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this place

filled with the weak

the invalid

the dying

you do not seek retribution

instead you stand here with the other weeds and bemoan the injustice that has occurred


this is why you will be the next to fall

>Thread archive:

>Branches known thus far:



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>Aaaaaaand Mina's standing here out in the hallway. She looks pretty distraught, and right next to her is-

>"Theresa?" I gasp.

"I didn't know you were going to be here so early, isn't school still in?" I ask.

Just to be sure that I'm not mistaken, I check the clock on my phone... and yeah, there's like an hour and a half left before school lets out.

"Umm, yeah," Theresa shrugs. I ducked out right after you called, and I've been here ever since."
"I wasn't expecting -her- to show up," Mina says, glancing at Theresa, "but I guess Andy would be happy to know that she's here too."

I really hope they weren't fighting in the hospital.

"This is Andy's room, right?" I ask. "How's he doing?"
"Stable," Mina sighs. "They did a long surgery to reattach his tongue and they need to do followups once they replace all the blood he lost, but right now he's resting."
"Was he awake for any of it?"
"I don't think so," she shakes her head. "They have him doped up pretty good because of the pain and everything."

>mention that charlotte's boss is paying for his hospital bills first
>mention the mafia thing first
>talk about something else first

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>>mention that charlotte's boss is paying for his hospital bills first

Good (?) news first?

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> mention that charlotte's boss is paying for his hospital bills first
Don't have to worry about how he's going to pay for it, and it should help put them at ease about their intentions: if they were really bad guys why would they go out of the way to make sure a friend of a friend of a friend was okay?

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This, I guess.

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Why is Overshine such a dick?
Pls no bully

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We just have to word in a way that doesn't cause Mina to get even more suspicious. She's shadowrunning the hardest out of all of us and that specific of a reason may not cut it. Otherwise we can just wait for Charlotte to arrive to explain everything more clearly.

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>mention that charlotte's boss is paying for his hospital bills first

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To recruit CC. Duh. Gauthier said as much.

He also said he has a personal reason behind helping Branch victims. Probably related to the fire that burned his house down which we should ask Char about sometime.

Why is CC such a dick to herself? She secretly self-loathing.

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>mention that charlotte's boss is paying for his hospital bills first

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>mention the mafia thing first

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Should probably add that he has his own reasons for this.

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>She's shadowrunning the hardest out of all of us
>Implying this is a bad thing.
Paranoia is your friend, it keeps you alive.

Go read the ask.fm and look how arch wants us to DESPAIR!

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Yeah, but he will always have the upper hand.

He let slip that Mina was already crushing on us prior to the Quest, meaning that Cecile is going to crush at least two hearts whatever she do.

The guy is a monstrous dick, but then again turtle dicks are a sight to behold.

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Talk about not splitting the group.

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He wants a yo-yo of despair. Charlotte or Irene being secretly evil isn't a yo-yo. It's cutting the string off and flinging it into hell.

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>He let slip that Mina was already crushing on us prior to the Quest,
You think he let that slip? It's obvious from reading the story and the fact that she's a route choice.

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No, I'm saying there was no reason to have her be in wuv with us from the start.

We could have seduced her.

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Crushes aren't wuv.

I was sure of it when Mina admitted to secretly watching CC in the locker room all the time. That and when she bitched about CC crushing on Char and lusting for her ex. There were probably earlier signs.

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Really, arch's quests are full of awkward girls who won't admit that they like us and then feel bad when most forward girl win.

We should go for Theresa to teach Charlotte and Mina a lesson more than anything else.

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With this and the fact Theresa's crushing on us now, I get the feeling that whatever fight she and Mina had that caused them to break up was over us.

And since Theresa took it the hardest yet was the one who apologized, I'm much more convinced that was the case.

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I hope Theresa wins, I mean I like Charlotte as a character but I don't wish her to be a waifu, she's better off as a friend

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> I get the feeling that whatever fight she and Mina had that caused them to break up was over us.

No, it was because Theresa thought the Track team was more important than her girlfriend, you retard.

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To be fair, both Mina and Charlotte have good reasons for not admitting they like Cecile.

Mina has the whole thing with Theresa to get over.
Charlotte has having almost no human contact to get over and the fact that she doesn't actually live in this town.

That's... farfetched. They were in a relationship and arch said Theresa's waifu used to be Mina.

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we do have a small crush on charlotte, but mostly it's just cute girls doing cute things, but with theresa, it's totally girlfriend material for CC to me

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I feel the same way about Theresa. The only solution is to friendzone them both.

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Or we can just have a long vicious war over which one is best.

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Mai waifu > You're waifu
War's over, everybody go home.

>> No.33761103

Yeah, but your waifu a shit.
See, the war never ends.

>> No.33761114

No, we need to have a 500+ posts involving a flame war over imaginary women.

>> No.33761123

See but both your waifus are shit compared to my waifu.

>> No.33761143

Where do you think you are?

>> No.33761159

500+ sounds a little on the small side.

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These are the best wars.

Except maybe for archelon. The previous one left him shell-shocked.

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In a thread with someone trying to samefag a waifu war into existence? He's getting bites too.

Fucking quests.

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This is important.

As a player in control of an imaginary woman, I want her to choose the correct imaginary woman and that woman is Theresa

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"So it's just you two here right now?" I ask. "What about Marcus? Or Andy's parents?"
"Yeah, it's just us," Mina replies. "My parents had to go to work and Marcus has class. He'll be back later, though."
"And Andy's parents?"
"They moved to Florida right after he graduated, he's the only one in his family left in this area," she shrugs. "My parents tried to get a hold of them so they can find out how his hospital bills are gonna get paid... Marcus says that he's working off the books at that club so it's not like he has insurance."

...oh yeah, I should probably mention that now.

"About that," I begin, "Charlotte's boss said that he'd take care of Andy's hospital bills."
"What!?" Mina gasps. "You're serious!?"
"...but why would he do that?" Theresa asks. "Her boss is that Gauthier guy, right? He doesn't know any of us..."

>what should I say?

>> No.33761250

You mean Charlotte.

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No, I spelt Theresa right

>> No.33761275

Charlotte said he has personal reasons for stopping Branch casualties. I didn't ask, but it probably has to do with that fire that burnt down his house.

That and he wants me to think well of him so I'll work with him. It's working.

>> No.33761286


"He's apparently pretty sympathetic to Branch incident victims, but mostly he see it as a show of good will to rally me over."

But as a 16 yo would say it.

>> No.33761289


"He hates when innocent people get involved in this sort of thing, which leads me into the next piece of news..." Then explain the possible mob connection.

>> No.33761295

Tell them what we were told.

>> No.33761305

>Charlotte or Irene being secretly evil isn't a yo-yo. It's cutting the string off and flinging it into hell.
That is roughly the equivalent of saying lingerie is extreme hardcore fetish material.

>> No.33761310

He wants us to think better of him and he doesn't like Branch casualties.

>> No.33761311

> "He has a history with people getting hurt by Branches, and because Charlotte asked him to."

>> No.33761332

I am hoping for Mina or Theressa as they are the only ones I trust.

>> No.33761345

"Well...This is complicated." (check to see if we can talk with out being over heard) Who ever made Andy do this to himself, seem to be a rival to Gauthier and he seems to be a nicer guy than he lets on." Then give them the details.

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You can trust Theresa to fuck up with her vigilante stuff, that's for sure.

>> No.33761401

I'm trying to read your post but I am distracted by your gerbil.

>> No.33761405

Because he knows bout my branch be bitching, so he be bad so I be his bitch.

>> No.33761426

She probably won't fuck up as long as we're her waifu.

>> No.33761439

I trust her, she may cause problems but won't betray us, and as long as we don't trust someone and get betrayed by them, I am ok.

>> No.33761460

Too bad we're not gonna be her waifu.
We're going to get her and Mina to get back together.

>> No.33761464

This, as well as the fact that romancing Charlotte involves telling her the truth about the book, which might fuck everyone else over in the long run.

>> No.33761470

We are both fairly high power level.

Besides I respect Theresa for actively trying to make the world a better place.We need more of that.

>> No.33761493

That ship sailed you moron. Theresa wants to be her friend again but she has no interest in getting back together with her.

That goes double for Mina, since she finally wants to be civil with her at least

>> No.33761501

Whatever he said...I think.

No but seriously tell them it is basically a honeypot. I think that is what he said.

>> No.33761531

That ship could come back to its old harbor. See how Theresa rushed to Mina's side today? There's a chance.

>> No.33761535

>Implying that bridge didn't burn.

I'll consider it a massive success if we can get Mina to be civil with Theresa in ordinary circumstances.

>> No.33761542

I really shouldn't do this while cooking at the same time, it makes both take longer.


>> No.33761556

Because we were going to be there anyway stupid.

She wanted to be there in support for both of us.

>> No.33761564

Dude, I want whatever drugs you are on, these painkillers are nice but shit man that has to be some powerful stuff.

>> No.33761583

What'cha cookin, Arch?

>> No.33761588

you just really love burning spaghetti don't you?

>> No.33761597

Well don't burn your food.

>> No.33761598

That completely explains why she skipped school to get to Mina ASAP. Right.

>> No.33761601

>Friend that you want to reconcile with is at the hospital with friend that you have a boner for.

Is there a reason that she shouldn't have gone? Theresa said herself that she had no interest in getting back together with Mina. And Mina especially has no fucking interest.

>> No.33761626

Did you forget that we told her we're going to the hospital or are you being retarded right now?

