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What is the one picture that sums up this board, /tg/?

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This one

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_______ is a shit

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Every time.

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Something something quest thread, something something.

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Either this

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or this

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I'm pretty sure this one is more accurate to our typical conversation lines.

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for typical conversations you need this one

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Buttery Goodness /tg/ style!

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I am angry about elves.

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The ever popular 'Stat me'

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/tg/ - ever the advocates for responsible use of magic...

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magic rings, don't leave home without one

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this is hell

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Forbidden love.

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I hate this passive aggressive bullshit so much.

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This best reflects the users

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How about this one?

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Wait, muskets are muzzle-loaded, won't the balls go through the barrel that has the ring around it?

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Unless you remove the ring first, but that only takes extra reload-time.

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>implying /tg/ can talk about smutty things anymore

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it's not passive aggressive, it's not caring and telling people not to clog up the discussion with shit nobody cares about, you cunt.

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>doesn't know about weekend smut threads.

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I'm never here on weekends ;_;

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the bigger problem is, wouldnt it expand IN the ring, destroying it in the process?

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Tis a wonderful realm of xenos sodomy and deviancy involving all orfices, mostly written but occasionally drawn and narrated.

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You're all wrong. Pic related.

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This one.

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Well, to be fair, even if it's musket shot, it's too fast to expand in the ring, unless it's instant.
But I think that it expands slowly during flight yet it keeps it's velocity.

The fact that you have to reload for more seconds was what threw me off.

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That one "feels in the corner" about superwholockians

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maybe if you mounted it on some kind of snap-lock that you could quickly flick out of the way for loading and then flip back into place to fire. It might add an extra second or two to your reload time, but firing a cannonball with every shot would do a lot to make up for that.

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if it's not instant, why doesnt it lose velocity while gaining mass? there isn't any additional energy going into it, and aperently its not a sudden change of being, but a process, that should be subject to rules of physics

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that was dispelled by the ring, remember?

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I figured it's because it didn't lose any mass by shrinking in the first place, but if that were the effect the shrunken cannonballs would have the same impact as if they were large anyways.

Really, if you factor physics into the equation than it doesn't matter if your gun is firing a needle or a truck, as long as the firearm's explosion has enough force to launch it at an equivalent velocity/mass ratio. All size and shape will do (assuming air resistance doesn't have enough impact to be a significant factor) is change the impact's damage type. (from piercing to blunt, in the needle/truck case)

Of course if mass does change and the cannonball is allowed to keep its current velocity then you just got a very lethal weapon on your hands, one whose damage is multiplied by the ratio of change in size/velocity

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Let me think


The answer has already been given.

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If mass does not change, how are you supposed to carry them with you? or moreso, not damage your weapon when reloading?

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You magnificent-BASTARD...I approve.

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Oh my fuck. I love it.

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There is only 1 picture that sums up this place

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I don't think we really hate elves that much any more. At least not to the point of it being the primary defining feature of the community.

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elf detected

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Not him, but fuck those pointy eared shits. You are not a platform to be used for your anime ripoffs goddamnit.

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Get out of here elf sympathizer.

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Alright, I can accept that my perception of the current situation vis a vis elves was incorrect. I was probably biased by the fact that I, personally, am pretty indifferent on the subject.

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>portable ship cannon
It wouldn't work like that, especially with a fucking flintlock

And this pictures sums up /tg/ tripfags and weeboo derailers for me

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As someone with a very loose grasp on physics I have an Idea.

What if it never gained or lost moss in the first place. The only thing the cannon ball did was become more DENSE.

The change in density would maintain the law of conservation of mass as The mass inside the closed system (the cannonball) would not increase or decrease, simply the density would change. A 5.5 inch 24lb cannon ball can still be a 24lb cannon ball even it its musketball sized by changing its density. The ring simply reverses the magic that made the cannonball more dense.

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As someone with a very loose grasp on physics I have an Idea.

What if it never gained or lost mass in the first place. The only thing the cannon ball did was become more DENSE.

The change in density would maintain the law of conservation of mass as The mass inside the closed system (the cannonball) would not increase or decrease, simply the density would change. A 5.5 inch 24lb cannon ball can still be a 24lb cannon ball even it its musketball sized by changing its density. The ring simply reverses the magic that made the cannonball more dense.

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Worry not, anon. /tg/ is marked across the board by subjects that are constantly decried despite many of us being indifferent to them at best. I personally have no problems with furries, kender or special snowflake characters.

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EIDF plz

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But then the musket doesn't have enough powder to propel it

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That would make for a heavy-ass gun when loaded.
And What about the gunpowder charge needed to launch such a heavy projectile?

I would personally want this to work but physics has a way of foiling sych awesome plans.

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There also the added advantage of a handgun being much easier to aim than an actual cannon which just makes it even more scary.

Of course the recoil could be an arm-shattering bitch.

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pathfinder has this covered. mass changes.

