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Alright /tg/ I need the kind of concept art only you can provide. My google-fu fails me. I need MOTHS, anthropomorphic moths, and hard mode: specifically male anthropomorphic moths.


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delicious loli demon also acceptable yes?

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Sorry that most of my moth-people are female.

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>You will never build a giant lighthouse for the express purpose of capturing adorable mothfolk and making them your cuddleslaves

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That is strange and somewhat alarming, anon.

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I believe this is a butterfly, but whatever.

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let me ask you a question fellow anon

where do you think we are?

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you called boss?

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>Enslaving the proud race of Mothfolk for such an indecent purpose

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Of course.

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But the world would be a better and safer place if everyone had a mothfolk to cuddle. They're just that fluffy.

Moth noises are adorable too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efyufhtO7VU

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Well, we can always have body pillows with moths printed on them or make ourselves some fluffy moth plushes.

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Google search: luminoth concept art

Thank me later.

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Like benevolent Mi-Go those guys are. Pretty chill, the Luminoth are.

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Man, those guys were cool. They were kind of close to the Chozo but still cool in their own way.

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Moth people are pretty cool. I'm adding moth people to a modified 3.5 game I've been setting up for a while. Setting is based on the Americas, so I'm probably going to put them in the southern jungles. Not sure how to stat them, though. Are there any decent moth people statted out for 3.5?

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Can't believe nobody posted this one, there was a thread full of designs from this artist some months ago.

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Is the guy who made the bio-armor with moth folks CYOA here?

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oh god boner what are you doing

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You are just asking for fairy curses man.

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Hey guys

I'm totally a moth, look at my fuzz and my wings

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hmmm... seems we may have a spy amongst us

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Nonsense! Look, here's me next to another fellow moth! Can barely tell myself apart, ha ha!

So, anyone else hungry?

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Is there any kind of anthro-mothrace in D and D 3.5.

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>not mantids

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she'd be uncomfortable to hug, would never cuddle you and eat you after putting up with your insemination

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That dude does not know how to hand-walk well.

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Only if you're a dick. Or couldn't perform to her standards.

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I suppose this thread is appropriate for this question.

If I were to combine the features of all bugs, which features would be the most common? Basically I'm making a bug-people species for my game and their origin has to do with bit and pieces of all the bugs.

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Six legs, three body segments, hard carapace. And that's only if you limit yourself to insects as your definition of "bugs". Bugs are really fucking varied. They've adapted to pretty much every niche on the planet. It's hard to gather together features of ALL bugs. I suppose most insectoid things in fiction tend to go with a sort of slenderness for the buglike look, so you could have that as a feature, but really there aren't any features beyond the most basic definitions of an insect that are common to all insects.

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Uh... no internal skeleton? That's pretty much the only universal thing I can think of.

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> implying moths would be comfortable to hug
> implying being covered in flaky, potentially-toxic miniscule-scale detris is comfortable
> implying bodily contact wouldn't be disgusting, like hugging a semi-shaved cookie-robot with terminal (potentially toxic) dandruff
I'll take my chances with the mantis.

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moths are so derp, they may be the only pet worthy of me :)

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I like not having my head eaten after sex thanks

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you're thinking of butterflies

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No, I'm thinking of moths.

Have you ever actually held a moth...?

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reminder that the "fuzz" on moths are more spike than fluff

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At a moth's size, fluff is more spike than fluff.

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Bees > all

although not anthro I had a setting where there was a society of humans living symbiotically with giant bees in a large hive (their structures built into/from it)

and another rival groups which was basically the equivalent of nomadic Arab horsemen but riding hornets

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What happens when you make them big enough to cuddle without crushing them or breaking them in half?

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yea but a human sized moth would presumably have sturdier wings/body

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And would presumably still be covered in tiny scales that fluff off to help them escape predators and the other evolutionary roles they serve.

The moth girl doesn't want to hug you Anon, and if you try to force cuddles you'll just wind up covered in an irritating mist of toxic scale-dander.
If she does ever want to cuddle with you, it'd be extremely gently - and you'll still wind up covered in irritant.

Sorry Anon, moths make shitty cuddle buddies.

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moths are p ace guy

didnt know anyone else was into mothdudes like that

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>this anon gets it

Mantis or bust, moth-fags

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Team Ichneumonidae reporting in. I have all these eggs and nowhere to deposit them. Sup assholes.

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the same thing that happens when you make a mouse man sized dude.
just more fur, not bigger hair, that would be ratarded

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pun is accidental typo, and I love it. kudos my clumsy fingers, kudos.

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That's over-reacting. Flamers will take them down easy. Same with an anti-material rifle.

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Flamer? Coming close to them? Hell, even with my Brotherhood-waifu and me in powerarmor, i prefer long range weapons against them.

(But i fight deathclaws in melee)

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The Horror. Love Spiders, moths and Bees. <bumblebees too :3>

But Wasps and Hornets... Kill them with Napalm

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Only if she was starved and afraid. In which case you'd deserve to have your head eaten, jerk.

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Yeah WM, is pretty cool, but I don't think she does moths very often.

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Fun Fact: The lore scans in Prime 2 state that the Luminoth made contact with the Chozo and decided to follow their example of adopting a new homeworld and communing with it on both a spiritual and technological level. So the similarities are intentional.

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Mmhmm! I sure could go for some nectar, how about you, fellow moth-anons?

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This is one of the most adorable threads I've seen all day.

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>tfw you posted most of these pictures in the first place

Don't worry, I got your mothman right here.

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Capture? Slaves? Man, I'ma just have adorable moth-cuddle tea-parties in my lighthouse.
Think how strong a person-size moth has to be to get off the ground. Then think of cuddling them against their will.

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So We MUST fluff a moth fantasy race to use it in our games.

are they good at magic?
Do they live in cities or in villages?

