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Twitter: @HeroRena

>Last time on HERO QUEST!
>We joined Bridgette as she took her sister out to try and be less of a bitch.
>The plan seems to have worked as the girl was able to socialize with a few people and not scare them away. One of those people turned out to be Alternate Magical Girl Sparkle who is now going by the name Hex. The former Magical Girl told Cynthia the secret to the woman's alternate self's happiness.

>Just be more caring.

>Bridgette them went to receive head pats.
>We join her the next morning, still on the lap of a slumbering Rena.

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>Bridgette is woken from her nap by a faint buzzing sound. She pulls her morpher out of her inventoy and finds that she has a new message from the Villain Association... From the Lord of Death.
>The number one S-Class has invited her to come to the Cave of Death. The message says that it is very important and if she does not attend they will hunt her down and kill her. The usual stuff.

Whoa. I've never been invited to anything by the S-Class. I didn't even know they invited people to things...
Should I bust out my fancy dress?

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Continue to be unconscious.

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Either a fancy dress, or a fancy villain uniform.
Depending on how official this is.
I mean, S class is the big leagues. Ignoring that you are currently in an S class lap right now, rena doesn't count.

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Go for something kinda fancy-casual or just your regular villian suit

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Something formal.

This is the #1 villain, after all.

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A dress seems a bit too much like you're going to a party or date. not a villain meeting.

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Rolled 6

Dress pure fabulous

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Fancy dress with black elements.

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bust out your most professional attire.

Dress to impress.

And don't forget she might be asking you for dating advice or how to be friends with your arch.

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Show up late. Fashionably late. Like a good Villain. Showing up on time is for heroes.

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The fanciest of attire.

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Rolled 17

Go there in comfortable clothes. Like your comfy hoodie. Fuck being uncomfortable, they'll probably just laugh at you anyway.

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Shit, what are you doing. We aren't supposed to tell bridgette that Lord Death is a lady.

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Hell yeah. Fanciest villain robes ya got

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Yes, nobody must know.
Except for us.

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Yes. Absolutely do that.
So fucking cute.

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Wear your official villain uniform. This sounds like official business.

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Maybe you could cook something to bring as a gift. How long do you have before the party?

>> No.33340710

and Rena.

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S-Class promotion? Dating advice? Reprimand for too many good deeds? Plans for taking out Evil Rena?

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>Rena still petting Bridgette
Cute, just you like your bat form
You said so yourself

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Bring the most formal dress you have, summon up your formal monsters, bring a deal-making demon to lawyer for you.

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All of the above?

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and Three Punch Man.

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And Rena, but if Lord death thinks she spilled the beans, then she's dead.

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The truly villainous time to arrive is ten-twenty minutes early.

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but THE most villainous time to arrive is when no-one expects you.

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Rolled 15

"I arrived Thirty five minutes ago."

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You don't need to explain that to the girl with a first in Villainology AND Villainonomy

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"Oh I'm sorry, were you in the shower? I can come back later if you want." - The mantra of true evil.

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I guess I'll wear my fancy villain uniform. It shows off my shoulders and everything.

>Bridgette leaves Rena's lap with a bit of reluctance and heads back to her home to change. Once she's satisfied with her attire she leaves the protective dome of the city and ventures out into the wasteland.

>There are no monsters outside so the trip is relatively uneventful and she arrives at the Cave of Death unharmed.
>And early, as a true villain should.

>It has it's intended effect as it appears that no one quite expected her to show up.
>The Lord of Death is there alone with over a dozen other Villains.

Oh shit... This is the entire S-Class.

LoD: "You're early, Monster Maestro. You weren't supposed to be here for a while longer."

"I arrive when I please."

LoD: "Of course. It would have been quite the shock if you arrived on time. Welcome to the first of hopefully many S-Class meetings for you."


LoD: "We have voted and decided to move Monster Marauder down to A-Class. You will be taking his place as S-Class 15."


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I wasn't expecting you to leave immediately. I was going to suggest that you leave a note so Rena doesn't think you were kidnapped or anything.

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Given her newfound power-applications, moving Bridgette up makes sense, but
>Monster Marauder down to A-class

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Hmm... I think we haven't seen a few of those before, like the loli drills and the... flying witch?

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>"We have voted and decided to move Monster Marauder down to A-Class. You will be taking his place as S-Class 15."
What and why?

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Poor Ben, going down a rank.
Although I guess he's not been as much of a villain with his Waifu and child taking up all his time.

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Who are cardboard samurai and little girl?

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Aww yiss
Congratulations Bridgette
Wait MMA was only rank 15?
He was wrecking tons of shit though

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Monster Marauder is probably gonna retire soon.

I'm not surprised at his demotion.

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is that a tiny pixie riding a flying match stick above mr. skullface?

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Ladies, please, hold your orgasms.

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I think he was a low rank because he never showed up to a single S-class meeting.

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oh god.
That's amazing.
Her powers must be DIRE

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Congratulations! Really, this is not that surprising. You can summon multiple S-class villains and control them so by proxy you are also S-class.

But uh... you're also very slow and vulnerable compared to other S-Class, so you're gonna have to figure out a solution to that. Maybe find a demon that you can summon which can serve as fast, protective transportation?

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This is a pretty valid point.

Bridgette isn't personally very strong at all. She needs ablative minion layers.

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Well, he hasn't really been doing anything villainous lately. Probably doesn't want to either.

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He was also S-Class mostly because he was a threat to everything while on a rampage. Now that he has more control he's no longer at that threat level.

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"... What..?"

LoD: "As I said, we are dropping Monster Marauder down to A-Class 1 and you will be S-Class 15. He used to be a major threat that would inspire terror just by being near the dome but lately he has been... Tamed. You, however, have grown in power vastly. You can even control The Monster Marauder and others in the Monster line. We feel that you are powerful enough to join our ranks. Don't disappoint us."

MM+++: "Aww~ My little girl is all grown up and in the S-Class just like her mommy~"

Oh fuck...
I... I never thought I would actually make it to S-Class...
I... I'm not strong enough. I'm gonna fucking die in here.

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Maybe Villain Assoc. has a shop like the Heroes have? Rena has upgraded her suit there a few times.

>> No.33341137

>Maybe find a demon that you can summon which can serve as fast, protective transportation?

What if she drove a possessed car?

Or like, a possessed segway or something.

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Rolled 17


Don't freak out.

Don't freak out.

Freak out

>> No.33341152

Take a deep breath. Your fine, this is fiiiiine.

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>mr. skullface?
That's Lady of Death to you.

Anyways, Drillhair McLoli is the real diabolical looking one there.

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>I... I'm not strong enough. I'm gonna fucking die in here.
Hmm, where have we heard THAT before?

You'll be fine. Just do what comes naturally.

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You'll do great! You just gotta prepare a bit.

Which means you get to go shopping!

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Rolled 15


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Okay bridgette.
Step one is getting yourself some slimline body armor like rena has.

She would be LONG DEAD without her uniform.

Second is making friends with doctors.

Third is squeaking your way through TERRIBLE SITUATIONS by cheating super hard, like by making friends with the hero.

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Haha, Rena thought the same. You are going to be fine.

>> No.33341177


Freak out, go party, get wasted.

>> No.33341179

Well, now you know how Rena feels about her S-Class.

>> No.33341182

You'll be fine, unlike Rena your power is ridiculous after all.

>> No.33341192

Damn that's dress looks good
Don't worry about it Rena has been S-class for a while now and she hasn't been killed yet, you'll be fine

>> No.33341217

Bridgette. Rena doesn't technically even have powers and she survived S-class. Granted, she freaked out over it as much as you.

Just calm down, upgrade your equipment, and improve your summoning creatures organization structure.

>> No.33341219

Here's a tip: Rena thought the EXACT same thing when she became S-Class. MVS agreed wholeheartedly.

Look where she is now.

>> No.33341222

Graciously accept while simultaneously having several small worry-based heart attacks.

>> No.33341226

Funny, Rena thought the same exact thing.

On the bright side, you rank doesn't really matter right now since everyone is at risk of Death By AltRena. Well, I guess for you it's more of "Sex Slavery And Watch Everyone I Ever Loved Die By AltRena", but the point is the same.

>> No.33341232

Keep a strong face! Maybe ask if you can be paired up with the others on future missions so that you can...learn. yeah that's it, learn from their masterful villainy and all that.

Also, tell Ben that we are totally going to be teleporting his ass into our fights A LOT.

>> No.33341239

Keep in mind that Rena got to S class without powers and as of now just has a borrowed luck power and a good throwing arm.

>> No.33341248

That's what Rena thought too. She's weaker than you. If she can survive, so can you!

You can summon The Monster, and Monster Marauder. Exploit that for every serious battle from here on. Also, figure out something you can summon to give yourself defensive power. You're far more vulnerable than other S-Class.

>> No.33341255

i think you are allowed one panic attack.
then come back and ask if there is anything S-class need to do in particular.

>> No.33341259

So this is the thread in which Bridgette dies.

I guess the future refused to change, not even for nega-Rena.

>> No.33341289

Villainy, of course.

>> No.33341294

>Oh fuck...
>I... I never thought I would actually make it to S-Class...
>I... I'm not strong enough. I'm gonna fucking die in here
Welcome to renas world

>> No.33341305

Well if you're that concerned about it, you could always resort to living the life of a villain shut-in and commit crimes via monster proxy.

>> No.33341345

>Cynthia is the only Monster that hasn't had a taste of the sweet succulent pleasures of S-Class
She just keeps on disappointing everyone.

>> No.33341364

We haven't done villainy in a while.

Has Bridgette ever robbed a bank? Stolen a laser and threatened to write a love poem for Rena on the moon?

>> No.33341368


Going for the same tactics as RoboMaid's old master, huh?

>> No.33341407

At least she's less of a bitch, right?

>> No.33341426

Maybe she'll do better now that she has a rival.

>> No.33341462

Have you ever tried to summon a revenant?

>> No.33341463

alternatively, she's going to die horribly and turn Rena into Evil Rena. Whatevs. No presh

>> No.33341466

Look where it got him in the end when he personally went outside.

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MM+3: "I knew at least one of my daughters would make it here~ I could sense the potential in you when you were born~"

>Bridgette's mom gives her the relaxing kind of hug that only a mother can give. It does little to ease the monster girl's terror. Her entire body is trembling and she feels something cold in her chest.

I can't..


Y-yeah... I think I'm stronger than Rena, right? She's just really good at throwing things... And I'm really good at summoning or whatever...
Just need to upgrade my suit a shitton and... Maybe I can survive.

LoD: "That concludes all of our official business. Void, come help me set up the table. We will drink in commemoration of our new recruit."

>The S-Class 5, Void and Lord of Death go to the kitchen. The tiny woman that was floating above Lord of Death's head suddenly grows in size and approaches Bridgette along with the man in odd armor.

???: "Hey there, Monster Maestro. Congrats on joining up. I'm sure you know who I am."

"You're Madam Galaxy."

She has complete control over space.

"And you're Legoman."

He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.

LM: "A pleasure, my lady."

MG: "Welcome to S-Class. If you have any questions we'd be more than glad to help you."

"Actually... Do we do anything specifically in S-Class?"

MG: "Hahaha! We're villains! We do whatever the fuck we want! And the best part is none of those chumps Heroes will stop us. Only the best for us S-Class. Half of those fools won't even kill us. It's a pretty fucking legit life."

LM: "Lady Galaxy, you should not swear so much."