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Well, you could always go with the alternate shrinking explanation, which is that magic, as usual, doesn't give much of a fuck about thermodynamics and the shrinking spell actually makes the projectile have less mass when it's smaller. That's always an option, if you really want it to work.

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Knights,skelles,monster girls...thats TG to me

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I think people are just finding it funny to be "angry" about elves.

I can't guarantee some aren't serious, though.

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All those pics define /tg/ very good, but I often feels like pic related

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then it will not be propelled very far after growing, as it has only the energy of a musquet shot behind it

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Guys, here's how it works: the velocity of the outgoing canonball will be 1/4000 of the muzzle velocity. This means the cannonball just falls in front of you. You can't use magic trickery either (like adding some negative mass to the cannonballs that converts to positive on impact), because of the ring, remember?

It's an insanely cool idea, but my physics autism wouldn't allow it in a game. I'd justify it as being too powerful.

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The first problem is that flintlocks are muzzle loaded, so the ring would have to be removed each time when reloading, making a lengthy process even longer.
Second, the ball would revert to it's original size (probably) instantly, destroying the barrel and not doing shit.
Third, a projectile suddenly gaining a shitload of mass and size would slow down. A pebble going to cannon ball would probably fall straight down.
>I might be wrong on this though
Fourth, if it retains mass/density the gun wouldn't be able to fire them and carrying them would be really, really hard.
And fifth, the ring has anti magic aura to cancel the magic in the locks. Seeing how it's a ring, it's meant to be worn on your fingers. Meaning it's not really that small, so all of my previous points are moot. If the barrel is 10cm in length and the ring is put at the end of the barrel, the bullet would expand/start expanding ~5cm before even reaching the exit.

Overall stupid story, stupid player and even stupider DM for believing him.

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What about a railgun?

Could magnetism be used to move this projectile?

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>Overall stupid story, stupid player and even stupider DM for believing him.
It's a cool story tough.

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>The first problem is that flintlocks are muzzle loaded.
What does the type of lock that a weapon utilizes have to do with through what end the ammunition goes in?

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and just like that we go from what best describes TG in a pic, to speaking of the velocity of shape shifting objects in flintlock weaponry

>god I love /tg

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No difference. Once the cannonball is un-shrunk, its velocity drops to 1/4000, no matter how it gained said velocity. That's the magic of conservation of momentum.

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Because most flintlocks were muzzle loaded, so it's safe to assume that this one is too.
And pretty much everyone envisions flintlocks as the the muzzle loading rifles or the pirate pistols.
It's like people using the term sniper rifle for scoped rifles, even though it doesn't mean that in the slightest.

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quest are the death of the /tg/

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end of discussion

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Better to use the...
What was it...
Something about stone to iron, maximised lightning, craftmanship...

Knew i should have saved it.
It dealt something like 1000d6/round or something average like that.

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Sounds like we just need a custom shrink spell that conserves mass. As for returning to normal size, let's assume it takes at least a few milliseconds, which is more than enough time to pass completely through the ring.

As for managing the ammo weight, that's where a bag of holding comes in. Since the weapon needs to manage it as well, we'll build it giant and shrink it down as well, and attach the bag to be top-loading. The tip of the barrel will be crafted at normal size and have a slot for the ring, and the handle will be fitted with bands enchanted with levitation to make carrying the thing feasible. It'll still be terribly unwieldy but a skilled (or strong) gunman will manage.

After that, why stop at cannonball size? we could go even bigger and make our own custom patented Boulder Blaster.

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What about >>33814582?

>> No.33814882

Yeah, I'd agree with this assessment...

>> No.33814886

with all that shit you might as well get a wand that does same damage for less effort.

>> No.33814912

Well, yes, but at that point you're being practical, and fantasy weapon design has never been about practicality.

>> No.33814925

you also have to be super strong to use it too though. It's not just impractical, it's also unuseable.

>> No.33814940

Said strength can be implemented through magic.

It'll be ironic though when the wielder finds bashing heads with the hand-cannon does more damage than shooting.

>> No.33814986

>Sounds like we just need a custom shrink spell that conserves mass.
But then no pistol strong enough exists that can propel a bullet the mass of a cannonball.

>strength can be implemented through magic.
Huge strength can only help you lift the thing. The gun itself must be powerful enough to project something as heavy as a cannonbal.

Hell, at that point, you might as well carry a cannon around and aim it at people. Same effect, less convoluted, and arguably infinitely more badass.

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Well, when /tg/ likes something, it's even MORE likely to be angry about it.

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why would you do the thing with the ring then? Just for looks?

>> No.33815059

Well, it does have the edge of range. Unless the character is Stretch Armstrong, their reach only extends so far.

>> No.33815077

That fucking makes the picture.

>> No.33815118

yeah, but as>>33814986 said, you might as well carry a cannon. Or, more reasonably, a fucking sling.

>> No.33815252

A cannon lacks the ability to be easily concealed. Slings on the other hand are amazingly versatile weapons and I don't think they get enough appreciation.