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If you made a mouse human-sized, you would almost-certainly get longer hairs.
If you makes a moth human-sized, you Polly get bigger spike-hairs too.

They don't have to be that strong, they have to be very light.

Hence why they're covered in irritating scales and hairs instead of a heavy, chitinous exoskeleton.

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For starters they relationship woth light must be unique among all fantasy races.

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They live in a big fluffy sky hives. Salons are popular. They drink exotic nectar beverages often. They are the BEST at magic because their fluff catches magic and stores it.

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I think he's right though. A mouse's hair is not thinner than a human hair.

And an elephant hair is not that much thicker than a human hair. I mean, it's thicker, but not to the point of being like a metal wire.

So scale a moth up, their hair should stay relatively normal-sized.

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The defining feature of mothfolk society is metamorphosis. Mothfolk are, of course, born (hatched) as caterpillars, and spend the first months of their lives eating constantly. Caterpillars function at the level of highly intelligent animals and have strong tearing mouthparts and spiky hides. In modern moth culture, they are fed copious quantities of live plant material. This necessitates a significant agricultural infrastructure, so moth-majority settlements tend to be relatively small and rural.

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But they're already fluffy enough as it is.

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Why? Sapient moths might be attracted to light but they wouldn't fly right into it. So perhaps their settlements are very well lit or use light in sculpture and art, but I don't see why their relationship with it would be utterly unique.

They might not live in cities or villages, they're not human. They would probably live somewhere high up with secured surfaces, so perhaps either cliff/mountain faces or forests of those enormous hundreds-feet tall trees.

You'll need to settle on what instars they have and the level of support required. Do they have the whole caterpillar - chrysalis - adult life cycle (some moth species have six or more instars)? If so then they need to a place for each of those life cycles, and you need to identify the different requirements. A lot of adult moths IRL don't even have the capacity to eat because they live for about two weeks.

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Legends of mothfolk prehistory tell of a time when caterpillars consumed the fields, livestock, and inhabitants of conquered territories, but few credit these tales and, in any event, modern mothfolk largely keep to themselves and avoid open conflict with other races.

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or they could live on top of giant Trees.
caterpillars can eat.
moth can are in the sky and the fluffy clouds are as fluffy as our moths.

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a mouse person's hair would be like dog hair if anything

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>implying moths are all non-aggressive and peaceful

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If we're going that route then enjoy having your moth husbando slowly waste away and die after mating since that's the only reason he became an adult

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Look at that little bastard. That's not cute. That's not cute at all. This thread is over. Everyone go home.

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>bees > all
>posts hornet

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Celestial worship perhaps?
Their priests are astronomers and charts of the skies are their holy texts.
The sun of course would embody life, rebirth, and more vibrant magic.
While the moon embodies sleep, dreams, mystery and more subtle magic.

Moth-mages focused on solar magic would be the more traditional mages, fireballs, lightning bolts, healing, ect.
While Lunar-mages would be more into curses, enchantments, and support spells.

Solar would use magic to manipulate the world around them while Lunar would manipulate magic itself.
Light spell vs bioluminescence and such.

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He's not right though.

A mouse's hair is not thinner than a human hair, true - its shorter.
Same goes for elephant hair (although it may be longer in some areas).

So, scale a moth up, their hair would stay RELATIVELY normal-sized - ie, at a human size, their hair would be quite long and prone to similar behavior as to when they were small (which, if you follow the comment trail back a ways, appears to be "more spike than fluff" according to one Anon).

That said, moth hair isn't actually 'hair' - its chitin. Same with their feathery-antennae.
So, if you scale that shit up from bug size (where chitin-hair forms spikey bits) to human size (analogous macro-scale chitin-spike structures), you're probably not looking at something especially pleasant to cuddle... Ya know, besides the talcum powder-esque shower of potentially-toxic scale dander and irritating "hairs".

In terms of further interesting physiological traits, moth 'ear's - extremely sensitive hearing organs - are located on the thorax, at the base of the wings.

>> No.34035096

>relationship with it would be utterly unique.
> have the capacity to eat


When caterpillars they eat a lot of material food. Even some strange minerals or something.
They need it to build the perfect moth body. Moth structure is so complex that you can't have it grow gradualy like other animals do.
You have to undergo a complex process to build it once an dfor all.

Once adults Moths get their energy from the light. They feed on light like plants, ut due to their fractl like fluff are extremely more efficent.

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So are moths good or bad guys?

>> No.34035136

Calyptra, the blood-sucking moth. We might want to make the caterpillar stage exclusively vegetarian, and the adult stage capable of subsisting on vegetable matter but also of just sucking the blood and organs right out of something if it wants to. Maybe only a certain portion of moths actually do that.

Moths tend to be crepsecular, so I'm not sure that they would worship the sun. If anything they would have the whole will o' the wisp thing we do, seeing the sun as treacherous and deluding. I'd make the sun mages the more subtle magic - illusion, trickery, false images, madness. I'm not sure I'd have the equivalent moon/star magic at all (I mean, humans don't tend to have specific sun mages and that's more a clerical thing anyway).

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Directly scaling up any small mammal is going to make the hair bigger

natural evolutionary growth over time will dictate how the coat grows or shrinks. Pic related, cat sized but feels like any other rat

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How about both/neither.

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They can do no evil for they do not know what it is.

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>When caterpillars they eat a lot of material food. Even some strange minerals or something.
I like the idea that the material ingested as a caterpillar affects the adult moth. Like moths probably can't wear heavy armor and still be able to fly, but maybe their warrior/knight caste has these caterpillars absorbing hard minerals so their carapace is naturally tough and dense like metal.

>> No.34035210

Do we want sun and lunar mages?

