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Do your characters devote any time at all to personal hygiene?

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Why did you think starting off with that webm would be a good idea?

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No all of my characters are disgusting slobs to stew in their own filth.
Most players are just content assuming that stuff happens off screen since if it isn't your magical realm it's usually boring.

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Yeah, I'd say all of them do. Even the dirty savage barbarian will go dunk herself in a river every once in a while if she can.

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Coagulated blood does not feel good on your skin, bro. All adventurers out to bathe in some manner.

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My character uses cantrips to keep clean.

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>Most players are just content assuming that stuff happens off screen since if it isn't your magical realm it's usually boring.

This. Most RPG systems I've seen, no matter how crunchy or rules-light, usually hand-wave these sorts of things. Basic hygiene activities are assumed to take place whenever the party gets a chance to rest.

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Of course it happens offscreen, that's the standard assumption all around. Unless there's specifically a plot point tied to it, there's no need to bring it up any more than your character's toilet visits.

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He's a viking so yes

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Field hygiene. Regular changes of socks and underpants, washing crotch and armpits every day, teeth cleaning and hair combing in the evening.

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Well, those two are obviously quite devoted to personal hygiene.

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I desperately need to know the context of that scene in the webm.

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Teethbrushing. That usually means bedtime.

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Older Brother brushes Younger Sister's teeth in a pervy whim.

Seriously. Sauce is Nisemonogatari, iirc.

And honestly, it's just not as good without the moaning.

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>not smelly, dirty barbaric raiders

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my barbarian does the best he can but i forgot to get a grooming kit, but it kinda fits with his 7 cha score he stinks of booze n blood but he tries to be a nice presentable guy, so far the only friend hes made has been a wild dog...and that's when the group npcd me for an encounter i was absent for. (didn't miss a session they did text based advancement off n on because our session was cancled 2 weeks ina row)

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Yes. They use their tongues for that.

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>not knowing that norsemen were extremely vain and prized their appearance

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>Expecting /tg/ to know anything about history anymore
Oh you.

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I never knew that hygiene was so interesting!

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It just pisses me off when people are both pedantic and wrong, it's okay to be wrong, and it's okay to correct others, but for fuck's sake do a 5-second google search first to make sure you aren't about to look like a dumbass.

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But Vikings weren't Christian.

That many people didn't bathe more often then once a month has do to with Christian influence.

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Well. Loli mouthrape. It isn't a crime if they're both magic, right?

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Well that's modern education systems, they try to teach so much they can only teach a caricature of actually history while keeping it as black and white as possible.

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Wow, this is just like the erotic friend fiction I wrote about Dr Yap.

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>That fucking scene


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best part has to be Ilya's "this is my fetish" face

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>the girl gets french-kissed so hard she dies

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Nah, she merely passes out from the climax/getting her mana drained combo.

Because, yes, that was just a mana transfer...

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>licking armpits

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I'm pretty sure your third question answers your first and second.

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Because of reimu's delicious armnpits and you will soon have a hair fetish and need for pubes and armpit hait in your life

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Its too late.

You know what do to anon: Roll to acquire a new fetish.

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Looks like he already got a 1 on that check.

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>sacrificing realism for M-MUH PLOT
How's that katana-wielding kitsune magical girl character, you humongous faggot? Police visited your house yet?

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Looks like you failed your Avoid New Fetish save.

I also failed. I am more than okay with this new fetish though.

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Motherfucker, the Norse of the viking age were among the cleanliest people in that time period. They put high value in personal grooming and hygiene and even had a day in the week set as "washing day" when the whole family would gather and get thoroughly scrubbed.

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I think its usually assumed to just happen automatically unless my character has been swimming through some sewege or has otherwise been exposed to something filthy.

On the other end of the spectrum, I could also imagine a character just not washing as part of the roleplay.

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After anything particularly nasty my Bard will prestidigitation himself clean, but normally we assume that cleaning happens when the party starts the day.

