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I think we'll have a Mami intro today!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EsperQuestQM
Ask.fm thing: ask.fm/EsperQuestQM


You sigh and blink the sleep out of your eyes. It's the morning of the 23rd of July, and you can feel it in your bones. Things are about to go to shit.

You're Mami Tomoe, the Bringer of the Light, a Level 4 Photokineticist fighting for justice in this absurdly-advanced town called Academy City, and you're far too sober to be thinking about all of this right now.

Your apartment, as always, is nice and clean, and your two 'guests' are nuzzled into either of your sides and snoring ever-so-softly... in unison.

The first light of dawn is peeking through your window and casting a pale, golden glow over their sleeping faces- completely naturally, with no interference on your part. You smile a little at that.

Fuck it, you're not getting out of bed and ruining this.

Not yet, anyways.

Your mind begins to wander as your eyelids start to sink slowly downwards, and you briefly wonder if you were too hard on Mato-san the other day.

Sure, she and her red-headed lov- err, /companion/- had put their lives in danger, but you had been doing the same thing even as you warned them away- hell, if anything, 'Robomop' was far more dangerous than the thugs and handful of espers that they'd fought, and they could probably have talked their way out of a confrontation with Anti-Skill.

Is this what being a doting mother feels like? Worrying about them, wanting to protect them, keep them safe and happy...

You've been called 'motherly' before. You'd always assumed it was a relatively polite way of admiring your... assets, but you think you understand, now.

… Yes, that's it. They are your Cubs, and you are their Mama Bear.

And you're not sure you can maul all the things that could hurt them on your own.

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>Both girls
>at the same time
Mamisan too lewd

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… Perhaps you should call up a few old friends? Sakura-san and Miki-san would certainly come to help if you called them- especially if you told them the kinds of odds you were facing, here.

You yawn and hug the Twins more tightly to yourself. You can think about those things later. For now, though, you'd just like to sleep...

Heh. 'Mami Bear'. You should've thought of that earlier.

Well, Tomoe Mami? Will you call on your friends?
>Yes. They have invaluable skills that could be very helpful, and you trust them implicitly.
>No. Whether you need them or not, this is Judgment business, and you don't have the right to drag them into this.

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>Yes. They have invaluable skills that could be very helpful, and you trust them implicitly.
Screw the rules, if our charges are in danger then it's our duty to do everything in our power to protect them.

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>No. Whether you need them or not, this is Judgment business, and you don't have the right to drag them into this.
Not that bad yet.
Also, not taking the chance of waking the twins.
>Softly ruffle hair.

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>No. Whether you need them or not, this is Judgment business, and you don't have the right to drag them into this.

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>Yes. They have invaluable skills that could be very helpful, and you trust them implicitly.
Getting help from your friends is never a bad thing.

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She's the lewdest
Nee-chan isn't the only one with the lewdness-buildup problem



I guess I'll just flip a coin, then.
Heads= Yes
Tails= No

AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaand it's heads!

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>Yes. They have invaluable skills that could be very helpful, and you trust them implicitly.
>But...it can wait until later. Definitely later.
How will Mami recharge if she disconnects the twin-batteries?
Are they AAA?

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Right, you'll bring in the cavalry. Why wouldn't you? After all, Sayaka and Kyouko are both very skilled melee combatants, as well as:

>Espers with reasonably strong abilities: Kyuubey still owes you a favor, after all, and bringing those two to Academy City and forming contracts with them wouldn't take him long.

>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you! If you want magic shenanigans, this is your opportunity to encounter them, but you should bear in mind that things WILL depart from canon, in a very... bizarre way. I include this option primarily because I'd like to make it clear that this'll make things have a lot more potential to go absolutely nutty practically without warning, and because if it showed up as a write-in then your warning would be delayed. I must admit, though, I'm kind of expecting this one to win, and I in no way think things going off the rails is a bad thing. This is the 'fun' choice, I guess?


Choose ONLY ONE OPTION, and copy it exactly into your reply.
If you want to vote for someone else's write-in, copy >(Write-in!) AND their proposed option IN GREENTEXT.

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>Espers with reasonably strong abilities: Kyuubey still owes you a favor, after all, and bringing those two to Academy City and forming contracts with them wouldn't take him long.

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>Espers with reasonably strong abilities: Kyuubey still owes you a favor, after all, and bringing those two to Academy City and forming contracts with them wouldn't take him long.

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The first option implies that they're outside of AC and that just doesn't happen really all that often. Better have a good reason.

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>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!
We are go for shenanigans, repeat, go for shenanigans!

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>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!

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I missed the last couple threads. Kyuubey is here and he's forming contracts with Espers?

I feel like the magic part of that couldn't be a good thing...

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>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!

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It's not really magic at all. The 'soul gems' are artificial crystalline brains or something and he's transferring their consciousness into them because reasons.

Kyuubey actually mentioned that actual magic was giving him shitloads of problems and he doesn't get it.

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The reason would be that they're not espers at the moment. This option means Kyuubey's got cooler things he can do, like making people espers; it also implies that Mami hasn't used her 'wish' yet.

Hurry, go get caught up!
He separates their minds and places them into crystalline structures that enhance esper powers, essentially, in exchange for their help in ensuring that Akari becomes strong enough to punch Entropy in the dick.

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His contracts serve to power up espers rather than make someone magic. Apparently sticking a persons mind into a crystal matrix and turning their body into a remote control lich vessel makes them better at being crazy. Who'd have guessed?

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>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!

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>The reason would be that they're not espers at the moment.
But the option literally said that they're already espers.

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>Punch Entropy in the dick
He should just bribe Fairy Othinus with sweets.

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>>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!

>> No.34115245

>Espers with reasonably strong abilities: Kyuubey still owes you a favor, after all, and bringing those two to Academy City and forming contracts with them wouldn't take him long.

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Alrighty then!
I'll get to writing!

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>Espers with reasonably strong abilities: Kyuubey still owes you a favor, after all, and bringing those two to Academy City and forming contracts with them wouldn't take him long.

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Kakine could have told you that.

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That certainly is a question on MY mind, atleast.

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>Magical girls; that's right- they're both magical girls, same as you!
Vote is closed, voting anyway.

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You nod minutely to yourself. Judgment or no, it's your duty as magical girls to defend the weak- to fight for justice! You're sworn protectors of humanity, of peace, of harmony!

You gently ruffle the hair on the Twins' heads, causing them to make soft noises of protest and wriggle in closer to you. You can't help but smile.

It'll be nice to see Kyouko and Sayaka again.

Hopefully they've finally gotten together and stopped trying to kill each other.

You yawn again, then stop resisting the closing of your eyelids.

Note: Kyuubey isn't contracting to make Magical Girls, in case you were wondering- he still contracts with espers, and he still wants to see galaxies full of undying stars as much as he ever did!

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The human physicians seem to be surprised, confused, and elated- all at once. Probably because their patients are making shockingly-rapid recoveries.

You're rather impressed, actually. They may not be anywhere near as advanced in the field as your species, but they were on the right track for curing the members of Fate's so-called 'gang' with minimal complications.

Naturally, you made certain to make each of the patients recover in a slightly different and apparently-miraculous way. You wouldn't want to accidentally reveal your presence, show them the finer points of brain surgery, or make them think that Dr. Testarossa's gas is anything less than extremely dangerous, after all.

You hop up onto the bed of the last and final patient: Iwasaki Minami, a Level 1 esper with an 'anomalous' (and potentially powerful) ability. She's a tall and slender girl with mint-green hair and a powerful emotional attachment to a Level 4 Regenerator named Kobayakawa Yutaka.

After considering her for a moment, you seat yourself beside her head and begin your work.

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You've accumulated several names at this point- humans seem to have a bizarre fascination with naming things- 'Psionic E.T.L.F. #0009,' 'Floofykins-san', and even 'Cube-y'. Your personal preference is 'Kyuubey.'

Yes, that's correct. You are Kyuubey, a [REDACTED] from the [REDACTED] planet in the [REDACTED] system in the [REDACTED] quadrant of the [REDACTED] galaxy, and you're the hero this universe needs- if not the one it deserves- you've sworn before the [REDACTED] council to stave off Entropy, avert the Heat Death of the Universe, and work to subtly guide humanity to the stars.