They are cool but difficult to incorporate in any existing setting/game. (not that I have any hope in using them such way)

Also I like the idea of moth worshipping the moon, but the sun idea doesn't convince me.
they are crepuscular animals at best.

also aprove of moth feeding on light only once adult

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I only got the one pic. Moth race-building looks fun.

>> No.34035253

when they are caterpillars no different bread/race of moth exist. Nearly all caterpillars are the same.

Based on which minerals/food they ate in their cycle, once in cocon phase their body will form the optimal moths body based on absorbed minerlas.

So the caterpillar diet is extremely important if you want to have warriors with body armor or subtle dancers.

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After months (years?) of constant eating, leading to a manifold increase in body mass, caterpillars instinctively start to spin the cocoon in which they will attain adulthood, sapience, and (some philosophers aver) mystical connection with the fundamental powers.
The silk composing cocoons is exceptionally tough and resistant to both blows and tearing (remnants of the days when primitive mothfolk made their transformation otherwise unprotected in the wilderness), but in modern days they are kept in quiet, well-staffed nurseries for the months of transition.
None quite understand what happens to change a feral caterpillar into an intelligent, fully-developed moth, but of course religious and philosophical thinkers have suggested various mechanisms. Whatever takes place in the cocoon, after it finishes a hole appears in one end through which the adult moth emerges. Because of its fineness and strength, a mothfolk's cocoon is unwound and spun into yarn. Each mothfolk, upon completion of its education, will be presented with a garment woven from its own cocoon to mark its entry into adult mothfolk society.

>> No.34035275

Well have the sun priests as heretics or outcasts. I'm in favour of the feeding on light thing as adults too (through wings rather than fur maybe, so a wingless moth will die).

Can also have wing/fur pattern react based on nearby light.

>> No.34035277

Reminder that moths should be fairies.

>> No.34035296

Thy brings up an excellent question:
What exactly would their warrior caste be?
My opinion would be more of the graceful and agile fender route.
But they are insects and could have a way to breed heavier chitin armor.

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>implying they are not

>> No.34035304

This is for F-list, isn't it.

>> No.34035306

Of course they're fairies, have you looked at the images in this thread.

>> No.34035326

Four arms and axes/javelins. They'd use flight but I don't think that necessitates graceful fighting. If you can fly you can hit harder with lances or more easily drop/charge for more impact.

>> No.34035360

samurai/ninja. as pic>>34035222

i just fap to moth with japan aestetics.

>> No.34035373

Part of me hopes so.

>> No.34035378

Are moths a big thing in shintoism?
I thought they were a more Chinese thing.

>> No.34035385

Technically very few of the creatures we call "bugs" are bugs.
an insect of a large order distinguished by having mouthparts that are modified for piercing and sucking.

>> No.34035414

moths supernatural ability is to produce magic dust.

SOme of the dust types they are able to produce
sleeping dust: one flutter of wings and creatures around fall asleep.

Venomous. dust
LSD dust
flying dust.
acid dust: Only the mostbadass warriors use this in battle, creating a red aura of death around them.

>> No.34035434


Thanks anons.

This is pretty much what I have for them, except they also all grow wings, which some remove while young for cultural reasons. They essentially modify themselves to me more like an actual bug, their Godtotem or Zoa. So for example the followers of the Zoa Araka remove their wings and feelers, which breaks their connection with the many-soulmind or the Myriad, and grow out their carapace so they have an additional pair of vestigial "limbs" The followers or Araka are mad witches of fates and death, their prophesies coming with the price of living sacrifice.

To make this more related, if I were to make a Godtotem for a Moth, what would moth's represent as a totem or a god?

>> No.34035469

That is totally dope, anon.
Upon emerging from the cocoon, after an initial period of orientation, mothfolk are fully developed in their mental faculties but of course have no knowledge of the world. Physically, they are fully grown but their wings remain tightly furled. It will take years for them to reach develop the nervous and muscular structure necessary for flight. During their 'grounded' stage, mothlings will live with their parents and be educated with their agemates in the moth liberal arts and, later, such vocational skills as textile craft, agriculture, divinity, and magic.
Notably, mothfolk do not eat after their caterpillar stage. It is believed that the accumulated life forces taken in from their diet of living plants provides them the power to live full lives without further sustenance. (Macabre speculation about the health benefits of carnivorous caterpillar diets of course takes place, but never seriously: The thought of infants being allowed to eat living creatures is too upsetting.)

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>rosy maple moth
Those things are so fabulous.

>> No.34035481

>if I were to make a Godtotem for a Moth, what would moth's represent as a totem or a god?

A bigass bonfire

>> No.34035487

a lighthouse, Moon?
A mothgod that can eat and thus evolve and grow?

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>> No.34035502

Zoroastrian moth people? Modify the themes a bit, fix up the terms, and its a perfect fit.

>> No.34035512
File: 99 KB, 960x700, 1526253_10152546569822518_6636020330171790236_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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No, I mean not a god for moths, if a moth were a god, what would it represent.

>> No.34035552

acutaly we could do it.
a double religion.
a fight between darkness and lgiht. Light is what gives moths energy. While dark is when they go out and live.

Why are our moth crepuscular if they feed on light?

>> No.34035573

I dunno. What to moths like to do? My guess is it would be some kind of phoenix like thing except it cycles through the stages of being a moth over and over again. That could go along with their yearly cycle.

Also cuddles

>> No.34035611

Still I see it hard (exluding lol magic) that moth can go around for years with energy they have stroed in themself. Light absorbing seems easier.

Yet if they truly live on caterpillar energy during a fight they can go nova and consume their LIFEenergy to do epic deeda.
This sounds incredbily weeaboo now that I read it.

>> No.34035623


Their symbolism is similar to the butterfly, but I have a butterfly god whose followers bind themselves in cocoons and use the Myriad to protect angelic colourful mindforms.

