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Could we get some Rome images up in this thread, so I can fill my Rome folder?

Also Rome Thread in general - history, images, games. All of it.

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From a /v/ thread last night.

Roman Emperors were best Emperors.

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About Roman history, I love the way Romans trolled their neighbours into war. They literally sent a priest to the "enemy" city, accused them of something and asked for compensation. If the accused city rejected their demands, Roman would declare war on them and attack them thirty days later.

Those thirty days were there just because in Roman law, that's the time an accused can cancel his debt.

They literally used laws to wage war.

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I don't remember what it's called, but I once saw, at a friends place, a board game (chits, not miniatures) on the battle of Arausio. 200,000ish Cimbri/Teutones, facing off against 80,000 Romans.

Each chit represents 20 men. I don't know what the fuck they were thinking.

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Assuming OP doesn't wholly reject fantasy elements for his Rome threads...

I feel like when trying to do a fantasy version of Rome I don't want to draw entirely on Greek myth. Yes, Roman worshiped versions of Greek gods, and told the same stories about Greek mythical creatures, but they had their own beliefs.

The Strix, for example. The Strix is a great monster, and is fairly unique to Roman culture. I'm wondering if there's more stuff like that out there that I don't know about. Any suggestions?

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That sounds like it would take up a lot of room.

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You should do something based on the hearth goddesses and ancestor quasi-worship that existed in the older republican era.

Maybe, if it's a full fantasy setting, something where you actually make (weak) gods/spirits because of your family's veneration or because you've lived there a long time. They can't do much, but they can keep the house warm and tidy or whatnot, and bring minor curses if you fail to venerate them.

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OP here. I like my fantasy low, my Rome fantasy even lower. But that's just me.

>Any suggestions?
Try incorporating the mythology of Romes historical neighbors, then warp them with Roman ideology.

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Genus loci in general would be a fun thing to play with.

>yfw you run a version of The Shining on the players after the snows trap them in an abandoned imperial estate house in the mountains.

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Pagan Rome is best rome.

Remove lox from the premises!

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>that motherfucker with the sword in his left hand

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Well, something you'd pick up on if you've read Livy, is how legalistic the Roman religion is. There is a protocol that needs to be strictly observed for all public events, and omens are watched carefully to gauge the gods' favor or lack thereof. I think its important to understand this if you really want to capture the Roman "flavor". Also what that guy said about ancestors. The Roman patricians were Asian-tier in their respect for their ancestors. They were very, very serious about filial piety.

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>Pompeii was filled with the 4channers of Rome

>8364: Secundus says hello to his Prima, wherever she is. I ask, my mistress, that you love me.
>5243: “Secundus defecated here” three time on one wall.
>2048: Secundus likes to screw boys.
>>4838: Secundus says hello to his friends

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Pagan everywhere else sucked, though.

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>8162: We two dear men, friends forever, were here. If you want to know our names, they are Gaius and Aulus.

Every time

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Any fantasy Roman setting should play up the omens. That shit was a big deal to them.

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>You will never be have a Broman friend

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>Not posting the best one, right at the beginning.

> (Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio); 3932: Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

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aaaand now the thread becomes anon endlessly reposting these
happens every time

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A true patrician

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That's a lie, the best one is the public notice telling people to stop defecating in the water distribution tower or face fines.

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Imagine facing an Elephant in combat.

Not only is it larger than anything living in your world, it's screaming and charging towards you, but your weapons ain't doing shit against it.

And you've never seen one before. They just didn't exist for you. It would be like you where literally fighting a monster. I gian't grey hulking behemoth with has an unstoppable charge and giant horns.

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elephants a shit

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What's it like knowing that Fabius did all the real work and you just grabbed the glory like a little bitch?

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Didn't Julius Caesar claim to see unicorns and birds with fiery feathers in the Hercynian Forest? I imagine the unicorn, as it would have been envisioned by the Romans, was quite different then the creature of later medieval lore.

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>I imagine the unicorn, as it would have been envisioned by the Romans, was quite different then the creature of later medieval lore.

>Plinie, the Roman naturalist records it as "a very ferocious beast, similar in the rest of its body to a horse, with the head of a deer, the feet of an elephant, the tail of a boar, a deep, bellowing voice, and a single black horn, two cubits in length, standing out in the middle of its forehead."

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Vespasian for best emperor

>saved Rome from catastrophe after the Year of the Four Emperors
>tolerated dissent so long as it did not threaten to destabilize the empire
>was a workaholic, thought little of his own needs
>told great jokes
>incredible public works projects, including the Colosseum
>made sure to set up an effective and smooth succession before he died

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He also shat himself to death.

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What a shitty death

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Trajan was better.

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And told a superbly sarcastic joke in the process.

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ANY excuse.

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How do you Rome-fanatics feel about Caesar's Legion emulating the Roman Empire?

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Best armor, Roma Swagga.

