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"How do I know what you're saying is even true!?" I yell, my face is starting to fluster. There's a part of me that urgently wishes to flee.

I am Itsukuma Masami, and I was walking home from my first normal day at school; accompanied by my mostly normal friends. Aiko and Maeda are now standing several steps ahead of me, shielding me from another monster that has decided to attack.

Except, this monster doesn't want to fight. Instead, he has come here to talk to me about things. Things such as him being a part of my family, and me being born as the same type of monster that he is.

Of course, none of that can be true.


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Aiko is quick to defend me, "You say that you're just like her, but what makes her anything like you!? You two don't even look the same!"
The monster sighs, "Of course we don't, everyone in my family takes their looks from their function. Her and I, and our entire beings have been specially crafted for our roles since before we were born."

My body is telling me to flee, but my legs can't find the courage to do so.

He puts his hand behind his mouth, is he laughing?
"Though, I'm not sure what kind of function looking like a schoolgirl could serve. Maybe your purpose was to spy on the students of this school, all along?"

Aiko and Maeda let their shoulders slump in defeat. Aiko only voicing a light 'um' in response.
They're not seriously listening to this thing, are they?

No no no no, I can't let this thing have the last word.
"..If you really are my family, then where were you when I needed you?"
"Hm?", the monster drops his pose
"The only reason Mom is my family, is because she gave me a home and her love when I had none!"

>What else to say?
>1d20 Composure roll, DC 12

>> No.33893807

Rolled 20


>"I'm nothing like you, you said you didn't want to force me to come with you, then leave me alone now"

>> No.33893817

Rolled 19

I like the shouting. Neither of the ones we've met were even nice, they were outright creepy. Mom is weird but she definitely loves us, no question.

>> No.33893828

I don't want to roll all of the sudden

>> No.33893832

Rolled 4

roll for tears

>> No.33893859

Nicely done

A few more minutes and I'll start writing

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If you aren't going to take me, step aside. I have questions for Mom.

>> No.33894284

Not now, I can't be scared, I can't be intimidated. That is what this monster would want me to do, to run away so it can keep spouting lies at my friends.
What he wants is for me to give up, before I even started.

"I am nothing like you, if you're not here to force me to come with you then just leave me alone, right now."

Aiko and Maeda find their composure, and they fall back into their defensive stance.
I brush the tears from my cheeks.

The monster looks indignified, good.
"Very well, Priestess. I'll assume you're on some kind of special assignment and leave you alone for now."

He turns and starts to walk away. Before spinning around again,
"Oh, but tell Empress that her family expects to have a talk with her about this eventually."
His walking increases pace as he rounds a corner. Aiko and Maeda try to pursue him, but find that he has already disappeared.

Picking up our bags, we begin walking back home in complete silence.

"Hey, Aiko, Maeda. What are you thinking?"
This surprises both of them,
"Oh! Uh, nothing really." Aiko says, taking a firmer grip on her bag.
"Yes, really. We were just thinking about stuff." Maeda says as she fumbles with her phone in her pocket.

Do they seriously think that I don't notice this?

My house comes into view, within a few moments we're standing outside my driveway.

"Thank you so much for walking me home, Maeda, Aiko. And thanks for standing up for me back there."
"Oh, uh, It's fine Masami. "
"Yeah, so, um, tomorrow can we meet at the same time?"

I'm getting really nervous now, "T-that would be fine, thank you."

They don't respond. They continue to seem lost in thought.

>Say something to break them out of their shells?
>Or just go inside and let them keep going with what they are doing.

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Distraction? Maybe not, but might as well cling to the possibility.

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Rolled 9


>> No.33894378

Rolled 10

The fortune brand anti-explanation magic is quite strong it seems.

>> No.33894385

>>Say something to break them out of their shells?
Mention being born three (?) days ago and apologize for hiding it. Invite them inside to ask questions of Mom.

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>> No.33894398


I'm surprised he actually left, I would have thought he would attack us.

>> No.33894477


Sounds good, also

>Want to mention that you think you were born a few days ago?

>> No.33894542


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I rather would not, it requires giving explanations we ourself don't even have.
Once we actually really know what we are, then we can tell them.

>> No.33894560

Um, maybe not yet.

>> No.33894574

Say something to that effect, but also explain that we don't really know very much about it either, honestly.