MG: "I'm S-Class, I do as I please. Anything else you wanna know? It's been a while since we had a new guy."

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Is Madam Galaxy by any chance related to Madam Hourglass?

>> No.33341583

Oh god Legoman deserves to be S rank number 1.

>> No.33341596

Sure, ask how Madam Galaxy got her powers, who her arch is (Madam Hourglass?), all that good stuff.

She seems like a nice type, and she might actually give you the time of day unlike hero girls.

>> No.33341603

Both of these villains are great and terrible.

Have you considered trying to summon MONSTERS under people's feet?

Also, ask which chumps to watch out for.
And where the secret S-class break room is. It's myth and legend among the lower classes.

>> No.33341605

Why isn't Legoman S-Class 1? Because he hasn't upgraded to using d4s and jacks along with his legos?

>> No.33341611

> Space and Time
Ooooooh sheeeeeeiiiiiiiit

>> No.33341614

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.
Can you summon this guy? He sounds pretty monstrous.

>> No.33341620

Ask them if they got any leads to some good villainy.

Step 1 is preparation and training, step 2 is practice.

>> No.33341631

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.
Fuck ow

>> No.33341642

After a few rounds, make a pass at Madam Galaxy. Nothing like an older woman/rising pupil dynamic!

>> No.33341643

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet.
Truly, the most villanous villain of all the villains.

>> No.33341645

Space and Time. Seems likely.

Wait a sec, Space and Time are the same thing. I smell some kind of scam.

>> No.33341653

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.

I am fairly certain this man constitutes a war crime.

>> No.33341668

So who's at the party?
Is Plague Doctor dude still in jail?

>> No.33341681

>Inform Legoman we're a huge fan
>Ask about relations to Madame Hourglass

>> No.33341687

>MG: "Hahaha! We're villains! We do whatever the fuck we want! And the best part is none of those chumps Heroes will stop us. Only the best for us S-Class. Half of those fools won't even kill us. It's a pretty fucking legit life."
For future reference, this is probably a bad idea. If you go on rampaging too much, then the heroes will get fed up with it sooner or later.

Don't tell her that, though. She's probably not the kind of person who takes confrontation well.

That's another thing to keep in mind: take confrontation well. It might save you from doing something incredibly stupid.

>> No.33341691

Of course. Time and space

>> No.33341705

Probably, unless someone has busted him out. He was doing some pretty nasty things.

>> No.33341723

Because there are a surprIsing number of heroes with no feet

>> No.33341735

Yeah. Who is the little kid?

>> No.33341742

Honestly, this makes the whole Villain's Association thing seem pointless. Do supervillains really do anything? Besides just acting out when they feel like it, I mean. What purpose does it serve?

>> No.33341756

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.
Probably Caffinators Arch then
Super speed can't help you if every step is torture

>> No.33341757


>> No.33341769

They drive the wheels of the economy.

>> No.33341781

The heroes and villains are just toys used by spoiled gods.

>> No.33341786

They create work oportunities

>> No.33341791

Isn't it publicity for the Hero's Association? They basically get payed to do bad shit and then get stopped by the heroes.

>> No.33341794

>He can summon tiny plastic bricks underneath people's feet. Even if they're wearing shoes or armor.
Luckily, you can turn into a tiny bat. His power won't have any effect on you in that form!

>> No.33341797

Wait... if you can fly, isn't Lego Man harmless? Well, you might want to take off your shoes too in that case.

Ask how often S-Class heroes go after them.

>> No.33341834

Sex toys?

>> No.33341846

Lego man is only harmless to those without feet.

If you have feet, whether youre actually using them or not you're vulnerable.

>> No.33341855


I'm pretty sure Velocity Raptor has scales and stuff that'd let him pretty much ignore stepping on lego as well.

>> No.33341874
File: 130 KB, 500x750, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suggest this to him.

>> No.33341876

Considering these bricks can pierce armor I don't think so.

>> No.33341884

I don't really know much about dinosaurs, but I don't think a velociraptors feet have scales on them.

>> No.33341892


That's like giving IBCMs to the Russians. In 1940.

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File: 397 KB, 1445x881, 1386803754992.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your villainy is weak.

>> No.33341907




>> No.33341911

>Velocity Raptor
Don't dinosaurs have chicken-like feet?

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File: 2.79 MB, 445x250, 1397373186901.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33341931

Dude....that's...that's demonic

I hope you die in a fire.

>> No.33341955

I hope he does not. For if he does he will become the ruler of hell.

>> No.33341956

Wait, wouldn't being S class mean MORE chump heroes come after us looking to make a name for themselves?

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File: 13 KB, 980x148, disregard metal, acquire legoes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33341975


>> No.33341978

If anyone did, they'd most likely get killed

>> No.33341995

Do you want to cover it with fire ants while you're at it? Spiders? Wasps?

>> No.33342002

I don't know, It's not like Rena got attacked by a bunch of villians when she got promoted

>> No.33342008

What, you mean like the rangers?

>> No.33342013

Its likely to be a busy few days while shr establishes that she should not be messed with.

Fortunately she knows a few people of the spine ravaging persuasion.

She might need to stick em on retainer for a while.

>> No.33342022

How about attach a bunch of those things to a mud dauber nest?

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"Are you related to Madam Hourglass?"

MG: "Ha, yeah. That bitch is my Arch. Whenever we fight I just shrink really small so she can't find me, then grow and stab the fuck out of her with my staff. She's a nice girl, we do lunch sometimes."


"Who else is here?"

MG: "We have the whole group. Blythe, Sister, Double-Think, Void. Everyone's here today. Which is pretty rare but it's not every day we get a new member. Wanna go meet em? Some of them can be pretty shy."


>Legoman and Madam Galaxy walk over to the two closest Villains. Bridgette recognizes one as the Plague Doctor but the other...

MG: "This is Plague Doctor and Double-Think. Doc can make some crazy illnesses and Double-Think has control over the mind. He can make you doubt yourself, your powers, anything. He can even make you believe complete lies. Pretty OP."

PD: "Monster Maestro." The bird masked man nods in her direction.

DT: "Welcome to S-Class, Monster Maestro. We have been watching you for some time. It's a pleasure to have another member of the Monster family join us. I'm sure you'll do terrible things."

We do a lot of things! We... Do Villains stuff.

DT: "I watched your fights against the S-Class, Rena. Very impressive. The girl managed to take down Plague Doctor here."

PD: "She got lucky..."

DT: "Regardless you held your own against her a few times. It's nice to see beauty and strength combine in such a pleasing way. A rarity among the S-Class." He tilts his head towards Madam Galaxy. Thankfully she doesn't seem to notice.

"Uhm, thanks."

DT: "If you ever need advice or training feel free to call on me."

>> No.33342062

No no, he just summons the legos under your feet. Between your feet and your shoes if you're wearing some. If you're not standing on anything nor wearing shoes, they'll just fall down.

>> No.33342064

...that face looks like a butt.

Dont' laugh Bridgette.

It would be super bad if you laughed at someone because their face looks like a butt

Especially don't call her a buttface

And don't snicker, she'll assume you're laughing about her buttface

>> No.33342076


lmao your face is a butt

>> No.33342105

That face is a butt!

>> No.33342120

Don't think anything about his face. Just accept the compliment and say hello. Move on to more introductions, if there are more to be had.

>> No.33342121

Butt face.

>> No.33342122

Point out to Plague Doctor that what Rena got was vampirism. She had superhuman strength and speed on top of her own abnormally good aim with rocks. That's why she won...

>> No.33342130

This is obviously one of his mind tricks, ignore it.

>> No.33342131

Yeaaaahhh nah, cling a bit to MG to make the point of NO THANKS to Double Think. That guy gives off super creepy vibes.

How about meeting some of the other villains?

>> No.33342133

Double Think and mind ready dude from the Hero Association?
Do all the Villians have an S-Class Arch?

>> No.33342150

Might be good to talk shop.

>> No.33342153

> Doublethink
Uhhhhhhhhhhh okay, he's been reading too many books. By the way is that a peach you're wearing for a hat?

>> No.33342158

To be fair, you've seen worse.

Hell, you had a plushie Spine Ravager as a toddler that was uglier. And that thing survived Ben and Cynthia.

>> No.33342161


Just realized we have another trap in the cast

>> No.33342182

...actually, where is Senor Spinebreaker these days?

You should probably pass him onto Benben?

>> No.33342188

I wonder if Double Think is even a villain. I mean, he could just make everyone believe he is one.

DT seems to be hitting on you. Maybe you should just tell him/her that you're already dating someone so they'll back off. Or if that's a guy tell him you're a lesbian. ...you are still dating Rider right? But uh, advice/training might be a good thing? I'm pretty sure we can protect you from his mental influence.

>> No.33342206
File: 79 KB, 700x500, 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop it.
I can't..

>> No.33342217

He might not even do anything. He just convinces everyone that he does.

>> No.33342233

Don't think about it or even crack a smile bridgette.
He'll make you believe it's something pretty instead.

Just be polite.

>> No.33342238

Butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts, butts.

>> No.33342239

Quick, Think about Senor Spinebreaker

>> No.33342242

Does it sound like a fart when he talks?

>> No.33342245


>> No.33342249

Or maybe that's what he WANTS you to think? Think about it!

>> No.33342259

Calm down, Bridgette.
You don't want to make an ass of yourself.

>> No.33342262

Nooooo he'll challenge you to a duel and you'll get beat up or worse! SERIOUS FACE, BRIDGETTE.

Give your condolences to Plague Doctor. You were defeated the first time you faced Rena so you know what it feels like to be beaten by a weaker opponent.

>> No.33342271

>crack a smile

Pretty good, even if it was unintentional.

>> No.33342275

Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn...but I'm pretty good at identifying butts. And that is one. A butt.

>> No.33342282

Move to look behind Doublethink.
When he asks what you are doing, tell him you though you might see his face there,

>> No.33342285

Bridgette seriously, you can't laugh at buttface, that is not the best way to start off you S-Class career

>> No.33342289

More like double cheeks. Because he has two asscheeks. As his face.
Don't trust his lies, he's talking out of his ass.
I tried to crack a joke there, but it didn't compare to his massive crack. Between his buttcheeks.

>> No.33342290

Rena is unexpectedly tenacious.

>> No.33342293

Oh god, it's too late, buttface will know

In just a moment she'll, he'll?, stare at you with this thousand yard stare from the depths of his butt mask and you will know that you have been marked.

By the light passing of wind

>> No.33342299
File: 544 KB, 1000x1000, Final glorious Cynthia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here, this'll get that image out of your head.

>> No.33342312

>those collar bones

>> No.33342317

10/10 post

>> No.33342323

That's too mean, anon.

>> No.33342326

Don't laugh, don't even lift a cheek.

>> No.33342329

What is it about collar bones?

>> No.33342349

Play it off like you were thinking about that one time rena drew marker all over MM++'s face.

>> No.33342360

A fetish for gentlement with fine taste. In collarbones.

>> No.33342367

They're so delicate, I want to run my tongue over them

>> No.33342381

Are you Rena, anon?
If not, I have bad news.

>> No.33342397

[x]Got it, Double Butt

>> No.33342410

Double Think has mind powers huh, I wonder if his arch is Aeon

>> No.33342416

it's a feature of women with no objective maximal attraction, that you can easily see on most women trying to look nice because it shows off their breasts a bit. So if you already like her, you can focus on her uniqueish collar bones and easily fetishize them.