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>Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths); 10675: Two friends were here. While they were, they had bad service in every way from a guy named Epaphroditus. They threw him out and spent 105 and half sestertii most agreeably on whores.

Alpha as fuck

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"Ignore the racket made by these savages! There are more women than men in their ranks! They are not soldiers - they're not even properly equipped. We've beaten them before and when they see our weapons and feel our spirit, they'll crack. Stick together. Throw the javelins, then push forward: knock them down with your shields and finish them off with your swords. Forget about plunder. Just win and you'll have everything!"
Gaius Suetonius Paulinus before the Battle of Watling Street in which he defeated the rebel Iceni queen Boadicea.

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Where are these military images from? And awesome work, I was looking for a Rome thread.

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Boadicea was such a fag.

All she really did was unite Briton resistance into a single mass and then got it fucking destroyed, ensuring for the Romans that the surviving Britons didn't have the numbers to rise against and stop Rome.

Oh, at got a lot of innocent civilians killed in the process, too.

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Arthur/Artorius is the superior british folk hero.

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Odd legend about the great general Belisarius becoming a beggar until one of his former men recognized. Never happened, but he was retired for being too dangerous, being both more popular than, and a greater general than, his Emperor.

He reconquered Italy from the barbarians with only a few thousand men and pitiful support.

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Romans didn't even have a name for it the first time they saw them. "afircan sows: was the term they coined.

They went about killing them by the second battle, and lost their fear of-and respect for- the things rather rapidly.

It helps that one had ass centurion got grabbed by one and proceed to fuck up it's trunk with a gladius until it left him alone. "if it bleeds, we can kill/rape it. if it doesn't, we loot it.", say the legions.

Well, probably.

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That makes me wonder how a battle between the legions and the mongol hordes would turn out if they faced each other at the peak of their military strength

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>roman fights a jew in single combat
>just grabs the fucker-armed and armored as he was-by the ankle and drags him to vespasian
>vespasian thinks it's fucking awesome
>ends up having to order romans to stop trying to bring him live jews
His life would make a great sitcom.

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Even if he didn't exist (he may have been real, we just don't know), Arthur is my ideal king. I would sear loyalty to him without a doubt. Mount Badonicus is proof of his maybe-historical badassery.

The animu girl version is a qt, too. Also anachronistic as fuck.

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It would work if it was actually emulating rome.

It wasn't.

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Poorly. Unless you;'re counting the eastern empire. At it's peak ability in the medieval period, it would be able to defeat the mongols some of the time.

That, or if the mongols are campaigning through europe. Then they lose. Eventually.

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What about it isn't the same? Just curious

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They'd lose in parts of Europe, but any country with sufficient grassland to sustain their advance would probably fall. The remaining territories they wouldn't bother with, or they would be repulsed from them once or twice, and then just ignore them aside from occasionally launching raids.

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Grassland isn't the issue, moisture is.

The glue in their bows is hydroscopic, it pulls moisture out of the air-
And then the bow falls apart. This is a nordic king essentially laughed at the huns, yet you dont' hear of the norse/hun wars.

On top of that, forests would be a nightmare, rivers would be a nightmare, anything that isn't FLAT would be shit for them.

Europe is a death trap for horse archers- even the magyars eventually bought it, and they were facing a badly disorganized europe with small armies and a small populace.

Rome would, eventually, kill off a rampaging mongol army. Even the hungarians were able to eventually, and the poles DID live in flat terrain.

Steppe armies do really, really well against disunified people, people who simply ride out into flat ground to meet them, and people who simply don't know how to outmaneuver them on a strategic level.

Rome at it's height didn't really have these problems.

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The thing is, almost all of those factors you listed also existed for China, and the Mongols steamrolled them. They weren't solely a horse archer army. Everyone always seems to forget the mongolian infantry, but they had damn good foot soldiers, and they were hugely adapable. I've no doubt that if their bows weren't working because of over-moist forests (problems that they didn't seem to have fighting in Vietnam, I should mention), they'd have found something that could fire.

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just about everything

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What criteria did the Roman legion had when conscripting citizens?
Was it something like "one per family" or as many as they can take?

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The mongols crushed china because it was, in fact, disunified-and southern china was taken on foot.

>Everyone always seems to forget the mongolian infantry
Mostly because they weren't keen on tkaing them ANYWHERE if they could avoid it. Mongols were a steppe people, they did not want to fight on foot-and they'd lose to rome if they did. Other nations with better infantry and similar weapons tried that route and failed.

>they'd have found something that could fire.
They'd be limited to simple self bows, leaving them out ranged by foot archers. No bueno.

"infantry and foot archers" is actually one of the methods the Byzantines prescribed for killing steppe nomads. They didn't like to approach ranks of infantry, and they'd be outranged and outshot by foot archers.