>> No.33761635

They're crying wrecks over each other to this day. There's a chance they could overcome their current hostility and get back with each other, for sure.

>> No.33761644

>Dude chops his fucking tongue off.
>Go to the hospital so people don't feel like shit.
>She must be trying to get into her panties.

>> No.33761675

We didn't tell her we were going right that moment.

More like she still cares about Mina a lot. That could lead to her wanting to get into her panties later. Just not now.

>> No.33761684

It was more of anger on Mina's side and self esteem issues on Theresa's side. Which make me want to spoil Theresa until she gets a better view of herself.

>> No.33761688

>They're crying wrecks over each other to this day
Mina didn't care to reconcile with her and Theresa just felt bad about screwing everything up. They both acknowledge there's no way they're going to be able to fix their relationship.

Mina especially does not want to get back together with Theresa. She emphasized this point.

>> No.33761702

Are you burning the spaghetti again Archelon?

>> No.33761716

Uh... did you miss the fact that Theresa was on good terms with Andy before the breakup?

CAPTCHA: lewdsm but
Not now, CAPTCHA. We're being serious.

>> No.33761718

You must have gotten a horrible education to lack basic reading comprehension.

>> No.33761721

>Which make me want to spoil Theresa until she gets a better view of herself.

She's starting to get a better view of herself since we find her attractive.

>> No.33761727

Well it would be fitting considering everything is up in flames right now.

>> No.33761742

Well we need to do more of this.

>> No.33761747

The way we told her could be assumed that we were heading to the hospital asap.

>> No.33761752

Time heals all wounds. Mina is hurt and lashing out right now. It's definitely possible that she could get over it.


>> No.33761762

Rolled 6

"Charlotte asked him to. Mostly as a favor to me, but still."

>> No.33761782

>Time heals all wounds.
If you really believe this and are not trolling then I envy your naive optimism.

>> No.33761805

>Time heals all wounds.
Its been a year. No it doesn't.

>Mina is hurt and lashing out right now
She's getting over it, but she said herself that she doesn't want to date Theresa anymore. Get this through your head.

>It's definitely possible that she could get over it.
She is getting over it. But she's not going to jump on Theresa's minge just because she showed her support at the hospital

>> No.33761808

I believe it as far as anime-inspired quests go.

>> No.33761834


>> No.33761957

I just realized this is like madoka before episode 3.

>> No.33761986

It's not. Arch wants us to have happy moments between the despair because he thinks it makes the despair worse. Madoka just got worse the entire time.

>> No.33762007

"Well Charlotte said that he's sympathetic to when stuff like this happens to normal people," I say, "and because Charlotte asked him to, I guess. I mean, he is rich and all."
"You know he's probably only doing this because he wants to get on your good side, right?" Mina asks.
"Probably," I shrug. "But he's willing to help Andy so I don't really care."
"As long as you don't get caught up in anything else because of this," Theresa says, scowling.

I was expecting Mina to be paranoid about this, but Theresa too?


>> No.33762091

>"As long as you don't get caught up in anything else because of this," Theresa says, scowling.

I am having a heart attack.

>> No.33762252


"My parents will be happy to hear about this, though," Mina sighs. "They were prepared to pay for the reattachment surgery themselves."
"Really?" I ask.
"Yeah, they couldn't just leave him to spiral into debt just because his job's run by a bunch of assholes. That's probably why rhey gave him that bonus too, to make him cool with the whole off-the-books thing," she says, shaking her head.
"Speaking of which..." I mumble. "I, um... have some news about that too."
"About what?" Theresa asks.

They're so going to freak out about this... I honestly don't want to say anything to upset them too much, but it's not like I can keep them in the dark about it.

Might as well bite the bullet.

"...Charlotte told her boss about what happened to Andy so he went digging around," I say.
"What, he found something?" Theresa asks.
"Yeah," I nod. "Apparently stuff like that's happened a bunch of times in the past, umm... mostly related to cases involving..." I trail off.
"Involving what?"
"...the mafia?"

Mina's jaw drops to the floor, and Theresa... she looks like she wants to kill something.


>> No.33762314

>Mina's jaw drops to the floor, and Theresa... she looks like she wants to kill something.

Overshine is starting to like Theresa,

In all serious though, this is probably the right reaction.

>> No.33762323

maaaybe we should have given them the bad news first

>> No.33762344

>Mina's jaw drops to the floor, and Theresa... she looks like she wants to kill something.
In order to keep Theresa from going after the mafia, we have to fuck her until she's too tired to move.

>> No.33762370

Rolled 4

Yes, let's

>> No.33762410

Go ahead and let her. Maybe Charlotte and her will meet that way. If they don't meet at the hospital.

They're going to hate each other.

>> No.33762542

I think Charlotte's orders are to keep looking for the book, I don't think she is on a seek and destroy mission.

>> No.33762715

I have some suggestions if you need to think of ways to do so.

>> No.33762718

Yeah, and she's going to keep looking by having animals watch the mafia.

Even if Gauthier did want to wipe out their presence, he's not going to risk one of his best agents without backup.

>> No.33762793

Wait. Char is coming. Char has city wide sense:dendrites. She does not know about Theresa.

Come on anon. Plan a little.

>> No.33762796


"Charlotte thinks that Andy said something to Marcus that someone at his work didn't want to get out and it caused a Branch power to- Theresa, where're you going?" I call out.
"To that club where he worked, where the hell else?" Theresa shouts. "I'm gonna go there and find out who's behind this," she says, reaching into her pocket, "and then I'm gonna..."
"Cut it out," Mina says. "I'm even more pissed than you are, but that's no reason to go and get yourself killed. Instead of running off like a retard, we need to figure out what do do nex-"

Mina's cut off by the sound of someone calling out from down the hall.

"Cecile~! Minaa!"
"Huh?" Theresa squints to see who it is... and of course it's
"Charlotte?" I say, turning to her.

>introduce her to theresa right now
>get to the important stuff
>talk about something else

>> No.33762830

Actually it does not matter because she likely knows of Theresa already with her wide sensory radius.

>> No.33762838

>introduce her to theresa right now

>> No.33762840

>>get to the important stuff

haha, too late. and Char's range is only Long, not Massive

>> No.33762861

I don't really care about those options but go with Theresa, if she goes off to do something.

Gotta keep our battle buddy alive.

>> No.33762867

>[x] Introduce her to theresa right now

Char is the best. She can even pronounce ~

>> No.33762873


>> No.33762883

Oh boy here we go, moment I've been waiting for.

>> No.33762899

>introduce her to theresa right now


>> No.33762901

I read it as that annoying upward ascending thing that some females do.

>> No.33762903

Eventually we need to come clean re: Theresa. Char knows we have a book. But she is too nice to force it out of us. Or too devious.

>> No.33762908

Weeeeeell shit.

>>get to the important stuff

>> No.33762909

>"I'm gonna go there and find out who's behind this," she says, reaching into her pocket, "and then I'm gonna..."
hey, remember that dream we had a while ago...

>introduce her to theresa right now
oh god oh god

>> No.33762927

>introduce her to theresa right now

>> No.33762929

>introduce her to theresa right now
Theresa, this is Charlotte. She makes frilly dresses.
Charlotte, this is Theresa. She likes frilly dresses.
You two should fuck or something.

>> No.33762933

And I cannot get the Minnaaaa! from AA2 out of my mind.

Think Theresa will be supper jelly over Char?

>> No.33762940

>introduce her to theresa right now

>> No.33762943

>hey, remember that dream we had a while ago...
Make sure Theresa knows to do the double tap.

Also our optical slaaneshi defense thing could cover her from the doritos.

>> No.33762960

I try to say "~" but then my balls vibrate like a fire alarm to remind me that I am a non-gay male, and I cannot do it.

>> No.33762963

>introduce her to theresa right now
Please calm down my idiot friend.

>> No.33762988

>introduce her to theresa right now
But do it in a way that implies how much we like her, for example do it while hugging Theresa from behind so we can feel that ass.

>> No.33763022


>> No.33763034

>introduce her to theresa right now

>> No.33763041

>introduce her to theresa right now

Shouldn't Theresa have noticed Charlotte coming in time to clear out?
They have like equally large sensory range right?

>> No.33763050

>>introduce her to theresa right now
Quick a distraction

>> No.33763057

>introduce her to theresa right now
We're about to get a lot more suspicious. What are the chances that two friends both getting a branch normally?

>> No.33763062

>introduce her to theresa right now

That reminds me, I have a question.

What happens if two Branch users cross someone's detection radius nearly simultaneously? Are they identifiable as multiple pings, or do they just kinda blend together?

How about no.

>> No.33763073

>introduce her to theresa right now
While getting flirty with Theresa, should do a good job defusing the situation.

>> No.33763078

What do you think Theresa was doing when she learned that CC has a secret crush?

>> No.33763090

Yes, but how long is "Long"? Doesn't CC basically need to be on top of someone to detect them? I'm probably exaggerating a little, since I don't recall how far she needs to be, but I don't believe hers was very far at all.

>> No.33763091


>> No.33763102

I like this but lets go with the one arm over the shoulder thing instead.

>> No.33763127

Yes. Do it with Char.

>> No.33763130

I would be ok with CC getting on top of someone.

>> No.33763278

No, because Char will think we're a weird lesbian sexualizing her friendship

>> No.33763340

Like Theresa?

>> No.33763348

I meant like right now, in the hospital. They both have to have sensed each other by now right?

Unless Theresa is pulling some bullshit with her branch to not trigger synapses, which isn't out of the realm of possibility.

>> No.33763381

Are you saying we aren't?

