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Which clan do you consider to be the worst in Vampire the Masquerade?

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the Larpers clan.

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Any of the super secret ancient bloodlines with weird powers and plotlhooks only available in obscure splatbooks.

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gangrel, closely followed by Brujah

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Malkavian, when played badly.

Also known as "whenever someone plays Malkavian".

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It's basically a whole clan of obnoxious LOLZ SO RANDOM PENGUIN WAFFLES ^__^. Ugh.

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The ones who are outside the 13 main ones

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What this one says.

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Don't get me wrong, when done right Malkavians are fucking awesome (and kinda terrifying as well).

It's just that no-one seems to ever play them right.

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The concept of the clan (crazy vampires) attracts too many jack sparrow wannabes. You actually need to be serious and feet-on-the-ground to create a good crazy character.

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Sometimes it works. I played a malk whose crazy was an obsession with chivalry and obsolete fighting styles

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so basically i just need to play as myself irl...

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Not unless you hear carnival music and whispers telling you to jump.

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Some people wanna play the "lolz so randumb" character, not everyone wants to be psychopath mcedgy.

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i hear the second one, is that good enough?

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I came to absolutely hate Assimites during my brief time playing VtM. For one they draw in edgelords even more than normally for a game about vampires and for two I don't think the developers gave any shits about balancing them.

They have celerity, a damn good discipline in a lot of hands. Obfuscate, a great discipline used only by other more massively crippled clans. And finally whatever their private one is called that lets them vomit acid lightsabers and if I recall spit acid blood and otherwise shit out more aggravated damage than your average gangrel. Their clan "flaw" is that they always have the taint of vampire munching on their soul which in theory makes other clans distrust them but in practice means that hey free elder vampire munching with a tenth of the consequences

God I hate them.

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>Which clan do you consider to be the worst in Vampire the Masquerade?
Those pale assholes that drink people's blood and act like faggoty edgelords.

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>hasn't played vtmb
why even post

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Yup. You were born with the foundation to play a Malk quite well.

That's a sweet fringe perk

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>And finally whatever their private one is called that lets them vomit acid lightsabers

I thought quietus just made it so that there's no sound. Though I didn't really research that discipline.

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Higher level quietus allow some fun things with blood
>Vomit acid blood
>5 dot power
I understand not liking 5 dot power but at that point of the game there's a lot of thing more powerful than it.

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the problem is that combined with a couple dots in obfuscate, Quietus 5 lets you do a metric fucton of agg damage without being counterattacked. Mix in Celerity, and you can drop any vampire with no access to Fortitude in one round, and their friends can't find you without Auspex

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Diablerist low-clan rabble and their propaganda against the offspring of the purest of the Elders

I may also really like Tzimisce before they joined the Sabbat

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You can do the same with a obfsucate a flamethrower and without spending as much blood.
Just saying, by the point you have spent enough xp to get a 5 dot power and one or two other discipline you shouldn't have that much problem with mook.

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I thought you could do aggrivated damage with a weapon as early as 2 dots?

It's been a while

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Pls go

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>talks shit about the Tremere
>likes Tzimisce

color me surprised.

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Ventrue, Tremere and Malks (When played wrong, which is 99% of the time) are shit tier

Then Gangrel and Brujah slightly above that

Then everything else is mid-tier (including well played malks) with the exception of Salubri, Nosferatu, and Toreadors, which are god tier

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here's the five dot one,

The vampire may spit up to 10 feet (3 meters)
for each dot of Strength and Potence he possesses.
Hitting the target requires a Stamina + Athletics roll
(difficulty 6). Each blood point spewed at the target
inflicts two dice of aggravated damage, and there is no
limit (other than the vampire’s capacity and per-turn
expenditure maximum) to the quantity of blood with
which a target may be deluged.

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>they always have the taint of vampire munching on their soul which in theory makes other clans distrust them but in practice means that hey free elder vampire munching with a tenth of the consequences

Not gonna object to that, happens in most games, and its a shame. In a Cam game it's meant to be you're always a suspect to the biggest crime ever. When it happens you should be called up. There's trouble at the airport and you're the one with all the Syria stamps on your passport and an AK setting off the x-ray.

In Indie and Sabbat games... eh whats even the point of that 'flaw'

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Standard Assamites actually can't diablerize. Antitribru, on the other hand, get addcited to it

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The clan weakness really depend on the version the group is using, though I admit that in Sabbat game no one care, on the other hand you're seen as disposable shock troop so whatever.

