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Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-wing, Lego, thread lifespan, and anything else Star Wars Related

EoTE and AoR books
http://www.mediafire.com/folder/a3s zgj3z6w7gr/FFG_-_Star_Wars_RPG

D6 Star wars books
https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3x temvwxstfzq/Star_Wars_D6

Rune Quest Star Wars

SW visual guides
http://www.mediafire.com/download/k d7b7x0fbs0vvh6/Star+Wars+Ep+1+Visua l+Guide.pdf


http://www.mediafire.com/download/7 by8b09bo8kb6og/Star+Wars+Ep+3+Visua l+Guide.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/8 k9jo82ro2kmp8f/Star+Wars+Eps+4-6+Vi sual+Dictionary.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m 7ou1gv3jo94hnj/Star+Wars+Ultimate+V isual+Guide.pdf

Deckplans and such

shipfags's mostly complete hanger of discount wonders:
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

EotE character generator:

EoTE Dice app

Just what IS a Gundark? The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide is here to answer you!

Coruscant Translator - Like Google, but for the GFFA

EotE dice tutorial

Daily Reminder that the one who survives will inherit the title of Bossk. And the one who inherits the title of Bossk will face an existence of endless battle.

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Ongoing Writefaggotry:
Bantha Squadron
Solidarity (sort of Mandalorian War, sort of not)
X-wing Writefag's works
Bounty Hunter Anon:
The Price of Order (Imperial POV)
How Luke Skywalker Got Stinking Rich
X-overfag's ME/Star wars crossover
Gm-Sama's imperial clusterfuck (session report)
Shipfag, X-Wing Writefag and Questanon's Rules of the NJO
Dael's Infinity - Clone Wars The Later Years

Today's question: SLAM drives. If they could be scaled to capital ship proportions, what happens if you replaced every single engine on a CR90 with one?

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Roll 1d100
1 - You go REALLY fast
2 - You jump to lightspeed levels of speed and peel the pant off your new corvette
3-100 - You attain oneness with the SPEEDFORCE, Valhalla and eternal legends awaits those who have achieved speeds of such magnitude. Reroll.

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I think that's how you get interdimensional travel.

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>Today's question: SLAM drives. If they could be scaled to capital ship proportions, what happens if you replaced every single engine on a CR90 with one?
1-99 of 100: Your drives tear free of their mountings, blowing out the front of your ship, and obliterating everything before you until they reach the edge of the system where they become wandering hyperspace obstacles
100: Your ship inverts on itself and instantly teleports to the exact destination the captain is currently imagining.

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You're still in a dream, Krayt Eater

>Today's question: SLAM drives. If they could be scaled to capital ship proportions, what happens if you replaced every single engine on a CR90 with one?

That's sounds like a trip to Otherspace for a raging kegger with the Charon, brosef

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So, it's time for an update on the rag-tag bunch of misfits that crew the Halcyon Nomad. Previous adventures can be found here: http://pastebin.com/4V2WfN6m

Vancetso's player was with us this time, though we were still missing Jakk.

The session began with the Halcyon Nomad speeding away from the Wheel with IT-3PO on board, security fighters in hot pursuit. Vancetso noticed that the Z-95s are custom-models: the torpedo launchers were removed and replaced with ion cannons. The fighters approached in a reverse-V formation, two lead pilots on either side of a lagging one. ZBMD-73 passed out some combat stims to the group, though didn't always give correct dosages for varying races - it took two injections to get Quoia a boost to her Intellect. Grimno was in top form, always making his Gunnery checks and straight-up nailing the enemy fighters every round. Quoia passed the stick over to Arcostria for the duration of the fight, the Duros calculating the jump to hyperspace while the Selonian flew. Flight plans involved travelling through the lanes of traffic surrounding the Wheel (pro-tip: the rules for space difficult terrain are MEAN AS HELL) to evade pursuers. Within a few turns, the pursuing fighters were either vaped or returned to the station in flames with the Halcyon Nomad taking no hull damage and never dropping below half system strain. Free of external pressure, Quoia made the calculations for the jump to lightspeed.

Once in hyperspace, Quoia had a few long chats with IT-3PO, gathering intel on Isotech's operation and precisely what they need from them. Alongside this was talk amogst Vancetso and Arcostria, first plotting to make sure they get paydays from both Isotech and the Hutt Cartel, then letting Quoia in on their mission. She agrees to the idea of getting paid twice for their work.

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When they revert back to realspace, they exit amidst the Chol Nebula, taking a few hits from meteoroids while the ship's sensors go haywire. A few Computers checks later and everything's working just fine, Quoia slowly and carefully maneuvering out of the clusters of rocks towards Cholganna. Sensor scans revealed a ship in orbit on the far side of the planet which is actually a false flag, but they don't know that, along with potential locations for the Sa Nalaor's final location.

They identified an escape pod from the lost ship down a ravine and above a murky pool. On the ground, the strange sounds and threatening predators of Cholganna's jungles struck fear into the entire crew, save Vancetso. Once they got to the wreckage, Vancetso managed to carefully make his way down into the crevice, ACP Array gun at the ready. Arcostria flubbed her roll and ends up splashing directly down into the water, waking up a colony of green bugs that soon assaults the human. The blasts from the Array gun made short work of the bugs, while Arcostria investigated the pod. Inside, they found a few logs from the last moments before planetfall, and got navigational details on the ship's last known location, giving them insight into where to look next. The session ended with them returning to the Halcyon Nomad and resuming the scans of the planet, looking for the ship proper.

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There were a few hiccups with space combat on both my and the player's side, but overall everyone enjoyed the session. I felt real bad for Quoia's player - she can't make rolls to save her life, despite solid dice pools. Whether it was astronavigation, or piloting, she just couldn't get successes. My sound effects didn't wow as much as I thought they would, still need to work on those a tad. Looking forward, navigating the ship is going to be hard for them, given that only one or two PCs are athletic at all. Everyone enjoyed themselves, for the most part, but I don't feel like I amazed my crew as much as I was hoping.

What do you think of their misadventures so far, /swg/?

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Star Wars Downunder

dialog is about as hard to understand as the prequels, but instead of wooden acting, you understand what they're saying. Set design is GORGEOUS, foley is on point and perfect. Worth giving it a shot.

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Oh, and here's an updated pastebin for inclusion in future threads.


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So far my memory that things went bad for Traviss's repcom work some time in Order 66 seems to be on point with my completion of True Colors, the baby drama is a bit annoying but not book-ruiningly so.

And so far almost all the Jedi bashing is through stilted views of PoV characters without the full story, with lots of chapter headers pointing out the majority of the Jedi feel as bad about using the clones as the MCs do but feel trapped.,

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goddamn you, Bossk; have you no trigger-shame?

Is this payback for the ... boots incident?

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I can't watch this without thinking of this..


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>o far almost all the Jedi bashing is through stilted views of PoV characters without the full story

The thing is, most of her characters are blatant mouthpieces for her, and she does the Jedi bashing A LOT. Like to the point where you're reading it screaming at the page telling her to come off her high horse and get on with the story already.

Then you remember there is no story.

Just the Mandalorian

and the sound of Traviss fapping can be heard in the distance.

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One of the reasons I'm okay with wiping the slate clean going into Episode VII. That and the Vong.

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Q7 Astromechs!

Also yes if you guys haven't seen this then you should watch it. Also have a beer handy.

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Eh, I disagree.

In Repcom at least up through True Colors they DO show that the different Jedi all have their moral qualms about how to best protect the interests of the clones but they feel trapped leading them because doing anything else gambles on the Senate deciding to continue the war WITHOUT Jedi there to protect what troopers they can.

Plus part of the entire point of the prequels era shit was the Jedi were unable to cope with the demands of war.

Doesn't excuse any of her bashing on Luke's order in the other books, but so far repcom is fine, because the "Mouthpiece" characters are usually at *LEAST* partly wrong because they don't see the big picture from the bottom up.

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The whole theme was "Palpatine has boxed the Jedi into a corner and fed them a steady diet of moral Catch 22s With an Order 66 for desert"

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And speaking of which, I am now starting on book four.

