-ganged the party into LG alignment
>Railroads the entire campaign, bitches whenever we don't follow the obvious plot leads
>Sends monsters 2+ CR above us regularly
>We get crushed in combat, has a DMPC win the fight for us while we're bleeding on the floor
>Gave us magic items no-one in the party could use
>Refuses to let us sell or trade magic items ever, even with NPCs
>Never let us level up because it was 'unrealistic'
>Bitched whenever we asked for any kind of reward because LG characters can't be greedy
>Thought getting food and water TO NOT STARVE was enough payment for life-threatening work
>Enemies get progressively tougher, but he decides to buff the DMPC instead of the players
>Villain and her Lieutenants are 6+ levels higher than us and have 10-inch-thick Plot Armour
>Literally starts shouting at me and another player when we call him on all his bullshit
>Somehow still manages to find people to play with these days

>> No.34124390

I don't believe this happened. I refuse to.

>> No.34124412

Some points I can kind of see happening, but
>Never let us level up because it was 'unrealistic'
What the fuck does that even mean?
How could he explicitly forbid you from leveling up?

>> No.34124422

Why? They got swimming pools and musical halls and all that stuff. It'd be like Maids or a Japanese highschool anime, just with bunkhouses instead of dorms. You could finalize the travel plans to Madagascar, delouse uniforms, repair diesel motor exhaust systems, bury wood ash in ditches or just hang out and shoot the shit with the camp counselors. But it's not all fun and games; look out for the cruel Americans and Russians destroying supply lines and spreading typhus!

Honestly it'd be fun.

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>THAT fucking player tries to meta-game.
>DM bans that action for the rest of the night.

You're the best.

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>the GM keeps trying to get your PC to wear a magical belt
>he finally stops
>a few sessions later, the GM gives your character a magical dagger

>> No.34124558

...Because the magical dagger does the same thing?

>> No.34124633


>> No.34124677

I'll be honest, I'm not sure of the implication here.

>> No.34124686

Oh, but it did happen. After about 8 sessions and 20+ combat encounters the players asked him when they were going to gain a level. His response was something around the lines of "A level should take a lot of time and practice to gain, I can't see a character gaining one in less than six months in-game."

He never gave us experience, we just fought increasingly tough monsters because his idea of 'ramping up the tension' was throwing CR 8s at our level 4 party (3 members) and watching us get nearly killed, then having his DMPC swoop in effortlessly and save the day, only to berate us for not being stronger.

Did I mention the villain was a level 14+ Sorcerer who enjoyed Greater Teleporting to our location every other session and chatting with us about how we were totally inadvertently helping her plan to do 'something evil'? And that the GM railroading meant we couldn't choose NOT to follow her cunning master plan?

I have storytime, /tg/. By god do I have it.

>> No.34124688

I assume he's referencing the infamous belt of gender changing.

>> No.34124718

Stop blueballing us and share. I am morbidly curious.

>> No.34124725

If his fetishes were mine then I'd love to be in the game, and my fetishes are all (except fat. Fuck, you gotta be healthy)

I've yet to ever hear of a GM inserting my ultimate fetish though, true love.

They're all too hipster to do it.

>> No.34124728

> Nazi: The Mundane
I feel like I'm going to end up running this at some point.

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>> No.34124811

If the GM is being that anal about it, guaranteed it's a cursed item of some sort.

>> No.34124927


Yeah those guys are dicks. I smoke weed too but you don't see me mouthing off about it like it's the coolest shit ever. It's just a regular old vice just like alcohol, tobacco, or reality shows.

In regards to playing tabletop and smoking, it should be treated the same as drinking. Either everyone is smoking to see what happens, or you limit how high you get so that you don't inconvenience your fellow players. It's called manners.

>> No.34124943


>I use big words and sarcasm to compensate for my tiny penis.

>> No.34124991

>me no thunk good. me need make loud man quiet

>> No.34125039

>Dms who are against their players
>not challenging, just straight out is their to fuck with the players plans, goals or wants

Three games under this type of prick. He would send us with a party level+5 level,max rank or 50,000 xp character everywhere and use it as an excuse to have things drop on us. Try and leave him behind, game stops that session. God damn it, it hate your Tony.

>> No.34125077

I actually want a DM that ramps the challenge hard, but only if he knows what he's doing and can do a sweet story along with it.

>> No.34125082


>> No.34125188

Alright, so here's the basic rundown.

>Join a D&D 3.5 group about... five years ago. Two other players (a guy and a girl) and the neckbeard GM
>4th level characters, game set in not-Eberron, we're guarding a mysterious girl who is mysterious
>We need to get to the capital city to drop her off because some people are trying to assassinate her or something
>Group is a Ninja (guy), a Monk (girl), and a Factotum (me)
>We all made skillful characters with little combat ability, but the GM says that's fine
>We proceed to lose 90% of our fights because the GM won't let us sneak around and we're all Tier 5
>He decides to throw in a succession of GMPCs to win our fights for us, I don't particularly mind
>The adventure is basically Walk to Next Town -> Mayor Asks for Help -> Long Dungeon -> No Reward
>Rinse and Repeat, BUT THOU MUST in high effect, literally wasn't allowed to tell any of them that we didn't have time to help them or that we were shitty adventurers
>Did I mention no magic items, just non-masterwork gear we'd find in the dungeon? And that no shopkeeper would buy
>Villain of the campaign turns out to be a Sorceress with a Barbarian and a Rakshasa as her Lieutenants
>She's level 14+ by the way since she cast Simulacrum multiple times and could Teleport
>Constantly harasses the party, not in a "IMMA KILL YOU" way but in a "I'm going to grope you now and if you don't like it I'll Dominate you first" way
>Monk player gets super uncomfortable since she's the target of harassment 90% of the time and she's gay
>GM meanwhile is blushing as he's describing how the Sorceress caresses her Monk's 'supple and nubile form'
>Attacking the Sorceress nets you Ability Damage which none of us can heal outside of rest
>Did I mention the Dungeons were 8+ encounters in a row with no rest and only my character could heal? A grand total of 30 HP per day at best.
>GM has us fight increasingly high CR enemies with no level ups, I mean by the end of the game they were CR 11+

>> No.34125259


Christ, hope you (and the monk) dropped that shit.

>> No.34125286

That is how i dm, i build encounters around players not just throw things at them to see what works.

Dick bag from before would withhold plot points, ramp difficulties into the 40's for skill checks, throw necrons at us in dark heresy and spawn balors on us in our sleep after we fought things all day.

One time in shadowrun, we went to go check out an apartment that wanted after saving up from runs and day jobs. Two thugs opened up on us through the door, in a 50,000 a month apartment. We dropped them, 10 more came out of the bedrooms and closet. Killing them with very expensive grenades and trying to run, the rest came out of cabinets, floor tiles and other apartments.

