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What is the most ridiculous weapon?

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I hope you are not proposing that the flail is a ridiculous weapon, OP.

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Probably something like this, if you're limiting it to things that actually existed.

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Obviously the Arbalest.
Fucking fixed emplacement crossbow peasants.

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>man portable nuke
No anon, YOU are ridiculous

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This.... thing.

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I believe the term is KNIFEPUNCHGUN.

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if I'm remembering correctly it's maximum range was just barely out of the fallout zone.

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Yeah, but it's the blast, not the fallout that kills you.

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no the fallout does kill you just not right that secound.

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Look silly, but are suited for their purposes. First is for firing into groups of unarmored enemies and maybe taking out two or three of them, second is a throwing axe. The answer has to be something that is both ridiculous-looking and ridiculously impractical.

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Buttmad knight detected.

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The dumbest thing about it was that it wasn't even all that fucking effective.
The range was about two kilometers on the M28 model, and four kilomerers on M29, even the stronger payload wasn't really capable of anihilating sufficient portion of the enemy army. Armored vehicles had a tendency to surive even in few hundred radius around the blastzone.
Plus it was actually expensive as fuck.

Basically all that it would achieve is to cover both armies equally with fallout that is all.
It was a really fucking dumb idea.

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there was a time in france were you couldin't have pointed knives at the table becouse people kept stabbing each other. so in retaliation they sarted putting guns on them. take that big government!

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It might give you cancer, but fallout is not an immediate death sentence. That's why people are still able to live in places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and you had survivors as close as 100m from the ground zero of the blasts.

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Where exactly does the bullet come out?

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Let me just point my loaded gun-fork at my face while eating.

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Whip swords.

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I don't think it shoots bullets.

It shoots the fork and knife instead.

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im assuming on the other side
yes let me just unlock my liquor cabinet.

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Satcheldogs or Panzerfaust Donkies.

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Everyone clear out; I need room to swing this.

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>panzerfaust donkies
>not the raddest shit

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Yeah, but then you get the jokes about warfare degenerating into ass.

Or your soldiers giggling and getting distracted when maintaining that everyone stays clear of the Assblast.

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While we're talking keys, although it didn't exist historically, we might as well bring up pic related.

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Sword-chucks, yo.

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Look to Congo. Look to India. You will not be disappointed.

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>Look to India.

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Anything coming out of WH40K

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Not a weapon. That's a show prop.

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>he doesn't know about the 32 bladed whip swords

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Is that the thing that kills you 2 or 3 days after hitting you ?

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The Witchdoctor from Diablo 3 throws JARS OF SNAKES for an attack. I love it, its so metal and rediculous

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What is it with Indians and creative applications of steel?

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>Jar of Snakes
>Not the Jar of Exploding Mutant Incendiary Spiders
>Or the Transform into Exploding Chicken Button
Witch Doctor learned all his spells from the cover of Judas Priest Albums.

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I've always thought that the whip sword would be the perfect weapon for Eberron changelings - wear it as a belt, use it like a sword, kill everyone in the room including yourself if you're not skilled with it.

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Well, up until 19th century India and Middle East had best metallurgy in the world. They had both technology and resources to make some ridiculous stuff. Didn't help them against more practical minded Europeans.

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>Didn't help them against professional armies with firearms


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>No tarch

You disgust me, /tg/.

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>Not just permanently replacing an arm for a rusty metal spike

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I'm pretty fond of the sarissa. It's both simple and ridiculous. It's ridiculously simple.

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So, do I punch people with it?

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Whatever the chaptermaster of the Space Sharks has.

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They had everything necessary to raise professional armies with firearms. In fact the Ottoman empire was first to use them (Janissary troops), but after ~100 years dominating Mediterranean they got rekt by Spain, Venice and Knights Hospitalier.

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And how exactly are you supposed to pull it out of the scabbard or put it in in the first place?

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No, you prevent people from getting too close. It's really only useful during sieges when you're in a very narrow place where it's impossible for the enemy to just step to the side.

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Those are power-chain-lightning claws. He could decide on whether or not he wanted to punch, tear up, or claw niggas to death, so he decided on all three. Then he decided he'd need two of them so he could do it all to two niggas at once (or one nigga twice).

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At a guess, the scabbard opens along the long side, those rings possibly acting as hinges, you deposit the blade, and close it back up.

Bitch to draw though if you need it quickly.

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The only practical use would probably be how it was used in Metal Gear Solid 3, shot from a helicopter while handheld.

Still an all around ridiculous weapon though.

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That's actually quite cool.

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It's name is URUMI! IT means THUNDER!

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I thought Vajra was thunder.

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That's probably the implied use, in reality the lantern-shield-with-all-the-extras at least would be something you hung in your armoury as a conversation piece.

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I always like to look at these weird ass weapons, and try and figure out the evolutionary path that caused it to come about. Technology is like biology its shaped by what is needed to survive. Perhaps in some of the cultures of more odd weapons they would laugh at swords and axes.

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My guess is that the scabbard is simply open along much of the top.

The vajra, well. It's a shape, lightning, a specific lightning-shooting weapon, diamond, and truth/enlightenment. I suspect the name doesn't translate to neither directly, being instead mroe of a name.

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It's called an Apache pistol. They're a bitch to fire, and you get GSR EVERYWHERE.

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A really big silicone dildo.

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it shoots the business end of the silverware at you.

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>please for the love of god tell me that the long spike is a shaft and not another blade.

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While I guess we should be extremely cautious about saying anything definitive about every culture that has ever shown up on this planet, it is at least not hard to find examples of cultures producing both outlandish and more regular things. There's plenty of European stuff in this thread for example, China contrast some everyday spears and swords with an array of oddball "martial arts" weapons, and while the Urumi was probably mostly a novelty thing, here's a much more common form of Indian sword.

Though there would probably be some places we can dig up where at least some weapon groups tended to forms that would be odd to us, and in return those used to them would find that we consider everyday to be quite odd.

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Three barrels forward...

It's both. The basic idea behind those peculiar Central African throwing knives popped up in Europe too. The result is called a hurlbat.

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...and four rearwards.

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Superimposed charges predates Metal Storm by a bit.

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Project SALVO produced some bizarre weapons as part of its "quantity over quality" experimentation.

Pictured is the Olin/Winchester Salvo Rifle, which is essentially two FALs stuck together side by side, with both barrels firing in unison. It used a 5.56mm duplex round, which featured two bullets stacked nose to end in each cartridge, so that every individual shot sent four projectiles downrange.

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Impractical? Probably.
Fucking Amazing? You bet your ass.

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>those engravings

my dick

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A spike, a pick, a hammer, an axe, and a... fork?

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Etched I think. Deep etching was quite popular for a while, corresponding somewhat to when strong enough acids got reasonably widely available.

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what you got against twin linking son

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Because sometimes you want your murders to look like there were 4 killers.

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dude there are 5 weapons on it, the tip is a spear thingy.

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Yeah, no.

its a martial art, takes many years to master it in order to not slaughter yourself, but that shit will kill people quite easily. It is used nowadays for show obviously, due to the complexity of using it and the show it gives, but it is a weapon that will flay unarmoured people in horrible ways.

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hey, you could play a game of golf with it.

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The police thought one guy was dual wielding.

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Unless, of course, somebody brings a spear.

Kind of seems like an obvious weakness, really.

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this makes my head hurt.

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this thing looks pretty metal what is it

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Oy, that flintlock revolver was centuries ahead of its time.