Should I just read till I determine what chapter things start to go to shit or should I muscle through to the end?

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what the fuck did that fat piece of shit say at the end credits?

"Two words...


two... SCREAMER!


The FUCKS that even mean?

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Most competent Rebel / New Republic military leader.


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One-pint screamer

Meaning, he gets crazy after one pint. He was drunk or stupid and thought it was two words, then realizes it's three and laughs.

Basically, "light weight" I'm sure you know that kind of a drinker. The guy who has a drink then suddenly becomes the unstable asshole and knocks over a tv. He hits on EVERYTHING with slurred words while his friends look at him like an idiot wondering how he could be so drunk after taking a sip of beer.

>> No.33807638

Mon Mothma
That old dude who led the fleet at Yavin

>> No.33807662

Thanks, meight, I was all buggered out on that one. Cheers!

Also fuck the fatshit regardless, he took the thunder away.

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You mean Jan Dodonna?

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Ackbar or Garm Bel Iblis. Wedge is also worth an honorable mention once he mans up around middle of the Bantam Era.

>> No.33808158


I really can't decide if I'd favor Ackbar or Bel Iblis more. I like Bel Iblis as a character, but Ackbar's a smart cookie.

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Guys with it being a hit earlier this morning and again now I request that the Down under video be a staple for our Star Wars Stuff. It's just so much fun.

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Well, rather than have a saber fightscene that would require choreography and a lot of hard work in the editing to make lightsabers show up right, as well as the foley for the fight, they just blasted him with overwhelming force like any good aussie would do.

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I said most, not least.

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I'm not bemused, sad to say

10/10 costuming, art design and hell even better acting and plot than most starwars things

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I heard what you said the first time. He was the most competent Imperial plant in the New Republic. His brainwashing was so strong he didn't even realize how much he was aiding them.

He lead his people to great heights when surrounded by the oppressive humanistic tendencies of the New Republic that carried over from the Empire.

He was a hero among lessers.

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RPG dudes. I come with more questions for you.

One of my players, he's a friend in real life tends to make snowflake characters. I was able to talk him out of the drug maker since it wouldn't fit with the story already being told. Well for EotE he wants to make an asshole gunslinger now. I'm waiting to hear more elaboration but it still can't be good. Other than asking him to not game anymore what can I do?

>> No.33809769

well, every party needs a good gunslinger so that seems fine

>> No.33809786

Do wha tthe thread suggested before; whatever he wants to play adhere to strict, believable IC reactions to it. Guy's trigger happy and runs his mouth? He's gonna have a lot of enemies. He'll either be dead or the party ejects him afte rthe first several sessions

Makes another snowlfake in response? Same treatment

Either he'll leave the table or shape up. Win-win.

>> No.33809813

advise him that he's not getting 'pc protection', so if he's an asshole, the group can just leave him behind/shoot him in the back/sell him out to the hutts. tell him that by playing dumb/antisocial characters, he is giving up his PC status, in effect, so he's in the same boat as a recurring NPC

>> No.33809823

We have a gunslinger already. He's the Quick draw goes first face of the party no less. He already relinquished his piloting to another player, I hate to see him go second string to someone else.
I'll give it a shot. We both are passionate people when we game so hopefully it goes well.

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Aboleth still exists. THANKS, Clone Wars!
Wedge mofucking Antilles.
Piloting, command, engineering, intelligence, diplomacy, this motherfucker does it ALL.

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Actually she doesn't. They never mentioned the Mother. Sure they used setting and ideas from that arc, but she nor Centerpoint were mentioned.

>> No.33810258

>Aboleth still exists. THANKS, Clone Wars!
But does she? She's never explicitly mentioned in TCW and only the FotJ series claim she is the mother

>> No.33810272

Yeah Abeloth was a bunch of assholes deciding to take a force-vision as a literal truth and then tying it in with some of the other ancient life explanations

>> No.33810393


Well he wants to make an Asshole gunslinger that is cross between Doc Holiday and a bigger asshole than Harry Dresden. I've explained to him that Plot armor saved those guys, it's not going to save his ass. So we'll see how this goes. Thanks for the advice!

>> No.33810468

you know what, just don't give him plot armor, and let him kill himself. the fringe is FULL of hte graves of assholes with guns who thought they were the next gallandro, but turned out to be merely greedo-alikes. (if he keeps talking shit about his gunslinging abilities, maybe have ACTUAL gallandro show up and call him out, which WILL end very badly for him)

>> No.33810560

Oh god I forgot all about him. Just looked him up on Wookiee and damn yes thank you! This is perfection!

>> No.33810653

>TFW Trandoshans are your favorite race
>TFW they get no love in books or vidya

>> No.33810670

yeah. he is one of my favorite secondary characters, he's just such a great character, especially because he'd still be active in the era depicted in EoTE, and it'd be the time when he's most on top of his game. I used him a few times, and it's been good every time

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I figure his Agility is 4-5, and his Ranged Light should be maxed right? Maybe have a fear go off when they realize oh shit. This is the best gunslinger in the galaxy and he's looking down his sights at us.

>> No.33810745

It's as bad with babarels
>nobody like the lizard species

>> No.33810801

aye. I'd go with 5 AGL, 5 ranged(light), and special abilities adding extra dice to initiative and all quick-draw contests. in the WEG books, he had something like 18 FUCKING DICE in his blaster skill, where the average soldier had 4.... the only character I've ever seen draw as fast as he can was a jedi built as a gunslinger, using the force to assist his draw, and it was STILL a TIE!.

>> No.33810873

Actually he's dead before Yavin.

>> No.33810967


>> No.33810995

isn't EoTE set 2-4 years pre-yavin? I know he died maybe 4-6 months before yavin, but I thought EoTE takes place before that

>> No.33811039

Most of the modules are after Yavin but my game is set a few years before it so it works out.

I'm also giving him a high cool and a modded out Heavy Blaster.

>> No.33811110

that is a clear requirement (it should obviously have superior weapon customization, at the very least, and a filed front sight and short barrel for the superior quick-draw)

>> No.33811190

Weren't the Sebatynes Babarels?

>> No.33811197

All quick draw does is let you draw it as an incidental instead of a maneuver and I have him stated with it already. I was thinking Superior Quality and a modded up Blaster actuating Module so it can do 3 more damage and 2 pierce in addition to the superior

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Yes they were!

>> No.33811254

ah. I feel like stacking quick draw bonuses should give you extra blue dice on a who-draws-first contest. but the modded out Blaster actuating Module is a good bet

>> No.33811340

Did he ever wear armor? Maybe some Heavy clothing?

>> No.33811377

be a real bitch with a catch vest.
They have to get through his pistol fire into melee range to get at his weakness!

>> No.33811407

I don't think he really NEEDS armor. people who go against him tend to die before they get a chance to shoot

>> No.33811511

Heck a Catch vest with Superior Quality would be killer on him with 3 extra soak.

Yeah but we're statting him out which means he's killable. Sure I'd Destiny point his way out of it claiming its not his time to die yet but still, can't be to careful.

>> No.33811533

in that case, a superior catch vest sounds like a good plan armor-wise

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File: 104 KB, 743x1751, Gallandro 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright the plan is to pad it out a little. The more cocky he gets he starts hearing snippets of the name. He asks someone who he is and he gets the speech given to Solo.
"Gallandro? Slick, you're talking about the guy who single-handedly hijacked the Quamar Messenger on her maiden run and took over that pirate's nest, Geedon V, all by himself. And he went to the gun against the Malorm family, drawing head bounty on all five of them. And no one has ever beaten the score he rolled up when he was flying a fighter with Marso's Demons. Besides which, he's the only man who ever forced the Assassins' Guild to default on a contract; he personally canceled half of their Elite Circle—one at a time—plus assorted journeymen and apprentices."

Superior Catch vest is nice but it does the same as armored clothing with Superior quality and adds Ranged Def of 1.