>> No.33815356

A fun-fact if I recall it correctly: Roman legionaries at one point had, as their standard armament, a sword, shield, a basic javelin, a heavier javelin effective at stopping a charge by connecting enemy shields to soil (so even a shield-hit would still accomplish something), and...you guessed it, a sling. And they would etch all kinds of messages onto the metal bullets they hurled from these things. Some were threats, boasts, generic taunts, or just plain lewd imagery.

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Ams man of cave in our hearts. Or cave grill mustnt judge.

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Solution: shrink containers with explosives/incendiary fuels, have them revert to normal upon hitting a solid surface by a contraption a little bit like that bag of holding/portable hole arrow.
Or in PF, just having it hit a wall will do, apparently>>33814438

Solution 2: shrink rocket fuel, place ring between fuel tank and engine. Optionally apply Solution 1 to the payload. At 1/4000 fuel volume you'd have an rpg-sized ICBM.

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To be fair, it's not passive-aggressive so much as just aggressive.

>> No.33815547

Please, do someone have this thing about the sling bullets inscribed with trolling messages?

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>Please agree with me
>Please respond
>Person i dont know, dont you do it this thing i dont like and have no way to know that you are doing it.
>hear me out, i have a objective and direct opnion on these abstract things that you experience and can only be judged by you.

Thats you. And thats why people ignore you. But i wont. Lay it on me precious anon. Pretend this is your tumbler and just say it.

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Now I've got the idea for a magic sling that carves taunting imagery into the bullet as it's flung.

Imagine the enraged glare of the sea troll after it digs out the bullet embedded in its shoulder, glances at the bullet's elaborately carved troll-face and angrily crushes it.

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>thats why people ignore you
>has been quoted three times
He do a bad job being ignored, you do a bad job ignoring him, /tg/ do a bad job at not being quest central.

Incompetence is the only constant is this world, and most tohers too.
Find solace in this fact.

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>But i wont
>Others also didnt
>Compassion is a thing
Learn to read and be more understanding, silly fedoranon

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I specifically recall that at least one of these metal sling-bullets had an engraving of an erect human penis. No, I'm not making this up on my own.

An erect penis. On a metal object meant to be thrown with all intent to cause it to crash through another person's orbital-socket.

Make of that what you will.

I once met someone who thought all animation, perhaps all fiction, was stupid because it wasn't real and was therefore pointless. This same person also said "I only watch reality shows."

All my wat.

>> No.33815890

That's down to immersion. Some people need solid grounding in reality for media to have immersion for them.

In essence, he was voicing the same sort of complaint voiced by people who sperg out at mechas suddenly appearing in their fantasy setting.

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You are a knife-eared faggot.

>> No.33818549

GW hate threads

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>> No.33820647

>That's the magic of conservation of momentum

Nigger do you even realize the bullshit spewing out of your mouth?

>> No.33820975


Velocity does not change, Mass does. >>33814438
Mass is the variable in this instance, and it increases 4000 fold, meaning that the momentum also increases 4000 fold as it leaves the barrel.

Naturally Mass itself is an static variable and not subject to change, and naturally velocity would have to change for any difference in momentum to be made.

If you think the laws of conservation of mass and energy is still applicable in a game where you can generate 306657290.2547 grams of Iron out of sheer fucking nothingness, they you may be quite possibly literally autistic.
You can easily justify the magical release of a spell that can reduce mass to 1/4000 of it's original value being able to supplement the energy of multiplying momentum by the reciprocal.

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>Screencap this thread.

That is the essence of /tg/, my friend.

Pointless arguments about nothing, that aren't even on-topic.
Complaining about things that are simply a part of /tg/.
40k stuff.
Talk about dicks and magic and science and fuckin' weeabos and all sorts of other shit.

That's /tg/.

Ya dig?

>> No.33821145

In a world where wizards constantly fuck with the laws of physics, we must explain how the anti magic ring cannon ball flintlock is unreasonable.

>> No.33821155

You missed shitting on people that actually contribute, but that sounds roughly accurate.

>> No.33821180

Aww, shit. Sorry.

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>I wouldn't know

>> No.33822400

don't care about elves, they're just woodsy fucks that do some magic and occasionally fight orcs

fucking dwarves
I fucking hate dwarves
I once made a neutral evil fighter that would capture dwarves and stake their ugly heads around towns
fucking ale-drinking, malformed, dense versions of gnomes
god I fucking hate them
Just shorter versions of orcs, the only reason they're accepted is because they live in mountains and by some bullshit godly excuse, they're lawful good

fuck dwarves

>> No.33822427

Some gay guys being gay

>> No.33823837

someone should archive this

>> No.33823862

I'm sure we can chock that up to cross-boarders such as /a/-fags /b/-fags and /v/-fags

>> No.33824232

i'm hard

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>> No.33824324

>> No.33824452

I wonder who is behind this post

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>shrink containers with explosives/incendiary fuels
Okay, this works. Put 4000 alchemist flasks into one grenado then shrink it. Sweet jesus!