>> No.34125388

>We finally track down the Barbarian for the second time
>The first time she ripped my character's left eye out, no save, he was unconscious at the time
>We've got 3 Paladins backing us up, we tell them to go all-out and we swarm her, thankfully she did not have Whirlwind Attack
>She DID have 6+ attacks per round with a double-sided Greatsythe, I swear she had +15 or more to hit us and did 40+ damage a hit
>Paladins get drained of ALL their Lay on Hands, we're all out of Ki and magic but the Barbarian is unconscious (but stable)
>The Ninja and I decide to Coup de Grace her because she's Chaotic Evil and killed 200+ people THAT DAY ALONE
>Out of nowhere, the Paladins grapple the entire party and pin us instantly to the ground
>The other Lieutenant, the Rakshasa, teleports in and starts walking towards the Barbarian
>I try to break free, can't get out on a Natural 20, GM is clearly fudging rolls
>Rakshasa grabs the Barbarian and teleports away
>The whole time I'm screaming at the Paladins In-Game that the Barbarian's death is worth more than all of our lives combined
>The Paladin on my character proceeds to punch the shit out of him after the Rakshasa leaves, saying that my character was clearly just after 'a personal vendetta' and that he wasn't going to let me get everyone killed
>I call out the Paladins in-game, telling them they're cowards and that they've let a thousand innocents die in vain because they let her go
>Ninja backs me up all the way, says that they're clearly not pursuing The Greater Good and we would have killed her easily before backup arrived
>GM proceeds to literally shout at us in real life about how we don't understand anything and we're not following how the story's supposed to go
>'Supposed to go'?
>We ask him what he meant by that, he clams up but we insist and he finally gives in

>> No.34125525


>> No.34125539

>Turns out the entire adventure was a fanfiction he was writing, he had the beginning and the end, our game was the 'middle' part.
>The entire 'game' was rigged from the start
>The main character was the mysterious woman we were protecting all along
>Her mysterious backstory was the beginning of the book
>Everything we were doing was related to her amnesia and her 'hidden powers' that would soon develop so she could face the Sorceress and defeat her
>We were literally just listening to him recounting a fanfiction for the entire campaign
>We never had agency to begin with, we were placeholders for her 'loyal bodyguards'
>The GMPCs were the other 'real' heroes who were going to show up in the finale to fight the last battle
>No really.
>He said that we spoiled everything by not acting the way we were supposed to and that he was so frustrated with keeping in line when we clearly didn't care about his work or all the effort he put into everything
>He was standing there, shouting at us about how we were all the 'bad guys' here and how he'd barely managed to put up with us to this point in the game
>When I finally got a word in edgewise and said that he was being selfish as fuck, his response was "I'm not here so you can have fun."
>He openly admits to not giving a shit if we were enjoying ourselves at the table
>Me and the Ninja player leave immediately and never return
>Monk player stays for two more sessions until his rampant douchebaggery becomes too much for even her to bear
>They knew each other since they were 4 years old

The worst part? Me and the Ninja player struggle to find games these days, the GM runs/plays in 3+ games a week, and the Monk girl invites him (but not me or the Ninja guy) to her parties because apparently she thinks the two of us are aggressive assholes now.

>> No.34125596
File: 45 KB, 300x300, fucking why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is causing me physical pain.

>> No.34125608
File: 1.71 MB, 450x252, what the fuck did you just say.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fanfiction played out in DnD
I can't

>> No.34125629
File: 496 KB, 400x226, 1362328267969.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only hope I get after reading this is that it might not be true.

>> No.34125752

We never even figured out what the hell the fanfiction was all about. Granted there were a couple of hints that the Mysterious Woman was some ancient evil cleric who got sent to hell and somehow dragged herself out (with a dose of amnesia to boot), and there were a couple of strange blue stones we were finding in some of the dungeons that made people go crazy if they touched them directly for too long, but it was all a lot of Cryptic Bullshit at the end of the day.

You're probably wondering why I stuck with the game for so long. It basically boils down to:
1) There are very, very few gamers in my area
2) I was going through a pretty rough patch of my life and needed a distraction from the shit going on around me
3) The Ninja guy and Monk girl were my only friends at the time

I've lost contact with Ninja guy, he's cool but it's been years now. Monk girl and I regularly talk, she sometimes plays in games with me but the fact that she prefers to hang out with our old GM instead of me is a slap in the face whenever I think about it. I did my best to get the GM blacklisted from every FLGS in the region (not that many really) but it's been long enough for people to forget and I no longer visit those places.

>> No.34125794

What the hell did you say to get a guy banned from a game store? Mine has a guy who fucking raped his four year old cousin just wandering around looking at 4e manuals.

>> No.34125817

so i guess you could say we are /d/-litefull

>> No.34125883

But you did find more games besides his, right?
Railroading a shit, and I have no idea what the fuck his thing with LG was
Guess it would be the easiest to enslave. If he wanted a completely set story with no deviation, he shoulda just written the damn fiction

>> No.34125884



i couldn't resist

>> No.34125962
File: 1.69 MB, 933x704, 1406995782198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never refer to this asshole as a DM ever again. It's not even bad play. It's no play. He stole your time for no fucking reason besides... What? To find prereaders for his shitty fanfic? What was it even fanfic for?

>> No.34125979
File: 1006 KB, 490x368, 1398969403090.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34126088

What can I say, I'm kind of a petty asshole when I want to be. He was a colossal prick so I leveraged what little influence I had (I ran one-shots of new systems to entice players to buy the books at the store) and the most I got was they didn't want him advertising his games on their bulletin board. Not much but it sent a message. He was never banned though, he played Counter-Strike or some bullshit in the computer section twice a week so he made them money as well.

I didn't find another stable (more than 3 sessions) tabletop group for, oh, about 3 years. I play on roll20 these days for that reason, there's just nothing worthwhile in my area.

Railroading was necessary for him because he'd planned out the 'set-pieces' of the campaign. Case and point, we stop in a town for supplies and find out there are gypsies outside town. Then one of them goes missing and another is on trial for murder. We want to keep moving because of the assassins on our trail but the asshole INSISTS that we defend the gypsy because she says she didn't do it and therefore BUT THOU MUST DEFEND THE INNOCENT.

He runs games to this day. As for his writing, he once spent 30+ minutes telling me a book he was writing about two female lions (not anthro lions, just... lions) who ate gazelle and chatted about stuff and also love quadrangles with other lions and apparently lesbian lion sex came up a few times. And it was a novel apparently, I call it a fanfic because it's set in Eberron and thus D&D-based.

>> No.34126177

For clarification, the campaign we were in was Eberron-based. The lion-sex-thing was apparently set in either present-day Africa, or in some kind of strange post-apocalyptic version of Africa. No, I don't know how the Lions can talk to each other, frankly I think he might have been high when he was telling me about it.

>> No.34126191

Broken clock is right twice a day.

>> No.34126234

Podcast is sort of the wrong word for it, but it's the closest I could think of.
It's "Let's Play D&D 4E" from the Something Awful forums. Google should come up with it as the first result, despite the name it is basically just a podcast of a campaign and not really much a Let's Play at all. It eventually fizzled out because of a variety of reasons, and was more or less replaced by a 13th Age campaign DMed by one of the players from the previous group, with a much more serious tone.

"Serious," mind you, meaning he literally threw a moral choice at the party to A: Aid literal roadside bandits in stealing from a shipment from the Empire or B: Assist the Empire and letting them transport a shipment of weapons so they could subjugate the wastelands who wish to remain independent.

>> No.34126237
File: 75 KB, 500x500, codex-alera-series.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mah. Nigger.
Put your hand on your screen right now. This an internet high-five

>> No.34126300

>Yngwie Malmsteen writes a series of novels.jpg

>> No.34126364
File: 2.78 MB, 448x252, Sunset.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posts Martin
>mentions fetish
>no one posts Sunset.webm
For shame

>> No.34126429
File: 227 KB, 500x334, scared.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34126445
File: 2 KB, 125x122, kennyhotz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My GM always ties his campaigns with stupid 4th wall breaking retard twist. Send help.

>> No.34126499
File: 985 KB, 500x283, tumblr_m39uaw987F1qk7jdoo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34126503
File: 46 KB, 800x558, telltale-games-copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34126657
File: 426 KB, 1920x1080, dxdSEtd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34126949

I used to be in a group where our DM allowed his gf in and they always brought in their relationship issue and treated the game like therapy.

>> No.34126988

That's just a convention of the whole "animal story" genre. It's like saying that Richard Adams must have been licking blotters when he wrote about rabbits having folklore

>> No.34127024

How do you know this? The only empirical data we have are the /tg/ census. Which always has at least 60% of people polled use /d/. As a volunteer census, it is flawed but it is far more reliable than your apparently anecdotal evidence.

