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QM Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellbornQuest
The Story So Far: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?searchall=hellborn
Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/rNg3Yw8m (picture included)

The bell rings, and you sweep everything into your awaiting backpack and throw it over a shoulder. Then you head to the door, but Mr. Hamel gives you a look that makes you realize you’re not going anywhere. “Ms. Beckhoff, could I have a word with you?” asks Mr. Hamel.

“What’s up, Mr. H?” you ask flatly. This could be about all kinds of stuff. That essay you decided not to do. That one girl you gave a black eye – well, maybe not, she’s too afraid of you to talk. So long as it’s not anything that gets him to call the Seversons in for another parent teacher conference, it’s whatever. They’re like, a couple months from chucking you out, but if you just want to make it through the summer so you can spend time with like, your friend person.

>> No.33490139


Stress: 78/100
HP: 10/10
PP: 10/10

“You’re not in trouble this time,” says Mr. Hamel, holding out a hand. “May I see your backpack for a moment? Someone accused you of stealing their phone.”

You laugh at him. It was probably Janice. Janice hates your guts. It wouldn’t be the first time she’s lied to get you in trouble. Though you’ve done the same to her, so yeah.

>I’m really not in the mood for this BS.
>What, it was Janey, wasn’t it. Screw this, I’m not bending over backwards for that bitch.
>Have all the looks you want. You’re not going to find anything this time.
>I’ll give you a rain check on that. (Then shoot him a thumbs up and walk out the door.)
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)
>Other (?)

>> No.33490153

Rolled 96

>What, it was Janey, wasn’t it. Screw this, I’m not bending over backwards for that bitch.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)

>> No.33490160

Rolled 13

>What, it was Janey, wasn’t it. Screw this, I’m not bending over backwards for that bitch.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)
Looks like it's time for more dream sequences.

>> No.33490194

Rolled 85

>What, it was Janey, wasn’t it. Screw this, I’m not bending over backwards for that bitch.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)

>> No.33490195

Rolled 91

>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)
>I’ll give you a rain check on that. (Then shoot him a thumbs up and walk out the door.)
Bet someone put something in our bag.

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>Have all the looks you want. You're not going to find anything this time.

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>Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/rNg3Yw8m (picture included)
Shouldn't the new feet be mentioned on there somewhere? At least change the Claws section to say that they're on both the hands and feet now.

>Claws: Sierra's hands and forearms distort into cracked, blackened boney flesh, and her fingers taper off into elongated claws, at will. These claws are razor sharp, and capable of cutting through many types of material. Damage: 1+3d2, Cost: 0 PP (Take one turn to come out or go back in), Type: Slashing, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [IN]
change to
>Claws: Sierra's hands and forearms distort into cracked, blackened boney flesh, and her fingers taper off into elongated claws, at will. Her feet are capable of similarly changing These claws are razor sharp, and capable of cutting through many types of material. Damage: 1+3d2, Cost: 0 PP (Take one turn to come out or go back in), Type: Slashing, Range: Touch, Stress Sensitive [IN]
or something

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>Other (?)
He's not the police. He can't go through our personal stuff.

>> No.33490254

Teachers can get a cop or principle to search our stuff if they have reasonable cause to. All he has to do is wait for one of those resource officers to come over and check our bag.

>> No.33490288

Hearsay is not reasonable cause. Besides, we can just split, it's obvious Sierra isn't counting on staying for long.

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>Dice: Very Hard
>DC probably 5

We failed it.

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Looks like we'll keep going down the rabbit hole.

>> No.33490343

But what if the feet claws have different damage dice used?

>> No.33490344

>Have all the looks you want. You’re not going to find anything this time.

>> No.33490376

Then he can make it a separate ability thing.

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>What, it was Janey, wasn’t it. Screw this, I’m not bending over backwards for that bitch.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)

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You guys know she slipped her phone into our bag, right? That's how this con works. You slip your phone/wallet into something of your mark's, then get an authority figure to search them. Classic frame job.

We need to refuse, go to the bathroom, find the phone, and drop it in a toilet tank.

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“Oh hurr durr, and who told you that?” you ask mockingly. “Janey? She’s a bitch. Screw this.”

The crap you put up with, sometimes. (+2 stress: 80/100) You go to walk off, but Mr. H. stops you. “Ms. Beckhoff, don’t make me call the resource officer again.”

You groan loudly. You hate the sight of that mall cop. “Fine!” you say, shoving your backpack at him. “Mess up all my crap! Good luck finding anything!”

The teacher goes through your stuff, and of course, finds nothing. You keep your switchblade in your back pocket, so that’s off the table for finding. Except Hamel keeps looking. He pulls out your binder, which is jammed full of crumpled, blank, or otherwise marked up assignments, and flips open the front cover.

Wait. He’s supposed to be looking for a phone, why’s he -

“Seriously?” Mr. Hamel asks, pulling out your half-emptied pack of Pal Mal from the binder strap. It was stuffed in there with a bunch of papers so no one could see it. It’s like he already knew where they were.

>> No.33490559


There’s still like, two bucks worth of cigarettes in there. And more importantly, if he doesn’t give those back, you won’t have anything for after school – all the stores around here are crap when it comes to buying stuff underage, and you kind of need to smoke to unwind. What are you going to do? (+2 Stress: 82/100

>Hey, I need those!
>My life’s none of your damn business.
>Back off, Mr. Hamel.
>How the hell did you know where those were?
>Snatch your stuff back and make a break for it.
>They’re lost. Making a scene’s only going to make more trouble for yourself.
>Other (?)

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>My life’s none of your damn business.
>How the hell did you know where those were?

>> No.33490610

>Hey, I need those!

>> No.33490622


>Back off, Mr. Hamel.
>How the hell did you know where those were?

>> No.33490624

>My life’s none of your damn business.

>> No.33490645

>Snatch your stuff back and make a break for it.

Fuck this nigga.

>> No.33490650

>Hey, I need those!
>My life’s none of your damn business.

>> No.33490653

>Snatch your stuff back and make a break for it.

>> No.33490705

>Hey, I need those!
>How the hell did you know where those were?

>> No.33490742

72 sanity says we should sap will.
We feel strange-- different from how we remember. Why can't we hear his heart beating or see the nasty-ass pores on his nose? Couldn't we do that before? Still, a badass bitch like Sierra isn't going to back down.
>back off, Mr. Hamel.

>> No.33490756

I support sapping will if he doesn'tgive them back

>> No.33490763

That's stress, not sanity. And I don't know, sap will costs stress.