The human race is a relatively new one, but they've already made great leaps and bounds in technology, despite their emotional, largely-irrational nature.

They advance rapidly, so much so that many believe them to be a myth- how could such a primitive and illogical species advance so quickly?

Your theory is that it is their very nature that allows this- they see something that they believe to be impossible, and then they become emotional. The more powerfully something stimulates their emotional responses, the more they are driven to succeed.

They are very strange, these humans.

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You make the finishing touches to Iwasaki Minami's central nervous system, and estimate that she will regain consciousness in fifteen to twenty minutes, at approximately 0900 hours.

The opening of the door behind you brings you out of your contemplation.

You turn to inspect the newcomer, and quickly identify her as Kobayakawa Yutaka, the small and fragile (yet practically impossible to do any actual harm to) girl with the salmon-pink hair that you observed yesterday, on the 22nd of July, whilst accompanying Fate and her fast-friend-or-homosexual-lover (you have difficulties figuring out which of these those two are, admittedly) Mokarin.

She makes her way over to the side of the bed and takes Iwasaki Minami's hand into her own, in what you understand is a rather intimate gesture known as 'hand-holding'.

“Minami-chan...” Kobayakawa Yutaka makes a face that is either sad or worried (you're unsure). “Fate-san said you were in the hospital because of some very bad people...”

She pauses a moment, and breathes abnormally, then continues, “Fate-san promised me you'd be better soon, and that she'd take care of whoever did this to you.” She sniffles, wipes her eyes, and begins attempting to feign optimism. “The doctors said they didn't know exactly how to fix it, but the rest of your friends are responding really well to treatment! They said it was like a miracle! Most of them are already awake!”

… Kobayakawa Yutaka is currently experiencing largely-negative emotions.

“Mi-Miyuki-chan said she'd come to see you soon! A-and Patty-chan and Hiyori-chan, too!”

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You could certainly rouse Iwasaki Minami from her slumber without causing any sort of neurological damage.

And, if what Kobayakawa Yutaka is saying is accurate, then there will be more visitors arriving soon.

You'd like to contract with Iwasaki Minami, and doing so while she's surrounded by people would be less than advantageous.

It's not that you're trying to justify ending Kobayakawa Yutaka's distress or anything.

It's just an observation. Yes, an observation. That's all.

… There's no reason not to do it, is there?

Why do you feel so... hesitant?

>Wake Iwasaki Minami, ask her if there's anything she would like you to do for her in exchange for making a contract with you, and explain the terms of the agreement and the benefits of a Psi-stone as per usual.
>Leave her be; reveal yourself to Kobayakawa Yutaka and inform her that Iwasaki Minami has already recovered, and will wake soon.
>Leave her be; try to get a head start on Iwasaki Minami's wish. You can deduce easily enough that it will involve curing Kobayakawa Yutaka's illness, and you recall Kusakabe Misao having a friend with an ability that would probably be more effective than the therapies you could apply.
>Contact one of the girls you've previously had contact with! You need advice. [Will trigger a second vote to decide who you'll contact]
>Something else. (Write-in!)

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>Wake Iwasaki Minami, ask her if there's anything she would like you to do for her in exchange for making a contract with you, and explain the terms of the agreement and the benefits of a Psi-stone as per usual.
Let's get this show on the road.

>> No.34115796

>Wake Iwasaki Minami, ask her if there's anything she would like you to do for her in exchange for making a contract with you, and explain the terms of the agreement and the benefits of a Psi-stone as per usual.
When in doubt, make a contract!

>> No.34115815

>Wake Iwasaki Minami, ask her if there's anything she would like you to do for her in exchange for making a contract with you, and explain the terms of the agreement and the benefits of a Psi-stone as per usual.

>> No.34115973

>Leave her be; reveal yourself to Kobayakawa Yutaka and inform her that Iwasaki Minami has already recovered, and will wake soon.
So git!

>> No.34115998

>>Wake Iwasaki Minami, ask her if there's anything she would like you to do for her in exchange for making a contract with you, and explain the terms of the agreement and the benefits of a Psi-stone as per usual.
>Also explain the drawbacks.

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Totally emotionless! Promise! You're just waking her up for convenience!

Hello, Kobayakawa Yutaka.

Gimme 2d6 on the new 'PERILS OF THE INCUBATOR' table!

This should be interesting!

>> No.34116192

Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d6)

Dangerous shit.

>> No.34116216

Rolled 1, 4 = 5 (2d6)

Incubator is in trouble?

>> No.34116218

Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6)


>> No.34116227

Rolled 1, 5 = 6 (2d6)


>> No.34116335


... Oh geez.
That's unfortunate.

Sorry, Kyuubey.

I guess we'll do a quick PoV switch to Minami, then.

It's probably for the best, really.

Okay, writing!

>> No.34116463

Wait, what? Why are you sorry? What happened?! Do you want shadowruns?! This is how you get shadowruns!

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I enjoy shadowruns!

But I suppose... pic related.

Don't worry, Kyuubey can't die!

Not permanently, anyways!

>> No.34116565

It's just the perils of being a hyper-advanced alien cming for a visit. I'm sure what troubles him won't affect anyone else.

>> No.34116688

As long as the roll didn't do anything bad to Minami. Or Yutaka.

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Where are you?

You force your eyes open with a bit of effort, and find yourself staring at a clean, white ceiling. You're lying on a bed, and there's an I.V. in your wrist.

Your right hand is being squeezed by a pair of smaller hands. Yutaka?

You sit bolt-upright, and the salmon-haired girl squeaks in surprise, only to squeak in joy as you scoop her up into your arms.

“Minami-chan!” She wraps her arms around you and buries her face in your hospital gown.

… Judging by the damp spots that have now appeared in your gown, she's been crying.

You stroke her hair and hold her tightly.

“...Yu-chan...” You feel bad. Was she crying because of you? Part of you is elated to know that, and part of you is disgusted that her tears of sadness could ever invoke positive emotions in you.

After a few moments, a voice rings out in your head. A glance to your left makes you aware of a weird-looking cat-thing that's sitting right beside where your head was resting on the pillow just a few moments ago.

[Hello, Iwasaki Minami...]

It seems like this 'Kyuubey' thing bears you no ill will, and it claims it can find a way to cure Yutaka.

All you need to do is make a 'contract' with it, and you'll have a 'Psi-stone' with your mind in it. Then, you've just gotta help it with the whole 'saving the universe' thing by protecting this Takamichi chick.

You probed it with all manner of questions, judging its intentions and trying to find any sort of hidden 'fuck-you-over' clauses, but there don't seem to be any.

Apparently you might have a problem with lewd thoughts, though? It seems to think that the lewdness problem is rare, but something tells you it doesn't quite understand that sort of thing in the first place.

Still, if it could really make Yutaka better...

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You are Minami Iwasaki, a Level 1 Time Manipulator living in Academy City and thriving under the tutelage of Fate and her 'gang' (which some have taken to calling 'The Skill-Ins'), all the while trying to find a way to make Yutaka, who you love very dearly, healthy.

Your ability was a source of interest for researchers for a few years, until they realized that you were far too stable and level-headed for it to develop any further and stopped trying.

But Kyuubey says that most girls who contract with him end up as mid-tier Level 4s. He also informed you that Fate herself contracted with him, even going so far as to show you his memories of the event.

He's looking at you expectantly, now, patiently waiting for your answer.

In the meantime, Yutaka has fallen asleep in your arms.

You smile and gently stroke her head.

The question is, do you make the contract? Or not?
>You'll do it! You'll form a contract!
>You won't! Why should you expect a weird cat-thing to be able to fix Yutaka, when the best doctors in Academy City can't!?
>... Other? What? (Write-in!)

>> No.34117452

>You'll do it! You'll form a contract!
Might as well.

>> No.34117496

>... Other? What? (Write-in!)
"Why should I expect you to be able to fix Yutaka when the best doctors in AC can't?"
Then let him answer that he fixed us.
>You'll do it! You'll form a contract!

