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I can feel myself dreaming again.

There's a young girl sitting at a bus stop. She looks like she had been sitting for hours. Pedestrians walk past her as if she's invisible. Several times, a bus would come by, letting off passengers and allowing other passengers to board, and then leave without ever considering her presence there.
A man, the one who looked to be her father, walks up to the bus stop. He sits next to her, as she scoots away from him on the bench. They sit, for maybe an hour, saying nothing to one another.
He turns to her, without saying anything, and extends his hand.
She looks away, saying nothing to him.



Sitting up, I smack the clock right off the table next to my bed.
I should really just use the alarm in my phone.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I had a very difficult, very strange day yesterday. I'm hoping, at least for today, everything can return to being semi-normal.
Still, these wayward dreams are starting to bother me. They seem less and less like dreams each night. At this rate, I'm worried I'll start living them instead of merely dreaming about them.

I should wake up and get dressed, Aiko will be coming by any minute now to take me to school.
"Hey Mom, I-" I ask to the empty living room, searching around, I can't find anyone here.

"Oh right, Mom said she had a meeting today, and that she wouldn't be around this morning, didn't she?"
I take my still-warm breakfast out of the oven and start eating it.

Then I remember, it almost feels as if there was something I wanted to do today, what was it?

>Visit Kaori and the occult club, maybe find out what some of these dreams mean
>See the student council and tell them the truth about my family

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Card%20Priestess%20Quest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart

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>Visit Kaori and the occult club, maybe find out what some of these dreams mean

Any of them are fine, but I do want to see more of Kaori. Nice meaningful choice this time.

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And the pastebin, can't forget that


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>>Visit Kaori and the occult club, maybe find out what some of these dreams mean
That mystery box is tempting too.

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The other two don't excite me so.

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What's in the [Mystery BOX]

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A bit of a slow start so I'm going to allow a few more minutes for votes

So far,

2 - occult
2 - Mystery!

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>> No.34042171

Looks like Mystery Box won

Everyone okay with that? If so


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If the mystery box isn't a horrible trick, sounds good.

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mmhmm, what would you consider to be a 'horrible trick'?

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Something negative with no benefits that we would never pick if it wasn't cloaked in mystery.

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I clouded it in mystery because I felt everyone would pick it over the other options otherwise

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You know I can't resist the mystery box.

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That's... it's probably better to just let us dogpile a good option than obfuscate it like this.

Plus it doesn't make sense for Masami to not know what she plans to do.

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It's more like something unexpected interrupts her plans.

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Breakfast was so good, I can tell Mom put her heart into it. Maybe to make up for yesterday's not-breakfast? She didn't need to do that. I told her yesterday that it was fine if she didn't make any breakfast at all.

Speaking of which, I need to visit Kaori sometime, she said the occult club was open to me at any time, and that she does 'Astral Projection', right? I think that's SORT OF like dream interpretation, which is close enough for me.

I look at the clock and-

Wait, Aiko is ten minutes late?
She NEVER does that!

Something must be seriously wrong, reaching into my pocket, I look up Aiko's number.
Rushing to the window, I look outside and see...
It. Standing at the end of the driveway.
Arguing with Aiko.

It's a tall, lanky man wearing a very exorbitant outfit. With frills, clashing colors, mis-matched clothes, and a perpetual grin on his face.

No no, it's way too early to be dealing with weirdos again...

>Open the door and yell at him
>Go outside and fight him
>Watch where this goes and how Aiko handles it

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>Open the door and yell at him

>> No.34042616

>>Open the door and yell at him


>> No.34042629

>>Watch where this goes and how Aiko handles it
One wrong move and we burn him.

>> No.34042649

>Open the door and yell at him
U wot!?

>> No.34042654

>Open the door and ask politely what he wants
No need to be rude.

>> No.34042688

>Open the door and yell at him

>> No.34042716

>Open the door and yell at him
"Why you hassling my friends you meany?"