>> No.33490774

>>How the hell did you know where those were?
>>Back off, Mr. Hamel.

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>Phone my ass. Who ratted on me?

>> No.33490830

"Mr. Hamel, you are aware of the therapeutic properties of nicotine, are you not?"
Let's fuck with him a bit.

>> No.33491153

“How the hell did you know where those were?” you ask.

“Someone saw you during break,” says Mr. Hamel, waving the pack at you. “And I’m glad they did. Smoking is something you’ll regret for the rest of your life. You should know better.”

“My life’s none of your damn business!” you yell. “I don’t care about lung cancer or whatever. It’s my choice, so shut up. You can’t stop me.”

Mr. Hamel doesn’t answer immediately. “You’re right. I can’t stop you,” he says. “But at least I can confiscate these.” He puts the pack in his front pocket. Might as well be a vault for how likely it is you’ll get them back.

“Hey, I need those!” you say heatedly. Seriously though, you kind of do. You consider hitting him with a ball of infinite woe to turn him to jelly so you can just like, take your cigs back. However, you have to see this guy every day, and you don’t want him associating you with weird, inexplicable crap. (+2 Stress: 84/100)

“And I’ll be calling your parents,” says the teacher. “I assume they don’t know about your ‘life choices.’”

Man, you’re already a straw away from breaking the camel’s back on that issue. You don’t need Mr. Hamel bumbling in there with his good intentions and stupidity and ruining everything. (+2 Stress: 86/100) “They’re not my parents,” you say, scowling. “And just. Don’t call them. If anyone tells them, I tell them.”

>> No.33491177

Hamel gives you a hard look. “I’ll hold off calling them tonight at seven o’clock,” he says. “But I am going to talk to them about this.”

“Screw you,” you say, grabbing your backpack from him and stalking out of the class. As you walk toward the exit, you start feeling kind of antsy. You always light up around now, and knowing that you have no way to go about it is inducing in you bad feelings. (+3 Stress: 89/100)

You were counting on blowing back and relaxing, and now you’re not doing any of that. You’re actually getting into the red line danger zone – you don’t know how much more you can take today, but it isn’t much.

“Yo, Sier,” says Alexis, falling into rank beside you. “Still up for raising hell and all that shit tonight?”

>> No.33491195


Alex is probably the coolest person you know. She’s probably even cooler than you, which is no small accomplishment. You met her when you were in detention, and you’ve been pretty chummy ever since. Aside from her nose ring and lip piercings and torn up, dusty clothes, you notice her hair is dyed green today – that’s news to you, but not surprising. Every week it’s something different.

“Not now, Lexis,” you growl, keeping your eyes straight ahead. Your smokes, man. Those were your fucking smokes. (+2 Stress: 91/100)

Alex notices your angry, brooding look. “You look fucking angry. What’s your major malfunction? This about that dude you made out with?”

>Ugh, don’t remind me. He’s hot, but like, you know how it is.
>Alex, you should… go away. Really’s not the time.
>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
>Something came up – I’ll have to bail. I have a bunch of stupid crap I have to deal with like, right now.
>Other (?)

>> No.33491209

>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.

>> No.33491236

>fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
We have at least one friend in this world, might as well confide in them. Raising hell might be good for our stress, though.

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>> No.33491269

Oh god we're in a bizarro world. How horrifying!

>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
>Other: You don't happen to have any?

>> No.33491279

>>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.

>> No.33491318

>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
>I’ll have to bail. I have a bunch of stupid crap I have to deal with like, right now.

>> No.33491355

>Ugh, don't remind me. He's hot, but like, you know how it is.
>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs man.

>> No.33491372

>>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.

>> No.33491444

>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
>Something came up – I’ll have to bail. I have a bunch of stupid crap I have to deal with like, right now.

>> No.33491466

>Fucking Mr. Hamel took my fucking cigs, man.
I wanna go raise a little hell. Should be fun

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Lawn strikes again.

>> No.33492144


I'm back. Errands took a bit longer than expected.

>> No.33492203

Don't you lie to me, lawn! I know who you really are.

>> No.33492505

Aww, Isaac best dad

>> No.33492510

“Man, if only,” you say, grinding your gears. “Fucking Mr. Hamel knew about my cigs somehow. You uh. Don’t have any, do you?”

“Naw. Mom’s got some back at the house, though. You could lift some from her stash when we drop by,” says Alex, nonchalantly.

Her house isn’t going to cut it. It’s like, way far away and stuff, and you need a cigarette like, right now. (+2 Stress: 93/100)

“But you know who ratted on you,” she continues, “it’s probably that faggot Dennis. Remember you chased him off like, last week or something when he was all lingering around? He was all mad and shit about that.”

>> No.33492538


“Eh. His fault he got all pissed when I called him gay to his face,” you say, with a lifeless laugh. “He’s like, probably not even gay, but if you’re gonna like, freak out about it then you might as well be.”

You walk on for a minute with Lexis, going out the back way of the school, when you see some people that you don’t want to see. Namely, Rory Fong and like, a couple of his friends. They’re pretty cool, but Rory’s a clingy kind of person. You probably shouldn’t have kissed him, even if you wanted to at the time. (+1 Stress: 94/100)

One of Rory’s buddies hits him on the shoulder and points him to your approach. Rory smiles and waves. "Hey Sierra, what’s up?” he says all smooth and stuff. Stupid laid back Asian guys.

“This is gonna be great,” Alexis says, smirking.

>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.
>Just be cool, say something neutral and walk on. There’s no reason to do anything dumb if you’re smart about it.
>Double back. Rory’s going to try to be all friendly or whatever the hell he is.
>Make Alexis run interference. She knows enough. You hope she knows enough, anyway.
>Other (?)

>> No.33492565

>>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.

>> No.33492567

Rolled 53

>Just be cool, say something neutral and walk on. There’s no reason to do anything dumb if you’re smart about it.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)

>> No.33492575

>>Other (?)
Bum some cigs off him or his friends.

>> No.33492587

Oh god, I think I know where this is going...

>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.

>> No.33492603

>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.

>> No.33492615

Rolled 36

>>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.
>Wait. This already happened. (Dice: Very Hard)

>> No.33492620

>Just be cool, say something neutral and walk on. There’s no reason to do anything dumb if you’re smart about it.
>Other: We can talk when I'm more relaxed, man. Not now.
>Other: Dis ain't right.

I miss Hallows reality ;_;

>> No.33492631

>Just be cool
We're going to be wearing him like a coat in a minute anyway

>> No.33492632

>Just be cool, say something neutral and walk on. There's no reason to do anything dumb if you're smart about it.

