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Character art thread! Preferably armored men and women.

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Any region is fine

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>best weapon
Though I've never seen one with that thing on top

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I don't know what is up with it either.

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This guy is supposed to be an oni-blooded tiefling. Too bad we can't see his face.

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No idea why Paizo commissioned two pieces for this guy when both have such similar posing.

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This guy looks cool. Know the source? Reverse image searching just gets me 4chan archives.

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No, sorry. I grabbed it off /tg/.

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That's cool man. Gotta appreciate good art when you see it.

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I swear to god, i thought that was a flag for the longest time

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Us concept art from vidya Ok? it's all i got right now.

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There's plenty of stuff from vidya being posted ITT

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I'd imagine it's fine.

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Yeah dude. That guy has armor. Though the OP did say "preferably."

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requesting a rogue/thief/thug human male. I picture him sort of looking like Bronn from the GoT show, but I'm not highly picky. Just one that at least has an experienced look to them.

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Anyone have male paladin art where he isn't a massive tank of metal? Hoping for some leathers and similar lighter armors.

Pic somewhat related, although it is female.

Challenge Mode: Make him look piratey.

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in return i'll drop a few before i pass ou

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I don't watch GoT, but I can try for experienced looking rogues.

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Only pally I have at the moment..

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This is the look I'm going for. Do you have any others? if not, this could work!

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I should have mentioned, I'm looking for humans.


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gonna see what I can do for each, starting with the rogue.

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Better? Or worse?

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requesting/dumping civilized orcs

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While art is better, for this character not so much. Rougher looking would be better. also, if it helps, he uses a longsword.

Saving this is just an awesome looking dude, definitely gonna be an inspiration for the next character.

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so apparently I don't have pretty much any good rogues. At least that are humans and aren't casting spells

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forgot to dump
all I got for orcs at the moment.

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can we get more asian themed guys going?
I'd love to see some chinese type soldiers

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not that guy, but that could help

this could actually work for the pally as well

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Still looking for >>33417251

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last one for the rogue

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on it, though it looks like for the most part the best I can do is realistic armor (rather than over-the-top bulky)

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this guy might work for challenge mode

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only one I got

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HAH! good luck using gps with your GLOVES ON!

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that's the champion of the parish. MTG card if you didn't know. Doesn't exactly fit the whole champion of the common folk look but still pretty cool

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Random dump incoming

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as will I

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whoops got distracted by da orkz

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Can we get some warlocks in here? Preferably of the Lovecraftian feel?

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>armored women

Sure is SJW in here.

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chose one

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>what is Suspension of Disbelief
>what is verisimillitude

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Sure is my fetish in here.

>not wanting to be roundly beaten on the training ground by a female knight
>then going back to her quarters for some more "fighting"

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Sure isn't /pol/ in here. So fuck off back to there and don't shit up a good character art thread.

Also bumping for some sci-fi Soldiery, anything from Cyberpunk to 40k, just looking to expand my collection.

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>not wanting to break them then show them their proper place in life, under you, while their squire looks on with a broken heart.

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What is exactly the purpose of the steam engine?

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Armored women are cute tho'

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10/10 squire, would tenderly rape

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to make it steampunk instead of historical/regular fantasy

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See the tube that leads to his helmet? Sure sign he's one of the Caffinators. You rarely see them, due to the expense of their equipment but it's said that they never need rest nor sleep, and can move and react faster than you could believe a man could.
The aroma of freshly ground and percolated coffee can strike terror into the hearts of evildoers, as despite their inhuman agility and tirelessness, their aim is jittery and all over the place. The Caffinator Knight could be aiming at your chest but hit your crotch at point blank range.
It's... possible he is one of the Heretic Orders, and instead has the ancient Chai power flowing through him. But they are rare and unlikely to pose for a portrait.

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I'll drop a few

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Ok, thad made me laugh

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Anyone have a link to those images/drawings of historical soldiers that looks like it's from a textbook of some sort. Always has the old fig.1 fig.2 etc. Is there a gallery somewhere full of them? Need some concept for roman inspired armour.

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Sounds like you're looking for Osprey books. I think the historical wargaming threads usually have an archive sorted by era in their OP.

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Does anyone have source for my own pic?

I know it is Graham Turner, but i never managed to find a collection or anything, just a few pics around the internet

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Osprey's Warrior series, "Norman Knight AD 950-1204". You could just have used GIS.

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Shoulda done one of him without the helmet, at least.

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The cold, dead stare of a broken mind

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I need fighters! Fighters with bare chests and weapons! That aren't barbarians!

Please and thank you.

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It's from giving up everything to live a life of adventure and killing so many bad guys over the years.

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If anyone has any manly elves they could share, I'd appreciate it.

pic related's the closest I have to offer.

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A whole group!

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I'm assuming the thread's all armored out?

Cool, because I'm requesting wizards. Specifically a Tiefling Wizard, male, though the ladies are nice too.

Bonus points: Runes and arcane markings are involved and/or tattooed on the body.

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Yeah, I think its all armored out. Have a tiefling?

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I am trying my best. Don't got much in terms of spellcasters.

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It's cool dude, your first one here is damn near spot on for what I was looking for. If not just a badass picture in general.

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I am glad I was any help at all.

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If you still care anon, pretty sure these are all from Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.

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Yeah, those are from it. Pretty cool game. I am glad most of the characters do not fall for the same design traps than most JRPG characters get into.

I also love how that artist makes breastplates.

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Bump for armour

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Can't let this die before reaching image limit.

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s-so lewd...

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A psyker from a Vostroyan sector called the Balkaniks

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