>> No.34117630

>>... Other? What? (Write-in!)
>"Why should I expect you to be able to fix Yutaka when the best doctors in AC can't?"
>Then let him answer that he fixed us.
>>You'll do it! You'll form a contract!
Sure, this.

>> No.34117660

There doesn't appear to be anything going wrong here. Yet a perspective switch was necessary.

What the hell. Did Kyuubey unlock emotions and start crushing on her?

>> No.34117671

Didn't he show us the memories from Fate's contracting? If he did, then there's no point in doing this.

If we didn't get the part about how he helped us, then sure.

>> No.34117703

And now I'm imagining a yandere Kyuubey. Because the original just wasn't creepy enough...

>> No.34117721

>Question everything
>Agree when satisfactory explanation is provided

No, things aren't going wrong just yet. Give it about until the next post or so!

He only showed contracting with her, not her wish. He has a sort of 'confidentiality' rule he likes to follow.

>> No.34117790

>No, things aren't going wrong just yet. Give it about until the next post or so!
Oh god is he going to fuck up making her psi-stone?

>> No.34117815

Just wait.

You'll see.

>> No.34117849

>he likes to follow.
Are the evil Incubator police going to show up and tell him he's not meeting his meanness quota? He's being way too nice and should stop being so nice at once!

>Just wait.

>> No.34117939

You are not very good at instilling confidence, QM.

>> No.34118096
File: 72 KB, 287x344, Akari Approves.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry! I'm a QM, not a motivational speaker!

That kind of thing is way too GRIM AND EDGY for this quest!

>> No.34118259

>That kind of thing is way too GRIM AND EDGY for this quest!
See now, when you say that it make me worry that you're hilariously butthurt and are playing some sort of ridiculous long-con in order to ruin everyone's fun.

I'm not paranoid damnit, the lizard men told me so!

>> No.34118418

Well there's your problem, you can never take anything the lizard men say at face value aside from the admission of identity.

>> No.34118475
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You frown at the cat-thing.

“... Can... Can you really fix Yutaka? Are... are you really better than all of those doctors?]

[Personally? Not without gathering more data. However, I believe I know someone who can. She has a 94.37% chance of successfully curing Kobayakawa Yutaka's ailments. There is also a 4.96% chance that the procedure will require several treatments over a span of time- a week, perhaps.]

You narrow your eyes. That sounds...

[… Perhaps you would be interested to know that I performed precision, non-invasive repairs on the central nervous systems of yourself and your comrades? Believe it or not, I know a great deal about human anatomy.] He shows you flashes of memories again, and, indeed, he fixed you and the rest of the gang.

Actually, yeah, that makes you feel a lot more confident in his abilities.

“Okay. I'll do it. If you can make Yutaka better, then I'll make a contract with you!”

[Excellent! I'll generate your Psi-stone immediately!]

The fluffy ear-extension things on the sides of Kyuubey's head stick straight out towards you, and begin glowing softly.

[I apologize in advance, but this is the most reliable method of Psi-stone extraction...]

And, as he's wiggling his ear-things at you, ask yourself several things.

The first question is, 'Have I gone mad?'

The second is, 'How is tickling me going to create a crystalline cyber-brain-thing?'

And the third and final question is, 'What's up with all these little black feathers?'

It takes you a moment to realize it, but... everything is gray.

Kyuubey is frozen in place, his ears pressed against you, but no longer wiggling and tickling.

Yutaka is perfectly still in your arms.

>> No.34118488

What? No the lizardmen are fine, it's the molemen you can't trust. Shifty underground bastards.

>> No.34118522

>And the third and final question is, 'What's up with all these little black feathers?'
>It takes you a moment to realize it, but... everything is gray.

>> No.34118541


>> No.34118596


>> No.34118645
File: 896 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n38whlDxF61qa94xto3_r1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standing at the foot of your bed is a rather pretty girl, with long, black hair and piercing purple eyes... and a pretty blue gemstone in her hands.

She's not all black-and-white like everything else is... and neither are you.

She holds the stone between a thumb and a pointer finger.

“You remind me of myself,” she says, gesturing towards Yutaka with her free hand, “and she...”

She chuckles, then walks around the bed and snatches Kyuubey up in her free hand, wrapping her black-gloved fingers around the frozen creature's neck.

You're staring at her, dumbfounded.

She squeezes, and Kyuubey makes a gross squelching sound when she throws him against the wall.

“You'd do anything for her, wouldn't you?”

>Yes, you would!
>[Lie] N-No!
>Other (Write-in!)

>> No.34118685

Who are you, what are you doing and why are you here?

>> No.34118689

>>Yes, you would!

This is such an obvious question and why would we lie to murdergirl?

>> No.34118691

>Yes, you would!
I really don't see the point in lying.

>> No.34118692

>Yes, you would!

>> No.34118701

>Yes, you would!

>> No.34118709


Oh, almost forgot.

Magical Girls are real.

>> No.34118716

These are probably good questions to ask after the kneejerk question answer.

>> No.34118791


>Did she really have to ask?

>> No.34119131
File: 195 KB, 417x600, HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You nod vigorously. “I would.”

You almost surprise yourself with how immediate that answer was.

You didn't need to think about it.

It's just a fact.

She nods and presents you with the stone.

“I suppose you'll be wanting your mind back,” she says as she presses the blue gem into your hand. The way she says it, she makes it seem as if she was returning a... a book, or a game or... something.

“T-this... this is m-my-”

“Your 'Psi-stone,' yes.” She smirks. “I think I rather like you, Iwasaki-san. I think we can be friends.”

She reaches over and pats Yutaka on the head. “Kobayakawa-chan was very worried about you, you know.” She frowns a little. “Take it from me, if you want her to be happy, you'll need to be happy, too. After all, what kind of lover would she be if she could stand to watch you suffer?”

She doesn't seem to be hostile, except towards Kyuubey.

In fact, she seems... friendly... -ish.

Maybe you should ask her something?
>??? (Write-in!)

>> No.34119188

>Um, thanks, I guess? Who are you anyway?

>> No.34119263

I guess this is good.

>> No.34119357

>So, like, did QB do something, errm...?

>> No.34119403

>Who are you?

What did Kyuubey do to deserve... that?

Alright, then! Writing!

>> No.34119589
File: 13 KB, 200x200, d534b555b49ff57bef0bff85ee9827e71402201389_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You really wish you weren't so... awkward. It'd make this much easier. “Um... T-thanks. For the advice, I mean.”

She shrugs. “No problem.”

“But, um, you know...” She's looking at you expectantly. “Uh... who are you, anyways?”

She puts a finger on her chin. “Hmm. That's a good one. How do you tell who someone is, anyways?”

… W-wait, no, that's not what you meant!

“I-I mean, wh-what's your name?”

“Hm? Oh.” She offers you her not-Kyuubey-stained hand. “Akemi Homura.”

… Should you shake her hand?
>Yes. Do it!
>Other? (Write-in!)

>> No.34119619

>Yes. Do it!
It's only polite.

>> No.34119671

>Yes. Do it!
Of course.

>> No.34119696

>Yes. Do it!

No reason not to.

>> No.34119729

>Yes. Do it!
Might as well be courteous plus it's not like she's given us any reason not to.

>> No.34119819



>> No.34120148

You shake her hand, and she smiles.

“Anyways, if you were wondering, the reason everything's all gray is pretty simple. I've stopped time. It's my ability- and yours, too, now. You can slow it down, stop it completely, maybe even speed it up a little.”

She giggles. “My advice? Get yourself some weapons. Guns, grenades, rocket launchers- the works. You can go anywhere, now- steal anything- and never be noticed at all.”

“You have the power to change the world, Iwasaki-san. You can do anything. You understand?”

You nod.

“Good. If you ever need any advice, just stop time and call my name.” She flicks her hair. “I can't stop time for you, and you can't stop time for me. Funny how that works, isn't it?”

That's pretty peculiar, yeah.

She looks up and stares out the window, then frowns slightly.

“I should be going, then. We'll see eachother again soon enough.” She winks at you. “Resume the flow of time whenever you're ready, alright?”

She disappears without warning, leaving a puff of black plumage behind in her place.