>> No.33492639


>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood. They took my cigs.

>> No.33492664

Rolled 86

>>Hey Rory. Look, I just… fucking stay away from me right now, man. I’m in a mood.

>> No.33492702

Actually, how do we know what the upper limit of our stress is? Have we ever freaked out before? Maybe it's 94/???

>> No.33492750

We are like 20 seconds from popping here i don't want to be edgy Sierra anymore.
I miss Ro.
I wanna go home...

>> No.33492751

We told Cassandra about having our first episode when we were like ten. I'm not sure how old Sierra is here, but there have probably been multiple incidents.

>> No.33492766

Would we even go into berserk rage here? Is this what could have been, or what was? Either way, all these people are not Hallows or Crowthers, OR Nevada so bleh to them.

>> No.33492789

>Wake up from your shitty dreams. Or better yet, go to the boat. THE BOAT SIERRA.

>> No.33492797

This is probably somewhere around 6-9th grade, the swearing, boys, and smokes make me think so anyways.

>> No.33492821


>> No.33492857

>Implying we aren't actually Nevada

>> No.33492888

>implying this entire quest hasn't been Meckor dreaming about his nightmare NTR fetish

>> No.33492889

Remember the boat, Sierra. THE BOAT.

>> No.33492894

Anon, no. No! NNNNNNNo!


>> No.33492955

>Implying mom wasn't just planning on souljar-ing into Nevada's or our body when we turn 18

>> No.33492999

So were the Salem witch trials a thing in this universe and were they real witches at all or still just hysterical girls and crazy Puritans?

>> No.33493020

You grit your teeth and keep walking, sparing Rory a passing glance. “Just… fucking stay away from me right now, okay?” you say sternly.

“That’s kind of harsh,” Alex says, giving you a sideways look.

Rory and his friends exchange a baffled look as you pass by. “Did I do something wrong?” he asks after you.

Alex laughs and lags behind you to answer, even as you try to get more distance on them. She waves off your attitude as nothing. “She’s just in one of her moods,” she says. “Have a fucking good day, guy.”

You turn the corner and walk faster, as Alex hurries to play catch up. “Geeze, this all about your cigarettes? We’ll go get somebody to buy you some, you’re a bitch when you’re like this.”

Stupid Mr. Hamel’s fault. You’re going to have to set off the fire alarm or something during his class, next time you’re ditching. This is turning into literally the worst day. Everything’s falling apart, Alexis is bitching at you, and you still don’t have anything to smoke. You don’t know how much longer you’re going to hold out. (+3 Stress: 97/100)

>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You’re not going to get far like this.
>Alex, get away from me, right now.
>Maybe yelling at Alexis about your problems will help let off some steam.
>Other (?)

>> No.33493040

>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You’re not going to get far like this.

>> No.33493053

>This is boring. Blow a fuse.

>> No.33493063

Spend energy, get a runners high, get away from here. shit is going down

>> No.33493065

God damn she was even worse way back in the day.
>Light something on fire. Maybe that will help.

>> No.33493068

>Alex, get away from me, right now.

>> No.33493075

>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You’re not going to get far like this.

We can do this. Remember what Cass taught us. Remember, Sierra. Remember. Rememberrr ember mber ber er r!

>> No.33493076


>> No.33493083

>Maybe yelling at Alexis about your problems will help let off some steam.

>> No.33493084

>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You’re not going to get far like this.
Sierra pls

>> No.33493086


>> No.33493087

>Alex shut up for a second.
>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You’re not going to get far like this.

>> No.33493092

>Stop for a second and pull yourself back together. You're not going to get far like this.

>> No.33493096

This is objectively the most boring dream sequence so far.

>> No.33493112

Things will get interesting when the freakout happens.

>> No.33493132

>people voting to stop and calm down when at 97 stress

i guess blowing up as soon as possible is your plan, don't like dream sequences?

>> No.33493178

Yeah it's pretty snoresville, but that's ok. So long as this dream isn't the only thing that happens during today's session, I'm indifferent. Probably would have been a lot less bad if Languid hadn't run off to mow his lawn for an hour in the middle of things.

>> No.33493232

I agree, but flashbacks - I assume this is one - often are pretty dull. Rarely I find myself interested in them - especially when they happen when you'd rather know what the fuck HAPPENED AFTER ISAAC CARRIED US OFF.

But we'll see. It's not like I don't want to know Sierra's past.

>> No.33493254

>Run out to the nearest place with unattended glass and break some shit.

Sierra used to be really good at letting stress get the best of her. Pic related.

>> No.33493277

This has to be important somehow. All the other flashbacks have been major events. If this one isn't, then I don't even know what the fuck Languid was thinking here.

Anyway, I'm guessing that this is the day/events leading up to the first hyperviolent freakout. Might be something else though. Anyone care to guess?

>> No.33493353

That's what I was thinking too. Maybe this is more about Alexis than Sierra?

I also was thinking that crossing stress treshold might not throw us into berserk rage this time. Just a feeling though. No idea what might happen though.

>> No.33493365

This is probably a fashback to the very first time Sierra went crazy from overloading on stress.

>> No.33493395

Nah. It was already confirmed to have happened when she was a little kid and this sounds like it's early teenage years.

I think this is the first time going crazy resulted in the death or serious injury of someone.

>> No.33493396

We're going to remember what we did before Isaac found us as soon as we reach 100 stress in the dream

>> No.33493397

Nah, she's done it way back when she was 10

>> No.33493400

Man, 10 year olds shouldn't smoke, or curse like that.

I don't think this is her first rage.

>> No.33493425

>>Alex, get away from me, right now.

>> No.33493427

Jesus christ I hope not.

Speaking of, I was thinking how to deal with slaughtering so many innocents. Do we just tell ourselves that it was the lesser evil? That doing the opposite would have killed countless more? True or not, it might keep us together better.

>> No.33493484

>Freak out in the dream
>Isaac is carrying us still
>Start thrashing around in our sleep
>Suddenly blanket is on fire
>Shadows in surrounding area clawing at things
>Sounds like nails on a thousand chalkboards
>Fuck up our broken leg worse while thrashing around on the ground
>Get poisonous drool on everything
>Scratch our own tits off
>Accidentally bite Reeber, causing him to swell up like a balloon

>> No.33493495

We run away and chill near our landwell forever, keeping normal people safe from us.