It is lighter than a multibarreled pistol and since all the shots are using the same barrel gets another great advantage. In a multibarreled gun the shots are probably going off target slightly since making a gun where all the barrels would hit the same target was not possible with their technique but this gun will shoot every shot with the same point of aim.

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those weapons would be put on spears, they had multiple uses depending on the target.
Its not over the top, the design has a purpose, just not easy to mass produce so...

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>but that shit will kill people quite easily.

Quicker than through infection? I have my doubts. With the smallest deviation form perfect edge alignment the flexibility will allow the blade to twist sideways to some degree (depending on where on the blade you hit, and the exact amount of flexibility). That's not going to make for deep cuts, and superficial lacerations are far from a reliable method of incapacitating someone.

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Canadian military hockey-sword?

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There's a number of revolver guns around from the end of the 16th century and onwards. Mostly long guns it seems, but a few pistols too. Here's a Japanese one.

Hurlbat, a kind of throwing knife.

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After few shoots the it would be propably full of soot, also you still have to pour powder on the pan between each shoot so it doesnt have the fire rate of normal revolver. That's propably why soldiers actually fighting with guns used to carry 2+ of them instead of one like that.

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>also you still have to pour powder on the pan between each shoot

Some revolver designs have a single pan which had to be re-primed between shots, but that one has a separate pan for each chamber. It might require you to manually slide the pan cover forward before each shot though.

There's also Collier's design (patented 1818) which had a single pan, which was automatically re-filled from a small powder reservoir in the frizzen. Available in both single and double action models.

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Japanese guns are their own category of bizarreness and ineptitude.

This is the Type 11 light machine gun. It was fed from that hopper on the top, which was loaded with individual five-round clips used by the Type 38 rifle, the standard service weapon at the time of its adaptation.

If an automatic weapon requiring a constant stream of individual clips being dropped into a gravity-fed hole on the top doesn't sound impractical enough for you, it gets better. It turned out that the standard service round was too potent for the weapon to handle, so they had to begin producing a reduced loading specifically for use in the machine gun; it wasn't even compatible with the ammo used by the rifle whose clips it was intended to be fed from.

This sort of thing was the rule with Japanese weapons of WWII, rather than the exception.

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Japanese guns are their own category of bizarreness and ineptitude.

This is the Type 11 light machine gun. It was fed from that hopper on the top, which was loaded with individual five-round clips used by the Type 38 rifle, the standard service weapon at the time of its adaptation.

If an automatic weapon requiring a constant stream of individual clips being dropped into a gravity-fed hole on the top doesn't sound impractical enough for you, it gets better. It turned out that the standard service round was too potent for the weapon to handle, so they had to begin producing a reduced loading specifically for use in the machine gun; it wasn't even compatible with the ammo used by the rifle whose clips it was intended to be fed from.

This sort of thing was the rule with Japanese weapons of WWII, rather than the exception.

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I win.

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No, I win

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It hurts every time.

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I raise you a double scythe for double the retardation.

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>against professional armies with firearms

And also better steel. The English takeover of India was still in the days when swords and bayonets were as important as muskets. And the Indians had a fuckload of artillery.

So it was basically won by steel on steel and tactics. From what I gather, european soldiers in the 1800s liked Indian sword hilts, but kept their Euro blades, because Sheffield and Solingen made the best steel.

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>Oversized and impossibly heavy, but still recognizable as a weapon.
>More ridiculous than that monstrosity.

I get that you're a good antiweeaboo soldier, but come on now.

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Well, that's really retarded.
and that's just stylish and pimped out while still somehow useful

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>>anti-weeaboo soldier
>>Cloud's Sword


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Air burst nuke had pretty low radiation release. Ground burst is the dirty type.

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Someone posted that "stanless steel" marker-colored abomination, another Anon claimed that the Cloud's sword is more ridiculous. I disagreed and suggested the poster is letting his anti-JRPG sentiments color his opinions. Nothing was learned.

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This is part of the reason I laugh every time someone says "If the Japanese had attacked the Russians in tandem with the Germans, they'd have won WW2"

The Japanese were hilariously incompetent, only really good at not breaking and running away on tiny islands where there was nowhere to go anyway. Even the Italians proved more effective in pitched battle, on a man for man basis.

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A large amount of Indian blades were imported from Europe too.

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As a rule of thumb JRPG weapons tend to be completely retarded. Realism isn't valued in most Japanese fantasy settings

I like realistic weapons, like spears or billhooks

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Not the other way? I heard that inglots of great steel were exported from India to the middle east where they were made into blades we know as made from "damascus" steel, and also to Japan where famous samurai swords were produced from them. The million folding layers method were introduced both by japanese and arabic smiths when the shipments stopped arriving because of some historic reasons

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Every time I see this I think of a wooden axe from minecraft.

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What? Polearms are as practical as it gets

>> No.34014294

I believe that's how it was earlier in history. If I remember correctly, the Ulfbehrt (sorry, don't remember the spelling) were made by Frankish smiths using steel from the middle east or India. As time went on, however, they reversed, until a large portion of Indian weapons had blades made in Germany

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>pimped out while still somehow useful

I think they used to blow up and kill the user pretty regularly. Poor iron or something.

>> No.34014320

We're boggling at the fork-shaped heads, because it seems like pretty much anything else would be more practical to put on the end of a pole.

>> No.34014348


That may well have been the case, but when they got access to superior european steel, everyone used it.

inb4 katana worship, we all know Japanese steel was bad.

>> No.34014395


I bet the fork was for prying some sorry cunt's armour open when you hooked him off his horse, so you could jam one of the pointy bits into his armpit or whatever.

Or someone could stick their bollock dagger into him. Pic related. nothing impractical about it. It's just a funny name.

Bollock Dagger. Teehee.

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I hope KM is still around to teach you your material sciences, boy.

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bla bla bla I've heard it all before m8.

>> No.34014601

Then you should probably know the basics of how Japanese metallurgy worked by now. Get it together, man. People shouldn't have to explain basic metalworking to you every time.

>> No.34014606

Heh, I've seen one of this at historical fair today. say what you will, its a sharp knife and you could stab a man to death w' it, so it's serious buisness anyway.

>> No.34014609

India made some nice steel, but it's probably nowhere near what the hype around damascus tend sot claim. I have heard a bit about it often ending of cold-short for one thing.

The improt into Japan was probably somewhat limited, and as they seldom appear to have bothered keeping foreign steels apart there it's probably hard to say where the steel in this and that sword came from, apart from domestic or not.

Such steel wasn't just made in India btw, but throughout Central Asia, probably up into Russia, and west at least well into Iran.

Folding on the other hand would have been somethign he Japanese learned of right when ironworking technology was first introduced form China, because without a crucible method or similar you kinda have to use it. Accordingly it's something that's been used in Europe probably from the late bronze age or so and at least into the 19th century. I suspect it was known to every culture that had gotten into (or past) its iron age equivalent.

I slip into "odd" more than ridiculous every now and then.

>> No.34014652

More like poor brass. And maybe you're right, heavy ornaments might have impact on the strength of the barrel

>> No.34014688

>say what you will

I said it wasn't impractical. It's a sharp knife and you can stab a man to death with it. Usually through his visor or inbetween his armour plates.

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>The million folding layers method were introduced both by japanese and arabic smiths when the shipments stopped arriving because of some historic reasons

Nope, Norsemen and Celts twisted their steel, which is far more effective than much folding. And the need for excessive folding was eliminated when blast furnaces were invented in Sweden in the 1200s

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>> No.34014719

My money is on it being a parade weapon, conversation piece, or some such.