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A Ventrue played right can be devastating, they stat well for social OR combat

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I had a friend who made a character that was a business man in some large company, and while on an outing for the company he was embraced by a Malkavian. He now works nights at the office,and he;s overcome with OCD. His office arranged as he likes it, 3 pencils 1 inch apart on the right side of the deck perpendicular to the door. He would stop what he was doing if he noticed anything out of place, then continue. His along with his business savy made him quite successful in the group and an asset to the Camarilla.

I also made a character whose mental condition is that they would regress into a child. At times they would be impressionable, even playful, and they would scare easily. Stubborness was an issue too, but when real authority came along they would follow meekly. With a child's mind however, he thought of solutions to problems an adult would have missed. This character before being embraced was a jaded detective, who was embraced while on the job.

Mental conditions are more than arbitrary thoughts and actions. Rather that's the least likely brand of crazy, since all craziness in recorded history has a deliberate source and function.

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Sure, for stats, but their lore and how they generally act is shit tier

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Assamites, followed by Salubri and Harbringers of Skulls, though thankfully the latter is almost never played and the Salubri are only a problem in Dark Ages games.

Its true Malks are rarely played right, but that doesnt mean theres anything inherently wrong with the Clan.

Assamites are, as already explained, pretty broken, and theres a bunch of other extremely broken bloodlines.

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you mean Alpha As Fuck?

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Worst as in most evil, or as in least powerful? Because first is Tscimze, second is Brujah.

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But Brujah are among the most powerful.

Celerity + Presence neatly handles your combat and social needs. And by social needs I mean "Entrance everyone in the fucking universe."

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It is possible to act crazy without going movie psycho or lolrandumb with it. Both are extremely lazy ways of playing an actual crazy person.

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Toreador do the same thing only better, and they don't frenzy at the drop of a fucking hat either.

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No, I mean they're far too deep in petty vampire bullshit. They seem to not give a shit about the mortal world aside from being Corps and such.

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I find the brujah and the ravnos to be very forgettable. Brujah seem like...ventrue, but with more pathos. Which isn't much of a thing to have going for them. The Ravnos is probably just because I don't know of any of them except for their antediluvian.

Putting my own biases to the side, it's probably the toreador. Their existence requires a very narrow focus. Granted, you don't have to be limpwristed art snobs, but whatever they are going to be doing is going to be pretty singular and that can be shit to play with.

Personally, however, I find the nosferatu really grind my gears. It's as if the writers responded to every loser who wanted to gimp themselves socially by being one of the cursed and kept adding more shit to make them better than everyone else. Oh yeah, because of their nature among their own kind, they're the most humane. Oh yeah, because everyone overlooks them they have all manner of super secret tunnels and they know everything that's going on. Oh yeah, because they're a bunch of losers but you keep playing them, turns out they have a super secret internet and a race of ancient monsters are trying to hunt them down and kill them so you have even more qualities to tack on without developing your character beyond boo-hoo I'm ugly.

I'm really pleased with how nWoD incorporated the brujah elsewhere and made the nosferatu more than sneaky uggos. I still like Masquerade, however, just beyond the previously mentioned clans.

Not that anyone asked but my favorite clans are probably the Setites, Giovanni, Lasombra and Baali.

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I mean emotion

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This, which I suppose no one in this thread minds that though since the only part of WoD they want to play is vampire wankery. It's like you don't want a desperate party of all the different races fighting against a unified unstoppable apocalypse. But then again I see people hating on Nossies and Toreador so you people are limpdicks anyways.

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I've never seen them played by anyone other than as STPCs and in my experience only ever encountering them as OP 2edgy4u I'm not surprised

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What about my Malkavian who lives under the delusion that he's an Arthurian knight, believes it's his duty to protect the weak from tyrants and rascals, runs a pub in which he plays medieval bardic songs on a lute and draws big crowds of clueless tourists to watch, and only feeds from three female ghouls which he considers his wives?

>> No.33262250

>thinks he's an Arthurian knight
>runs a pub

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I didn't say he was consistent.

>> No.33262368


Then he's a shitty Malk.

Contrary to the popular belief, insanity is *intensely* consistent. That's generally how it functions, in fact. A set of incredibly consistent and utterly irrational behaviors.

>> No.33262421

You misunderstand. His beliefs are inconsistent; his behaviour is very consistent.

>> No.33262446

How old is he?