>> No.33894594

It looks like we won't tell them that much, because we, ourselves, don't know much about it.



>> No.33894596

We can spill it as being frustrated as we are.

>> No.33894601

Not untill we know why we were born

>> No.33894618

Okay, sounds good

>> No.33894947

This has gone on long enough

"What is going on with you two?!"
"W-what do you mean, Masami?"
You're not fooling anyone, Aiko.

"You know what I mean, you've been acting like this ever since that monster stopped us. So what are you two thinking?"
They seem taken aback, but I'm not letting them off easy.
"You two, aren't taking what the soldier said seriously, are you?"

"N-no! No not at all. Why would we seriously believe that nonsense?"
Aiko, your nervous laugh isn't making you any less suspicious.

"Do you have any reason to believe anything that he said to you!?"

Aiko and Maeda look at each other. They slowly turn their attention toward their feet.

"Masami, it's not that we don't trust you, there is just a lot of things about you that we don't understand."
"Well, there's a lot of things about myself that I don't understand, either! So if you have a question, you should ask me about it and not some disgusting monster!"

Maeda looks up at me, her eyes look both guilty and sad.
"Masami, what school did you go to last, before this one?"


>> No.33895001

ah shiet son
we went to whup yo ass academy, biatch

>> No.33895110

>I forgot.
>What, that's totally normal!

>> No.33895166

Nah, we need to be straight with them. At least say we'll tell them when we get answers if we don't get them while they're present.

>> No.33895266

>>33895001 this wasn't my choice or anything, just a kind of bump/say something stupid.
I'd prefer for us to be honest with "I've never been to school before, i woke up blah blah" stuff

>> No.33895382

"I was homeschooled by Mom, of course."
"Really? Um." Maeda continues to look guilty.
Aiko interrupts, "I thought you had a private tutor."

"I didn't mention anything about a private tutor. Where did you two get that idea?"

"So, what is your birthday, Masami?"
Two days ago, so I guess that would be my birthday.

"I just had one, a couple days ago."
"Are you sure, Masami?"
"Yes! I am."

Now they both look REALLY GUILTY. They're finding all sorts of things around the yard and around the street to look at, everywhere except for my face.


>> No.33895407

Wow. Is this the knock-on effect of a 20/19 composure roll?

>> No.33895445

The composure roll was probably so we notice this at all. This is the effect of trying to lie to them about this.
To be fair, its very sensible to not want to tell them.

>> No.33895557

Maeda finally speaks up, "Masami, I didn't want to say anything about it. Um."
"We looked at your records!" Aiko squeaks in a very girly, embarrassed voice.

"You two...What?"
"We looked at your records when you first transferred in, and, um."
"Wait, how did you even do something like that?" I thought records were supposed to be confidential.
"We, have friends. And they, um."

Now that I think about it, if Mom were the one that submitted my private records then I'm not sure I ever verified my complete story with her.

"Hold on, do you two inspect the records of every student that transfers in?"
"No. It was just that. Um." Aiko, you're terrible at this.

Maeda picks up for her, "It was just yours, our friend told us to. That it looked kind of suspicious for some reason."
Aiko tries to defend herself, "I didn't think it was any of my business, but what that monster was saying before."

What about 'what he was saying before'.

"It.. kind of made sense."


>> No.33895610

>our friend told us to

We should find out who this "friend" was, thats a bit much of a coincidence.

>> No.33895715

It's probably just some kid with a warning power. I don't want to come off as digging for info or they'll think we really are a spy.

>> No.33895834

Aiko realized what she just admitted to me, and she becomes flush red.
"I mean. Um."
Aiko suddenly decides to inspect her shoelaces again
"Can we just pretend we didn't say anything? It's nothing, really."

No Maeda, I can't!

"You just said that you spied on my records, and now you're saying that I should just forget that you two did that before you even knew who I was? Why do you think that anything he said made sense? Do you believe that I'm some kind of a monster?!"

"No Masami, we really don't think that.."
"Then why did you inspect me so closely!? Don't you think that if something were to happen to me that I would have told you about it? You two are my friends after all!"

"Masami, we really didn't mean it like that."
"If my record isn't right, who was I supposed to even ask to know that it was wrong?"

"I can probably answer that." A much more firm, adult voice interrupts my train of thought.
All of us turn around to face the source of it, it's Mom.