No actual arguments to latch onto, and rather obviously arguing in bad faith... Yeah, I'm a bit out of shape at the moment.

>> No.34014732

The Japanese were what a Jacobean nation trying to brainstorm a modern army in a long weekend of cocaine and pizzas looks like.

>> No.34014770


Yeah, pretty much everyone says that the best medieval steel was scandoweegian smiths using wootz steel.

>> No.34014774

I was gonna post that. Oh well, guess I'll post the not-quite-as-ridiculous-but-still-completely-retarded version some fa/tg/uy made in a drawthread.

>> No.34014795

You knock/pull a knight out of his saddle and move up on him. He's got a relatively late suit of armour, rondels, gorget and everything. There isn't a readily obvious way to get through his armour and you need to kill him before he recovers.

You ever used a crowbar?

>> No.34014810

You might find this intersting

>> No.34014833

There's nothing impractical about that weapon, it looks like a beaked falchion.

>> No.34014849

Make the point flat and we have a deal

>> No.34014883

Eh, Brits had their own share of incompetent though. Like the Bren (almost identical in problems to the top loaded Type 11, just lacking the problem of the caliber) and the Sten (HEY GUYS LET'S HAVE THE GRIP AS THE MAGAZINE AND MAGWELL WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?).

>> No.34014891

>inb4 katana worship, we all know Japanese steel was bad.

This is true, Japanese warfare was centered around unarmoured light infantry. Head to head, a late period western knight would destroy any samurai

>> No.34014919


Oh come on, if you're going to go for incompetent british weapons, do you need to look any further than the "Let's build a bunch of carier planes that can't take off from the carriers we've got and are completely useless?"

>> No.34014925

To be fair the sten wasn't an exercise in BEST GUN EVARR design, it was an exercise in producing the cheapest, simplest gun possible that could be manufactured for pennies by idiots.

>> No.34014938

This one at least has a handle

>> No.34014972

>And the need for excessive folding was eliminated when blast furnaces were invented in Sweden in the 1200s

Not really. If we grab Alan William's "The Sword and the Crucible", we find that both the (European) 17th century blades he sectioned up where folded. The book also ends there, skipping younger blades, because at that point "the methods of their manufacture were so well established that little further change would have been possible with the material available". Sure, we do get a somewhat reduced need for folding in many cases before modern metallurgy kicks in, but then we're rather looking at things like pig iron, re-molten for the fining, and then beaten to hell to make bar stock for trade. Possibly recarburized from wrought iron levels too, with a bit of folding to homogenize it afterwards. So that the bladesmith doesn't need to fold as much at that point, well, others have already done that.

>Nope, Norsemen and Celts twisted their steel, which is far more effective than much folding.

I suspect that it's largely a different thing, done fro different reasons, and with steel which had already been folded prior to that. The twisting there should be pattern welding, it helps you make a sword form multiple small bits of metal (a necessity when the smelting furnaces were kinda small) and twisting instead of simple piling/stacking means a bad weld can't run into a crack that runs the entire blade length.

Folding on the other hand is done to deal with inclusions, porosity, and chemical segregation. While the pattern welding step does have a good bit of hot working in it (which then doesn't need to be done in the folding step) I don't see a bloomery steel being good enough with just that, it'll only be a very minor part of the folding that the pattern welding can excuse you from.

>> No.34014982


Is it actually ridiculous? I mean, it's hurting without touching me. It's hurting my eyes right now.

>> No.34015047

Most countries had at least one crappy weapon in service at the time, the Japs had a whole bunch which is what makes them stand out.

>> No.34015079


That was quite interesting. Thank you anon.

>> No.34015086

I have a pair of Verhoeven's academical paper's on the subject: http://www.mediafire.com/download/zoyjlnmyjtw/Wootz_articles.zip

>> No.34015093

I've never hear about the Bren having problems, for a ww2 lmg it seemed to be good.

>> No.34015173

Thx, saved. I'll give it a try.

>> No.34015177

The original has a handle, it is just so poorly rendered that it is hard to see. You hold it by the gold bit near the bottom the middle vertical bit is the handle, the rest of the gold is supposed to be an elaborate guard.

>> No.34015180

They also had that pistol that would go off if the shitty steel was squeezed in a little.

What? It's an amazing SAW, solid magazine, nice rate of fire, drop in drop out barrels and pretty accurate. There was also drum mags made for it too if you're bitching about the low ammo capacity. Also it's not even British, it's Czech.

It doesn't have a grip, you're not supposed to hold it by the magazine. It's to be held like a rifle, the mag is on the side to get a lower profile (brit training at the time was basically 1. Are you in a trench? Stand 2. Are you anywhere else? Get on the fucking deck before you get put there).

>> No.34015232

Yes, but you could use other heads for the same purpose, and they'd still be useful for general fighting.

The Bren was magazine fed, didn't require special ammunition, and was an effective and reliable weapon. The only thing it really has in common with the Type 11 is that its top-fed.

The Sten, like the MP 38 and MP 40, wasn't supposed to be held by the magazine. People did it, but that doesn't mean they were supposed to.

>> No.34015297

Their navy was actually competent. The mistake of focusing warships over carriers is clearer in hindsight than it probably was at the time. Getting facerolled by the US was inevitable, but they made a good show of it (and warned against it in the first place.)

>> No.34015376

>not wanting to harvest grain twice as fast

>> No.34015442


>Their navy was actually competent.

Like at Samar?

>The mistake of focusing warships over carriers is clearer in hindsight than it probably was at the time.

What are you talking about? The Japanese of WW2 were probably the single most carrier focused naval power in the world at the time. Sure, the Yamatao got all the fame, but from 1935-41, they Japanse built a grand total of 1 new Battleship, whereas they built 4 fleet carriers and a whole mess of lighter carriers.

>> No.34015490

what is this for

(also what is up with polearms in general, I see pics of every possible shape on top of stuff and no one ever explains what the idea is)

>> No.34015586

Parade most likely.

As for polearms, odds are that most bits on the head will be for cutting, hooking, piercing, blunt trauma, or some combination thereof. Combine the features you want in pretty much whatever way you want (sobriety optional), and there's your polearm. makes typologies an exciting thing...

>> No.34015681

To be expected, I guess. The French basically invented FREEDOM.

>> No.34015748


>Navy was actually competent
>Let's bomb Pearl Harbor
>Let's not follow it up with an invasion to actually force the US out of the Pacific
>Let's draw a fight out with the industrial titan of Earth


>Let's use airplanes as big bombs!

>> No.34015893

This is some dwarven engineering right here.

>> No.34015908

>>Let's not follow it up with an invasion to actually force the US out of the Pacific
>>Let's draw a fight out with the industrial titan of Earth

The Guy In Charge was army.

>> No.34015938

>the falchion bristles with menacing spikes

>> No.34016268

God fuck no one would want to steal that.

>> No.34016399

What purpose would the U shaped end serve?

>> No.34016474


Catching/parrying weapons.

>> No.34016522

It was published without permission in this very thread. >:]

I'm joking, of course. Anon obviously got Dottie/Sapph's permission and paid her royalties.

>> No.34016697

The attack wasn't ordered by the navy.
One of their start admirals warned against war with the US. He had a quote (that I can't find,) along the lines of "Should we declare war on the United States, I will bring you victory after victory for six months. After that, we have no hope of succeeding.", which was awfully prescient.
>Let's not follow it up with an invasion to actually force the US out of the Pacific
It's not like they weren't trying. The deck was stacked pretty hard against them.
>Let's draw a fight out with the industrial titan of Earth
>Let's use airplanes as big bombs!
...point. Though it was hardly their first resort.

