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Links for getting fucking gud http://pastebin.com/CsFQZcQU

Players: Biggest positive surprise in a quest/arc/thread you had little hope for?

QM: Do you like re-reading your old threads or is it a cringetastic experience?

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>ATOW when
ded like Eriadne's parents.

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Hey qtg: what kinds of fights do you like?

I like ones where the enemy has teamwork and friendship on their side.

Like, a fast guy and a slow guy.

Or three swordsmen doing combination attacks.

Or even a team of five dudes who need to strike a certain group pose to shoot beams at you.

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I will never give up hope, anon! I still await the return of Lesbian Johnny Bravo!

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>Biggest positive surprise in a quest/arc/thread you had little hope for?
NGE Quest has been a pleasant surprise. I'm interested in seeing if the QM can keep things running smoothly.

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It seems like misarchiving is on the rise.

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Clade Quest had that one fight...then ded.

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this happens occasionally.
A guy starts misarchiving, sees there is no consequence, misarchives a FUCKTON, and then eventually LL finally gets back and bans 'em from the website.

So we get waves where misarchiving increases and increases, and then it all suddenly stops.

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Didn't it die even before Totemist?
We're all positive right out the pipeline.

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I blame EGO for the misarchiving. The recent bout started with Joker Quest right after he dropped Runic due to his buttmad.

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I can do it indefinitely on my smartphone, I just get bored after a while. The up vote spam tantrum made it all worth it, though.

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If there's any mods here, can we please consider moving the generals and the quests... somewhere else?

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Mods tend to delete comments like yours, possibly with warnings, because it's against the rules to complain about how the board is run.

That and the moot/mod decision that quests go in /tg/.

That and quests have been in /tg/ for over 80% of /tg/'s lifespan.

That and only someone with no idea of perspective would want a /tg/ board split.

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Your tears nourish me

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It's a request not a complaint, so piss off.

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That is also against board rules.

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The TAQ misarchive happened beforehand, I'm pretty sure.

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Banned for adblocker.


>>33360644 came before >>33361025

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Honestly, at this point I'm more willing to believe people are using the name "ego" to hide whatever misdeeds they're doing than it was actually ego doing it.

It's just too convenient a cover for the anonymized troll.

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>QM: Do you like re-reading your old threads or is it a cringetastic experience?

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>QM: Do you like re-reading your old threads or is it a cringetastic experience?
I never reread the archives.

Except for my smut, which makes me implode in shame every time I notice a repeated word or fucked up pronoun.

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> cover
> anonymous

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QTG trolls have repeatedly used false flag style trolling to foster ill will towards legitimate participants.

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>Biggest positive surprise in a quest/arc/thread you had little hope for?

The villains in LDQ. Even if the rest of the quest started meandering around and being terrible, the villains remained consistently good right to the end.

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>Do you like re-reading your old threads or is it a cringetastic experience?

I still reread my first quest from time to time. It was a real fun ride.

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Hexer, does any of this ring a bell?

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I just had another stupid quest delay.

Sorry everyone who was waiting two hours for my quest after I said 'Thread soon guys! Promise!'.

I'll try to start early tomorrow to make up for it.

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Yeah. Yeah I know.

I'm actually considering the possibility of starting in the MORNING my time (About 9 or 10 AM Central Daylight Time) and then when things like this happen in the afternoon, the quest will be so far along that it going on intermission or just outright ending doesn't result in the snail pace that I'm moving at.

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I want a mech game revolving around being a spectator sport for large cash prizes.

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Gritty or light?

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I once suggested to the Hawken devs the other year about a Sora-no-Woto take on the setting, or a point of view such.

What do you guys think? Is that approach worth it as a quest or just make some wacko small webcomic as such?

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>my smut
Is it any good if you ignore minor vocab and spelling issues?

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Not him, but definitely light and over the top with a few sombre moving scenes thinly laid throughout.

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I envision it as more light.
Some method to allow the players to die horribly but continue fighting. Whether it be re-growing their meat shell or really good ejection systems.

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I like to think so.

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Not that guy, but I say, do whatever works for you man, just tweet it and I'll do my best to be around to play.

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Do you run a specific smut quest, or a quest with incidental smut?

Chances are I already read it, but fishing for recommendations sometimes works.

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I too would like to know due to reasons.

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I run Child Rape Adventures, also known as Text Adventure Quest: Swordsage. To the left, a sample of my work.

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I just like reading the threads, even if I can't participate.

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>Child Rape Adventures
Gets me every time.

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What time would you normally participate in a quest?

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If I stop being NEET, evenings PDT (6-11 pm).

As it stands now, whenever.

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Who else misses Cosgrove?

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Oh, I see

I was considering running in the late afternoon to night at one time (8PM to 2AM), but that's an awful stretch, and I have work too.

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Thats...not very sexy. Like, at all.

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I know, I'm awful.

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Don't try to kill me off, please.

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Sorry Cosgrove, we already replaced your character with another one that has a much cheaper voice actor.

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It's rude to impersonate the deceased.

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>>QM: Do you like re-reading your old threads or is it a cringetastic experience?

I enjoy reading them, because it's a refresher of all the foreshadowing that I completely forgot, and it's just kind of fun.

The other day I looked back to reference something, and ended up reading like three chapters of the story before I realized that I hadn't been writing the post I was supposed to write.

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>three chapters of the story
Of the quest, I mean.

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Nah, you're fine, there is a reason I keep the smut scene pastebin open and regularly revisit some of the scenes.

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to b8?

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In order to laugh at how shitty they are?

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Do you guys like scaled escalation of cops for your criminal games?

Like, say, beat cop->riot cops->tank police->national defense force

Or do you just like keeping it at the same level to maintain a tone?

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What happened to the guy that wanted to do an Yggdra Union Quest? Last I heard he wanted to let the players decide which side to join based on early plot hooks and each side's argument.

(It's closer to Yggdra Unison given this setup)

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He died.
I know this because I'm him.

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I know that, doesn't mean I can't miss your quests as you're stuck in Overtime Purgatory or whatever.

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Anyone played Iji? The C64-looking Metroidvania?

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Yes, why do you ask?

>> No.33410037

No but I've listened to parts of the soundtrack.

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>vrmmo quest
>terrible cliche writing
>'drawns inspiration from' SAO
abort abort abort

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I'm just looking for a heads up on seeing how big an audience I can secure for an Iji-related quest.

Damn, Yggdra Unison Quest when then?

>> No.33410111

If that doesn't interest you, why not try one of the Kill la Kill Quests, or perhaps Infinite Stratos Quest or maybe even try something NORG runs?
We have such a wide range of quests here.

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Well I loved Iji, but I don't know if I'd play a quest of it.

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>Yggdra Unison Quest when then?
When someone that's not me runs it. IE, never.

