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What's better/worse to have in your group: an ugly hambeast or a cutie sexbomb? Which one is more/less likely to destroy group dynamics and cause the ruin that is associated with female roleplayers?

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depends on if they actually came there to play a game or if they are just there for attention.

if they are there to play the game, then that is all that matters. if they are just there because they want attention, it will destroy the group because of the white knighting beta faggots that are going to be feeding her attention.

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There is barely any correlation at all with good or bad gaming with either gender or appearance.

Your question fails on the get go.

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If they both have a good personality, the unattractive one is better to have in your group. Less chance of infighting among the guys in the group. If they have a shitty personality, they'll both ruin the group, but for different reasons.

That's not to say that all attractive women are capable of destroying groups, or that no unattractive women are capable of destroying groups, or that a group will even have any harm done to it with the addition of a female member, but in the case of such an event happening, there's always more risk with the attractive one.

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Pretty much this. The symptoms of an awful female player are just as wide and varied as those of an awful male player.

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They're female. They're going to shit up the game regardless of other factors.

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You're trying pretty damn hard to be politically correct.

People who are disgusting on the outside tend to be disgusting on the inside.

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The image doesn't correlate with the commentary at all, and most of the complaints don't seem like ones.
Let's break it into points.
>round face
Her chin is sharp, you idiot. On the other note, she doesn't have double/triple/quadruple/etc. chin, so what's your problem with round faces again?
>no makeup
Is fine. Women who look naturally beautiful > women who look naturally plain > women who naturally look ugly > women who are naturally plain or ugly and use makeup.
>hair like she just woke up
If it's short hair, I don't see the problem. If it's long, well, yeah, it's shit.
>lots of white hairs due to dye
Yeah, that's just retarded. I'm curious, why would you dye your hair, but don't use the makeup?
>hair just tied up and fixed with a pin
And the problem is?
>flabby arms
Yes, it's shit.
>fat thighs
Fat "fat" thighs or fat "chubby" thighs? Depending on your answer, I might need to kick your ass.
>plain clothing at home
I don't see the problem.
>glasses that don't fit
Well, yeah, that's shit.
>laptop yadda yadda 2ch browsing etc.
Who the fuck am I to care? As long as it's not an obsession, I don't give a single fuck.

Yes, I'm this autistic.

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It just happens like its a natural phenomenon.

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The only time I ever had problems with female players was when a friends girlfriend got paranoid that the female in the group wanted to steal her boyfriend away and insisted on playing with us. It didn't really end up being a big deal, for me and the group at least, aside from adding to the already present problem of having too many players.

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It's actually an edit on the original picture, in which the girl was actually ugly and overweight. Some dumb dick decided to pretty her up so he could make her his waifu, I guess.

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No one cares. As long as you are pleasant at the table and don't cause problems, I don't give a fuck whether you are a Martian or an ancient evil, much less whether you are female or not.
Your identity means nothing when you are playing your character (properly). So, yeah, nah, fuck off.
Posting a relevant image.

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As others have stated, it really isn't the physical characteristics, it's the mental.

However, a cutie sexbomb can create tension via other (male) party members. Or female, I guess. Fat chicks don't get people tossing +5 Holy Swords at them.

But yeah, personality is generally the make it or break it attribute.

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>The Meek
>Normal listed as a positive

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I don't care about their appearance as long as they are good players and don't disrupt the game.

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Here is my commentary on it, if you are interested.

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>tfw I'm the agenda minus the mouthpiece part

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The Fuzzy is an issue in all systems. It doesn't matter how simple it is. That, and finding a group that plays those systems is pretty fucking hard.

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>a woman's value to a group is determined primarily by her attractiveness.

You know, this is why feminists think all men are pigs, stop giving those idiots fuel.

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The profile on the Anachist is disturbingly close to how I play.

That said my preferred party would be
Anarchist; because that is basically me so I have no complaints.
Fa/tg/uy; He is ready to go early every week, this wins out over all possible downsides.
The Drama Major; Because I love having somone to argue with and he has the exact opposite opinions to me on everything.

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>TFW I'm the fa/tg/uy except for not being an edgy fuck
I've had the GM outright tell me before a campaign that I'm not allowed to have mind control powers of any kind while he's a GM. I was honestly more embarrassed that I'd magical realm'd that obviously than anything else.

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Women are made to fuck anon. Literally.

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Pretty much every animal is Anon. Literally.

And you didn't hear it from me but I suspect the plants are also getting in on some male-to-female sexual-organ action.

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You say that as though it doesn't apply equally to men.

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not everyone thinks that fat people are disgusting

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Interesting point: Women are made to be able to think clearly after menopause because they're no longer breeders. Men never get over the fact they have a penis.

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So, I'd rather have a hot chick to glance at for 5 hours than a land whale.

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>implying you are minus the mouthpiece

Sure thing buddy. Sure thing. Keep telling yourself that.

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Yes, yes, people's personalities can be entirly determined from how they look, only ugly people are ever mean or stupid and attractive people can never be anything but perfect saints. Jesus fuck, what world do you live in, Disney?

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Who are you white knighting for? go back to le reddit.

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Keep telling yourself that while you're on your fifth double cheeseburger, tubbo.

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get the fuck out of /tg/ with your /b/ tier shitposting

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You're taking this pretty personally bro. Are you okay?


Fat people *are* disgusting. Disgusting and lazy people produce disgusting and lazy bodies. If they weren't disgusting and lazy, they wouldn't *be* disgusting and lazy.

And please, don't go full strawman mode like the dude I quoted above. Yes, aesthetic people can be assholes too. But disgusting people demonstrate their lack of discipline and terrible personalities in a lot of little ways, and allowing their bodies to be revolting because they're too lazy and weak to change themselves is one of those ways. One of the most obvious ones, in fact.

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QT is ok. But that's because I wouldn't play with nerds in the first place so everyone has social skills.

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Disgusting? No. Attractive? Usually also no but I've known a few girls who were over weight who had very pretty faces.

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I'm into bears and cubs, so I kinda have to say some people are disgusting and others are hot. That's all.

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Honest answer? A man

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>Disgusting and lazy people produce disgusting and lazy bodies

you dense motherfucker. Laziness is not universally disgusting, for example. Go back to /b/ or /pol/ with your muh standards shitposting

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You're telling me you don't find the idea of cottage cheese thighs and a gunt vomit-inducing?

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Aw cmon dude, I aint hating on the strongfat. You know what I mean. This shit.


Tumblr pls.

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Hmm, an acquired taste. They are called "pigs" in the gay community. We make them eat out our ass and snort. It's actually rather funny.

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Hey don't be like this. I have fat bros that are really fun to hang around with.

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Anyone have it then?

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If a qt gamer somewhat destroys group dynamics just because your male players go full whiteknight or creepy stalker on her, then its not her fault. If your neckbeards can't behave maturely in front of any girl, then group dynamics are going to be destroyed regardless of what the girl does

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This pretty much
>there's a girl in the group
>someone has deep emotional issues with women
>someone else is ronery loser
>drama ensues as two nerds starts a passive-aggressive war with each other
>someone else suffers from mild depression and starts panicking when people aren't acting like the first act of a Disney movie.
>The girl does absolutely nothing, it's just that the people present can't into social interactions and cues.

The biggest problem with girls is virgin men.

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I dont give a simple fuck if one of my players is a fucking hambeast that likes to put bananas in his ass and eat pizza while naked as long as he behaves maturely and is a nice person while we are playing/hanging arround. If you can't cope with that, you have severe autism.

>le tumblr card

you are lame anon

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Honestly, whether consciously or otherwise, men will never behave the same around women as if they're around solely men. Even beyond shit like what >>33288481 said, they're going to just be different. Unnatural. Stilted. More proper. Not many women earn a place as an unofficial man in the group, and so the group dynamics are forever altered purely by her presence. It's not the same.

All male groups are just more fun to be in. Nobody cares about watching their mouth or not being offensive, everyone cuts loose, everyone just acts like their goddamn selves. Women in a group always change this for the worse.

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ITT: virgins.

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Aww dammit, I'm The Agenda/Drama Major hybrid.

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>Complaining about the tumblr card after playing the /pol/ and /b/ card


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Every time I've had a girl in the group, the group disbanded shortly afterwards. Only 1 of those times the woman was at fault. At other times, the other people just couldn't handle a person of different gender.

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>Uh dude, yes they are, what are you some sort of tumblr hambeast or-


This is you. This is how dumb you sound.

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Maybe there's a reason why historically mixed gender groupings have been the exception? Maybe you can't just completely change human psychology overnight by wishing for it hard enough?

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Actually, I've seen it happen with guys with hambeast girlfriends looking to move up.

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How is the Hatchet even "edgy?"
I could understand if it was a Knife, a razor blade, or other cutting implement, but the Hatchet is fucking practical.

