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Rolled 14

I'm having another dream again.

There's a young girl standing on at the intersection of a busy street. She's trying to get the attention of anyone who could give her direction. The people continue to walk by her, like she's not even standing there. She has started to get desperate at this point; she's started to tap on the windows of the drivers who have stopped at the crosswalk. They continue to ignore her, nearly running her over a few times as they run through the crosswalk while she's standing there. It's almost as if she's invisible to everybody. I wonder what that feels like?

She looks like she's finally given up, she's not even bothering to ask the strangers who pass by her for help anymore. She begins aimlessly wandering through the town. The pedestrians seem to evaporate around her; leaving her alone on the streets with only the occasional vehicle passing by. She arrives at a construction site that has torn up the road and the sidewalks. With seemingly no way to progress or go around it. I think she just wanted to go home, but I'm not sure if she actually has one.

That girl, I wonder where she wanted to go?


I am Masami Itsukuma, I'm a first year student at my junior high school and I..

I think I'm confused, to say the least.


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mom stop sending us dreams symbolic of your past, you are not a heroic spirit

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a ghost?

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If we meet with the other boss, we need to ask him why he's bothering with monsters when he could pay for some professional kidnappers or something.

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For one, my entire head hurts a whole lot. The spinning has come to the point where it feels like my whole body is moving completely on its own. Like I'm being swept away.

Wait, I am moving, and it does feel like I'm being swept away.

My eyes open slowly to reveal that I'm, floating. Or something.

"Ah! She's awake!" Aiko happily chirps.

Someone slowly starts to set me down on my feet.

"You gave me quite a scare, falling over like that." Ryouta says as he finishes setting me back down. "Can you stand?"
"Yes. Yes I think I can." My feet slowly stagger beneath me. Aiko is supporting me on her shoulder.

I need to have answers to these questions, they'll drive me insane if I don't know what my life is even about right this instant!
"Listen, about what you told me, Ho-"

The bell rings, cutting me off

"No no, no time for it right now" Ryouta says, "We can discuss this after school.", He says as he turns and starts to leave.
He quickly turns around, as if he was about to forget something,
"One other thing" he adds, "I want you to start walking home and to school with someone else until this blows over, is that okay with you?"

>I don't know.

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Yes. Who would you suggest though?

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>I was going to ask that myself. At least until I can talk to my mom.

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What was she about to say here? We're allowed to know what our character was about to say, I think.

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Can always rotate between different people - Ryouta and Aiko would at least be up to the task I imagine.

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Well sure, but it seems like something we would ask since we have no friends (yet)

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Yes, I don't live too far away. I'm sorry to be so much trouble.

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Err, Uh.

"Yes! I was wanting to ask that actually, who did you have in mind?"

He turns back for a second, "I don't know yet, I don't know where you live. I'll think of someone that lives near you that can help."

He then turns back around just in time to be stopped by the glaring, cold eyes from his sister, Maeda.

"You ate my bento." Mae says to Ryouta, eyes unmoving. "You ate ALL MY BENTO, NOT EVEN A PART OF IT, ALL OF IT."
Ryouta turns back to me, "I'll see you later, after school, meet us in the gar-ACKGHN"

His ear is used as a very convienent leash as he's dragged away by his sister to their next class.

Aiko follows beside me until we get to our class,

"Listen, Masami" she says, that soothing tone entering her voice, "If you need me, I'm in the class ahead of you, same section. I can leave class at any time to help you."
"Please come talk to us after school, it's probably not safe to be alone for the time being."

With that, she walks down the hallway, making a left into another classroom.

I walk in and sit down at my seat. I just want to fall asleep at this point.


This class is boring, the teacher is rambling, there's only a few minutes before class ends. I like being bored as opposed to being confused and scared, but it's not much of an improvement.

Maybe I should do these things:

>Think of questions you would like to ask the student council
>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom
>Think of people I would like to walk me home.

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>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom

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>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom

>> No.33276574

>Think of people I would like to walk me home.
Aiko, hopefully she lives close enough to us.

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>Think of questions you would like to ask the student council

I don't think we need to think of questions for mom. Just telling her about our day, asking her for card magics, and the obvious "Why are you doing these things???" should work.

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>>Think of questions you would like to ask the student council
>>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom
Gotta get that background info as to what is going on

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Ask the student council how many people with magic there are. And what their powers are.

Ask mom for card lessons, why Fortune is attacking kids, and if we can meet the other boss with her there to protect us to ask him questions too.

We want anyone whose name we know to walk us home. Aiko preferred.

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>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom

>> No.33276705

These are good.

Ask Mom why Fortune wants us so badly. If we're going to get dragged into this inevitably, might as well learn the truth.

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>Think of questions I would like to ask Mom
These are all good.

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Nth-ing these.

>> No.33276771

>>Think of questions you would like to ask the student council
If they call me Priestess, do they call you a weird name too? What are they?

>> No.33276867

Ask mom whether other boss's power is making scary mask men.

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What should I even ask Mom now? Do I even know who she is?

I want to think she cares about me, that she is the person that cares the most in the world how I feel.
Yet, I can't stop thinking of why, how, and why. Why does she leave me in the dark when she knows that my life could be in danger?
If she isn't even in control of her own life, how can she possibly protect mine?

A lull in the conversation in the classroom grabs my attention, this really isn't the best time to be worrying about things I can't control. I need to ask Mom about why she has decided to hold out on me this whole time. I need to find out why she felt that she could hide me from this 'magic'.

The student council seems to be the only one I can really ask for help, but can I trust them? How do I know they're not merely leading me on for whatever reason? They don't seem like very professional students.
I could show up at their meeting place later and see a big sign that says 'FOOLED YOU!' and then have them all laugh at me.
I'm not sure if that would be preferable or not.
I wonder if they have any strange names too, like the one I have.

"That's all for today", the teacher erases some stuff from the chalkboard that I wasn't paying any attention to. Most of this seems kind of, easy to me, for some reason. I'm certain I haven't seen it before, though.
"Tomorrow we'll finish up this chapter and move on to blah blah hhmmnhnnhnnnrnrnr"
I can't focus on her voice for more than a minute, it seems.


I check to make sure I have everything, and step out into the hallway, students crowding around everywhere, chatting, making noise, it's enough to make my head hurt.
Furthermore, what do I even do next?

>Go to the student council right away
Or I could walk around school some, maybe I should go to
>The theatre, see if Aiko is there
>The tracks, see if Ken is there
>The club rooms, maybe I should think about joining one of them

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>The theatre, see if Aiko is there

>> No.33277161

>Go to the student council right away

I don't see any reason to walk around when they're probably waiting for us. It'll scare them.

And we should probably start thinking about what sort of powers we want before we get prompted. Iirc we can basically pick whatever.

