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Where do you get yours at, /tg/? Online retailers, eBay, Craiglist, trades? Bootleg recasts and knock offs?

Who's got the best deals out there for GW's overpriced bullshit?

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eBay, but it's still not cheap because I buy FW and avoid recasts.

Craigslist and trades are where you get the best deals, but those take more time, more effort, and have more risk.

Don't get shanked by some Craigslist scumbag.

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the only winning sale is not to buy

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We're too far gone for that, anon.

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This. Don't even get involved unless you win the fucking lotto or some shit.

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it isn't that expensive. just don't buy all the shit at once

there's way more expensive shit that you could be buying

inb4 shill, etc etc

don't understand why you would waste hundreds on 40k if you didn't WANT to buy the stuff

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I hate myself and want to get involved in social activities again as well as the hobby side of it. Besides, my girlfriend enjoys painting them so I'm doing it as much for myself as that.

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>Who's got the best deals out there for GW's overpriced bullshit?

pic related

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glorious china

Who exactly? All the ones I've googled don't have a good catalog or aren't THAT much cheaper than eBay.

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Anybody know where to find bfg stuff cheap? Ebay prices are ridiculous, are there any good recasters or anything?

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Has lowpricewarhammer raised prices?

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check the fucking catalog

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what catalog?

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Ebay and trading are really your best bets. Make sure you look international too, because you can find some rare shit. I tend to look at buy only because bidding can be a huge disappointment when someone snipes you, but there are also a LOT of things that never get bid on, so you can get them pretty ace as well.

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>not buying from your glorious chinese overlords

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Going to ask in here; did zhanchui get shut down? His taobao isn't pulling up anything..

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he did, brah. keep up with the times.

if you have his e-mail you might be able to buy from him.

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well that fucking sucks.

can someone give me his email?

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I'll bet you were one of the faggots who constantly spammed threads asking for his info back in the day.

Spoonfed till the grave.

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lol that bootstrap mentality

you're a libtard, aren't you

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Pick a different game. GW don't even have the best sculpts anymore.

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>can't do anything for himself
>can't capitalize or punctuate

AND he's /pol/shit. What a winner.

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Warmachine is trash and no one within reasonable driving distance plays Infinity or other games.

Its either 40k or, on odd nights, fantasy.

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>Waah! No one plays other games!
Time to make friends and get some games going I suppose.

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That's a whole lot of work to do to play an inferior game.

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Leading a horse to water and all of that, anon. I'm not interested in trying to change local attitudes. I just want to get my game on once ever couple of weeks.

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No, no, 40k is shit, GW is shit, and you must be the Moses of [insert wargame here]. Because it's totally the best game ever, nobody else knows it yet!

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Okay but i'm still gonna play 40k.

I still planned on pursuing Infinity, just not right away.

But seriously. No Warmachine. I'm so disillusioned with the game these days...

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I say this to everyone: check out historicals. Or even moderns. I get they aren't for everyone but there are some great games out there to play for some great miniatures, and you can keep the "bang bang tanks and infantry" mentality that 40K has.

The added bonus is that they're so damn cheap if no one plays it you can actually buy two armies and take them both with you, and just say "anyone up for trying out this new game with me".

On the other hand, if you think 40K's atmosphere and aesthetic are cool as tits then fucking go for it. Because I agree.

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My biggest problem with warmachine is, their art is AWESOME. And then you look at the mini and.. what the fuck am i looking at? In most cases it doesnt even look like the art representation.

Infinity is what I personally want to go for, since everyone hates the 40k armies that I like/would get.

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>Superior game.
Is he 'avin a laugh? I think he's 'avin a laugh. And is making friends really hard work? That seems strange.

40k is fine as long as you don't expect a 'competitive meta' and don't mind some other minor shenanigans. I really have nothing against it even if I always preferred fantasy. Up until I stopped caring about GW that is. It's reasonably entertaining, but pretty expensive for what you get out of it, and unlike most games that start small and get way to ridiculous as they get bigger, 40k is totally opposite and leans towards bigger games while smaller ones seem less interesting. Kill-TEam for example is terrible.

Fair enough. That seems reasonable. It's really to bad Epic isn't a thing anymore. It's pretty much the perfect half way point, or was.

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Yeah, the models becoming more and more questionable in quality, the release schedule they keep up, the pushing of Colossals rubbed me wrong yet this doesn't bother me in 40k where superheavies should be an expected part of the lore and the meta. I know all games have power creep and meta shifts but theirs lost me somewhere into late 1e and 2e brought be back only briefly before they turned me away, again.

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The Grass is Greener mentality is pretty bad to have when you look at your mini collection. It's all; I have all this stuff but that other stuff seems so cool..I know the feeling.

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I'd love to try epic. I'd also like to play Fantasy but all the armies that grab me visually don't seem to be that great, like Wood Elves or Beastmen.

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I've played 40k before but I didn't enjoy it because of the people available to play with and starting with Space Marines like everyone seems to do.

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Different anon here.

How do I into friends?

Right now I have none. Should I just show up at the FLGS, set up my historical minis, and hope someone shows interest? I'm pretty pathetic and get nervous talking to strangers.