>> No.33763386

No because while Theresa likes us like that, she actually put it out there and let us know she likes us.

>> No.33763389

I meant Theresa already triggered the Theresea-Char synapse a long time ago when she was trying to scout out Char.

>> No.33763446

But you still trigger a synapse whenever you enter someone else's range. Even if it's someone you've triggered it with beforehand.

>> No.33763499

Dammit, I need to pay more attention to the stupid Synapse thing! Theresa too, there's no way that either one of them should be able to catch me by surprise!

...well Theresa can, but the point remains.

"Hey Charlotte," I say, waving to her. "Umm, this is my friend Theresa," I say, pointing to her. "Theresa, this is Charlotte."
"Umm, hey," Theresa mumbles.
"Oh, you're the one who she was talking to on the phone earlier?" Charlotte asks.
"Yeah," she replies. "...so you're the one who's been 'looking after' Cecile lately?"
"Yes," Charlotte nods.


>> No.33763501

Not as strongly. They both know they triggered each other's synapse, but we can't see it.

>> No.33763528

Perhaps she thought it was us and not her.

>> No.33763549

weather forecast: high chance of spaghetti

>> No.33763552

You know as well as I do Char knows about Theresa and the book.

>> No.33763564

Rolled 8

Literally everyone things we're dating this girl.
I love it

>> No.33763574

Theresa went from ready to shank a nigga to shy in seconds. Where's your confidence now, girl?

>> No.33763586

and then ready to shank another nigga from jealousy

>> No.33763601

Poor Char. First she got the Allison treatment. Now she will get an equivalent jealous lesbian treatment.

>> No.33763607

Rolled 3

Stop rolling 8 or I'll roll a damn 14 and rek you

>> No.33763643

Rolled 1

What's your problem with the number eight?

>> No.33763649

Skynoodles are an ill omen. Hopefully things don't get much worse.

>> No.33763651

I thought the flirting with Theresa introduction won.

>> No.33763668

Could you guys get new images and not just repeat the same ones in each thread?

>> No.33763672


>> No.33763682

Why the fuck would CC start flirting with Theresa in front of Charlotte?

>> No.33763684


I dunno, pastries falling from the sky were a good thing that one time for the Israelites.

>> No.33763692

I made a new image

>> No.33763693

Mana is not pastry.

>> No.33763697

Look at this faggot, he isn't even gay for dicks.

>> No.33763700

>been 'looking after' Cecile
>implying implications
This... could get interesting

>> No.33763722

At least Turtle did not write a surprise plot twist with Char being the internet troll that keeps on trolling Theresa.

>> No.33763743


Well Charlotte claims she isn't interested in us, so she won't get jealous, right?

>> No.33763756


>> No.33763757

To make the two of them spaghetti. It would make Charlotte embarrassed and Theresa would get flustered and happy at the same time.

It would be adorable.

Captcha: Dere nephomo

>> No.33763776

Pls no CC. Don't try the "I'll make her jealous!" plot. It doesn't work like the animes you've never watched because you're a casual.

>> No.33763806

Will you miss out on CC spaghetti over how girls are fighting over her or the lack thereof?

>> No.33763807

We need to get Theresa and Mina to fix that.

And teach her how to spell.

>> No.33763831

And you think it's totally in character for CC to flirt with another woman in front of someone that she's crushing hard on?

>> No.33763840


>> No.33763846

I will throw my vote in for which ever girl that can teach her to spell properly. Even if they are pure evil.

>> No.33763861

She could just blurt it out.

Go make a contract with koobie.

>> No.33763875

I don't think that CC learning to spell properly is an option. Everyone around her just kinda tolerates it.

And it's funny.

>> No.33763892


>> No.33763897


I can't help but think that Theresa is about to hit on Char, I mean she already said that girls in cute dresses were her type.

NTR mode inc

>> No.33763931

Your shipping instincts do you credit. They're the good kind of insane.

>> No.33763947

Rolled 52, 68, 26 = 146

>"Well, I finally have all the girls who like me in one room, and two of them have superpowers...hang on, I need to call my sister. I'm far too sober for this."

>> No.33763966


Wait are the girls all gonna ntr every other one?

>> No.33763979

We should go threesome route.

>> No.33763992

arch doesn't do threesomes or harems or anything. ONE GIRL.

>> No.33764004


Theresa seems to be glaring at Charlotte for some reason, but Mina elbows her and that causes her to stop.

"So Cecile tells me that your boss is going to foot the bill for Andy's surgeries?" Mina asks.
"Great, so she's already told you!" Charlotte says, slapping her hands together. "That makes things a lot easier on my part."
"I'm not all that sure why exactly he's doing this, but he did save us from a tight spot so I -am- grateful," she nods.
"Really, it's nothing," she shrugs. "Mr. Gauthier's very wealthy and he foots the bill for injuries of this sort all the time."
"If you say so."

With a relieved sigh, Mina pulls out her phone and motions for Charlotte to follow her.

"I'm gonna call my parents and tell them the good news, but let's go find Andy's doctor so we can take care of this billing stuff sooner rather than later," Mina says.
"Alright," Charlotte nods.
"We shouldn't be long, so if you wanna wait here..."
"Actually, I think I'll get going," Theresa says, shaking her head. "I have some stuff to think about."

>offer to go with her
>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764006


Silly anon, threesome route is only available on replays.

>> No.33764034

>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764036

>offer to go with her

inb4 final destination mode

>> No.33764042

>offer to go with her
it's our chance to settle this, once and for all

>> No.33764045

>stay here in the hospital

We just got here.

>> No.33764048

"Oh no you don't, Theresa. I'm not going to let you do that stupid Kite-Oh shit behind our backs. Stay here."

>> No.33764053

>offer to go with her
That girl's going to get herself in trouble for sure.

>> No.33764057

>>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764059

>offer to go with her
Can't let her dumb ass go and get herself killed otherwise we won't have enough waifus for a war.

>> No.33764061

>offer to go with her
I prefer Charlotte myself, but we haven't spent much time with Theresa lately and I'm worried bout her doing something stupid.

>> No.33764065

>>offer to go with her

>> No.33764069

>>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764072

>>offer to go with her

>> No.33764079

>stay here in the hospital

But tell Theresa to not go to Andy's workplace like an idiot.

>> No.33764085

>offer to go with her
Her dumb ass is going to get rekt if we don't.

>> No.33764089

>Go with her

>> No.33764093

>offer to go with her

>> No.33764097

>"I have some stuff to think about."
As in How do I infiltrate the mafia den and completely get myself caught and kill off all of my friends?

>> No.33764107

Clearly the best option is both options.

>> No.33764108

>stay here in the hospital
We've barely talked to Mina, but we should at least try to make Theresa not do anything crazy.

>> No.33764112

>>offer to go with her

>> No.33764119

>offer to go with her

>> No.33764122

>offer to go with her

>> No.33764124

Rolled 16

>>offer to go with her

>> No.33764126

Make Theresa stay at the hospital. Otherwise she's gonna shadowrun the mob and likely get into tons of trouble.

>> No.33764129

>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764130

>stay here in the hospital

Go, Theresa. Spread your batman-like wings with no supervision.

>> No.33764141

>You're going to go do something stupid, I can tell. Stay here.

>> No.33764142

>>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764143

>stay here in the hospital

>> No.33764155




>> No.33764159

Final destination time again?

>> No.33764172

Supportan' trying to make her stay.

>> No.33764182

Add an option to tell Theresa to stay fucking here if you do.

>> No.33764184

Go with her.

>> No.33764186


Let's say either she stay with us or we accompany her to make sure she doesn't make a really stupid decision.

>> No.33764197

do this so she does not die

>> No.33764249

>offer to go with her
Don't kill your battle buddy.

>> No.33764250

After all the anons trying to save her, we will learn she is only going home to shylick because she found her ideal mate.

>> No.33764279

>offer to go with her
oh man yes

>> No.33764291



>> No.33764292

>implying a single eyecontact wasn't enough to impregnate her and now she wants some peace to give birth

It's like a cat, it's all natural.

>> No.33764300

>offer to go with her

>> No.33764303


>> No.33764304

+1 for "Stay here"

>> No.33764312

Charlotte's hair is way too messy to be a cat.

Wanna brush that hair and make it all straight

>> No.33764351


Was talking about Theresa.

Anyway, there will be no straightening of any sort in this quest.

>> No.33764421

was off by 1 second. That kinda sucks

>> No.33764447

Why is Theresa so chuuni?

How do we stop her retardation?

>> No.33764461

You can't fix the Chunni.

>> No.33764476

There is no cure for autism.

>> No.33764487

I'm afraid its a terminal case.

>> No.33764511

We peel off all the warning labels and let the problem solve itself.

>> No.33764554

Beatings will continue until retardation is cured.

CC is showing potential after the incident with Ali today. She'll channel her inner Momoka and everything will sort itself out.

>> No.33764573

Wait. What if Arch is setting this up so we go with Theresa and get caught up in the shadowrunning which leads to the events of the dream because we tried to stop it? I'm not paranoid

>> No.33764580

Because she's a self-insert of Archelon, who's always wanted to be a magical girl Kaitou that can turn invisible.

>> No.33764582

I need to watch this.

>> No.33764586

You can't fix stupid.

>> No.33764602

Is she weaponizing a dildo?

>> No.33764614

It's very fun.

>> No.33764616

If there's anyone I want to be in the FD cast, its Lorelei. Go around doing whatever the fuck you want being irresponsible and getting cute boys to crush on you.