>> No.34035637


>> No.34035639

this is reason stupid moth go into human flames and are burned to death.
they believe they can return from their own ashes.

>> No.34035644

>What to moths like to do?
Be near light/warmth.
If you're a male, this is in descending order of priority.

Moths are not overtly complex organisms in terms of motivation/activity.

>> No.34035675

So, the moth god could actually BE a phoenix. Like a mothan god of death. Birds eat moths, fire tempts lures them close enough so that they burn up. A big old fire bird would fit that bill perfectly

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'Sup, bitches? Best bug-type coming through.

>> No.34035801

Mothfolk exhibit sexual dimorphism primarily in coloration and antenna size/shape, with males possessing longer and bushier antennae. Wing color and shape differ wildly and function culturally like human skin color and ethnic phenotype. Stereotypes exist (Lunas tend to be studious, soft spoken, and rather feminine; Cecropias are brash and robust; Hawks tend to be physically stronger and must overcome assumptions about their intelligence; and so on), but mothfolk all recognize each other as members of the same broader race and intermarriage is common.
Modern mothfolk culture is founded on mystical religious doctrines related to the miracle of metamorphosis and the penance that must be done for each individual's mindless gluttony during their caterpillar days. As such, their is a strong current of asceticism in mothfolk culture (that they need no nutritional sustenance of course contributes) and many dedicate themselves to creating useful or beautiful objects, new knowledge, or beneficial public works.
As with any culture, though, there are those unsuited to the common path. Mothfolk adventurers often feel their path to understanding and connection with the absolute lies in discovery and brave deeds. Their natural mystic inclination makes mothfolk highly successful clerics (often of gods representing the moon, change, creation, light, darkness, fire, and community), wizards, or monks. Their extra limbs and nimbleness allow them to excel as fighters, though they are usually limited to light armor (often nothing more than their cocoon robe, a garment more than capable of stopping blades).

>> No.34035843


I decided that the Moth God is just a schism in the followers of the Butterfly God. Essentially while the butterfly god followers manifest angelic mindforms in the physical world, they are not so crass, and explore the depths of the sphere of mind, dreams, knowledge, and memory with their mindforms. Their words are received by acolytes in their dreams and are then interpreted. Much hidden knowledge is kept in their archives.

>> No.34035900

>The thought of infants being allowed to eat living creatures is too upsetting.)
No, what. They totally eat animals, why not?

>> No.34035921

Starlight/moonlight is sufficient, if they get an overdose of light they go crazy.

>> No.34035947

So, all adventurer/day worker mothmen wear those snowbound slit goggles or sunglasses at all times?

>> No.34035968

T-tablet-san, snowbound isn't a commonly used word. Snowblind is. Why do you autocorrect to a fictional word?

>> No.34035979

Yeah, they need to be all covered up. Some moths get addicted to intense light though, makes them all aggressive and hedonistic and shit.

>> No.34035993


>> No.34036073

Yeah, I think the sun god in the moth pantheon should be a reversal of the usual positive thing. Not solely negative, but a betrayer and more of a Loki (or even Lucifer) figure.

So sun priests have a rep for being treacherous and a bit mental, and all the standard idioms like 'sun shines on X' or 'sunny demeanor' are reversed.

The moon god (or gods, settings can have more than one moon I suppose) intervened to block the sun's full heat, so they're benevolent, martyr gods of the moth species.

>> No.34036114

That keeps sounds more and more zoroastrian by the second.

>> No.34036142

Well the flame is good in Zoroastrianism but yeah fire temples are cool as fuck, I've got no problem with them.

>> No.34036198
File: 91 KB, 600x338, solaire-of-astora-large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sun priests have a rep for being treacherous and a bit mental.

>> No.34036240

Could literally put in the sunlight maggot as a parasite of this species.

>> No.34036439


>> No.34036492

The Phoenix called "The Lord of Light"
The one whose light guides us and whose fire burns in all of us eventualy cnosuming our souls.

>> No.34036525

We are raffinate intelectual creatures.
Not brutal beasts as you mammals

>> No.34036527

But the flame would be good as well for moths. Moths enjoy light, and the controlled one of the fire and the moonlight and the stars is likely to be highly praised by the moths, while the sun's overbearing rays would be considered harmful.

The fact too much of a thing is evil would also shape moth myth a lot, because the moths would see the light of the sun as positive as long as it is controlled.

So, fire temples would still be very much a thing, as would lighthouse like structures.

>> No.34036530

The idea is that the nourishment caterpillars receive isn't primarily from the physical matter they eat, but rather its life force. They eat live, growing plants, and if they ate animals they be eating them alive as well. Adult mothfolk, who don't eat animals or anything else, would be horrified to see their children drenched in blood, chewing up a screaming chicken or something.

>> No.34036549

criminals are punished by overexposing the to light and driving the mad.

>> No.34036610

Praying Lord of Light is essential but if approach our Phoenix God too much it will drive you mad.
beware the fanatics in their folly cause they will be ruin to us all.

A religion that is all agianst extremism is a religion I would die for.

>> No.34036634
File: 195 KB, 300x170, 418.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A religion that is all agianst extremism is a religion I would die for.

>> No.34036652

>lighthouse like structures.
on top of each tree city a gian tlighthous is build.
To give light when the moon is dark and to guide solitary moth in the world.
Each lighthouse is slightly different color so a moth can easily orient itself.

>> No.34036672
File: 569 KB, 764x744, 1326209955212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get the fuck out carlos

>> No.34036699

so the Sun/ligh/fire god is Phoneix.

What about the Moon/darkness/ goddess?
I immagine some sort of maternal figure.

>> No.34036726



>> No.34036780

What's that from? He looks cool.

>> No.34036796

Persona I think.