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where can I find the runic men quest? I couldn't find it in the archive.

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>Engaging the meat
>Decisions that neither define character nor seem to make make a narrative impact
I have no problem with the concept and despite some criticisms the writing seems serviceable to me; but man, he's hitting a lot of the mistakes you can avoid just by sitting around /qtg/ for a week.
Doesn't seem like it's hurting the quest though, I guess I'll wish him luck.

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Fuck, how would that even work?
SAN damage everywhere?
I guess /tg/'s tendency to go for the pacifist run would work help?

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How long till three kingdoms

>> No.33410498

The King of Dragon Pass LP? Never was archived.

>> No.33410511

Fuck. I was going to run a sangguo quest to come back with. Back to the drawing board.

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I have some bad news for you anon...

>> No.33410581


Look under foolz.

Search for opening topic with Runic

>> No.33410583

But I still see people talk about it sometimes when someone brings up King of Dragon Pass.
How was it not archived?

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Hey QTG.
Theoretically, would you rather play the grizzled detective investigating cybercrime, or his little robot pal who scans the crime scene for forensics and does the digital side of things?

>> No.33410666


Or rather:


Here you go.

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Why don't the images work?

>> No.33410856


Too long ago. Foolz purged the images.

>> No.33410888

Because foolz purges old images, leaving only the thumbnails.
This is why if your quest has any images at all, you need to archive them yourself and put links in the threads.

>> No.33410927

Because they've been lost to the ages.

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I would play beneath a steel sky quest

>> No.33411083

I'd play a Dragon Age quest

>> No.33411093

Hey, QTG.

Mind if I ask some questions? I'm gearing up to run a quest following a pyrokineticist in Academy City, and I'm currently taking notes and formulating ideas.

First off, is the Index manga accurate to canon, or do I need to read the light novels?
I rather dislike the LN format, and, having just binged my way through the Railgun manga, I figure backwards moon-comics are the preferred medium.

Secondly, would you prefer buddy cops (Judgement style), vigilante justice, or working for a somewhat-shady OC organization?

Thirdly, should I make a twitter before or after starting the quest?

>> No.33411098

Play Baldur's Gate instead, even FR has a better setting.

>> No.33411119

Then you are sick in the head.

Dragon Age is ruined forever. All the kings horses and all the king's men couldn't make Dragon Age worth playing again.

And I say that as someone who really like the first game.

>> No.33411138

If you're going to make a quest based off of pre existing material, it's common knowledge that you should read everything pertaining to said material. Especially in this case, since the Index manga hasn't adapted all of the LNs.

>> No.33411168

It was never good to begin with

>> No.33411171

>wanting to play a Dragon Age quest as it is in its current state

By the Maker anon, I'm not that crazy.

>> No.33411184

Isn't there already an Academy City quest?

>> No.33411223

>ORIGINAL CHARACTER DONUT STEEL in established setting
Do not involve canon characters or plotlines in any way whatsoever.
Before. Put it in the first post.

>> No.33411226

>Wants to run an Index Quest
>Hasn't read the LNs

>> No.33411232

But what if it's a Snatcher quest?

>> No.33411249

I never said it was good.

but it was the closest thing to a new infinity game at the time of it's release.

Fortunately, with Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity and a new Torment on the day, the dark days of no gaemz seem to be over.

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Fleshing out a 20 minutes in the future Quest that incorporates heavily bastardized aspects of Jewish and Christian Mythos for a dystopian, mythical feel


Hopefully this gif of a cute brunette at a soccer (football if you're a filthy foreigner) match should catch your interest.

>> No.33411314

Have you played Original Sin yet? No games is over indeed, it's tbe best RPG this year and I say that even after playing the W2 beta.

>> No.33411346

There is, yeah. But the main character's a high-school-aged guy and a criminal.

I'm aiming in a rather different direction.

I don't intend do, which is why I feel the need to brush up on my source material.
I'd like to write *around* it.

Before. Got it!

I want to avoid the magic side as much as possible, if I can. I just need to know what's happening and when, so I can avoid it.

So I should read both the LNs and the manga?
I suppose it'd cement them in my mind more firmly, wouldn't it?

>> No.33411366

>heavily bastardized aspects of Jewish and Christian Mythos for a dystopian, mythical feel
So it's the same as literally everything else ever, then.

>> No.33411389

Read everything. Yes, including Railgun. Don't be another TinyShep.

>> No.33411392

>calling a sport "football" when most players will never even touch the ball with their foot in their entire career

fucking yanks, i sware on me mum

>> No.33411401

>I'd like to write *around* it.

You're going to fail even before you begin if you do it this way.

>I want to avoid the magic side as much as possible, if I can. I just need to know what's happening and when, so I can avoid it.


Now now, high school kiddies are ignorant and aren't as well-versed as they think they are!

>> No.33411406

I preferred the second game to the first.

>> No.33411431

Who's TinyShep?

>> No.33411434

>it's common knowledge that you should read everything pertaining to said material.
Bullshit, 90% of quests on /tg/ based of pre-existing material don't do that.

>> No.33411440

You would be better off just making an original setting if you're aiming to write around 99% of the existing one.

>> No.33411452

The guy that tried to make a Log Horizon quest after watching one season of the anime.

>> No.33411461

>console peasant detected

>> No.33411477

That's an exaggeration and you know it, you card.

At least our football players don't writhe on the ground like a bunch of attention deprived toddlers the second someone brushes their leg.

The trick to enjoying DA 2 is to play it before you play DA:O. It's amazing how much less shit it seems when you haven't played that vastly superior first game well... first.

>> No.33411486

There's a reason so many fan fiction quests go to shit so quickly, and it's not an inherent result of being fan fiction. Number one killer of fan fiction quests is a disrespect to the existing material.

>> No.33411489

Read the Light Novels or don't run it. You'll run into problems rather rapidly if the audience knows the setting better than you and you start fucking things up.

Don't involve the major canon characters/plots as anything more than maybe a brief cameo in a news blurb.

>vigilante justice
Definitely this one.
It's shit, and the setting is large enough to support two quests. If KLK can handle half-a-dozen quests rehashing the same retarded plot, Raildex can handle two quests, one that's largely OC.

>> No.33411493

PC master race, I'm afraid your peasant radar is defective.

>> No.33411497

>DA 2

>> No.33411523

>At least our football players don't writhe on the ground like a bunch of attention deprived toddlers the second someone brushes their leg.
that's probably why you lost to Belgium, then.

>> No.33411529

>Number one killer of fan fiction quests is a disrespect to the existing material.
Except half the most popular fanfiction quests are all about disrespecting the existing material.

>> No.33411548

You're either a console peasant, or you LIKED DRAGON AGE 2, and I know which of the two is more damning.

It's not the console thing.