Even with their bows-
Europe is a place with limited ground to retreat. You CAN'T use massive feigned retreats or easily sweep wide around and army, because you run into bad terrain in most of the continent. Armies relying on this can be fixed in place in a way that simply doesn't happen on the steppe-especially against a people with 500,000 men under arms and excellent mobility.

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The Mongols were driven out of Eastern Europe long after their empire passed its prime, and Mongols consistently operated in a vast variety of climates; so long as there was available grassland.

The only things that really gave them pause were extremely well fortified regions and regions where they didn't have enough grassland to sustain their army.

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It's like a weeaboo army, but with Roman flavour. They use Roman ranks (centurion, legate, vexillarius, etc), roman currency (the denarius and the aureus), and some Roman words, but what they think is "Roman" is very far from truth. Caesar seems to know his shit, but again, that's like a guy who has been in Japan using that to coherce weebs into doing his bidding.

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The Mongols did not steamroll China at all. They slowly conquered over a series of decades.

>> No.34077358

Which means Europe would be better off the more disunited it was, since that meant castles literally everywhere

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All men were obligated to serve for sixteen years, IF they met property qualifications.

Generally, it was done by lots, you served for a year, and had some time off.

the consuls supposedly went in order-one goes first, picks the best man, then the second goes, then the third, then the fourth, then the fourth goes, then the fourth gets ot pick first, then the third, then the second...

convicts and exceptionally Poor men didn't serve, less poor men were light skirmishers, middle of the road to upper middle class were heavy infantry, the RICH cunts were horsemen-and actually effective.

Armies disbanded after the campaigning season except during major wars.

Allies were just told "this many men this year at all times." When they were needed, they got a time and place to show up.

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poland and hungary are actually exentsions of the great steppe. As you go further south or north, things get a lot harder for steppe warriors.

Hence the huns bringing the Germanics to war, the avars bringing whatever they could find, the bulgars COMPLETELY changing how they fought over time, ect.

Literally everything. It's a roman flavored barbarian horde. Casear understands the what-assimilation of the conquered-but missed the how, the why, and LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE.

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So he's basically that one Starfleet Officer who decided to set up a Nazi planet?

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>"infantry and foot archers" is actually one of the methods the Byzantines prescribed for killing steppe nomads.

Which is why they so easily defeated the Arabs and the Seljuks.... Oh wait.

>> No.34077582


>14,000 pieces in a wargame

Sweet mercy.

It must take all day to do simple manoeuvres.

>> No.34077619


The Byzantines wrecked the Arabs' shit once they stabilized. Better tech, better warriors, better generals. Early Arab gains were due to over-reach and rebellious heretic subjects, who got their desserts under Arab rule.

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Depends. The Place that really gave the Mongols trouble was Southern China, which is very mountainous, and had a ton of well fortified strongholds that were close enough that they could relive each other if one came under siege. Plus, they had flame throwers and bombs that were very effective for defense. All of this could be reinforced by a strong navy.

What the Mongols did was slowly hammered against those forts, while at the same time recruiting knowledgeable locals in their conquered regions (and traitorous Chinese) to build and operate a fleet. Once they gained naval superiority, they were able to conquer. This was the great strength of the Mongols: for all their fearsomeness on the steppe, they were supremely adaptable to new and unexpected challenges.

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I would certainly hope they were magnetized to bases as whole centuria.

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Whatever you say, bub.

>> No.34077713

The arabs were not steppe nomads, and ended up unable to conquer the empire, and the caliphate... was outlasted by SEVERAL CENTURIES by the empire. you can actually see the shift in imperial diplomatic protocols as the empire went from afraid, to feared.

The seljuks also suffered a number of horrible reverses, but it's hard to defeat a huge fuckign tribe when muslism of various ethnicity randomly show up to raid your frontiers, the Bulgarians are so fucking close they can show up at the capital with no warning, your people REALLY don't like even justified warfare to the point of banning soldiers who had killed from the Eucharist for years at a time, suffer constant internal religious division, the purple is always up for grabs, and the fucking latins literally stab you in the back, seize your capital, and break the empire into pieces.

So, sure. The Byzantines couldn't wipe out the seljuks because their tactics didn't work. I guess that's simpler than the very complex reality of history.

>> No.34077735

That's true. I mean most of those castles would be abandoned once their lords realised that the Mongolians would let them loot if they defected

>> No.34077749

You all know about this right?
>The story is a fictional account of what might happen if a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) of 2,200 men were to be somehow transported through time from their base in modern-day Kabul, Afghanistan to the time of the Roman Empire when being ruled by Augustus Caesar, appearing near the Tiber River in 23 B.C. with their full allotment of equipment - M1 Abrams battle tanks, bulletproof vests, M249 SAW light machine guns, M16A4 rifles, and grenades, but with no way to resupply with fuel or ammunition when depleted.

>> No.34077750

No one asked you, barbarian.

>> No.34077801

Yeah, we're familiar with reddits script.