>> No.33342417

Tell him we'll call on him if we need to and make emergency evacuation procedures from his area.

>> No.33342445
File: 172 KB, 700x500, 7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




DT: "Hmm? Was my offer funny?"

MG: "Nah, looks like someone drew on your face."

DT: "What?" He grabs a spoon and looks at his face in the reflection. "Oh for the love of... Fool! I will end your life!"

>He storms off. The Plague Doctor looks like he's about to speak but he glances to his left and quickly retreats. In his place is a small girl with completely pale and smooth skin. Her face seems to be frozen in a smile as she looks over Bridgette.

???: "Hello. I am Blythe. Welcome to S-Class."

"Hi there."

Huh. I've never heard of her.

>> No.33342466

Magical girl? She doesn't look evil.

>> No.33342469

Another Magical Girl?

>> No.33342477

Ask her what her deal is.
Everyone you've met so far seems pretty terrifying.

>> No.33342478


there's no way she isn't crazy

>> No.33342479

She's cute. Hit on her. Yes, you are that desperate. Don't even try to deny it.

>> No.33342483

Be nice, whisper to mom who is she.

She seems off

>> No.33342485

>Huh. I've never heard of her.
Damn she must be pretty scary if she can be S-Class without having to do anything

>> No.33342488



Bridgette, whatever you do do not offender her.

I predict she is dangerous

Beware her drills

>> No.33342490

It's always the cute ones that are the most terrifying. Tread carefully.

Ask what her powers are, her arch, standard stuff.

>> No.33342492

> D-d-d-drills.
My fetish hair!

>> No.33342495

DO NOT mention her size. or talk to her like a kid. ask what her powers are.

>> No.33342505

Magical Girl.

Right down to the optimistic name.

>> No.33342515


Ask if you can hug her.

Shes soo cuuuute

>> No.33342522

Say you like her hair and ask if you can drill her

>> No.33342526

This chick is probably ridiculously mercurial or something. Watch what you say.

>> No.33342527

Compliment her drills
Gotta appreciate a good set of drills

>> No.33342544
File: 130 KB, 344x472, mah drills.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33342545

>Huh. I've never heard of her.
1 What are your Powers / Are you Magical Girl?

DT head is coin

>> No.33342552

Now Double Think has a dick face.
Is it a Rorschach mask but only shows lewd stuff?

>> No.33342561

Drill at super speeds!
Fly like a davinci helicopter!
Make powerful winds!

>> No.33342563

Ask her about herself! You should know some people take it hard if you judge them on their appearance after all.

>> No.33342570
File: 42 KB, 290x290, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Excellent taste.
Cosgrove I know one of these is you.

>> No.33342574

She introduced herself, so she must not expect you to know her. Ask her what kind of villain she is. Vampire? Witch?

>> No.33342582

Hit on her

>> No.33342583

It's probably some Freudian thing.

>> No.33342593

I... I take back what I said about Legoman. Truly, here we have the most terrifying of all villains.

Apparently so terrifying she has made to S3 without making a name for herself.

>> No.33342594
File: 8 KB, 168x192, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, Double-think seems like a real dickhead.

>> No.33342613

Carlos, I'm going to call the authorities.

>> No.33342618


>> No.33342624

Go back to bed Carlos.

>> No.33342640
File: 19 KB, 500x367, Carlos3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get the feeling he's the butt of many jokes in the Villain Association.

>> No.33342660

You mother fucker

>> No.33342663

Are you like, a jealous A-Rank villain or something?

>> No.33342665
File: 96 KB, 627x474, troll pokemon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn it Carlos!

>> No.33342714

Kind of late for the butt puns, Carlos. We kind of used them all up earlier.

>> No.33342716
File: 4 KB, 168x192, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Then again, those other villains are such asses too

>> No.33342719 [SPOILER] 
File: 20 KB, 500x333, 1405121656097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on guys, it's a joke. No need to be anal about it.

>> No.33342734

Guys please, this is a serious quest.

>> No.33342744


>> No.33342758

Please this.
*unzips katana*

>> No.33342773
File: 74 KB, 236x298, 1340408080775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I've cracked enough jokes today.

>> No.33342782

Carlos is probably in the villains S-Class. Calling it now

>> No.33342785 [SPOILER] 
File: 7 KB, 130x142, 1405121817755.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't be a dumbass anon.

>> No.33342791

Don't you have a reboot to be working on Carlos?

>> No.33342797
File: 156 KB, 700x500, 8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, please!

"S-so, what are your powers? I don't think I've ever really seen you on tv."

BE: "I make flower gardens in your head."

"... Okay..."

BE: "..."

>Another person approaches her with unusual glasses.

??? :"Hey, Monster Maestro, right? Name's Blast. Nice to meetcha. Wanna go out for dinner sometime?"


BLS: "Right, you're not the kinda gal who does dinner on the first date. Coffee, perhaps?"

BE: "Blast, you are bothering her."

BLS: "Oh? Sorry little lady. I forget that sometimes people get intimidated by how awesome I am."

MG: "Ignore him, Monster Maestro. Come on. Let's go meet the others."

>She pulls Bridgette away from the two. Once they're far enough she pulls her close and whispers into her ear.

MG: "Don't talk to Blythe. Seriously. Girl has some serious issues."

>> No.33342811

Oh shit

>> No.33342821

Go and meet the Jester looking guy.

>> No.33342839

Do we know something about him?

>> No.33342844

what did flower gardens in your head mean?
and is blast the same guy who was S-Rank 1 Hero 60 years ago?

>> No.33342845

Bridgette, are you bi or just lesbian? Because you should take him up on the offer me thinks

>> No.33342854

But she's so cute.

>> No.33342858


"Whats wrong with her?"

>> No.33342868

Ask what she means by 'issues'.

"Also, are all of the guys that desperate to date anyone? A shame I like girls, it would make my life so much easier with all these horndogs around."

>> No.33342874

But-but the drills!

>> No.33342875

We didn't even get to mention her hair

>> No.33342877

She telegibs your brain with flowers.
Well, I like blast. If we were rena, we'd try to befriend blythe too. Maybe avoid that one.

Continue with introductions, and maybe get some punch/cake.

>> No.33342878
File: 48 KB, 468x477, 20060608.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33342881

He's the Rank 1 Hero from OPM.

>> No.33342894

i saw what you did there OP
god damn it.

>> No.33342910

What kind of issues.
And is Blast always that forward?

>> No.33342936

Yeah about her. What are her powers?

Also are Double Think's mental manipulations temporary? The offer for training is tempting but we don't want to get screwed over either.

>> No.33343044

Talk to Blythe. Make friends. Become a magical girl!

>> No.33343091

But can he Blast Hardcheese?

>> No.33343117

Blast confirmed for Chet's arch

>> No.33343120

It might be sort of true soon enough. Alternatively speaking.

>> No.33343148


>> No.33343156
File: 137 KB, 700x500, 9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There was a Hero called Blast? Never heard of him, either... Well, I'm not too well versed in Hero History.

Also the fool appears to have vanished along with Double-Think...

W-what... When did this happen?
Guys, please.

"So what's her issue?"

MG: "I don't know her entire deal but yeah she's got some issues. You know that garden in your head think? She means that literally. She makes a seed form in your head and with that she can make it do anything. Like, make you go into a coma, become her servant, get stuck in a dreamland. And then you die cause plants are not supposed to be in your head."

"That's terrifying..."

MG: "Yeah. Oh, and sorry about Blast. He's a bit... Pushy."

"He's always like that, then?"

MG: "Yeah. He's not as bad as his sister. You ever heard of Caffornicator?"

"I'm... Familiar with her."

MG: "He's harmless, though. Unless he touches you and makes you explode."

>An older man walks up to Bridgette. He nods at her and presses a piece of paper into her hand then walks away.

MG: "Ah, that's Ofuda. Looks like he likes you. He's got these tags and stuff that offer protection."

"Why is he a Villain?"

MG: "He mostly uses them to raise the dead."


Let's see... All that's left is Void, Sister, that jester guy, and... I don't know who the others are.

>> No.33343189

Jesus. Caffo and Blast are OP as fuck siblings.

>> No.33343194

Ooooooooooooh snap!

>> No.33343197

I don't know who any of those are.
That jester guy seems like a class act though!

>> No.33343200

Uhhh, go see Sister.

>> No.33343226

>Blast and Caffornicator
That's fucking great

Go talk to Sister, I think Rena almost fought her one time

>> No.33343248

But no clowns? Truly, this Villain Association has no class at all.

>> No.33343258

go talk to void

>> No.33343264

Protection? Ask if Ofuda has any that can help you survive.

>> No.33343282

Void and Sister, Jester dude seems kinda like a douche that would ruin the party.

Oh, and Bridgette? Sparkle's a moaner

>> No.33343338

He can raise the dead? What exactly are the conditions on that?

>> No.33343340

Well, introductions are winding down.
Get yourself some refreshments and ponder OH GOD YOU'RE GOING TO DIE some more

>> No.33343345

Did Ofuda make Jiang-Shi?

>> No.33343433


What if we could raise the dead folks from the other dimension?!

>> No.33343439

>What exactly are the conditions on that?
Given that his raising of the dead was the reason given for why he's a villain, it's probably more likely to be closer to zombification rather than resurrection.

But if it DOES bring them back with their faculties intact, it might be worth trying to summon up Alt!Bridgette again in order to have a heart to heart before Renageddon.

>> No.33343479
File: 530 KB, 800x832, BjDng7QCIAEWxnx.png large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Long hair Bridgette
Yes please.

>> No.33343490
File: 121 KB, 700x500, 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Did he make Jiang-Shi? Can he bring back anyone?"

MG: "Yeah, I think he did make her. Also he can only bring back people that he's helped kill in one way or another. Oh, there's Sister! If she asks you to join her cult say no."

"Uhm, okay."

>Madam Galaxy drags Bridgette over to meet the one known as Sister.

Sis: "Monster Maestro, right? It is a pleasure to meet you."

"Same. I've seen you on TV a lot."

Sis: "Hehe, the same for you. I hope you do well."


Sis: "So, have you accepted He of Many Tentacles as your Lord and Savior?"


SIs: "He will cover you in his many appendages and ensure eternal bliss. You merely need to give yourself to him and you will find paradise."


Sis: "Perhaps you can attend our session? I can assure you that you would enjoy it."

>> No.33343510

This girl doesn't seem right in the head, Bridgette.

>> No.33343511

>Long hair = bigger boobs

>> No.33343512

...is she a cultist of our dad? Because that'd be literally the most awkward thing ever.

>> No.33343515

She's probably talking about your dad.

>> No.33343519

Do it

Do it do it do it

What's the worst that could happen

>> No.33343521

Attend. It sounds like a good religion.

Probably your dad, too.

>> No.33343524

say that your dad has tentacles so it would be weird.

>> No.33343528

"I'm sorry, I'm, uh… a Renathiest."

>> No.33343531

> "He will cover you in his many appendages and ensure eternal bliss. You merely need to give yourself to him and you will find paradise."
That's hot

>> No.33343537
File: 32 KB, 416x343, 1358366695894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we should go.

>> No.33343542

Are you talking about my dad?

>> No.33343543

> The Elder Sign
uh oh

>> No.33343547

Bridgette. Think for a second.


>> No.33343549
File: 98 KB, 700x500, Monster Hippie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He of Many Tentacles
Ask your dad if he accidentally got a cult started in his name back in his bachelor, free love days

>> No.33343552

>If she asks you to join her cult say no.
Probably not the best idea.

