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looking for a quality gm for DND/d20 based games; where could I go? who could help?

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Hate to break it to you...

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some groups cant move past the staple of DnD

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The first answer is "not on /tg/". /tg/ is mostly people who bash the game. See >>33847409 , >>33847548 , and probably the rest of this thread in twenty minutes for examples.

Your best bet is to meet people in person. Leave a "looking for group" ad in your game store, or ask around. If there are no game stores, a comics shop is a decent second bet.

Of course, not all of those GMs will be "quality", but there are more of them who run games in person than online. If you don't like the game or campaign, do not be afraid to make an exit, but try to stay friends and keep contact with the other players so that you have a base to draw players from when you or a friend start a new game. A quicker-to-play backup game like Magic: the Gathering is great for this, so you can play things with your friends in between or alongside RPG campaigns.

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this, (also try to explore other possible games)

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we've been playing d20 modern, and variants, but as that system is so jacked we've just resorted to DND the last session or two; I'm actually pretty fine with 3.5, it's an alright system for me, I just need a new group. essentially we have 1 maybe 2 real players, but the other two are just sorta there for the lolz.
that's good advice, thanks all, I really need to get away from the group I'm in. my brothers been gm and let's just say he's the worst ever
he doesn't explain hardly anything, and railroads you into doing something, and comes up with bs on the spot constantly, and it's pretty much do or die at all times and gives shit xp.

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