>> No.33411559

DA2 is fundamentally similar in gameplay to DA:O, with some minor technical advancements at the cost of huge steps backwards in terms of level design, plot, characterization... literally everything else. But, if you don't know how much better the first game is, it's actually fairly playable, if mind numbingly repetitive. Varric carried me through my first and only play through of that game.

Sorry, didn't actually watch any of the games. couldn't be assed.

>> No.33411563

So I have an idea for a Quest Thread but I wanted to get opinions on it. I first floated this idea back when Cosgrove was running Bleach quest and was promptly told to wait awhile. Now I'm back to get people's thoughts.

So the idea would be a game where you're a Soul Reaper during the period of WW2. Over the course of the narrative you'd have to deal with the fallout from the bombs being dropped on Japan, the massive amount of souls flooding the world, and also you might get to interact with other versions of the soul society.

>> No.33411584

TinyShep's biggest problem is his fanbase and how he handles them. He tried to be far more faithful to the source material than his current audience is.
>I'd like to write *around* it.
If you mean that your quest won't really be involving the canon plot but that its events will be happening in the background, that sounds great.
>I want to avoid the magic side as much as possible, if I can
This also sounds good. The magic side is pretty much entirely run on hand-waving everything, which is a bit difficult to deal with in a quest.

Honestly, as long as you read the first dozen or so light novels and try to verify details with a wiki or /a/, you should be okay.

>> No.33411609

I liked Dragon Age 2 more than I liked Dragon Age 1. Doesn't mean I don't think it was badly written, lazily designed, and generally dumb, just that I had more fun with it than the first one.

>> No.33411614

Sounds like a bad idea.

>> No.33411628


Okay, thanks for the input. What specifically makes it sound bad to you?

>> No.33411629

Is there a Railgun LN?
Who's this 'TinyShep' you speak of, and what were his/her crimes?

I only mean that I'm not going to drop the MC into that train station box-storage place on August 21 and introduce them to Accelerator, and I'm not going to throw them into Tokiwadai on the day Kongou arrives so they can have a friend.

Magic is going to be passed off mostly as terrorist attacks and such, and the MC isn't going to be anywhere near important enough to be targeted by anyone in the main story- assuming the players don't surprise me anywhhere, that is

That's pretty much exactly what I mean, and that's mostly the right reason.

>going to /a/
I'll wiki-binge and read the novels instead, I think.

War is hell
/a/ is worse

>> No.33411639

Don't get me wrong, I think the fanfiction quests that do that are shit run by self important cockweasels, but it doesn't really kill the quest.

>> No.33411644


>> No.33411645

Sounds like it has absolutely nothing to do with Bleach.

>> No.33411654

I think there's a book about that.

'The Book Thief', maybe?

>> No.33411705


Well its using the setting but doing it in a different time so that I can escape some of the cannon. So there would still be Hollows, Soul Reapers, and the like however you'd never interact with Ichigo and friends.

I don't see how its any less Bleach related than Hollow Quest is now

>> No.33411720

That was about Death following a Jewish girl, iirc.

>> No.33411736


>> No.33411751


>> No.33411785

Daily reminder that Cosgrove is kill.

>> No.33411791

QM for the Log Horizon quest. An interesting look at how pandering can backfire, players can ignore everything that's actually written, and how you don't respond to criticism.
>Magic is going to be passed off mostly as terrorist attacks and such, and the MC isn't going to be anywhere near important enough to be targeted by anyone in the main story- assuming the players don't surprise me anywhhere, that is
The players will surprise you. You should flat-out tell them in the first thread that they can't really interact with canon characters/plots.
It may be a cancerous circle-jerkironic given which thread I'm posting in, but /a/ does have some Anons that know the setting. There's usually a Raildex general there as well.

>> No.33411810

So is anyone going to pick up Gold Digger Quest? I think it had potential.

>> No.33411842

>going near Raildex generals
That's not something you tell someone to do, those things are horrible and I'm pretty sure they've gotten even worse recently.

>> No.33411846

TinyShepherd did good on the LH lore, he just enjoys lying to his fanbase.

>> No.33411929

I'm kind of intending to throw the players into trouble in the OP post, to be honest. If they're swept up in their own problems, then they can't go off sticking their heads into canon stuff, right?

I fully expect the players to surprise me
I just haven't got an idea of how they'll do so yet
Besides, if they try to get involved with any magic users, they'll probably get their asses kicked.
I don't intend to pander, but I don't want to be overly-cruel, either.
I don't want to say "You can't do this," because I feel like that's a certain way to make them want to do exactly that. Forbidden fruit or what have you.

Any advice on how to keep players from using OOC knowledge to get themselves into trouble?
Should I be on the lookout for this?

>> No.33411942

Rolled 2

But I'm not.

I'm still alive

>> No.33411959

>Any advice on how to keep players from using OOC knowledge to get themselves into trouble?
>Should I be on the lookout for this?

/tg/ is good enough to avoid meta, but it's important that whatever the character knows, players know as well.

>> No.33411975

>Any advice on how to keep players from using OOC knowledge to get themselves into trouble?
Don't give them openings to do so. Don't accept write-ins that obviously rely heavily on meta-knowledge.
>Should I be on the lookout for this?

>> No.33411983


Any idea on when the next quest might end up happening? I know work has been killing you, but I figure you've gotta start getting used to the new stuff they're having you do eventually

>> No.33412000

I don't think they believe you. You might have to Twitter post again. Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated and all that.

>> No.33412017

That die roll seems to say otherwise, a 2 seems pretty dead to me.

>> No.33412025

Okay. I haven't really seen players metagaming overmuch in any of the bajillion or so quests I've read/follow(ed), but I want to be prepared.

>Just don't accept those write-ins
... Y'know, that makes a whole lotta sense, and I don't think that's something I would've thought of.

Oh, before I forget, the way names work is

>> No.33412044

Yes, that's how trips work.

>> No.33412059

Rolled 12

See, the problem is that is actually is a temp thing. I'm setting up a new place that belongs to the company, but construction problems and new problems keep extending how long it'll take. And that's why it can't be gotten used to as each day has a completely different series of tasks to follow.

When this place is finished and open, I'm back to my normal job.

The Dawn to this long night is coming.


I promise.

>> No.33412076

'Unreliable narrator' is just a shitty excuse for not allowing your players to actually play the character you've given them.

>> No.33412085


When you come back is it going to be PPQ or Bleach Quest Redux?

Also I'm just really curious but what would've happened on the 4th if we picked some of the other KUBO options

>> No.33412096

It keeps anon from complaining about the railroad, so I highly recommend it to potential QMs.

>> No.33412098

At the same tine Bleach Quest comes back I bet.

>> No.33412099


/tg/ allows for 300 words per post, right?
Not a lot to work with. Is there a maximum/minimum acceptable number of posts per update I should have?

>> No.33412123

Whatever amount conveys the amount of information the players need to make the next decision.