>> No.33343553

Politely decline

>> No.33343554



Make a mental note to ask your dad about this dude.

Hope that it wasn't your dad going through a phase and these cultists just haven't gotten over his departure.

>> No.33343556

Could she tell us more about his origin and goals, first? We've met a lot of monsters, and we don't know what makes him unique.

>> No.33343558

If Bridgette was desperate enough, I'm sure she could summon something for that instead of joining a cult.

>> No.33343559

Tell her that you are busy but you'll look up when she holds her 'sessions'. It technically won't be a lie.

>> No.33343561

Politely decline.

>> No.33343563

60's Hero Quest when?

>> No.33343564

Never get involved with lovecraftian abominations.

Unless they're family.

>> No.33343569

Tell her you get enough tentacled authority and acceptance from your father.

>> No.33343575

"You mean dad?" OH GOD OH GOD

>> No.33343579
File: 110 KB, 700x422, I've seen enough hentai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He of Many Tentacles
"Im sorry I don't think Im interested in religion, you know."

>> No.33343598

DON'T ask her if it's your dad. The reaction if the answer is yes isn't something you want to deal with. Ask your dad later.

>> No.33343599

ponytail, up-do, and long are the best

>> No.33343613

Tempting, but I don't think it's a good idea to accept help from a tentacle monster that you don't know.

>> No.33343614

Needs drills though.

>> No.33343622


>> No.33343626

"I don't want eternal bliss, I'm perfectly content being miserable."

>> No.33343639

That'd be a lie, though.

>> No.33343648

How about no.

>> No.33343652
File: 87 KB, 700x500, 11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I'm sorry but I really think I'll have to decline."

Sis: "I'm sorry to hear that... May I ask why?"

"I'm not really the religious kinda person... Also I think you may be describing my dad and that's kinda weird."

Sis: "Your father..? Ah, The Monster... The False One... He is merely a pretender with only one follower. He of Many Tentacles is the true lord of the creatures in the dark. If you would just attend one meeting... You will know bliss and then the cold comfort of the void if you give yourself to him."

"I really can't."

Sis: "The perhaps I can show you what he offers right here and now... A small sample..."

>As she speaks her form begins to shift. Bridgette can see things moving about under her clothes as black tears stream down her face.


Sis: "Don't move..."


>> No.33343674


>> No.33343675

If someone tells you to not move, that's usually when you MOVE!

>> No.33343676

Does she count as a monster now? Summon her.

Or if you want to really beat her, body and soul, summon her god and make it do your bidding. If possible.

>> No.33343679
File: 79 KB, 401x510, 1401568573152.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How lewd.

>> No.33343692

Time to summon her

>> No.33343696

betcha you could summon him.

>> No.33343705

Quick, summon He of Many Tentacles before things get gropey!

>> No.33343707

You can teleport now. Do that.

>captcha: anticipate ogrvelo
Yeah, let's leave the ogre velo for another day.

>> No.33343710
File: 43 KB, 155x159, slurp_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

time to go

>> No.33343712

Something monstrous threatening you? Summon it.

>> No.33343714
File: 21 KB, 104x51, fearLock.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have never asked for this.

>> No.33343723

Just like in my erotic chinese cartoons

>> No.33343725
File: 76 KB, 700x500, 12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The girl suddenly becomes very very small.
>Madam Gravity moves her away from Bridgette and laughs.

MG: "Sorry about that! I forgot she gets like that sometimes. She really is a sweet girl. Well, the drinks are set out if you wanna get some. And again, if you have any other questions just ask me."

>> No.33343727

Sister a cutie

>> No.33343747

>Madam Gravity

I see. She has the power to change her title at will. Truly a terrifying prospect.

>> No.33343748

>Madam Gravity
>Not Madam Galaxy
There are two?!

>> No.33343753

MG a great
Who are those other Villians that you don't know, also how did you get picked, there was a council vote for when they promoted Rena to S-Class, did they do something similar?

>> No.33343763

I thought it was Madam Galaxy?

>> No.33343769

Yay drinks

>> No.33343772
File: 381 KB, 500x500, 1403572967807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33343790

Time to summon her, to show that we were fine.

>> No.33343793

Consider attempting to summon He of Many Tentacles at some point. For battle purposes. Maybe it could even cover you in tentacles for protection!

Ask her if Double Think is legit. I mean, the offer for training is tempting.

>> No.33343794

Some drinks sound reeeeeally nice after that.

Also you should totally ask MG out on a date sometime. Look at that cute face!

>> No.33343812

You should probably figure out if there's anything you CAN'T do. See if there's some grand law or unspoken taboo that could get the S-class to beat your shit in.

>> No.33343815

Ask her what made them decide that you're fit to be an S-Class villain. Was it just your powers, or did they have some greater purpose in mind?

>> No.33343837

You probably shouldn't try summoning a god, seeing as the strain of summoning some not-gods has almost killed you

>> No.33343935

I like drinks. Sure!

As for questions, well, what do all you S-class folk do for a good time?

>> No.33343978

Are Rena's parents like, alive?

I don't they've ever once showed up in the quest. You'd think once they saw their daughter on TV doing the most dangerous job ever they'd contact her or something.

>> No.33343997

She's an egg baby

>> No.33344001

Oh course they're alive. We met them before.

>> No.33344010

She mentioned her mom earlier in the quest

>> No.33344016

Have we?

>> No.33344017
File: 47 KB, 700x500, 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, no. I won't. Not ever.
Also, my internal monologue should have said Galaxy, not gravity. Sorry, freaking tentacle lady scared me a bit there.

"I could go for some drinks."

>The S-Class gathers around the table and sits down to a feast of good food and alcohol. Across the table she can see Sister staring at her.

There aren't any that I can think of. I guess one of the big ones is to not kill fellow Villains. That's mostly an unspoken rule but that kind of stuff can get everyone to hate you.

"So you guys all voted to have me in, right? Any reason for that?"

MG: "Ah, well, like Lord of Death said we just thought you have a lot of potential. Your summoning abilities are amazing and I think they'll only get better. Not only that but you could summon your siblings and parents. Being able to control Marauder alone is worth S-Class."

LoD: "It was also a precaution."

>Madam Galaxy lets out a frustrated sigh and gives her superior a 'Did you have to bring that up?' look.

"What do you mean?"

LoD: "I have seen you in the city. It has been a while since you've done anything Villainy. In fact some would say you've been acting rather.. Heroic lately."

"What? I'm no Hero!"

LoD: "I know you are not but the Heroes may not see it that way. If they had invited you to become an S-Class for them it would have dealt a serious blow to us. We needed to make sure that didn't happen. But like I've said we also truly do respect your strength and potential. If we did not we would not have voted you in. It was unanimous, you know. That has never happened before."

>> No.33344037

Yeah. Bridgette's even talking to Rena's mom right now. >>33344017

>> No.33344046

Super noice

>> No.33344063

We've just been too busy to do supervillainy!
We need to go rob banks. Or something.
Also, thank him for the vote of confidence. We're feeling a bit shaken by it all, honestly.

>> No.33344064

There was no way we could of become a Hero, we would of lost our rivalry with Rena

>> No.33344068

>Bridgette becoming an S-Class Hero

>> No.33344078

Wow, Lord of Death is a nice lady

>> No.33344089

Get huffy and demand a chance to prove how villainy you are!

Also, get a few drinks in you and subtly hit on Madam Galaxy. She's a good fit for you, and I think you might have better luck with villains.

>> No.33344103

I guess we haven't done anything Villainy lately. We should probably get in an Arch battle with Rena to commemorate our promotion.

>> No.33344119

Thank her for that at least, LoD is a nice lady
Ask about the other Villians, you said you didn't recognize some of them?

>> No.33344126

oh god

>> No.33344127

Indeed, time to show any doubters we can be just as villainy as they.

>> No.33344134

I was assuming that her and Madam Hourglass had a Thing.

>> No.33344135

That sounds like a thing we should totally do

>> No.33344136


Hm. Might be time to step up your game a bit, Bridgette. Be a good chance to get in some practice, too.

>> No.33344139

let's rob a bank!

>> No.33344149

Yes. Yessssssss.

>> No.33344164

"I'm honored to be here."
Sucking up a little when you are out of your league is okay, and if you really are honored to be here, it's even more important for you to tell them.

>> No.33344166

...what's LoD holding?

...is that a DS?

>> No.33344172

...wait, is THAT why everyone's been so friendly? They want to keep you as a Villain?

Wait, we can use this. Tell them if they want to keep you as an S-Class Villain like this they need to help you get stronger. Right now you're vulnerable.

>> No.33344175

Rena and Bridgette haven't faced off in a while.

I'd like to see how Rena handles your new OPness.

>> No.33344176

It's a cup

>> No.33344179


>> No.33344206

>And then you die cause plants are not supposed to be in your head."
>"That's terrifying
Whats really terrifying is that tg failed to spot a True Fay when it saw one.

>> No.33344225
File: 198 KB, 900x900, 1389417567864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All we know about Rena's mom is that she invented the Sad Box.

Maybe she WAS the Sad Box that Rena was set in as a child like pic related.

>> No.33344236

That's definitely not her mom. Rena would've said so when they met.

>> No.33344252


Rena is too weird to not be an egg baby.

>> No.33344280

She had distraction drills.

>> No.33344305

Rena's parents are being withheld until such time as when we are in a position where everything is MOST DIRE

Then mom/dad will come home and save everything

>> No.33344324

Of course he did.

Then he got married, and your mother used his power to travrl through history killing every woman he'd ever been intimate with.

Thsts where the practice of virgin sacrifice comes from.

>> No.33344327

Everyone knew not to trust the Drill Loli. That much was noted back when in like the 2nd update.

>> No.33344342

But none of those girls were virgins!

>> No.33344356

But those drills man
Those drill

>> No.33344357
File: 116 KB, 700x500, 14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha. I wouldn't even begin to know how to flirt. I'm not nearly drunk enough to even attempt to.

"I'm honored to be here. However I feel that even if I'm S-Class I may not be as... Tough as the rest of you. If I could perhaps get some training or better suits."

LoD: "Of course. Next time you stop by the Villain Association feel free to upgrade a bit. And I'm sure anyone here will be willing to help you train."

Sis: "I would. Any time."

>Bridgette thanks them and goes back to drinking. The fact that she was called out on not being truly villainous lately gnaws away at her until she finds herself truly upset.

MG: "Something wrong?"

"I can't believe they think I haven't been villainy."

MG: "Well you have taken a bit of a break."

"... I'm going to fix that. Right now."

MG: "Oh?"

"I'm going to go fight my Arch."

MG: "Ha, nice! I always found that that cheered me up, too. Go on, monster lady. We'll watch from here. Go kick her pale butt!"

It's been a long time since the two of us had a good arch battle. The last time was during...

It has been a while though... I've gotten stronger but what if she has as well? Do I just bust into her house and attack her? I need to plan a speech when for when I do.

>> No.33344365

That's not what my Chinese cartoons tell me.

>> No.33344382

Set the supermarket lasagna on fire, that will set Rena off.

>> No.33344395

I guess something along the lines of "now that I've been acknowledged as your equal in rank it's time to prove I'm your better in combat" or something?

I'm not good with speeches.

>> No.33344398

just call her a fag
it's easy

>> No.33344406

Formally challenge her. That's how real arches do it.

