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Why do you still cling to your human bodies /tg/?
Why have you not accepted the Father's gift?
Join Phyrexia, and free yourself of the sins of the flesh.

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>Yawgmoth is trapped on Mars
>the Techpriests are Phyrexians

>> No.34037832

How am I sinning by having a body?

>> No.34037988

Because I value my free will and my control over what kind of changes I apply to my body.
Joining phyrexia would mean being a slave in body and in mind, fuck you dawgmoth.

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Because ya'll are ugly mother fuckers.

>> No.34038432

I like my flesh. Loosing it would probably hurt.

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>Why do you still cling to your human bodies /tg/?


>> No.34038463

>liking having free will
Pfft, whatever luddite.

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Why do you fleshy ones so value your ability to make suboptimal decisions?

>> No.34038489

Because steel is strong, but flesh is stronger.

>> No.34038503

Ah, yeah, Yawgmoth. That guy.

The first dark lord to have been defeated by a severed head.

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I like that feeling when Lord Ulfric rape my ass

>> No.34038578

Dude, you haven't been raped until you've been raped by Phyrexia. They'll core you hollow, and that's just the beginning!

>> No.34038862

Its not so much about the bodies part, more like the "eternal servitude" part that puts me off.

I prefer people serving me eternally case in point I'm a neet and will live on welfare if needed.

>> No.34039092

Why do you value your sentience so? Do you not see how it cages you? Holds you back from true purity? The purity of flesh and steel as one, unfettered by morals or thought. A singularity of purpose.

>> No.34041433

Aren't you sentient? If being phyrexian is so great, why do you still have sentience? Seems like a hypocrite to me.

>> No.34041669

Mini-me, you compleat me. I am ready to cast off the limitations of the flesh in favor of the vision of Perfection that Phyrexia represents.

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Because you guys are just diet coke necrons.

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