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Search online for a group? Maybe put up a sticky note at the FLGS? Show up with some dudesmen and start painting? All kinds of people love historicals just because nerds are usually into history and such, so it could easily work.

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Yes, do this. Also make sure you do basic human things; shower, groom, wear deodorant, dress nicely and make sure to smile. If you get nervous talking remember to breath. Respond slowly and carefully if you need to so you don't blurt things out or slur your words.

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Epic is amazing.

>Space Marines.
Blame GW marketing for pushing Marines so hard. But eh, I feel for you bro.

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I just want to start a new army or a new game, but nobody in my city plays other games than 40k or rarely fantasy. And with fantasy, i cant decide which army to get, heh.

As for warmachine, theres also the mechanical part of the game. Oh no our leader just died after we killed half of the enemy army! ALL IS LOST!
That. Is. Plain. Stupid. Especially with a few armies having access to retarded 1turn1shot combo to kill your warcaster.
And yeah the colossals.. just no.
What I like about infinity, and part the reason why i want to get into it, is that you need even less models than warmachine to play it.

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Pick a better hobby, like an exercise thing. Tennis, fuckin hockey or some shit. You will hang out with non neckbeard fucking sperglords, get fit, meet actual real women and form lasting, lifelong friendships while improving yourself as a person.

If you go down the Warhammer rabbit hole, you will be a 50 something loser with no real friends, no hair, a fucking collection of painted models worth like $6k and NOTHING ELSE.

Trust me, I am that guy.

>> No.33532565

All good tips. And trust me when I say wargamers are super awkward and a lot of dudes are only super buddy buddy because they've been playing together for ages and stuff like that. But generally most of them are very accepting because we all know how often it is to see a new face/army setting up shop at the local. Which is to say, it isn't.

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You also need to keep up, he has a new website called low priced warhammer and reopened his store under a different name.

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>hur dur blame GW

They push what sells.

FW used to support all races, but favored C:SM. However, they also favored IG.

With HH, they are getting insane amounts of sales, so it's proven, time and time again, over and over, people like marines, people want marines, people will buy marines.

Stop being butthurt just because you're a niche fucking minority.

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Ain't got OOP Juan Diaz daemonettes in China.

Sweet, sexy Daemonettes.Pic related, because fuck me if those aren't some of the best single-pose minis you've ever laid eyes on. If Chinaman can get me that, then I'm a gutted squig.

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>go to FLGS
>go up to the boss guy
>"anyone here into historicals or might be"
>hope he points someone out
If he doesn't, go over to some people already gaming and ask. I mean, what's wrong with asking, right?

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>Pursue something you don't like, to befriend people and meet women you have nothing in common with.

Sounds like a recipe for suicide.

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>sports are the only thing that make friendships
It looks like you just drew the short straw and don't know any better. Sports is great for keeping healthy and health is great for being attractive. But meeting people you like has little to do with sports. Being healthy just mean that person is more likely to look at you twice.

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This anon is correct I mean best way to get people in other games is to make 2 forces that are balanced. I have 2 growing X-wing fleets and people are starting to like it and get their own shit now

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only on steeds

also I have a pile of those they were the best deamonettes due to weirdest boners.

>> No.33533164


Is that place legit? Decent quality?

I want some for myself.

>> No.33533277

ordered the raptors from them and they were good, some minor issues like some tags from the moulds but no bubbles. Have not ordered these due to promising the wife no more models till after we move and settle into our home then I will have a garage for all the shit I like.

>> No.33533281

It is legit and the quality is pretty good. Will still need cleaning off mould lines n such.

>> No.33533332


Does anyone have the catalog and his contact information?

>> No.33533342


Chinaman. Always Chinaman.

>> No.33533353


Nice try, GW.

>> No.33533574

Does anyone happen to know how to tell if Chinaman has something in stock?

>> No.33533874

Yeah, you email him with an invoice and he tells you.

Chinaman's a fucking person, the easiest way to acquire knowledge a person has is to ask him.
Though apparently this is also known as "spoonfeeding" and you should never ask someone for information, you should figure it out yourself from first principles.

>> No.33533984

hahaha, no but seriously does anyone have it i wanna pick up a couple broadsides on the cheap.

>> No.33533989

Break up with your girlfriend as she's already fringing on gold digger territory and is an enabler. And get a better, less expensive hobby. There are many.

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what's the cheapest way to buy an army of space marine bikes?
the dark angels battleforce?

>> No.33534328

>where do you think you are.jpg

>> No.33535010

Not him, and just got to this thread, but how are you supposed find the email address of a guy you know nothing about?

I lurk threads like this waiting for something to go on but it never happens.

>> No.33535233

So, how cheap is Chinaman supposed to be?

For instance why would a squad of Incubi cost? Of Scourges?

>> No.33535837

Incubi $13.60

>> No.33536134

And what do I have to do to get in contact with this guy?

Not asking you to "spoonfeed" me, but can you give me somthing to go on?