>> No.34077822

It's as much due to the apocalyptic, fuckhuge war that had JUST ended in a roman "victory" that left them and the sassanid empire badly weakened...
along with royally pissing off everyone in the frontier regions over the course of decades.

Under byzantine rule, you got raided by sassanids, and got taxed and persecuted entirely at random depending on who was emperor and how pissy he was.

Under the sassanids, again, heavy taxes... and the fucking Byzantines raid you.

And ten they reconquer you-the same assholes who taxed you, let you get conquered, then came by to raid your shit-and you're back to... taxes and mercurial relgious treatment.

the Muslims treated all non muslims more or less the same, taxed them the same, and often exempted newly conquered people for a bit.

They didn't WANT to stay roman anymore, and this made reconquest difficult even ignoring orthdox religious hangups and all practical concerns.

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I was thinking about this, and about what interactions between Americans and Romans might be like, and I realized something:
>Everything was destroyed (sacking of Rome, Constantinople, ect...)
>Worship a dead demigod who was betrayed (Jesus)
>Rituals and Phrases we barely know the meaning to (communion, random bits of Latin like E Plurbus Unum on money)
>Fukhueg weapons of unimaginable power (guns, tanks, nukes)
>Constant sate of war/paranoia

Modern America is the roman version of warhammer 40k

>> No.34078047

Atleast I'm not the one who invades someone else's homeland, steals everything that isn't nailed down, burns everything that is, rapes the women and children, abuses the elderly, and tries to wipe out a peoples way of life. You dog.

>> No.34078149

You would be if you could, pussy.

>> No.34078168

And I'd be better at it than you.

>> No.34078202

No, you wouldn't.

a) you couldn't do it

b) you just used those as an insult so you just called yourself worse than Rome

c) you a shit, barbarian mutt

>> No.34078424

No you wouldn't. All you cunts already raid and conquer each other, and are inferior at it. Hence losing.

>> No.34078517

How can I come with a roman name? For example if I want to name a Character Maximus then what last name should I use for him? Did Romans even had last names?

>> No.34078690

Yes. Yes they did. Romans had THREE names. THREE! silly barbars have two or one.


>> No.34078692

There are long lists you can find on google that have plenty of real historic names that you can choose from.

And yes, they did have last names. They had two or three names. First (personal), second (family name), and third (like a second first name, sometimes given by others, sometimes named after someone else in that family, or who considers you family).

Only the higher classes bothered with having the third.


>> No.34078738

I see, thanks

>> No.34078747 [DELETED] 

Its quite easy, actually. First, you choose the guy's given name, in this case, Maximus. Then, you choose the gens, which is like a great family, pretty similar to a tribe, actually. Let's say the gens is Aulia. The guy is now called Maximus Aulius. Finally, you choose the family (stirps). Let's say the stirps is Lupa. The guy is now called Maximus Aulius Pulchrus Lupus.

>> No.34078764

bear in mind the "third" name could acutely be several names. They were "personal" names that were chosen at will or bestowed by others. Usually mocking. Cruel mocking.

Shrill voice? Enjoy being "crow" until you fucking die.

>> No.34078785

Its quite easy, actually.
First, you choose the guy's given name, in this case, Maximus.
Then, you choose the gens, which is like a great family, pretty similar to a tribe, actually. Let's say the gens is Aulia. The guy is now called Maximus Aulius.
Finally, you choose the family (stirps). Let's say the stirps is Lupii. The guy is now called Maximus Aulius Lupus.

>> No.34078932

You're missing cognomens.

>fabius maximus upper-lip-wart procrastinator
Best name.

>> No.34079017

Cognomens are actually the stirps name, if I recall correctly.

For example, our loved Publius Cornelius Scipio was a guy named Publius, from the gens Cornelia, from the stirps Scipia.

>> No.34079100

No. Scipio is a family name- cognomens are personal. Again, often a form of mockery. That infamous roman soldier who killed a gaul in duel, supposedly with a ravens help?

It's likely he got the cognomen because of his nose, voice, or some other irritating facet.

It's like if your friends calling you "douchenozzel macgee" jsut flat out became part of your name when it caught on.

Scipio Africanus, for example, would not pass the name "Africanus" onto his children.

>> No.34079106


So it was a fucking Rhino?

>> No.34079200

I'm pretty sure that, while cognomens started out as personal names, often as mockery, just like you said, they became hereditary at some point. The personal nickname you're referring to is known as agnomen.
You're not wrong, though. Cognomens started out as nicknames, but with time became the family name, while the nickname role was picked up by the agnomen.

>> No.34079218

Most probably, yes.

>> No.34079267

Who would win /tg/?
in a mud wrestling match

>> No.34079305

Boudicca. Just because muh britons.

>> No.34079325

One on one, or in a war against each other?

>> No.34079379

a shit

I piss on britons.

Cleopatra. She probably learned a thing or two from fucking Roman generals.