>> No.33262546

Does he kill muslims?

>> No.33262549

They're the most active clan in mortal politics. Who else is more concerned with the big picture?

>> No.33262587

That's a good point. The Ventrue are pretty much at the forefront of the whole Masquerade thing.

Everyone likes to point out the problem of the Camarilla (Antediluvian denial) but the simple fact is while the Sabbat have a point, in that they're a threat, so does the Camarilla, in that humanity can be one as well.

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Viceversa. I feel that Brujah are far worse.

>> No.33262727

>Toreador do the same thing only better

They have one different discipline and their weakness doesn't, afaik, allow a resistance roll at all, does it?

Being second best isn't anywhere close to worst.

The worst clans are probably Dementation malks and Nosferatu: disciplines that're half assed at best in combat and social situations both, and crippling weaknesses (or at least, in one version of VtM, malks gained a new derangement with each frenzy; I think tis just one derangement period nowadays, but who knows).

>> No.33262764

He believes he was made a vampire 1400 years ago and was in torpor until recently. He's actually been a vampire since the early 90s. This explains why his memories of medieval battles all seem to have grunge music in the background.

Now and then.

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Gangrel are amazingly useless. I'm only analyzing this in a mechanical sense, they have cool flavor.

Not only are they out of luck discipline wise in a social situation, but they're doomed to have their social stats drained away worse and worse on top of it. In the long run they're worse than Nosferatu, who at least have charisma and manipulation.

Their disciplines are awful at ... anything and everything. Protean is so-so in combat, but doesn't compare to Celerity.

>> No.33262896

And a note on Protean: aggravated damage is a double edged sword at best, considering only humanity 8+ chars lose humanity for hurting, but most everyone loses it for killing, and ontop of that, beating the hell out of enemies lets you feed off them and even brainwash them with Entrancement, Dominate, and the blood bond, but turning them into chunks of meat or dust doesn't leave any usable blood at all.

>> No.33263100

Feeding off only 3 girls is about as close to being monogamous as a vampire can manage.

>> No.33263170

But you're supposed to show no mercy to the infidel.
And does he go to church and defend its beliefs? Including killing fags?

>> No.33263216

They get a self control (6) save and being removed from what captivates them ends it. They can also be moved and any aggression toward them allows for another save.

>> No.33263232

>any aggression toward them allows for another save.
So each hit against them would get one save? Or do they just get one extra save when the damage starts, then if they fail it they have to stand there?

>> No.33263291

Fish malks or wannabe verewolf gangrels.

All clans can shine conceptually though.

>> No.33263307

Gimmicky cartoon. Anachronism isn't a mental disease in WoD. Why not play a Dark Age Brujah or an Old Clan Tzimisce and do the real thing?

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I've never seen anyone play a Brujah or Gangrel that was useful and/or interesting in any Vampire game I've participated in. So, I guess that's a tie.

My longest-running Vampire group included a Tremere, a Daeva (or was it Toreador?) and a Malkavian. The Malkie was actually incredibly helpful; she had a compulsion to dance in the presence of music but was surprisingly lucid otherwise and a rather impressive spy/info network. The Tremere was your standard "Presence + Bodyguard" type.

Me, I was the Daeva, a veteran of the Great War who had a bullet lodged in his head when he was turned (by a Daeva nurse on the front lines). It saved his life but anything not drilled into his skull over and over just sort of fades out of his short-term memory (on account of pretty heavy brain damage that wasn't getting fixed any time soon). He kept a notepad on hand and checked it pretty often to remember what the hell he was doing - think the guy from Memento only not quite as bad, more like half an hour instead of 5 minutes.

He was also interesting in that he mainly fought with guns - Celerity + Auspex gave him bullet-time defenses and the speed to stay the hell out of anyone's melee range. He did this knowing specifically that guns weren't very useful against vampires most of the time, and generally they weren't. Of course, it also led to a number of vampires underestimating him and finding out the hard way what explosive and incendiary rounds felt like.

But yeah, I think we had a Gangrel that literally did nothing but betray the party and boast about how awesome his Aggravating-damage claws were. Not that it helped him when the Malkavian hit him with a Molotov Cocktail and I shot his kneecaps off.

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Know who i hate?

Fucking Followers of Set. They are set up to be sorcerers and peddlers and yet they get shit all to explain it besides Presence and even then they have no real sorcery. They have a weakness that only affects them if the storyteller is going after them in the day and get away with sitting on the political fence while still actively feeding the jihad.