Do you take her advice to heart, Iwasaki Minami?
>Yes. You'll gather up weapons, arm yourself, and be ready for anything.
>No. You might be in a gang, but it's hardly a gang by any real standard.
>Other. (Write-in!)

>> No.34120175

>Yes. You'll gather up weapons, arm yourself, and be ready for anything.
If it's to protect Yutaka (and now Akari too!) there's no such thing as too prepared.

>> No.34120177


>No. You might be in a gang, but it's hardly a gang by any real standard.

Should be,

>No. You might be in a gang, but it's hardly a gang by any real standard. You're no criminal.

>> No.34120183

>Yes. You'll gather up weapons, arm yourself, and be ready for anything.

>> No.34120188

>Yes. You'll gather up weapons, arm yourself, and be ready for anything.

>> No.34120299
File: 613 KB, 1250x727, Homura- DAKKA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alright, then!

Time to get back to Akari!


>> No.34120337

We can't not get guns. This couple is timestop and bullshit-tier regen, the two powers which most lend themselves to guns.

>> No.34120630

Plus we can spin it as Precia's attack being the Skill-In's Start of Darkness and use "never again" or something similar as our new motto.

>> No.34121110
File: 130 KB, 1024x600, PIC ABSURDLY RELATED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are Akari Takamichi, a Level 4 Pyrokineticist fresh out of an impromptu ability aptitude test (during which Steve and the other researchers flipped their shit at your remarkable improvement across the board) and a veritable beacon of hope for all mankind- and beyond, you suppose.

You've brought your powers back under your control once more.

No longer are you a raging inferno lashing out at everything near you.

You are as tranquil as an undisturbed pond, and you have sequestered the conflagration within, to be unleashed at your behest.

You have been made aware of a slew of shady, immoral 'projects' taking place here in Academy City, the place you call your home- this city-country that you so love...

You can't allow that to continue.

They say, 'Exitus acta probat.'
The result justifies the deed.
The ends justify the means.

And that may well be true.

But when the means are evil, the result is rotten to the core, and the whole thing is either construed as an unfortunate accident or downright covered-up...

You just can't allow that.

So, when Fate and Mokarin reported their findings- that Precia Testarossa's plan was to simultaneously empower every esper and kill every non-esper- you and Mato exchanged glances.

The look you gave Mato said, 'Not on my watch.'

The look Mato gave you said, 'Where do we start?'

>> No.34121183

The Paradigm Shift, as Testarossa calls it, is going to be facilitated by a gas that will be released into the atmosphere. The gas is apparently being developed and 'perfected' in Testarossa's labs, which even Fate cannot locate, and the 'test' Testarossa performed on Fate's friends has apparently given her enough useful information that she can make the necessary changes and place finishing touches and whatever-the-hell-else-she-wants-to-do by the 24th of July... also known as 'tomorrow'.

Apparently, production will begin on the 25th and last until the 30th, and then the gas will be delivered to... somewhere... on the 31st.

After that, Fate and Mokarin were unsure, but the tentative 'launch day' is set for the 4th of August.

The cyborg and the robot left after breakfast, to gather more information.

Now, you and Mato need to report in for Judgment duty.

Well, not quite 'now', but it'll be soon enough. Your ability test was relatively short, but it did eat up a couple of hours.

You're standing outside of the research building that's home to Project Sol Aeternam. What do you do?
>Go home, get a fresh change of clothes.
>Go back to Mato's place. See what Nee-chan and Miku are up to.
>Go somewhere else. Where? (Write-in!)

>> No.34121217

>Go home, get a fresh change of clothes.
fuck Miku.

>> No.34121247

>Go somewhere else. Where?
Let's do some snooping of our own, see if we can find out anything useful.

>> No.34121307

>Go home, get a fresh change of clothes.
They gotta be ultra-cute!

>> No.34121378

>>>Go back to Mato's place. See what Nee-chan and Miku are up to.
Clam-jam the nee-sans.

>> No.34121397

>>Go back to Mato's place. See what Nee-chan and Miku are up to.


>> No.34121411

>Go home, get a fresh change of clothes.

>> No.34121425




Looks like clean clothes wins!

What'll you wear? Your suit's burninated, your school uniform's pretty dirty, and your closet is so full of ridiculous cosplay stuff that you barely know what to do!

Also, I'm hungry, and gluten-free pizza is calling my name.
While I'm eating, go ahead and play dress-up!

>> No.34121459

>and your closet is so full of ridiculous cosplay stuff that you barely know what to do!
I want to do ridiculous cosplay.

>> No.34121492

Are we with Mokarin? I think we should let Mokarin pick out our clothes.

It'll be funny.

>> No.34121520

Tight shorts. A T-shirt. A sleeveless jacket. Some variety of cap. Knee high socks. And a pair of boots.

>> No.34121528

>your closet is so full of ridiculous cosplay stuff that you barely know what to do!
Let's do a cosplay authenticity roll of our own!

Uh. Let's see. Fire users.

Shakugan no Shana?

>> No.34121536

Obviously a Magical Girl outfit of some kind, preferably one befitting our status as a Defender of Love and Justice. Basically, the frillier the better.

>> No.34121557

You're a huge Col. Mustang fan.


>> No.34121561
File: 320 KB, 1029x1200, 1369884047431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>full of ridiculous cosplay stuff
You know what must be done.

>> No.34121580

>You're a huge Col. Mustang fan.
This, then. Sounds great.

>> No.34121601
File: 2.21 MB, 449x309, Mustang vs Envy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So we have a state alchemist getup, then?

>> No.34121681
File: 462 KB, 960x854, 13362161128634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we have anything... nazi?

>> No.34121729
File: 588 KB, 600x924, juuzou_suzuya_by_mikannomi-d7950rt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go as Juuzou.

>> No.34121893

Yep. With the gloves and everything.

... I'm gonna say 'no'.

Okay, well, I'm done eating, so let's get right to it!

What'll you dress as?
>Colonel Mustang
>Shorts, t-shirt, sleeveless jacket, hat, knee-socks, 'n' boots
>Super-frilly Magical Girl
>Flandre Scarlet
>Juuzou (whoever that is)
>Other (Write-in!)

Mato also has a few suggestions:
>School swimsuit


>> No.34121925
File: 1.04 MB, 763x1085, Juuzou_Suzuya.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Juuzou (whoever that is)
Best character in Tokyo Ghoul.

>> No.34121939

>Shorts, t-shirt, sleeveless jacket, hat, knee-socks, 'n' boots
Fuck cosplay.
Also, Mato is lewd.

>> No.34121970

>(whoever that is)
Not voting for him, but he's a fucking nutter. Would make a good esper.
I like him a lot.

>> No.34122001

>Colonel Mustang

>> No.34122020

>Colonel Mustang
I really want to see if we can pull this off.

>> No.34122050

>Super-frilly Magical Girl

>> No.34122218
File: 1018 KB, 500x500, Mustang burninating2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Non-cosplay (I think)



Alright, writing!

>> No.34122584
File: 592 KB, 500x281, MUSTANG DOUBLE BURNINATION.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First thing's first- you need a change of clothes!

You make your way back home, Mato suggesting all sorts of get-ups ranging from slightly-sultry to way-too-lewd all the while, and get inside without incident.

It takes you a bit, but then you see it.

And now that you've seen it, you can't wear anything else.

It'd just be wrong!

You strip off your sandy school uniform and don your state alchemist uniform, undressing and re-dressing far faster than you usually can manage.

Mato sighs.

“Someday, Akari, I'll get you in a maid uniform...”

You slip on the white gloves with the alchemical circles on them and smile.

Awwwww yeah.

It's time for some justice!

You grab Mato's hand and make a beeline for Judgment Branch 90's office.


You groan and force your eyes open.

Your phone's ringing?

You reach over the Twin on that side, who is squirming and probably on the verge of waking up, and grab the device.


“Mami-sempai? Where are you? There's nobody here at the office-”

>“Don't worry, nothing's wrong. I'm still in bed. The Twins are here, too.”
>Say something lewd. (Write-in!)
>Touch Twins inappropriately! Where? (Write-in!)
>PANIC (Write-in?)
>Come up with an excuse! (Write-in!)