It shouldn't be without flourish, but it should be practical.

>> No.33412128


So ten days ago?

>> No.33412137

It's 2000 characters per post, give or take hidden HTML tags. Which yes, is about 300 words.

>> No.33412167

Bleach Quest, not Redux.

>> No.33412337

I know, but it's such a pain
Now this- this, I can do

2000 characters per post

Got it!

How should I plan? Should I write out the possible/expected posts beforehand (seems kinda useless to me, but I'm no expert on this subject), or should I just have a general idea of what happens next?

Also, is /tg/ literally going to waifu the first female character I introduce?

>> No.33412369

>Should I write out the possible/expected posts beforehand
Absolutely not.

>> No.33412384

>is /tg/ literally going to waifu the first female character I introduce?

Sometimes they won't, but you should expect it to happen anyway.

>> No.33412412

>>Should I write out the possible/expected posts beforehand
There's no harm in blocking them out.

Don't be surprised if you wind up having to ditch everything you've written, though, and absolutely don't be afraid to.

>> No.33412457

>Is it possible to die of relief?
'Cause I think I just did that.


I'm terrible with names, and it occurs to me that I could just let the players come up with names in my stead...
>Is this acceptable?

>> No.33412481

Last time I'll ask, promise. Anyone decent enough with photoshop or whatever to make an upgrade tree diagram? My paint skills are horrible. I've tried.

>> No.33412515

>I'm terrible with names, and it occurs to me that I could just let the players come up with names in my stead...
>>Is this acceptable?
it's certainly doable.

Whether you think the names tg comes up with are acceptable is a whole 'nother bag of worms.

i quite like them

>> No.33412535

Let's see it.

>> No.33412622

It's not even worth posting. I just experimenting with making boxes and lines. I couldn't figure out how to make the boxes all the same shape, so I said fuck it and stopped.

>> No.33412659

Google docs. Just use a spreadsheet.

>> No.33412696

>what I think of the names
I'm pretty easygoing, and I like to try to keep things as lighthearted and silly as possible except when I'm establishing moods or crushing spirits, of course~

I figure the least I can do is let the players make some NPCs have a bit of their own 'flair'

Especially given that I've made the MC beforehand, yanno?

Is it okay to have the MC's backstory somewhat related to a main plot bit?

Because, honestly, who makes a song that puts people into comas and doesn't expect accidents to happen?

>> No.33412787

I've been trying to figure out a good way to use it. No dice.

>> No.33412818

So, Hellborn received one of /tg/'s famous 'I voted for it because it was interesting' moments and players are now standing around the aftermath commenting on the 'poor mc's situation'.
Thankfully the QM is great, and the writing continues to be a draw, but I'm starting to fucking twitch every time I hear the word interesting.

>> No.33412883

Now you know how I feel.

>> No.33412886

Well isn't that just... Intriguing?

>> No.33412893

a bit more time, and you could make it a lot more readable with colors

>> No.33412915

Noice L&M.
People voted for it in order to kill a major villain, fully aware of the consequences.

>> No.33412949

I just don't understand
What is the draw in tragedy that you directly created? From a story standpoint?
I don't get any feels looking at the wreckage of a situation with the knowledge of 'Yup, I voted for this knowing what would happen'
There's no pathos is deliberately fucking something up. Someone explain this, please.

>> No.33412951

It's the QM's fault for putting an option like that in there in the first place. Can't blame people for voting for it.

>> No.33412968

Multiple people in thread stated they voted for the interesting option.
Please read.

>> No.33412978

To throw the suggestion out there Someone Running a Xaiolin Showdown Quest.

>> No.33412988

>multiple people

>> No.33412991

>Nobody in the thread itself is upset about the turn of events and everyone is instead discussing what to do next with a sense of enjoyment and appreciation for the quest
>I better come into QTG to bitch and start internet slapfights. This is much more fertile ground to sow anger.

>> No.33413004

Which means that every single person who voted to have Isaac take the shot did it because it was "interesting" and would create drama, I suppose. You're just mad that your option didn't win, or that something bad happened. Probably both.

>> No.33413029

>people unironically recommending someone read the Index LNs.

>> No.33413031

I could try, if you want. Gimme some time real quick.

>> No.33413057

If you want to run a quest in the Indexverse, you deserve to have to read the LNs.

>> No.33413058

I chose it because taking out a major threat was worth the cost, and felt in line with the character's motivations and previous actions.

One person did. It wasn't even brought up in that context until after the vote when someone started bitching about it out of nowhere. Then one person said they vote for things because they're "interesting".

Seriously, ctrl-F the thread, the only time "interesting" crops up before someone starts bitching about it, was someone saying that consequences like us being on the lam, getting kicked out, and so on are more interesting than death.

>> No.33413060

Normally, I wouldn't recommend that shit to anyone. I regret wasting my brainspace on the few I read.

But if they're going to write fanfic about the damn series, they better know it inside and out.

>> No.33413139

Do you think the author of the Indexverse cares about its internal consistency?

>> No.33413145

It's the price they deserve to pay for wanting to run something in the setting.
I'd never subject someone to that myself, I'd probably only suggest the Railgun manga since that's kind of not as terrible.

>> No.33413147

Oh god

Please don't tell me they get worse


Oh boy



No turning back now. I've made up my mind! No matter how bad they are, I'll read them! It's just a matter of resolve, now.

>> No.33413238

Some players play quests by roleplaying. Others like combat.

Some players play quests to play with other players.

>> No.33413255

I read all of them up through half of NT8. There's some interesting parts and I genuinely enjoyed a bit of WW3, but it is for the most part so bad that I wanted to cry.

Even by quest standards, it is really bad. Really, really bad. If I had to compare it to a quest in terms of quality, I'd say it's a cross somewhere between Home Invasion and PGQ.

Oh, and when you think it's finally getting better or at least it's not getting worse anymore, keep in mind that Kamichi will always surprise you.

>> No.33413313

>somewhere between Home Invasion and PGQ.
As someone who doesn't like PGQ, that's a uselessly huge discrepancy in quality for comparison's sake.

>> No.33413315

Oh, they do get worse. And worse. It's a freefall descent.

Such is the fate of LNs and anybody who reads one.
Welcome to Hell. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

>> No.33413326

Hasn't be pretty much admitted that he's basically winging it from novel to novel?

>> No.33413340

As someone who does like both of those but recognizes that they're pretty bad, I would disagree.

>> No.33413352

Dieselpunk Communist Revolution Quest when?

>> No.33413396

Archelon's writing is pretty poor, but it's not Home Invasion level.
Probably the worst written quest I can remember. Those sentences couldn't describe their way out of a paper bag.

>> No.33413423

I doubt it
He seems to like to use big numbers and science-y words to justify/describe stuff, though

"Even with a right hand that could completely negate those light-speed lightning spears, it was sheer coincidence that they struck his right hand."