>> No.34127093


At least The Wolf Among Us gives you the option of telling everyone to fuck off at every turn.

>> No.34127157

>kenny hotz

Mah Cannucka.

>> No.34127192

Not Canadian, but Kenny is a pretty cool guy.

>> No.34127210


The Wolf Among Us is amazing, definitely their best. Should have used a Walking Dead screenshot.

>> No.34127272

"Hey I made up this poll thing that you can totally skew the results of for no good reason and it's hard evidence okay?"

>> No.34127280
File: 108 KB, 451x311, twitching eye.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>NPCs are either condescending assholes or condescending assholes who are "honorable" and thus right
>Try to strike up friendly conversation with a blacksmith, DM no sells it.
>Fuck it, stop trying to be nice all the time
>Still be polite, my character gets made fun of in and out of character
>Called evil by NPCs
>Just start caring about combat
>His Girlfriend is a psion whose energy retort triggers on every attack instead of just the first one in the round
>He takes creative interpretations of the spells, such as saying the touching part of vampire touch lasts one hour per level.
>which is always ridiculously stacked against us
>Big fights usually end with some bullshit solution when the Boss keeps critting us because DM doesn't want us to die.
>Complains that he wants to do a roleplay heavy political intrigue game.
Also "Coup de Grace" is inherently evil, and if someone isn't fighting back you're evil.
from the same person who talks about how he has a list of people humanity would be better off without.
Bonus round
>changes the DC for my roll only so you had to score higher then the DC to pass when I rolled exactly on the number and I get transported to a chamber with a deepspawn.
>He sends the DMPC there with me and blames me "Oh, if Anon had rolled higher then you would all be in the same room."
>I call him out on it a little later in a passive aggressive comment and he invokes the golden rule, telling me he shouldn't have to tell me.
>Same guy who endlessly complained when the DM of a previous campaign fluffed his fireballs going slower than they normally would and travelling in a wide arc
>and still complains about the fact that we teleported into an antimagic zone which caused his snowflake to nearly combust due to all of the bonfires loaded up with alchemist fires and patched down on her person. The DM ruled they wouldn't explode for another round, but she committed suicide anyway by grabbing the patches and running into a crowd of goblins

>> No.34127509

>case and point
I read the whole thing and suddenly I'm siding with the GM. Also Monk totally made the right call to play on with him (secret fetish-fuelled lesbo schlicking nightly to GM's sorceresses no doubt) instead of you.

>> No.34127530

wow! buddy, you need to lighten up.

>> No.34127535

If it makes you feel better anon, I'd love to have a player like you in my campaign.

My current party is full of passive aggressive bores who don't take an interest in anything besides combat.

>> No.34127628
File: 4 KB, 213x224, sadbatman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ask party what we should do
>They're silent
>Ask them what's wrong
>Complain that all I'm doing is hogging the spotlight and not letting them get a word in
>Apologise, say I didn't realise, and that I'll be a lot quieter
>GM asks us what we want to do
>Stay quiet, watch everyone else
>Nobody says anything, just looking at their laptops
>Sigh and tell the GM we'd like to head to town

I need a better group

>> No.34127634

>Fudges a roll so player fails
>Blames player
Your DM is a shitpiece.

>> No.34127754

I don't want to be the GM to start the "no phones/laptops/gameboys at the table" rule, but all things are pointing in that direction lately.

Worst thing is when my players say combat takes too long. Meanwhile, after their turn they go back to browsing the internet and don't pay any attention to what's happening. Every turn is me telling a player what just happened in the last two turns.

I really think it's a good idea to rule out distractions around the table. Honestly, if the players can't keep their attention on the table, ask them why they're even there.

>> No.34127782

I am guilty of going on my phone from time to time, but I manage to keep good situational awareness even when I am checking something such as an invocation or a feat I'm thinking about getting in the next level.
Compared to the DM's girlfriend who regurlarly starts with "Ok....what's happening?"
She's a cool person, they both are, but sometimes I think he overestimates her interest and starts getting into that passionate ramble while she zones out because he's on a roll

>> No.34127814

>Please talk to the old man dying on the road
>I'd like to kill him and loot his corpse
>You recover a journal, looked like he was writing his dying thoughts. Care to take a read?
>No gold, lets move on
You are doing this on purpose you shitlord, aren't you Ben?

>> No.34127843

He could have been dying of syphillis for all we know and just writing about dog dongs
moving on!

>> No.34127859

The issue here is that it goes too far. In my case, we have a GM who gets INCREDIBLY annoyed if anyone's turn takes more than four seconds to resolve, to the point where anyone doing anything more interesting than "I go in and full attack" has a chance of just being skipped entirely.

And forget roleplay, as everyone we meet is either completely fucking useless, mean and intentionally unhelpful, or just generally annoying. And they all treat our PCs like idiots for no reason.

>> No.34127871
File: 36 KB, 596x463, 1325744876105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He deserved all of it. God do I hate Worf. He only got worse and worse as seasons came and went, even more so on DS9. But then again, half of the characters on DS9 were insufferable cunts to balance out the brilliant ones.

>> No.34127872

Got so peeved I forgot the point i was making:
Banning distractions at the table is a slippery slope that leads to being a shitlord.

>> No.34127960

>That GM that seemed pretty normal and decent until all of a sudden in the middle of an encounter with a dragon, after one of us used a spell on the dragon to make it dumber, the GM describes it getting 'red rocket' in detail and then how it rapes us all to death with a dick bigger than a minotaur

>> No.34127972


See now that's entirely the opposite end of the spectrum. And understandably shitlordish.

Ultimately I guess it's a balance of making sure everyone is attentive to the situation, but allowing time for decision making and troubleshooting in combat. I love having players come up with creative ways to use their actions and actively solving problems in combat, so I generally allow longer turns.

Next game I host I'll likely end up just calling out players who clearly aren't paying attention.

>> No.34127984

I've done that.
>Last watch of the night.
>Fighter is sitting by the fire, looking about.
>Wolves sneak up on him from behind
>He botches the observation check
>Gets a wolf on his back, turns around just in time to get a critical to the nuts
>Yelling wakes the rest of the party
>By the time they have thrown the armour on or found theire weapons he's been draged away by the pack, his nutsack injury putting him into bleeding out territory

>> No.34128002

I've been a backseat GM. My friend who was gm'ing at the time gave our party basically bomb rocks. Then he would throw waves of enemies, we would throw the rock, and he would say they all died, without any roles. This was a system where even the most fragile of things would require a solid hit to one shot, and these by all accounts were soldiers. I expressed my incredulity at the fact he gave us such ridiculously powerful things for no reason and suggested that he actually bother statting his item, or even his enemies, and the rest of the group said that it was his setting (this was OC, so not even an item that was statted in the rules, despite there being many explosives) so that he could make what he wanted.

>> No.34128161

> Me and the Ninja player struggle to find games these days, the GM runs/plays in 3+ games a week, and the Monk girl invites him (but not me or the Ninja guy) to her parties because apparently she thinks the two of us are aggressive assholes now.
You have friends don't you? Invite some of them and try to start your own campaign. If you still want to keep contact with the monk, invite HER to YOUR games/parties so she understands that there are no hard feelings.

>> No.34128201

Not everyone has friends that are interesting in playing traditional games.