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>She NEVER does that!
Masami pls
You're less than a week old. It's too early to be making statements like this.

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>Yell at the mean person!

If that's good, then


>> No.34042910

>immediately assuming he's mean
That's racist!

>> No.34042981

Look at him! It is literally impossible for him not to be mean.

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Opening the door, I immediately tell that weird person what I think.

Yes, perfect.
Aiko and the weirdo turn to face me, swelling with pride, I continue,

The multi-colored man jumps with delight. Clapping his hands together and laughing to himself.

"Ooh! Ooh! Look! Priestess is awake! Hahaha! She's very much the hothead I've heard about and more! It's amazing you were able to sleep through our livid conversation, isn't that right?"

He looks over to Aiko, she balls her fists down at her sides.

"Wahahaha! Hey Priestess! Look here! Look! I'm your biggest fan!"
He waves his arms erratically in the air.
"I've really wanted to meet you priestess! Can I have your autograph? My favorite one of your songs is 'Little girl screams in terror, runs from building'!"

I want to punch him.


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I like this guy.

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Fortunately, Aiko has the same idea, her balled up fists move faster than my eyes can perceive; and hit dead air.

The man already predicted this next move, he backflips and somersaults all around the sidewalk before spinning on his heel and bounding the opposite direction from Aiko. Leaping away until he's out of sight down the street.

What a weirdo.

Aiko walks up to me, a confused expression on her face.
"Aiko! What happened? What did he want?!"
"I..I'm not sure. I was late coming to your house, and he was standing there, he asked if I was here to admire art. I got kind of mad after he said something." Aiko says, pouting slightly
"What did he say?"

She sighs, hesitating "He asked if I was here to see performance art of 'Wayward girl pretends to be normal, but isn't'. Then you interrupted." She frowns and looks down at her feet.
That is so mean.

I try to lighten the mood, "I thought they wouldn't bother us this early, they would only try it when I was walking to and from school."
"Well," Aiko begins, "It could just be a guy wearing a clown suit. You never really know in this town."

"Wait, what's a clown?"
"It's what that soldier was dressed as." She says, looking at her phone.

"I-I think I don't like clowns..." I say, kneading my hands.

Aiko laughs, just enough for me to notice something.

"Hey, Aiko, what's that in your front pocket?"
She looks down, there's a letter of some kind halfway stuffed into her pocket and halfway falling out. Like it was hastily stuffed in. It's crumpled and wrinkled from the confrontation earlier.

She takes it out and unfolds it, there's writing on both sides of it?


>> No.34043961

She starts reading it,
"Dear Tomboy,"
"W-Hey!" She yells, an insulted look on her face.

"Please flip this letter over and hand it to Priestess. Your pal - Jester."

She shrugs, hands the letter to me.

On the flip side of it, there is a letter in very elaborate handwriting.

Dear Priestess,

Your mother was caught being very naughty at school today.
We decided to send her home early today after we give her a few spankings and a letter from her telling us what she did wrong.
You can come by Fortune any time today and pick her up. We'll be waiting on the top floor.

Honk Honk,
Jester :^)

Huh? What does that symbol at the end of his name mean?
Oh! I get it! If I flip it on its side, it's a smiley face!






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Get the panic and crying over with now before we go be badass and rescue mom, and maybe burn down the Fortune building on the way out.

>> No.34044019


Cry. Cry a lot.

>> No.34044028

Crying is our true art.

>> No.34044050

Time to skin us a clown.

>> No.34044055

"Stay calm", hah.

>> No.34044062


You can't. But do try. Try your best!

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A few more minutes for late votes

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>> No.34044358

Time for fun!

>> No.34044450

So either Mom lied about the meetings or this guy is lying about having Mom.


>> No.34044808

Okay, stay calm,

What is important, is that I keep a calm head.

If I'm not calm now, when Mom needs me the most then-
It's too late, I've already tackled Aiko to the floor, and have started to bawl into her shirt.