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>>Go to the student council right away

>> No.33277187

teleportation? I like teleportation.

>> No.33277241

That works, great for running away!. Shadow or Light powers might be nice too. Those are powerful concepts that we could use offensively.

Courage to stop crying so much.. haha, no one wants this.

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Go to the student council right away. Walking around aimlessly sounds like a bad idea.

>for running away
>my face when

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A power? You want a power? Okay here goes.

The Power of Truth.

>> No.33277355

Don't be late like I was, Masami~
>Go to the student council right away

If we're getting powers, I cast my vote for telekinesis

Telekinesis kicks ass

>> No.33277373

>Go to the student council right away

>> No.33277401

Also one I had considered, but I figure putting people under a truth-telling compulsion might piss them off. A lot.

Perhaps if we shifted it toward the power to divine the truth? Divination is super cool and far less upsetting.

>> No.33277423

how about the telecluster: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation?

>> No.33277443

Not even Love or Friendship? Is that even allowed?

>> No.33277445

>telekinesis, and teleportation?
We might be able to get both of these at once with Movement.

>> No.33277448


And can we in the end stab our enemies with the truth to reveal their true nature?

>> No.33277463

Or trust?

>> No.33277473


Let's be honest. Our chara doesn't like having stuff kept away. It would fit the most.

>> No.33277475

If that's an option, then yes

I'd rather shy away from teleportation, though
it just seems kinda easymode to me, yanno?
too easy to exploit or somethin'
weird game mechanics and stuff

we could use telekinesis to stab people with a sword named 'Truth'
does that count?

friendship seems to Nanoha-y
If we're goin' full Nanoha, we need a Fate-tier waifu
pretty eyes and everything

>> No.33277528

Teleportation is not the most hax power that could be possible at least. Especially if given interesting limitations.

>> No.33277529


>> No.33277532

>it just seems kinda easymode to me, yanno?
Our enemies have unknown magic powers. Fuck 'em.

>> No.33277603


I like teleportation as kind of a high level thing
like, when you're so badass that you don't even have to walk places anymore

But I'd rather our 'main' power (assuming that's the system we're even using) to be something more generally useful and applicable to multiple situations

Transmutation could also be awesome
but I haven't ever really seen telekinesis as the focus of a character's powers, even though moving stuff with your mind is wicked awesome

>> No.33277613

>And we should probably start thinking about what sort of powers we want before we get prompted.
I'd kind of like to see murder powers. Activate them and the enemy just dies. Neither the setting nor the character seems geared for playing Magical Girl Death Note, though.

>> No.33277644

No, no, I shouldn't spend too much time wandering around. They might get worried that I got lost or something and form a search party. I need to just get straight to the garden at the center of the school.

In fact, I see Aiko walking that way right now, she's pretty far ahead of me, but I think I can just follow her all the way there.


I walk across the grassy field that mats the extremely spacious courtyard. It's warm out, an excellent spring day for enjoying the outdoors.

And here I am, nervously approaching the gazebo in the center of the yard. Inside several familiar faces sit, chatting amongst themselves.
I don't see any banners or signs yet calling me an idiot, so I suppose I'm safe thus far.

Otherwise, the courtyard is practically empty, some students pass by on the sidewalks, but are otherwise quick to leave the area. It seems like everyone knows who meets here and has a silent understanding of their privacy. Which I find impressive for a collection of glorified hall monitors.


>> No.33277649

>Magic word death
That isn't very cute anon. See hope and forgiveness.

>> No.33277674

Jedi? I'm pretty sure that was telekinesis focused.

Anyways, transmutation might work as well. I'd back that.

>> No.33277689

>But I'd rather our 'main' power (assuming that's the system we're even using) to be something more generally useful and applicable to multiple situations
That's why I think Movement is a particularly useful first card. It has a ton of applications from the simple (moving faster) to telekinesis and teleportation at high levels.

>> No.33277693


>> No.33277711


I approve, but I have the following stipulations:
>they have to be called 'Murder powers'
>everyone has to be really creeped out by them
>animals need to be freaked out at our very presence
>we need to start wearing clothes with a skull motif and listening to metal and otherwise being super grimoe
>our dark magical girl counterpart needs to be a happy-go-lucky good girl who shows us the light

nah, Jedi are always more based on sensing stuff, aren't they?
I wanna throw stuff at people with our mind

>> No.33277784

>I wanna throw stuff at people with our mind
Read A Certain Academic City quest. Main character has TK powers.

>> No.33277818

Guys, forget about looking for the biggest bang for your power word. Think about or poor MC. WHat would she want?

>> No.33277845

Tear production level 4

>> No.33277868

The ability to not be scared and confused. We have several methods of getting there.

And remember that we can get more cards somehow. No need to get salty if your pick doesn't win.

>> No.33277870

family ;-;

>> No.33277874


well, in that case, let's go with MURDER powers

she clearly wants to SCOURGE AND PURGE the heresy all around her

>> No.33277882


TK Powers are Booooooooring. You heard me.

Don't make me suggest power over memories instead.

>> No.33277905


Anything but that

Let's go full Nanoha!


>> No.33277918

Powerword: normal.

Makes all kinda crazy shit just stop, because it ain't right.

>> No.33277936

i'd say something like "bubble aura"
could act either as a shield, a prison or/and a projectile

>> No.33277940

... Holy shit, you've found the perfect power for her. WEIRDNESS STOP!!!

>> No.33277988

>Let's go full Nanoha!
I can't see our character going Nanoha. We don't have the right upbringing.

>> No.33277992

Her mommy?

>> No.33278014

>We don't have the right upbringing.
Or any upbringing.

>> No.33278026

we don't really have *any* upbringing, though

>inb4 our mother is full-blown Precia Testarossa and we're the Fate of this world

>I hope Aiko is our Nanoha, then

>> No.33278040

Power word mommy?
I have no idea what that will do.

>> No.33278055

Summon mommy, obviously.

You know, that's probably the most powerful power we could get.

>> No.33278064

Thats why some girls get possessed when they transform.

>> No.33278092

And how.

>> No.33278131

We show up to school tomorrow and the Guardians ask what our mom taught us about the cards

We reply that we learned to summon mommy

They never let us live it down.

>> No.33278187

I hear a voice speak up as I get near.

"Masami! It's good to see you! Have a seat and we can talk about all this together." Ryouta says, he kicks a chair out on the opposite side of the table they're sitting on.

Around the table sit every familiar face I've seen so far, Maeda, Ryouta, Aoki, and there's one other person sitting with her hands on the table, fumbling with her fingernails. Her blonde twintails slumped onto the table.

I pull out the chair and sit down, I should at least try to be polite even if I'm not entirely trusting.