>> No.33764634


arch said tonight is happening night if we don't get sidetracked, which is a pretty big if.

You can panic now.

>> No.33764642

We fight fire with fire.
We fight retardation with EXTRA RETARDATION.
Quick, get our actions controlled by /tg/, they'll see to it that we get twice as retarded as anyone else.

>> No.33764658

No, it's some manner of food. I forget what exactly.

>> No.33764666

i feel like i should
what's the name of this show already?

>> No.33764673

Oh my quivering kidney. I'm gonna have to break out the heavy shit for this. Where did he say that?

>> No.33764674

So we should text constantly? Im on board with this plan.

>> No.33764685

Followed immediately for twintails going full M lesbians for her.

>> No.33764692


End of last thread, I think.

>> No.33764701

>Saved a life.
>Implying this is a bad thing.

>> No.33764709


>> No.33764716

Boku no Survival Games.

>> No.33764718


It's a sushi roll if I remember, or a tempura roll. idk

It's pretty good though, >>33764582
Watch it.

>> No.33764722

Superpowers are not meant to meddle in the affairs of man.

I would be surprised if Tree of Life didn't believe this.

>> No.33764730

Boku no Read the Filenames You Mongoloid

>> No.33764780

Natto roll. They were trying to get the titty model over her (natural) natto aversion and only make it worse.

PTSD worse.

>> No.33764797


>> No.33764808



That part of the episode was pretty good.

>> No.33764884

"Maybe you should stay here instead?" I say, taking Theresa's hand. "I don't want you to run off and do something stupid..."
"I'm not," Theresa replies, shaking free of my grasp. "I just need to not be here, okay?"
"Then I'm coming with you," I say, crossing my arms.
"You..." she sighs. "Sure, whatever."

As Theresa storms off, I hurry behind her... but before I go, I turn to Mina and Charlotte.

"Sorry I couldn't be here longer," I say with a guilty smile.
"Don't worry about it," Mina says, shaking her head. "What matters is that you showed up at all."
"Take care, okay?" Charlotte says.
"Will do," I nod.

And then I end up breaking into a sprint in order to catch up with Theresa before she disappears from sight.

>talk about a thing with her
>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764922

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764929

Spaghetti time.

>> No.33764937

>>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764940

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764944

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764957

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764964

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764973

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33764975

>>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33765014

>just be quiet and keep her company

>> No.33765019

Is there a reason why we're unanimous on this? I'm confused and frightened.

>> No.33765050

It's me samefagging. I have a 4chan shekel jewgold pass and a phone on airplane mode.

>> No.33765056


Talking about the mafia stuff is just gonna encourage her, and she's not really in the mood to talk about anything else.

>> No.33765079

>"Don't worry about it," Mina says, shaking her head. "What matters is that you showed up at all."
If Mina had a Branch, it would have called her a big fat liar here.

>> No.33765089

>>just be quiet and keep her company
She'll talk to us when she's ready.

>> No.33765095

That and I can't really think of anything off the top of my head to talk about.

So! Who wants to tell arch why we think Theresa is in danger of doing stupid shit?

>> No.33765101


>> No.33765105


Being Mina is suffering.

>> No.33765157

Mina isn't fat, she's just ebonic.

>> No.33765524

Thread ded?

>> No.33765549


It's been 20 minutes; chill out.

>> No.33765557


>> No.33765614

We ride the elevator down to the first floor without a word... Theresa looks really pissed and I'm not sure what I should say to her, if anything at all. I mean, it's not like she's not completely justified to be pissed off right now, and I don't want to say the wrong thing and end up making things worse.

"So, umm..." I say, turning to her as we exit the building, "where are you headed to?"
"Home," Theresa replies.

So awkward...

"Don't worry, I'm not going to go and do something retarded," Theresa says with a long sigh. "I'm just feeling really shitty right now."
"No, I understand," I reply.
"This huge fucked up thing happened to Andy and I couldn't do anything to help... and then your new girlfriend strolls in with her boss's money and fixes everything," she mumbles. "I don't want you to think that I'm being jealous or bitchy or anything like that, but it makes me feel really useless, you know?"


>> No.33765673

Way to not interrupt her with NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, Cecile.

first line of the next post

>> No.33765688

Comforting engaged.
We are the smile protector.

>> No.33765720

the destroyer of worlds

>> No.33765734

Because CC has realized she wants her to be, but is still shitting around with not asking.

>> No.33765769

I wonder what Charlotte was doing before heading to the hospital?

>> No.33765775

Fuck you and your route lock!

>> No.33765781

the "she's not my girlfriend" is mandatory

>> No.33765829

No, we're not route locked yet asshole.

Theresa will win the C.C owl

>> No.33765871


>> No.33765882

Is this the new asshole thing from QTG now or something?

So far there's been no real attempt at anything with Theresa.

>> No.33765890

We're attempting now because fuck you

>> No.33765920

Have you not been reading the threads?

>> No.33765959

Yes. Yes I have. In fact, in the last one CC basically spaghettied that she'd be cool with Charlotte liking her.

>> No.33765982

I am losing sleep just to make sure Theresa actually gets a chance.

>> No.33765991


"Yeah, I get what you mean," I nod. "And, umm... Charlotte isn't my girlfriend."
"But you want her to be," Theresa says with a pained smile.
"C'mon..." I sigh.
"I mean, I couldn't really blame you if you two hooked up," she shrugs. "She's definitely hot as hell... but yeah, it makes me feel like I can't do ANYTHING. Can't compete with super sexy gothloli girl, can't keep bad guys from doing fucked up shit to my friends..." she shakes her head. "What the hell's the point of having superpowers if you can't use them to save the day?"

Crap... I thought that I'd seen the last of depression-mode Theresa, but she's back in full force.

"I've got half a mind to storm into mafia restaurant land and just blow the entire place up," Theresa laughs bitterly, "but that's no good. and chances are that they have some kind of mindcontrol guy in there too, I can't risk that."

...actually, wouldn't Theresa's Branch be classified under the "control" category? In that case, she shouldn't have to worry about make-you-cut-off-your-tongue-man.

>tell her about that
>nope, no point in doing so

>> No.33766011

After countless samefagging for Charlotte votes. As well as the fact that in some of those situations there would be no reason we wouldn't accept her help in character.

But no, fuck off. We haven't chosen Charlotte yet and we're not even sure if Charlotte even likes us as more than a friend. And there's the whole book bullshit she might not trust us about as a couple since you know, we've been fucking lying about it the entire time.

>> No.33766023

>nope, no point in doing so

>> No.33766024

>nope, no point in doing so

>> No.33766027

>nope, no point in doing so
Tell her later when she calms down

>> No.33766033

>tell her about that
but also add that control types probably will be able to see through her powers

CC admits that she have a huge crush on Charlotte, suddenly going for Theresa just seems wierd to me at this point.
Not that I think we should rush into any sort of relationship.

>> No.33766034

>>nope, no point in doing so

Noooooo, we are not giving her an excuse to be stupid.

for the love of god don't fight in the waifu wars. Escalating only makes them worse.

>> No.33766042

>nope, no point in doing so
just hug her

>> No.33766045

Yes yes, fight your little guerrilla war, I'm sure you'll be able to reverse the entire course of all our decisions up to this point with your vocal minority. Good luck with that.

>> No.33766067

>nope, no point in doing so

She'll immediately turn stupid again if she thinks she's found a way around the mindbending.

>> No.33766075

>After countless samefagging for Charlotte votes

This is cute because I can say the same thing about Theresa votes, especially with all of the sudden support she's gotten lately. But we both know that we have no proof of this so there's no point in fighting boogeymen.

>> No.33766081

>Being this pretensions.
Are you trying to make me stop being a Charfag?

>> No.33766085

>Vocal minority
I'm sure there's been a pretty adamant attempt at hanging out with Charlotte less and Theresa more asshole.

But regardless of that, in character it wouldn't make sense to not accept Charlotte's help because she's a friend. There's also an in character reason why we shouldn't be trying to go for Charlotte.

Fuck off mate.

>> No.33766102

>Two wrongs make a right.

>> No.33766110

>Shit, he's calling me on my blatant out of character waifu crusade, better start pulling justification out of my ass

>> No.33766125

>Tell her about that

>> No.33766135

Better than your out of character crusade to get into Charlotte's panties.

And you still haven't refuted any of my points whatsoever you pretentious fuck.

>> No.33766138

>There's also an in character reason why we shouldn't be trying to go for Charlotte.
Please, tell me

>> No.33766142


>> No.33766143

Where did I say that? Samefagging on both sides is wrong, but thinking only one side is guilty of it is laughable.

>> No.33766150

I'm not the one trying to suddenly undo everything CC has already done and said to suddenly go after a different girl.

You're just salty that you got blown the fuck out.

>> No.33766158

I am a samefag agnostic.

>> No.33766164

>tell her about that

It's a useful thing to know.

But make sure she knows that there's all sorts of other things that could kill her, like their teleporter dropping a grenade on her, when she sets off someone's Synapse or getting blown up by a booby trap. And we don't know if the person who did this would notice her not being affected by his Branch.

>> No.33766171

So arch, were you ready for it this time?

>> No.33766175


>> No.33766180

When we're at the end of the quest and headed into the final bossfight with our one true waifu Theresa at our side, we shall remember the sacrifices of selfless anons such as yourself. Onwards, to wait for hourly updates! For Best Girl!

>> No.33766184

Calm the fuck down. Seriously.


>> No.33766188

Less stupid as hell arguing, more ignoring the argument please?