"It was very much like a water balloon bursting"

It's painful to read
By which I mean
>I've actually developed a headache.

I've been hesitant to ask this, but, uh, is the world war 3 thing as retarded as I think it probably is?

'cause on the calendar it's ten days long

Would anybody mind if I just decided to set it in an alternate universe where the year it takes place is stated and I can say 'oh, this takes place a year or two before the events of the novels' and do crime fightan shenanigans? Or an alternate universe where nothing really happens?
Like, a universe where things make sense?

Also, how long had Accelerator been murderin' clones before they stopped him?
Is that mentioned anywhere, or do I need to do calculus or something to figure it out based on dates and guesstimated times and clone numeric designations?

'Cause I really don't wanna do math.

>> No.33413433

So is the Doctor confirmed for final boss in DXQ?

>> No.33413449

Woo, how's this? It's terrible, right? You could take this, maybe give the stuff different background colors for if you have the power, don't have it, or can't get it. Maybe green, yellow, red? Or possibly blue, white, and greyed out.

>> No.33413457

>I've been hesitant to ask this, but, uh, is the world war 3 thing as retarded as I think it probably is?
It's fairly retarded, even if you accept that AC is retardedly OP. It's still just dumb.

>> No.33413463

No silly, the final boss is clearly Claire.

>> No.33413496

Him or Diablos, though Doc is the mastermind and ultimate cause of Captain's suffering.

>> No.33413517

The quest isn't complete until Cap has conquered her.

>> No.33413539

>I doubt it
>He seems to like to use big numbers and science-y words to justify/describe stuff, though
If the author doesn't care about the internal consistency of the setting, why should a prospective QM?

>> No.33413560

But Diablos is such a pushover

>> No.33413575

>is [something in Raildex] as retarded as I think it probably is?
It's Raildex, so yes.

>> No.33413602


I think I'm gonna stick with the manga
I don't intend to do anything huge right off the bat, no overarching plots or supervillain-y types, just some pulp-y crime fighting type stuff while we establish characters and such

... Can I hug you?

Does Academy City count as a mary sue?

>> No.33413653

Captain's paper-scissor-rock skills are the stuff of legends. Also Diablos is powergaming like nothing else. That was a fucking Salamandra/Chimera power he used at the end.

>> No.33413715

I think he's referring to accelerator maybe?

>> No.33413839

How many upgrades become TOO many?

>> No.33413873

When players start forgetting they exist.

>> No.33413889

...I don't understand the question.

If the players have three ways to do the exact same thing it's probably too many.

>> No.33413916

The point of an upgrade tree is to keep upgrades managable by only exposing a limited number of upgrades at a time.

I don't know that there's a mathematically determined "ideal" number, but Imma say... 7.

>> No.33413941

You mean Chimera can't do that?

>> No.33413985

That tree looks ok for something like a street fighter quest

>> No.33414062

Not the fire breathing part, no

>> No.33414073

IIRC, no, I think it's a hybrid power.

Also, think about what you were saying, he's supposed to be a Bram Stoker purebred, isn't he?

>> No.33414164

He's Chimera/Exile/Bram Stoker

>> No.33414214

Turning into metal is also cheating

>> No.33414246

Right, it's in the guide and everything. Still doesn't explain him going all Salamandra at the end there.

That's an actual Bram Stoker power.

>> No.33414259

>The quest waifu says this to the mc after players vote to do something stupid that you voted against
How do you react?

>> No.33414300

Surprised, since Fall Guy doesn't really use those sorts of tropes.

>> No.33414314

I'd say that I'd intended it all along, then come to QTG to complain about the quest being full of trolls.

>> No.33414319

>Correct her

The MC is obviously female

where the hell do you think you are?

>> No.33414323

>How do you react?
I rage incoherently about railroads and how if he wanted to write a novel...

>> No.33414351

Gloat because I was proven right.

>> No.33414385

Crimson Armor doesn't coat you in a heavy case of iron, even if there is iron in blood. That's a Morpheus thing.

>> No.33414520

This. Also, they have that kinda relationship so I wouldn't be upset. After all, if you can't joke and tease with your waifu, then she isn't much of a waifu at all now is she?

>> No.33414537

I wanna do a bad quest on purpose. Like right now. Off my cellphone. In my slightly drunken state.

>> No.33414572

So what you're saying is shenanigans? Or DXR's not doing a straight fluff conversion?

>> No.33414587

This anon gets it

let's make a clone army and have him kill them all; obviously, this will turn him into a god and have no consequences

>> No.33414593

Run Berserk Quest Redux.

>> No.33414604

>So what you're saying is shenanigans?

Probably shenanigans The Subjects are special? They keep developing new Syndromes without losing power in any one. See: Diablos, Diabloli, Doctor himself, probably Claire

>> No.33414605

So did DXR get it wrong or was Diablos weirder than we thought

>> No.33414637 [DELETED] 

>picture is of a dude
He's my waifu in that manga, tho.

>> No.33414646

Nukige Protagonist Quest. Like Harem Protagonist Quest, but... well, you know.

>> No.33414648

I still want to maybe do Inferno Cop Self-Inserturu Cripple Corporate Espionage Re-Birth CYOA What-If Quest Requiem, where you play as IC's secret brother who is better at everything and gets all the waifus.

>> No.33414678

> let's make a clone army and have him kill them all; obviously, this will turn him into a god and have no consequences
I have no idea what you're on about.

>> No.33414684

Diablos is probably weirder than we thought.

>> No.33414708

I'm trying to read the Index LN

I'm not having fun

>> No.33414731

Still don't see what that has to do with waifus who like to tease the MC.

>> No.33414738

I'm gonna run a shitty quest with spelling mistakes and bad pacing off my cellphone.

Y'all niggas got any ideas?

>> No.33414761

Fate/Quest Masters

>> No.33414764

Unless I find a movie to watch.

>> No.33414777

The Missouri Misadventures of Dandelion Ass-Swag [Quest]

>> No.33414782

Berserk Quest Redux

It's about a guy with a big sword. Don't worry, just run with it.

>> No.33414784

Hey wasn't there an Overed with all the syndromes, she was like the strongest overed and boss of the terrorist guys

>> No.33414785

Nukige Protagonist Quest.

>> No.33414786

Shoe Quest. You are a Chinaman who makes counterfeit shoes for a living, but your dream is to become a world renowned shoemaker. Will you do this through honest work? Or will you join the Shoe Mafia and slipper past the competition while shoeting your way to the top.

>> No.33414819

Hasn't happened to Captain at all, and he was the program's shining success.

Unless.... wait. Maybe THAT'S what happens when Captain finishes a character arc? He develops a skill in that person's syndrome?