>> No.34036965

a snake. A predator in the dark, motherly gifure as her aspect is associated with caterpillars. Very dangerous and full of nasty habits.

Big Black Cat. Cats are fluffy and cute as moth.

Owl. Not maternaly at all but associated with night.

chose /tg/

>> No.34037071

I reject all your lame animal options.

>> No.34037108

None, it shall be a Luna moth and the Luna moths shall all be priest/ess.

>> No.34037196


anyway should mmoth people be a longeve race or not?
on scale

>> No.34037467

Holy shit.

>> No.34037524

elves longevity version.
after becoming adult moths bodies con't undergo the difficult process of recreating itself as inside the coccoon.
This means their regenerative capacities are very shallow. A cut antena or wing will never grow back and even small wounds will leave eternal scars.
Together with long lives this can make moth people miserable.
When a moth get tired of his injuries he throws herself into a sacrificial fire specialy prepared by Sun Priests.
The fire envolpes the moth but if ritual is performed correctly and if the Phoenix god wishes so the fire instead of consuming regenerate the moth.

>> No.34037678
File: 363 KB, 1546x1160, mantis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks comfy enough to me.

>> No.34037696

Couldn't the cute moth people just wash off the irritating scales?

>> No.34037717

>eat you

Why do people think mantis races would do this? They're not obligated to do it anymore than you're obligated to be a cannibal and throw poo.

>> No.34037726

Phoenix Moths are often fatefully marked when they return. Their pelt will be changed, and they will often bear ominous marks on their backs.

Some signs will see a moth hailed as a hero and saviour, while others will see it feared and shunned.

>> No.34037790

That's because people generally make all anthro races more animal and less human.

Anthro monkey race (which would be hairy and more like the monkey species it's based on than human) still would throw shit. Because it's "interesting racial trait"

Utter bullshit of course, but that's the way masses think.

>> No.34038081
File: 74 KB, 540x720, 1400792899107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34039071

what questions remain unaswered about our little race??

>> No.34039132


>> No.34039242

secret shameful origin: drunk pixie fucked a moth.

>> No.34039298

>Mantis or bust, moth-fags

Why not have a human or Elf or dare I say it, catfolk as a cuddle buddy?

Bugs in general make horrible friends.

>> No.34039314

So would mothpeople call crazy folk "solatics"?

>> No.34039352
File: 173 KB, 800x800, 1353178144331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Elves always try to big spoon you, pinch your cheeks, and tell you old people stories. It gets tiring.

>> No.34039431
File: 903 KB, 1280x885, Female_Jumping_Spider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34039483

I'm partial to something like "Moonlost" or "Sunstruck" personally

>> No.34040018

when the hunger devoures you from within.


>> No.34041985

Large moths have super soft fur, I have touched an Imperial moth >>34023801 on its backfluff and it was awesome. They are not quite as soft as a bumblebee though

>> No.34042599
File: 662 KB, 1532x1872, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Moth-folk should be the sworn enemy of bat-folk.

>> No.34042621
File: 103 KB, 1006x795, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34043052

Not all of them - fruit bats are good people.

>> No.34043426
File: 554 KB, 813x668, barbarasobczynska - The Luna Moth Princess Ball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get it guys? GET IT?

>> No.34043949
File: 52 KB, 457x600, Moth Station 13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come with me Moth brothers and sisters, together we shall finally touch the celestial flame!

>> No.34045569


By some miracle of chance, yes, I'm here. I haven't been working on the CYOA for a while due to some real life stuff, but I'll upload anyway. If you have any suggestions or ideas I'd love to hear them!

>> No.34048185
File: 78 KB, 850x454, Bishop moth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A votary of the moon/sun/flame/whatever deity.

>> No.34048337

Guys, you do know there are diurnal moths, right? So, like, in a mothpeople sort of thing, there would still be moths that will have a human day-night cycle.

>> No.34048834

Just a quick question:
Are we going to presume, for the same of simplicity, that all the moths are going to be of the fuzzy, stocky body, back wing fold, comby antenna, silk cocoon, eyes adapted for darkness sort of moth? Or are we going to go full lepidopterist and make a bunch of moth tribes that fall into real examples of moths?

>> No.34049057

They venerate fate, good or bad.

>> No.34049104

I'm inclined to smooth out the phenotypic differences to the equivalent of human races/ethnicities. So there'll be "Luna-looking" mothfolk, for instance, but they'll still fit in society with Bombyx-looking folk just as Germanic-looking humans and Italian-looking humans.

>> No.34050487

simplicity is best mechanics wise, but for fluff/flavor stuff >>34049104
sounds good

>> No.34050597

>thri-kreen erotica

>> No.34050758

Monarch butterfly. Or emperor butterfly, which is the shitty Chinese knock off.

>> No.34050824

It's a pun on Luna Moth, i think.

>> No.34051134

Seems fair enough. I prefer the build here>>34023125 anyway, but I was just wondering because of, say, Luna Moths, which are impressive but don't fold their wings like that. In fact, they don't fold their wings at all. How would that translate? And what about the moths which look like butterflies but still have differences?

And what you think about moth's and their ability to read emotions? Moth faces might, to a limited degree, be able to accommodate for some facial expression, but in the end it's likely to be pheromone base. Do moths who live in mostly human settlements not get used to doing this and find themselves overwhelmed by all they are reading once they introduce themselves to large populations?

And have we even covered the matter of if we are going to make the moths feed once the pupated? Because going the full realistic "you now have a week to live" makes no sense.

And what about the caterpillar? How would those look? Will we presume they are childhood or just infancy? And if the former, how intelligent are we presuming larva to be? And if the latter, how much into infancy are we presuming them to be?

Talking about infancy and those things, how would birth be handled? How many eggs? How big of an eggs? What exactly is going to be considered the normal way to take care of them? Nuclear, extended, or groupal?