"Masami, is everything okay? I made food for you and your friends if you want it."

>Not yet! I'm not finished with them!
>Okay, sure. (Leave them standing outside)
>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)

>> No.33895895

>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)

>> No.33895899

>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)

Let's calm down Masami, I'm sure Mom will know what to do.

>> No.33895901

>Fine, sure.
Don't gesture them in or leave them just see what they do by themselves

>> No.33895930

>>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)
They want answers as bad as we do.

>> No.33895931

>>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)

Yay! I thought Masami was being rather loud.

>> No.33895938

>Not yet! I'm not finished with them!
Another day at school, another emotional tornado.

>> No.33895980

>Fine. Let's all go. (Bring them in)
Dealing with this shit at three days old is just unfair.

>> No.33896025

I imagine we'd have a much firmer grasp on reality if we had visited Dad at the first opportunity and been a good little minion.

>> No.33896126

>The more the merrier! (And to cry with)

Sounds good?

If so


>> No.33896235

>(And to cry with)
M-maybe without crying this time ?

Who am I even kidding ?

>> No.33896255

Sounds good to me.

Is it bad that we like seeing a little girl cry so much?

>> No.33896277

When she's as cute as we are? I don't see the problem.

>> No.33896341

I like seeing her cry too, but this new angry side... it's interesting.

Maybe we could try forcing anger the next time something scary comes alone to keep the tears at bay.

>> No.33896508

"Itsukuma-san, Are you okay after yesterday!? I heard you were sick."
Maeda seems awfully worried, does she still feel guilty?
"I'm fine, I just overworked myself yesterday. I slept in today, so I'm feeling much better. Thank you for asking, Mae."

Maeda seems to blush, but tries to hide it as best as she can.

"I think food sounds good, but I want to sit down and talk about this. I'm not really satisfied with the answers just yet." Arms cross. Pout.
Mom laughs, "You're probably just hungry. Do you two want to join us?"

"Um, sure! Thank you Izumi!" Aiko seems to perk up from her depressed mood all of the sudden.
"I would love to, really. But I have club activities to finish up back at school." Maeda waves her off.

Maeda says a few goodbyes before heading back, toward the school. Aiko and I walk inside, Mom leading the way for both of us.

It's too bad, Maeda was the one who had all the good questions yesterday.


>> No.33896587

Hmmm, well maybe Aiko can be a bit more on the ball today

>> No.33896714


At least she's not still in Jerk Mode.

>> No.33896852

We take off our shoes and step inside. Mom heads directly for the kitchen as Aiko and I sit down at the table.

She sits at the table, keeping her gaze focused on her reflection in the glossy tabletop.

"Hey, Aiko, I'm not really that mad about what you did."
She perks up slightly, "Really?"

"Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not happy about it, either. I just understand why you may be paranoid about strange people coming to your school."
"Oh." She looks back down at the tabletop.

Did I say the wrong thing?

"Food's here, girls." Mom places several plates on the table. Setting everything up for us before placing the teapot and dishes of food onto it.

She sits at the front of the table.
"You know, girls, I'm feeling a bit more composed today after getting some rest. I think I can take any questions you may have for me."

She smiles warmly, with no hint of sadness or despair.

>So, what do you want to ask her first?
>enjoy the food, let Aiko do the talking.

>> No.33896869

Nigga we got food, time for talk is later

>> No.33896887

>enjoy the food, let Aiko do the talking.
Gives us some time to think things through.

>> No.33896915

>enjoy the food, let Aiko do the talking.

We have so much to ask about that I don't know where to begin.

>> No.33896919

>>enjoy the food, let Aiko do the talking.
Lets start off slowly. Ease into the questions likely to cause tears.

>> No.33896934

>enjoy the food, let Aiko do the talking.

We want to have the same answers, so we might as well eat while she talks.

>> No.33897071

>Enjoy food, Aiko talk



>> No.33897666

Mom was right; I was really hungry and I didn't even realize it.
I'm diving on my food like I haven't had anything to eat for a while. I guess all I had to eat today was a small plate of food that Mae got me this morning.

Aiko notices my change in mood when I start eating, and takes the initiative.

"So, Izumi, Um. How was your family like?"
Way to start off with the easy questions first.

Mom notices me tense up at that question, and she giggles.
"I don't remember too much about them. They're mostly memories of my father."
She knew her father? I didn't know that.