That's like saying having a towel, a can of WD40, a screwdriver, a wrench, a roll of duct tape, and a roll of toilet paper in my trunk makes me a serial killer.

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It's an issue of familiarity. If you've got a group where everyone is chill and used to each other and nobody wants to fuck each other you're gold. Otherwise you get the awkward stuff going on.

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Ironically my playgroup has a sexbomb that encourages group dynamic and friendliness.

It also has 2 hambeasts who destroy the group dynamic because one insists on being 'evil' and the other insists on being a social character whose first social roll was her, more or less yelling "WHO WANTS TO FUCK ME?" In a moderately crowded inn.

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Are you seriously white knighting an image?

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This Fujoshi in OP is prime waifu material I feel.

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>being so sexually insecure

Stop being Thatguy, and understand that YOU are the ruin of your group, OP.

>> No.33288551

Aside from the literal pun that could be applied there, carrying a knife isn't even remotely edgy in my backwater part of the USA. Something needs cutting, levering, or unscrewing and you don't have actual tools on hand? You can rely on the good ol boy to have some three inch long chode-blade flip knife on hand for just such an emergency.

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No, it really isn't. I've seen it with wives, I've seen it with girlfriends, I've seen it with sisters, I've seen it a hundred times. Women just throw off the natural social dynamics men display with one another without a feminine presence.

Yes, I'm sure there are women who more or less become honorary men, but it literally almost never happens. Ever. You aren't the same guy you are with your wife hanging around, no matter how "familiar" you are with one another.

I don't claim to understand why it happens, but it very obviously does.

>> No.33288577

Yeah, but that's a utility knife; It's made for carrying around and being used as a TOOL, not a weapon.
Now if he's got a K-BAR in a shoulder holster, it's a different story.

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If my girlfriend meets about 75% of the things in OP's pic should I be worried?

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Depends on how fat we're talking here. OP did state "ugly hambeast" which may imply all fat people are ugly. I was responding to the idea that overweight people are "disgusting" in all cases which I've found to be untrue. Ofcourse I find morbidly obese people very unnattractive, if this is the "hambeast" in question, but being a little overweight doesn't send me puking.

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Gamer Girl, Fuzzy, Anarchist, probably weeaboo (because that's usually a girl too).

It's more fun when all the people in a group I'm DMing are girls. Typically women remember to bathe and provided I'm the only guy around there's no annoying virgin back-and-forth going on.

Plus I just like being around women more in general. There's shitty chicks and shitty dudes, but they're the exception. All things told I'd rather be around a group of average girls than a group of average guys.

Also, I won't say I've never had sex with a woman I've gamed with - but never while actively gaming with them. So there's no need to worry about dm-banging drama.

Just don't get it in your head that women are saints or not human. D&D nerd girls are about the same as D&D nerd guys, just usually prettier. Usually.

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There is a difference. I won't argue that. Then again, all my groups were fucking weird. one of them had this qt3.14 asian girl, but apparently it was cool for everyone to fart. It was a small room. two out of 5 people were fatties with grotesque farts.

But nope, I was the odd one.

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>All things told I'd rather be around a group of average girls than a group of average guys.
Have to agree with this sentiment.

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That's because they're the new people you're not used to. If you have a female player that's part of the long term dynamic and everyone has had time to shake off the wizard jitters it's fine.

And wives and girlfriends are a different matter entirely. They're usually trouble because they're wives and girlfriends - but not for any other reason.

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Here's a tip for GMs-don't let a girl in because your crushing on her. Fuck you, cruise somewhere else.

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>mixed gender groupings are the exception.

Yeah. Except you know, most families are mixed gender, which is the most basic grouping of them all.

I've never run into any problems with mixed groups personally, neither in rpg:ing, school or anything else, so personally I'm inclined to believe that it's the people present in the problem groups that are the problem.

It's true men and women behave differently when they together. But I've also read studies that indicate that this change is beneficial since it usually leads to LESS conflict and higher work efficiency.

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Me too, and not for eye-candy or anything. It's just that girls are a more agreeable company.

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>That's because they're the new people you're not used to. If you have a female player that's part of the long term dynamic and everyone has had time to shake off the wizard jitters it's fine.

I legitimately don't think you even grasp the faintest bit of what I am saying.

Take a woman and introduce her to a group. Awkwardness for months, likely years. She simply will not be "one of the guys" for a long, long time.

Take a man and introduce him to a group of men. Maybe a few weeks tops, and then they've bonded.

I don't know how to explain this to someone who has obviously not felt the effects of it, but it's there. It's obvious in a workplace, it's obvious in school, it's obvious in literally any social environment, and that most certainly includes groups. It's different.

>It's true men and women behave differently when they together. But I've also read studies that indicate that this change is beneficial since it usually leads to LESS conflict and higher work efficiency.

This is only true in the case of women.


I dare you to find me even one case of an all-male workplace being improved in such ways by the presence of women.

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Except for a game I ran at a game store two years ago, I never had any female players in my game. I would have no negative experiences to speak of for them, were it not for what happened to me yesterday.

I was browsing on roll20 looking for something. I didn't quite understand what - when it comes down to it, my regular gaming group is stellar. We've been playing A Song of Ice and Fire RPG for over a year and have a long running story and canon, and we've branched into others games - nWoD, Eclipse Phase, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, even D&D at one point. It's a great group and I couldn't ask for much more, but I felt the need to break up the monotony, shake it up a little, so I went looking for a new game.

I searched and searched, and was confused and rejected many times, before I found it. I found the game - the one game that I truly wanted. It was an Age of Rebellion game, with several slots for players, an interesting premise, and I had found it just when the ad went up so I wasn't too late. I was filled with such excitement that stinging tears welled up and the back of my eyes ached while my stomach dropped from emotion. I analyzed Brandon's ad - it had everything! A snazzy Star Wars name, a detailed but not too-telling premise, an exciting and vibrant image to illustrate what we could expect from this adventure. It was beautiful...

>> No.33288688

As long as I've come with a general understanding of the setting and shown that I want to play a real character and not something to get attention I haven't had any issues playing with guys.

They did ask me once to ask another girl to leave, though because they didn't want to be accused of being sexist. Which...was fine with me. She was...difficult.

>> No.33288697

I immediately applied and sent all the necessary information including my skype. I was giving and yielding. I was willing to voice chat, I obeyed all courtesies and answered all questions asked of me, I explained my experiences with EotE and my desire for playing. Then I waited - full of hope and anticipation, but that tiny pinch of doubt. The doubt subsided however when the GM contacted me the next day. Hallelujah! Senpai noticed me! Despite there being four other applicants, he sought ME! That must mean something, right?! The game had one slot left - they'd recruited someone since I applied already. They were surely telling me it was my turn... right?

He wanted an interview. Only a formality I'm sure, Brandon-sama would not contact me if he wasn't interested. All I had to do was not blow it. I set a time immediately, told them I'd be ready in an hour - didn't want to sound desperate. I had to play it cool. An hour and fifteen minutes passed and Brandon called me - I tabbed over and gleefully answered the call on skype, risking not a second to force them to wait.

There were three of them. Brandon-sama in the middle, "Sun" on the right, and "Spitfire" on the left. They were women. An eerie sense of foreboding overcame me as their acrid vaginal miasma filled the room, pouring through my speakers. They greeted me - Brandon's voice was a lyre delicately plucked by a cherub. "Hello, I'm Brandon. Ladies, would you introduce yourself?"

>> No.33288699

Assuming they are equally as charming and pleasant, the ugly hambeast is less likely to ruin the experience. However, all bets are still off, because there will still likely be at least one guy that A) Can't act comfortably around her B) Tries to impress her.

And if she's shitty or an attention whore or just annoying, then you're fucked. Hambeast or not, get the fuck out of there.

>> No.33288703

"OI I'M SUN," she practically spewed the words like a Cockney witch's curse. Spitfire spoke as well, but I was still reeling semiconsciously when being assailed by Sun's wretched intonations.

But it was okay. Brandon-sama spoke again. He asked me questions - describe myself; why do I want to play; are the times okay for you? Yes, I gleefully responded, my eyes glassy with reverent cheer. Yes, the time is perfect. You are perfect. The words did not come out quite in that manner. I was polite, enthusiastic, open, I chose my words carefully and filled them with love and cheer. Surely, surely senpai would choose me...

"WELL I RIGHT BLOODY HAVE NO QUESTIONS GOVNA," recited Sun in what I presume was Latin Satanspeak. They offered polite thanks, and I asked if I was in. Brandon said that had one man left to interview, and I would know in three hours. I nodded with such enthusiasm I felt my brain rattle in my skull, but I didn't care - I was drunk on love. Age of Rebellion, I thought... I'll make a droid! Yes! That sounds great! A droid experiencing the onset of sentience, that'll be fun to role play.