>> No.33536301

Well I just built 2 land raiders that were from the chinaman, At half price its ok but I've found that the chinaman stuff requires alot of messing around, cleaning flash, re bending parts, removing mold injection leftovers and so on. Next time I'm afraid I'll just get the originals at full price and save my self literally hours of extra, frustrating work. The resin is very brittle (all three chinamen I've bought from) and doesn't like to be clipped or cut and will just break.
I got the shits in the end and whipped out my Dremel and ground all of the excess off with a diamond coated grinding disc. I should have done that in the first place... Much faster.
Also, if you get anything that has a cloak, it WILL have holes in it. Again I can't be bothered to be cheap anymore and will just buy GW stuff and second hand stuff on ebay if it's a good deal, as I can strip them fairly easily with my ultrasonic cleaner.

So, if you want to buy from chinaman, go right ahead, they're great for bits and pieces but be warned, there's a lot of extra prep work involved as well as the huge postage delay.
In the meantime I'll find some pics of things I've bought.

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http://www.lowpricewarhammer.com/ Zanchuis catalogue. Email contact and paypal payment. Very slow, usually good quality.

http://www.thebitskingdom.com/ CCON's catalogue. Email is [email protected] Smaller selection than Zanchui, much quicker service and also great quality, but very brittle resin so be careful when chopping in it.

>> No.33536329

I already have a few on Steeds, I just need some of the regular ones for a little project. So far haven't found them by China, and the cheap lots on Ebay always rocket up last minute.

>> No.33536349

I wouldn't recommend getting resin versions of plastic vehicles, that's just way more pain than it's worth.
Forgeworld kits is what you should be getting though, since the originals are resin and will likely be a chore whether you get originals or recasts.

>> No.33536405 [SPOILER] 

There are a few chinamen, look on you'll need to contact both via email but they have websites you can look at with prices and products.

theBitskingdom - lowpricewarhammer

>> No.33536418

Yes, definitely this.

>> No.33536452


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>one has no DE
>other has no scourge, hellions or kabalites
Well, I can at least afford those at full price since I save on everything else.

Or do I need to worry about Zanuchis DE and vehicles?

>> No.33536698

How long does it take Wardream Workshop to restock?

>> No.33536786

the fuck does bitskingdom work?

>> No.33536833

I would always worry about resin versions of plastic vehicles. It will save you lots of time and pain to get the real ones.

>> No.33536890

well in my order from zan, my terminator chaplain got creeded into a DE raider see >>33536405
It was actually pretty easy to put together although the rudder fin was bent and is very thin, it broke but i fixed it.

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as a sort of catalog yes

>> No.33537095

Also it sounds like your own lack of confidence killed your social life. Dont blame a game for your actions.

>> No.33537333

But the units should be fine?

>> No.33537449

Back in the day /tg used to cast its own stuff, and much lulz was had.

/tg seems to have gotten even fatter and lazier than before - which is something I had previously deemed impossible.

>> No.33537462

Yes, no, maybe, I'm still annoyed about my masters of the chapter being shite,the others are perfect however.

>> No.33537531

>Implying getting forge world on the cheap has anything to do with recasting yourself


>> No.33537698

Any comments on the machine priests unts?

Id love to field a Martian army, but couldn't afford it otherwise.

>> No.33537801

Wood Elves aren't bad, they're just not beginner friendly. Once you're experienced with Wood Elves you can make your opponents crumble before the might of the Asrai.

>> No.33538200

I'll ask in here, does anyone know any good bits sites that deliver to the UK? I need me some CSM Legs, but most places look out of stock to me.

>> No.33538349


>> No.33538927


Too bad no one in china does recasts of them.

ah well, what else is disposable income for.

>> No.33539000

>Talking casually about unit saturation.
You're not very smart are you.

>implying it doesn't.

>> No.33539071


they are made of lead.

sauce: the daemon player in our league bought some.

>> No.33539577

Usually infantry is great. Swords, banner poles and other such long thin pieces can be a problem though, Zanchui's tend to be soft and flabby while CCON's can snap easily. So it pays to have some plasticd bits for replacements in hand. That being said I got some Kriegsmen from Zanchui and they were all great, the lasgun barrels were just a bit bent.

>> No.33539615

bitsandkits is UK based. Pretty much everyone I've ever come across delivers worldwide though, just the US ones tend to have atrocious shipping costs.

>> No.33539702


buy a box of basic marines, 1 captain, 1 assault marine and a predator.

Re-cast that shit, the first time you cast it will look bad, but after two or three times you get your technique down. Make yourself a chapter of the fucks,
pro-tip: It's easier to keep them on the sprues, so do that.

>> No.33539730


GW plz go, I've had these problems and more with 'real' space marines, I swore never to buy finecast ever again

>> No.33540149

WD 310

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>> No.33540233

I buy bits and make my own models.

>> No.33540417



>> No.33540498

I think Finecast was a combined attempt to increase profits whilst simultaneously trolling their own fanbase.

Seems to have been a complete success.

>> No.33543136

>literally no idea what I'm talking about

>> No.33544306

There are still DIY casting threads from time to time here.

>> No.33545544

Most figs these days have a website, message board and/or Facebook. Coordinate through there.

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