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Who is your favourite Craftworld and why?

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A tie between Biel-Tan and Ulthwe. Best farseers.

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Biel-Tan get shit done. Are you a bad enough dude to fly into the Eye of Terror to set up a holiday home?

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craftworld altansar, the stealthiest motherfuckers on the block.

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Iyanden. They've got the whole "doomed race struggling against the dark" thing down pat.

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I'm more of a Crone Worlder myself...

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You sure you don't mean Alaitoc? They're the most famous for guerrilla warfare and sneaky rangers.

Altansar are way more badass though. 10,000 years in the warp and they come out to wreck shop.

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Tie between Biel-Tan for fluff and Ulthwe for colors

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Iyanden are more the Phoenix rising from the ashes of despair. Ulthwe are your source of DOOOOOOOOMED. They're literally named 'The Damned'.

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Alright OP, convince me that eldar are interesting and not just plot devices

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they're sitting in sol system, how else are they keeping battle fleet solar from wrecking there shit?

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Not OP, but I can tell you why I like them. They're one of the few races whose history is completely reflected in their army structure. The Fall resulted in a scattered and diasporic race whose emotions and psychic power could be turned against them. So Asurmen created the Paths to keep the Eldar mind focused to prevent falling to the excess of Slaanesh. That's why they have hyper specialized aspects.

I could go on for days how much I like their lore and aesthetics.

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Holy Terra.

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I have hard time choosing my favorites out of them.
Fluffwise, I like Iyanden probably the most, the Iyanden supplement and the Valedor book really sucked me in, unfortunately however, I dislike their color scheme.

I also dislike the colors of Biel-Tan, however I like their fluff, the heavy focus on Aspect Warriors, and the whole idea of resurgence of the Eldar empire they try to accomplish.

Saim-Hann has fantastic color scheme, and they are the GOTTA GO FAST craftworld, but otherwise they are kind of meh.

Uthwe are fluffwise semi interesting, their heavy focus on psykers is also neat, and their color scheme is not bad, but it is kind of boring.

Ailatoc a shit. I hate their color scheme, their fluff is boring, and the characters originating from that craftworld are idiots.

Out of the minor craftworlds, only Altansar interests me due to their fluff. I don't really remember anything about the other minor craftworlds.

Overall, I like them all (with the exception of Ailatoc), but they all also have some aspects that are semi off putting to me, so I have hard time claiming a favorite.

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Well... plot devices generally move the plot forward. The Eldar do the opposite of that.
On topic my personal favorite is Iyanden. I like the fact that they are close to being noblebright in a setting that shits all over them.

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They have a rich mythology with multiple interpretations; They have a strong concept that is upheld by pretty much the entirety of their army; They thematically range from BEYOND YOUR COMPREHESION alien to parts of our own history so there's a mix of fantasy and familiarity; They have a strong aesthetic that few things break out of.
What's not to like?

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What was that craftworld that was big on Bonesingers and Titans? Forge World used them a bit. IIRC they like to wreck EoT not unlike Biel-Tan

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Agree with a lot here. There really needs to be more Saim Hann fluff. We have so little on them. Biel-Tan are finally getting a little more stuff as well.

I do like a lot of the minor craftworlds though. Lugganath is awesome. Hang out with harlequins and corsairs and plan to just fuck realspace and live in the webway until everything allllll blows over.

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Yme Loc is known for titans. They also have a mega gun that explodes worlds real good.

Il Khaithe is known for bone singers.

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I agree with the whole Alaitoc thing. While I do think certain aspects of their fluff are cool, the notion that they pride themselves on an army of renegade stealth snipers when they are THE MOST COLOURFUL MOTHERFUCKERS ON ANY BATTLEFIELD is nothing short of retarded.
Plus yeah, I dislike their colour scheme.

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Craftworld Danahra is my favourite.

I love the fact that they are searching for a way to free Isha from nurgle and that they are trying to find a way to get those witch stones back so eldar can once again be a great race.

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>Craftworld Danahra is my favourite.


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A minor craftworld who is trying to un-fuck their species by getting ahold of the really important eldar stuff that they know for a fact is still around, its just in the hands of Chaos.