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File: 101 KB, 562x1000, melanie-maier-togruta-einbrecherin-skizze-mit-hintergrund.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd add his perception, cool, coercion, discipline, and a few other stats in there for contested rolls.

I think Lethal Blows is melee specific. Might be mistaken.

>> No.33811652

seems solid, maybe give him a custom talent related to quick draw or initiative?. maybe add in a few more things to the speech, maybe leave out one that he hasn't done yet, mix it up a little. your guy watch TCW? if so, maybe throw in a bit about how he beat cad bane to the draw and put him down, now THAT'D put the fear in him

>> No.33811694
File: 113 KB, 743x1829, Gallandro1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool. Thank you and Lethal blows is +10 to any crit injury roll not melee specific, I had to go double check it since I almost thought maiming Doc Asshole would be harder to do.
Ooh that would be fun, yeah most of my guys are caught up on that so they would get the jist that this guy is not to be trifled with.

>> No.33811732

What are the other characters?

>> No.33811821

We have a Smuggler (Scoundrel), Hired Gun (Marauder), Colonist (Doc), Ace (Pilot), and Hunter (Assassin). Though most of the guys know to stay out of others messes, and I'm going to start the encounter out with him calling out the Gunslinger, saying he heard that he's been making trouble and he can't have that, He tells the others that his issue is only with the other Slinger. If they do try to get into it other NPCs around watching might not take kindly to a duel with the legendary Gallandro being interrupted and start a brawl.

>> No.33811848

>Smuggler (Scoundrel), Hired Gun (Marauder)
>mfw you nailed two of the three not-me party members in a game I'm going to be starting tomorrow
and then you got to the doctor and I realized we don't have a healer except my backup character.

>> No.33811950

that sounds solid. I feel like the other patrons might actually keep the rest of the party under guns to prevent them from interfering. if you're feeling merciful, maybe gallandro just blasts off his gun-hand and tells him if he hears he's at it again, he dies...

>> No.33812010

Yeah I was thinking of a light maiming. I mean after all imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

>> No.33812045

well, unless he's a dick to gallandro's face. then he's getting dead, for sure

>> No.33812180

Yeah this looks like it's going to be a fun run. Damn you guys here come up with great ideas. Thanks for all the help you've given.

Side note: I really have to get this off my chest and give props to this system as well. It's like a drug right now around the gaming table. One of my players has been up nights working out stories for his character, and I've never looked forward to running a game as much as I do now with this game, so thanks again for getting me to try it out. Turns out it's exactly what I was looking for.

>> No.33812211

glad to hear it man, it's always great when everything goes better than expected

>> No.33812893

>tfw trying to write Maarek Stele as a patriotic, hardline old Imperial
>Half of his lines end up being New Republic/GFFA bashing
>The other half is shit like, 'Back in my day, I didn't fly with fancy, schmancy shields or ordnance launchers!'
>Accidentally turn him into the angry racist uncle/grandpa of the Rogues' Gallery cast
>He's probably still looking wistfully at Alderaan's debris

I don't know whether it would be funnier to keep him as is or to rewrite him to be Wes, but more German.

>> No.33812944

I dunno, hardline Nazi-analogue seems to work best for unrepentant Imperials.

>> No.33812946

could make him "For emperor and country" type, super loyal to the leadership but not the ideals, a la Pellaeon/Veers/Innumerable others

He also could respect the skills of new pilots and the capability of new craft instead of being condescending.

>> No.33813025

>respect the skills of new pilots and the capability of new craft instead of being condescending.
He grows into that, definitely, but as of the most recent stuff in RG, he, Fel, Phennir, and Fel's Wrath have only recently showed up for the fight. They haven't gotten to know anyone yet and aside from Syal, the rest of the Rogues are still new meat by comparison.

>> No.33813080

Yeah but not all experienced people thing the new meat is chumps, -especially- with squadrons and/or pilots you're talking about. You think they haven't heard the big names that come from The Other Side? In WWII jetjockeys would talk about and respect opposing aces every sortie. Sometimes they even crossed gunsights and sparks flew. A couple became friends after the war, despite having shot down each other's wingmen half a dozen times.

I think you might underestimate the soldierly comradery that overwrites "These are the enemy" as soon as they stop being the enemy. At one point they would have killed each other, but only because that's what they do, and the people they find themselves with that they would have killed before are THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE GALAXY that would do the same, by the same methods.

>> No.33813311

There's no doubt that Stele respects the name and legacy of Rogue Squadron. He'd gladly take guys like Wedge, Tycho, Hobbie, and Wes out for drinks because they've earned his respect. The main issue is that, as said in the first chapter, the current Rogues are mostly fresh out of academy. They're unproven in his eyes because to Stele, the Rogues are supposed to consist of the elite of the elite, veterans who have already proven themselves in past actions. So yeah, a lot of his early vitriol comes from the fact that he doesn't believe Syal's pilots have earned the right to wear the patch yet. Also because I need him to provide a contrast to Phennir's sarcasm and Fel's civility.

You are correct, however, as later chapters and sim-duels will prove.

>> No.33814775

I did not realize the story of Borsk was the inspiration for Ulfric and the Civil War in Skyrim

>> No.33814862

>What do you mean these ships have shields?
>Hah, the rebels are tearing themselves apart again. What, Galactic Federation? The names change, disobedience and dereliction of duty is forever.
>"You don't approve of my methods?" waves hand at person. "YOU don't approve of your methods. You want to spend the next ten days in a sim trainer."
>Alliance to Restore the Republic, The New Republic, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances... Do you get a new capital ship with each name change?
>GFFA?! The Empire is the de jure and de facto succesor to the Republic
>Durasteel, transparistel, Maarek Stele. Which do you think has been around longer?

>> No.33815700
File: 115 KB, 1024x768, duke_nukem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Durasteel, transparistel, Maarek Stele
He's got ballsballsballsballsballs of Stele.

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God, is there nothing that the 90's can't screw up?

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>God, is there nothing that the 90's can't screw up?
Hey, the '90s had some good shit.

>> No.33816435 [SPOILER] 
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Oh I agree, I'm not saying it was all shit. But even then, the 90s could always muck it up later.

>> No.33816492

EotEfag here, how do I melee character? I want to make a stoic blademaster with vibroswords, but EotE makes it seem like Melee characters would get shitstomped in most circumstances.

I'm already packing a back-up blaster, armored clothing and Force sensitivity, how do I avoid getting my add killed against a group of dudes with rifles?

>> No.33816581


The big thing about melee in EotE is that there's no easy way for melee to close the gap, nor any disincentive to leaving Engaged once you get up to them.

My answer: get a jetpack and things with the Ensnare quality. See if your GM will allow you to spend 2 advantage in combat to inflict the Immobilized condition for a round or two as you sweep people to their feet.

>> No.33816584

So how much is it to get started in X-Wing? I'm open to being either Rebels or Empire.

>> No.33816587

That guy looks stoned.

>> No.33816604


Two starter kits, an X-Wing pack, and a TIE pack will get you the basics of what you want, and you can customize from there.


To me, he looks like he's just some dude they pulled off the street and said "Here, wear these shoulderpads and read these lines" and he's still trying to figure out what's going on.

>> No.33816617

The 90s was a glorious time of short skirts and bared female midriffs.

>> No.33816638

The best you can do at the start of generation is get your brawn to four, the rest comes down to equipment and talents which you gain as you play. Maybe not be super melee happy at the start?

>> No.33816650
File: 28 KB, 255x383, Space_jam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33816662


Also, make liberal use of the Knockdown talent in the Marauder tree. It's another way to keep people close by once you get to them.

>> No.33816719

So 100$ more or less?

>> No.33816747


$75 from Miniatures Market, before shipping and other costs.

>> No.33817296

Is there a repository of FFG's Star Wars art anywhere?

>> No.33817337

My Trando killed an inquisitor while having both arms cut off.

>> No.33817461

I'd like to know more.

>> No.33817540
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you say your trandoshan was skilled in unarmed combat?