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Does the game gain anything out of making it a point to have people defecate and urinate every day?
Player1: "I roll for initiative"
GM: "Well, don't forget to reduce your initiative for your current bladder-content modfier."
Player2: "I jump down my horse and fight on foot"
GM: "ok, but since you had sauerkraut for lunch, your characters bowels struggle to keep everything inside, roll for sphincter-control"
Player2: "Uh... 4..."
GM: "Well, you accidently let slip a wet fart, your buttcheeks are now covered in watery shit."

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If I put all my points into sphincter control, could I do neat tricks with it? Like, tie a cherry stem into a knot?

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I dont like it when its this explicit.

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No, it can only be used to either hold in something inside your anus or to expell it at a greater pressure. However you need to put points into bowel-control as well, or otherwise it might rip open a colon if your muscles aren't strong enough.

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This seems like another pointless skill tax designed to gimp fighters while wizards with their underwear-less robes get off scott free..

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See, the bladder content modifier, controlled by your Kidney Flux/Turn is a proper mechanical system, but you're just going freeform with the bowels. You need to have proper mechanics that account for peristaltic speed, bacterial fermentation, intestinal leakiness and roughage otherwise it turns into "Mother May I"

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What do I need to put points in to slice a cucumber in half with my anus?

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/tg/ - personal hygiene and coasters

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I just know someone out there established very precise rules for this.
God help us all.

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go read F.A.T.A.L.

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Exotic Weapons, specialised on rectal katanas.

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I wasn't asking.

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Played a homebrew version of Myconids one time. They ate filth and rot and generated a huge plume of reproductive spores when they die. Was bff with paryy Barb as he was the filthiest animal my mushroom dude had ever seen. Eventually the character died whilst party was travelling through a desert. He spat up his big old cloud of spores but sadly none of them grew since deserts are dry, not ideal. Anyway when surviving party members next rejoined civilisation the barb went to have his semi-annual bath. He took off his disgusting boot to notice that a mushroom had sprouted up from the ingrained sweat and deadskin and other awful shit that had accumulated inside there. He gingerly took the boot and found the wettest warmest place he could and for the downtime they spent in the city brought the mushroom filth every day. That mushroom grew to be my next PC, he (it rathrr) called the barbarian Mother.

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>Mushroom PC grown from a boot

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I like Mushroom people.

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Fungi are neat.

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I thought of a Mushroom Dryad that can move around on the head of a Mushroom Ent but i havnt been able to use it yet.

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That's simultaneously one the most disgusting, hilarious and heartwarming character origins I've heard. Congrats.

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Okay... that's a lot smaller than I thought it would be...

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Reverse image search is pretty neat you guys.

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Your character sounds like a fun guy.

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Once role played my character taking a shit. We had just started rping and were playing our very first game. Deadlands since we all love westerns. There was an out house at this farm we came to and I decided my character had to drop a deuce. Ashhe's taking a dump another PC gets attacked by a Bloodwire (looks like barbedwire, grabs you and bleeds you). Character is understandably freaking the fuck out as it's the first supernatural we've ever seen. Grabbed character and one other are trying to kill it with little success as it's hard to hit and it's kind of attatched to the guy. Other PC comes running to the outhouse in a panic, banging on the door and screaming to be let in. My character responds with dignity and patients in a posh brit accent "Occupied." Eventually cottons on that something is happening, "what in the blazes is all this comotion?" He asked as he pulls his pants up and opens the door. Sees the bloodwire now off the PC but eagerly gunning for another taste, Brit grabs his Colt Patterson and blows it away handly. Pants fall down. Have never roleplayed shitting or bathing or anything like that since, never get caught with your pants down

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We devote both time and houserules:


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Pathfinder cleric. He's only first level, but Create Water is essentially free, so he takes baths every so often.

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We assume our characters take care of themselves whenever there is time for it.
It would be boring to play those scenes, unles there is some kind of need to do it because of the plot.

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It's implied that cantrips (Prestidigitation) and orisons (Create Water) can handle your day to day hygiene needs.

But I play a half-fiend, so what do I know?

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Use fire or acid if you resist either.

>> No.33466732

Resist 10 Fire, Acid, Cold, Electricity

That's actually an awesome idea. Acid bath for cleaning.

Thanks, anon!