90% of the time they feel like someone shoehorned Egyptians in and the other 10% of the time they are played by creeps who like the turning into snakes bit as their whole character.

>> No.33263525

Anachronism isn't a derangement in owod afaik, but delusion is.

>> No.33263570

they're meant to be like thulsa doom from conan
but yeah the could have benefited from some sorcery

>> No.33263582

Being wounded by the book. Also, it is almost completely dependent on line of sight, touching a texture or hearing the sound that captivated them. Also stopping or destroying the source ends the captivation. Say a painting caught their eye, a fellow vamp could slash it to snap them out of it.

Along with this, the subject of the fascination has to be something really damn special to be effective. Dragging one through a modern art museum or playing them a tune from a common pop star will not do the trick. Unless you have an asshole story teller

>> No.33263606

Still, it's a bit of a save or die, isn't it?

And the dying part involves literally standing there looking at a pretty picture (or whatever).

>> No.33263622

hey have sorcery. its called akhu and sadhana

>> No.33263635

>the toreador antediluvian rises
>is killed moments later
>what happened?
>he was about to bite john but he saw johns screen, he was checking out a caturday thread

>> No.33263644

They could have benefited from just about anything but a common glance into Egyptian mythology and Set worshiping. Hell, giving them a real rival clan would have been a decent mix up, instead we got the Sons of Osiris bloodline/cult that is all but non existent or worth playing

>> No.33263669

I'll have to check that out, thanks.

The implication is that they predated Egyptian mythology and Set worship. What humans know of it is just watered down lessons humanity learned from them, while they know the real deal.

>> No.33263722

She never received a curse herself.She is also awake and in Greece

>> No.33263732

and how?

>> No.33263767

god bless you.

I fucking hate you LARPers

>> No.33263782

Caine thought she alone was innocent in the uprising that killed the second generation. She was under the name of Ishtar at the time. She went to Sumer where the other antediluvians came for her and she escaped

>> No.33264051

caine's a fucking white-knight bitch

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An insane buisnessman? Why I never

>> No.33264110

Caine: No! She's too pretty to have done such a horrible thing!

>> No.33264136

Watch out, you might attract those people who have a stroke when you bad talk him or suggest he is not all powerful. Lord forbid someone want a game where they climb their way to make him answer for his crimes.

>> No.33264176

Anne Rice level of faggotry
Rare as they come, all they do is heal, while vamps can do the same
Blahblahblah, i also got resistance
>So you like to play Solos
Pointless attempt at Bruh
I'mma wizard, but kinda lame vamp wizard. Also I gotta listen to my mum all the times.
Actually cool, animalism is very underrated.

>> No.33264212

I don't mind the Tremere.

But I find, "I was bit by a vampire, now I'm a wizard." to be silly.

>> No.33264235

There''s an actual movie starring NICHOLAS CAGE where he plays a businessman/yuppie who is turning into a vampire or is just completely insane and delusional.

>> No.33264267

You mean Kiss of a vampire? Fun stuff if you don't mind Cage's overplaying. He's also very young in this movie, so it's not like he's annoying like he's now.

>> No.33264390

When you get embraced, you take on a little of the power of your clan, which comes from blood. Yes, you understand a little of blood magic when you awaken but you have no real clue how to use it. Kinda like if you want to advance in a non clan discipline, you seek out someone to teach it to you.

Remember, character creation usually means that your vampire has had at least 25 years worth of learning the ropes before going out on their own, just in vampire society. The game is meant for you to seek out people, texts or experimentation to teach you your new powers, not just spending points on a sheet.

>> No.33264419

There's a difference between clans? Everyone that plays this game plays every clan exactly the same: With a stick up its ass.

>> No.33264421

Mehket are one of the few things I feel nWoD conceptually improved in Vampire, the other being Malks.

>> No.33264472

>want a game where they climb their way to make him answer for his crimes.
I'm not one to take such things *too* seriously, but PCs trying to make Caine answer for this crimes feels like, say, a DH party getting onto Terra and killing the leader of the Inquisition.

>> No.33264489

Some new guys at my venue did Malks that thought they were pro wrestlers and went all Randy Savage on everything, nobody but me thought it was very funny.

>> No.33264502

What did they do to malks? If you used their lore right, you have a decent clan idea. Use them bad and you have the same problem as the human furniture Tzimisce and the librarian only Tremere

>> No.33264545

If a Gangrel was embraced around 16 but wasn't yet fully developed he'll forever look like a gangly nerd despite having access to the clan disciplines, right?