>> No.34128297

Fucking this. Me and one other player in my long standing group bother DOING anything outside of combat, we are the only ones making decisions. We rotate DM's every so often, so in the times where only one of us is in the party, it always falls to us to advance the story. I try to avoid this, by saying at the end of every narrative piece, "What do you want to do" before they have time to argue.
I remember one game where this friend was gm, we run in to a group of strangely armed people in a war-zone city. I am playing a no nonsense no risks military guy, so I say, "I'd like to shoot them on sight". Cue 20 minutes later I am trying to convince the group that this is in character for my guy and probably the smartest thing to do anyway. My friend ends up ending this by saying "During your extended argument, the others take this opportunity to pull out guns. Roll initiative"

>> No.34128426

I have played a game with 2 DMs.
It was basicaly a DM and a lazy guy who helped keeping track of stuff and narrated player to player if someone separated himself from the party.

>> No.34128783

I killed off a level 2 character with a night ambush by a wil o wisp.

>> No.34128822


>Magic dildos

So... larp weapons?

>> No.34128859
File: 11 KB, 225x178, large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That DM who can't keep his views on religion from the game

>> No.34128881


Retarded as "hey guys I found this picture of a beheaded cat hung on a wall that I think is funny, let me email it to you all on your work mails as well as my girlfriends and then whine that she broke up with me" retarded.

He was a guy that never worked a day in his life, stayed at home 24/7 playing games on his computer and yet claimed to have a lot life experience ( he didn't because he was 18) and wrote blogs about libertarianism and atheism (nothing wrong with that, but if you are a moron you shouldnt write about anything, pronto). He was unwashed, never brushed his teeth and he always showed in some stained ass pijama shirt we knew he had been sleeping on for at least a week. I don't know why we allowed him in games as a start

>> No.34128887


>Killed by a will o' wisp

The adventurer life was not for him.

>> No.34128898

One hit kill from a confirmed critical.

>> No.34129012
File: 12 KB, 200x269, DavidWeber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that player that keeps making Mary Sue characters

>> No.34129022

I don't think he plays anymore.

>> No.34129050

I'm visualizing some raiders of the lost arc shit with this.

>> No.34129135
File: 105 KB, 1200x800, 1396057210364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/pol/ is just tsudere anon.
Also, gas the kikesrace war now and all that.

>> No.34129158


Don't you love how they're both wearing fedoras and jackets?

>> No.34129168

/pol/ is the Realm of Men defender. He has no time for emotions

>> No.34129192
File: 897 KB, 500x281, 1407640650941.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>That GM who always inserts his fetishes into every game he runs, who you share fetishes with

>> No.34129218

>Men can only become clerics of Eilistraee if they go through magical sex change surgery first

>> No.34129316

>Monk girl and I regularly talk, she sometimes plays in games with me but the fact that she prefers to hang out with our old GM instead of me is a slap in the face whenever I think about it.
Plot twist, she liked the fanfic!

>> No.34129419


I don't see the problem with that, honestly. I would choose: "Fuck over the people I don't know" every time.

>> No.34129440

The fucking dms in my group, holy mother mary christ. Every fucking night. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing, there will be a fucking night ambush.

>> No.34129441


I'm amazed that he wasn't strangled.

>> No.34129576

That's my DM right there.
He does it just to keep me on my toes since I'm the only other persoin our group that has a good base knowledge of the system.

>> No.34129585


My GM has a weird view of things. I'm not really sure if it's a problem, but it just seems to be a very negative view of the world in general. I'll elaborate:

> All orcish/goblinoid races are utterly evil and irredeemable.
> All demons and devils are completely evil, and can never grow beyond their nature. If they appear to be making an attempt, it's a lie every time.
> Good and Neutral characters can do a lot of dickish things, as long as it can be justified by their personal moral code.
> The divine right of Kings is a thing, and it can't be shaken.
> If the rules say 'only an elf can use this', only an elf can use it. No exceptions.
> Half-breeds don't 'count' as members of the other race, because their bloodline is too diluted.
> All half-orcs are the product of savage rape.
> Paladins exist to slay evil, and lean towards 'total asshole' instead of 'nice guy'.
> No hypocrisy in fantasy religion. Everyone's a true believer.

The second-last one kind of rubs me the wrong way, for some reason. A recurring antagonist was this total fuckwad of a knight, who was staunchly and openly racist and sexist, looked down on everyone who wasn't part of his religion, was downright suspicious of arcane magic, and otherwise loathed all the 'lesser races'.

He was still Lawful Good, and was completely without cynicism. He died while singlehandedly holding off an army.

I may not be describing this correctly, but everything seems like such a downer. When my uber-charismatic Rogue tried to talk the BBEG's Sorceress out of continuing the ritual that would end the world, she said:

> "I've come too far to turn back."

and went ahead and did it anyway. Everyone who worked for the bad guys, even the sympathetic ones, were basically hunted down and culled en masse.

Sure, we were the heroes, but the whole thing just generally left a very bad taste in my mouth. I don't like that the obviously telegraphed assholes were in the right, instead of being wrong.

>> No.34129599

>That GM who decides you've been rolling too well and begins making things harder for you/has your successes not seem to mean as much to 'balance' it out.

>> No.34129621

> All orcish/goblinoid races are utterly evil and irredeemable.
> All demons and devils are completely evil, and can never grow beyond their nature. If they appear to be making an attempt, it's a lie every time.
> Paladins exist to slay evil, and lean towards 'total asshole' instead of 'nice guy'.
> If the rules say 'only an elf can use this', only an elf can use it. No exceptions.
> Good and Neutral characters can do a lot of dickish things, as long as it can be justified by their personal moral code.
At this things he has a point

>> No.34129641

>All demons and devils are completely evil
...I can accept that. I'd prefer it if it were at least possible for a demon/devil to grudgingly become good at some distant point in the future of their character arc but...no problem there man.
>Good and Neutral characters can do a lot of dickish things
But still basically be good or neutral, yes, that's fine.
>If the rules say only an elf can use it, only an elf can
...yes, uh huh.
>Half-breeds don't 'count' as members of the other race
This is true. The rules for a half-breed specifically state what traits of the parent race/s they adopt, such as half-elves still needing some sleep but sleeping slightly less than normal humans.
>half-orcs are the product of savage rape
It depends. If orcs are the monstrous savage bloodlusty rapefiends as they are in some settings, then yeah, it's not too common for a human to meet an orc at an ice cream social and 'click.'
>paladins exist to slay evil and lean towards total asshole
This is dumb.
>No hypocrisy
I don't even understand that one, hypocrisy is practically inherent.

>> No.34129646

Sure he does...if it is suddenly now 1979 and we have not yet progressed out of crushingly rigid 1st Edition interpretations of the alignment system. And we're also working with an emo nihilist DM who thinks everyone but him should die so he can then stay up all night without his mommy and daddy telling him to get a job.

>> No.34129679


It just feels very...anti-heroic fantasy to me. Another example would be the party's bard romancing the Princess, whom we has rescued and were bringing back to the kingdom.

When we finally got back, she gave him the big push-off, and told him:

> "Sorry, you're nice, but I can't be seen with or marry a commoner."


> No hypocrisy

Yeah, it felt weird to me. Like, when we found this cult that was secretly sacrificing people to stop the Lurker Below from awakening, it turned out that they were REALLY making the sacrifices to stop it from awakening. They weren't doing it for kicks or personal power, it really was a threat.

As for Paladins, I'm not sure how to describe it. My GM's Paladins are more like engines of destruction. They aren't very personable, they don't really care much about other people, and they just go out and find evil and kill it.

Like, there's this sneering sense of supremacy to them. "My God has blessed me with his holy powers, so I'm better than you. Even if you're physically stronger, I'm still a better person. God told me so."

>> No.34129683

You met Grim-Grim dark GM, still better than "friendship is magic" and "you only need to believe to do it" GMs, right?

