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Hi /tg/!
I'm want to introduce my group to DnD (5e to be precise) with a light-hearted and somewhat wacky campain. And I intend to throw them into the Crypt of the Necrodancer. Firstly because I find the premise of this game hilarious, secondly because we never used a grid for combat before and I find the excuse "you have to move with the beat" neat.

But! I need some help! I need ideas for encounters, traps and generally stuff they can do in the crypt. They are going to start with a lvl 1.

So far I have belly dancing skelletons and a soundtrack of sweet beats.

Any ideas /tg/?

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All I can suggest is this:

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Oh no, wait, have skull-trumpet as a floating skull head that has sonic blasts

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This is amazing. Awesome idea!
I have yo use all of my imagination to come up with something for this, but what about spectres/ghosts that come out of the walls and if they catch yu they enter your body and make you dance. This makes you unable to fight the belly dancing skeletons for 1d4 turns or something?

And what about a dexterity test door, that leads into a treasure chamber.
But in order to enter yoy got to dance on glowing magical stones to a rhytm. Like the dance game in arcades.
Anyways awesome idea OP

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have the entrance to the necrodancer's dungeon be Mr. Bone's wild ride, but give the players a chance just to hop off at any point

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Make the Necrodancer himself a Gestalt NecroWizard/Dirge Bard

Dirge bards get the power to preform to raise just about ALL the corpses in the area until they run out of performance rounds.

Then give him max ranks in "Perform(Interperative Dance)"

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Gotta have musical puzzles, anon! Like this, but on a mssive bone organ:


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Also take a note from the Call of Cthulhu campaign Dead Man Stomp,
Where if you kill the BBNG early, he blows on a cursed horn that raises the dead with his own dying breath, turning him into a trumpet playing zombie, raising the whole graveyard.

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aint that the truth

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Need to have the "Skeleton Dance Skeletons" as a mid-dungeon encounter. Their moves are supernatural, but nothing the party can't deal with

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Exactly something like that

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Obligatory Thriller scene

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these are great ; D
My first thought was the skeleton song from Monkey Island (2?)

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>Nightmare before christmasss OST
>Corpse bride OST
>Spooky scary skellingtons +dubstep remxixes and various other ones
>Joerge fientes george fuentes whatever John Carpenter's Halloween theme techno remix
>Some sort of Ghouls n goblins remix
>Skeleton boogie
>Return of the Living dead OST + trioxin theme and it's return of the living dead 2 variant + the techno trance one and the metal one

That's most of the stuff I can think off.

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curse of interpretive dance, they can no longer speak and must communicate through interpretive dance

sounds fun to me

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Oh shit son, GOTTA use some of that Voltaire.

Imagine a chorus of zombies singing Brains!

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Shit, or a summoned devil singing "When you're Evil"

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Have an undead (or possibly living) blackguard in traditional Mexican garb challenge them to a duel.

He appears a couple of times to dramatic maraca music, warning the players to step off and go home before he has to dance rings around them, disappearing in a swish of his cape. After a few sessions, they finally confront him in a lavishly decorated room where his sombrero-wearing minions prance and rattle, preparing their guitars and drums.

The music changes tempo, he sweeps his cape to the side to reveal his tapping feet, and the dance begins.

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For an encounter, have the PCs reach a room that is basically a giant disco floor, filled with the funkiest, grooviest dancers discokind ever set their eyes on. They are seemingly human and aren't that challenging to begin with, but in the middle of the fight, a very extravagant silver disco ball is lowered into the room, upon which they all turn into werewolves and become much more challenging. The players will have to destroy the disco ball to have any hope of winning the encounter.

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On the map, it's labelled Saturday Night Fever

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Make a twenties swing-club/speakesy staffed entirely by snazzily dressed skeletons. Have the maƮtre d' rattle by with a french accent and moustache, offer some wine (bottled 460 B.C., exquisite year), see how the party reacts.

If they decide to go full murder-hobo, have the chef bust out of the kithcen, butcher's cleaver in one hand, frying pan in the other, nine feet tall, six feet wide and cursing in near-guttural french as he throws knives at the party and breathes fire.

If they decide to play along, join the swing dancers on the floor and have a good time, have a squeal of tires and a car door slam from outside. One of the flapper skeletons exclaims "It's Franky Bones and the boys!" Then a wall gets knocked down and a gaggle of gangster skeletons in zoot-suits barge in with tommy guns blazing. Either way you've got big band and swing blaring the entire time


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I'm a fan of this one (though the timing is a little off- swing music and zoot suits didn't take off until the 30's/40's).