>> No.34122639


>> No.34122664

>“Don't worry, nothing's wrong. I'm still in bed. The Twins are here, too.”
>>Then realize how bad that sounds and PANIC
>>Touch Twins inappropriately! Where? Extremely lewd head-pats

>> No.34122672

>Why don't you meet me at my house ~_^

>> No.34122728

>>Meet at my place
Let's go with this. Perhaps a party to celebrate the results of our first day on the job?

>> No.34122771

>Touch Twins inappropriately! Where? (Write-in!)

>> No.34122774


>> No.34122826

>Touch Twins inappropriately! Where? (Write-in!)
Their quadruplets

>> No.34122827

>meet me at my house
I can only see this ending either horribly or hilariously (perhaps both?) Let's do it!

>> No.34122939


Lewd, realization and panic, then more lewd

>Meet me at my house, bb gurl


>Cue orders being followed

Oh boy.


>> No.34122981

You missed >>34122771

>> No.34123047
File: 216 KB, 1165x911, Dare you enter Mami's magical realm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well, it wouldn't have won anyways, so I suppose it's not a big deal.

Have some Mami as a consolation

>> No.34123351
File: 337 KB, 823x720, akari waaaaaaat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You reach over, grab your vodka, and drink.

You spill a little as the Twins... let you know that they're... awake.


You frown. Mato's beet-red. She called Mami-san to find out what was going on, and now she's as red as she was when you-

No, no, no! You're not jealous.

Not at all!

“A-and where are the Twins?”

She nearly drops her phone.

“O-oh, I see. They're there, t-too...”

“... O-okay. W-we'll be there soon.”

She snaps her phone shut and looks at you. She tries to speak, but doesn't seem to be capable at the moment.

“Deep breaths, Mato,” you advise, and she complies.

After a few deep breaths, she calms down a bit and explains. “Mami-sempai and the Twins are... in bed. Together. Sempai also asked us to come to her apartment.”

… The Twins? As in, BOTH of the Twins?


Mato looks to you, as if waiting for you to make a decision. Probably because she is.
>Yeeeah, nah.
>Something else? (Write-in!)

>> No.34123382


>> No.34123410


>> No.34123433


>> No.34123611
File: 52 KB, 875x492, Akari- A-are you sure about this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34123617

Glory awaits, elegan/tg/entlemen, and we dare not refuse this opportunity!

>> No.34123652

Why is Mato following our lead this makes no sense.

>> No.34124069

You scratch the back of your head awkwardly. “Y'know, I don't think that's such a good idea-”

Mato grabs your hand. “Maybe not, but it was an order. We have to!”

“Do we, though?”

She frowns. “Yes! We do!” She takes your other hand, too, and looks you in the eyes. “It might be... uh, it might not be the most normal thing, but...” She holds your hands together in both of hers, making a big hand-bundle between the two of you. “We can do it! Together!”

Is she still talking about following orders?

She looks so serious about this, though.

You sigh. “Fine, fine. Orders are orders.”

The journey to Mami's apartment is a short one, and it's not long before you're standing outside of her door.

You stand there and stare at it for a good thirty seconds before doing anything.

Mato squeezes your hand.

“Akari... before we do this, there's something- uh, that is, um, I want you to know...”

Mato's even redder than she was before.

Wait, what's she trying to say? It sounds like she's going to... no, that can't be right... can it?


>> No.34124156

>C'mon Mato, you know you can tell me anything right?

>> No.34124158

>I already know.

>> No.34124176



>> No.34124208

I'm confused. What's happening right now?

>> No.34124235

Something wonderful.

>> No.34124260

So, just making sure I have this right, but you want me to provide a writein when I have no idea what's happening? And you're giving non-answers?


>> No.34124286

I don't understand anything about this Quest, but that's fine, i'm not sure i'm supposed to.

>> No.34124294

I'm not sure whats unclear here ?

>> No.34124300

I'm teasing you, anon, just relax.

Mato's confessing, anon.

The reason I only gave the >??? prompt is because I wanted to see whether or not Akari would pick up on it, and because I wanted the players to generate their own response.

>> No.34124348

>Mato's confessing, anon.
Why? I was under the impression that Mato and Akari were already a couple and were aware of eachother's feelings.

>> No.34124396

They weren't really. Just friends who are 'really' comfortable with eachother. They hadn't actually "confirmed" it yet.

>> No.34124415

Only informally, and most of it has been cuddling, teasing, and/or plain old friend stuff.

Being aware of the feelings and confessing them are two very different things.
They haven't even gotten all kissy with one another yet, unless I'm crazy and forgetting something.

>> No.34124454

No, you're right that we haven't gone that far yet, though it looks like that might be about to change...

>> No.34124499


I'm writing as we speak.

I suppose I forgot to count up votes and say so.
Sorry 'bout that!

We're going with
>You know you can tell me anything, right?

>> No.34124859

Sorry for the delay, my internet went full retard for a bit there

You squeeze her hand back.

“Mato... You know you can tell me anything, right?”

She swallows and nods.


She clears her throat and shakes her head, then looks you in the eye.

“Akari,” she says, with a strange calmness to her voice.

“Yes, Mato...?”

>Roll 1d20 to determine stuff and things!

>> No.34124878

Rolled 11 (1d20)


>> No.34124882

Rolled 4 (1d20)


>> No.34124888

Rolled 11 (1d20)

"I've always hated you. Always. I was just pretending all this time just for this moment."

>> No.34124896

Rolled 1 (1d20)

C'mon dice!

>> No.34124966
File: 220 KB, 685x390, The Dice Gods Laugh at your Pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's the third time!
YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS Actually, you don't, but, hey!


>Wanting Mato to kill herself
You should feel bad.

Welp, lemme just get to writing, then!

>> No.34124967

Hmm, not great but not terrible either. Maybe doubles are lucky?

>> No.34125010

So doubles are bad in this quest? Awesome...

>> No.34125030


No, you're both wrong!


>> No.34125040

But we're Judgement? Does that mean we have to arrest ourselves? I don't think our usual m.o. of "burn the perp" is gonna work so well in that case, but Akari will bring any criminal to justice, even if it's herself! Just don't ask how, because you probably don't want to know!

>> No.34125169
File: 143 KB, 647x419, turn up the DARKNESS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a reminder.

>> No.34125253

Fallen angel? No thanks. We're going PURE angel.

>> No.34125294

Akari gon' give it to ya

>> No.34125304
File: 351 KB, 480x270, DO THEY KNOW OF AKARIN'S RAGE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So focused were the two of you that you didn't even notice as Mami's door opened and the drunken blonde herself emerged.

You're on the edge of your metaphorical seat, here. You've never seen Mato so... focused on anything before!

She leans a little closer to you.

You, too, lean slightly closer.

“Akari, I... for a long time, I've-”

There's a flash of blonde hair and a surprised squeak from Mato as she falls forward and collides with you... lips first.

You're not sure if you just got your first kiss, or a concussion.

But you're pretty sure most first kisses don't feel like headbutts.

The strangest part is, you're closing your eyes and rolling with it.

No, wait, the strangest part is that neither you nor Mato seem to know what you're doing.

After a few moments, Mato lifts herself off of you, offering you a hand that you accept and pulling you upright as well.

Mami's leaning against the wall and clinging to a bottle of a clear liquid that you suspect is some sort of alcohol. She seems to be having a giggle.

She's definitely drunk, but, still. She just ruined Mato's confession!

… Well, maybe she didn't, but your teeth hurt!

What do you do?

>> No.34125323

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Kick Mami's well proportioned ass

Rolling for Akarin power

>> No.34125339

>Impotently shake fists while the odongos steam

>> No.34125351

Evaporate Mamis alcohol.
Slowly though, don't want it to explode.

>> No.34125356

Spontaneous ignition the booze. Sneakily.

>> No.34125380
File: 305 KB, 600x849, 1391756971691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remind Mami that her only companion in life will be that bottle of alcohol.

That evaporate said alcohol.

>> No.34125381

>Ignite/evaporate the booze

>> No.34125398


>> No.34125423

>Remind Mami that her only companion in life will be that bottle of alcohol.
Considering she just woke up with cute twins in her arms. Thats not gonna work right now.