>> No.34129706

It's unfortunate that that's the norm and there aren't really any examples in his setting of paladins that are contrary to that, but it kind of makes sense. I mean, if the paladins are supposed to be paragons of their god's beliefs then I guess you can imagine them as fundamentalists. And in that sense, if their attitude is 'I am better and you are a dirty fucking heathen cuz god said so' well, then there is your hypocrisy, because I doubt that every god for every paladin is like...picking and choosing what lives are more valuable and worthy of bestowing gifts upon.

>> No.34129739


This is the kind of thing that annoys me. We ventured into a graveyard while tracking down a vampire lord, and it turned out that he was planning to defile the crypt of a saint who had an artifact sword.

So we visit the crypt, and we're confronted by the ghostly guardians, and they refuse to let us pass because none of us are the chosen one. We point out that we're trying to stop the placed from being defiled by fucking Barrow from Salem's Lot, and they still refuse to let us pass, because none of us are the Chosen One.

So we ask how does someone become the Chosen One, and we're told that it's impossible. Either you are, or you aren't. You can't qualify for the position. When we eventually got near the sword, it refused to budge no matter what. The GM told us that:

> "Yeah, the Chosen One hasn't been born yet. You can't really do anything about it."

It just irks me, somehow.

>> No.34129746


> And in that sense, if their attitude is 'I am better and you are a dirty fucking heathen cuz god said so' well, then there is your hypocrisy, because I doubt that every god for every paladin is like...picking and choosing what lives are more valuable and worthy of bestowing gifts upon.

Isn't that what the D&D gods do, in RAW?

>> No.34129748
File: 126 KB, 1280x720, demons_be_kinky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BBEG is served by Dominatrixes that dress solely in full body leather suits
... you know, this can be done right, but only in the right setting. Pic related, source is the game Brutal Legend. Trust me, it fits right in with all the other ridiculous shit in that game.

>> No.34129768


How transphobic

>> No.34129770

I believe that all demons and devils should be completely evil in their home planes. Those places have auras of evil around them. This is why angels, creatures of pure good, are uncomfortable in Hell, same way devils are uncomfortable in the land of the gods. However, the material plane is neutral. Planar alignment restrictions don't apply here. You aren't compelled to do good or evil.

>> No.34129793

Like I said, I'd prefer it if was possible for a demon or devil, given the right circumstances, to eventually become not evil. Or feel remorse or whatever. Maybe starting off with having to ally itself with the forces of good to survive against a bigger threat, I dunno.

I like how you put it, and that's the kind of logic I've applied in games I've run before.

But still, if a setting just has it that demons and devils are evil, period, and that's just their nature, so be it.

>> No.34129856

Aren't all devils maniacal sadist. And i never seen any humans of this types to become "less evil"

>> No.34129868


It depends on the setting of course, but let's go with FR

>All orcs etc
This is true. They are Evil creatures by their nature, and Evil and Good are tangible forces.
>All demons and devils
Also completely true, since they are more a force of the universe with a personality attached, than people
>Good and neutral
Yes and no, a personal moral code is not enough, as Good and Evil are tangible forces, though it takes more than one step off the beaten path to become evil
>The divine right of Kings
It actually is, if you put any weight in Siamorphe
>If the rules say only an elf can use this
Well, yes. That's why they're the rules. There are, in fact, magical artifacts enchanted in such a way that they reject other races, or even other people (Moonblades come to mind)
>Half-breeds don't count
True again, there are mechanics in place specifically for these half-breeds -because- they don't count as members of a race. Fluffwise, it'll depend on the people around them, but most races don't view halfers as their own kin
>All half-orcs
Given that all orcs are Evil in this setting, there's a good chance of that being true, unless the mother was Evil and had some serious issues
>Paladins exist to slay evil
Bullshit. Look at Paladins of Sune.
>Everyone's a true believer
Bullshit. Kelemvor has a whole wall erected of the souls of false believers.

Mind, all of these are subject to DM discretion, but there's really no reason for you to expect a DM to cater to you just because you want it.

>> No.34129897


To clarify, I meant that people who worship a God tend to do so wholeheartedly. The ones we met, anyway.

Also, we only met Paladins of militant gods. There was a goddess of magic and healing, but I don't think she had any.

>> No.34129914


Except a Paladin really holds no more weight than a Cleric.

If you want honest to god "my god loves me more than other mortals" justification, you go Favoured Soul, or Divine Champion, and even the latter is fairly iffy.

>> No.34129924

Nobody ever said the orc was the one doing the raping, anon.

>> No.34129944


That guy from earlier: It was the orcs every time, sorry.

>> No.34129965


That's also a bit of bullshit, right there. Most people, even in FR, give lip service to gods, and aside from adventurers, most don't even have a patron god.

The militant paladin thing is a shame, though. Much can be done with paladins of uncommon gods. Militant and extremist is overdone, and hardly lawful or good

>> No.34129983


That was my problem, really. The game itself played great, it just felt that the setting was very mean-spirited in that regard. I asked the GM, and his answer was something like:

> "They know it's real, though. To the average person, worship is the equivalent of putting money in the bank."

>> No.34129997
File: 32 KB, 350x350, that hole series of events.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I miss Sir Double-Faggot !!8AFJ0v9DBJj.

>> No.34130028


Probably because he equates the worship of gods with sitting in church, forced, every sunday, keeping his head down before his mother hits him. Only, since the gods are real, it'll be the gods hitting them, so they are extra fervent.

No, no, no. You're right. That's the wrong way of dealing with it. The way people show their faith is little things, like leaving part of the harvest for Chauntea, or keeping a small statue of Gond in their smithy, or whatever.

>> No.34130061

That's OK, it's not muh fetish.

>> No.34130063

I fail to see the problem, it sounds like you were part of a damn good campaign.

>> No.34130067

So he plays the standard D&D setting?

>> No.34130072
File: 376 KB, 1920x1080, mord sith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ask and ye shall recieve

>> No.34130074

>I'm not a retarded weeaboo so my brain actually fucking works
If only there were more of this strange species within our hobby.

>> No.34130082

>anti-heroic fantasy
Well it probably was. Fantasy does not imply heroism.

>> No.34130099

>little bit of rape humour to fuck with the players is good
It's sounds like you're a rape DM survivor

>> No.34130103

>so long as the character is not a complete carbon-copy of the last one you shouldn't be pushing people out of that comfort zone

Guy I know has played an Orc druid named Mal in Pathfinder. Died five times, insisted on being resurrected each time. Finally the DM refused, said he'd been brought back to many times. He rolls a new character. Orc druid named Mal. On another day starts playing in a Rogue Trader game. Creates a magic guy named Mal.

And no, he's never seen or heard of Firefly, for those wondering.

>> No.34130104

Clerics are also people a god likes, or at least trusts, more than others. Clerics being equal with Paladins in no way means they are less loved over others. Theirs just tiers to this shit.

The Eldest are normal people who get pressured to do better, the Middle Child are Paladins/Clerics who are kept well off but rather ignored, and the Favored are the youngest who get coddeled and smothered with love.

>> No.34130110

>gods are real
>there are documented cases of miracles
>there's people running around who believe so hard they can heal open wounds with a single touch

You shouldn't really play D&D if you wanted heroism.

>> No.34130131


Why the hell did I write heroism, I do not even.

>> No.34130161


It's more that it feels really reductionist to me. You know, like there were never any real exceptions, and we couldn't really appeal to anyone's better nature.

The campaign ended with the triumph of Good over Evil, but it's the kind of triumph which means that the Good people kill off the Evil ones as naturally and without thought the way you'd kill an insect. Again, I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it felt that there was a refusal to allow ambiguity to enter the question.

We did manage to convince one of two lesser minions to surrender, for example, but after their arrest they were swiftly put to death. No question about "Give them a second chance." or "Lock them in jail." it was just "We find you guilty. Take them out and behead them, then burn their bodies."