Someone posted an image/pdf that was a very neat and well-written synopsis of just why Japan was fucked from the word go in WWII, and I swore I saved it, but I can't find it. Have this instead.

>> No.34016780

Nock Gun, plz

>> No.34016850

Oh, wait, found it. Isoroku Yamamoto.
"In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success."

>> No.34016907

It looks kinda turkish, so its a muslim crescent moon maybe?

>> No.34017011

What the hell is your pic talking about?

>> No.34017069


>> No.34017303

That's not a trident, it's a spetum, albeit an unusual one. Normally the shaft is longer and the blade is shorter. That one is meant to be used by bodyguards, so that it can fit in a coach. It folds so it can fit in the coach, and the blade is longer to make up for the fact that the haft was shortened. Shorter haft and longer blade means an overall greater weapon length when unfolded, while keeping it small while folded.

It's practical, and when the noblemen's guards all file out of the coach and extend their polearms with a flick of the wrist, it's very impressive.

>> No.34017354

The forked bit is more practical than the flat hammer

>> No.34017384

Okay so, if you use the brass knuckles you have a gun and a knife pointed at you, if you use the gun it's uncomfortable and a bitch to load, and if you use the knife you're retarded because that is a shitty knife that you hold in an impractical manner.

That's... kinda bad yeah.

>> No.34017399

After few seconds of Google magic and wikipedia scanning, I got it:

>> No.34017462

If that has a straight handle that shit would be fucking sick.

>> No.34017515


How would the Japanese have ever succeeded with an invasion of the Continental United States? I men, it's not like your supply lines will stretch over the entire fucking pacific, or that you couldn't even beat Russia in a land battle, let alone something like the U.S.

The Japanese were really, really bad at land combat, we're talking like 1 enemy killed against 7 lost for fighting people like Great Britain (except for the Singapore surrender) or the U.S. for most of the conflict.

And you want to send these soldiers, against a better equipped, more numerous army on their home turf where you're vulnerable to submarine and harassment strikes for close to an 8,000 mile supply line? That's insane.

>> No.34017520

>covered in spikes
>13 feet long
>3 tons
well... it's not like it wouldn't kill someone if that were hit with it

>> No.34017536

The blade and knuckles fold up so that the cylinder fills up your Palm when using it as brass knuckles. The Gun wouldn't be too bad to reload, but would have absolutely no accuracy. The knife is held out like that when you're using it as a gun. More for intimidation or shanking someone than anything else. The whole thing is a compact, easily concealable weapon. It isn't actually all THAT impractical.

>> No.34017544


>> No.34017614

Also I'm pretty sure it was a street gang weapon.

>> No.34017624


You're not using it right.

>> No.34017630

It folds, anon.

>> No.34017680


>> No.34017743


Very easily. The US was still reeling from the attack on Pearl Harbour, it was a nation that hadn't really been under threat of invasion ever, and had very very little modern military experience, and a barely functioning military industry at the onset of the war, and the military was green, and not particular great.

So theory, yeah, it could have been done, but it's unlikely the Japanese could have spared the manpower to keep the momentum going, or garrison the land they'd taken.

Sorry I don't have any figures, but it's pretty interesting just how tenuous the USA was.

>> No.34017778

I like the older fix better, it came with stats in BESM 2nd-ed

The Sword of the Rainbow Dragonrainbow_keyblade.jpg

Once the personal weapon of a delusional rainbow dragon who thought herself a goddess and was defeated by the hands of the dragonslayer Johnniass. It is supposedly a powerful elemental weapon capable of burning the souls of those would use it without just cause. The truth behind these tales of its power are unknown, as the rainbow dragon was a lair and a braggart. The weapon is large, heavy and very unwieldy, it is likely that the the rainbow dragon herself could not even use it in battle.

The sword of the rainbow dragon
Item of Power +3 (x2 = 6 points)
- Weapon Attack +4 (x4 = 16 points)
-- 60 damage; Muscle-Powered, Penetrating (armor), Penetrating (shields), Unique variable ability (wielder chooses for it to have Burning, Tangle or Shocks for each attack made with it); Melee, Inaccurate x2, Uses Energy x2

- Awkward -1
-- The freakish size and unbalanced shape renders the weapon difficult to use

- Special Requirement -2
-- Weider must have Super Strength +4 or greater to use the weapon

- Note
-- While the rainbow dragon called it a sword, it does not function like any known weapon, so no melee attack skill specializations apply to its use.

>> No.34017838


>> No.34017863


It was used by the precursor to the secret service. Lincoln's bodyguards had them.

>> No.34017900

>a barely functioning military industry at the onset of the war
As I recall, this part isn't quite right. It certainly didn't compare to the peak production rates, but the US had been manufacturing weapons for our allies in Europe in the years prior.

>> No.34017958


Indeed. Sten guns were turned out in enormous numbers, needing only a few hours labour to build, and often by women, no less. They were also constructed from scratch in large numbers by partisans and resistance fighters. That's something they had on all the other guns being made in WWII. Germany by contrast tended to make the 'best' weapons, but they ended up having crippling production issues as the war dragged on, so much so that they even took to making their own Sten copy towards the end. In total war it's no good having the best gun if its taking you ten times as long to produce them.

>> No.34017990

the sheer edge of this thing is cutting my eyes

>> No.34018192

Collecting these is a hobby of mine.

>> No.34018203


For the French youth in bad company.

>> No.34018263


Economic crash was still hurting, it's industry existed, but mobilising for total war is a different thing entirely, and the US hadn't really done it before since the Civil War

>> No.34018320

In case you don't have it yet.

>> No.34018328

Along with any other Tabletop.

Your point is?

>> No.34018353


>> No.34018356

Why thank you. Excellent filename.

>> No.34018393

>the US hadn't really done it before since the Civil War
We kinda were involved in one notable conflict in between those.

>> No.34018422

Don't mind the image, I had it queued up for a reply to another post.

>> No.34018428

I think everyone has that one.

>> No.34018432


>> No.34018438

>Casualties and losses:
>10,000 rounds of ammunition

Every time.

>> No.34018465

For the ones that sneak up behind you, of course.

>> No.34018553

And yet they were still able to field well over a million troops within 6 months of Pearl Harbor. Couldn't transport most of them out of the U.S., and they were raw as hell, but how many divisions do you think the Japanese would be able to transport anyway? They'd be overwhelmed in a matter of days.


Hmm, interesting. Did not know, only knew about them at all because of a thing I saw about Abraham Lincoln, and that one of his bodyguards had them when he was assassinated.

>> No.34018601


I'm gonna be 'that guy' and say that I'm not counting that as 'total war'. Plus again, the US wasn't really personally threatened there with a proper invasion.


Yeah, that's a decent point, plus the Japanese were fucking retarded with their pilot training. They took only the 'best', and trained them intensively, making absolutely no preparations for the losses they took.

>> No.34018628

>The original spray'n'pray

>> No.34018631

They didn't think they'd have to.
People were racist and xenophobic. More than they are these days, at any rate. The Japanese looked across the sea, saw the xenophobic, vehemently isolationist Americans, and decided, "They're a weak, gutless country. Their people don't want a war, their leaders can't disobey their people, and if sufficiently blunted, they'll lose the stomach for it and surrender." Exaggerated for purposes of communication, but the cultural gap was significant enough that they didn't really come to grips with just what America was like (or likely to do).