>> No.34079423

>I piss on britons.

You're just butthurt because she didn't suck your roman dick.

>> No.34079504

That hag? Bah, her fresh tight daughters were enjoyed far more than she ever could've been.

>> No.34079529

The best name is Gaius Mucius Scaevola. Burn off your hand, get called lefty for the rest of your life.

>> No.34079556

>wanting women to put their mouths on your penis

Absolutely disgusting. Is this some barbarian tradition?

>> No.34079608

You made her family pay your butthurt?
Now that's just being an asshole. You're a civilized guy, you should know better.

Yes, yes it is. And it's awesome.

We also put our mouth on their vaginas.

>> No.34079630

>We also put our mouth on their vaginas.

Burn it all.

>> No.34079650

You know you wanna try it.

>> No.34079657

Barbarian women live off smegma and piss. That's why barbarian men were pants - harder for women to get their dicks.

>telling the civilized what being civilized is
If you weren't on the other side of the planet, I would flog you. Just like we flogged Boudicca.

>> No.34079669

Legio V Aluadae

Romes Hardest Drinking legion


>> No.34079678

>giving women pleasure
>instead of just dominating them for your own
Filthy barbarians.

How can something that lives on this earth and speak be so disgusting?

>> No.34079740

>If you weren't on the other side of the planet, I would flog you.
See? If you were so civilized you would use more sophisticated methods.

We live happier that way. Your roman gals are just too submissive. There's no fun in that.

>> No.34079773

>Implying sex counts if there isn't blood and somebody doesn't get bitten

>> No.34079781

Jupiter's cock, you belong on a cross.

>> No.34079812

The uncivilized can not dictate the methods of civility to the civilized, barbarian.

>> No.34079835

Explains the breath.

And the suicidal behaviours.

>If you were so civilized you would use more sophisticated methods.
Fine. Ballista target it is!

>> No.34079923

> sex doesn't count if there isn't blood and somebody doesn't get bitten
Oh, there are roman girls like that too? Heck, remind me of my first woman. A real beast, I tell you. Funniest nights I've ever had.

Actually, we tried that once. It's fun, for a while.

Now, now. I ain't dictating anything. I'm just saying you should be less stab-happy and more culturally superior.

Actually, the breath and the suicidal tendences are consequence of all the alcohol we consume on a regular basis. Not that we mind, actually. If you go to battle, you go drunk as fuck.

Also, I don't recommend ballistae. Try to train your guys with the bow. May be useful someday, don't cha think?

>> No.34080010

>A real beast
That's because it was a wolf.

You barbarians fuck wolves.

>Now, now. I ain't dictating anything. I'm just saying you should be less stab-happy and more culturally superior.
Don't tell your superiors how to act, barbarian wolf fucker.

>all the alcohol we consume on a regular basis
That's women piss, barbarian. You can't even get alcoholism right.

>> No.34080036

Now you're being just racist. Again, you should know better than that. Surely you can best me without using insults.

>> No.34080068

>Now you're being just racist.
Nah, just being civilized, piss drinking wolf fucking barbarian.

And we already bested you without insults. Numerous times.

>> No.34080125

>Numerous times.
Yeah, you did. I ain't saying you didn't. But in this particular situation, you're not being civilized at all. In fact, you're acting like a barbarian. Germanic barbarians, at that. Those guys only know how to insult people. And burn everything.

>> No.34080153

>you're not being civilized at all
>The uncivilized can not dictate the methods of civility to the civilized, barbarian.

>> No.34080214 [DELETED] 

>The uncivilized can not dictate the methods of civility to the civilized, barbarian.
See? You're being irreasonable. Me being a barbarian doesn't mean we can't reach an understanding without coming to blows.

>> No.34080260

>The uncivilized can not dictate the methods of civility to the civilized, barbarian.

See? You're being unreasonable. Me being a barbarian doesn't mean we can't reach an understanding without coming to blows.

>> No.34080285

Quite, barbarian.

>> No.34080307

What was the italian countryside like in the first century?

>> No.34080323

Please, don't lump me with those germanic pricks. They try to invade us just like they try to invade you. They are sort of a common enemy.

>> No.34080358

That's true, they don't know anything about cowardice, adultery, dishonesty, or disloyalty. They just lie around being noble and morally pure all day, and never go back on their word or disgrace themselves in any way. Their only fault is that they're a little too fond of beer, but they would never do anything immodest or immoral even while drunk.

>> No.34080443

You're all alike.

Looks like someone else is looking for a flogging.

>> No.34080497

But we aren't. We are the naked guys painted in blue. They are the guys with the bear pelts. We all have beards and braids, though. I understand the confusion.

>> No.34080502


>> No.34080507

Ugh, typical Roman perversion, I can't wait until I save up enough sestertii to go to Germania where people will get me.

>> No.34080538

>it's still talking


Shut up, germaboo.