Does Vampire strength run in any way off of their strength in life?

Asking because I'm working on a character concept where some frail fuck somehow ends up running with the gangers, but I'm not sure if it could work.

>> No.33264566

He is not smart and not very clever. Hell, finding something to ground him to within reach would be a hell of a quest on its own. You wouldnt even have to kill him,imagine a crone's curse that imprisoned him forever to forestall the coming rise of the antediluvians.

>> No.33264579

Doesn't strike me as too hard. 40krpg chars rank up quickly, there's very little dividing line between "TT conscript level" and "able to take on an entire tyranid invasion force singlehandedly."

>> No.33264608

ive only ever seen someone play a malk well once
he always introduced himself to others non-mortal as Derrey the malkavian, and he was in fact a malkavian, but he never acted like one as in was always level headed and cool and planned stuff out along with being polite to everyone and even rescued an old lady from a werewolf, would rarely use his powers and all that jazz

and that drove the other players insane to the point that one of them had a little outburst saying "when the fuck are you going to act like your clan do something insane mutter frantically do something interesting", his replay was "but i am in proper character".

he had 4 dots in Dementation
when it hit me i shit bricks

>> No.33264621

That would be about rank 4 to rank 5 for Explorators in rouge trader. Ive seen the rolls made just for shits on how well a rank 8 core does against demon princes, it aint pretty

>> No.33264658

>nd that drove the other players insane to the point that one of them had a little outburst saying "when the fuck are you going to act like your clan do something insane mutter frantically do something interesting", his replay was "but i am in proper character".
>he had 4 dots in Dementation
>when it hit me i shit bricks

OOOOooooooooohhhh fuck.

>> No.33264659

Yep. Solo'd a DP with a level 5-6 psyker in DH once.

Its a factor of how bizarre the damage/soak system in 40krpg works, really -- there's only a very narrow area where two things can do damage to each other and not utterly obliterate them.

>> No.33264676


>frail nerd decides to improve himself physically
>too embarrassed to work during the day, so he goes to a 24 hours gym late at night
>very little progress, but keeps at this
>Gangrel notices him when he's feeding on night and decides to watch the guy's progress to see how he's doing for shits and giggles
>eventually decides squats and oats aren't going to be enough and takes things into his own hands

I could see it working.

>> No.33264715

Yeah, it reminds me a lot of the star wars saga d20 game. You either eviscerated opponents with little to no effort or balls to the walls miss and die 2 round combat.

>> No.33264737

I thought Conditions were supposed to prevent that.

>> No.33264792

I feel like I should get this but I don't - mind explaining?

>> No.33264804

Most vamps look the way they did when they were embraced. As most embraced have to wait in line in places like camerilla cities or to pass initiations in the sabbat, a vampire has time to groom their childer's appearance to what they like or fits best.

Now, some do not care and take people in passion and thus you have vampires that are pudgy, misshapen or scarred.

Most vamps will look the same, no matter how their physical stats change after they are embraced. A 10 year old with 5 strength, where 4 of the dots came after the embrace will not make the child muscular. Potence has no affect on looks either as it magical strength, not muscle mass.

>> No.33264883

You would think so, but they do not even to basic character making. I made an ithorian jedi that never dropped a condition level and took the most damage. Not even optimizing and playing for the first time made a character, that by level 12, fought and killed a 20th level sith lord.

Also, the game is ruled by AoE and melee combat. Destiny points are game breaking and anyone can have a force power suite that can turn a battle without ever using a weapon.

Im going to lay off this, dont want to be banned again for off topic discussion

>> No.33264909

4th level of dementation is voice of madness. You can drive people insane and into bouts of rage and anger just by addressing them.

>> No.33264939

>AoE and melee combat.

Just like the show?

>> No.33264962

...alright, but how does that explain the Malkavian's otherwise normal behavior? Or was that an illusion it was weaving in order to drive them mental?

>> No.33264974

Yeah, but with less mutilation. You have to buy into a lot of crappy stuff to even be less than decent when it comes to cutting off hands.

>> No.33264993

he was playing a super out of character guy to piss off the other players and it worked

>> No.33265017

Malkavians have a permanent derangement. Derangements can be as simple as ocd, megalomania or paranoia in wod. Not ever malkavian has to act like a loon, just a lot of idiots play them that way. Insanity can play on the mind in different ways, the hidden lunatic stays out of the asylum longer.

