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is it just me, or are girls in practical armor hotter than the bitches in chainmail bikinis.
inb4 fag

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you are absolutely correct, however this is just a hypothesis and must be tested with more samples

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dumping more

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For me, there's nothing hotter than a girl in Greek warrior armor.

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>practical armor

I don't think you actually understand what that means.

Why don't you just say "unrealistic armor that suits my personal but equally wrong tastes" instead of using loaded terms?

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I'll be dumping photos and artwork.

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This. Besides, practical armor doesn't necessarily mean only full plate all the time.

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who could prefer the one on the right?

everything else aside, I really hate when they draw what is assumed to be metal in a way that indicates its bending with the wearer. ugh.

the only thing worse is puffy labia that shows through anything

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no, I know. Full plate is just my preference

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Gimme the left. Happy, fully armored, looks like an able and ready adventurer eager for adventure.

Cunt on the right just looks like some bitch I'd leave to die after she got stabbed in her abdomen.

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That's perfectly okay.

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>boob plate
>"practical armor"

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I'd like the armored one more if she didn't look quite as happy.

I like my warrior women armored and grim.

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>shows through anything
I think there's an Oglaf comic about this....

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found the sisters of battle fan
who isn't, though

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I sure as fuck hope so.


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>women wearing any kind of armor let alone being in a combat situation

seriously though, let's not do this

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god damn, I would a Hilde

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Tbh, if you're going to state that breast plate is impractical, you could also state that it is impractical to have a woman as a heavy martial class to begin with.

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I don't find them hotter, but I generally prefer the character designs. I personally am rarely keen on character designs that are expressly meant to titillate. It fits for some very few characters, but for the most part it just detracts.

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anon...I'm getting all hot

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Especially when they have dark hair.

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The bolter bitches was one of the things that first got me into 40k

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I hope that isn't supposed to be a hoplon.

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I appreciate what youre doing here op, but...

do all the images have to be so tiny?

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click them

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Barbarians are coming raping and killing everything, theres no such thing known as being a woman at that time, you die fighting for you life, or get raped then killed.

Despite not being recorded, some wars were fought by woman and man simply by nesscecity, in the grim darkness of dark ages, you had to fight for your live, man or woman.

But if there is any spare metal, female armor could be made.

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I know how 4chan works. Open them yourself. Theyre tiny.

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I'm so glad I'm not the only one that's into this.

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No clue. Pic related

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My favorite.

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I'm trying to find this picture of a woman in full ringmail armor carrying a spear and tower shield. yeah, very specific, I know, but I can't find it.

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Fiery Joanna, for one. Led attacks herself, encouraged women to join in defending the walls.

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Is that Hermione?

Is that the chick from the Resident Evil movies?

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I like this one, but the weak pose sort of ruins it.

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There's an entire movie of Milla Jovovich in armor.

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That's all, folks.

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I feel like the pose itself isnt weak, but the way it's conveyed gives the feeling of weakness, if that makes sense.

like her face looks too unsure, and her arms too loose

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It looks like a longsword stance, but with too short of sword. I think because it's so short, she looks like she's struggling to hold a one handed sword in two hands. Her face also makes her look like she's fighting someone she isn't sure about.

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I think it could be because, you know, she's new to the sword?

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Even if she's new, she looks like she's struggling to hold it up, even though it's kinda small. Maybe the artist thought the sword is heavier than it actually would be?

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Have you ever held a sword dude?

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most artist seem to think a sword is supposed to be this clunky and thick mass of metal that weights like 15 lbs. It's like they've never bothered holding an actual weapon.

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If the sword was a bit longer, was raised higher, and the knees weren't turned inward, it'd be great.

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Yeah, both real ones and fencing simulators. A sword that size would be two, maybe three pounds.

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Or looking at Wikipedia for 30 seconds. It's just one of those holdovers in the public consciousness.

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Her arms look pretty scrawny. While I admit it wouldn't be difficult to hold, it'd be pretty unlikely that she'd hold it at the ready. holding something that's one pound is already pretty uncomfortable, and that's coming from someone who lifts.
Sword weight isn't the only factor in it though. to someone who's used to it would have no problem keeping it balanced, but if she's new it'll be uncomfortable.

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That might be it. She's holding it down because her stance is bad, but it combines with her face to look like it's too heavy for her.

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Have you? Outside of a claymore or zweihander no sword should be more than four pounds.