They ended the call and removed me, which left a cold chill trickling through my nerves, but I assumed it was standard procedure. I waited by the skype phone, offering not a minute to any distraction. I didn't want to force senpai to wait for me, I wouldn't dream of that, and I would not dishonor Age of Rebellion by occupying my attention or thoughts with anything else. A beautiful scene played in my head. "Return fire," cried the valiant captain of our vessel, as my droid climbed into the gun turret and destroyed two pursuing TIE Fighters. "Great shot, IG-177," replied the pilot. I came to the cockpit, and we locked eyes. We were close - I could see the meat bag's pulse in his eyes. He could see the electrostatic discharge in mine. He leaned in. I leaned in.

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Suddenly the sound of skype receiving an IM overtook the scene. I opened my eyes and my vision began to unblur.

No, I thought. Panic gripped me and held me still, save for the weak, cold breaths escaping my gaped mouth.

"Hey, thanks for responding for the age of rebellion game, unfortunately we didn’t think you were the best fit for the current group and game. However, we appreciate your interest and we wish you the best of luck finding a game."
It... it couldn't be... no, senpai. No. Why? Why wasn't I a good fit? I can be better! No, please, I can be better! WHY? WHY WAS I NOT GOOD ENOUGH? WHY? I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE CHEESE ON YOUR PIZZA. I CAN BE BETTER. I DON'T HAVE TO BE THE CHEESE. I CAN BE THE SAUCE. WHYYY SENPAI, WHY DIDN'T YOU CHOOSE ME?

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Indeed, partially why I'm such a Female Chauvinist.

>> No.33288717

Since when is roleplaying a workplace?

And it really depends on the group. Yeah, I've had issues fitting in with a bunch of young/single guys but after about 25 when they have their lives together and their own significant others, things because much more relaxed. I don't play with young groups any more for that reason. When adults make time out of their schedule to play, they don't want to fuck it up with drama because they don't have that much time to spare. College kids are the worst to play with it.

>> No.33288723

>Take a woman and introduce her to a group. Awkwardness for months, likely years. She simply will not be "one of the guys" for a long, long time.

Depends on the group, obviously. Your groups clearly have more trouble with women than mine have.

But then I grew up with women in the games. Hell, my mom introduced me to her AD&D group and I've always been around women in my groups.

Women will shake up the dynamic if YOU aren't prepared for it.

I think your statement says more about you than it does about anything else.

>> No.33288727

>You aren't the same guy you are with your wife hanging around
I've never understood this one. A year ago I broke up with a girl I was with for four years, because no matter how much time we spent she was like this with me. She was always quiet and careful with me yet all my friends claimed she was a hard faced bitch. I've spent the last year gallivanting around different women trying to find the one that you can actually have a laugh with. Those feels man.

Long story short, if you can't be 100% natural around a girl why the fuck would you marry them?

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You misspelled "cunt" sweetheart.

>> No.33288731


>> No.33288738

May need to kill a terrorist someday. It could happen...

>> No.33288744

Indeed, no wonder the divorce rate is so damn high...

That would imply I'm actually a woman...

>> No.33288753

>Since when is roleplaying a workplace?

This was in direct response to the statement of mixed gendered environments leading to less conflict and "high work efficiency." I don't know what context you think work efficiency applies to, but a workplace is a pretty fair assumption because what the fuck else is work efficiency supposed to be referring to?

>Women will shake up the dynamic if YOU aren't prepared for it.

By admission of the fact that you need to "prepare" for women, you have functionally agreed that men operate on a unique social level when left to their own devices.

You seem to literally be agreeing with me, that men on their own simply have a social dynamic and familiarity with one another you will almost never replicate with the presence of women, but resent doing so, and so fall back on some kind of retarded "ur jas dum aroudn gurls" argument.

>> No.33288770

>Implying I couldn't take out terrorist with a towel, a can of WD40, a screwdriver, a wrench, a roll of duct tape, and a roll of toilet paper...
Do you even MacGyver son?

>> No.33288776

I'm saying that OPTIMAL EFFICIENCY isn't that important for a fucking game. I agree the first comment was stupid, but I think arguing to exclude women because of efficiency is a stupid argument.

>> No.33288782

I have a girl in my current group but she's a lesbian and also the most foul-mouthed, raunchy member of the group by a longshot so she fits in just fine

Bringing a girl into your gaming group's really no harder than bringing a new guy into your group if your're aware of what will and won't work with your group dynamic

>> No.33288791

You need to "prepare" for anyone. Unless you just let any random person with a penis wander in on off the street with no introduction to play your game. In which case, sure. I guess you do need to specially prepare for women.

>> No.33288794

No, I haven't made concessions to your argument and don't agree with you.

The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of groups are long-time friends and anyone new will mess up the dynamic. Most people don't mentally fuck themselves over when it's another guy.

The people who aren't prepared are generally the wizards. Normal people who are used to working with and around women don't normally have a problem beyond a person being new.

>> No.33288803

I think the reasoning was that the efficiency resulted from less tensions within the employees. In RPGs you don't care about efficiency, but you do care about group tensions.

>> No.33288804

>You need to "prepare" for anyone.

>> No.33288807

Well... a towel is the most helpful item in the universe...

>> No.33288812

"The hambeast" and "The sexbomb" in my group are two of the best roleplayers I have ever had the honour to play with. "The unemployed slacker" on the otherhand is the one who consistently shows up late and never pays attention to what is happening while we play.

>> No.33288826

Hey guys, what's your feelings on letting giant black muslims into your group?

I saw how it happened recently when this 6'5 black guy joined our group of Mormon schoolboys and everyone just kinda kept freaking out about it, changing their behavior.

It's just a fact that everyone acts differently around giant black muslim dudes. Optimum efficiency means leaving black people out of the group.

>> No.33288832


Tumblr pls

>> No.33288840

I think we can all agree that black people have no place at the game table.

>> No.33288842

You know, I know you're strawmanning like hell, but you have a point. People suddenly being self-concious as hell about their habits of behavior is due to any sudden intrusion of "The Other", whether it's women, Giant Black Muslims, or Ned Flanders into an agnostic/atheist group. People are kinda singling out women as the problem here when it's more general than that.

>> No.33288843

>However, a cutie sexbomb can create tension via other (male) party members. Or female, I guess. Fat chicks don't get people tossing +5 Holy Swords at them.

You play with some very pathetic, lovely dudes.

>> No.33288846


You probably shouldn't let him in your group. You guys obviously don't share any common interests.

>> No.33288853

>unemployed slacker
Does he also frequently get up from the table to go read some unrelated crap online?

>> No.33288857

>Likes cats but is allergic and can't have one.

I know this hell.

Why does God hate all that is good and lovely?

>> No.33288862


Wow, self righteous superiority much?

>> No.33288864

You're not missing much, cats are shit.

>> No.33288868

Strawmanning aside, I try to avoid minorities at my game table almost as much as I try to avoid women. People act differently around other ethnicities in social environments than they would in a racially homogenous one, and roleplaying should be an environment to cut loose in, not worry about stepping on eggshells or accidentally saying something not one hundred percent PC.

>> No.33288870

>Pathetic, lovely dudes
>Downright beautiful men that are consumed with self-loathing and social awkwardness that means they're incredibly lonely despite their good looks.
This is my fetish.

>> No.33288879

Maybe you should just stop being a shitty hateful person and projecting that on other people who have no problem with people that don't look exactly like them.

>> No.33288881

>accidentally saying something not one hundred percent PC.
You know, maybe instead of being a racist shit, you should try to find people in minorities that don't come from tumblr and are fine with stuff that's not even remotely politically correct?

>> No.33288885


>shitty hateful person

Tumblr you're drunk please go home

>> No.33288891

>drinking monster
>not being a fatass
Protip dude, it doesn't actually make you good at sports.

>> No.33288892


Why are you even on 4chan?

>> No.33288895

We're all huge Yu-Gi-Oh fans.

>> No.33288897

But do they disrupt game groups ?

>> No.33288900

>Drinking Monster
I don't know how anyone can drink that. It literally tastes like Mountain Dew that someone just pissed in and then dumped about a pound of sugar into in a halfassed attempt to cover their sin.

>> No.33288902

I like shitposting about magic cards.

>> No.33288908

We need the token girl.
Although better not be a fujo because then she, and our two gay players will keep discussing fujo manga for hours.

>> No.33288909


You need a group for that? I guess you can bond over a shitty card game.

Maybe wear a dress, pretend to be a woman, flirt with him, and when it comes time to do the deed, throw your dress off, shake your nethers, and yell "YOU'VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!"