>> No.33825430

Yeah, sure, try to pawn it off on bogeymen.

>> No.33825537

>meaning that the momentum also increases 4000 fold as it leaves the barrel.
Not declared in the spell so we default to physics. The momentum isn't changed by the spell therefore the object must go slower when it regains it's mass.

A more interesting use for me is a cannon ball that shrinks after being shot out of a cannon. The speed it would travel as a bullet sized piece of metal is truly terrifying.

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>> No.33825585

Hey I resent that.
/v/irgin crossboarder here and I never shit up anything.

>> No.33826554


This from a movie or short youtube thing or something?

>> No.33826580


I read that as crossdresser

>> No.33826741

Only one I bothered to save

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>> No.33828439

I read it as crossbreader.

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>> No.33828902


Anyone with better search-fu know any more info on the spiral staircase picture? For the life of me, I've never been able to find the original.

>> No.33829027

Wait don't they have fucking jetpacks?

>> No.33829070

The house is made of wood m8.
They don't want to burn it down with themselves inside.
Burning it down from the outside however...

>> No.33829106

>Not declared in the spell
It's declared that the mass itself changes to 1/4000th meaning that the mass itself increases when it is dispelled
>so we must default to physics
P = mv
M is multiplied by 4000 when the spell is dispelled meaning the balanced equation would be:
>4000P = 4000mv
Meaning the momentum would be increased by 4000 to match the cannonball as momentum is the product of mass and velocity. As there is no mention in the change in velocity as designated by the spell we default to physics and assume it stays stable.

You claim to talk big about physics but you obviously haven't passed 5th grade pre-algebra

>> No.33829196

As much as I hate to say it....

>> No.33829309

>just masturbating

It would be simple to restrain her arms, gag her and then hope that the virus isn't sexually transmitted if you don't happen to have condoms.

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>> No.33829451

Quest threads are fine.
It's just that there's so many of them.

>> No.33829484

That seems like a completely viable and totally creepy solution.

>> No.33829500

Basically this.

>> No.33829505

Welcome to 4chan.

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>> No.33829608

You know what.
I'm fine with quest threads
I'm fine with a fucking lot of quest threads.

I'm not fine with:
/co/ bullshit: >>33825729
/v/ bullshit: >>33825614
/a/ bullshit: >>33821963

Quests would be great since they'd be essentially roleplaying on a board half-dedicated to roleplaying games, except for the fact that:
>A. They're formatted like the bastard child of MSPaint Adventures and TwitchplaysPokemon
>B. They're hardly related to anything /tg/

Fuck those guys. At least we get the occasional Guild thread. Those are pretty much always good.

>> No.33829640


Nothing will change. Your butthurt is 100% impotent.

>> No.33829676

It doesn't matter what the topic of the quest is.
It's still roleplaying.
On the other hand the format is occasionally really fucking shitty so I'll agree with that.

>> No.33829794

>>B. They're hardly related to anything /tg/
They're related to /tg/ by the very nature of being (non-erotic) roleplay.

>> No.33829802

>implying we're not pretty cool with /co/
>implying we don't talk about /v/ stuff all the time
>complaining about anime on 4chan

>> No.33829836

Erotic roleplay is still /tg/ it just can't be on /tg/.

>> No.33829837

Tell that to Wednesday's Gender Bender Quest

>> No.33829868

That's what you said that about ERP generals

>> No.33830000

Erp generals are still around just on /soc/ now.
I don't think quests can get moved anywhere else without pushing everything off the board.

>> No.33830591

How is it roleplaying?
Have you seen a quest thread?

>> No.33830657

An average quest has more roleplaying elements than average game of D&D.

>> No.33830668

Quest's tend to have the players control a character through an adventure.
They get to choose what that character does.
Is that not roleplaying?

>> No.33830708

Dude, I like quests, and I'm the one who posted that image.
Still doesn't mean it isn't apt.

>> No.33830718


>> No.33831240

Not really no.
Not unless Goosebumps is /tg/

4e I take it?

>> No.33831267

Is goosebumps a cyoa?
Because if it is then it's /tg/.

>> No.33832557


>the item will return to full size when thrown against a surface
> hammer is a surface, strikes powder and ball
> ball expands inside barrel
> gun explodes in your hands

Whoever tried to munchkin this shit didn't have a clever DM. The whole cannonball shrink thing is absolute bullshit from the beginning.

>> No.33833408

Dude, you seriously have a problem.
Please, whatever you choose to do in life, do NOT engineer anything. Not even a bolt. There WILL be blood.



>> No.33833543

>Yet you seem to forget WE'RE DEALING WITH FUCKING MAGIC
So what you're saying is, by CANCELLING MAGIC you're magically creating energy in exactly the form that is convenient to you.
Not even generally "returning" energy spent on the magic to begin with, which could be done in a number of believable if autistic ways, you're just straight up saying "IT'S GONNA CREATE KINETIC ENERGY BECAUSE I WANT IT TO".