It's obvious one or more people are trying to stir up shit.

>Welp looks like the waifu wars are back. Hope you don't retreat into your shell.
>And here I thought I'd avoided them this time around...

>> No.33766193

The number one reason is that we've been lying in her face the whole entire time. If you really wanted Charlotte route we should have told the truth about the book.

The second reason is that we're not even sure that Charlotte is even looking for a relationship like that, while with Theresa she actually put it out there that she likes us that way.

The third reason is that it feels like we're skewing a pretty harmless friendship into something more because CC admires and has a crush on Charlotte. It really doesn't feel right to try to romance her like that.

>> No.33766196

This is just one charfag being an asshole, this is nothing.

Please don't judge us by him.

>> No.33766211

Fourth, Gunther is cut throat by her own admission, there is probably some shady shit going on there.

>> No.33766229

>implying it's the Charfags shitting up the thread.

Take a look again, and you'll find that almost half the thread is taking up by Theresa fags circlejerking over their waifu.

>> No.33766238


>> No.33766250

Voting for Theresa is fine, insulting people for liking her isn't.

>> No.33766251

>Not seeing that romancing Charlotte would be stupid.
I mean really

>> No.33766261

look at this

>> No.33766265

Um Arch

when you introdeuced the control type thing, you had Charlotte tell us that Theresas wouldn't qualify as one unless it targeted her, right?

Blanket effects would still work on Control users, at least.

>> No.33766279

Assumptions, my friend.
On your part, on Cecile's part, assumptions!

>> No.33766285

Yeah, that's why CC thinks Theresa's ability would work on Char.

But cut-off-tongue dude probably has a targetted ability which would be blocked.

>> No.33766307


>> No.33766309

You're still not refuting any of my points on why we should even be considering Charlotte as more than a friend. All you've been doing is slinging greentext insults and non answers.

If you want to be in a relationship with someone, pretty much introducing yourself with a lie and keeping up that lie is not the way to go. I mean fuck,

"Hey Charlotte I've been lying about the book since we met. Can we have sex now?"

She doesn't seem the type to take being lied to well. So unless we buck up and tell her the truth about the book Charlotte route shouldn't even be considered.

>> No.33766324

I'd want more info on Gunther.

>> No.33766341

Did you miss all the parts where we've been working on our friends to get them to agree to telling her about their books?

Not betraying your friends out of the blue for someone you just met is generally considered a good thing, she'll deal.

>> No.33766345

dude did you even look at what I linked to I am not the same anon I just wanted to point out the irony of what got posted

>> No.33766352

I'm pretty sure everyone one the Charlotte train wants to tell her about the book, That's why we're trying to convince Mina into giving hers up.

>> No.33766363

>she'll deal.

Survivalfag here, you have no way of possibly knowing that.

>> No.33766377

>she'll deal.
She probably won't.

>> No.33766383

And it's probably going to be Theresa's turn for that chat shortly. I suspect she isn't going to want to turn hers over either.

You're right. We don't. Trusting her is a leap of faith we're willing to make.

>> No.33766385

Yeah fine, still more charfag buttmad.

>> No.33766387

And I have no possible way of knowing a meteor isn't going to crush me this very instant, but I'm not cowering in a bomb shelter.

It's called judgement and making reasoned assumptions.

>> No.33766401

>Trusting her is a leap of faith we're willing to make.
I'm not, which is why I'm voting against it.

>> No.33766403


>> No.33766417

What do you suggest instead? Stab her in the throat because there is an outside chance she might secretly be a murderous psychopath who will disown us when she finds out we didn't blab all our long-standing friend's secrets to her the moment we met?

>> No.33766434

>Long standing
You mean two days?

>> No.33766437

Statics indicate that the odds of a meteor hitting you, is insignificant.

When someone comes into town to solely investigate shady shit, and you lie trough your teeth, it is fairly reasonable to expect anger.

>> No.33766453

We've known Mina for more than two days anon. Do try to keep up.

>> No.33766459

He's talking about Mina.

>> No.33766464

>What do you suggest instead?
Distrust and caution. Don't assume there isn't a second shooter, ect. That sort of thing.

>> No.33766473

I don't think anyone is expecting Charlotte to instantly forgive CC.

She's not going to fly into a murderous rage and try to kill her over it, though.

>> No.33766488

How about we keep the fact that we betrayed her a secret?

>> No.33766489

Especially since:
>She trusted us
>She let us into her hotel
>She fed and clothed us
>She bent over backwards to check if we're safe.

And we're still lying to her face about the book.

>> No.33766493

I'm pretty sure she'll understand if we explain our reasons, anon. Most reasonable people do.

>> No.33766508


>> No.33766509

Unless you are archelon and forgot your trip, then you have no idea what future char will do.

>> No.33766525

Holy shit there is an Irenefag.

That must be suffering.

>> No.33766529

>Girl that has little reason to trust humans beyond a select few because of childhood trauma
>Got lied to in her face in the entire time
>Expecting instant forgiveness
>Expecting her to even want to be with us after that.

Let that sink in. We'd be lucky if we're still friends with her. Which is why we should not route lock ourselves just because of a gothic loli fetish

>> No.33766547

>calming down over waifuing

Just where do you think you are?

>> No.33766552

Honestly I picked that because there was no "Don't care" option and I didn't want to pick one of the jokes.

>> No.33766564

Neither do you, but her flying off the handle and murdering CC is so far outside of every interaction we've ever had with her it isn't even funny.

See, I know this is surprising, but you don't actually need to be able to see the future to make educated guesses about what might happen.

>> No.33766576

Allison is no joke. She's the best.

>> No.33766585

Really, at this point our reasons for lying initially was that we couldn't trust her and it wasn't really our book to give either.

Now that we trust her, our reason for not giving her the book is because we enjoy her company and don't want her to leave.

I feel like if we explain this, she'll be understanding of the initial reason, and possibly disappointed that we kept the secret for selfish reasons.

At worst, telling her will make her never want to speak to us again. She's not going to feed us to her lion just because we were shadowrunning to hard.

>> No.33766590

Then you need to work on your sentence structure.

>> No.33766593

Here come the proxyfags

>> No.33766597

>Expecting instant forgiveness

Nobody expect this you dumbass, everyone knows that she'll be mad with us, but all we have to say is "Sorry for lying about the book, but *INSERT REASONS HERE*"

If we explain why we lied, She'll eventually forgive us.

>> No.33766600

She's also someone who, on one of our first meetings, told us not to trust people. It would be ridiculous if she never, ever forgave us for following her own advice.

>> No.33766626

Not to mention that for a while now it hasn't been a trusting Charlotte issue, it's been a not wanting to backstab Mina and Theresa because they specifically told us not to tell her issue.

>> No.33766628

>Charlotte tells us not to trust people.
>We should trust her.
This is some Ned Stark shit.

>> No.33766637

>If we explain why we lied, She'll eventually forgive us.
Probably not for a long time. Charlotte seems the type to take honesty seriously. She would probably stay our friend but she wouldn't want to be with us.

>told us not to trust people. It would be ridiculous if she never, ever forgave us for following her own advice.
>Implying people are logical.

>> No.33766658

Updated the pastebin, if anyone cares.

>> No.33766669

I bet that Charlotte has massive trust issues from being abandoned as a child, just putting that out there.

>> No.33766692

This, which is why I'm totally against romancing her right now.

Even if we have reasons that we lied. We still lied.

>> No.33766695

>>Implying people are logical.
Char's parents weren't logical and her whole deal is not wanting to be like those scumbags. Char probably tries to be as logical as she can. Also, Gauthier seems to be a logical person and she's taken him for a father figure.

She has every reason to try to be logical about this.

>> No.33766698

...nah, I probably shouldn't, not until she calms down anyways. Telling her about that right now would only serve to increase the risk of her running off to do something stupid.

"Well we'll figure something out," I say, patting Theresa on the back. "I dunno what, but..."
"Yeah, sure," Theresa says, draping her arm over my shoulders. "And maybe we won't have to-"
"Huh?" I turn to her.
"...great, and here she is again to ruin the mood," the sighs, letting go of me.
"Here who is again?"
"Charlotte, I just got a Synapse so she should be here any minute now.

That's odd, I don't sense anything. Maybe Theresa's range is longer than mine?


>> No.33766701

>The affected's eyes are altered so that they are gain night vision
>they are gain night vision

>> No.33766712

>She has every reason to try to be logical about this.
And that's where you're wrong. I've known people that say this and do the exact opposite. People aren't logical.

>> No.33766718


>> No.33766720

So in other words, you want to run away from conflict rather than trying to work through it like a reasonable human being.

If it doesn't work then it doesn't work and you win anyway. You're just against it because you know it probably will because HAHA THE ROUTE YOU CHOSE WAS ALREADY DEAD isn't something that will happen, and you know it.

>> No.33766729


>> No.33766734

What changed?

>> No.33766743

Oh no it's happening

>> No.33766748

>ct rather than trying to work through it like a reasonable human being.
Human beings aren't reasonable. That's just dumb. Especially with someone with a trauma like Charlotte's and an obvious issue with being around other humans and even trusting people.

>> No.33766750

Hey how about instead of insulting poeple for having a different waifu, how about we go crack some maffia skulls and make over shine happy?

>> No.33766756

Quick, tell Theresa to go ghost.

>> No.33766760


Stop posting shit that will only serve to piss people off. It's not helping.

>> No.33766767

There's no fucking way that's Charlotte

>> No.33766775

No, then we'd have to explain why we're not with her.