>> No.33493506

>Scratch our own tits off
>Accidentally bite Reeber, causing him to swell up like a balloon

Haha what

>> No.33493538

Demon hobo quest is go.

>> No.33493547

yeah, everything points to her being in her teens

>> No.33493631

>that feel when you've declared war on lawn, and it's evil tree ally.

>> No.33493648

Looks like you won the war. That lawn is clearly dying.

>> No.33493666

Tree is ally of justice. Tree consumes the nutrients and water that greedy lawn would otherwise horde to itself. Tree is ally to man, and his greatest asset against the evils of Lawn.

>> No.33493693

>Trees leave their fucking leaves everywhere during fall

Nope. Tree a shit

>> No.33493701


Glad I'm not the only one who thinks flashbacks suck. I had to keep my autism in check and not to sperg out when I realized this was a flashback sequence.

Dear QMs, flashbacks fucking suck, try to keep them to minimum.
Interactive flashbacks are literally Hitler.

>> No.33493716

The trees can not be trusted and must be eliminated!

>> No.33493719

leaves cover the lawn while on the tree, shading it from the sun

when they fall they do it even better

>> No.33493720

Leaves cover lawn. Prevent grass from getting sun and kills grass. Even in death comrade tree powers through.

>> No.33493771

That's brutal.

>> No.33493859

I think it depends on the situation mostly. This time, for example, is super horrible because I'd rather know what happened to Sierra after Isaac carried her rather than what happened in the past.

Lots of shows do this and it drives me insane.

Not that I don't understand why they do it, and not like this isn't a good spot for a flashback, and it'll likely give insight to something, but still.

>> No.33493883

You stop and lean on the locker wall. “Alexis, shut up for a second,” you order her. You press your forehead into the cool metal, and try to keep your thoughts on that. It kind of works.

Alex doesn’t like taking crap from you, but she wisely remains silent.

You hear somebody else approaching. You glance sideways and see Rory. Crap, why did you have to run into him? (+1 Stress: 98/100) He walks toward you.

“Back off,” you warn him.

“What’s this all about?” he asks, still stepping closer. “C’mon, just give me a hint.”

He’s dangerously close, now. You’re not taking any chances. You flick out your switchblade and point it at him. He freezes in shock.

“I said back off!” you shout. (+1 Stress: 99/100)

While Rory does as you say, Alexis stays where she is. “Sierra, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“You don’t – just get away,” you say, turning your blade on her. “Get away from me!” (+1 Stress: 100/100)

“You’re freaking the fuck out,” says Alexis, her expression both amused and pissed. “And don’t point that fucking thing at me.” She steps toward you and smacks your hand to the side.

You lose your concentration, as well as your grip on the knife. It clatters to the ground, and you stand still. Surprise lingers only for a second before your brain registers the fact that another person has just touched you. Your hold on the situation snaps. (+3 Stress: 103/100)

>> No.33493909


The scene dissolves, and you’re standing in the middle of a freeway, bodies stacked up around you higher than your head. Snakes slither from between the corpses and start wrapping about you. You scream and struggle, clawing the things apart with your claws, but every wound you inflict on them just causes them to bleed fountains of blood.

You wrestle them all off of you, but the blood levels are rising. The warm, thick fluid rises to your knees and continues getting deeper, but something’s wrapped around your feet, keeping you rooted in place.

As the blood rises, you hear an intensifying chorus of screams. The bodies around you begin to burn of their own accord, the smoke of cooking flesh choking the air about you. Then you realize it’s the dead bodies that are screaming – their mouths and faces are contorted into expressions of horror mingled with pain, and they’re screaming at you.

Blood pours from their gaping mouths to add to the tide of rising, sweet-smelling blood. It rises past your hips, then your chest, and gets faster all the while. You struggle to keep your face above the mess, but then it swallows that too.

You’re in a dark, red world, freely floating in an endless expanse. You choke and suffocate on salt water mingled with blood. Soft blue light shines down from above you, and a hand plunges down and grabs you by the arm, yanking you upwards.

>> No.33493913

oh boy here we go

>> No.33493925


You explode from the surface, coated in the blood of a thousand people, gasping for breath. You turn in a daze to your savior.

And then you’re on the ground, covered in blood, as Isaac towers above you, his magically white shining crossbow fixed on your head. “I’m sorry,” he says. Then he pulls the trigger.


You sit up with a gasp, your breathing hard and your heart hammering in your chest. You blink, then.

It’s dark. You’re in a bed. You’re in… your bed. The smell of your laudrey pile and your freshly washed sheets greets you. And you’re in your PJs. Your hair is damp, and you smell like soap..

Just a dream. Everything was just a dream. Wasn’t it? You go to move, and a flash of pain shoots up from your leg, paralyzing you in place. Your entire body hurts, everywhere. Your throat, your leg, and several other places flare up. Your skin tingles in a bad, scratchy kind of way.

Stress: Exhausted
Sanity: 72/100
HP: 11/26
PP: 2/26

>> No.33493927

>I think it depends on the situation mostly. This time, for example, is super horrible because I'd rather know what happened to Sierra after Isaac carried her rather than what happened in the past.

This happens every time actually. No one comes back to the quest thinking "oh boy, I wish this thread didn't continue the where we left the last time but instead starts and continues with something completely different."
I don't think I've ever read a quest where I welcomed the flashback sequences

>> No.33493958

Not all of it was a dream, you remember. You wish you didn’t. (-1 Sanity: 71/100)

There’s a whine from your bedside. Reeber’s hulk stirs from the darkness and jumps up and lays on you in his natural form, the sheer weight forcing you downward. You’re pretty sure he knows better than to be on people furniture, but you don’t care. You run your claws gently along his leathery hide, giving him the soft kind of scratching he enjoys most right below the horns.

“Dog,” you say, your voice coming out in a whisper. (+1 Sanity: 72/100)

Your door is open, and you can hear voices drifting up from downstairs. They’re not being quiet or anything, so if you listened, you could probably eavesdrop a little.

But the important thing is you're not dead. You're in the Hallows' house. For whatever reason, Isaac brought you back here and... they took care of you.

>Eavesdrop a little.
>Send Reeber down with the news you’re up.
>Call out. Maybe there’s somebody nearby.
>Lay back down. You’re tired.
>Other (?)

>> No.33493964

It did continue where we left off - pretty badly injured and about to pass out.

>> No.33493996

>>Send Reeber down with the news you’re up.

>> No.33494006

>Lay back down.
>Scratch Reeber some more.
>Eavesdrop a little.

>> No.33494007

>Eavesdrop a little.
A lot actually.