>> No.33833747

>Meaning the momentum would be increased by 4000 to match the cannonball as momentum is the product of mass and velocity.

If you assume the spell doesn't produce any extra energy (conservation of momentum)
P = MxV
4kg m/s = 2kg x 2 m/s while shrunk
4kg m/s = 8000kg x 0.0005 m/s when expanded

Notice how the momentum doesn't change? That's because to increase momentum you need to give the mass energy in one direction, the spell does not do this. Therefore to maintain the same momentum with a larger mass the velocity must drop.

Learn some fucking physics

>> No.33833783

fucking this, momentum is conserved.

>> No.33833813

That reminds me of this.

>> No.33833892

>That's because to increase momentum you need to give the mass energy in one direction

Impulse, not energy.

>> No.33833917

>> No.33833918

I was going to say that, but I didn't think most would know that term. So energy in a direction (vector) (I suppose I'm missing the time component though)

>> No.33833931

>> No.33833949


I think you must make an addendum here, before the inevitable
It's an "exploit" that appeals to physics in order to work (more massive cannonball doing more damage when flying at the same speed).
If you decide to invoke an angry God of blueprints and coffee stains, don't come crying if said god slaps you in the face with reality.

Add2: the "exploit" also refers to two particularly codified examples of magic, in a system that lives on codified and reproducible magic, and trying to pull an Unknown Armies with "but I want the end result to be like this magic bitch" is crossing over the line to
>I heal the fighter with a fireball in his face it's magic bitch shut up

>> No.33833987

>bitches don't know about my Ferguson rifle

>> No.33834573

>> No.33834605

>> No.33835169

>If you assume the spell doesn't produce any extra energy (conservation of momentum)
If you did assume such, then the process of shrinking an object would cause a fucking atomic explosion from converting 3,999/4000 of a cannonballs mass into expelled energy.

>It's an "exploit" that appeals to physics in order to work (more massive cannonball doing more damage when flying at the same speed)

No it's fucking not.
It's a shrunken canonball being dispelled, which a canonball has its own fucking damage started up.

>> No.33835250

>converting 3,999/4000 of a cannonballs mass into expelled energy.
No, the spell hides the mass and size. It returns when the spell disappears. No extra energy is added to the movement system.

Just stop, you're really bad at this.

>> No.33835562

>hides the mass and size
You realize how fucking stupid that sounds, besides being wrong, right?
It's not an illusion.

The spell itself explicitly reduces mass. You know, something that breaks the fundamental laws of physics, including most if not all laws in relation to conservation of mass and energy, right then and there.

Furthermore the only thing the spell then and there changes is the mass itself, with no mentions of an object's velocity being changed.

>> No.33836066

>> No.33836327

Late to the party, but that was one of the very first thread I stumble upon when I first came here.

>> No.33836806

Alright let's break this down into a frictionless vacuum.
A meteorite is floating in space.
It suddenly gains 4000x mass

Does the meteorite slow down despite having no outside force enacting upon it?

This would imply that forward motion alone has enough energy to create mass and matter. Which is not the case.
It is also implying that the spell shrink item could potentially jettison something at a >1 multiple of the speed of light. This could REALLY, REALLY fuck up Spell Jammer campaigns.

Or we could simply assume that magic wanes and supplies momentum as objects gain or lose mass.

Both of these conclusions are defying MULTIPLE laws of physics because of the fact that we are basing math off of a gain and decrease of mass and energy.
So which of these does Occam's Razor support the most?

>> No.33837069

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.33837213

Considering the very nature of /tg/ and /d/, this isn't a surprise. Hell, I've even participated in threads like these.

>> No.33837217

>CYOAs are /tg/
Next thing you know, you'll be telling me that fucking roll threads are /tg/ because it involves random numbers

>> No.33837433

By trying to use physics to justify how magic cannot make musket balls hit with the force of cannons, you've given a way for a character to Jump approximately 60 miles, by shrinking himself as he jumps.
Making something even more utterly bullshit.

>> No.33838835

You know when /a/ starts a quest, they send it here.

>> No.33839994

all this talk about real world physics is silly.

Shrunk bullet is going at X speed, and is dispelled at the end of the barrel, and returns to its original size.

Nothing in the real world can change its mass without actually adding more matter/energy to the thing in question. In the case above, the moving bullet gains mass seemingly from itself, which is already in motion, which should keep the regrown bullet at it's original speed.

>> No.33840099

Anyone have that screencap with a female water elemental that wants to be swallowed by some guy who promptly refuses?

>> No.33840134

>Nothing in the real world can change its mass without actually adding more matter/energy to the thing in question. In the case above, the moving bullet gains mass seemingly from itself, which is already in motion, which should keep the regrown bullet at it's original speed.

bullshit. Velocity isn't some big constant in and of itself, it's just an effect of energy affecting an object. So velocity will not be retained, energy will. And same energy on more mass equals less velocity.