Now, we can all make that call in hindsight, but they thought they had a chance of knocking the US out of the war before the US could really take off, AND they thought the US had started the war with the oil(coal?) embargo the US leveled in response to their taking the Philippines.

>> No.34018661

I love the part where he isn't even sure if that's gonna work.

>> No.34018672

Flipping the theme over, 60% casualties and still a decisive victory... The losses can be compared with, say, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Normandy_landings

>> No.34018807


There's jingoism, sure, but no amount of jingoism is going to make you go "Well, our closest base to the mainland is 6,000 fucking miles from their west coast, and we can get maybe a few thousand people over there, tops. And they'll probably be spotted on the way in. And there are literally millions of those Americans. But sure we can make this work!"

And the oil embargo was way before the invasion of the Phillipines, it was enacted towards the end of August, 1941, and the Japanese didn't invade the Phillipines until a few hours after Pearl Harbor.

>> No.34018815

I've got a few swedes as well.

>> No.34018866


How did that happen? I mean, this is still an era where most battle deaths/wounds were gotten in a post-rout pursuit, which tends to mean the winner takes relatively light casualties.

Did you get multiple rounds of flight, pursuit, rallying, and then counter-pushing?

>> No.34018888

>oil embargo
I have no doubt you're right, I was going off of vague memories.
And yeah, it's jingoism, but with sufficient slant to make it look like a worthwhile gamble. The entire pacific, as well as the resources they needed to take the rest of the south east from various Europeans if they could knock the US out within a year... And the US, of course, was a nation of weak-willed bankers, farmers, and workers. Not warriors, like the glorious Japanese. (IIRC, the Imperial government did a lot of glorifying the 'modern samurai', and the Japanese warrior ethic for the purpose of militarism and all that.)

>> No.34018890

>the Japanese were fucking retarded with their pilot training
Hell, they were stupid about training in general.

We were talking about stupid naval decisions earlier: how about how only commissioned officers could be trained to do things like, say, engineering. As a result, every ship had only a hundred or two crewmen who could do things like fight fires and effect repairs. This was a pretty large factor in the loss of their aircraft carriers.

>> No.34018929

Some people know when to quit.


>> No.34018972


Taiho, Taiho, it's to the bottom you go.

>> No.34018985

Swedes had a very disciplined army, at a guess.
>walk forward under withering fire
>don't break and scatter
>non-swedes see these inconceivably hardcore motherfuckers who don't seem to even notice bullets
>start to get nervous
>getting real nervous, less effective fire, fumbling to reload
>someone panics and books it
>Danish/Norwegian/Dutch line disintegrates as people break and run

At a guess.

>> No.34018999


Okay, yeah, I've changed my mind.

The Japanese could possibly have made a landing on the USA, but any chances of their success was completely scuppered by them being absolute morons.

They really should have learnt, considering their previous in the last 50 years or so.

I really prefer the European theatre, as thing seem to make considerably more sense there.

>> No.34019011


Of course, some shouldn't even start.

>> No.34019037


>> No.34019057


I love studying the European stuff of WW2, but oh god, there's so much jingoism and misinformation out there, and whenever you try to bring up actual, real life testing, you just get "But MUH <myth of choice>" It's surprisingly and frustratingly rare to deal with people who actually understand the facts, in addition to being able to rattle them off.

>> No.34019075

Isn't it made for stabbing and then shooting someone in the stab wound?

>> No.34019184


What the hell ?

Cloud's sword IS ridiculous.

Not only it would be unyieldy as fuck, it would stupidly heavy, which means that even if one manage to hold it, he wouldn't be able to bring up fast enough for swings or stab, let alone parry with it. Carrying it would encumber the owner and even if it was held over the shoulder, the yielder still wouldn't be able to bring it into motion to deliver a sucessfull strike in time not to take a blow himself.

Unless it was made of alluminum (which would make it even more useless), this blade would never work. Any unskilled peasant with a falchion or a spear would steamroll anyone that tried to use Cloud's sword.

You are letting your over fondness of Japanese culture get the best of your intellect.

>> No.34019185


well you've gotta remember it was part of the weird battle plan NATO had incase the soviets attacked, which went, "NUCLEAR EVERYTHING (as in, tactical nukes, nuclear mines with their chicken based batteries etc...) -> retreat to secondary defensive lines in france while the soviets had to wade through the radioactive curtain NATO had just made."

Nato's game plan was literally based around soviet tanks being unstoppable and also spying a chance to obliterate germany forever.

>> No.34019291

The issue isn't the ridiculousness of cloud's sword, it's the other sword which the gentleman posting cloud's sword claimed cloud's sword to be more ridiculous than. Follow the post chain, it should be obvious.

>> No.34019292

>The Japanese could possibly have made a landing on the USA
The Japanese had no clue how to go about landing on an opposed beach. Even if they had, they didn't have the equipment. The few landings they planned but thankfully never attempted included such brilliant ideas as landing troops on reefs so they could then transfer to craft suited for the shallow waters of the beaches, all within direct line view of naval artillery positions.

Japan really had no idea how to do anything. They'd grown complacent due to their success against China, and were almost wholly unprepared for a fight against another developed power.

>> No.34019310

>Cloud's sword IS ridiculous.

No one has claimed otherwise. But >>34013738 is even worse. Heavier.

>> No.34019320

He's not saying Cloud's weapon is good weapon design. He, and I, are saying you are literally stupid for saying it is worse design than the Stanless Steel Keyblade. Which, in other "art" from SapphyDracasas is shown to be is just as large as the Buster Sword, but with the shorter handle and all this random crap hanging off of it killing its balance point.


>> No.34019471


A keyblade is simply a blunt weapon, you can still wreck someone's shit with it more effectively than you can with a 3-ton square piece of steel.. It's nothing but a metal bat shaped in the style of a key.

Stupid ? Yes, pretty much. Dramatized ? Fuck yes. Would anyone look intimidating ? No, only if you where the guardian of the tower of silly locks and you had to dress accordingly, and even then.

Cloud's sword is a better design ? Don't kid me here, it's a square block of steel, you can't even yield it.

The ridiculousness of a weapon has to be measured primarly gauging it's functionality, not how it looks. I can kill you with a donald duck themed sippy cup. It's ridiculous. But it's more effective than if I tried to use a giant ass claymore made of styrofoam.

>> No.34019509


And something that is literally described as weighing 13 tons is?

>> No.34019540


Are we including the banking system?

>> No.34019548


>> No.34019565

20 lbs of zinc-steel alloy vs. 13 tonnes.

You are the single most ignorant person I have ever encountered.

>> No.34019602


Not looking it up, but at a guess, it's a tiny, fortified point with a machine gun (or several) being charged at by an infantry mob.

The guns fire, lots of Italians die, they get inside the perimeter, the tiny 9 man garrison surrenders.

>> No.34019611

You literally are wallowing in weeaboohate. I get it, hating on weeaboos is a divine right of all learned individuals, but come the fuck on, sonny. Cloud's retarded metal slab is nowhere nearly as dumb as the rainbow eye rape.

>> No.34019642

>not wanting to be a beserker peasant

>> No.34019666

Pretty sure it is.

>> No.34019716

>> No.34019810

It's a giant slab of steel with a handle. It's not covered in menacing spikes or baroque decorations of any kind, and the material the "blade" is made of can probably withstand the stress of hitting something with it. The handle looks solid, and there's no reason to think it couldn't support the weight of the "blade". If you manage to lift and swing the "sword", the sheer weight will ensure that you will be able to damage your enemy with it, and it is simple enough that you are relatively unlikely to hit yourself.