>> No.33265107

>the hidden lunatic stays out of the asylum longer.

> Malkavian
> asylum

OOoooh boy I see a shitstorm a-brewing. Imagine your Hunter cell tracking down a particularly obnoxious malk only to find out he's embraced an entire floor in the institution he was sent to.

One of those things that probably tells the party their ST feels slighted somehow.

>> No.33265153

well, this is oWod, so the hunters can just blow up the floor with lightning fire

>> No.33265158

What is even more confusing are the lines of scripture in Nahuatl written on the wall along with a mathematical code. Even stranger is that no government agency funds the asylum and a benefactor they know has paid into the asylums funds.

>> No.33265261

Damn it God Machine stay in your own gameline.

>> No.33265290

God machine originated in the Tome of Judgment books. Onyx press recycled it, like most of nwod, from the scrapes of owod no one really bit into.

Hell, it would make a good tie in for a weaver experiment that has just gotten out of hand.

>> No.33265333

To be fair, when anyone in the Triad does things they are immediately out of hand.
>Onyx press recycled it, like most of nwod, from the scrapes of owod no one really bit into.
Isn't it said that nWoD vamps are mostly based on ideas used for the KoE?

>> No.33265352

Animalism is god tier discipline. Ventrue might be ahead of Gengrel in social situation, but Gangrel are ahead of Ventrue in animal situation. Let's not forget that high level animalism allows for "social" attack.

Protean isn't really a combat discipine, but a pretty powerful utility one.

>> No.33265382

I played a character who seemed like this at first- she had sort of the Capygras delusion coupled with no object permenance- it was hilarious to see her assume she already knew all the people until she started diablerizing the fuck out of everything because whenever she killed someone they just came back in a couple hours anyway.

>> No.33265393

Wouldn't know, never could get into nwod vamps. I made the mistake of my first books for nwod being changling and Promethean, books that do great without having vamps,werewolves and mages.

I do remember KoE being the most questionable book out of the owod i ever read, this coming from someone who played a lot of CtD.

>> No.33265403


>> No.33265450

I accidentally killed a toreador once by talking to him until the sun came up.

>> No.33265479

>I accidentally killed a toreador once by talking to him until the sun came up.
That's hilarious.

>> No.33265486

God damn Kiasyds

>> No.33265524

I've always wanted to play a Malk with the various boards of 4chan whispering in his mind egging him on or giving him advice.

Computer trouble?
>install Gentoo

Your employer up and disappear?

Your ghoulfriend die?
>tfw no gf
>your waifu a shit

>> No.33265560

Why is celerity considered a good clan discipline?

First two dots are great, but after that, the returns are severely dimished. If you are investing into it, you aren't investing into something with more general use.

>> No.33265570

Malkavians, definitely. They're so awful, and I don't just mean fishmalks. The whole concept is terrible and has nothing to do with being a vampire.

But that's just how oWoD rolled.

>> No.33265574

extra attacks = win

>> No.33265658

Removes the draw back of multiple actions and the blood cost is not affected by your generation. At ridiculous levels, you can kill multiple people in one round. it also allows you to run across water at 8 and flower of death turns you into a combat monster at 7

>> No.33265689
File: 19 KB, 195x381, SaschaVykos.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

szlachta = extra attacks + more targets for the enemy to care about + capable of operating independently (to a degree) + can use flamethrowers

>> No.33265713

when you can do all the attacks at the same time it doesn't matter how many targets the enemy has

>> No.33265829

How many dots of celerity you need to do a dozen attacks at once?

>> No.33265848 [DELETED] 
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what I get out of this thread is that everyone in VtM sucks.

>> No.33265998 [DELETED] 
File: 117 KB, 278x300, m687.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you do know that doing carlos is bannable in every board but /b/ right?

>> No.33266029 [DELETED] 

No it fucking isn't.
One-off joke puns are not the sole property of /b/.

>> No.33266030

I went for a random illness and got Munchausen's.
He started by believing he was still alive and nearly breached masquerade, then the group put him on an intervention to make him realize he was kindred.
Next night he was so afraid to die of starvation he cut himself to force frenzy and fed on a whole night-club, diablerie included. He got a blood hunt called on his head but through the increasing thanathophobia aquired from slivers of each diablerized cainite's soul combined with an increase in blood potency and an almost premonitory selection of powers to defeat and eat the hunters that came after him, I ended up playing a hypochondriac cannibal Batman.