>> No.34125474
File: 8 KB, 194x259, BURNINATE IT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It doesn't make sence
Your image gave me cancer, anon.

Whup some ass




Gimme 3 rolls of 1d100 to see how controlled you are when angry and using your powers!

>> No.34125481

Rolled 13 (1d100)

nat 1 inc

>> No.34125485

Rolled 10 (1d100)


>> No.34125486

Rolled 49 (1d100)


>> No.34125503

Looks like Mami got some glass shards coming for her.

>> No.34125504


Damn our rolls suck.

>> No.34125523

Akari is really only good when it comes to FLAME AND FURY.

>> No.34125531

I guess Mami is about to join Kyril in the leagues of the drunken eyebrowless espers.

>> No.34125646
File: 968 KB, 500x295, ANGRY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have any appropriate images for this.
I wanted a 'varying degrees of failure' type thing, but no dice.

Welp, you're definitely pissed. I guess Hades will have to do.


>> No.34125718
File: 117 KB, 392x392, the edge flows through me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can you hear it? It's the sound of burning drills. Maybe the bottle will detonate and Mami will lose her __head__

>> No.34125764

Noooooo. Akarin's mental state is too fragile to be angry

>> No.34125824
File: 496 KB, 1156x1626, FIRED UP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more you think about it, the more pissed off you get.

Mato was going to say it! She was going to say, “Akari, I love you.”


Your eye twitches, and your lips twist into a snarl.

That's one count of Minor in Posession, one count of Indecent Exposure, two counts of Assault on an Officer...

You bring your right hand up and become vaguely aware that your head is on fire. You press your thumb and your middle finger together...

>Roll 1d100 to snap kek out of it!

>> No.34125850

Rolled 20 (1d100)


Nat 1 please

>> No.34125860

Rolled 30 (1d100)

nat 1 just once please

>> No.34125868

Rolled 72 (1d100)

Please dice!

>> No.34125870

Rolled 52 (1d100)


>> No.34125882

Shit! I hope this isn't enough.

>> No.34125885

Rolled 54 (1d100)


Ya blew it anon

>> No.34125914
File: 308 KB, 1280x720, MY LIFE IS ON FIRE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Excellent work, anon.
You've managed not to kill Mami.


>> No.34125934

Another time.

>> No.34125936


Damn it

>> No.34125938

>You press your thumb and your middle finger together...

You didn't post the image of Mustang looking pissed as FUCK when he wants to burn Envy. I'm disappointed in you.

>> No.34125950

Because that's the next post's image.

Do you even believe in me, anon?

>> No.34125968

Probably for the best, it would reflect poorly on us if we accidentally murdered our superior officer and I don't think the court would take "romance interruption" as a valid excuse.

>> No.34125989

This AC Akari got more Esper potential, there wouldn't even be a court session.

>> No.34126045

Maybe not, but Mato and Nee-chan would still be disappointed in us, which is more than enough reason to hold off unless we absolutely positively have to kill someone (or it's Precia, in which case I suggest we slowly cook her organs to ash one at a time while giggling maniacally).

>> No.34126061

>Precia, in which case I suggest we slowly cook her organs
I'm pretty sure Mato and Nee-chan would be just as unsettled by that.

>> No.34126103

Yeah, but we could totally justify it as "she totally had it coming and it's not like AC would punish her, so I had to instead."

>> No.34126115

As long as Fate doesn't get mad at us for stealing her kill.

>> No.34126139

Maybe we can team up and let her strike the final blow? I suppose she does deserve more than a few hits of her own but I want to wail on her for catharsis's sake.

>> No.34126328
File: 956 KB, 500x281, Angry mustang.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You hesitate for a split-second before turning Mami Tomoe into a pile of ash, and it occurs to you that if you were to hit her with everything you were just about to unleash, you'd kill her... and anyone standing behind her.

You take a deep breath, grit your teeth, and snap your fingers.

There's an appreciably-large BOOM as the bottle detonates.

Mato's got her hands over her ears and her eyes screwed shut. You kinda forgot that she has super-sensitive hearing. Oops.

Mami, for her part, blinks a couple of times as the smoke clears, and inspects the soot and powdered glass that covers her legs and the ground and not much else.

“Hey,” she slurs, “Ya didn't kill me!” She gives you a thumbs-up and laughs. “Good job.”

You scowl, bringing your thumb and your middle finger together again.

“You're drunk.”


“... Is that all you have to say for yourself?”

She puts her hands on her hips. “It's my right to drink whatever I want, Akari-chan. It's a free city!”

You can't scowl adequately to display how displeased you are. “You're a minor!”

Mami frowns and reaches in between her breasts, then produces her I.D.. She squints at it for a moment, then shakes her head. “No, I'm not. See?”

You tilt your head, confused.

Her card has the differently-colored background that indicates one is able to purchase alcohol and tobacco and what-not.

“O-oh... uh, well, then...” You'd really rather not admit what it was Mami interrupted, if you can avoid it at all.

>> No.34126366

Isn't that a fake id?

>> No.34126386

I dunno, Mami might actually be 16 or so.

>> No.34126409


Ugh, Old Maid much?

>> No.34126426
File: 7 KB, 216x233, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She pulls a flask out of her cleavage and takes a long swig, then staggers over to you and throws her arm over your still-smoldering shoulders.

“Schorry, Akari-chan, but I've scheen confesshionsh like that before, an' I gotta shay, I couldn't let you two schtand out there for the three hoursh necesshary.” She points at a sign down the hallway.


… Okay. You suppose you see her reasoning, but couldn't she have brought the two of you inside instead of... that?

You sigh, then snap your fingers again, blasting away the powdered glass that covers the ground.

… Since when can you make things explode like that?

Mami rubs her cheek against your face.

“Shee, Akari-shan? Your Onee-shan told me, she schaid, 'Akari'sh powersh will get schtronger every time she getsh angry.' She wasch right, huh?”

Another giggle.

You don't even know what to feel anymore.

“You okay, Mato?”

Your girlfriend blinks at you, then nods. “... YEAH. I JUST WASN'T EXPECTING THAT.”

Oh boy.

“Would you girlsh like schome tea?”

>... Sure, why not?
>Other. (Write-in!)

>> No.34126466

>… Since when can you make things explode like that?
I dunno, but it better get added to the spontaneous ignition thingy in the pdf.


>> No.34126467

Nope. AC's laws about that kind of thing are bare-bones as all hell. Because they don't care.

15 or 16, yeah.

>> No.34126474

>>... Sure, why not?
She is gonna put something in that tea, isn't she ?

>> No.34126481

>>... Sure, why not?

>> No.34126498

>Because they don't care.
You'd think it would be a great idea to keep kids with superpowers away from stuff that removes inhibitions.
But then again, its Academy City, so probably not.

>> No.34126507

>... Sure, why not?
I see no way in which this could horribly backfire, no sir!

>> No.34126529

Yeah, for anyone with two working brain cells to rub together that makes sense, but considering everyone but Crowley has to share one and he's too wrapped up in cosmic shit to worry about that stuff...

>> No.34126607
File: 199 KB, 512x294, Mami polite discussion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pfff, inhibitions inhibit stuff! That's not science-y at all!



Okay, writing!

>> No.34126773

Why the hell not?

You follow the drunken blonde inside, and see two more blondes attempting to dress themselves through the open bedroom door.

“Sister, those are mine.” “How can you tell?” “I wear white with black stripes, and you wear black with white stripes.” “Oh! Right you are, sister. Sorry about that.” “Oh, it's no big deal, sister.”

It's so weird, watching them talk... you avert your gaze when you realize that it's probably even weirder to watch them dress.

Mato sits down on a cushion at the small table, then places you in her lap before you can protest.

Mami wanders off, apparently to make tea, and Mato hugs you from behind.

You look around, realize that Mami's apartment is practically spotless, and massage your temples.

You don't even know what to think anymore.

>> No.34126816

I eagerly await the day we roll triple nat 1 on a control check and just fucking nuke half the city.

>> No.34126823

OK, I'm getting serious "black lagoon vampire twins" vibes from our twins. I'm on to your shit, QM.

>> No.34126838

Since Akari with more power is literally a walking nuke, it wouldn't just be half of the city.