In short, you can (try to) use it without either breaking the weapon or killing yourself. That's a LOT better than some of the real-world weapons that have been posted here.

>> No.34019873


yeah but he couldn't be STABBED IN THE BACK LIKE SEPHAROPH DID TO HIM BEFORE while he's wearing it on his back.


>things made more sense there
>the greatest threat, in fact the only thing that really allowed the germans to halt the european advance at all, was all the hedges
>the american tanks had a tendency to halt and catch fire if you drove them too fast and for too long
>the german tanks would occasionally get captured because they'd destroyed so many american tanks that they got boxed in and couldn't move anywhere past all the wreckage
>the luftwaffe secret codes' encryption keys tended to be things like "hitler" or "adolf" or "fuhrer", much to the facepalming of british codebreakers who'd spent the better part of 3 years developing the world's most advanced cryptographic techniques ever only to find they could easily guess the password of the bit of the german military with rocket planes, ballistic missiles and advanced swept wing jet fighters
>the british spies named all their shit for terrible puns, leading to their double agent program being called "committee 20", with the twenty written as "XX" or a "double cross".
>german spies were defeated by this cunning pun
>as were american spies, who were spying on a german double agent and so the british spied on the american spies to see how good the cover of their double agent was, but those spies got noticed by the americans so they began spying on the spies who were spying on them while they spied on the german spy.

>> No.34019875


We are not talking if a weapon is possible or not, pay attention.

Any kind of weapon design is possible. I can go out right now and by a piece of metal of the specifications of that sword and make it. It's real, I can yield it. Is it pratical ? No. Any guy with a knife would own the royal crap out of me in a matter of seconds. Even if I kept him off, I would tire out immediately and be overwhelmed, and it's impossible to isometrically hold it in position, for a block, for a parry, for a feint, you know, things important in a sword fight, which you'd know if you had ever fought with a real sword, which I doubt the fedora man in your video has also actually done.

We train for the PLWR with an 8-pound long sword made up to real specification and we are worm out by swinging it in a manner of minutes. A regular man wouldn't last a full minute trying to swing that thing about

About your video. That man has no idea of how physics work. The same as tying a cat to a pole and swinging it ? Please, besides being a clearly retarded example, it's inacurrate, and wrong. Tying a cat to a pole is more tantamount to a pole weapon than a giant sword. Distribution of mass, for instance, is totally disregarded. You can bring the tip of a pole weapon about faster, as you have the extra length of the pole to aid you in creating a fixed point with one of your hands as you use the other as a force vector to bring the blade about. With a sword this doesn't happen as the handle doesn't allow for it. He is also completely disregarding the fact the Cloud's blade is thicker at upper side than at the edged side. A blade such as this would also be made of a thicker and harder metal at the upper side and flat sides and a lighter and more flexible metal at the midpoint and towards the edged part, else it would shatter like glass. His estimation of volume is also clearly wrong as the handle isn't made exclusively of metal

>> No.34019905

>Can't lift it
>Can't swing it without other people helping
>Either throw self off balance when doing so, or be way too obvious about what necessary motions you're using for it to ever hit anything
>Spend 10 minutes grunting and lifting while someone just stabs you in the face/shoots an arrow into your chest

Pretty sure lots of the real world weapons in here are silly, but can still be used. Weebshit weapons can't be used, and therefore are retarded because they can't serve any purpose.

>> No.34019931

>Cloud's sword

>> No.34019956


to be fair I could probably think of a WAY to use it... but it's more a really aggressive pole-vault/tower shield combo at that point.

>> No.34019980

Ok obviously a longer magazine doesn't suddenly change the inner workings of the gun, but the rest is somewhat sound.

Revolvers with magazines have existed, the dardick revolver is one example. The cylinder could have been modified in any way, it's not explained and the more fire-powa could simply be the longer barrel, which does increase the velocity of the round. Assuming the barrel shroud and charging handle are aesthetic, there's really nothing to say that couldn't work.

>> No.34019988

>subdual damage

>> No.34020017

I'm no /k/ommando, but that seems like a gun not given to accuracy or ammo efficiency. It seems like it'd just fucking break, actually.

>> No.34020022


You either are really dumb and don't understand what a hyperbole is, or you are just trying too hard to bait and failing miserably.


So, where is it stated that's the material ? In the fantasy land you get all your facts from ?

Nice ad hominem, do you often resort to fallacies when you have no where to run with your lack of arguments ?


You do realize that if you take a long steel pipe and decorate it to look like a giant key, you can still use it to bash someone's brains out, right ?

Naming keyBLADE is stupid, but it still a more effective weapon than a piece of tank armor with a handle

>> No.34020034


Honestly, what pops into my head when I see that is 'training weapon'

>> No.34020075

What am I lookin' at here?

>> No.34020114

>You do realize that if you take a long steel pipe and decorate it to look like a giant key, you can still use it to bash someone's brains out, right ?

>Naming keyBLADE is stupid, but it still a more effective weapon than a piece of tank armor with a handle

You seem to be forgetting that the keybade in question is 3 tons and 13 feet long. Compared to that, Cloud's sword is more reasonable by a wide margin.

You have a bad case of the assmads.

>> No.34020117


A keyblade is more akin to a warhammer than a metal club actually. Since the head of the key and distribution of weight there would cause it to be swung like one.

And would have a pretty similar effect too; unless you sharpenned it. Then it would be an Ax

>> No.34020119

But it's also stylin'.

Look, the fact is this: Big swords are cool.

Sometimes this means even dumb industrial slabs of steel shaped like swords are cool.

I like cloud's sword. I like FFVII. And I will continue to like both these things regardless of the vomit-worthy fanbase.

That is all.

>> No.34020148

SALVO was all about suppression. There was no care for accuracy or efficiency. Just straight up propa orky dakka, but it's literally just 2 FALs, as long as they're attached together securely it's going to be a very sturdy weapon, but incredibly heavy.

>> No.34020149

they had armies of professionals with firearms too
think of the Gunpowder Empires (Ottomans, Persians, Mughals) basically the great powers of the world until latter in the 18th century

Europe has only really been top dog for maybe 200 years or so

>> No.34020156

Aside from like severing the jugular, how would you kill someone with that?

>> No.34020170

Is... is that a double bullet?

How would that even work!?

>> No.34020183


Seriously ? I played Kingdom Hearts as a kid and seem to remember a 11 year old boy yielded it in the game and it was hardly longer than his height.

Where are you getting that it's 3 tons and 13 feet long ?

Oh right, from that magical place in your head.

>> No.34020191

Japan was doomed the moment it found itself in conflict with the largest industrial nation on earth.

We could have lost our whole navy at Pearl Harbor and rebuilt in under a year, coming back with MORE ships than Japan.

You just can't win against that level of materiel imbalance.

>> No.34020201

Ram it in their eye, mebbe?

It's clearly a concealed weapon designed to be used when you already have the advantage, I doubt it was designed for much tactical flexibility.

>> No.34020204

Asking, not arguing.

>> No.34020212


>> No.34020240

You're wrong. The keyblade is a retarded weapon.

>> No.34020241

Nigger you dumb. Next time you decide to jump into a conversation, maybe you should read the reply chain first you fucking faggot.


>> No.34020247


> nice b8 m8

>> No.34020250

Well they both get the same amount of push and spin from the explosion. It worked pretty well but was scrapped just like every other US army project of the last 50 years. I'm trying to find a picture of the .50 cal 3-bullets-per-casing round.