"Oh? What was he like?"

"We.." She pauses with a sigh before continuing,
"We lived a very hard life when I was young. I didn't have much free time, or time to make friends. I didn't even get to go to school until I was a few years older than Masami." She wistfully eyes her teacup.
"But, no matter what happened, he was there for me. He was the one thing in my life that never changed. He never changed, really. I think that was the one thing about him that I both loved and hated the most. To the very end, he refused to change anything about himself."

Aiko seems stunned, "Wow, he must be really happy for you, right? I mean, his daughter went from being really poor to having her own home!"

"Oh, heh." She smiles, "He wasn't around long enough to see what I've become."
"Oh, I'm sorry.."
"Don't be, Aiko. I've long since accepted that he probably wouldn't have liked living this way to begin with."

Living this way? What does that mean?


>> No.33897803

Mom's dad confirmed for hating Evil with a passion.

>> No.33898046

Aiko starts to eat, taking in what Mom just told her.
"He seems like he was a wonderful father."
Mom giggles, "He certainly did his best, though fathering was something he was never really cut out for."

"You said you lived a really hard life when you were young, is there anything about it you would have changed?"
Mom thinks about the question for a minute, allowing Aiko to get a few bites of food in.
"No, because if I had changed anything, I'm not sure I would have Masami today."
Aww, Mom. Stop, you're making me blush.

"One other thing, does Masami have any more family?"
She puts down her teacup. An unsure smile appears on her face.

"She does."

My knife falls from my hand, right onto the plate in front of me.

"I- WHAT?"

"It's true, Sweetie, you have more family."
She takes a sip from her teacup.
"They're just not the kind of family that I'm really sure you would want to meet. They're the 'wrong crowd', so to speak.

Mom looks satisfied with her answer, Aiko looks really worried. I can't imagine what my face looks like right now.

Oh except for PANIC

>Say something about this?!
>No no, let her keep talking, don't interrupt.

>> No.33898069

>No no, let her keep talking, don't interrupt.

>> No.33898155

>>Say something about this?!
They're awfully interested in meeting ME.

>> No.33898169

>No no, let her keep talking, don't interrupt.
I suppose not...

>> No.33898176

>>No no, let her keep talking, don't interrupt.
We are perfectly calm.

>> No.33898196

>Say something about this?!
1. mention what the monster said and ask if that's what she means by the 'wrong crowd'.
2. Tell mom she has to start telling us this stuff.

>> No.33898203

>No no, let her keep talking, don't interrupt.
Looks like we might finally find out about "Dad".

>> No.33898413

Okay so

>Say something off-hand about the monster

>But for the most part, let Aiko keep asking questions

Sound good?

>> No.33898459

Sounds good. She's prooobably less panicked than we are?

>> No.33898464

Sounds good.

>> No.33898602


>> No.33899041

"Hmph. They are certainly interested in meeting ME.."
"Oh? What was that Sweetie?"
"N-nothing, Mom."

I start playing with my food, thinking very little of actually eating it.

Aiko still looks shocked, but manages to finish her thoughts,
"Are you saying, that Masami has family somewhere? Is there a reason you don't want her to see them?"

Yes, good Aiko.

"It's, kind of hard to explain. Some of them feel that they should be her guardian and not me." She takes another sip
"I don't know where they got that idea, probably just them being selfish, or jealous." Her brows furrow in irritation.

She looks at Aiko, who almost seems like she's going to pass out, and me, in which I can't imagine how I look. I've very clearly stopped eating.

"Something happened today, didn't it?" She sighs.

I look at Aiko, she's looking back at me.

Why is she looking at me, what do you want me to say?


>> No.33899455

Mae why did you abandon us in our time of need

>> No.33899533

"No! no no. It's fine. Everything was fine today. Ah heh heh"
Aiko, you're terrible at this lying thing.

"Oh, oh that's good." I don't think she buys it, but she pretends to all the same.

"Um, let's say, hypothetically, they come and try to 'take' her. What should we do?"
Good question, Aiko!

"Call the police of course."
No! you know that wouldn't work, Mom!
Actually, would it work? I haven't tried.

"Let's say that doesn't work, what next?"
"Oh, well then you should call me."

"Were you ever planning on letting her meet them?"

She stops, and thinks on that question for a minute.