>> No.33494012

>Call out. Maybe there’s somebody nearby.

>> No.33494019

>Eavesdrop a little.

>> No.33494026

>Eavesdrop a lot.

>> No.33494035

>>Eavesdrop a little.

>> No.33494041

>Eavesdrop a little.

Probably stress-inducing but curiosity and cats and shit.

>> No.33494044

>>Eavesdrop a lot

>> No.33494048

>>Eavesdrop a little.
>Eavesdrop a lot

>> No.33494051

>Stress: Exhausted
>Sanity: 72/100
>HP: 11/26
>PP: 2/26
Hey! No Bloodlust meter!

>> No.33494058

>>Eavesdrop a little.

>> No.33494059

>Send Reeber down with news you're up.

>> No.33494071

>Send Reeber down with the news you’re up.

>> No.33494078

D-does that mean we succeeded in the dream? Or maybe it activates only when certain criteria has been met.

>> No.33494120

>Eavesdrop a little.

>> No.33494146


Bloodlust: Satiated.

>> No.33494171

>Call out. Maybe there’s somebody nearby.

>> No.33494177


>> No.33494188


I blame you for bringing it up.

>> No.33494189

>Eavesdrop a little.
Who washed us and how many loofahs did we ruin with our horrible cursed flesh? The only good option is Cassandra.

>> No.33494203

I look forward to seeing what happens when it's not satiated.

>> No.33494229


>> No.33494231

I like to imagine that they just put her in a metal tub in the backyard and used the hose.

>> No.33494253

So, what was the point of that flashback dream?

>> No.33494272

>The only good option is Cassandra.
or Borya.

>> No.33494298

yeah, wish we were still unsatiated so we could go on a murderous rampage some more

>> No.33494360

Probably to either recover sanity and/or stress, or show that Sierra's mental stability is less than stable and that she took killing those innocents to heart.

Right now I regret not choosing the Run option.

>> No.33494408

Hmm, maybe, but I honestly can't relate it to either.

>> No.33494415

Explore Sierra's backstory.

>> No.33494438

Could be we're about to meet an old friend.

>> No.33494453

We learned what? She was an angsty teenage highschool girl? I don't know if that counts as backstory.

>> No.33494455

I think it's to make the players really not want to let stress episodes happen.

People are obviously indifferent to the mass-slayings that result, so Languid is just letting everyone know that we'll have to face 5 hours of flashback dream sequence as punishment whenever we fuck up.

>> No.33494461

I think they all might be dead. Just an odd hunch.

>> No.33494487

>inb4 Ranthix is chained up in the basement and he starts yelling about shit half way through the next update.

>> No.33494500

Rolled 94

Or, y'know, to emphasize that we could blow up on ANY bad day and on anyone, including people we care about a lot

>> No.33494510

Could be. But it's like we've seen the bodies on screen or anything.

>> No.33494513

Well, I was fine with going super demon but that's because we were alone facing a bunch demons we can not hurt and kept confronting us on every corner we turn when we tried to escape. We couldn't run, they wouldn't die even when killed, they wouldn't hurt even when hit. So, nothing was left to do.

>> No.33494515


>> No.33494544

Could we convince Harvey to be our donor? Hmmm, delicious angel blood.

>> No.33494565

I'm indifferent towards the dead people but not towards Sierra's distress over it. That said, I'd rather not rage at all and kill innocents and (and it will come to it) someone we really care about.

Got to learn more ways to keep stress low.

Or maybe the price for Killing Meckor AND keeping Wally alive was this. Who knows.

>> No.33494607

Time to argue about which powers to take next go around? It's time.

>Soul Drinker
>Inflict Pain
Those two are the ones I really want. The Fear thing is also pretty high up on the want list and Stain of Sin is also pretty good, but I think those two get much more universal use.

>> No.33494623

Blood Curse

>> No.33494651

I still wanna hear the secrets of the shadows.

>> No.33494660

I'm voting stain of sin, after Ranthix and Meckor I've had just about enough of things that resist or are immune to our damage.

>> No.33494666

>implying we'll get a new round of powers to pick any time soon

>> No.33494686

stain of sin

we obviously need another damage type

>> No.33494702

Terrorizing Glare

>> No.33494747

That is pretty tempting but you can bet your ass no one is willing to use sanity for abilities now.

>> No.33494757

As soon as we defeat some hot bacon we'll have enough experience to level up. Also, what the hell, demon powers? A good night's sleep isn't enough to fix a bone?

>> No.33494772

I do too. I bet it's the thing we need to find the landwell.

>> No.33494788

I can assure you that I am. I'll still be voting for that in addition to the other guy.

>> No.33494804

1hp per 12hr passively.

1hp per 1hr actively (if we're awake and focusing on it and we're starting the process with at least 10PP in the tank)

>> No.33494861

A compound fracture that wasn't even set? Yea probably not.

I think our regeneration was too busy stopping us from bleeding out to even start anything else until Isaac found us.

>> No.33494880

I'm going to be voting for two belphegoran skills, because we've already had this argument.

>> No.33494919

Agreed, lets even up so we don't overspecialize so MORE bad things happen to us. Hell, maybe more Belphorgen powers means we're more human like

>> No.33494921

Huh. I suppose the shadows could have told us how to deal with Meckor. It's a massive gamble to take AND use it.

Whatever people want to choose, there needs to be extensive discussion over the choices. Shit's getting serious, too serious to just rip-and-tear.

>> No.33494976

>AND use it.
Maybe if Sierra goes crazy overboard with it and does nothing but talk to shadows all day. The san costs from regular use aren't going to be a massive instant bad-shit-happening thing.

>> No.33495022

>Hell, maybe more Belphorgen powers means we're more human like
It'll probably let us fake being human better, but there's no way it makes the actual demon form less demony. Belphagorans have their own demon form thing that we've never one reveal.

>> No.33495041

I wonder how much it costs anyway to use it? 5 per shadowchat?

>> No.33495055

>Implying we aren't going to burst through the heavens with our lightning sword.

>> No.33495069

Daylight fights to come in through your curtains, you notice, so you must have been out for some time. You don’t want to go outside today. You don’t want to leave your room ever again. And though you would rather wrap yourself up in blankets and cease existing, you decide to listen in to what’s going on downstairs and see what horrible stuff they’re talking about.

“-have happened,” Isaac is saying.

“Well none of this would have happened if you’d just listened to me to begin with,” says Cass.

“I made a mistake!” says Isaac. “And it’s too late now. We can’t go back and change things, however much we want. We should deal with what we have, not worry about what could have been.”