>> No.34126852
File: 70 KB, 395x553, Ending Image! Akari and fire and FANART- WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I'm beat, and this seems like a passable stopping point to me!
And if you got a problem with that, you can take it up with Larry, my accountant/bouncer/guy-who-I-just-made-up!

Uh, anyways, be sure to vote in the archives here http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Raildex

Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have, either here or at that asking website thing. ask.fm/EsperQuestQM

... I think that's it?

Thanks for playing, everyone! I had a good time, and I hope you all did, too!

>> No.34126881

Any tentative idea when you might run next? Good show today btw.

>> No.34126909

The scary part is that it wouldn't be one blast all at once, it would be a massive blast... and then it wouldn't stop blasting. It would just be like a mini sun decided to plant its ass down on the neighborhood for a couple days.

>> No.34126935
File: 83 KB, 553x546, So much homu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... I don't know what you're talking about, anon.
They're psychic twins, what more do you want from me?
I thought them getting their underwear mixed up was pretty amusing, too.

Hmm. I think I've got an appointment of some sort tomorrow afternoon, and I'm also pretty sure I've got stuff to do this weekend. Friday, perhaps?

>> No.34126945

Thanks for running Esper.

Not a big fan of the expy and the power level flood though. Might want to cut down on that a little, not everyone needs to be a level 4, especially once we go to school. And using the characters images is all fine and good, like with Mami, but the Homura expy was way too much actually Homura.

>> No.34126978

Well if we do end up going to Tokiwadai that does guarantee that all of our classmates will be at least Level 3 with somewhat useful powers. Besides, an army of strong rivals/friends might be just what we need to keep our skills sharp! I can agree on the point about expys though.

>> No.34127041

I agree that having every single person be a high-end level 4 or have some ridiculous "low level" ability is a bit much.

>> No.34127060

Wait, that was an expy?

>> No.34127076

It's a character ported in from another series.

So pretty much every single character in this quest.

>> No.34127100

I thought she WAS Homura though?

>> No.34127123

I think what he meant was that rather than being a knockoff with the same name like Akari, we actually encountered the original/canonical Homura (though at what point in her timeline I have no idea).

>> No.34127125

To be fair, most characters are only visually based on others. Mami isn't really all that much like the character (way too stable), and only Fate and NotNanoha were the first really strong exports. I just don't want to see it escalate more.

>> No.34127171

>That was Homusatan
>We're in her barrier
>Shes pulling in characters from animes and stuff to populate it
>Academy City is her mary sue
>She brainwashed Kyubey

muh shadowruns

>> No.34127190

Stop it anon, that makes far too much sense.

>> No.34127212

Oh god, it makes no sense and yet too much sense at the same time. Maybe we're supposed to be Homusatan's replacement for the whole Magical Girl/Witch system?

>> No.34127380 [SPOILER] 
File: 131 KB, 428x271, 1407999941395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't look at me! It was all the dice, I swear!

Okay, let me level with you, here. It's way easier to keep track of how side characters act if they've got either a super-simple personality (like Onoe, who just screams shit about the emperor all day) or if they act like they do in whatever they're from!

Let's see- we've got Kyouko and Sayaka, and... nope, that's it. Shouldn't escalate too much. Should I scrap Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi as low-tier recurring criminals, then?

>implying Kyuubey would've needed to be brainwashed when a better alternative was presented

>> No.34127432

>Should I scrap Akira Kogami and Minoru Shiraishi as low-tier recurring criminals, then?
I'll smack your gob

>> No.34127497

Oh, okay. Sorry. Could you at least refrain from being accurate with your shadowruns? I mean, really.

>> No.34127562

>It was all the dice
In all seriousness, if the dice give out "unproductive" results like that, then just knock the character dwon a power level or two to maintain some consistency. Its alright if in Akaris school a lot of level 3s hang out and a bunch of level 4, but when it gets out of hand, especially witht the level fours, it should be edited a little.

>Kyouko and Sayaka
I would hope they are more expys like Mami was, and not like Homura. Mami at least got some traits making her different from her 'counterpart'.

>> No.34127589

>Don't look at me! It was all the dice, I swear!
Have you considered actually making a character based on the needs of the story instead of just taking some dice and some anime and throwing em into a blender?

>> No.34127685

Most of the characters with abilities end up being level 1s and 2s. You just don't see it as much because, at those levels, the power itself is negligible.

Hungry spear lesbian and justice sword lesbian are the baselines of their characters at the moment.

Have you considered that most of the characters are generated based on the needs of the story?

Do you really see the statement "Don't look at me! It was all X, I swear!" and take it seriously? It's practically a rephrased "He went thataway!"

Maybe I'm just tired and unable to think straight, but you seem awfully critical for someone who failed to pick up on a bit of silliness from the silly QM of a silly quest.

>> No.34127806

>at those levels, the power itself is negligible.
I wouldn't really agree with that, it isn't as much shock and awe as 3/4/5, but esper powers should never be negligible.
Okay to Akari they might be, because she is crazy OP.
But the point was still valid though, as of now we have two level threes and three level fours as regular character (besides Akari), its not a terrible issue yet, but its a unfortunate trend, and power creep in Quests does often become a problem.

> you seem awfully critical for someone who failed to pick up on a bit of silliness from the silly QM of a silly quest.
He's just been anxious all thread long, don't mind him, I'm sure he cheered up by the next one.

>> No.34127882

When I say 'negligible,' I mean, 'I don't bother mentioning them unless they come into play'.

It's just not something that I see a reason for, and most of them you don't have an excuse to know what their levels and abilities are.

I don't mention Steve's level 1 illusion thing other than in descriptions because it's not important, for example.

Higher levels are more noteworthy because I figure they're the equivalent of being armed and dangerous, y'know?

>> No.34128157
File: 98 KB, 618x615, no fucks given.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, this post... I've been irked by it on and off for the past hour, now.

Why, anon?

Are you insane? Why'd you figure that out so quickly? I went out of my way to come up with something so cheeky, so crazy and absurd, that nobody would think of it.

And, BAM, you saw right through it. Did you also see through what the plot would have been if you guys had chosen 'espers' instead of 'magical girls'?

You frustrate me, anon.

I'd just like to say that knowing that doesn't really change anything, and, honestly, it's not particularly important- I wanted something I could hint at for awhile, something I could imply and make you guys shadowrun like crazy over (I guess I failed, huh?).

As far as I'm concerned, this quest's plot is as follows: Akari can get a ton of ice cream if she reaches level 5, and Akari loves Academy City and wants to make it a better place.

>> No.34128196

Okay, this post... I've been irked by it on and off for the past minute, now.

Why, Esper?

You gave confirmation to a shadowrun instead of letting it fade into half-forgotten memory until the reveal. Now that guy will never be able to yell CALLED IT 50 THREADS AGO.

>> No.34128219

He's obviously a silly QM and you shouldn't be taking what he's saying seriously. What he really means is that it's actually completely wrong.

>> No.34128224

>Akari can get a ton of ice cream if she reaches level 5, and Akari loves Academy City and wants to make it a better place.
How about we focus on that then ?
We already got the "sideplot" with Precia, adding more to it, isn't all that helpful.

>Why'd you figure that out so quickly?
Don't want to break your heart Esper, but .. its not a particular ingenious twist, its the first thing that would come to mind if you were inclined to shadowrun.

>> No.34128244


On the off-chance that post was actually serious, its really not a great idea. Thought I should say that, just in case

>> No.34128314

But that would be dishonest, anon!
I don't have the stomach for that sort of shady business.

The city can't be a better place if everyone's either insane or dead, anon.

>Not particularly ingenious
But that was the point, anon! By making the plot so not-clever, I thought I could trick you all into thinking it was something far more clever than it actually was!
Instead, it just turned out to be plain old not-clever.

Quiet, you!

>> No.34128323

Nice try, Esper. We've seen through your flimsy coverup.

This is getting silly.

>> No.34128352
File: 25 KB, 750x600, Daily reminder that Kyuubey never told a lie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

... Are you implying that I would post anon to deceive you?

Even I have standards, anon.