She looks visibly confused, she picks up the letter and starts reading it.
As she does, the sound of crying fills the room.

"T-This is all my fault, I shouldn't have pressured her yesterday.. I-"

Wait, I didn't say that.

I look up to Aiko, and now she's beginning to look flustered, her eyes puff up slightly, she's biting her bottom lip.
With a wail, she grips onto me tightly, and starts to cry.


We've missed the beginning of class by now. Both of us are sitting in the room, tightly holding each other. A stream of tears pours down our faces.

W-wait, maybe it was just lying, right? Mom seemed confident in her abilities, this may just be another ploy to draw you out to Fortune. I can try calling her.

I pick the phone out of my pocket, Aiko keeps gripping at my shirt as I do so. I tap the tile that has Mom's number stored on it.


Oh no.

"W-w-what should we d-dod-d"
"h-hold on Masami, w-we can call, M-mae, s-s"

She doesn't finish her thought, she takes her phone out and dials Maeda's number.

Maeda picks up, sounding irritated in a very hushed voice, "(Aiko! I'm in class! What do you want?!)"
Aiko sniffles, starts to say something, but immediately stops.
Then Aiko hands the phone over to me, before burying her face in her hands.

Oh god, what would I even ask her?

>"Please come help me get Mom back"
>"Please call the police"
>Tell her the story, let her decide.

>> No.34044852

>"Please come help me get Mom back"
tears, we must impress upon her how much crying is going on at this moment.

>> No.34044869


Let her know whats going on, and that your going to go rescue Mom.

>> No.34044873

>"Please come help me get Mom back"

>> No.34045060

>>Tell her the story, let her decide.

Always let people decide. No exceptions.

>> No.34045086

>"Please come help me get Mom back"
Now is crying time.

>> No.34045092

Waiting a few more minutes for late votes

>> No.34045103

>Tell her the story, let her decide.

>> No.34045138

this, we need someone to stay around and come rescue us if we fail

>> No.34045195

>"Please come help me get Mom back"

>> No.34045204

So, how about

>Tell her the story
>P-Please come help me get mom back

Sound good?

>> No.34045222

I like it.

>> No.34045239

sounds like it

>> No.34045292


>> No.34045577

I try my best to tearfully explain what is happening, though I feel some of the information isn't properly conveyed.

"...t-then he left me a letter and it said Fortune had Mom.. So now I was going to go get her back but...but I don't even know what to-"

Then, in the girliest voice I can ever remember hearing myself in, I break up.

She pauses for a minute, I can hear the sound of her standing up from her chair, talking with someone older than her in the background, and then closing a door behind her.

"I'll be over there in five minutes." She says in an oddly calm voice.

The phone clicks off, and I hand it back over to Aiko.

"F-five minutes." Aiko sobs through her tears.
"Y-yes, five minutes."

Five minutes, Maeda will make everything better, I just have to wait. Just a little longer.


>> No.34045610

Okay, here's my idea of a plan.
>Spend as much time with Julie as we need to calm down (time passes weird in the cards, I think? Plus julie is listed as having a calming aura, should help)
>Let Maeda know what we're up to
>Find clown, beat up clown
> ???
>Profit (?)

Who's with me?

>> No.34045648

I'll back you.

>> No.34045683

Sure, though it depends on whether we meet clown at the Fortune HQ so we can beat him up or not.

>> No.34045690

>>Spend as much time with Julie as we need to calm down (time passes weird in the cards, I think? Plus julie is listed as having a calming aura, should help)
I don't think that's an at-will ability. It's definitely not one we don't know how to use.

>> No.34045739

>Five minutes, Maeda will make everything better
Poor Mae, she's the nice responsible one, she doesn't deserve all this pressure.

>> No.34045812

Am I the only person who thinks we'd be better off going alone? Fortune was hunting our friends, remember.

We've kind of committed at this point, but still. Maybe not delivering what Fortune wants right to their front door is a good idea.