Like: "Of course they're evil. They're *orcs*!" and they really do turn out to be evil. And "Don't listen to anything a demon says. They're all diabolical liars." and every last one of them was indeed raw Evil.

There was one scene where we found a Paladin protecting a looter from an angry mob, and immediately after he'd got the man clear, he cut off the man's hand. Because the penalty for looting in times of siege is the loss of a limb, not lynching. It was just depressing; Shouldn't the good guys be, you know, held to a higher standard of things?

Or am I just too sensitive?

>> No.34130163

Sounds proper to me, DnD runs more Greek style than Catholic.

You don't have faith in the gods, they exist. You appease them or seek their favor.

>> No.34130197


>LARP tier armour

It's the Dungeons and Dragons movie all over again!

>> No.34130199

I'm fairly certain your GM may have been a high-functioning sociopath.

>> No.34130216

>Like: "Of course they're evil. They're *orcs*!" and they really do turn out to be evil

Over the top but possible, if the DM rules so

>And "Don't listen to anything a demon says. They're all diabolical liars."
Literally forces of evil.At this point you're too sensitive.

>> No.34130237

Sounds very genre appropriate. There's not a lot of middle ground in "medival" fantasy because the time period is pretty straight forward on that. If you capture a bandit, he goes on trial. If he is found guilty he hangs.

Orcs and Demon's being evil is the result of the melding of old Christian morals that result from shooting for an Arthurian feel. Demons are evil because god says they are, a good man does not question god.

The thing with the mob is literally how that shit went down back in the day.

The main issue you're having is that you and the DM want to play different games. He's taking a fantasy world and playing it straight as if it were historical fiction, while you would like to play something a lot lighter.

Just an problem of "different strokes"

>> No.34130243

My DM just had an NPC throw a Geas on a player for violating the city's laws by trying to cast a spell on a shopkeeper. It had about seven vague instructions, including "don't violate any more of our laws", "be a spy for the Hell Knights", and "bring half of all the loot/treasure you acquire back to the hell knights", among others. It also apparently lasts forever.

When I called him on it in a Facebook message, he just ass pulled "it's a custom spell for this character. I wanted to punish him without killing him."

All because the PC, a witch, attempted to Sow Thought into a shopkeeper to improve his favor. Then the whole town hive minded and all guards everywhere were aware of the crime, and he was sent to trial.

It bugged me especially because the way he was talking to the PC, supposedly in character, was the same way he talks to his five year old when he's scolding him.

>> No.34130282


While you should be able to appeal to many a NPC's better nature, monster races have no business being on the list of creatures you try that with, let alone embodiments of Evil

Anything of the standard and halfer races (including tieflings) should be fair game, though.

You have to have something worthwhile to convince them, though.
Just saying "you really don't want to end the world" and rolling for persuasion isn't going to cut it, especially if that NPC really does want to end the world. Even if you roll 20.

Jail, or trial or whatever will depend on the paladin as well.
One of Hoar, for instance, wouldn't give a shit. If it's one of Tyr or Torm, however, that's really bad form.

As for expecting to be able to find non evil orcs, well... As they are in vanilla FR, it just doesn't happen. You're trying to see a humanity there that just isn't there. Yes, they're intelligent. Yes, they have personalities. Yes, they have hopes, dreams and aspirations. They're not human, however, and there's no reason to assume they ever would be good.

>> No.34130290

Your DM sounds like a dick, but I actually understand magic detecting city guards.

Seems like it would be necessity in your standard DnD setting.

>> No.34130332


True that. Baldur's Gate 2 style mage police

>> No.34130346

>they teleport right into your traps
Good times.

>> No.34130368

The thing is, those people usually carry vengeance and it's happened more than once where that vengeance is in the shape of "encounters not fit for our levels".

It's safer to fuck over the people you know since you can be pretty sure they're not hiding a pet dragon in their basement.

>> No.34130456

I kinda sympathise with you a bit more than the others in this thread, imo it's sorta like someone's made their vision of a just, utopian society, but they weren't very good at writing it and it seems uncomfortably dystopian, not unlike reading a chick tract or sonichu. The arbitrarily irredeemable nature of evil and the somewhat arbitrary nature of good in this setting's something that comes to mind, but what sticks out in my mind imo is the stance on monarchy and aristocracy. Divine right of kings in real life led to a lot of monarchs being a little detached from reality, and it was awfully common and almost accepted for aristocracy to have secret or not so secret lovers. The complete sincerity and no unfaithful worshipers thing combined with the divine right of kings thing just feels really off in my mind. Maybe this is an uncomfortable undercurrent of fantasy, maybe this is oversensitivity on my part or maybe it's my Irish father's undying hatred for monarchies rubbing off on me, but the more I think about it the more I feel off in my stomach.

>> No.34130622


To be completely fair to the GM, he didn't depict it as particularly right. It was just the way things were, which is why I felt that the bad guys were pretty sympathetic.

Which of course begs the question why anyone would be Evil in the first place, given that all the villains came to an extremely messy end.

>> No.34130646

What the actual fuck?

>> No.34130774


Easy, they thought they could beat the odds

>> No.34130786

By bringing scat in a courtroom?

>> No.34130797


>2 chapters of Danny farting and shitting herself as she stumbles around wilderness

I haven't picked the books back up.

>> No.34130866

> Party avoids plot hooks as hard as possible
>> "A guard sends you a message to visit X's house to discuss something"
>> Party leaves the city
> GM being forced to railroad
> GM probably being too new to be able to improv an entire session

>> No.34130951

How sensitive are you? It's only a discription of a fictional person shitting their bowels out of their anus.

>> No.34130955

Is it That Guy to want to play a certain type of character, but never speak of it and only play whatever the rest of the group wants me to play?

>> No.34130967

I haven't read the books yet, but does she prolapse? I won't be interested if she doesn't.

>> No.34130973

You are deep in his magical realm

>> No.34130981

No, that's being a doormat.

You should tell them that you want to play X in the next campaign you'd start. Call dibs on the role beforehand.

>> No.34131007

But I'm the new kid, with not even two months of RP experience under my belt. It wouldn't be right to cut in line.

>> No.34131014

Players who refuse to play cooperatively with their GM, especially with a new one who is just learning how to run, because they're afraid of the big bag railroad tracks can choke on a cock.

>> No.34131029


If your group would have a problem with a new guy experimenting, they should go die in a fire.

>> No.34131052

Now you have transitioned in to beta butt slut.

Just talk about what you want to do with your friends/co-players and quit being a faggot.

>> No.34131053

We have a rule on Mage the awakening.
Only play on drugs.
The fuckedupness never fails to amuse me.

>> No.34131059
File: 29 KB, 532x800, Womb Dagger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Possibly, it could be something much worse, though.

>> No.34131060

No, it IS your right to have fun with playing what you like.

Did they give you a ready made character to get you started quickly? This is acceptable to do, but they should let you play what you want once you've acclimated.

Tell us more. What's the game? What do they play, what do you play and what do you want to play?

>> No.34131087

My drugs of choice would make me incapable of playing. I would just stare and grin and try to hug everybody.

>> No.34131133
File: 2.91 MB, 640x360, Heaven Melon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM hands my PC a magical belt
>instantly wraps it around his waist, poses dramatically and yells "henshin!"
>transforms into the little girl

>> No.34131140

Please, no, I shouldn't. Kissing and telling is a bad policy, and I really should work it out with the group. I'm sure they'd be alright with anything I wanted to try, but my issue is the mental block that I have to overcome on my own.

>> No.34131147

Weed, alcohol (when we don't want to go buy stuff) or LSD.
Shit can get really strange on those games.

>> No.34131169

>Kissing and telling is a bad policy
Nah, we do it all the time. You're still keeping them and yourself anonymous anyway.