>> No.33266045
File: 37 KB, 500x500, TrueBrujah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33266077 [DELETED] 

[Citation needed]
Oh wait you don't have one.

>> No.33266093

Fuck, this is tough. I believe most vanilla VtM clans have huge-to-mild issues (cWoD in a nutshell), aside from a few, but the only ones I had to completely rewrite in order to make them actually playable were the Assamites and Followers of Set. That said, White Wolf fucked over the Ravnos with their retcons AND the Week of Nightmares. I mean, sure, they were kind of racist before the revised edition, but at least they were a novelty of sorts. Also, their first clanbook was kind of cool.

As for why I have an issue with the Assamites and Setites, it's very simple: aside from being niche as fuck (the former caters to katana wielding murderhoboes, and the latter caters to particularly edgy players), they don't actually feel necessary. It's like White Wolf ran out of broad strokes clans and decided to make two clans perfectly suited to shitty players. Now, I'm not saying it's downright impossible to actually play decent Setites or Assamites as they were written, especially with the revised clanbooks, but honestly? It's an exercise in futility, especially since most decent archetypes for Assamites and Setites could be done with other, better clans. Also, the revised clanbooks for these clans were basically White Wolf trying to fix the shit they did back in the first and second editions, rather than build something better on top of something that was already decent (as the revised clanbooks for the seven Camarilla clans did, particularly). Personally, I don't think they actually fixed those two clans, but that's me.

Now, the Lasombra got genuinely close to suffering from the same issues that afflict the Setites and Assamites, starting from their broken Discipline and shitty weakness, but White Wolf did give them plenty of interesting lore to make fixing their weakness and Obtenebration by yourself worthwhile.

>> No.33266227

Assamites and Ravnos.
Ravnos are little more than high functioning malks and Assamites practically have a big shiny neon sign on them that says "NPC clan, do not make character or they will ruin your party"

>> No.33266233 [DELETED] 


>no one reads the rules anymore.

Globale rule 3: Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography. Keep /pol/ in /pol/. In essence: Don't shitpost.

>> No.33266289

>Ravnos are little more than high functioning malks
Ravnos are gypsies. Compared to Malkavian they're less crazy and worse scum.

>> No.33266353


The Ravnos. They're a shitty pseudo-gypsy bunch that don't seem to exist other than to steal shit, fuck people over, and when you catch 'em they go "Hey, not my fault, clan flaw, can't help it".

I suppose that's a lot of my problem with them, the "Addicted to a sin" flaw just gets read as "Same as a Malk, but you can *only* take Obsession: something that fucks over other people"

The whole mysticism thing the old clan was alleged to have never really seems to come to a damn thing, and most of them don't seem to know or care it exists in any case.

>> No.33266360 [DELETED] 

A Carlos post isn't shitposting.
Rules lawyering IS.

>> No.33266424 [DELETED] 


>implying rules lawyering isn't /tg/ related
>implying carlos is

>> No.33266460 [DELETED] 

>>implying rules lawyering isn't /tg/ related
you're technically correct

>> No.33266461

Except nobody realistically tries to defend themselves with "lol clan flaw" and those that try find out that's a shit defense. STs that allow players to use that card and get away with it are just as bad as the shit players they're enabling.

>can't deal with the occasional pun tossed in for levity
>tries miserably to assert how it's against the rules
Enjoying your first day on 4chan?

>> No.33266503


Ech. I wish I had had as good a group as you, sir, ST and a couple of players included.
The Ravnos I was stuck with pickpocketed anything that was in reach, all the time, and then claimed Path of Paradox as the reason all her stupid shennanigans.

Though I still don't think they've got much of a niche. I can't seem to find much beyond "Gypsy vampires".

>> No.33266517


Sorry, I mean Flaw for the thefts, and Path of Paradox for any of the other stupid shit she got up to. You know the sort I'm sure, the kind of player that throws a hissy fit if people just have had enough and up and kill 'em.

I hasten to admit, this was also vampire LARP.

>> No.33266537

Path of Paradox doesn't govern larceny or petty theft or dumb shenanigans. It governs killing other vampires and returning them to the cycle. Failure to trick and/or kill vampires are sins of that Path.

Few people seem to be able to play a Ravnos well. They get too caught up in stereotypes, much like fishmalks and edgelord Assamites.

