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Wizards, Knights, Bards, token NPCs, anything.
Dump your character art here!

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bump? ;~;

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Looking for character art eh?

Shoulda been here a few days ago. full threads of art

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Knights you say!

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Wizards too!

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Bards? I think this is my only one.

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But I have lots of Token NPCs!

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One everything, coming up.

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Like this dude. He can either be an edgelord player, or the token "bad guy fighter dude."

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Here, have something nonsensical

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More everythings

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I'm fresh out of everything, here's a wizard with an enourmous hat

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average slanesh marine.

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And a knight with an enourmous shield.

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Desert ambushers. Perfect NPCs

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A rogue, or a dextrous fighter, your pick.

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A pair of Town Guards. Rather easy to describe.

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I'll try to fill any requests for the next hour or so.

Though I've still got a pretty big chunk I need to sort through, so I'll be doing that at the same time, I guess.

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A trader from a foreign land

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I've been spending too much time in art threads lately. everything I see I either already saved or brought here myself in the first place. Oh well.

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Does anybody have any pictures that fit some of the following?
>female character
>braided hair
>eastern-styled armor and weapons
>lightly armored

gonna post some other stuff in the meantime

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Sorry, no.

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That is ridiculously awesome.

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woops, >>33800285 meant to quote >>33800247

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instead of wasting a valuable image reply with a reaction image, just know that I would use my happiest one here

also have a random character

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Glad someone liked it! And now for a Blacksmith's apprentice who wants to be a hero.

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Oh yeah, if anyone has any gladiator-looking types, I'd be much obliged if you could post them.

I don't have anything quite matching that description, but I'll post the closet things I have.

Here's one without the braided hair...

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Here's one that's not especially Eastern...

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Here's another one sans braided hair that I just got to sorting.

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oh, best I add I'm looking for a fairly grounded style too, something similar to this except with the stuff I said

will continue slowly dumping

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Dynotopia: Journey to Chandara?

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You can get a lot of characters by cutting this piece up

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They're planing to have centaurs in the game? I didn't know.

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>Oh yeah, if anyone has any gladiator-looking types

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>tfw I almost bought this miniature

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Like, a woman with light armor, a gladius, and a small shield would be absolutely perfect, but anything in that vague field is good.

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Any monks out there?

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I can do monks.

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I have that one, but with the helmet.

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One more, then I've got to run. I'll be back in a couple hours.

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Why the Boston Terrier?

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Alright, hm...
Any more NPCs of any variety?

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First thing I thought: Oh, holy shit, that's banner saga!

Second thing I thought: Wait what the fuck are there centaurs in Banner saga?

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Any body got art for a Gnome Cavalier?

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Does anyone have male rogues? Specifically, I'm looking for the image of the brown-haired rogue with the weird beard — it was like a beard of vertical stripes of hair.

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Yeah, they are mentioned in early dialogue. They are the Horseborn. They ended up not making it into the first game. Hopefully we can have them in the second one?

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>dost thou even lift?

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Anybody got any good norseman/viking pics?

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like this?

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noice. I only really have this one

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Might wanna look into Banner Saga

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iron age barbarian with a greatsword, looking regretful

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This one?

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That's it! Thank you, kind anon.

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ty, as close as i can expect from just asking for already made pictures

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I should. Actually, what I should do is I should fucking finish playing it, lol. Bretty fun but I stopped right at the bellower bossfight. Saw that shit and I was like 'awwww fuck no'.

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requesting women in wizard hats

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Dunno if hoods or tiaras would count for what you want so I'll try helping with this >>33801228

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Any specific races or themes anyone wants to request?

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18th Century Sailors. Or just Fantasy + Muskets and Flintlocks

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Can do

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These are close enough that I doubt most people will care. Historically accurate character art is hard enough to come by, anyways.

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Thank you, kind anon.

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No problem, buddy

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Also people with masks, like wesley from the princess bride less so to full masks but I'll take whatever

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I can try.

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How about this? I'm trying to avoid reposting stuff I put in the threads from a couple days ago but I doubt it would really matter at this point.

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Don't know whether any of these are what you were looking for, anon

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>implying she isn't a necromancer
It's like you don't even thank the charter. Back over the wall with you.