>> No.33817564


>> No.33817620

I was playing a Trando marauder who's obligation was obsession. He refused to use ranged weapons of any type to impress the score keeper. Out GM through an inquisitor at us while we were raiding a half built star destroyer for stuff. He intended to have the inquisitor chase us off but once everyone ran past I ha my character activate a ray shield trapping him and the inquisitor alone because as I said to my GM, he would NEVER pass up an opportunity to fight some sort of force user oven their legendary melee skills. This character was built to be good at melee and that's pretty much it, so fighting the inquisitor he got some good hits in, but the name the crit. Kax the Trando lost his left arm, but got a retaliatory massive hit in the inquisitor. Then the dice gods cruelly felt him ANOTHER crit, which again landed on loss of limb, there goes the other Arm and most if my hp. Kax carried a vibroknife across a bandolier thing on his chest, so I told the GM he draws that with his teeth (RULES OF NATURE) and I attacked again. This time I was the one that crit, and to the attack again crit, both hits were big damage and along with the earlier hits brought the inquisitor down.

Luckily that mostly coincided with AoR release since Kax will be in a bacta tank for a long time.

>> No.33817643

And forgive the various auto correct errors, writing on phone a shit.

>> No.33817795

I've only got one thing to comment on, it's that you wouldn't know an Inquisitor is a force user, and most of them are not good at cqc anyway. Still bretty cool

>> No.33817909

If force sensitive get sense up high to add two difficulty to all attacks made against you. You'll dodge shots like the matrix.

Penetration and viscous are your friends. You'll be cutting armor up and doing some heavy damage to people.

Just play it smart, use cover when closing, and try out some poison to add extra strain to the target.

>> No.33817912

Kax is in his late 40s and bounty hunted during the clone wars. He saw a Jedi mess up a whole bunch of very skilled bounty hunter friends of his and that's what triggered his obsession with fighting with a sword. So when he saw lightsaber, he was thinking Jedi.

>> No.33817970

Ah, fair enough!

>> No.33818071

I was thinking of finally making that old Star Wars Meets PMC campaign atlast. What era do you think has the best potential for it? Clone Wars seems like it would be a good fit and in the aftermath of the conflict there's alot of opportunities, the Galactic civil war itself is another but I feel like at that point you either work for the Empire or have to join the rebellion.
Post Endor perhaps?

>> No.33818438

/SWG/ I want to run an AoR game for my players in which they are an elite team sent to destroy an imperial super weapon called Galactic Fear, a new type of walker that can, using a rail gun, launch a planet buster missile at any point in the galaxy. They will be opposed by a team of Imperial Dark Jedi who have all taken to going into battle with a single emotion and a triple agent ISB officer who purposely leaves his blasters Tabanna chambers nearly empty.

Should I tell them this is my plan so they can make appropriate characters, or lull them into a false sense of normalcy and see how long it takes them to catch on?

>> No.33818525


Do you think they'll get the reference without guidance?

>> No.33818533

Don't forget to make up some mumbo jumbo about how the weapon can get anywhere in the galaxy and not take a million years doing it.

Maybe you could meet them halfway and give them pregenerated backgrounds to choose from?

Also, if you want to go with the metal gear vibe
http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cuis_clone Les Enfants Terribles.
And the genome soldiers are brand new Spaarti cylinder clones?

>> No.33818590

But that's just what the lizardpeople want everyone to believe.

>> No.33818631

FYI the Google Drive HWK-290 stats are missing weapons.

>> No.33818684

If I'm not careful, all to easily.

>> No.33818726

>force ghost dark Jedi boss.
Son of a bitch its perfect

>> No.33818734


Then let them figure it out on their own.

>> No.33819041

I was under the impression that they came unarmed from the factory

>> No.33819350
File: 50 KB, 495x568, 1404797404967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad motivator reads Once per game session, the character may take a Bad Motivator action to make a 3 Difficulty Mechanics check. If successful, one device (subject to the GM's approval] spontaneously fails due to the character's involvement, or because it was about to fail anyway and the character noticed it (this is the character's decision)

Using it in Starship combat. spinning narratively he just happens to notice after scanning the ship that it's weapons or drive are overheating? Maybe have him spend a destiny point on it since he didn't actively touch the thing? How would you guys handle it?

>> No.33819982

Make this happen. Please, anon, make it happen!
Post results!

>> No.33820089
File: 36 KB, 174x239, 1326872792299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33820370

nobody is ready for that.
now, I'm wondering what The End would be like.. he actually sounds more like a regular jedi than a sith

>> No.33821175

A clone who has aged 4x the usual instead of 2x?

>> No.33821210

>Old clone sniper

>> No.33821375

way older than that. even a clone who ages 4X would be barely 80 by the timeframe used here. no, the end would be closer to 200 years old at least. maybe an old, old jedi master who left the order a century ago to live in the unknown regions and eventually ended up as a imperial operative

>> No.33821416

You know, I can't shake the feeling that taking over a superweapon station and calling Vader a fagget is exactly what Rahm Kota and his milia might do in order to goad him out.

>> No.33821877

Liqud Krayt once used a LAAT to shoot down two X-wings?

>> No.33822200

I give my life, not for the force, but for youuuu.
(Krayt Eater)

>> No.33822428

Here's to you Father and Darth
Rest forever, here in my heart

>> No.33823074

In addition to what others have said, equipment and talents that stacks on soak and defense.

A (as in one) weapon system or the engines breaking for a turn or two (maybe based on when the engineer on the ship can fix it instead) is fine if you want to allow it. You could add some setback for things like that though where even being able to just notice something's going to fail would be difficult.

Permanently shutting down an entire system on a ship might be okay for something like a minion; really it's up to you based on the situation, like if they/a big campaign enemy is getting creamed and you want to let them continue fighting each other at a later point. Big enemy made just for the encounter though? Nothing permanent to anything very crucial.

>> No.33823090

Trandoshans have mild regenerative abilities.

>> No.33823149

Some days, you go through the rain.
Some days, you feed, on an Ewok!

>> No.33823170

Whic is why he was talking about bacta tank and not limb replacement, surely

>> No.33823201

Sorry, I'm a little rusty on my Star Wars lore. Can bacta regrow limbs?

>> No.33823286

Nah, Bacta does not, but Bacta does heal your wounds in an awesome manner, and a Trandoshan regrowing his limbs takes time, but given enough time they can get back from pretty much anything. Basicly, the Bacta helps speed up recovery from all the blood loss and physical trauma, his innate regeneration deals with the rest. It might speed up the process

>> No.33823565

Oh, ok.
Top kek

>> No.33824317

IIRC, it can also erase scars. Or, at least, prevent scars from forming.

>> No.33824387

Krayt, remember the basics of Shii-Cho

>> No.33824394

So I'm making a new dice rolling box. One with a lid this time for carrying purposes. I'm adorning it with symbols. I have the Rebel, Empire, Jedi and Mythosaur Symbol so far. I'm adding the Old Sith Order symbol. I have room for 3 more icons on the box, what should be on it?

>> No.33824430

Yodas wrinkley face, Palpatines wrinkley face. Death Star.

>> No.33824448


X-Wing, Tie Fighter, and Death Star.

>> No.33824496

New Republic Symbol?

>> No.33824544

You mean the one that's identical to the Rebellion symbol, but on a black background?

>> No.33824611

Nah, the one that has the sparkly bits at the bottom.

Also, Empire of the Hand?

>> No.33824638

You mean the guys who don't have a symbol?

>> No.33824669
File: 25 KB, 184x184, Empire_of_the_hand_Bigger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Use the one from Imperial Civil War.

>> No.33824680

Yeah, that was the one I was thinking of.

>> No.33824705


>> No.33824710

How would you guys handle The Force in FATE? Right now we've just plugged it in as a skill, but it just seems way to flexible.

>> No.33824745


"The Force is my ally" or "The Force shall set me free" or a related philosophy should be a trait for all Force-Users. Force techniques like Force Push, Jedi Mind Trick, Force Lightning, et cetera, are extras.