>> No.33840167

this is specifically with dispelling magic. After leaving the rings diameter, everything has to be justified with physics. If you shrink yourself, you can just say: that doesnt happen like that because magic.

You cant do that after an anti magic field

>> No.33840304


>> No.33840307


But that is the magic problem.

We can't attest whether the reappearing mass is at rest or not.

>> No.33840353


Never mind, Google provided.

>> No.33840419

This is amazing.

>> No.33840437

>We can't attest whether the reappearing mass is at rest or not.
If it was at rest when shrink was cast on it we can.
Otherwise you could do all sort of stupid shit like heat (energy without a vector): I shrink the lead boulder, heat it with a candle, unshrink it now I have 4000x more mass at the heat I had it at and have heated my entire house for the night by the power of 30 seconds of candle heat.
Same with cooling etc.

>> No.33840453

The reappearing mass not being at rest would just halt it to shits. The reappearing mass having the energy behind it, that is currently on that single point, but spread out evenly, would halt it still.

The reappearing mass just being fast in and of itself wouldn't make sense if there is no additional magic behind it, which there isn't, because there wasnt an enlargement spell, there was a anti magic field.

>> No.33840458


>Otherwise you could do all sort of stupid shit

>> No.33840496


The shrink spell doesn't specify what happens to the missing mass of the object in question, either when it shrinks or when it goes back to its original size.

Meaning this is all baseless speculation.

>> No.33840780

Rolling dice to determine an unknown outcome for the sake of amusement is about as traditional as games get.

>> No.33840819

guys, hear me out.

if say, you were flying in a spaceship and were to transform mass into energy (by nuclear fusion let's say), you wouldn't go faster all of a suden. The same applies to the canonball changing weight.

if you were to cast a reduction spell on a moving object, I don't think it would go 4000 times faster all of a sudden (which would be very problematic since the earth is spinning around ad several hundred metres/seconds, any reducted object would just fly off and disintegrate into the atmosphere)

guys. I want to believe.

>> No.33840926

basically goes in the same way as what i said


>> No.33841096

One day I will tell my friends about a fever dream I had where a bunch of idiots talked about the physics of a magical musket that turned cannon balls from tiny to huge with the power of a magic ring in a fictional setting.

And they will turn to me and say, "That shit's retarded, F." And I will say yeah, it is, and we will laugh and laugh.

But then later that day I will stare at /tg/ and have the horrible, mind-bending epiphany, that not only did it really happen, but I stayed up until 4:30AM refreshing the page to see what the hell these lunatics came up with next.

And I will not be laughing, then.

>> No.33841205

You mean you didn't just hit auto-update?

>> No.33841486

>even more utterly bullshit
>a magic trick that works out perfectly in terms of physics
>even more utterly bullshit
> because once you've accepted shrink spells, logic and laws of nature have to go out the window in order NOT to be utter bullshit

>> No.33841513

I like this physics shitstorm better than the Airplane on a Treadmill one. We should make it our own classic someday.

>> No.33841550

I have been waiting with this screencap for so long. Now, its time has come.
I give to you the one picture that sums up /tg/ better than any other.

>> No.33841676

>> No.33841689

We're talking mechanically bullshit. Giving Wizards an effective and precise 60mile pseudoteleport at level 5 is more bullshit then a rogue firing a canon ball out of a flintlock he still has to reload.

>> No.33841694

>> No.33841730

>how is sodomy magic

Spoken like someone who has never had sodomy.

>> No.33841764

I don't see how making a near molten musket round into a near molten cannonball is some kind of issue compared to the alternative case for the physics behind this spell where you jettison something by 4000x its speed when you shrink it.

>> No.33841971

Pretty much the plot of 'Dead Girl'
bad plot

>> No.33842012

>handing out handheld castlebusters to a 5 level party because of a single magical trinket is any less mechanically bullshit
>choosing between mechanical bullshit versus mechanical & physical bullshit, go for the double bullshit .
Though to be fair such logical inconsistencies are to be expected from someone who's had such a hard time grasping conservation of fucking momentum.

>> No.33842108

is this good enough for you op

>> No.33842129

>> No.33842224

Why not just use the Shrink spell to hide/conceal a cannon?

>> No.33842471


Alright, so referencing the Shrink Item spell text in this post >>33814438 I noticed that you can shrink a "burning fire and its fuel." While it doesn't specify what this does to amount of heat produced by the fire, I think it's a reasonable assumption that it scales down proportionally with the reduction in size (otherwise you could use a bonfire and Shrink Item to make a jury-rigged blowtorch.)

This tells us that energy must scale along with mass and volume, according to the level of energy currently in the system. Therefore, energy added to the item while shrunk (by gunpowder blast in this case) would have to scale up again when the item/system is returned to normal size after said energy was added. And because the additional scaled energy is directional momentum, and when it scales up its properties (directionality and relative amount) are not changed, the resulting expanded cannonball will have initial velocity equal to that of the shrunken "musketball" and momentum and energy equal to that of the "musketball" times the increase in mass and associated energy of the object.