>> No.33414835


[spoilers]especially cause I'm about to buy some replica Red October's.. [/spoilers]

>> No.33414861

Awww shit that reminds me, got Homegrown and 47 Ronin coming, ain't doing jack shit tomorrow.

>> No.33414871

Isn't that the leader of Xenos, the anti-human faction? False Hearts are the Overed supremacists.

>> No.33414888


>> No.33414890

That's the one I was thinking of

>> No.33414928

I kinda had this idea about kinda like a world where the gangs know like magic kung fu and the MCs gf gets s
her ass snatched up by the hardest dudes in the whole city and we fight our way up.

It's simple. I'm simple.

>> No.33414931

Captain is special.

He's actually using less abilities from his Syndrome but becoming more powerful for it. He is also so close to mastering Claire's battle intuition or whatever. Learning a Neumann's tactical supremacy would be proof of the idea.

>> No.33414989

Nukige Protagonist Quest, without any smut. You must preserve your male chastity in a world filled with sluts so that you can get your pure waifu's good end.

>> No.33415020

Y'all some fuckin nerds

>> No.33415059



or something

I dunno

>> No.33415078

It's true that Captain wasn't using the animal transformations in the last fight, but he sure did against the ninjas. And he only ever went full Chimera at the start, when the Renegade first came back to him.

We're going to finish Claire's arc no matter what we do, since she's always around. I'd like to recommend Fallen Angel and Rin for testing this one, since Chief has much progress to her name as well. I'm also desperately curious what Rin's second syndrome is.

>> No.33415179

I was looking at some of the older threads and I had forgotten we could actually changed what Cap looks like when he goes full Chimera

>> No.33415194

Eh, that quest lost its way when the Old Man gave his ultimatum.

Which sucks because a big part of its draw was capitalizing on recent happenings regarding Ichigo's parentage and Zangetsu.

>> No.33415196

So I'm kinda tempted to work on a Technique tree using Street Fighter as an example but my lore fails me

The 3 major techniques in Ryu/Ken/Sean/Gouki/Gouken's style are the Shoryuken, Hadouken and Tatsumaki Right?

>> No.33415222

So I was thinking of a Quests Quest, with this as the cover.

It's gonna be like Waifu Quest in execution, except the questers write-in for the MC a list of choices depending on the situation. Then a diceroll happens to determine which among the choices does the MC take, most of the time.

Good old fashioned comedy.

Will this work?

>> No.33415235

Captain is the shining success of the program because his power isn't part of the Chimera Syndrome. He's a natural superhuman that can control the Renegade. He's choosing to be Overed right now, but he doesn't have to be an Overed and have a Syndrome to do the things he does. And that's it for my crazy theory

I think DXR decided to kill that when everyone was going to go Xenomorph.

>> No.33415242


i dont know but run it anyways

>> No.33415270



>> No.33415276

>I think DXR decided to kill that when everyone was going to go Xenomorph.
To be fair that was also around the time the mediocre crowd was really prevalent

>> No.33415328

It's more like the changes happen naturally. It takes external stimuli to cause a change, if I'm remembering right.

That was the objective of the project, but everyone tells us that it failed when Captain first expressed the Renegade. They could be wrong, and the Doctor certainly acts as though the experiment continues, but I'm willing to bet that there's something else AIR left for Captain that we're not recognizing yet.

>> No.33415336

Look up Noucome

>> No.33415346

>Da realest
That's fucking retarded

>> No.33415367

No u.

>> No.33415403

Live in the heart of the south and you will see shit worse than that.

>> No.33415412

i concur

>> No.33415475

All of the other Subjects are failures, and they express that failure through being exceptionally powerful Tri-Breeds. Captain alone is a Purebreed, but the Doctor isn't as interested in that as he is in Captain's psyche. It could be that the results that Doctor wants only happen when Captain is in the right frame of mind. My guess is that it has something to do with the Impulse, but it doesn't look like he really wants Captain to surrender to it.

>> No.33415478

Says the person who anit da realest.

>> No.33415563

So I want to run something but I'm leaning towards a One-Shot Deal

Any Ideas?

>> No.33415601

Worm Quest.

>> No.33415626

Street Fighter

>> No.33415632

Soul Eater, have the Weapon be a suit of plate armor.

>> No.33415654

Run a rom-com, I challenge you to not go grimderp or munchkin.

See: D-Frag, Jinsei

>> No.33415691

In the way that one song nobody knows the second verse of does. Each time you try to remember you instead recall the person who taught it to you and you feel sad. In other words, yes, if very dimly. Why do you ask, oh faceless face?

Over the line, anon.
I do yes. It helps me keep myself from accidentally my player's plans.

>> No.33415697

What the fuck is worm?

>> No.33415703

Soul Eater where you *are* the weapon would be better. Be a weapon so esoteric that none of the meisters really know how to use you, so you get to teach them and shit.

And of course, each waifu will be a different meister, of course.

>> No.33415720

But he's all about taking what you want, giving in to your desires, inflicting your will on the world. I think we don't have enough info to say what he's after yet...

>> No.33415721



>> No.33415749

>the questers write-in for the MC a list of choices depending on the situation. Then a diceroll happens to determine which among the choices does the MC take

>inb4: PC jumps under a bus by Thread 2 because trolls and single bad dice roll

>> No.33415782

With a skilled enough QM to pilot with insanity, this could be fun.

>> No.33415828

>no Demon/Dark Souls quest

>> No.33415872

On one hand I'm suprised that hasn't happened yet but on the other side of the argument

You die...a lot and in the setting of Demon/Darksouls well needless to say only the Right QM can pull it off.

>> No.33415926

>You die...a lot and in the setting of Demon/Darksouls
Only until you git good.

>> No.33415943

Surprise twist, the setting is some sort of unholy abomination of Yandere!, MRA:VSI, and Bible Black. Your chastity won't be the only thing in danger.

>> No.33415947

Misarchivist came back. Will the Lone Voter return too?

>> No.33415961

There was some a while ago, at least according to foolz. It seems the QM wasn't very good though.

>> No.33415965

But anon, you always resurrect at the bonfire. Perhaps only a Boss can kill?

After three times?

>> No.33415981

Misarchivist never left, he just stopped getting attention until he hit something divisive and something popular in quick succession.

>> No.33416014

Hmm. Well I was bouncing the idea of a quest where you learn from both Ryu and or Ken?

But beyond that I honestly don't know where to go with this concept

>> No.33416046

EARTHworm, but it still counts.

>> No.33416059

>Norg runs a street fighter quest
>We immediately submit to the hado and then impregnate Ken's wife and Cammy with our oni child

This is how it will turn out

>> No.33416114

So I think we know enough about waifu sciences here.

How do you create a great friend for a player? Someone who they will like and work with on a platonic level and not try to waifu?

>> No.33416150

Except it has, idiot, it just didn't last long.