>> No.34080581

I don't want food, though. Just teach me how to read your language.

>> No.34080597

You're reading it right now.

>> No.34080604

Why do you want to read stupid Latin words? Runes are so much more elegant and beautiful. I got a tattoo of the German rune for "Honour"

>> No.34080625

Me too, here it is

>> No.34080671

Thank you for teaching me latin while pretending to be a racist prick. You truly are civilized

But Rome is one of the big powers in the world. Surely speaking and reading latin will come in handy.

>> No.34080684

That wasn't the person who was pretending to be the racist prick.

Barbarian fuck.

>> No.34080708

Holy shit, do you have any other info that could lead to finding it? This sounds really interesting.

>> No.34080728

So someone was pretending to be one

You want a barbarian fuck? That's surprising. Do you prefer blondes or redheads?

>> No.34080737

So coarse. I bet you wear silk, you degenerate

>> No.34080759

>You want a barbarian fuck?
>it still can't get language right
I'm sending an assassin, filthy barbarian.

>> No.34080787

You're sending him some guy with a bunch of cannabis? That doesn't make sense, and I can't imagine any other possible meaning for that word

>> No.34080792

You can't fool me. That's not an assassin. That's a slave sent to pick up the girl. So, will she be a blonde, or a redhead?

>> No.34080822

I think he'll need to know more about her than that. Barbarian women are pure and chaste, and will never engage in lewd activities. They only ever have sexual relations with their husband

>> No.34080845

As a barbarian, I can guarantee you that about 50% of that statement is false. Barbarian women aren't pure or chaste, and will engage in lewd activities if you know how to talk them into it.

sometimes, they will talk you into it, and you will like it

>> No.34080891

Don't talk that way about my pure German waifu!

>> No.34080909

German? oh, don't worry. Those are different.

They will FORCE you into it

>> No.34080937

He's probably more effective; most right-handed swordsmen of the time were trained to deal with right-handed opponents.

>> No.34081272

I wonder how many senator's wife went around banging gladiators behind their husbands backs. That or how many roman senators banged each other.

>> No.34081301

>Barbarian women are pure and chaste, and will never engage in lewd activities.
They fuck pigs.

You fuck pigs.

You're a pig people fuck where you take on the woman's role.

>> No.34081331

I don't fuck pigs!

I eat them.

>> No.34081355

>you take on the woman's role

>> No.34081377


>> No.34081379


>> No.34081397


>> No.34081415

>I eat them.

>> No.34081430


>> No.34081677

>you will never be anyone in the picture
Dem feels

>> No.34081688

And a few other Rome images

>> No.34081696


>> No.34081705


>> No.34081716


>> No.34081728


>> No.34081731

>No, you wouldn't.

>> No.34081737


>> No.34081777


You sacked Christian Rome. Pagan Rome best Rome.

Even barbarian Paganism is better that Christian monotheism.

Pagan Rome is only Rome.

>> No.34081788


>> No.34081801


>> No.34081808

The Romans were highly mobile, had excellent infastructure, good communications, and better discipline. If the Mongols tried their usual chink shit on them, they'd be annihilated.

>> No.34081812


Would appreciate more images of Rome and stuff, if anyone has any.

>> No.34081870

Seiba a cute

>> No.34082099

What about after the Marian reforms and the formation of the professional army?

>> No.34085637

page 10 save

>> No.34085667

post more seiba

>> No.34087093

This is a Rome thread. We should post Roman Seiba.
We should also feel bad for trying to derail the thread in such a way. Alas, I'm too weeb to do so.

>> No.34087160

that does not look Roman, this does

>> No.34087187

I'm ashamed. I should have looked a bit more before posting such an image.

The original dress is sweet as fuck, tho

>> No.34087206

what the fuck is wrong with her toes

>> No.34087237

The result of a mediocre artist

>> No.34087570

PULLO! Forrrrmation!

>> No.34087657


>> No.34087911

Ave Imperator !!

>> No.34088031

>/tg/ Rome Thread
>No Undead Legions
How can this be?

>> No.34088086

Images are apparently from a miniwargaming set called The Cursed Legion.

>> No.34088110


>> No.34088153

Are... Are those skeleton legionaries beating the shit out of late medieval infantry (and a random barbarian)?

Where can I get this? I NEED these.

>> No.34088155

I think that's the entire set.

Does /tg/ mind artist having a bit of fun with character and armor designs, or does everything has to be 100% historically accurate?

>> No.34088177

Dude. Just a while ago we were posting animu girls. Post whatever you want.

>> No.34088219

It seems to be that way.
This is the link to the blogspot where I found them:

I'm not entirely sure if the miniatures I'm seeing in Google are part of the set or custom miniatures from other games.

Oh iw as going to post it either way, I just want to know /tg/'s preferences.

>> No.34088302

These seem to be the miniatures themselves.