>> No.34045869

Mae and her brother have been dealing with fortune for a while IIRC and their opponents had been cupcake tier. The two of them I think would be fine coming with us, but you do have a point. Anyone who doesn't actually have combat casting abilities could very much be a liability.

>> No.34045989

And it feels like the longest five minutes ever.

I can't just sit here in the house, I need to stand up and do something before the sitting and crying drives us both insane.
Slowly, I wiggle from Aiko's grip and rise to my feet. She stands with me, as if to pull me back down again, but finds her own support.

"W-where are you going." Aiko says, still trying to hold back the tears.
"I'm going to go greet Maeda outside. After we talk to her I can get going."

Aiko looks legitamitely hurt,
"'You' can get going?"
"Yeah, I'm going to go to Fortune and-"

She grabs me again in another bearhug.

"And what makes you think you're going alone!?"
"Bmm-bm d-ngmmm m mm"
Aiko, I can't breathe, seriously.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, walking over and opening it. It's Maeda.
And her brother, Ryouta.

"We're going to Fortune. Now." She says, I don't think I've ever seen her like this.

>No, Maeda, Aiko, it's too dangerous, they only want me, I don't know what they would do with any of you
>Yes, I need all the help I can. Let's go
>Get emotional again

>> No.34046019

>Um, are you sure it's a good idea to come with? You might get in trouble...

>> No.34046047


I second this

>> No.34046074

>>Um, are you sure it's a good idea to come with? You might get in trouble...
>Thanks. It means a lot to me.
>Cry gently.

>> No.34046084

>I need all the help I can; Let's go.
>Aiko, it's too dangerous, I don't know what they'd do with you

I may be forgetting something, but if my memory is right Aiko doesn't have magic to defend herself. Means she's the last person we want to have with us (no offense to her, but it's going to be hard for us to just protect ourselves)

>> No.34046112

>if my memory is right Aiko doesn't have magic to defend herself.
What. No, Aiko's the one with the stunt man father. She's pretty good in a fight.

The only one we've seen that doesn't have combat magic is Kaori, I think. So far.

>> No.34046125


>> No.34046135

>>Yes, I need all the help I can. Let's go
>>Get emotional again

>> No.34046168

>No, Maeda, Aiko, it's too dangerous, they only want me, I don't know what they would do with any of you
It won't work, but we should try anyway.

>> No.34046190

I guess I'll have to trawl the archives again. That said, just knowing the tricks of the stuntman trade in a magical battle seems a lot like bringing a knife to a gun fight, with lots and lots of guns.

I still don't think it's a great idea, but I'm probably going to be outvoted and she'd probably not want to stay behind anyway.

>> No.34046277

She also has glowy fists and maybe faster reaction time and stuff. We don't know what her power is exactly, but it's far from useless in a fight.

We should ask about her power sometime. I'm sure she'd tell us.

>> No.34046340

Another for this.

>> No.34046359

>No, guys, are you sure it's a good idea to come with me? it's dangerous...
>thank you

Sound good?

If so, writing!

>> No.34046375 [DELETED] 

>No, Maeda, Aiko, it's too dangerous, they only want me, I don't know what they would do with any of you.

>> No.34046378

Sounds good.

>> No.34046387

Go for it.
Gonna nod off here so thanks for running.

>> No.34046423

Good night



>> No.34047045

I can barely ask it.
"Are you sure it's a good idea to come with me, everyone? You'll probably get in trouble."

Ryouta sighs, Aiko grabs me into a hug from behind, but Maeda just stares.

Until she takes her hand and grabs my shoulder.

"I said, we're going to Fortune, right. now."
"Maeda, please, it's too dangerous for everyone, they only want me. I don't-"

I don't get to finish, she puts her hand over my mouth.

"I said, we're going to Fortune."
She pulls Aiko and I out of the house, all way down the driveway, and onto the sidewalk.
"Right. Now."