Also, regarding the fact moth people would basically be: laid, hatched, and cocooned, meaning there are three very specific points where the equivalent of being "born" exists, how would that affect moth society?

And so on and so forth.

There's actually a fair amount of that.


>> No.34051193

WRONG. In Hawaii, most of the catapillers are carnivores. Hawaii is just kinda cool like that.

>> No.34051274

They should stay the fuck away from Hawaii then.

>> No.34051350

Gobbos. They are slowly starving to death over their entire life. They also angst about how inevitable death is as the hunger pangs increase. Did you know several species of moths have stomaches left over from caterpillar form, but lack any way to eat?

>> No.34051400

I love it. Every elf who looks older than 20 talks about how back in his day, there was none of this new fangled steel stuff, just bronze.

>> No.34051488

You dump your eggs wherever and forget about them. The cocoons when they pupate are found, and then taken back to moth land where they are raised collectively.

>> No.34051498

Ask a Hawaiian moth how it feels about the eating habits of caterpillars these days. It'll give you an earful.

>> No.34051762

Shut up old man, or we'll eat you too.

>> No.34052187

Rolled 9


Here's the question. Why don't 'adult' mothfolk eat? Do they drink some kind of ambrosia at least? A heady sweet liquor that only the hardiest of other races can even stomach because it's thick and sweet and STROOOOOOOOONG.

As for being carnivorous, maybe that varies from... caste to caste? Or perhaps sub-species to sub-species? Or mayhaps even culture to culture.

Not every culture is going to be the same. Perhaps the followers of the Lords of Light give small animals to their infants, in hopes of making them strong enough to stand the grace of their gods. Or marauders do the same to have strong warriors, etc etc etc.

I'd also run with the whole hunger pangs. Some kind of trance not!Vulcan thing they have to deal with. Sure they have ambrosia, but that's not going to satiate a stomach not connected to anything any more.

>> No.34052313

Rolled 4

Also, I really think they should have a longer life span then humans, but not by much.

>> No.34052331 [SPOILER] 
File: 145 KB, 1200x1600, 1407736507725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you pick one up with gloves and throw it at someone they go permanently numb in the area where the worm touches

>> No.34052662

they eat light, we have already established this. moth folk are magical as shit, near fey level. letting them have booze would be nice though.
when you anthropomorphise something you don't think about how they are going to have no idea how to read human expession. thats like written into the laws of it somewhere I am sure.

We are making moth people here, not giant moth aliens with hands and language. Real moths can't speak, but you pick and choose what is cool and say "well they aren't just giant fucking moths dude" about the rest

>> No.34052789

Rolled 80

My idea is that they don't even know it's alcohol. It's just something they have and drink etc.

but to a human wizard? He'd be going on about how he is a new god of magic... before barfing rainbows.


Then their life spans should be closer to elves then humans.

And I still agree with that one guy over hunger pangs.

Also, evil sun god(s) and good moon god(s) is great.

There should be a god for the moon... and then a lesser god for each crater... and a god of midnight and a god of twilight, a god of the wet, cold night air etc.

>> No.34052861

if I were a magical moth person and had to deal with hunger pains all the time because I can't eat but have a stomach, I would cut out my own damn stomach and get magically healed.

maybe get my small intestine sown to my trachia like that one guy so I can still get booze in me.

>> No.34052880

if moths still have stomachs do they still have anuses? delicious never tainted anuses?

>> No.34052906

Rolled 35

Well, the idea is that they use it as a focus. Mental power and all that.

It's the iron that sharpens them as they age.

>> No.34053002
File: 952 KB, 245x180, 1405883405174.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34053038
File: 10 KB, 235x223, 1239017_717846851575801_618417626_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.34053115

What species is that, and does it live in Australia or Africa?

>> No.34053289

In the beginning, the first mothfolk were born. A great city was made for them, overlooked by a great lighthouse, taller and more beautiful than any that are built today. At the top of the lighthouse rested an eternally burning pyre that provided guidance, sustenance and hope to all who lived below it, such that no other light was needed.

In this age mothfolk crafted many great wonders and spread far and wide, but the pyre on the great lighthouse was always there to guide them in whatever they did. So far did they spread that one colony came to disturb the rest of a giant of old that had slumbered since the worlds creation. The giant was angered and slew the trespassers, but when it tried to return to sleep it found sleep impossible. It gazed around and spotted far in the distance the great lighthouse, and because giants, even their oldest forefathers, are simple beings, it saw no other option but to destroy the thing that hurt its eyes so.

Racing to the lighthouse, the giant picked the pyre from the top and tried to blow it out, but doing so only made the light flare up even greater, scorching the giants eyes and burning its hands terribly. In its pain and rage it thrashed about, and flung the pyre far into the sky where it still resides to this day.

Some say, that one day the great pyre will burn out and all of its children will burn out with it, and only then will the greatness of the mothfolk of old be restored.

Chroniclers note: Variations of this story exist, but the theme of the sun being made by the moths(or their gods) and then corrupted by some enemy of theirs, before being placed in the sky either by said enemy of by the moths themselves is always there.

No idea about the moon though. Is this a moon up at night, sun up at day type deal, or do the two move independently.

>> No.34055513

fireflies are considered sacred animals by the Moth.

a city is considered prosperous if it streets are inhabited by swarms of fireflies.
SOme people train those little bugs to fly in patterns and form glowing phrases.
It's a subtle art requiring lot of work.

"I love you" arranged with fireflies is a pretty common sight among younger populations.

>> No.34056808

The warrioris wear thick clothes made of silk.
metal armor would be too heavy to fly with.
They use lances and very big swords.
The sword strategy is too charge the enemy from above adding gravity to the unstoppable sword slice. So powerfull to be able to split a knight in two.