“This is going to tear her apart, Isaac. She’s not as strong as you think she is.”

“Cassandra, I know.”

>> No.33495092

Personally, I'd like to find a way to straight-up embrace our human side a little more. We're 50% human and, like, 17% any given type of demon. I wonder if there are any landmaster-specific stuff we can learn that, instead of just adding power to our demon side, lets us bring out some inherently human power and qualities.

That's my thought on the matter.

>> No.33495094


“No, Isaac. You don’t. You’re smart, and experienced, but you have no idea what she’s going through right now. She’s not you,” says Cass, her voice getting thick. “And now she’ll have all those people with her, for the rest of her life, and it’s because you thought you knew!”

Something steps into the doorway. You focus on the darkness, and your view resolves into clarity. It’s Rowan. She looks in, and sees Reeber atop you, and also you running your claws along his head. “They hardly ever argue,” says Ro, quietly. “They’re not really good at it.”

“Woman, I know!” you hear Isaac shout. “I’ve seen and done unimaginable things, and I’ve carried them all with me longer than you’ve been on this green Earth. Yell at me, scream at me, but don’t you dare tell me what I don’t know!”

Rowan sounds small when she speaks. “I don’t know what’s going to happen, Sierra.” She says.

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
>I do. I’ll find somewhere else to be, I guess.
>So, they kicking me out or something?
>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.
>Maybe I’m not the best at the superhero family thing.
>I guess this means I’m fired then, right?
>Hey. Where’s Waldo?
>What time is it?
>Other (?)

>> No.33495120

>>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
>>Hey. Where’s Waldo?

>> No.33495142

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.

>> No.33495150

>I think your grandpa was right...

>> No.33495155

Apologize about Vic's car. Other words/emotions hurt too much right now.

>> No.33495174

>Hey. Where’s Waldo?
>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
>What time is it?
Become as strong as Isaac thinks we are, Instead of how we are.

>> No.33495176

>>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.

>> No.33495185

>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
>I guess this means I’m fired then, right?

>> No.33495188

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.

>> No.33495190

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
also >>33495150

>> No.33495197

I'd be 110% down for exploring parts of Sierra related to her human/landmaster sides instead of her demon sides for a while.

>> No.33495217

This is perfect.

>> No.33495219

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>I guess this means I'm fired then, right?

>Try not to think about how much this reminds us of what the Seversons said before we left them.

>> No.33495228

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.

>> No.33495232


>> No.33495233

>I do. I’ll find somewhere else to be, I guess.

>> No.33495258

Oh god. I can't handle all that angst and self-pity.

It's perfect.

>> No.33495288

>Other (?)
"How bad is it? How many people did I kill?"

>> No.33495303

>>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.

>> No.33495306

This is perfect.

>> No.33495320

man i really want the "dark voices" (or whatever it was called, as long as we can manage sanity and block out the voices when we are low,
i really think we could learn alot of important and cool shit

>> No.33495326

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.

>> No.33495331

>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job...

>> No.33495347


>> No.33495366


Seconding this one we Homura now

>> No.33495367

i DON'T want to hear the secrets of the shadows

sierra has way more than enough problems as it is

>> No.33495435

>Maybe your dad should have just finished the job.

>> No.33495441

Whoa there, it's like you don't like sanity!

>> No.33495471

but... but.... shadow powers ....

>> No.33495497

>implying this is actually Rowan
We're about to start a conversation with a hallucination and then the Hallows are all gonna be all "the fuck is she doing?" and think we're crazy,

>> No.33495518


>> No.33495519

>Rowan is a ghost right now
Please anon no

>> No.33495527

embrace the dark side luke!

and may i refer you to >>33495471

>> No.33495543

>hallucinating while above 50 sanity
Wait until we're talking to the shadows, bub.

>> No.33495577


>> No.33495593

Well, sorry to pull the rug out from under you guys, but this is one of those days I have to tap out early. Late start is my bad, random errands is just the lawn. You know how it is.

So next game tomorrow, hopefully before 9:00 AM MST.

>> No.33495594

>implying the entire quest is not a hallucination
>implying we haven't been in psychiatric ward drugged up beyond belief since the berserk episode in school

>> No.33495603

I relish on the self-pity right now but like one Anon said, we need to aim to become strong-willed, so Isaac - and others - doesn't have to worry.

>> No.33495611


>> No.33495627


>> No.33495634


>> No.33495635


>> No.33495690

Thanks for running

>> No.33495696

The only shadow power I've found even remotely interesting so far is our new shadow shield power. Every other Verwelken power is so fucking shit. They bore me to fucking tears, and mostly about to "H-hey, want some slightly-less-shit super limited telekinesis?"

And, on top of that, they drive us insane.

Fuck our shadow powers.

>> No.33495741

>Sorry I ruined everything. I do that.
>Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.
>I do. I’ll find somewhere else to be, I guess.

>> No.33495744

Oh, this, yes.

>> No.33495756


>> No.33495810

You people value small amounts of sanity points far too highly.

>> No.33495863

Sierra's not lonely enough to need herself to talk to.

>> No.33495931

>Implying that at low enough sanity she will not start clearly hearing us, the players.
We could keep her entertained with our inane banter.

>> No.33495982

but thats the whole point, she wont be talking to herself, she will be talking directly to a kind of god.
shadows are everywhere, they are the absence of light and they are the night, if they have/where given a consciousness, it would not be to far off to call it a god.

>> No.33495985

Or she'll freak out with how much we talk about Rowan's delicious abs

>> No.33496042

>implying we wont convince her to see our point of view

>not that delicious ass forged by divine squats

>> No.33496047

That would be fun.

>Baron a shit
>implying we're not Nevada
>implying this all isn't a dream
>You know what else is a dream? Seeing Ben again
>I want to sit on Moriah's face
>The Hallows are creepy. I can't be the only one who thinks they're creepy.
>Who wants to argue about what powers to unlock next?
>Harvey a shit
>Ranthix is the one true husbando
>Maybe he'll help us rebuild mom's empire
>I want to fuck Borya while he's a bear
>I wish Sierra was gay.
>implying Rowan isn't a hallucination
>implying I wouldn't motorboat that hallucination

>> No.33496048

I value not possibly having to deal with stress caused by lowered sanity. Fuck, remember when Sierra thought that Trix was made of snakes, and that thought boosted her stress way the fuck up? No thanks

>> No.33496095

and the stronger the light, the more distinct the shadows are, its a bit like being able to talk to the old ones in the Cthulhu universe, its is not possible for normal humans to hear the wisdom of the old ones and remain sane, but if we could pick up some of there whispers and still be relatively okay, would it not be worth it?