But alright, fine. As long as you'll go and discuss with them how to get the fun out of your collective game.

>> No.34131230

This... this makes sense in context and with a knowledge of the culture right? It's not just a Melon Ranger, right?

>> No.34131275
File: 2.64 MB, 960x540, time for fruit.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's a Fruity Warlord Rider, you shmuck.

>> No.34131282

No, not really. It really is Melon Ranger. Gaim is fucking weird. The more powerful belts juice fruits instead of cutting them in half.

>> No.34131312

Nope, that's it: fruit-themed suits.
On top of them, there is full-on grim plot by Urobuchi.

Yes I'm serious, they picked the season with such silly outward image to hire Urobuchi for.

>> No.34131414

Oh God. I'm not sure I want to know the context behind what your post implies...
Who am I kidding, of course I do. In what way could it be much worse?

>> No.34131420
File: 66 KB, 407x378, Criminal_Scum_Telepathy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Were you playing in Cyrodiil or what?

>So we visit the crypt, and we're confronted by the ghostly guardians, and they refuse to let us pass because none of us are the chosen one

"Well fuck it then, I guess. Adventure's over, guys; let's go home."

>> No.34131468

check suptg. Just search for the womb dagger.

>> No.34131499
File: 129 KB, 776x1024, Brandon-Sanderson-author-photo-776x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>That GM who shows up with a completely different home-brewed system which somehow works every time you play.
>The system grows and evolves as you discover more of his home-brewed setting.
>Your party feels as if it is moving forward and every session seems to end with a stinger that actually makes sense in the story.
>You just wish he would finish some of the games he's started before starting new ones.

>> No.34131537

It is fine on 4chan.

But why do so many people roleplay cringe as fuck characters and almost ruin games with their awful, awful bullshit. Sometimes I really can't stand it.

>> No.34131597



Ctrl+F "Womb Dagger"

>> No.34131636


Man, that's some FATAL-tier shit.

>> No.34131654


He's also the coldest killer of the cast. Well, at the beginning, at least. He later gets an upgrade based off MELON SODA.

>> No.34131667


Yeah, if you put a holy sword in a tomb, there's like an implicit assumption that you're going to use it to kill the undead guy. Instead, it turned out that we didn't need to go into the tomb at all.

The guardians were assholes, though.

>> No.34131690
File: 1.92 MB, 740x416, Synth Summoner.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>coldest killer
This guy is responsible for about a million deaths if not more.

And he laughs about it.

>> No.34131718

It sounds like he's playing in a Sword of Truth campaign

>> No.34131720

No, in FATAL it would be like a dagger that impregnates any woman you stab. With more daggers.

>> No.34131722

seriously, i found the show bad to that point, except that hotty black haired love interest. but when they brought in dominas fighting with dildos i just stopped

>> No.34131866

Where are the dominatrices? And the torture porn? And what about the rape? Also mindrape, and soul rape at least once! What about the objectivism statues with magical capitalist powers? Or the reverse-inverse-self-cuckolding? And the whole "this evil empire is totally good now that I'M in charge of it, nevermind that I haven't atually changed any of their policies or laws."
And let's not forget about the evil invisible chicken.
NEVER forget about the evil invisible chicken.

>> No.34131918

Well that just takes all the fun out of it.

Wait, hold on. What kind of holocaust campaign? Were the PCs supposed to be performing said holocaust, or fighting against it? Because in the latter example, how is that offensive? That'd be like saying every holocaust movie is offensive just because it depicts parts of the Holocaust. Can I not run a game that involves freeing slaves if there's an African American in my group, because slavery itself it offensive to them?

>> No.34131922

Evil invisible chicken must make for some extremely high price dishes.

I want to eat some evil invisible chicken.

>> No.34131945


It's hard to take a giant lemon seriously, I have to admit. Especially when it falls out of the sky like that.

>> No.34132008


>> No.34132011


And the anti-war protestors armed only with their hatred for moral clarity.

>> No.34132039

>Wait, hold on. What kind of holocaust campaign? Were the PCs supposed to be performing said holocaust, or fighting against it? Because in the latter example, how is that offensive? That'd be like saying every holocaust movie is offensive just because it depicts parts of the Holocaust. Can I not run a game that involves freeing slaves if there's an African American in my group, because slavery itself it offensive to them?
Maybe yes maybe not.
But if your friend is made uncomfortable by the theme and asks you to not do it, you should not pull "it's just fantasy" excuse, you should drop it.

>> No.34132108

Ah, okay yes. If anybody brings up that they are made uncomfortable by an aspect of the game, then that needs to be addressed. Fair enough.

>> No.34132170

> All orcs etc.
I don't know about that one. They're not demons. They're orcs. Yeah, most of them are evil by nature. But it wouldn't be impossible to see a neutral and civilized orc librarian.
> The divine right of kings
If kings were actually given that right by gods, yeah.
> Half-breed don't count
People wouldn't see them being part of their race, but half a race blood should be strong enough to unlock any "race only" enchantment.
> Paladins exist to slay evil
Paladins exist to bring back hope.

>> No.34132181

I'm a fan of MDMA. I can't do anything worth shit but feel blissful in that state.

>> No.34132505

Whoa. It seems that "Legend of the Seeker" was better than the book version

>> No.34132671

When does this happen?
I thought I had read all the books but reading this I might be wrong

>> No.34132723
File: 2.78 MB, 854x480, Lemon Slice.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this too much for you?

>> No.34132770

Both better and worse.
The thing about the SoT is that, at least for the first few arcs, the creepy/weird/insane/political shit was pretty disconnected from the rest of the story, and the rest was pretty cool.
The tv series cut out most of the weird shit but it also cut out a lot of the cool shit too.
Like the sword essentially being a lightsaber, the actual power of subtractive magic (shit's cray), a fucking awesome dragon, the origin of wizard sand and why it's so rare, etc...
Just the revelation of a record showing how the REAL wizards treated people like ZZZ as if they were cripples or retards, poor helpless babies who couldn't hurt a fly. Nigga throws army-evaporating fireballs all day long and he's a CRIPPLE by comparison!
Oh course you also get a pass on the cat-penis rape cult and the LITERALLY HALF A BOOK LONG BDSM SESSION. And that goddamn statue, or worse, the book where you follow three knuckledragging morons doing stupid useless bullshit, and then Richard shows up at the end and just murderizes them in a paragraph.

>> No.34132792

Why won't Sanderson GM for me ;-;

>> No.34132812
File: 24 KB, 947x1241, tumblr_n7h83qFA5z1qfugwzo2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34132831
File: 43 KB, 1079x1313, tumblr_n7h83qFA5z1qfugwzo3_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34132838

Dany gets TB or something at the end of the most recent book.

>> No.34132844
File: 364 KB, 500x499, cringetaloupe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34132858
File: 60 KB, 1279x1741, tumblr_n7h83qFA5z1qfugwzo4_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34132876

Shut up, nerd

>> No.34132900
File: 976 KB, 320x180, HURF DURF CANCER.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, it was a comic.

>> No.34132912


gonna recheck that when I get home, I have no memory whatsoever of this happening, but I kinda see where it could fit

anyway, thanks

>> No.34132931

Also fuck those players who do their best to ignore or destroy every plot hook the DM throws at us. Yes it was funny the first time Gerald, now you're just being a fuck.

>> No.34133083

>that GM who tries makes your female character piss her pants
>that GM who makes a halfling sell you used orc panties
>that Gm who tries to get your female character raped

Can't fucking handle it. How many times I gotta tell this motherfucking, I aint doin with that?

>> No.34133132
File: 41 KB, 519x285, 1386761718020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My /tg/-addled mind read the sentence without the "over"s.

I was like, man, what a conundrum!