>> No.34088492



>> No.34088562

>> No.34088625

sorry for poor latin. where were you when Caesar
was kill? I was selling slaves when pjor came "caesar is kill"

>> No.34089616

Being betrayed.

>> No.34089764

Are Rhomaio Romans /tg/?

>> No.34089992

if you have to ask I doubt your conviction.

The Roman empire fell in 1453 let none tell you otherwise

>> No.34090117

More like 1806

>> No.34090173

>Not Holy
>Not Roman
>Most certainly not an empire

Step your game up Latin.

>> No.34090209

look at this retard, mistaking the glorious first reich for the Roman Empire

>> No.34090233

More like Bros In Death, really.

>> No.34090264

>First Reich
>Not an awful clusterfuck

>> No.34090298

>Implying the Empire ever fell.
It lives on within the heart of those who stand for all that which Rome stood for.

>> No.34090708

>>What about after the Marian reforms and the formation of the professional army?
That was a huge shift - you had poor people serving, people serving long periods in exchange for citizenship/rewards, standardized training and equiptment provided by the state...and biggest of all, a standing army.

>> No.34090810

Fabius bought Scipio time. Time to save us all.

>> No.34090939

>Learn history. Please.

>> No.34091375




>> No.34091482

Try again, barbarorum scum.

>> No.34092059

I'd spit on her if I met her on the street.

>> No.34092691

The old Persian empires always seemed pretty cool.

Sassanid > Parthian.

>> No.34092912

Persia never gets any attention.

>> No.34093029


>individual effectiveness

thats not how you legion.

>> No.34093058

You served for 16 or twenty years, continuously, unless you died or were crippled.

If you weren't infirm, you could serve. Citizens ONLY.

specialists fought in the lien with NO preferential treatment-the scribes and smiths could and did get placed in the very front like all the rest.

>> No.34093235


I know. My ranking is Sassanid > Achemenid > Arsacid. This is a roman theme, but I can dump some sassanid/persian images I got if people doesn't mind and is interested.

>> No.34093271

I'm the OP.

It's not like we're posting Roman images, so go ahead.

>> No.34093333


>> No.34093392

cool, gonna post until I see nobody is monitoring or i get tired

Some like thisone are indirectly roman related, of course.

>> No.34093418


>> No.34093447

this one is not sassanid but parthian, I have the pictures disorganized

>> No.34093500

What I like more about the persians is the outfits, like this crown. They look like they're from a fantasy world.

>> No.34093505


>She probably learned a thing or two from fucking Roman generals.

Bitch please. Boadicea got raped by almost an entire legion with her daughters. If the roman had orcs and tentacles they would have used them.

>> No.34093525


>> No.34093553

this one looks a little unrealistic, but it's also cool

>> No.34093578

The comment you're replying to was saying that about Cleopatra. Cleopatra fucked Caesar and Marc Atony. Willingly, too. Probably learned something from them.

Boudicca didn't get raped herself iirc, just her daughters. Boudicunt just go flogged. She don't know nothin' and a shit.

>> No.34093582

More parthians

>> No.34093620

this and the next two ones are achaemenids

>> No.34093641

oops, this one should not be there

>> No.34093666


>> No.34093694


>> No.34093723

bonus track

>> No.34093762


>> No.34093789


>> No.34093817


>> No.34093841

this one is obviously achaemenid too

>> No.34093860


>> No.34093882

more romans confronting iranians

>> No.34093917


>> No.34093930

This one is one of my favourites, and not only because I like Cyrus. I think it may look great for a mage villain.

>> No.34093957

/tg/, I've learned recently that the Romans had different values and tastes in sexuality. Can someone explain this in detail to me?

>> No.34093959


Please learn to read the post people quote.

>> No.34093961

I think I'm almost done.

>> No.34093969

Was looking for this wallpaper, thanks.

>> No.34094060


>> No.34094075


>> No.34094110


Ok, I think that's it. Gonna finish with this cool depiction of the hero Rostam.

>> No.34094279

Anyone got some links to some Osprey books on Persia and Rome?

>> No.34094676

Oh, gods. Is that a real knife-block?
i can't find my sides..

>> No.34094704

>Is that a real knife-block?
Photoshop, sadly.

Would buy in a heartbeat.

>> No.34094727

Trajan: Best emperor or BEST emperor?

>> No.34094759

>Elagabalus crossdressed
Rome had a trap Emperor? Sweet glory.

>> No.34094788

Well, of course! What you want for us to declare war without laws? Do we look like barbarians to you, you dumb paganus?

>> No.34094942

Ut puto, deus fio.

>Ah, shit, I'm becoming a god.

>> No.34095029

>Cassius Dio reported that Elagabalus would paint his eyes, epilate his hair and wear wigs before prostituting himself in taverns, brothels, and even in the imperial palace
Just like a modern trap cam.

>> No.34095073

>that fucking comic

boner, why

>> No.34095145

sauce pls.