>> No.33416159

>How do you create a great friend for a player? Someone who they will like and work with on a platonic level and not try to waifu?
Make them not be an attractive, single, heterosexual female.

>> No.33416177

Both Misarchive-sempai and Lone Voter-kun have transcended reality into ideals by now. They are eternal.

>> No.33416190

Make the MC heterosexual and the friend the same sex.

>> No.33416200

And if the MC is female, have the other girl be already taken, or the MC's sister.

>> No.33416218

>already taken
This works.
This does not.

>> No.33416261

IIRC, the sister thing works for the most part. /tg/ talks incest but doesn't go through with it in the main story.

Fanfic gonna fanfic though.

>> No.33416263


Make the friend a parent.

>> No.33416471

>probably Claire
Claire is strong but it's obvious that Angel Halo is one of her weaker syndromes.

>> No.33416482

Have a pair of friends who are in a relationship? Especially if they're homosexual and of the gender that the MC isn't interested in (sorry, bisexual MCs, I guess)
Make them have a nice, stable relationship, and make sure the players like both of them.

>> No.33416484

Not once I've seen quests featuring yuri incest. Not once.
And plenty of feMCs have had sisters.

>> No.33416543

Except for the part where she vaporized Captain's home and family. She's doing to her Angel Halo what Captain was doing to his Chimera powers.

>> No.33416559

Just for comparison's sake, how many quests have to you seen contain straight incest?

>> No.33416579

Mahou Shonen
Fuck Quest

>> No.33416600


> I like ones where the enemy has teamwork and friendship on their side.

I like this. A lot.

The Quest I'm running is going to end in a clash between the protagonist's 'party', and the enemy's party. While the protagonist's party might be more powerful, in raw stats, they've never fought together as a unit before.

The enemy has.

Should be a fight to remember.

The entire Quest has been about gathering their party, though the PCs don't know it yet.

>> No.33416602

>Mahou Shonen
But that was selfcest.

>> No.33416646

Didn't the MC have a go at one of his daughters?

>> No.33416668

Haven't read the last 20 threads yet, so I can't say for sure.

>> No.33416726


> Like, a fast guy and a slow guy.

Simourgh and Ornestein is like the platonic ideal of how annoying a fight like that can be.

>> No.33416788

Get back to Gundam Wing Quest you faggot.

>> No.33416808

That would be The Twins, feggit, Snorlax and Pikachu are just the newest fad. Boss Fight Biggie Smalls is a time honored tradition and my personal favorite style of boss fight.

>> No.33416918

So is Fuck Quest actually dead?

>> No.33416980


>> No.33416989

Of course, that's what happens when a quest misses a day, right? They just quit immediately?

>> No.33417008

I haven't seen it on the catalog in the last couple of weeks.

>> No.33417016

>>33416995 My one shot quest is up

>> No.33417045

Here's a hint, buddy. Follow the QM's twitter. Then you'll know when they're really dead because they'll go dark for a month or two!

>> No.33417069

Team biggie smalls is a classic, yeah.
Though, the three musketeers is an entirely unused one I find.

>> No.33417145

ATOW When?

>> No.33417168


>> No.33417264

Here you go.

>> No.33417299

>Not once I've seen quests featuring yuri incest. Not once.
Pretty sure at least one of Kill la Kill Quests went there.

>> No.33417324

Sorry, just stumbled on this again. Consider it a rerun of classic EGO.


>> No.33417395

I miss EGO the boogeyman who'd always get caught by the most stupid slipups. Like a Scooby Doo episode.

>> No.33417404

I doubt it. All but one of them have special snowflake self-insert MCs, and I followed until recently the one that didn't, which at the point I stopped following it (5 threads or so ago) nothing of the sort happened.

>> No.33417449

>"And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for that damn meddling Cutie G!"

>> No.33417528

Why do I have the feeling Hex and Exa played Ego really hard here. The conversation seems really scripted.

>> No.33417550

Daily reminder that Gyoji is best onii-san

>> No.33417582

I don't think Ego needed any help there.

>> No.33417592

EGO played himself pretty hard. Everyone could easily tell it was him.

>> No.33417630

Well he's running one now.

>> No.33417713


>> No.33417793

So why do quests never seem to have multiple pov characters?

>> No.33417811

Because it's hard enough geting players to roleplay a single character.

>> No.33417812

They do. All the time. Are you reading the wrong quests?

>> No.33417834

> Why do I think th—
Why DO you?

Ideally tonight, please watch the Twitter. Or don't, because the urge to post inane fluff snippets or entirely unrelated bullshit is often hard to resist.

>> No.33417857

Has a gladiator type quest been done? Surely one has.

How about in space?
With vicious alien animals?

>> No.33417861

Well, as far as KLK goes, you're pretty much guaranteed a dose of yuri incest just by Ragyo being Ragyo.

>> No.33417871

Replace the animals with giant robots and you'd have a great quest.

>> No.33417887

The fluff snippets are fun.

>> No.33417890

Vicious alien animals in giant robots.

>> No.33417906


Vicious alien animals and giant robots inside of a giant vicious anibot.

>> No.33417910

Hey you faggot, we want Genocide Wing not street fighter

>> No.33417946

How about explaining combat and how to make it interesting?

>> No.33417951


Space Spartacus? My body is ready

>> No.33417955

We need to go deeper.

>> No.33417956

Shit, even an anime only fag should know better then that.

>> No.33417979

I guess it had something to do with his picture, then. Ive never seen whatever animango its from.

>> No.33418008

I was just putting the idea out there for any anon who might want to pick it up. I don't have the experience nor the write-fu to do a quest; it would end up being shit.

>> No.33418044

I guess. I've seen like maybe a few episode switch like once in the quest.

>> No.33418065

The level 6 plan was just a cover plan, it was never intended to actually work, nor would it have been allowed to.

>> No.33418080

How did Teen Titans Quest end?

I haven't quested since that shit was on /co/ then it came here.

Then I remember I did Saiyan quest.

>> No.33418348

>Herbert Kleinsman @ConvictCyborg · 9m
>To clarify: Sensing doesn't trigger Awakenings unless under duress, but the theoretical basics are so important they teach it from day one.
what theoretical basics
'open your miiiiind'?

>> No.33418601

ATOW is Men who Stare At Goats meets RWYB.

>> No.33418677

I'm on thread 8 of Hellborn

>> No.33418758

I know that "how would you feel about _____?" is usually a pointless question, but here we go anyway:

An mc who is incapable of not being a bastard and it is mechanically enforced. Picking the good options is always an option, but you're going to take on instability points or something and the higher that gets, the more weird shit the mc will do. Eventually they'd probably just start randomly slitting throats in the street. Being an evil piece of shit makes the numbers go back down, so it would likely turn into a game of trying to hide your murderous impulses and planning shit so that you can actually get away with it.