>> No.34058052
File: 14 KB, 416x416, 1405651047043.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mothfolk practice Baguazhang with horribly oversize weapons.

>> No.34061539

Rolled 71

Would there be a stigma about feeding the young too much mulberry leaves?

Like... say there's a mothfolk orphanage and the matron feeds her charges mulberry leaves and is basically running a cottage silk industry, selling it off to the dwarven caravan that comes by every now and then.

Seems very neutral evil, ya ask me. Sure, the kids are being fed, but they're being taken advantage of.

>> No.34061605

How else is the orphanage expected to pay the bills?

>> No.34061648

That would probably be same as any other child labour thing.

Which is to say in a realistically dark medieval nobody is going to give a damn, but if you've got more moralfaggy version then you should fit it.

>> No.34061654

Rolled 61

Well... maybe mothfolk caterpillars are uh... not exactly like how silkworms work, or... something.

I just looked up silk production and it's not what I thought, go figure.

>> No.34061693

Yeah, you only get one cocoon's worth of silk from a silkworm. It seems natural that the cocoon would belong to the moth who metamorphosed in it.

>> No.34061720

So, the moth tailors take it and make beautiful clothes for the one who shed it?

>> No.34061773

I have them keeping it (or the spun yarn) until the moth reaches full adulthood, when they receive a garment appropriate to their chosen life path.

>> No.34062016


One-trick weapon. Fuck up your power attack, and you're vulnerable.

I'm not sure how they'd favor bladed weaponry, as they'd be likely to cut their own wings if they're not careful. In order to take advantage of their mobility, I'd imagine they make good archers; moving from position to position without need of close combat, because they can just move out of reach.

>> No.34062148

Rolled 85

Well, how long do mothfolk spend as caterpillars?

Perhaps if they spend a year or two, it's possible for the infants to extrude silk without forming a cocoon.

Tailors might be able to use such 'young' silk to make clothing etc, whereas 'cocoon' silk is generally reserved for the moth it came from.

The problem with the orphanage and mulberry leaves is that you get superior 'young' silk, but the issue is that it's not very good for the ensuing moth. They may miss some essential nutrients for their metamorphosis. Kinda like how domesticated silkmoths can't fly.

>> No.34062591

I'm imagining mothfolk as reproducing slowly and living in relatively small numbers, so I would think good treatment of the young would take precedence over greed. And it would be pretty easily enforceable ("And where did you get THAT silk, hmm?").

>> No.34063789

Slings maybe? I can't imagine bows managing not to interfere with their wings.

>> No.34063961

mother makes her caterpillar eat only cocoa leaves and hallucinogens mushroom.
The caterpillar grow into the most powerfull wizard of its time.

>> No.34063992

>they make good archers; moving from position to position without need of close combat, because they can just move out of reach.

We have mongols mothfolk.
Chinghismoth have conquered all lands of elves and fey.

>> No.34064062

Rolled 93

I'd say 'young' silk is just part of raising the young before they cocoon.

It's just you can get a LOT of it by using mulberry leaves.

>> No.34064176


Well, something unwieldy would. A short bow, maybe? Slings need some wind-up to work, also interfering with the wings.

Moth might need range to work it out, be it magic or missile, but heavy weaponry does not sounds like the moth-y way.

Given a moth's propensity to flee rather than fight, and get away with it because of flight, they might be more non-combatant and be alright.

>> No.34064465

Crossbows maybe? Fly in, fire, fly out.

>> No.34064533

not fey enough.

let's have a list:

crossbow. not fey enough
Oversized blades not moth enough
alabards I dont like
hammers too heavy
ninja knives and shurikens (giant shurikens)? Like attack and escape.

>> No.34064554

>ninja gear
would be the best hit and run. also in theme with them being crepuscular.

>> No.34064564


Could work. Sling-shots, light crossbows, short-bows, magic if there is in-setting... anything light-weight and mobile, since weight becomes a major issue for flight. Tactics probably revolve around ambush and disruptions, along with favorable terrain, should they choose combat at all. A field is not an ideal place, as it makes you a target, but a forest or rocky area that's not too thick makes a great place for guerilla tactics and the high-mobility flight grants.

>> No.34064645


Ninja-moth folk? Sounds intriguing. Maybe a bit mary-sueish, but intriguing. Would work well within theme, though, with elements of lightweight and delicateness emphasized through the use of paper and silk.

>> No.34064703

ninja with crossbows?

>> No.34064834


Just reminded me of the story of Kumawaka, considered to be one of the earliest ninja (I think that's right...). Long story is GO!

> Kumawaka's father taken by Monk because of crime, sent to be executed
> Kumawaka sends letter asking to be allowed to see his father one last time before he's executed, Monk replies "k."
> Kumawaka travels across the goddamned island to get there
> Father already executed when he gets there
> Color Kumawaka pissed
> Kumawaka pretends to be sick and delirious, Monks take him into treat him because fuck Monks do whatever and he's beat up as fuck from his travels
> Spends a week studying guard rotations, Monk's habits
> letsgetdowntobusiness.webm
> Sneaks past guards, ninjas his way into Monk's room
> Realizes his silhouette from a candle on the nightstand is going to be very obvious on the paper walls
> Improvising, opens sliding door and lets in tons of moths, which flutter around and obscure his silhouette
> Uses Monk's own sword to gut him while he sleeps, but Monk wakes up and lets out a yell, alerting the guards
> Kumawaka books it, guards in chase
> Epic chase through bamboo forest, gets to a pretty big river
> Kumawaka scales a bamboo shoot, and it bends all the way across, getting him to the other side
> Guards try the same, but their heavy armor causes the bamboo to snap, dropping them in the river
> Makes his escape clean because it'll take too long for the guards to take off their armor

Anyway, moth-relevant story kind of. Also ninjas.