"Masami, sorry about keeping you after school, we would have more of the council here, but they're busy with club recruitment at the beginning of the semester." He says, leaning back in his chair.
"In the meantime, there's someone else who would like to meet you."

The girl who I didn't recognize reaches over to me.
On closer inspection, she doesn't seem very energetic right now. She looks absolutely tired in a way. Her hand wavers and her elbow has to support itself on the table as she reaches over.
"Hi, I'm Kaori Katashi. You can just call me Kaori like everyone else does" She says, putting on a very tired smile.
As she strains to smile, I can vaguely see light bags under her eyes strain with it. I wonder what has been stressing her out?

>Ask something before we start with the real questions?


>What are some questions you wanted to ask?

>> No.33278248

>>Ask something before we start with the real questions?
Um, are you sick? You look terrible.

>What are some questions you wanted to ask?
Do they have weird names too? How many people with magic are there? What are their powers if they don't mind saying? Do they have any questions for mom?

>> No.33278253

Are you okay? You seem tired.

>> No.33278297

>Ask something before we start with the real questions?
"are you ok?"
>What are some questions you wanted to ask?
maybe ask for more details about that whole magic thing..

>> No.33278406

Is ALL of the student council magical? Do you actually have to win elections or is this an automatic thing?

>> No.33278471

Do you know why my mom, Empress, would be old friends with the principal? Who is the principal?

>> No.33278472

Don't really have any questions.

>> No.33278539

>>What are some questions you wanted to ask?
How many magic users are there? What is fortune and what do they want? What is our role in all of this?

>> No.33278655

>What is fortune and what do they want? What is our role in all of this?
We already earned an exposition dump that answered these.

They know Fortune attacks them for Fortune knows what reason and their parents fought what they assume is a great evil that they won't tell their kids anything about.

>> No.33278813

"Are you okay, Kaori? You seem kind of tired."
She smiles bigger, her posture tenses up some.
"It's fine, I've just been very busy. With all the work I've been getting since the semester started, I didn't get much sleep last night."
Oh, okay.

"Um, how big is the student council? Are you all... 'magic'?"
Ryouta smiles a bit, leans back
"No no, not everyone. The student council for this school is actually rather large."

Okay, at least it's good to know that there are normal people I can talk to.
Actually, I wonder if they know anything about this?

"Is this sort of thing, a secret?"
Aiko responds this time, "We try to keep it that way, it's best if other people don't know personal things like your abilities. That sort of thing is something that's best left to yourself."

That answers my other question, 'what is your abilities', That would be kind of rude to ask after knowing that.

"Do you have any special names of any kind that you've been called? I keep being called 'Priestess'"
Ryouta looks over the table a bit, "We were just discussing that actually, we have never heard of someone having a special name that the soldiers call us by, you seem to be the only one."

'soldiers', I keep hearing that word.

"One last thing, why are they called 'soldiers'?" It seems obvious, but there has to be a more intrinsic reason why, do they call themselves that? Or... Wait.
Ryouta grins, "Heh, I'm glad you asked that question. I'm pretty proud of the name, myself."

Wait, you named them?

"Truthfully, they never really referred to themselves as anything. It's rare that any of them actually speak, so I started calling them a name just so they weren't known as 'magic people who occasionally try to ruin our day'." Ryouta sits back and grins, Aiko looks kind of bored and Maeda looks increasingly irritated.

>> No.33278833

So, they're 'soldiers', and they work for 'Fortune'. So that makes them, no, wait, that's too corny, there's no way-

"Eventually, the name stuck, so to this day, they are known to us as"
His voice lifts into a dramatic hum.
"The soldiers of Fortune!"

Oh my god that is so unbelievabl-
"That is so corny, even to this day." Maeda interrupts, taking a sip of tea as she does. "Someday I'm going to find a proper name for them and we're never going to speak of this again."

>Okay, now down to business, what do you want to ask about your school life and maybe magic from here on?

>> No.33278929

Um, do you have any questions for me? I'm kind of lost here. And I can ask my mom what the soldiers are called if you want, she works there so she probably knows maybe?

>> No.33278958

>Do you think I'm going to have to kill my mom by the time this is done?

>> No.33279014

I'm assuming >>33278929 is the response everyone wants?

If so, I'll start writing and add more questions as people think of them.

>> No.33279025

Anything special we should know about the school? Are clubs required?

>> No.33279047

I asked to learn how to defend myself before, is that still on the table?

>> No.33279070

>implying she'd even consider it.

>> No.33279074

Are lessons always this boring?

>> No.33279111

>tfw just waiting for mom to show up again for the past two threads
Our school-mates are...ehhhh...

>> No.33279123

"Am I a wizard?"

more seriously, is there anything besides crazy magic dudes that we need to look out for?
Are our powers gonna come to us in a dangerous 'die or fly' kind of situation, or are they gonna manifest in some sort of crazy explosion or something?
Do we actually have any magic at all?
How do we use the card?
Is this like Yu-gi-oh or something? Should we watch that show? We're kind of a newborn

>> No.33279128

The person we're calling our mother is incredibly suspicious, and we have *even more* reason to be suspicious of her now than we did at the start of the quest, where everybody was incredibly suspicious of her.

>> No.33279164

I like them. They're fun.

We have SOME more reason, but it's far more likely that she's married to her work and had no idea this was going on.

>> No.33279173

I disagree. She's shown herself to be more than trustworthy and nice in every situation so far, including on the phone when we have every reason to believe she had no idea we were listening.

>> No.33279193

but she seems like such a nice lady!

>when she beats us for our failures and Not!Nanoha saves us, I want it to be us that kills her

Like Darth Vader and the Emperor, yanno?

Also, I'm now convinced that we're the dark magical girl/bad guy here

>> No.33279213

>Are our powers gonna come to us in a dangerous 'die or fly' kind of situation, or are they gonna manifest in some sort of crazy explosion or something?
>Do we actually have any magic at all?
>How do we use the card?
>Is this like Yu-gi-oh or something? Should we watch that show? We're kind of a newborn
Fuck all of these questions. You suck.

> is there anything besides crazy magic dudes that we need to look out for?
This one is good.

>> No.33279275

how does he knows the soldiers were sent by fortune? if these armor things and the face we saw really are the same thing, our mom seemed pretty serious/worried about them too...

>> No.33279299

Whoa, hey, ease up there buddy

no need to be mean-spirited

after all

I love you for who you are
a good person
with a good heart
and a nice smile
but your posture could use some work

>> No.33279329

I think that was discussed in the last thread

I don't really remember

it was kind of a wall of text and backstory and it's all a blur

>> No.33279346

>it was kind of a wall of text and backstory and it's all a blur

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done it that way.