>> No.33766781

So what if we do? Better that than having Archibald at our throats.

God I hope it's Archibald.

>> No.33766793

No, because it's true. He's jumping through elaborate mental hoops to make Char seem like some kind of horrible doomed prospect, so obviously we all need to throw up our hands and switch focus to his totally superior waifu.

>> No.33766798

I thought we were playing the what could possibly go wrong, we are invincible route?

>> No.33766816

What mental hoops? There are no mental hoops just things that are obvious shit to think about when interacting with another human being.

Some don't take lying as well as others, especially someone that probably has obvious trust issues when you look at their backstory. We should be careful of that.

>> No.33766820

Say she's in the bathroom or something. If Theresa has half a brain she'll run off to the nearest bathroom, decloak, and march out like nothing is wrong.

>> No.33766824

We're going to wish we went for the lasers. Why didn't we go for the lasers.

>> No.33766847

You're right, we should be careful.

You don't seem to be suggesting caution, you seem to be suggesting completely changing course just because there is a potential obstacle that we might have to resolve.

Worst case scenario she doesn't want to talk to us anymore, and you win anyway. Sounds like a good bet for you if you're actually sure that she'll lose her shit.

>> No.33766854

We can just go into REMOVE mode.

>> No.33766856

But we did, Illusions and Lasers are two parts of our power.

>> No.33766877

We don't know how to use the lasers. We have to trance to use them, and that is seriously a bad thing that we don't want to do.

>> No.33766895 [SPOILER] 

>Implying it can't get worse.
It can always get worse. Worst case scenario is probably something like pic related.

>> No.33766899

Nobody even said she'll lose her shit like that, you're just being a retard and putting that in everyone's mouths.

We're saying that she'll probably be mad and not trust us again. Which is not what you build a relationship on. And when you think about it, our friendship is built on a lie already.

There's also the other points that she probably doesn't see us that way as well. She knows we like her but why should she instantly like us that way back? Why wouldn't she just be expecting to just stay friends? Going for her just because of a crush and admiration doesn't make sense to me at all. It just seems like you're forcing it way too hard.

I'm not even a Theresafag so fuck off

>> No.33766911

Call Charlotte. Right now.

>> No.33766917

>>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive
'Sup lady?

>> No.33766921


I kind of wish we didn't stop right here, though... this used to be the parking lot of that big hardware store chain that ended up failing when they came here a few years back. Now the concrete's all busted up and it just serves as a somewhat convenient walkway.

After we've been standing here for a little while, I get the Synapse too. I guess Theresa was right after all about Charlotte-

...wait a minute, that isn't Charlotte!

"...shit," Theresa says as she eyes the approaching figure. "Cecile, you know this chick?"
"No," I shake my head. It's a lady in cutoff jeans, a tube top and jacket... I dunno, she gives off a kind of "wild" feeling. But I've never seen her before.
"Just great," Theresa says as she reaches into her pocket. "Cecile, get behind me."

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive
>no, you get behind me
>grab theresa's hand and run

>> No.33766924

>grab theresa's hand and run

And get that optical displacement up, for the love of god.

>> No.33766925

>Just act normal
Pinwheel guy ignored us maybe she will too

>> No.33766928

This is a bad idea, we could be dead before we start the call, then she or her nearest animal still has to get here.

>> No.33766933

>grab theresa's hand and run
And optical displacement

>> No.33766934

Call Charlotte. Right now.

>> No.33766936

Please tell me Loki is watching over us.

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive

>> No.33766942


>> No.33766946

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive
And at the first sight of a threat >grab theresa's hand and run

>> No.33766947


>> No.33766950

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive

>> No.33766957

>no, you get behind me
>activate the aim ruiner

>> No.33766959

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive

>> No.33766967

If she approaches us, that is.
>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive

>> No.33766970

Use our slaaneshi defense thing and talk to the lady.

>> No.33766971

>grab theresa's hand and run
get back to charolet as fast as possible, use illusions, invisibility, whatever it takes to get away from scary new person

>> No.33766980

You faggots better not leave your battle buddy.

>> No.33766981

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive
At the first sign of aggression switch to maximum fleeing.

>> No.33766983

>no, you get behind me
>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive

Hot pants strong.

>> No.33766987

>grab theresa's hand and run

This lady has too many spikes to be a nice lady.

>> No.33766991

Dis be muh new waifu.

>> No.33767009

>ask the lady what she wants, there's no point in acting aggressive
Be ready to deploy our mandatory beer goggles and bug out if she threatens us.

>> No.33767020

And if that actually happens then it happens, all aboard the Theresa bus, but preemptively assuming it's all going to crash and burn and basing our choices on that because of a biased psychobabble theory is idiotic.

>> No.33767041

>ask the lady what she wants,

Let her approach us, be polite, give away as little info as possible, and if things get bad then laser her face off.

>> No.33767049

>Biased Psychobabble
There goes that arrogant piece of shit handwave that you do whenever you don't have any points at all. Just fucking shut up. If you're not going to contribute meaningfully then piss off.

>> No.33767066

Can we at least wait until our power level is higher, before we tell her (if we tell her). We are kinda dependent on her and I would like to be able to at the MINIMUM be able to fire lasers are will, before we do.

>> No.33767076

This whole argument has been pointless

Both of you just shut the fuck up.

>> No.33767078

Pretty sure everyone wants to wait until we have at least one book to hand her before telling her. We'll probably have lasers by then.

>> No.33767093

Just keep our power level in mind.

>> No.33767101


>> No.33767112

I'm not the idiot that wants to route lock ourselves as soon as we encounter a friendly and powerful vagina that we can't seem to get off of her teet.

I mean shit, its even hampering our development as a girl with superpowers.

>> No.33767114

We'll wait until one of our friends become ok with handing a book over to her. Waiting any longer than necessary is just tempting fate, the badguys won't just twiddle their thumbs forever.

I mean shit, there is already a mindfucker in town. Even if we wait until we can shoot lasers, if Char decides to be our enemy we're totally fucked either way, she knows our powers and can always call for backup.

>> No.33767117

Gotta say, if your goal was to make a setting that causes a dozen people freak out every time someone new shows up, mission accomplished.

>> No.33767125

Not if we laser her first.

>> No.33767141

Holy shit, it is someone who we haven't met before, RUN FOR THE FUCKING HILLS!!!

>> No.33767143

>a friendly and powerful vagina that we cant' seem to get off of her teet.
Thanks for those mental images.

>> No.33767158

Then it's us vs all the organizations, with Gauthier having an extra special hateboner for us since we killed his top agent.

Sounds like death to me.

Plus, why the fuck would she try to kill us when we hand her a book? She might be mad at us, be we still just handed her the thing she's been looking for, it wouldn't make any sense.

>> No.33767179

>Implying quilloth isn't the best way to go.
How would Gunther know?

>> No.33767184

>inb4 People aren't always logical, which means they're always illogical, which means everyone you know is a crazy murderer

>> No.33767186

It's a moot point, Hotpants-chan is going to take Theresa's book right now.

>> No.33767209

All night long.

>> No.33767217

Theresa doesn't have her book on her.



She's smarter than that, right?

I swear to god Theresa, if you're carrying the fucking thing around with you

>> No.33767239

She doesn't, so Hotpants''ll have to threaten CC's life to get Theresa to comply.

Or maybe mindfuck her? That's possible.

>> No.33767252

We just need to find an incubator and make a contract for all the books.

>> No.33767284

I think if you stack evil magical girl powers your brain explodes or something.

>> No.33767285

>Oh yes, take my book, take it faster, oooooohhh yes!

>> No.33767367


>> No.33767461

Oh man, what if she's some psychopath out to eat our hearts or something!? N... no, stay calm. Stay calm and think. While we -could- run and I'm pretty sure that Theresa could outrun this lady, I myself probably can't. And there's no point in antagonizing her if she's not actually a total nutjob like that Archibald guy.

"It's kinda funny..." the lady says, smirking, "I got a Synapse and I thought to myself that maybe it's someone I know, but instead I end up running into two little girls out here in the middle of an abandoned parking lot!" she laughs. "so which one of you cuties is the Branch holder?"

But neither of us answers, instead I grab Theresa's forearm and edge away from the strange woman as I throw up a screen that refracts the light -just- slightly enough that it's not obvious. As we move, I gradually increase the angle until I'm pretty sure it's enough that we'll be safe from a direct attack.

"C'mon, I know you can hear me," the lay says, crossing her arms. "The glasses girl or the hoodie girl, which one of you'd got the superpowers? I'm curious."
"I... I don't know what you're talking about," Theresa says.
"Now that's just a blatant lie," she says, pouting. "The scent of a liar's coming off of just as bad as a cheating housewife!"

...scent? What?


>> No.33767482


>> No.33767493

Oh shit, she's the one who did that to Andy

>> No.33767502


>> No.33767523

Scent implies super smell... Joshua can hear lies, so it isn't farfetched that someone could smell them. It MIGHT be the mind control guy, but it could easily not be.

arch loves faking us out with stuff like this.

>> No.33767529

Theresa should ghost as soon as she can. It's not invisibilty, it's not being noticed, so she won't be scented.

>> No.33767545

Okay. Theresa is the Branch holder. Cecile is an ordinary girl.

Theresa gets taken and takes the first opportunity to stealth the fuck out of there and leaves CC behind.

>> No.33767551

"Where you the one who hurt Andy?"

>> No.33767552

That, and, worse comes to worse, we can always pic related.