>> No.33288913

Other people may not have any problem playing with a token black dude or some geeky girl in their group, but the social environment is different because we're culturally conditioned to adjust behaviors when out groups are around.

Maybe I am a "shitty person," but I shouldn't have to watch my tongue at the game table if nobody but one player will get offended by one off-color joke. Easier to remove the potential source of tension than make the group as a whole change.

>> No.33288922

Yes. They touch your dice, beg for food, and regularly stop the game for several minutes at a time while the players all freak out about the adorable cat that they've seen a million fucking times before. The cat that does this solely because they give it food and make it fatter.

>> No.33288923

No, but he's constantly checking his phone and sending snaps to others

>> No.33288926

Meh, on /tg/, he's right at home, there is barely any hate for the sake of it here, mostly people just complain about geedubs

>> No.33288927


Right. It's the Paladin factor.

>> No.33288928


>> No.33288929

Man, you have no idea how much they disrupt games.

Right in the middle of a game a cat will come strutting up looking all cute and stuff, and somebody is just gonna stop the game because they gotta get some pussy.

Then while they're sitting in the corner petting their pussy someone else is getting jealous. Then they're fighting over the cat, someone gets clawed, the cat knocks over the snacks and the DM kicks everyone out.

Pussy ruins every game man.

>> No.33288937


Man who has never owned cats and played with a grid map and miniatures before in his life detected

>> No.33288938

He got lost on his way from tumblr to /tumblr/

Er, I mean /co/.

I get those mixed up sometimes

>> No.33288941

I like wasting time to create custom cards to discover I just reinvented a wordier version of equipment.

>> No.33288942

Basically you're just saying you want to be free to make racist rape jokes at the table.

Which means the problem isn't that you're afraid of women or black dudes, it's that you're a douchebag.

>> No.33288944

It's about familiarity. I rp with friends, one is asian and one's indian. Been friends since highschool so we know the boundaries well and frankly take anything not PC as a joke. However. If somebody's family or something happen to be around we watch our language simply because we don't have the level of familiarity with them to say that sort of shit. Generally if you're playing with people you don't know you'll be (or rather should be) mindful.

>> No.33288958


I legit can't tell if this is satire because people like you actually exist

>> No.33288962

I dunno, people who believe other people should not be allowed to exercise free speech because them taking offense/being somehow "triggered" by it seems more douchebagette to me.

>> No.33288966


I'm the asshole that makes off-color jokes intentionally. Not even looking at them when I say them, pretend it's off-the-cuff.

>> No.33288976

I dont know, if you like to make racist jokes, maybe you should not have people in your group that get offended by racist jokes, rather than people with the race at the butt of the jokes.

>> No.33288978


>guys, I'm entitled to say whatever inane, trite and impolite bullshit I want without you judging me

Classic Amerifat

>> No.33288988

>without judging

Where in my post did I say anything about judgment?

>> No.33288989

I think I'm the fuzzy on this chart except I'm also a weeaboo with awkward fetishes, and also this is my first time on this board, should I leave and never come back if I want to actually enjoy games?

>> No.33288999

Here's a tip. Someone who acts like a triggering tumblerite in real life is a shit. If you automatically assume all women and minorities are triggering tumblrites and avoid them all on that assumption, you are also being a shit. Filter the crap and be reasonable, and you will get a rainbow of reasonable. Who knows, maybe you'll find a huge black muslim who finds nigger jokes hilarious, weirder people exist.

>> No.33289000

That's irritating.
"Sure fucking keep texting away and shit while we rp for the first time in 4 months. It wasn't like I fucking put effort into making this campaign relevant to your character at this exact moment."

>> No.33289001


What the fuck are you even talking about?

The entire point is that he excludes them so he can have fun without offending anyone.

>> No.33289010

The fact that the backlash to the sjw movement has reached the point where we're equating someone objecting to the notion of "I don't allow blacks at my game table" to tumblr sjw thought policing is kind of sad

>> No.33289012

True, I liked cats but was allergic when I was young.
Then I get older and let behind both allergy and cat love.

>> No.33289016


>> No.33289024


>Sorry, I can't game with Arabs because I can't go thirty minutes without mentioning how all shitskins must die

>> No.33289029

I kick those fuckers right out of the group. I just won't deal with them.

You are either there to play or not. If you're there to fuck with your phone get the hell out.

>> No.33289032


Wait, the point of making the jokes WASN'T to intentionally drive the nigger out of the group?

That's just tasteless.

>> No.33289034

>Who knows, maybe you'll find a huge black muslim who finds nigger jokes hilarious, weirder people exist.

Honestly the tumblrette picked a shitty example because nerdy blacks tend to be the most awesome laid back dudes in the universe

It's the college age liberal white boys who start getting all white guilty about it. A black dude with his bro don't give a shit about calling eachother nigger and cracker

>> No.33289035

I think the issue is more that valid points (such as the quoted post, which said "I take more issue with people being butthurt about political incorrectness than I do about people being politically incorrect") are being intentionally interpreted as "YOU ARE A PIECE OF SHIT WHO HATES BLACKS AND WYMEN."

So I dunno, I guess SJW types are making imaginary enemies to be mad at?

>> No.33289040

Weeaboo, Fatguy, The wizard.

System is anima

>> No.33289047

Great DM I had was a black dude with dreads and flood pants from Detroit. Always prepared, perfectly in character for all the NPCs, interesting NPCs with no DMPCs, plot without railroading us, free food.

>> No.33289050

I don't need your tips. I have a black player in my party and we happily jab at one another's race and there's no animosity or tension whatsoever.

Here's an actual tip - The problem isn't being politically incorrect, it's being adversarial. Being adversarial isn't always tied with crass humor, but it is INVARIABLY ALWAYS tied with being obsessed with political correctness.

>> No.33289054


My and my squad were sitting in a chowhall at Camp Liberty in Iraq, and the new guy, Pvt Arnold (white italian), sits down, looks over at some dude's plate, and says "That nigger's got a lot of Ketchup!"

Fun times.

>> No.33289055

>making imaginary enemies to be mad at?
That would be SJW.

>> No.33289062

> muh edgy anonymoose sekret club

>> No.33289064

Also 4chan in general.

>> No.33289067

Indeed, and I just combo'ed that shit with duct tape!


>Letting your cats anywhere NEAR your table top...
...You are just ASKING for trouble there my friend.

>> No.33289074

>Not all people are dicks, but dicks are always dicks! Be reasonable!

Holy shit, do you think you sound somehow enlightened by spewing common sense?

>> No.33289075

Welcome to the Internet, my son, where everything is someone's fetish.

>> No.33289085

>....Wait, I'M SOMEONES FETISH?!?!
nonono, you didn't read the end of the post, they said "despite their good looks."

>> No.33289091



>> No.33289094

>Common sense
>On the Internet
...Yeah, there's a certain amount of enlightenment there.

>> No.33289095

tfw no fujoshi gf

>> No.33289097

>Judging someone's capacity to be fun to play with based on their physical appearance

>> No.33289104


>> No.33289109 [SPOILER] 

>from Detroit

He must've run some great post apocalypse games

>> No.33289110


>> No.33289112


I dunno, it was more like
> I don't socialize with minorities because I like making fun of minorities and I don't want to have to filter myself
> das rascist
> gb2 tumblr sjw

>> No.33289116



>> No.33289123

I actually would be pretty okay with a fujoshi gf as long as she wasn't a hambeast.

>> No.33289132

But I do have good looks Anon, my mother even told me so!

Fuck you, how else are people suppose to filter me?

>> No.33289136

this thread is /b/ quality stuff

>> No.33289147


Or they could report you. For namefagging in anything other than a writefag or drawfag thread. Which is a 3 day ban. Just saying bro.

>> No.33289157

Hot DAMN! The only thing myself and many others enjoy other than namefagging and SJWs, is people COMPLAINING about namefags and SJWs!

>> No.33289159

Since when is filling out the name field a bannable offence?

>> No.33289162


>> No.33289168

I swear to god, you guys are such crybabies sometimes when it comes to threads where people aren't getting along. No, this isn't "/b/ level." /b/ level is editing the links on blog posts advertising suicide helplines to link to images of suicides instead.

This is people disagreeing about things.

>> No.33289171

No it isn't. Avatars and sigs are, but namefagging isn't listed in the global rules, nor in /tg/ rules.

>> No.33289185


>> No.33289201

But Anon, if that were true, then I'd have a fujoshi girlfriend...

>> No.33289228

No, if you were an enormous faggot, you'd have a fujoshi boyfriend. Or whatever the masculine form of fujoshi is, if any passing weaboos want to correct me.

>> No.33289234

That's more an issue of playing with overly-sensitive babies.