"If I did, I would have to be there. No exceptions. I've always told them that every time they have asked, and every time they insist that they would rather me not be there."
Mom adjusts her voice,
"Frankly, if that's the way they feel about it, they can kindly pound sand." She smiles, taking another sip.

Aiko sighs, her head slowly starts to turn

Toward me.

I think she's out of questions.

>Ask something
>Welp! I'm done. Thanks for coming over Aiko
>Thanks for coming over Aiko, I'll walk you part of the way back.

>> No.33899574

Tell her about what happened.

>> No.33899579

>Tell her about the monster today.

>> No.33899622


>> No.33899631

Tell her what the monster today said, and what he wanted, and ask her what exactly it means that we are related to them.

>> No.33899656

We should tell her about the monster.

I don't think it's important to ask right now, but I do want to ask her about getting new cards and what she meant when she said she hadn't used Haruko the way we used her and what they are and all sorts of things.

>> No.33899705

Tell her that our family is trying to invite us to a reunion.

>> No.33899723


Go ahead and mention the few days old thing too while we're at it. There's not much point in hiding it anymore.

>> No.33899878


>> No.33899929

>tell Mom about the monster and what it said and what it wants
>Ask about getting new cards?
>Tell Aiko about being born recently?

>> No.33899944

all three of those.

>> No.33899970

>Tell Aiko about being born recently

>> No.33899980

Sure, all of those.

>> No.33899988


okay, writing.

>> No.33900009

I guess the last one will come out anyway.

>> No.33900377

"Mom... Something DID happen on the way from school today."
I can hear Aiko mumble, "Thanks Masami.."

I explain how we met a monster today that didn't want to fight at all. Instead just wanted to 'talk', and insisted that I was part of his family. And how I was made just the same as he was. As well as how we were apparently made to fulfill some kind of 'function'.

"..and he said, that there was another family that wanted to see me."

When I finish, Aiko looks extremely worried, but Mom stays silent. Her hands have balled up into fists.

"Um, but that doesn't matter, right? None of what he said was true, is it?"

Mom raises her teacup to her mouth, takes a long drink, and then practically slams it back onto the table.

I think I saw a tear rolling down her cheek when her head was tilted back.

Oh no.


>> No.33900411

>"Um, but that doesn't matter, right? None of what he said was true, is it?"
Seriously, Masami? Can't you have SOME tact?

>> No.33900513

Looks like its time for sads again.

>> No.33900545

QM's writing it this way m8, probably trying to elicit certain emotions to progress mom's character development.
It's our quest for us, but it's his story for him, if i'm making sense here

>> No.33900583

I'm not complaining at all. I thiiiink there were some votes for Masami to go full denial about that stuff earlier and even if there weren't it's fine.

>> No.33900584

We are the worst daughter, we make mom cry every day.

>> No.33900929

Give me a minute, having problems writing this next scene

>> No.33900960

Yeah, seems that full denial is kind of impossible now.
But yeah a little tact would've been nice. if we had a choice, we wouldn't've said "Um, but that doesn't matter, right? But QM exposition and all that, and even if that's not the aim, we can't expect the dude to predict our character style/dialogue/choices 100%

I'm not complaining either, i guess i'm just doing a little bit of boredom rambling/explaining waiting for the update.

make mom cry errry daaaay

>> No.33901328

"It's.. Um."
I think I said something really careless, again.


She's, smiling?

She finishes up the rest of her tea, and scoots the cup away from her. Leaning back, the look of sadness that I saw only a moment of is gone.
"None of that matters Masami. They can say whatever they want about you, but as long as you live in this home, you will always be safe from them."

"Mom, is that why you took me away from there after I was, um"
I look toward Aiko nervously, but it's probably time I come clean about it.
"..after I was born?"

"After..What?" Aiko looks confused, but quickly regains her composure


>> No.33901478

Mom is going to do this in a really badass context someday, isn't she?

>> No.33901588

Mom is still smiling, it's kind of unsettling.
"That's exactly why, I didn't want you to have your life determined for you from the minute you were born. I didn't believe that was the best way to raise you, so I took you somewhere you could lead the life you deserved, instead."
She says that, but how do I know that I deserved this life in the first place?

She leans back, "As for them harrassing you, I don't want you to worry about it anymore. I'll see what I can do about that."

"Really?" Aiko says, now she looks happy, "Can you really do something about it?"