Ryouta speaks up, "Mae, she does have a point. What we're doing could be serious trouble, wouldn't it be better if we just walked her there and-"

"Ryo. Shut up."
Terror runs across his face, and he obediently quiets down.
Wow Maeda, you can be really scary sometimes.

All of us start slowly walking, quietly I mumble under my breath.
"Thank you..everyone."

Aiko wraps her hand around mine, I think
I think we'll be okay.


>> No.34047154

Mae is pretty awesome.

>> No.34047219

We take some subway stops, which take us only a half-hour or so. The place only seems to be a lot farther away than it actually is.

We step out of the subway, walk down several crowded streets. The crowd starts to thin as we approach Fortune's HQ.

This is when we notice something.
Fortune's parking lot is empty.
I can see Mom's car off near the front, but there are only a couple of vehicles parked around the lot.
Usually, or at least the day I was here, it was completely full. Lots of cars and vehicles filled almost every spot.

Something weird is going on.

Furthermore, judging by everyone else's faces, I can already feel that we're being watched.

>Roll 1d20

>> No.34047250

Rolled 5

1 please.

>> No.34047297

Rolled 19


>> No.34047298

Rolled 5


>> No.34047306

Rolled 2


>> No.34047307

Rolled 6

Here's hoping.

>> No.34047323

Rolled 20

Our savior!!!!!

>> No.34047326

Rolled 17


>> No.34047336

Sorry, best of 3



>> No.34047346

If only you were faster.

>> No.34047501

And now I need to sleep too. Don't screw this up guys.

If in doubt, try crying.

>> No.34047546

Good advice

>still writing

>> No.34048033

We're definitely being watched, the others are looking around the parking lot frantically to find out where. I can feel Aiko's grip on my hand tighten.

There's a flash in my periphial vision. It's coming from.


"BACK AWAY!" I yell. I grab Maeda by the shoulders and leap backwards, nearly knocking Ryouta over.

At the same instant, there's a crash in the parking lot a few meters in front of us. Concrete dust and pebbles puff everywhere, completely blinding anyone who would be silly enough to be standing in an empty parking lot when that thing landed.
Except for us, we're not silly.

The cloud clears, our vision begins to make out a long figure standing in a newly-formed crater in the middle of the lot.

To say that he looked scary would be an understatement. I can't even tell what is supposed to be his head and what is supposed to be his mouth.

"Priestess," He begins, his voice sounds hoarse and angry, "I cannot believe that fool managed to trick you with such a stupid, ridiculous plan while all of us were still trying to find out a way to bring you back. I won't allow it, I won't allow that clown to get all the fame and glory for bringing you in."

"Which is why," He swings a pole with some terrifying blades mounted on each end. "You're going to come with me, instead."

Oh god, those look really sharp.
I don't want my friends getting hurt. This isn't worth it!

"Aiko, Maeda, Ryo, thank you for coming here with me, but please, please."
I hesitate, choked up in my words.
"Run away, Please!"


>> No.34048214

>"I cannot believe that fool managed to trick you with such a stupid, ridiculous plan
It's almost like she was born a few days ago. Jerk.

>> No.34048529

"Hah! Hahahahah. Oh Masami, you're a riot. 'Run away?' I think you should take the time to know me better."

"Ryouta, what are you sayin-"

Before I can even finish, he has already pushed his way past me, the biggest, dumbest grin on his face being proudly displayed.

"Hey, What's your name, chump?"
The monster seems taken aback, completely.
"Maybe you didn't hear me, what's your name, chump?"

"Wha- Who cares what my name is. You're currently guarding something that doesn't belong to you." The monster takes an offensive pose.

He adjusts his jacket, pulls up the sleeves on his shirt. Cracks his knuckles with a sigh.
"It's only common courtesy to know the name of the guys that I put in the hospital."

"Ryo- Stop before"
"Masami, go on without me, I can catch up later."


Maeda sighs, "You're a wreckless idiot, let's go Masami."
"Bu-what about"
"He'll be fine. Come on, the faster this gets done, the less people we may have to fight."
She may have a point, but still...
"Now, Masami. Move." Maeda sounds omnious in her words as she tugs me along with her.