>> No.34020275


*tips fedora

>> No.34020287


>>Height of this blade comes to 13' feet tall and 4' feet in width. It weighg up to 3 tons, Sapph has more than enough strength to carry it, it's quite heavy to others

>>It's out of pure stanless steel, gems and gold.

>> No.34020294

Well, yeah, but would the bullets even separate? It doesn't seem like there'd be much point to it...

Unless the first bullet hits, then the second hits the first and imparts further force. That'd be a bitch alright.

>> No.34020296


Look. I get that the katanafags are annoying, right? We all do.

But at this point, the knee-jerk, premptive hate's just as bad.

A katana is a sword. Just a sword. A sharp bit of metal pretty good at slicing dudes. Not amazing, not terrible. Let's get over it.

>> No.34020301

>So, where is it stated that's the material ? In the fantasy land you get all your facts from ?
Where are your facts that the sword is actually heavy and not made of some high strength low weight fantasy material.

>You do realize that if you take a long steel pipe and decorate it to look like a giant key, you can still use it to bash someone's brains out, right ?
Keyblade in general, yes. That 13 ton rainbow shit isn't. Where you are going wrong is that you aren't comparing the Rainbow Key blade to Cloud's sword. You are comparing reasonable size Keyblades to Cloud's sword.

>> No.34020321

Found it.

>> No.34020346

You fire the weapon, once the bullets leave the barrel, they follow -just slightly- different ballistic paths. I'm sure at 150m the spread would be only a foot or so, but that would matter.

>> No.34020354

Well, I couldn't tell you that really. I imagine they would after a while, would be amazing for penetrating walls if you hit both though.

>> No.34020364

It's WEILD, you fucking MORON. Jesus fucking christ you've been using the wrong word in every post this entire thread.

Yield means to give up, which is what you should do on life.

>> No.34020368

I really hope you're trolling and actually not this retarded.

>> No.34020371

the loss of pilots really hurt them since they didn't rotate their veterans back from the front to instruct the newbies. shortage of planes + shortage of skilled pilots meant absolute massacre once the bulk of the vets went down.

>> No.34020379

Immediately after WWII, the army had conducted studies which found that only a tiny percentage of rounds fired actually struck a target. "Military intelligence" being what it is, they looked at this and immediately concluded that if only one in a thousand rounds hit anything (this is way higher than the actual findings, I'm just throwing numbers out to demonstrate), then firing two thousand rounds in the same amount of time will mean two hits. That's twice as effective!

Project SALVO was all about brainstorming ways to create infantry weapons that could sling more lead downrange based on a childlike misunderstanding of statistics and probability.

On a positive note, once the fog cleared and people realized why this was stupid, it did lead to the switch to an intermediate cartridge, doubling the amount of ammunition that a soldier could carry into battle.

>> No.34020402


It won't get through anything that is harder than kimono tissue and boiled leather, but it ain't none of my business.

>> No.34020406

Also, just to help you visualize how fucking retarded you are, here's a side by side comparison. Cloud's sword might be off by a bit as I just eyeballed it's size but you get the point.

>> No.34020409

Well, dunno bout that Anon, but he stopped the americans for freeing Spain of the fascist dictatorship instaurated with the help of the nazis, because he was an asshole.

And also probably he was afraid that a leftist government (the original, democratic one Spain had) allied with the URSS or something.

>> No.34020435


Maybe because I'm German and I don't really care about my english syntax :D

>> No.34020436

At that point, why not just use buckshot?

>> No.34020439

100% more bullet, per bullet!

>> No.34020448

Was it this?


It's a good, sourced summary of the economic and industrial imbalance between the two nations, which, spoilers, is hilariously large.

>> No.34020497

Yeah, I'm sure the fact that the Russians were using intermediates and that the second biggest NATO nation had made their own intermediate cartridge for their own rifle that got scrapped because murrica was all '.30 cal or nuttin' fudd tier about it.

>> No.34020498




This is an English-speaking board. If you don't care whether your posts make sense then fuck off.

>> No.34020501

>I was just pretending to be retarded!
>It was a ruse! You were tricked!

Fuck off. Maybe next time you decide to shove yourself into a conversation you'll at least have the decency to read the reply chain first.

>> No.34020506

I should also explain that the findings found that many hits were caused by shrapnel, or just plain random chance; stray rounds that weren't aimed at anything, or which were part of suppressing fire.

The same minds responsible for failing to understand probability read this as meaning that marksmanship training was overrated – possibly irrelevant – and that the only thing that mattered was the rate of fire, since it was all just random chance anyway.

>> No.34020508

It's not syntax, it's basic word meaning. Also I don't give a fuck where you're from, if you're going to communicate in a language, learn what a word means before you spam it.

>> No.34020515

You're very off there, friend. The US had more industrial capacity than any other nation on earth. Japan's only chance was to spook the populace into backing down, which backfired on a historic scale.

>> No.34020523

thats really personal taste
personally these goofy ass looking weapons in Jap games always turn me off, I would prefer novel looking but at least seemingly functional weapons
similar to like the later medieval dickwaving smiths


>> No.34020536

Buckshot has an effective range of less than 50 yards, big bulky shells, less ammo capacity. Hundreds of reasons.

>> No.34020544

Every single time

>> No.34020548


Nope, not my obligation.

>> No.34020565

the funny thing is no matter how strong you are it would be impossible to use unless the blade also alters the laws of physics

>> No.34020570


Y'all falling for a massive troll and it's embarrasing to see you all keep it up.


>> No.34020572

Did they just forget about the war or something?

>> No.34020579

I was hoping that'd be a video of someone wielding a Buster Sword they made. Those are always hilarious. :)

Here's one.

>> No.34020599

Did you notice the part where it has a cylinder, automatic, and bolt firing actions?

>> No.34020603

My next female Knight/Paladin will wear that. Fuckin' saved.

>> No.34020616

Probly went like this
>We declare war on you! Attack us!
>yeah nah

>> No.34020617

Make him, lets see how you act IRL, tough boy. Thought probably you should have though about it before you spoke.

Fuck you :D

>> No.34020663

I checked the Wikipedia article, and it looks like that's pretty much exactly what happened.

>> No.34020668

So experience and physics tabulations for a fucking fantasy weapon are fedora tipping now. Go shit in a hole and drown yourself in it.

>> No.34020676

I actually rather like this thing, as the sweep in it goes *backwards*, meaning that similar to the Khopesh, it's really just an axe pretending to be a sword. Though I imagine that if you turned it backwards it could quite easily function like some sort of war-pick

>> No.34020687


And as expected it's useless outside the realm of jap-fan boys.

Not even the goddamn roid head could lift it up

>> No.34020689

>obviously a longer magazine doesn't suddenly change the inner workings of the gun
>Revolvers with magazines have existed...example
> Assuming the barrel shroud and charging handle are aesthetic

>> No.34020727


>> No.34020743


No the guy you are replying but the guy in the video is a neckbeard who probably never attended a physics course in his life. It's cringeworthy and fedora material.

>> No.34020745

Y'know... I was originally of the impression that clouds buster sword was actually only like 2.5ft long and at most 8 inches deep. Kind of the perfect thing for chopping into machines. I don't know what ever gave me that idea.

Oh well, at least it's being used by a magically enhanced super-human.

>> No.34020756

Proves that only idiots with no sense of history think of the French as white-flag surrendermonkeys when the Italians are sitting right there nearby.