>> No.33496115

If Sierra has been hearing our voices the whole time, I wouldn't be surprised if she thought she was gay at some point.

>> No.33496122

Verwelkan powers don't really seem to deal with shadows so much as actual darkness. They're strongest in the total absence of light, not where the contrast is greater.

>> No.33496125

Fuck you too, buddy. Compared to the Belphagoran powers that let us ignore armor, regenerate tons of PP, and who knows what else, or almost literally everything Infernus, Verwelken is just consistently lame, terrible, and overpriced.

I hope we can both agree, though, that the Mix powers tend to be unrelenting badass.

>> No.33496132


>> No.33496183

i must good sir agree that being a jack of all trades seems like a good deal, its hard to counter that.

>> No.33496211

Good. That's a common ground everyone should have.

>> No.33496232

But later powers are often better so being a Jack of all trades is weak.

>> No.33496269

yeah but what if we face a enemy the is immune to one kind of power, and that is what we chose

>> No.33496323

Now you're just being an overreactionary bitter saltlick. Verwelken powers are damn good.

Belphagoran powers are also damn good as well as the Infernus powers. Can't really say much about the land master stuff yet, but I'm betting that they'll be cool too.

Anyway, Belph powers are what we need next go around. We've been neglecting them. That doesn't mean we should start neglecting our Verwelken powers once things get evened out. If we do that, I'm sure we'll just find ourselves in another situation where an enemy thrashes us as a result of lacking something in the Ver tree that could have dealt with them just like Meckor thrashed us because we were lacking in Belph.

Not really in this quest. Languid seems to be subscribed to the jack of all trades school of thought.

I personally like systems that allow for intense specialization to work, but this isn't one of them.

>> No.33496411

i agree to some extend, i feel that we should get one belph and one velk power next round, the velk powers are just so usefull, we keep using the for all kind of things, i agree that its not the most combat oriented tree, but that dose not mean its useless

>> No.33496459

I think it probably gets really nasty in combat once we get a tiny bit further along in it. There's no way everyone pisses themselves over Verwelkens if all they have is the stuff we've seen. There's no way one of them killed Isaac's light-shitting dad without some major oomph.

>> No.33496468

Inflict Pain would probably be a really good idea.

>> No.33496492

I want Inflict Pain + Talking to shadows.

>> No.33496510

Us trying to be a specialist would be a terrible idea.

We're never going to be better at shadow bullshit than an actual Verwelken, we're not going to be as beefy and good with fire as an actual Infernus, we shouldn't try to out-mindfuck a Belphegoran. And so on and so forth, we don't try an challenge our opponents where they're strong, we instead should focus on exploiting their weakpoints. Like using fire against a Verwelken, debuffing and mindfucking Inferni, forcing Hellions into melee and draining their PP, and so on and so forth.

Also, our powers make us an excellent ambush predator, separate our enemies from each other, hunt them down, eat them to regen.

Blood Curse, which is Infernus, also would have seriously helped against Meckor. If we had that than Ranthix would probably have been able to hurt him. But I agree on getting some Belph stuff when we have a chance.

Seriously people, Inflict Pain and Blood Curse, I've been advocating them for fucking ages.

>> No.33496607

>New phobia: groundskeeping
>New fetish: everything, simultaneously.
Capcha: and domfress
Yes, capcha. That too.

>> No.33496635

Stain of Sin and Soul Drinker would have been way better for taking down Meckor. Would have also let us deal with Philostrathus easier.

I could go for Inflict Pain and Blood Curse, though. They are both really good just like everything else on the list.

>> No.33496654

I can in good conscience say that this has been the worst thread of this quest.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

>> No.33496674

Honestly, the Hallows are way, way, wayyyy too understanding.

>> No.33496739

They're up to something. Mark my words, they're plotting. I don't know what, but they're plotting.

>> No.33496770

This isn't about them being good people, this is about Isaac's lifelong argument with his father. He can't admit that Sierra is a monstrous fuckup because that would be admitting that his dad was right.

>> No.33496831

It's not only Isaac though. Rowan is understanding as fuck, Cassandra is understanding as fuck, and she doesn't have angel blood in her veins.

So, yeah.

>> No.33496848

tfw Isaac has daddy issues

>> No.33496874

Eh, I think the current argument is about whether they can keep Sierra out of prison and whose fault this is. They seem to subscribe to the school of thought that minors and the mentally ill aren't responsible for their own actions, their guardians are. And with Sierra's stress disorders, she was both of those even before her sanity started dropping.

They blame themselves and those who failed us in the past. It's a pretty common stance, and has nothing to do with being good people or understanding.

>> No.33496878

What if Isaac / Isaac's dad knew Sierra's mom?

>> No.33496903

They almost certainly knew of her, though I dunno if they actually knew her.

>> No.33496911

>implying I wouldn't motorboat that hallucination

>> No.33496912

>"So yeah, I let that girl who is prone to freakouts and has fragile mental health at the best of times get smothered and eaten alive by a ton of bug demons. But it's alright. I totally fragged that charlie. One shot, he was hardly even a threat."

Cass and Rowan both have every right to be pissed at Isaac and understand Sierra's position. They know she doesn't want to kill those people, they saw how torn up she was when she accidentally hurt Ro. They don't blame her.

>> No.33496913

They both got to know you as a person first, so of course they're understanding. Women in general have more empathy.

Harvey's understanding is the only one that's weird

>> No.33496937

I'm starting to think that Harvey's a sociopath that just doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.33496944

Nobody blames her. Except that she does freak-out, and she is very much a danger to all these people. Including themselves.

>> No.33497065

Man, I just want to skip town, go find some landwells or whatever, then go start conquering hell. I haven't signed up for the highschool thing and even though I sticked through it I still hope we will get out of this family and go to hell.

>> No.33497162

You signed up for nothing.

>> No.33497217

We should ask if Ranthix survived. He's probably the best guy to ask about our Mom.

>> No.33497261

to some extend i agree, i mean languid is doing an fucking awesome job of QM'ing but still, it would be fun to find Ranthix and stay with him while we power up and get rdy to take on hell and avenge our mother

>> No.33497271

Yeah, Ranthix is best bro

>> No.33497294


>> No.33497375

I say that best course of action is to force Isaac's hand. Go to the armory, take out his crossbow, and while he and his wife are still arguing, gently place the crossbow on the counter between the two of them. Then look him straight in the eye and say, "It's time to make a choice, Isaac."