Actually NOW would have been the perfect time to deliver the second part of that wall of text.

>> No.33279350


Most of those are questions we should be asking mom. It's not that they're bad; this just isn't the place.

>> No.33279416


Don't worry about it, OP
I have ADHD, and I wasn't on my meds that day 'cause I was sick
It was probably just me

Good point, anon
curiosity would be best directed at the lady who knows stuff and hugs us~

>> No.33279418

>how does he knows the soldiers were sent by fortune?
This is a really good question that wasn't answered in the wall of text. He just said they found out somehow iirc.

>He sits back down next to me, "What we did learn eventually, is that they were sent by Fortune. We never understood why or what they wanted. Or even how they were able to make the goons in the first place."

Yeah, it was poorly paced. You could have our character not remember it perfectly as an excuse to repeat parts of it if you want.

>> No.33279716

"Can you tell me again about why we are all this way? You said our parents fought some kind of battle?"

Ryouta sits up straight, his voice taking an apologetic tone.
"Right, I wanted to say sorry for laying all of that on you so thick before. I know it's a lot to take in."

He looks away, "Our parents, from what I can gather, simply woke up one day with their abilities. I've never found out what the connection between them has ever been aside from growing up in the same town."
"Have you ever had the feeling like forces were at work that were too great to even understand?"

You mean like right now?

"Our parents became part of a conflict that was so massive, that the conflict itself failed to notice them. Instead they went on with their lives, fighting the occasional invader that threatened their lives."
Maeda finishes for him, "Really, it's kind of like how things used to be for us. We never knew why they were acting against us, or what their purpose even was. The best we ever found out about it, is that they were 'following orders'."
Orders? from who? Fortune?

"How do you know that it's Fortune doing this?" This I need to know.

Kaori speaks up, "I can answer that" she says

She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a deck of, what looks like, playing cards?

"Try cutting the deck." She asks


>> No.33279884

>divination user
Fuck. Yes.

>> No.33279901

I grab the deck at about halfway, and lift the cards on top off.

"There's a kind of, side effect, with my ability. When I first met Maeda and Ryouta, I didn't really understand what was so special about it. Once I found out why it was important, I helped them track down where they were coming from, using this ability."

She reaches onto the top of the deck, and pulls a card off, showing it to me. The three of diamonds.

Her hand turns the card and looks at it, and gulps suddenly. What is that supposed to mean?

She takes the deck from me and shuffles the card back in.

"It's the closest we have ever come to finding out what their purpose is. We looked up some information some time ago about their mission statement from leaked documents about their business. Apparently, they promised to deliver great and mysterious things to their shareholders at one point." She puts the deck back in its box.


>> No.33280096

seems shady

>> No.33280141

The shareholder report? It's about what I expect a company that studies magic to tell their investors.

Tired girl isn't telling us much about her ability because they're going to be discussing it after we leave. Remember to attempt eavesdropping.

>> No.33280169

We can't eavesdrop. They're sending us home with an escort.

>> No.33280170

"What did that card mean exactly?" I ask, I'm worried about that reaction.
"It's nothing, really. The problem with my ability is that it's not very consistent. It depends on too many things to be very accurate most of the time. It may have been a reference to me or anyone else sitting at this table." She finishes, and looks almost winded from her explanation.

I have no reason to doubt her, certainly not the most crazy power that I've seen all day.

There's something terrible happening if Fortune really is involved, my mother is the CEO right? So is she ordering all this to happen? Maybe, maybe they would know the answer.

"Do you..." I have to ask the question, I know it's a terrible thing to even think, as it's the one place of solitude and safety in my life

But I have to know

"Do you think I can trust my mother anymore?", the sentence ending with a distinctively girly squeak. Within an instant, Aiko has her arms wrapped around me again.
And the tears are flowing.

The other members sit and stare. Some of them look back and forth to one another.


>> No.33280230

>"Do you think I can trust my mother anymore?",
Haha, wow. This is what thinking about mother gets us. Masami is so fucked up.

>> No.33280309

Aiko a best~

I kinda want hugs from Kaori, too, though

Kaori sounds cute

>> No.33280543

Ryouta breaks the silence, "Empress, I never heard of an 'Empress' before that works there."
Maeda is quick to respond, "Wait, what is your mother's full name again?"

"Itsukuma Izumi"

She takes out her phone, starts scrolling through something on it. And then shows it to Ryouta.
"You know, on some of the first documents the company filed, there is an 'Izumi' listed. But she has no surname, I wonder if that's a coincidence."
Probably not.
"That name, it seems to disappear as their filings get newer. The last document that had that name on it was, eight years ago."

So she doesn't work there anymore? What?

The guards and everyone recognized her as being their boss. So why would they just act like she wasn't a part of their organization?

I can't take this anymore.

"I-I just want to go home now." I meekly reply.

Ryouta looks solemn for a moment, and then stands up along with Aiko.
"You've had a hard day, please go home and rest. Leave everything else to us, okay?" Aiko says
Ryouta adds to her sentiments, "True, furthermore it isn't your job to think about any of this stuff. Leave everything to us, and remember, you are not alone in all of this."

He looks to Aiko, "Can you walk her home? I was wanting to discuss some more things with Kaori before I left.", he moves some papers around from his backpack.

Aiko happily responds, and together we slowly walk from the gazebo.

>Is there anything else you want to do?


>roll 1d20, best of 3

>> No.33280567

Rolled 12

Not really anything I want to do. Just need to ask mom about things now.

There's NO way our enrollment at this specific school was a coincidence after all.

>> No.33280583

Rolled 16

Time for another 1.

>> No.33280593

Rolled 6

Thank Aiko again.

>> No.33280600

Rolled 12

>Is there anything else you want to do?

>> No.33280605

Come on 20

>> No.33280625

Ask about Aiko's parents while we walk.

>> No.33280629

>16, nice!


>> No.33280652

And her sister too, she mentioned a sister.

>> No.33280688

I agree with this fellow


it needs more hugging

>> No.33280748

>Is there anything else you want to do?
I kind of want to attack the gazebo, but other than that, no. Carry on.

>> No.33280755

>There's NO way our enrollment at this specific school was a coincidence after all.
It actually could easily be one. It's the closest school to Fortune HQ.

Which begs the question of why Fortune HQ is here, but still. That might not be mom's fault.

>> No.33281023

"Um, Aiko."
"Thank you for taking care of me today, I know it must be hard taking care of someone who is just breaking apart like I am. I feel really bad about being such a burden."
She hugs onto my back and lays her head onto my shoulder
"I would rather have a hundred of you than a single little bratty sister." She says, sighing a bit.