This does not, however, address the reduction in speed due to increased air resistance after expansion or the question of whether the round can clear the anti-magic ring before expansion is completed.

>> No.33842536

This is perfect in every way.

>> No.33842993

Okay, that was actually good lawyering. I concede.

>> No.33843283

>Implying 6d6 damage is enough to breach a castle wall
Keep in mind your reload times for muskets and it --almost-- makes the dude on par with the wizard at that level. Still a shame it's just plain damage though with no actual utility.

>> No.33843516

But the "hammer" (flint, match, or wheel) never touches the ball, that would be counterproductive since it'd blunt the flint, put out the match, or dull the wheel. The ball is in constant contact with a surface, so it can't strike anything until it's left the barrel.

>> No.33843668

you don't need it to go through the ring, you just need it to get close. you could but it further away from the exit, and a bit lower, just enough to be in range

>> No.33843887

I don't think slings were ever general issue for Roman legionaries. While they did employ slingers as auxilia, the actual legionaires only had the gladius and scutum, along with one or two pila. I have also never heard anything about the heavier pilum being used to stop charges, except some makeshift lines to help resist cavalry if the dedicated spear auxillia were somewhere else. They did have plumbata later on though, which replaced the pila.

>> No.33844281

Alright, somebody needs to put this on 1d4chan.

>> No.33844830


>> No.33844955

So, have we just completely forgotten about >>33814582? Simply saying that the field extends out a few cm from the ring (which is the only interpretation that makes any goddamn sense) invalidates both the handcannon and the tiny teleporter, without forcing us to decide which laws of physics we must brutally sacrifice at the alter of "Because Magic."

>> No.33845205

What the fuck happened at the end?

>> No.33845231

Well, you see, he has an antimagic field cock ring...

>> No.33845254

I'll assume that the anti-magic field has no effect on the kinetic energy of the bullet passing through. If we take a look at the conservation of energy:

E=1/2 m1 v12
↔ E=1/2 m2 (v12/4000)
→ v2 = 1/sqrt(4000) v1
or approximately 0,0158 v1

Thus, the final velocity according to classical mechanics must be both 0,0158 and 0,00025 times the original speed, which is a contradiction, so we can deduce classical mechanics can't explain magic.

tl;dr: Classical physics contradicts itself here, we'd need to expand it to successfully cover magic.

>> No.33845977

Ok hear me out, the shrink spells says that the volume and mass of the shrunk object changes, so there's to ways this spell could work:

a) The mass that is effectively shrunk disappears and then appears mid-flight
b) The whole mass is condensed into a smaller volume while somehow keeping the normal density of the object
c) It's magic, I don't have to explain shit

So this leads us to 3 different conclusions:

a) The extra mass appears mid-flight, with no kinetic energy, thus the cannon bullet has the energy of a regular musket bullet, so it falls to the ground and everything sucks
b) The shrunken object expands, but at the same time the proportion of energy/mass doesn't change and the energy is multiplied by the factor that the mass is multiplied
c) The DM decides depending on what he thinks it's fair

>> No.33846108

This is my answer to OP's question.

>> No.33846226

>3 posters talking about applying physics to magic
>That one guy that doesn't know what's happening
>One is talking about magic cock-rings

>> No.33846462

The conclusions from this thread are A and B respectively

>> No.33848486


See, here I thought he was going to get her to give him a handjob by putting his junk just in reach of her hand.

>> No.33849082


Stop giving me new fetishes, /tg/!

>> No.33849177


>> No.33849194

I was referring more to a particular time, and I think it was the Roman Republic era. It was in a documentary but I've forgotten the name by now. If nothing else, they did talk about these weapons in such a way, even if some of it can only be theorized. But, they did examine the different weapons and point out what strengths they had, such as the side-effect from the heavier pilum.

>> No.33849227


>> No.33849530

this please my boner immensely

>> No.33849661

That would actually be insanely dangerous. Bullets don't hit hard, otherwise recoil force would fuck your arm; they work by focussing their energy into a very short, sharp impact allowing them to penetrate and deform to cause cavitation.

Using magically enlarged bullets in a cannon rigged with an antimagic muzzle would give you a magical railgun by the power of conservation of momentum.

>> No.33849663

It's an ahegao edit of Wonder Woman taking a selfie

>> No.33849784

The question is, does the mass creation effect travel in the inertial frame of the projectile, in which case velocity is conserved, or is it in the inertial frame of the antimagic ring, in which case momentum is conserved?

It's essentially just a nonstandard inelastic collision problem where the relative velocity of one collision partner is unknown.

>> No.33849846

Good lord, how horrifying.

The ride never ends.

>> No.33849863

...would that even necessarily be lethal for the elemental? How much of their mass can they lose, and how does being exposed to soluble substances affect them?