"Of course! What kind of a mother would I be if I wasn't able to protect my own daughter?"
She has a kind of pride in her voice that I've never heard before now.

I'm not entirely sure if she actually can protect me, around the clock, but she seems convinced otherwise.


>> No.33901629

Is this a death flag? It doesn't look good.

>> No.33901650

She's planning on doing something crazy and drastic, isn't she.

>> No.33901720

That's the last straw, I'm going to burn down the building

>> No.33901744

It better not be, she wouldn't dare do something that would leave Masami without her dear beloved mother.
...Right? Please let me be right

>> No.33901895

"Please don't do something crazy, Mom. They seem like really dangerous people to mess with."
I'm serious here, I really do worry she's going to try something.

She laughs in response, "I know how do deal with them, it won't be a problem. Please don't worry about it any more."
I'm not convinced.

"One more thing, Mom. How do I get more cards if I need to protect myself?"
She looks lost in thought for just a brief moment.
"You know, I may be able to do something about that as well. I should really help you with your form, too, it could use some practicing." She smiles

I've been using it so far, so I might as well go all-in, right?
"I would really like that." I reply.


>> No.33901989

Oh god things are looking too positive there is totally going to be a probleeeeem

>> No.33902336

"Um, Masami." Aiko's solemn tone interrupts the oddly joyous mood between Mom and I.
"How old are you, really?"

I look over toward Mom, she only nods slightly. I guess Aiko is just someone I can trust with these kinds of secrets now.
"I don't have any memory from before a few days ago." I say, not sure if that's really an explanation for why I can walk, talk, and very easily breeze through my classes.

"Aiko," Mom speaks up, "You can keep this a secret for us, right? I-"

Mom doesn't finish, Aiko has already bolted upward and ran over to me, hugging me tightly.

"Why didn't you tell me about any of this?!"
Her grip tightens.
"Aiko, why are you crying?!"

"Because! This whole thing has been the saddest thing I have ever heard!"

She loosens her grip and looks down into my eyes,
"You're stuck in a magic custody battle a few days after you've been born, and one side is a bunch of monsters!"

Well, when you put it that way.

"Aiko, it's fine, I'm fine, see? Mom said she's going to-"
"I don't think she should try anything!"
Wait, what?

"Fortune is a very big, very scary company, that probably does lots of very shady, terrible things! I think it's too dangerous for your mother to do anything!"
Mom tries to defuse, "Aiko, It's fine. I can handle this. I know how they are."


Urk, Aiko, you're pulling me a little too tight.

>Say something to resolve this?
>like "I'm sure Mom knows what she is doing"
>Or "I think Aiko is right, and you shouldn't do anything drastic"
>Maybe we should just all take a day or two to think about it? (Send Aiko Home)

>> No.33902388

>"I think Aiko is right, and you shouldn't do anything drastic"

We got super powers to fend of evil monster,
Mom can let us handle this!

>> No.33902402

Aiko truly is the best friend we could ever have.

>> No.33902403

> "I'm sure Mom knows what she is doing"

I trust Mom. If she dies, Aiko can adopt us or something.

>> No.33902419

>"I think Aiko is right, and you shouldn't do anything drastic"

We don't want mom to put herself in danger, we can handle these guys.

Also, this smells like our plot

>> No.33902429


both in either order

>> No.33902461

>>Maybe we should just all take a day or two to think about it? (Send Aiko Home)
Lets not rush into anything just yet including having mom do stuff. Aiko can stay if she wants though.

>> No.33902469

>"I'm sure Mom knows what she is doing"

I don't think it's quite that bad, Aiko. Also I want those new cards.

>> No.33902497

>>Or "I think Aiko is right, and you shouldn't do anything drastic"

Looks like the best choice to get more monster to fight and more cards to get.

>> No.33902525

We only got a card from the last one because it was specifically tasked with giving it to us. I don't think it's a normal thing?

>> No.33902548

I think the monster are the corrupted cars. At least thats how in understood the events.

>> No.33902580

I don't think so. In the dream afterwards it was like "Yeah I was going to give that to you, it's yours dumbass."

No idea what the shadow-stuff beforehand was.

>> No.33902595

So what I'm seeing are people who want both.

>I trust what you are doing
>Don't do anything drastic, please

Sound good? Also next post may be the last of the night.

>> No.33902608

Sounds good. Thanks for running!