>> No.33289241

It's /tg/ , pointing out they haven't had sex is like pointing out sand and water at a beach

>> No.33289243

Maybe if I was an ENORMOUS faggot, but the picture clearly states TREMENDOUS faggot...

>> No.33289246

What apocalypsis happened in detroit?

>> No.33289248

It's Detroit, man. We don't go to Detroit anymore.

>> No.33289257


>> No.33289260

Is it better to have a NEETish shut in Fujoshi Girlfriend, An annoying weeaboo girlfriend, a D&D nerd powergaming rules-lawering girlfriend, or a highly religious does-not-approve-of-D&D-or-anime girlfriend?

Bonus option: A super attractive, smart, beautiful girlfriend - who is also 100% psycho yandere, WILL lock you in her basement, and will most likely fuck you to death and preserve the body to fuck some more.

>> No.33289262

Dunno about you, mate, but I dread running a game without at least one woman. Nothing goes downhill faster than a group of male RPers with no woman around - the mere presence of a woman makes them feel like they have to act like people.

>> No.33289268

How long until I'm fucked to death? This is the x factor.

>> No.33289302

It's variable, depending on how long you can convince her to postpone removing body parts and/or smashing them with a hammer, chopping them with an axe, cutting them off with a wire - you know, the usual.

You'll probably live for a few months - or a week or two, depending on how well you manage her crazy.

And either way you die a torso with a penis attached and just about nothing else. No teeth, no tongue, no eyes, or limbs.

>> No.33289303

As a shy, NEET-ish shut-in, a fujoshi girlfriend would either be Heaven or Hell, depending on how we got along with each other being in the house away from the world together.

>> No.33289312

>D&D nerd powergaming rules-lawering girlfriend
This, but...

>Bonus option: A super attractive, smart, beautiful girlfriend - who is also 100% psycho yandere, WILL lock you in her basement, and will most likely fuck you to death and preserve the body to fuck some more.
>How long until I'm fucked to death? This is the x factor.
Because yeah, I really wouldn't mind the Yuno option...

>> No.33289332

>a NEETish shut in Fujoshi Girlfriend
>a highly religious does-not-approve-of-D&D-or-anime girlfriend
tried the two in my early 20's, now a bit older and a little wiser I rate both of these as "I'd rather go single"

>An annoying weeaboo girlfriend
can't see myself getting attracted to someone with personality of 13 y/o, so that's probably a "I'd rather go single" as well
>a D&D nerd powergaming rules-lawering girlfriend
this could work, given that I'm a bit of a powergamer myself - discussing builds could make for fun pillow-talk

>Bonus option: A super attractive, smart, beautiful girlfriend - who is also 100% psycho yandere, WILL lock you in her basement, and will most likely fuck you to death and preserve the body to fuck some more.
Tempting. Yandere can be your greatest ally if give her enough care and attention. Could I pull that? Maybe. Would I take the risk given the chance? YES!

>> No.33289338

this thread is directionless shitposting and unfocused opinion spouting.

It's completely confuse and useless.

/b/ level shit

>> No.33289343

beaches and shores, man
beaches and shores.

>> No.33289350

Rali is love.

>> No.33289353

Weren't you the guy complaining about strawman earlier

>> No.33289357

There's a girl in m d&d group and the dynamic ONLY works because she always plays characters that aren't sexual at all. Like, ancien wizards or battle golems or shit like that. The one time she played an elven ranger, things went to shit because everyone wanted in her pants.

>> No.33289358

That's not how yandere works, you're thinking yangire.

>> No.33289359

fujoshi girlfriend so I'd have an excuse to get into more anime.

>> No.33289371

An ugly hambeast can technically contribute, thought generally less so than a boy, while a sex-bomb WILL play polidicks using her looks. Ultimately, both are prefereble to a stuck-up feminist, and inferior to a decent girl that can play boys toys for a session without embarrassing her boyfriend.

>> No.33289376

I wish I had Shantae as a girlfriend...
; _ ;

>> No.33289378

Why? I'm not American brah.

>> No.33289379

It's shit but nowhere near /b/ level.
/b/ gets thrown around too much in that context.

>> No.33289380

>It's variable, depending on how long you can convince her to postpone removing body parts and/or smashing them with a hammer, chopping them with an axe, cutting them off with a wire - you know, the usual.
>You'll probably live for a few months - or a week or two, depending on how well you manage her crazy.
>And either way you die a torso with a penis attached and just about nothing else. No teeth, no tongue, no eyes, or limbs.
Wait, why did she jump straight to mutilation and decapitation?
You don't normally tear something you love apart...

>Tempting. Yandere can be your greatest ally if give her enough care and attention. Could I pull that? Maybe. Would I take the risk given the chance? YES!

>> No.33289381

Well, assuming there are whiteknights of course. Some groups, eg. where everyone is a bro with each other, won't let a whore come between them. It helps if everyone has a girlfriend, or at least standards.

>> No.33289389

>not wanting in golem's pants
plebians, every single one of you

>> No.33289390

Nothing better to wish for than a genie.

>> No.33289402

Well, no, women are made to be nice and decent and thoughtful and consistent, and that includes in the sack. Sex needs men just as much as society needs men to bring change, exertion, incision and pizazz.

>> No.33289404

Short form, the city is in more or less complete and total economic and social collapse, with decaying buildings, no jobs for anyone, a powerless, overworked police force, and more criminals than actual legitimate, productive citizens. At this point it's practically the corpse of a city where only the maggots, wolves, and vultures still live.

>> No.33289416

A: dude golem
B: no genitals.
Think "Iron Giant" more than "MGQ".

>> No.33289420

too bed most genies run with the clausule "you can't wish for more wishes/lamps/genies"

>> No.33289422

The thing people don't realise is that the menopause is to women what puberty is to men. Pre-menopausal women really are just big girls, but the difference between boys that are just approaching puberty and boy-things that are one year in is catastrophic.

>> No.33289433

All this jealousy.

>> No.33289436

Wishing for a genie to be your sweet waifu is not, I'd imagine, the same thing as wishing for more genies.

>> No.33289449

You're right and wrong. Women do exploit these situations for gains, and sometimes go out of there way to root around or foster them. There are good and bad men and women, and the truth is always complicated.

>> No.33289461

ITT: betas

>> No.33289469

>not teaching the genderless construct wonders of love and/or miracles of lewdness

>> No.33289479

Well with the way our legal system works, 99% of people ARE criminals of some form or another, if you're considering crimes they haven't been tried for as well.

>> No.33289483

Just because women are the nicer sex doesn't mean they're always nice, nor does this make their prescence practical.

Anymore than the fact that men being the strong sex doesn't always make men strong, or their prescence tolerable.

>> No.33289485

Thrid wish: "I wish you to forgot that I already made two wishes" "wish granted. What is your second wish?"

>> No.33289490

I have a NEET fujoshi girlfriend, I mean it's not really her sole defining trait. She's not really that into it anymore actually.

The problem with 'which x is better' is that very few humans are so flat and one dimensional that they have one sole personality trait and that's it.

>> No.33289495

I had a hambeast in my group that was so beastly it took me 3 months to realize it was a she.

Great roleplayer though.

>> No.33289496

Indeed, why would my hypothetical yanadere girlfriend go all Misery on me?

Well it depends on the Golem....

...Well it depends on the Djinn...

>> No.33289500

No, just pointing out the flaws. One should make better points to convince me that someone is a shit.

>> No.33289506

The idea of the single female roleplayer, "The Girl", horning in on a roleplaying group made entirely of guys and turning them into idiot horndogs has never been anything I've seen in reality, and I honestly thought it was widely considered the domain of lazy or poorly researched comedy by people on the outside looking in. Is this actually the majority experience? Is a female presence so rare in most roleplaying circles that it's considered poisonous unless proven otherwise, or have people let bad cartoons and comics on the subject convince them that's the case?

>> No.33289508


Normally they're just called weeaboos. Fujoshi refers to a relatively specific sort of female weeaboo in that she's a yaoi fangirl. The archetypical fujoshi will be fairly chunky, occasionally obese, have very poor hygiene and sociability, and almost universally is characterized as being a brunette with glasses.

They're less cute when you meet them irl.

>> No.33289510

What are you implying? You wouldn't hit this? Or trust him to hook you up with Shantae? He's a bro man, he'll hook you up right.

>> No.33289514


>> No.33289521


Dude. You know damn well what he means when he says criminal.

>> No.33289524

Hmm. She's not that unattractive - if she lost about 10-20lbs she'd be a hottie. As it is, she's pretty alright.

>> No.33289525

> didn't want to sound desperate
Dude, reading it it sound like you were setting a date with the embodiement of your game itself.

>> No.33289530

And now you know why I based my Chaos Cult on that very ideology.

>> No.33289531

He said, posting his email unnecessarily. You new here, pretty obviously, so how about you no talky till you do more of the lurky.