"What is your family like? You talk about your sister a bunch."
She grimaces a bit, "My sister is a little jerk, I don't know where she gets it from. She's ordering my mom around, she doesn't take no for an answer. I don't think I was like that, so why is she that way?"

She continues, "I think I got my abilities from my father, he works as stunt double now and isn't home very much. I think he abuses his abilities at his job, but no one can prove anything."
A visible smile creeps across her face.
"I love my mother quite a bit, but she's had a lot to put up with. She still scolds me when I mention that I got my Dad's abilities. I think she's worried that I'm going to turn out to be just like him."

Having a father, I wonder how that's like?

Suddenly, I hear a crash coming from the Theatre.

Aiko hears it too, she picks up her pace as she runs to the front door of the theatre with me following close behind.

On the stage, with the lights illuminating everything on it, is

A glowing card

Floating above the other set of armor that was laid out on stage, as the armor assembles, piece by piece, around it.


>> No.33281087

It's time

>> No.33281112

Time to be the thing in the title!

>> No.33281136

Go fetch that card for me and let's mosey on home, Aiko.

Her family sounds pretty cool. I bet her sis would order Masami around and we'd go into sassy mode. Remember sassy mode?

>> No.33281205

"What's that card doing there?" I whisper to Aiko

"What..card?" Aiko asks

She doesn't see it? It's glowing a bright, golden color. How can she not see it? She saw the card that I was holding earlier.

Something is different about this card, there's some kind of mark written across one face of it. An odd marking that doesn't look like a picture or a character. Its written in black along the front of the card, the other side looks completely clean.

Aiko shushes me and tells me to hide behind the back stands.
"Just wait here, okay? I'm going to sneak up on it before it finishes forming."

She makes her way to the front of the theatre, slowly.

The pieces are still bobbing and weaving around each other. Each piece snaps into a position, one at a time. Aiko is almost at the stage, I can see her hand glowly slightly as she approaches.


>> No.33281298

Not-Dad doesn't have good recon, apparently. Sucks to be him.

>> No.33281320

I feel this image is appropriate, somehow



It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL (or something)

>> No.33281419

we should try to snatch that card...

>> No.33281446

Or we could go with the classic HENSHIN!

>> No.33281472

>golden glow
>black mark
We don't want that card. We don't know where it's been.

>> No.33281498

what about GATTAI!

I bet Aiko'd be up for it

>> No.33281514

Ask mom what she used and use that. Tradition!

>> No.33281520

The Friendship Fusion is a union of souls, not a ladder!

>> No.33281559

since i read devi navi i can't see "henshin" without thinking about...

>> No.33281564


The armor snaps together with a bang!

Within an instant, Aiko is on the stage, her fist winding up to deliver the first blow

The monster
Melts? Into the stage?
I'm certain I just saw that correctly, what was once physical armor and metal, has become one with the wooden floor of the stage, ripples move across the stage as it


She tumbles and falls over herself onto the stage. Within an instant she's back on her feet faster than I can even blink, I wonder how she does that?

The deep, omnious voice looms through the theatre. "Sucker punched when I least expected it, sorry to disappoint, but there's only so many times today that trick will work for you."

Aiko looks determined, but she's clearly been hit hard, she's holding her left arm while struggling to maintain composure.

>Go get someone!
>Keep hiding, like she told you to
>Attack him! He won't see me coming!

>> No.33281565

Of course not, we need to purify it first.

>> No.33281612

>>Go get someone! To the council room!

She's keeping it occupied. No need to be hero before we get mom to explain things.

>> No.33281617

[insert attack here]


>> No.33281656

time to shine

>> No.33281701

Yeah, nah. That's going to work because it doesn't want to upset us, not because we're awesome in any way. Yet.

>> No.33281702


>> No.33281716


>> No.33281723


>> No.33281750


the fact that you're probably right makes me kinda sad

>> No.33281778

>>Keep hiding, like she told you to
Ready the card. Aiko gets one last shot to win this.

>> No.33281805


>> No.33281820

I'm not saying there won't be awesome, just that it won't be us unless we're super lucky. Yelling attracts attention and we're probably still within earshot of any number of magic people.

>> No.33281847


>> No.33281875

I'm just excited
it seems like we've been talking about cool stuff for awhile now

I just want cool stuff to happen, yanno?

>> No.33281952

Aiko, bends down? Is she falling?

No, she's making a grab for something on the stage. She fumbles a bit with whatever she is trying to grab a hold of.

But then the monster notices her vulnerability, and delivers a swift kick straight to her chest. She falls over backwards onto the stage.

"NO, N-"

I can't talk, my voice has welded itself shut. The lights in the theatre have become a cluster of barely-visible stars. The stage starts to dim slightly as more stars enter my field of vision.

Tears are streaming down my face, Aiko is laying on the stage.
The closest thing I have had to a sister is currently motionless on stage.

My voice finally finds its resolve, it can't fuse together here, it has to say something, anything. It definitely finds the right thing to say right now.



>> No.33282038

I kind of expected something more like "Stop, meanie!" or "Stop, soldier!" What are we telling Aiko to stop? Losing? Or are "stop" and "Aiko" separate exclamations?

>> No.33282073

The monster turns its metal helmet that it is using as a substitute for a head, and looks toward me.

"Priestess." he says, with the softness to be barely heard but with newly found resolve in his voice.

He melts into the stage again. The aisle that I'm standing in
-Is moving?!

He springs up behind me, standing between me and the front door.

"Priestess, you've made my day very difficult indeed. If you just come along with me, I can ensure the safety of your friend on stage."

Aiko is apparently not done yet, she appears in front of me and outstretches her arms to shield me.

"And you should know better than to block the aisles, little lady."
He tries to push her out of the way, but I grab her by the waist and pull her just out of arms reach of him.

She trips over my feet and we both fall backwards into the aisle.


>> No.33282074

We're so panicked that we skipped a word. This is panic taken to the next level on a naturally skittish character, it's amazing we got anything out.

>> No.33282124

Now is the time to surrender and demand mom's presence.

>> No.33282140

I disagree. Now is the time to unlock the hidden power sealed away in that card we have somewhere.

>> No.33282180

Why? We haven't done anything directly to antagonize this guy so far. We're going to want to meet the second boss eventually if only to figure out what the hell he wants.

>> No.33282211

I think the problem anon is worried about is /leaving/ the second boss when we want to.

>> No.33282227

>this guy is sassing us
>and beating up our comrade, who also happens to be best girl

Kali-ma and all that

>> No.33282238

That's why we demand mom's presence. This isn't hard.

>> No.33282267

I stand up immediately. This thing slowly approaches the both of us.
Hand still outstretched
Claws still visible.

As he gets closer, in the dimmed darkness of the theatre.
I'm noticing that my pocket
-is glowing?