If they could get it back, the Eldar might not have to all die/become Ynnead just to accomplish something.

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T. Hanks!

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Where have they been mentioned? I know Iyanden are looking to rebirth the race by finding the Tears of Morai-Heg. That's the closest thing I've heard. Iybraesil are also looking for stuff on crone worlds that'll turn the tides.

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Idharae, of course.

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When you've been chilling in the Eye for ten thousand years and roll with Maugan Ra you don't need no stealth. Everyone avoids you.

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They're all great factions.

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But after a lifetime of wandering and flippancy my heart still belongs to Alaitoc.

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Really? Why?

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Why have corsairs gotten so little fluff of their own? Half the time they just get confused with Dark Eldar.

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>Massed aspect warriors
>Camouflage vehicles
>precision strikes

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Ok I get the first and third one but aren't aspect warriors and precision strikes kind of Biel 'tan's thing? Especially with the swordwind.

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Bright blue and yellow sure are stealthy.

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To be fair you can say that about any stealth units in 40k.

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Alaitoc is super strict about following the path, this leads to a much higher number of aspect warriors than most craftworlds.

They also use their extensive network of rangers/pathfinders/outcasts to recon and plan operations.

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On that account, why are the weapons of Eldar and Dark Eldar so different?
Of course, former kill fast, the latter do everything in their power to prevent it, but which are closer to the Eldar at their height and also more technologically advanced?

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Ah riiight. Yeah alaitoc were never really my thing, but then again, I Iyanden. I fucking love wraith constructs.

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Eldar is the tech that was onboard the craftworlds, DEldar is tech that was common for pirates and scum in Commoragh.

Prism cannons/Voidlances are good examples of Empire level weaponry.
Lasblasters, Shuriken cats and splintercannons were cobbled togethor after the fall

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Not uncommon on any craftworld.

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The Craftworlders and Dark Eldar embody different aspects of the ancient Eldar.
Dark Eldar have overall, superior technology in many ways, but are completely inept at anything related to psychic stuff, whereas Craftworld tech is basically a combination of hyper advanced technology, and psychic witchery.

Though Dark Eldar could claim to be closer to the ancient Eldar, in truth, they are more akin a shadow of the ancient Eldar whose practices led to the fall.
They lack several aspects of the ancient eldar, just as the Craftworlders do.

They are both divergent, and both have only aspects of their collective past with them.
Take all the great aspects of the Dark Eldar, and the Craftworlders, combine them, and you have roughly what the ancient Eldar empire was before the fall.

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Yes but with Iyanden, 4 out of 5 eldar are dead. So the entire army is pretty much wraith stuff.
And oh GOD if it isn't awesome as fuck.

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I like wraiths, but fuck painting yellow.

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I quite like their colour scheme, which is weird because they are basically the inverse of Alaitoc's, and I hate theirs.

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I painted badmoon orks so yellow is dead to me.

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>posting Chaos

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It's the mottled, patchy way they use blue. I think it's supposed to look like camouflage, but it just looks awful, especially when blended with yellow.

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Higher number of Exarchs not Aspect Warriors. They're strict on all the paths, not just the path of the warrior. Those who do join the aspects are more likely to become exarchs. They're a 2nd rate Biel-Tan in that regard.

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Malan'tai's corpse was raided by daemons led by N'kari who turned it into their playground.

They mucked around and eat the soulstones that survived the Doom's rampage.

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>that survived the Doom's rampage.

But wraithbone is technically organic, why would nids leave some spare bits?

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For my two husbandus, Alaitoc all the way!

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It doesn't taste so good, maybe. I have no idea.

All I know is that the Craftworld was violated even in death.


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The nids never actually got the chance the harvest the craftworld, all the hiveships were destroyed before the Doom could do its thing.

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Have any of you made your own craftworlds for your armies?

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If by that you mean, "painted them however the fuck I wanted," then yes.

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Nah I think he means do the whole backstory shebang

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This anon is right>>33820602
I was more interested in if any of you had done more than just come up with some backstory for them, or a name or something like that?