>> No.34128354

>The city can't be a better place if everyone's either insane or dead, anon.
Sure enough, but some more legit Judgement business would be cool, just saying.
But I'm sure you have planned that out, so, waiting warmly.

>> No.34128421

They handle legit Judgement business all the time. What do you think all the thug reeducation and cosplay authenticity rolls were for?

>> No.34128445

>Implying the plot isn't just an excuse to encounter stranger and more interesting things
How could I even pretend to justify things like Cyber-velociraptors otherwise, anon?

I mean, I feel like you guys wouldn't be amused if I answered everything with absurdly cryptic bullshit like 'Weather balloons' or whatever came to mind at the time.

By sacrificing some silly-fun time to make room for crazy-plot time, I can extend the silly-fun time in the long run, right?

I love you, you cheeky bastard you

>> No.34128453

I meant with that, I look forward to having more in the future, I didn't mean to imply we had not enough in the past. I can see how I worded it poorly though.

>> No.34128469

>How could I even pretend to justify things like Cyber-velociraptors otherwise
Fucking science, thats how.

>> No.34128478

8 threads for a confession. So fast! Where is it going to go from here?

>> No.34128487

I wish I had voted for espers not magic. This plot sucks. I came here for a Raildex quest, not Rebellion 4: Madoka set in AC.

>> No.34128519

I remember back in thread 3 or so, we noted that it was going a bit fast and agreed it would be better to keep it as "they obviously will but they don't know it yet". I guess we can scratch that, unless this broke Matos confidence somehow.

>Having voted for magic
It's really your own fault then.
He's obviously not going to make the Madoka expy thing anything anywhere near the plot. Not that I blame you for being anxious, stupider things have been done

>> No.34128536

Don't fret over it. If this was one of the options, I doubt the others were very good either.

>> No.34128562

I had actually thought Sayaka and Kyouko would be actual mages and Mami is just their friend and thats why she calls herself a "magical girl" even though she is actually a Esper. And we would get Science vs. Magic crazyness on the sidelines with those three.

>> No.34128567

Girls powered by love and justice and other fanciful things are worth anything.

Not that the plot matters. It's an excuse for silliness, nothing more.

>> No.34128576

>implying that counted as a confession
I fully expect almost-confessing to become a running gag.

You're still not going to see much magic-stuff. Especially not from Akari's perspective, which is and will always be the main thing.
It's more of a retroactive exposition than a plot, to be fair.
The esper 'plot' was more crazy stuff and less sanity.

>Implying I've said anything about what a 'magical girl' actually is.
You assume too much, anon.

>> No.34128616

>I fully expect almost-confessing to become a running gag.
Do they successfully confess on a 1 or a 20 or both?

>> No.34128625

Maybe this is just a problem on my end, but it's impossible to enjoy a story when the entire world is a fake. I know that this probably sounds stupid to say about an internet collective roleplaying game, but knowing that none of it is 'real' just ruins it. We may never really deal with magic, but I'll always know that none of it matters and we're just static in the background of homosatan's barrier.

>> No.34128677

I see what you mean, I think.

But, let me ask you this:
What makes that world any less real?
And How else could I give you guys the potential to metaphorically punch the devil in the face in the name of JUSTICE?

That depends on the situation.

>> No.34128679

It's a problem on your end.

It's kind of like saying you're unable to enjoy a cosplay if it fails its cosplay authenticity roll.

>> No.34128686

Ok, I'm not sure if we crossed the line of silly joke into being actually taken serious here, but just in case we did.
If this were actually the case, it would be rather stupid for more reasons than that, so I'm pretty sure it really isn't.
It was something he wanted to hint, to make people shadowrun on it, but it wasn't actually intended to be really the case. More of a reference joke, than a actual background detail.

>> No.34128704

>Wanting to punch Homusatan.
But she did it for love Esper, that makes it okay.
Akari would understand.

>> No.34128706

>How else could I give you guys the potential to metaphorically punch the devil in the face in the name of JUSTICE?
Why would we want to punch
>scrolls up, checks name
Minami Iwasaki's role model? It might make her upset.

>> No.34128728

Oh man, I can't even begin to imagine. That cardboard box Sororitas power armor, though.

... This anon, this guy right here.
He gets it better than I do!

She kidnapped god, anon. Love or no, that's illegal!


>> No.34128739

No, I'd be fine with a shitty cosplay. It's a completely different thing.

>> No.34128784

>We'll never encounter Tim the Tusken Raider ever again
>these feels

>> No.34128803

>We'll never encounter Tim the Tusken Raider ever again
Isn't that because we burninated him ?

>> No.34128825

No, you scared him off when you burninated his stick-thing.

You almost burninated him, though.
[spoilers] He was actually a Lvl 1 pyrokineticist, though, so he would've been unharmed. I had a good giggle at that one. [/spoiler]

>> No.34128857

>so he would've been unharmed.
Like hell he would have. Akari had to work hard to get her utter temperature immunity, no way can a level 1 shrug off her hotter than hot flames completely unharmed.

I'm angry about this funny thing.

>> No.34128892

No, silly, Akari was going to burninate the ground at his feet, and the reason for not doing so was that he'd be burned.

But he wouldn't have been.

Also, she had to work hard to become SUPER-DUPER-IMMUNE, she's been plain old 'immune immune' since she first got her powers!


>4:08 AM
I should probably go to bed pretty soon, here.

Are there any other silly questions anyone wants silly answers for?

>> No.34128916

>Are there any other silly questions anyone wants silly answers for?
None that we can't ask at your ask place.


>> No.34128952
File: 289 KB, 689x476, Gensei- things are going scarily well.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon's getting too good at this...


Welp, with that being said, I'm outta here.

Good night/morning/whatever, everyone!
Thanks for playing! (Did I already say that?)

>> No.34130455

Then why did you vote for magic not espers? This is all your fault anon.

>> No.34130474

Homura did nothing wrong.

>> No.34130530

How did you not see this coming, it should have been obvious. This is Esper we're talking about here, he has no sense and no limits.

Like he doesn't see the difference between Mami as an outwardly nice girl who needs a drink and needs to get laid - which is funny and Mami as an outright drunken asshole who fucks her under-aged coworkers - which is not funny.

>> No.34130768

>Mami as an outright drunken asshole who fucks her under-aged coworkers - which is not funny.
Speak for yourself. Mami was funny this thread.

>> No.34130893

Really? Because I kinda hate her now, it's the most tone breaking thing in the thread.

>> No.34130901

>in the thread.
Hell in the quest.

>> No.34130932

>“Hey,” she slurs, “Ya didn't kill me!” She gives you a thumbs-up and laughs. “Good job.”
I'm not seeing how shit like this breaks the tone. Unless you mean the romantic tone Akari and Mato had going.

I almost died laughing when she immediately pulled the flask out of her tits.

>> No.34131017

Going from the first Mami 'frustrated but nice', keeping up appearances stuff and how the interaction with the twins went then, to 'we got drunk and fucked and now I'm getting sloshed and I don't give a fuck about anything'.

You have cute hand holding, furtive, implied lewds between Miku and Akanae at most for the majority of the quest, establishing the tone and the level of things, then Mami is just busting out drunken underage sex out of nowhere, and its jarring and conflicts with her established personality.

>> No.34131108

>busting out drunken underage sex out of nowhere
You need to read thread 3's Mami opener again.

>caring that the sex is underage
We're in anime land.

>> No.34131184

I read thread threes opener, that's the thing, that character and this one do not read like the same character.
It's the difference between the goofy character who hits on all the girls, and the 'womanizing' character who hits on all the girls and makes you worry about roofies in the drinks.

I liked that Mami, I though it was funny and kinda cute, now though its distasteful and skeevy, and I don't like her and want to interact with her as little as possible.

>> No.34131196

Are you the same person who hates Miku?

>> No.34131220

>this one do not read like the same character.
No shit. She's drunk.

>> No.34131221

No, I like Miku.

>> No.34131266

It also doesn't read like the same character but drunk, it reads like a goddamn personality transplant, and even when sober at the start, the situation is still jarring.

>> No.34134759

Rolled 3, 4 = 7 (2d6)

>> No.34134785


>> No.34134804

Rolled 13 (1d20)


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