I put my hand in my pocket and notice that the only thing in is the card. I take it out and notice that it is shining brilliantly in his presence. The same comforting, warm light is embracing me as I hold it.
He takes pause at this, looking the both of us over as his hand rests at his side.
He cuts to the points after seeing this for a moment, "Forget it, I'll just take both of you back and we can sort this all out later."


"Say again, Priestess?"



The card's glow is feeling more vibrant and soothing.


It feels as if I could just jump inside of it and be right at home.


I wonder if it feels the same way about me?



>> No.33282272

and what if he says no? What are we going to do in the middle of the enemy stronghold?

>> No.33282305

The enemy stronghold that is also our mom's stronghold? Wait for her to rescue us, duh. What are they going to do, keep our location secret from her? She'll jump right to them being responsible and be on the warpath.

>> No.33282334

I think this line of discussion is now pointless considering we got the magic now (hopefully)

>> No.33282370

Here it comes

>> No.33282449

Eh, it'll come up again. I just don't want to piss this guy off too much because he has midseason villain that will be befriended all over him. We've still got a mysterious war that our parents fought to deal with eventually, after all.

But this is cool too.

>> No.33282462






*card pun*!

I'm spent

>> No.33282544




>> No.33282583

based anon

i wuv you

>> No.33282652


The theatre is glowing bright, every space, every corner, every aisle, is filled with the golden light.

The monster is stepping away, gaunleted hands covering his face, he can't take the presence it seems.

He can't seem to take the soothing presence, the gold aura that has overtaken the room and everything in it. He slowly backs away further
As time
Seems to slow


There's a window in front of me, made of the most finely decorated, elegant crystal and ornate silver. The largest, most elaborate window that I have ever seen.

On one side, is the theatre, a bright light, an injured girl, and an armored man. Seemingly frozen in eternity.

On the other side, is me.

I have no idea where I am, or at what perspective this view is from. The room on my side of the window is completely dark, not even the warm light that illuminates the theatre can pierce this darkness.

I can feel the bodyheat of someone standing next to me, they have long hair that smells like freshly picked mint.

And she's holding my hand.

>Who are you?
>What's happening?
>No! Aiko!

>> No.33282694

Save Aiko

>> No.33282710

>Who are you?

I would say No! Aiko! but we were just in the middle of a shitload of soothing light.

>> No.33282764

"Are you me?"

>> No.33282771

>freshly picked mint.

>> No.33282806



>> No.33282842

>Who are you?

>> No.33282871

>Who are you?

Seems like an important question since it doesn't seem like Aiko is in immediate danger.

>> No.33282877

Chill. There's a timestop. We have all the time we need to talk to our new friend who will save our other friend.

>> No.33282882

>Who are you?

>> No.33282938

>>Who are you?

>> No.33282964

I forget Masami isn't a berserker
at least, not yet

>> No.33283031

Please no. Let's not go too far.

>> No.33283058

Never, I hope. All the cool magical girls go serene when in full combat mode.

>> No.33283069

But I don't want to be Berzerker. Can't we be Caster instead?

>> No.33283085

The girl's grip on my hand tightens. Who is this? Where am I?

"You must really love your friends, don't you?" she says, I can feel her head resting on my shoulder. A sigh leaves her breath.
"Aiko, she reminds me of my Mom in a lot of ways. I'm so lucky to have found someone like her."

"You remind me so much of her, of what little I can remember." She responds
A slight sigh leaves her again, is.. is she crying?
If she's a crybaby, then,

"Who are you?" I ask, I'm skeptical about all of this,
"Are you me?"

A giggle interrupts her sobbing. She sniffles a time or two.

"Tell me, why did you decide to come here when your Mommy didn't want you to?"

Pick all that apply
>She did?
>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe
>I want to enjoy life
>I really wanted to fight

>> No.33283105

I wanna cast the spells, too!
but we haven't shown any aptitude for that yet

ya gotta make due with what you've got

>> No.33283119

>I want to be safe
>I want to enjoy life

>> No.33283129

>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe

>> No.33283134

>She did?
>I want to protect my friends

>> No.33283138

>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe

>> No.33283141

I wanted to protect my friends, Mom, everyone

>> No.33283156

Enjoying life, while important, is not a reason to get magic powers. Not a respectable reason, anyway. Once we've got them we can enjoy them all we want.

>> No.33283157

>>She did?
>>I want to protect my friends

>> No.33283165

>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe

>> No.33283176


>I want to protect my friends
>I don't want to be helpless anymore

>> No.33283179

>She did?
>I want to protect my friends

>> No.33283214

Hey guys

If you were a magical girl, What kind of magical girl outfit would you like?

>> No.33283216

I personally find most of those reasons pretty shitty but whatever, story.

>> No.33283225

>If she's a crybaby, then,
>"Are you me?"
My sides.

>> No.33283244

What do you consider a good reason, then? I'm genuinely interested.

>> No.33283253

maximum frills, then buffed with 50% more frills.

>> No.33283256

Stylized armor. Magic Knights a best.

>> No.33283262

Long dress. Blue.

>> No.33283271

>A super kawaii one
>with armor plating
it definitely has to be at least slightly impractical, though
practicality is for scrubs

I wanna be a cutesy magic knight

>> No.33283274

Looks like a mix of

>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe
>She did?

And a little bit of

>I don't want to be helpless anymore


>> No.33283278


>> No.33283299

it would give me an advantage over non magical people, but I know that the self serving type of suggestion would never fly so I just picked two.

>> No.33283307

>She did?
>I want to protect my friends
>I want to be safe

It's gotta be frilly and poofy, anything else just ain't right. (I don't really care though, blue dress or armor is fine)

>> No.33283310

I like ones like this.

>> No.33283337

Oooh, that's nice. Needs thighhighs though. And less apples.

Make sure our hair changes size!!!!!!!! This is important!

>> No.33283403

Ones like this are also good.
I need to organize my magical girl folder.

>> No.33283505

OOOOOOH, anon has a point
Thighhighs = maximum necessity

because reasons

>> No.33283512

You know, I think we should have something that atleast ties in to our Priestess title.

>> No.33283551

I don't remember mom wearing anything like that in our dreams.

>> No.33283573

You mean the title given to us by King Asshat? No thanks.

>> No.33283576


>> No.33283604

No. No no no.

>> No.33283610

There is very little I don't hate about this picture.

>> No.33283634

Clerics wear heavy armor all the time. Wear armor and protect all of the friends. For Justice.

>> No.33283666

Silk and Satin are Iron and Steel

>> No.33283681

damn, oversized melee weapon is my sorta thing but celtic is not

>> No.33283685

too scottish

we'd need something between samurai armor and 2KYOT dress

>> No.33283828

I hate ripoff costumes, but if I was going to do one, it'd be this one. I always liked it.