The last relevant Italian military victories were from before Italy was a country AND THEY WERE AGAINST OTHER ITALIANS

>> No.34020766

but he's entirely right about the keyblade being stupid as hell and all his points are valid
also he is knowledgeable about weapons

>> No.34020777

And yet this is the same basic organization which created the atom bomb.

Smart people being stupid makes me laugh.

>> No.34020789

Remember that cloud is magical. As in he was literally infused with magical planet energy that turns him into a superhuman.

>> No.34020797

The French just surrender, the Italians fight, embarrass themselves then surrender.

>> No.34020800




>> No.34020823

this also ignores both that oftentimes people wont shoot to hit but to keep the enemy down, or even fire over them entirely, especially for new recruits

>> No.34020825

It does explain the exact behavior of the Heavy's minigun.

>> No.34020828

>Confirmed for uncultured swine

>> No.34020842


>> No.34020845


>> No.34020898

Come on, stop being so negative! Instead of complaining about how it's useless, you should be thinking of uses for it.

Like, the guy DID manage to destroy a pallet with it. If you're fighting a pallet, you'll probably do better with a buster sword than with your bare hands.

>> No.34020901

>Smart people being stupid makes me laugh.

hindsight is 20/20; obvious solutions only arise through experience.

>> No.34020904

or this

>> No.34020913

> Steel
You're all retarded.
Katanas were made with pig iron and vikings used carbonized iron.

>> No.34020925

Ruining paint jobs?

>> No.34020943


Worst person on a sheer interpersonal level - basically there were people who found hitler or even stalin charming, but NO ONE IN RECORDED HISTORY who had actually met degaulle, liked Degaulle. He'd throw honest to god manchild temper tantrums when the other allied commanders would go over his head and talk with the various regional commanders of the free french forces to get shit done because he would literally not pass along an order to the free french forces if he was in a bad mood.

And then when paris was liberated Degaulled decided the allies had a problem;

Basically the free french forces were mostly black, deGaulle did not like the idea of the liberation of paris being led by black french forces, so he had the whole liberation of paris delayed for a day while the british got a load of iraqis to the front of the liberation forces, dressed them up in free french uniforms and had them lead the liberation of paris.

To put this in a wider context, that delay meant that the berlin wall would ultimately be a hundred miles further westward than it would have been otherwise. Because deGaulle is a racist douchebag.

>> No.34020977


> Superhuman
> Can't armwrestle Barret

>> No.34020978


>> No.34020988


First bullet hits, slows down, second bullet SPLITS that bullet, sending shrapnel everywhere inside the person who's been shot.

basically an overly complicated dum-dum or tumble-home.

>> No.34021004


He isn't.

Any trained monkey can tell you the keyblade is just a blunt weapon intended for beating the crap out of everyone.

It's like the German-troll above said, even tho I despiste myself citing him

>> No.34021014


Seriously, ouch, that would not be easy to deal with.

>> No.34021044

Also, the first ones to enter Paris were spaniards, republicans that lost the war and were in concentration camps in France, and joined them for various reasons (ideals and also to not starve).

This asshole of course after send them first to die instead of frenchs, always, never helped them and also never honoured them. A few years ago there was a tribute to some of this spaniards who were still alive. There wasnt much coverage of the act.

>> No.34021048

I don't know about you guys, but when I think of Abraham Lincoln, my first thought is DEFINITELY about how effective his personal security measures were.

>> No.34021060

Whe I was playing through KH back as a youngling, I would occasionally corner a lone heartless, equip the weakest key, and giggle as I just hit it repeating "Bonk!"

>> No.34021085

ad a blunt weapon its garbage too as he says in it as well
a stick would be more useful

>> No.34021100

Yes! Excellent!
Instead of keying someone's car, why not hit it with a giant sword? Guaranteed to be expensive to fix.
This has the added benefit of making you seem absolutely bonkers. People generally do not want to fight or argue with people who are insane.

>> No.34021109


can we please stop obsessing over dumb weapons in weird semi-surreal japanese games

>> No.34021111


Anon, anything you can use to beat your opponent to death isn't garbage.

It just adds to the humiliation factor.

> "hold still while I beat you to death with this giant key"

>> No.34021130


Pretty sure blunt weapons are almost always improvised weapons, so 99% of them are gonna be garbage anyway

>> No.34021150


Never said it wasn't garbage, just that it still works

>> No.34021164

You are more likely to break your hand with a keyblade than to hurt someone else with it. It's schwarbage.

>> No.34021270

It menaces with spikes of cutlery

>> No.34021289

I really hope you're this retarded and not actually trolling.

>> No.34021330

yea it works until you break your hand
besides in the vid he barely talks about the 'blade' end and mostly about how stupid the handle is

>> No.34021410

>blunt weapons are almost always improvised weapons

>> No.34021440

>some fucking autist made an actual video complaining about the fucking Keyeblade's practicality as a weapon

This has to be a joke. Please say this is a bad joke.

>> No.34021535

his channel is pretty good, and he only does those fantasy vids because people send him requests to review the realistic practicality of fantasy weapons

normally he just talks about different weapons and such and does reviews real weapons, including goofy ass ones

>> No.34021576

I'll take your word for it, I guess.

It just bugs me when people complain about the tiny details when Cloud's expressly a magic super soldier and I'm pretty sure the Keyblade is a metaphor made into a goofy-ass weapon.

>> No.34021602

yea i know but its just more to poke fun at the people who take these kinds of weapons seriously

>> No.34021645

The problem with the key blade is not that it's completely impractical, but rather it it's a simply bad piece of design. It's an ugly weapon, and it does not only look riddicouls, it looks dumb.
Design of fantastic or fictional weapons is obviously very different from design of real, or at least plausible ones, but the fact that it's fictional does not make it impervious to scrutiny.

The particular vid was a bit of a joke one, it was really done as a request, but I really think keyblade is just a horrible piece of design in general.

>> No.34021653

Absolutely. Thank you very much.

>> No.34021695

personally I never liked Kingdom Hearts and the ugly design choices just make it worse

the Buster Sword is equally goofy and impractical, but as a fantasy weapon it looks a lot better

>> No.34021902

That is because while Buster is equally as impractical in real world, it's more "meaningful", in the sense that it's design exists to communicate some form of message. And it succeeds at doing that far better.
That is the whole thing to take into consideration when talking about fantastic or fictional designs: they exist as a tool to communicate some form of message to the viewer, and to reinforce some kind of critical impression. Belivability or plausibility is only one of the many tools that you can do to achieve that.

Among all the FF weapon designs (paritulary in the newer, 3D FF games), I think Buster is one of the better one. Certainly it's the best design of all the swords that Cloud gets to use through out the game, which always bugged me in a way.

>> No.34022701

Its a woman's self defense weapon,not meant to kill only to deter attackers

>> No.34022953

I'm pretty sure by this point that the italians didn't actually care about fighting WWII, but did it anyway so Germany didn't steamroll them from the start.

I mean, Germany is remembered for having Hitler, and Japan is remembered for Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima, but what the fuck did Italy even do?

>> No.34023045

>what the fuck did Italy even do?
Not a lot. As little as they could get away with, really.

>> No.34023213

>german spies were defeated by this cunning pun
To be fair, german spies were pretty bad. Although yeah, the americans don't have an excuse.

>> No.34023549

As a member of the
that's actually really useful

>> No.34023601

Well Barret is Mr T after all, so I don't really expect anyone to out-wrestle him.
>Atomic Scissors
>dat can opener hand

>> No.34023730

All that soup, lost forever... history's greatest tragedy.

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