>> No.34064898



>> No.34066783

Rolled 14


>> No.34068235

Rolled 38

So... is there some kind of Asian aesthetic going on for the culture as a whole?

Is that something that was decided?

So rogues are more ninja like and fighters more samurai like?

Is that something to go for?

or would it be some eclectic mix of european and asian influences, since the Byzantines did as much with silk as the Chinese did.

That might be something to think about.

>> No.34068953

>breed armor
Why can't they just mine for metal like normal beings?

Do they have to be completely obscure and mystical.

>> No.34069069

What would clothing look like if they had hour legs and two arms, like moth centaurs.

>> No.34069092

*four legs

>> No.34069181

It would be pretty loose and accommodating regardless, what with the wings and the fluff, so probably the same robes and work aprons or unshaped vests..

>> No.34069199

Rolled 46

Why can't they have two legs and four arms?

Because it's better to have stronger chitin then to wear heavier metal armor that keeps them from flying!

>> No.34069223

If they are social creatures who doesn't normally promote selfish behaviour then probably a lot like human gods.

Good god who asks of you to be a cool person for the group and he will look favorably upon you kinda deal maybe. It's not original but it makes sense.

>> No.34069757

>Why can't they have two legs and four arms?

Because you see that all the time with bug-people and if say I were designing bug people I would want something different from the norm?

>> No.34071175

Okay now I'm imagining them having an entire martial art based around using their wings to make small hops and steps, get in and out of attack range, kinda like capoeira but with flying added to it

>> No.34071533


I wonder how a martial art might work with 4 legs and two arms.

>> No.34071688

I think it would be far more logical for them to have two very thick legs and four arms, because otherwise you get a pretty odd shape for the body. Plus, 4 arms are cooler.

>> No.34071753


Also, I think Mantids work better with the four-leg two-arm thing. It's how they walk around normally, though it would make object manipulation very hard.

>> No.34071819


This isn't answering my question.

I'm determined that mine have 4 legs and 2 arms, and I'll stipulate this is more for a general bug beastman, with one ethnicity a mothlike group.

>> No.34071927

Well, that would depend on three details: How long are their legs? Are their legs the same size? And how strong are there legs?

Mantis, for example, cannot really hold their weigh on two legs, but some types of beetles can.

>> No.34072160


I imagine since they're a combination of all bugs and insects that they'd be able to support their weight on two legs.

>> No.34073306

I had an idea for a race of bugs that escaped the death of their home planet by building massive, living hive ships, and genetically engineering themselves to be basically just brains with internal organs and some feelers. then when they need to do something, they just hop into a pre-built body and get to it. when the bran-bugs get to old, they throw them into the brain of the ship, where they combine with the rest of their "retired" brethren.
unfortunately they were all but wiped out by the more prominent lizard civilization, which just happened to be in the midst of a turbonuclear war and also really, really afraid of giant bugs.
kind of like if we encountered an alien race of, well, giant bugs

>> No.34073320

I thought of capoeira because it's largely about kicks. It's very dance-like, almost like breakdancing. With human capoeira, you sometimes do handstands to deliver kicks, but with four legs they could stand on one or two and kick with the others. Or, they could still use their hands and use all four legs to block attacks or make several successive kicks.

>> No.34073362


Also it's a fantasy setting and magic and shit.

>> No.34077139


>> No.34078224

one of the starwars tales of books had an information broker spider who was kinda like that maybe? he spun his entire ship, and had threads of woven neural chord throughout, so he could control extra spider bodies he had made through it. He had a few VERY simple autonomous bodies but fucked up and let one get to smart and it killed and replaced him. as he had done to his forebearer.

>> No.34078449
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Maken X

>> No.34079528

Since there is so much talk about insect people, there was a worldbuilding thread a week ago about a world of nothing but insects. I started recording what I could and both plan to finish this 'source book' eventually aswell as the shortstory I started in the other thread.

There will be spelling errors in this, my concern right now is attempting to make all the facts fit and add flavor to the world. I want to go as in depth as possible

>> No.34081857
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>male anthro moth

Never thought I'd need this picture again. I'd post more of this character but this is the only picture without an obvious erection.

>> No.34083969

What about artwork and culture? Light is clearly very important to the mothfolk, but moths have crap eyesight, distinguishing light and dark mostly, and crazy good senses of smell usually. Perfumers might well be more respected and more generally known about scent composition and creation than more visually-directed races.
Add to that a respectable... tremorsense you could almost call it and what would their music be like? Higher pitched? Lower? Are clicks and "screeches" more common? The earlier linked video of a deaths head hawk moth squeaking makes me think they tend an octave or two higher then humans at least, although I can see oriental strings remaining fairly similar for mothfolk.

And to add something to the sun/moon thing we've got going here, and in particular >>34053289.
The moon reflects sunlight, and its not unfathomable for them to have realised this, they certainly seem the sort to dedicate a few lifetimes to studying celestial mechanics. Do mirrors have a spiritual meaning for them? Light, but not scent and sound. Possibly deceiving, or representing purity without those two senses getting in the way as it were? Do mothfolk cities glitter with candles, fireflies and a thousand tiny mirrors? If their myths say they created the sun, do they also say they created a truly perfect mirror to allow them the use of that light even now? And if so, all mirrors hint at that purity, but no mirror made can be perfect since that one.

>> No.34083988

Also, while I'm at it discussing the possibilities of these guys, there's a distinct possibility I'd do this cute one.

>> No.34084192

May his passage cleanse the world.

>> No.34084568
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Not sure if want. Is there more?

>> No.34085012

Well like he said:
>but this is the only picture without an obvious erection.
Buut if that does not stop you... https://e621.net/post/index/1/zila

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