Now, while 2-3.5 pounds might not seem like much, it's still hard on your arms, back, and wrists. especially after swinging it around for 10 to 15 minutes. Keeping it raised high and forward for defense get painful around that time.

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Would this have been any better if they were wearing pants and a shirt under the armor?

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The thing is that I'm getting no sense off weight from it at all. Not like she looks super strong, but that her arms and the sword both weigh nothing

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Kind of like how people seem to think armor weighs three hundred pounds?

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Actually, yeah.

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>those boob-mesh deathtrap chestplates
If they fall on their front, they're gonna get a chunk of metal through the heart.

0/10 chainmail bikini pig disgusting.

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lets go with a hauberk or something underneath, and some cloth under that to prevent chaffing. Also, at least a skirt to cover their groin and glutes, if not actual plate.

Getting a major bruise on your ass is enough to keep people from running or walking properly. Imagine a bolt or an arrow? Also, exposed thighs is asking for an artery to get opened.

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They draw metal that way, bending along all the body, because the actual in-game model does just that. It's just that retexturing the base body is way easier than making a model for the armor itself. It's pure laziness and lack of taste.

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I know why it happens in vidya, I can overlook it, but in drawn art like that...

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More or less. The areas exposed are, even though they're very vital areas, commonly not armored for the sake of mobility.

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Has anyone actually explained why, other than resource intensity, you can't have an engine treat armor and clothing like actual objects, so they'll hang from the body realistically, and wont clip with the model underneath?

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Because game devs are lazy and/or overworked and rushed to release games as quickly as possible.

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Artists draw based on what they have seen. And if the artist has only ever seen armor in Video games...

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they do treat them like separate objects, and they often do hang and flutter realistically in many games.

an object like a scarf might not clip cause it has somewhere to go if it collides with the character.

but a big chestplate or something doesnt, it's told that it cannot bend. The developers overlook the clipping in order to have the character be able to perform actions vital to the gameplay.

But there are more important things to tell the computer to worry about, they dont want to waste it's resources having it figure out exactly how the braid will bounce of their shoulder when there's a bunch of NPCs running around or what have you.

I think it would take a real moron to take that for granted, even with limited practical experience with armor

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Resource intensity is a pretty good reason.

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You're kidding right? In almost every game, from MMO's like WOW and Tera, to single player games like TES:V and Dark Souls changing clothes completely changes the base model. Usually it's done at the neck, which is why you have people over in the TES generals in /vg/ always bitching about their waifu's neck seam.

If you were to move the camera into the characters model after donning armor, you wouldn't see a body and some underwear underneath, because the entire model has been changed. Standard practice for most studios to either swap out the models or simply retexture what's already there. Why? because having a model underneath another creates ugly clipping, and increases the number of vertices the machine has to process every single cycle.

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I know it is, I was just curious to see if maybe anyone here had read of or encountered personally, another reason.

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Ehhh...I wouldn't say WoW does that except with extra things like helmets, pauldrons, and boots. The actual body armor in that game is just the naked model with different textures on it.

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>Standard practice for most studios to either swap out the models or simply retexture what's already there.

Got that covered too.

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Cloth and even chainmail is absurdly hard to model the physics for. Remember most games still use the humble polygon. Every 3d object in a game is made from flat planes held in place like some super-complex papercraft art. The thing they can't do very well is curves- examine a curved surface in any game and you can see its actually several flat planes angled to give the illusion of an object. and every polygon is another thing the programmer has to make and the computer to keep track of.

Things that bend are even worse, since the programmer not only has to model every point of articulation, but every possible position it could bend into, otherwise edges of polygons would stick out or gaps between them would appear.

Why go through all that trouble when you can make something that looks almost as good with a fraction of the time and money?

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Yeah, only a moron would base major systems off such a limited understanding.

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Or just because that's a waste of resources (work of skilled individuals), compared to them spending that time making a better game. Think about which you would prefer:

Option 1: A game with more options and better mechanics.

Option 2: A game that only armor aficionados will be able to detect an improvement in (and even then only in graphics).

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They already have collision physics in just about every game. Is it that hard to tweak it so clothes and armor and equipment are treated like that as well?

Hell I'd kill for a game that just let me pick up and drag things while the model actually looks like it's grabbing the object, or were if I cut into a surface, the model of the object changes based on were I cut into it.

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You are very much correct.