I myself intend to paint my Eldar with this scheme (I haven't had much progress beyond this farseer) and I have some ideas about for their background, involving them working out with Dark Eldar.
That is mostly because I intend to use my Dark Eldar forces as allies for my Eldar.
I haven't really thought about it beyond that though.

I am also kind of unsure if there really is any point in coming up with stuff like that, because I dunno if anyone besides me would give two shits about it.

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Biel-Tan because they have the balls to try and rebuild the Empire

>> No.33820852

I would.
I love hearing stuff like that. Full steam ahead!

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>Unpainted Wraithknight, two wraithknights, 10 wraithguard and two wave serpents

>Still cant decide what craftworld to paint them
>Its been 4 weeks since i assembled them

I like Iyandens fluff and I want to play 100% wraith constructs but hate the colors
I love Altansar's fluf and the colors are ok if not boring
I I love Kaelor's colors but they have 0 fluff and are obscure as fuck
I love Biel-Tans colors but theyre kind of boring fuff wise

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I thought the Eldar usually worked with the D.Eldar

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Look up "Your dudes" on 1d4chan.
Only in desperate situations. They tend to look on them as the annoying cousin of the family.

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The doom just smashed its way out. The actual hivefleet was obliterated entirely

>> No.33821921

Altansar, Biel-Tan, Sam-Hain, Iybraesil.
Because badass, because great warriors, because gotta go fast, because grrrls.

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For once, I agree with the agents of You Know Who.

>> No.33822177

Alaitoc are a bunch of cunts

>Necrons go to sleep
>send Triarch Pretorians to raise up primitive races
>They do this because if they never wake, at least some of the cuture of a once great race can live on
>Alaitoc genocides races with these lessons just to see Necrontyr smallest influences wipe off the face of the earth

And don't give me any of this "soulless crap" either, The Triarch proceeds that

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Well, the basic idea I have in mind is that the minor craftworld (who I am yet to name) has relatively close ties with a Dark Eldar Kabal, mostly via a common ancestry and slightly mixed blood.
They have kind of common origins, that I envisioned to be this:
Before the fall, this particular craftworld (or the trading vessel that eventually became the craftworld) was close allies with a far flung webway port city. The city was akin to the home base of the future craftworld, and both the Eldar on board the vessel, as well as the inhabitants of the city, had quite close ties. Many eldar aboard the vessel were originally born in the city, or had relatives there, and vice versa for the citizens of the city.

As the eldar empire began descending to decadence, this development was not quite as fast for the far out port city. However, the changes that occurred also spread to the vessel, as the populations of the city and the vessel were heavily mixed. As the pace of the changes was slow, the threat that loomed ahead was not as clear to the seers of the vessel was it was to their peers, and when the news of the extent of the depravity of the inner realms reached this periphery region, it was almost too late for real reforms to happen. Though many recoiled from the extent of depravity that was rumored to be common practice in the inner realms, and most heeded the warnings about approaching doom the seers preached about, most of the Eldar of both populations did not fully recoil from the practices they themselves had already adopted.

Despite of how far the city realm and the vessel were from the epicenter of Slaanesh's birth, the shock was felt there was well. The eldar of the city and the vessel felt Slaanesh's grip upon their souls, and as the aftershocks of her birth resided, they found themselves isolated and alone.
As they could not establish any contacts with other surviving Eldar for centuries, they began to think themselves to be the last surviving Eldar.

>> No.33823669

Despair and bitterness took over their culture, but it was held back by the thought that they were the only Eldar who remained. This made both groups extremely protective of themselves, doing their best to hide their existence from any potential threats. They closed off webway paths, camouflaged and cloaked their outposts in the worlds they used for resources, and generally hid away, hoping that they could not be found. This probably kept them further isolated from the other surviving eldar for a couple of extra centuries, but eventually, they were found.

Harlequins established contact with them, and trough the Harlequins, other Eldar groups learned of their existence.
This happened roughly around the time when Iyanden was at the height of it's power, and they were quick to grab another craftworld, no matter how small, to the fold. The vessel didn't really have any option other than to accept and submit, and it was forced to adopt the ways of the Craftworld Eldar very quickly. Old traditions were replaced by the path, and in some cases, curbed forcibly, in order to remove the taint that led to the fall. There was even a degree of "colonization" by Iyanden done to the vessel, as they sent thousands of their own there for various tasks, whose goal was to transform the "impoverished" vessel into a proper craftworld.