>> No.33289543


Brah, that's not how yandere works.

Yandere works by her beating the shit out of/killing women she perceives as trying to get in your pants/hurt you, all the while smothering you in attention and working to block everyone that's not her out of your life.

>> No.33289549

>Genie can't grant you the second (in reality fourth) wish, has no idea what's going on, gets all depressed over it, profusely apologies, maybe even breaks into tears, swears it never happened before...

>> No.33289555

Giving a severe mental disorder a cute animu nickname doesn't make less dangerous to you.

>> No.33289557

Not really man, looks a bit skeevy to me...

>Yandere works by her beating the shit out of/killing women she perceives as trying to get in your pants/hurt you, all the while smothering you in attention and working to block everyone that's not her out of your life.
Wait, so no harem end?

>> No.33289572

Guys, guys. Just imagine it playing out a bit like one of these:






Even Yuno locked her lover up and ultimately Murdered him, went back in time to spend more time with him and then tried to murder him again so she could repeat the cycle.

>> No.33289578

Yandere is a play off the word yanderu, which means "insane". No, no harem end.

Unless you want her to feed them to you so they can be one with you.

>> No.33289579


>Lewd face
>Dat tongue

I never knew it was possible for my dick to be this hard.

>> No.33289581


Of course it's a horrible mental disorder.

I never meant to imply it was anything but.

>Wait, so no harem end?

It would only be a harem end insofar as her providing you fucktoys.

>> No.33289582

>Wait, so no harem end?
Nope, yandere and harem ends are mutually exclusive. Even with alternate dimension shenanigans and multiple copies of her. They will just kill each other until only one remains.

>> No.33289584

>being a negative in a hobby where you more or less have to interact with people face to face

i'd rather have somebody who knows how to talk to/interact with people in my gaming group as opposed to somebody who is socially retarded. because in my past experience that usually leads to less conflict

>> No.33289596

...Not even if the other girls are HERS?

>> No.33289597

Don't be such a fag.

>> No.33289608

Yandere doesn't want anyone but her one and only beloved one.

>> No.33289609

>...Not even if the other girls are HERS?

Of course, they may be her but they're not "her."

>> No.33289614

B-but what if we're all her beloved ones, shouldn't she collect us ALL?

>> No.33289615

Also, don't forget how the Yandere VN endings went.

You people are thinking you'll get a sweet waifu like Saya or something.

>> No.33289622

We're not on /b/, I sometimes like to pretend that criminal isn't being used as a synonym for black person.

>> No.33289628

Go read/play/watch Dangan Ronpa. She's all over it.

>> No.33289629

Not how yandere works.

>> No.33289630

Ladies love to roleplay as much as any guy. The hobby is just harder to approach for them, for a lot of reasons, and that makes a lot of guys think women hate it as a concept and don't just find it inaccessible, and it becomes a vicious cycle.

>> No.33289649


What group? A band of burglars? A committee of enviromental safety? A troupe of jogglers?

>it depends on the nature of the group and function of said group

>> No.33289650

I like how this concept is apparently such a cliche that there's no room for even the slightest variation. Talk about boring.

>> No.33289651

B-but why can't I have a greedy Yandere?

>> No.33289652


Women love ERP.

>> No.33289653

Nope, really, it doesn't work that way.
Maybe yandere just isn't for you?

Perhaps you're actually looking for possessive dominant polyamorous nymphomaniac?
That would cover:
- building harems
- lewding all the harem members
- being in charge
- (arguably) less crazy

>> No.33289659


Maybe it will stop being a synonym when blacks stop being the vast majority of criminals.

>> No.33289660

In a vacuum where everything but the physical attractiveness of the girls is the same the hotter girl is likely going to cause the bigger distraction. The reverse would be true in a group of primarily female gamers. However, the fault lies on the group for being immature, not the women.

>> No.33289662

A yandere is someone who is crazy for you.

YOU specifically. And that's it. Just you.

And they're not really in love with you. They're obsessed stalkers who are mentally unbalanced and deranged. They don't really love you - they love the idea of their perfect love. Something they're obsessed with.

You are actually an obstacle that takes the form of that love. And whenever you don't live up to the perfect ideal she's created in her head, she'll take it out on you.

And other girls? All she'll do with them is brutally murder them. After all, they're getting in the way of her having her perfect love. Then she'll punish you for not living up to her ideals.

Yanderes are, by definition, murderously insane and possessive.

>> No.33289665

Maybe... but that is a much larger mouthful...

>> No.33289672 [DELETED] 

I can't speak about more than one in my group on that.

>> No.33289679


Its better if she's got a peen, but she tries to hide her peen but you get a glimpse of her peen and then your peen feels funny.

>> No.33289687

I can't speak about more than one in my group on that.

>> No.33289733


Over half the people in my mature campaign are women.

>> No.33289828

Absolutely horrible. Not only is your story contrived and disgustingly written, it doesn't address with any validity that the women in the group had any negative effect at all. In fact, you didn't even HAVE a group, assuming this really happened, which it didn't.

>> No.33289897

What is PMS.

>> No.33289904

>Basically you're just saying you want to be free to make racist rape jokes at the table.
Hello McFly...
The table isn't the public. The table is a place where people go to have fun and not have to worry about your bullshit inability to deal with racist rape jokes. YOU are the trash at the table because you'll subvert your way into the clubhouse just to shit on everyone else's parade.

This is the problem with women and SJWs. They want to invade other people's spaces and enforce their own mandates. This is why the video game/feminist argument is so frustrating for guys. If you want your feminist games, make them your god damned selves. Same with tabletop groups.

>> No.33289915

I don't care, OP.

>> No.33289928

the viking is really the only good choice here since the negatives for him are negligible

everyone else is either the cryptkeeper or a total faggot

>> No.33289940


I am the Viking.

>> No.33289985

And I am the Walrus.
What are you doing with that harpoon? Hey! Stop! AAAAGH!

>> No.33289993

You're making the mistake of conflating all women with feminism, and by extent, conflating all feminists with militant female supremacists.

Which, I suppose, makes you no better than them.

>> No.33289996


This is as very /tg/ answer.

>> No.33290020

No, I'm not. Some women are capable of enjoying video games as they are. The only ones that complain about it are the feminists/SJWs.

>> No.33290074

Well, regardless of whether or not you believe that you are, it is certainly the way you're coming across, saying things like, "that's the problem with women..."

I'd suggest phrasing things more clearly next time.

>> No.33290081


Seems pretty convenient to demonize anyone who complains, since it de facto reduces the merits of their arguments to nil.

If you have some issue, you can't complain because that'd make you an SJW. That's a trap and a half, man.

>> No.33290109 [DELETED] 

>merits of their arguments
>talking about SJW

You know people hate SJW so much precisely because they never present an argument, are incredibly adversarial in any discussion, and will reduce any discussion down to ad hominems and privilege checking?

SJW aren't representative of most feminists, but because of how loud they are, they come across as them. They're the "die cis scum" people, not suffragettes.

>> No.33290110


No idea. I've been in a few mixed groups and physical appearance of a female player hasn't obviously correlated with whether they're trouble or not.
Mostly what I've seen is that if someone's in a relationship with the GM (Or, god forbid, the GM has invited someone they're crushing on but *isn't* dating/fucking/whatever), it can lead to problems. Not automatically, but it's one of the more likely routes.

>> No.33290173


which one goes to /tg/? don't bring that one

>> No.33290213 [DELETED] 

>They're the "die cis scum" people, not suffragettes.

>> No.33290252

I can't speak for the whole, but I can speak from personal experience. I've gamed for coming up on fifteen years, and DMed for ten of those off and on. For the last six or so I've had one or two girls in my group more often than not.

There was a slight tendency in most of them to play characters who are a bit more sexually liberal than their real selves, not so much actively fucking their way through life so much as dressing with a little more exposure when out and about in town without their armor (or when playing characters who don't use it), being a bit less shy about nudity, and finding some cute guy at the bar for the night when it's time for ale and whores. One actively plays rather effeminate men and more masculine women on the average, doesn't really involve herself with in-game sexuality and is a pretty relaxed "let's find a dungeon, kick in all the doors and kill/take whatever we find inside" type when it comes to the game itself.

We've only had two problem players from the female side of things: One was a hardcore metagamer and refused to learn the basic rules, but eventually reformed and now is pretty good at handling this kind of thing. The other was the GM's girlfriend, a pretty caustic person in general, and was really only there to keep an eye on him. The only other time we had a problem which involved the female player was when the whole group basically turned the game into a competition for her attention, which made it difficult for her to accomplish anything with everyone trying to protect and serve her all day and made her eventually quit when they continued to do this despite her complaints.

So basically from my own experience problem women are the same as problem men most of the time, and sometimes you get a party of lonely fucks who need to not be creepy.