Only morons, and /v/irgins think otherwise.

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Sorry we've filled your thread with needless vidya talk OP.

Here. Have a picture of Susana Polo, Longsword Champion.

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Most 3d physics object are made using flat planes arranged like a paper craft model. Modeling full, continuous materials; accounting for their flexibility and texture is one of the hardest tasks a computer can do. Only the most powerful supercomputers- the ones made for governments and corporations can do it.

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Yeah, this. Watch some videos by a professional modeler sometime, someone like Millenia, and the first thing you'll see and hear is 'WATCH YOUR FUCKING POLYGON COUNT'. More interactable edges on a model = performance takes a shit.

And that's for models that are, again, essentially just papercraft like this guy says. Physics is hard yo.

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You're right, although the armour in your pic still looks stupid.

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Too bad that armor is about as practical as Ivy's.

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It really isn't toooooo bad. There's no mail in the gaps and the pauldrons and faulds are really silly, but it's a fairly reasonable stylization.

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Oh hey, look what a simple, single youtube search brought up: tutorials for cloth simulation in blender:


This stuff can run on anything but the oldest of toasters. The capability has been around for a while, it's just not used for anything outside of pre-rendered cut scenes, simply because most gamers would rage about having only 30 fps instead of 60.

Also, while yes, 3D models are constructed out of polygons, your average desktop is more than capable of handling the logarithms that convert a handful of vertices into beautiful curves. Here's another tutorial from the open source, free to download 3D modeling program known as Blender:


Now, let me quote the tutorial for a second:

>"The main advantage to using curves instead of polygonal meshes is that curves are defined by less data and so can produce excellent results using less memory and storage space at modeling time. However, this procedural approach to surfaces can increase demands at render time."

So yes, resource demands are increased during rendering (actual game play), but to say that it requires a super computer to do these kind of things is absurd.

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I don't have the helmetless version but this turned out to be a lady.

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Chainmail bikinis are the worst, if I see someone (willingly and choosing to) wear something so trashy in a multiplayer game I'll instantly have a lower opinion of them.

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Tapping in.

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If this thread is still up/not full tomorrow I'll keep going but I need to get to bed.

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>tfw no psycho comedic warrior lady who wears Roman style muscleplate to fuck around with people

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Looks like the same character. Is it from something?

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Aww yiss

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Valkyrie Profile, dude. I'm still irritated it just had to have tittyplate, but Hrist is too much of a badass for me to care.

Dark Knight Valkyrie, what's not to love. Always felt it'd make a great encounter for some dark valkyrie who snags the souls of those the PCs took out, only to train them up and come back one day for a rematch from Hell. Literally.

I've also come to terms with the fact that I hate tittyplate and chainmail bikinis, but love ornamental armor, such as pic related.

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more Valkyrie Profile for you gentlemen

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They armed kids and sent them to war, I figure they could arm adult females.

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Excellent job so far, I love me some women in dark looking armor.

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haha no pants !

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Wow, this thing was a woman?

I need to stop saving pictures without knowing what they are from.

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Fucking Dannabrog

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Well the armour does at least have to have a bump, it needs to accommodate for tits in some way. If the armour doesn't fit right, it doesn't protect right.

>> No.33308165


I don't know, it may as well has been the artist choice, he's drawing MtG girls

>> No.33308171

That's a dude, yo.

>> No.33308185

That's a pretty feminine hood curve.

>> No.33308193


It is ? I thought it was some girl from valkyrie profile because of the armor.

>> No.33308208

Nah, it's the Warrior of Light's design from Final Fantasy Dissidia.
Supposed to be an artistic representation of the Fighter character's armor from the first FF1.
He looks really feminine, but it's decidedly male.

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Armor autists need to fucking shut up about their fetish.

>> No.33308244


Well fuck, i never know with theses games

>> No.33308252

For a bit I thought that was Tidus.
Then I realized he's not nearly that masculine.

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That's a roman helmet on a psudo-greek breastplate.

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>> No.33308303

Greek, that is greek style.
Generals and stuff were usually depicted wearing muscleplate in roman art, so it might have served a ceremonial purpose.

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>Leg wound
>Still not wearing greaves.

At least get a shield!

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No, it's not just you.

And welcome to /tg/.

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3D-modeler in training here.