>> No.33823771


This way, the culture of the vessel quickly shifted away from the culture of the city, and caused a rift to form between the two groups. At the same time, other eyes leered towards the remote webway city. Predatory Dark Eldar realms launched attacks and raids to the city, forcing the denizens of the city to adapt or die.
Though the vessel's forces aided the city itself, they were also held back by the influence of Iyanden, to whom a backwater webway port's fate was a lesser concern than the ambitions and plans they had for the craftworld they were aiding.

What follows this is roughly this:
The Craftworld becomes more distant from their city brethren, the denizens of the city are forced to become more and more like the Dark Eldar in order to survive. Though ties remain between the two groups, they are no longer one, the unity what was there has been lost, and what keeps the two groups close is pretty much family ties. The setbacks Iyanden faces make it loose interest in the minor craftworld, leaving it again without allies other than the city, which itself has strong bitterness towards the craftworld, as in the eyes of it's denizens, the craftworld abandoned them.

That is pretty much the gist of the background I have for my forces, and if anyone cares, feel free to offer criticism, suggestions and so on.

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The Eldar can be really fucking petty.

>> No.33824383

Very cool. I love internal politics aspect and conflict between Iyanden and natives.

>> No.33824686


The idea of choosing Iyanden to be the craftworld to "uplift" my minor craftworld is kind of because I have loads of wraithguards, but also because the Iyanden supplement states that at one point, Iyanden was allied with numerous minor craftworlds.

I kind of figured that to Iyanden, a small, lowly populated craftworld, that has basically been isolated for centuries, would seem like an opportune subject they could groom and shape into a great ally over time.
Their webway city kin would, to Iyanden, be a potential problem, seeing how a webway realm is far, far more easily accessed by Dark Eldar, than a Craftworld would be. That is why Iyanden did it's best to turn the craftworld away from the webway port, and ultimately to severe that tie altogether, as they could foresee the realm falling under the attacks of the Dark Eldar, and saw defending it as a pointless cause.

I kind of imagine the process of what happened to the craftworld when Iyanden uplifted it to be more akin to occupation/missionary mission, where the Iyandenian Eldar basically came to the craftworld, started telling the natives how things should be done, and began developing it according to the plans of the Iyanden seers. The natives, being pretty much backwards in most ways when compared to the greatest Craftworld at the time, had no other choice but to submit.

At the same time, as the knowledge about the far flung webway city spreads around, the influence of the Dark Eldar seeps into the city, and the denizens are forced to adapt, just in order to survive, as their craftworld kin offer only the token assistance.

I dunno how much I really even ought to develop this idea, because I know full well that I could end up making a pointless mass of fluff that only I myself give a damn about.

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Are there any named characters from Saim Han and Biel-Tan?
I can't remember any.

Uthwe has Eldrad, Ailatoc has Ilith and Starbane and Iyanden has Yriel along with few others.

>> No.33825438

Biel' tan has macha.

>> No.33825529


I don't give two fucks about DoW characters.
They are irrelevant.
Does Biel-Tan have a character like Starbane, or that Iyanden bitch who is all about Ynnead?
Because outside of DoW characters, I can't recall any named characters of Biel-Tan, or Saim Han.

>> No.33825588

Well, then no.
Not to my knowledge anyway.

>> No.33825605


Because cheap vodka.

>> No.33825700

Saim Han had Nuadhu Fireheart, a mad wild rider with a lance that found from the back of a vyper. He had a profile like a dreadnought and was very fast. He didn't have a model, this was way back in 2rd Ed though.

>> No.33825882

He is also briefly mentioned in the newest Eldar codex.

>> No.33825975

Ulthwe, because Ulthwe.

>> No.33826496

Farseer Anath'lan? Autarch Mauryon?

>> No.33827126


Are those guys who are like mentioned one time in the codex?

>> No.33827276

Yeah, color scheme, background (15 pages of text, this got a little out of hand lol) and characters. Same with corsair fleet.
I also try to fluff important stuff, like titans or units i like.