>> No.33824778




Steiner Recon Lance, Thomas Hogarth, etc.

>> No.33824811

You can't kill the Messiah!

>> No.33824852

Thanks for the ideas. I settled on GFFA, Black Sun, Empire of the Hand and Zann consortium.

If I have room I put the New Republic symbol and the CIS as well.

If only I was making a C&C box it would be decked out to the Brotherhood!

>> No.33824913

Wraith Sq. and CIS crests?

>> No.33824941

Well, If Palpatine in Dark Empire had behaved like Kane it would have been more entertaining and not shit, so that's something!

>> No.33825026

Really? That one looks like someone tried to draw the alliance starbird with a chisel, whilst having a stroke.

>> No.33825064
File: 10 KB, 400x400, symbol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whilst we're on the subject, whose symbol is this one?

>> No.33825110

Revans empire, but i think the color is wrong. Possibly to signify Malak?

>> No.33825120

Star Forge if I'm not mistaken.

>> No.33825147

"Finally, I've killed my master and stepped out of his shadow! To celebrate my achievement, I'll.... I'll...er... Change the colour of ou-my symbol!"

>> No.33825148

You're right It's an off one of Revan's

>> No.33825175

"And while we're at it, I want a new jaw."

>> No.33825231

Speaking of which, in the bit of my story I'm working on currently, there's a bit I'm having trouble with and I'd like some feedback/ideas.

>> No.33825290

"Maybe get one of those toupée things as well..."

>> No.33825315

where ya been? haven't seen you around in a while

>> No.33825359

Go ahead, can't say I've read it, to be fair.
"Saul, do you think the cape is too much? It is isn't it? Sigh. Are we done glassing Taris yet?"

>> No.33825457

I've been here for ages, I just didn't have me name up because I've not really been talking about my story.

>> No.33825608

Right. Basically, Javik is explaining the history of his race to someone, and how his people's Empire encountered that of the Rakata. The part I want to do but am struggling with is were he talks about how; in their search for the reason for why the Rakata seemed to draw strength from barbarism and savagery, the Protheans discovered the Force and how both their races were open to it.

What I've got so far is this:
Eventually, of course, we encountered a race we could not just subsume. The Infinite Empire of the Rakata. A race of beings so savage and xenophobic that they could match us, strength for strength.
They gloried in destruction and barbarism, butchering other races and laying waste to their civilisations. We sought to learn why they did these things, and our greatest scientists discovered the force.”
He gave a faint smile.
“Curious how the study of such monsters could lead to the discovery of something so incredible."

I especially dislike the last part. Suggestions?

>> No.33825631

Malak was kind of a loser.

>> No.33825654

Eventually, of course, we encountered a race we could not just subsume. The Infinite Empire of the Rakata. A race of beings so savage and xenophobic that they could match us, strength for strength.
They gloried in destruction and barbarism, butchering other races and laying waste to their civilisations. We sought to learn why they did these things, and our greatest scientists discovered the force.”

I would change it to

"We sought to learn HOW they did these things, and our greatest scientists discovered the force.”"
Emphasis mine.
Because the How is the question of their technology, and with the How you get the why (innate corruption of the force due to their savage nature and natural sensitivity)

>> No.33825699

I thought they were savage naturally, and as a result of their tech being powered by the dark side?

>> No.33825756

Well... they were naturally force sensitive, and they were naturally savage... or their natural force sensitivity made them more savage... And now I went to wiki I am less sure, but the way they use the Force to fuel technology always made me think they were naturally force sensitive (all of them), which explains why they were so savage (more easily corrupted by the dark side)
And now I am much less certain so shutting up, sorry.

>> No.33825846

What I what to say is that the Protheans started studying them in order to learn what the reason for their barbarism was, and found out they and their tech ran off the dark side of the force, and their savagery fueled the dark side in turn.

>> No.33825962

I don't have much, but isn't there a big deal about how Javik is Vengeance or something? Maybe a musing comment about the thin line there is between Vengeance and just full on Rakata Conquistador
And now, sleep.

>> No.33826029

Not here; in this story his people still live, and the purpose of this bit I'm struggling with is to explain how they still exist.

>> No.33826495

343 Guilty Spark if he went goth.

>> No.33827398

So what's /swg/'s favorite way to spend a cargo hold full of credits on Nar Shadda?

>> No.33827460

Food, fuel, and some new holodramas to read/watch?

>> No.33827497
File: 449 KB, 499x337, 1365102128937.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hit the club!

>> No.33827578


You're the sort of dude who goes to bars and orders milk, aren't you?

>> No.33827603

Lemonade more like, I'd never trust milk from a bar.

>> No.33827847

Buy a crappy fighter or two and go on a joyride.

Or just hookers and blow, it depends on my mood.

>> No.33827979

Great, ruin my afternoon of quiet relaxation why don't you.

>> No.33828015

Judder Page.

Or Tycho Celchu if you're willing to let the Rebel bit slide.

>> No.33828099


Just as many bombs as credits can buy.

>> No.33828201


I like the way you think.


>> No.33828239

Oh good, so as I'm trying to relax after a long flight, enjoying a proper meal for once and reading my book; someone's going to start flying crappy fighters around, crashing into things, and someone else is going to start blowing up every building in sight.

>> No.33828266


Maybe Nar Shadda was the wrong place to build your reading room. Try Chandrila - as long as you stay away from the public debate square, things are usually rather quiet.

>> No.33828331

Sir, you offend me! Crass, reckless demolition of everything in sight is the explosive equivalent of fingerpaint! A true blasting master understands that explosive sabotage is a work of art, each attack a carefully assembled masterpiece, requiring weeks of planning and studying, to prepare a perfectly unorthodox delivery of detonation for droves of destruction.

>> No.33828371

Yeah, but the prices for flash-frozen Energy Spiders are really good here, and the central hospital says they'll name the new wing after me if I finish this last shipment of super-high-quality, straight-from-Thyferra bacta.

>> No.33828405

>Random alliteration
Sir, you are exhibiting what is known as 'clanging' a symptom of schizophrenia. I suggest you seek help. That and trying to blow me up.

>> No.33828756

Besides, I'm not building a reading room, I'm just trying to unwind after a long, hard journey.

>> No.33828761

>two monks roll 1's on their furry of blows

>> No.33828832
File: 155 KB, 600x800, darths0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33828852

So how about that Xoverfag? What a loser, am I right?

Unlike me! I'm awesome! I'm gonna blow up a world! And have action figures and stuff!

>> No.33828942

Dissociative Personality Disorder is a completely different thing from Schizophrenia, and probably not actually a real thing anyway.

Though believing that you have a split personality could be a symptom of schizophrenia, now that I think about it...

>> No.33829848

Are cryonics a thing in star wars?

>> No.33829967


One Saga Edition book mentions it. The same narrative function is usually filled by Carbon Freezing.

>> No.33830116

There are chill downs that are not carbon freezing, but carbon freezing is preferable.

>> No.33830182


>> No.33830296

I thought carbon freezing was highly dangerous, and long-term freezing resulted in nerve damage?

>> No.33830370


It has risks, but it's more common than conventional cryogenics. And everything I read about hibernation sickness says it rarely lasts longer than a day, unless you die.

>> No.33830455

How long will it take to wear off, in that case?

>> No.33831022

Got a upcoming SWSE game and I need some help preping some potential characters. The DM is going to be rolling in secret for one character to be a Jedi the rest will not (potentially force sensitive later). It will be set during the Jedi Purges.

I have two character concepts I need help with. One for a non-Jedi and one Jedi.

The non-Jedi is a Ubese Bounty Hunter who has a turn of heart after killing a Padawan. She focuses on dual melee weapons (thinking vibroblades), fast hit and run tactics and armour (with modifications). I have a house rule being implemented where she embeds and leaves daggers in enemies to hurt them over time (if there is anything in the actual rules to replicate that it be amazing to hear). Out of character likely to take on either mechanic or scout/survivalist role.