>> No.33290303

>this is what SJWs actually believe

>> No.33290314

Still, the Suffragettes never presented that position themselves, it was a smear campaign against them.

SJW actively cover themselves in mud and fling it and anyone who dares approach.

>> No.33290334 [DELETED] 

Feminism, like all movements, have radicals and moderates. Filing the radicals under the general movement's name end up with ALL the movement's members being slated as radicals.
It's as old as humanity.
Those are simply reports of the SJW of old. (assuming it's not propaganda) They were not the majority and still aren't.

"SJW" are also the latest iteration of anotehr age-old problem: whenever a group protest against its oppression by another, there is radicals that want revenge. To opress rather than end opression.

silly man, SJW believe the exact contrary.
There is total correlation between good gaming/bad gaming and gender: men are all bad gamer (filthy rapist pigs).

>> No.33290364

Man, that's hard.

Viking seems like full bro tier
Agenda is alright, can probably get annoying, but beats most of them.
Cryptkeeper because he's the least bad of the remaining people

Worst teamup is Gamer Girl, Fuzzy and Drama Major

>> No.33290368

Yeah, what people are thinking of are the SuffraGISTS. Suffragettes were different - they were the SJWs of their time.

>> No.33290369

oh, the irony

>> No.33290422


Depends on their personality but if we're going by stereotypes I'd rather have the hotty.

I mean, if the game is going to hell I'd rather have something nice to look at amirite.

>> No.33290434

Viking, Agenda and Fuzzy, because if things turn south, Viking might scare her off.

>> No.33290469

...that's pretty damn minor stuff compared to what SJWs do.

See SHARPs, antifas, etc.

>> No.33290494


>The Viking
>The Weeaboo
>The Fuzzy
>The Drama Major

I would GM for these nerds.

It wouldn't be perfect, but I am confident it would be entertaining.

>> No.33290512

Back when I was at school, it my head I always called the Suffra-Jets and Suffra-Sharks.

>> No.33290542


This is like asking if a skinny clean-shaven dude or an overweight bearded man is going to be more likely to be THAT GUY. You've got no fucking way to tell who's going to be likely to cause trouble (if indeed, anyone does) until you actually know them as people instead of just going by appearances.

You could also stop acting like a 10-year-old and assume a girl at the table is actually there because she likes the game and not to destroy the group. Game-ruining assholery knows no gender.

>> No.33290561

You mean people who post the personal info of anyone who offends them on the internet with the intent of someone assaulting/murdering them or vandalizing their property?

>> No.33290602


Literal terrorism is "pretty damn minor stuff"?

>> No.33290616

No, threatening terrorism (allegedly) is minor stuff. Also, post some cases of suffragettes actually bombing anything or killing anyone. Because this all sounds like a smear campaign.

>> No.33290620

SHARPs and antifas will do much more than post stuff in the hopes of them being beaten or murdered, they can and will beat unarmed women and even commit murder because they think somebody committed a sin against social justice. As such, modern SJWs are a hell of a lot more extreme than anything suffragettes ever were like.

>> No.33290697

Not really, SJWs do present arguments, you might not like them but they're there

>> No.33290704 [DELETED] 


Its disingenuous as fuck to compare "Oh, according to unproven hearsay, a suffragette committed property damage once, OH NOEZ!!" to the modern concept of a terrorist (purposefully killing innocent civilians to coerce a populace).

So yes, it is HILARIOUSLY minor by comparison. "a woman burned a building because she was understandably pissed about legitimate rights being denied" doesn't compare to the modern antifa behavior of "a group of savage thugs murdered some innocent person because they were sick and tired at the negative stereotype that savage thugs murder innocent people."

Comparing the two is abject nonsense.

>> No.33290889

There's really only one correct answer to this. How mature are the other players, and how mature are the girls in question? If all the boys involved don't freak out over women and nag them for attention, and if the women isn't the sort who'd try to take advantage of such nonsense, everything should be fine.

So, assuming all your current players are grown-up enough to be over such childish things, you pick the girl who is the most mature.

>> No.33290896

Nice sources you post there.
>but you're not posting any sources...
Tumblr. Just look at it.

>> No.33290914

I'm demonizing people who make a big stink about a community that they were never invited to nor was it ever intended for.

>> No.33290934


>> No.33290950

What about a kinda religious LARPer girlfriend? Because those are nice.

>> No.33290981

See you got me excited about a list of SJW arguments that were in fact arguments and not "if you disagree with me you're a heretic" speeches. Funny as fuck tho

>> No.33291027 [DELETED] 

>a woman burned a building because she was understandably pissed about legitimate rights being denied

Voting is not an inherent right, nor is it an unearned privilege. Women were denied the "right" to vote because they had no obligation to society, as men did with the draft.

No citizen in ANY country deserves a voice in how their country is governed unless they perform a duty in the service of that country. Illegal immigrants are an easy example; why should border hoppers get to vote on matters of border protection?

Women ought be no exception to this rule of thumb.

>> No.33291070

>women shouldn't be allowed to vote
wait, are you actually serious. Poe's law is in full effect here

>> No.33291122

But women weren't ALLOWED to contribute back then. That's part of why they only ended up getting the vote in the UK after WW1, when they had to do the jobs men normally did because all the men were busy being killed.
Unless >>33291070 is right and you're just saying women in general shouldn't be able to vote, in which case you're a sexist piece of shit and an SJW enabler.

>> No.33291155

You could also interpret it as "back then voting was a privilege earned by being productive members of society. Drafting was notably very important. Women being essentially housewives and not being drafted were seen as not being worthy of the voting privilege."
Meaning it wasn't so much of fighting for a legitimate right than fighting to redefine the values of society and MAKING it a legitimate right.

>> No.33291184 [DELETED] 


Are you daft?

I literally just told you that no citizen in any country deserves a voice in how their country is governed unless they perform a duty in the service of that country.

Women are not magical special first class citizens who deserve rights without obligations.


Funny, because Christabel Pankhurst was not particularly interested in her "warwork" campaign after she secured voting rights for women, and to this day women seem quite unconcerned with accepting obligations to justify their rights.


>> No.33291205

Way to miss the point, that SHARPs, antifas, and FSU types genuinely go forth and attack or kill people for only vaguely having a difference of opinion. By comparison, suffragettes in the above picture were only ALLEGED by hearsay to have murdered one person, and no proof was offered.

>> No.33291240

And you're saying the majority of men are any different? Almost nobody in today's society is accepting any sort of obligation to their nation, because nationalism is bullshit.

>> No.33291257

So you disapprove of unemployment benefits, assisting the disabled, or helping the elderly then?

>> No.33291289

>People who don't help their nation all the fucking time don't deserve to have rights
Andrew Ryan, pls go.

>> No.33291299

You sound like the kind of guy to approve of the Starship Trooper's federation.
I'd be tempted to call you a fascist but I don't have enough evidence to back up such a claim just yet.

>> No.33291302


That literally has nothing to do with this discussion. Voting privileges are earned with the promise of military servitude. People who rescind were called draft dodgers, and were dealt with harshly.

Meanwhile, women yelled, screamed, and burned buildings, and they were given voting privileges without any accompanying responsibilities.

How is this fair? If a woman need not join the army should a draft be enacted, why should I?


Way to focus on the issue, tumblr.

The unemployed can still be drafted.

The disabled can still be put to work.

The elderly have earned their due with prior service.

Now focus, tumblr. Focus.

>> No.33291322

My country has mandatory drafting. 28% of men don't go to army (because of health reasons), Should they lose their right to vote?

>> No.33291340

Robert A. Heinlein plz go
The times of draft and levies ended nearly a century ago.

>> No.33291375


Unless there is some other sort of equivalent form of service they may render, then yes.


Then why need 18 year old men still register with the SSS on getting their driver's license? It is not enough to say it's not necessary. We're talking about laws. We are lawfully required to register.

If this is no longer the case as you say, would you try talking your way out of SSS registration? Because I don't think you'd get very far.

>> No.33291376


>Now focus, tumblr.

You're seriously misguided to think 'women deserve the right to vote' = tumblr. You're a SJW enabler.

Not to mention the draft is a totally archaic institution, based off socioeconomic factors that are long dead and gone, and unlikely to ever be needed -- so at their worst, the suffragettes were merely acting off superior modern morality and their critics weren't aware that the draft is complete and utter bullshit.

Sole exception: drafting in order to fight a strictly defensive war, which isn't pertinent to the conversation and is unlikely to be necessary.

>> No.33291410

Why in the fuck would drafting be any sort of measure for contribution to society? Only the US fights other nations consistently, and they don't exactly lack manpower. You think WWIII is around the corner or something, madman?