Yes, cloth simulation exists, but there's a catch here. If you look at any tutorial using these simulations, you'll notice that they use a "bake" or "render", and usually this takes quite some time/the vid capture gets paused.
This is for a good reason: you can't run these simulations at runtime, it would slow down everything to a crawl. If you simulate this in your game engine, considering the amount of characters you have running around in your level, this just fries your CPU. Those calculations are better saved for hit detections that actually matter for the gameplay (swordfighting, blocking, heck, making sure you don't fall through the ground).

But anon, you can bake this, right?
Correct, you can save out these animations and just "paste them" into your game, but that doesn't solve the unrealistic behaviour. If you use baked animations, the cloth will ALWAYS move the same way. If you have a game where you can mix and match armors (like in about every MMO), then you'll quickly get situations where the cloth shouldn't move the way it was baked in. Of course, you could create baked animations for each of these situations and swap them out, but that is VERY time-consuming and overall not worth the effort.

Curves are a promising option, but again, you're not simulating a single object with them. It all scales up ridiculously fast. You also have to keep in mind that when you'd generate your models using curves, you'll also have to generate texture allocations. Not to mention that you'd actually have to regenerate the model after changing the curves every frame if we're talking about soft-body models, since the model obviously has to change. That is why curves are, at the moment, only used for smooth hard surfaces (like cars).

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thats an attic helmet, it was used all over the hellenic world

>> No.33309936

Given Vikings is made by the History channel, I would assume the shield maidens they keep showing off were a thing and did not really hinder anyone.

Also it is known that civilian women were accepted in fencing classes in Germany, which would make them potentially dangerous combatants. Not quite Doppelsöldner material, but quite enough to defend the town if need be.

>> No.33310028

Well, you could assume a brigandine-like construction of mail sewn into cloth to keep it in position and keep stuff from getting caught in it (like her hair).

>> No.33310055

It is hard, but in Skyrim modders did it for them.

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Seriously now

>> No.33310181

Really? It looks like she's blonde but has a white coif and plume

>> No.33310192

The same artist as the Nausicaä manga?

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>> No.33310327

Hrist never got her own game, this feels awful.

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Is that supposed to be a helm in her other hand? looks a wee bit small if it is~

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I've been looking everywhere for this

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>Perfect sexy female full plate

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>> No.33310898

I think this was from a duel that happened in Zurich... But I could be mistaken

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>> No.33310940

This reminds me of the death of hellgate London

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>> No.33310995

>crppled arm

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And these anecdotes mean something why? the point is having boob armor is less practical than non boob armor, and that having a female front line combatant as apposed to one of the readily available male combatants is also less practical.

your ideal female inclusive scenario where town is being attacked and the women have to fight does not apply to this situation, as it is about necessity not practicality. furthermore you would be hard pressed to name a significant amount of women (compared to men) capable of front line infantry combat even in today's modern age of mainly ranged conflict.

The only real evidence for the efficacy of female warriors in the past would be from non European cultures, and im not aware of any fammous militaristic ones involving women.

can't we just all agree that we're playing fantasy games?

>> No.33311100

>Dat ein man und ein frow an der mauren zu Bern miternanden kampfte...

No, it was Bern. But damn, this is hard to read. And it's pure hearsay the author refers to. Which explains the ridiculous dresses. The guy will not have come in full armor nor will the woman have worn a courtier's dress.
But it emphasises the point, I guess.

>> No.33311119

Not just you, OP.

Pic related: the real star of Man of Steel.

>> No.33311169

She looks weary as ol' fuck... I like it.

>> No.33311179

I tried building a monk female character based exactly on her. That scene where she decimates that squad of soldiers is just sheer awesome.

>> No.33311192

Meh, as someone pointed out those areas(apart from what looks like the cleavage window) Would just have cloth over them anyway.

>> No.33311229

>the point is having boob armor is less practical than non boob armor

Marginally, really. Unless you come riding into a lance it's no difference. If anything, it increases the stiffness and prevents the armor from caving in under mace strikes.

>readily available male combatants
Implying. A trained woman will be of more use than a male child or old man (meaning too old to fight) and that is about what you will have defending your home once the warriors are away in a tribal community.

Naturally once you have enough people to come up with a standing army, there's little need for this. Specialists will naturally take over in larger communities.

But if you do not have an abundance of men, women can provide fighters as well.
You naturally gamble your reproduction rates but if you have no warriors, well. Reproduction might not be your most immediate problem.