The second is an alternative history to this, either a Balosar or Togruta Padawan who hid while her master killed but in the process died defeating the same Ubese bounty hunter. They take on the Ubese's armour for concealment. Would specialize in force cloak/stealth and dual lightsabers. Not sure what their out of character roll will be yet,

I'm fairly new to SWSE so any help making these characters. Especially starting them off be a big help.

>> No.33831563

Only if done wrong, remember, Lando's operation was INDUSTRIAL carbon freezing jury-rigged for suspended animation.

>> No.33832192

So I had an idea for a good side quest/followup quest for the party if they take the Hutt offer at the end of the adventure in the book.

Tibana gas running from Sleheyron to Ubrikkian

Just not sure what they should run into.

>> No.33832370

imperial customs?
a surprise safety inspection?
hired guns from a rival?

>> No.33832411

Those starfish droid people.

>> No.33832521

On arrival the canisters contain nothing but air.

Guess who gets to be the scapegoat.

>> No.33832742


Or maybe something worse than tibanna gas, like trying to sneak Ryll past an Imperial customs check.

>> No.33832775

They usually ship it impregnated into carbonite.

>> No.33832951 [SPOILER] 
File: 659 KB, 1024x576, 1406949090689.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That's why it has to get shipped out quick, no on-site carbonite freezing facility. Or it's a cover to ship something even more controlled.

>> No.33832986

"Oh, not again."

>> No.33833007


>> No.33833086

Ah good, you've returned. How goes the re-write?

>> No.33833115

Actually, I've been here for a while. I just forgot to type my name in again. Kept contributing to the Ghostbusters Quest.
Rewrite has become subordinate to summer finals season. Which sucks because I've got about one or two pages of revisions to do and then back to writing part two.

>> No.33833148

You do that as well? Groovy.

>> No.33833167

No no no no! I am NOT Ghostmaster! I'm just a playre.

>> No.33833268

Nah, the name thing, I never really join quest threads, though I would like to be in one from the start.

>> No.33833710

Definitely including this in a future Star Wars Top Gear challenge.

>> No.33833750

Refugee, captive, fellow presenter, or all of the above.

>> No.33833768

"Goddamit, Janson! I knew you were desperate, but this is low even for you!"

>> No.33833772

That should've been a question.

>> No.33833809
File: 18 KB, 238x316, Hobbie Klivian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Oh [Neimoidian profanity]. Okay, okay. Wes, Tycho, get on the guns. I'll get back to the cockpit. You can do this, Hobbie. You are a leaf. On. The wind.

>> No.33833845

I'm torn between sad and WANT...

>> No.33833891

Hobbie will always be played by Alan Tudyk in my headcanon.

>tfw the /tg/ dream cast list will never become reality

>> No.33834022
File: 121 KB, 600x923, 22824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just got home from seeing Guardians of the galaxy, which was a good movie and I can pull for my EotE game somewhat, my buddy who is playing Pash is going to borrow heavily from Quill and I can seeit working nicely. Also got a copy of The Star Wars!

>> No.33834152 [SPOILER] 
File: 25 KB, 640x480, 1406952700076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not using the original

>> No.33834552

>fetal position
Tons of stuff uses that, it's a birth metaphor
Duh, who wants to see a naked dude?
>data depository/computer cyborg/android/whatever
Tons of this too. Ein was best, because Ein just doesn't give a fuck about sharing his data

Don't think Melphina was original, but she a well known one due to tg's age, adult swim, and toonami.

>> No.33834602

Girl in a Box in a Space Western

>> No.33835280

Oh god, I rally think the dice gods hate me

I flew echo in a game of x-wing and got one sot killed while stealthed. 5 blank evade dice because I was at range 3 and stealthed.

2 hits and a crit, which was a direct hit.

Corran Horn is too good.

>> No.33835314


You just got Jedi'd.

>> No.33835741

Was Michael Stackpole your opponent by any chance?

>> No.33835819

as is the fate of many other TIE pilots, you are now riding the stackpole, and you have been shown who is the boss

>> No.33835908

I need that screenshot of /tg/ explaining the force. Anyone have it?

>> No.33835930
File: 26 KB, 1322x186, 1406313136558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you are good sir

>> No.33836038

So I'm reading the Han Solo story, The Paradise Snare for the first time now. I read about a Corellian named Dael. In SWG I played a Corellian named Dael as well...Just kinda funny to me. Here I thought I was special. Well Until the TOR comic with Major Dael for a scene until he's killed. Just thought I'd share it with you guys.

>> No.33836083

well, that's an amusing coincidence

>> No.33836174


Hey, at least you know that you're on Star Wars' wavelength.

>> No.33836228
File: 108 KB, 771x500, SLAM Drive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over 9000 hours in HoloSoft Paint.

The Orlando kind of Magic?

>> No.33836424

I wish

>> No.33836962
File: 254 KB, 1280x800, vdaySW1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember really enjoying that series when I read it as a kid, but a friend of mine reread them recently and said the writing is kind of bad. I don't remember enough of the style to say one way or another. Got an opinion on that?

>> No.33837027

I think part of the reason Traviss's Repcom books are better than her other crap is because they fit the era's tone a bit better, where most of the criticism of the Jedi comes from characters with old grudges and those who don't realize the war was entirely purpose-built by papa Palps to fuck over the Jedi's moral compass and leave them disoriented.

Also mostly by people who don't have the specter of the dark side trying to latch its claws into them for acting with passion and therefore can't understand why the Jedi put those restrictions in place. (Or Jusik who is just a decently well balanced guy who would have fit into Luke's order just fine since he got the spirit of the law on emotion down without needing too much dogmatic adherence to the letter.)

AND because she couldn't make the Mandos a goddamn superpower because the Future was already laid out by the OT and old EU stuff, whereas post NJO that wasn't a limit on her. (Also maybe there was a different editor managing the prequels era books than there was in charge of the LotF stuff?)

>> No.33837072

Also she's really bad at dark, so when she got around to the end of Order 66 and all through Impcom she just went full retard trying to be dark by killing people and breaking bonds.Possibly just to prove that she "Could' and wasn't "Too attached" or whatever she imagined would shut her critics up.

>> No.33837390
File: 24 KB, 561x460, Ky'rah Togrutan Colored.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're awesome... I was trying to explain the force IC and how the dark side works... couldn't word it right.

I love that interpretation and made my Clone Wars padawan have that as her final conclusion to the force after surviving TCW and living into the GCW and 1ABY.
Cunt killed Mara Jade. Zahn wrote 8 books with her in it. She wrote 1 and killed her.

>Mara Jade was chosen by IGN as the 19th top Star Wars character.[4] IGN's Jesse Schedeen also listed the character as the top 10th Star Wars hero, noting that she "entered the Expanded Universe early, and she's stuck around for so long because she's just a great character".[5] UGO Networks called the character the seventh top Star Wars Expanded Universe character, calling her complex.

>What happened was Karen Traviss pushed to kill Mara Jade and the rest of the team on LotF disagreed with her. She insisted on it. It was her idea. She never informed Timothy Zahn about this when he was working on a new Mara Jade novel however. It was clear that the rest of the LotF team did not agree with killing Mara Jade and not only did Karen come up with the idea, she insisted on it. The other authors also didn't want Mandalorians involved in LotF but Karen insisted on it.

Long live the Mouse for freeing us of this shit. Mara Jade lives in my heart even if she is never recanonned. She's a legend of the galaxy and her name is on the lips of smugglers and nerf herders everwhere. Traviss ran off butthurt because the new canon has Mando's infighting and going in a direction she didn't want. I am pleased.

>> No.33839318
File: 35 KB, 640x251, 640px-Themostbadasspictureonwookieepedia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33839554

I'm convinced that Tahiri is the only NJO character worth a damn.

>> No.33840578

Wiping out the Hutt monopoly transpatriarchal scum! No matter what happens, it's going to be fun

>> No.33842103

Why doesn't he already have a blaster built-in?

>> No.33842318
File: 1.11 MB, 708x1099, Jedi Mission.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because then you can't whip it out and hold that silenced slugthrower like a gangsta and intimidate the fuck outa some busta whose grinding on your girl!