>> No.33497388

>I haven't signed up for the highschool thing and even though I sticked through
>"I dislike literally the majority of the quest and its core plot and characters, but I'm still here for some reason."

I don't respect you or your opinions.

>> No.33497390

Don't forget Borya. I bet he would help us with some nearby nature places.

>> No.33497415

Then shout:
while doing the hooga booga dance.

>> No.33497474

Yes. I always hated highschool antics of it and have always skimmed them. I am here for demon fights and weird nature powers and exterminating demons with holy shotguns.

>> No.33497523

well said my good sir, but Ranthix still has my heart

>> No.33497544

I want to see some crazy supernatural things that aren't demons. I wanna know what dragons are like. I wanna see the thing that Isaac says makes hell look like little kid shit. I wanna hang out with a wizard. I wanna find and dick around with ancient powerful artifacts.

The goblin warren raid was probably my favorite part of the quest.

>> No.33497622

Blehhh! Bleeehhhh!

>> No.33497637

the setting is so nice, its kinda sad that we are suck with the hallows, tho i really like the part with keeping Sierra mental heath stable too

>> No.33497640

Well, now that Meckor's whole organization is decapitated and in shambles, I'm betting we'll get to stray quite a bit from demons and hellish politics and stuff into new things.

>> No.33497746

We've still got to exterminate the rest of his lieutenants. It's never a good idea to leave loose ends like that.

After that, though, we'll have all the time in the world to investigate that magical realm.

>> No.33497817

Who's left?


>Ranthix (?)

>> No.33497841

Waldo was out of the fight and is most likely alive. Ranthix could be alive, but we'd have to ask.

>> No.33497847

>We've still got to exterminate the rest of his lieutenants.
WE aren't doing shit. I think it's safe to say that Isaac and Borya need to mop up. Maybe including Rowan. But by the time Sierra's back in action, the situation will be resolved or, at least, not something that is her responsibility over.

That shit is DONE.

Just because we're the protagonist doesn't mean we're going to keep being the one resolving this shit. This isn't that kind of plot. This is the part where, after doing all of the legwork on tracking down and murdering this book's antagonist, Dumbledore mops up and Harry hangs out in the hospital feeling like shit until Finals.

>> No.33497878

I think they might have Borya cart Sierra around to find that landwell, at least until Philo is dead.

>> No.33497883

But Dumbledore is dead, could Isaac be a ghost?

>> No.33497928

Rowan is the ghost. Because we killed her.

>> No.33497934

Nah, in this analogy Philostrathus is Bellatrix Lestrange, she'll be a recurring villain that we have a personal vendetta against.

>> No.33497944

Does that mean Trixie is Voldemort?

>> No.33497981

I just want to know what the fuck she is.

I also want to tear her head off and drink the stuff that comes out, but that can come next.

>> No.33497986

then are we snape ?

>> No.33498072

>Implying she's not Draco.
Just think:
>Potter. Where's that mudblood goth girl you're always hanging out with?
>{Sap Will}

>> No.33498215

>We're about to get Inflict Pain (probably maybe)
>It's basically the Crucio Curse

>> No.33498335

>Expecto patronum=imp
>wingardium leviosa=shadowshit
But then I remembered that Sierra's childhood a shit and she didn't have glasses so she probably didn't read the books.

>> No.33498366

It's a temporary effect that knock out enemies. It costs a lot, so we'd only use it on the nastier ones/ones who can beat feet easily. If we're Draco, Slytherin's lead by Crowther, which makes the house about ten times more awesome.

>> No.33498408


>> No.33499373

>I wanna find and dick around with ancient powerful artifacts.
After Old Glory and its sanity drainage? No thanks

>> No.33499442

What, Sierra's near sighted. She could probably read books just fine, it's shit that's faraway that's difficult to read

>> No.33499657

It turned out fine. Certainly much better than the times we faced crazy challenges without the flag.

>> No.33500050

>Actually getting caught.

>> No.33500137

It actually is true, given the body count of a full on demonic invasion vastly exceeds one demon going postal.

>> No.33500149

My opinion on the slice of live vs demon hunting "debate" is that both are an integral part of the quest. One wouldn't be as exciting if not for the other. SoL gives Sierra something important to her that she wants to cling to, and the demon hunting may put that at risk.

>> No.33500244

Time go go full Dexter.

>> No.33500279

Languid has also blatantly stated that there will be consequences to not rounding out her powers.

>> No.33500298

I thought we were already more or less doing that.

Killing Meckor's goons seemed to be a cross between "Hell yeah! Revenge!" and "Hell yeah! Acceptable targets!" before we found out that he needed to die to prevent LA from going to hell.

>> No.33500441

Well, we didn't have a bloodlust meter before.

This setting doesn't seem to lack targets.

>> No.33500454


>> No.33500509

>This setting doesn't seem to lack targets.
You can say that again. There's a literal hell we can go to and murderhobo in if need be

>> No.33500543

I am sure some of the demons are pretty cool guys.

>> No.33500579

I'm sure some of them are. I'm also sure that 99% of them are right cunts.

>> No.33500768

I wonder if the Hallows are going to donate blood to us or if we're going to be given medical stuff.

>> No.33500817

I think we'll get enough blood from our job.

If not, well, animal sacrifices are a thing, and the Hallows aren't short on money. We should be fine.

>> No.33500827

Bloodlust more likely refers to a desire to kill shit and not a literal hunger for blood.

>> No.33500854

I think Sierra will be given a short break from work, if she isn't fired.

I guess we'll see next thread.

>> No.33500881

>I guess we'll see next thread.
Yeah. It could be a literal hunger for blood, but I think Languid would have called it a hunger meter if that was the case.

>> No.33500884

Some asshole banker who launders money for a criminal organization has less right to life then some dog who humps the furniture.

>> No.33500956

I was thinking more goats, chickens, and cows rather than dogs. Sierra might not like killing dogs since she has Reeber.

But I think the main source of human blood will be cultists and the like from our job.

Well, it IS a known pre-existing condition. Vacation is likely, but since we haven't been killed by Isaac yet, I don't think firing is likely.

>> No.33500986

So fucking close to falling off the board now

>> No.33501045

One last re-archive to be sure to save this discussion/banter?

>> No.33501058

And a new one will be on in 13-15 hours depending on whether or not Languid decides to be a shit.

>> No.33501079

Thread will be delayed at least 1 hour due to lawn related reasons

>> No.33501122

Might as well

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