Maybe change it up so that the club's thugs step in to fight, with the chef acting as support rather than a lone boss. If Franky Bones shows up, you get a battle between the two sides with the players caught in the middle.

pic for random inspiration

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Yeah, a bit anachronistic but it's still a good theme. Also skeletons in suits are always fantastic

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Keeping with the theme though, have these guys as a skeleton band:

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alternatively alternatively, have them all get smashed on millenia-old liqour and send Pink Elephant spirits after them.

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that gave me an idea: A heavy metal show with lots of pyrotechnics, poisonous fog, and other sorts of traps, fine for the skelefans but super dangerous to regular people. The players have to cross the venue to get out the door on the other side. Nobody notices them unless they do something to get noticed, this is more about dealing with the traps and hostile environment. They can push their way though, but they might start a brawl.

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Oh shit, Born to be Bone is perfect for the undead mariachi dancer.

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>disabled embedding

It's like the person posting that video wanted to be the worst kind of faggot.

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Actually kinda serious about this, have the waiter hype up how valuable the booze in the cellar is, have the bill be something like 30 platinum pieces or something, then try to goad your players during the firefight that there might be a way out through the cellar, hope the thief decides to snatch a few bottles, someone else decides to drink them instead, they all get smashed out of their minds and BOOM PINK FUCKING ELEPHANTS

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Guys, this thread is all kinds of epic! Keep the ideas comming!

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Fuck it, just have the Necrodancer show up as a Dr. Facilier knockoff at the beginning of the dungeon to fuck with the players.

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There should be a bouncer outside the crypt. No fleshies allowed. They can fight their way through, or convince the bouncer they are actually zombies with their mad synchronized dance moves.

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Or hell, if you want to fuck with the players directly just let ol' Oogie Boogie play the part of DMPC. He loves the dice after all, but be sure to use the line "roll them bones!"

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Sounds like a warlock who meets the PCs, offering them power at a price (cursed dancing boots, anyone?)

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Hey OP, have you worked out why they're going to the crypt in the first place?

Maybe there's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_mania spreading across the kingdom. The king's scholars have searched the archives and found an instance of this happening centuries ago, when the Necrodancer was flesh.

They think that someone has snuck into the ancient tomb and is using it as a base, so the PCs are being hired to go take care of it. Seems like an easy task, until the door shuts behind them and melds into the wall, and the realise the Necrodancer is back...

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>(cursed dancing boots, anyone?)

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Oh shit, have it be a case of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantism Tarantism and have the players face off with a giant dancing tarantula that they have to beat at tap-dancing.

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What the fuck?

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>What the fuck?

What the fuck that we suggested it, or what the fuck that this is a thing that exists?

Because that's a legit response to both.

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That those are things. It doesn't help that the pages don't offer any solid explanation.

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Hmmm.. how about some spanish guitar as well? Get some novice necrodancers in red with a singing banshee for debuffs and skeleton bards for buffs?
This is the song I have in mind while thinking that.

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If you're asking how the fuck these outbreaks happened, it's a case of mass psychosomatic hysteria, analogous to the Mad Gasser of Mattoon in more recent times. If you genuinely thing there's a dancing illness, and the only cure is to dance, then you're going to dance like a motherfucker, aren't you?


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>that image
God dammit now I wanna see the film again

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>If you genuinely thing there's a dancing illness, and the only cure is to dance, then you're going to dance like a motherfucker, aren't you?

Well, it's more like they thought they couldn't stop dancing, and so they couldn't stop dancing.

Long story shot, that "your mind makes it real" speech in the Matrix isn't too far off. You ARE your brain, so when your brain is convinced of something, that's effectively reality for you. If that something that you're convinced of also has memetic properties in your current social atmosphere that it can easily spread to other members of society and convince them that THEY have it, then you have an incident of mass hysteria on your hands.

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What if the crypt had a room with a trapped devil?


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One more idea, key to the next room is around a skeletoness's neck, the bard has to seduce her with an incomperable tango.

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We don't know if the party has a bard at all. Instead, have it be a rival party of skeletons, all wearing armor. To pass, they must defeat the band of skeletons... in a dance-off.

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What about a room with singing doors? Every time a PC says something, they improvise a song that rhymes with the PC's last word. The only way to open them is to say something they can't find a rhyme for

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>assuming you need a bard to seduce someone

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So.. basically this?

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Is OP still here looking for inspiration, or has this thread run its course?

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