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My fire elemental blooded PF sorcerer does this. We'd been fighting in a swamp and were all covered in muck, when we got out the DM described a bonfire nearby. I stepped into it and made like I was taking a shower.

I probably should have remembered to take my clothes off first, though.

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Technically in 3.5 that'd be enough to bathe in lava due to the way lava rules are written.

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Is your sorc a girl? Because if so, pic related

Doesn't immersion deal 20d6?

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That's hot.

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Yes, but a halfling.

>> No.33466976

a halfling is fine too

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My characters almost always devote a few spare resources into soap, shaving kits and grooming supplies. It's not exactly necessary when you're in the field, but it's a godsend once you're back in town. Also, whenever we get back to town, the first thing I'll do is drop my stuff at the inn, grab a hot bath and have my clothes cleaned. Being a hero doesn't give you any excuse to be smelly.

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Sometimes, but DH doesn't leave much time for us to clean off all the blood.

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I fear I've committed an error in judgement.

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Dude, you know what /tg/ thinks of Lidda, you should've been prepared.

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Also Mazzy in BG2.

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Also Bree Three-Hands.

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Fookin' Bree. I could die happy to just feel a finger from one of those hands.

>> No.33467145

I've seen this so many god damned times, and it's till the weirdest thing.

>> No.33467158

You realise the finger would be robbin' you blind and/or causing you excruciating pain, right?

>> No.33467175

Eh, that's what Heightened, Extended Charm Person is for.

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Yeah, they even go to the bathroom from time to time.

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Muslims though vikings were filthy because they only bathed once a week.
That said. Most of my characters are really good at hygiene. Exception was the Paladin, because platemail. He hated his armor just slightly less than getting stabbed in the shins.

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It's hard to cast spells when you've been punched in the balls before you even know anyone's there.

>> No.33467219

What's interesting is that with a ring of sustenance you start to realize your character doesn't need to do any of that ever.

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I'm getting less fetishes over time.

What do I do? How do I retain fetish?

>> No.33467234

Need, sure. But imagine going entirely without eating. Wouldn't you miss enjoying good food and drink?

>> No.33467241

There's no rule about nutshots being worse than other kinds of hits (unless that's how you're choosing to flavor a nonlethal crit?) so with heavy fort to prevent sneak attack I doubt she can do enough damage that I'd fail the Concentration check.

>> No.33467255

Soylent's funding says many people would not.

>> No.33467269

It depends, I suppose, on the person. If you never felt hungry... how much would you eat?

>> No.33467313

Funny thing, actually, I don't get hungry. I can literally go days without eating if I don't remind myself of it and the only physical reaction I get is the dizziness and nausea you get when you've gone way too long without food. I do know what it feels like to be hungry, so clearly I must've experienced it, but at some point I just... stopped.

>> No.33467334

See? If >>33467313 had a Ring of Sustenance, odds are he just wouldn't eat, ever.

>> No.33467359

>get some rocks
>polish the fuck out of them
>put them in a chest
>'hide' chest somewhere in your bedchamber
>invite the halfling thief for a drink, she'll naturally pick out the loot
>enjoy getting fucked six ways to sunday, if only to tire you out and get dem shinies

Wisdom passed down from anon.

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Actually I'm the guy who argued you'd miss the taste of food. I forget to eat if I don't remind myself, but I love tasting stuff.

>> No.33467368

I am so jealous of you.

>> No.33467431

nDemon, and yes, frequently. It detests the natural state of humanity being rot, odor, squalor and decay.

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Fukken 5 star post

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Always stick to the plan.

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Why haven't I watched Outlaw Star yet?

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Because you rolled a 20 on your fetish save vs delicious brown catgirls?

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What's this kiss battle from?

And this armpit licking one also?

>> No.33468774

In 921 the Arabian chronicler Ibn Fadlan said of them, "They are the filthiest of God's creatures. They have no modesty in defecation and urination, nor do they wash after pollution from orgasm, nor do they wash their hands after eating. Thus they are like wild asses. [there's a part here about gang-raping slaves.] Every day they must wash their faces and heads and this they do in the dirtiest and filthiest fashion possible: to wit, every morning a girl servant brings a great basin of water; she offers this to her master and he washes his hands and face and his hair -- he washes it and combs it out with a comb in the water; then he blows his nose and spits into the basin. When he has finished, the servant carries the basin to the next person, who does likewise. She carries the basin thus to all the household in turn, and each blows his nose, spits, and washes his face and hair in it."