>> No.33827311

Mauryon was the dude from Epic Swordwind. He won.

>> No.33828076

really? I always thought the concept of him was cool. I really liked the idea of wild rider armies, or eldar that were a little less emotionless in general. Of course even with the craftworld eldar supplement with black guardians etc in, the time those rules came out, the bitz used to convert wild riders were mainly 2nd ed and no longer available.

I suppose running him as a solo Archon with a huskblade and shadowfield on the back of a tooled up venom could work

>> No.33830139


Biel-Tan has fucking badasses like Mauryon and Sunspear from the Epic Swordwind and Valedor books respectively. And of course Macha. Saim Hann has Nuadhu Fireheart who is also a big dicked G.

>> No.33830196


Which is the matriarchal Craftworld that's filled with hot space elf bitches?

That one.

>> No.33830267


Educate yourselves.

>> No.33830288


That's Iybraesil.

>> No.33830530

Which craftworld has the best tits and ass?

>> No.33832997

Also this thread seems largely free from the inter-faction squabbling in every SM thread.
Truly the Eldar are the best.

>> No.33836695


Well, the Eldar generally don't really fight each other that much.

>> No.33837424

Well, Elfdar players of both sorts usually don't have the same levels of fanatacism that other factions have, or outright hate for the others.

>> No.33838998

Not true.

>> No.33841266

Still not that much infighting when compared to other factions.

>> No.33841301

> Craftworld

Have fun obsessing over jewelry like little schoolgirls, faggots.

>> No.33841620


Have fun being Slaanesh's cocksleeve.

>> No.33841662


Usually the squabbling comes from non-CWE factions coming in to tell us Space Marines would shit over Eldar and how much superior Necrons/Dark Eldar are.

>> No.33842124

I'm thinking of starting Eldar, but I know they get a lot of shit about cheese
What are the nasty things I should avoid for casual games and load up on for competitive ones

>> No.33842137

You mean like Tau?

>> No.33842237


>What is Farsight Enclave

>> No.33842251


Black is now a color?

>> No.33842328

>The Triarch proceeds that


>> No.33842656

It has been a color since dawn of humanity, where have you been living?

>> No.33842683

I guess you haven't read much of the recent Tau fluff.

>> No.33842995

The Farsight Enclaves and Tau Empire avoid each other and sometimes they help out each other against the enemies of their race.

They haven't exchanged blows yet.

>> No.33843235

Nigga black is so a color, it's the new black.

>> No.33843271

As an elfdar player I will admit that I have bouts of butthurt sometimes, mostly over shitty writers using THIS CRAFTWORLD GOT INVADED or THIS GUY KILLED AN AVATAR out of all proportion just because they can't think of subtler ways to introduce drama or describe someone's badassery.

>> No.33843967

The Triarch was made in the days of Necrontyr, thus the silent king and all that.

>> No.33844125

But they only went about teaching lesser races after they lost their souls.

>> No.33845263

The only good craftworld is a dead craftworld.


>> No.33845311



>> No.33845341

Out of curiosity what's going on in OP image? The only thing I can think of that fits is a dico dance party.

>> No.33845342

You don't get to say 'Slaanesh was right' and 'Emprah protects' in the same post no matter how many pounds signs you use ironically.
7/10 would rage again.

>> No.33845387

Eldar mating ritual. She's trying to attract a worthy male by showing off superior witchery.

>> No.33845390

>pounds signs

Oh amerifat...

>> No.33845408

Biel-Tan because ALL FOR THE EMPIRE and warriors, warriors everywhere.

>> No.33846030

Autarch Aloec Sunspear, leader of the planetside war effort at Duriel.

>> No.33846053

Do you mean you've missed the most metal fluff bit in the whole codex?

>> No.33846284


>tfw there is no fanart of that piece of fluff, at all.

>> No.33847596


The way that Hive Tyrant is drawn just bugs me immensely.

>> No.33847628

> bugs me

>> No.33847629


Actually realizes they need a standing army outside of Aspect Warriors.

>> No.33847695


I drew that picture years, and years ago.
I am still slightly butthurt about being too slow to draw it, and it not being included to this picture.

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