>> No.33902622

I have the feeling our "role" with Dad would have been controlling those monsters with the cards.

I would rather her not do anything that puts her in danger, thats what we got our transformation for afterall.
But I suppose you will know to bring it rolling either way.

>> No.33902646

Sounds good mr qm, cheers for running

>> No.33903097

"Aiko, please. You're crushing me."
"Oh! oh, Sorry Masami."

Whew, I can breathe again.

"Now, Aiko. I understand that you're worried about Mom, but she's worked there for years. I'm sure she knows what she's doing."
Aiko still has that worried look on her face, but it slowly turns into a pout.

"That's right, I've been working there long enough to-"
"And Mom, I know that you're also prone to acting without thinking sometimes. So I don't want you doing anything serious either. Not without letting me know first, that is. Until then, I've been doing just fine taking care of anything they send at me, and I'm not alone, either."

Mom, too, puts on a pouty face that I didn't know she had. But it doesn't matter, she needs to know.

There's a buzzing noise.
Aiko takes her phone out of her pocket,
"I've been here way too long!" She says in a panicked tone. "I was supposed to help the night students to class!"

She gathers her stuff, and quickly makes her way to the door,
"I'll pick you up in the morning! But also."
She peeks inside the doorway,
"Please keep yourself safe, Izumi"

The door shuts, I see her sprint from the doorway all the way until she's out of sight near the sidewalk. Leaving Mom and I alone to finish the night.


>> No.33903125


We finish our dinner, shower, and prepare for bed. This day felt like it lasted far longer than it should have, as well.

"I'm going to bed, sweetie!" Mom shouts down the hallway.
"Mom, wait."

This is so embarrassing to ask,
"Earlier, when you said that you wouldn't change anything in your life just so you could have me, were you serious?"

She responds by pulling me into a hug. I guess I should already know the answer to that.

"Mom, Thank you."
"Mmmhmm" Is all she can say to that.

She stops as she walks toward her room.
"I have a meeting in the morning. So when you wake up, I probably won't be here. I'll have breakfast for you made before I leave."

"Okay Mom, take care."

I enter my room and crawl into bed, thinking some more about my extended family. I wonder if any of them are as kind and caring as Mom is.

Nope, probably not, they're all jerks.

Thread End

>> No.33903161

Thanks for running Heart!

Although we still haven't found out what they meant with our purpose nor how to get more cards, gotta stay on the ball

>> No.33903166

Okay, Second thread of using a method to increase my post frequency and plot/dialogue pacing.

How is it working out? How was the thread?

>> No.33903179

Thank you!

>> No.33903191

cheers m8
decent, mind you this is the first thread i've been in live, it seemed normal paced, quick enough I guess.

>> No.33903193

As for next runtime, I don't know yet. I have a busy week.

We'll see how it works out. Remember to check my twitter for run times.


Also, archived

>> No.33903245

We got a certain amount of "plot" into it, though mom managed to get us sidetracked from the questions again. She has a talent for doing that, but I assume thats deliberate on your part.

>> No.33903282

I guess things are faster? It's hard to tell. And we still seem incapable of catching Mom when she isn't busy for magic lessons or whatever. But I guess that's a good way of preventing an exposition dump.

>> No.33903289

The pacing did slow down a hair, however the dialogue remains good. It feels like we are a training montage away from seriously getting our card collection going.

>> No.33903292

It's working, then!

Sorry about loading this thread with talky-talky, though. I wasn't expecting it to go on this long. It's just writing dialogue for these characters is so fun.

>> No.33903352

>its hard to tell
Uh oh, then I need to step up on the presentation side!

>The pacing did slow down a hair
Oh no!

>It feels like we are a training montage away from seriously getting our card collection going.

I'll try to speed things up so this can happen within the next few threads.

Also, sorry about not getting the pastebin updated, I have a rough outline that I've been messing with on how it should look that I've been modifying.

>> No.33903353

The thread sounded a lot like set-up for more exposition, with moms reveleation about our "relatives" wanting to take us to themself, and the offer for training and info about the cards.
Hopefully we can get into that next thread.

Or maybe a fight ?

>> No.33903379

I didn't realize there was a pastebin until you mentioned it just now.

>> No.33903404

Sounds like you're more right than you realize!

Eh, well, I haven't been good keeping it updated. So I don't blame you

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