>> No.33468803

Stop pulling shit out of your ass. Baths were more common in Medieval Europe than the entire early modern period and most of modern one.

>> No.33468875 [DELETED] 

The kiss is from Prisma Ilya, which you'd know if you bothered to read the posts replying to it.

>> No.33469062 [DELETED] 


I'm pretty sure what she said translates as 'thanks for the meal' not just 'thank you.'

>> No.33469098

Fantasycraft has stats for it, god bless them.

>> No.33469121

Wand of Prestidigitation.

>> No.33469141

If he didn't, he'd be sick and his wounds would get infected. I thought it was a general assumption that people took as much care of themselves as they had to in order to maintain what comfort and level of health they felt they neeed.

>> No.33469161 [DELETED] 


>> No.33469293

That's probably due to a fuckup in your neural chemistry. Might want to get it checked out in case it's an early onset symptom of some more dangerous condition.

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>file deleted

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What was the pic?

>> No.33469900 [DELETED] 

Tooth brushing

>> No.33469901 [DELETED] 

Seriously, bad enough to delete any image that is suggestive but not explicit, they have to also delete every post that replies to those posts so that they can pretend that it never happened, like we don't have 4chanx and archives?

>> No.33469911 [DELETED] 

teeth brushing scene from Nisemonogatari

>> No.33469912 [DELETED] 

But... then why was it deleted?

>> No.33469930 [DELETED] 

mods who hate oral hygiene

>> No.33470030 [DELETED] 

Because it was weirdly sexualised sibling-on-sibling assisted toothbrushing.

>> No.33470051

I've mentioned it to my doctor, but he didn't seem concerned as long as I actually did remember to eat enough to stay healthy.

>> No.33470230 [DELETED] 

Because we have a new mod and he is nazi-mods younger brother.

>> No.33470608 [DELETED] 

It was very suggestive but still nothing more then an anime clip of a girl having her teeth brushed.

>> No.33471824 [DELETED] 


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>> No.33475562 [DELETED] 

The mods are cracking down on dissent and criticism!

>> No.33475633 [DELETED] 

Wow, hadn't even noticed, it's kinda Soviet the way anyone who posts anything the mod considers lewd (even if it isn't actually banned adult material) becomes an unperson, and anyone who acknowledges an unperson's existence also becomes an unperson.

>> No.33475842 [DELETED] 

Really? Really? Just delete the thread and ban us all already, unless you're afraid the appeal process might lead to Moot realizing how far you're going to enforce rules that you made up.

>> No.33475926

My former reacted to news of my sister intermittently fainting with a shrug.
Get a second opinion, just to be safe.

>> No.33476012

top kek

>> No.33476634

the orc rigger is fastidious

the halfling rouges believe that clean hands lead to more potent poisons and that disease spirits liked filth more than clean...

and the character in the One Piece RPG that dunks in the sea at least once a day...

>> No.33477671 [DELETED] 

OP, why did you delete the pic?

>> No.33477905 [DELETED] 

OP didn't, a janitor did, along with every other pic he didn't like, and every post that mentions those pics, including (soon) yours and mine.

>> No.33477972 [DELETED] 

There were other pics in this thread that got deleted? I only see OP's red X.

>> No.33478024 [DELETED] 

The posts got deleted too. archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33464208/

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Yes, by a simple casting of the Prestidigitation cantrip and using its cleaning option. In a matter of 30 seconds or less he can go from covered in grim and gunk and monster ick to sparkling clean. Truly no adventurer should ever go without a wand of prestidigitation. It cleans, it flavors your hard tack and crappy rations into a feast, it chills your drinks, it can draw on any surface or none at all so that you can plan your get away. It can also do so much more!

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what's with the post deletion?

>> No.33479055 [DELETED] 

Mods are cracking down. See archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33464208/

>> No.33479336 [DELETED] 

Pretty sure it's a janitor, not a mod.

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