I can't believe there's a wiki with all of sakura's costumes listed. Fucking internet.

>> No.33283890

What about something similar to Teana's outfit, but with armored bits? plate armor on the shoulders and forearms, with plate boots?
Should we have a curiass?
having armor on our torso just doesn't really feel right

>> No.33283913

I hesitate, I don't really know WHY I'm here. At least not how I got here. Or why this place is seemingly so important.

"I.. I guess I just wanted to protect the ones that I felt was closest to me."
She rubs my hand a bit, "Is that all?"
"No, No. I.."
This is so selfish to say at a time like this.

"I felt-, I felt like I wanted a safe place to call my own. Where I can't be hurt, or frightened."

And I've been frightened an awful lot lately.

"Is this too much to ask? Can someone like me really protect anyone? Even myself?"

She leans in, and hugs me.
"You know, someone very close to me once asked me the same question."
She continues, "Safety is only what you make of it, being safe and protecting your friends would be kind of selfish."

I sigh a bit, it is kind of selfish to ask. Besides, how can someone like me ever hope to be safe or protect my friends?

"But, never give up searching for that safety. That place to call your own. That is something my father once said to me, I believe."
"Only when you find that place of your own, will you know true safety. Since I won't be needing it anymore, I'll lend you my place to stay until you do."

I don't get what she's saying at all.

Her presence feels like its waning, I can't feel the heat against my skin as intensely as before.
"I have one request of you." she asks


"Please take good care of your mother." She asks, I can clearly feel her tears on my shoulder.
"I know she can be difficult sometimes, she is a little ditsy, and a little airheaded, and forgetful, and"

Wow, she is just going on and on and on about this.

"But," her voice is really cracking up now, "when I think back on it, I would trade the whole world just to hug her like this one last time."

Her posture trembles, her arms tighten around me, her crying becomes more and more apparent.
I begin to think about what she said, and what this probably means for her.
Uh oh, now it's raining.


>> No.33283963

So much for distrusting mom. That possibility has been completely destroyed.

>> No.33284035

>That is something my father once said to me, I believe."
These things have fathers? Interesting.

>> No.33284210

Is mom going to be pissed that we killed an old friend of hers because we forgot our phone?

>> No.33284251

I dunno about you, but I'm still distrusting everyone.

>> No.33284277

It's sounding more and more like we should be distrusting everyone mom ever associated with while trusting mom herself. She does bitterly regret her past decisions and all.

>> No.33284318

We're both crying

In this darkness where the real world is still, where time is meaningless, where nothing exists except for me and her.

We're crying.
It doesn't seem to be letting up. We're hugging and crying in an infinite void with only a tiny window as our guide to the real world.

We're still crying.
Our arms are as tight around each other as either of us can hold. Our bodies tremble and shake as we cry and sob.

It feels like there's nothing left of us anymore, neither of us. Not sorrow, not sadness. Merely two souls floating in oblivion saying their last goodbyes to one another.

She interrupts the crying, "I wanted to give you a part of me that I had been saving for a long time. That your mother had saved for me for a long time."

She continues through the sobs, "I don't want it anymore, I've held on to it for too long. Living like this, in this place, is not living at all. I want to give this gift to someone who still has something to live for."

"It's yours now, please take good care of it, Masami, right? Is that the name you've chosen for yourself?"

She's fading rapidly now. Her body heat is getting cooler and cooler.

"Itsukuma Masami, that's my name." I think back on the various names people have tried to give me.
"That's the only name that I see as my own."

She pats me on the back, her head rests on my shoulder.


>> No.33284346

More crying than Smile's season finale.

>> No.33284348


"I think I was called something at one time. It was more of a name of my function than my actual role in life.
She pauses.
"I don't remember it entirely, I believe my name was simply 'Just'. Or maybe that was only part of it, I can't remember."

Forgetting your own name? That won't do.

"How about you take a name right now then? Mom wanted to name me 'Haruko', but you can take that name instead if you want." I can feel myself smiling.

"You'd do that for me?" She says, hesitating a little.
"Of course, Haruko."

We stand there for a few minutes until it's clear that it's time to leave. Slowly, we let go of one another.

"Goodbye, Masami, I wish I could say that we would see each other again. Just remember, I will always love you and your mother."

"Haruko, don't say things like that, I'm sure we'll meet again."
I'm not sure how, but I have to say this to keep from crying.

"You, promise?" she says.

I grab a hold of her hand and shake her pinky.

"It's a promise!"

Just in time for light to engulf the tiny island of darkness we had been inhabiting.


>> No.33284376


>> No.33284399

My apologies for going on WAY LONGER than I anticipated, but I've been waiting for this part for a long time.


Let me know if this has gone on too long and we can find a stopping point shortly.

>> No.33284424

this will be fun

it's all good, the tension is building up neatly imo

>> No.33284430

> I've been waiting for this part for a long time.
What a coincidence, so have we!

>> No.33284447

Only took me seven parts for the magical girl quest to have a magical girl in it!

>> No.33284478

could be worse

>> No.33284498

Ouch. Why would you go there...

>> No.33284502

I've always felt a big flaw with a lot of magical girl shows is how quickly they get their henshin. This is around episode 3, I'd say, and that's where I like it.

>> No.33284509

I wanna say something cheeky, like 'Justin Credible'


it's rather obvious

her name was JUSTICE

>> No.33284530

By flaw I obviously mean "thing I don't like" okay

My autism is soothed.

>> No.33284577

nonsense. now make a wish...

>> No.33284608

How many parts left? I must depart.

>> No.33284641

I'm thinking I'll stop after the next post and pick up tomorrow so I can finish the fight properly.

>> No.33284646

While I am normally irked somewhat by such statements, it was clear by yours that it was your opinion, and nothing more.

You weren't like 'bleh, x sucks donkey balls because y', you stated your opinion and reasoned it out

apply the salve to your autism, brocookie
we're all autists here

>> No.33284907

The light is still pouring out from where I'm standing

All around, the darkness seems to swell and dissipate.

All that's left now, where only pain and tears once stood, is Me, Aiko, and a heavily armored man.
Yet I feel, different.
I feel

Kind of frilly?

My clothes are completely changed, I'm wearing a thigh-length dress, with all assortments of ribbons and tassles. My shoes have been replaced with larger, much more shiny and brilliant red shoes, they look more like boots than shoes, actually. It's hard to tell at this angle. On my legs are knee-length socks that have an equal number of frills and ribbons on them. A small beret rests on my head with a number of trinkets hanging off it.
And finally, resting on my chest is a light crest plate, seemingly floating above my dress, weighing seemingly nothing. It's a nice, comforting look as well as being very strong, and reassuring.
Like this, I feel like I was always meant to wear these vestments. Like this, all my problem seem to melt away, and I can feel safe.