>> No.33767574

Directing our mirage such that we appear closer to/farther from her rather than appearing offset in a direction would likely be a less conspicuous violation of her other senses. Maybe good enough to trick her once, but it's not going to be something reliable in the long run.

This is good to remember, since we learned this pretty explicitly while experimenting with Theresa's ability.

>> No.33767582


>> No.33767604

Also, if anyone wants to redo this, be my guest. I still need to get gud @ PS.

>> No.33767617


"Umm..." I mumble, "what exactly do you want with us?"
"I'm just curious, yanno?" the lady replies, shrugging. "A little birdie told me that there was someone snooping around where I work, and then I run into you two acting all suspicious..."
"What, so you think it was us?" Theresa asks.
"Maaaybe?" she says, tilting to the side. "It's kinda hard for me to decide WHAT to think until whichever one of you has the Branch comes clean. And I don't have all day, either..."

>theresa's the branch holder
>I'm the branch holder
>are you the one who did that to andy?
>run awaaaay

>> No.33767649

>I'm the branch holder
>Please don't hurt my friend
>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767653

>>theresa's the branch holder

It's easiest for her to escape and she's immune to mind control guy.

>> No.33767654

>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767668

>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767669

>>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767673

>>I'm the branch holder

Our stealth grill can't stealth if we blow her secret.

>> No.33767674

>I'm the branch holder

Whatever you do, don't let her know that we know about Andy.

>> No.33767683

>I'm the branch holder

>> No.33767686

>I'm the branch holder
>And by branch isn't good at snooping
>So don't try to murder me. Or stare at my butt. That's what the last two have done and I don't appreciate either.

>> No.33767687

>I'm the branch holder

>> No.33767691

>I'm the branch holder
>run awaaaay

>> No.33767692

>I'm the branch holder

>> No.33767693

>I'm the branch holder
If she tries to take us Theresa can surprise attack, if she tries to take her she can sneak away. Seems like a win-win if worse comes to worse

>> No.33767695

>I'm the branch holder

>> No.33767706

>I'm the branch holder
>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767725

>I'm the branch holder

If she WAS responsible for Andy, that means she has a reason to believe that both of us overheard whatever was responsible for his not!accident, and will treat us both accordingly. If she's not, we're just dropping unnecessary information in her lap, and might take it upon herself to investigate that further, which leads her right to Mina and Charlotte.

You don't blow the cover of the stealth person, and if something goes awry, Theresa's got the temperament and the better skillset for trying to bushwhack someone with bad intentions to regain the initiative in a confrontation.

>> No.33767737

I'd also vote to NOT ask about Andy, along with my current selection.

>> No.33767745

>I am Spartacus
>are you the one who did that to andy?

>> No.33767750

>I'm the branch holder

>> No.33767758

>I'm the branch holder

Assuming she has a smell based Branch, flashbanging probably won't do much besides just disorient her, which I guess is enough to run. She'll probably still track us, though.

>> No.33767794

>I'm the branch holder
Don't mention Andy

>> No.33767801


>> No.33767804

What do we say if she asks our Branch's name?

>> No.33767818

Don't answer

>> No.33767845

Your mom.

>> No.33767868

Say we don't know. It's not like we'd know if we hadn't met Charlotte, so it's a believable lie.

>> No.33767874

"I refuse."

>> No.33767883

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours

>> No.33767885

We refuse to answer, on the grounds that she should know better than to ask a question like that.

Actually we found out on our own, courtesy of the voices in our head.

>> No.33767886

She /smells/ lies.

Just say we don't want to talk about it or evade it.

>> No.33767907

>She /smells/ lies.
You know, it kind of feels like people are focusing too much on that. I mean, it's not the most common phrase but I've definitely heard it before from people that don't have super powers that could potentially involve smell.

>> No.33767913

I want to ask them why the hell they though it was a good idea to have people cut off their tongue for talking about work.

We wouldn't think they're suspicious at all if they hadn't done that.

Yeah, we might as well assume she's Evil Charlotte because "a little birdie told her"

>> No.33767924

Pretty much >>33767818

Knowing how furtive most people are supposed to be about this stuff, giving her everything she asks for with no push-back would probably seem suspicious in and of itself.

>> No.33767936

I wouldn't put too much stock in her phrasing until we get something more concrete about her powers. The smell thing might just be a turn of phrase, or even a bluff to make us think she has a power that she really doesn't.

>> No.33767942

"I'm the Branch holder," I say.
"Wha!?" Theresa gasps. "Why would you-"
"Because she's a smart girl," the lady says, nodding. And I can see that you're telling the truth, too..."
"Dammit..." Theresa says, gritting her teeth. "You heard what you wanted to hear, so how about leaving us alone now?"
"Mmmmmm..." she places a hand on her chin, "...how about no?"

it is a threat


"W... why not?" I ask.
"Just knowing that you -have- a Branch doesn't mean that I know what it -is-, yanno? Information's important and all that."
"And why the hell would she tell you that!?" Theresa growls.
"Ooh, scary scary!" she laughs.


>> No.33767972


>> No.33767979

Shut up voices, you aren't helping and will probably lose unless she's a giant pansy like Archi.

>> No.33767984

No remove until she's more threatening than obnoxious.

>> No.33767994

Just tell her. We're revealing our cards by attacking either way, and proving ourselves to be hostile, and trancing. Neither of the girls has the guts to kill her if they DO win, which isnt guaranteed.

>> No.33768004


"I've told you something, now I want to know something in return. Tit for tat as it were. Are you the one that did that to Andy?"

>> No.33768012

Do not tell her, she'll anticipateour mirage if we do

>> No.33768025

I wouldn't word it quite like that, it just sounds completely out of character.

>> No.33768027

Don't fucking mention Andy.

>> No.33768030

The mirage is useless. Theresa doesn't need it to attack, and we have no method of attack ourselves except trancing.

>> No.33768032

>Are you the one that did that to Andy?
>providing more information for free
>when she just said information is important
Anon, anon pls.

>> No.33768036


just zap her dick off

what is she gonna do, smell us to death?

>> No.33768046

Shoot us?

>> No.33768055


fine, then ask who she works for. That way we can infer if it was her or not.

>> No.33768056

Based on the sentence structure, CC told a lie.

>> No.33768068

By saying she's the Branch holder instead of a Branch holder?

I was hoping Arch wouldn't hold that against us, and he didn't.

>> No.33768070


"But your body language's telling me that -you're- the ones who're scared," the lady says, crossing her arms. "Either you have a Branch that ain't suited for fighting, or you just suck at using it... but I still want to know what it is for my own important personal reasons. So spill if you don't wanna get hurt, because I'll tell you now that MY Branch is ALL about fighting," she says, flashing a toothy grin and cracking her knuckles.
"And who's to say that she's not just a pacifist who'd prefer not to get into trouble?" Theresa asks. "I heard that the last person who pulled this kind of stunt with her got fucked up pretty bad..."
"Oh?" she says, grinning. "Is that so?"
"You don't smell 'the scent of a liar' on me -now-, do you?" Theresa says, staring her down.

Oh man what's going on what do I do


>> No.33768093

Just throwing it out there that knowing something is the truth can be a massive disadvantage. I have a lawful evil character who is incapable of lying and it makes deception soooo much easier.

My group still thinks it is a disadvantage.

>> No.33768108 [SPOILER] 


>> No.33768111

>"Either you have a Branch that ain't suited for fighting, or you just suck at using it...
See, this is why CC needs a gun. She can just say "Yes, that's true." and then show that she doesn't actually need that to be dangerous. With all of the mirror powers and stuff it actually would be more effective to use them for misdirection and other advantages. Lazer just takes a lot of effort.

>> No.33768113

Theresa please don't provoke the crazy person.

>> No.33768119

Okay, Theresa should never be allowed to talk when there's a threat around.

>> No.33768129

Is she really crazy? She sounds quite reasonable to me.

>> No.33768144

Theresa please don't provoke the reasonable person.

>> No.33768151

where exactly is she being reasonable

>> No.33768152

I didn't know Theresa was a badass.

>> No.33768161

Its primary purpose at the moment is defensive, to make sure we avoid her first attack.

>> No.33768167

God damn, grow some balls you spineless surrender monkeys.

>> No.33768170

I think we should admit that we tranced when we fucked him up. Branches are murderhobos so she'll know we're serious when we say we're not sure if she'll survive.

The part where she's trying to figure out whether we're a threat and collect information about Branches for her boss? She's certainly more reasonable than Archibald.

>> No.33768174


If she can sense whether something is true or not, then try this on:

"I wasn't the one snooping around where you work."
"I did not use my Branch to snoop around where you work."
"I won't tell you my Branch, because telling you all my powers would just let you figure out the best way to attack me."

>> No.33768175

>pointlessly provoking a dangerous unknown

Yeah, total badass.

>> No.33768195

>She's certainly more reasonable than Archibald.
you arent really doing much for your case there

>The part where she's trying to figure out whether we're a threat and collect information about Branches for her boss?
yeah, but she's not doing so in any reasonable way, she went straight to death threats

which is a pretty common reason to call someone crazy

>> No.33768209

>Implying that she was going to give us a hug and walk off but then Theresa wasn't a weak ass bitch, so now she is going to fight us.

>> No.33768210

She's speaking the same language as the mystery woman is. That's probably more effective than anything CC could spaghetti up.

>> No.33768215

>she went straight to death threats
Whoa now. She went to threats. Not death threats. Archibald is the instant death threat guy.

Let's not make people out to be more evil than they are.