"Priestess, come back here, I have nothing against any of your-"
The monster cuts himself off with a choking sound..
"Hah, Weren't you ever taught to not turn your back on an opponent?" a very confident voice calls out from behind him.
"Never mind Priestess, I guess I do have time for them."

The sound of words and insults being exchanged become less and less present as the three of us approach the front door.


>> No.34048596

Oh no, not shedding party members. This is going to end with us alone, on the top floor, crying.

>> No.34048643


>> No.34048679

We have Haruko with us. We may be a sobbing mess but we won't be alone.

>> No.34048734

Transformations can be broken.

Pity we don't get a special outfit when that happens.

>> No.34048806

I WAS thinking about having a between form.

But then I remembered: Those forms can get kind of lewd.

>> No.34048830

I love how Mr. "wouldn't it be better if we just walked her there" didn't make it past the parking lot.

>> No.34048838

Just give her a plain white dress thing as a sort of failed transformation.

>> No.34048860


i doubt anyone here would mind...
i know i wouldn't

>> No.34048862

>Those forms can get kind of lewd.
Not seeing a proble..

Yeah, you're right. Masami is not for lewds.

>> No.34048913

Nah, make it match her eye color. Whatever that is.

What's Masami's eye color.

>> No.34048918

Opening the front door, a secretary looms in the distance, sitting at a table.

We approach the small table, the lady sitting at the desk looks younger than Mom. She looks up at us with surprised eyes.

"Sorry, Fortune is closed for the day. You can gladly come back when- Oh. Hello again, Maeda"
She looks at Maeda. Maeda looks confused for a moment.
The secretary groans, "Oh, you don't recognize me? You don't recognize the face that you turned into millions of tiny little splinters? The face that took almost four months to fully replace?"

"No..Wait. That's not possible. You're-"

>Grab Maeda's hand and pull her back!
>Try to run past her!
>Talk them down

>> No.34048936

I wouldn't mind either, but I kinda like the lack of lewd things in this quest.

>> No.34048957

>>Talk them down

Now isn't the time for panic. Crying later.

>> No.34048965

Green, Izumi's eye color is Blue

Speaking of which, that's on my todo list to add to the pastebin.

>> No.34049007

Really? I had her pegged for a Yellow.
>Izumi's eye color is Blue
No wonder she turned out to be a researcher.

>> No.34049046

>Talk them down
This is just a monster pretending to be a human trying to do its job. There's no need to get violent.

>> No.34049058

>Try to run past her!

>> No.34049083

So, how about this

Roll 2d20, best of three

1d20 for how well you talk
1d20 for how well you run, if talking fails!

>> No.34049098

Rolled 10, 8 = 18

Getting impatient? That's a nice compromise.

>> No.34049117


>> No.34049119

Oh, I can wait a few more minutes for more votes

Doesn't bother me, if it swings one way or another I can just keep the rolls.

>> No.34049120

Rolled 1, 16 = 17


>> No.34049129

Let's try to be civi-nah, fuck it.

>> No.34049152

Rolled 17, 11 = 28

bah, fucked up the formatting.

>1 on talky
that's not a good sign.

>> No.34049153

Rolled 7, 1 = 8

That talking critfail and good running. I wish that was the winner.

>> No.34049185

Looks like you may get your wish!

And you would have got double that if >>34049152
wasn't a roll!

>> No.34049187

>sequential posts
>two seconds apart
>1 on running

Man am I glad I was quick enough on that post!

>> No.34049190

Uhhhh. This counts, right? Right??

>> No.34049231



Also where would be a good stopping point? After you get past this jerk or maybe a little further along?

Let's just say, Fortune is a pretty big place.

>> No.34049260

Whenever you want. I guess we can't just take the elevator? Big places usually have elevators.

>> No.34049309

You will, actually. Maybe next thread we'll see the problem of doing that in such a big office building with so many floors.