>> No.34095161

>According to Cassius Dio, his most stable relationship seems to have been with his chariot driver, a blond slave from Caria named Hierocles, whom he referred to as his husband.

>He was described as having been "delighted to be called the mistress, the wife, the queen of Hierocles"

>[...] he had numerous agents who sought out those who could best please him by their foulness.

Instant boner. And I thought Rome couldn't get any better.

>> No.34095199


>> No.34095376

You do realize that by calling that guy a wolf-fucker, you're saying that he fucked your matrons, ni?

How's it feel knowing yer mama fucked a hairy German like me, hey? How do ya like that music, ya boy-loving pencil-dick?!

>> No.34095428

Is there non-sadpand version?

>> No.34095452

>Not being able to bypass sadpanda.

>> No.34095492

It's been like a decade. There are extensions that exists simply to bypass sadpanda. What is wrong with you.

>> No.34095522

The wolf just suckled them, Romulus and Remus didn't fuck it. They were born to Rhea Silvia, a human, and Mars, a god.

Don't try to use your mutt understand of Rome to put yourself on our level. You don't even come close, barbarian.

>> No.34095545

It's shota, so it won't be on g-hentai.

It's very easy to bypass sadpanda, just google how to get around it.

>> No.34095571

Didn't they get C&D'd out of existence?

>> No.34095578

Rather, they just suckled the she-wolf's teat.

That ROMAN wolf was more civilized that all your people combined.

>> No.34095583

you can literally google how to bypass the sad panda

>> No.34095619


>> No.34095620

https://archive.loveisover.me/foolfuuka/boards/d/image/1367/70/1367709004588.jpg https://archive.loveisover.me/foolfuuka/boards/d/image/1367/70/1367709739356.jpg https://archive.loveisover.me/foolfuuka/boards/d/image/1367/71/1367710002317.jpg https://archive.loveisover.me/foolfuuka/boards/d/image/1367/71/1367710212497.jpg

>> No.34095660

Nah. I think they just removed some of the doujins, because of copyright or some shit.

>> No.34095678

It's a 6 image collection, not four.

>> No.34095780

Imgur album, because I take pity on people who can't get past sadpanda and who can't find the right amount of images.


>> No.34095794

>waste time looking it up
>Waste a bit more time to post the long ass links in the thread.
>Get told didn't do it right

Oh go and tagliatelle with a German donkey you plebeian!

>> No.34095850

>calling me a pleb
>when I have all the images of the boy >>34095780
You ain't get more patrician than me, mutt. Don't do the job right don't get spared the mockery.

>> No.34095896

Much appreciated.
What a qt...

>> No.34095921


>> No.34096544

>Let me tell you about the britons.jpg

>> No.34097101


>> No.34098008

Sourceo f this?

>> No.34098031


>> No.34098106

Aaaand it's a boy

not like it matters

>> No.34098325

>expecting a girl
C'mon man.

>> No.34098381


>i can finally use this image

>> No.34098445

Thinking with your penis over your brain analogies are a fetish of mine.

>> No.34100795


>> No.34101636

>> No.34101667


>> No.34101693


>> No.34101705


>> No.34101727


>> No.34101751


>> No.34101779


Someone explain Roman sexuality roles to me. I need to know for reasons. Also were there any Roman lesbians of renown?

>> No.34101850

>that multishot arrow contraption
what is it?

>> No.34101943

>> No.34101968


>> No.34102123

Oh man that legionnaire is dead, but so's the barbar once he gets his shitty sword stuck in that shield.

>> No.34103139

Their entire shtick was slaving. Don't get me wrong, you can't really have a Roman society or a society based on Rome without even some mention of slavery, but that's all the Legion had.
If you weren't a slave, you were a slaver.
That's it.

>> No.34103216

We do

>> No.34103324

I just noticed how well polished the floor is. It's like a fucking mirror.
Dude in the back got fucking OWNED

>> No.34103459

>Glorious first Reich

the Second Reich was the only worthwhile one.

>> No.34103664

You'll find links to other such pages in the article.
One story I found interesting was one of a politician (his name escapes me) slandering the reputation of another by spreading rumours of the other's submissive nature in bed.
>"My opponent is a clearly corrupt individual only interested in his own personal gain."
>"Yeah, well... you take it up the ass!"

>> No.34104607

Cicero, maybe?
The guy got away with calling an attempted murder victim slut, whore and whatnot. And I'm pretty sure he accused someone of being passive at some point. May be the attempted murder victim, tho.

>> No.34106115

Homosexuality was not particularily well-seen in Rome, but it wasn't criminal or downright abominable as it would be under Christian rule. The main thing to remain honourable was to not be the bottom.

I think there's an extract from Plutarch that says Cesar was insulted by someone who said he took the role of a girl for someone. The main thing is not that he may have fucked a guy but that he may have been fucked.

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