>> No.33344419

No, don't hang out with Rena. That's what's gotta you in trouble.

You gotta do something villainous, then wait for Rena to stop you! That's how it works.

>> No.33344420

Wait, aren't you going to set up some kind of like, crime, to lure her out?

Either a crime or a food-fire.

>> No.33344421

Destroy the Quick-E Mart near Rena's apartment. It's the only way to be certain to draw her out.

Also, your speech has to go on about how her climbing the ranks has only made you more determined and stronger.

To win the fight? Summon Cynthia on her.

>> No.33344423

Do something better.

Summon up a bunch of hellhound puppies, put them in a sack. Then, summon up something else, and make it seem like the summoned something is going to attack a bag of innocent puppies.

When Rena gets to the bag after a fight with you (and she will), she'll open the bag and be attacked by a bunch of small hellhounds.

While she's distracted, make off with whatever sort of loot you were taking!

>> No.33344425

Bah! Who needs planning? The best villains know how to work it spontaneously! Go out there and hit Rena with style, flair, and everything in between!

Even the kitchen sink if you have to! There's plenty of those around to rip out and throw at her! Hit Rena with everything you've got Bridget!

We believe in you! Be the S-Class Villain you were always meant to be!

>> No.33344427

Text her to do a fight at the park or something.

>> No.33344432

>"Hey Rena! ROCKS SUCK! And you throw like a girl!"

>> No.33344439

You can't attack her house, Kitty and the Robo sisters are there
Attack the super market where she buys lasagna

>> No.33344445

Throw a glove !

>> No.33344449

Challenge rena to a true hero/villain battle-


>> No.33344453

She'd probably just agree and switch to throwing knives or something.

>> No.33344455

Reply: "Um...no, Rocks rock, and I am a girl."

>> No.33344464
File: 113 KB, 700x500, 1392416158889.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just mean.

>> No.33344486

You need to lure her out in some way, I think. That's traditional.

Also, your speech should be something along the lines of how her earlier victories were just flukes! FLUKES!

>> No.33344496

>Summon Cynthia on her.
Naw man, let Cynthia bask in the afterglow of her night with Hex.

Also contemplate the fact that you might have Sparkle as your sister-in-law. Twice.

>> No.33344501

This. Rob a bank and do this.

>> No.33344527

It's traditional to defeat the hero by means of getting away with loot. I agree.

>> No.33344537

Do this at a jewelry store!

>> No.33344549

Attack the nearest quarry

>> No.33344563

>cutting off rena's supply of rocks

>> No.33344566

You're cute when you're pouting.

>> No.33344589

This seems like a fairly solid, loot-gaining plan.

>> No.33344621

Obviously we have to be looting frozen lasagnas, this is an attack to lure out Rena after all

>> No.33344670

Honestly, I think that's pretty uncreative. You've got to think bigger.

Maybe try and steal something rare and valuable and set up a system of clues to where you've hidden it.

>> No.33344704
File: 163 KB, 700x500, 15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, got it.

>Bridgette goes back to the city and near Rena's home. The precious Quick-E Mart by her place houses all the ramen and frozen food she's constantly shoving in her mouth. With a few blasts of phoenix fire the place is lit up. People run out of the building before any real damage is done to it as alarms go off signalling the arrival of a S-Class Villain.
>She steals all the cash in the place and a giant sack of frozen lasagna and other treats she knows her arch likes.
>She waits atop the store for Rena. It doesn't take long before she spots the redhead in the crowd.

"Hero Rena! It is your Arch-Nemesis, The Monster Maestro! I have been acknowledge as your equal in rank and now it is time to prove I am your better in combat! I have stolen all the frozen food in this place AND filled this burning store with puppies. Tell me, Hero, what will you do now!?"

>Rena stares up at Bridgette, tears in her eyes.

Re: "Why would you do something like that..?"

>> No.33344708

Thats because Monster Matriarch went bqck far enough in time to kill them before The Monster got his pseudopodia on them

>> No.33344736

"Because I love you."

>> No.33344753

THEN fight!

>> No.33344756

Fail to resist Rena's cuteness

>> No.33344757

I'm a villain and am doing evil shit to get back in the swing of things. Now, fight me for the frozen lasagna...or save the puppies! The choice is yours!

>> No.33344758

Because I'm evil
Rena please don't make Bridgette look bad

>> No.33344759


>> No.33344763

Well, shit. Instant KO for Bridgette, I guess.

>> No.33344772


>> No.33344781

And for the record, robbing a bank was a much better idea than directly attacking Rena's food supply.

>> No.33344782

Oh shit I'm sorry

>> No.33344788

>"br ur a faget"
>"fite me 1v1"
>"ur 1 cheeky cunt I'll rek u m8 I sware on me mum"

>> No.33344792

"I got S-Rank!"

>> No.33344801

"Umm, because I'm drunk and feeling insecure about my status as a villan?"

>> No.33344807

That's a good look for you, Bridgette.


>> No.33344809

To show you the error of your ways! You choose this frozen food over mine, you choose cute animals over me!

Now look at what you love burn by the hands of the woman you scorned.

>> No.33344813

I guess this means Bridgette will have to cook for Rena every day now.

>> No.33344815


Push her.

Not shove, that would just be mean. But just push her.

>> No.33344823

Duh, I'm evil

>> No.33344828

Because you have to start eating better Rena, you have three maids living with you, you shouldn't be eating this junk

>> No.33344831

Oh, I wanted to have a big S-rank fight with you now that I got promoted.
I got promoted by the way!
Now, uh, hurry and save those puppies please?

>> No.33344845

"Hello? VILLAIN? Go on, save the puppies, stupid!"

>> No.33344857

Offer to make her lasagna in penance.

>> No.33344861


Yes! She shall learn to not scorn one such as the lovely, the mighty, the terrifying, MONSTER MAESTRO!

>> No.33344863

>Aren't you going to try and save the puppies, Rena?

>> No.33344865

I guess something like that works?

Although this is more true.

>> No.33344878

"Because you broke my heart!"

>> No.33344886

Rolled 5

Hell, Rolling to resist Rena tears.

>> No.33344904

Yeah, remind her to go save the puppies. It's kinda central to our plot.

>> No.33344920

A valiant effort for Bridgette to be honest.

>> No.33344936


>> No.33344939

I am calling it now:
Rena befriends the hellhound puppies

>> No.33344941

Say how this is only the beginning.
Soon, you will burn down every fast food place, convenience store and all that just so you can force the people to eat healthy food!


>> No.33344967
File: 95 KB, 700x500, 16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That face.
It's just so cute.

No, get back. Gotta not look bad.


"Because I am a Villain! A force of evil in the world! And now I am a S-Class, just like you!"

Re: "But... I get all my food from there... And why puppies? Puppies are the best. Geeze, Bridgette... This is kinda messed up..."

"I... Just get ready to be defeated alrea-"

>A rock smacks her square in the face.

>> No.33344969

Whoa. There's evil, and then there's being a jerk.

>> No.33344975

"Because I'm evil! That's what evil people do! They destroy things!"

>> No.33344991

"I think you forgot that I'm a villain, and my job is to motivate you into a fight.

>> No.33344994


>> No.33344997

Maybe you should get a face plate?

>> No.33344999

Ouch. You just gonna take that? Summon some shit.

You S class now. You can't go down without a fight.

Summon that Tentacle God.

>> No.33345007

How could we have not predicted this!
Summon something to cover your face. And like, I dunno, some bugbears.

>> No.33345016


Ah, she hasn't done that in awhile.

>> No.33345020

btw Bridgette, ur a qt in the new outfit. Much sexier.

>> No.33345023

Damn, Rena.

Alright, Bridgette. You might want to abandon the plan and switch this to a regular fight. She's not going to play along and this might strain things between you.

>> No.33345024

Rolled 15


>> No.33345025

Oh fucking hell, it's ON.

Summon Cynthia on her in tentacle monster form, that shit's just rude.

>> No.33345026

Summon a new face and get to work beating her ass.

>> No.33345031


Perhaps you should remind Rena of the "puppies" inside of the building.

But once she does (or if she's too focused on attacking you), turn her best element against her! Summon a rock/earth elemental to defeat her! If it works, it will be a complete ironic twist of fate that Rena the Rock was defeated by something made entirely of rocks!

>> No.33345035

Honestly, why are you doing this? What do you stand to gain from it? What about villainy makes it so important to you?

>> No.33345038

>"I... Just get ready to be defeated alrea-"

QUICK, SUMMON A CLOUD OF MONSTER MOTHS! They'll cloud her vision, and eat her sweater

>> No.33345039

>>33344967 Uhm...you uh...might wanna get that checked.

>> No.33345041


>> No.33345043

And just remember, Bridgette.

You could have robbed a bank. But you didn't.

>> No.33345046

Summon the one thing Rena will have no idea how to handle: a Rock Monster! How can she rock that which is already rocks?

>> No.33345055

Taunt her

Then Summon a giant rock elemental

>> No.33345060

Summon an air elemental to push rocks out of their intended path!

>> No.33345074

Summon a swarm of hell wasps or something to make her not able to see you to peg your face.

Also, come on rena, save the puppies. You're not falling for our hellhound trick.

If rena continues to ignore the puppies, laugh maniacally and tell her she forgot the most important part of this heist.


and then the puppy swarm descends.

>> No.33345076

Summon an air elemental, have it serve you as a living shield. Her rocks will just be caught in a whirlwind and thrown back at her.
Also an earth elemental, just so it can burst from under her and control her rocks if she decides to fight you.

Take away all her advantages.

>> No.33345078

...somehow, I just imagine that'd end up with Rena chucking the Elemental at us. Somehow.

Definitely remind about the puppies though. Maaaaaybe pout a bit and say that hurt to turn things back at her. We can even turn back into a bat, if we must (though perhaps leave that for escape instead).

>> No.33345079

>Giving Rena an I win button

>> No.33345080


>> No.33345082

Let's not try and summon stuff that's apparently more powerful than our dad here.

>> No.33345090

You might want to come clean on the puppy trap and just fight.

This isn't going well.

>> No.33345102
File: 89 KB, 700x500, 17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Bridgette rubs her nose, trying to ease the pain of it's sudden breaking. By the time she recovers she sees Rena holding a hellhound puppy. It's wagging it's tail quite happily as she holds it.

"Bridgette, I don't think these are even puppies. They have horns. Can you put the store out, now?"

Alright time to get serious.


>> No.33345103

...Is she going to throw the elemental at us or something? I just wanted to fight fire with fire, as it were. Throw her shtick in her face.

>> No.33345104

>believing the words of a tentacle-addicted whore

>> No.33345126

>hellhound puppy


>> No.33345127


>> No.33345129


"Did you really think i'd throw actual normal puppies in there? Come on, Rena, its time to D-D-DUEL."

>> No.33345131

"Because I'm a villain."

>> No.33345132

>"Bridgette, I don't think these are even puppies. They have horns. Can you put the store out, now?"
Damn she's good

>> No.33345136

Should've saw that coming.

>> No.33345151

Rena should take that hellhound puppy home with her.

>> No.33345158

You can't summon anything scary, can you.

Everything you do is adorable.

>> No.33345160

>taking that risk
>after seeing how Rena turns out with a dead Bridgette

>> No.33345182

Those are hellhound puppies. They're immune to fire.
Also supposed to be attacking you, but whatever.

You'll have to stop me if you want to put that fire out!