>> No.34049324

Nah, take the stairs.

>> No.34049345

Stairs seem safer

>> No.34049378

Why. It's not like they can't ambush us there too, and we'll be all tired from stairs.

>> No.34049589

"Miss, Maeda, please." You plead
"Y-yeah, Maeda, Please don't do this, we're not here for this." Aiko says.

"Humph. I know what you're here for already." The secretary says in a huff. "What you're looking for is on the 16th floor."

"Wait, but we were told to go to the top floor."

She stifles a laugh, "Yeah, by a clown, are you going to listen to a clown? Empress' office is on the 16th floor."

She has a point I guess, we turn to walk to the door, keeping a close eye on her.
Maeda opens her big mouth again, "I'd rather listen to a clown than someone who had their face in a mold last time I saw her."

"Okay! That's it!" She proclaims, standing on her chair.

With a motion of her shoulder, she tears the human form off of herself like it was a bedsheet covering a ghost!

"I'm going to repay that favor you gave me, Maed-"

Before she can even finish, I've already grabbed Maeda and Aiko, shoving them into the elevator. She makes a defeated sigh as the doors close, obstructing my vision of her-
and a new guy who is now standing in front of the elevator? Where did he come from? Was he in the elevator?

I look at the pad housing the buttons indicating the floors. And all of them are lit up.

Aw, Phooey.

>> No.34049643

Okay, that seems like a place to stop for the night, Masami is going to be counting floors for a while, it seems.

Thanks to everyone who participated, as always, you can find updates for the next run on http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart

So, How was it? A thread with actual happening occurring?

>> No.34049675

Also, as a personal opinion:

I wasn't very happy with KR Wizard when it was airing, but now that I need monster designs, I am so happy to have it around. It had some very slick monster designs.

>> No.34049804

Moving along nicely now, it seems to me. Though I wonder, what if we hadn't taken the mystery box ?

>> No.34049838

>So, How was it? A thread with actual happening occurring?
Great. It could be a little more happening, but that'll come next thread.

Choices are much better when things are actually happening.

>> No.34049854

I'm sure they would have thought of something else. They're not likely to stop until they get their way.

>> No.34049883

>Empress' office is on the 16th floor."
Was Empress's office mentioned when we visited Fortune the first time? I can't remember.

>> No.34049963

As a bit of a spoiler

It most definitely wasn't the 16th floor

>> No.34049984

>It could be a little more happening, but that'll come next thread.

I'll see what I can do!

>> No.34050051

In regards to my next runtime, I'm going to be facing another really busy week, but maybe after Wednesday I can manage a thread.

My apologies for the update slowdown, it's been a rough couple of weeks.

>> No.34050085

Ah, I just woke up in time for the thread to be over.
Anyway, thanks for running.
Great thread, finally some stuff to decide about and specukate, I do wonder though, I hope we wouldn't have gotten a thread worth of school SoL if we would have happened to not take the mystery option, that would have been not so good have the last one had build up expectation for happenings.
Just a little observation on my side.

>> No.34050127

Good point

Maybe if I have a major event planned, I should instead just run with it instead of giving an option.

>> No.34050176

Very yes.

>> No.34050211

yeah, that. We would always go for the plot over the non-plot(?) unless there was a shiny.

>> No.34050226

I'll keep that in mind next time.

Granted, the other two lead to plot too, but it's a different kind of plot.

>> No.34050284

That is sometimes better, especially since there was no pressing reason not to have this encounter. Its sometimes better to give the voters a scene and let them work with it, instead of letting them go to it on their own, because quest readers are fickle beasts and get lost easily.
Especially if the scene is needed for plot advancement. There is no issue with giving a (relatively transparent) choice over two kinds of plot advancement, I'm sure we would have found out some stuff in school too, but since we are a bit action starved at the moment, it would have been definitly appropriate to lead us into that direction.

>> No.34050441

I'll keep that in mind.

Sorry about taking so long for action.

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