>> No.33311240

That sword is idiotic/10 but I like the look of the armor, helmet should be bigger but it looks cool too.

>> No.33311244

>who isn't, though
Games Workshop

>> No.33311275

> prevents the armor from caving in under mace strikes.
I hadn't thought of that actually.
I wonder if anyone ever tried to make armour plates or helmets that were somehow flanged in a zig-zag or triangle pattern. They'd be very sturdy, but also quite heavy.

>> No.33311308

>that isn't even her final form
Pic related.

>> No.33311324

>I like this one, but the weak pose sort of ruins it.

Weak pose?

Looks to me like she's transitioning from plow guard to maybe ox. Also in midstep.

But her feet are right, and that's the sign that she knows what she's doing.

The facial expression....

I get the feeling she's just crossed swords with a dude and he/she was a LOT better than expected, so she's taking a backstep and swapping from low to high guard to force him to counter, so she can see what she's tangling with.

>> No.33311348

Damn, got a sauce on this?

>> No.33311354

I'm sure I've seen a helmet that looked like it had tits on it...

>> No.33311360

Rage of Bahamut
card game for iOS and Android.
It's also nefariously Pay to Win or a MASSIVE time sink

>> No.33311388

reminds me of all those "I've got a giant wang" plate armor codpieces

>> No.33311414

It's just because they're seen less like that, so you think it's novel and you think you're unique for enjoying it.

>> No.33311422

>More or less. The areas exposed are, even though they're very vital areas, commonly not armored for the sake of mobility.


They have armor on the neck and head, outside of both arms, outside of both thighs, and shoulders. In an active fight, you take a LOT of hits to the arms and thighs, but mostly to the outside.

All the exposed skin looks bad, and the 'bendy metal' pose is a bit distracting, but in a hot climate, that would not be...TERRIBLE armor.

And wow, they do look good in it, don't they? :)

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>> No.33311449

However, the card in question is really cheap as her stats are shite in the current metagame.

>> No.33311473

I find boob plates to be in bad taste, now giant codpieces are always welcomed.

>> No.33311497

Would anyone happen to have women in leather armor, by the way? I'm always on the lookout.

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>> No.33311523

>giant codpieces
>not giant swords
Take a look at this Italian piece of bravo scum!

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>> No.33311607

You know one of the things I never really realized is how type-moon is pretty competant at is armoring ladies in the chest department...

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>> No.33311631

>practical armor

Implies that it would ever be practical to armor a woman.

OP personally is as smart as a woman.

Will there ever be a day /tg/ stops having these threads? What do you expect to happen
>anon girl reads your post
>gives her contact info
>start skyping
>travels to meet you
>marries you
>she's your sugar momma
>house husband raising the kids

Someday you'll tell your grandkids they don't exist because you never met a woman who would bear your children by pretending men and women only appear different online.

>> No.33311641

It took this long for Agrias to get posted? Usually her or Titania are the first ones.

>> No.33311654

That might or might not be all of them. I'll check through, it might be unsorted.

>> No.33311696


now this is edgy

>> No.33311698

> this armour has tits, it must be worthless

>> No.33311704

After this comercial break we will return to the stunning adventures of Baitman!

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>> No.33311734

All worthless things have tits.
Flat is justice!

>> No.33311759

But even flat girls have tits. They're just justice-shaped!

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>> No.33311791


>> No.33311796

Not sure if friend of justice.

>> No.33311885

/pol/fag please leave

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>> No.33311940

Can we go through a day without someone on /tg/ talking about their fetish?

>> No.33311950

I would actually love lolis in practical armor

>> No.33311974

That picture, it's from one of the 4e books. Eberron?

>> No.33311979

Please, /pol/ I don't understand, you have yet to explain how the Jews did this.

>> No.33311981

I respect the power of the flat, but prefer them large.
milfs for life

>> No.33312004

Modders don't have time or budget constraints to affect their end product. Modders have infinite time to make things pretty because it's a hobby.

>> No.33312007


>> No.33312076

Still, your udder-stricken milf cannot join the paladin's order. The scales of Justice must be worn close to the heart. And tits shove them away.

>> No.33312083

Not sure, I've mostly just saved them from other /tg/ threads.

Stop wasting image space, people, just don't respond.

>> No.33312132


>> No.33312138

>Flat is justice!
What about justice that isnt flat ?