>> No.34133149

>villain of the week is a corrupt businessman who commits petty crimes out of boredom with NO secret identity then bribes his way out, everyone knows it, he's a total scumbag and a prime target for vigilante justice
>we see masked men with laser guns moving biohazard crates onto his ship
>I manage to get behind him undetected
>"Can I use my telekinesis to disarm him before talking?"
>"His gun is strapped to his arm."
>"Okay fuck you, I throw him off the ship instead." *rolls* "Ha! 40 yards straight up!"
>"you just killed a technically innocent man. That's going to haunt you later."
>technically innocent
Don't get me wrong, the fallout from that decision made for a great story and I do tend to use more force than necessary, but he was a bad guy to the core, metaphorically waving a flag with "I LOVE EVIL" when we encountered him, and the public reacted like I did Sandy Hook. What the fuck.

>> No.34133186

Were you and the people you played with born without a spine or any sense of self worth?

I refuse to believe this happened simply because no one can be that much of a fucking pussy to not call a DM out on it / stop playing.

Why would you want to suffer trough hours and hours of this game? I call bullshit on this and everything you post.

>> No.34133315

what's the deal with this statue?

>> No.34133331

Villains with good PR.

>> No.34133398

It's the ultimate statue of ocular political activism. One look at it's proud capitalistic form will instantly convert all non-believers into true blue objectivists!
The main character carves it in secret deep within the enemy's domain, using nothing but his pure patriotic spirit.

>> No.34133649

so... it make people self-serving and greedy?

>> No.34133854

>filty, dirty trash people

>> No.34133893

No! It fills them with righteous fervour and entrepreneurial spirit!

>> No.34133939


His power-up form is a fruit salad. BUT OF COURSE.

>> No.34134330
File: 51 KB, 521x309, Euphamism.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34134479
File: 40 KB, 600x780, Die_Terrormaschine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its not so bad if its subtle or reasonable.

I mean, if you didn't know what I like already, it would be difficult to determine if its just a part of the world or a fetish.

On a side note; does anyone else notice that its disturbingly easier to find reasonable furry military stuff than regular?

>> No.34134533
File: 50 KB, 500x505, Lonely.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34134574

If you'd ever gone to /k/ you'd already expect that.

>> No.34134611

Possibly, but I'm not sexually attracted to weapons (except late 1800's lever action rifles) like I am to uniforms, so I don't have that much cause to go there

>> No.34134612

>>That story about playing in a fanfiction world

Baaaad idea. A couple years back my local weaboo club decided to write some manga. (Called ourselves "japanese culture club," watched anime). We ended up playing d&d to sort out the middle of the story.

None of those people are friends with the DM any longer.

>> No.34135153

>Tfw last time I GM'd and Toked ended with 9/11 and Ass lasers caused by a crit fail
Never again.

>> No.34135230
File: 1.00 MB, 1259x734, gm_zara_kane.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related was the owner of a Garry's Mod freeform community I used to play at. He frequents his town's club scene as his character and also shot at least one porn video as Zara Kane.

>> No.34135303


Yeah, I remember the last thread. You linked to the forum but not to the thread. Can you fix that?

>> No.34135377

Uh, what thread?

Also sorry for reposting, just figured the whole story really fit into this thread and all that.

>> No.34135488


In a that DM thread, one anon posted of a freeform run by Zara Kane who would give people bonuses for acting out his fetishes. Said anon also linked to Zara Kanes tumblr blog, the freeform RP forum (but not the actual thread, which I asked you for), and the aforementioned porn video.

>> No.34135490

Those are actually some pretty decent textures by Garrysmod standards.

But didn't RP on Garrysmod usually consist of twelve year olds with SAWs killing eachother in the streets and then crying admin when their weed plants got stolen?

>> No.34135510


Seriously though, can anyone go into more detail? It sounds like a gold mine of absolute shit.

>> No.34135598

It's a Garry's Mod server. The roleplay happens ingame, not on the forums - like, you join the server, select a character, walk around and do freeform with people. Occasionally you also shoot them Counter-Strike style, but doing so tends to make the more RP-oriented guys mad.

It usually does but there's "serious" roleplay servers that try to be above that. They usually fail, but some manage to maintain a reasonable standard of roleplay for a while - as far as freeform or "roll two d100s, winner succeeds" goes, anyways.

>> No.34135652

>You aren't compelled to do good or evil.
your right, though I personally have a hard time imagining a demon or devil not wanting to do evil.

mostly its because depending on the lore, I don't see a lot in their backstories to compel them to change their ways.

>the twisted and damned souls of once evil people.
yeah they were murderers, rapists, and psychopaths in life, what reason would compel them now that their demons that could convince them to change their ways that wasn't allready tried when they were alive?

>fallen angels.
angels are supposed to be absolute good, that means a breakdown of limits and barriers which is why when they fall, they fall all the way down and become absolute evil. on top of that, I believe in Milton's story the rebellious angels did so over humans, so its not hard to imagine that the fallen angels have, on top of everything else, a deep hatred and resentment toward humans, blaming them for being cast out of heaven. Not a lot of motivation for them to change their ways.

>> No.34135864

I Believe you when you say you felt uncomfortable, but I think you are communicating it right. And that's no mark against you, sometimes its really hard to convey to someone why you think that way when it may not be any specific thing but its almost on a subconscious or even instinctual level that you feel something is 'off'. something doesn't feel right but you can't pin down what exactly.

It may not be that the paladin's actions in and of themselves were wrong necessarily, but that there was a certain callous or even diabolical tone or attitude that just felt unsettling about the ordeal.

like even though it was a story of good triumphing over evil, the good guys seemed like just under the surface were really another kind of evil.

am I completely off base with my assessment?

>> No.34135904

>but I think you are communicating it right
but i think you are *not* communicating it right.

I gotta re-read my posts before posting them.

>> No.34136069
File: 3.09 MB, 1680x1050, training.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can check out the community's forums at /taconbanana.com - should find a fair amount of bullshit there. I stopped playing around the time their Half-Life 2 server died but they still have a Stalker server which is almost as bad; almost because it lacks all the over-attached oldfags that kept trying their luck at playing a miniaturized version of Game of Thrones.

As for details, uh... lemme see what I can come up with. Suppose I could start with the BBEG faction, a vaguely fascist paramilitary police force. Pic related. It wasn't all bad but there were lots of self-inserts and /pol/acks. Then there also was the external intelligence division:
>theoretically open to all qualified applicants but only accepted females
>lesbian or bisexual (but not straight) females
>blood fetish optional, but every other fucking character in the division had issues like that

They were supposed to deploy in areas held by rebel forces, infiltrate their organizations and sabotage them from within. They also were completely terrible at it. Like, they just showed up out of nowhere, heavily armed, then tried to get "in" by cybering important people. Rebel counterintelligence basically was to round up every overtly lesbian character ever and it worked - at least until aforementioned important people stepped in because their cyber started drying up.

Want to hear more? I've lost most of my logs and, as said, it's been a while, but I still remember some of the shit that went down at TnB.

>> No.34136121

>I read "play a fucking gnome"

Woah woah woah. For a minute there I thought you were going full shit-tier with his character.

>> No.34136130

B-but my monologues are well written ;__;
I don't do any IC monologues, RP is mostly improv except a few key sentences. But I write up a few sentences for every sub-location the guys look at, and important events that might happen.

>> No.34136188

I decided to dm a game to teach a bunch of people from a fetish chatroom the basics of dnd.

In the end a player dropped and we went onto /tg/ to find someone. A week later and the entire party was people from /tg/, none of whom have the fetish.

So far I've managed to keep the game entirely separate from my magical realm, despite the game being named after said fetish.

>> No.34136263


>Want to hear more?

Do you really have to ask?

>> No.34136317

>Dragon Age in a nutshell

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