>> No.33418770

Man, you read slow.

>> No.33418779

muh railroad

>> No.33418793


That's probably how things would go, well either that or
>[x]rape everyone

>> No.33418809

Intentionally edgy quests tend not to survive. Go ahead and try it, but I think the audience will fail to arrive.

>> No.33418813

You don't even have to go that far, A Black Comedy is a good example of a quest with an evil MC.

>> No.33418823


That's because I'm also reading Soul Eater Not and Dendrobates on the side, and those two mangas distracted me.

>> No.33419029

> Soul Death: The natural passing-on of one's Spirit. Coincides with bodily death but is unimpeded by biological immortality. #ATaleOfWitches


>dat German sense of inevitable fate and inescapable death

tfw no lolis that are really a thousand years old.

>> No.33419039

>Herbert Kleinsman @ConvictCyborg · 17s
>Soul Death: The natural passing-on of one's Spirit. Coincides with bodily death but is unimpeded by biological immortality. #ATaleOfWitches
>unimpeded by biological immortality

>> No.33419047

Your soul will die even if you're immortal.
Probably becoming more monstrous and less human in the process.

>> No.33419083

Pff, all you need to do is cyber-implant your soul to prevent this.

>> No.33419096

Technocrat pls

>> No.33419098

So, migrating from the 404'd three kingdoms quest, what are our actual options in trying to get Lingqi? Waiting for battlefield honors is just eternal friendzone, trying to talk to her is apparently at the will of the dice gods and they hate this pairing. What's left?

>> No.33419116

>not implanting yoursoulself with top of the line ectowear

>> No.33419156

>Dick around for a minutes experimenting with idea for an edgy looking op pic
>Decide to work on the text portion.
>Don't really have an actual title picked out, so I settle on "Masked Quest" for this
>End up with this.
I don't know. I feel like I could sharpen it more without making it completely ridiculous.

>> No.33419163

Daily reminder that Gyoji is best imouto

>> No.33419169

Go away Gyoji, nobody likes you.

>> No.33419195


Get a room you two.

>> No.33419199

That's dark....

>> No.33419217

Would you play a game entirely centered around tricking people?

I'm thinking of something involving mimics.

>> No.33419225

Damian Bloodmoon Quest when?

>> No.33419231

If anyone here follows Promises Quest, when would be a good time and date for me to run, keeping in mind that my free days are Sundays and Mondays?

>> No.33419235

>not integrating yourself in the world circuit
>not becoming truly immortal as part of all that is, was and will be
It's like you're not even trying.

>> No.33419259


>> No.33419277

Not really. It just means that all the lolis that are over 600 years old died when they were under 13 years old and are now stuck as childish psychopath murderers.
Muh fetish.

>> No.33419325

I think I might need to pick up this que- PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Oh man. You almost got me, Hex, but I'm 2smart4u. You can't rope me into caring about on of your slow-ass quests that make geriatrics look sprightly. Shame, really. ATOW sounds like something I'd like.

>> No.33419332

Medical robot during science fiction zombie apocalypse quest when?

>> No.33419454

Anon you tsun tsun! Join us!

>> No.33419501

Please don't fetishize the Witches.

>> No.33419535

Please fertilize the Witches.

>> No.33419577

You are a bard-knight, a warrior to whom combat is just as much dance as it is warfare. You're the best of the best- a sword is a baton to the slaughter. Bard-knights are the most powerful combatants in the world because of their natural ability to hear and change the Song. Not only can they hear the near future as they fight, they can change it just by fighting a little differently.

However, you were betrayed by your own. The song turned against you, as your fellow knights attacked you. The song said you would die, and with that many knights working against you, there was no way you could fight it off.

But then, just as you were about to die, you learned to use disharmony. You simply hummed the right tune- and lightning struck out of the clear sky.

TL;DR Medieval, low-magic setting where bard-knights are pretty much precogs that can manipulate fate and luck. Every time you fail at something, you gain Disharmony that you can spend to literally break the laws of physics as an overt 'magical' ability.

>> No.33419617

That's nice, dear.

>> No.33419628

An episodic quest where you are a father with a pipe. Every week, your kids bring you another silly problem you have to solve with your sage-sounding-but-actually-terrible fatherly advice. Comedy ensues.

>> No.33419642

Silly anon, witches aren't trees!

>> No.33419643

Right, I forgot to add the final line to my post which would actually explain why the hell I made it.

Would people be interested in a setting like this? It would likely be sandbox for the most part, though the players could get vengeance on the assholes who betrayed them.

>> No.33419666

>Son, when I was your age we didn't have bullies because we knew that when a little sonofabitch started givin' ya lip, ya'd whip out your sack of walnut shells and give em the old what for.
>Do you understand what I'm telling you, Billy?

>> No.33419672

Do bard-knights also dick everything in sight?

I'd play it either way

>> No.33419741

Advice giver quest when?

>> No.33419744

Whether you get players interested or not with your setting, you'll only KEEP them with interesting characters.
Run a oneshot about a guy selling shoes in a shoestore. If you can make that interesting, you can run anything.

>> No.33419778

So, I'm thinking of dropping, or somehow ending my quest at the next convenient junction.

But more than that, drawfag requests and such.

>> No.33419837

This guy.

But I'd really like for you to keep going.

>> No.33419857

I'm good at interesting characters. I've run a few quests and I like to think that I'm pretty good at it. I'm just sperging about some of my concepts so I can decide which one to go with when my current running quest is over.

>> No.33419858

>Run a oneshot about a guy selling shoes in a shoestore.

For what purpose?

>> No.33419866

This Gal here shooting a Hadouken of Ice

>> No.33419874


Sure, I like his face.

S-sorry, it's just that I'm losing interest. Or, well, I feel like the story is dragging out. I might consider running one with a similar premise, however.

>> No.33419876

>QM Question
I find reading a Quest to be an intensely boring time.
My shit is no exception.

>> No.33419950


S-sorry, I'm not /k/ enough to draw guns.

>> No.33419971

Thought he was a new guy. Mostly because experience QMs usually know better than to hype people up in QTG like EGO keeps doing.

>> No.33419975

Don't worry, I love it. Could you post it as a separate image?

>> No.33419976

Hm. Happen to like sassy red heads with braids in miko costumes and fezzes?

>> No.33420002

Draw Clark from Convict Cyborg. Tall arrogant Aryan ubermensch (official height given is 195cm) in crusader-like power armor.

>> No.33420093



Also, your name doesn't happen to be Rory, does it?

>> No.33420179

'Fraid not. Sounds like a neat name, though.

>> No.33420197


Hardly. the armor reminded me of my ex for some reason.

>> No.33420206

Sorry to bring that up, even if inadvertently.

>> No.33420218


That's alright. Was just hoping, I suppose.

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