Little known fact, T3 was known to do that to people who messed with Mission.

>> No.33842796

The kind of magic that makes you taste sounds.

>> No.33842844

Funny story; the idea of a sacrifice of a loved one to become a Sith was Allston's idea. However, he NEVER wanted it to be Mara.

>> No.33843423

I'll say this: that's a terrible picture of mission vao, a twi'lek and in general

>> No.33844058

That's the reason I keep posting it... It's just that bad.

>> No.33844086

Will remember this. We'll have to start talking about this picture in a few threads, takling about how it is the epitome of gud art

>> No.33844909

You must have missed my sith art dump a few threads back. Pure angst, slut, and dual double bladed lightsaber goodness.

>> No.33845112

I did see that, and while the art is stupid and make no sense for Sith, most of it was not objectively bad art, you know? This one looks really bad though

>> No.33845181
File: 109 KB, 699x699, extreme value.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that face
sweet merciful jesus what?

>> No.33845252

Wasn't Denning siding with Traviss on offing Mara?

I know there was one other shitty author behind it.

Like I said her post RotJ books are absolutely awful and she's atrociously fucking Tryhard at "Dark"

>> No.33845371
File: 135 KB, 320x703, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished running Beyond the Rim, EotE module the other night. Great fun, i love this bloody system..

>> No.33845378

How would you rate the balance for those IPV-1s?

>> No.33845597

Just because you can draw a really good high detailed anthropomorphic ponie with dragon wings, rainbow hair, a raging erection and cow tits, 40k las rifle, Fallout vault suit and a set of katanas strapped to it's back doesn't mean your art isn't shit.

>> No.33846068


How did negotiations with the survivors on Cholganna go?

>> No.33846337
File: 132 KB, 900x795, 1404020355620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excellent to hear. I'm starting act 2 of Long Arm of the Hutt tonight, hopefully gonna get through Act 3 as well, and was planning on running Beyond the Rim. Any tips or tricks you used from it that you can grace us with?

>> No.33846510


Heh, I'm running that as well for my online group while one of our Regulars is out camping for three weeks. There's an ex-Imperial Hired Gun who bought a YT-2400 with the intent of going underground and smuggling with it after he found out his old boss was totally corrupt, and then realized he didn't know jack shit about actually operating his own ship beyond shooting the guns, so he hired a Rodian mechanic and a Corellian pilot. And then a Bothan bounty hunter showed up later on Cholganna when he was stranded there by his 'comrades'. So far they've forgotten all about the Sa Nalaor when one of them remembered that Cholganna is the home of the Nexu and those things are crazy valuable on the black market.

>> No.33846551


Have them stumble over the wreckage (either the escape pod or the engine section itself) while hunting Nexu. Then they're all like, "Oh yeah, we were supposed to be looking for that."

>> No.33847215

The only reason Mon Mothma is president and not supreme chancellor of the new republic is because the thrawn trilogy was written before the PT, and so the writers did not know what the highest ranking title of the old republic was, right? Because I remember in really old stuff it refers to Palpatine was president of the old republic

>> No.33847335


They already got into a dog fight with the Nightflyer and some of its friends (A Y-wing that disintegrated to a lucky hit, and a Z-95 that fired a concussion missile up their YT-2400's tailpipe and then later ate a tree), which resulted in them finding a nice flat place to set down to do repairs, which happened to be the far side of the lake the engine section is at. And the Bothan was hanging out near the escape pod and they just happened to find him when they picked it up and went "ohh right this is why we're going here in the first place."

Of course, the fact that they realized after they left the Wheel that none of them actually have the first idea how to go around hunting Nexu probably helped. Nor do they have the kind of equipment to keep one in salable condition after stunning it.

>> No.33847705


I recall that Luke's researching Joruus or something back in Dark Forces Rising and it makes some mention of Palpatine's political career.

>> No.33847722

You shut up about my waifu!

>> No.33847760

So how should I handle starport docking fees and refueling costs? I was thinking of going out of the old Saga book on it but I don't know if there is an easier way.

>> No.33848184

I'm new to star wars RPGs, just played my first round of Age of Rebellion today. What's /tg/'s opinion of the system? I found it quite fun but playing a character with 4 int really took the spotlight off the rest of the group for a large part of the adventure.

>> No.33848308

It's pretty good, a minmaxed character will always outshine everyone in their relevant stat when those fields come up, don't feel bad about it
flat percentage or a flat sum for each region of space, to be docked automaticly every x months

>> No.33848406

Well that's the thing, I just played a starter character droid that was specialized in being a doctor. Game was about boarding an enemy spacecraft, the amount and importance of checks related to astronavigation, computers, mechanics and knowledge was pretty large. Feels like int 4 could be too stronk in many campaigns regardless of what you specialize in.

>> No.33849092


IIRC, Starships of the Galaxy Saga recommends 20 credits per day parking fee, and 50 credits per kilogram per day of fuel.

>> No.33849518

Nah, a good GM will make sure to spread out the difficulties so everyone will have the time to shine, i'm sure next episode you'll be less prominent

>> No.33850414

Get stuck innawoods and you'll be worthless compared to the big game hunter with survival skills and the ability to shot things. You just got to shine because it was a starship related event without much combat or talking.

>> No.33852190
File: 65 KB, 500x666, dude-starwars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33852493

Just got back from Guardians of the Galaxy, and I have to say, Knowhere feels totally like a SW shadowport. Definitely going to keep it in mind for when my PCs want to go somewhere shady.

Anyone else wanting to roll up a Drall Heavy now?

>> No.33852832
File: 931 KB, 1919x1600, 1396554815398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got a problem?

>> No.33852853


>NPC rolls eight triumphs on a charm check

>> No.33853938
File: 240 KB, 600x836, Laughing Jedi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not Diplomancer Has hIs Day

>> No.33854010


You'd think a Diplomancer would know how to not piss off the rest of the party so much.

>> No.33854079
File: 2.00 MB, 400x187, Prank gone too far.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has his moments.

>> No.33855700

You could also argue that the titles of Chancellor and Supreme Chancellor have been so closely associated with Palpatine in the post-Clone era that she wanted a different title to distance herself from his regime.

>> No.33855739


Probably. I mean I sure wouldn't go around calling myself Chancellor.

>> No.33855744


I can buy that. Plus the whole "revivifying the spirit of the Republic" bit, which you could certainly argue Palps murdered.

>> No.33855750


I'll be joining an Edge of the Empire game as a Klatoonian Heavy Hired Gun.

Starting off with boosting Agility to 4, Ranged (Heavy) to 2, Gunnery to 2, and Piloting (Space) to 2. Also purchasing the +2 Wounds, +1 Strain, Burly, and Barrage talents.

Buying the Heavy Blaster Rifle from the Hired Gun splat book (10 Damage, 3 Crit, Long Range, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2).

Here's the kicker....I'm not only the only weapons guy...I'm also the only pilot.

We've got an Aqualish Slicer, a Wookie Doctor, and a Trandoshan Diplomat. None of them bosted stats or bought more than 1 rank in any skill....they all spent their experience in talents. None of them bought weapons either.

In a game where the GM specifically said we'd be facing some hefty combat against both pirates and Imperials.

Did my group just fuck us over?

>> No.33855793


Also, we've only met once as a group, and that was to roll up characters. First actual game session is next weekend.

Should I bail on this group?

I've already heard one player proclaim that his Wookie Doctor is "OMG so kawaii!"

>> No.33855874
File: 54 KB, 490x275, 9mgqz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


All those guys still have at least a 3 in Brawn, so they can at least punch something or beat someone with a wrench. And the Doctor can at least bump up your Agility to 5 in combat and the diplomat can restore your Strain and give you Boost Dice in combat.

I do agree they're putting a lot on your shoulders. Encourage them to spread out a little bit and not just act like frail shmott guys. Not to mention that your ship could use a dedicated pilot so you can man the guns - consider acquiring an astromech at some point to serve as a copilot.