My boot touches the ground. The lights in the theatre come on.

"You feel you can come into my life and threaten the ones I love? I should teach you what it means to have manners."

I feel so confident, so alive, I'm not sure anyone has ever seen me like this before.

"For one, when a lady says she doesn't want to go with you, your first response shouldn't be to kidnap them. If your boss wants to see me so badly, maybe he should come find me on his own."

"Tough talk, Priestess, while that is an impressive parlor trick, it's merely for show. You must learn now that he needs to reason to order you to his presence." He says

"I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I taught you this lesson myself!" He says, charging straight for me.

He never got closer than a meter away. The aura encompassing me increases in intensity, seemingly absorbing his outstretched arm, and tearing it to shreds.


>> No.33284976

Fuck year.

>> No.33285007

"It seems we're at an impasse, Priestess." He says, looking at the stub that was once his full right arm. "I can't hurt you, and I sincerely doubt you have what it takes to come over here and hurt me. So why don't you just-"

Suddenly, Aiko stands up.
And she's holding something in her hand. A transparent strand of some kind.

She pulls on it, and his entire body is thrown to the ground as he's dragged, kicking and squirming, into my aura!

It's Aiko's turn to shine, "Hmph, You thought I was tying my shoelaces when I bent down on stage earlier?"

I can't see it, but I can feel that she's smiling impressively.

"I suspected that you would come back for that other set of armor, so I tied a transparent strand of stage-wire in the metal loops of the armor. You were completely entangled this whole time."

She gives it another good pull, more of his body is dissolved in the glowing aura.

"I would have ended this sooner, but I was having a very hard time finding the end of the wire in these low light levels. But now, it's time to end this!"

She gives a final tug, her body twists and turns as the armor glows and disintegrates in my presence.

In his place, a small, glowing card remains with a hateful black marking across the front. I take it and hold it in my hand.

Along the edges, the exposed part of the card bristle with golden shine. The shine is quickly ate up by the mark, like an endlessly hungry maw.

Hey, I wonder how I get my school clothes back?

Thread end.

>> No.33285047


But we got a lot done!


Give yourselves a high five!

>> No.33285057

high five!

>> No.33285065

Thanks for running

>> No.33285073

woo, red is the color of heroes!

>> No.33285082

>Hey, I wonder how I get my school clothes back?
Best end.

We totally asked questions and bickered about powers! Thanks for running.

>> No.33285119

>Along the edges, the exposed part of the card bristle with golden shine. The shine is quickly ate up by the mark, like an endlessly hungry maw.
Uh, are we supposed to purify it now? This doesn't sound purified.

>> No.33285183

thanks for running! don't forget to archive

i don't think it is, the eevil thing is resisting (our aura?), we'll probably have to focus more on it

>> No.33285253

>"You feel you can come into my life and threaten the ones I love? I should teach you what it means to have manners."
>"For one, when a lady says she doesn't want to go with you, your first response shouldn't be to kidnap them. If your boss wants to see me so badly, maybe he should come find me on his own."
She found her magical girl lecture mode from the word go? Is this Justice at work or is she going to be like this every time?

>> No.33285274

I guess we'll have to see!

Archived, thank you everyone for this amazing thread. I hope we have many more like it.

I'll continue answering questions until everyone goes to bed.

>> No.33285309

How hard has Masami imouto'd herself in the eyes of everyone who saw her crying?

>> No.33285339

Pretty hard. Especially with Aiko, who would take you home and adopt you if she could.

>> No.33285406

Why did it take Mae so long to find Ryouta after finding out all her lunch was eaten?

It's hard thinking of questions that aren't blatant spoilers.

>> No.33285411


Pff, silly anon, we had polite and unreasonable discussion

who's to say she can't?

>> No.33285440

>who's to say she can't?

>> No.33285462



>> No.33285474

>Why did it take Mae so long to find Ryouta after finding out all her lunch was eaten?

Exposition time chamber, where time and space seem to warp.

>It's hard thinking of questions that aren't blatant spoilers.

I'm fine either way, the worst I can say is no.

>who's to say she can't?

Careful, she might find a way!

>> No.33285508


>She might find a way
all I read there was

OP, that's not a threat at all~

>> No.33285527

>Exposition time chamber, where time and space seem to warp.
What exactly is Ryouta's power? Because it seemed like some kind of time fuckery, which would mean he might be capable of actually doing that.

Same goes for Aiko. Glowy punches and superspeed?

>> No.33285551

>Careful, she might find a way!
Lets not piss off our card friend that gave lent us our powers.

>> No.33285574

Is Masami the only person who gets a henshin? How unfair.

>> No.33285594

>Aiko's power
It's obviously being best girl
or tactical genius

Ryouta's power might involve time manipulation, but it felt more like a tactile telekinesis thing, iirc

>> No.33285609

>What exactly is Ryouta's power?

I don't want to outright reveal what powers are, I rather let the characters do that when they're good and ready.

As for what you saw, I will say that it, too, is a side effect of his ability.

If you want a comparison to what you just saw, think of King Crimson, which was something that came to my mind after I wrote how the power functioned. I was worried it would be compared to it when his was finally revealed, but I see no harm in telling you about a power that functions SORT OF like it.

Actually she may not be!

>> No.33285639

Oh, forgot to add you just may need to adjust what you view as being a 'henshin'

I'm going to try and make powers and how they function as unique and diverse as my imagination allows me to. So we'll see how things like that pan out in the future.

>> No.33285667

>It's obviously being best girl
She can't be best girl, she's sister-zoned herself SO HARD and onee-sans can only be best sister.

>> No.33285752

Are you surprised that we like Masami as a crybaby (for now)? Were you expecting us to go with a different type of character?

>> No.33285805

>Are you surprised that we like Masami as a crybaby (for now)? Were you expecting us to go with a different type of character?

At first, I was expecting her snarky side to be more prevalent. I kind of expected her to turn into how Masako (EPC) acted at the beginning of that quest.

Then everyone got addicted to her crying because it was so cute, then I did too.

>> No.33285825

pseudo-incest is truest-wincest, though!

who says best girl has to be our waifu?
I don't think I did
ya know out loud
metaphorically, of course, seeing as we're on an image board and all of our discussions are text-based

>> No.33285928

>I kind of expected her to turn into how Masako (EPC) acted at the beginning of that quest.
God, how fucked would mom be if we had tried that kind of attitude? She'd start bawling (like mother, like daughter) and her card-friend would eventually yell at us.

>> No.33286038

She'd find a way to crack our tough exterior eventually.

She would know that we were just rebelling.

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