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Requesting young male priests. I've had a hard time finding any.

>> No.33805472

How about this?

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Much appreciated.

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reminds me of secret of kells

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>Wayne Reynolds
Not even once

Also does anyone else not like using MTG art?

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I love using it.

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If anyone has some black knight art, I'd appreciate it. Double points if he's holding a greatsword, or a lance on horseback.

Warriors with tower shields would also be handy.

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How do you guys sort your character art? I've been hoarding images for quite a while and I still struggle to find the picture I want from time to time.

I sort by theme (fantasy, modern, cyberpunk, etc), then by class/occupation/faction, then by gender.

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Theme > Species > Gender > Clothing (No armor/light to medium armor/heavy armor)

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Requesting male witches or passable as witches

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>white girl tries to bring back slavery

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Isn't a male witch a Warlock?

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Nope, as I understand it the word is misused and is supposed to mean oathbreaker or something. I mean a witch from like pathfinder.

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Does anyone have a young middle-eastern woman, or Egyptian if you want to be more specific, in modern clothing?

>> No.33808040

not even real life has that

>> No.33808093


Fuckin' lold at that. Nice one, anon.

>> No.33808135

Of middle-eastern/Egyptian descent, then.
Or the closest thing you may have. I'm not too picky.

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Anyone got a picture of an old man missing an eye?

>> No.33809225

Does this work?

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Mogun and Hogun are the best right after Ekkil

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Requesting an female ice mage.

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I personally prefer Rook because he's just a nice guy.

>> No.33815826

On my home computer I have a vast collection of female character art, I'm almost certain I have one with the right weapon. but alas I am on my laptop so you'll have to make do with this one

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I love this elf monk, wish I was able to find more of that category

>> No.33815980

Well looks like her anyways. I love that gal.

>> No.33816074

I much prefer cassandra to sophitia actually

>> No.33816128

Anyone got 40k generic Marines, either side, or Guardsmen or the like? AdMech welcome too.
Here you go.

>> No.33816423

Ivy from SC 2, when she had nice boobs not those monstrosities they gave her later

>> No.33816449

forgot pic

>> No.33816508

I still remember watching a french movie called 'Les pact les loupes' (Brotherhood of the wolf) where the badguy had a sword similar to Ivy I found it awesome.

Not long after Soul Calibur 2 came out, I saw the trailer and got the game. I always played with Ivy untill I got too annoyed with her tits and outfit (right around SC4) did not even bother getting SC5.

Yet when I was at a friends house and I tried her I still instantly knew most of her moves.

Nowadays if I play Soul Calibur it's SC2 and I alternate between Ivy and Cassandra.

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Best Black Knight

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>> No.33816737


Forgot picture

>> No.33816916


Exactly what I needed. Thank you!

>> No.33817369

Any gnoll love?

>> No.33819973

Anyone have any decrepit and insane looking androids?

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>> No.33820289

Lookin' for halflings!

Preferably with big coats and/or shit tons of pockets! Mechanics get bonus points!

>> No.33820860

I think he's look way better without a bow or hatchet.
I mean, he's a fucking glowy skeleton thing. That's badass. The bow and hatchet makes it seem like he isn't all that badass.

>> No.33820946

You should just admit you like her and her looks instead of forcing yourself to like "proper" things.

>> No.33821099

I like her looks, especially her secondary outfits.

But her tits have gotten to the point of being silly.

>> No.33821293

The blackest

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>> No.33821395

Don't forget the alternate!

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>> No.33822019

>> No.33822052

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An ant would say: 'What is that, a picture for amoeba?'

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>> No.33822282

>> No.33822316

>> No.33822358

>> No.33825744

Got a request if anyone has anything that fits the description

Human Cleric Male
Stocky, middle aged, bearded
Warhammer & chainmail

>> No.33827163

At image limit

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>> No.33827271

See he's an example of an edgelord done right. Your typical edgelord wouldn't banner a stag they'd go for a wolf, he wouldn't have muddy blond hair but hair as silver as the moon, and he sure as fuck wouldn't wield an axe but rather dual wield katanas made from the spines of his dead parents

>> No.33827456

Because they're super cute, very quiet, and stand-fastedly loyal.

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