>> No.33855918

>Only heavy
>Only pilot
>Lots of shooty-shooty
Sounds to me like it's your time to shine, chummer. Are you ready to bathe in the glory of battle?

Also, I recommend just talking to your party about their class selections. It's not like it's all bad. A slicer can get you around combat or make things easier by messing with essential security systems, a doctor can go all Ton Phanan on enemies, and a diplomancer can convince pirates to work for you.

>> No.33856069


None of them exactly have the stats or the skills to do well though. They may be able to get by...But they didn't actually buy any skills, just took the free ones.

And after our Wookie player declared his wookie to be "so kawaii"....I'm afraid.

I'm well and truly afraid.

>> No.33856148


I've also played with our GM before.

Both Call of Cthulu and Dark Heresy.

He is not afraid to take advantage of our party's weaknesses.

He rolls out in the open, never fudges dice, and never tones things down or ratchets things up difficulty wise.

But he will exploit our party's weaknesses and continue to do so until we learn to cover for those weaknesses.

CoC had no less than 10 full party wipes in a 1 year campaign. DH had 2 in a 1 year campaign.

He's an amazing story-teller and can shut down a rules-lawyer in mere seconds, but....I have a bad feeling about this.

>> No.33856151


I don't think it's hopeless, but it may not be easy, either. I'd also talk to the GM about having lots of alternate methods for getting around encounters than just shooting through. That will let the Diplomat and Slicer shine.

>> No.33856227

Did they at least invest heavily into upgrading their base stats? Chargen in EotE heavily encourages squeezing as much XP as you can into increasing your dice pools. Skills and shit can come later.

Also, since your medic's a Wookiee, you can at least use your guns to suppress the enemy long enough for Doctor Furball to flank and practice Olympic Speed Vivisection. The Slicer can probably fuck with environmental controls, security systems, the party's IDs, and nearby turrets to ease things along.

>> No.33856247


Remind him (and don't forget yourself) that Star Wars is by definition, a NobleBright setting. Especially in EotE, where there's a definite mechanical bias towards success. PC death is not a usual outcome of a conflict, and combat is not the only form of conflict. Remember Ernalda's teachings - "There is always another way."

>> No.33856254



All xp went into buying talents

>> No.33856286


At least they have the standard statlines for their races, which are more combat-oriented. I do feel sorry for that Trando with 1 Presence, though.

>> No.33856301
File: 24 KB, 494x278, outsmart bullet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I have yet to see person who can outsmart blaster. Play it safe and if necessary, run the fuck away. Or see how the first session goes at least, then gather with your party to discuss backup sheets and rerolling.

>> No.33856330


I'm not expecting PC death.

I am expecting capture, additional obligation, botched jobs, and general life being hell.

I mean, if one our diplomancer had been human, and not a walking ball of lizard hate-rage, we could probably easily get by with diplomancing the Imperials.

And something tells me our diplomancer is also going to try and sell our doctor into slavery.

Call it a hunch.

>> No.33856376


I fully plan on putting the Long Range on my Heavy Blaster Rifle (the one from the Dangerous Covenants splat book) to use. That thing's almost a one-shot kill on anything but a Nemesis character.

I'm going to beg and plead for a Firespray...at least that way I can fly and not have to rely on them for gunnery.

>> No.33856408
File: 195 KB, 1024x778, PalpysPatiencePlaysPrecariouslyPaper-thin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aqualish Slicer
Well, he can hack stuff and make combat easier, avoid it, or make you tons of money. He can also screw up and hurt everyone.
>Wookiee Doctor
Doest thou not Wookiee Stack?
Sorry, not using my one image to post an image about this... but wookiees can be absolute beasts if statted right. Although in Galaxies, Wookiees are a joke race, so it was fun to tell noobs to make a wookiee because they're stronger then use a stacking build and fight people without armor When a human resists 80% of the damage you do wearing armor, and the game didn't have armor for wookiees at launch, wookiees got pasted often..

As a Doctor is he going to be rubbing berries and aloe on you to heal?

>Trandoshan Diplomat
This one confuses the hell out of me. Why would a Trandoshan be a diplomat? Do they have some good fluff for ways their Trando thinks through discussion they get Jagannath points?

>None of them bosted stats
>they all spent their experience in talents
So.... your number one priority is survival. Let them realize just how bad not purchasing stats with starting xp is by way of death. If you can, suggest to them that more dice, even if green, is ALWAYS superior, and ALWAYS helpful where as those talents can be purchased after their first mission or two.

If the GM is new I'd also through out a suggestion of telling him to add 50xp to be used AFTER character generation so they can buy their special talents that they might want.

If that doesn't work.... survive.

>> No.33856456

>>Trandoshan Diplomat
>Give usss the hossstage and we sssstrafe you!
>Don't you mean "or"?

>> No.33856467

Wookies. Not even once.

>> No.33856497

Okay, they're doing it wrong.

I wish the game was clearer about this, but there's every incentive to spend as much of your starting XP on stats as possible. Talents and skills should only be taken with the leftovers.

>> No.33856547


It's the first thing I tell peeps when they make characters or when they come for advice in these threads. Every time.

Only in niche cases, do you not want to do it, and even then it's usually still a bad idea.

>> No.33856691
File: 114 KB, 868x663, later_days_of_luke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really, you should take obligation to further boost a stat rather than get talents or skills... but that can be going a little too far into the optimization builds. If you blow 90 of 100 or 110 xp on stats and the rest on skills or base talents you'll be fine.

4 Int means you're not only knowledgeable about mechanics and astronavigation, but you know a thing or two about underworlds and the rims. Throwing 4 green is still better than throwing 2 yellow and the 25 xp invested into it when it's not a class skill and you're at 2 int.

I'd show the group the page where it says you cannot spend xp on stats after generation. Highlight it if you have to.

>You want to give me more money and become a Ssslave
>What? I just paid you more than enough to deliver that holovid to my neighbor
>Money, Ssslave. Get in the bag!
>Go space yourself...
>Why doess thhhiss alwaysss happen?

>> No.33856874


It was plenty clear to me. But when I realized we weren't going to have a pilot, I had to scramble to get points into Piloting (Space) so we don't get pasted trying to fly away.

I ended up spending...35 on skills and 25 on talents...And that was to specialize in flying and shooting. The extra I put into talents were to help me soak damage and strain and allow me to sling around my gun a bit better through burly.

I had planned on combat armor + mini-gun blaster....shred all who oppose me in a hail of blaster fire ala Terminator and shrug off shots like it's nothing.

But that idea may have been tanked.

>> No.33856904

Personally, I prefer to take the money from obligation. 2500 credits is a lot.

Depends on the character though.

>> No.33856934


It really does depend on the character. A full pilot or politico doesn't need the cash, they need a 4 in Agility or Presence. A tech-oriented character or a weapon-oriented character wants the extra dosh, though.

>> No.33857034
File: 232 KB, 800x600, 144814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not needing cash
I bet you fly cheap shit like Pinooks and C-73 Trackers, too. Or the Spacia Sandero.

>> No.33857071


At chargen, you rapscallion. Is 2500 credits worth of leather seating really going to help when the Imperials try to shoot you down?

>> No.33857113
File: 5 KB, 184x184, 1370281710854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is 2500 credits worth of leather seating really going to help when the Imperials try to shoot you down

No, but awesome leather does have utility. You know that Russian SUV with seats covered in whale penis leather? The back seats three but if you work the propshaft, it seats five.

>> No.33857347
File: 808 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Very well, they actually managed to successfully make a negotiation check (against captain Harsols 5 red) to trade medical supplies for some of the survivors research..

Well...one of my female PCs were given a personal shielding device. She received it as a gift from Cal, the ISP agent, who was working undercover as a member of The Wheel security. What the PC also didnt know was that the shielding device is also a long range tracking device, so she can lead the Empire right too the location of the survivors...if the PC's manage to find them.

Intense drama ensued when that ISP agent arrived with scout troopers and thanked the PC for assisting...needless to say Captain Harsol and the remaining survivors felt very betrayed...

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