>> No.33345186

...summon a wind elemental to upset her aim, then pelt her with pheonix fire till she submits.

>> No.33345233

I did!

>> No.33345238

You know what you need? An ooze monster.

>> No.33345248

How did she do that? They're supposed to follow your orders!

You did order them to attack her right?

>> No.33345260

Be sure to summon something big and menacing that rena can "trick" you into putting out the fire with.

Ooze, water elementals, wind elementals, any of these work.

>> No.33345264


>> No.33345289

it may have forgotten.
I mean, it -is- a puppy

>> No.33345301
File: 185 KB, 700x500, 18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SHUT UP! I'm not adorable! My summons are terrifying!

"It seems I underestimated your power, Hero Rena... I won't go easy on you now!"

>Bridgette summons an air elemental to guard her and begins firing Phoenix Fires at Rena. The Hero manages to dodge the attacks while throwing rocks back at her. The wind barrier does it's job and deflects the debris and launches it back at Rena. The combined assault of Phoenix Fire and rocks is too much for the girl. A rock hits her in the chest and sends her flying backwards.

>Bridgette summons a tentacle monster, something very not cute, and has it grab Rena. She struggles against the creature's grasp but it does not relent.

"Well well, it seems I got you now, Rena."

R: "Oh man, you're serious! Bridgette, if it's about your ice cream I swear I was gonna buy you another one!"

>> No.33345317

They're elementals, not monsters.

Summon Orcs!

>> No.33345320


>> No.33345323

Seeing a Rena fight from the opponents perspective is actually kind of terrifying.

It's impossible to gain any momentum.

It's like fighting squirrel girl off panel.

>> No.33345329

Well done!
So, uh...ever considered how to proceed when you finally DO get her caught?

>> No.33345337

Not just another one... she must make us an ice-cream feast!

>> No.33345339

No, it's not about the ice- wait

You ate my ice cream?

>> No.33345346

Tell her you're celebrating gaining S-Class
Wait what about your ice cream?

>> No.33345360

I guess Ice Cream sounds good? I mean we captured her. I suppose that means we force her to do stuff.

>> No.33345362

"Have you ever thought that maybe it's not all about YOU, Rena? Maybe this time it's about me, and MY career, and what *I* want."

>> No.33345364
File: 62 KB, 245x306, 1396768724085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not about ice cream.

Don't relent, Bridgette. Give Rena all you got!

>> No.33345365

What ice cream? I don't remember that. Ask her what she means.

>> No.33345366

...Rena, the fuck?

Seriously, we haven't had a good arch fight for weeks! And that fight was lame as shit!

>> No.33345373


>> No.33345376

She ate your ice cream?
Ruffle her hair like a mother fucker.
Maybe sniff it too.

>> No.33345379

No, summon orcas!
They're far worse!

>> No.33345381


Hey, Bridgette, question about your powers. Have you tried fusing your summoned monsters? Or enchanting them, giving them new powers or something?

>> No.33345390

I don't know, those tentacles look pretty kawaii as far as tentacle monsters go.

>> No.33345394

Hahaha! You are victorious!
Now she must... go out to an icecream parlor with you!

Also, what are we going to do with all this frozen food, you were expecting rena to win that one. I guess, like, put it in a freezer truck?

>> No.33345397

tentacle monsters are lewd bridgette

>> No.33345407

Tell you just go S-Classed and you're celebrating

>> No.33345413
File: 133 KB, 700x500, I broke your heart and now I will break the rest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't relent now Bridgette!
remember this!

>> No.33345422

>tentacle tickle torture~

>> No.33345426

"It's not about a grudge, Rena. This is what supervillains do."

>> No.33345427

You know well as I do rena can't really do much besides throw rocks and be adorable.

>> No.33345428

Woah, guys. Tone down on the neurotic-ness.

>> No.33345435

Arch nemeses don't gotta explain nothin!

>> No.33345436

Yes! Now, I believe there's some clause in the Super's Code about taking...liberties with your captives.

Ones that involve a lack of clothing...

Or you can just kidnap her and take her off the street for a bit. I mean, you did grab all her favorite foods and enough money to buy her a few days' worth amenities.

>> No.33345439
File: 486 KB, 500x281, Tentacle kiss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tentacle monsters
>not cute
Says you.

>> No.33345454


Would it be amiss to kidnap her and hold her for ransom? That way you can get more cash and villainy ranking while explaining this shit to her.

I mean, it's probably standard operating procedure for some villains, but given your history with Rena, it might look weird.

>> No.33345458




>> No.33345476

What if they don't pay?

Or send a REAL hero?

>> No.33345481

Kidnap her.
Feed her with frozen food and have her sleep over for a night.

We should have done this with a bank. We can't eat this much frozen food.

>> No.33345482

I just watched this animation today
Squib x Pumkin OTP, Wanda is a bitch

>> No.33345514

Oh, please. Nobody is going to take Bridgette holding Rena "ransom" as serious villainy. Everyone already knows they're best friends off the clock.

>> No.33345529

>what would Cynthia do?

>> No.33345534

Well maybe we'll teach them to respect us!

By forcing Rena to eat healthy!

>> No.33345541

We've already done the serious villainy part. Now we enjoy the spoils.

>> No.33345543

Then send limbs every day the ransom is not payed!

>> No.33345549

>>what would Cynthia do?
see >>33342299

>> No.33345551

Oh god I've just realized, Renas power is to befriend her enemies, but since shes already her friend she has no defense. It's her fucking kryptonite.

>> No.33345555

Drink her blood and lay claim that rena is hers?
Loudly threaten to kill anyone that tries to take her?

>> No.33345567

she's also on the OPM workout...

Pretty soon she'll be benching buildings man.

>> No.33345568

Go maybe a bit easier on her now.

You're beating her a bit TOO handily.

>> No.33345573

Say "Ara~ Ara~" a lot?

>> No.33345590

No. You gotta do the whole Worf thing.

>> No.33345593

So... act like their mother

>> No.33345601

I think I see what's wrong here. You've both got a serious disconnect for how you understand the situation. You're thinking of this as an epic battle of Good versus Evil, but Rena's heroism is focused on the "heroes are supposed to protect and help people" thing. She thinks it's fun, but she doesn't care about any of the archetypal things the way you do, Bridgette.

>> No.33345606

She's only gotten faster. And got that flight upgrade.

Rena's the weakest hero.

>> No.33345619
File: 110 KB, 700x500, 19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Re: "... So you don't care about the ice cream?"

"Yes I care but I'll punish you for that later! Fear my tentacle monster as it shows you just how vulnerable you are in my grasp!"

>For a moment Bridgette wants to let her friend go. She just looks so adorably sad...
>Then she remembers >>33345413
>Her resolve returns and she has the thing constrict Rena and toss her about.

>The redhead screams as she's thrown about by the thing.

"Now you shall be my prisoner and I will force you to eat nothing but healthy food for the rest of your life!"

Re: "No!"

>Bridgette hears the sound of a button being pressed.

Re: "Super secret final attack! Meteor!"

>Bridgette looks up. There really is a fucking meteor coming her way.

Re: "Sparkle said to use this as a last resort! So uhm... Dodge it, please."

>> No.33345649

rip bridgette

>> No.33345655


>> No.33345661

>Rena confirmed for Black Mage

>> No.33345662

Summon yourself to teleport!

>> No.33345665

Summon a giant to hold up the meteor! Or maybe something with gravity control powers! Do you know of any monsters that can do that?

>> No.33345667


>> No.33345673


>> No.33345679

When did Rena get this kind of power?

>> No.33345684



>> No.33345685

...Fuck. Summon something will teleport us away, or turn into something FAST to run with. Maybe your bat form?

>> No.33345687


>> No.33345689


>> No.33345693

Summon yourself repeatedly to get away!

Also, summon something to hold up that meteor because you are PRETTY sure that thing is going to annihilate like ten blocks.

>> No.33345701

Rolled 16

Rena what the hell is wrong with you
Why would you think this is a proper level of escalation

>> No.33345702

...Rena, there's still a world-ending threat from an alternate reality looming on the horizon, and you decided to blow your super secret last-resort attack because you got scared of being made to eat healthy?

I mean, I'm not surprised, but still.

>> No.33345708

Rolled 14


>> No.33345710

Summon blast. Its the only thing to do

>> No.33345717

Uhh, summon a sandworm to protect you with it's super hardened scales.

Or a blink dog to teleport you? According to D&D it's a monster.

>> No.33345718


Teleport yourself 50 feet away by summoning yourself then RUN.

>> No.33345722


>> No.33345728

Yes, summon the four masked giants! The city is in danger, and only you can save it!

>> No.33345731

Summon The Monster or something similarly powerful that can just block/destroy the meteor.

>> No.33345734

I... I think we're the ones who grew complacent


Yes summon the biggest thing under it to try to stop it.

>> No.33345740

>rena literally cast meteor, what looks like meteor from FF7 so its gonna explode the continent or some shit
well holy shit, this might explain a bit how everything got blown to hell.

>> No.33345741

You're right, Bridgette. Rena is weak, complacent... naive, thick skulled... I could go on all day with this. But she'll always win in the end the same way she always has. Sheer. Dumb. Luck.

>> No.33345742

Summon a massive slime to bounce that rock away!

And it ends up bouncing right into Lord of Deaths house

>> No.33345743



Crikes, summon a titan to hold that thing like Atlas. If it lands there'll be a ton of collateral damage.

>> No.33345747

Rena is OP

>> No.33345752

How come we can't normally do that
Let's dodge it

>> No.33345763

...Summon Sparkle to deal with it.

>> No.33345764


Rena, why would you think that summoning a giant meteor at a ground-bound target in the middle of a populated city block would be a good idea?

Bridgette, you may want to consider conjuring a portal-generating monster to open a wormhole or rift to swallow the meteor and deliver it somewhere else.

>> No.33345768


>> No.33345789

Summon a neutronium golem

>> No.33345790

Oh god

Bridgette's going to get hero points instead of villain ones, isn't she.

>> No.33345792

Save yourself and rena via teleportation, strong monsters, and whatever else you can manage.
You may have to KO yourself with the effort.

>> No.33345797

>Save the city from giant meteor
>Ultimate act of heroism
>Kicked out of S-class

>> No.33345799

>sad Rena
We should probably at least take the chance to explain everything later

>> No.33345806

Huh, that's new. How did it get inside the dome?

>> No.33345815

Yes! It's time for Bridgette to save the day!

And then Rena handcuffs her while she's distracted.

>> No.33345825

It's... porous to meteors?

>> No.33345826

>Courageous Monster Maestro saves city from meteor impact. "An inspiration for us all!" says Hero Chet Malystache.

>> No.33345828


>> No.33345830
File: 800 KB, 3708x3407, 1402453885366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This would be perfect.

>> No.33345841

>Consequently recruited into Hero S-class

>> No.33345843

>For putting the city in danger, Rena switches with Bridgette as villian

>> No.33345850

oh wait!

Caffornicator has the Terra-Tardigrade as a pet! summon that! It's unkillable!

>> No.33345857

>Bridgette gets transferred to Hero S-Class
>In fact some would say you've been acting rather.. Heroic lately."

>> No.33345858

>Sent giant meteor at city
>Ultimate act of villainy
>Kicked out of S-Class

>> No.33345860

No, see, it's cool. Even if it was ultimately a heroic thing to do from the perspective of the common person, it still counts as villainy since it's opposing the actions of a ranked Hero.