>> No.33291419

But what if I don't want to join the army? What if I have absolutely no military skills and no interest in killing because my country says so? We aren't all patriots, you know. I'm from the UK, but I consider myself a human before I consider myself an Englishman. My god, that sounded preachy.

>> No.33291448

>would you try talking your way out of SSS registration?
What is SSS?

>> No.33291471

Special SchutzStaffel.
For neo-nazis who want to be inclusive, but didn't get the memo on "kill the mentally disabled".

>> No.33291491

>Sole exception: drafting in order to fight a strictly defensive war, which isn't pertinent to the conversation and is unlikely to be necessary.

Explain to me how the draft, evoked in defensive measures, isn't pertinent to the conversation strictly because you say so. Because the promise of military servitude permitting the privilege of voting is exactly why men were allowed to vote. Actual fighting is not necessary. The legal promise for such is all that is required, and the rescinding of this promise during a draft is lawfully punishable.


A wholly separate issue; I am merely stating why men deserve the right to vote, and women do not, a precedence established in courts throughout American history. If women wish equal rights, then they ought be subjected to equal obligations.


Then that's tough shit for you, because you're a part of your country, not of this ethereal concept of "humanity." "Humanity" doesn't pave your roads, pay for your schools, or allow you to live in peace and quiet. Your country does.



>> No.33291504

Devil's Advocate mode enabled:

Then you'll be among the 99% of troops who will never kill anyone and who perform a role that isn't shooting people, ie. mostly motor pool and inventory most likely, ie. a normal soldier.

>> No.33291554

I did a freeform RP loosely based off Changeling: the lost where a sweet little innocent fae was seduced by a powerful wizard hoping for a plaything to enjoy. He promised to capture her heart and soul and be with her forever and ever.

She bewitched him further and further in their meetings, even as she responded in kind to his entreaties.

By the end of it, the unseelie fae forced him by their contract to literally cut out her own heart, and to merge his soul with hers, effectively making his body a puppet, his essence captured and bonded eternally.

But the most horror was from not being able to twist his way out of having to rip the heart from his beloved one's chest.

There's plenty of ways to yandere, yo.

>> No.33291574


>The legal promise for such is all that is required

So wait, actually providing a service isn't required, just a legal fiction to be invoked only in a hypothetical zombie uprising or some shit?

>> No.33291576

>a precedence established in courts throughout American history.
You say that as if the American legal system isn't absolutely laughable compared to other common law systems, not to even mention Civic law.

>Your country does.
To which people contribute with taxes, not military service. Which, hey, women pay.

>> No.33291631

Not an US citizen, don't have an equivalent.
What the fuck kind of modern country still have draft?
The one who out-military the entire fucking world by itself already?

Meanwhile, living in a civilized and modern country, I can do military service if I want to, but I don't have to.

>> No.33291644

>Then that's tough shit for you, because you're a part of your country, not of this ethereal concept of "humanity." "Humanity" doesn't pave your roads, pay for your schools, or allow you to live in peace and quiet. Your country does.
Well then fuck my country if it says I have to kill somebody else's country and somebody else's country isn't ran by, in my opinion, a crazy asshole. You know, like, say, you.

>> No.33291657 [DELETED] 


That's a magnificent marginalization of draftees everywhere Anon. Have you spat on your local Vietnam vet lately?

You continue to dance around the issue. If drafts are so unnecessary and so outdated, why is there continued legal obligation for SSS registration?

>To which people contribute with taxes, not military service. Which, hey, women pay.

This is true, but military registration is why men had the right to vote, and women did not. Taxes were a separate issue.

To this day, women have no equivalent obligation to society in exchange for this right, and men are still subjected to this obligation, which you can bet your candy ass the US government would bust out if it needed to, probability be damned.

Why do you believe this is fair?

>> No.33291693 [DELETED] 

>a precedence established in courts throughout American history
Pfft. Yeah, sure, we'll go with your system being good, Mr Everyone-Gets-Guns-Who-Cares-If-School-Shootings-Happen-Muh-Freedums.
>If drafts are so unnecessary and so outdated, why is there continued legal obligation for SSS registration?
Because your country's laws are stupid. Don't blame women for your government being ridiculous. Don't say "Women shouldn't get the vote", say "Drafting shouldn't be allowed."

>> No.33291765 [DELETED] 

Because it's been fucking DECADES and draft oughta been removed long ago.

>which you can bet your candy ass the US government would bust out if it needed to
>needed to
>US of A, needing manpower
dude, you already have the biggest military dick in the world, stop acting like it's the 19th century.

>> No.33291781 [DELETED] 

>Have you spat on your local Vietnam vet lately?

Great nonsensical hyperbole, I and almost all the men in my family are vets, and we certainly receive due compensation from the government other than voting.

>You continue to dance around the issue.

There is no issue, other than that the government dislikes giving up power its already claimed. Not to mention that if the impossible happens and a man is drafted, a man can still fight it. During Vietnam, only, what, a grand total of two draftees actually refused to swear the oath, and they were discharged without imprisonment -- and the country has advanced drastically since those dark days.

Being a soldier isn't an unpleasant duty you have to perform, its a privilege you are lucky to obtain and shouldn't be wasted on those who have to be coerced -- and you are well compensated, to the point that the military is trying to downsize as it has far too many people and probably will for the foreseeable future.

I don't care about the legal fiction of the draft, which is a glitch that will probably remain indefinitely, but voting has a slight chance, but one that exceeds zero, of coming into play.

>> No.33291791 [DELETED] 


Many draft dodgers had similar feelings. You're certainly not alone, but that does not mean there is not clear legal precedence for you being in the wrong.

Since we're talking about American law, please shut up and keep taking Muslim cock, Bongistan.

>Don't say "Women shouldn't get the vote"

I haven't been, you amazingly stupid cocksucker. I have been saying Women should not get to vote without equivalent obligations. Whether this comes from "warwork" or some other factor is irrelevant.

The fact of the matter is, you believe voting is a right that women have been historically denied. I say that voting is a privilege that men have historically earned. If women want to do something to earn that same privilege, by all means, vote. But if men are subjected to certain obligations, no matter how far fetched you may think their fulfillment be, then women should have similar ones.


I really don't need to respond to this vapid point anymore. I need only point to the continued existence of the SSS, and laugh at you.

>> No.33291809 [DELETED] 

> Mr Everyone-Gets-Guns-Who-Cares-If-School-Shootings-Happen-Muh-Freedums.

Gun free zones being magnets for shootings is hardly an indictment of gun rights people, and mental invalids are already denied the right to bear arms, so I don't see why you'd bitch.

>> No.33291914 [DELETED] 

>men are still subjected to this obligation

IN THE US! You ethnocentric warmonger.

>> No.33291953 [DELETED] 

>Gun free zones being magnets for shootings

Because switzerland is just riddled with shootings. It's as bad as Iraq, really.

>> No.33291965 [DELETED] 

Yup. The US are stuck in an outdated-by-a-century mindset and they think we're the weird ones.

>> No.33291978 [DELETED] 


Are you denying that school shootings in America have near exclusively taken place in gun free zones?

>> No.33292025 [DELETED] 

BREAKING NEWS: Some portions of Europe are preferable to some portions of the US, and vice versa.

>> No.33292046 [DELETED] 

In Finland too.

Hilariously, the main group that tries to get rid of it are the feminists.

>> No.33292074 [DELETED] 

I'm denying that matters. If none of you unstable freedom humpers had guns, there would be remarkably less shootings of any kind.

What with you lot having 12 times the violent gun crime than the entirety of Europe put together. Yearly. You don't need your fucking guns, and are definitely not the culture to have them freely. Look again, at the Swiss, the most heavily armed nation in Europe.

>> No.33292101 [DELETED] 


Americans in general are no more likely to commit violent than Europeans in general, and white Americans have about the same murder rate as Belgium, so any notion of Americans being unstable or violent is patently absurd.

>> No.33292125 [DELETED] 

>If none of you unstable freedom humpers had guns, there would be remarkably less shootings of any kind.

Is that so?

>> No.33292228 [DELETED] 

>policing a thread on page 8 that's past its bump limit

The day may come that mods are not fags, but it is not this day.

>> No.33292880

>What the fuck kind of modern country still have draft?
Norway has, and we're the richest and smugest motherfuckers around.
Then again, our one year of military service is pretty much just camping in the snow with guns and pizza.

>> No.33293526

I suppose he's within his rights to remove kebab from the group then

>> No.33293796

The fuzzy, the weaboo and the fa/tg/uy.

The fa/tg/uy is there to actually play the game
The weaboo is there to make the game entertaining
The fuzzy is there to indulge my sadism

>> No.33294365


I can attest to this. And not even in a campaign setting, just regular old hanging out and doing crap. Said female ruined it by being an attention whore.

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