>> No.33849990


>> No.33850059

that... was subtle

>> No.33850118

Just engineer a musket that can withstand the amount of force required to launch this tiny cannonball that still weighs as much as a cannonball. A mithril musket/pistol that uses alchemist's gunpowder cartridge to launch this magically shrunk cannonball, though that would still destroy your wrist or ribcage when all that force goes off.

Solution for dealing with the force and still being a viable handcannon? Being Herculean in strength might work?

>> No.33850760

/tg/ - Traditional Gamers

This is what /tg/ers talk about.

>> No.33850787

I know. but this pleas my boner as well

>> No.33850851

If not this, >>33821051
then I think that picture is one of the most accurate I have ever seen.

>> No.33850963

>something happened to something
>that means the same thing will happen to something different

You must just be pretending to be retarded, right?

>> No.33851100

>Shrink an anvil into paper-weight size

>Throw above enemy


DnD, Loony Tunes style.

>> No.33851330

>This tells us that energy must scale along with mass and volume
I disagree, all this means is that the object burning has a smaller surface area that can burn. THAT is what makes the fire smaller not a reduction in energy.

If you burn a stick that was a log then when the spell ends you end up with a massive pile of ash. That's really weird.

As throwing a shrunken object against a solid object reverses shrinking. Does it matter if something is thrown at the object? what if the object is squeezed? axed? what level of acceleration is required? headed until it cracks? do any of these count or does it have to be thrown against a "solid surface".
I would just have ANY form of damage reverse it.
An important line in the spell is "Restoring the shrunken object to its normal size and composition ends the spell."
the last bit is important, normal size and COMPOSITION. Composition is much more inclusive than just mass, so this should include heat, speed, mass etc.

The entire part about being able to shrink say a bottle of burning fuel then spread out the fuel and end the spell at some later time is very odd. Where does the extra ash go? Evenly distributed around the ash covered area? This isn't the same composition as the object it was shrunk from was in (as the spell requires it to), where does the extra oxygen required to burn this fuel come from? This spell is just badly made.

To make this spell not be constantly fucking everything up you'd need to have it so that anything that damages/splits the object (break a plate or split liquid into two vessels) ends the spell immediately, the restored object then has the same momentum and heat it had when originally shrunk.

>> No.33851389

Vore elementals regen faster than trolls, elder elementals have enough strength to forcibly enter any orifice on an adult dragon, and they taste like the inside of homemade pie.

>> No.33851896

>This would imply that forward motion alone has enough energy to create mass and matter
according to E=MCsquared, it does, as an object accelerates it gains mass, which is the reason why there is an increase in energy needed to accelerate more. it isn't noticeable until you get to speeds close to the speed of light, but you would need infinite energy to accelerate something to the speed of light, and the object accelerated would have infinite mass. that's why only massless particles can travel at the speed of light.

>> No.33851954


How much damage would a falling 1-ton anvil would do In DnD anyway?

>> No.33851980

>THAT is what makes the fire smaller not a reduction in energy.

Bullshit. The spell explicitly states that it shrinks the fire itself along with the fuel

>> No.33851983

Sounds like Toon RPG.

>> No.33852047

Alright. Now take into account that the fact that shrink object functioning this way could make an object transcend the speed of light by reducing its mass by a faction rather then completely

>> No.33852135

a fraction of infinity is still infinity.

>> No.33852519

Nigger. Neither a cannonball or fire's mass is equal to either infinity or 0(infinitesimal)

The fuck u talk in bout Willis?

>> No.33852739

I was only correcting him on the fact that, yes going fast does increase your mass, and you couldn't use shrink item to travel faster than the speed of light, because it only reduces the mass by a fraction, and the mass at the speed of light is infinite, and 1/40000 of infinite grams is still infinite grams.

>> No.33853799

So at what speed does Shrink Item no longer decrease mass, instead increasing it?

>> No.33854098

it never increases it, unless dispelled, and it only doesn't decrease it at the speed of light, but this is just derailing me. All my original post was meant to say was that >>33836806 is wrong in his statement that speed doesn't increase mass, because it does, just not appreciably so until you hit relativistic speeds. my argument has no bearing on a cannon/musket ball.

as for the argument, in my opinion due to the nature of the ring the cannonball would increase in size way before it actually went through the ring, but it would maintain speed if the ring was maneuver in such a way that it would hit the anti-magic field after leaving the barrel, without traveling through the ring.

>> No.33854111


>> No.33855486

>shrinks the fire itself along with the fuel
That's only because idiots like you need to be told fire is smaller with a smaller source for the fire. "Fire" is not a discreete object that can have it's size changed.

>> No.33855548

it's plasma, so it can be made to be smaller, but that usually is compression and not magic.

>> No.33856014

>No "/tg/, it's like you don't even need the other boards anymore"
Thread is now kill.

>> No.33856170

That's a canon's kick though. You need a specially designed warforged to carry that around.

Meanwhile, the easiest solution has already been found itt. Shrink explosives/incendiaries.

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