Unless it ALSO results in Rena flipping over to villainy instead for the same reason.

>> No.33345862

>Caffornicator has the Terra-Tardigrade as a pet!
Wait, what?

>> No.33345876

>This is how Evil Rena starts.

>> No.33345883

Could Rena be a competent villain?

I'm talking about normal Rena here.

>> No.33345889

Really, it's all on Sparkle for giving her a pocket meteor.
>Rena was the one who killed Bridgette all along

>> No.33345891

remember when Sparkle was looking into making a new Quantum Beast? Caffo offered up sacing her beloved giga-pet

Cross referencing that with stuff from the hugbox says she has the Terra-Tardigrade

>> No.33345907
File: 81 KB, 700x500, 20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bridgette summons herself multiple times away from the meteor. Her powers propel her forward allowing her to easily escape the thing. She then summons a titan to try and stop the thing. The meteor hits the creature and utterly destroys it along with itself.
>It appears to have only damaged the golem, though, as there's not a single bit of destruction anywhere else. Whatever it is she used was powerful but not city destroying.

When the hell did she get that? Is that something from Sparkle? I've never seen her use something like that...
Okay, I need to restrain her again. Keep her hands tied up so she can't-

>A rock hits her in the face.

>> No.33345908

If we guided her. I mean, did you see that lego stuff earlier?

>> No.33345914

>blink dogs

We've pretty much got this handled.

>> No.33345919

It's a tamagotchi.

>> No.33345925

I don't know, unless that meteor literally did come from space I don't think it has the velocity to destroy the city. Probably just this already evacuated block.

>> No.33345931

>We could have had a Quantum Tardigarde
>Caffornicator could have had an unkillable magical pet buddy
That is both frightening and awesome at the same time.

I knew about the digi-pet, I just didn't know it was a waterbear.

>> No.33345933

More tentacles!

>> No.33345936

Are you implying Bridgette can't summon tamagotchi from their digital dimension?

Damn rock-erangs

>> No.33345938


>> No.33345942

Rena c'mon now.

>> No.33345947

fuck it
summon ben from another world

>> No.33345954


>> No.33345957

Fuck! Right in the eye! Fuuuck!

Summon a giant monster spider to tie her up with web.

After rolling around on the ground for a bit. Fuckin' right in t the eye goddamn.

>> No.33345958

No. I'm fucking done with this shit.

Summon Cynthia, Rena's just being mean.

>> No.33345964

Summon something that resists ballistic damage like a slime to restrain her.

>> No.33345967

Well, we've blown up a grocery store, made our best friend cry, killed a titan, and taken two rocks to the face. All in all, a good day.

>> No.33345978

Summon your dad and have him give her a hug.

>> No.33345988

>Rena's just being mean
This is exactly how we play her and you know it.

>> No.33345990

Might be time to make a get away, throw one last attack and cheese it

>> No.33346002

That's it.

Summon Cynthia. With tentacles.

>> No.33346004

oh damn right in the eye

>> No.33346005

>Summon the MonStars from Space Jam
>Challenge Rena to a game of basketball, winner take all

>> No.33346006

Summon a hekatonkheires and tons of tiny rock golems to throw at Rena.

>> No.33346010

Right in the eeeeye

Summon like, ow, maybe a doppleganger or something.

So that she throws rocks at it instead of you.

Gloat about how this is an impossible scenario for her to solve.

get ready to duck when she throws rocks at both of you

>> No.33346014

Rolled 1

If Rena is going to bring a nuke to a knife fight then so can you
Summon the biggest, terrifying, most adorable murderbeast of a creature you can think of and get her back for that

>> No.33346017

Enough is enough.

They said summoning Monster Marauder was enough to qualify you for S-Class?

Do it.

>> No.33346019

The only plus side of this is that Bridgette gets to wear an eye patch while her eye heals from being HIT WITH A ROCK RENA.

>> No.33346033

Quick, try summoning NegaRena to defend you.

>> No.33346037

Bridgette. Summon Kitty and held him hostage.

>> No.33346042

Does that mean she summons BenBen?

>> No.33346056

You folks are all starting to get real fucking petty and cruel trying to win a fight with your best friend who you already made cry twice.

>> No.33346057



>> No.33346065

Future BenBen?

>> No.33346077

Woah hey that's too far

>> No.33346080

I'm not saying to get petty and cruel.

All I want to do is silly doppleganger stuff, and maybe escape.

>> No.33346088

Summon the Pocket Monster Blastoise, it's great against Rock types

>> No.33346089

Summon The Rock.
You know, the actor?

>> No.33346090

to be fair, she did just try to crush us with a meteor, AND we are trying to do some arching for once instead of just chilling out.

>> No.33346092

Kitty isn't a monster!

>> No.33346099

Bridgette's a supervillain remember. This is what they do.

>> No.33346103

Tie her down and see what Cynthis is so enthused about; leave her just enough blood to make it to a hospital.

>> No.33346106

I know that was a very general statement but I wasn't accusing everyone of that.

>> No.33346116

>summon piles of dopplegangers
>make them all look like you
>perfect escape

>> No.33346118

Still. maybe next time we can make the villainy less personal.

>> No.33346119

Say it with me.



We are a VILLAIN. And she's the one that summoned the meteor, holy fuck. What the hell, Rena?

>> No.33346144

The meteor that was enchanted to do no collateral damage. That she even told us to dodge.

>> No.33346158

Don't you give in yet! You must fight on while injured! Summon up something with paralytic venom!

>> No.33346159

The meteor didn't actually cause any collateral damage, though. We just assumed that it would.

>> No.33346162

Try to maintain your composure. We're having a good, friendly fight.

>> No.33346175

We're not being petty. We're just not letting her win.

>> No.33346187
File: 106 KB, 700x500, 21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bridgette decides to summon her biggest and most adorable monster ever. One that has speed, flight, and the ability to restrain Rena.

>She summons her Spider Moth, Mala.
>The creature zips around Rena, dodging all of her attacks, and retaliates by shooting a web at her. Once the Hero is slowed down it's child's play to wrap her up completely and bind her up. She pouts a bit and tries to wriggle out before giving up.

Re: "Okay, you win this one, Bridgette..."

"It's Monster Maestro."

Re: "Monster Maestro. I was kinda hoping my super attack would work but you beat that too... You've gotten a lot stronger."

"... Really?"

Re: "Yeah. I've never seen you summon these things before. And you got a new outfit too. Looks really nice on you."

"Oh, uhm... Thanks."

Re: "Well, I think you won this one. Wanna go get lunch?"

>> No.33346193

No summoning family in a rival fight! It's too personal.

>> No.33346196

Nah. We/Bridgette are taking this a little too seriously and now things have escalated.

Honestly, this isn't fun anymore.

>> No.33346199

It's fucking on.

Summon the strongest of all ooze monsters.
The dreaded black pudding!

>> No.33346215

Well, do you? If you do, go for it.

Mala is fucking adorable by the way.

>> No.33346217

Yeah, okay, let's do lunch.
I have NO IDEA what to do with this much frozen food.

Also, those rocks hurt. Where's those hell puppies, I need to hug one.

>> No.33346221
File: 1.93 MB, 235x240, 1379190784143.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You did good. I mean, evil.

>> No.33346222

Disregard lunch. Continue evil.

>> No.33346226


>> No.33346227

"I'm having lunch. You're having SALAD."

>> No.33346229

Yeah, sure.

>> No.33346232

Lunch date? Lunch date.

>> No.33346233

Yes. Yes of course.


>> No.33346234

do it guys
she conceded defeat and we burnt stuff down

>> No.33346242


Give her the bag of lasagna.

We can be nice and evil.

We didn't pay for any of that.

>> No.33346244

Refuse to get lunch with her unless it's a date
This definitely can't result in anything bad happening at all

>> No.33346259

Oh god these two togather

>> No.33346268
File: 91 KB, 256x256, 1392619380856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought that was a Mothbee for a sec.

>> No.33346271

Yeah, lunch.
Also, keep the puppies around, they are cuddly.

>> No.33346279

I'm expecting a Big No out of Rena for this, Larro.

>> No.33346282


You just don't get this villainy thing, do you?

>> No.33346290

Make Rena pay and eat salad
While you eat whatever the hell you want

>> No.33346295

Yes let's do it

>> No.33346300

No, hold her for ransom. Tell the heroes that you'll only release her if they defeat you in a video game tournament.

>> No.33346316

"Fine, but you're paying. And you have to eat something healthy."

>> No.33346324
File: 106 KB, 700x500, 22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Sure thing... But you're paying!"

Re: "Aw... Fine."

"And YOU'RE having only salad and water!"

Re: "What!? Noooooo!"



>> No.33346330

Bridgette, do something very evil, in place of the mart, have a health foods store replace it. Expensive and healthy.

>> No.33346331

but first they must elect their champion through a round of monopoly, or mario party.

>> No.33346342


>> No.33346357


>> No.33346359
File: 34 KB, 292x257, 1402455020281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's terrible!

>> No.33346369

Truly we are evil

>> No.33346375


>> No.33346382

You're going to share some good food from your plate with her because you ordered a lot.
This is all a ploy to make her eat from your hands.

>> No.33346398
File: 106 KB, 700x500, 23.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


LoD: ".........."

MG: "Yep, she's a keeper."

End of Chapter 48

>> No.33346400

And we'll have to select our champion as well.

And our champion will be Rena herself. She's our captive, and she'll do as we say.

>> No.33346407


Also, no dressing.

Or toppings that aren't vegetables.

You're going to have to eat a DRY salad with no bacon bits or even the fattest-free dressing to eat with it!

>> No.33346414


>> No.33346415

Super cool

>> No.33346422

So cruel.

>> No.33346430

That was fun.

I also think that was Rena's first loss.

>> No.33346437

So how has Lord of Death's love life been lately?

>> No.33346440

>every single fight with Cynthia

>> No.33346441

Damn right Bridgette's a keeper!

>> No.33346442

Is the marker permanent, or is Doublethink blushing?

>> No.33346447

Welcome to S rank Bridgette!

>> No.33346451

Dubble chapter?
Future BenBen chapter?

>> No.33346452

Madam Galaxy is pretty good

>> No.33346454

Extra pic of the lunch date?

Also, great thread.

>> No.33346455

Oh come on, we have to have SOME standards here. Eating grass is just too much.

>> No.33346457


>> No.33346460

We should let her eat some better food later.

Or some ice cream.

>> No.33346471

Wait till we get our first paycheck as a successful S-Class, then treat her to something nice.

>> No.33346476

Maybe they're talking about Rena.

>> No.33346480

Now that I think about it, a chicken salad would be delicious right about now and I want one

>> No.33346497

I wonder how much dosh beating rena is worth?

>> No.33346498

I'd say this was a pretty fun thread, awesome for Bridgette to come out on top and show she deserves her spot.

Now to work up that courage and date Madam Galaxy.

>> No.33346501



And just for that outburst, she has to eat alfalfa with it, too! With lentils!

>> No.33346510 [SPOILER] 
File: 377 KB, 444x1750, 1405131543470.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's the end of the chapter, I hope you all had fun! As always the time for the next one will be posted on the twitter.

It's going well. A lot to catch up on after decades of rivalry.


That was actually one of the things I wanted to do but I decided on Bridgette getting S-Class in the end. There may be another 'Jade Revolver talking about future stuff' chapter in the future.

Speaking of Jade here's a small comic I did.