>> No.33312177

>fallen paladin
As I said.

>> No.33312178


>> No.33312209


>> No.33312230

>Murdering all the villagers just so you can get Ravness
I have no regrets

>> No.33312241


>> No.33312268


>> No.33312276

faith comes from within, not without

And there's always room with the clerics

>> No.33312289

Homura plz. Hating on best girl won't make your breasts grow.

>> No.33312295


>> No.33312322


>> No.33312347


>> No.33312396


>> No.33312415


>> No.33312439

is that poppy from League of legends?

>> No.33312457


>> No.33312475

Yes, it is.

>> No.33312490

so glad I bought her. not too many people play her though

>> No.33312499

Go back to your bridge, to living under it and asking traveles for a toll, please...

>> No.33312517

Again, I do not know.

>> No.33312542


>> No.33312576

Another request for leather armor, if anyone's got it.

>> No.33312616


>> No.33312641


>> No.33312662


>> No.33312676


>> No.33312693

And I am officially out.

>> No.33312718

>Using *action*
Please leave

>> No.33312945

>> No.33313281

That looks very uncomfortable.

>> No.33313372

They're perfectly fine, they're already wearing more armor than most historical warriors and soldiers.

Not really.

>> No.33313401

>confirmed for not knowing anything about Greek armors other than the most classical hoplite style

>> No.33313434

Not unless we are talking about padding here.
Just pants for the sake of pants add little to the armor.
They are just generally advisable. To prevent, say, being cold, dirty and sore.

>> No.33313470

>There's no mail in the gaps
So? This didn't always happen.

>> No.33313484

>No Fire Emblem
Come on, guys. Going to dump a few of those, starting with Porky.

>> No.33313504


>> No.33313507

Sure, as long as she also wears a short tunic with it.

>> No.33313522


>> No.33313527

>there's always room with the clerics

official rule. clerics are always lovely, big-chested, mothering sorts.

Come on, you know you wanna.

>> No.33313540

I apologize for the minuscule size of some of these. For whatever reason, they're simply all over the place regardless of game.

>> No.33313541

But she IS wearing greaves, silly billy.

>> No.33313559


>> No.33313564

Girl in warrior armor any day over bikini armor skanks tbh.

>> No.33313583

Posting best flier.

Amen, brother.

>> No.33313584

You're thinking of cuisses, greaves are shin armor, although the term is often used to refer to leg armor as a whole.

>> No.33313597

>>Using *action*
>Please leave

not that dude, but how's about a big old, 4-chan-style, FUCK OFF?


>> No.33313599


>> No.33313624

Fortunately, last of the tiny ones.

>> No.33313645

Fantasy armor....metal acts in weird and mysterious ways...does not follow normal human logic... you're thinking to hard about it. ^_^

>> No.33313651

And image limit reached. Well damn. Still had a couple more.

>> No.33313659


The proper term is faggot, cocksucker.

>> No.33313683

Still liked Nephenee

>> No.33313709

>And image limit reached.

This has been a great thread, too. TONS of excellent images.

Well-done, anon.

>> No.33313710

No one can hate Nephenee and her not-redneckness.

>> No.33313711 [DELETED] 

Still liked Nephenee, and wish that class had shown up in more games.

>> No.33313756

I preferred her other version, the clothes looked more practical for combat.

>> No.33313818

You mean this one?

>> No.33313882

Yes, that one.

>> No.33313909

fuck off

>> No.33313929

Please...kill...yourself slowly ^_^

>> No.33314026

Eeeeh, you know what. You may be right. The original version may not have armor on the arms and sides, but the center mass is definitely better protected with all that leather there, compared to the newest version. Legs are all kind of fucked against anything on both of them though, but you could say the same about Greek Hoplites and Roman Legionnaires.

>> No.33314075

That's almost definitely a guy.

>> No.33314119

>Legs are all kind of fucked against anything on both of them though, but you could say the same about Greek Hoplites and Roman Legionnaires.
That's because they compensated with shields. And it's the same case with Nephenee (though a smaller shield), so it's okay.

>> No.33314485

Given Homura's love of large guns, it can be assumed she wants something else to grow.

>> No.33314533

No padding, you get skin caught in the joints. Ow.

>> No.33314836

Excellent character to end the thread with. Nephenee the murder machine.

>> No.33315189

You're welcome, anon.

>> No.33315553

dressing like that, she is probably a bard.

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