>> No.33768227

>Y-yeah, you could probably kick my ass but please don't ;_;
Would that have been better? Holy shit, grow some balls. We don't need to take shit from everybody, especially someone who's acting aggressively towards us.

>> No.33768229

Hey, you got free shit, bozo! Tell us something if you want to know something.

>> No.33768230

threats of deadly violence are death threats

if she threatened us with something else i would agree with you

>> No.33768278

It's a funny thing how brancholders act like knowing someone's branch lets you outmaneuver them completely, when so many nonbranch skills at weapons could ruin their day.

>> No.33768284

I'd hug her. She's a qt.

>> No.33768297

I am sorta getting Revy vibes from her.

>> No.33768304

That would make her best girl. Clearly we should roll to seduce. I mean, look at dat delicious brown.

>> No.33768316

Yeah, knowing we shoot lasers doesn't make her any more immune to lasers than she was before.

>> No.33768318

Can we join the mafia? I want to join the mafia.

>> No.33768327

i dont know about everyone else, but im not so sure about my vote for charlotte over theresa anymore

>> No.33768339

Irene still best girl, Charlotte/Theresa-fags can keep squabbling letting best girl win behind their backs.

>> No.33768340

Sure it does. She can make our lasers really weak by just confronting us in a dark area.

And most branches are ALWAYS less powerful than a handgun, not like CC's overpowered full control over a type of elemental magic or whatever it was.

>> No.33768343

>wait it out for now
What could possibly go wrong?

>> No.33768354


>> No.33768355

>>call for help
Dial Charolette

>> No.33768357

>call for help
call charlotte and after that...


>> No.33768361




>> No.33768368


"Eheheh..." the lady laughs as she smilies a smile that's waaay too wide. "...so you're strong, eh?"
"Shit," Theresa says, grabbing my forearm. "Don't worry, I've got this covered," she whispers to me.
"You ain't got SHIT covered, little girlie!" the lady shouts. "And now you've piqued my interest, so I reeeeeeeeeeally wanna test out this so-called 'super fighting Branch' that you claim your girlfriend's got!"
"Not if -I- kick your ass first," Theresa says, pointing at her.

What the hell is she doing!?

"As if you even could!" she laughs. "You don't even have a Branch... unless you're -both- Branch holders..."
"I don't need a Branch to take care of you," Theresa says with a cold stare.

Instead of responding to Theresa's threat with words, the hotpants-wearing woman dashes towards Theresa at full speed.... no, she's running way faster than a normal person could. Is this part of her Branch!?

>run away while theresa acts as a diversion
>grab theresa and book it
>wait it out for now
>call for help

>> No.33768371

Thanks for starting a fight, Theresa!

>Create a double to act as a diversion and flee with Theresa.

>> No.33768379


Run faster than that.

>> No.33768381

Time to go into a murder laser trance.

>> No.33768383

>>grab theresa and book it
>call for help


>> No.33768385


>> No.33768391

>grab theresa and book it
Call her a mean lady!

>> No.33768392


>> No.33768396

If they halt
>"Can't we just talk? I don't want anyone to get hurt."
>Call Charlotte

>> No.33768399

Someone needs to inform Theresa that "I'll fukken rek u m8 I swear on me mum" isn't the only way to stand up to someone trying to intimidate you.

>grab theresa and book it
And ILLUSIONS. It's the one thing we've sorta mastered, lets use it.

>> No.33768401

>grab theresa and book it

>> No.33768406


>> No.33768412


>>33768371 here

Changing my vote to Flashbang


>> No.33768414

>>call for help

Why the fuck are people voting to grab Theresa? She has invisibility powers!

>> No.33768416


>> No.33768421

yeah, it would be so much better to get wrapped in by the mafia and have them start running our life

>> No.33768423

>grab theresa and book it
The lady's clearly more of the 'gotta fight 'em all!' style crazies than someone who's actually out for us, so fleeing might put her off.

>> No.33768425

>This faggot thinks we have time to make a phone call.

>> No.33768436


Go lasers go!

>> No.33768442

we still have that deflector active, right?
if we move it we could probably destabilize her, especially if she just throws herself at people

>> No.33768444


>> No.33768449

Simply calling is enough, we don't need to say anything

>> No.33768452


>> No.33768459

fuck it, just lazer it up

maybe scream out for charlotte first and hope rhaccy or loki hear it, but we dont have time for a phonecall

>> No.33768460

We wouldn't have time for that if she was a normal speed opponent.

>> No.33768465


>> No.33768513

Yes. She ran her mouth off by hyping our powers and got us involved in a fight that didn't need to happen.

Theresa's bluff check failed, and we're facing the consequences.

I don't see how not getting in a fight meant being the Mafia's bitch, but okay whatever.

>> No.33768515


>> No.33768530

grow a spine

>> No.33768536

grow a spine

>> No.33768540

No. Being an invertebrate is awesome.

>> No.33768553


>> No.33768559

>She ran her mouth off by hyping our powers and got us involved in a fight that didn't need to happen.
she already knew one of us had a branch, it was a choice between either us surrendering or fighting

do you REALLY think your wish for being a bitch would be supported by the thread?

>> No.33768589

You can have a spine without spewing out pointless bluster that you can't back up to someone who's obviously looking for an excuse to throw down.

>> No.33768611


>> No.33768622

its not like she was going to start a fight for fun, anon, she wanted something from us, something we are not willing to give

the "pointless bluster" made no difference to anything

>> No.33768623

Clearly, having a spine means getting into unnecessary fights like this is some shonen anime.

Why is it that you think that just because I think getting into a goddamn fight with someone we just meet with a power we know nothing about is a bad idea, means I wanted to just lie down and give up?

>> No.33768625

It had a point. Theresa didn't want to mention CC's branch.

It was still bluster they can't back up. Or are in the process of backing up. One of the two.

>> No.33768645

Nah this is despair anime.

>> No.33768658

It's only a half-despair anime. Like a half-elf. Nobody likes half-elves.

>> No.33768665

I know 4chan is supposed to be beta as fuck, but god damn this takes the cake.

>> No.33768669

Or she was just trying to frighten us into doing something dumb, which worked splendidly.

>It had a point. Theresa didn't want to mention CC's branch.
Not seeing how that's related at all. She could have just, ya know, refused to mention it and left it at that. Instead she chose to provoke the person already eager for a fight by bragging about how we'd totally wreck her shit.

>> No.33768685

>unnecessary fights
yeah, what was your brilliant plan for escape?

>Why is it that you think that just because I think getting into a goddamn fight with someone we just meet with a power we know nothing about is a bad idea, means I wanted to just lie down and give up?
because there is no viable alternative

so what was your brilliant escape plan, then?

>Not seeing how that's related at all. She could have just, ya know, refused to mention it and left it at that.
synapses, dude

are you even paying attention to the quest

>> No.33768698

>so what was your brilliant escape plan, then?
Get captured. Theresa ghosts in and tasers her in the back. Or Charlotte jumps in and kicks her ass.

>> No.33768712

>Get captured.
this is just priceless

>> No.33768714

I don't know anon, because Theresa started running her mouth about our Branch before we had a chance to do anything else.

>> No.33768718

>synapses, dude
So she knew we had a branch. How does that prevent us from saying "I'm not telling you what it is" and leaving it at that? Why were the threats and provocation necessary? They didn't accomplish anything except provoking her into attacking.

>> No.33768726

Yeah, getting her to let her guard down to give our allies a good chance to strike is a terrible idea.

>> No.33768739

are you autistic

what was your brilliant plan BEFORE theresa said anythin

what would you have done?

>How does that prevent us from saying "I'm not telling you what it is" and leaving it at that?
because the woman wouldnt leave it at that?

>> No.33768740

>What was your plan to escape?
>Get captured.

Even if there was more to it, surely you see how funny this is?

>> No.33768744

Because she wasn't going to leave us alone, like she clearly said?

>> No.33768751

It's a completely idiotic plan. You don't solve a bad situation by making it worse.

>> No.33768779

>Get captured

Was getting caught part of your plan?

>> No.33768782

How is the situation worse? We're already at her mercy. If anything, the situation is better if we're the only one in danger.

>> No.33768783

New thread.

>> No.33768795

>because the woman wouldnt leave it at that?
That doesn't mean deliberately provoking a fight is any better of an idea.

At worst we'd be in the exact same situation we're in now, but there is also the possibility that she was just trying to intimidate us into dumping information, and didn't actually intend to attack us unless we did something stupid.

If she was 100% set on kicking our shit she would have just done that from the beginning without the preamble.

>> No.33768809

>We're already at her mercy.
No, we aren't you little bitch. I have no idea how you can go through life being this beta. I mean, seriously, you sound like you could get mugged by a 4 year old.

It was either a fight or something worse than a fight.

>> No.33768839

The minute that she Synapsed with us, we would have had to engage her in some form or another. If we ran, she would have caught up with us because lolsuper speed and be more suspicious of us. If Loki was watching us, our best chance would be to delay until Charlotte appeared. Since we don't know about Loki, we would have had to think of some other plan.

However, we didn't get a chance to think anything up, because the minute we said that we were the Branch owner, Theresa started provoking the dangerous woman, and got us involved in a fight that we are not prepared for.

So while I don't have some brilliant plan to get us out of this, I do know that provoking someone we know nothing about into a fight is a completely retarded thing to do.

>> No.33768938

as far as not starting a fight goes - i agree with you, not starting a fight is the best option, if you have it

but we didnt have that option

we werent defenseless so we had the option of protecting ourselves and each other

since the woman thought only one of us was a branch holder and both CC and theresa have very powerful branches

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