>> No.33346540

oh man jade
You live a RISKY LIFE

>> No.33346550

Jade is a cute girl

>> No.33346556

>beating someone to death with their own eyebrows.
Jesus, Sparkle is HardCore.
Also RIP in piece Jade.

>> No.33346563

LoD furiously taking date notes.

>> No.33346568

If the villains are paying about the same wage as the heroes do, I'm guessing over 50K?
How much did Rena get for beating the Plague Doctor?

>> No.33346573
File: 18 KB, 360x360, not_okay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not very nice. Sparkle needs to tone down the edginess.

>> No.33346574

Sacrifice a different video, you must post this vid on HeroVideos.

>> No.33346593

No! Not the eyebrows!

>> No.33346598

I thought she got like a million for that.

>> No.33346606

Don't remember. I do think there is a bonus if its your arch though. So Bridgette made some pretty mad bank just now.

>> No.33346614

Thanks for the awesome thread Larro!

Now to get Bridgette to properly seduce MG since she's proven her worth...

>> No.33346630

Nah, MG is stuck with Hourglass. The Space-Time continuum depends on it.

>> No.33346639

Bridgette x Rena is destiny

Rena can't fight it. Nobody can.

>> No.33346641

So, what kinds of videos has jade been uploading on hero net?

>> No.33346649

Do we have to go through this everytime Bridgette meets a new female character?

It's annoying how often shippers pass her around.

>> No.33346678

It just so happens that different people like different things.

>> No.33346681

I just want her to suffer, since she always fails. Call it a pet project of mine.

>> No.33346689


>> No.33346692

Bridgette is a real ship slut, isn't she?

>> No.33346697

Madam Galaxy is like first time I've cared after the Rena dumping. Really like her for some reason I can't quite explain.

>> No.33346719

Yeah, it was a pretty big sum. Can't remember the number, though.
Maybe the payment depends on how deadly the opponent is? If so, beating PD would pay more than beating Rena.

>> No.33346723

Sex with Madam Galaxy could get pretty /d/

>> No.33346724 [SPOILER] 
File: 84 KB, 700x500, 1405132216793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Re"Can I at least have croutons?"

"Nope. Vegetables only. Come on, it's good for you."

Re: "It tastes like depression.."

Like, nearly a million bucks. Bridgette had another heart attack when she saw it.

Mostly innocent videos of interviews. Sometimes she'll do something like she did in the comic. She's good at sneaking around.

>> No.33346730


>> No.33346734

Threadly reminder that the updated eBook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

Thanks for running!

>> No.33346751

She was never dating her in the first place, dude.

Rider is with Caffo.

>> No.33346762

She was never dating Rider

>> No.33346766

Poor, poor rena.
Truly, this is villainy at its peak.

Also, jade's escapades are amazing and I'd watch her show.

>> No.33346775

See? This is what I mean about shippers and Bridgette.

>> No.33346788


Oh man, and Bridgette is having a picturesque leg of honey ham right in front of her, too.

>> No.33346792

Hey folks! Any request for flatfics?

It's been a while, and I was wondering if there was anything that people would like to see.

>> No.33346795

Rena needs to work out more. Maybe pick up some martial arts or something.

Something this horrible must never happen to her again.

>> No.33346800

>dat evil smile.
Oh my heart.
>nearly a million bucks.
Oh her hea...
>she had another heart attack
Welcome to S rank?

>> No.33346805

They went on a date. They were dating.

>> No.33346820

Cynthia x Alt-sparkle x Lolu

>> No.33346827

Bridgette having a super frustrated sexual release with a summoned monstergirl

>> No.33346841

The real Hero Quest starts here.

>> No.33346843

No they weren't. Ever.

The date you're talking about was probably that one time Bridgette offered her Rider a drink while she was hijacking bars or soemthing.

>> No.33346845

More Cynthia x Sparkle.
Or Queen x Raindrops now that they're official.

>> No.33346864

Isn't that basically rape?

>> No.33346870

Queen x Lolu x Raindrops

>> No.33346871

Caffo x Rider.

>> No.33346874

They had lunch together, but I wouldn't call it a date.

>> No.33346890

...Maybe? I suppose she could summon and ask permission. Or summon a succubus and not worry about if she wants it.

>> No.33346892

This. It was about as much a date as when Bridgette and Rena go out.

>> No.33346900

I'm talking about the one that ended with Rider storming off because Bridgette said her spirits were ruining her life.

>> No.33346901


Rena x Salad

>> No.33346907



>> No.33346910

>bridgette makes rena eat healthy
>has a rich, fatty meal in front of her
>proceeds to have a heart attack immediately after

Rena how now learned a life lesson about eating healthy.

>> No.33346911

That might be fun, Rider getting used to physical contact and being emotionally close to be people again.

Hmmmm, drama and breaking down walls followed by some rough sex? I like you.

Or just cries on her shoulder for a while before awkwardly unsummoning her. In seriousness though, that's got promise.

>> No.33346917

Bridgette can choose not to directly control them.

>> No.33346930

Why isn't their any het ships? I don't like yuri.

>> No.33346932

Where are the hellpuppies now?

>> No.33346950

because we don't have enough decent male characters and the ones we did have have faded from view

>> No.33346957
File: 233 KB, 931x569, 1393463098696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well I don't like you.

And yes. More Hellpuppies. Would be a good pet for Bridgette.

>> No.33346959

I ship Lolu and Queen.
Or Lolu and Future BenBen. I guess that one isn't really het.
Or BenBen and Empress of the World.

>> No.33346964

But there are two (three if you count Matrirch/Monster), admittedly one with veeeeery side-characters and never shown.

>> No.33346965

I want to go check in on that magician.

See how his non-criminal enterprizes are going.

>> No.33346973

They became arches with heroic foo-dogs. They do battle to see which is cuter.

>> No.33346980

We need to introduce bridgette's pet hellpuppy to rena's pet earthcat.

>> No.33346985


>> No.33347005

Cute heroes aren't very popular. Ever since the Quantum Beast incident, people have been distrustful of anything that seems too adorable. This is what Velocity Raptor has to deal with.

>captcha: sradmic James

>> No.33347011

I want to check up on Omen. He was the coolest dude.

>> No.33347027

Bridgette x a doppelganger made to look like Rena. Bridgette gets frustrated when it acts like a generic floozy and not like Rena

>> No.33347028

Forget Madam Galaxy, I want to see more of Sister. That second update with her was lewd and terrifying.

>> No.33347037

>heroic foo-dogs
>it's Courage the Cowardly Dog

>> No.33347062

Tentacle fetishists unite!

>> No.33347085

fearboner bestboner

>> No.33347092

I am against encouraging rapists.

>> No.33347098

>Sister tries to pick up Rena
>either to join her cult or to do lewd things to her
>fails miserably
>swears revenge on every plane of existence ever

>> No.33347104

The scientific term is "fearection".

>> No.33347105

Return of the Flatfics? My night has been made.

Bridgette x Bridgette

>> No.33347131

No it isn't. Fear boner or go home.

>> No.33347144

Yup, thanks for the encouraging words! I had fun doing the one with Jade, and I've got some free time for the next week or so, so I thought I'd get back in the saddle.

>> No.33347189

>hellhound vs courage the cowardly puppy


>> No.33347204

And it's great to have you back! Can we get a link to the pastebin for them?

>> No.33347228

Here's the latest one:

>> No.33347270

So, basically, rena's day today was 1. wake up hungover in your house even though you passed out in the bar
2. have the place you go to for snacks burned down
3. forced to eat salad

>> No.33347303

That's what villains do.

>> No.33347319

Bridgette is a great villian

>> No.33347342

Don't worry, the Robomaids will come to her rescue.

>> No.33347399


By buying her proper healthy foods and encouraging her to exercise more?

>> No.33347426

To be fair, salads might not be the healthiest thing for rena.

She needs vegetables, yes, but she also needs gobs of proteins and carbs, as she's so chronically twiglike.

>> No.33347429

I never liked the flat fics. Rena having a sex drive is too immersion breaking

>> No.33347446

Yeah, she really needs some meat on her bones.

>> No.33347462

Well it would be hot if it was a slow awakening of a sex drive, but the fics didn't quite hit that note.

>> No.33347466

Well, she's getting a bit of muscle, at least.

The salad is mostly a punishment food for that huge meteor anyway.

>> No.33347479

I like salads....

>> No.33347487

Isn't her training mostly consisting of her running around? She should get some other exercises in as well.

>> No.33347489

What's important is that rena doesn't. She has a shown preference for savory stuff.

>> No.33347519

what was it?
100 pushups, 100 sittups, 100 laps, every day?

>> No.33347523

Yeah, I started writing that stuff back before the asexual thing became more apparent. Kind of a shame, I would have liked to play with that build if I would have known.

>> No.33347528

Yeah she should also be doing sit ups and push ups
I bet she has a great butt about now

>> No.33347568

It didn't destroy the city, though, only its target. Bridgette just assumed that it might cause some disaster and she needed to stop it.

>> No.33347584

I think the only time she's been doing pushups and situps was when Sparkle decided to train her.
Either way, she really needs some new tricks. Rock throwing is only going to get her so far.

>> No.33347592

it's not so much a punishment for destroying the meteor as JEEZ LOUISE RENA THAT'S A BIT MUCH
so, salads.

>> No.33347612

Before I forget, were at 796 posts now.

>> No.33347626

well, she seems to have picked up some new tricks. Like meteors.

>> No.33347648

She needs to pick up earthbending.

>> No.33347684

Eh, the "rock" theme was funny as a joke, but it's not really a good gimmick.

>> No.33347746

Well, she could try to train herself in some martial arts and other tricks, basically become Batman.
Or she could pick up that Sword and try to master its powers.

>> No.33347783


She seems to do pretty well once she gets enhanced physiology/strength, like when she got vampirized. Her basic training is probably pretty good, but she needs something more for her to gain an edge, like absurd martial arts training or something.

>> No.33347790

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the guy who had the sword before we stole it?

>> No.33347822

100 lasagnas, 100 hours of games, 100 misunderstandings, every day

>> No.33347886

>100 hours of games
>every day
Is that Rena's true superpower?

>> No.33347905

It's those misunderstanding that do it, you see how she that hellpuppy being cute, that's not normal

>> No.33347940

Pretty much. Back when she was a vampire, she fought the Plague Doctor and won. And that guy stuck a syringe in her eye.
Right now, her only abilities are increased agility, being able to fly and throwing rocks. There's also Sparkle's luck enchantment and her friendship aura. She should try training martial arts or picking up some new skills, because right now NegaRena is going to annihilate her. Hell, this fight with Bridgette showed that she isn't nearly as strong or capable to fight seriously.

We could get Madame Hourglass to make a slowed-time zone for her or something. Get her in there, have her fight for a few years while outside only a couple minutes pass, and then let her kick some ass.

No clue. We don't know shit about the guy, or where he went after the whole deal with taking his sword.

>> No.33347942

she's so good at mario kart because she's used to playing it using eight controllers simultaneously

>> No.33347948

No, I mean how she can play video games for 100 hours when there are only 24 hours in a day.

>> No.33347978

Maybe its man-hours, and she's playing multiple games at once

>> No.33348034

Maybe she borrowed some from Madame Hourglass.

Also, 810 posts now.

>> No.33348072

Most of Rena's defeats involve being grappled by tentacles, tied up in webs, or are otherwise bondage-related. What she needs is a failsafe built into her suit to help her escape.

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