>> No.33266554 [DELETED] 
File: 502 KB, 300x169, m203.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


well my fellow dick, i have nothing any more to say to you, have a nice day.

>> No.33266568


Yup. I think they're one of the ones where (to be fair, like plenty of others) it's best not to dwell too much on the actual Clan thing all that much?

So you end up with, say, a wandering gambler vampire, who sometimes uses Chimerstry (and possibly Animalism..and now I love the idea of someone getting a nearby cat to read other people's cards) to cheat and Fortitude to get him out of town when the shit hits the fan, as opposed to a Ravnos whose big obsession is cheating at gambling.

....see also, how to make characters 101, I guess. I'll shut up now.

>> No.33266577 [DELETED] 

What is the source of this?

>> No.33266618 [DELETED] 


Penelope (2006).

>> No.33266636

Das cool, I like that fellow.

I wonder what other cool ideas there are for Malks that aren't randomly random.

>desires to possess the moon
>acts completely normally except for this one want to own the moon
>if someone ever says the moon isn't his, goes batshit ballistic
>name him Gru

>> No.33266725

Play a /v/ampire. Believe that life is a video game. Complain how 8.8 it sucks, 3.3 and still the textures are shitty, Paying for things is day 1 DLC.

>> No.33266746

assamite antitribu and anarchs are awesome, assamite proper are very much ncp clan

>> No.33266855

Activate the Omega 13!

>> No.33266908

For a sec I thought his insanity was answering IC "but i am in proper character"

>> No.33266938

What the hell is szlachta?

>> No.33266984

ghoul with some fleshcrafted upgrades

>> No.33267008

Huh, nice. It's actually Polish for "nobles".

>> No.33267040

> upgrades
Shadowrun x Vampire time?

>> No.33267067


Yep. It's deliberate. I get the impression some Tzimisce tend to think of their fleshcrafted minions as, while obviously utterly inferior to themselves, elevated to a peak beyond that of normal humanity, and the name's been in use for centuries at least, so since back when the clan were basically running Eastern Europe and northern Asia

>> No.33267326

>> Pentex vs Saeder-Krupp

>> No.33267691

Watch Near Dark, it's how I'd play Ravnos.

>> No.33267710

It also has the same stem as a word that translates to "to slaughter". So yes, good name overall.

>> No.33268808

>Gangrel are amazingly useless
Sabbat has City Gangrel, their Clan Disciplines are Celerity, Obfuscate and Protean, which makes them combat monsters.

>> No.33268921

I'm convinced that the Tzcimise have at least one horrifyingly good plastic surgeon for when torries accidentally someone unattractive.

>> No.33268938

He was apparently the trollface Malkavian.

>> No.33268998

>I'm really pleased with how nWoD incorporated the brujah elsewhere

if you mean how they merged them with Toreador to make the notably less one-dimensional and/or faggy Daeva, then I agree, it is pleasing. Amazing how nobody noticed before that physical showboating vamp and sexy seducer vamp are different expressions of the same archetype. on top of which the fighty guy and the socialite are really popular standard character builds so it was kind of annoying how uninspiring the designated clans were.

>> No.33270241

all of them

>> No.33270558

Our Ravnos is a white rapper that took Plagiarism as his Sin

Shit is fucking hilarious

>> No.33270574

One time I played a toreador as an absurdly edgy emo guy. He was essentially a parody of blood on the dance floor, he even added prosthetics to his ears.

>> No.33270621


Tremere, Malks and Brujah.

Tremere because I hate the whole 'lol blood magic' that has like 1 blood related path and they always felt like they were made to appease a crowd that played D&D and wanted vampire wizards.

Malkavian because although some of the best RP I've ever seen has come from Malks, the tendency to play tit Malks massively overpowers the whole Clan.

Brujah for similar reason to the Malks. The Clan has a lot of potential (it does going down the idealists, warrior scholars and impassioned Kindred route anyway) but everyone defaults to the Clan as the combat wombats and plays them that way. Everyone has a tendency to play them as punkish wich I also hate.

>> No.33270645


This is my pick from the main ones. Assamites get a mention for being the most laughable Clan in terms concept overall. The whole 'entire Clan of assassins' thing is fucking awful and one of the things I hated about Masquerade as a whole (I prefer the Clans to have more general concepts rather than such niche purposes).

>> No.33272896

You don't get WoD, stick to your zaney D&D adventures where you travel the planes and kill gods or whatever stupid shit you think is cool.

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